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3: The Hebrew Hero against antisemitism


🙂 Your “Roger” Megatron, Rog’. ISRAEL 4EVER BY THE POWER AND GRACE OF THE GOOD PEOPLE MAYBE EVEN FOREMOSTLY ACTUALLY IN USA – OR MAYBE ALSO IN OTHER COUNTRIES? BEFORE BERLU CAME TO HIS BY HIM EVIL DONE POWER IN ITALY, ITALY WAS A GOOD COUNTRY WHICH WAS 4 ISRAEL GODDAMMIT GOD AIN’T EVEN HERE, YES HERE YES, BUT NOT THERE, NOT YONDER, WE THE GOOD PEOPLE ARE HIM, FOR OTHERWISE, NO EVIL WOULD EVER HAVE HAPPENED, NO HARM EVEN, IF THERE WAS AN ESOTERIC, SOMEWHERE OUT THERE BEING “GOD”, WHO WOULD OF COURSE ANYWAY BE GOOD AND NOT LET ANY SHIT HAPPEN AT ALL, HAVE YOU TAKEN THIS INTO ACCOUNT – THAT NAMELY, “GOD” IS AWARENESS, IS TRUTH, AND HAS GONE INTO THAT, INTO TRUTH, INTO US THE GOOD PEOPLE NAMELY, (and in that Dude there vinced by Arthur, who told him, as he didn’t even hurt his very BODY, “there is, You see, still some Goode in Ye, Sire”, or so, that other Dude simply wasn’t SO evil, totally nuht, but yeah, he was wrong in like BATTLING against the good Arthur, of course, DE FACTO, ey – TRUTH! You see.), – so “GOD” was there BEFORE the BIG BANG, but simply like, MUTATED into LIFE, of course, which IS of course awareness, AS THE COSMOS IS AWARE, so IT WANTS TO GET UNDERSTOOD, BY US, BY ALL GOOD, ANYHOW ALSO PERCEPTIVE PEOPLE, OF COURSE OF COURSE, HU, THAT’s like clear, but foremostly, I simply found out, that “GOD” is like US, really, meaning, THE INNOCENT, if you will, to say it in surely also legal, but likewise theological historical terms. GOD IS INNOCENCE – but TRULY. MAXIMALLY TRULY. SAY IT SO ORNAMENTEDLY, but after some GRAND thinking – OF LOGICAL (hello 🙂 type. Hu. Alright. That’s all very cool. So after some shit, we like, get braver, EVEN more “cunning” insofar, that WE LEARN, TO STEER actually our OWN mind like a SHIP on a SEA, to what it doesn’t only WANT, but to what it SHOULD currently, whenever, SIMPLY: DO, – a new form of thinking, at least to me, the world-astranged intellectual: DOING, yet of course, in mind, also concerning ORGANISATION, mere SELF-organisation, of course, but also HUGELY emotionally, THIS is of the ESSENCE and of HUGE psychic, atmospheric, attitude-wise important, basic use: This SELF-CONTROL, this CONTROL over one’s own mind, not here meaning that INSTINCT- or URGE-control, but meaning here, also the right onward going in text, but MODULARLY, even BRAIN-wise, virtually, FOR REAL, this SELECTING, WHAT we, whenever, not quite whenever, anyway, WHAT we want to PONDER – it never occurred to me. Other than in TOPIC-choice, yet, I mostly focussed on the overlapping of topics, actually, inhowfar all of that relates, so I was rather a general thinker, which now gets to the details, in this grand concept of mine, which is in part mere advice, a concepted, sound advice, yet we ALL can be “technicians” in our own way, and I see computing as a GRAND, maybe the GRANDEST outway, for oneself, out of POVERTY, actually, and if done fairly, but also in terms of independence, insight, expertise, and high quality understanding of the educational matter and ideal usage of computing products, such as for example Filesharing done in an educative way, which was legalised for solely and merely non-profit, own private usage, in Switzerland and in Sweden, by judgly courtly, and in Sweden by kingly very kind and wise Decrees, around 4 years ago in Switzerland in 2014, and already before that in Sweden, some few years before that, which are very progressive aspects, ethical aspects, of the legal systems in these Countries, but they can not, regrettably, be taken as the only aspects of legality there, since in other aspects, politically, it’s a danger, that NORWAY tries to or tried to ABOLISH male CIRCUMCISION, a SANITARY top hygienic, AIDS-preventing medical-professional and likewise a religious jewish tradition being, good thing, circumcision – FOR MALES, of course, not comparable to the of course mutilative FEMALE “circumcision”, which is no circumcision, as FEMALES should NOT be EVER DAMAGED IN THIS WAY, AND ALL BLACKS ALREADY AGREE TO THAT, as of course likewise to that, that GAYS are not to be DISCRIMINATED, – nor to be FAVORED in ANY way AT ALL, of course, anyway, but as said, hu, NOT EITHER DISCRIMINATED, it’s clear, black or white, straight or gay, THAT IS BOTH, ALL, SIMPLY NOT, WHAT DEFINES “BETTER” NOR ANY “WORSE”, BUT FOREMOSTLY, WHAT DEFINES NEITHER ANY “ETHICS”! IS NOW A GAY MORE ETHICAL, LOL, THAN A STRAIGHT? Okay SOME of the not tolerant, not enlightened enough STRAIGHTOS are A BAD BUNCH of MAD “ANTI-GAYERS”, TERRIBLE, but most STRAIGHT, HETERO PEOPLE ARE OF COURSE DECENT PEOPLE, TOTALLY LIBERAL PEOPLE, of course, who got NOTHING against Gays AS SUCH.