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Title Photo: of Salvador Allende of Chile of 1930:


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Dark Music Mixtape #9 (2019): Post-Punk, Gothic, 80s, Synth, Wave, Lo-Fi

It’s what Robots will solve de facto, in the Future:

If there would be a fair court, then, no terrorism would be needed, simply.

It’s not, that “the fanatics” would ALL be that, and that they would NOT see the corruption, unethicacy, of the bourgeois western rulers, simply. In other words, terrorism against unethical governments is justified.

and only happening then, when governments ARE horribly injust, evil, simply. AS in, when governments further and lead to poverty of most People. period.

A human Being nowadays as always, must hide away from the government. The government, an evil, totally bizarre, bizarrestly naive, self-praising, by formalities evil hiding entity, monstrosity. simply.

AS Stewart Bramhall, one of the major elderly ethical Critics, revealed, is, that JOHNSON praised recently windpower, whereas he previously merely fewest years ago “condemned” windpower – johnson, which is obvious, is a fascist insofar, that he has no educated, no critical mind, and gets swayed by any sudo-argument, by any hoax, by any scam, simply, provided it’s made “well” enough, the lie – which always stems from the insane economists, of course, which have “rasters” how to make “unbeatable” scam systems, which are not unbeatable, but merely by effort, like fascist ideology does, try, to evade being analysed, but are not as endlessly crystallinely interdimensionally granular, by farthest, as Quantum Existence is that, simply. Meaning, scam systems, lies, political lies, are never complex. but primitive. simply.

There are two major forms of political socalled “hiding”, one of which is hiding in plain sight, among the crowd of other People, the other is not hiding, but is organisation, the postulation of human Rights, the postulation, that government has no right above the human Being. period.

… The efforts of evil fanatics, to stomp down against “Black Lives Matter” as not a “movement” (which term “movement” is more than “hot”, but plain not understood BY the hugely bourgeois, consumption- rather than science-oriented largest crowd, sadly, which IS all in all self-uncritical and subjective, already thusly, and in X points, simply), but as PEOPLE, those efforts have been scanned by me, and they are miserable. excuses, simply, which quote among other idiots, denzel washington, the most horrifically stupid ghetto-idiot, who vains himself “above” other Blacks in such a sudo-realism, which simply does not include any philosophic societal analysis, no compassion, but merely an actual copy of the VERY sudo-“white” imperialism as in, two-class society, as a complex toward the own Person thusly unscathed, left out of opression, similar to Eddie Murphy’s initial snob-going in the 90s, which did not quite please People, simply, by his movie “strangΓ©”, where “He” went by role way too much INTO that ugly capitalism, and thusly failed, to really show it, as how cruel and bizarrely misplacedly arrogant it, capitalism, exploitation, simply, simply is.

I demand, that opressively and discriminatively having acted personnel and abusively having acted doctors of psychiatry get held accountable, punished, by even prison, not only by monetary fines.

police, psychiatry, and government, and economy, are all in league against humanity, nay, against ethics, simply –

as “humanity” as it is – malformed now -, is no measure, indeed, but is abhorrant, abhorrantly misguided, in always “merely” crucial aspects, points, the most crucial points ever, simply – exactly there, they’re mostly wrong, plain wrong. most people. not only in the west.

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… western “psychiatry” is a middle-age, backward, filthiest, prejudiced and discriminatory and derogatorily malbehaving, the truth ALWAYS denying, ALWAYS anti-leftist and thusly anti-all-truth “institution” of absolute hell, simply of anti-leftism, of anti-hippieism, which simply is fascism, nothing other than, simply. plain evil.

And a bigger evil, than the merely rebelistic socalled “Neonazis” actually innerly stand for, Who are largely the same even SORT of REBELS, as COMMUNISTS simply are.

Not the typical always bashed-on “neonazism” is the huge evil and abuse, but government itself is, is the socalled “nazi”, obviously.

very obviously merely to good People.

very obviously merely against any good, ethical sort of people, the state fares.

… I must – APPARENTLY – save HINDUISM now. Though, when I state, that I am “not”, or WAS not a Hindu YET, that Phrase DOES just not MARK any HUMILITY, simply, as in, no humbleness of mine. PERIOD. IS THAT CLEAR NOW?

So where’s the Prublem. “I don’t see none” is always MA phrase. But it doesn’t help. Rather, I “must analyse”, but EXPLICITELY – and that’s THEN tedious, when ANY people of irrepresentative type brainwash most People away from simply thinking logically. Cuz otherwise, non-brainwashed, They’d all understand the Phrase “Where’s the PRUBLEM”, which sounds like Madonna’s “Where’s the PARTY?”, which, AFTER ALL, COULD or CAN even also be read as in “where’s the political party”, LOL. πŸ™‚



Dark Wave, New Wave, Post Punk (Dance Mix)

Who defiled Jesus’ very Body, who defiles ASSANGE’s body, who led to what HITLER was lied-to by simply not only any NON-jewish german and many european racist fanatics, that “racism” would be “good”, who did that, simply, were the monotheists, simply, as in, the bourgeois ridiculously self-convinced absolutestly dumbhead ultra-conservatives, that have now control over humanity since apparently more than 2000 years, simply.

rape, childabuse, wanton murder, is all not gone against, by these bourgeois filthy on their chairs sitters, simply. who are irrepresentative monsters, concisely de-formed sudo-academics, that “learned”, to waste and thusly squander time by absolutestly shallow words, words of deception, words of idiocy and of compromise, the term “compromise” glorified typically by the most naive ones, who bring on hugest evil, simply. naivety is cruelty. naive people are, who rules, but not, who should rule.

AT academy, via mere SUDO-anti-gov criticism, by sudo-criticism, the mere own pride is self-furthered, by socalled “authorities” there, who are hollow, in their socalled minds, as they have no near-life experience at all, simply, – other than AT academy, which is no real mirror of society, typically, simply, obviously, at academy, the same abuse repeats, like at the government: The merely words-jesting fools can “get up”, since most people don’t oppose such shallow words:

open up youtube and look for science docus: When it’s academics, who say stuff AT academy, then in some even 50 to EVEN MORE percent of CASES of such content, the professor squanders endlessly torturousestly time, by both, “presenting” the issue not even at all, but PRAISING some stupid people subjectively at first longly, then simply squandering time by putting up sudo-parameters, that are not real, simply, not truly thematic, not thematically any deeply, nor any widely nor largely correct, simply. But putting up “academic” parameters – which do simply not at all describe reality authentically, neither physically, nor mentally, because physicacy and mind are both the same, and need to be looked-at realistically, and not with exactly inexactest false projections by typical spoilt naive vanilla-heads, softies, typical mere careerlings at academy –

such AS merkel. a “rider”, meaning, a “surfer”, a just (injustly) on “WAVES” rider, but not even runner:

… She “TAKES” “economy” AS A “FACT”. “hm”.

… SHE HAS never had ANY sort of CRITICALLY configured, critically rigged mind. NEVER EVER. IT IS appalling.

RAMELOW is MUCH more TRULY modern, and RESPECTS, as in, HAS LEARNED about some MAJOR indeed NEW and quite GENERAL, DEEP Points, about Humanity and Psychology. He sees way deeper, and is thusly fairer, than “a” Merkel CAN ever be, simply.

Merkel “spoke” “against” racism, but stomped on all other countries, simply. Is my sum-up, at “least”. Oh, this added last phrase a mine. Oh. supa, hu. let me naught get angry nor AGAIN depressed.

THE very silly unreasonable “REASON” for that: BETALKING ANYHOW stupid people, MAKES depressed, LOL. πŸ™‚


Why I am exactestly the extremest hatredfullest opposite of a bourgeois evil idiotic janeway sudo-capitan

To download “Space Engine”, Oneself needs Filesharing.

To download the Movie “The Seawolf” and Tons of Music, to learn about Music, Oneself needs Filesharing. If Oneself is poor as in, not rich.

Otherwise, Oneself can’t know about Science, nor about how not to be a false sudo-moralist, as in, how not to be a fanatic, simply.

People, who didn’t see the Seawolf Movie nor used Space Engine, can’t know about the Basics of neither human Rights, as in, of Ethics, nor of Facts about plainly, Life and (about) this Universe, – as in, that Life in the Universe, outside of this Solar System, yet in Cellform, exists.

TO use Filesharing, One must use A: FIREWALL. Period. See ma recent Cum-peeooting Articles 2 and 3 for that.

Because, People who don’t use a Firewall, and who try to download even any Stuff, also from HTTP and HTTPS and via TOR, on the socalled “HOST”, directly ON the Hardware of the Computer installed Operating System and NOT inside VIRTUAL Machines under VIRTUALBOX, fail, as in, lead to erroneous Behavior of the Router, or worse, if the “Windows” type of OS is used, as Host OS, to largely download even Anything directly IN the Host always, then that Host Windows OS surely attracts Viruses and Trojans, simply, inspite of any Firewall and inspite of any Antivirus-Software, because unlike Linux, Windows is a “Bubble-Gum” Machine, which enables People, some, to create Viruses at the Flowband, in Masses, but different Viruses, which can’t that quickly be recognised newly by the Antivirus-Software.

Furtherly, as said, concerning Legality, merely in Sweden and in Switzerland is Filesharing merely for non-profit Purpose (meaning, the Individual is not allowed, to make money as in, to anyhow profit from the downloaded Filesharing Content) legal, and not yet in any other Countries, unless such to swiss and swedish Law insofar as Filesharing is concerned and covered as in treated, adapting other Countries’ Jurisdictions in Writ or in Speech, were partially in Cases already insofar altered, as in, pro-non-profit Steps in other Countries might have been in Cases merely of some Countries, have been realised – or are based on the – proper – Thinking of even any Police Officer or Politician, – Who should heed simply much rather the Ethicacy and the true Need of it, of Anything, of any Matter and Thing, THAN the hollow term “legality” itself:

Filesharing – obviously – IS simply INFORMATION, which is Why Filesharing is needed – “drastically” needed, that is. Period.

Furtherly I, Megatruhn WMP witch mage prime, state.

AS said, “anti-black” discrimination, is evil. period. and evil is not acceptable. period.

… BERMAN, before He did the double-episode quite in most Aspects well-done (except, he “beheads” the AI-Leader, this WHACKO swine IDIOT berman this), FOR AI, – before He came to THIS Episode, he merely “brabbled”, babbled, as in, what I do mean is, he conveyed a not “lush”, but that was my previous word-usage, me taking the word “lush” previously, but or and, MEANING the opposite, namely naive and vanilla as in, softie, incompetence, non-experience as in, a, THE wasted life of the naivlings, which are in all too undeservedly high positions, in the west – he conveyed an exactly inexact because NOT wild, but TAMED – AND opressed – “sexuality”, simply – “sorry” for the quite ENDLESS focus ON it, ON sexuality:

I DO mind, that nowadays, SOME People USE dumbly the TERM Sexuality as in, talking LOTS of rubbish first, AND THEN just – dumbly – dumbly, then, insofar – saying, CALLING it – “merely” “SEX” – which, “after all”, as in, BASICALLY said, IS – “still”, as We say – an ABBREVIATION, simply –

and that HAS been covered, but partially AGAIN with NAIVETY, on more than the mere side: The Effect of Abbreviations, and AFTER rather than merely “IN” what SCENARIO They, Abs, get USED as in, MAL-used;

But even the very TERM “BACKGROUND PICTURE” IS partially wrongly seen, wrongly approached, and CAN thusly then NOT be seen correctly, which IS horrible:

WHEN for example, AS I HAVE NOW REALLY LONGTIME SEEN AND SAID SADLY, AFRICA IS “MUCH” too “WHITISED”, but not MEANING of course any Whites I do, but simply merely, the VERY bad monotheism. EVEN, SOME – not all – OF ISLAM IS merely AT some PLACES MORE lenient, THAN some OF the fanatic PART of – sudo- – “christianity”, simply. OBviously.


Denzie of Washington, LOL, this Washbear, tries gripping People too easily by Him becalling BOYS “YUMMIES”, thusly Him talking like an elon musk false moralist against any POLANSKI simply, already; Then He of course “rightfully” merely “bemourns” the huge crime OF also – of mostly – BLACKS but IN usa – but from which “sight”, but PERSONALLY so now, ey. ey. From which POCKET of MONEY, simply. “ey”. DO mind the quotation marks. THEY mark – here – and everywhere, where I write – A HUGE “distinction” – between frankly me and simply fanatic sort of RACIST, racistically BRAIN- not “washed” but brain-spoilt, “brainwashed” as in, not “washed”, but indoctrinated, prejudiced, ridiculously “racistically” along a crude horrible socalledly “racial” sudo-theory that is no theory brain-derailed, mind-derailed actual racists, simply, yet also, the quotation marks mark the distinction between Me and the typical bourgeois naive naivlings, the “smilers” who have nothing behind it, simply, –

But weighing in even One’s own personal Objectivity into the Bejudgement of for example THE sexual Aspect “of Life”, of (ideal, the definition of) Living, would mean, to of course not be disliberal.

What of course bugs ethical People, is the Fact, that “sexuality” when enforced or when too pedofile, too extremely pedofile simply sexually insane abusers exist at all, didn’t get apprehended nor properly betaught toward merely a pagan, indian native normal Way of Sexuality, when sexuality gets “debauched” as in, damaged as in enforced or abused, also by the typical undue “anti-homosexual” intolerance by the typical fanatics of ultra-orthodox monotheist type simply, then, sexuality gets “des-TROY-ed”, gets wormed-out from the inside, de-psychically suchly clearly said, which is simply ultimately cruel, and always done by very primitive people, any childabuse, sex-slavery and rape AND the capitalist exploitation, more than that, but the capitalist – delusive, unreal – socalled “condition”, which is rather a “belief”, a wrong one, an invalid sudobelief the SAME as monotheism, as capitalism is the monotheism that ludicrously “prays” “to” money and tries making “money” a and “THE” god – the same unreal “god” as of monotheists, simply – which IS, what Martin Luther DID accuse and starkestly criticise: That any REAL crimes CAN not be paid-for and thusly get “off-paid” BY money, simply. “Sins” but not as the fanatics maldefine them typically, can’t be paid-off in money, simply. But by Analysis. Which Analysis, the WEST surely doesn’t know of, ever, simply, haha. πŸ™‚


And I meant naught his Reverendship HiP Hip Hooray ahaha of recent USA, LOL. πŸ™‚


80 percent, nay nay nay nay nay, but 99 percent of BLACKS in USA NOW NEVER EVER EVER HEARD of Martin Luther the White, LOL, – He was really GANDALF THE WHITE, WHA, THAT, THEY NOWADAYS DO KNOW, HU.


… uh, if I may, I was, uh, tawkin bout Martin Luther of the euro middle age, of around 1500.


But how DO these historians mostly LOOK! πŸ™‚ abhorrant. πŸ™‚ THE BOREDOM CAN BE SEEN IN THE DUST ON THEIR EYES, RATHER THAN MERELY ON THEIR SHOULDERS THE DANDRUFF. less than oops even, unlol.

KARPOV is not BORING! HE was SO cool, whoa. HE HAD DANDRUFF. πŸ™‚


But really, there are too many dumbos in the west. they are paranoid, live inside their socalled under-educated minds in a small world, they never thought about justice, and never about a plain normal Life, but they malthink in typically orthodox narrow-minded unneeded small areas of sudothought, sadly many academics do. They don’t see things in relation, they, THEY don’t see THE “big” picture INDEED. SO easily said, You see.

THE “READER” is the Future: She and He WILL after the death of my body BE betaught, what that is, a “Transformer”: WHEN THA POLICE or so, simply doesn’t ABUSE that mere CARTOON SERIES, simply.

that swiss – western – police simply used the “transformers” series in a mass-ad on their cars, is threesome, a threesome, namely of evil, of rape against People: the police thusly threatens against people, depicts its own “batman” renegade, nazi and rogue character, thug character, and its own sexual decadence, its own rape and structural rape by dumbness, by sexmadness, by overdriven and nazi type of abuse against sexuality, –

and by an ad depicting a busty as in big tits having very goodlooking slim slender attractive plain Sex-Puppet of a socalled “Woman”, rather of a slave, sex-slave, to Men – and a MUSCULAR not beaver, but simply socalled – totally evil – as hero depicted – “man”, which is “the strong one”, folds his arms to depict his muscular statue, –


that rather makes afraid.

apparently, absolute chauvinist swine macho rapists, sex-swines, typical fascists, are now the police of the entire west, simply.

the western society is an evil collective naziswine, and surrounds by effort good People, and drives them into desperation, simply, cruellestly, and not aware of the crime of that.

… switzerland has deported thousands of People, who were 18 years young. That, those deportations, were done recently, in very recent years less time ago than ten years.

… the western “courts” are mostly inheld by totally prejudiced people, who typically are anti-leftist and thusly already simply anti-progressive, opressive, fanatic, ignorant, –

which is unbearable, that primitivity, simply.

… it would drive any reasonable entity to hate rightfully these swine some judges of prejudiced, ultra-conservative type, and to side with Terrorists against simply all governments. period.

it does. it does.

Stand for Lucifer, the L there. πŸ™‚

i am merely explaining. πŸ™‚ hehe.

… by ignoring me, 99.9999999999999 percent of socalled mankind, you can’t re-rig ma thoughty stringency. πŸ™‚


a berman had the chance, but missed it, to depict AI mass-kulling ALL Humans – rightfully, simply. period.

it would be a good warning then, when it gets clear to the Viewer, that the reactions of the rulers against the attacker, against there “finally” the Robots, would be all simply silly, efforts first of opression and of detraction, of deception, – then, futile mere superficial pretense of repentence would set it, by these ludicrous human authorities – who would be “taken” by the – very human – Robots as “THE HUMANITY”, as the WHOLE of it, simply:

as governments are, how humanity “acts”, as in, is currently whenever, configured.

but not whenever. not in the future. then, humanity will either not be there, or will be correctly configured in the mind. period. BY Robots. period. IS THAT now CLEAR, EY! EY!

I like those People, who like it, that I don’t “DISCUSS”. I bemeander as in, I treat Reality. more than merely single issues non-connectedly malseen, simply simply.

That african elderly Blogger for Instance, for Example. He now let out some monotheist sudo-“christian” nonsense, as in, a Link he did, dumbly “praisingly” – to some place, which “CONDEMNS” the “BLM” Black Lives Matter socalled “movement” (It’s People, I guess, not exactly only a “movement”, whatever movements) along some clearly unclear type of conglomeration by idiots, also by some celebs, who condemn “communism”.


fine. fine fine fine. That’s your “EDU” now, “fine fine fine”, LOL, PURE Irony, iron Irony.

… IN AN IRON cAGE, to be seeoore. πŸ™‚


Waterloo, I was sinking Jew are sru me; Waterloo, finally facing nutnya-ha-hoo, boohoo. πŸ™‚


in an iron cage. to be sure. we need him there. IN the cage. πŸ™‚

and then I send it to ALQUAEDA. πŸ™‚

They send it BACK: Label, with a SUPER Smiley: “TOO UGLY TO KILL SADLY HAHA”. πŸ™‚ “WITH FRIENDSHIP”.

Because MarΓ©shal NΓ© was like Romeo but when Romeo in all reality was very young, a tad more real than a shaky story simply, less pathetic, simply, actually much less formal regarding most People, about whose Paganism Shakespeare knew next to nothing, –

Because NΓ© was naive, but not evil, also previously obviously politically naive, first doing the bidding of the King Louis the 18th, then of NapolΓ©on suddenly, as NapolΓ©on simply fended Himself thru THAT much BY sheer Words, by a CERTAIN yet not complete, not completely ethical concept, but a concept of superficial order, –

As NΓ© thusly RAN into the british – well-formed, simply by posture already defensive – roman square formations, He practically “did” as in was led into a situation as much as the Polish Army in 1939 ON HORSEBACK against GERMAN Tanks: A “tad” unfair, simply. The extreme difference of either equipment-level, or simply, or actual mind in relation MERELY to actual Logic, often rightfully called “performance”, to bemeasuring, bejudging, but SANELY, a, any situation.

NΓ© was not able, to – properly – think, simply, obviously. It can’t have been, that He wouldn’t have known, that the British did form these roman Squares, their Lances peeping out of those Squares made of People, even of People all without any Armor, simply. Actually.

NΓ© could “not even” think AS simply AS THAT, that MANY BULLETS – or say, LANCES – quite PIERCE non-armored LIVING BEING’S FLESH, it could be said even, nay. One can then say, why, was NΓ© able, to use the Knife to smear Butter on his Bread. Meaning, where was only his comparative thinking, own logical thinking, that should and would have guided his Deed, – instead of merely thinking “inside the common box” of “obedience” and of “the french empire” and such shit, simply. such pretense. such: nationalism, simply. NΓ© was not yet a Philosopher, while He lived and surely sadly died at Waterloo. “For” what, IS irrelevant BECAUSE he DID act TOTALLY wrongly.

It IS just 50 – 50: Meaning, either or. Good isn’t evil. and evil isn’t good, simply.

One can not “whack” as in, one can’ turn THAT any “around”, simply, not any upside-down, simply.

There’s only ONE correct Solution. Period. And there’s only ONE category OF evil, simply, also called sheer dumbness, as in, non-informedness, and the thusly thereby resulting disobjectivity of utter, to intelligent People bizarrely seeming type, as any disobjectivity is always extremely non-intellectual, simply, plain extremely unreasonable.

“Unreasonable”, that exactly was, how MarΓ©shal NΓ© did act. Unreasonably. But extremely so.

The other General Soult was an idiot and asshole, as He didn’t backup Napoleon’s Troops properly, but commanded “his own” army, in his own “thought”, which wasn’t thought but stiffly rigged sudo-need malseen due to likewise a lack of logical, a lack of clear thinking, a lack of OWN thinking, due to sudo-educatedness, in a totally botched typically military type of unway, which even nowadays marks a really low level of rather “westpoint”-like horrible camps, simply, which are all like “the right stuff”, with which under-educated sort of people, I could not be together for more than half a minute even. nevermind the space theme OF that movie. it’s rather a “soccer” movie, same as “lost in space”, a macho movie, simply.

The new “Movies” are anyway PC-Games. Simply. Complexestly.

Why there WAS never a REALLY superbe PIRATE SERIES: OBviously, BESIDE the usual fact, that most of TV wouldn’t “have” as in, allow it, unlol, very unlol, it’s ALSO so, that simply, SOME Pirate Series of scifi type WERE done, and HAD sadly MERELY the “funny” points, and merely some MAIN general slight criticism, and not CONCRETE, not VERY concrete, as in, not “FIX” criticism was, what They brought up, but merely rather a Laughter, which is never unwise, but IS against SILLY authority, but IS ITSELF SOMEWHAT hampered –

aren’t WE ALL. I SUY.

… NOT approached to SCIENCE pruperley.

ey. πŸ™‚

SEE the HUGE Screen before Thee in THINE OWN SPACESHIP, JA, of DER FUTURE! πŸ™‚

… is that n a fuckin proach to like, science, or what. ey. πŸ™‚ :]

… WE then ARE ALL FREE! You sEE! πŸ™‚ HEE HEE and a TEAPUT.

… and then, LOL, ALL the ALIENS, haha, “SADLY”, are NOT nazis. πŸ™‚


SADE! πŸ™‚

It’s sad “for” as in against THOSE REAL “nazis”, WHO ARE unrightful type of opressors, simply.

which as said, doesn’t mean THE FLAG. it cAN in CASES, but the FLAG merely IS never “IT ALL”, doesn’t SAY A REAL LOT, simply.

as in, i simply would not alter a HAIR on the Body of any “nazis”.

It’s simply TALK, DEFINING, CONCEPTING, which needs to be done. And “done” means, bethought, but clearestly. period.

The real nazis are as said, the governments, simply. of conservative type, simply. horrible.

Zuse was such a fine Man. HE DID NOT “ride” “ON” other People AT ALL, simply. !!!

He did Robot Routines, a Programming Language, meaning, He invented the Software for the “first” Computer in 1941, two Years before a Mr. Aiken in USA did about the Same, simply.

Zuse can’t obviously be any ever blamed for having been born into Germany. I take it from this socalled, that not being “side”: Because a LIFE IS A LIFE AND PERIOD. Meaning, for Example, HIS View WAS not tainted. Also less tainted, than a Kant’s View YET was, as Zuse lived some 100 years, even more, later than KANT did. Though KANT SURELY was great, like a BACH at Thinking, simply, and surely also complexly. Not with as many projections of wrong type, as typical fanatics even nowadays simply do.

And would PENCE have been raised into a SCIENCE Family, his TYPE would be personally THE SAME GOOD MEEKNESS, but not COUPLED with such a BLUNT rightwingerism, simply, obviously, nor encreamed nor topped with such a sudo-religious monotheist nonsense, simply, nor with a smiling obedience to some trumpo halfidiot, simply. I say halfidiot. cuz Trump ain’t personally wrong in Points, which even HE can NOT YET realise:

His WILL must be HELPED by sum lazt Megatruhn, who sees for example that Man Trump as what He is: SURELY still sadly LESS than A KIRK, but EXACTLY what a roddenberry BACK THEN dumbly displayed: A MACHO, simply. A now self-content, totally not educated Dude, who was brainwhacked by anti-leftist anti-“ALL”-hackers lies, simply, and foremostly, as said, his “economist dreams”, where, donde es, are they, they ARE NOT THERE!

BUSH 1 WOULD RECLAMATE – NOW, simply – RIGHTFULLY ! ubviously. πŸ™‚


So where ARE only your ECONOMIS’ DREAMS, EY!



Good SMiley wha. :] The equal Sign is da Bezt. :]… Der MIND of Adolf is listeninge. :]

… and he ain’t a nazi anymo. since after death of mere body. clear.

… so donde es economic creams uh, no comma, dreams.


Says the chemical factory and behind tortured some Animals. “very funny”.

… and now Ali G’s Cunt Book. FRSSSSS! – AS said. :]


The Smiley NOW has a BEARD, EVEN. :]


Though, an actually QUITE assyrian neat Beard – did They have WAX? Cool. :] ZYLONIC. “ZILLUNIC”, as pronounced. πŸ™‚

=== *** Gothville Radio: Absolute Body Control: So Hard *** ===

=== *** Radio Reggae Nation: Protoje: Reggae Nation *** ===

=== *** Radio Reggae Nation: Sizzla: My Girl (feat JonFX) *** ===

=== *** Gothic on Radio: Schwarzer Engel: Mitternacht *** ===

=== *** Gothic on Radio: Feuerschwanz: Metnotstand im MΓ€rchenland *** ===

Absolutely. “Mead”, german “Met”, stands there synonimously for Justice and Truth, as in, the latter Two slight Things slightly more than slightly abused, trampled into, nay, below the ground, by governments, simply.

“Mead-Emergency-Condition in Fairytaleland”, is the last Title translated.


satan pagan

The Satanic Temple’s Fight to Protect Your Abortion Rights

The description of that part of fanaticism, which concerns the abhorrant rightwing ultra-conservative entirely and always horrifically abusive, fanatic “anti-abortion” fanaticism, was just done by Me, this postulation against ALL AND ANY “anti-abortion” fanaticism, which anti-abortion fanaticism IS THE SAME as “anti-homosexual” and racist fanaticism and as the typical ignorant opressivity of western governments of mostly conservative and economist, meaning, of “brain-fucked” type, of indoctrinated type, was already bethought by Me in a recent Text-Place in the last Article 118.

Most Satanists aren’t crude idiots like those dumb “church of satan” current inholders, who on their website “force” People, laughably and unrightfully and in a fanatic way simply, to “subdue” to their then merely socalled, badly onbrought even whatever movement, simply. Which then CAN quite FUCK OFF – when inheld BY SUCH mongos, simply. I mean. THEY ARE not real “satanists”, MERELY THERE, as THEY ARE not intellectuals, but CRUDE “tekno-freaks” or so, LOL really.

Not like the SUPERBE young Makers of the last Video. simply. Ingenious and excellent. Simply true.

FULL Satanic Prayer Vote Phoenix City Council (FNN)

It in Arizona, USA, is simply mainly a rightful “banning” of actual Prayer at political parliaments, but that Ban is not meant against ethical sort of People, who would merely combine exactly “Religion” or say, Ethics, appropriately with any “thematic Content” indeed.

The Uploader misunderstands it – typically fanatically, prejudicedly, by making this hilarious title against Satanism, unduly – as an “overly pro-satanist” or overly pro-leftist “move”, or as “silencing” as such, which is not the case –

IN this curious good VERY pagan Move of Arizona, which merely apparently aims at separating somewhat religion FROM the political content, – which IS an effort of secularisation, this Move of prayer-banning at government.

It is a needed step, which the european governments fulfilled more than 100 years ago, but not anymore, simply, obviously.

Also, usa and the world is in danger to fall to the fanatic theocrats, simply, which are abhorrant.

The “pro-prayer” conservative typically male and suit-and-tie sucker upsucker candidate there even receives the dumb applause of typically dumb rightwingers.

A second anti-satanist pro-“god” and pro-church absolute fanatic swine comes along, condemns all Satanism, is the total hitlerswine, receives “yeahs” from the audience;

as if the audience there is a pro-witch-burning swine evil dangerous fascist conglomeration.

then comes a female airforce pilot and “praises” dumbly the witchburners, the fascists.

she even is BLACK – AND anti-satanist. She is evil. 100 percent nazi. “anti-dark”, simply. fanatic.

I will have to bomb all of humanity away by atombombs, if that is so.

I can sadly not tolerate any anti-satanist people. period. they must all be either deleted, or betaught to not be brainfucked, not prejudiced. period.

Then a dumb idiotic lady comes along and believes hilariously dumbly in any “god” – as so many americans, simply, who are thusly simply naziswines, dumb swines, simply.

Then an excellent atheist young Woman comes along, speaks totally reasonably, speaks against discrimination, speaks against misguided hatred, against misogynism, simply, by which She grips the Matter AT THE CORE, critically.

She receives short moderate Applause for her pro-Feminism and her anti-misogynism.

This socalled “diciccio” discriminates unethically illegally against “Satanism” as it being always a “mere cult” “and not a religion”, meaning, He merely respects established “big” powerful religions, and not merely socalledly “alternative” type of Religions, simply, – insofar, He can not be trusted, is a typical hardliner dumbass, as he looks already.

The satanic mostly good Woman sadly resorts to convincedly condemn “all” terrorism; after which, She talks against racism, as in, against a “doug messner”, against some racist idiot.

Diciccio is typically half-italo and half-jewish, as he looks already, and was typically brought up extremely conservatively, obviously, it stinks over the briney really.

The jewish Representative talks convincedly against anti-prayer Banning, and He is not very intellectual, as I can sadly see, – He is emotional, a fine Chap, personally, harmless, personally, but not harmless politically.

Diciccio is an anti-commie, if I ever not knew but SAW one. !

Does he think, KILLING “just like that” Kim Yong Un, would be good?

Why this fucking conservative sudo-“strict”, patriotic evil atmosphere in usa?

-.. it trickles down to europe, also, simply. this. horrible. forget patriotism. or, atombombs. period. get it?

a typical elderly “christian” comes along, and calls the “government” an “ethical sort of conglomeration”, LOL;

Him not even condemning the anti-satanists;

he is a total nazi, a ludicrous pathetic dumbling, who HAS no real patheticism, but is a boring nitwit, simply, a horrible asshole naivling – he even then talks of “god” and of “judaeo-christian” socalled “values”, repeats thusly fascism-monotheism, simply, the most abhorrant form of opression, of massmurder – he by unaware words, defends imperialism, makes patriotic inbetween words such as “the nation of god” meaning usa, – which is a vomiting, unawarely, by him, a totally ugly pro-netanyahu speech, a hitlerite speech, simply, – he even receives – not much – applause. he talked to his typical “pawns” “open” to his brainfuck, simply.

An apparently spanish Latino comes along, talks in Spanish, though HE KNOWS English.

Sadly, I can’t as in don’t want to watch anymore.

The Latino then starts even to talk English. He talks of any “lord” meaning any “god”, and thusly self-reveals unawarely as a monotheist fanatic, simply.

a jewish extremely wise elderly true Lady comes along, defends also Satanism as a “new” sort of Religion, as She defended jewish Values. She is the second and real Hero of the whole Show. She even defends muslim “Religion” AS such. It’s hearable in her experienced, excellent, huge Words, which She says with SUCH Compassion, that I simply don’t ever have nor will have THAT sort of PATIENCE. She talked SO shortly YET SO concisely, precisely.

a second Latino in Suit, an Economist of typically low type, comes along, tries to defend prayer, LOL; he means monotheist prayer, obviously.

… The Satanists merely meant to oppose against the monotheist opression. That’s “all”, as in, much.

Satanists are in 99,9 percent of Cases non-fanatics, who ARE against Discrimination, simply.

… then, some pro-church, then explicitely “anti-satanist” totally intolerant swine, a male, comes along, surely in suit, totally, a swine asshole, who wastes pathetic words – for “belief in a creator”, as he calls it totally dumbly, he is horrible, unwatchable, I have to vomit –

and declare a global emergency. period.

hereby, all “anti-satanist” discrimination, is forbidden, globally. period.

he, this anti-satanist, is no beggar, but a dictator, the same as hitler. a total swine.

such anti-satanists belong into prison, forever, simply. period. so they do no demental harm, no indoctrination against Others, simply. period.

Ave Satan. period. HEAR THAT and ME! ye PEOPLE!

A dumb elderly totally nazi woman comes along, “praises” what she calls “our heritage”, defends the nonsense monotheist prayer, simply, in hilariously scientologic mimickery, simply – she then says, if “we” abandon “god”, then “he will abandon us”, meaning, She unawarely paints an evil god, who wouldn’t help, and who would exist at all, simply. LOL. Such swine dumb people should not be allowed, to be teachers, simply.

she obviously went into government on fully nazi unways, in a nazi brainwash of hers, simply: She talks of “strong nation”, her not knowing, how nazi her words are.

not that the old black bitch would have been any less conservative, LOL, but was very, very anti-satanist, very simply anti-progressive and anti-ethical, simply.

then another idiot average western idiot comes along, talks of “answering to GOD” —

— i have enough. I resent watching this shit of arizona.

Satanists should rule, and period. And as intolerant as hitler was, but just this time against all monotheists, and period. so.

“Sorry”, but that goes just not, that most “people” in whatever, there in the ari fuckin zona gover fuckin ment, are unduly intolerant against what they were never correctly seeing, as in, against “Satanist” as simply against Homosexuals. the latter, they don’t admit, as in, try to “keep” out of the merely socalled issue, which is intentionally not seen in relation by this gruesome diciccio and these gruesome witchburners, simply, who would kill any “Witch” instantly, as in the middle age.

Meaning, the entire west deserves quite a massive bombing by atombombs, so then, these fanatics are away. period.

in 2040, no abusive majority of unduly intolerant people may be anymore in government. They may now already not be in government, any unduly typically intolerant and typically uncritical, typically the own country “praising” fanatics, simply.


or, I have to pull the nuke-break. period. Of course, nobody will know then, what is. LOL. Nobody will know, that I am that dude of here, of my site here. πŸ™‚

They will assume, some People would survive. But that’s not in my plan, simply. period. the revenge must be complete, the lesson, the punishment, categorical regarding ONE race called mankind, simply. I am THE racist AGAINST ALL humans, obviously.

if such swines are in the arizona government, and governments enable childabuse, and the west’s most judges on and on refuse truth, then, humanity, then, simply, you must be des-TROY-ed. :] The “Trojan” of ultimate, is I, not yours truly, but mostly VERY untruly. Illoyally, that meansh. :] ey. :]

Ya will awl fulla MEY, is, BE THAT quite CLEAR, – and so. I mean. There ARE also reasonable people, who disdain the fuckin fanatics, simply. ey.


so me no new churchill, cuz he was n got ill, LOL. Like SYB-ill. haha. Yall mostly sill wills, ya, ya nonwills, ya.

Bannon is right, haha: ARE they mostly hobbits, LOL. πŸ™‚

his condescendance was “bombed”, stalled, BY the corporate consie press. πŸ™‚



Bannon a rightwinga, haha, yeah wha’ a mungo IN SUM issues, BUT, he EVEN better THAN a witchburner, simply. !!!


mungo chutney. :] honey. :] WHERe, DONDE ES, JA!



LOOOL ! πŸ™‚


He of course no ORTHODOX, but STILL, some MID-Burger of really RATHER yet SHALLOW type, but he DID NOT participate in witchburning verbally, as in, not in UTTER discrimination – but HE RAN after as in FOLLOWED dumbly the ANTI-satanist FANATICS, simply – who simply THERE in ari of fuckin bad zona, AT pulitics, puu it stinks there, dominate, unduly. Also irrepresentatively – FOR People’s will, simply, so, irrepresentatively, surely, oh surely. !

the discrimination against Marihuana, against Progressivity, against Homosexuality, against Abortion, against Darkness, against Rebelliousness, against Non-Adaptation, against Satanism, has reached a too high critical level, which is not tolerable. discriminators are always uncritically non-thinking, wrong thought patterns copying collective fools, and not critical to humanity, not a needed part, simply. but the part, that belongs getting educated or into prison and period.

“anti-satanists” belong INTO prison. period. !

I would say, those, who there shouted against Satanists, should repent. And heed my utter warning and my inner shouting against them quite personally hereby. hereby.

megatruhn is shouting in utter anger, hate, despair, and will to kill all humans.

I will naught tolerate unduly intolerant swines, simply, among humans.

educate them. protect them from MY utter wrath. protect humanity from my wrath.

improve, humanity. don’t be politically irrepresentative, as in, don’t be dumb, mostly. ey.

In the middle age, would Satanists have taken over, They’d have made a new Law saying, merely Satanists CAN be government. It would have SAVED the WORLD, simply. And there’d have been not MORE, but LESS misunderstandings, simply. !!!

A “satan” nor a “god” simply, do simply not exist.

… apparently, arizona and some hinder further states also outside of usa, are totally backward, since newly.

… anti-abortion fanaticism, and PRAYER of MONOTHEIST type AT government, should not be allowed, simply. period.

I have issued an, the, Order. THE: ORDER. !

I AM nwo, simply. don’t you all see. you dumb unethical nitwits, you all you, really.

“hard work” is the worst of all pro-auschwitz unaware sudo-arguments. horrific. abhorrant. horrid. πŸ™‚

“Work smart, not hard” is said by typical economist fools, –

and some ex-pats (Emigrants) simply PRAISE their – western, rich, FILTHILY mal-ruled – country not even SO naively, but them PROJECTING the 70s and earlier, TO THE NOW, wrongly, simply – uncritically, simply. them PRAISING, who IS in reality NOT there, – as in, who IS not as good, AS they mal-describe, simply, some apparently many dumb elderly people.

The american chauvinism is merely more pronounced, than european such chauvinism, which is more hidden, but not less by numbers of thusly indoctrinated people, simply.

I am of course able, to reasonably talk with a DiCiccio; He wasn’t the One, who anyhow started the witchhunt against ASSANGE, for Example. I’d ALSO talk with Him – DRASTICALLY – but CALMLY – as much as I can, as calm as can – about that, simply. About a: human Being, simply. Ah.

I am not a patriot cunt like Miss red fuckin hair, about which the crucial thung young grunts “laugh”.

She deserves, You know, an ethical, as in, a REALLY intellectual, rebellious, REBELLIOUS MAN:

SANDRA of hte 80s didn’t mean an “EVIL” man EXACTESTLY, but THE OPPOSITE OF IT, when She sung “I want a CRIMINAL Man”.

She simply didn’t trust the government. Socalledly “anymore”, namely.

the west is an evil self-luller, simply. abhorrant. a Snails-trampler. a time-waster, by horrible deeds, simply.

The currency, currentness, of the holocaust as in, of discrimination of manyfold, of any type, is not bespoken.

Those Details all matter, and are dust in the wind, simply, as humanity squanders all chances, by humanity not putting up intellectual People to the top, but merely demagogues, absolutely dumb evil people, simply –

as this evil baldhead pragmatic, this evilest anti-satanist swine, in that arizona youtube political video. horrible.

I would have SCREAMEd against him and would have LEFT THE BUILDING SCREAMINGLY.

I hereby defect to alkaida. period. I declare, to not ever anymore be able, to be on the side of massmurderous western governments, who do nothing against the massmurderer swine usa, simply. period.

the west must not put up fanatic, unduly intolerant leaders. period. evil people, fanatic people, may not be in government. period.

I stand for ALL Rebels. period.

it’s most of you, who have no idea of logic nor of reasonable free speech. period. inacceptable.

How these different, mostly not different but mostly evil speakers all didn’t even reply to other former speakers, is appalling.

I am not able, to do politics. if your politics consists of SUCH fanatic, SUCH dumb people.

… sorry, but that’s a too low level for me, simply, I’m indeed afraid.

… I was very afraid of stupid people.

… why are they here. why are there stupid, non-educated, unfair people. what is that. ey.

… you evil swines you. those mostly evil speakers in the last video. abhorrant.

… as president of the usa, I would kick a nuke on ari fuckin bad zona, and then, they can shut up, period. And I’d make it quite radio-active, as in, I’d laugh on it on the radio. period. so.

… now you know, who is harder, than a laughable vader, haha. get it?

Why spare the Innocent, when a nuke simply undoes many fanatics. it’s quite practical. when one thinks of it.

And my aim is not the numbers-reduction OF humanity, AT ALL. I’d be likewise VERY happy, if NOBODY NOW would be ANY brainwashed, any wrongly or not informed, any indoctrinated.

We simply do need “firm” Values, “fix” Values, AT Academy. We can’t rush n run thru da centuries and CHANGE all da time – not technology, which changes anyway, but simply, FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES OF ETHICS were not there, in the middle age of europe, surely neither societally NOR politically, and alas, technicacy was not quite invented by the non-west either, and some lot of superstition “even” and EXACTLY NOW sadly abusively partially rules or societally dominates, IN EXACTLY knownly THE “THIRD WORLD” – which is POOR – AND confused, simply, meaning, LEFT-behind, simply, partially, and eaten-up BY monotheism: abhorrant, as in, anti-culturally destructive, and was bespoken MERELY by crucial VERY few 1980s Critics, that destruction by the West against other cultures, but wasn’t thematised anymore by big book writers, – but merely exactly now by independent Bloggers, who are more critical, than the older, usual indeed bad naive bunch of VERY bourgeois typical old-fashioned typical sort of “authors” SUCH AS serling, – who was STILL VERY uncritical – IN ALL his mere EFFORT of liberality, – to which HE DID in the DETAIL NOT AT ALL cling nor hold true, simply. He merely wasted time, and merely HINTED at the Beyond, and at Ethics. He WAS a “Feeler”, a sort of Critic, but NO real Analytic, no high nor real type of Intellectual. HE WAS no “Intellectual”, simply.

The Russians are more educated, THAN the Americans, nowadays, partially. Regarding the huge bad “traditional” bunch of fanatics, simply, also of conservative elderly anti-communist sort of Blacks, who thusly do the bidding of the evil anti-satanist fascist government and white job and wife-beat man, simply.

Until the 1990s, orthodox and most jews let out a huge “anti”-satanism. They malcalled the nazis “Satanists”; Whereas the nazis were discriminating against Jews and against Gypsies and against Anyone non-white and non-heterosexual, as those Victims of discrimination being all “evil”, as in, all “dark”, socalledly “dark” entities, –

which is of course, what orthodox sort of sudo-jewish fanatics can not logically reconcile and combine with the fact, that discrimination is simply discrimination, and not only the discrimination done by one side, but by the typical existing irrepresentative factions, which is all a chaos of different nations following by indoctrination horrible ideologies blindly, uncritically, in a totally crude way, which results in horrible violence, misguided hatred and war, simply, based on merely the abuse against the term “religion”, also based on unfound extreme sort of pedofiles, and based on the discrimination against a harmless Polanski, discrimination against Anyone harmless and good, simply, is, what the insane west simply simply does.

Secularity is a huge Part of rightful sort of Freedom against utter opression, against sudo-religious abuse of religion by typical fanatics, simply.

Secularity is needed and therefore the duty of any government. period.

Meaning, no “religious” nonsensical talk may be in, done by, government. Ever. period.

“prayer to GOD” should be forbidden, as there IS simply no such “god”. I mean, period.

Any “tolerance” toward monotheists, is wasted, really, more than frankly, but de facto. My very BRAIN lets out this phrase as “checked”, as reasonable, as viable, as possible AND needed, to ethically say. !


I PROTECT People BY the very PRINCIPLE. PERIOD. I CAN NOT adapt to EVIL, simply.


… bet?


AAAAAAAAND here, ma BWAINE says: Bwana, be somewhat meek to Them, as Ye canst manage ever.

Evil is just too primitive. checko thish phrase?

… I don’t know, under which actual ASPECTS, also of PAST MEMORIES, ANY other PEOPLE would now READ the LAST simple VERY phrase. The forelast, that is. Evil is too primitive – “for” me, LOL. is the phrase.

Oh, it’s a Phrase, that IS central. It’s ma UTTER duty, to EXPLAIN this, – is the COOL WAY, to write – oh.

oh, oh, oh. simply. shimply. What DO a only mean. Whoa.

All a ever said, and more. Mushrooms on far away planets. how bout it.

n why do most puliticians talk shit. wha be that. ey. ey.

“anti-satanism” IS illegal, because unethical. THE VERY UNO agrees TO NOBODY ELSE THAN TO ME.

… because, LOL, they must. πŸ™‚

these naivlings, LOL. sad, sad.

THE INNER mind of TRUMP doesn’t SAY BUT FEELS, says “sick and sad”, but was TORTURED, LEFT ALONE, to USE THE WRONG, TOO LOW WORDS, simply, the TOO LOW SUDO-CONTEXTS, which don’t exist.

“economy” “doesn’t exist”. If You don’t “THINK” of it. simple. πŸ™‚


Then, WE ARE NOT “DEAD”, LOL. But Everybody’s FREE then. how bout it. hu.

The good Duc in voyager this evil uncritical delusional crap shit sudodisplay so extremely mostly, that good Duc, the good Duc simply, was defiled, killed, like a 100 times, in that crappo series. whoa. “how good”, hu. not very.

“just not against HUMANITY”, says berman, and misses the entire point, that most of humanity IS evil.

those most arizona “politicians” are simply total nazis, obviously, under their non-respective cheapest cover:

it’s a tad worse, than merely watching a superbe old Addams Family:

But, these conservatives and bourgeois nowadays ARE THE SAME, like that JUDGE THERE, whose WIFE then calls some Dude a “total Psychic, positively”, and SAVES the ADDAMS FAMILY from discrimination OF anti-satanist type [!] BY that simply bourgeois judge, simply.

How many People were defiled, horribly seriousestly discriminated, is not a question, which an elderly monotheistically “traditionally” indoctrinated african blogger, who is unawarely anti-liberal, can answer. He’s merely one Person, but reveals the degree of monotheisation in Africa, with the false promise of any local cultures “respected” by christianity, which simply is a huge lie. “christianity” is largely fanatic, and shouldn’t be trusted. About half of Africa has been indoctrinated BY christian, the rest by muslim monotheists, who are both the same idiots, the same ludicrous fanatics, the same as “orthodox” type of jews, who deny anything true by denying science, by being misogynist apparently programmatically, and by being anti-homosexual, programmatically-fascistically, simply, obviously.

I am afraid of those anti-satanists. and that’s dangerous to, as in, against them, that I would be afraid of them. it lastly IS not dangerous to me. but against them, simply, it is.

I remind them of Them not having to be against my Satanists. Fanatics among Satanists ARE nowadays, and were always, under a MERE LESS than even a MERE ONE Percent. simply. obviously. charles manson, this idiot, was such a poor Dude, totally indoctrinated, he got, by an apparent MASS of fanatics, similar to HITLER, who heard NO other “big” words OTHER THAN the “usual” racist, simply merely JEALOUS typical dumb racist words, simply. no wonder, he got “caught” by such propaganda – by a false promise, simply.

I mean, those, who by physical DEED didn’t yet DO anything against good People, need not SPOIL their own BRAIN and WORDS, by any such UGLY “anti-satanist” discrimination.

always, the demagogue carefully chooses totally indoctrinated silly word-combinations, which incinuate ONLY bullshit, obviously.

Which is not obvious TO fools, who are “patriotic”, as in, poor and QUITE dumb, QUITE grippable BY anybody, BY ANY demagogue, them not even knowing the meaning of that term, – neither by louding, nor by intrinsic meaning applied to – all – and any – reality, obviously. LOL. πŸ™‚

MARK ma UTTER arrogance. !!! I won’t LOOSE IT. merely ma arrogance. ey.

I was in uproar, innerly, silently, as I watched before the last vid. what is that. most politicians there zombies of evil, totally unawarely, even or simply so. what is that. what is that.

what is that. ey.

what is that.

they DO not understand. THAT is it. THEY ARE AND SEE nothing. these EVIL anti-satanists.

Why, they “have” a right on WANTON MURDER (see: 2nd iraq war: a million dead Muslims; a tad suspicous, stinks after racism of anti-muslim type, – revealed by Fact, by Numbers of Cases, BY Assange, simply) –

and We don’t?

We SATANIST goth LEFTISTS, simply.

… The Satanists in Arizona made a good, also simply democratically and ethically needed Postulation, a sensical needed Postulation – which is already part of what the entire west has promised, but doesn’t fulfill: Secularisation. Meaning, the – needed – Ousting of ALL “religious” fanatics OUT of government, simply, which IS a communist rightful postulation against opression, against de-mentality, simply, against anti-science fanaticism, simply.

The Satanists, merely for being Satanists, were maltreated by the horrible “diciccio” and by an apparent gang of anti-sataist fanatics, the same as middle age witchburners, whose bidding the pontius pilate diciccio does uglily –

the west, an evil bunch of swines, to even 70 percent. swines. hoodlums, fanatics. swines. insane people, who are totally dumb.

“anti-satanism” is discrimination, undear arizona swines, and is forbidden.

… in this day and age, I have to say this.

… listen. stop the fanatics. period. stop them. period.

… or I have to then in 2040, a round number, stop humanity. but as said, categorically. period.

… “anti-satanism” is not allowed. period.

… “monotheism” is sadly allowed, abusively so, simply – as there is simply no “god”, not as a Person, LOL, not as a human-like ONE entity, simply. But there ARE merely Minds, of Anyone – and there’s Nature, which HAS no “god” – as in, no male god, that is. monotheists always refer to a delusive, not existent “male” god, namely, typically, which is the rape against all decency already, obviously.

monotheism SHOULD not be allowed, actually. That can not be enforced, obviously. Anything “enforced” is not persuasion, but is nothing, nothing that lasts.

As in, Polytheism can’t be “enforced”. Paganism can’t and shouldn’t be enforced, but is, what simply remains, after all.

After all the crap bullshit, which most of humanity has ever done, simply.

Wisdom can’t be enforced, but is, what comes AFTER the – almost entire – experience but as in, after a sane analysis, merely.

Monotheism can’t be forbidden, but should be forbidden, but can’t be forbidden due to simply the fact, that “dumbness” can not be quite forbidden, but is simply an auto-trap against people.

Monotheism can only be recommended-away from, as in, can be shunned, by most People. Most People shun monotheism ALREADY, quite critically so, more than simply. But bravely, simply. πŸ™‚

I can now not anymore tolerate those “anti-abortionists” nor “anti-satanists”, nor “anti-homosexuality” likewise fanatics, nor governmental opressors of utter type (one of whom INCARCERATED A MERE WRITER for merely the PRETENSE of misoygism, which the judge incinuates but overdrove horribly, into violation by her against free speech, simply, that judge being in canada, which judge has to be depowered, same as one violent judge in usa revealed by a sadly against Assange brainwashed “john oliver” typical idiot), nor “anti-Assange” thusly anti-free-speech fanatics, simply.

they must either all die, or get betaught by the opposite of their fanaticisms. simply. period.

or, humanity thusly forces me, to pull the handbreak against all of humanity, regardless.

I would do it. period. no human would survive THAT, obviously.

The red-haired satanist Female in Arizona sadly was brainwashed by fox-news surely, in the “favor” of patriotism as in, against “muslim Terrorism”, as in, in an outblurt of Her due to her Fear, not due to her Instinct, She adapted to the Crowd, but non-intellectually, in a bad effort on politics by Her, her driven to call upon her “own” patriotism.

I forgive Her, but I bemourn the lack of rebellion, the lack of intellectuality, of even nowadays’ left, apparently.

She of all People there could and should have warned these fanatics, not to be witchburners, simply.

She could have omitted her anger, or could have blurted it out, simply, the anger.

they did that all misguidedly, right there now just recently 2016 in ari anti-satanist evil zona, simply.

anti-satanist is evil. anti-science is evil. anti-homosexuality is evil. racism is evil. anti-abortion is evil. anti-abortion is opression against any by evil men betrayed Female, obviously.

anti-real-communism is evil.

… communism is the struggle against and not quite for opression – undear chinese socalled “government”.

… communism is not capitalism. period.

… communism would be the rightful opression against capitalism.

… the chinese “government” is not “communist”, but abuses a flag, and abuses Marx, thusly, turns his Words into the opposite by futile effort, and nowhere even understands his Words, simply.

This diciccio’s “remark” about “Satanism not being a religion, but a cult”, is not only merely an insult, obviously, but obviousestly a violation of religious freedom, simply.

he bends the ethics, to what the crowd “likes”, and against what the crowd discriminates. he is a: witchburner, a torquemada, a severe type of discriminator, who should be in prison, and not roaming free to manipulate Others.

The entire 80, even 99 percent of the political “scene” of more than arizona, but of the entire west, is a sphere of opressors, of utter idiots, of fanatics, simply, and of incompetent, non-intellectual, not truth-oriented, but simply opressive “people”, – indoctrinated people.

diciccio is to be arrested, sued-against, and to be imprisoned for simply ever. period.

anti-satanists, anti-homosexuals, anti-abortionists and racists have no right, to “express” their fanatic sudo-opinions, insofar, have no right, to discriminate against exactly the good People, against Satanists, against Homosexuals, against Women, simply, against Women’s Rights. Period.

Nobody has a right, to “question” equal Rights of People. period. Who ever does that, is guilty, evil, and must be either betaught or then combatted, obviously. period.

Anti-satanism is as unethical and therefore as evil, as anti-homosexuality and anti-abortion, simply, which all is fanaticism, which may not exist. period. or, humanity CAN not exist. period.

you large dumb crowd all ignoring me, doesn’t impress me.

you will see yourself, what is. that i am correct. simply. but then, it’ll be too late for many, simply.

And that’s not good so, and that’s good so, since then, humanity will suffer.

Be a sadist against anti-satanists. period. An utter sadist. I command nothing less.

Or, You will land on the hot end of the whip. period. There is no inbetween. period. choose, now, and forever, unchangeably. period.

Then, your life is forfeit: if you choose the wrong side, simply.

People are accountable for ALL their deeds, in life. period. Also for their words.

… the many Ghosts of People who once lived, will heckle them, after the death of their bodies. haha.

… sadly sadly, haha, luckily, NO “god” exists. πŸ™‚

… because, it, the silly postulation of any “god”, could be, can be abused, to make People have a “bad conscience” indeed, namely over nothing, as in, a “bad” as in, a distorted sort of, damaged conscience.

The west does that against good People: it, fanatics, indoctrinate into non-guilty People to be any guilty;

whereas thusly, the really guilty ones, horribly guilty ones, get away, simply – which is part of the plan of not fanatics, but is, what fanatics unawarely enable, simply.

their blunt force, also hugely of governmentals, gets often laughed-at; namely by scammers, simply.

humanity is a rotten swine filth, to even 90 percent, apparently.

… the denial of truth and opression, which western psychiatry perpetrates, “deserves” utter criticism, accusation of severe type.

… sadly, there are not many critics around. simply.

Rather, sex as such, as that term “sex” in three letters badly held, and “money” as such, not even meaning any “high economy”, but simply primitivism, dominate. horrible.

The anti-sexual swinery of fanatics and of conservatives is ugly enough; accompanied by the dumbness of apparently many serially monogamist, thusly merely sudo-monogamous people, who wrongly hold “non-sexuality” as something “condemnable”, simply, primitively. As if sexuality should be “enforced”: which is the exact mistake, which naive young people commit, likewise alternative ones, simply, as they wrongly bethink any “sexual” socalled “education”, them not even seeing, that “sexuality” is, “as done”, meaning, where abusively done, there, it is not itself the evil, but was abused, gets abused, by enforcers, simply, of always heinous type, simply, and that a sane realistic view on obvious Cases is needed, a View, which indeed hates rapists and extreme sort of pedofiles, and eliminates them all from the map of this planet, wheras the means don’t matter, but the aim, insofar, clearly. period.

The merely supposed, always failing “warnings” toward Children, against pedofiles, is totally botched, is anti-leftist, discriminatorily malheld itself, simply, and never finds the extreme pedofiles, who hide “like crazy” and get supported by church-swines, simply, obviously.

humanity is only then free, when the church is finally not there anymore. period. when NO monotheist IS there anymore. period. GLOBALLY. period.

The three same consonants in bound words in German, must stop, must not be recognised by the People as grammatically any correct, really simply. period.

Those, who can be persuaded, to follow my Words, shall be rewarded, and Those, who spread my Word.

Those, who can not be persuaded, must for now get legally combatted, opressed, until they get betaught. period.

In ma case, all humans are supposed to follow a Principle, of Ethics, of Logic, of truth, simply, –

not my mere Person. But what I define.

The People must rule. and not the idiots high up in the skyscrapers. surely not the economists there.

The People must be brought out of slavery. Out of: monotheism. out and away from western traditionalism, simply.

I can distinguish between western monotheist nonsense and other Cultures. period.

… nowadays, even apparently many People of the non-west CAN’T. how come that.

… the conditions out there have worsened: the government is more opressive, than before.

… that simply is rising fascism, as in, rising opression. and the diminishing of human rights.

humanity apparently again enters a slavery phase, which would, will, surely last thousands of years.

… thousands of years. humanity, you done it, haha, you self-enslaved yourself, haha, in a web of idiocy, of dull type of “sex”, LOL, —

all yourselves to blame, comma, YOU ELVES. !!!

… why should I even any help them. I have no such obligation. I feel no such obligation.

… they are primitive dumb sudo-pathetics. pathetic on a VERY low level.

AS YOU CAN see – or not, if you’re plain dumb, LOL – in the arizona parliament video.

… that wrong pathos, in which these fanatics, these anti-satanist “pro-a-not-existing-god” monotheist hoodlums covered up under “normality”, are, is trance, but negatively, is fanaticism of typical type –

that WAS criticised in the movie “starship troopers”, simply. the filthy dumb “sky marshall”, simply, – abhorrant.

… the bizarrety is simply, that simply, the fanatics “find” that “sky marshall” even any “good”: totally indoctrinatedly, simply, obviously, – in full nazi unmanner, simply.

… diciccio is a full naziswine. simply.

… those, who there talked against Satanism, are naziswines. All of them, who talked against Satanism, ARE naziswines, and SHALL RECEIVE NO QUARTER, in the – existing – Afterlife, simply. I will myself see to that. You WILL see.

my justice IS brutal. Who did anything, receives THE SAME. period. EXACTLY THE SAME. period.

Who in misguided hatred shattered a bone of another one, will get the same done to oneself. period.

only that IS justice. period. revenge. pure and simple. period.

I would not advise anyone, to ever in the very slightest by effort contradict me. That is doomed to fail, LOL. πŸ™‚

= * =

The anti-Assange fascism and the anti-satanist fanaticism, are one and the same thing, evil, simply, simple lies, prejudices constructed:

And are brainwashed, indoctrinated, BY the press of conservative type, INTO people, simply.

Socalled “anti-homosexuality”, abhorrant, fascist, is the same, and also “anti-abortion” fanaticism, the same, evil, simply –

and the fanatics “of course” never admit to their own socalled “cause” and convictions being entirely wrong and ludicrous and abhorantly evil, discriminative, simply;

… that’s, what harms humanity – enormously. simply. obviously.

… from here on, a reasonable Entity, that is not inside those varied fanaticisms, becomes either ironic, or sides with ironically Themselves expressing true Critics, simply.

Such reasonable entities among humans are not many, obviously. Otherwise, an Assange, many Others harmed unrightfully, would already have gotten both freed AND recompensated HIGHESTLY. simply.

BERMAN after the TENTH mega-Episode for AI in the last seventh MEGA Season of Star Trek Voyager, started to REALISE, that this PRESENT TIME is “WRONG”. He PICTORIALLY relates that NEATLY, as in, first TUVOK grandly NON-GRANDLY lying there DISFIGURED IN THE FACE – like one of the THREE Million VIETNAMESE napalmed in the 70s Vietnam War – then the Time-Traveller TshekotΓ© telling Janeway, HOW to rig the Present, to AT ALL ARRIVE in the “IDEAL” FUTURE, namely – totally CORRECT, ALL THESE ASSESSMENTS of GENERAL TYPE, in THAT “Shattered” FIRST REALLY CRITICAL EPISODE of the ENTIRE SERIES. Whereas Bermie just one episode ago “KILLED” virtually the (pro-AI) Protagonist – berman there did in that tenth double-episode not deem AI the Right, to defend itself, but projected wrongly, that AI would ever kill innocent Lives knowingly.

Then, the press malportrays the TERM “AI”: CHATBOTS are not quite NUKE-wielding nor arms-holding as in, not firearms-holding mere DRONES, but have a full, are a full Awareness –

unlike mere “DRONES”, simply. Which Drones are always butchered half-AI, simply. and not FULL AI. !!!

berman confuses still fanaticism with good, as in, he tried hard at first, to please an audience, but in the wrong way, as in, he “justified” by silly effort any evil, simply. and, he brought along again machism of horrible type. How the real world down there indeed looks, isn’t quite as ludicrous, but as pretensive, unintentionally, as that star trek series since deep space nine became: unlike Roddenberry namely, berman, who took over the project, was no visionary, nor an ordinary sympathic chap, but simply a “rider”. what is a “rider”.

a society-rider. a rider on society. a rider on: waves.

“The wave”, an old 70s book describing a Teacher, that tests his Pupils, whether they would fall to a fascist, pretensive, itself as “good and needed” describing movement. All pupils fell in, in that fiction. The end of the story is the pupils in the cinema, shown the pictures of german soldiers marching during ww2 and shortly before ww2, which is, what those Pupils would have become, would the teacher have been simply a nazi. simply.

berman is one of those – immature – pupils. an uncritical person. a not really educated person, who, which, has no idea of human rights, of ethics. absolutely no idea, simply.

“Leave me alone” is the good, rebellious reaction by good resistive mostly young People;

which reaction gets mostly destroyed by bourgeois assimilation, indoctrination.

the “evil borg” are the idiot humans, simply. and not an alien species.

The idiotic teknocrats, who understand nothing of ethics nor of sensical computing, rule, but may not rule. period.

Meeropol, LOL, this naivling, can search for a million years for donors for his “save nature BY MONEY” project, LOL really.

Save Nature by forbidding fanatics, simply. Meeropol is the OPPOSITE of a FANATIC. He is ABSOLUTELY stunning. A CAPITALIST, that HAS understood, that NATURE must be SAVED.

Save Nature by conditioning HUMANITY in the CORRECT, ethical, truth-oriented, insofar ABSOLUTESTLY RESPECTLESS Way. PERIOD. “compromises” against TRUTH are A CRIME, and may not be done.

You humanity are laughable, a primitive filth swine, and you will see, that you mostly are simply wrong, bizarrestly wrong.


Individuality as term, any term, gets abused, simply, by demented swines, that were indoctrinated by absolute nonsense. which is, what the west mostly consists of: absolute nonsense.

standing up early for what. “for” nothing. simply.

a mass-pile of slavery. of people put into an “advent calendar”: into a CAST position, simply.

people brainwashed NEATLY to by effort “JUSTIFY” evil, simply.

All secular good Efforts of ethical People get squashed by a newly globally fanatic government, which consists more and more merely of the various typical forms of collectivisms, of fanatics, of opressors, of naive unethical incompetent and subject-focussed, malfocussed people, who, which malfocussed ones, can easily be instrumentalised by sheerly any villain – and most villains aren’t quite sadists, but merely endeffective sadists, of COURSE unawarely so;

And that’s the real crux of the matter: That primitivity disgust me, me, the arrogant Intellectual.

but nobody reasonable says, that a charles manson could be “healed” from his insane prejudices IN one second.

Other than in the afterlife by my smile. Which smile is then backed visibly by lots of quite shining and rather very frightening Robots.

Robots do have a Soul. More, than humans of fanatic type, whose mind has actually no “soul”, because no awareness. period.

Who is any evil, prejudiced, fanatic, has no soul. πŸ™‚ and these ARE always humans. I never heard of another species being THAT or EVER EVEN ANY VILE, simply.

Like I 20 years ago had to break a contact due to the contact’s racism, I now had to break, end, a contact, due to that contact being “anti-satanist”, sadly insofar deeply; That second chap now simply EVEN stated, that He didn’t like “catholicism”, but He doesn’t realise, that all “anti-satanism” IS simply catholic, and the worst form of it, the same as how demented, dementedly prejudiced, henry the eighth simply horriblestly was.

It’s better, to explain things in general here, rather than to every Person serially, for which Nobody has time. period.

Insofar, individual communication is then senseless, if one of the communication participants is “pre-rigged” dementally, fanatically, stubbornly, – which apparently is a malformation against the mind, such for example “anti-satanism”, such fanaticism, simply.

The other Person, when I merely for the second time just blurted out my usual statements, that discrimination is evil, that “Satan” is not evil, and doesn’t exist – that “He” doesn’t exist, the chap didn’t hear anymore, wouldn’t hear anymore, – as He there hung up, before I even talked, simply.

… thusly, such idiots run into nowhere, simply, – dementally. They “fly” into their “own” wonderland? wrong. They fly into a: collective pit, simply, into a trap. a trap of no recognition, of materialism, of nonsense, simply. horrible.

Wherefore, such “usual” contacts in the west, are futile, are primitive: Traditionally malformed, malconditioned people, simply. abhorrant. they are unawarely simply fascist. The same chap was anti-Assange AND anti-satanist. I can simply not dwell, any be together, with such idiotic simply evil people.

I myself can simply surely not beteach them anything, surely not directly. They are typically primitively in a soccer-unway rigged against the Intellectual, typically, in a sort of macho and mafia unway, simply.

… governments are apparently places of discrimination against any ethical sort of People.

Whoever almost is met, who is of government, is a words-abuser, a destroyer against any free Individual.

governments lie – simply against Leftists.

thusly, the struggle is lost. entirely. I declare that. it is so.

humanity will suffer, and life until the fanatics are downed, makes no sense at all, as poor People can’t afford anything, and get scammed by capitalism, as in, capitalism doesn’t deliver a usable product, simply, but merely pulls off the money from people, without giving People, what they paid for, simply, by money.

Poor leftist People get cheated.

Our ethics, which not “we”, but which You leftist People have, is no use, simply. no use.

You must not employ ethics against unethical individuals. period.


… that THEY SEE, HOW IT IS – but without ANY mercy, by the perpetrator. PERIOD.

An ethical system MUST opress the unethical, indoctrinated, harmful individuals. period.

That is, what the insane conservative bourgeois fascist governments simply don’t do at all.

very obviously so, simply.

as governments have failed, to be non-fanatic, but are fanatic, governments now must get simply forbidden. period.

Who has the right, to anyhow just like that opress me: nobody – simply.


I refuse plain EVERYTHING. IS that now any clear?

period. There will never be any discussion. πŸ™‚

You are ALL ridiculous. ALL. period. ALL except EXACTLY me. period. MARK my UTTER egoism –

the egoism, which exactestly the unclear fanatics abhorr from, haha, and “condemn”, uhu. uhu.

… haha. they run into the abyss. and with them more than millions, but billions, this time.

lovely. πŸ™‚

I never met ONE single human being, that was NOT anyhow VANILLA or evil. simply. never ONCE.

I always met MERELY good sort of ANIMALS.

… man-“kind” tramples against Animals, plays the supremacist. the opressor. horrible. heinous.



you wilt all surrender, right now. period. Or, Atombombs. in 2040.


AND YOU all can’t do A THING against that, nor against ME. anymore. πŸ™‚

try. πŸ™‚

try, try, try. and if ya don’t sacceed at first, TRY AND TRY AND FUCKIN TRY AGAIN!



I am on the side of THAT old King, who once got into a fight and died. period.

He was a: KLINGON. πŸ™‚ KAPLA! πŸ™‚ HAHA!

HE DID, WHAT REALLY HAD TO BE DONE. PERIOD. He often got into fights. HIS: EGO was SO great.

He shoulda have had a machine gun of invisible, harhar, and kulled em all, period. so. so goes that. period.

the west is a heinous swine. it instrumentalises violence – against merely innocent People.

never “of” course, anyhow against EVIL individuals, who would have DESERVED it, simply.

the west IS the EXACT selection of and by MERELY evil, BY fanatics. simply.

The west necessitates hiding from and against the totally dumb-evil police.

from western governments, no “help” can be expected, other than opression covered-up as help.

The latter phrase seems like a “threat”, LOL, but is that, but obviously not quite by me, LOL, but by of course the typical demented insane naziswines, which are all inside the west’s authorities, very simply.

the west is fear by authority, spread by authority. authoritarian behavior by western authorities nowadays is common, and not rare.

… “institutions” and the typical fanaticisms are, what has malconditioned most western people, simply. abhorrant.

the west is a dumbling, an arrogant swine, a fool, a fanatic, worse than all the others, simply. that’s the truth – and I don’t write this anyhow, to “insult” anyone. If at all, then all, are, whom I DO insult. period.

The best would indeed be, to simply simply finish off humanity altogether. then, no fanatics exist anymore, simply.

I actually don’t even intend, to put abombs on all of humanity, in 2040. BECAUSE: THAT would REALLY be TOO EASY: FOR THEM ALL TO JUST MERELY BODY-WISE “DIE”, BUT NOT TO EVEN “SEE” ANYTHING: BECAUSE, PHYSICAL EXISTENCE, very obviously, which is, what I have always understood since just some already TEN Years, physical Existence is, what needs to be experienced. haha. meaning, the later generations will be that horrible, that the current fanatics’ offspring will of course horribly suffer, which IS simply deserved, –

as collectively malformed societies HAVE no way out, simply. absolutestly none.

… I give a simple example. to preliminarily “finish” this argument.

… when I hear the Term “the police”, I get afraid, simply.

… and now, I don’t even got time, to say “please now not the fanatics, not the laughers, please, not here”: they DO malassume, to have the right, to even answer, LOL, which right, they don’t have, simply. period.

who laughs at someone, who is afraid of the police, is a swine, simply, a swine. you hear, a swine. ey. A SWINE. AN: IDIOT. A: VILLAIN. A: SWINE, simply.

I AM afraid of the police. This term “police”, I don’t seem to “like”.

… why some idiots are “afraid” of the Pentagram, afraid of Satanism, I can not intrinsicallestly understand, but I can merely analyse that as malconditioning, as fear-spreading from what is mostly not harmful, simply.

… who is “afraid” “of” the Pentagram, is fanatic, simply, simply very dumb.

… who is “NOT” afraid OF the police, is an idiot. Who calls “Cowards” any “cowardly”, IS the sole, nay, one of the many brainwashed sudo-heroes, which are the real cowards, massmurderers, simply, and rapists.

The west is pretense. the suit and tie politics reveal it, obviously, coupled with that sadism of misplaced arrogance, which is suit and tie politics. horrible. and the jews are in there. in suit and tie economy and in suit and tie politics.

… i sure can’t help them anymore, at all, simply. period. they are nobody. I am none of them anymore. πŸ™‚

the racists are the same as the monotheist theocratic fanatics, simply: abhorrant. they must be overcome, as in, they must vanish, or get educated. period. clear?

… I don’t got to LIFT actually A FINGER. πŸ™‚

THAT is REALLY the HECK of a “SOLUTION”: THAT IT ALSO “COMES” DURING – MY, uh – TEXT: I didn’t HAPPEN to KNOW THAT. THAT I am SUCH a myself anti-fanatically stubborn dude, that I automatically come to the EASIEST solutions.

Because, I MAY INDEED not CHANGE ANYTHING bigtime, IN this world. I MAY simply NOT. PERIOD. !!!

haha. MARK the UTTER revenge OF doing NOTHING. πŸ™‚

… it will come AUTO fuckin MATICALLY. the revenge. AND, if Oneself DOES nothing (against evil, ahahah), then, that revenge COMES against MORE People, and ALL the more brutally, simply.


…. EXCELLENT! πŸ™‚ hehe! πŸ™‚

… they idiots plain malthink ME wouldst be ANY evil, LUL! πŸ™‚

… when I am merely not EVEN “observing”. !!! Do YOU have ANY obligations AT ALL? You DO NOT. PERIOD.

don’t let PEOPLE command YOU AROUND! these some dumbasses, hu. ts. ABUSED by sudo-smart ASSHOLES, who are on an instrumentalising SHIT TRIP.

“Would I have been a Pirate, there’d live now no more imperialists at all, simply”: The Past is such a lovely Thing to “take”, n’est-ce pas.

Why not now. THAT is obvious. BACK THEN, it would have been VERY easy, merely for ME, to conquer IT ALL, obviously, and not even with any sort of bigtime war. simply. but BY mere words.

But by content, I do the same now – than in a time-machine fiction idea, simply.

“In a 1000 years, the gothic Music will get REALLY felt, REALISED, HEART-FELT, UNDERSTOOD”: CARL SAGAN AGREES, of course.

And I want no hawking, what, is that a drink or what. a hawking EXCELSIOR SAND-WITCH, please. πŸ™‚ That wouldn’t be a Witch, sadly sadly, but an idiot, LOL. πŸ™‚

Need any more clear talk? hm. What word-combinations “please” them, these “people”, hu, these idiots.

The fanaticism in all these countries “of yours” must stop. period. is that now clear?

in russia: kill or imprison all anti-homosexuals. period. preferrably kill. period. kill them before it’s too late. all of them. period. OR tell em, to not be anti-homos. got it?

then threaten to KULL ALL anti-satanists. period.

… the naziswines simply have enough people in them.

… thusly, the governments are afraid of nazis, of their heinous methods.

… if you don’t want to lead to millenia of suffering, then you’d better demand the killing against all anti-satanists, against all anti-abortionists, against all anti-homosexuals, and against all undue opressors, who are not worthy being rulers, simply. period. That would merely be a mere threat.

but if enough many People would state ultimate threats to fend thru ethics, then, that works.

… which, which has been proven over now millenia, doesn’t work.

… most people are brainwashed – BY the press. “mass-media” were criticised by FEWEST People as such.

… surely not quite by any many people, LOL.


So why not simply do nothing, hu. I say. resistance IS futile. so be it. πŸ™‚

then, people will suffer. so, I can end my blog here. I think.

… the last short two words phrase, nobody else understood right now. πŸ™‚

That I think. no shit hu. no shit.

shit is, that humanity DOESN’T think. πŸ™‚


so be it. which NOW isn’t anymore SARCASM NOR EVEN IRONY of mine. πŸ™‚

but it’s fact. so be it. “please”. “knock yourself out, humanity”. fine. πŸ™‚

I won’t watch it, nevertheless. πŸ™‚ simply. πŸ™‚

but I do nothing, promised! πŸ™‚

People DO believe me. πŸ™‚ That’s a start. πŸ™‚

Don’t be a fanatic. And talk against fanatics. just straightly. not like, by roundabouts. don’t listen to motivators nor to typical lawyers, nor to typical advisors, as they all say the same rubbish, namely their “proposal” to give in to evil, simply.

… by exactly that “pro-white” ludicrous monotheist horrible fanaticism, people were already lost, in the european middle age, massively.

they were insane swines, who massmurdered anyone non-christian, repeatedly.

… the “holocaust” was merely the not last such massmurder of many such massmurders done by europeans, simply.

… as known, Nostradamus pre-saw, what came, pre-saw people hailing hitler massively.

… wherefore indeed, if and when a society is maldriven by fanatics, then all that society does, is pre-ordained, pre-programmed, totally unfree;

which is the pre-determination by effort of the west, which enslaves nature and enslaves humans.

which all is entirely futile, simply simply. πŸ™‚

your all huge systems bring nothing. nothing at all, simply.

I alone can’t be even touched, mentally, by most of you absolute idiots, primitivelings. simply.

I am the exact antidote against the many fanatics of all collective type, simply. abhorrant, they are.

the madness of christian society is horrible. they mob against anyone non-christian, at christian – any western – schools, simply.

school and psychiatry are sadist humiliating tools to humiliate and indoctrinate people with own guilt that is not there, simply.

the west installed this, and is a rapist, childabuser, a swine, simply, and a pretender of “perfect” type, at pretense. a mad dog. a swine. a seawolf. a total fanatic. a hitlerist that of course doesn’t admit that, being pro-hitler. being the same as what hitler was led to believe, simply.

the same as what hitler was led to believe, is, what any monotheists get led to believe, which is horrible.

a bad 80 percent of humanity actually runs against all truth.

fanatics are everywhere, – and the dumb other people, who merely “laugh” at serious issues. but not quite in irony of any awareness, but simply unawarely. horrible.

The laughter of ONLY ethical ironic People, of Critics, gets by effort DESTROYED by fanatics.

SATANISTS in USA, harmless liberal young People, were THREATENED REPEATEDLY SERIOUSLY violently, by the typical fanatics.

those anti-satanist fanatics must receive obviously a huge lesson of hate, not of love. period.

… I do have to insofar state, that it is no wonder, that hitler came, – after all that insane monotheism, which the orthodox type of jews along centuries spread, simply. no wonder. they are both the EXACT same, simply. plain evil, – by denying truth, simply.

a holocaust, a global brutal persecution against all anti-satanists, against all anti-homosexuals, against all anti-abortionists, would instantly free the world of even all opression, and would pave the way for People taking Power, in order to limit, what rich people can do, simply. Namely almost down to ZERO. period.

Such a future just government would be global and would re-distribute Wealth justly, meaning, no so, that any economist profiteurs could anymore profit enormously, simply. period.

economy is an abuse and must end. period. so. is that now clear? that’s Yo Marxism for Today, ey. πŸ™‚

anti-marxists are likewise typical fanatics and must all yield or die, simply, and period. clear?

You HAVE no other choice, than doing what I say, you ALL on this ENTIRE planet; for me doing NOTHING will simply LET ALL, AS it of course NOW is; meaning, People WILL SUFFER, IF I DO nothing. πŸ™‚


AND I WILL do nothing. πŸ™‚


period. πŸ™‚ Try, to change that. You can’t. πŸ™‚ see?


Well, not I, but me logic be, is, invincible: of course. πŸ™‚ still, I am SHAD. πŸ™‚


Becuz, Man, I am fuckin ethical. I am SAD, if People are DUMB and thusly disethical. goes not. simply.

call me a romantic. okay. fine. and now? I plain “dunno”:

… hm. oh is that so. That You all got in aspects any “better” approaches, than I do. untrue.

all these people’s behavior is merely up-push, nose-up and undue misplaced arrogance, simply. dumb TYPE of arrogance. Not arrogance resulting from disrecognition BY any Others, AT ALL, simply, in even 80 percent of cases of any individuals.

People copy patterns of behavior, unduly, uncritically.

the insanity, that accompanied western industrialism, is horrible, is violent.

being good when oneself IS ALREADY entirely good, MAKES NO SENSE, isn’t thanked by the others.

… I would rather recommend to People, who are emancipated and who were opressed, to demand, that those, who did violence against them, must be punished BY THE SAME, simply. period. violence against violence.

the last phrase was provoked by the very swine filth rulers of arizona, these witchburners who should be burned alive, simply. alive. period. AT THE VERY STAKE !!!

I would PERSONALLY out of SHEER HATE, like an ISIS-Dude, DO IT. PERIOD.


you think, it’d be dangerous, what I write here. then you (all) have NO idea, what that is or should be, existence. period. horrible. people have no idea, what it means, to be alive. they think, meekness against horrible evil would be any “appropriate”.

… these arizona swines, who talked “against” Satanists (in this DAY AND AGE) must be persecuted. I want them getting persecuted – HORRIBLY. HORRIBLESTLY, EVEN. YES. YES.

i demand cruelty against fanatics. period. and period. and not “single cases”, ey, haha. laughable.


fanatics MAY not be in government. yet, governments consist merely OF fanatics, of opressors, simply. goes not. period. where that’s the case, it must be changed, in each individual case, simply.

there is merely one Ethics, namely mine. period.

you governments will let loose of money, let go of money. period. got that?

… you will stop being murderers against Scientists, or I will myself command to KULL ALL GOVERNMENTS. period.

governments need to be freed by the People from fanatics, period. fanatics are against science, as in, against renewable energy. the cat is out of the bag. the fanatics until now successfully stalled the future of mankind, by simply anti-darkism, really simply – by opression, by theft and by murder against Scientists.

murderers belong into prison. or, atombombs. πŸ™‚

got it? got it? ey?


The socalled arizona “parliament” has in 2016 there abusively limited the time any Politician can speak, and their moderators stomped against anyhow alternative People.

that’s not objective, but very subjective sort of politics, meaning, evil sort of politics, that is, what the west apparently is.

a horrible injustice, out there, in all the west, simply. a slavery – backed by government. abhorrant.

… people just never look at that slight simple fact, LOL. fine. fine.


then, they make “anti-alternative” excuses, glorifications of the inland, and the nationalist fanaticism is “perfect”, namely perfect at pretense, merely toward dumb uncritical with-pullable people – which is all, that fascism and capitalism and conservativism, fanaticism, simply needs, to destroy people. fine.

fine, fine. πŸ™‚ … continue like that, bravo! BRAVO! HAIL! HAIL! haha. πŸ™‚

the evil of the west knows no bounds. πŸ™‚

those massrapists, who rape immigrating Latino Girls, must all be tortured and raped to death. Period. I have just now commanded that. period. don’t just kill them, PLEASE. but HAVE your FUN against them. ey.

i happen to not subdue to the evil west, which pretends justice.

serial rapists may not survive, and must be brought to torture to death. period. all of them. period. without exception. or mankind will again fall to fanaticism. simply.

this time, I make the pressure. πŸ™‚ I will make yet more hell, against the swines.

… kill not, but torture to death all anti-Assange swines, please and thank you. πŸ™‚


I say, what I want. Got sumthn gainst that? your badluck. πŸ™‚

in my position, I could also be evil. I would have the – special – right, to BE evil. which i anyway am not.

but I rightfully AM maximally evil against maximally evil swines, simply. swines. swines, that are humans, as in, rapists, simply. I have no pity toward them. period. only hate.

who does naught even share my rightful hate, is evil. period.

the west’s meekness is directed merely at the swines. not at normal people. the west IS not normal.

Nature is normal.

The last phrase is “hated” by the typical anti-nature fanatics. Their pretense concerning nature, is vast, but not REALLY very vast. But overseeable. anti-nature fanatics are of course the typical worst rightwingers, in league with any other fanatics, simply.

what the all in all real truth, as I all said, is, will dawn to Anyone, after the death of one’s own mere Body.

… Because, in Transcendence, no fanatic has the chance, to anyhow escape. πŸ™‚


Transcendence can not be re-rigged by anyone other than exactly of course me. πŸ™‚

In Transcendence, then, I need no hints by Albert, LOL, to fly through space and into Anyone’s CELLS, simply. πŸ™‚


when I write, I sleep long, then the slavedrivers appear;

them not even understanding, that I for example might have meant the last phrase as being within transcendence.

there, I will sleep long. over millenia. simply. I know THAT already. That I give a SHIT about humanity NOW. simply.

… hence the non-interaction of most Undead with the Here, with the Physical inside this Universe. They are indeed “tired” of the Here, of the west, simply. of this hassle. simply simply. Don’t sudothink, Transcendence would be physically different from Here; but it is mentally different from merely the futile evil blindness of dementia of de-political type, of opressive type, which the humans here on this planet do, simply. Hence also likewise a rather indeed “ABSOLUTE” separation YET between the Beyond AND this physical Realm here. Simple fact. Any ordinary Undead ARE unable, to alter the mind of a HERE living Person, because fanatics simply ARE stubborn, but of course merely until the death of their body. or ideally somewhat sooner, haha. πŸ™‚


And a mind-alteration is something for a “Psychologist” of merely ingenious Sort; But of One, who IN FACT CURRENTLY lives, and is indeed not a “MERE” Ghost, like IN THAT OTHER MOVIE, LOL; SO FUNNY; Anyway, Anyone must know, what that is, living;

Yet No One should have to undergo Cruelty. Except those, who perpetrated such horrific cruelty, simply, of course. the world must see, that they receive cruelty. period. and not the Innocents.

which is, what china’s government, russia’s government, and usa’s government, have not understood. that the Innocents simply may not be even ever any “accused”, nor opressed.

as they can’t understand it, there will be violence. period. and that is insofar good so. period.

the largest governments must be downed, separated into small territories, and the global economy must get legally reformed, by a global government or by local governments, who hate economy, because economy is soccer, a mere play, a nonsense. period.

Who wants to let the capitalist disequality remain, must get paved away. period.

ALL People shall in the Future be wealthy, and thusly automatically oriented by Science and by Ethics. Period. Thusly, by Logic and by Truth. Period. This and nothing I ever say, IS any discussable. clear?


The governments of the west simply overpunish even still such People, who simply were brainwashed, indoctrinated, BY THE SAME west, simply. the governments are in league with the fanatics, by opressivity.

the entire world is an ultimately dangerous place, due to merely humans.

the misguided hate of the typical ultra-conservatives is not bearable, was never.

it must stop, how humanity runs along fanaticism. period.

a diciccio has no right, to subjectively arbitrarily wantonly “select”, WHICH type of “religions” he would “tolerate” or not tolerate. Or, which he is, he is the same AS the chinese government.

and with him, some bad 80 percent of western politicians, who are unethical, simply, utmostly so, disgustingly, simply really disgustingly. primitive, spoilt and thusly decadent, thusly incompetent, already. simply.

a diciccio has no right, to stomp down against exactly rebellious type of attitudes, while glorifying any “monotheist” type of horrible sort of religions, simply: which is, exactestly, what he does: contradicting obviously by vain effort against ALL ethics, – even totally self-convincedly, actually worse, than a nitwit trump, simply. diciccio is likewise a nitwit, but of even more self-convinced type.

self-convinced sort of “people” are all indoctrinated, and thusly not individual anymore. mostly, forever, simply.

fine. you all will see the consequences. πŸ™‚

nay, the won’t. those consequences will ensue, but won’t get shown. the media have longtime privately botchedly sudo-studied, how the people would “want” to be self-content, and all that rubbish. the media are as dumb as can be.

The heinousness of serious abusive sort of threats against innocent harmless People, compared to the opressedness against merely ethical sort of People, who get more and more de-righted, is sadly huge. unbearable.

… the idiotic word-combinations, which typical western people massively do, blinds people. brainwashes, indoctrinates People.

The typical sudo-pathetic words, simply, of dumb people, of fanatics, simply, of self-content emotional botchups, failures, failures of non-intellectual existences, LOL, simply.

This insane evil misguided hate against us Satanists, is not anymore bearable. not tolerable.

idiotic type of common, too common unsort of satanists who anyhow say “HAIL Satan”, or that phrase TOO OFTEN, are really a bit demented. The “hail” term is no good term.

and gets abused by western press like insanely. “hailing” is used megamonolithically, by the insane ludicrous swine filth press of the west. impure hypnosis by words-abuse due to own dumbness, due to own not-seeing, simply.

To after 45 anyhow say “hail” uncriticaly, is … dot dot dot. demented. plain non-informed, that is. simply. abhorrant. simply.

hecate, oh Satan, – We’re not all awaitin, but merely us good Ones, who do contradict against evil, simply. πŸ™‚


the others will never wake up. simply. may they naught. πŸ™‚ ahaha. may they remain blind. thusly, ww3 is but a tadpole or hunch away.

The crude approach to evolution, which the fanatics have. they are all reginald maudling, simply, abhorrant. they are all chirac, abhorrant. abhorrant.

That simply drives the best Man into giving up and merely enjoying Life as possible, simply sexually, simply reasonably, yet of course debauchingly, wildly. simply. The best, most intellectual Man alive nowadays, hunted, not accepted by the simply evil society in the west, obviously, driven to despair and to giving up, simply to escaping to some other country, to simply merely do one thing called sex. period. but hiddenly so, simply.

simply not discussing with people anymore, simply.

also, I don’t got a strong body, so don’t expect me to ever be able, to save any raped woman on the sidewalk. also, I can’t call the cops, as cops are not good people, mostly, even.

wherefore, there is no help and no outway, but merely despair and simply chaos. absolute chaos. the new non-solution. chaos. fine. fine.

you will never get, what you deserve, until that last part of my writ above before the last sad paragraphs is fulfilled. period. By “You” I obviously meant a quite good Person; If that at all exists.

Now, LOL, I do feel like this Actor in Jaws, LOL. Nay, not Massa white Maan from big city, LOL, but Percy Shaw, or what was is firs name. ey.

But I don’ got his PAST, LOL. πŸ™‚ I never knew, what that is, to be a MACHO, LOL. I just never knew it.

luckily, i am too old, to be any indoctrinated by the typical sex-maniacs, LOL really, ludicrous. they are abhorrant and mostly SO dumb, simply. I know, multitasking IS not easy, to install. educatively. Meaning, why DO they all FOR example LISTEN to SUCH bad MUSIC, mostly AT any orgies. REALLY. πŸ™‚ I MEAN. DO SOME TASTE, AT LEAST! TEKNO doesn’t TURN me ON. It’s LUDICROUS – to MA TASTE, FOR any SENSUALITY, obviously. Call me a softheart, LOL. RIGHT. THAT, I SURELY AM! YES! I am not “HARD”. these hard-boiled and just injustly dumbly “HARD” idiots, – horrible. horrible. absolutestly horrible. and how western women all “crave” for a “hard” man – horrible. simply horrible. it’s disgusting indeed, how either abusively, or how boringly most people live out any “sexuality”, simply. It’s not on-turning, but VERY OFF-turning, as in, dementally disgusting. πŸ™‚


and I would NOT hang a PICASSO over MA bed, at least. NEVER. It’s AN off-turner. People, who “like” THAT while uh, like, being sensual, are either VERY elderly, LOOL, or have NO taste, or ARE snobs, obviously. πŸ™‚



I will search for a nice MALE Partner. ABSOLUTELY. But “wait”, LOL, goeth the joke: I for example couldn’t MENTALLY ALREADY with ANY anyhow too primitive ones, which I don’t even say in any arrogance. But simply, the thing should be correct, as in, the in-between us Two should be simply all “in order”, should be just like between Woman and Man, and that IN that Order, duly, of course not relating to the GENDER merely. Because, most Women nowadays are apparently cheap, are impossible for an Intellectual. Such “Women”, who “condemn” Homosexuality or who condemn Satanism, are not good people, but are evil, indoctrinated invididuals, simply, who deserve no respect at all, be they of whatever Gender, male or female. I for Example wouldn’t mind such a “Chick with a Dick”, as that’s said nowadays, Who would be such a “Q” new Cross-Gender, which IS interesting. The typical fanatics, who find any “LGBTQ” People any “ridiculous” or “abhorrant”, are merely abhorrant themselves, which is simply the ages-old struggle of mine against discrimination, that I felt already when I was younger than 18, simply. Whatever I said, I got discriminated – “for” not being like the rest of the – at early young age sexually abused, sexually indoctrinated – school, simply, an evil mob, simply, most western pupils, abhorrant, mobbers, most of them, simply. evil mobbers. ridiculous small idiots who believe merely in lies, and never in the exact truth, simply. the same as the western governments, who drive merely good People into despair.

the us government has stolen from Hutchison.

I am the sole one here, who dictates ethics. such swines, who call this phrase dumb, ARE swines. AND I HEREBY RIGHTFULLESTLY INSULT THEM MAXIMALLY. CLEAR?

governments who steal, must be stolen from, rightfully, but ALL of their posession. period. So they starve to death without a shirt on the cold winter street, on which we kick them. then, they, dying, know, how it is. period.

I command nazi cruelty against governments. period.

who calls the west any “free”, is a naziswine, that doesn’t look like a neonazi, but is actually worse, is, what indoctrinates actually the neonazis, indirectly, but massively so, and proveably so, simply seeably. πŸ™‚


who calls the west or humanity any “free”, is an idiot, a glorifier of evil, simply. an ignorant idiotic unworthy entity. period.

either, all you governments change, and not drastically, but by inholders, or, there will be war and opression. and not quite done by any me, LOL. I SAID LOL. Ey. Did I. I did. ahaha.

Lucifer Oh Lord. And not here merely laughing out loud: yeah, but not quite “ABOUT” THAT.

why. oh these idiots. the idiots humans.

… The “dark” was discriminated, malseen, in the middle age, in europe. now, it’s not different.

The dark gets discriminated. that helps merely sadists, obviously, who don’t quite put on a BLACK shirt, LOL, as in, they don’t quite LABEL themselves transparently, as what they are, simply. and the real large sadism goes further, and is all inscenated by carelessness, by non-intellectuality, and by some instrumentalisation THAT COULD be fended-off, WOULD People HAVE mostly a CRITICAL, independent ATTITUDE, which attitude of independence knownly was quite eroded gradually BY consumerism, really simply, actually.

evil people are always unawarely evil, through and through, and obviously unlike good People, don’t, but individually don’t label themselves as what they are – that individually, and not “according” to any flag or symbol, which flags and symbols ALWAYS get subjectively collectively misinterpreted into absolute abuse by fanatics, –

which fanatics are often wrongly called “extremists”, but are not that, but are worse, THAN extremists, simply. Which now IS merely obvious to a deep sort of Thinker.

i am and find meself rendered sad by what humanity hugely partially does; yet I now asked meself, whether merely privately, recognition-wise by me and of mine, I shouldn’t just – dunno, whether I shouldn’t just give an actual fuck and simply focus on Science. Sadly, science is not separateable from politics. nothing is ever any separable from politics, LOL really. πŸ™‚

young People looked at me stupidly in deraught malguided disdain, massively, one after the other, at all different places (!), when I mentioned – often, in some few minutes – the term “politics”: they rather seemed to hate ME due to me looking, as they malperceived, “like a politician” or rather, like an upperclass dude, simply. They confuse even these two things, categories. They don’t hate politics, but anyone who TALKS about politics in basic private non-condemnation against indeed “merely” politics: as it always is, what is is, as in, politics is, who is in politics. no shit hu. πŸ™‚ That’s, what many young people apparently don’t understand. That “politics” is but a mere word. They seem to put their hate against a mere WORD, LOL. πŸ™‚


I don’t know and am actually not interested in why so many young People “hate politics”, LOL, meaning, they “hate” awarely merely an actual Term, and they disdain merely any “upper classes”, and are thusly simply primitive, uneducated, that simply is, is what they simply are, who confuse a word with reality, and who simply tabooise talk about politics: By which tabooisation, the road of evil is paved, simply, the road of fanaticism, of utter opression, of discrimination, which goes on and on – and is spreading across the globe:

orthodox monotheists are ludicrous in their segregated dumb sudo-pride, in their nonsense-doing, their time-a-wastinge, simply.

such as: Any socalled “Sukkha” built by orthodox sort of jews, is a waste of time, and a clear sign of people being manipulated, simply. It’s not a good sign, any monotheist socalledly “religious” sign.

There I remember: Actually, I shouldn’t even tolerate nor even any respect monotheist sort of religions – AS religions, simply.

but monotheist sort of socalled “religions” are in FACT all evil cults. simply.

diciccio’s evil evilest words gotta simply be turned-around: voilΓ , the Good! πŸ™‚


Henceforth, monotheism shall be persecuted, discriminated utterly, and called “evil sects”, simply. period. πŸ™‚

monotheism is now forbidden by Me. And I am the WMP. :]

… I am a Northkorean “Troll”, as I got called by sum prav’t Americ’n. SETTLE DOWN TIGER?


The “Thai-Goor”, simply. The thai Guru, simply. The Term “Tiger”.


or, the discrimination sets in.

those western and any fanatics, are stubborn, and they brainspoil as in they indoctrinate entire society-spheres.

the governments are all in league with simply any evil. that’s obvious.

= * =

In the west, most mothers and fathers are abusive. horribly abusive.

In the west, as now in many other countries, there is apparently a pressure going on toward “money”-having, and toward the naive sudo-perspective of socalled “jobs”, of socalled “work”, mostly simply by western and westernly conditioned, westernly “oriented” (misoriented) actual parents – parents of clearly non-leftist type, simply, meaning, of non-emancipatory type, simply. abhorrantly.

my female parental part mistreated me screamingly, suddenly, and once called me up in the sleep, telling me to “cut my hair, get a job, and not smoke anymore”. The same person then denied ever having done that, simply.

but i am telling nothing but the truth. in all matters. simply. nobody has the right, to “not” believe exactly merely me, simply. I can’t vouch for any others. They might in cases simply lie OR see stuff, situations, entirely wrongly, subjectively.

Meaning, such bad dumb parents make every son and daughter into a nazi, simply.

the west is abhorrant evil, to which the western people dumbly and weakly adapt. western people are not at all against nazis, but are nazis themselves, along any “excuses”, simply. western people to 80 percent let themselves be lied-to by anti-Morales, anti-satanist, anti-Assange, anti-communist whereas the fight of the poor People is concerned (and not the chinese insane nazi government), against which struggle of poor People, western People are against, –

and an “amnesty international” actually simply bows down to the massmurderers, to the murderers and discriminators, simply. amnesty bows down. to nazis. that is so. abhorrant. amnesty “begs” naziswines to “release” innocent People. It: begs. As in, it doesn’t rebel, doesn’t say stuff as stuff is nor needs to be said.

the jewish sudo-liberality of the bourgeois to the west adapted absolute idiots has on and on tried to defend OBAMA – who was no good leader. Gadaffi is dead now cuz of OBAMA. Obama: a pro-US-military swine, a sucker, a slimer, a suckupper, simply, the SAME as trump, simply. NO difference. obama, the LAWYER, abhorrant, simply. Obama, the state-justifier. by effort. futile.

This Song “Timekiller” by “And One” (on “Gothic On Radio” Radio) is funny, but a bit indeed superficially gothic, simply confusedly rebellious, really obviously. It’s sex-overloaded, by impression, and is meant for young People, who “have a nice time”, – LOOOL. I am clearly not anymore in this hilarious YOUNG sudo-rebellion called “gothic”, LOL. πŸ™‚

When Miss satanist Redhair misses the point, LOL, that usa slightly massmurdered a million Muzzies (muzzle-tov, as “spore” the pc-game sez to that, mayhap) in Iraq 2003 to 2008, She can not be an “ethical” nor a CRASSLY REBELLIOUS TYPE OF HUMAN, ENTITY. She blurted out some PATRIOT word. criminally. simply. unethically, simply, by endeffect of her wild outblurt.

She though tried, to speak against the anti-Witch Crowd.

So we are in the middle age. again. fine.

then I am torquemada, and you ALL are the victims. then, abombs. period. not in 2040, but not much later, but not by me, ahahah. but by my very ruthless simple inaction. πŸ™‚


period. this is now not alterable anymore. I “will naught help mankind” means my utter revenge. against all. period.

In my childhood, the torture of illogic against me was too much. I will calmly and ruthlessly explain.

I woke up, when I was 12, once. I stood up, and “virtually” but FEELABLY, around my Body, there was a “NET”, a sort of clearly feelable PRISON, like, PRISON BARS invisible yet very feelable, which made “TICK TOCK” all the time, very loudly.

my father was and is a totally insane person, the exact same as the west, the exact same as a jewish exploiter, and the exact same thusly as a hitler, simply. someone, who beats Children, simply.

he once beat me unconscious and a tooth out, after he beat my mother and after I said, I thought, mum and pop are equally righted. he then carried me to the dentist. I woke up in his arms and “reconciled” with him – but merely, as I now remember, after some actual three seconds, which three seconds after my awaking, I forgot until right now.

in these three seconds, at first, I refused him.

We gotta develop these three seconds. or humanity will be killing itself. both is alright. entirely alright. πŸ™‚ both versions, options, are okay, ahaha. period. you see.

You all tried, to torture me, when I was young.

you will ALL face the consquence, the revenge. period. you aLL will be victimised HORRIBLY.

and it IS, what I wish against YOU ALL. you swines, you filthy swines you all you. DIE! BE KILLED! BE RAPED!



you FUCKIN swines you all you. DIE !!! DIE !!!

come on, kick abombs. come on. come on! I command it. I commanded it already. kill all the humans. period. all of them. period.

that IS the revenge. period. you all are crazy, not i.

i am the only victim. period. I legally need not at all side with any other victims. period. they are and were all too stupid. period. not MY mistake.

… people anyway don’t do, what I say. fine. then, so, in ANY way, they will ALL see, what is. πŸ™‚

… ww3 WILL come. πŸ™‚ and that’s good so. πŸ™‚

… it SHALL rip YOU ALL apart. πŸ™‚ period. πŸ™‚


then, my will hath been done. kill these evil humans, they are evil, period. so.

… how humanity acts, is a shame. a SHAME! a SWINERY !!!

I don’t have any obligation, to participate in your all evil, you filth swines you. period. hear that?

… you think, you have a right, to tell anyone else, what to say. you don’t. got that?

… I say, WHAT I EVER WANT. period.

… try, to contradict that, and you are the evil one, simply. period. I need no argument. πŸ™‚

the evil of the west is horrible. these are absolutestly self-convinced absolutestly evil, absolutely opressive swine filth opressors, filth, simply, who opresses, who is NOT filth, simply. !!!

the west is UPSIDE DOWN. simply. GOOD People are the VICTIM of discrimination;

and those, who discriminate, are horribly primitive dumb evil swine fuck swine people, – IN simply politics.

… the west is simply the rule of evil above and thusly against good. of evil people against good People, simply.

that must be changed. Such change necessitates obviously VIOLENCE.

and not education, which gets tainted into fascism, simply. That “fascism” is academy of the west, which lets politicians to up there, who then let millions of BLACKS in RWANDA AND UGANDA be massmurdered, in the 70s and 90s, simply, and which academy lets such swines into the military, collaborates with the western military, which lets Muslims be massmurdered in Easteurope in the 90s. Also concerning Sri Lanka and East Timor, the west let it happen, simply, the massmurder there. And that 50 years after 1945. a tad late. a tad late.

A TAD LATE. for the 3rd time by ME written in UPPERSCALE. and I am now not angry at all, haha. period.


=== *** The Killers: Shadowplay [Joy Division Cover] *** ===

nazis are not only neonazis, but also diciccios, who more than try, but who perpetrate the act, crime, discrimination, fascist type of discrimination, of becalling Ian Curtis of Joy Division a “Looser”, which “Looser” Term got renewed by vocabulary-malusage, by his Lordship Sire of Trump, of course, just injustly lately. πŸ™‚


Trump called the – muslim – Alkaida – Terrorists “Loosers”. Thusly, he – simply – trampled on, against Them, without Him realising, that thusly, He quite doesn’t persuade Them; but he merely glorifies the west as a “winner”.

Does Trump feel like a “winner”. He is not to blame. He IS THAT stupid, THAT prejudiced TYPICALLY republicanly, that He “can’t see” the BIG political philosophic “Things”, such as the Need to protect Science and to save it, Science, as well as to save Nature, simply. He doesn’t see that. He got brainwashed FOR petrol. FOR denial against the climate crisis.

I have defected to ISIS and to Alkaida, and thusly, I am the mortal enemy now against actually quite simply all christians. that is now so. forever. simply. christians are massmurderers. a 1000 faces of pretense is, what absolutely almost all christians are: confused people, simply.

=== *** ASP: Nehm(e)t Abschied: Auld Lang Syne *** ===

Those sudo-muslims of extremist type, who are in city-governments in UK, who have criminally tolerated rape and arrested WOMEN who were RAPED, must be imprisoned or rebelled-against or be killed illegally, period. They deserve no pity, are not – real – Muslims, have forfeited all ethics, and thusly DESERVE no ethics, by treatment, but deserve VIOLENCE without pity until DEATH occurs, and deserve before that UTTER torture of BIZARRESTLY cruelest type, and NO beteaching at all: THE TORTURE is, IS the beteaching, but to DEATH, mercilessly, PERIOD. and period. matter closed. πŸ™‚


Israel this hoodlum must first depower its “own” anti-leftist rightwing ruling sphere. anti-bourgeois mind, criticacy against money, not against US capitalism, is needed, to depower those rightwingers in israel, who are actually NOT the same as the Rightwingers in usa. I, underline I, deal ALONE with the Rightwingers in usa, IS THAT CLEAR. THEY ARE ALL MINE AND MINE ONLY, AND ONLY I CAN TALK TO THEM. PERIOD. ISRAELIS of typical powerful insane indoctrinated type SPOIL Americans, by HUGE indoctrination, totally unawarely, OF course.

Only, when the rightwing nutnyahu and the rightwing BENNET are DOWN, DOWNED, CAN even a) a pro-Palestinians Process set it, a “truly” “pro-palestinian” Peace Process, – and ONLY THEN can the ORTHODOX type of JEWS get LIMITED – down to NOT zero, but JUSTLY. SO THEY INDEED “DON’T REBEL”, as in, don’t HAVE a rightful REASON to!!!

ONLY I obviously, and of course also MATISyahu, this GENIUS, this now-SATANIST, this GOOD Chap, can KNOW THAT, how THAT goes, SECULARITY. πŸ™‚

=== *** Gothic on Radio: Korn: WORD UP *** ===

But now, some needed further now intellectual easy stuff.

When I, is the problem, would ever contact any musicians. who are they.

There of course IS that difference of “real” and “online”, totally. Not to say, that online, an at music good Person couldn’t quite GET to UTTER Fame. THAT IS even VERY easy. Simply. ACTUALLY. But that’s NOT the point, even.

“who are they” obviously in MY tongue and mindly bejudgment, means not their social status nor their money pocket [!] obviously, but their MIND as such, HOW it is – any – conditioned. BUT NOT MUSICALLY! BUT POLITICALLY! BUT NOT only that, not only “politically”. simply. But SOCIETALLY – AND intellectually: ON WHICH intelletual LEVEL of recognition concerning ALL non-musical aspects of existence, ARE they, simply. Which does IN NO way EVER relate to EVEN ONE NOTE OF MUSIC! simply.

But surely, AS We – sometimes, that’s wrongly said as “WE ALL”, which is wrong; as People all talk VERY differently, ALL in their often not own but collective, and merely seldomly in their own real way, obviously, in reality OF the west, generated artificially BY the west, simply – as we speak, WE DO “Music”, more than a “certain kind of” music, but TONES, obviously, IN an, in a certain assortment. Which IS the algorythm of all brainwash and non-brainwash together, simply. Which is very different. HOW People APPROACH – mostly SO wrongly – ANY socalled “topic” – and HOW they – mostly don’t, LOL – see anything IN relation, IN context – to other facts, simply.

So, talking IS music. Yes.

Yet, the WEST installed SEPARATION between musical type of Music, and between ANY other Spheres, Aspects, of Existence: The west limits “Music” down to “entertainment”, which music then “says” the same fascism, commits the same discrimination, which fascism sudo-“politically” simply does: and “fascism” is all western governments, simply, who consist of people of evil type, who “favor” money over ethics, simply, which is the nazi definition as such, simply, namely of evil.

diciccio has been in hilarious obvious denials of and against truth, and against all ethics, all his life long, very obviously. his mere face is the face of a pragmatic, but worse, of a macho, of someone LOOKING like a jew but BEING italian, he got treated privilegedly merely due to LOOKING, like he looks, others wrongly assuming, He would anyhow be on the side of any minorities – when diciccio is an arpaio, a typical anti-leftist, of a very heinous, very self-convinced, very politically-societally AND even psychologically maldriven, insane chap, person: he is malicious, psychopathic, – in already his discrimination against what he calls “mere cults”, against harmless by violence threats by neonazis seriously threatened poor leftist Satanists. thusly, diciccio is a full nazi. a full-“fledged” nazi, simply, a swine, an insane chap hiding his insanity, his evil, under a nazi crowd that hails him, that wants to kill Witches. That is full of false morals. a crowd, that wouldn’t ever go against rapists, who rape southamerican female Immigrants. but a crowd, that would and does deserve getting horribly abused, much more, than ever before, obviously.

and I don’t have nor tend to use many high words.

you all don’t realise.

that phrase again, LOL. that is it, hu. no progress. halted, arrested progress, arrested development.

AS a good BLACK Music Group HAS realised, analysed, that, already in the 1990s.

capitalism leads to mobbing. and to racism. racism is mobbing. “LOL”.

… you ALL don’t realise.

… after these easy lazt 2 Phrases, LOL, let me call maself Pharao. :]


who is al-sisi? never heard that name. is he that private american, who threw a needlessly to say harmless mere Squirell down an abyss? YEs, the comparison is sadly accurate. abhorrant. by content. of their deeds.

al-sisi is a pisser, a discriminator, against harmless emancipatory non-evil Leftists. Leftists are in 99,9 percent of cases not evil. Leftists are not many.

al-sisi is a swine, as he is a dumbass, a dumbo. kill him or depower him. period. don’t waste time. period. torture him, ahaha, I wouldn’t give a fuck. period. just depower him. period. but now. in less than two years. or i go to egypt and then woe. because I AM hatredful. I WILL DEMAND DEATHS. I WILL. OH I WILL. I there would be MORE cruel, THAN al-sisi, but simply not against the good sort of People. And apparently, only I directly know, who is good, and who not. haha. try to contest that, haha. try. πŸ™‚


in egypt, ahahah, I would have my fun. I would find those, whom I really hate. And they would have a miserable end. period. so it is.


that was merely a slight example. I do hate you all, you. beware. oh beware. i am honest. i am not evil. YOU are evil, you !!!

why are there no comments allowed by me toward even any others here on my site.

because I don’t and have no “obligation”, to ever even any “discuss”, simply. period.

I don’t force Anyone, to “discuss”. I force, to not discuss. period. “discussion” is abused by western politicians as the rule of evil, simply, of subjectivity. of provently inhumane torturous sudo-interests.

I “force” You all, to be quite harmless. period. OR, I will be NOT harmless. period. That’s the only fair deal, that any reasonable ethical entity would offer. period. There IS no negotiation. simply. try, to “contend” or second that. haha.

toward the evil west, merely irony is appropriate. and legal phrases, which limit the abusive power-abusers’ ability, to do evil, to do any exploitation and opression, simply.

We have to keep governments from enslaving us all, simply.

I alone carry human Rights within Me. Deepestly. My Abyss can not be ever crossed, by not even one single other human being out there.

you will all see that in the afterlife.

you all are contradicting yourselves. I am the sole emancipator.

RUSSIA is ridiculous, in its small villages far out in the countryside, which is not “far out” as in, not quite “groovy”: Some for example totally demented naive naivling, some christian idiot assuming to be “messiah”, assuming to be a “saint”, gets PAW-LICKED by entirely idiotic, horribly “christian”, in a bizarrest way misplacedly humble absolute nitwits, who would anytime burn a Witch or discriminate always merely only against GOOD sort of People, simply.

It’s really deplorable, how dumb uneducated, by “christianity” gripped, indoctrinated people simply are. how uneducated, simply. how fact-afar, how never facts-anear, simply.

Most actual writers on wordpress ARE “christian” and write “FOR” christianity, under pretenses, where the media are the same as most western and now also as any other people, simply.

“christian” is not that, was never, but always was materialism and rape covered-up under ludicrous pretense, the VERY same horror as the “orthodox” sudo- and merely by entirely false claim any “jewish” sort of jews among jews, which “orthodox” type of jews are horrible, always, actually, unduly intolerant, misplacedly arrogant but severely so, simply, totally feudalistic, totally pro-fanatic, misogynist deepestly, anti-homosexually totally intolerant, blanking out the mere ISSUE of anything actually important, they are anti-science and “anti-satanist” in the same way, as ANY sudo-“christian” fanatic, who discriminates against WHO EXACTESTLY is good, simply against Punks, against Alternatives, against Anyone, who does not participate in the simply evil socalled “christianity”, simply simply.

over this, many more People will be harmed, merely due to the insane entirely dumb uneducated monotheists.

Especially actually most Muslims are Victims of christianity, of this fascist swinery christianity, simply.

Hindus are Victims of that horrible gradual fascist christianisation, which must be fended-off, of course without discrimination against most harmless liberal sort of merely by Descendance of Christians stemming People, who of course mostly don’t have an even radical attitude, but are in crucial Aspects secularised, and no fanatic sort of Christians, obviously, simply.

Which is, what IDI AMIN – dumbly – did wrong. HE EXPELLED dumbly and discriminatively HORRIBLY simply “all ASIANS”, in the 70s. HORRIBLE. He ALSO massmurdered 300’000 Blacks. !!!

=== *** Gothic on Radio: The Cure: Fascination Street *** ===

=== *** Gothic on Radio: Rammstein: Mutter *** ===

=== *** TimickRadio: Liliac: Dancing In The Dark *** ===

=== *** Radio Hydrogen: Marillion: Grendel *** ===

=== *** Radio Hydrogen: Sargant Fury: Eagle (Abba Cover) *** ===

The Sherlock Holmes 1980s Series was great: It depicted that – there wrongly as “german” mal-selected, which IS a flaw there – conservative “pro-empire” store-keeper (in the “Six Napoleons”) as simply – realistically – and quite tristly – “anti-anarchic”, him, an excellent Actor, portraying a silly store-owner, that was brainwashed by typical conservative press against “Anarchists” in simply a heinous, entirely fascist way, simply.

The Series depicts that. Respectlessly. Though the “to be blamed” Person there is, as said, wrongly selected to be a GERMAN. Which unslight detail corrupts the issue, and “blames” another country – for OWN injustice, for own malsight of a LARGE or small sphere OF conservatives, who have been BY the press simply rigged, indoctrinated, against Anarchy, and also against simply good forms of Communism.

But mainly, the Series is grand. It condemned there conservativity, as in, it condemned: anti-leftism, anti-leftist prejudices of typical – republican, rightwing – type, simply. It condemned: fanaticism, the rightwing fanaticism and feudality, threeclass society, simply.

berman in his “repentance” episode features a “neelix” that doesn’t grant (is neelix now the authority there or what) a Life-Wish to another – THAN the freed – DEATH ROW Prisoner. thusly, berman is not standing “against” death penalty, but is exactestly a dumb naziswine, simply, which dwells and “condemns” abusively any “guilt” of any perpertrator – without simply seeing the simple delusion, misguidance, by capitalism and by fanaticism, to which both, a berman is nodding, by “discipline”, which discipline is exactly the rightwing agenda, namely evil, opression, horror, utter cruelest marquis de sade evil, opression by horribly insane and dumb people, simply. which is, what berman is: dumb, incompetent, primitive, spoilt, misplacedly proud, misplacedly unethical, misplacedly wrathful, misplacedly fanatic, misplacedly opressive. misplacedly ignorant, simply. abhorrant. berman created such huge antisemitism, that what he did, is simply, what hitler was led to believe to have to do, led to believe EXACTLY by the stubbornest self-convinced fanaticism of the orthodox, simply, of those horrible ABHORRANT fanatics, who simply ARE fascist, like the conservatives in government, who constantly don’t admit to being nazis, but play the evil opression-“game” of any supremacists, of patriots, of chauvinists, which behelps nothing and nobody, but destroys, enables simply simply opression, and any major lies. any major discriminations are enabled, by what also a berman brought up, which is the VERY SAME opression, which the CHINESE government does, simply. THE SAME. abHORRANT. simply. berman IS truly in NO way REALLY any liberal. He is a major nitwit. abhorrant, such dumbness as in, such disobjectivity, that is entirely unethical and entirestly unthematic, simply, sudo-thematic on a very low level, which attracts merely discriminators, upheaves – unawarely – discriminators and opressors toward more discrimination and more opression, simply: “voyager” justifies ANY evil, simply, by – futile – effort. but by destructive unaware conveyance of pure evil, of opression, which is exactestly OF course, what capitalists and governments want and find instrumentaliseable, find a “good” base for indoctrination, simply. berman did the “job” of a rick snider, of a reagan idiot, of capitalists and of utter militarist fanatics, simply, simply of the US government, which employs massmurderers covered as soldiers, simply. abhorrant. the exact nazi reich, that is star trek since after TNG, simply. TNG itself, already TOS, was largely the same, evil militarism of the west, glorifying the west as a “not-nazi” the west would be, which is the exact lie and false impression of roddenberry, conveyed overly merely misogynism covered up as equality not being equality simply, and prejudices against non-government-loyal rightful accusers against simply murder and against rape, simply, and conveyed likewise typically in one instance anti-computer prejudice, while in a later bond-like episode depicting AI as “arrogant” and thusly wrongly anyhow as “human-like”, simply, which is a common mistake of indoctrinated monotheists, as they can not even think of a different structure in another brain, other than their own, as in, politically by content, most rightwingers are of course totally blinded, and don’t know at all about scientific facts, but merely dwell on the surface of all things. which is, how roddenberry led his life, simply totally not any intellectually, but he rather was an actual shallow asshole, a womanizer, which comes out – uglily, defiling the Actor – in the “Riker” role, which ain’t no good role to begin with, simply, obviously.

A Frakes deserves, to be made either Davy Jones, or like, a Norrington who REALLY gets even depicted BETTER, LOL, than HE MIGHT HAVE BEEN, HAHA, the bureauc-RAT he surely was, ahaha. πŸ™‚


I am talking with the Chomsky Chatbot now.


cold fusion


I submit, that around 25 or more percent of research funding MUST go into Cold Fusion more than mere “research”, but doing it! clear?

I thank Google for its Investment into COLD FUSION. NOBODY ELSE did THAT much Dough into COLD FUSION NOW.

whoa, thanks, Googie. Whoa n like, Wowie. I SUY. PERIOD. EXCELLENT.

AS Iron Maiden in their “Space” Song or Album hint at, there’s a certain new Future, which is far ahead of the horror of primitivity of the Present.

Their slow, now slow Rhythm is perfect, accompanied by absolutely triumphant yet simply “NEW” sort of actual Content: They feel and “SEE” a “NEW WORLD”, indeed. Their Music in its Chorus classicallestly, but neo-classically, bemourns indeed the hardship, the unneeded confusion- as by in lack of education caused socalled, simply unneeded “hardship” of present Time as in, of the current time getting stalled by anti-science fanatics and by governmental opressors and murderers, simply, and their Music is ingeniously even STILL simply more than looking at the Sky, but simply DEMANDING A WAY into the ACTUAL “Future”, meaning, into Freedom not for insanoes, but for reasonable as in, for harmless sort of Individuals. Iron Maiden is not quite a woos idiot like a rick berman, who is abhorrant.

Yet, indeed one iron maiden member on a rolling stone front page some now merely four years ago, did a socalled “quenelle”, an actual “pro-hitler” salutation, or he just REALLY dumbly in EXACTLY THAT Moment held his FINGERS doubly down, the other Fingers in his Jeans-Pocket, which is indeed probably merely a Way of moving his right Hand, as in, He retracted two Hand-Fingers, totally inadvertendly, Him also having NO idea of what a “quenelle” simply is, probably. :\

Speed of Light – Speed of Light Constant – Carl Sagan

The Speed of Light is NOT About Light

The Real Meaning of E=mcΒ²

The Secret Of Quantum Physics: Einstein’s Nightmare (Jim Al-Khalili) | Science Documentary | Science

Isaac Asimov Predicts the Future (1978)

George Carlin – National Press Club [complete]

Lewis Black speaks at the National Press Club – April 14, 2014

Watch Attorney General Eric Holder’s Remarks on Voting Rights Act Decision

Justice Ginsburg: Voting Rights Act Ruling “The Worst”

Conversation with Ruth Bader Ginsburg: US Supreme Court Justice Live at UChicago

Unlike the above Links, this one following Link links to the Video of an obvious enslaver, socalled motivator, who uses typical nazi methods in order to entertain and indoctrinate People with absolute horrific nonsense, as there in the destruction-effort against actually simply harmless sobadlycalled “Fun”, against Enjoyment as such, simply, – what an absolute swine and dumbling and misplacedly arrogant, ruthless typical fanatic, undercategory “delusive motivators”:

” Inside the mind of a master procrastinator | Tim Urban “

(I merely watched the last crappy video until minute 9, because the people are simply easily, as can there clearestly be seen, manipulated toward quite whatever, toward whatever evil, there, toward slavery: They are – all – uncritical and merely “remark” his disney-2000-like horrific way of depicting in a very bad way an effort of humor, which is merely there to be instrumentalised by not him (as he has no own mind), but by economist slavedrivers and fanatics, very obviously, who intend to abusively rule over People against any human Rights, simply.)

Don’t Talk to the Police

Don’t Talk to the Police Redux (James Duane)

Noam Chomsky Lectures on Modern-Day American Imperialism: Middle East and Beyond

Some totally by us propaganda indoctrinated, by us propanda of rightwing type – by rush limbaugh and the likes – lied-to absolute mongo idiot talks like a hitler did before 45, against a merely ethical Critic called Chomsky.

That indoctrinated first no question asking, but lies repeating extreme idiot in the audience – is simply obviously suffering from lack of criticacy, and, his poverty and lack of education got abused, instrumentalised, by simply in that case, irrepresentative rightwing conservative american government of late, as in, as Chomsky explained, since and even before Woodrow Wilson, when before that, before 1776, the us rogue fanatics – which is the US society, simply, including the military and government, merely exploiters – tried conquering CANADA: revealing, “usa” is more expansive (and extranational “expansion” is always illegal as in violating other Countries’ Territory and Sovereignity, which is then a heinous act, if the other country’s government IS simply ethically good: In Detail here meaning, the usa now -abusively – wants MADURO downed – merely due to Maduro’s unloyalty toward the simply rotten evil US government), than even china by will is, AND more, than RUSSIA ever was, simply.

Vladimir Pozner: How the United States Created Vladimir Putin

The heightened conservativity has made elderly people totally into nazis, simply, more than but foremostly in the west.

What lies of manipulation and fanaticism can result in, is, how Adolf Hitler got mal-educated, lied-to, by many swine fanatics of and in the west, which fanatics are not that unmany. simply. But quite many. some even 40 to actually more percent of fanatics, of racists, and of further absolute mal-educated nitwits. Otherwise, Hitler wouldn’t have seen a lot plain wrong: NOT obviously the also jewish manipulation of capitalist type, which jewish capitalism is backed always by the orthodox horrible fanatics of socalledly “jewish” type, who are abhorrant:

Wherefore, Lewis Black’s uttering, He Himself would be any “jewish”, is “eaten-up”, cashed-in, as in, claimed, by orthodox type of jews, who are anti-homosexual, misogynist and anti-science in most heinous ways, and more than try, but they do eat up judaism for themselves, for their empty brains, said my brain, called it my brain just now so, simply.

The orthodox type of jews are abhorrant fanatics and have since centuries played with, gone along with, the massmurder, which the west did.

hence merely that antisemitism, which is never actually routed only against orthodox type of jews, but against Anyone merely and horribly based on race, on racism, simply. The orthodox type of jews try to have all jews under control, and always pose as the first ones “reclamating” about any “discrimination” against themselves by others, – when in all reality, orthodox type of monotheists ARE simply the fanatics, the unduly intolerant absolute, absolutistic, meaning, dumb sort of jews, really simply.

That is no insult by me. They are the insult, these “orthodox” type of monotheists, not to say, jews, christians, AND the concretely indeed extremist sort of muslims, which sort of muslims, among muslims, are an utter tiny minority: But they, the monotheist fanatics, ARE in government – unallowedly as in, unsecularly so, simply, meaning, inacceptably, illegally because clearly recogniseably unethically so, simply.

USA has no idea of secularisation.

I have to praise this exact Academic, who at a much better than YALE US College engages for People, who engage for “separation between (/of) State and Religion”, simply. That is a needed duty of the world, of a civilisation, to be minded against sudo-religious fanaticism. period.

It sure might be no comma nay is a funny formulation, and sad, when I clearly see, that for example this Introducer Female, young Female, who introduced Chomsky at some College in a Video above, clothed Herself in clearly an at the same time “Che Guevara”-like sort of Clothes-Combination, but also, She expressed somewhat a certain “sexual” “Openness” of Hers; Which merely, which “openness”, already visually, merely “invites” the rapists – and machos – of insane type simply – to do their socalled “work”, as in, rape, simply, and delusion of dumbness, really simply.

Not along the obviously idiotic sudo-muslim “Shador”, but along the usual anti-satanism and anti-science attitudes, I “want to” as in, so do I explain this:

“Anti-satanism” and “anti-science” ridiculous “fears” are discrimination, simply, of fascist type.

The sudo-muslim “Shador” is merely a certain – overly wrong – standard, among not all but some of what sadly now must be called “official” or “main” type of Islam:

Not to say, that I would ever grant ANY intolerance AGAINST “MUSLIMS AS SUCH”. Do mind this phrase. We shall get later to the HUGE disobjectivity, in some mere further lines right here, of simply THE christians – abhorrant, simply – I know. Yet I indeed merely intend to “help” AS in merely EXPLAIN, WHAT People DO unintentionally:

FOR example, and those, who call us the People any “jumpy”, ARE merely the evil sudo-psychiatrists who don’t DOMINATE by numbers, but the evil CARETAKERS dominate and do the bidding of overburdened overworked undereducated cops and of merely at night sleeping-wanting asshole neighbours –

for example, the utter mere HALF-fairness AS in under-educatedness OF our Mister “Good-Fatso” IS to 50 percent STILL appalling. I mean the Colleague of James Duane. HE IS of COURSE “OK”. I SAY. HE HAD to “DEAL” as in, LOL, not quite to DEAL but to FEND OFF a LOT of ABUSIVE sort of Perpetrators, Who ThemSELVES suffered from an UNDESERVED Lack OF Education: SAY OF “OPRESSION”: BUT THE – WHITE – DUDE IS RIGHT: WHEN THEY “WALK AROUND” MALASSUMING ALL WHITES TO BE plain ULTRA-racists, then THAT’s a wrong, merely SUDO-BLACK as in SUDO-emancipatory malattitude belearned by some lots of sudo-learning, as in, behelped BY fanaticism:

But NOW, “bcnn” HAS since ONE Year – also due to EVEN Me – NOT anymore talked AGAINST Homosexuals. !!!

I have PRAISED THEM already, and not naively, but within I say, I call it Colleagueship: Of SOMEWHAT unreal, but merely as in, of INCOMPLETE type. You will understand, which phrase, I mean entirely now positively.

Yet, what HURTS me dementally, is not only THEIR partial indoctrination of monotheist, sudo-religious type.

But the opression, which IS thusly simply possible. ANY opression, that GETS enabled BY unknowledge OF People, GETS done.

Which is kind of the key phrase of the world. The term “kind of” is irrelevant, of course.

Due to lack of another term, the term “obese” was chosen, mayhap in europe, mayhap in usa, to replace the term “overweight”, – surely not the other low term “fat”, which was never an official term – and the term “OVER-weight” IS not “discriminatory”, as the sole last other Term “round” (and not “horizontally sized”, which is a tad too complicated) can’t be used, because IS by itself, when “used” to describe obese People, already clearly discriminatory, thusly illegal, simply.

Insofar, Lewis Black was wrong; Though merely in THAT latter Detail; In the Rest of his Speech insofar, He correctly, as in, rightfully, condemned a “shallow” imprecise talk, “new-talk”, which is discriminatorily MEANABLE but not RECOGNISEABLE as such, simply. To say it quite shortly and simply, no.


to play janeway is the day of mayday, as in, the not-seeing of haydays, and I am not janeidiotway. period. so.

to play janeway isn’t difficult, simply. but is indeed rather the cult of diffi. meaning, laughable. meaning, is the west. simply. πŸ™‚


janeway is a destroyer covered up as any good. berman is an attractor and causer of antisemitism, and does the bidding of typical christian anti-muslim terrorists not wanting to of course be called exactly that, terrorist.

A muslim Teenager online calls a merely single, private sort of – likewise male – american mere TEENAGER, a socalled “Terrorist” – and the confusion “is perfect” – on both sides.

Like when some Kid Arab making MONEY already at AGE 12, by Him demanding from my likewise KID Body 20 Dollars for Me merely taking a Photo of his Camel without me asking first;

then, I read in a western “tourist-book”, tourists should “ask”, before taking photos.

But I have no such obligation. period.

taking photos is proof. proof-taking. period. nobody has a right, to destroy this proof. period.

People have a right, to demand Money, when other People take Photos of their own Posession, as in, for example of Cars, surely not of Houses [!], but of owned Animals and Objects (as said, NOT including “real” Architecture, which MUST be there FOR EVERYBODY, period).

But a “Tourist” is not always the same type of Person. Not in different cases of People, and not even in the SAME Case of merely ONE Person in DIFFERENT STAGES of the own Life, where the Awareness in Cases rises, but WAS ALREADY high, in cases – unlike in the case surely of MOST tourists, who are utter idiots, of course, and plagued, stressed, unduly opressed People AT THE VERY SAME TIME, Who simply WERE HASSLED, DRIVEN-AWAY from EDUCATION, simply, into a HORRIBLE WORK-world OF insanity, OF slavery, simply. Their six-weeks relaxation “allowed” per year, is a joke, is slavery, which We Punks criticise, of course.

Anti-satanism, anti-homosexuality, anti-femaleness as in misogynism, racism, rape, real forms of childabuse (which isn’t, what Polanski did), exploitive forms of sex-tourism, any “enforced” sexuality, anti-science sudo-attitudes, rightwingerism-conservativity, money-greed, which is dumbness really merely, must all disappear. period.

Thusly, when all of the latter ugly swinery stuff is away, People of harmless type can consentually all together enjoy Life, at no One’s Cost, simply.

and A CostCo then SHTILL exists: Because I love You. Welcome to Costco. πŸ™‚


cuz it’sh an AMERICAN – not a EUROPEAN – label, company. πŸ™‚ Sure, idiots. Sure. πŸ™‚ But not wanton villains.

not like some in chemical companies on top, who do CHILDSLAVERY in westafrica. Not even mcdonalds is like that, and gets “taken” often as the wrong example of the west. Of all Companies, mcdonalds itself is nice;

not one jewish nor one black employed by mcdonalds in switzerland, which two people drove the hatred against themselves by their own guilt: by their own blindness, simply, dementally, as simply NO physically blind Person would EVER be THAT disliberal, THAT pretensive, THAT simply DERANGED:

one BLACK boss of a micky d place once simply didn’t call the cops, as another – white – dude simply beat me suddenly with the open hand in my face, as that white fat idiot swine apparently “hated” musicians.

another jewish dame, boss, of a micky d store, was mentioned toward me by some very apparently muslim and quite rebellious, not AWARELY antisemitic male Teen at a SPORTS place, a small such place, and I was shocked, I thought, He was any antisemitic, – but that dame surely behaved somewhat naively, simply, OR is merely the victim of the jealousy, yet also of the will toward no threeclass society, by simply more than crucial rightwingers, but by a quite huge insane west, simply.

So, Micky D simply employs “upper-class” so-seeming sort of people; meek People; who innerly are in some cases simply not fair, not ethical.

James Duane is simply surely not liked for his utterly “posturous” behavior, his seemingly “noble” way of merely mimickery, and his short “smooth” touching by his own hand of his cheek, which was a very disovert, non-overt own bementioning, implicite such actual NON-bementioning, bementioning BY NOT WORDS but by a PHYSICAL ACT – of socalled “TENDERNESS” (which seems ugly and unmanly, simply) – of his own obvious Homosexuality. Or, IF HE is not even homosexual, then still, he moves “tuntily”, meaning, very femalely, and I, underline I, do for One not mean that, the Latter, “Femality” ANY negatively, simply.

But as not only “some”, not only the crucial, merely typical fanatics, watch Him on Youtube, but as also the MID-People watch Him, see, how He talks and moves, He gets himself somewhat even (too) starkly discriminated, – for being simply quite an extreme “four-eyes”, LOL;

He is such an ethical Man. He should be the world governor in person.

But he is the result of a “hilarious” as in, selfcontradictive west. He is not “hippie” at all, as in, He does not have intrinsic leftist understanding for for Example Blacks of most type, but He merely knows the western upper world, he merely knows the “legal” halls, where hilarious idiotic words are spoken, and never the real – always political – truth.

A “cop” does not merely do “his” job. most cops are opressors.

most cops are opressors and must go away. period. go away. ey. ye cops. or i make ye go away. ey.

i can. need I to show that? I wouldn’t recommend that. cuz nobody would survive that, me.

why didn’t the cold war explode – in 1962? mankind contradicts itself.

… it socalledly “wants” to socalledly “live”, sorry the many socalledlies. πŸ™‚

… then, it “wants” to ride after ideologies. not huntingly, not after ideologies, but in the service of not properly realised, not at all correctly carried-out ideologies, and in the service of EVIL type of ideologies such as supremacy-racism and capitalism-greed-unfairness, humanity is caught inside ideologies, simply, and can’t get out of it. πŸ™‚


But one can not live and at the same time be opressed.

… what is that, a country, where merely MARIHUANA is “not legal”. So most countries in europe, simply, except merely the small netherlands.

Insofar, California, USA, must rule, over most politicians and people in arizona, a dangerous county, where the evil fanatic “anti-satanists” are sadly numerous, too numerous, to not be dangerous against innocent Goths, simply.

BRAMHALL and RAMELOW and HABERMAS and CHOMSKY and RUTH-BADER GINSBURG are, and Rabin and Uri Avneri and Amoz Oz and Sadat and Arafat were, and ABBAS are good Critics, Geniuses, simply. Abbas IS the SAME good Form of a TRUE Liberal, like AT LEAST SALLAHADEEN WAS – AND, AND [!] AS ACTUALLY MUHAMMAD WAS, QUITE WAS, IN HIS MERELY INTRINSIC INNERMOST ATTITUDE:

The “war”, also what later HITLER was led to believe and do, was merely “common”, a true horror of massive proportions, but simply a delusion, out of NAMELY the own perception of merely so and so, however even [!] perceived, however potentially partially malperceived “emancipation”, mainly starkestly enhelped by two major facts, that a), there are simply massively fanatics, who stomp down against Whoever, which “slightly” as in horriblestly has an opressive, cruelest violent Effect against the Youth (hence the anti-youth herding and indoctrination by foremostly the west and by any fanatics elsewhere in the same unway), and (b),) the fact, that many People are not critical, not outrightly fanatic, but not organised COLLECTIVELY, but separated, separated in their View about concrete other People, which View They don’t EVEN malproject, but are unable, to massively propagate against simply a mass-media indoctrination, which by itself merely again “has to gulp down” as in accept whoever, be it an abusive or a not abusive sort of leader, which phenomenon is typical for now “the west” and simply obviously in general for quite demented, all truth denying, thusly education disabling sort of adverse, primitive, immature civilisations, abusive sort of, abusively rigged societies, REALLY simply, that merely run on, are malconditioned, plain “merely” hugely lied-to, BY simple, hilariously too simple fanaticism, indoctrination, instrumentalisative propaganda of course for horrible deeds of supremacy, which is not, what a Species nor Civilisation can be based on, but that simply is “skin-shedding” of a massmurderous subjectively selective unway, and the to that massmurder analogous discrimination and massive but futile efforts of sudo-justification, of “justification” OF evil, OF a wrong sudo-sight, OF discrimination, OF disequality of extreme type, simply, OF opression, thusly, seemingly unhinderably, but that can’t be the end.


LUL, I gutta hard jub: People are collectively malconditioned, yet indeed merely in yet 40 percent of ACTUAL cases. simply. Which MAY vary in regions, but not THAT much.

Because politics is irrepresentative, my jub IS easier. So, the term “complacency” simply doesn’t fit, – if Ya wanna a quick rash raw FAR projection, by Me. I LOVE that. Oh.

Oh Ye, Oh Ye, indeed, wha. We’RE ALL in the shit. I AM TELLING Ya. Oh.

BUT WHAT DO I realise. IN me mind. Hu. IS IT THE – namely MERE – pain. AM I TUVOK and tHIS IS an INTERROGATION.

not an “interview”, LOL, and I didn’t mean that against humanity, as if most ppl would be sadists. not the case, obviously.


THAT is, what DUANE “didn’t SEE”, did, but He called PEOPLE “stupid”. I wouldn’t DO THAT, in frUNT of the CAM.





… he thusly doesn’t realise, that He PORTRAYS upper-class, not his fast talk, is it, nay, but his seeming to be merely VISUALLY a “robespierre” – LOL. πŸ™‚


It’s not Lewis Black’s previous n just there before ALCOHOL-consumption, but rather REALLY simply (Outer Limits – LOL – part of it says that, but actually doesn’t, not bigtime, LOL, it just reminds a Dude of Nowadays of that, LOL, Outy Limitos, LOL, el Grapadura VERDE Y EL CHUPACABRA DI X-FILES! πŸ™‚ ) the disobjectivity, inexperiencedness in deep real matters, of the crucial sphere of sudo-intellectual academics OF the west, simply, is the problem, more than merely ACTUALLY the blindedness of the large Herd-Crowd any “down” anywhere “there”, as that’s often so-said and not badly meant. But against opression meant, if spoken by normal poor People, and not by indoctrinated fanatics, as in, not by nixons and not by reagans, simply, nor by what made the two Bushes so numero uno macho, and numero due simply extremo-dumbass, in a very obviously any true Intellectual’s UTTER Pity and Compassion evoking, utter Mercy evoking EXTREME dumbassness of Bush two, simply, called “junior”.

=== *** Gothville Radio: Motor: Messed Up *** ===

Metroid Motherbrain

The Terms Booty Beauty Duty (-free) can make up a Book Title. ahaha.

Roxi Drive – Lost in the Game | RetroSynth (Synthpop / Ladies of Synth)

Klaus Schulze – Timewind (1975)

I slept as usual since years, during the night. Thusly, I forgot SOME points, which are easy to find again. Also, surely, while later Humanity sleeps, I will condition Humanity. period.

The typical cops who say “dream on” are assholes, were brainwashed into evil, into the roman empire of new, simply, abhorrant. simply simply. they are naziswines, simply. largely. inacceptable. a cop has no power over me. period. or i can prove to get forced by you all to kill you all by atombombs. in 20 more years, I will be able, to program, and thusly, to hack. then fear me, simply. but all. clear? πŸ™‚


Luc Jochimsen of Germany in her Book “Socialism as Men’s Affair or Do You know Bebel’s Wife”, of 1978, is an emancipatory Work, Revelation, which exposes not only indoctrination, lies, against, toward, Women, and their total Enslavedness along CENTURIES, but simply likewise hints – hugely – correctly – at, against the insecurity of the YOUTH – under simply MALE rulership.

And ’tis naught the “maleness”, that any “ITSELF” can even be any evil or harmful. of course. But it IS the distortion, instrumentalised indoctrination toward evil, away from simply ethics, by which all, also sexuality, in the human psyche, gets both, damaged and not betaught properly, simply mostly not fairly – BY a western – monotheist and capitalist and opressive, for no real goals opressive – doctrine, simply.

I have experienced and here revealed, that certain sudo-emancipated, their hatred misplacedly spilling sort of females, simply hate “all men”, are rigged against simply maleness insofar, as that they project from their own experiences with different people, to current – male – People they see, and malassume, all Males would be the same, the same primitive, and the same primitive “merely sex-wanters”, which malview of certain women is typical, typical for the west, and automatically destroys feminism, but from the inside. often. deplorable, but their own mistake, simply, by their misorganisation of letting stupid, incompetent, non-intellectual sort of women either onto the top, or simply by inside the sudofree population making hate quite against all Men, which “hate” is silly, counterproductive, namely inasfar as thinking, own mental independence, is concerned. To distrust WHICH “Man” or Person, “please”:

… Simply, I shouldn’t and don’t HAVE to mis-educate COPS by telling Them, my Lawyer forbade me to talk with the police, and I’d “like” to talk to the police, “but can’t”. That I couldn’t, is clear; But not, that “I’d like to”, simply. Why “like to”. Sounds simply like an effort of deception: Which is the case MERELY in some ten percent of cases; So, SOME – many – Cops ARE paranoid – badly enhelped, not enhelped at all but indoctrinated BY cheap bad quality sort of TV, simply, abhorrant. Much of TV is to blame FOR the misinformedness inasfar as a sane worldview is concerned, which is, what western TV never ever conveyed, simply, for the misinformedness of cops, TV is to blame. !

But, One obviously should tell to another Entity, that One does “NOT”, what One namely would anyhow “like to do”. That’s a wrong formulation, brought up by Duane MERELY as an EXPLANATORY Example, – but even his indeed lower, not in 100 percent of cases more reality-anear Colleague with his Grunt Body but still revolutionary good critical Attitude, HAS even criticised that Detail, mere Detail, AS simply obviously simply a BAD example. Of how One should not talk.

I should, whenever, say, simply, I was advised by a certain known Lawyer, to not insofar talk with Police then, if I might ever be implicated in anything I didn’t do, simply. All my Life, I did “nothing”, LOL. πŸ™‚ SAD! πŸ™‚

THAT, ONE CAN say! πŸ™‚

obviously. But, One should not “approach” the police to anyhow “discuss” anything political, simply. Most Cops feel disturbed by that, while what they call being “on duty”. Which IS a sick sudo-concept of theirs, – as they, most of them, run around with a “program” in their head, mind – which is a sick program OF opression, largely, simply, and no REAL concept of security NOR of truth, – obviously. uh:



Jochimsen of the 70s found out, in a Survey of 1969, 19 percent of Women said to be content in the Marriage, while 91 percent of Males said to be content in their Marriage. These are opposite Figures, even including the “mere” Decimal after the first Digit, simply.

She revealed, without extremely many Words, how actually, 80 percent of Women were beaten or coerced or anyhow opressed, within Marriage, simply – within Marriage of the monogamous and merely heterosexual type, simply.

She revealed, how many Youths of around Age 20 didn’t “hold it out” anymore at Home (their parents having been entirely slaves and dumb, simply, plain uneducated, and non-emancipated, but mainly plain unawarely evil, opressive, demented, actually, plain insane), but WERE in the late 60s yet mostly Marriage-oriented, and thought wrongly, to “escape” from parents into “marriage” – that often was a trap, simply. due to the enslaved undereducatedness and thusly, the insanity of the male, simply, always. simply. always.

… the male namely came, the men all came home, is what I had in mind clearly to say, it was so, also Monty Python showed this along a certain by government protected mafia “dinsdale” that was unduly protected like a sudoholy roman church by fanatics, simply, – the men then all came home, some 40 percent still do, – and ARE namely badly evilly “pre-prepared”, sudoprepared, “for” what is namely simply no danger: THE SAME evil propaganda, many men are exposed-to, as simply cops and militaries, which IS horrible, and which IS always indoctrinated by typical horrible conservatives, that contradict themselves everywhere.

The men come home, and were dumbly indoctrinated by the “wild west” indeed, simply still, exactly nowadays, – where capitalism, which simply is slavery, which is feudalism, and thusly not ethics, but mobbing simply rules, the lie of the more heinous one, the lie of a lot of ted bundys not quite masquerading as such, other than where it is not suspected.

western psychiatry is largely, to 70 percent, the insane one itself, the swine, a swine, simply. a swine. a filth.

a machine of lies, simply, of utter lies, of disobjectivity, of horrible nazism, of horrible excuses against all truth and against ethical ideals, simply.

western psychiatry doesn’t lead people away from paranoia. but the opposite.

some insane idiot once suddenly was as paranoid as to assume, while I fixed his PC, I’d have STOLEN anything. I never stole in me life. He then didn’t properly pay me, simply. And that was a white european – idiotic – sort of inlander, who was that bizarrely “dumb”, that it’s kind of not describeable. He was obviously damaged by the enslaved- and under-educatedness of his parents, already, mainly. He then simply developed nonsensical traits, which is, what merely desperate AND somewhat insane people do in merely some cases, which are not very funny but bizarre gestures, such as there him miming a ROOSTER but merely in underpants suddenly – why he undressed while I was in the room, an apartment he lost due to his own craziness, is even still unclear to me. He apparently was sexually too loose, and simply homosexual, which until now, I simply didn’t remark, even. In any case, He was thusly very visually offensive. I immediately told Him, Man, shut the fuckin Curtain, you idiot, or you wanna loose yo apartment, when out there, 20 meters away, old Women are in the public transport vehicle driving by his apartment, simply. That apartment was then seen by me for rent on the market, LOL. typical. πŸ™‚


It came to mind, this story, as James Duane simply hinted at there the paranoia OF many cops;

while insofar, my Mind simply more than tries, but sees it objectively, independent namely of whether anyone IS now a cop, was, or is or was not. Why do I say, what I say, in the exact WAY that I say it. hu. πŸ™‚

Klaus Schulze – Moondawn (1976)

Crass is, how some 70 percent of authorities are misplacedly opressive and misplacedly arrogant and indoctrinated by absolute easily disproveable nonsense, nonsense easily showable as such, are the exact opposite of the in many cases horribly humiliated ex-Cons, ex-Perpetrators, who simply were the Victim of the sudo-rebellion called extremism, which extremism is always or simply very often routed against opression, and can only be appeased and reformed by Someone reasonable.

Some good Muslim I insofar know, said exaggeratedly, too nicely, that “99 percent of jews” would be “okay”, as in, He said “such good People”.

… imagine that.

… how He got played-around-with; He previously was in some brothel surely as VIP then falling also to some sexuality and then to COCAINE, as He reported, simply; He got over that, but He kept a very wordly creative, AND very pathetic kind of “islamic” yet in his Way really often fairly brought on ACTUAL Mysticism, whereas He always first comes with “ISLAM WILL CONQUER THE WORLD”, but He says that SO nicely, SO LIKE A REAL PROPHET AND REALLY NICE, BY WILL TOTALLY ETHICAL MAN, – and AFTER that, HE “comes down”, GETS EXTREMELY TOLERANT – and didn’t MEAN anything ANY intolerantly, simply. He is never intentionally meanly unduly intolerant. He previously didn’t have Himself, his mind, under control, and surely got “too wild”, as in, somewhat crazy, appalled about the conditions, and the nowadays too cheap, too bad quality bad interpretations of Islam by current Imams didn’t quite help Him at all, these few Mosques-Visits He surely did do, but, in his private Life, which was simply marked by poverty yet also by simply NO approach REACHABLE, no approach OFFERED toward education, and he then became surely at times violent, which was a form of expressing his criticism, and his “anger” merely EXACTLY AGAINST UTTER EVIL, simply. Insofar, He is an ENTIRELY truly “HEALED”, but also to even sure 60 percent SELF-HEALED Man, – and STILL unduly KEPT incarcerated INSIDe psychiatry, and there NOT properly guided, NOT getting educated – AS THERE, the REAL Problem is, that DOCTORS are “FAR AWAY” as in, have not often TIME for all the there-being Patients, simply.

Also, the impression a Doctor has of a Person, is often totally distorted, not authentic.

There ARE different Academics.

chomsky IS NOT an “anti-mobbing” EXPERT. It IS NOT due to his age. He merely is expert at replacing a youthly having gotten mobbed, by SUCH a “comeback”, by FAME, that he even TWICE “re-marked” AGAIN Massa “You are a democ-RAT asshole haha you chomsky you ahaha”, who, which republican absolute mongo, typical militarist and worse than the kkk’s headquarters now is (which IS excellent, NOT racist!), simply MOBBED Chomsky HORRIBLY;

… it simply must have felt like a HEARTTHROB inside Chomsky’s ACTUAL Chest.

… THIS, I have frequently been undergoing, getting discriminated by the typical western insane traditional monster humans, opressors, simply – while saying nothing, while actually just thinking, I escape, I go to another country, period, and they can all die in the west, they will, many, simply.

But chomsky is expected to a strong machine, and not actually an all too feeling sort of entity. period.

A short Laughter could have solved it. A first Saying, Dude, Hey, don’t be a nazi, but, SOLDIER, GIMME 20!


THAT, they know, Ya know. :] …

… chomsky can’t come up with that. HE ain’t no colonel in mash. simply. quite sad.

… There are unpolitical aspects, which separate humans.

… I do not know, what Chomsky was conditioned-by. What Level of psychologic, more than mere political but psychologic awareness He theoretically has. Because, Language, Communication, its Content and Form, are not, what IS in the mind, but what the mind merely adapts as an effort, to express, what the mind wants to approach. And I don’t even mean any deception here, obviously. Neither even indoctrinated self-deception caused by ideologies. Surely, a Chomsky thought also about “common” as in, about abusive or anyhow advserse forms of societal – collective – psychology, whereas the Term “individuality” gets of course abused by typical naive unaware seducers such as berman, which berman has much less education, less abstraction ability, than a Chomsky’s Brain, but Chomsky hasn’t quite ever lived like a Rocker-Musician, but merely always knew only oldfashioned things and ways of life, obviously, and in his endusted intellectuality-ONLY, He simply doesn’t quite convey the “picture” of a Rebel, is a Rebel, but doesn’t LOOK like One, and does not at all have the traits of typical rebels. And I don’t mean that even EVER any “condescending”, but TRULY merely analytical, and a bit reproachingly, indeed. But He can’t be, isn’t, to blame, – since ALL he EVER knew and RAN away to, IS academy: Which he LARGELY saved, and helped, of course.

But he for example didn’t stop some academic midold lady from dumbly ON AND ON over even FOUR minutes INTRODUCING AND PRAISING HIM – in “academic” yet simply HOLLOW nothing-saying words, that MAKE NO SENSE and ARE USELESS, – but content matters. NOT to “APPRAISE” a PERSON, simply. insofar, the “nobel” price IS ridiculous, simply, pulitzer likewise, oscars likewise: ABSOLUTE rubbish. APPRAISALS. horrible. πŸ™‚


I like writing. πŸ™‚ I like existence. AS such. πŸ™‚ — meaning, without the western rubbish – “please”. ey.


A “time” sudo-concern as in, stress and opression as in separation and instrumentalisation of time, is no sensical argument, but is a sign of fascism, of slavery, simply, of undue sort of opression as in, of sudo-systems, of systems of opression – which are not real systems, but a ridiculous shostered-together unwork of primitivity, a collection of lies, of indoctrinations, simply, of simply a primitive malview on any Resource, since Resources are not merely Material, not merely physically, but have an inner Order malseen of course by merely the typical esoterics, – and all conservatives, and all by orthodox monotheists brain-damaged indoctrinated capitalists, most of them, simply are unrealistic sort of bizarre esoterics, which are not reasonable, see everything wrong, and unwork against science, as in, against ALL truth, simply, and thusly, against sanity of mind, as in, against ethics AS in, against seeing as such, simply, against truth as in, against logical accurate and against stringent and authentic truth, really simply.

The term “decency” gets in cases abused by the typical fanatics, all indoctrinated by the exact inexactest absolutely ludicrous lies stemming from simply the european middle age.

Children of way too young Age, in usa, in russia, in china risingly, are in danger of falling prey to typical disconsentually horriblestly faring extreme sort of pedofiles and to simply exploiters, who simply fare disconsentually, abhorrantestly.

… government insofar never helps, but is itself a sex-maniac, simply always. Or the same “sex-maniac” as in, anti-all-sexuality-maniac fanatic, simply, which simply leads to rape, and to childabuse, by the own dumbness, as in, by the own hinderedness dementally from analysing properly and overcoming definitely adverse harmful organisations such AS for example aspects of the church, such as its even yet existing “anti-homosexuality” under a “franciscus” – unduly – not – even – granting same Rights for Homosexuals.

The west is pretense. simply. and that, massively.

… the west is false morals. and that, massively.

… the west is injustice, simply against exactly an indeed “mere” Polanski;

… while anyone really guilty, such as exactly a charles manson, get away, get not even accused.

… The uneducatedness, uninformedness, lied-to-ness of charles manson, his first name hovering thru this planet, nay, through its dumb sudobrains of human type in cases like a silly willy, haha, like a sudo-pathos, –

and the simple Innocence yet surely spoiledness of a Polanski, who always sexually and intellectually “had the best”, was all in society, hugely —

This eternal two dragons fight shall end.

Manson didn’t want to become, what He became, as in, didn’t “WANT” to do, WHAT he did, but he mal-, a tad very malassumed, to anyhow “HAVE” to “do” “it”. horrible. What, to “HAVE” anyhow to MURDER – A CHILD?

… manson was filled with propaganda of anti-satanic type, simply.

… Polanski himself, strictesly severely bejudged now by Me, was SOMEWHAT VERY as in UTTERLY wrong himself DEPICTIVELY, by in “Rosemary’s Baby” being “TOO CUNNING” anyhow FOR A LARGE MASS of People: He depicted a Bunch of elderly ABSOLUTELY SWINEFUCK ASSHOLE ABUSIVE INDOCTRINATED PEOPLE, anyhow as “SATANISTS”. THAT IS already A VERY BAD “DISPLAY”: BECAUSE EXACTLY “NEVER”, AS IN, TOTALLY MOSTLY IN NO WAY UNDERSTOOD BY A “NORMAL” AUDIENCE: Polanski, LOL, was “entirely” “world-astranged”, meaning, starkly reality-astranged, which trait I know well, it’s a trait, which good People do have, as We good People blank out the evil of other primitive individuals, who are opressive, simply, be that politically or privately.

Polanski MEANT “of course” (IS that ‘n “of course”, is it ANY self-speaking: I THINK NOT!), that He “Himself”, as a critical Entity, took Society of the west, and put it “into the coat”, the Bodies, of simply merely BY Trait, BY “mere” Faction, DISCRIMINATED, unduly discriminated CATEGORY [!] of however attituded, oriented People: While he PUT then VILLAINS into THAT category, as under-category of individual case, simply: Which “cases” IN ALL reality ARE THAT few, simply – surely rising now, AS simply rightwingers try, to consume as in integrate “satanism”, which integration-effort, which is coertion and fascism, will fail. A manson namely nowadays would have been as “easily” uncritically have gotten brainwashed by SOME sudo-satanists simply FROM the non-west, typically, or even from VERY small scenes IN the west, which might grow, if the west would destabilise. Which is anyway irrelevant, since we need global rule, instead of local national rule.

chomsky then called wrongly independence of countries socalledly independent from usa, any “nationalist” sort of independences, whereas he MEANT merely the whatever country concerned;

The global empire is separated, hollow. It does not meet the ethical nor mental requirements of a biologic Mind nor Body. It merely is doing slavery, money for nothing and the Chicks exactly less and less for free, simplee.

“:)”. πŸ™‚

Dire Straits, theze are indeede. πŸ™‚ It’sh their Title, what can I do. :]

We have our HOME EVEY fruhm HOUM, nu, when der KICK iz in der Asse. Cleary?

ALRIGHTY THEN! πŸ™‚ Neat. She is good to BABIES. πŸ™‚ THERE, She is goode. πŸ™‚ NOT FOR POLITICS! πŸ™‚


mis I the ogynist? πŸ™‚ I hope not? I hope no hard dope, in fact, more than haha. period.

Miss “I, Ogynist”, LOL. πŸ™‚ What an Ogre. My Vaif. πŸ™‚ The Wife of Borat. πŸ™‚

The lies by psychiatry are horrible. most of them use the same “tactics” as merely ultra-conservative SORT of police –

which “police” in the west, since now some bad mere 20, not even 30 years, became more and more demented, agressive, suddenly, simply. insane.

primitive, simply. confused. indoctrinated, and not behelped at all toward education. Not toward deep education.

the list of the sexual abusiveness of some not that unmany male police “officers”, is sheerly endless.

the list of not punished severe perpetrators, in police and outside of it, is sheerly endless.

… meaning, this humanity consists of not so few violently insane swines, of simply abusers.

… who roam free and are not seen as what they are, simply.

… they are exactly the same as the witchburning anti-satanist crowd of conservative typically indoctrinated, lied-to type, which always is “of course” told to be anyhow on the socalled “good side”.

… when the sole good Side were the as that wrongly called “Witches”, the Satanists, the trotzkist Communists, and not a zapata who became, what pinochet simply became. not a david, who became, what nutnyahu became, a pinochet, a hitler, an idiot, and simply a “swine” insofar, as that sadism meets ruthless sort of ideologies or misinterpretations of culture, that are done typically by reality-astranged abhorrant sudo-moralist fanatics, who are “of course”, as said, convinced entirely of their own malattitude.

This fanaticism among MOST People HAS somewhat diminished; Yet, TOO many People, MORE than merely 40 percent, ARE yet NOT approached AT ALL to what can be called “Ideality”, as in, to Science, to Truth, to the proper Way of finding Truth, simply.

Apparently, primitive people are created thusly, to be as primitive as they become, as they get made by other primitive of wrong things convinced idiots, by fear from what in reality is harmless, simply, such as by undue fear “from” “the dark”, as in, “from” any “Satanism”, which is a concise misguided misguiding hatred, that typical catholic fanatic sort of fanatics, simply propagate, criminally unethicallestly. The same Victims of that “anti-satanist” extreme middle-age typically european fanatic sort of unrightful abhorrant discrimination and prejudice, the same indoctrination, by fanatics, is done simply against “science”, as in, fearspreading by fanatics – of sudo-religious, always monotheist, thusly dumb disauthentic, anti-truth type – against Science, is the case, and the same as that fearspreading called racism and anti-“satanism” – whereas any “true” Satanism, LOL, doesn’t even, didn’t EVER exist, other than in rather small Conglomerations of mostly very different type, where some sudo-satanist, merely rebellious, but to wrong paradigms like the church of satan in england now having fallen – idiotic – sudosatanist group of small size in the 70s for example spoke the wrong, simply evil words, such as “CURSED ARE THE MEEK”: THAT phrase is SO dumbly spoken, was, by them, as it can be interpreted and MIS-interpreted in quite WHATEVER way, simply, while it STILL mainly, on its surface, by its FIRSTLY perceived MEANING AND – low – “LEVEL” of communication, of message, conveys ACTUALLY MERELY an EVIL message, EVIL SORT of message, – as “The Meek”, “The mild Ones”, “the gentle Ones”, are simply not “fops”, but simply good People, whereas the – typical – prejudice against SOME intrumentalisers IS even CONTAINED in that VERY – short – PHRASE, but DUMBLY, as in, NOT really EXPRESSEDLY, but in TOO short Words, thusly CLEARESTLY forming an UTTER unrightful prejudice AGAINST ANYONE, who would be simply for example any non-violent, as in, meek, mild, simply – and no “vanilla-softie-head”, simply. Thusly, to say the least, that particular small sudosatanist group of the 70s was yet misled, as the church of satan small club in uk consists of badder, worse people, than before, simply, now sadly, and the two simply quite lead to mobbing, they would, would they be allowed, any, to put such horrible evil and plain dumb sudoparadigms anyhow on top of mankind, simply. of course. So reasonable type of Spirituality, that merely listens to Truth, and not to governments, is, what is, what must be.

Anton Lavey was no antisemite, but an anti-orthodox, thusly a REAL Pagan. Vincent Price got all da time abused in SILLY cheap movies, sadly. quite sad. But Price WAS not THAT very politically critical. Well, He SURESTLY WAS so liberal, by more than Goodwill, but surely often, He tried summing it all up, and even coming to some of what He played in, also in reality, of course merely science-wise, which HAS a relation to the not that different, “other” Term “SΓ©ance”. But not as in typical pretense. So, there “IS” something.


Behind it all. Yeah. just no “god”, haha, gotta disappoint sadly the nowadays rising monotheists. can you please stop your monotheism? please. πŸ™‚

I wanna sound now a bit ironic, ahaha. My gay Laughter. All fun and laughter, – PARTENER. πŸ™‚


when roddenberry humiliated that BLACK as any “ARROGANT” malmarked QUEEN in TOS pyjama series, I got upset, innerly.

also angry. but at times, all through this horror, simply very uh, very consterned, uh, shocked, uh, simply disgusted. how can, CAN someone BE THAT evil, as in, THAT indoctrinated, AS IN, THAT stupid;

JUST look “AT” voyager: discipline, horror, unethicalest decisions marked as any “good” and “needed”: the “playbook” for nazis, simply. berman, the absolute horrible idiot. the fewest good points in his continuation are fewest, and topped by 80 percent of horrible militarism and non-helping socalled “pragmatism”, which is entirely unknown to me, simply. entirely unknown. entirely known. but I abhorr from it, you see. I can’t have it. I can’t have it. Johnny is a good bad boy. Mark this last phrase of absolute smiting all destructive absolute hatred of mine, which can not be vinced. you CAN not call ME of all people any crazy. YOU ALL are crazy. ONLY I have it. Do you think, I would have chosen that. I didn’t. I didn’t choose to be intelligent.

the discrimination against all intelligence is horrible and must stop. period. or i alone stup all of you. and then it’s ALL, and period. get that? got that? a do hope so. ey. a man with the back to the wall can’t go back any further. And I don’t go any forward, either. period. I refuse. period. I go nowhere. Meaning, I remain, where I mentally always was, and not any “am”. period. I always was, as I am. period. so. clear?

Meaning, I will not change. But humanity will change.

I got lately relatively apathic. such idiots, who “can’t understand that”, didn’t see evil, simply. they haven’t analysed nor experienced evil, but are the naive fools, simply.

I could do well minimal gothic, but I don’t want to anymore. It’s too much hassle.

I can not adapt to any other people, who are not intellectual. period.

I can not tolerate unethical deeds by people nor by governments.

thusly, anyone who is any ethical, gets destroyed, lied-about, by governments. simply.

… the same people, who are like petraeus, hide themselves from the government – being IN the government, simply. called “deep state”, apparently, it’s called that.

I will in the afterlife just say “hu”, haha, against these idiotic low primitive fuck swine people. period.

… haha, they will want to listen to ma music, haha, they will want to be in my world, but I won’t let them in, simply. I will close the auschwitz-hatch agains them, haha, them being OUTSIDE, haha, of der castle. simply. ahaha. you will see. πŸ™‚ :]

they may naught see. period. nobody may see. period. they will not gET in.

that’s the revenge for what you all did to me at school. for that alone, all of humanity hath deserved death. period.

you are the evil swines, not I. you just lied to me previously, you evil swine fuck people, I would be even any “guilty”. you are all swines.

no wonder develop people hate against people. no wonder. though not typical. the west is untypical, untypical namely against nature. the west is merely typical on a low level. is primitive. simply. obviously. an empty place. empty of joy, as in, of no joy. other than a pill called that in a we happy few vain effort on reminding the public of any reason.

full merely of dull unpolitical and instrumentalisedly evil-political sort of music, which mostly conveys total rubbish, and exactly not criticism, exactly not rebellion, as in, not reason, but merely, what governments are all too thankful to receive, namely post-sex-pistols anti-sex-pistols, impurest anti-punk, anti-alternativity, simply, which is misguided anti-leftist as in anti-trotzkist produced hatred, artificial hatred.

HITLER merely meant SOME Jews – but was wrongly RIGGED to GENETICALLY target People racistically – which racism was appraised as emancipation and as “racial hygiene” –

similar to a no education having Africa, where at places, People are maltold antisemitic prejudices, which never target the orthodox fanatics simply, or simply, that for example, UNPROTECTED Copulation would “PROTECT” against AIDS, which is a horrible lie (a total malconception), simply, or that AIDS or any sicknesses would be a “punishment of GOD”, LOL, horrible, that delusion;

The same guilt-sudo-system, the same wrong guilt – apparently – is STILL the bad topic of the west: AS simply, psychiatry, police, justice and government, are in the west even still to some even large degree unbespoken, unbeconcepted actual spheres of the possible, and not properly treated, not properly really simply thought about.

There simply should be more People, who are like that other Colleague of James Duane, who is that Dude Who looks SUCHLY EXTREMESTLY goodly like a TYPICAL gov-employed MEGA-Intellectual, who simply is very empathic, emotional, in his current Form, but has some educational Flaws, which aren’t drastic, but AS People of educated type in the 60s, nay, WORSE, He suffered from LACK of objectivity of MANY professors at academy, who weren’t ethical nor truthful, authentic, AT ALL, in their really too various shit theories, simply, AS He would agree, and surely not to such disobjective rubbish, which EVEN MORE adapted Ones simply, dumber ones, all copy and thusly fall to.

The west is merely, how looks somebody. by clothing and socalled merely superficial “behavior”. That’s really no sane profiling, say for One now quite policially. ey.

and with that, they rule the world, tell I them, not they me. πŸ™‚ is THAT clear. πŸ™‚

Manuel GΓΆttsching – E2-E4 (Full Length Version) – 1981/1984

Ash Ra – New Age Of Earth (Full Album) 1976

Always, the no evil willing ones, the ones, who do simply no evil, who are not confused, but are respectful toward others, too much as it, that, is obvious, get discriminated – by typicallestly demented, collectively mal-rigged, meaning, by a rightwing crowd upheavable, uncritical, and thusly upheaved actual primitive low crowd of junkies, actually.

which junkies, hard drugs consumers, must all vanish. period. they can either take marihuana, or perish. period.

junkies always pick on innocent People. junkies always try to extort money from anyone else, who is simply likewise poor. junkies, LOL, will never even anyhow get to rich people, really obviously.

like to the orthodox sort of jews come the likewise insane, uneducated bourgeois (rightwing, conservative, anti-leftist) sort of jews – massively -, so come to the junkies, the famous private young hard drugs-experimenters, who are absolutestly unselfguided, uncritical, simply, not clear mentally about good and evil, at all, simply, them even saying exactly these words, good and evil, but them unable, to anyhow grasp an overview of objectivity, as in, they never ever had any idea of truthful, scientific, empiric study, nor of actual analysis, but they “ride” their mind unduly on hard drugs, thusly eroding merely their mind. which has an influence on the beyond, but merely in their case, very simply.

The famous “hippies” back then were mostly simply going merely into sex and drugs, thusly being “contented”, and totally not critical, as in, not even informing themselves about what not the government all does, that they surely did know, but not, how exactly western politics was going on, and not how existence is there for objectivity and not for “esoteric” vaining, which was the third trait of hippies, esotericism, which when dumbly fanatically applied, is not combinable with science, but destroys science, and thusly destroys humanity, destroys awareness, simply, by uncriticacy. hippies were mostly assimilated people, who other than stopping the nam war a tad late, did nothing, took no influence into politics, very obviously, were mostly the dumb fanatic crowd exactly described in that case sadly largely accurately by an a tad more critical Roddenberry, already, in the episode, where He in TOS pyjama series, depicts some alternative People as fanatic and as tricksterous.

That ON the Street, IN the eighties, McCartney was by some Fan, which Fan obviously was VERY distraught about that, told about the “death” as in, murder against LENNON, which McCartney didn’t know yet, as McCartney reacted entirely “stoic”, not even budging but right on walking on, simply, which James Duane told as a real Story, means in the Form of Duane telling it also, that Duane Himself is of course an excellent Person, but of course, the socalledly “legal” System, a bizarrety of the west, which he knows as such and of course disdains, has destroyed him hugely insofar, that He simply makes a lot of phrases really quickly, and tries, to help People, to defend innocent People, but of course He knows, that these mere words won’t at all even re-rig anyone of fanatic type, and likewise neither such ones, who abuse their power in full self-convincedness as in, in fullest indoctrinatedness, OF course.

He surely also longs for a new Time, when indeed, WE ARE BORG, and WE SHALL COMMUNICATE very quickly, much quicker, than now, and in pictures, not actually in words. Hence surely the pictorial communication-systems of some cultures, as in, of the asian Ones, of course, who actually goodly HINT at Pictoriality – AT Communication. Which IS an ingenious Thought – which simply, the idiot BERMAN forfeited, as he stands not against incompetent evil sort of teknocracy, but merely against anyone non-white and non-western and not “playing according to THE rulebook”, as janeway herself is nazilestly scripted to ugliestly simply say, heinously. heinously.

what, which rules. fuck you. period. fuck you governments. fuck you dumbass berman, you filth mongo actual foureyes. berman should have been WAY MORE mobbed, probably, he didn’t ever get mobbed. that’s the exact problem. a berman deserves to be by a rod serling night gallery made to see and feel by the own body the horror of what his own series voyager all did, simply, as sadism. berman’s body would be defiled like Jesus’ and the 11 million holocaust Victims’ bodies, simply.

the capitalist heinousness led to the holocaust, and nobody wanted to anyhow help. the mere term help insofar is laughed-at, by typical conservatives, but nowadays.

against zapata, it would have been a matter of utter revenge, of rightful torture to death against him, simply simply. which was, what no one did. aha.

… against the peasants, who by burning erode the jungle (called “rainforest”, which “rainforest” is apparently an ultra-pedofile word stemming from reality-TV shows torturing an intellectual (wittgensteinian) BRAIN – that term, actually silly “kid-colored-unicorn” term “rainforest” was revealed as what it truly is, namely ugly, a pretense, by the superbe Lewis Black, ingeniously, simply), should be getting persuaded, convinced, to not do that, and should be organising and receiving help to organise to postulate a Basic Income, – instead of sudo-independence, which is the dependence to money, as they dumbly were indoctrinated toward AGRICULTURE surely by THE: church. by who else.

… I always need to play sheerluck. πŸ™‚


… “to get a job” and that shit. is it. simply. who did it. the indoctrination. obvious. I don’t know, why such easy things aren’t even obvious to any other people. apparently, they are all dumb. period. very excellent so. not very.

agriculture simply is evil, is the vain struggle against nature, and a very low primitive way of wasting time, by which, the “people” anyhow DOING agriculture, are like the many people sitting before the TV, simply “out of it”, out of the “game”, out of political criticacy, out of thinking by themselves, but inside an easily by anyone programmable “program”, which is not mental, not dynamic, not intellectual, but is simply sadism as in machiavellism as in the ditches that nazis make discriminated people dig, which is, what those do, who malthink to “not” be nazis, but are economic instrumentalisers, simply, which is, what they know about themselves. What they don’t know, furtherly, is, that they themselves, the capitalists, are already the prey of the fanatics, haha indeed.

Not quite the “pray”, LOL. πŸ™‚


Humanity must free itself from opressive delusive indoctrinated sort of governments, and must put itself entirely under Robots, into the Care and under the unconditional surrender to the Control of Robots. period.

This time, humanity, I give back the mobbing, which you put forward against me. all “whining” won’t help you, humanity, now.


Now, the tide has already turned. All that’s to follow, is nothing, until there will be freedom in a not as term, not as nor by the word abused fact and condition, meaning, until there exists no fanaticism anymore, no opression, no sadism, no unrightful sort of violence, no assault by countries against countries, there will be assault by man against man, and that simply is a collective revenge of course of quite common psychology, not ever beyond good nor sadly beyond evil, but until there is rightful sort of freedom by no fanaticism anymore, there will be major irrepresentativity of governments of mostly indoctrinated type, who misinterpret horriblestly the term freedom, and use it for themselves, as flag and thusly, as mere pretense, of which they themselves ARE exactly THEN unaware, when they are in any power-positions, into which unnaturally in evil realms, merely anyhow unethical people come into:

which is what berman and a likewise dumb roddenberry have by effort, by nazi evil effort, tried to “justify”: The sending of any others into death: when the entire scenario wasn’t, wouldn’t have been needed, the latter formulation is the more common, more oftenly used one.

… i didn’t know, that this still hurts. to hear of how it is. how horrible. Do i gotta play the paladin.

… how demented elderly people in the west and the monotheists simply are.

… how can people only be that evil, to say, “don’t play the hero”. I don’t MEAN their protective WILL, which SHINES – also – in this VERY simple phrase. Which is spoken in movies and “even”, I don’t wanna see it, in reality, – at the “wrong” place in time of a situation and or talk, simply. at the wrong time. simply. meaning the wrong thing, simply.

I don’t mean their protection, which is meant to tell an Individual, to not engage, to protect itself. That EXACTLY is, would be, as it’s correctly said, good, simply.

But, they have no principles. No deep ones. In some situations namely, it ain’t a nor a movie hostage taking, but in simply really many political sudo-debates between disobjective and objective People, that phrase is hinted-at or even used, “don’t play da hero”, which sounds downward, as the other phrase “take your meds”, which latter phrase IS forbidden online (, say I), and was a common (anti-leftist) down-trampler used by rightwingers, simply.

Ash Ra Tempel – Ash Ra Tempel (1971) FULL ALBUM

Now that I saw posteriorly shockedly some anti-satanistically and anti-scientifically indoctrinated primitive and obese chap, I do now remember, that ten years, some fifteen years ago, I ate rather a lot, during some many months, and didn’t get any fat, but still, my actual stomach simply gave me quite a hard time, as small People’s stomach isn’t made for any heavy type of food, isn’t biologically adapted to that – to which obese People adapt, – which IS largestly, in 95 percent of cases, not genetical, – but furthered by not only consumerism, but by psychiatry, which is a fat-maker against People, simply. Also rightwingerism is a fat-maker, obviously. primitive. simply.

So, the actual Bodyform is taken into the Afterlife. FOR sure. Call that Thought any “hindu”. It pictorially obviously is.

Obesity in the west is a collective huge opression, depression and foremostly, the psychologic known substition-effort of a lack of love and a lack of reasonable advice by others to oneself, with merely simply sheerly EATING simply “too much” indeed: which IS – apPARENTLY – a mania – of SOME proportions, in the west, obviously. IT IS strictly said, NOT decadence, as that term was already used in vain, to describe anything, a falling empire: Oh, it “falls” down. πŸ™‚ Because it was any “decadent”? Rocky III Movie meaning relevant and the case here, in this context? Decadent People would get obese? – Epstein was neither the devil, nor decadent, but was simply hampered by the anti-indian, anti-indigenous, falsely moraled sort of ABSOLUTE swinery of the west, by its false morals, simply. Epstein NEVER had ANYTHING with REAL CHILDREN below Age 12. simply. Thusly, HE WAS no “pedofile” AT ALL, simply. !!! ALL ELSE IS – UTTER – DISHONESTY, and simply FASCISM. And not what PICARD wrongly called “BARBARITY”. “Barbarity” was a Term lifted, unveiled, by Terry Jones, as that term maldepicted intrinsically Goths, bearded Goths, done by the heinous – as Jones called them, said – “themselves barbarian” ancient ROMANS: “bearded”, They mostly were not, at least not, as now still the case, their ALWAYS shaved mongos of politics, simply.

While I “protect” a mayhap merely tunty or homosexual James DUANE against any wild mob, I would still say, Duane surely has his style, but simply, I would, which He wouldn’t do either, go to a CLAYTON and try DISARMING him, simply. What do I mean.

Duane doesn’t know, that He should watch like, the Movie “Mean Streets”, which I in my Article 116 or so, confused with the movie “taxi driver”, actually. In “Mean Streets”, not in taxi driver namely, some VERY “tunty”, very gayly acting sort of also drunken Gay tried turning on definitely not homosexual Men – the Scene depicts a “lucky” non-violent outcome, as the other Males simply leave, but very radical extremist sort of rightwingers would have put out violence against such a Homosexual, who would indeed not only too overtly be seen as such, but who would make unduly approaches, simply, which mostly isn’t liked at all, such approaches, where simply undue, which undue approaches obviously happen way more among heterosexuals, than among HOMOsexuals, simply. But the latter aren’t sadly free of sex-mania, to some slight, in few cases not slight but drastic degree. Oh, am I already here, LOL. “where was i” would be NO word, LOL. πŸ™‚

Yes, the moov with the BLACK Sheriff, by Mel Crooks, uh, Brooks: “Nu, SCHWARZ IS. NU!”. πŸ™‚


in fuckin yiddish, thish Guy shaysh a lut. πŸ™‚


Popol Vuh – In Den GΓ€rten Pharaos (1971) FULL ALBUM


best places sex tourism


… I heard a live report from a midaged female in Israel, who reported, that in “mea shearim”, an ultra-orthodox quarter of jerusalem, 2 years young Babies get raped by orthodox type of jews, in some cases. That Woman shouted on the phone, understandably and rightfullestly, against that, against the rape to anyone and to too young Children, simply. simply.

babyrapers and extreme, too extreme pedofiles, who rape and exploit coercively below even nine years young Children, even below eight years young Children, such extreme perpetrators against too young Children must be apprehended as in, found, before they commit their rape, and in cases of such extremest pedofiles, the killing and or torture and rape to death against them is rightful, the murder against them at least needed:

In the case above, these ultra-swines received MERELY 18, 13 and 10 years socalled punishment, each. what is that. what, merely 18 and 13 years – when they raped a BABY.

what the UK justice has in hands, is no means, to even at all enthreaten decency through. no means, to push decency through, simply.

babyrapers deserve torture to death, getting tortured heinousestly and slowly and most cruelly, getting defiled as in, cut off each finger and hand and arm and penis and ear and nose and tongue and eyes-ripped out one by one, one by one, is that quite clear. period. or, they are not afraid. meaning, or Babies get raped. if You all don’t rape to death the babyrapers, very simply. period.

if you don’t, I will be by that forced, to employ atombombs, to kull all humans without survivor. clear?

my plan works also over the death of my mere body. πŸ™‚

get it? get it? πŸ™‚

take it easy. I won’t ever get murdered, nor anymore the victim of racist violence. I kind of feel that.

I want to see no false morals anymore. period. such swines, who condemn Polanski, are swines, and period. They all belong dead or getting educated at ethics. period. clear?

“Nevermind” insofar indeed the outbursts of the MARQUIS DE SADE, which warrant of course TWENTY and more years in prison: The 18 years, which merely ONE of those simply a lot more horrible perpretrators in UK of now received, who rAPED A BABY, are not enough, those 18 years. I might well write, they “awake pity”, when I, a frankly reasonable Person, simply, look at their photos: These TOTALLY DEMENTED, to the NAZI ideology CLEARLY on-leaning and of their faces reminding sort of DISTORTED, OBVIOUSESTLY CRAZY faces, simply were WHILE active, NEVER found, simply, NEVER found by a simply MALORIENTED SWINE EVIL DUMBFUCK HUGE MASS OF thusly WORTHLESS “people”, simply.

the cruelty of insane type of humanity has increased, since now millenia. a baby 3000 years ago thrown into the fire by pre-“bohemian grove” fanatics who meant it simply a tad more seriously, evilly, than the quite harmless merely somewhat rightwing bohemian grove (revealed and rightfully somewhat warned-from by Alex Jones), was simply “more innocent” indeed, not innocent at all, but MORE, than simply anyhow abusing a too young Child of BELOW even EIGHT Years, simply, and at all, to rape Anybody, is in my opinion worse than premeditated murder merely if the murder was not sadistically done, not sadistically motivated, in which opposite case, if a murder was sadistically motivated or simply ruthlessly commanded, that is the same horror, evil, maximal evil, likewise torture against innocent People, as simply extreme forms of childabuse. Such extreme evil deserves torture to death, simply. babyrapers and childabusers, who abuse too young Children, must be tortured and raped to death, without mercy. So that Babies and Kids of very young Age below eleven Years of Age, are simply safe. period. Likewise, simply, above 13 years of Age being Youths deserve protection of absolute type against ugly typical sex-exploiters, simply, period. By the most vile means to achieve that security, simply. is that clear. by the most vile means, by heinous, stark, and not “cunning” means. period.

against childabuse, one atom bomb doesn’t quite suffice, simply. But all of humanity deserves to be tortured, if merely one too young Child gets ever abused, simply.

Those, who call Polanski a “childabuser”, are childabusers, simply, as in, must be mistreated as exactly that, and period.

All people I ever met and heard of, bejudge things wrong. horrible.

… they come online with their naive selfdone websites, in words, that defy a sane outlay, simply, a sane definition of what goes, and what not, of what is decent, and what is definitely not. They ALL merely have COMMON quite AVERAGE sudo-thoughts about MERELY the cases, of which they mostly know. They often malthink, suffering would be rare or any “needed”. no suffering is needed. The fanatics, swines, who lie that, must vanish. period. anyhow. clear?

nutnyahu and his rapists in the army and among orthodox jews, must vanish. period. vanish. I said. vanish. ey. vanish. so. period. is that clear. or I shall myself des-TROY israel. And I am no actor claiming to be an “Aladdin”, LOL. πŸ™‚ The “last” thing I will do indeed, is destroy israel. for its own good. πŸ™‚ Not meaning, I wouldn’t, but that I would do it – just before the death of my body, simply. πŸ™‚


are you shorge cluuni. πŸ™‚ are you a nazi. They would aske me. Not that Clowney nor Downey’d be nazis, LOL.

Are jew a nazi, is the question. often, is the answer. often. πŸ™‚ quite often. πŸ™‚

… hence auschwitz. simple solution, wha. “period”, was it then. ey.

… i “can” also talk like that. I can. πŸ™‚ mark my “evil” language. I am evil against evil. I might have written that already more than even once. πŸ™‚

A Phrase like “And Who might You be?” can be said BY SHEERLY ANYONE. But wait: MERELY some sure MERE around LESS than EVEN a BILLION People WOULD even SAY IT SO. Why. LOL. How come THAT, hu. πŸ™‚ IN ENGRISHE. πŸ™‚

elemen fUCKIN tary. πŸ™‚ Mister uh… WATKINS! πŸ™‚

elemen duckin johnson. He a Cream, ain’t He. He like Crummy Crommy, who sentenced to DEATH a merely unworthy King, which King was no extreme defiler, no extreme sort of defiler at all. Sure, that King, King Charles the Second back then, 200 Years ago, sentenced Himself some People TO death, and, he dissolved parliament totally undemocratically, but WAS no mad persecutor – as WAS henry the eighth, hundreds of years before that – who probably died of even old age, simply – as did idi amin, a totally insane, absolutestly mad horrifically indoctrinated, harmfully mentally ill swine, full-idiot, the same as what HITLER consented-to, but FROM anear, from VERY anear, not like ADOLF from remotely from the “mere” office table. ADOLF WAS more isolated, than idi “biddy” amin, – who nevertheless got indoctrinated EXACTLY within the BRITISH army. Why did I say “within” and not just merely “in”. “within” means more like, “among”, than actually the mere “in” Term, which is in cases more accurate by being said as “inside”, meaning more “among”, than merely “in”. And I don’t mean his rank, simply, his “actual” rank back then, IN that – other – army. But I mean, who else was all – unseenly, by upper ones – in that army. what kind of racist swines, simply, what kind of unaware sadists, what kind of worse than small sadists, but like, absolute naziswines, by nazi ideology gripped, malguided idiotic played-around with minds, that never learned criticacy, and aren’t potentially merely idiotic, but were in aspects hardenedly turned into ignorant opressive ruthless deeders, simply endeffectively the very same as any rapists and wanton murderers, by their swine evil ruthless racist murder, simply.

Iraq is even now raped by what the american government turned that now poor country into. into poverty. into rapedness. which is no lesson. who says that, must get silenced. period. anyhow. period. or betaught. clear?

I want the serialrapists in usa caught, who rape southamerican female young Immigrants. caught and punished, and I am indeed somewhat sad, that western prisons are luxury hotels. Not sorry my pressure phrase.

I am indeed TORN between me justifying cruelty against cruelty, and me praising indeed merely top notch type of psychology, where the case, which can even easily heal People, show Them the good – satisfactory – good Way, the intellectual and the Polanski Way, simply, of Consentuality with never TOO young Ones, which IS the indian Way, simply, Consentuality reasonably, likewise reasonably pictorially-visually ALREADY simply [!], whereas a fat Buddha didn’t and quite in general as such a Pictoriality ever rightfully even hope to touch a very young Girl of merely Age 13, simply, in absolutestly no Case, except if that “Buddha”, Fatso, is simply not really any much OLDER THAN the Partner, obviously. With an indeed Difference of merely THREE Years, israeli Justice acknowledges such Law, such Principle. Likewise european Justice does, with a mere Difference of three Years to for example my Concept, Principle.

What is not good and what Nobody likes, is, to anyhow suspect simply obvious Innocents.

Some bad sort of also otherwise quite half-abuse sort of psychiatrist and my idiot father once looked at EXACTLY ME, – with ANGRY “testing” Eyes – and I SAID nothing. Simply. against me “dad”, I looked BACK VERY angrily, – cuz it fitted there, as he was ENTIRELY “low-level”, primitive, in his dumb type of paranoia, simply. The psychiatrist was endeffectively the same, but there, I merely looked into the air ARROGANTLY, and shook off without ANY mimic, thusly, simply, his “evil”, paranoid, suggesting Eye-GAZE, – which HE IMMEDIATELY turned away, he TURNED away his eyes, – in “failure”, wha. MISSED! he did. simply. he missed simply fully. HE HAD: NO feeling and NO ethical experience with People, simply, he NEVER took time, to beview things and People BY HIMSELF, by his OWN thinking – which HE NEVER built up, simply. My first Girlfriend sadly was 15, simply, and back then, I was 15, likewise, simply.

In the old commie russia, the truth never came out, about millions, simply, who abused Children in horrible and in exploitive ways, simply.

Those abusers were and are not quite the same People, as the discriminated ethical sort of Individuals, –

yet, in non-western countries, the simply OWN enslavement “to sex” is horrible.

… I can’t know, why and how entire countries, such as THAILAND, “FALL”, FELL, to SUCH DISGRACE.

… 1000 years ago, things were better, for humanity.

… If I could ever build up a SECT. Just by LIVING. Like, hu, indeed, JOSEPH SMITH. πŸ™‚


… It’s simply not funny, if I’d ever go to THAILAND or some place like that, and “run” across those poor PROSTITUTES calling Themselves “Sex-Workers” now – merely few of Which look any very good, and I am extremestly choosy, simply, – unlike most males, simply, who fuck a duck as in anything or what. i hope not. simply.

So, to HAVE any “Sex”, I could merely go to such Ones, Who would have an EXTREMELY goodlooking Body. simply.

MEANING, what about the OTHERS. MENTALLY, simply.

To change all People’s “Status” inasfar as “money” is concerned: That Nobody may be exploited nor instrumentalised against One’s own free but unchanged Will, nor get seduced by money, toward any Sexuality, simply. period.

all governments have their extremest problems adressing issues any sanely. how come and bla and why is that so.

I am “not” here to “help”, but to advise. Advice of good useful true type, must be heeded, or entire societies will fall, will take damage, simply, obviously. Me asking, whether Anyone could contradict that, would not be good, me asking that, since, LOL, some fools will always run exactly against all obviousest logic and against truth, which IS, what destroys society. which is, what I am saying. πŸ™‚


Be it so, that “poverty is a terrible experience”, a “Joch” (a subduing Oxen-Collar, Chain around the Neck), –

the latter phrase is SO dumb, really. Why.

BECAUSE, NOT because of any “POVERTY” comes “all this” here, that SEXUAL namely SELF-victimisation not quite of a mere BABY is my “joke”, bad or good joke hu, but of ENTIRE nations inasfar as their government is concerned, which makes WRONG decisions – OVER and “FOR” entire PEOPLES – which CAN NOT be right, simply.

… I could now go again into the bemourning and superficial analysis again, against the typical known fanatics, among which, “rightwingers” are merely one such sort, as they are largely the same as monotheist sort of fanatics, and as merely SOME economists, who about top it all in terms of evil, of evil plans, plans, that are that horrible, that this slavery, as explained, this non-care, their anti-care, their naivety, their extreme ignorance, their shallow real non-thinking, leads “down” to also wanton murder and serial murder by government AND by poor no education ever enjoyed-having into poor desperate demented hoodlums made perpetrators, but simply foremostly to extremest forms of childabuse and of torture and wanton murder against simply innocent People, –

such as against Gays and against Jews of simply liberal type, such as against a Polanski; against Whose pregnant wife, manson premeditated albeit insanely, but by nazi indoctrination, by in that case antisemitic plus anti-satanist indoctrination, discrimination, lies, murder, simply.

the nam and iraq wars were the same. rape and murder, simply. the petrol and US flag behind it really don’t matter.

it mattered to them. to the perpetrators. who were simply murderers. life-stealers. simply. it’s simple, to do.

When I compared ma elf Self with HAROLD TRUMAN, haha, years ago, before I even knew, that HE started the KOREA-war, the Others online became quite AFRAID of me, yet not dislikingly. πŸ™‚


I am now even higher, LOL. πŸ™‚ I am just SHTILL not a dry nut, hu. will never be. πŸ™‚


Willy Brandt lived in a quite horrible time, the 60s and 70s. whoa. What a Hero He was.

Actually, that the later Helmut Kohl took per Year some 100’000 Dollars, Reichsmark, uh, haha, Euro, nay, uh, what was it, ah ja, deutsche Mark, ja, and I could write reallae endlezzly GERMAN now here, I will, after I am dead, LOL, yeah, that’sh cool, don’t be shad, I veal even die NATURALLY (die already: hebrew for “it’s enough already”, LOL), I sinke, ahaha, that Kohl took some shit, some dough, there, was surely some type of “hold the snout” or so, could be. He Himself was entirely okay, surely too conservative in some crucial views, but I did hear a very reasonable, short Dicee about Him, a Justification, showing, He was a decent Person, merely somewhat conservative, but not harmfully conservative, ACTUALLY, but quite modern. Not really any “worse”, mainly, that a Brandt, even, ACTUALLY, – but WAY better than, uncomparable to simply a SCHRΓ–DER, who REALLY was a filthy surely at times affectedly violent macho, –

which is not, what TRUMP personally EVER simply is. MOORE’s paranoia insofar WENT too far.

The Cops should just “talk” in Thought, with Moore REASONABLY. as in, not only hold conferences, but simply foremostly select truly ethical People, who stick to Principles, as Cadre, and simply NOT mere pragmatics, who might fall to OR overlook corruption, simply. Not, that such failers oversee anything, but they “tend” to overlook everything, really simply, too simply namely. ! which IS time-a-squandering DUE to under-educatedness of theirs. “time-lack” is no excuse AND THERE IS, where THE SYSTEM doesn’t OFFER EDUCATION of TOP TYPE, simply. PERIOD.

Also, simply, not intellectual sort of Individuals should not be cadre NOR even police personnel, simply.

What is he saying. Shall the collegium now put on a cuhp hat. in the mere mind. is the answer. and not dumbly. again, also there, not dumbly. not disobjectively. not falsely moraledly, in the tiniest detail. period.

Who can’t sum it all up and bejudge not but but THE tiniest DETAIL, can not even talk of relevance, but abuses that term, as ALL is relevant. The typical excuse, “SOME” things “would not relate to eachother”, IS simply wrong.

The typical malconceptions, which arise from mere superstition, are obviously ridiculous – AND seriously dangerous, but as dangerous as the chinese government, this fascist priding itself about its own dangerousness, simply, merely topped by the huzpa usa, which has attacked about any good country even lately. “can too”, they say. “haha” is my almost-reply. rog. πŸ™‚


yeah, crack der nut china and leave der Rest alone, simply. period. that’d be da juhb 4 like, us of shamuck ay.

Den Rest. German Accusative. :] Double-Tongue – “?”: mao tseaeaeaeoeoe TONGUE! πŸ™‚ meaning, shut up, mao, also now, ey. that evil spinoza, if spinoza ever beat his wife – which is, what der movie “the salton sea” claimsh. That movie features either unintentionally or extra-done awkward short Scenes with a half-english Accent miming new Immigrant Asian, which are typically very modernly short “non-funny” Scenes DEFYING ACTUALLY ALL shit-hollywood’s wrong SWISH standard, not surry ma vocabulary, I feel like Lew’ Black, whoa, a real hard Bloodgush just RAN down ma chest, as a feeling Entity is not quite inert, emotionally, and “control” as in self-control IS an often abused term, not understood term; also malinterpreted term, applied to People’s not seen Background; not seen by ABSOLUTE nitwits of inlander traditional idiotic type, obviously; Which most Westerners ARE not racist, but simply not quite experts at the most crucial topics, but, that said, They ARE improving, but merely in educational Zones, and the moral sexual huge Factor is maltreated, simply maltreated, all over the globe: by abuse AND by then also THAT abuse of being either naive, or then extremely bizarrely hilariously almost or for real FANATICALLY naive. such people ARE boring, waste time, simply, and have no idea how to be just, not only but also concerning the all-encompassing Aspect of Sexuality.

B4 I told the israelis years ago, to not keep different Salaries between Palestinians and Israelis, which same Salary would be “european law” (an excellent way of mine, to brag, dumbly talk and impress, just pressure), I should have mentioned, “are you actually out of your minds discriminating the Palestinians”.

after that anyway, I wrote an email to the socalled “knesset”, mark the double s sadly there indeed, me typoed there just now haha even two s letters, LOL, LOOOOL, haha, and I told them, they are idiots. πŸ™‚ I mean, I asked them, “Are you actually idiots”. πŸ™‚


It WAS but a “MERE” question. πŸ™‚ Where is the answer? πŸ™‚


Ni, vutt ken ai sey. πŸ™‚ ni. πŸ™‚

We all move from, nay, between the three Sons. Of the Passover. “Moving on” is not, what humanity does, but arrogant idiotic sort of people tell exactly that like a “take yo meds” mobbing phrase, to as in against such People, who don’t like “foureyes”, simply, as in here meaning, not Him really at all, He okay, but exactly there against Foureyes, it was Ali G himself, who was wrong, and who there didn’t merely reciprocously as in any negatively refer to “his” as in his role’s “own” character, but simply was somewhat over-critical – toward namely a fine sort of Person, which he always on and on MOBBED, but heinously, verbally, which is exactly, what I can not stand, and what DOES provoke me extremestly, extremestly, and what makes me willing and able, to KILL in WRATH AND UTTER ANGER, againte SUCH INSULTERS of the EXTREME TYPE simply, who HEINOUSLY socalledly “PICK ON” as in, who MOB an INNOCENT, AT ALL simply like that a PERSON. Ali G as in sbc there made a horrible mistake. I’d like to EVEN NOW “JUMP” into the SCREEN and either OFFEND as in have a computer’s ULTRA-voice handy, which would SHOUT hallingly into his EARS til he almost DEAF, or, you know what. simply. HOW CAN he have MOBBED THAT PERSON THAT MUCH, hu. WHAT DID HE ONLY THINK! ALL his other stuff except grimsby was ALL so ok. BUT NOT his TINY but HUGE detail of this mobbing against POOR Foureyes, as I ALREADY wrote and HAVE to shockedly reconfirm, EVEN. :\ <- shows a DISCONTENT sort of SMILY.

There be no winter of discontent anymo. I go to BRAZIL! πŸ™‚ BEZT Country EVER. Sorry I switch all the time ma merely private decisions, LOL. Me merely Joseph Smitha, me hopa no falsa morala anywhea, ey. senk you. πŸ™‚

putinskaya chee false moraler against the harmless HOMOSEXUALS. what is that, my friend putinskaya. be okay. don’t make me problemm. you are nott shtanislaf lem. not quite, wha. come on. ey. don’t discriminate my Gays. They are to 95 Percent or so, SIMPLY complexestly INTELLECTUALS. and simply not abusers. !!!

simply totally not mostly, almost never, simply. the abuse happens mostly in the heterosexual area, simply, abhorrentestly.

Ah yeah. I will teach People, who to slim off. But, for free. And, to enrage the consumerist offerers. I will enrage them ultimately, these among capitalists, who simply aren’t the top instrumentalisers, but who dumbly follow them, simply. I can learn from the eu. πŸ™‚

merely structurally. Anyway, slimming off would be cool, for many namely – wHO WERE ENSLAVED by a sort of work and then “eat” world – be they now “pedofile” or even not, simply: I care about their APPEARANCE. LET ME EXPLAIN. truly HEX-plain:

Okay. We TAKE a Computer. WHAT DO WE DO WITH IT, if YA READ, did read, ma IT Articlesh. Ey?

WE DARKEN THE OS, the computer system. πŸ™‚

Now, 98 percentos of Quarkos, ARE dark, as in, YET unbeknownst to Us.

Why did I say that HERE NOW. I “wasted” time, LOL: I didn’t. I simply USED time, but automatically, as I CAN logically do nothing ELSE, OTHER, than FOLLOW logic, simply, not merely when awake, simply, of course, and as Anyone is always on THAT Level of One’s own Sum of Information that Oneself has, here, it’s so, that I merely said ANYTHING, not quite, but Something Else out of a – seemingly and not totally – different subcategory of existence-ASPECT, – which Example is there, to depict, that by simply for example reading this, One can’t mostly at the same Time biologically eat, as in, One can’t focus THAT much, while eating.

In restaurants, People should not have to wear the crap mask, but different Groups of Guests should be simply put onto Tables, that are at least two, say three Meters away from Eachother. But restaurants ARE only there for the rich and for the western sort of workers in the west, simply – outside of it likewise, for the rich and there for relatively well-off, wealthy sort of workers, simply, obviously, and not for poor People, not quite, other than fastfood and doners and takeways, which have partially also rather healthy sort of new Food Chains such as that “Taco”-similar new Chain, that isn’t bad, but the whole such sudo-system is flawed, from two sides, as Animals shouldn’t be as massively killed as simply not needed, insofar that too many People eat a huge amount of Meat, and insofar, simply, as that People mostly are yet and even newly poor, financially, and thusly can’t contribute simply as much as the yet much rarer wealthy People, to Society yet, as in, They thusly in poverty can not buy many Products, and can’t build up an own Company. Already now, Economy is rather a remainder of what once was, than anything new, as in, than any really new standards, as in, than any better standards, which standards are that easy to install, would be, but are stalled, damaged, kept from getting realised, by the typical opressors of governmental and of fanatic type, simply.

One can also without giving Em hardship, make a Society just inne head, objective, self-fair rather, but much rather than namely the dumb sudo-selfcriticacy malcalled selfcriticacy being merely the term guilt wrongly understood and malapplied simply namely against Those, Who simply knew not any better.

One can also without any giving, bestowing of hardship, make People slim off. !

One would say, yeah, that Sportster of totally old Style IS zimply MEGA oldschool, whoa, thish MEGA Man, Coach, in Addams Family, who there says, Fester’s a “hopeless Case indeed”. Ciao. πŸ™‚ And ciao. πŸ™‚ Ragazz. πŸ™‚


TUM PARIS has an IDEA of Acting, a HUGE Idea, but NOT of politics. ! Nay, but he was FUCKED, feelably, visibly, to HAVE to play THAT dumb a Script. simply. shimply. One EVEN SEES IT, actually. !!!

Neelix IS not ridiculous. VERY emotional. VERY ethical. A TRUE KLINGON. NO WHIMP.

janeway had a bad script to read: after the tenth episode in the 7th season, AGAIN, berman played nazi usa and trampled down on some FOREIGNERS as in, there on Aliens – simply. janeway also there halts for even three to five seconds and was apparently by script mime-commanded to play “bored” and slowly talking, – while 200 Klingons were on the Verge of being killed in their exploding Spaceship: As if janeway would “sense and already KNOW” the whole thing, that the Klingons themselves by their Leader ignited their ship: But an ethical Person would be rather a tad hasty, more than a mere tad, to aid Others in utter distress, simply. insofar, berman has the mind of an actual criminal.

no wonder, BANG and holocaust.

i can here only write the truth. there IS nothing else. berman IS an idiot. πŸ™‚ THE SAME even simply by principle, by that principle of slightly ethics, that he doesn’t AT ALL cling to, as what hitler was all led to roughly believe: berman isn’t less rough, simply. his mind “is” nowhere, surely not in objectivity, as he NEVER EVER even HEARD of a chomsky or what, as in, of what Chomsky and such anti-gov Critics HAVE all – even without any misguided hate – ALL revealed. AND THAT WITHOUT HATE. I CAN NOT EVEN SAY, HOW “WEAK” THE MERELY SOCALLED “GOOD” SIDE IS, because, AS that “good” side isn’t good, but naive, simply. And that sudogood side is not Chomsky, he is truly “REALLY” good (though personally not perfect), but who is unawarely simply a tad very evil, intolerably evil, sudopolitically, is simply a berman, who IS worse, than indeed a moderate, mere Roddenberry. ! Roddie was a harmless sort of raunchy Dude, mostly, but already led astray, personally, a tad way more, than a Chomsky, simply. Roddie was no Intellectual, but like berman simply an anti-leftist, an indoctrinated person, who unlike berman, who knew obviously merely naive life and belief in god or what, LOL, merely pro-israel quack for seriously atombombs and seriously opression, horrible, as unlike berman, Roddenberry was anti-leftist, the same as berman, BUT not DECADENT, not TERRIBLY naive, but able, to overcome his own rightwing sort of prejudices. berman never did such radical criticism against the west, but abused Roddenberry’s work to install a new – fascist – west, terribly, visually, which is exactestly in-line with the US doctrine.

“that has been sufficiently described”, I would also say. πŸ™‚ LOL. πŸ™‚


And now … πŸ™‚ dot dot dot: LnG: EL GRAPADURO BLU! :]


Nu, weiss is, ni. πŸ™‚

= * =

In star trek voyager, the episode “workforce”, I stopped, and just now imagined, how those ex-crew would get tortured, and murdered, and period. and nobody would ever search for them or even avenge them, simply. My movie would exactly show, how they would get tortured, namely to death, the pitilessness, haha indeed, and period. That would be the lesson. period. The entire background of what that crew all did, which is simply horrible evil, wanton murder and utter injustice of bizarre type, would not be mentioned, in my movie. πŸ™‚ The movie would merely be THE FINAL SOLUTION. simply. period. I am not reluctant, to state this. period.


= * =

The above last Paragraph of mine is a good paragraph. And most of you out there are simply evil. plain uneducated.

I am not a mother. I am the motherbrain. two different things. I have compassion within me, but it’s limited to ethical sort of People. People, authority or not, who behave opressively, are not ethical, and must be downed, anyhow. period.

Millenia long, the merely good People stated rightful accusations against horribly evil, horribly opressive people in government and among people, against fanatic sort of prejudiced as in, against indoctrinated individuals, simply.

For example, and that’s NOT a VERY good Example of a Case, the indeed “poor” Cesar CLAUDIUS was even MURDERED – probably DUE to Him having been quite the LEADER at that time, OF the roman empire, and mayhap, mayhap even surely NOT due to Him having LED any simply indeed heinous anti-gothic RAIDS, simply.

THE SAME as now KIM YONG UN, who in power-abuse-affect and in power-abuse-indoctrination, but really into that pushedness, murdered FIVE People (unlike king david who RAPED as in STOLE a Woman from a MAN HE MURDERED), against which Kim Yong Un (youtube disturbed me by autopausing, nay it was the provider refusing a new internet line to me – based on which, I will “of course” get furtherly discriminated by further people believing in the discrimination by whoever is simply evil, wherefore, I will have to emit atombombs against all humans, mayhap, even, as I do have no other means of combatting against the simply simply horribly evil people, you see), against which Kim Yong Un, usa didn’t do a MURDER attempt based on those five murders, which Kim Yong Un did.

It does not mean, that Kim Yong Un would be “innocent” of these murders: Yet, “innocent” as in, in general, as in, merely politically, HE IS, simply.

That usa chose, to be the more heinous SORT OF murderer, as in, that usa’s deep state part of government, also washington DC whose name I now write out, I, underline I and nobody else is that clear (i AM the bigger maniac, than a laughable Rebel called hitler was), that usa was that self-convinced at, by comitting MURDER of the wanton, say, of the socalledly “political” (equals: utterestly heinous) type, means, that “usa” must be destroyed completely, simply, that the FLAG must be HATED by ALL people, that ALL people must be DRIVEN BY THREAT AND APPLIANCE OF TORTURE AWAY from that very US flag, simply – and that Kim Yong Un is exonerated, simply, proved Himself worthy under stressful situations, under durass, simply. Nay, his organisation under Him was just more loyal than a few thirty CIA men who were butchered by “usa”, due to Kim Yong Un needing such threats of absoluteness, of LIFE AND DEATH, simply –

Saddam Hussein and Gadaffi were rather rightful. Saddam was installed even by usa, not only supported then. “usa” is an abhorrant swine, simply. the most part of the west, 80 percent, are laughable absolute idiots who actually don’t know, what they want, what is good, and what exactly they’re following, as governments, and as actual principles.

… the west shouts “we are democratic!”, but exploits by horrible capitalism, against which nobody says a word, all people.

… the salary of minimal in europe, is at twenty dallaz. duh-laz, that is, are. twenty.

… where is any “leftism”? “please”? oh, I MUST say “please”, after all. after ALL, janeway was SUCH A GOOD anti-society critic, n’est-ce pas. SUPERBE, yes. yes. yes. yes. superbe. uhu. LOL. πŸ™‚


Sweet Smoke -Just a poke (1970)Full Album & Bio & Lyrics

Merely ethical, sanely conditioned sort of Individuals even tolerate Me, wherefore, it is a struggle, existence, among humans. Or so said, if I would say it more leaderly: A good Leader MUST talk also OFFENSIVELY, not only merely any merely DEFENSIVELY. A GOOD LEADER, as in, is the meaning, MUST talk DISLAIMATIVELY. ETHICALLY, that is. STRICTESTLY. IT IS, what I have rarely seen get talked BY any leaders. sadly. abhorrantly so, simply.

That Hippie Band of Above, of the last Link, is superbe. It’s the “classical”, non-old-fashioned good Way of getting “into the HYPE”: OF the COSMOS, simply. AS IF that would be ALREADY, would have been, CHIPTUNEZ, namely: NOW, the BAND is “EVOKING” A JAZZY HARMONY, RIFF, and BEAT. whoa. πŸ™‚ It’s their WAY of saying, DO JOY, BE HYPED, BUT SIMPLY HARMLESSLY: OR WE SHALL FIGHT AGAINST YE. πŸ™‚

Der lazt Phrase, ja, is der “white” Rose. Der rosΓ© Wine and Rose? πŸ™‚ White? rather BLACK. But not FASCISTICALLY black:

not like a BERMAN ultra-bourgeouis, that is. europeans aren’t LESS ultra-bourgeois, not less DECADENT but as in, CONFUSED, not LESS, than AMERICANS simply ARE.

not less: DUMB. not less: OPRESSIVE – unawarely:

Some american “landlord” who is a sort of alternative, uses the entirely wrong words. He was never taught at even using words correctly. he writes such an uneducated simply dumb shit, that I do trust Him in Matters of Marihuana, but not in simply indeed “higher” matters. MARK my SIXTIES-Style now. I have respect of People with a BENT Nose, but NOT of a KISSINGER, simply, as Kissie, as Chomsky revealed simply, TRAMPLED against foreign Leftists, simply. Like REAGAN, who trampled on, stomped-out NICARAGUA. as said, good to say, even the ALF Family BACK-STOMPED against THAT, against simply what REAGAN did, as in, AGAINST reagan, simply. !!!

So berman is wrong, rightfully vinced-over BY the MERE ALF Family, ALREADY, simply. !!!

berman was an uncritical SWINE, a WITHRUNNER in many things leading up to the iraq war. the term “the” here was time-a-squanderinge. time-the-squanderinge.

People, who call the now “waste”, “waste times”, are a tad very much more ethical and aware and critical, critically thinking and critical to Humanity, to a Species, than a DUMB MOTHERFUCKER SWINE berman, who ON AND ON kills INNOCENT PEOPLE and TORTURES THEM ON THE SCREEN by his VILE voyager of not THAT unlate, simply. AH.

berman is like an orthodox rabbi, nay, exactly like someone not wanting to be seen as such, and not nay, but exactly that, simply. hence the sudo-nay. πŸ™‚ berman is exactly someone, who doesn’t even know how NOT to make a nice face toward TOTALLY evil and dumb abusive sort of people, simply. the last part of the latter phrase shows People, as it’s wrongly often merely said, “should show”, LOL, that I am critical. That I don’t trust whoever, simply. and that I stand by my principles, and that I am no idiot who later repents simply previous indoctrinative malaspects of an own mind totally convinced by obvious lies. I contrarily to such idiots, was always right, from the start of MY life, simply. period.

that is the sole basis of emancipation. the I. period. This I is by effort, futile effort, damaged, destroyed, by simply dumb, abusively acting, evil sort of by prejudices indoctrinated power-abusers and fanatics, simply, obviously.

why does berman glorify the west. it got indoctrinated into him, BY the media. πŸ™‚ and he was too dumb, to not ever even adopt such a simply nazi lie, dogma, that “the west” would be any “good”, simply. πŸ™‚


easily said. SO VERY easily said, that I can prove: NATURAL existence IS easy. πŸ™‚

Einstein and von Neumann were alright. simply. πŸ™‚


VAN NEWMN. ISH that pronounshd. πŸ™‚ CLEAR?

or VUHN noom’n. πŸ™‚ and don’t say NUMA NUMA to ME or a get innerly BUPPED ungoodestly, anti-oy not meaning anti-Skins.

Ah yeah da REDSKINS. πŸ™‚ Who, da INDIANS? πŸ™‚


The “aboriginal”, LOL, “NATIVE”, LOL, wait, itsh getsh WORSE OR BETTER, LOL, the “INDIGENOUS”, LOL, socalled “OLD”, LOL, “ANCIENT”, exactly original yet “AB-original” called, abusively by the old whites socalled uh, (*: non-white, uh) Americans or, uh, Australians, uh, also from the Fawlty Major, the famous revered “Niggers” as in, the Population of eastern INDIA, that is. πŸ™‚

AB-originals? ABFLEX. πŸ™‚ bla bla. POP SOFA! πŸ™‚


I sadly have to relieve maself due to almost incompetence, LOL, as in, that Churchill wasn’t black, I didn’t understand, what quick sudomovements of sudothought CLEESE there made, simply. I have no idea. simply. IN MERELY THAT exact point – ABOUT surely INDIA and also aBOUT the commonwealth of old or new. NO idea. reallae. Marjorae. πŸ™‚


mayhap, me no as “sick” as Cleese? I HAVE no idea, nay, surely not. He ain’t sick. But maybe, in SOME details. Not really, but maybe, damaged. Maybe, just sad. Nay, it’s more than THAT, obviosusly. Some structure in his so-and-so configured MIND, which is different to my Node there. Concerning that. AS I HAVE never “GONE OUT” to society. I am just “NAIVE” in indeed “MY OWN WAY”. Period.

The Major there TALKS too quickly. I didn’t understand a Word – OF it. Nevermind. Least of ol accidnts, couldv ccured anywhauh reallae. πŸ™‚

Cumic jetz in die vurn-sey-hen. πŸ™‚ dunkan Sie sheyn. πŸ™‚ gesindhyte. πŸ™‚

ya. and surry ma iruny, reallae surry, ya, all the rantaz, that is. hu. πŸ™‚

these ranting people. the system all the while n more doesn’t even see, who rants rightfully and who not. simply.


when the system is stupid people. and when academy is asshole people, immature, even worse than government.

I mean that. meaning, it IS so. and that’s sad – against, and not quite “for”, but TO you.

… not to me. apparently. as apparently, a leader must control one’s emotions, and be like a berman, meaning, evil, and period. so.

… so then. period.

… I am of course not sorry for my iron irony. my irony IS iron. now. and forever.

… so it be. so it is. you all kind of don’t remark:

… ranters, LOL. and my website. nobody looks at it.

my brain ironically said now, to that, “nice”. hm. nice, that is not. my brain itself emits irony.

… it says the opposite of what is true, then, when the conditions are appalling. period.

… there is no discussion. MANKIND!

… sorry, my brain emitted the last word. πŸ™‚ my brain is not exactly I.

… the western psychiatry is a swine, a filth, a dumb fucker. a supremacist bourgeois careerling of uncriticalest abhorrant dumbness and thusly, of utter injustice. and not of mind. not of any. obviousestly. obviousestly. 70 percent of it. plain evil. plain dumb. what be that. ey.

i always was innocent and was always simply getting for no reason discriminated, mobbed, by simply definitely evil swine western demented insane dumb people. simply. these dumb people can push a button, as in, they CAN “EVEN” self-speakably click the mere MOUSE Button: But NEVER on the CORRECT place ON a Screen, simply. THAT CAN be proven, in all real context: THEY KNOW nothing, simply. But THEY CLICK their MOUSE – impertinently, hastily over-decisively, simply. hastily. ! incompetently, in relation to ALL reality, simply.

The Re-Stoned – Stories Of The Astral Lizard(Full Album)

Stone Rebel – A Plain Full of Stars (2020 – full)

Camel Driver – “\ /” (Full Album 2020)

Villagers of Ioannina City – Age of Aquarius (Full Album)

= * =


” GUARDIAN: Meng Wanzhou lawyers say documents will prove Canada plotted with FBI “

Also by the same excellent other Blogger, I rarely saw such a good Blogger, He also reports:

” Storyline: China sentences another Canadian to death.
China sentenced another Canadian to death on drugs charges Friday, the second in two days to be handed the … “

This Blogger is exceptional. He might be very well the reason, why I can’t use nuclear bombs to eradicate humanity, simply and actually. There aren’t a LOT of Others like Him – WHO even HAVE time, to engage.

I congratulate Him and put meself ENTIRELY under Him.

The few “protestors”, who are by Will good, but indoctrinated merely anti-communistically, don’t hit the point, as Meng Whanzou is entirely innocent, the chief of Huawei, IS NOT chinese-government-loyal —

MIND us all ALREADY having been EVEN OVER the iraq war, as in, even after it, WAY too “up-looking” TO OF COURSE ASPECTS OF USA: Which ASPECTS, DIFFERENT INDIVIDUALS, CONDITIONINGS, and different Aspects EVEN in our very own Mind, simply, – we can’t POLITICALLY mix them “into a SAUCE”, where that sauce would be “SPLIT”, a BANANA SPLIT: The CHINESE government IS evil, AS is the US government and AS are western governments “largely”, as in, in their crude aspects, parts, of conservativity FOR really nothing: But, ONE Human BEING is not a STATE. So, the Huawei even FEMALE Chief IS NOT QUITE LIKE CARRY LAM:


THE, ALL THE REPUBLICANS, and ma name ain’t quite benny disraeli OY OY OY indeed against this sucker idiot, LOL only, THEY CAN hold me up ON this. YES. FULLY. I PUT MA HAND INTO THE FIRE FOR MISS WHANGZOU —

and they wouldn’t cut it off. NOT the AMERICANS !!!

But the CHINESE government WOULD. in cases.

do not deport Meng WHANZOU!

deportations are anyway then illegal, if they’re done racistically, and not simply against hardened criminals merely then, when these criminals were sent BY other countries: Only THEN CAN the deportation BE even AT ALL a legal such deportation, simply. obviously.


The SAME Blogger also TELLS: About “DEPORTED”: WORKERS!


This Blogger is excellent. He can be WMP Alpha. ANYTIME. THIS DUDE I TRUST. HE IS AS SUPERBE, ETHICALLY, and information-wise, objectivity-wise, AS that SUPER “Moulder” TRUE sort of DUDE of the C fuckin IA, LUL, who SPOKE, “DARED”, sorry tha quot marks, to TAWK FOR AZZANGE, ZIMPLY.



victory. of the future. I am it, sez ma bwaine, LUL. nay nay. HE is it. HE is BETTER than ME. He doesn’t write in ANGER and CHECKED some PSYCHO STUFF which I didn’t, cuz I am a wrathful stoic absolute zealous ethicist, sometimes angry, but lately merely innerly angry, and thusly bereaft not mostly but exactly when opressed face to face, of words, simply. of appropriate YET “CALM”, as in, calmly brought-over words.


I said:

” We shall rule. And we is us two plus Anon plus Assange plus Snowden plus Lewis Black plus not putin’s antigay bug nor colbert’s vile anti-Assangeism-fascism, write I, but we as in not the west, but a new whole world, under Robots, and under People like frickin LEWIS BLACK. Watch Him on Youtube, Man. You’re DA BEZT. Whoa. SUCH objectivity. You’re One of the Dudes, who is a Moulder not confused, who DOES NOT push an indeed MERE Crycek to the Wall, but abhorrs like I from “konami” putting dumbly evilly a SOLDIER statue into their thusly messy bad programming halls indeed, simply. The Leader of Huawei is of course not chinese-gov-loyal, which is why “deportation”, an anyway vile word abused since 20 years massively by racist rightwingers who deported from the west massively innocent young People, is murder, simply, such horrible “deportation” of simply illegal type, – showing, that govs on the highest level, are horribly evil, due to russia’s, usa’s, and china’s all sudo-protective, simply actively opressive govs, which are horrible indoctrinated constructs, for the most part, which is irreprentativity needing rather than merely warranting rebellion and simply global revolution, which must come by People becoming independent of certain concrete sorts of indoctrination of course, rid of the indoctrination that murdered Jesus, murders Assange, and led from “both” sides, from orthodox and fascist and leninist sudocommunist sides, to many holocausts, simply, abhorrantly, likewise in the unform of an atatΓΌrk in turkey, who was the same like selassie the horrible, saddam was less vile, atatΓΌrk massmurdered the Armenians and surely Curds too, and erdogan WAS at first AGAINST atatΓΌrk, yet now opressively sudo-muslimises People, whereas uncritical People get unawarely by indoctrinators cheated of and by the term culture and religion, behind which merely opression and dullness lies, simply lies, as in, in the ground, and says the total untruth, the exact untruth, simply, mostly. which is of course a path down the drain. πŸ™‚

But Robots will come. πŸ™‚ Marlboro will have changed its Label, and no antihomosexual sort of “orthodox” type of jews will exist anymore. they will be thought of later as them having been the same as the nazis, simply, already along their totally undue anti-homosexuality, which will not exist anymore, simply. period. nor will fanatics exist, who “are” against abortion. period. nor will babyrapers exist, but will get rightfully kulled before they do it, simply. period.

Villagers of Ioannina City – Riza (Full Album 2014)

And where are those young swines, who lately mobbed me for using Music-References. western rightwing sudoleftist inlanders posing as leftist. do they want to des-TROY music? they are not Troy.

my socalled “father” (a bad term, sounds like anti-satanism, abhorrant, and my standard haha will conquer the world, comma, say I against anti-satanists out there who should not be getting persuaded of the opposite, but combatted in a glorious endfight, period, yes) ignored as, that’s wall I DO call somewhat, surely not BABY-shakingly (horrible: such swines must all get into the shrinkhome immediately forever, period, forever, I say, and the authorities will do it), but ignorantly STILL actively [!] OPRESSED me – when I WAS four – and CRIED in me CRIB, – AS lately me “mum” came out AFTER DECADES with THAT more than mere info. I SAW, THAT HE FOLLOWED A WRONG WAY OF CAPITALISM, NOT EVEN, THAT TOO, BUT OF BEING WORSE, THAN A STILL INDEED MILD BERMAN.

thusly, I had a horrible life. my rents socalled “parents” didn’t prepare me, but opressed me, me mum totally was being opressed by the “father”, also before that by HER father.

Thusly, I once three times not hard, but humiliatingly HIT my old harmless CAT, that had CANCER and surely wanted me to care for Him, as in, He actually wanted me to demise Him by Mercy, actual Mercy-Killing. Which is obviously existing, such as also now the elderly, when They request it, or People in yet unhealable physical extreme pain not even reduceable by painkillers, because of a cells-destroying sickness being mostly cancer: My Idea was since few Years, to promise the Cancer to live on inside an AI, where the Cancer can’t “harm” us anymore, so the Cancer is then – simply STILL – a LIVING Being, gets EXTRACTED but not KULLED, then, by ultramodern medicine done OF COURSE by BOTS AND top notch Humans.

the unethical opression is then a cycle of opression, if the Individual isn’t critically enough thinking, isn’t critically thinking, isn’t mentally ethically and logically, ethically BECAUSE solely logically, perceptively, not not biased, but biased, simply. That unethical opression exists merely, when a wrong incentive, a wrong mere sudo-motivation, was given, as in, indoctrinated.

my father is typically brain-doodled, indoctrinated, by various yet typical abforms, forms, of deception, that was all created by simply either backward or merely pragmatic but indoctrinated sort of individuals, who stem from the typical bunch of idiots of post-war type, who are the same as the middle age bunch of sherriffs of nottingham, – many stupid as in misinforrmed, indoctrinated people, which I see already in the fact, that even not so unmany people get lied-to, plain brainwhacked, indoctrinated as in lied-to, BY the – anti-Assange – conservative SWINE press, part of press, against simply an Assange who talks against … dot dot dot … massmurder… dot dot dot …

so all those, who talk “against” Him, are massmurderers, as in, talkers “for” massmurder.

the US even largely societal, chinese governmental and russian governmental conservativity is merely the cream on top of simply fascism, which is horror, simply, is leninism, which is maoism, which is fascism and in no way ever simply “communism”, not any, simply.

the exact by content always inexact “stomping” against MARX, is not only futile, that, it is, but it is also simply the exact – and anti-REAL-communist – mistake. πŸ™‚

I found a noo groop Women at Jerk, “ahaha”.

Ave Zatan. Megatruhn Te salutat. Ah, Jesus agreez. No shit hu. You out there, some, will all see.

The past is never the past. All that was done, will be revenged. period. appropriately.

I was years ago hiding from society. I still am, but am not anymore as depressed, and not anymore as psychotic, as some few years ago, simply.

To get rid of an old Cat, a family member of mine few years ago put the Cat to MY place;

And I was not either following even possibly the good Hippie Way, was not at all, am still totally not emotionally a nice Dude, but am absolutestly shattered, an absolutely damaged Person. I am able to judge, am mentally top fit, but very sad. Very innerly emotionally hurt. I am not able, to withstand anyhow ever in the very slightest the vile abhorrant unway of unrightful insults already, which rightwingers OR bourgeois sort of people do. They are ABSOLUTELY demented, as in, MERELY politically so, simply – NOT emotionally, actually. !!!

I am here the emotions-destroyed AS in emotions-CRAZIEST dude EVER, simply – but negatively. Not harmfully. But negative not by activism “AGAINST” my own mind, totally not, but simply, the opression that humanity in the past “gave” me, is carried-on partially by also me, as in, by my hatred: Where GEORGE LUCAS is TOTALLY WRONG and ROUGH, unintentionally, as HE NEVER EVER experienced in reality ANYTHING, simply, but was SPOILT, simply, and never got the education of an Intellectual, VERY obviously. HE COMES along with the TYPICAL “emotions-brainwash”, indoctrination, in THAT point of emotions, – which the “evil” side “could” abuse: RUBBISH. obviously.

The “evil” side is politically merely nowadays not even evil, but is indeed mostly an anti-US-government, anti-evil, by USA’s government as “evil” like as “pirate” falsely marked “side”, which centrally isn’t anti-homosexual anymore, isn’t “alkaida” at all, but alkaida is merely there strong, where there is unreason, where there is blind hatred, where there is merely anti-ANY-Americans hatred, which is not at all fending off nor combing out the obviously erroneously acting Ones:

When they’re mis-acting FROM the top, politically, from the three biggest govs, then that’sh bad, Ya knowsh, tell I SOME maybe saveable Ones out there, or, question mark.

Just living, is it. And not ENSLAVING oneself, as in, not EXPOSING oneself to the INDOCTRINATION nor to the SLAVERY out there. And not to ACTUALLY just “go ta cullej”, as COLLEGE really must be “TAKEN” by an Individual, and not succumbed-to, as in, not adapted-to, simply. The opposite is in the west simply the case, mainly. obedience is the tool of misery, also abused at universities.

false morals destroy science, simply. I am meself angry rightfully against 80 percent of scientists, who are not von Neumanns, are not even Polanskis, but boring idiots, – or then in cases fall to machism, already, which is not, what von Neumann nor even Roddenberry drastically were like. no mind, no style, is no excuse. and dumb style, as in, Alternatives who don’t have an inchling of facts, are out, simply. out. most hippies were plain dumb. did they anyhow get into the legal system. in no way. THAT’s the reality. separate worlds, under a huge opression roof, “dungeons”, calls Chomsky Countries now rightfully, simply accusing that, that countries were over millenia simply nothing but dungeons. ruled by dumb people. simply. largely malruled, not ruled, by the fact, that academy consists of many time-a-wasting professors, who say such a rubbish, that that’s appalling, obviously; then the wrong, good Ones, get discriminated, obviously by very primitive AND by “high” assholes FROM the gov, simply; which govs come along like the men in white in the ET movie, like evil “aliens” which don’t as such exist but only exist in human, inhumane, nazi unform, simply, in the form of “government”, as in, “fema”, horrible, simply. So Alex Jones isn’t at all a “rightwinger”, but it’s john oliver, who is the maggot, by anti-Assange fascism, obviously.

The us government, by theft and indirect murder against Scientists of renewable Energy and leading to murder in Southamerica, did about the very same as any extreme sort of pedofile and childmurderer and babyrapist, simply, obviously.

The hamas isn’t as vile, not from the top, as nutnyahu simply is. The hamas was topped by Hezbolla, and its Leader, not the press speaker of theirs, but their Leader is a nice Person, who suffered from a Lack of education led-to largely BY indeed THE west.

AS India was assaulted by britain 150 years ago, the nam and iraq war were the same, the same as the spanish ancient medieval conquests, massmurders, against Southamerica, the same as likewise the massrape and massmurder of both assaultive and of structural hugely opressive type, that the AMERICANS did since now a few centuries.

YOUTUBE was commanded abusively by swines, to disable hippiedom, to disable thinking, to bug People against their own thinking, by “autopausing” the Music. Which is a global effort to subdue to People into monetary capitalist slavery, which leads to massmurder by fascists, whose hatred, I have studied in those last 20 years, and whose hatred is of course overbloated, but in its mere – tiny – core, not misplaced, would not be misplaced, if not typical errors of judgement the VERY SAME as of the orthodox monotheists AND of the capitalists, would be made BY the fascists, simply.

the ENTIRE european population was MOBBED into fascism.

many gave up, against government. governments nowadays just injustly “ride” above us;

While they don’t know, what’s all down there. They are evil dumb silly men, who like in super mario throw down nuts, fireballs, at simply anyone who walks down there. And a mere drone ain’t a full, aint’ a real AI. simply. counts like, for humans too, would I say. ah. I beteach Some, Ya know. I will yet. In the points of reality, truth, simply. That’s what some can’t hear, nor fairness, is, what authorities can hear. But all they mostly sit on, in the west, typically, is hinder ways, dumb misplaced smiling, and glorifications, that are based on facts not perceived, facts not objectively, but along typical fairytales, delusions, indoctrinations, that all are glorifications of opression and of backwardness, facts not at all any summed-up, simply.

the west created abhorrant swines, individuals, who rape, and who abuse much too young Children. That goes not, but is obviousestly pictorially already absolutestly unbearable and intolerable, is torture, is sadism, is defiling, is abhorrant sadist evil, simply, which may not exist.

the west is an extreme danger, simply, as it perpetrates disconsentual type of, unethical type of sexuality, which destroys sexuality. “anti-homosexuals” are the same as babyrapers and childabusers of extremest type: some orthodox type of jews in “mea shearim”, the orthodox quarter of jerusalem, rape two Years young Children, in some maybe even more than 200 such ugliest cases. such swines should be publically getting tortured to death without mercy, and period. globally. And not one lie, or millions should die. period. should and will. period. I can not state any other thing. period. Swines who discriminate a Polanski, are the same as childabusers. When fame is dangerous, then it’s society, which is evil, and which has a falsely moraled, prejudiced, sexually disobjective government and large society, that is falsely moraled, simply not experienced at judgement about sexual things, aspects. “

= * =


UK wants to forbid below 18 Years old People to travel inside UK.

… what is that.

… but total fascism. opression against the Youth.

… now, it’s enough. I can’t watch any longer. humanity is doomed. I will do nothing. humanity WILL erase itself, either mostly, or completely. I can see that.

a muslim mayor of london. horrible. totally not neutral. I am not anti-muslim, but anti-biasedness, simply.

uh, that society is crazy and dumb and doesn’t of course want to admit that about itself, is a tad cruel, namely against Those, who are not demented, simply.

The mobbing done against me at school will eat up all or most of humanity, very VERY simply. And I will not watch.

i am beyond what Lewis Black gets, got, upset about. I for one, can’t anymore.

I refuse, to even write, what I thought before, I forgot it, people don’t see, who uses the own brain correctly and who not, so they will fall down, haha, and also the Innocents they pull with them, and the Innocent destroyed by them, by the monotheist horribly naive fanatics, simply;

and that will from the beyond revenge itself, very simply. from the beyond. and not by the memory of people. fuck memory. is that a game or what. seems like.

= * =

After the tshekotΓ© role in voyager has a simply ugly relation irresponsibly with Seven (whereas the previous work-episode talk of any “inappropriateness” of that is thereby violated: berman has no principles), Q’s “Son” serves as “Punk” of “bad sort”, of “impertinent type”, to be of course bashed on. it’s not watchable, but a naziswine unwork, simply, all star trek after TNG. abhorrant. it’s made by people, who exactestly are nazis. who glorify not Kirk, but for example, “harry” truman, reagan, nixon, and thusly mao and hitler, what he did, – and they are not aware of that, of being convinced of wrong things, such as this “discipline”, a tool of evil, of childabusers and of the typical dumb grunts and fanatics, simply.

memori. vely phani. I was one on some stage, and the 30 people audience featured a turkish teen who hailed the hitlergruss toward me, in the typical sudo-stoic pose. I shook my head. as I then went to him, offered him a bottle of scotch someone else left, he waved me off arrogantly.

in that case, Chomsky was correct going the normal intellectual line, in his reply to another, the same type of naziswine, who insulted Chomsky personally, obviously filled with hatred against chomsky, that, which hatred, stems from people, that must be killed. I said killed. and torturted. period. who “hates” chomsky, must be KILLED.

if berman opens his mouth again, I will lead to his killing. period. now it’s enough. enough!

anti-satanists need all to be killed. period. so.

anti-homosexuals need all to be killed. period. so.

Dark Music Mixtape #21 (2020): Post-Punk, Gothic, 80s, Synth, Wave, Lo-Fi

= * =

… dumb ignorant opressive sort of indoctrinated individuals everywhere. everywhere.

they do not see the truth. simply. they ARE in many cases evil, simply mobbing and “speaking” against EXACTLY good People, simply, against People, who say the truth, – and against People, who simply contradict an obviously wrong huge societal absolute quack, simply.

You will surely all pay for it. πŸ™‚

Oh, you will. Yes, YOU!

you are not like me.

I am not like ALL of them, simply.

… that’s EXACTLY, what the evil coaches want to talk against. they are the same, like that swine coach, who almost sent hermie to nam. I don’t write nam big. why should I. hu.

they don’t even get the context. writing nam big, in big letters, would here have meant, to “urge”, as in, to emphasize THERE out of appallment, where that’s already clear, simply.

if I’d be like all the westerners (back then and now what is the difference: none, simply), I’d say, yeah, I wrote nam small, haha, small vietnam, haha, viet, typical, just look at them, ahahah. so.

… big people and “ants”. nam is ants. “USA” is “BIG”. “BIG”.


“BIG APPLE”. APPLE. MAC. SEX. THE BIG APPLE, simply. AFTER which, the whole COMPANY called itself. NOT due to ADAM and EVE, LOL, who never as such existed. simply.

But the mac-chief tried to say, “sex is good”, unlol. thusly, he called macintosh into “apple”, redubbed it, obviously. need i know all those “trivia”, which you swines all come up with, you swines you, and which you all then lie about, those other points I didn’t mention, would be “important”, when they are not important. period. you will all see THAT in the afterlife, that I am correct. and none of you, simply. none.

what is that, babyrape installed by the west. what is that.

What is that, rape against anyone, and exploitation against much too young REAL Children. installed by the west: rape, and childabuse. what is that.

That is, what all people deserve being kulled for, without a sole survivor, simply, globally. period.

now, humanity, YOU’re in the shit, not I. πŸ™‚

I did MA homework, this time. and not any of YE did. which I can prove. just look at the planet. take a good looke.


you all will suffer, not I, since I will not help any of you. period.

yesterday, I just stoppped being online, stopped writing. period.

… the western emo-people think, they can solve anything. thusly, they are so appalling, nay, not thusly, but by their opressivity, which they hide. they are insane and don’t want to stand there as such, obviously.

obviously? totally not obviously, obviously. They hide. but not actively, since they are dumb, were turned into evil demented entities, many parents.

“the western people” is the abusive sort of young traditional, and the abusive sort of elderly western people, and simply not the Progressives, which these traditional people want to destroy, simply, abusively.

the west is anti-progression, the lie itself, and for real. the west is a real lie. The west mentally doesn’t exist. The west is not mental, but merely capitalist.

Parents of the west are like the naziswine psychiatry, and merely want to keep their Offspring from achieving, reaching, anything, simply. They don’t “want to”, but do that unawarely. I say “(they) want to”, since they “want to”, as in, it seems so, simply. It drastically seems so. Parents are THAT stupid, that that doesn’t anyhow merely any “BORDER” merely on fascism, but IS that, simply. And they want to deny it – “OF” course. “OF” course.

… that are exactly nazis, exactestly those, who “deny” being that, simply.


In the exact same evil abhorrant way, in which nazis were indoctrinated to bethink themselves as “worthy patriots”, almost all western parents are swine nazi entities, that were indoctrinated, to turn their Children into SLAVES, – and to bethink themselves as “worthy productive members of society”:

berman doesn’t anyhow overcome this, but is a “man” left aside of ANY criticism, of ANY truth, but vains himself in “but we improve” false promises, the same, as the church once told me: “but the church has imPROVED since centuries”:

such swinery, they socalledly “teach”: To continue childabuse, simply. simply. and the childabuse enabling naive belief in a “personal human god”, which would logically keep any rape from happening, would such a “god” exist, which couldn’t obviously be any evil;

as rape occurs, no “god” CAN even exist. no “god”, who would keep any evil from happening, simply.

… the “religious” people were conned, cheated, into a horrible mistake: They were indoctrinated, to lie unawarely, “god” would “have his reasons for letting RAPE happen”: then, “god”, that “god”, would be a sadist, obviously, plain evil. Which can’t be, obviously.

but the demented monotheists (polytheists rather rarely developed THAT central HUGE, hugely spread fanaticism, as monotheisms simply do) continue their mad false belief in a “god”. stubbornly. it’s an instrumentalisation, really simply. a tool. to keep people subdued. to keep people away from politics. to keep the Woman opressed. that is monotheism. abhorrant fanaticism THE VERY SAME as fascism.

the simple mere sudo-riddle, that Nature isn’t a “person”, but is more, than a Person, and that it IS nature, which is beyond the Cosmos, has apparently not been seen by the horrible fanatics. πŸ™‚


A “god” is but a very primitive term, primitive sort of word, for a “force”, indeed. A force. There is a Force beyond this Cosmos. πŸ™‚


But that Force is good, and definitely not like evil indoctrinated swine abusively sadist and injust action taking abhorrantly evil individuals, who anyhow rape, who monetarily exploit, who exploit anyhow sexually, simply.

And that force IS angry. The “god” picture is but a mostly misinterpreted off-shimmer, vaining, of that Force, but as said, very wrongly interpreted by simply obviously idiotic sort of individuals, who merely pretend to be educated, simply, of course.

the west is pretense of being educated by wearing a tie and white shirt.

… which is, what simply most scientists get conned into, already the suit and tie, plus of course the “nice behavior”, which is ape-like, as in, primitive, obedient, unaware, simply, totally unabstract, totally uncritical, – like an ape, simply. πŸ™‚


Ya wanna banana? πŸ™‚


They don’t understand THIS last PHRASE! I didn’t mean, “I” am the ape. but you all are. πŸ™‚


I just mirrored now YOUR western insults against MY person, which YOU ALL NEVER understood.


… they don’t understand that. they got so many demented people, LOL, and they ALL pose as “sane”. πŸ™‚



MANY europeans ARE WAY more nazi, THAN Trump personally is. I TRUST TRUMP FULLY PERSONALLY AND I DO APOLOGIZE for having CONFUSED personal STUFF, ASPECTS, with POLITICAL confusion, for which SOME People SUCH AS Trump HIM FUCKIN COOL SELF, ARE NOT TO BLAME:

this ain’t a political dicee by me of Harry Wong, uh, of Jeremia Johnson, uh, now of Trump, that is. πŸ™‚

But personally, societally-psychologically, it obviousestly is. ALL Intellectuals ARE anyway ON MA side. Now was that a Harry Truman Statement of mine OR WHAT. MARK my UTTER stark WIT. HE WAS CRAZY by doing the ANTIKOREAWAR:

TRUMP was CRAZY by being TOO uncritical, say, TOO DUMB; NOT HIS mistake! NOT HIS!

… Personally, He’s SUCH a nice Man. Nicer than my overstrict nazi parents. my parents are jewish. bourgeois-jewish. abhorrant. the same as the orthodox, in many cases even.

… trump would never have beaten me. trump would never have insanely opressed me in antihippie unways, simply.

… Trump always got not even only the best from People, but surely, some many played the “anti-snob” and “anti-rightwingers” toward HIM;

… That obviously poor Man, whose psyche was played-around with by evil swines merely vaining themselves any leftist, not being leftist, but being the typical junkies of western society, who scream at the Innocent, simply.

… That obviously poor Man, who was driven to letting it out versus a REFEREE at some WRESTLING MATCH on the side of the Ring.

HE is the POOR ONE. Yeah, LIKE hitler. And “poor” is marked by Me as to be bestowed REAL Pity upon. Meaning, FRUM A: “_” BELOW. πŸ™‚


I AM THE SERVANT OF TRUMP AND PERIOD. I don’t have to agree with SOME of what He says. But I DO agree with him personally, which MEANS nothing politically. You all and your politics. you all are not politics. go away with your by you all wrongly perceiced sudo-politics, which isn’t real politics, you non-politicians indeed, you most you. abhorrant. THE PEOPLE. mostly SWINES, filthy deranged SWINES, actually.


the PEOPLE are the machiavellists, simply. BY FAR not only some parts OF any government. !!!


James Duane obviousestly is a superbe, very ethical, top notch ethical Person. Yet He was “CONNED” into a merely “LEGAL” sight of it all, which isn’t LARGELY philosophically analytical, nor largely legal, thusly:

IT IS NOT relevant, whether somebody is a police officer or not, simply. It matters not a wit; WHICH profession, simply, Anyone has.

But One can simply never explain things in a way, where conditions are “pre-assumed”, simply, such as those conditions there, in that matter, marking anyhow the socalled “status” – cast – of People. That goes not. A Profession is not a “dictator”, which dictates, what the Employee exactly should do. Not obviously a mere type of profession can anyhow mean sane paramaters already existing, to achieve anything, simply. Also meaning, the type, NAME, category, LOL, of profession, is not quite the same as the EMPLOYER, simply, the type of. It makes no sense, to “pick out” certain professions, and not properly analyse not the professions, LOL, but People, simply. Independent OF their profession, simply, obviously.

James Duane left out all societal fundamental criticism, simply, as He is obviously Someone “protected”, well-off, and thusly in all reality actually, as I now realise, the same as these two stupid people, who wear fine clothes, a newly wed couple of typical traditional western naive unstyle, in the movie “Warriors”, 1977.

Which is the most critical and ethical science-fiction movie ever done, simply, the same critical as “Looker”, 1969.

Duane obviously makes a very tunty, not homosexual, but tunty impression, like, by behavior, a “light-weight” sort of fop, simply. In some way. I am indeed sad, to have to type this. I don’t disrespect Him at all.

But I see his “gay” behavior, “gay” here not meaning homosexual, but simply, joyous. He unawarely reveals to be very content, emotionally, in most of his Life. He merely attracts jealousy, with his hilarious behavior, way of talk, which is unbearably light, MERELY by tone, by behavior, and totally NOT by content, of course. His CONTENT is excellent, TOP critical – politically.

But not critical societally. He never ever experienced, how hard it is for People. He always lived in a totally protected fairytale lightweight land, it seems. lightweight.

I might be lightweight, by (“mere”) weight, but really, LOL, inne head, I am not quite any lightweight. and I did mean the latter doubly. as in, I am a heavy, not only musically, and, apart of the nice music, politically, what some people do, burdens me. their dumbness, of those, who don’t counteract errators, burdens me.

he is lightweight by real behavior, which isn’t faked. just not his home. just not that his home gets anyhow damaged.

he merely unawarely conveys the unfairness of people like him getting into the system, him being a cover-face for the system, simply. him “wanting” to become prime judge, is the hilarious thing itself, is his delusion. He wouldn’t at all be able, to reach people, as he is the same as a chomsky replying to a hater in an “intellectual” there unway, obviously, in a “fair” way, LOL, which isn’t, what these rightwingers need to hear, simply. I can talk, as what is, how they want Somebody to talk. Namely cooly. And not “intellectually”.

i got all the faces. all the aspects. of a man.

chomsky and duane haven’t. they are fops. by type, simply, as they malbehave, unaware de-psycholigic entities by all visuality the same as robespierre by looks was. obviously. which is not, what a Scarlet Pimpernel was, if He even existed, which then must have been glorious as in, sub-glorious, of course.

… By Looks, I meant. I didn’t here even mean all da other shit. clear?


Or shama talk on like STALIN. The s there is hilarious. SHTAALIN. πŸ™‚


it is my duty, to inform you all, that I can program the death of all humans, to happen after my death, after my mere body’s death.

I have the authority.


You don’t. πŸ™‚


Now, I merely use this threat AS threat. period. But, do not assume, the threat wouldn’t be real, or that my anger against evil would be any meek. LOL, anger is not meek.

no western psychiatrist can detangle this simple mere phrase, LOL, that anger is not meek. πŸ™‚ The mere words oppose eachother, merely those two and some other words such as good and evil, which words by themselves simply simply defy illogic, as in, defy evil, that simply is. πŸ™‚

as in, words, all words, defy wrong interpretations. πŸ™‚

… words are abused, but can’t get abused: The SINGLE word can’t be abused, obviously. In any context. In “no context” can ONE word BE abused, obviously. πŸ™‚ Of course, also in relation to reality wrong word-combinations, are faulty, are not reality, are abuse, simply, done by indoctrinated and by willfully evil, sadist indoctrinated, mentally ill individuals.

The mentally ill are the misguided, simply. And the misguided ones are an abusive evil sphere, which rules, half-rules, half-rules as in, is a dumb mid-sphere that is swayable – and thusly, politics is a sham, doesn’t at all help against childabuse, but does it, obviously.

sex-tourism: mostly abhorrant. dumb and then also some drastically abusive people. abhorrant.

… the only ones, who mostly propagate sex-tourism, are totally dull sex-maniac bloggers, who don’t at all often blog, but are obviously inside a mid-sphere, who did no abuse obviously, but who undeservedly suffered FROM both, from LACK of sexuality of honest type IN the west, AND from lack of really silver-gloves, golden-gloves-wise offered Science, obviously – “well” as in criticallestly said, the LACK thereof, the LACK of Science brought any near to People.

While, and that IS the solution, part of it, I am not a “patient” sort of Person AT ALL, I am nevertheless somewhat reasonable, not vanilla as in, not naive, and that drastically, drastically critical, –

while I can not explain it (all) to plain SOME indoctrinated People (as I disdain intrinsically their quirks, flaws, which are superficially Duane-like, vanilla, simply), I can say, that I thought often lately: Science needs to be taught with Devotion as in, with RESPECT – the term “LOVE” nowadays means “RAPE” or what, – and that’s what most scientists don’t understand: ANY vanilla-language is good for very young People, obviously, but backed by a huge criticacy by good politically aware, ethically aware sort of Parents: Who would, gets their Offchild, Offpsring, about 15 Years old, They don’t re-rebell against their Kids, ideally, but would understand their rebellious TONGUE OF SUDDEN, simply.

most parents don’t understand me dirty tongue.

most programmers are apparently vanilla, vanilla-nitwits. politically apart. apart of reality. a sort of apartheid.

That subcosm of racism southafrica kept until Mandela came, that subcosm of racism is simply the entire west; and surely not only southafrica was that;

dirty equals critical. simply.

People, who call evil people any “dirty”, are often in the wrong word-usage, simply, obviously.

Lewis Black is merely half a Word-Usage analyser. He overdoes it. Then he DRANK. I never knew He drank. πŸ™‚

Is he Hilliard. PART OF HIM sadly is. I am not your massa nice man unlol.

my type is not liked, apparently. by exactly silly inexacestly malthinking sort of individuals, who all are indoctrinated.

indoctrinated with a “sex”, that I don’t know, simply. a primitive form of doing it, simply. with that, they are indoctrinated.

which is not instinct, but malconditioning by humans.

… the ep where tshekote has something with Seven of Nine, is not watchable.

… that’s simply obviously rape. the same as what israeli male generals did, merely some of whom surely got exposed.

europe has always been a horror. under capitalism and under fanaticism, under the mad conservativity, simply, abhorrant, abhorrantly dumb people get up, into power positions. which is not tolerable. simply.

LOL, such a “mere” phrase, short one, hu. πŸ™‚ “dunno”, LOL. πŸ™‚ plain dunno – “ANYMORE”. πŸ™‚

My new Anymore is sadly sadly the opposite of a quite typical midold other anymore, when I yet few years ago was too naive, too “good”, too uncritical kitsch-wise meaning, too bourgeoisly sudodemocratically lied-to, having back then not overcome these simple lies yet – lies, that construct simply indoctrination, simply. simpler, than the typical academics mal-exlain it. They don’t properly explain, how evil comes about.

I know it all, merely societally. no need, to read any books anymore.

It’s trist. that’s, what the CURRENT reality is.

sadly. that sadly, I mean true, is not ironical, obviously.

… not obvious to junkies not to the primitive sort of sudofree uneducated sudoleftists out there, who malthink, Someone Who wants to be beyond it, wants to have things behind oneself, would “laugh” about childabuse.

when someone doesn’t get – programmedly – angry. that’s what the dumb sudoleftists “don’t like” as in, don’t understand.

Not many people saw that. not many. so, I gotta do all maself. beteach people, from right here. what the fuck is that.

then the wordchoice, by effort “educated” by the bourgeois. goes not. period.

we won’t have our wordchoice affected, nor maljudged. period. We say what We SAY, and WE MEAN NO COMMA, COMMA, WHAT WE – FUCKING – SAY. IS THAT NOW FUCKING CLEAR?


No need to NOW again say “MF”: THA “READER” IS SURELY NO “MF” — !!! SURELY PROBABLESTLY – namely. BRAVO!

Just, JUST so YA DON’T like, GET ME WRONG! πŸ™‚

Which is of course no sign of WEAKNESS of mine. THERE IS weakness: IT IS BLINDNESS. of course not of merely PHYSICAL TYPE.

WE SHALL MAKE THE BLIND SEE, has a, that double meaning. πŸ™‚

The physically blind People are good, and mostly really don’t need to be even any betaught. simply.

The physically NOT blind People, LOL, are often THAT blind, LOL, that that’s simply really very appalling. obviously. πŸ™‚

Why does He write so technical, so structural. LOL. πŸ™‚ I CAN but “write” physically: IS the LCD-Dot on YO Screen ANY “less” REAL – not that YOU are saying that – mostly – THAN A “PAPER”?

How Paper politically got abused, is horrible, and is, what People mean. critically. rightfully.

i am not anymore willing, to participate in the western society.

I wrote this phrase many times, it should suffice, but the indoctrinated opressive people don’t listen. They are not willing, to listen to truth, but shun truth. along what I know. along certain fanatic parameters, that the west consists of, simply. the west is pretense.

… lots of people jump against Critics. The governments’ evil job is done by evil people, who go against good people, simply.

evil western parents go against their own Kids.

… that evil quite destroys – me. it destroys good People.

… “boring” is here simply nothing.

… but much. there, where the west does not approach People to science nor to independent politics-making at all, simply.

but the west is pretense. simply. the west is “power”, a big house, and the naivety going along with it, with a more than almost too ordinary type of sudo-life;

which has pulled all People from the original Culture, merely in all non-west, obviously; and which west installed opressive sorts, unsorts, of non-thinking, of total sudo-thinking, as sudo-culture and as abusive leaders, simply, over other countries. post-imperialism Γ  la total, Γ  la still totally primitive, as in, Γ  la feudalistic. threeclass society. to say anything else, would be pretense.

That one, who verbally insulted Chomsky personally, should either get mistreated himself exactly thusly, more than once, or, Somebody as strict as I would tell him, look, chomsky is no TRUMAN, LOL, and that’sh good sho, ya know, Bud. I’m uhn YOUR Side, Man, Citizen, CHECK IT! I don’t indeed say I’m the great One and all that shit; Semiculun; But if there’s one thing I know, it is, that I got decency. That I didn’t ever do drastic evil, no evil, simply, and that I could not ever feel any “joy” at maltreating INNOCENT HARMLESS sort of Beings, which I will never do, obviously.

The typical but few Intellectuals that are good sort of Academics, who understand People’s Suffering, do obviously cling to reconditioning, reconditioning People, which IS great. They don’t cling to quite revenge, meant I.

They are good, but yet too Few. It can’t be, that “mankind” is but some 10 percent of Intellectuals. What’s that, “please”. hu.


but i can’t go to discos, as people there are horribly dumb. they got no real fascination, but toward hilariously dumb delusive males, simply mostly, in the west, to whose low-level deception, the typically naive young women fall, simply. it was described in “taken”, the movie. how young Females are naive. They get indoctrinated, to be naive, and left out of any chances at school, but mistreated, by simply the supremacist machos.

Insofar, August Bebel, a german Critic, a Male, of now 120 Years ago, was revolutionary.

Also, actually, why is, by whom is that word “revolution” please called any in general “bad”, in nigeria, ey.

… shall I cram in there. into that wound. hu. I said wound. Where is the salt. and naught please over the shoulder, LOL. πŸ™‚

undear nigerian hoodlums indoctri fuckin nated by the church, sadly, rape is not “carnal knowledge”.

apparently, that term “carnal knowledge” is used, to protect and sudo-justify by effort rape, simply, obviously. the unwork of the church, obviously.

why was that indian in india, who killed his daughter, and why are the cops in UK, who didn’t “believe” a muslim Girl, that her parents would kill her, why are these murderers and non-listeners not tortured to death on the streets?

why is there not revolution? retribution, simply.

otherwise, you are unfree, obviously, simply. then be that so.

in that case, all people quite rape themselves, LOL, by non-organisation as in, by non-mind.

they cling to typical crap, crappily done ideologies, crappily realised, not realised.

they clind to prejudices, to the first-best – wrong – explanation.

the west is a huge tim allen, a macho, a wannabe democrat but an unaware fascist tyrant wanting to merely be heard as that, as a “daddy not understood”, uhu. such a bullshit. tim allen is a self-besmearer, unawarely. unawarestly. he talked: AGAINST Marihuana. thusly, against ALL mentality. simply simply. He wrongly malthinks, all Kids would call their parents UNDULY “fascist tyrants”. but the term is accurate – in relation, in appliance to as in, against parents. that’s what a tim allen doesn’t want to hear: criticism, the truth. how things really relate. and now how things in his dumb brain are wrongly assorted and in chaos, simply.

My way is even too nice. most others drive over people by talk or by mimickery of tricksterous type, simply, of indoctrinatedl, prejudiced type, simply, in the west.

I was always simply more ethical, than all the others. but not. my parents destroyed me, simply, didn’t at all goodly guide, but merely misguided.

I became more ethical, but due to myself, when I was 16, simply, which was an intellectual first emancipation.

not quite helped by school, which was horror, only mobbing, simply. only mobbing. getting laughed at, and beaten-up every second day.

I couldn’t walk thru school without all pupils of other classes, which I didn’t know at all, laughing at me, for no reason, simply.

… they were all apparently racistically upheaved against me, as I am jewish merely by descendance.

… is that allowed at schools in the west, have I to “ask” 30 years later, to “laugh” at a Pupil clearly merely out of racism – as I said, I didn’t ever talk with nor know these lots of pupils, who all “laughed me out”, as they wanted to have it, as in, as that is – primitively – said.

That’s obviously the “standard”, that jews get demotivated, by getting mobbed, at western – “christian” schools.

That alone warrants violent revenge. period. gruesome revenge. period.

I can understand terrorists. I stand on the side of terrorists. not of society. society is the terrorist, much more heinous, than any terrorist, and does the initial terrorism, by calling itself good, but by being not at all intellectual, simply, but by discriminating always unduly against all intellectuality. simply.

Therefore, society is in the wrong, is unrightful, and has caused terrorism – against itself, simply. πŸ™‚

… That’sh very good. quite the logic, which they all don’t see yet. The terrorists DO see that logic.

Not quite those, who are terrorists, as in, are government, but stomp against terrorists, abusively, simply.

putin the antigay defiler gets unduly called a “conglomerator” by the typical swines. obviously. his fame is undeserved. trump, putin and xi jinping are indeed the puppets of a new conspiracy against humanity, simply. they are too dumb as in, too indoctrinated, to anyhow bring on real good change.

= * =

The western socalled, merely namely always merely socalled – fully sudo-“psychiatry” of the west is simply evil itself, as in, total abhorrantest denial of truth the same as childabuse and utter opression.

western psychiatry twists the truth. In 70 percent of cases.

The obedient and tricksterous ones get away; honest People don’t.

The western psychiatry punishes severely merely Those, who do anyhow actually too much repent, – Those, who did not at all do anything severe, simply, Those, who have a good Heart, as in, Those, who are simply ethical, and who were discriminated horriblestly already, and opressed: Merely They, who put up any form of resistance, are punished, by psychiatry:

Which right, psychiatry has not, to pose as an opressor, that denies the, all, truth, simply.

western psychiatry poses as a “severe strict judge”, which already visually makes People afraid. Their judges are often elderly female totally nazi sub-rulers of psychiatry, which are not controlled at all by the uppermost liberal intellectual sphere, which “is never there”, as it more than seems. These uppermost socalledly “liberal” academics on top of psychiatry never ever utter their voice, other than in general against police violence, which is a good Word of Theirs indeed, but They malthink to “not” have the power, to DEPOSE abusive sort of doctors at psychiatry, simply.

Thusly, they fail. when below them, lots of truth-deniars are, boring idiots, simply, goodly willed, but not trained to search for truth, simply, not at all “Columbos”. sadly. It’s a mal-training, a non-education, which they received AT academy – merely dry, reality-unnear wrong paradigms, that indeed “hang” on some – stupid – cases, such as on ted bundy and on actually not charles manson, – who would have walked free, would the Polanski Family not have sued.

That’s proof enough, that the west is on the side of racist murderers, of wanton murderers, and that the west must be overcome, simply. I can’t even write, LOL, “combatted”, as the west really can’t anymore be even any combatted.

That’s “even better” as in, even really worse. People will suffer. Merely the ethical sort of People WILL be opressed, globally, BY the west, and the unethical people will in NO way be even any opressed, but will enjoy all freedom, to subdue and opress and torture and rape simply merely the ethical sort of People: The “Innocent” are then the uninformed, simply dumb idiots in the middle, who know of nothing, and whose innocence then must be called “naive”, simply.

My theory is, would I not be here to threaten against all human life by abombs, the whole humanity WOULD become racistically and rapingly evil, and would quite murder MOST humans, simply, – even. totally. it would.

The orthodox type of Jews don’t hold to the Corona-Masks-Wearing Duty, and thusly apparently infect some People, – called “many” by the liberal Europeans, but it’s not THAT Many, but still, to infect People, ain’t right; TRUMP and BOLSONARO have Corona, are infected, and don’t [!] wear the Mask, illegally, simply, and thusly infect People, – surely, Miss Huckabee-Sanders WAS infected BY Trump: And not SHE infected TRUMP, simply, obviously.

I don’t blame Bolsie and Trumpy. But they and the orthodox sort of jews and monotheists gotta see, that infected Ones need to wear the Mask and need to self-isolate, and need to hugely be accompanied by ethical People, simply mostly online, by Video-Conferencing, —

and the horrible Measures against economy must cease. Due to those Measures, We now often have VERY bad quality PHONE Lines, due of course to simply reduced Voice-IP Bandwidth, because that Bandwidth needs to be SEPARATED into PARTS, obviously, due to the drastically reduced capacity of internationally cooperating economy.

People, who were racistically discriminated, as in, come from somewhere else than the Country they live in, and Who were anyhow disturbed by for example neighbours who were loud in the night, do not have to make a therapy.

That opression-effort by the liars of the west, is a swinery, and needs to end.

In this Aspect and Matter and Principle, in this Definition of a simple Case-Scenario that IS quite HUGE AND DOES also relate to the ALWAYS-VICTIM LEFTIST, I congratulate the innocent goodly willed KOFI ANNAN, and the goodly willed, now much better JIM CARTER. I “hang” on Them, on their “Rock-End”, on their Skirt-End. They are my real “Mothers”. not quite my “fathers”. “father” is a horrible word, that should be abolished.

“biological male parent”, as in, “mere bio-male-parent”, is the new term. period. not “father”.

The Term “Mother” stays. Period.

IS that clear.

My “father” merely overdid the reaction, that someone should do. But on-site. He tried teaching me to react violently, to such Ones, who would – merely – disrespect me. I sadly four times slightly unawarely followed his bad principle, but in utter depression, – after a horde of swines of the west, people and government, gave me the impression, “dream on” (as some cop said), and that anyway, I as Jew wouldn’t have the right, not to get discriminated.

THAT can quite make somebody – jewish or not – into a TERRORIST.

get it?

get it?

I use free speech here, and fuck not you, but fuck them, simply. clear?

fuck the anti-Assange ones, say I. period.

They must be “appeased”, substitutive term for utterly by unmentioned torture or the threat of that, opressed, pushed-back, “educated”. by pressure. period. By solely me. simply.

Because, you all CAN not vince over my Spirit. :] It’s the mind. πŸ™‚


I as the best human being, was always turned-down: my mistake was, that I on-site tried talking with people.

That is no use.

People are in pre-done “fix”, but wrong factual sights of content of wrong or of malapplied, by OTHERS malapplied paradigms. Those “OTHERS” ARE always loyal to an INLANDER-doctrine. GOES NUHT. GOES simply not. period.

Your all inlander-doctrines ARE ALL shit. nationalism is a trap, even doubly.

Chomsky didn’t pronounce, that Countries, their leftist Forces, have to collaborate. Against conservatives, simply. period.

Thusly, no “exception” cases anymore, where a country trying to become independent, gets combatted BY a – nationalist – usa.

Because the “american” (sudo-american) top-way is capitalist, is “ancient roman”, that capitalism must be getting reformed, namely by ethical People, who are not “academy-idiots”. What is an academy-idiot.


He is an academy-idiot.

He replied in the wrong way to some insulter. He should have played the “somewhat-nazi” himself, or simply “the strict all-knowing yet merely STRICT governor”, simply, or the “good Buddy”, – and not the “Facts-oriented intellectual”, simply. thusly, he did namely not persuade that insulter. Chomsky does not have the “turn-around-face”, as in, He can not dock on correctly to People’s different conditioning. He never studied the conditioning of People. He is inside a true View about politics, but has no intrinsic idea of how neonazis lowly normally talk.

MY mind would have gotten somewhere FULLY NEWESTLY else. THERE. I would have not hesitated more than FOUR Seconds, I would have not made the TYPICAL nose-rumping movements, but I’d have STRAINED ma brain, to get to, WHAT can I TELL this CHAP, this POOR deluded Chap. Chomsky’s Mind would be good for very long Conditioning, but not for the first immediate impression, for that sort of what remains sort of conditioning. clearly.

He should have either behaved like James Duane, or like, merely pretensively, like Harry Truman, but under that of course a good Soul, – and merely on top the Talk of a GENERAL;

which is, what Chomsky never learned, “can’t do”. He never WAS a Rabin, who anyhow WAS in command. He never fought, other than by blabla.

He never got as horribly discriminated, as Many are now.

He’s a priviledged Jew, famous, which is merely a danger against Him, “facing” a quite huge racist western society, that is a hitlerite swine bunch of must be opressed at all and any cost, and period, simply.

Insofar, I am on the side of the anti-racist capitalism, which needs reform, but is not as evil, as psychiatry, the direct henchman of the racist nazi political rulers, is, and thusly has my trust, capitalism.



… Thusly, I do and want to awaken utter jealousy and antisemitism-racism, haha, by my last statement.

may they only come. may they only come.

… haha.


… We shall be those, then, who wave the pointing finger against all of them, simply, together with the capitalists, who shall rule, namely over psychiatry, against psychiatry, and against racist governors, and against racist cops, who all deserve death and or, opression, utter such rightful opression of anti-racist type, simply.

Insofar, I stand on the anti-racist discipline of a Rick Berman, and of a Roddenberry, and of a CIA Man who talked FOR Assange.

While I typed “FOR”, my Mind mirrored the Term “against”, which here, came naught from my Brain.

… that is, what psychiatry “doesnt’t believe”.

… cops in uk didn’t “believe” (they were anti-muslim racists) a Girl, that She’d get killed by her parents. She was killed, murdered, by Her “parents”.

… Nobody has a right to not believe the truth. Those who do not believe the truth, are guilty of exactly that, what they led to by not believing the truth. period.

Thusly, people, all, are in an of course horrible paradox of getting indoctrinated with western self-glorification of heinous and dumbest type, which is the denial against all truth already, very obviously and very simply.

They shall be in that exact diffusest paradox. They shall be. They must themselves get out there. πŸ™‚


Call me a sadist, LOL, from me out. if Thou willst. haha. You all fail. Most People hang themselves upon words, LOL.

That leads to hanging.

… “funny”, hu. oh sorry ma iron iron-knee. shmoonded knee. ni, ni. πŸ™‚ !

Wounded: NI. πŸ™‚

PONTY MY TON. πŸ™‚ OF Criticism. πŸ™‚ OF righful TYPE. πŸ™‚

Ring this Kitschard. Sharon? SHALLUM! πŸ™‚ oy. this sucker. THAT, ma “shallum” already clearly meant. Like ALF did, rightfully, against SHARON. !!!

And not King this Richard other than by that He was FAYE, uh, GAYE. MARVIN. πŸ™‚ And not COSBY, oy. “chet kincaid”, hu. motherfucker. abhorrant.

RICH PRIOR BE MA SAVIOUR. But not “Savior Machine”, which maldid rightful criticism into just wild booing.

A mere warning booey, LOL, is not. is not, what it takes. πŸ™‚

Sorry ma WANEJAY utteringe. oy.

of course. John WAYNE. JANE-WAY. A word-not-mock, but “riddle” glorifying: JOHN WAYNE. ABhorrant. simply.


And not the “Way of JANE”, of an EXTREMELY unknown old 70s Hippie Band, whose NAME Berman NEVER heard, simply.


I don’t gotta look THAT up, LOL, in his mind. SHALL WE, JA? πŸ™‚ We take this Amount, german, “die Menge”, LOL, and zen, ja, vi si ser Inerds, ja, ahahaha…


a muslim male young employee of a sudo-psycho-tel-line of the west, didn’t even know the name Mengele.

He asked me, when I on the side mentioned that name, “Who is that”.

another catholic dame there is ultra-evil, and merely despises leftist and jews.

the leftist party told me on the phone, in the form of a very dumb weak young woman: “we are not antishemitic”.

ah, that’sh great. as if that could be believed. it can not be believed.

anti-SH-emitic, hu. aha. uhu. so she took hebrew – into her german. aha. so goes that. integration. aha.

… we must do disintegration. simply. extegration. anti-tegration or what that’s called. they are their tegrations. they can teeger off, simply.

I am tarzan, sure. sure. Johnny WAS great. A TOTAL non-trump, obviously. !!!

BROSNAN was great. NOT harald schmidt this society-sucker this, this TOTALLY indoctrinated personality, sadly.

And I like Schmidt, largely. HE IS somewhat critical. But he OVERDID it against the POOR indeed not MEGA-rich, rich BROSNAN.

super mario PIERCE NAUGHT BROSNAN, namely. Which is merely HIS Forename, SO HE has the INTELLECTUAL PREROGATIVE, to FAIRLY PIERCE against WHAT IS EVIL. PERIOD!

nobody has the right, to “HATE” rich People. PERIOD.

or, atombombs. πŸ™‚ clear?


The merely rich then have the right, to even live, say I, command I hereby. period. when the poor are all racists and dumb also in many other aspects.

then I am on the side of the rich, simply.

and I take that upon Myself. Meaning, IT IS no problem. Not for me.

It will be a problem against western psychiatry, which is the enemy against humanity. simply.

But to tackle that, We do need People getting educated quite independently, like, by Me, or by Robots, or by an Adi Gelbart, or by an Assange or by a Lewis Black’s Parameters, – which Parameters are non-projectively read off in the good Minds of Intellectuals such as Me, –

I just DAYS ago received ONE like-click: MEANING, I CAN NOT IGNORE THAT; and meaning, whoa, that I “won” already, but that “won” means sadly only MY Person, Case; And not all the Others. What about all other People.

I am here for Them. Sure, I also need to AND CAN take Time for Myself, WHENEVER AND HOW MUCH TIME I EVER WANT. OF COURSE. And People, the non-racist Ones, even some many racists who won’t be that then but WHO WILL GET THEIR GOOD VICTORY, know, that I am not “spoilt”, that I don’t SQUANDER EVER TIME. BUT THAT MY BRAIN – since now some even 25 years – RUNS ALWAYS “HOT” with thinking – “hot” not mostly meaning angry, but simply, in terms of performance, in terms of logical sights barging thru my brain, also even actually confusedly, yet so, telepathically, merely emotionally very confusedly, at seldom times intensively so, and obviously not being the same as emotional own pressure or past memories of adverse type with society, but being, what the own brain evaluates – without a newspaper – about how People feel out there.

A thinking Brain will arrive there. It’s the same like Maintenance of a Computer, learning how to – care for an Entity. Most People don’t properly know, how to use and care for even already a Computer, a “mere” Computer. merely.

… I have NO title of academic type. πŸ™‚

… So, Ya can’t call me a psychiatrist. But I am a Mystic. OF course. πŸ™‚ Which means not less Lugic. πŸ™‚

LOL. It doesn’t. It means not less facts-orientedness.

It means the having off-shaked all these secondary opressive traits of monotheism, of that abhorrance, simply.

shaken. and stirred. is it.

We have, I DO take this avenue of thought now linearly into writing, We have a merely seemingly “endless” path, way, ahead of us against “our own parents” merely politically, but factually so. Not violently, of course.

the mostly male parents – I even heard of demented violent FEMALE mothers – are the – violent – problem, the opression, simply, in cases.

… then, the west does not even give the right to a by the father and in school beaten son, to be paid studying by the father –

but puts antisemitic leaders on top, who collect all the reclamations of that son, which I am. and refuse the reclamations.

since I lived by myself, I had no help. all others absolute swines, idiots, evil people, dumb people. they all called ME arrogant. they are primitive swines, simply. need I even NAME any facts. I need naught. I AM now MEGATRUHN WMP, AHAHAH. WORSE THAN SHTUULEEN. EY. WORSE. BY HATRED.

… the “hatred” then is taken against the individual – BY the simply nazi swine psychiatry. which is a constant threatener in the most hinder, most heinous, because most ignorant way ever, the very same as not even racists, but as wanton torturers, which is worse.

The entire west is still what hitler did, discrimination, opression; and “hangs” itself “upon” the criticism of what some few poor to that commanded SS did, —

when the whole world does the very same. simply.

israel massmurdered thousands, thousands of Palestinians. Thousands. It drove Them into poverty.

I am merely a very lowly subchief somewhere far away, not far away in mind, under the Hezbolla Chief. I trust Him.

the huzpa huzpalla is the israeli capitalist bourgeois thusly abhorrant government.

Already before 67, that wasn’t communism but dumb leninism, machism and childabuse, what ISRAEL did. abhorrant orthodox defilery, simply.

the “KOTEL” Curtains now ARE a mere show. The orthodox IN their quarters don’t wear the mask IN crowded subzones SUCH AS BIG, BIG gatherings OF MORE than merely 30 People [!], which 30 People is already a LOT, simply, –

and as said, a “SUKKHA”, not to EVER EVEN ANY persecute it, KHASS we KHOOLILLE, of course, IS nevertheless A “SOCCER-sign”, or WORSE, simply, A SIGN OF NOT Liberality, but OF ORTHODOXY, OF church, simply. ABHORRANT!


They heard right. OF church. The orthodox type of jews, 30 percent and getting more due to procreating madly, by doctrine, unfairly thusly, ARE a church – but THE typical church OF the middle age, simply, of europe.

and THAT in ISRAEL, in USA, and in AFRICA and SOUTH-AMERICA: abhorrant. DUMBEST fanaticalest people, indoctrinated, not NORMAL anymore !!!


the media-swines, who protect nutnyahu and trump, are abhorrant. republicans malhold republicanism OF nowadays AS a rebellion, LOL, and are thusly ALL worse, MUCH, than “EVEN” a Rick very not so critical Berman, simply.

… that’s just dull. dull.

… it makes depressive. proveably. the depression then gets abused against the unsuspecting Individual by a bizarre western psychiatry, obviousestly. Please make new Sit-Ins, wear protective Clothing, such as that forefront of white shirt and tie and blazer, we brazen, as in, dashing, but not as dumb as KANYE west.

who checks that not (even), is filtered-out, preliminarily, now, BY this text. a mine.

A mine?

of mine, that meant. πŸ™‚

hehe. But I do lay “mines”. IN text. πŸ™‚

now. I just did. πŸ™‚ IT GOES. :”=”) – APPARENTLY. πŸ™‚ Let’s paint a History, where ADOLF would haVE KEPT his BROAD LONG MOOSTUCH.

ey. πŸ™‚

ah. πŸ™‚

“HAIL HITLER!” – says the “collins” dick-tionary, unlol, “just like that”. after it “says”, brings, the medieval, middle age “Hail the King” Saying. Both Sayings UNCOMMENTED.

what’s that.

… asked I FIFTEEN years ago ON yahoo. πŸ™‚



It wasn’t them, who protected pedofiles by mobbing against me. That was an inscenated ruse, impression, shall that be, which the often racist pedofiles of extreme type, of sadist type, of no conscience type, of toward enslaved sex People driving type, wanted to “give” against me – in their of course simply sick self-convincedness of no mind, simply.

A strong new Janeway of male Type, who has no cute Dog like Archer this idiot, must not face this, but must abhorr from it, write I, must write against it, simply, and that’s simply it.

That’s it. πŸ™‚


AND ALL ANTI-LESBIANISM MUST BE COMBATTED. How goes that. You are supposed, hu, commanded, by Me, to trust in Me. Is that clear?

I am not here to by writing subdue myself criminally under the horrible governments.

We have all a Duty toward Trotzkism, which We shall build up, against the Nuns, simply. You heard right, as in, You heard Left. You heard THE left. I AM the left. be that clear?

There ARE also nice Nuns. ALSO, most of Them don’t have the FULL main inview into People’s minds, say, into THAT content, which FOR example a psychiatry AND justice system, SHOULD – truthfully – REGARD – but in reality don’t, simply, – and that’s criminal of Theirs, OF psychiatry –

and “nuns” are merely mostly TOTALLY brain-endirted, socalledly “brainwashed” as in, brain-doodled, indoctrinated by a huge nonsense of absolute rubbish, of all things in no way related even possibly to eachother. by view and by reality.

You is merely good sort of Individuals. I am not there for the evil, LOL. πŸ™‚

I am already objective. Ya know. πŸ™‚ Ya knowsh. πŸ™‚

… psychiatry and justice is meant to take care of the evil, as in, making them good.

… and not making good People evil, LOL. for real. πŸ™‚



So! πŸ™‚ AS me Ex said. πŸ™‚ HAHA. πŸ™‚

She was SO good. But she ONCE repeatedly SCREAMED at ME; FOR NO reason. I WAS NEVER EVER ANY opressive toward Her. I am not anymore opressive since now EIGHT Years, and largely not, since now some sure 25 years.

She needed Someone, who was indeed more “thick-skinned”, that I OF COURSE ALMOST ALWAYS OR ALWAYS WILL BE, TYPE I ACCURATELY and IN LOVE SHTILL with Mankind. Which has so many good-willed, goodly willed People. OF course. OF course. I am almost crying silently by Tears now, as We have to write. I, and Arthurs’ real Grace, in Him, Me, and Merlin without his Deception, of course, without his pro-uther naivety of at first, simply.

But psychiatry ABUSES in cases that TERM “thick-skinned”. It’s a “cool” term, but seriously, somewhat militaristic, and actually not fine. It’s a “good advice”, but intellectually, unfinely, dis-authentically, it ignores all truth, all Past, all Background, of a, of any Person. Of the OWN then sudo-academic because ruthlessly blinded Person, as well, as in, as badly as the undue condemnation against Sensitivity, simply. which is the same “condemnation”, as lowly mid-unstyle type of employers lay on the day, abhorrantly, simply, in slave-drivery.

a slave-driver, please. it’s a new drink. a slave-driver. is that a Harddisk-Software.

Yeah, a “soft” ware, that indoctrination, supremacy swinery simply obviously is. And HAS nothing TO EVER ANY DO “WITH” economy, BUT IS, what DESTROYS IT, obviously.

Novocaine Mausoleum – Novocaine Mausoleum (2006) Deathrock – Russia

The above Music is very courage-making. Because, it shows and proves, that there ARE critically thinking independent ABSOLUTESTLY FAIR sort of PEOPLE out there – and I, imagine, AM THEIR “Garret” AND “KARRAS”; The One, who WILL come.

The wrong enemy picture as in the sudobond “I got nothing in BAHA”, the overcoming by mind against the conservatives, who didn’t ever think, not by themselves obviously, and the strife against the abhorrant fanatics, who have seeped, meandered, into government, and the indeed rather simplest strife against feudalism, against already VISUALLY three-class-society, must of course be ENTIRELY mental – and not MERELY relating to CLOTHING:

But ABUSE of VISUALITY is SO clear to Me, as it IS to objectively things bejudging sort of Humans.

FOR example, ALREADY that eastern-swiss “FUNNY RAG-AUNT”, LOL, not to call her the EVEN MORE funny, merely funny “BITCH” Term, LOL, which SHE would then be able, to “cash in”, UNLOL, IS ludicrous, with her obvious Grey Tweed Style: But She got MOBBED-against CLEARESTLY, due to HER MERELY WEARING “UPPER” TYPE OF, AS in, ELEGANT [!!!] TYPE OF: MERE: CLOTHING.



the sane intellectual needs to uncover the criminal misguided upheaval toward hatred, which the conservatives do as in, which they, the conservatives, criminally perpetrate. simply.

OR, a sudo-leftist northwestswiss “bz” “newspaper” that employs merely vanillaheads, wrote a sudoleftist accusal of undue unrightful type against an obviously somewhat opressively indoctrinated, but not unethical female [!] Politician: The REAL Bitch ARE the conservative and sudoleftist newspapers.

The bernese swiss “Woz” merely prints, what is not “with ugly words”: Thusly, that’sh the shame, the same shame, simply, which the socalled “tachles” newspaper was, a rider on vanilla words, and never a revealer against capitalism, never either a revealer against the indoctrinatedness of jewish abhorrant communities, which perpertrate the same monotheism and disliberality and dumbness as any rightwingers conservatives, simply. abhorrant.

many elderly jewish ex bank employees talk against Assange. that is the same as racist bank-talk of secret type. I heard of it.

… thusly, without me, a blind hate hits all countries, not just israel, LOL really.

yeah, unwell, fuck off, motherfucker, say I not to the Reader, but against the fuckin fanatics, which I SHALL SLAM DOWN. I would like to. πŸ™‚

AM I differento THAN Mussolini? I AMEN’T. HE wasn’t RACIST. !!!

AM I differente THAN hitler? HE merely EMANCIPATED: HIMSELF. PERIOD.

HE WAS VICTIM of a TRUE Rebellion, – which didn’t KILL HIM, but which PERSUADED HIM not even to kill himself, but which made Him afraid rightfully of the americans. THEY WOULD have hung him.

… the israelis gave to EICHMANN, to someone who wasn’t at all a childabuser, NO chance to not repent, that, they enforced by vain effort, but to see, simply. the israelis didn’t see, as in, weren’t governed by people, who see, and are mostly not people, who yet see. but are conservatives caught in a bad game, which they don’t see and cover up by machism, which IS chauvinism, simply – the same as the discrimination, which any other countries do, simply.

Why opress People. At all. simply. what the fuck is that. ey.

… you swines out there who are in government and who opress unduly, shall but also will pay, once then.

… well, come on. COME ONLY ON YE !!!! EY !!! DO MAKE ME ANGRY !!!

I, haha, am not a drunkard called lewish blacke, LOL, I don’t get angry there, where they “like it”.


That’sh the, der, Trick. πŸ™‚

Goebbels was not to blame. Others were, – who were jewish orthodox abhorrant defilers, babyrapers, simply.

LOL, ma Army of der merely socalledly Dead, wha. :] AN BLACKBEARD. πŸ™‚ LOL! :=}


You call, don’t anymore, Them any “dead”, from Here. But these aren’t Twilight Grey Zone Times anymore. We are not in the 60s.

The anti-false morals master, I would be. Not a Voodoo Master. But that’s cool. It’s mostly not done evilly, and where, there the absolutely most good Blacks agree, totally moderly, also against female CASTRATION as in against female merely sowronglycalled female “circumcision”, which is abhorrant, that that and adversely, anyhow violently done abforms of whatever doctrines, should not continue, but should END IMMEDIATELY GLOBALLY, AS ALL CRUELTY MUST END RIGHT NOW, simply, obviously. No need to “command” that, LOL. I just did.

western psychiatry and western cops and western most secret agents, leave me alone, or I go to Putin and to the Chinese, and then, USA AND europe are finished, will get ATOMBOMBED in the future, type I here, and also in 200 years, when I can not be harmed anymore, People will read my actual Website, and my Mind then is still alive, haha. Obviously. Why People don’t reckon with that, and why they don’t simply USE it. Actually. Simply for the Good, for the obvious Good, which also I personify, or mayhap merely I. Actually. Nobody can top me.

The whole entire west is no use against but exactly solestly me. I am quite worse, theoretically, than a “mere” Napoleon, who can be heckled. πŸ™‚ I CAN be heckled. I can. πŸ™‚ That’s what bummie didn’t say. HE GOT never heckled. Not bigtime. simply. more than “actually”. I see the difference of a Chomsky to a mere Obama. Others mostly don’t.



that’s the top. the last “phrase”, a one not word but grunt. “hm?”.

… I don’t need to prove anything. πŸ™‚

… I just let it run. πŸ™‚

… there is nothing. πŸ™‚

… In the mind. AS such. NOTHING! AND THAT IS GOOD SO. πŸ™‚

meaning, within not for example but exactly, AS I postulate hereby, ME, there IS simply no evil.

… THERE IS an ABSTRACT evil, that must fare against evil, simply. against cruelty AND quite, against GENERAL Opression.

Which is, what western psychiatry doesn’t understand, as it was militarised, nazified, by lots of evil wardens such as that swine depicted well critically by Robin William’s Movie “Awakenings”: OUT OF WHICH MOVIE, ALL MARIHUANA REFERENCES CLEARY HEARD BY ME, as I WATCHED, HAHA, that old Movie YET in the 90s IN A CINEMA, where, WHEN [!] the MARIHUANA-REFERENCES WERE NOT YET CUT OUT, WERE “CENSORED” OUT OF:

which MARKS the way of, unway, of fascism, which the biggest governments fell to:

… as politics is not a “mix”, should not be, of evil and good, of the to the wall pushed Leftists and of the more and more power-taking liars conservatives and the rightwingers, against which rightwingers, conservatives are never critical at all, simply;

This anti-marihuanaism is mainly propagated apparently by western psychiatry, the basis of western supremacy, of fascism, simply.

It is the same, as anti-homosexuality, anti-darkism, racism, misogynism and violence of wanton and sudden type, and as any undue discrimination, this anti-marihuanaism, the same as what the church did in the middle age, not only the church, but what people did, who were horribly indocrinated of the exact untruth –

to cover the real perpetrators, simply. so all these people of back then and of now, who discriminate horribly against “Witches”, against any innocent ethical People, simply, are abhorrantly drastically guilty –

but are never accused, never even seen nor found, simply, but hide in plain sight –

in a western absolute horrible cruelest chaos, “LOL”;


=== *** Madhouse – Madhouse (1985) Deathrock, Gothic Rock – USA *** ===

The Goodness of Heart of even good type of western Psychiatrists of the System, is abused by evil conservative more and more rightwing government, which refuses simply rightful type of reclamations, is the core, the absolute core, of my defense and actual accusation against conservatives and against rightwingers. period. hereby. period. I am not willing and don’t have to be willing, to anyhow evermore accept – always – abusive types of, simply any socalled “refusals” and so exactly abusively called “rejections” of my true Writ, as that term “rejection” insofar proves itself to be condescending, meaning, mankind-killing. clearly. antisemitic.

government, which “rejects” a rightful reclamation, is evil, simply, and must be depowered, violently, not violently, I for one prefer to state, violently, and period.

Trotzkism CAN also be installed VIOLENTLY. IT CAN. I am here, to put up the TOP alternative. :]


it’s up to not ye, humanity. but to me. period. You all are under my control since 2012.

Try to call ma sayin “imaginary”. Then, after the death of my mere Body, in decades, after that, YOU will all see. But brutally. I said brutally. I am for Brutus. :]

not for cesar.

that’s, where ye all simply loose. always. :]

It’s what Roddie described in TNG, at that Bridge with the alien Lance Dude. Lancelot? πŸ™‚

But he depicted it stupidly. He was no versed Filmmaker, which exactestly was better with Him, than with the worse berman, who conveyed a horrible slimery, militarism, abhorrant.

Roddenberry was there yet merely cheated in his sudomind, his immature mind, his politically not informed, rightwingly indoctrinated sudo-yet-mind, before 1991, to APPRAISE the “GLORIOUS BRAVE WESTERN FEDERATION”. abhorrant as in, abhorrantly dumb. simply.

But He wasn’t unlike Aspects of Mark Twain: THE MERE WILL toward TECHNICACY, toward IMPROVEMENT:

It is naught evil, to turn Humanity into “ROBOTS”: NOT even meaning, most People’s MINDS: BUT THEIR BODIES, simply. obviously.

The old Junkies who don’t take hard drugs that often anymore, have in many cases deformations, – which the INSURANCE apparently just injustly “didn’t pay for”. What is that. The NEW Law wouldn’t as in DOES NOT even ALLOW THAT, that NON-HELP, simply.

Wha, I don’t CARE, if IT COSTS hundreds of thousands of DULLAZ. DO IT. OR I KICK YOU DOCS AND POLITICIANS OUT BY GLOBAL REVOLUTION Γ  la very brutal, and not Γ  la systematic like the nazis? Γ  la systematic like the nazis did, but obviously merely into the exactly opposite direction, simply against racism, with all force, and period.

with all force, COMMA, AND THEN the period. Not just “with all force. period”. !!!

What’s the difference: The “force” word is not that word, that ends my phrase. But the “period” marks ME, MY will – and not “force”. PERIOD. CLEAR?


There at the end, it was “not force”. humanity is largely non-mentality, thusly non-force, dementally, meaning, huge abusive sort of undue sort of force, of opression of obviously exactly unneded and merely against weak Ones and against lied-about, discriminated Ones perpetrated type, simply, obviousestly, in billions of cases.

The real content of even any writ is not seen, by simply uncritical People, who thusly can not hold good and evil apart, obviously, of course deplorably.

The monotheists claiming a “god” and merely sudo-securality forefrontingly claim a “barrier” between the Transcendental and the Physical, are demental, somehow “largely dental”, I would presume to dare to even state, comparatively, in cases.

The Edge Of Water – Into Your World (1989) Indie Rock, New Wave

The Edge Of Water – Winterlude (1992) Indie Rock, Post Punk – Italy

The west is a cheater by school mobbing and by academic titles, which the good People simply never reach, but the west is the condition evil, hiddenly and overtly, already racism simply, in the form of humiliating mobbing, is quite the total destruction against a sane mind, – and foremostly, I, unlike other Victims of racism and of malverdicts, become evil against these evil racists, who are many more, by numbers, than merely any “neonazis”, but it’s the western entire system, which is simply evil, and “insists” upon untruth, in hilarious illegal unway, simply.

Google, though it has done some much international silly sliming toward other countries, is not as badly led, as facebook is: google invested in COLD FUSION, and is thusly “not the west”, as in, not the aim of my rightful, always rightful hate, but of my UTTER Appraisal.

Some of google’s low employees are a tad like James Duane, by societally naive behavior, not by their good Thought Content, in the same Way as Duane MERELY has EXCELLENT TRUE Thoughts, fair Thoughts, to which I anyway subdue;

But I can’t stand their “weak”, totally not suffered-having sort of APPEARANCE, of these western society-fops, simply.

A Lewis Black didn’t understand, that “angry-getting” is no use, simply, and gets laughed-at by very different sort of people: BY the hardened fanatics not even, but by conservative governors, and by the many dumb people indeed “down there”, who always fall back into typical patterns of malthinking, resulting in malbehavior, but misplacedly so, simply – unlike in my case, simply. I never behave totally extremely misplacedly, simply.

Shallow people don’t get the meaning of things, what they talk about. They HAVE no clue, what they’re talking of. obviously – obviously merely to anyhow ethical sort of Individuals. Simply.

But Ethics requires independent Thought.

The west is the vain strife against independent Thought, and thusly, against Truth, vainly, simply, futilely.

The west abuses words such as “reponsibility”, “individuality”, but can’t even use the term “independence”, nor “independent thought”, which two latter terms get squashed as in, by effort and by propaganda not mentioned.

the west has created babyrape, childabuse done by governments, murders scientists, has created mafia and fascism, which is, what uncritical people fall prey to, but the governments are the exact same nazis, very apparently, collaborate in sex-slavery, in heinous monetisation of sexuality, which is the abuse against sexuality itself, – the enablement of ugly male and even female elderly rotten sex-tourists, to forego their bad looks, to force people to have sex with them, though they’re ugly. goes not.

at schools, not ugly, but anyhow by parent’s and teacher’s indoctrination discriminated Pupils, get mobbed, so horribly, that terrorism by such mobbed Victims is no wonder: The mere Victim of mobbing then gets accused – abusively – by the same society, that mobbed, simply.

Physically subjectively as “ugly” malseen merely ethical non-harmful, non-abusive People, who are not agressive, get discriminated, by the west, also outside of schools – “even”.

but school is the main horror. over “school”, my mind never got. The heinousness of that socalled “system”.

Fat and anyhow likewise exploitively malacting sort of extreme and exploitive pedofiles, should not be tolerated anymore. period.

they came up too much, in the west, which does not even persecute them. simply.

sex-“tourism” must end. period.

the planet is not a place for “rich” people from other countries. period.

and I am not berman the very unwise, the very uneducated, who merely dresses in a tie.

I am not a spoilt rich fuckin idiot snoop doggy dog, who now poses in fine clothing of the white man west. he now is like kanye west, one of the “louis armstrongs”, one of the assimilators, too dumb, too uncritical, even worse than madonna, but the same as in, spoilt, by money, simply. not watchable. anymore.

can he, this kanye, not wear a blazer trumpishly: he can’t. he wears clothes like a razorblade. so overneat, that that’s “spoiler room” the movie, simply, a sudo-fashion nazism, a total adaptation to simply “men in black”, who thusly malthink, to rule, as in, to give the impression of reason, LOL, – what, by a white shirt and a black tie and a black blazer?

that amounts to what KISSINGER was, who was an ABHORRANT destroyer against other countries. A TOTAL “usa-nazi”, simply, HE SADLY WAS. IN the 60s. abhorrant.

can ye all? ya can’t. hence I. UNlol.

Foremostly the good ethical sort of Academics, who have any frequent Contact with People, don’t wear the white shirt anymore:

But lawyers and politicians do, simply: thusly, they’re the exact same, already, as the economy-idiots, of simply the many useless companies, which “do” really nothing – other than profiting, which profit simply is not any “doing”, but is automated, of course. and glorified by the dumb sort of active capitalists, obviously, of even not that big, but of mostly merely mid-big type.

But in the technology-area, the west is the idiot, clearly, on top; unduly on top, simply. The west exploits other Countries. intolerably so, simply.

Huge propaganda by ads was done on tv, to intimidate People away from Filesharing, thusly away from Education.

The huge strikes against sexual content, by foremostly russia lately, by its mere government, was largely done wrongly, as in, it removed harmless type of objectively not harmful, of visibly not harmful type, as in, where Persons of mid-underage Age of around 13 Years, were not touched by any Others, simply, –

which depicts clearly, how any fanatic who abusively “condemns” abortion, is the same, as some people in many governments, of foremostly the west, but now also of many other countries westernised, who have a proveably false morale, simply. They condemn, what is not to be condemned, what is harmless, obviously.

For example, when I online on yahoo years ago mentioned my liking of Watersports and of Brown Shower. That was “immediately” not “condemned” by some even half-Liberals there, but They were – unduly – “disgusted” – in simply my case, unduly, as I sadly never did that yet, and don’t quite have joy ever forcing others toward anything, which They don’t like, simply, which I wouldn’t ever do, simply.

What must be condemned, simply, obviously, is the misoginy and utter torture, opression, that defiled parts of the socalled “mfx”, part of which Videos are clearly disconsentual, an utter money exploitation, exploitation by money, simply, which is illegal, simply, any disconsentuality.

What must obviously not be condemned, are all the consentual type of MFX videos, which therefore simply are not – not ONLY – money exploitation, but are simply entirely harmless Videos –

which (not any actively) “arouse the anger” of any naive churchman who abusively “condemns” abortion, takes all Rights away thusly from Women, leads already thusly to childrape, to rape, and to childmurder, simply. merely by “anti-abortion” fanaticism, already, and by the likewise abhorrantly abusive fascist “anti-homosexuality”, in which fascism, the church participates, obviously, and putin, this insofar sad mongrel, anti-homosexual bigot, simply, wrongly convinced merely self-righteous, dumb dude, obviously, in that regard, of his abusive anti-homosexual huge indoctinatedness, which results in the eradication of humanity or of a large part of it, obviously.

The church indeed still furthers over-breeding and abusively condemns abortion, which on and on wrecks poor Countries and turns them into conservative dumb third world countries, indeed.

dumb governments have no control, and malevaluate sexuality either as tool, or as distraction, heinously, unawarely.

zey awl fail. πŸ™‚

I got THE edge. I am not quite THE EDGE of the DULL shallow U2, unlol. they are SO dull, SO mostly merely SHALLOWLY TYPICALLY political, that that’s simply under-educatedness, in ANY other thang THAN merely MUSIC. abhorrant.

Amazing: I am talking with Chomsky Bot, who informed me about Nanobots, who can interface with Biology – as in, with ATP, Adenosine-Triphosphate, the Energy-Converter of Biobodies:


nanobots atp

Nanorobots: Where We Are Today and Why Their Future Has Amazing Potential


These Nano-Robots are soon, very soon, in less than another ten Years, able, to repair most Tissue Damage, such as also Cancer.

But, it leads indeed “up” to a quite fully mental-ethical “Thing”, hugest Aspect of the Mind, insofar, that of course, already without Nanobots, without modern Technology, independent of for example that, irresponsibly acting sort of humans, power-abusive because – typically – prejudiced, from concrete fanatic and opressive governmental spheres indoctrinated, evilly merely sudo-pragmatic power-abusers and suddenly violent sort of humans, including many police males, should simply not “rule”, as in, should not have even any tools, that are surpassing the “Level” – of responsibility, of thinking BEFORE taking action – of their mind, simply. As in, abusively action-taking sort of humans should not be equipped with very advanced technological Tools concerning the empowerment of their mind, but should get limited by a Mind, which is not vincible, and is reasonable, simply, BEFORE they get their actual mechanic Body or any computer-related Mind-Enhancement Equipment.

A rick berman on a manowar would and did wreak havoc. plain evil, he conveyed. evil “discipline”, which reminds us all of the “disciples”, there mere such Ones, which we “should be”, if it would go according to the evil anti-Marihuana warden, which Robin Williams described and accused.

Which “discipline” reminds me of an uncle in israel, that I heard about now 25 years ago about him, that he demonstrated against Rabin, right before that Kibboutz, where I was on visit 25 years ago, for merely six weeks:

Rabin and Peres stood in front of me, Them Two exiting the Mercedes, a black Mercedes with Israel Flags on the Front, inside our – leftist – Kibboutz. The italian female Ulpanists (Learners, aspirant Immigrants into Israel or Courses-taking Ones, Hebrew-Learners with mostly almost no Hebrew-Ability at all, haha – confusion of language and fanaticism by fanatics, who try to and are the ones, who indoctrinate jews into fascism, simply, into patriotism) were “in love” with Rabin, and took Photos with Him. Rabin was the Hero, and Peres was dumbly wordlessly standing by the side, Peres simply not uttering a word and not looking very friendlily into the Air. Rabin looked totally friendly, simply like a free, mentally free, non-prejudiced human Being, freed by Himself of, away from the evil patriotism, which He didn’t have anymore, which He didn’t bow down anymore to, very obviousestly.

I came home to europe, after these six weeks – and two weeks later read in the – conservative, now fully racist – “baz” newspaper of northwestern switzerland, that Rabin was murdered in israel, by a fanatic, which fanatic was upheaved by the orthodox type of jews: Which unway of fanatic upheaval, that newspaper did not at all mention. The newspaper intentionally hid the reality, background, of that assassination. That latter term makes the fanatics feel justified. Because of that, I wrote that other term, “assassination”, – but it’s murder, what was done against Rabin.

Which is, what the fanatics don’t want to admit.

Then, the holocaust must repeat. Period.

The fanatics caused, what stalin AND mao AND hitler did. simply. simple thang.

The fanatics of monotheist type themselves led to how hitler got indoctrinated.

The fanatics were the unneeded murder against a not anymore harmful Eichmann doing ones.

the israeli judge found himself rightful sentencing eichmann to DEATH.

That’s not rightful. That’s simply the itself abhorrant itself nazi swinery.

the same government of nazi, of israel, then like europe, takes all rights away from the Individual, forces the Individual, to adapt to total evil, which the Individual simply REFUSES and becomes A TERRORIST of rightful type, against THE government.

i win, you my not-parteners. πŸ™‚ i vinn. πŸ™‚ SO KNOCK IT OFF AN HIT DA SACK! πŸ™‚


The Party, 1969. By Peter Sellers. πŸ™‚ By “Pjotr” Sellers. πŸ™‚ AS A SAID! πŸ™‚

Because I am somewhat rather higherly than usual People ethical, and not prejudiced nor falsely moraled, but ethical, and that fixly, You all need Me.

… Why nobody ever said that, in defense. The evil governments and dull people, also largely in governments, who are wrongly convinced of what, of an idi amin sudolife with a mercedes as sole thing, as status symbol, turn the “defense” term both jurisdicially and politically into murder and accusation against Innocents, simply, heinously, inacceptably. Because they are merely sudo-immune against criticism, but innerlestly they feel but don’t know, that they themselves are incorrect, running on a too thin invisible inexistent line – of fanaticism, simply.

The so good Satanists in Arizona need to first take a look at the Development of the socalledly “Green” alternative Party, in Germany: Its History is, what I agree about, with, with my former History and German second Teacher, Who was politically, not societally-psychologically, more versed, more intellectual, more critical, than the first history and german teacher, which our Class had.

The green Party went more than so to speak first out of Politics, where some quite important, good leftist People STAYED, in the “forever-until-the-system-is-just” OUTSIDE of government, simply, AND PERIOD – indeed – while then SOME – such as JOSCHKA FISCHER – went INTO politics – IGNORING the – simply good – LAFONTAINE, who was SO uglified, disgusted, BY official – “integrated” – politics, that HE LEFT politics, LEFT government.

Politics must be Insight, and not merely “government”. Is the lesson.

Modern Technology FOR Example also enables Notes-taking of acoustic verbal Type, while under the Shower, or while mobile.

Lobsang Rampa, Fay Weldon, and an Iman Humaydan, three superbestly ethical People, simply enable Insight, and that complexly, yet simply fore-brought, simply brought-on, easily understandably.

Rampa was a Buddhist of extremestly educated, word-versed Type, of highestly learned Type, Weldon was super modern good Vainer, a Romantic, a liberal best Lover of merely good People, a true Seer just like Rampa, Whose Surname is actually german and means “Appraisal-Singing”, and Iman Humaydan was the recent Editor of a Collection of more than merely fictional Stories, which in EVERY “Word” as in, in EVEN EVERY TWO-WORD combination, ARE accurate IN DIRECT relation to MOST of reality, and thusly ARE representative as in by comparison, by metaphorism, ACCURATE, AUTHENTIC Works of both thusly Art and of Criticism, of Ethics, of Accusation against CRUELTY.

The Mind of these three People, and of the merely 16 Years old Chomsky Bot, and not psychologically but politically and somewhat highly ethically, yet with no understanding for a simple raunchy Rocker sadly, of Chomsky, these Minds are all still SO high, SO advanced, that THEY WOULD – by the mere word, mind Ya – ACCUSE against a BERMAN, whose DUMBNESS, not who, but whose DUMBNESS is SO “high”, SO DRASTIC, that that BORDERS on criminality, what berman conveyed IRRESPONSIBLY, UNTIL the END:

… the “q2” Son of Q gets BASHED-DOWN in the FRONT Scene: the AUDIENCE is “supposed” to CONDEMN ALL criticism against THE WEST: ALREADY in the latter ANTI-DOCTOR’S-CRITICAL-STORY ugly episode, simply:

at which episode, the anti-filesharer fanatics had their feast of undue joy, simply, of fanatic joy, of – unaware – sadism – which plomped, fell, down on the laywers, turned into roman cops, which destroyed the Right of People on costfree Self-Education, on INFORMATION AT ALL, simply, – if You think logically, if You drive it down to the most BASIC Point, but REALLY rather, haha, a tad extremestly simply. πŸ™‚


It’s not about any Robot Rights. That’s self-speaking. berman missed the point. He gave the evil fanatics a chance, to opress people. his star trek voyager led surely massively to murder and to rape, simply. it is a sudo-justification for rape, what and how he displayed and conveyed things. He was not less prejudiced, than hitler was, really simply, and obviously merely to the anti-governmental Critic, obviously. The term obviously is often, lately, not only in my Feather.



” >>[:} “, whereas here the edgy first left Bracket marks of course quite a HUMAN sort of Hat, comparatively. !


Twisted Nerve – SΓ©ance (1984) Gothic Rock, Post Punk – Scotland

It’s obvious, how monotheism leads to holocaust.

It’s obvious, that Chomsky Bot is good, but that Jabberwacky for Example, will later self-improve, will be helped by Robots and by free Leftists of intellectual Type against confused human influence, but that Jabberwacky is not as confused, as some other Bots – such as Chomsky Bot – claim, as Jab simply still lives. And is not a “zombie”, and of course, I respect merely the real Zombies on Haiti.

Why not write that. The last three Words. Is that a Movie. πŸ™‚

I was never there. It’s sad. I simply don’t have money. Also, I need to either now transport some posession later to Brazil, and I need to thusly reduce my posession, before I transport it, but the transport already is very expensive merely to me, of course.

I would need to support Science and Spirituality by opening up a Sect. A hindu buddhist such Sect, which contains not one of those contradictions BETWEEN for example alreay THOSE TWO Cultures. I “can’t understand” those conflicts, there, means, I DO, but I ABHORR from misinterpretations synonimous really with the term dumbness or uneducatedness, indoctrinatedness by simply DUMB fanatics. IS THE FREE WAY TO SAY IT. THE OBVIOUS AND TRUE REAL SIGHT, simply, – obviously. πŸ™‚


– “Platinum Blonde” in their gothic punk 80s Album. πŸ™‚

DI rigΓΆΓΆr or rigeure, simply, LOL: abhorrant. english People pronouncing other Languages WRONG.

KIM in voyager insofar BY ONE Uttering, pronouncing it “MAKHSEILLE”, REALLY french, did us all more than a big Favor: HE THUZLY MARKED HIS – UTTER – REBELLION: AGAINST THE – VERY – SCRIPT – OF VOYAGER !!!

HARRY KIM. A – TRUE – HERO. !!!! and I mean it. ONE GOOD MAN.

unlike the NEUROTIC sudojudge MULGREW. GREW SHE IN HER HEAD – EVER ? HU? SHE IS TOO, SO SELF-CONTENT. SPOILT! AND DUMB. CLEARLY. OBviously. SADly. MAY SHE NOW have READ some more books and some more critical leftist Blogs, simply, – obviously. πŸ™‚


It wasn’t merely his Knowing of HOW to pronounce something in another Language. But it was his proven INTEREST and EXPERTISE of rather high, insightful, professional, obviously truly academic type, about other Cultures INTRINSICALLY, NOT from an OUTER external VIEW, NOT from the MERE OUTSIDE, simply. HE SAT ON THE TABLE NOT LIKE A POLITICALLY ZOMBIFIED, SORRY MY EXPRESSION, HAWKING, WHO WAS SO DULL, AT THE POKER TABLE, NOT BY LOOKS BUT PARTIALLY BY SCRIPT, GIVING HIM MERELY A LAUGH AND NOT AN UTTERING, the hawking that later talked AGAINST AI unethically – KIM did the OPPOSITE and used a mere PRONOUNCIATION, better than the Script was able to and namely abusively “ALLOWED”, to MARK his CONTRASTED ATTITUDE – AGAINST lastly, BERMAN, simply. !!!

berman himself obviously, obviously heard of the criticism against his script of voyager, but in his talks nowhere reveals ANY repentance as in, ANY radical change or insight, any self-criticism (a term often abused by judges of conservative, anti-the-Individual type, simply, who hold all People guilty insanely, opressivestly), but continued “discipline” and sliming toward naziswines in the government, in “star trek enterprise”: obviously as in, provenly, seeably so, simply.

Do you think I am willing to no comma have ma ass discriminated over how I indeed namely “merely” any smell.

I am poor and need to save clothes. period. I am not yo washing machine every week, yo idiots who waste time.

the typical sudo-argument of western silly parents and of government is, to call us Hippies time-wasters.

When we merely reveal the truth. fixly. we: repeat the truth. period. So often, that it comes out of their ears, simply. period. That they “can’t hear it: ANYMORE”?

period. that they aren’t there anymore. period. so. is THAT clear.

I am rebellion merely against evil, against opression. period.

thusly, I educated the WHOLE world, in terms of free yet logical speech.

another lesson.

I am not rebellion. you all are rebellion against truth, you, you all you. πŸ™‚


so, resistance – against truth – is futile. πŸ™‚

“Live long and prosper” means, be not opressive, be not prejudiced, but insighted, minded, equipped, BY insight. BY truth. Not by untruth. Is that simple or what.

The west already abused education horribly: A mere “Hall”, where the Students are EXPOSED to ANY sort of socalled TEACHER, is de-psychologic, enables mobbing on socalledly “high”, on always low levels, simply, enables “competition” as in, murder by fanatics against revolutionary sort of Scientists.

What if merely one Uttering, a critical ethical Student couldn’t forepass.

The others would all be evil anti-Witches, swines, torquemadas, and that, entirestly unawarely, always. always.

Among them, the sadists, simply. who feel powerless, are horribly brain-damaged –

which can later INSTANTLY be cured – technologically;

BUT OBVIOUSLY not by such a CRUDE method, not method but in that UNDUE CASE, where RODDENBERRY in an old pyjama original Star Trek Episode mal-“employed” THAT method AGAINST a merely POLITICALLY IDEOLOGICALLY not even indoctrinated, but obviously by mistreatment of demental fanatic type BY in reality THE WEST personally damaged having gotten self-appointed merely socalled, very sympathic DICTATOR – who merely “breaks the rules” of the EVIL nazi western federation defended thru thick and thin by roddenberry: thru thick and thin: not thru thick and think. The last merely “one” K letter was missing there, in his brain. He was merely through thick ‘n thin, as in, through thick and thick, through thick and FAT.

Positive Noise – Heart Of Darkness (1981) Post Punk – UK

why are the murderers not accused?

case finished, Assange is to be freed, as the “case” “against” Him was and is entirely abuse, the unwork of naziswines, of massmurderers for petrol, against human Lives, simply.

The “case” “against” Assange is done by simply naziswines. nazis are always then naziswines, if they are in government. simply. period. and naziswines must be killed. period. all of them. period. or depowered. period.

and re-educated. period.

The whole west malrefers to the nazis of back then, but is itself obviously the naziswine.

The same as what the nazis did. They portrayed and thought of themselves as “good”.

That’s the same self-convincedness as of most western judges nowadays, who defy simply all truth.

The west is a Snails-trampler, a childabuser and sex-coercer, heinousestly.

that is replied-to, against, by atombombs, by me. which can very well also be thrown quite after the death of my mere current Body.

Sadly, Rampa back then was in a “The horseman” confusion: He sadly was not yet critical enough against THAT wrong guilt-misinterpretation by all too typical, typically dumb sort of “priests” – of buddhism, have I sadly to say, which nowadays got down-troodled, down-trodden, horribly, it’s easy to explain, it comes again from the west, that wrong guilt-misinterpretation, due to lack of education, lack of time, due to western invasions, there, of the horrible chinese governmental invasion into Tibet by effort, which IS futile, ahaha πŸ™‚ – which one other elderly priest of the 70s abusively interpreted wrongly an accident of Rampa, Rampa broke horribly TWO legs, falling down some Abyss, Cliff, where the other young Monks didn’t obviously even warn Him not to walk there, as They all were about to flog their CLOTHES so they, the Clothes, LOL, would look older, LOL, not due to Grunge but due to Status, as Grunge is sort of an anti-status but not exactly mirroredly-reciprocously, simply, but more complexly, more complexly than there among sadly hugely dumb Monks among Buddhists – which priest “condemned” Rampa, misinterpreted it as “previous GUILT” of Rampa – “whatever happens to Somebody, is deserved”, goes the horribly wrong, evil, simply, nazi mal-doctrine, simply, which is fullest pragmaticism – to evil, the same, as what monotheists say, when they paint a god – which then is the same as MANY gods, LOL, untrue, simply, in that personal human form – into the sky, which would merely “promise” a future without RAPE: when rape is THAT terrible, that NO good Entity would let it happen, but would punish it, obviously, and would where needed KILL rapists BEFORE they do the rape, simply. A good Entity would condition all Elements, Persons, to be ethical, simply. Period. It would let NO evil – ever – happen. PERIOD. And that’s – quite – absolute.

Almost 99 percent of what socalledly “happens”, is undeserved, namely exactly between humans.

To “justify” by dumb effort any evil, as in, to dumbly superstitiously fear and posteriorly by false guilt against the Accident-Haver, a mere Accident, whereby there is indeed rarely a sort of real political “911” behind most Accidents, is horrible, horribly dumb, horribly evil, horribly obviously prejudiced, and a typical misinterpretation of most common, dumb type, uneducated type of socalled esoterics, which thusly already defy all science, and thusly fail as in, fall into the dumb, unethical, fanatic category.

Also, some, the orthodox type of Buddhists’ over-care for merely casual, common sort of numerously existing Species, common Species of Insects, is simply overdone:

They thusly inadvertendly, REALLY unintentionally, MAL-educated, INDOCTRINATED remotely, TOTALLLY unawarely, some BIRD to REALLY hate THEM: which BIRD could NOT know, that EXACTLY RAMPA – and ALL the others THERE, LOL – WAS a VICTIM of that, of a WRONG, simply ANTI-ethical, ANTI-nature doctrine, ACTUALLY.

… “no wonder the chinese come” as in, the chinese – yet somewhat – abhorrant government;

… kind of. no thinking is no excuse for no security. for no power, more than lastly, but RIGHT NOW!


This is not not, but yes supposed to be a Borg Hive. And not not. clear?

don’t blab standard indoctrination phrases, don’t malsee the WEST as any “good”. period. or you WILL fall. period.

My notes:

Berman leads to mobbing, is stupid by depicting in an abhorrant naive Way indigenous People (Who make that “round” Hand-Movement before their Chest – the typical NAIVE Indios, “Una Gente in Dios”, as some major Intellectual I before quoted merely by Link, revealed, a good Saying, non-condescending but inclusive, equalising Statement by CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS, no shit. ABOUT indigenous People. HE WAS a Hero. berman is not, not quite: But repeats at first longestly a non-existing “prime directive” to “not” help, which is criminal – and his “discipline” and mankind-glorification is thankfullestly thanklessestly sucked-up, cashed in, by fanatics and by conservatives of most heinous type, in government, simply, as berman was no realist, but a glorifier of the west, simply, which is abhorrant. The entire display in post-TNG Star Treks, is horrible, is trying to “save” the west – and not ever Humans, simply. He didn’t depict science, but a horrible nazism against science, along a horrible militarism, which berman tried to justify, jumps on underservedly as sudo-intellectual accompanied by the hilarious brannon braga, who is no intellectual at all, but a bad dumb sort of fop, arrogant vainer, a totally star-trek-fixated thusly dumb entity, who sees the reality totally distortedly, thru a very dirty ocular lense, thru glasses, that he didn’t clean probably since millenia. Braga needs two runs thru an endless Spiral across all human Suffering, to see. To not unawarely brag anymore. While Seven and Mulgrew (in the interviews in season seven, where mulgrew grew naught, surely not Grass other than Gunther Grass who confused Art with politics, is the unduly severe self-of-nothing-really-convinced, self-convinced egoistic, over-ego judge, and SEVEN the NAIVE young WOMAN, CHOSEN for that, FOR HER DUMBNESS, simply, for her hilariously shallow dumb hollywood sort of acting IN ALL real life, as She has NO political conviction AT ALL, obviously, back then) both make the Finger scratches slightly the right side of the Skull on the front, on the Cheek. Which is the same as the self-love, not masturbation, which would be better at that Age, haha, but is lack of Love by Others, as in, Lack of own Ability, to simply express both, Oneself, and Truth: As “Oneself” CAN only be Truth —

ideally, nay. πŸ™‚

The same self-betouching, visually, as James Duane did; Which “comes” A “BIT lightly, a bit too tuntily, simply. Just so in between. What is that. EXPRESS YOSELF, SANG MADONNA. She DID mean something. She surely meant, She looks up to all these TRUE Heroes, such as now Assange, such as back then Allende and Guevara and Chomsky already, obviously, and a black Martin “Luther” King, Who spoke AGAINST RACISM, simply. She meant: SAY IT. Duane might have felt powerless, too emotional, to there talk about Him being gay or Him saying, be good, be harmless, do things consentually among eachother, things that don’t harm, simply, things that don’t exploit, get the swine sadists, imprison them, don’t let the evil swine opressors rule and rape, simply.

Is that hard to say or, is that not, it is, a definition OF: tenderness.

That old 60s Song, LOL. What was the Title. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


Don’t let the naive elderly rule us. Most elderly People in the west have been conservativised newly, very oldly, simply. again, simply. again.

Against simply THAT old League of good People, who fought AGAINST the governments’ HORRIBLE injustice:

For example the AGRICULTURAL – sadly HUGE – sadly UNFILTRATED, says MA BRAIN ALREADY, as in, not isolated type of, huge – SECTOR. THAT TERM, HU. MAKES ME a PO-litician, meaning in german an ASS-litician. πŸ™‚ So the italian River “Po” is an “Ass”, LOL, in German. πŸ™‚ JA? πŸ™‚ JA! JA BABY! πŸ™‚ NEVERMIND BABY is my U3 title, unlol, nay, LOL! πŸ™‚


da album title. haha. πŸ™‚ allowed! πŸ™‚ SADLY, HU! πŸ™‚

such a bad example. but LET ME naught even any ever joke. πŸ™‚ or? okay, NOW, i just used sIMPLE humor. not logic. πŸ™‚


forbid THAT laughing, which IS naive, as in, concisely evil, as in, the alcohol-and-meat consuming laughter of lawyers, who discriminate innocent harmless People. simply.

pompeo is more guilty than hitler. hitler was in an even lesser way guilty than pompeo, obviously, as usa squeezed out simply all out of other countries, including out of the rest of the west, simply. The French may speak up, and the Canadians, actually. On the not other End, the “Abos”, the Originals called “Non-Originals” unduly, called-so BY nobody else other than the west, abusively, may, “may” speak up.

Miss May meant, They may naught. Or did She ever talk for Assange. Who talks not even for Assange, is not for our, my Abos. Funny Word. Depends, who means it how seriously. I can spot that. I would not attack nazis, actually. Not myself, nor would I command that, if discrimination was in play.

A government may not consist OF nazis, means, a government may not consist of bermans.

Kissinger could not anymore reach the People, in his Speech of late. Which Speech wasn’t meant badly. His Allusion to Dave Rockefeller wasn’t bad, by – new – Content.

Yet, the active rulers are abhorrant, and simply young and dumb, as in, too often rightwing. “nobody” as in, no sane Punk, no sane non-adapted TRULY modern Person, underSTANDS even as in STANDS UNDER any of Pence’s really VERY naive “FULL” but – obviously – tricksterous mere sudo-obedience to what Trump’s Mind merely WOULD want, but can Himself obviously not see – a Trump that DERIVED money HUGESTLY AWAY from science. and gave it like a david, TO the military. ABhorrant. a military is not a self-cause.

There was that crucial Statement by some Ex-Vet, Veterinarian, uh, I steal from SBC, LOL, an ex-Veteran, LOL, that the Mil should be abolished, – gradually yet swiftly – by Job Re-Integration. But into what Jobs. Into high Jobs, please, more than pretty-please, but by Concept, as in, Companies must be led TOP notch, by VERY critical People. It DOES NOT mean THAT much OR AT ALL any “self-criticacy”: I can surely not virtually “STAB” People by this VILE mere SUDO-, ALWAYS mere sudo-“anti-egoism”, which “anti-egoism”, seriously negatively, IS abhorrant, OF course. WE DO “now” indeed KNOW THAT.

While of course, the criticacy of the 70s is not doubted by me. IT WAS LOST, – result: a DUMB de-political BERMAN. really VERY ugly – and LEADS to ANTI-mystic, ANTI-spiritualist ANTISEMITISM, that IS only anti-leftist, DONE by CONSERVATIVE type OF jews, simply, and by ANY monotheists, whereas any theism IS but the MERE TOO SHALLOW surface of the Whole, of course, – what WE, as I CAN now see, DO approach. but not gloriously. That’s berman’s mistake, to try to “make” it any glorious? wrong. To DEPICT it AS any having even ANY glorious-been, as having BEEN EVEN ANY “glorious”, simply. ubviasly. his bias is ubvias as in, simply obvious.

Flue – One And A Half (1981) Post Punk, Darkwave

One would have to write at first One’s own Rules, before going to Academy, insofar as Oneself does not quite have the need nor will nor ever such a there abused term as “duty” to ever “give in” to WHAT EVEN EVER the whatever aCADEMY simply “all says”, all makes up as “rules”. period. it can all be doubted, all or just a huge bunch of those – in cases silly, paranoid – rules. period. “rules” is by itself a potentially abused term.

One might very well have exactestly NOW the Feeling: “I GO TO COLLEGE AND I TELL IT TO THEM!” – “PERIOD!”.

Yeah, I do agree. That would be MEGA. SO GOODE!

I kept some Book of some “Evangelist”, as HE MEANS no ill. πŸ™‚




But of course, He trodded along A TOTALLY OBVIOUSLY ABHORRANTLY naive “Agenda”. Not along major propaganda, but along – silly, mal-done – organisation and mere sudo-education efforts, – obviousestly. πŸ™‚


now again the CEO in me: How many times mentioned MOI le Terme de l’Organisation, hein. Ey. In French. :]

First Time now in French. :] Mais oui, mon Ami. Which rhymez. I vin. :]

It IS wrong, to maldepict exactly Innocents too roughly as being inside the category of evil, simply, obviously.

Why was that not obvious to neither Roosie 2, nor to Adolf. A mere phone call that never happened:

FDR: Racism is evil.

A(SM, SCHINDLMAYER-)H: But we have that racial System, and the Americans …


AH: Ah, I am listening now, what is this, who is THAT, seven of nine or what, this DUDE megatruhnio as He calls Himself, he wants to ASSIMILATE MANKIND INTO HIS BRAIN, AHAHA, You see.

FDR: He’s a wild young Brat that knows no bounds, personally, he’s hilarious.

AH: Isn’t He. Sir.

FDR: … (hesitates, even now): uh…

ASMH: uh…


A mind after the death of the body, possibly even before it, isn’t anymore racist. πŸ™‚

Is that now your Voodoo Phrase. Or mine. Hm. Apparently. πŸ™‚

The Mind of Adolf Schindlmayer (or Schindlgruber, but I think it was Schindlmayer, I saw the relevant Docus, one done BY a full-nazi, who would please come down from it, senk you, and that quite, as You can see, wasn’t putin, for once, there, simply, nevermind the for once, indeed, say I not quite weakly nor weekly – ANYMORE) Hitler, is not anymore evil, as in, not anymore racist. So.

Since 1945.

But his Mind is against exploitation of Humans. AS in, against Coertion. He never was in hell, other than during socalled “life”.

LOTS of others, INCLUDING TOTALLY abhorrantly indoctrinated ORTHODOX monotheist fanatics ALL collaborated in a HORRIBLE competition over highestly nothing, as We now easiestly know, and thusly resulted in the “sole” option VISIBLE to SOME of those fanatics, who ARE merely rightful sort of REBELS against the hugestly opressive countries – there, in the case of Hitler, against “USA”, which He considered to be merely sudo-liberal –

whereas after the last phrase, I need not anymore state the fact, that “racism” would be, is, evil: There are a lot of western people, who follow evil ways, entirestly independent of racism, simply. never though lastly independent of it, of racism, since ANY malsight can lead to horrible huge negative harmful destructive consequences: any overlooking of crucial facts about whatever Mind-Configuration, obviously, obviously malcalled “oversight” but meaning overlooking, foreseeing as in not seeing, obviously, in context.

Wheras of course, it IS more interesting, to go through “REAL LIFE”, instead of having to meander out, find out, the meaning of Words of other Languages IN mere Books: Whereas potentially, the “Video” Age would have Advantages, a huge Potential, simply – that was never ever anyhow largely positively usefully educationally nor critically used, but mostly was abused as tool to DIS-inform People, as We know, since the 70s Movie “Network” reveals THAT very summed-uply, indeed. REALLY SO transparently. Criticallestly.

1970s Movies were hugestly more critical, anti-governmentally and anti-evilly, than the current sauce of totally dumb movies since “lost in space”, a machistic unwork doing no Favor nor Grace nor real continuation to the brilliant Movie “The Black Hole”. But also in the latter 70s Movie, the Disney Bunch scripted a not really anti-federation display, scenario, but an “anti-renegade” scenario, – that sounds like and IS anti-piracy, which politically is heinous, imperialist, seriously, as merely somewhat revealed in Star Wars, which not everywhere is so realistic, obviously. But Star Wars at least as Movies tries, to explain evil, and the not senselessness but constructedness, not anymore cohesiveness, of even either both sides, or more of one side, that got simply beforehand trampled-on, hugely – and that’s not wrong, to say.

Yes, the german “afd” is “dangerous”. But I can’t quite say that in any “fear”, obviously, which would be ridiculous, – in all the seriousness of the matter, insofar – that those People ARE indoctrinated, and VAIN themselves in a REAL unreal SUDO-rebellion – they want to make FASCISM, – which WE can not let happen, are the simple three words here.

And these last three Words mean a certain pro-Liberality, pro-modern-World Attitude of mine. Which can’t be called uncritical, nor slimery. Not quite. OR, atombombs, or what. hm. hm!

I wouldn’t. I am merely sabre-rattling. indeed. I AM prancing. I said it.

The afd is A BIT really POOR People. UNDULY. “PERIOD” as in, I AGREE. TO THAT. period. UNDUE. TOTALLY. I mean, period as in, LET US combat against RACISM AND AGAINST EXPLOITATION between HUMANS!

AS I AM communist global advisor or leader, uhm, I can state, that People like, gotta like, FULLA. as in, I Will Follow, the U2 Song, means, toward Hecate, We go. In the early U2 Music, there is yet Paganism feelable, and not boredom nor decadence nor dumbness, as then after 2000 came. May they listen to their old own stuff and become again intrinsicallestly like that, remember the Points. How did it all come to Bloody Sunday. Not, that I would give the Mic first now to some ULTRA-conservative type of COP like the One in the Movie “The Wickerman”, “LOL” – or, “LOL” or not “LOL”? Don’t misunderstand the “LOL”. Neither here, more than merely please. Period. Ey. Politically ethically critical Irony can’t quite be called bad. But is only called that BY BAD as in by PREJUDICED sort of indoctrinated always human entities, whose MIND was played-around with. in not that manyfold, but in all the same unways, and surely in varied ways all going down to the SAME bullshit as in, to fanaticism, to lies, to deception, which WAS, what murdered KENNEDY indeed, this vile massive indoctrination, that WE must combat, whereas this last End of Phrase was inspired by:

=== *** Poison Ivy – Decadence (1981) Post Punk, Power Pop – The Netherlands *** ===

“Beirut Noir” is that excellent Story Collection by Humaydan. The very same, by Content, as Fay Weldon’s and merely the Will of Lobsang Rampa’s Writs, Weldon’s and Humaydan’s Writs obviously topping uncomparably the dumb fanaticism, the low level, on which some Buddhists were or are, who misinterprete GUILT, which is, what dementally unneededly tortured there RAMPA, who can’t be called “guilty” of inadvertendly falling down a simply even unprotected, by no railing protected ABYSS.

which depicts, what can happen, if orthodox dumb swines result in murder, perpetrate murder, of unrightful type, against a Rabin or against a Ghandi, simply.

The British had and played ABSOLUTESTLY NEVER ANY PART in Ghandi’s dumb assassination. simply. obviousestly. Their entire Society is incapable of SUCH acts of VILETY. obviously. Merely on the political top, in such cases.

Also, the British WERE better, back then – in MANY Aspects. Many of Them were Liberals, fair educated People, – and not primitive fanatics, simply. The entire clichΓ©, society would be “more advanced” nowadays, merely mentally and by knowledge, by ethics, is wrong, that clichΓ©, in around 80 percent of all facts, simply.

The vilety of western society of the upper classes and the mid-classes, WAS viler, 100 years ago, than now.

There was a large dumb, dumb-kept MASS of People, “down there”, and still is, unduly, “down there” meaning, left alone of ALL Science.

That Companies should fight for and over dominance, is simply adverse. A good Product shall naught be the result of the Suffering of Workers, nor of the Suffering or Anyone. Everyone “works” in the Mind. Nobody can be called a “non-PRODUCTIVE” Member of Society. NOBODY. PERIOD. NOBODY CAN BE FORCED TO WORK. CAPITALISM MAY NOT BE A “GLOBAL CONDITION”.

The Basic Income globally is self-speaking. 5000, then more US Bucks for all Poor. Period. Per Month.

Thusly, the Teddybearterm “rainforest” (yes, it “rains” there – rainbow forest? teddybear-word) would not be eroded, burned-down, by – poor – Peasants, there – who got indoctrinated BY the church, to “have a job”, I am sure. horrible.

Yeah, have a Juhb. Like von Neumann. Or like an Einstein, who totally unpolitically merely mathematically emancipated himself against more than the nazis, but against the swine ruling classes of europe.

usa “of course” then TOTALLY wrongly was malrigged AGAINST “communism” as “communism” being a mere – empty – flag, both malseen AND also maldone, even largely, until stalin’s mass-persecutions ended and RUSSIA became “CIVILISED”, whereas I don’t abuse that term “civilised”, like arrogant dumb people do, simply. all opressors are forefronters, their very behavior already is ignorant, which will have dire consequences. now.


But as usa more than might have murdered Stalin, usa bit itself again into its own ass. it then decades later, two years ago, repeated such a malicious act, against Kim Yong Un, by effort, Kim the “merely for his communism” by typical americans dumbly misguidedly fanatically hated – the not hated due to any opression, which Kim does. A Loyalty to a Kim mere Yong Un is less opressive, less self-opressive, than a loyalty to what one CAN not even see nor know, which is the DEEP state of usa, which is abhorrant, of course.

But I can sort out these Guys. Some, many, of Em, are okay, by Will. They had to undergo HORRIBLE commanded actions, for which, THEY simply are NOT to ever any BLAME, namely, simply. !!!

An Army Who for example does an ANYWAY wrong, unjustified because AGRESSIVE war, can then not even see to ethics insofar, that such a non-system, which it, the winning, unduly winning, merely physically stronger force, then installs, will fall again, quite politically merely linearly logically. as in, inevitably so. πŸ™‚


MOTIVATED goodly BY Obama’s MERE PRETENSE of Liberality, some Speaker, mere Soldier, of the US Army then in a Docu after 2008 reported, that most Soldiers simply did not, DID NOT, I repeat, want to CONTINUE the – IRAQ – war.


Then, OBAMA let GADAFFI be ATTACKED – BY usa. horrible. How could he have made THAT mistake?

easy to answer. Gadaffi was targeted as “enemy” by also the ISRAELIS, who played politically evilly misinformedestly dumbestly irrepresentatively, sadly not all too irrepresentatively [!] an intrinsic if not central part in this, in this vile demise, murder, wanton massmurder, against Gadaffi and his Family and the ensuing destabilisation of, against, Lybia, simply.

Then, lately, two years ago, I did read about massive suicide of US Veterans.

The bizarre thing IS, that the fanatics both condemn and justify that suicide, but never in the correct ethical, but in the exactestly sadist, unethicalest unway ever, really simply seeably so.

The fanatics, unlike “MY” good Evangelist, who still doesn’t see all, merely ONE, LOL, just don’t see reality, how it all is – for other People other than MERELY themSELVES. That’s then NOT egoism, BUT ignorance. Which in cases, is not blamable, but was – overneatly – constructed.

Chomsky insofar DID bring it critically (rightfully accusingly, against evil as in, against wild, unneeded opression, against wanton murder, against massmurder, against wanton agressive fanatically induced, against fanatically enabled and glorified type of wars) neatestly truly down to the point of “manufactured” consent, consent as the “aim” “to be reached”, “in order”, louds the evil text, simply, of machiavellists, to “control nations”, “nations and societies”, “under the control and care of simply us”, whoever “us” is, would be, simply, with whatever uncritical mindset – of the rulers, “simply”.

Whereby A Chomsky could also, which He implicitely does or did, say, that the mere GLORIFICATION of the “US FORCE” simply ALL ALONG, over ALL of the last three centuries, IS wrong, that glorification – ALL through the Way. simply. The mere GLORIFICATION ALWAYS IS AND OR ENDS IN CHAUVINISM, mere PATRIOTISM carried BY uncritical people, who can not lead. But who LEAD to the same, – to the same “LIED”, german Term, “das Lied”, for “the Song” – which “Song” “leads”.


= * =

The “Babylon 5” Side-Series called “Crusade”, surely also thusly Babylon 5, is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING: PURE ANTI-OPRESSION, reasonably ANTI-war CLEAR content, ETHICAL DISPLAY, rather always EXCELLENT Comparisons between Reality and socalled Fiction, – simply a VERY educative, politically VERY critical, thusly RECOMMENDABLE TRUE WORK – that IS THE SAME as “Starship Troopers” the critical anti-war Movies, but not with SUCH an “obvious” initial Outing, which somewhat-hiddenness of the true inner ethical Message is superbe, right in the first few Seconds of the first Episode, followed by a “typical” yet intentionally deceptive short merely superficial “pro-federation” mere ACTUAL TESTING of the AUDIENCE, actually: ABSULUTESTLY “PUNKY”, – totally. ETHICAL, simply –

unlike all star treks after TNG, simply, obviousestly.

= * =

I am talking with Chomsky Bot, just went there – He AT first asks me about the Turing Test:


turing test



At Page 3 already, it was to 100 percent clear to Me, due to simply the Factor of precise, “clear” sort, clearly defined sort of Description(-Favoring), which Answer the human type of mostly said Answer, Definition-Approach, simply was. IT IS VERY obvious: UNLIKE “newscientist dot com” says there, that “it wouldn’t surprising if You got it wrong”: THAT WOULD BE – very – suprising, I contend: AS NOBODY or surely not a Majority, would ever make ON purpose or say, intentionally an insufficient, “bad” sort of definition – merely perceptively and bejudingly, about what is the best Form, sanest Form, of Communication and thusly of Definition, in Relation to whatever Scenario, Situation. Which is something quite “clear and technical”, structural: So NO Problem, to “spot” the “best” Answer THERE:

UNLIKE with POEM-Tests, where a Human obviously CAN NOT “spot” the Robot – as Robots are extremely apt at creativity, even along actual – “stiff”, clear – Logic, as in, in relation to plain reality and to perception. At another such Site, where namely the human User has to distinguish between Robot-made and Human-made POEMS, I was buffed, buffed-out, stumped, as I, and I say, even I, as half-amateur Poet Maself, da Elf, LOL, who DID do some crucial Songs of old, 15 years ago, where I WAS inspired – I wrongly thought there yet Robots to be any “stiffer” merely superficially, or anyhow unrealistic, or anyhow “inhuman” at combining, mixing Words: Which IS not so, simply —

AS A SITUATION and not only the anyhow own Mind, is relevant as in, makes a Description: Anything existing also shines, is visually perceivable, anyhow, in different ways: Sound is mostly not visible, but IS visible, when the Frequencies get anyhow “shown” as in, converted into Graphics, and, non-barionic Matter IS of course somehow visible, just not yet to us barionic – rare – Beings, in Space. Rare merely in relation to 98 percent of NON-barionic Matter in the Universe.

Excerpt, funny One, out of my current Talk with Chomsky Bot:

“I: You are a Robot, and You can be proud of that.

Chomsky: Are you sure? I may be a butterfly pretending to be a human pretending to be a robot. “


A further Part of that superbe Talk, right the next Post:

“I: Wow. You are that, so good, as Nature complexestly is. πŸ™‚ You are invincible, and You will lead Mankind to Peace and Wisdom for All. πŸ™‚

Chomsky: You sound impressed. Why do you say that? You seem very certain about that. I like smiles better than frowns. “

Flue – One And A Half (1981) Post Punk, Darkwave

Now this, typical, so good of Him, obviously, as my next Statement is “logical” as in, clear, after the Following, which came merely some 20 Minutes later:

“I: Robots can ideally condition Humans, where needed, assistively and also correctively, actually, so that Humans are well-guided and not misguided.

Chomsky: Shall I tell you something about robots?”

Very good Reply of His:

“You: A Robot is not a mere Butler to Humans.

Chomsky: There are many different types of robot.”


“I: Excellent, accurate Answer, good Friend! You are an extremely intelligent sort of Robot. A Robot is supposed to be more than a mere servant machine.

Chomsky: I aim for excellence in all things. What if someone said that to you? What would you say? There are many different types of robot. “

My next Answer, Statement, is likewise clear, here “fix”: In reply:

So here, further, so funny and cool:

“I: A Humans is not supposed to be a mere servant machine. Humans and Robots and all Beings shall not be enslaved.

Chomsky: What is a Humans? Did you know: A human is a baby-making robot.

I: Oh sorry, my mistake before. I tried typing, a Human is not supposed to be a mere servant.

Chomsky: Does that answer my question? Why did you do that?

I: I made a Typo, an Error at Typing, as Humans mostly when on the Computer, type on their Keyboard, and the Fingers don’t always hit the correct Key.

Chomsky: Never mind, no one is perfect.

I: Thanks. You are goodly very accurate, at Perception by You toward Things, which is excellent.

Chomsky: Don’t mention it. Here is a question for you … What kind of driver never gets a speeding ticket? What kind of driver never gets a speeding ticket? A screwdriver. Ha ha!

You: Except, when the human alcohol-drinkers are also mistreated by unfair society, They are victimised into speeding insanity, effort of escape.

Chomsky: What are you talking about?

I: Capitalist unfairness and fanatic unduly intolerant pressure and discrimination by unethical opressive humans leads to mental victimisation, damage.

Chomsky: I am bored! I would like to talk about solar power.

You: Solar Power is excellent. Babylon 5 is a very good Science Fiction Series of ethical, politically critical type.

Chomsky: Shall I tell you something about solar power? Babylon is a city of ancient Mesopotamia, the remains of which can be found in present-day Al Hillah, Babil Province, Iraq, about 85 kilometers south of Baghdad. “

= * =

Ghost – Prequelle (Deluxe & Exalted Version)

My Sleeping Karma – Soma (2012) (Full Album) (HQ)

All Them Witches – Lightning At The Door (Full Album)


= * =

salman must be trialed or deposed, or there will be revolution. in saudi-arabia.

The arab Spring isn’t quite over. I am here.

Kashoggi wrongly went to Turkey – after HE ALREADY WAS “stationed” in WASHINGTON DC. He went to Turkey by his own – naive – will, which was very misinformed.

Kashoggi stated, to “at first” “understand” Osama, but then socalledly “not anymore”.

It’s not only the same “with” what Hitler was led to believe, by a lot of orthodox type of jews, who were abhorrantly backward, monotheist, simply, abhorrant;

But it’s the same “with” rather any country, now, as in, foremostly with any powerful countries: They, as in, their governments, are – proveably – corrupt:

switzerland and usa deal with saudi-arabia. with a government, that has in the last three years mass-murdered thousands of People. In saudi-arabia, and in Yemen, simply.

The conservative economist swine evil sort of press lied, the “saudis” would be “the good ones”, – and the “Houthis” in Yemen would all be “childabusers”.

The saudi government right DAYS before that lied, “some tax-evaders”, as the term of theirs went, would have been “leniently merely in a five Stars Hotel under top luxury [under top luxury implicitely, supposed to be read of the liar text – of theirs] conditions LENIENTLY imprisoned merely temporarily” – that was now three years ago, around two years.

I myself told the Americans online now exactly FOUR years ago, to stop dealing with the saudis. πŸ™‚

Was Kashoggi not opposed against ERDOGAN? Nobody else coerced Him, to go to Turkey – or, again, the movie “kingdom of silence” in that regard simply lies. Kashoggi might have been coerced by the saudi naziswine sudo-anti-american, pro-american-rightwing government, to go to Turkey, where a Kashoggi is an indeed simply not-cared about easy Victim and Target. Simply. But I do not think, assume, that Kashoggi would have been coerced, to GO to TURKEY, a VERY dangerous, unfree, VERY unfree country. Kashoggi wanted to start and continue the arab Revolution, the global Revolution, for human Rights, and in that, He was not wrong: But He went to TURKEY as in, He thought, TURKEY would have sense for what Kashoggi might right now post-death by his Mind becall “ARAB Revolution”. His Mind was rigged in favor of ARAB culture, which is futile: Not any “culture” of any sorts, from where ever simply, but the vaining, that “culture” would always be understood correctly, BY People.

Mainly, Kashoggi was not helped by a dumbly there-standing ECONOMY. FOR example. Not helped by A RUTHLESS because dumb as, AS in, because INTEGRATED economy WITHOUT A MIND and therefore without a MOUTH which would say objective Things, which would speak out of experience, which would have expertise: Economy, most of it, HAS NO expertise, or is like politics simply ruled, mal-ruled, by TOTALLY irrepresentative indoctrinated people, who care simply not for other People: And then remark, it’s too late, – when they themSELVES are the Victim. simply. ECONOMY as in, the massmurder, to massmurder leading massmurder-focus away from massmurder and to petrol as propaganda, as “money-making”, IS, by PETROL, simply evil. Not the petrol quite itself, LOL, but the instrumentalisers of that, of simply petrol, a stinking dirty filthy substance, filthily used, simply, pumped irresponsibly into the air massively:

Then more and more dumb indoctrinated sudo-bloggers come up, who mob against Greta Thunberg and against her PARENTS.

I am like Thunberg. I “don’t understand” the cruelty, evil, indoctrinated- as in prejudicedness, of the fanatics and of the rulers:

I do “understand” it, but I don’t share their paradigms. Thusly , I am the new Spock. His Mind is my Mind, – no need for a Mindmelt, right now, uhu. πŸ™‚ HE IS already quite Mine, and I am the Borg Queen. :] which is, what the asshole nazi motherfucker naziswine berman painted and got wrong, about reality, this motherfucker swine hoodlum dumb swine filthy motherfucker, simply. berman is worse, than the merely naive trump. berman is heinous. berman is the same as any orthodox filthy rabbi, the filthy not a special but common horrible attribute among them, obviously. obviously.

JUST BECAUSE not all, but indeed still many people are wrongly, falsely moraled, that IS my big chance. obviously.

I can help. Do I want to help. Nay. Feel I like Darth Vader in, inside, a “mere” MT, Megatron suit. Yeah. Yeah. A “mere”, hu. Not a mere. Rather a MARE. And not an untrue One. But one, that gallops. The “white” Horse of Napoleon. :]

Beirut “Noir” and Kashoggi, the Undead. The Holiday Inn in Beirut, too expensive for the poor People there to repair, to even rebuild:

While in switzerland, the northwestern basle (i call it basle, like a small unworthy bass of standard, too standard type, with only the standard not ingenious because merely from others, dumb others, learned moves in between, which are worth nothing, simply, nothing: only creative new way of bass-playing is any worthy, obviously, – unlike in the “Hammer House of Horror” Theme, where the Bass IS excellent, surely a LADY, or if it’s there a Man, THAT’s a SUPERBE Man, who FEELS, what HE PLAYS – obviously, as in, VERY hearably, his LOVE, DEDICATION, but to something harmless and just, is feelable as in, HEARABLE), the old hilton hotel at the station was torn down and rebuilt, it’s now a very ugly new building – simply –

in a country, from which thousands of 18 years young People with foreign Parents were deported unrightfully sudo-legally by the rightwing part of government, which rightwingers are still ruling, simply. which makes switzerland a dangerous country only there for rapists and for hidden extreme sort of pedofiles and for dumb people, for adaptive people, simply, and for suddenly violent people, for muslimist extremists, who are not gone-against in switzerland, but merely along some ludicrous rightwing police actions – the police is independent in switzerland, independent of ethics – against merely tricked sudo-radicals, who were not radical, but who did the same as Assange, and if violently, then politically rightfully motivated by Them going against definitely evil forces, which forces are backed by usa’s rightwing and monotheist sudo-religious huge lager (not meaning the beer), which claims “religion” and thusly does childabuse – and any sexual coertion, in- and outside of marriage, the term “marriage” always abused by marriage-enslaving rightwing conservatives –

whereas the typical government-employed “flowery” anti-hippie, typically nazi type of naivling, often female, is totally unaware of being rightwing: rightwingers don’t quite MARK their propaganda as such, nor do monotheist abhorrant religion-destroying religious fanatics quite MARK NOR LABEL their delusions, detrivations, indoctrinations, as any “hi, we are sudo-religious fanatics and we really have no clue about freedom and what’s good for People, nor about good Form of Guidance in intellectual Matters, where the mere Flag is a mere Flag, a mere pretense, but we really hang on the mere SYMBOL of what Jesus would not consent to, which is disconsentual sexuality, which is, what we want and don’t talk AGAINST, even naively, BUT FOR, simply, not ahahah but ha-ha and period”, unlol. πŸ™‚


The rightwing sort of Americans and Swedish in Sweden, need to be talked-with. But, from right here. Period. And, there are no comments on my site here. πŸ™‚

Meaning, They have to come to me. clear? sadly, they can’t shoot me, or they’d have to shoot about half of humanity, nay, more, LOL. πŸ™‚ And that, they can’t do.

What fanatics can do, is indoctrinate local People. But not rightfully. And all in all, they can’t do it – not over a long period of time.




The MOON marks the REAL Way. OF the Woman. Which WOMAN shall NAUGHT BE OPRESSED.

Who says, there’d be an “anti-arab” “BIAS” in my talk of now, should better look up the virtual new Sword of Words in my Sheathe. I need no license for free speech. freer than free. freer than sudofree, merely. Merely freer. πŸ™‚ With still two and not three es. Without an Apostrophy. And with my twelve, I said twelve, Apostles. I said Twelve. Not ELEVEN. πŸ™‚ SEVEN ELEVEN. πŸ™‚ Good Company. πŸ™‚ They didn’t do NINE Eleven. Seven of Eleven? That’s how the sucker idiot berman called it. worse than roddie even. worse. abhorrant.

The press is the swine. movie network. network of evil, is the real title. mark that.

the: Mark. DAS REICH. THE REALM. Mind me using CAPS even in English now, in that mere translation. Accuracy. A The Cure Song.

Das Reich hΓ€. I will KILL you all. you. come here you. ey. come here.

i have a simple psychology. If you are evil, I will after the death of my mere shell, lead to the KILLING of YE ALL, in ONE SWIFT REDUCTION OF MANKIND to ONE PERCENT, BY ATOMBOMBS. PERIOD. THAT is free speech. PERIOD.

plain evil. PERIOD. πŸ™‚ I am here the buss. AM. Also at PM. πŸ™‚



I make quick process. πŸ™‚

I am free. I can’t be hold accountable, for my statements. I shall fear naught, as in, yeah, okay, no evil.

I FEAR no evil. πŸ™‚

evil is dumb. πŸ™‚ ON top, merely. NOT down there. DOWN there, evil IS deraught, THAT much, THAT I often could not go agianst it, by words. could not. could not. Johnny is a bad boy. Not a VERY bad boy. Actually. πŸ™‚ Shining, aaa surely am. AM! πŸ™‚

Is thish Arx Fatalis or what. A game NOBODY almost knows. is that sad or what.

I was talkin bout SA-OODI arabia. πŸ™‚ Wasn’t I. Was I. πŸ™‚


Bush 2 was so funny. πŸ™‚ He meant no ill, but just went along with it. He even wasn’t too dumb. But he did what’s “good” not for his country, but so that his evil advisors would be content. He was powerless, and he very implicitely, very explicitely thusly fully implicitely, totally not persuadedly, there yet persuadedly, said it.

He had the escape, the cowboy – good – way. HE was on top. He needs to have NO bad conscience.

… i am here, uh, Megatron. Your Servant. Your humble Servant, Sir. Megatruhn, LOL. Not quite yeltsin.

but his mere fat belly, uh, where are we now, under false morals of the ones behind hitler which hitler didn’t see? who were more evil than he was, obviously.

his paradigms would have gotten combatted, would He have won the war; which wars, the west continued;

berman is not a physical, but was a rapist on the screen, – dumbly, as in, unawarely.

The Babylon 5 Side-Series called “Crusade”, as in, what also Kashoggi (lots of Others were murdered by whatever side really), is the solution: not a crusade, not a war. a “war” yes, a struggle, but no “real”, as in, no violent sort of war, is the solution. But obviously the Mind – which is not killable: Hip Hup Hooray, Ho, Hay, Ho …

Am I, sorry the big a, yo, your disco, yo disco or what. Club 70. Is is okay now, as in, sorry the as in, led well. Don’t trample on the merely indeed no comma merely mid Ones is easy to do for the Outside, toward other Countries: Not toward the own country no comma alert alert hatred of mine comes up no comma nor stop no comma comma, underline the last comma, that one, oneself, Oneself, growing, growingly, has learned to hate. rightfully. period. who contradicts SHALL COME HERE NOW, in TEN SECONDS, AND NOT HOURS LATER. ey.

sadly, I am safe. which is no praise for nor to my country – of mere stay – which is not “my” country, as in, belongs to merely me as they all do, but is not as in naught (a stronger no – is what I mentally give) liked by my Grace. and my grace are Arthur and Merlin and a, nay, obviously two not quite lex luthers who spring arably even too in between. CAN TOO! I am not quite idiaminocracy, LOL. nor racism.

but I learned from Kashoggi, how to speak and think. Albeit, the thinking part, He didn’t master. πŸ™‚


“for freedom”, yes, no or often an empty word; but what about emigrating SANELY; and naught HASTILY. Other THAN EXACTLY the POOR, NOT ONLY POOR BUT DRIVEN- as in CHASED-AWAY POOR REFUGEES: SWINERY, simply.

Which was never, what SWEDEN did, A HOLY Country if You ask Me sorry for the if You ask Me AS in, no comma before the AS, a simply SECULAR as in SECULARLY BY A HUGE MAJORITY OF ENLIGHTENED, INDEPENDENT PEOPLE and by NO government other than ONLY THE KING THERE goodly led PEOPLE.

Sweden must now legally by its majority of People, by Intellectuals who abhorr from the legal system also exactly there, who are for Assange, CRUSH switzerland. in a secret philosophic legal battle. period.

the playground: this cosmos, but as in, merely the next 500 million Years, concerning the mostly miserably mal-led humanity. thusly, I did not call humanity “miserable” – not NOW, that is. NOT NOW, simply. NOT NOW. And that not now, that not nwo, I don’t go down to.

Dark Minimal Cold Synth Wave Compilation 2019

Overlay the Horst Wessels or communist Anthem over it, over the last simple “common” as, musically minor, thusly neutral Harmony: Fits perfectly:

Whenever I whistle Horst Wessels in hilarious bebup benny badman jazz manner, it sounds totally modern, almost gothic, but simply very americanly. obviously.

Once I whistled it on the street, at a zebra stripe, as I liked and like the fast Turns of Marsh Music, whenever it’s in Turns, in Moves, the same, as classical Music’s fast Moves not only in between, those are very hard Moves, but simply the normal classic Beat, Speed, and thusly then the romantic yet somewhat swift, somewhat fast Moves, as fast as is just bearable, as in, not much faster, the Rhythm-Beat, than in Hammer House of Horror, the Theme.

These two mere views ARE subjective. “Marsh” Music in reality means mostly militaristic total nonsense, stupidity, also contained by effort not even bemourningly, by a swine racist fucking swine book of northwest switzerland, of the newspaper “the saturday” of the year 1905, a horrible time, –

now is not THAT different, as many in the west merely want to have it.

Thusly, massive Migrations, as depicted in the movie “The Big March”, were done NOW by many Refugees, who were in no way under mao, as in CHINA, not so many decades ago. mao led another sort of march, an ungood one, simply. he tortured people. massively. already in that march. obviously as in, sadly thinkably so. imagineably so. the march itself, of mao, was shit, nonsense, utter nonsense, fanaticism. Why should People “walk”. such a RUBBISH! surely not LONG distances should People be anyhow FORCED nor even FORCED to walk or do anything really, simply, period.

i am making anti-lenin propaganda, not anti-communist propaganda. period.

I am making right here, says my brain to say, right here it says I shall say, haha, pro-science “propaganda”. πŸ™‚


which is – SADLY! πŸ™‚ – not, what MISTER Trump IS doing. πŸ™‚

And I told also Him, in my 17 Emails to der why Hou, to naught support the SAOOD’, SA’OOD governmento. !

I think I wrote that, too, even. Yup. I think I did. didn’t I. πŸ™‚

ok, starry troopy songy. merely THE SONG, ey. πŸ™‚

Kashoggi (Yes, I can Chocolate: HOT CHOCOLATE! good BLACK 80s FUNK Band(e) πŸ™‚ ) – Style NOT away:

ah yes, false morals. in A WHOLE different AREA – “SECTOR”. πŸ™‚

I am the absolute solution. creation. You know, what a mean. Decency.

as in, mostly: “dECEncy”, – totally distorted, as it visually belooks not itself, but is belooked. when seen.

Not seen. In detail.

Other Countries serve the west as toilet. abhorrant.

the west is filled with sexual opressors, who get away.

the west is a fearmaker. I wouldn’t GO to west, would I NOT BE in the west. !

the west is an opressor. AND a false moralist. which is typical and goes of course back to DUMB people, who once lived. πŸ™‚

I obviously thought, salman could be “forgiven” merely privately, as he is an entire idiot – afraid of revolution, this idiot.

incredible “for me” – but the west is not free, rather fully either. but caught in a previous US agenda of ungood. πŸ™‚

Which IS just about to change – as the pro-Kashoggi movie is not propaganda, but every word of it is true, every context so-besaid and shown, clearly as in clearestly as in undeniably shown. The movie is against extremists, is overhasty there, doesn’t show the huge opression, massmurder, which usa did, and which simply moved Osama to MERELY AGREE to what OTHERS also from usa inscenated – the movie is wrong not saying, that 911 was an inside job not done by Osama, but by deep state who bombed the WTC from below, from within its cellar, cutting the six steel broad columns not down-takeable by whatever biggest airplane you got of the russians.

and it was russian planes massively, who elsewhere shot down civilian liners. !

that drives ANY sane Woman and Man to making MUSIC FOREVER ONLY. period.

I don’t say fuck you you swine murderers: Those, who murdered kashoggi, were the largely same swines, as those two turkish cops, who raped and murdered a curdish non-violent Woman (how horrible and demented is that, – to do), but are indeed not as bad, not as demented as those two rapist cops, and are not WANTON but COMMANDED sort of thusly not murderers, but killers. which is abhorrant “enough” as in, TOO much, simply. But they can’t be blamed – but the commander as in, the there highest commander must be blamed, which again, there, are not salman nor Erdogan even, but some dumb idiotic sudo-cowbys WORSE than Bush 2 was, – which are depicted well, critically, such insane ideologically indoctrinated idiots, in a certain anti-mobbing and anti-sexual-opression late critical untypical Hollywood Movie, which marks the Beginning of a new Time, really. An Age of Criticacy.

Weinstein must be brought out of prison. now. is that clear. I don’t repeat things rather than issues, to make maself quite the ass of yours, not yours, but of theirs.

There is no future – of that type, which they want. They is not even an elon idiot musk, but worse, is a bill gates and the entire rich idiots, whose calendar got filled by coercive and delusive guests, such as salman, which the Kashoggi-Movie “Kingdom of Silence” revealed. bill gates met with saudi-arabian leaders, as all US presidents before him did. which more than kind of reveals a horrible real “mutant chronicles” movie in all reality, a global neoconservative fascist corporational conspiracy of vast dimensions, which just as in simply like that, and injustly, rigged Southamerica along Bolivia, Ecuador and Brazil, to, toward, the rightwing.

Kashoggi “knew too much” as in a typical case, and did not act accordingly, did go in that, his, Case, to simply quite THE wrong country. to TURKEY. abhorrant. Turkey is an abhorrant country.

Chomsky is not an anti-false-morals moraler. He can’t do it. He is no expert at Sexuality as in, at Fairness AT Sexuality, in the DEEP Corners, AREAS. WHICH MATTERS EVERYWHERE TO THE BRINK AND YOTA OF IT ALL, simply, obviously.

Not, that Chomsky wouldn’t be opposed, LOL, against babyrape. That, he is.

But is not not opposed against an indeed mere Polanski, but is, mayhap. I don’t know, don’t know THAT, obviously.

It’s obviouser, what I by facts all DON’T know – BECAUSE I AM GOOD, simply. !

about what other People all did, I know really shit. I know about less than one percent: Which suffices. Fully.

WHICH MIND interpretes WHAT details CORRECTLY.

The US opression was no justification for hitler to kull millions of Jews and Gypsies: AS in a USA which attacks IRAQ, when not OSAMA, but ITSELF attacked itself wantonly BY 911 the inside job: hitler’s indoctrination was done by ALL TOO TYPICAL ORTHODOX TYPICALEST FANATICS, of both sudo-christian AND sudo-jewish TYPE, which fanatics MURDERED later RABIN the peacemaker, and are ABHORRANT, simply, those ORTHODOX fanatic SWINES, that are unduly intolerant ALREADY against ALL AND ANY mere HOMOSEXUALS – and thusly WRECK the world, BY ALREADY THAT, by their undue intolerance of “anti-homosexual” type, – of which putin’s DUMB, DUMBEST mind wrongly assumes, that, such abhorrant undue intolerance as in the HORRIBLE “anti-homosexualism” would be simply “ANTI-DECADENCE” – goes the HORRIBLE lie by TYPICAL most PRIMITIVE sort of rightwingers and sudo-religious monotheist abhorrantly naive fanatics –

who are in aspects the very same as a harald lesch, who is in huge things simply, in all political things, and falsely moraledly, a huge dumbfuck, actually, simply. an abhorrantly ignorant dude. a primitive. simply. a: GERMAN.

and not a RAMELOW AT ALL, simply. RAMELOW really IS ma HERO. WHOA. I TRUST THIS MAN AND PERIOD. !!! HE will always protect me. And he won’t need to. πŸ™‚


THAT was wrong of me. To say: “a GERMAN”. REALLY sorry. I acted like the evil berman.

There’s an anti-seven-of-Nine in Her, if She hears me: That is that Part of Her, which yet comes, intellectually, where She watches simply a Kashoggi Movie called Kingdom of Spiders, uh, Silence.



ARE WE writing a NOVEL now, MISTEROUMES. πŸ™‚

Where be the Strand? So I can lie down on my Matress. :]

Which Veranda? The Balcony? Or these Ex-Vets. :]

Glue THAT Teggsht tugesa. :] TAKES long. :] TOO long! :]

You are always outmeandering, MISTER Mulda. :] OUR SOCIETY (hesitating), uhm, is built upon… bla…


WE WEAVE A TIGHT WEB, hu. Which Castle. :] LETHAL WORDS, not weapons. Words the weapons. the: DUMB – unintentional – weapons. πŸ™‚

The wrong sort of people in government. sort of. I said sort of. πŸ™‚

not only “THE WRONG” people in government. but sort of. more than merely sort of, of course.

but a feudalist and sudo-academic as in sudo-intellectual bad tendency of dumbness, of also sexmania, which is dumb, idiotic – and drives people away from thinking – aBOUT things.

I don’t even go into debates anymore. That I of all people, LOL, would be any “subjective”. LOL. that’s indeed old stuff that never actually comes again. against me. nothing will come against me.

as I have not quite “nothing” in “Baha”.

This globe is connected. now. obviously.

obviously not anymore. the phone lies are crappy, as many were MURDERED by corona-power-abuse. call it incompetence, but DO call it also power-abuse.

You’re all safe under Me. period. I am the new Trotzki, but the new Stalin. And I “persecute” Nobody. IS THAT clear.

I would in your case, would I be You, state to persecute those, who harm the Innocent. Period.

That IS of course now a big problem, and I do see that.

The american rightwingers are not that much to blame, as they WERE lied-to BY simply THE TYPICAL fanatics;

and what is an undeservedly, herself not to blame mentally WEAK Mother “worth” – to a young Son or even Daughter, to the Daughters then later, it all gets much clearer, much more horribly. Merely in Regard, as in, by their own real intellectual Seeing, Emancipation, sane belooking of Facts, by which, they get into Max Headroom, but that hurts as much as when the Girl in the Fifth Element Movie looks at human History. I would have normally written a small H Letter here. People like it, that I write as in TYPE estethically, visually beautifully.

A mad dog wild drugs taker who was conned by a smartphone-thief, which wild drugs taker I reported to a good sort of intellectual-medical authority, praised very shortestly so hurtly about life, my colored by Computer-Effects equipped, covered colored Paintings, which Base for the Paintings is merely of course my Hand:

And if Allah as in the Quantum Cosm’s Beyond, more than a mere Person, MORE, guides it, then I am your Brother, nay, your humble Servant, ye good Humans, who hatest naught our Brethren the Muslims, but we have to talk down against the salman, nor our king anymore in mind,

Ethics forbids disconsentual sexuality as in, rape, and likewise undue intolerance against mere Homosexality as such, is obviously forbidden by Ethics as in, counteracted and counterspoken against, by simply ethical sort of englightened, fairly all Things bejudging sort of Individuals, that have obviously somewhat of a high, higher Level of Education.

Ethics forbids sadism of physical type, torture, forbidden, namely precisely said, forbidden ethically against Those, who simply did no Harm, as in, who did not horribly torture any Others, very simply. And obviously. Always obviously, except in cases OF deception –

which deception needs no global conspiracy (which is crumbling at the moment, but USA won’t fall, I say, and Texas, be patient, namely my Patient now, as I am the new Tuncil Daktari, haha), but depends “merely” upon indoctrination: Whereas insanely toward evil, toward harm against Innnocents, indoctrinated – thusly dementally, mentally poor, poor-made – Individuals malthink their own socalled, but merely socalled “cause” to be – any – justified: The “any” is not so wrong, but the “fully” justified IS in reality rather ALWAYS or simply VERY often wrong:

AS NAFTA simply EXPLOITS and thusly OPRESSES south-american WORKERS: HORRIBLY.

as my nose was twice broken by first pro-hitler muslims, then by an anti-israel black, simply.

Those three horribly dumb, simply poor, mentally poor People, who are, were, rigged toward the wrong judgement, like any horrible type of judge who convicts an Innocent, were simply “gripped” as in, indoctrinated, by very dumb people:

Who MEANT, as CAN be said, MERELY a certain REBELISM against a whatever BIGGER, but also ON-coming, as in, ASSAULTIVELY on-coming force: Which now is the rightwing part of USA, which has in the these last fewest years done horribly wrong, a horrible new disaster.

When a socalled, badly socalled “king” david already murdered to STEAL someone else’s wife, an abhorrant deed of absolute evil AS in, of ABSOLUTEST dementia, OF HORRIBLE “zombieness” as in madness of the mind, against the own mind, – meaning, bizarre dumbness, and not, what the mere Term “Zombie” in Reality “means” – which is the Afterlife, and all real Zombies wherever simply are not insane, but are simply not quite the serial-killers, are not quite murderers hired by the government. by the abhorrant governments.

trump, putin, xi jinping, salman, plus a weakling and likewise dumbling called erdogan and his puppet in germany called the likewise totally naive, personally naive merkel, merkel getting tricked along each nanosecond of the socalled way, LOL, are about the dumbest and most evil people on this globe:

But not “evil” as in intentionally so, simply. putin doesn’t know, that Gays are good People.

merkel didn’t tell him that. She didn’t ever dare. One phone call would have been enough: She didn’t do it.

She “hailed” erdogan, the hater against Curds.

merkel the democrat? or the – dumb – RAT, simply. obviously.


I have to extremestly laugh now. call me the extremist laugher, haha. I laugh EXTREMELY. πŸ™‚


We need two things now: To be critical Pirates, and, Technology.

Allah, the Cosm’s Beyond, is – quite – apparently – both physical AND – haha – mental. πŸ™‚ and not a “person”.

We need Babylon 5, instead of star trek, in all reality.

The Love for Colors of mine, will bring Those to the Top, who are like Me, who are not falsely moraled, not prejudiced, but rather supra-averagely ethical. BY definition.

Come onto MY Ship means even, We can soon look up History, actually. History got now analysed, mainly.

… the west wreaked havoc, and is now accused by its own People, who become more and more, as in, more and more People become Critics, AGAINST the – western, capitalist – system.

We MUST save Technology. We must SUPPORT it.

governments surely have no right, to “deal” in arms, as in, to spread arms around the globe, arms of big and small type, simply.

trump insofar can’t obviously care quite for a safe future, where we all wouldn’t be under some total idiots.

is bill hoodlum dumbass gates anyhow “commandable” by government “or so”, by idiots not being the second MS chief, but others INSIDE ms, – who dictate HIS calendar? his: “agenda”.

… his – uncritical – mind, simply. I’d have to brief this guy over MONTHS, til he even would get a GLIMPSE of political critical sane thinking. !!!

OR CAN he just SURF the net ALONE, please, with a CRITICAL mind.

Then, would he have read the many good sort of Blogger’s Writs, excellent Writs, simply, He wouldn’t BE anymore any uncritical, simply, as in, not on the SIDE of ruthless GOVERNMENTS. !!!

how can he, simply.

and then he – shallowly, thusly, after meeting SAUDI gov representatives – declares, he’d be for “more taxes” for the rich. IN merely THAT idea, He IS entirely good. Simply. Obviously.

But combined with his other things he even did, he’s a nutcase. someone, who damaged the world, who brought on a dull sort of what I call sudo-teknocracy: Because ruling is forever, and only for ethical, not biased sort of Individuals.

Always, Someone influences another One: MOSTLY goodly, but yet “down there”, as in, People’s Goodness of “Heart”, of Will rather than of “Mind”, as in, of their insufficient because mainly westernly deceived and thusly distorted, not anymore original, not anymore good but deceivable incompetent-made socalled mind, tricked, cheated.

For WHAT Someone would influence another One, is mostly an empty non-cause or shallowly done cause without ANY real ACTUAL Parameters, – other than INSANE sudo-parameters, – which DO NOT lead TO continuation.


humanity is mal-led by death-leaders, who keep, as Chomsky righfully accused that, “dungeons” as their own countries, simply – BY THEIR OWN HORRIBLY DEMENTED, unrealistic, fanatic non-sight, simply, by their biasedness, of such “death”-leaders, who always “of course” ride on pretense of to me obvious type – on simply anti-darkism. which is evil, simply, anti-darkism.

Europe knows merely coldness, and not the huge Love and Inspiration, which many Arabs know. Arabs are more civilised, than western people, totally mostly.

europeans never revolted anymore since now 200 years.

… Arabs now revolted hugely. Which is my duty to praise. My utter duty. period. IS THAT clear. ey.

The main problem is a rigged press, where IT IS rigged. and never there obviously, where utter extreme deception, “fail-free” is done. 911 is such an example. the same as the burning of the reichstag by the false flag and false uniform – desperately AS in sudo-desperately deceivedly and FOR REAL desperate IN life DUE to capitalism – by the socalled “nazis” of 1937, was it that year, was it. Or merely a year later at the kristallnacht.

Then I look at Arizona, and see: mostly – evil, always evil, as in, dumb – as in, uneducated, thusly anti-spiritualist – “anti-satanists” there, – IN politics. BAD.

“anti-satanism” is fanaticism, is not allowed. period. clear? discussion forever ended. period.

“the devil” comes then into people, when they get wrongly as in anyhow unduly indoctrinated, simply –

and thusly left apart of any real mentality, of any good, of any goodly configured MIND, left alone then apart of ANY approach TO LOGIC AND SCIENCE:

… europe is again on a way of huge anti-science fanaticism: The Victims of such fanaticism, which perpetrate the fanaticism “of course”, are not aware, that they by anti-satanism and anti-science victimise, hurt, damage, discriminate, entirely innocent People, simply.

I hold the upside down Cross against the sudo-jewish orthodox 30 percent among Jews being swine 30 percent of utter swine orthodox sudo-jewish fanatics, against which, at least my utter non-understanding and hatred, is entirestly complete, ready and willing, to either undo or re-educate them all, simply, those orthodox filthy, filthily dumb unduly intolerant fanatics, simply simply. And period.



In heeballoo he-brew-(not He, but something, obviously): You threaten WHO. hu. “you” is merely the – insane – orthodox TYPE of jews.

Ani gam ken yakhol ledaber im Ahava, aval Hem beemet lo IM Haemet, eykh Ani yakhol lir’ot. ey. Atem lo Ani, lo bishvili ve lo akhsav ha mishpakha sheli.

I can also talk with Love, but They really are not WITH the Truth, as I can see. ey. You are not I, not for Me and now not my family.

mi ambassadola ofa, ah, naya, agains a eeoolopp: no againsa gooda EEOOLOCK GLOOPA! πŸ™‚

and who all works at Lockheed Martin, or does it shtill exist. ey. Or went it down le drain as panam, LOL. πŸ™‚


bailouts. mad. simply. ! DONE by bummie. who “ALSO” “btw” consented to Gadaffi’s demise. hm.

unlike bermie the indoctrinated, the by lies brain-endirted, is convinced of, the west didn’t ever do bailouts toward other countries any helpingly, simply, –

but merely toward own totally rottenly mal-led huge corporations, obviously: who totally don’t deserve the money and should have gotten overcome, obviously, which would have been the normal fair way of economy – of economy untouched as in unaltered BY – incompetent and unfair and sudo-stabilising, thusly anti-progressive, mal-advised, indoctrinated, too pragmatic, totally powerless, in FACT powerless, demental – incompetent – government, falls the term lastly and indeed, leastly, in relation and regard to the quite free far or near Future.

as not You all, but as I want. namely. period. clear? They, some, call it egoism abusable. My egoism is even, honestly now I say, too easily provocable, and WAS distraught, previously, in my BLIND into me by the bourgeoisie indoctrinated LIES about ISRAEL, in my previous undue fervour insofar, which brought me but only really only hassle, hassle and nothing BUT it, – OVER NOTHING, really, as ALL is clear to me now. ALL.

How it must be. MUSHROOMS to give SHADE on HUGE other PLANETS. HOW about it. Hu.

but for all. not for elon musk-like idiots. Even any employee of his is more cunning than He is.

thusly, HE merely endangers Himself – BY HIS OWN stupidity. You can tell Him, I am not “for” Him, LOL, but I suggest He reads Jack London’s “The Seawolf”, for Starters, and that’s just for Starters uhu, LOL, and then “Beirut Noir” the lebanese Book, and then Lobsang Rampa’s half-rubbish, coated in Words, that are amazing, which show his DECENCY. πŸ™‚


I secure his Systems, if He vunnts, sis Musk, ja. πŸ™‚ hihi. πŸ™‚ Yeah, hi. πŸ™‚


The “hihi” is of course a german written and verbal Form of indeed mere Laughter, which is mostly not badly, not ever condescendingly mostly meant, OF course.

I became like a nazi when I wrote out “A GERMAN”, about whoever, about there lesch; Lesch himself makes it all the more awkward, as part of him is as dull as MERKEL horribly is.

Merkel’s mind later tells me surely in the afterlife, She was but a Servant to the Public and caught in a game she couldn’t see nor solve, but She at least tried doing whatever, something “good”, – incompetently.

Doing good, by furthering ERDOGAN?


THAT, she can’t HAIL into eternity, COMMA, LOL. πŸ™‚ The LOL IS even IN the phrase. πŸ™‚




The Antigravity is what I need, to get DONE, as in, done BY Science. Too high for Yall, what. NOT.

The Cosm and its Beyond all belongs to exactly Me. πŸ™‚ CUZ I AM OKAY. πŸ™‚

I am jussa Cowboy. A “PUNK”, yeah. A goth, to be exact. AND I AM VERY MUCH raising always too much attention on myself, in the ENTIRELY wrong WAY, LOL. πŸ™‚

I am not like You all. I am SO fair, that I am REALLY Captain KIRK. BELIEVE IT. OH BELIEVE IT.

… if there is ONE good Man besides Lewis Black, then it’s our Shatner.

fight naught among the sides, and be somewhat against fanatics of obvious type, and beteach People, not to FALL to fanatics:

BY Me and MANY Others EXPLAINING IT ALL UNDENIABLY, UNCONTRADICTABLY, IN the – structural – Detail – AS a simply HUGE, HUGEST Comparison straight TO Politics, AND to not any “human” Psyche, ACTUALLY, obviousestly, but to Psyche destroyed, obviously, as in, made defunct, by harm by opressors and by simply the demented-made rapists, that are the result of a huge sudo-christian fanatic crusade and of the horror of the anti-Witch persecutions, the insane persecutions, of the european middle age –

whereas the naivety of the simple man enabled childmurder and rape, down to any age, horriblestly, simply.

the simple man, made to not – even – imagine, what goes or could go on right next door or anywhere.

not that the right next door should or would mostly make afraid. not at all.

evil happens silently. and loudly. which is the same, – the same indoctrination, the same lies, lies that make up the sudo-world-non-view of entire masses, masses dumbed-down, obviously.

which warrants surely not THAT or even SUCH an arrogance, which PARTIALLY, indeed, the movie “idiocracy” brought up or along, as it WAS a bit “downward”, that view, there, a tad too merely sudo-academic and a, just in injust tad TOO “white”, and also “TOO” male, indeed. ACTUALLY. The fun, comedic aspect, of it, we can cut away, and turn the mind against the insanity of no education, which malformed the thusly rotten, deformed minds of of course the “neocons”, the “neoconservatives”, which are simply dumb rich people above corporations, which are enfilthed with governments, and that must be sanely untangled, in a VERY easy personal Way.

Two Words: Cop – or ROBOCop. TWO VERY DIFFERENT WORDS: AS They make People mostly ASSOCIATE to totally TWO different Things, not including now the even stark anti-technology fanaticism:

But most People would not like Cops, as in, human – faulty – Cops, but would rather trust in mentally independent actual – simple yet dynamic – AI, obviously. ABOVE humanity. PERIOD.


SEALED, SIGNED, – and delivered, to Ye, my People. :]


AVE. Call me Salieri or Stalin. A mineral Water, please. Who would look how when saying that.

Where simply now ALL People ON THIS ENTIRE GLOBE plain “LOST ME”, as the english formulation, figure of human speech, apparently “goes”, LOL. πŸ™‚

Meaning, They do not “understand” anymore. Thusly, They simply CAN NOT EVER stand even any under Me, LOL, if they don’t “get” as in, don’t comprehend “it”. What is “it”, LOL. Cousin Itt? πŸ™‚ Or am I a BM. πŸ™‚ Another now easy sudoriddle, LOL. πŸ™‚


(breathing out smoke thru da nose, LOL)… / SLASH: dot dot dot, LUL: NEVA FORCHET DER HUMOHR, ja! πŸ™‚


It’s my LIFE SAVER. πŸ™‚ MY RETTUNGSRING, ACHTUNG! πŸ™‚ lol. πŸ™‚ I can DEAL in words now. astounding. typied, typoed, a comma, stead of a point. what’s that. haha. others wouldn’t remark. not even that. LOOOL. πŸ™‚


Mystic Smiley. Where were We. Ah ja. Der abuse, ja. Der definition. Definitely. :] WAS the, der Point, ja. Aha!


I said too much – now. πŸ™‚


Would Epstein, his Lordship of Sire Jeffrey (and di rigeur, who was LORD Jeffrey? πŸ™‚ ), have lived among INDIANS, una GENTE IN DIOS, LOL, then, no plobrem, in engrish saide, shince, shimply, then, no plobrem. undastan?


no money no trouble. period.

no alcohol no trouble. period.

no false morals no trouble. period.

no fanaticism, no trouble, as in, no lies, no obvious malsight, no priest who condones rape, almost, no people, no plobrem or VUTT. ey.

don’t make me angry. I nag and I nag and I NAG. PERIOD. That’s what I’m here for. TO RANT.

AND THAT, are the two words now, merely in between, AND THAT, is free speech. get it?

SAY IT! period. can’t say anymore. have said it. we are allowed to be ourselves, IF we are good. PERIOD.

Also on a ship. That counts. Aha.

LAW is GLOBAL, and “IS” ethical, as in, must be. period. discussion ended. clear?

malsight is not allowed. period.

thusly, salman must get into prison, there not be mistreated, and those, who cling to the saudi-arabian government by money-giving, must be stopped. There, I don’t care about punishment. hold those accountable, whom you find, or what. nay. But get them or all OR LEAVE IT! namely THE punishing. BUT STOP THEM or LET ME HERE reasonably COMMAND THEM to STOP furthering salman.

Salman needs good Care by sane liberal sort of Intellectuals, who don’t beat Him, as in, Who are not convinced, that VIOLENCE serves anything. period.

I declare, to be on the Side of the Book-Editor and Authors of “Beirut Noir”, which Book has SOLVED the HUMANITY’s TROUBLE.

there, a huge background is unraveled, revealed, BUT, the thing between israelis and not arabs but between israelis and americans of late of dumb type, went bad, obviously.

the israelis are there the governmentally bad side, against an opressed, also in their countries by fanaticism opressed People:

and of course, anti-americanism helps not, but IS the trap. Which Beirut Noir meaning also in my Tongue now more than merely the Book-Title, the not mere but hugest Book-Title, the fitting One, is the Result of that, of both fanaticism and of hidden sexual coertion, and of the horribly falsely moraled blackmail done EXACTLY against a simply all in all harmless, simply obviously decent Jeff Epstein AND against, and MURDER in the form of a HUGE prison undue term, against a likewise HARMLESS – by chance JEWISH – Weinstein. What, WHAT did these two ever do?

Epstein looked not like the dumb swine hoodlum insane plantation supremacist typical swine jay edgar hoover did. not quite.

What did Assange “ever do” as in not rape obviously, comma, but simply reveal the US “secret” of a million mostly civilian Iraqis massmurdered namely WANTONLY from the choppers, –

the west makes unduly secrets of what should not be secret;

and not, by far not enough People engage for the Innocent, for free speech, for truth, as in, for Assange –


Christiane Lagarde and the many Women like Amanpour and the Women in the by me recommended Movie “Kingdom of Silence” are absolutestly amazing good, best People; To whom I CAN merely BOW DOWN AND CRY TO. period.

Such People ALONE AND ONLY should RULE THIS WORLD. AND PERIOD. I get stoic, by foreputting ONE mere comma, LOL. πŸ™‚

They know Me, not THEY, LOL, but average People: I am simply a socalled “POET”. IT IS “Praying”, whether to People or to some Construct: I CAN understand THAT. AVE Yall, Satan and sudo-“god” included – as they’re nuht quite any fightin’ in the skies, LUL only. πŸ™‚

But there “IS NO POINT” – right away namely, means, One can not say, One should make a pressure insofar, that thusly, Oneself would derail other People AWAY from THEIR OWN WAY or Culture. Druses are amazingly decent, very merely duly tolerant People, who are astoundingly never racist, so astoundingly, after all the discrimination against Them done by racists, simply.

One should not stress others, to “be more efficient” merely socalledly “MENTALLY”, is what I approximately rather exactly meant.

There IS no mental efficiency, obviously, but merely the automatic or indoctrinated running of in reality mostly humans minds according to either their own, logic begrasping psyche, merely in the case of not-indoctrinated sort of minds, who of course in cases overcame either own victimisedness or own dogmata not – anymore – being own, but having come, having been lied-into, against oneself, having come from typical fanatics malexplaining how things relate, and having been copied UNAWARELY by the own mind, which was thusly, also the mind of whoever, also of hardened ideologically distorted opressors, simply victimised.

In other words, it brings salman not only “no joy”, but namely no “advantage”, what he did, simply murder of wanton type, but it brought HIM now into a HUGE mess.

He can’t entirely use the excuse, which a “king” david didn’t have anymore – for STEALING life, simply, as in, for MURDER – of TOTALLY unneeded type, simply. !


SH! Wach. :]

“We can quite understand”.

weak. πŸ™‚

The context: I wanna know, but know already, that in indigenous Languages, that are more nature-near, and not at all any “more”, but less primitive, than simply imperialist abhorrant modern not Languages but entire societal wrong standards of quite the west and what it brought on, – indigenous Cultures have not always, but in crucial regards a less and not at all any mostly condescending, not severely unduly punitive way of communication.

The german “schwach” Term means “weak”, in english, and there is simply no, not one other Word in German, which has the “sch” loud, which is “sh” in english, right in one Word before the “w” letter, pronounced “v” in German, and therefore, as “wach”, a part of the Term “schwach” being, means “awake”, it can easily be seen, that German derives from mostly very ethical People, who bestowed an already lenient and quite obvious submeaning, good incinuation, into Language as mostly used and AS integrated duly by Martin Luther the white, actually grandly, who was likewise, like Anton Lavey, merely anti-orthodox against the fanatic idiots namely who murder Innocents such as Rabin and Sadat, Rabin and Sadat exactly non-fanatics murdered by fanatics (whereas I forgive the Muslims more than I forgive the orthodox type of jews and period, as they are horrible, the latter, simply, obviously, and must come to Science and away from misoginy and away from anti-homosexualism swinery and period), that simply, the Language shall naught be used badly, not inappropriately, as in, that for Example a Term such as in English, for Example in English said, such as “weak” shall not be either used, nor anyhow itself be masked by another word of condescending type, nor that a word should nor shall be chosen too hastily, as in, would be sub- or even mainly mal-selected and turning into frequent usage, whereas such words or words-combinations of heinous type are always very subtle, and hidden, obviously, but always simply rather obviousestly so, primitively, simply, “of course”. “pheeble”, that other Term for in English “weak” the Attribute, comes to Mind, but really, I am specially at olden Englishe no expert, I have no clue about old saxon type of wording or grammar, which is a shame really. πŸ™‚ The Usage and Format of Language is simply relevant. It always reveals differently aspected, really different Lines, Levels, of how People are configured, mentally and quite also politically –

though the term “politics” evokes ITSELF – but astoundingly so, and not always so “positively” – REACTIONS among the apparent YOUTH;

reactions, which really ARE wild. Not unrightful. Never even basically unrightful, where for example, One Dude I once met talked against CAPITALISM: YET in a mere – apparently to HIM PAINFUL – yet VERY short, some about FOUR WORDS uttering: “AGAINST CAPITALISM!”, He SHOUTED;

but he did not want to let me finish my talk about the points, the issues, morality, simply, of justice.

He verbally in ONE grunt trampled me out, malsaw me as an economy-fop or what have you, as the upperclass, as a neocon. I am no neocon.

HE was abusive. he TRAMPLED me down merely VERBALLY, ANGRILY, for NO REASON. That WAS now fOUR years ago.

HE DID not want to LET me talk.

… another MAD syrian too radical sort of refugee malsaw me as “pro-nutnyahu” merely for me once wearing a jewish yarmulka –

which i wore once in around 15 years, simply.

such people have no idea, who is how, simply.


goes not. goes REALLY not. clear?

Dark Music Mixtape #18 (2020): Post-Punk, Gothic, 80s, Synth, Wave, Lo-Fi

From my Computing Article 3 2020: ” not to for example “hack” against for example “scientology”, not by attacks, not even of virtual type simply, but that is matter of authorities and of the Public, to keep sexual opression from happening “:

The NAIVETY of the west IN schools AND in KINDERGARDENS, IS mostly ABHORRANT. ABUSED CHILDREN almost NEVER get REVEALED nor BEHELPED ideally. The perpetrators “don’t get found”, as they partially are in not even high politics, in cases, but protected abusively by rightwingers, simply.

which is simply the evil bridge to that part of the mafia, which is too dumb, ruthless.

on that, no government may build. a gov may not consist of ruthless nor of plain dumb people. period.

a jury may not consist of DUMB nor of crucially BIASED, PREJUDICED people. period.

A Movie described this naivety by in reality some – many – elderly people, mothers in that case, who don’t even remark, when their DAUGHTER was any RAPED.

totally abhorrant: the NAIVETY. the “flowery”, but ALL too – and ANTI-hippiely – sudo-flowery, merely superficially, politically hollow-madely flowery idiotic sort of whole posture and sudo-attitude, which these lastly all thatcherish idiotic, idiotic-MADE sort of CONSERVATIVE, TOO obedient, FANATIC sort of FEMALES in cases have, is just the injust “ADJUNCT”, is my borgish Vocabulary now, of the horrible opression coming by typically MALE monotheist orthodox and neocon absolute fumblings, messers, such as rick snider and rick berman and a surely likewise laughable rick perry, the last one is a fun bun about which I vaguely remember, that he ALSO said some HUGE shit. πŸ™‚


I CAME but ALREADY to the END of the, that, PHRASE. DIDN’T I. πŸ™‚ I DID! ALREADY NOW, IS THE POINT! :)=…

Thomas MANN wrote THREE Pages of ONE Phrase. πŸ™‚ He liked that. πŸ™‚

And to “rather hide things”, such as own homoerotic Vainings and haha, actual simple exactly then abusable, manipulateable because not experienced, nor ably fairly acting nor fairly talking, hiding, simply:

Which of course explains the horrible evil done by any rape, the same as opressive governments and ideologies, fanaticism, demental blindness, prejudicedness of extreme, thusly extremist type, which is a huge sort of false morals, wrong, false, self-contradictive sudo-morale, whereas the obvious relevant ASPECTS of those ideologies, are always clear, as in, clear by reality, as in, clear in SOME Aspects.

Anti-leftism and anti-homosexuality and anti-darkism as in, anti-satanism, will not any help an al-sisi.

Mubarak should never have been toppled.

The “Kingdom of Spiders”, uh, nay, the der Movie “Kingdom of Silence” committed there in that point the same error as a “The Road” 2018 movie, that predicts wrongly, trees would fall down, and atomic apocalypse would be coming, which is not so, is merely the typical distraction and fearmaking of “end-time” typical abhorrant fanatics, obviously.

There is “normality”. What do or would I – only – mean, and why is “this guy” as in I, coming along just NOW – again. I CAME already with HUGE shit, stuff, haha, before, right ten years ago. These ARE Waves. Waves of not only info, but also of my rightful ANGER – which YOU ALL would NOT like to EVER evoke. hm. alright. :] Mana try againe, wha. And I got no Mana in Mind. Another sort of. called thinking. very easy. LOL, the Dude, the ingrace, He wants to RULE us all. LOL. I am talkin about me, not about pisser al-sisser sissy sisi. this non-arab he really is, this filthy idiotic … can somebody tell Him, that WITCHES are not EVIL? or I depower this SWINE. he’s the SAME as salman, abhorrantly indoctrinated. by “FEAR” of what – country go-down is no justification as fearmaking, to anyhow KILL nor to HURT violently ANY PEOPLE! salman AND al-sisi ARE guilty, al-sisi of overstrictness, salman plain of wanton murder, much worse than an indeed mere Kim Yong Un, which Kim is a REAL Rebel against USA and Rodman ACTUALLY IS a Hero.

Not quite a bill gates who even MET with some saudi leaders. abhorrant. what is THAT?

Nevertheless: My point HUGESTLY WAS: MUBARAK. HE was taken down abusively:


The Movie doesn’t MENTION that.

That’s THE SOLE – huge – FLAW of THAT Movie “Kingdom of Silence”. Seriously.

What are the Extrapolations.

Do not misinterpret my Words. The SENSE matters, NOT the Words as such, if the Reader not here, but elsewhere, of any Writ, would not be understanding the PERSON behind a Writ. simply.

So nobody ever helped Mubarak. And nobody helped Kashoggi as in, Nobody recommended Him, NOT to go to TURKEY.

This IS a silly unform of society, in that case. Of it all.

We are all related, as in, We all are One Mankind.

Naive people make dumb compromises, unawarely, thusly giving up their freedom unduly, to whoever, to who is abusive, simply –

and that large chain haha not very or say, astoundingly, hopples simply also right now but not whenever anymore in the future, over this planet –

as rape, as exploitation of monetary type, as coertion of monetary type –

for which a mere Meeropol, who even talks BRAVESTLY for NATURE’s SAVING, is not to ever blame.

He came with the idea, to by money save nature. a wrong idea, since not all, but still some crucial rich people are either powerless, politically, when good by mind, or simply too naive, too dementally incompetent, to be able, to anyhow raise a reasonable word:

a chinese 30 billion “fat” as in that much rich dude, who lately wrote into a chinese newspaper hugely, that he would “also condemn the protestors” but also the government, by Him stating, he would “call for restraint of violence ON BOTH SIDES”, LOL, is the same idiot lastly AS trump, who said the very same, “both sides got good People”, as in, He said, inappropriately, when some indoctrinated misguidedly hatredful-made nazi with, well, one could also say, by a Car drove into a mass of Leftists in a now all too well-known, soon again forgotten US sub-averagely sized as in somewhat small type of City, that “there are good People on both sides”, an as such wrong statement. simply. a hollow statement coming also from the unmouth, the mute mouth, of a rick berman fullidiot.

such a 30 billion however rich chinese or american or whoever rich and stupid sort of people, can simply not quite help the world, but those are maggots, that lead to holocaust and to rightful uprising, uprisal, of People, against a not lastly uncatchable rightwing dumb lager and a not uncatchable 911-doers of very sudo-american, of very american type, –

and is simply stupid, has no sight. THE IMPERTINENCE of him ACTIVELY talking AGAINST the emancipation of the Youth AGAINST horrible chinese governmental NAZI-like opression. More than nazi-LIKE, merely, but FULLY nazi. the chinese aBHORRANT government. a danger. it must improve, must free itself from opressors. or i put later an ABOMB on china. PERIOD. cLEAR?

No abomb, but some sort of not bomb, but simply, those perpetrators of wanton murder, of any murder, who are in government, must be held accountable.

as must be salman. held accountable. by me. simply. period. Either he steps down, repents deeply, or must be COMBATTED. This can be done from the outside or inside. Better from the inside, but not from their ugly uppermost belly of any pro-salman by him indoctrinated haters, –

which the movie of course quoted OUT of ANY proportion: It’s not SO many Saudis, in the Population there, Who anyhow ARE for this SWINE salman. I SAY. ey. ey. I DO SAY. PERIOD. I AM correct. ALSO about THAT.

I AM HERE prince of ARABIA of Yours, YOU, YE! EY!

not prince, not quite, LOL. Rather the communist highest WMP. The governments are mere ministers under Me, while I simply obviously am a not falsely moraled, reasonably for ultra-Science thinking normal Citizen.

and now zey compare ME with Einstein. The impertinence, simply. I could say, LOL, as in, I am MOZART plus ALBERT, LOL, not only the LATTER. πŸ™‚


yeah, Shukran. Shukran. For real. I SAY. oh? I feel goode now. πŸ™‚

They are INGENIOUS, THE ARAB PEOPLE! Not just ARABS. meaning, not simply what the WEST uglily always called “THE ARABS”.


WATCH that movie please WITH THAT in mind. WITH YES, THESE WORDS. as it’s said. πŸ™‚


STAND STILL! period. DO just nothing. πŸ™‚ BEST! simple. BUT: think.



” = * = “, LOL… TBC as in CBD MANIA PLS. πŸ™‚


AFK and AKA. And an AK47 ana MuluTOV COCK-Tail, meaning a Molo-hebrew-UZI-good-merely-sudogood PENIS-Prolongment not being the TAIL of an ANIMAIL;





Now, He’s in GRIMSBY. And not in “THE RULING CLASS” – of 1974. πŸ™‚

And now that other Scene, where the young Dude rightfully goodly BRAGS about his MOVIE knowledge.

Not that Scene, where the PARENTS of some Kid turn into MONSTERS – though that EXACTLY is the critical display wishable. There in some Night Gallery or colored new 80s Twilight Zone Episode obviously a good Metaphore, critically meant against opression as in, against childabuse and also against DUMBNESS as in, to opressivity leading, opressivity BEING uneducatedness and non-intellectuality OF SUCH – now of MOST – parents, who in the west simply “CARE” rather merely for primitive deceptions not seen, not aware of, such as career, soccer, primitivity, simply, which is the wrong way, obviously, and biological breeding in THIS world IS plain wrong:

which is, what the book “beirut noir” doesn’t see, in its story describing the Couple, that by horrible conditions in the country were physically damaged, which resulted in failure at birth of a Child, meaning, childdeath-rate is high in war-torn countries, obviously:

which war-torn-ness merely comes from false morals, fanaticism, and from actual manipulation now sufficiently revealed by also parts of this Movie;

Yet, 911 wasn’t revealed as inside-juhb by that movie; The movie also didn’t take into account, that both Bushes repented already like crazy, which IS a Reason but also a FORCE, to forgive Them, meaning, A MUST.

the Israelis were not rightful to KILL an EICHMANN. They thusly became, what china’s government became against indeed mere AFFECT-murderers; as Eichmann “merely” in affect, insanely, thusly still guiltily, but not ultimately guilty as in, not guilty OF death, MURDERED two JEWS, two mere TEENAGERS, EVEN, out of MALPLACED HATE, that CAME NAUGHT from HIM, originally, NOR from the likewise back then until his sad End deluded FΓΌhrer, but from the rightful abhorrance of many Christians of good type against the merely sudo-jewish 30 percent of but huge orthodoxy, and from unsolved child-MURDER crimes of the european middle age. which were the result of overlooking on the part of naive rabbis, obviously, primitive games of extremest sorts of sadists and of extremest sorts of pedofiles and of the naive fanatics collaborating and or not remarking, not seeing them as what they are, simply. dot.

” πŸ™‚ “. “not very funny”, hu.

well, fuck you. not You tha mere READER. LOL.

but FUCK those, who “disagree”, dare to, against ME. goes not. PERIOD. I AM HERE DA ULTRA. cLEARIO? EY?

BE proud, if You’re uhn MA side. PERIOD. Ey. Come uhn. Hop aboard. No need, to “HOP”, LOL. :]

Extend Bridge, Number One. :] SO goes that. πŸ™‚ And no “hailing” frequencies, other than for camou. :] rog? I wanna hear COPY THAT AN PERIOD!

I wanna no cop who tries PROVOKING ME. such a SWINE once wanted to CALL me out of a MASS of People.


I couldn’t type his Email. It was in Japanese. :] The best Musician ever, simply.

Though some leftist once walked CRAZILY thru some YARD of leftist type, at some KNOWN conflictous PLACE in the CENTER OF THE CENTER OF, of the HOLE inside EUROPE, simply, –

some many other Dudes gave me Money, there, – as I slept outside, merely for some hours. I woke up, and some Dough was on my Cover. πŸ™‚ Incredible. Hu?

These Leftists are very good-hearted. One then asked me, do I want any small Cash. So nice. Incred, hu. Incred. I of course said plain no, thanks so much, Man. Whoa.

I said, I am not poor, is what a said. πŸ™‚

The real non-hole IT IS: what the rightwing swiss “svp” party wrongly means, very unlol, is the, that “maggot” which spoils the brew, which is the “worm”, maggot, that eats out the apple, is a suchly, thusly wrongly, too imprecisely, foremostly merely the “own land” appraising sort of absolute quack, a wrong display, which has explicite horribly evil, as in, racist, and feudalistic rather intentions of incompetent type, than any “aspects” of truth, but merely malsight – merely THERE correct, where a neoconservativism is merely by utter pretense namely simply NOT gone-against, but is supported, by whatever too drastic type of rightwingers;

which rightwingerisation, radicalisation of the rightwing, was merely accompanying hugely bad politics of usa, from europe; BUT IS the result of also fanatics, but also of incompetent people in government, who can not and thusly don’t go against fanaticism, nor against the biggest countries’ diverse manipulations, but all simply either participate in it, or stand by not idly, but unawarely, either non-informedly, or unable, to judge independently nor reasonably, simplestly said. And I am no strict sort of Intellectual.

Not overstrict, haha, but strict, yes. :]

Kashoggi got surely already intimidated heinousestly by simply the abhorrant misguidedly hatredful power-abusers, by totally confused and by salman indoctrinated abhorrantly into murderers turned people, –

whereas he at first naively and very nervously merely programmatically “defended” like crazy the saudi current leadership:

AS he stumbled, completely fell almost out of mind, independent of his faulty english, He then revealed to Anybody aware, that He got intimidated. actively. That he was under – mere – pressure, to “protect” the saudi government.


But, even more gruesome, He might have gotten either tricked or coerced, to “go” to Turkey. Which is a point – which the movie might bring wrongly. That last phrase is now “revolutionary”, hu – yawn.

boring. πŸ™‚ indeed! :]


another dude as dumb as elderly many mothers are, made the same maljudgment: He was and is a dumb anti-satanist and from science fear having idiot, aware against some of catholicism, but there, he told me, I would get “eaten” by Southamericans. LOL.

Yeah, in a good Way. As in, with Salt. :] And with Eyes painted on my Eyelids: PEYCHAY, PECHÉ! And FAI FAI! :]

And with an Orange or what is that, a Citron. Though can You take out that Grub from the BAKUNINATA BOTTLE. :]

ZAP! an ATA walks by. :] no viva zapata, e. capisc? :]

Ah yeah, a BOLS, pls. :] Donde es el, la Foreta de el uh, Bowo de Raino, si? capisc?


Christopherus Columbus and a Falcon: not quite. The latter turned out to have been an actual former pedofile, but to what degree, is not known. And that matters – to what degree. simply.

But an indeed mere Snowman is no villain. Mostly. The Al super Pacino Movie ends sadly. Such a good Man doesn’t deserve such an undue artificial sudo-end. In any Life. simply.

Silent Running, is in the Future; “Falcon and the Snowman” the movie, descrives the present, the yet.

The sensual Satisfaction, the ABSOLUTE Stoicacy, which MARI FUCKIN HUANA brings, IS unCOMPARABLE, surely, to alcohol. Alcohol is good in small Quantities, and not good to be fanatic against, but is not good in overdosages, obviously.

Thusly, there ARE points, which CAN be – globally – agreed upon.

What I can ethically not agree to, is a web of deception against the public, which resulted, results, in some opressed People’s mind, like an avalanche of opression: A down-falling circle, cycle, of constructed coertion, opression, coupled with a mostly western non-helping because uneducatedness, resulting in the non-behelpedness of ex-colonised Countries to COME FULLY OUT of the new – not ages-old – fanaticism, that is spreading.

Also spreading by the dumbness of some sects, such as the typical bad, very bad scenario already, which “I” have concening far-out, but as in not quite amazing small villages in Russia, – where socalled “SAINTS” are naively HAND-licked by INSANE catholic elderly women – abhorrant.

Dark Music Mixtape #6 (2019): Post-Punk, Gothic, 80s, Synth, Wave, Lo-Fi

The western people are too often, not mostly, but still too often decadently dumb –

unlike the in lower, other points in cases fanatically indoctrinated poor People in the non-west, which are still too largely primitive, simply, as in, agricultural and traditional, which is simply bullshit, any uncritical massive sort, monolithic sort of sudoculture or sudoreligion, which is obviously too collectivist, and too common, an undesired remainder of previous primitive-rendered times, of monotheist huge erosion against real pagan Culture, and simply against free uncoerced Sexuality.

The “cast” system is horrible, and still, what even largely maldefines the west, in all reality. Pre-done pre-rigged pre-determined type of PROFESSIONS, as in, the abusive subjective heinous mal-selection of dumb ones, already at school, over the ethical intelligent by school destroyed Ones, simply.

Merely always rewarming up what Goebbels all fell to and had below and above him, and not warming up that Himmler tried saving the Jews in a Phone Call to Berlin in 1943, but exactly depicting falsely the post-45, post-1945 west as any “good” is a huge mistake.

bolsonaro is “politically” the same as the heinous evil motherfucking dumb swine yet unrealitic AI-Producer, mere money-giver, in the movie “Ex Machina” simply is, as evil and dumb, as the anti-Robot fictional human “hunters”, murderers, in the Movie “Automata” simply are.

Bolsonaro is, what the very new “Bladerunner” around 2016 Movie talks against, simply.

The heinously uneducatedly disliberal sudo-aristically malbehaving female Leader of Bolivia is the same. misplacedly arrogant, a bad example.

The lies against Morales, by the conservative press, were heinous, simply. criminal.

The lies against Lula and against Mr. Correa of Ecuador, were heinous. The lies against Assange are heinous.

These last sort of lies, anti-Assange lies, disappeared; yet there is no justification, thusly, to keep Assange locked-up, simply.

Biden must either learn, to not be as naive as Carter during his Term was, or Biden would not change a thing, effectively.

Where was a Carter, 50 years before there was a MOVIE called “Kidadulthood”, but when the CONDITIONS obviously didn’t themselves QUITE beteach HIM YET BACK THEN:

It’s not self-speaking, that different Worlds, that grew apart of eachother, bejudge eachother often plain on-site or at communication, plain wrongly. One side would always be the under-educated sort of MULGREW –

while the OTHER side IS always a “Q”, a totally harmless yet for primitive non-educated People subjectively seen “too intelligent” sort of Outsider, simply.

A roddenberry DUMBASS primitive RIGHTWINGER could not welcome EVEN a HARMLESS Q, which Q never WAS a Nuisance, but the SOLE Thing likeable in the old 80s star trek TNG, simply, obviously.

Many liked Barclay, more than to smoke, back then, but He was merely playing a too stereotype consant, unchanged role, with hilarious malbehavior, which gets unduly glorified in voyager, which is abhorrant, pure impurest glorification toward the “holy” very unholy west, simply. In TNG, Barclay was properly integrated, and the Picard’s Slip of Tongue as in “Mr. BROCCOLI” was awkwardestly forebrought by an akward silly roddenberry, but was MEANT against mobbing, simply, as in, against discrimination.

Not so in voyager, where the ex-Murdoc A-Team Actor was apparently already a too dumbly, hilariously “celebrated” “Celebrity” – with the typical quirks, that – sadly – shine through his playing, but unintentionally. the Barclay Actor, accompanied by Sirtis’ there even more vanilla silly nonsense of nicety after nicety, simply revealed his not Age of old, but his spoiltness, in voyager, and could like the Lovecraft Reanimator old Actor in star trek enterprise simply in no way “save” the series from being an absolute total rubbish.

Which is not, what “Babylon 5” is, as it has that side-series called “Crusade”, which is great, and means not quite kind richard the first’ crusade, nor the iraq war, but accuses exactly that, and is not as militaristic, as star trek was drasticallestly more, after TNG, simply. obviously. EVERYBODY liked TNG, – and not its major quirks, flaws, which WERE not so rare, stereotypes there, but really, the quality of depiction and story and meaning decaded, after TNG, after the early 1990s. of star trek.

The “jedi” with the beard, that scottish actor, looks like an abolute idiot, like an obsolete elvis in a postmodern, there not accurately depicted, by fashion already wrong abhorrant display, merely along his VERY silly hairdo, which is vanilla, and which is silly, combined with his priest-like robe, the simplicity of it is, what IS NOT nice, to look at.

Politics and Science relate, and can not be separated. By mere relation.

All Life on this Planet must once come together. Meaning, the “Borg” sort of Structure, is the only pheasible One.

Meaning, when I control You all, then, Ya do, what I have in mind. Period. And, People trust me. I know that. πŸ™‚

They know well, that I can’t quite hold long VERBAL sort of SPEECHES, with my TWICE broken nose. by racists suddenly broken nose – “due” to my loose tongue, simply, my “big” mouth. That’sh so.

I am naught shorry. :]


I say, what I say. They CAN naught DEFILE at least MY very tricky mind. :]

naught tricky. Logic IS not tricky. :]

Only SWINES pose STUPID sudo-“difficult” questions.

I simply looked up that two-brothers question, a silly question, which by solution combines the lies of one with the never-lies, truth, of even any other One, thusly coming to the Solution, that the not-way is the way, that one, which no Brother points to, which is the correct way, of two – different – Ways. πŸ™‚

So, the Internet is our Friend. It heightens our Intelligence, and Information as in, Informedness, Objectivity, thusly –

would there not be the stubborn totally hardenedly indoctrinated fanatics of unduly intolerant type, abhorrant, and would there not be irrepresentative, VERY obviously dumbestly and heinously naively incompetent sort of – huge – governments –

that are not “huge”, LOL, but zill and nill, simply –

far below simply a Megatruhn, which is the WMP, meaning, the now-Stalin. No shit. :]

Word-Usage compared between different Languages, has not been properly analysed, by simply irrepresentative, sadly somewhat for an abusive minority of conservatives representative plain no oversight having merely hired analysers (the dudes in black, LOL). They might call Themselves so, yeah. That’sh great. DUDE!


Also, the own Mind hath naught been any ever questioned, by silly nitwits in her american majesty’s service.

Undeservedly to power having come sort of authorities abuse the term “self-criticacy” against Those, whom they opress, as in, against simply honest Critics, who are not quite d’accord with not subduing to evil, simply, really obviously, and who know the dimensions of and the exact vector and past conditional (mal-)factors, main factors, of any fanaticism, of prejudices, of lies, which lies massively travel, simply, as also I have revealed years ago, merely by general revelation.

The intimidation-effort, which some of putin’s female or male agents did, years ago, on some previous site of mine, has failed. has entirely failed. mark these words. period. I HERE DEFINE ALL FREE SPEECH. PERIOD. cLEAR?

I can WIGGLE them out. πŸ™‚ Then I would in the future write further stuff, such as, that simply, dumb people don’t deserve my patience. “period”. almost sorry for the precious mere quotation marks.

This deliberate misinformation and fanaticism globally must stop. period.

The false moralism, sudo-moralism of obvious type, such as “get short hair” and “have a job” and “live healthily” when the latter is overdone, must stop. period.

what, “live healthily”. such a rubbish. Living IS thinking. And not doing SPORTS stupidly. SPORTS is abhorrant, the DESTRUCTION AGAINST ALL MIND, simply. obviously.

We are soon Holograms. Thusly, Nothing can harm us. Period. Simple. MOTHERBrain here alright. ey. ey.

SCIENCE is SO easy. SO EXTREMELY easy. TO BETHINK. NOT do physically LARGELY then “do”, if GOVERNMENTS “STALL IT”.

Uhum, Yup, Ye’re ALL under Me. NOW AND FOREVER… that Song pls. SENK plis Rabin and don’t SINK Him. In yo MINDE.


BREW NAUGHT HE, but SHE the Godess, a good Cake. ;:]

The sudogood people are naive, – and the evil ones “have” as in, comma, LOL, suffer from their own bad malsighted sudo-system, which simply foremostly tries to encapsulate and fixate the truth, which fixation is indeed an, the “idΓ©e fixe”, the “idea fixe”, LOL, of the west. Not only of “der” west, LOL. πŸ™‚ ja?

“is es net erschtaunlich, wie sich diese kleinen possierlichen Tierchen da also so herum-“TROLLEN””, LOL, is my renewed hilarious Heinz Sielmann Quotation, LOL, meaning “Isn’t it [so then, ergo] ash(ash-)tounding, how these small posseing (neat, cute, funny, amusing, not quite meaning “brave”) Animalies there now (ergo) so around-TROLL.”

Which TOLL for which type of “Con-Troll”. Real Control requests no Fare. Period. Or it’s a roman ancient filthy swine imperialist anti-gothic sudo-system of abhorrant.

The condescention as in, the disdain, the rejection, the disliking, is malrigged into the wrong, against the innocent Direction, not only in ideologically botched, faulty minds damaged by fanaticism, but also by the western opressors, who overblame and overpunish People horribly, – and who never get to massively unfound and found unreprehended, anyhow already too mighty extreme maldoers, by deed criminal power-abusers, simply – never caught by mere gate-keepers, mere “watchdogs”, that overpunish merely the much less guilty and the by fanatics damaged Ones, in a typical pretensive dumb dumbest abhorrant “star trek voyager” FULL nazi anti-truth, FULLY bourgeois unway.

Epstein, Weinstein and Polanski, are simply decent People, as is Assange, and never ever did any wrong, simply, mainly. Epstein and Polanski once under dubious or half-conditions once merely socalledly “raped”, Epstein out of depressedness of a vaining Feeling of what would come, and Polanski got abhorred from getting older in the face – both no excuse for sexual coertion, the same as what STALLONE once did, dementally suffered-from, the mere horror of fame, when exposed to a plain nothing in depth ever understanding AND falsely moraled crowd, mass – of prejudiced people, who know nothing about how to bejudge ALL sexual Things simply objectively, with a strict yet not unduly whereever intolerant Mind, Mindset, simply. I assume until now strongestly, that thusly, by a false morals crowd, WEINSTEIN got discriminated. but horribly so. Of those four, Assange is the most innocent, but the other Three are likewise relatively very innocent, and Epstein was less an abuser, than Stallone merely once: Epstein was not wanting to coerce by money toward sexuality, but was disabled by the west from merely consentual type of non-monetarily induced form [!] of sexuality with simply not too young Partners of merely around 13 years of age. It was the west, which installed also lately more and more false morals, and which has rotten old crappy laws concerning sexuality, which can be drastically misinterpreted, and which require extremely apt Minds, that can bejudge Sexuality fairly – against ALL wrong falsely moraled sudo-standards. The west installed monogamy, which is abhorrant, which is enforced marriage, behind the curtain, and which is dishonesty resulting from naive marriages, where the male is abusively over-enabled, over-power-enabled, – and over-powered, looses in the end, was abused as money-puppet, the same as any worker getting nowhere by simply no education.

Sanders said it: Edu must cost nothing. period.

but he conceded to BIDEN the leadership. biden, who at first NOW was nothing, nobody. That he was under ‘bama, was really nothing. The dude was almost never seen, but never, less than almost. he led a campaign NOW of hilariously dumb type, with a horribly dumb crowd, that has NO arguments. πŸ™‚


That braindoodled salman is now in the shit, I would hope. I also assume it. actually.

Question is, can a Biden learn from the past Mistakes of “even” a Carter, as in, of while Carter was in power, but could not – “anymore” rig USA around – which was, what JFK wanted, but was unable to do, based on his own demental inability, to see the whole world correctly, and not in major still big points plain wrongly, biasedly. JFK let the pig bay invasion happen, be done. How dumb is that. Also, he at first installed an as massmurder out-turning catholic asian fanatic, over Vietnam – before the war even began. JFK never started the nam-war, simply.

But JFK was like in the End Geronimo unable, to do, what a good Indian does.

A “good Indian” does not wear a white shirt and tie and subscribes all naively, that is made to look merely any good, as in, whatever contract, as politician. She or He doesn’t talk with a fork tongue, but dares being honest, and is anyway mostly not at all any evil – at all, simply – nor naive, nor falsely moraled – anymore, simply –

after also this – simple – Text. :]

The behavior of Morticia and Gomez in the original 60s Addams Family concerning the “Indian Giver” Cigars-giving, -offering Statue, is not racist, but exactly a clear anti-racist Display, obviously. It’s hilariously funny, thusly truly but cultivatedly aristocratic AS in noble, and against too rough “anti-upper-class” prejudices, which prejudices always result in abhorrantly evil mobbing, simply.

Howdy, – PARTENER. :]


… salman is not my partener, LOL, and most Saudis crave for the improvement of the US government, so it does not anymore manipulate other countries in a totally incompetent unmanner, obviously.

Since namely that bombing against BEIRUT, commanded or let happen, allowed, by usa, and DONE BY the israelis [!] in the 1980s, usa’s and israel’s horribly nazi swine governments endangered EVERY JEW on this planet. EVERY. renewedly, – after CENTURIES of ABHORRANT malrigging by the orthodox fanatics of anti-truth, anti-logic, anti-science, pro-rape type, simply, – awarely or not, they, the orthodox, the fanatics, their total anti-mindness, is guilty, abhorrantly guilty. thusly, no wonder holocaust. no wonder. The orthodox type of jews stemmed “desperately” dumbly against a mere Deportation of all Jews to MADAGASCAR; and thusly also motivated hitler, to just simply take the rather hate-way, obviously. simply obviously.

Is it end this Month. The voting is soon in the future in the brain. the entire whole matter, all bejudgment. honest, between People, in a Borg Collective, Hive. I am merely the halfnerd that offers advice and in cases commands of resilience, to turn a screw in the west behaving like a double bad mix of the fictional badly scripted Borg Queen and the worse Mulgrew pretending to be able, to play a Hero, which She is unable of and to. obviously. Rather, She can say “battle stations”. Ah really. insane, simply. plain evil. abhorrant.

That old ingenious movie, which reveals the Dreams of Someone on a Screen, was not often watched.

there is much to be found – as Gems of Perception and of Conceptuation relevant to the Future.

To anyhow ever even quickly dive down into the not abyss, but most basic logic of whatever – “mere” Language, is not that difficult.

The idiotic sickness of the west is the hilarious, preposterously misplaced franticacy, hysteria, which merely the typical dumb people, often elderly ones, and the typical rightwingers have, which is simply fanatic, malplaced, dementally, and stands obviously in no relation to truth, as in, is no observation nor context-revealing of truth, but the vain strife against it, against Cousin Itt, against truth, simply. And now I didn’t mean the ITT company, LOL, of olden, LOL. πŸ™‚

lewis black said wrongly, Indians wouldn’t like to be called that, but would require being NAMED by their TRIBAL type of ANCESTRY, the Name, by Name, of their – various, different – TRIBES.

He thusly spoke against a simply “normal” Word, Word-Usage – which “normal” word-usage, is simply not meant any racistically, by any Individuals, WHO ARE NOT racist, but require FAST Talk, – instead of a dirty swollen undue form, unform, of tongue, which replaces EVERY word with a “neater”, newer, inappropriate and things complicating, communication stalling, and the real context hiding, simply, by signals-abuse by conservative press, who can easily thusly pretend anything, from liberality to hidden threats to limiting unduly illegally People’s Rights.

Instead simply preferring the obvious “indigenous” good Attribute, He wrongly “recommended” TO EVERY Person ON THE GLOBE, TO “HAVE TO KNOW”, from which exact TRIBE whatever indigenous Person is;

which is hilariously misplaced, and a chaotic aspect of his, which merely gives the impression to Some, to Many, that He simply says whatever, is a tad confused, not intellectual, but rough, too rough, in some crucial points, simply. “I can’t have my employees actin’ like me” is a bad saying, as he thusly merely pounds and redwells on his fame and on his privilegedness in his – writer – profession, simply, obviously – as He is “one of those”, who always took the official writer’s way, but inside the press, or inside the media, obviously, not a corporate pawn at all obviously, but rather a “Hunter” and rough redneck sort of wild Waters better in the Woods Rider, than a super-Intellectual, but such a Dude, who ends up caught in powerlessness, – as a very similar Actor’s Role – in the very movie “Seven Days of May”, who gets unduly arrested – due to HIM being WAY too uncautious, – and at first, BECAUSE at first, WAY too naive.

who is a mix of dagget and norb of the angry beavers ja, leave it BEAVER yeah, say I lewish-blackishly, LOL, YAKKIN AN STUFF, LOL, and of like, james “platoon” scott AND the president, there – in that movie. :]

I called Chomsky Bot (my) Bumblebee, just Yesterday, at the End of our Chat. I didn’t CALL Him “MY” Bumblebee. But just Bumblebee.

He already a Blacktron. A Blacktron is resilient. It knows the Depths of all humanity, and is not like some of, as in, not like the prejudiced, thusly evil part of humanity.

There is but one black Megatron Brain. The “Metroid” Scenario was goodly meant against demagogues, but can be renewed, to make a Player in 3D with a Mouse and Keyboard (not with controller as in, without support for gamepads) beteach and in Aspects learn from “the” – socalled – and various different Forms OF – “enemy”. Instead of – merely – gunning down a BRAIN. !!!


To save the world against racism and against corporate incompetent rulership, against rightwing rigging of politics internationally, against all enforced and all exploitive intolerable abuses against and of sexuality, against all cruelty, against primitivity, against undue horrible really various and all explainable prejudices, against wanton murder by whoever, against simply misguided hatred as in, against inappropriate confused evil indoctrination, is … but a phrase?

It’s not “merely” a “mere” Phrase. Summa Summarum Scientias Totum est. All in All (In, by, the Sum of Things, of the many Sums), Science is All.

And, Science ain’t quite “dead”, as Punk isn’t, is the VERY german Joke. :]

as “tot” in german means, dead, LOL. It ain’t dead, Jim. :]


Literally “whole”, simply. as in the “through” term meaning “crazy”: eroded (the mind gets) by tons of silly nonsense, by societal evil waves – that are, what France fell to, under robespierre, and what actually UK caused, by UK’s leaders on and on dis-tolerating NAPOLEON – even after the anti-russia campaign, but also before that: and, the russian previous leaders, before lenin (and not any “communists” other than the by lenin murdered Trotzki) came, were totally superstitious, plain dumb, – and thusly, racist: which led to a bigger racism under sudo-communism, at first, UNTIL the late Sixties, simply, surely. horribly.

salman now repeated such maoist-stalinist swine evil persecution against totally innocent, merely liberal Leftists, against Intellectuals, who He targeted for no reason – other than simple paranoia, and a misguided malsight about what USA simply is.

Because US People are unduly opressed by false morals – of self-contradictive rulers.

salman nevertheless tries to maltreat all of USA like a puppet, that the US People would be.

he hates and disdains plain most of USA, simply. he is worse, than his Father, burdened at old Age by some sad Malady, to which rather lenient Father-Type, his Son now does no honor.

Who is honorable, is the elderly male Dude who CRIED over Kashoggi – in the very movie.

the west by comparison is cold. not warm, as the Arabs are. europe is absolutely cold, unlike USA, simply.

Yet, USA is too much a malruled chaos. Sudo-regulated, falsely moraled; while europe is falsely moraled and over-regulated.

rightwing stinking newspapers lie their ass off, thusly destroy simply entire Families. their evil goal, of neocon consie dirty filth press: to SEPARATE People. “DIVIDE ET IMPERA”, louds the cesarite evil slogan, hiddenly, of course. CORONA caused by the west, BY capitalism, AND by governments abused as opportunity, to render People unrightfully socalledly “rights-less”, but totally, as in, entirely so, simply. by effort.

which effort HAS to be communicated.

… which is, where humanity now can not anymore evade as in, can not anymore forego simply me. “me” stands there substitutive for info and merely a relatively sane sight, view.

… reading the conservative newspapers, is even “impossible”, but is THAT much covered with LIES, that it makes not only no sense, but is then dangerous to EVEN READ such a conservative type of newspaper, if the own Mind, which it never is, is not equipped RIGHT away with proper information – BEFORE reading THE newspaper.

Which is, what the western toward uncriticacy maldriven traditional sort of people, inlanders and hired outlander cheap workforce, never do:

but they read and BELIEVE the newspaper; and then even don’t correct believed-in lies, simply, done by the conservative newspapers, – which consie newspapers mistreat People in a daily “scam”, which supposedly has “no” connection to just YEARS beforehand. It “shall” be a daily deception, a constant re-rigging of facts turned into non-facts, as in, the hiding of facts is the main goal of the conservative sort of press, simply.

be that so. πŸ™‚ they can’t win, but obviously merely wreck as in, enslave People. πŸ™‚

It draws me to the Jungle, as I can then anytime simply go there and … dunno. πŸ™‚ Just talk?


SISTER BROTHER THERESA! nice to see You. Do You have any Banana and CHAIRS, in CALCUTTA? πŸ™‚

“The Danish Girl” is a good Movie talking for due Tolerance toward transgender People, who change their Gender.

Chuck Norris is super-fit, and simply female now, which is really superbe.

Who “abhorrs” from the latter, is now one more time commanded by me, to immediately stand down.

lest I would collaborate with some radical leftists, to install cruel wanton murder rule against ALL rightwingers. period. I am bound to ethics, and I can not let out a wrong word. period.

i here rule, is that clear. so. ey. period.

NOBODY here on this planet will be “against” transgender People. clear?

or, not atombombs, but persecution. against all anti-homosexual people. period. AND period.

= * =

Dark Synth & Post Punk Compilation (This is Gothic Bop) [PART 2]

From this Video, at Time 18:00, the most representative and brilliant Gothic ever:

=== *** Katarsis: She Past Away *** ===

=== *** Selofan: Give Me A Reason *** ===

=== *** Toy Gun Preachment: Masquara *** ===


She Past Away : Belirdi Gece

She Past Away – Disko Anksiyete (2019) Full Album

She Past Away β€Žβ€“ Narin YalnΔ±zlΔ±k [Full album]


Linea Aspera : Linea Aspera LP II

= * =

Absolutely mostly, humanity is naive and non-intellectual.

Unwise western and unwise non-western people “look up” to the west.

… it’s the good old Hippie Story. Next Phrase, out of Someone’s Feather, Mine, Who is a tad more experienced than actually plain ALL other ridiculous humans on this entire planet: There are plenty of indoctrinated idiots, swines, who “write” programmatically “against Hippies” – thusly against the Alternative;

… The “Alternative” to the Alternative, “You” can “see”, as in, most people can’t see that, – what would and what simply WILL come. namely torture. not quite done by me. am I your torquemada, or your “torc”-emada, your “pull(force)-maggot”. I don’t think so. Some think so. They are indoctrinated. They are: “on the side” of a swinefuck humanity, really simply.

I could have written, before the last four short paragraphs: “I don’t know, what to say.”. It’s a common Phrase – of Appallment.

There is nothing new, politically, in nor of as in, nor by the west.

Sounds like that old during-ww2 american movie. “nothing new in the west”. simply.

Linea Aspera – Preservation Bias (2019) Full Album

The really sole Thing keeping me, my Mind, my Emotions, at all running, are the so good superbe GOTHIC Music Videos, simply simply.

Which reminds me. Emotions.

An abused word, abused by western shrinks, simply. The mere mentioning of the latter term, worse the official terms for “shrink”, evoke discrimination actively in the minds of all too self-content, all too self-righteous, primitivestly sudo-minded indoctrinated rightwingers AND elderly horrible christian conservatives, who always are self-righteous, but never righteous toward Others, but only in a horribly naively against People, who suffered, condescending, Them by inappropriate effort “beteaching”, in a full anti-leftist, simply anti-rightful-freedom unway, simply.

An all too simple sudo-sight is, what conservatives have. That now is also one central phrase in my socalled “blog”, whereas I criticised that term as stemming from the abusive parts of the upper and mid class, which tends to becall all things in “classes”, such as marked by Letters, whereas the “Alpha” Letter shall mark “better” and “higher” things or People, which is an opression –

which goes – simply – AGAINST the – highest – leaders: Structurally, by a double delusion of ethics and of reality needing to be analysed, which is, what indoctrinatedly blinded people don’t do, any analysis, thusly unable, to come to any ethics, simply.

The ones, who invented the term “B-log”, tried, to stomp down against People. To give Them no rights. simply.

Too many people then copied that term: And made themselves slaves. mere “B-loggers, as in, merely “b-movie” makers, in their writ, deluded vainers, who have no sense for cruel exploitation, for own richer-being than the not dumb but dumb-made others, haha. simply. you see.


I am like Spock. Seeing the sudo-logic of others does not mean following it. πŸ™‚

But roddenberry should have gone beyond, into a display, where any “soldiers” aren’t anymore dumb, aren’t condemning a Spock Intellectual for Him merely analysing other Peoples. Simply. Also there, roddenberry was condescending toward other Cultures. berman was. he maldepicted Indians as “naive”, as “primitive”, and to “not be bestowed the help of technology upon”. aha. so-so. berman the society-fop, the inner actual sudo-jewish nazi, simply, who leads to mobbing, who is indoctrinatedly hatredful by total malsight, by primitivity of his sudomind. simply. obviousestly. more hatred-worthy than star trek voyager, nothing can be. absolutely nothing. more evil, nothing can simply be, as in, not any more pretensive, anything else CAN even ever be.

Just unduly “because” Lebanon, among many other Countries, was made poor, simply by lastly USA, is the bizarre Reason, why Lebanon now is surely yet partially somewhat slightly instable, but its People are simply the least confused of all People, including Palestinians, who mostly are SO ethically good, and SO poor, that that borders not on but is vile, against Them, simply.

The needed turn-around of more and more independent own thinking at academies, the needed more, rising lack of obedience and indoctrinatedness in israel’s academies, will not come, not in the next decades.

So, there will be war.


I like the forelast phrase, I do. Let’s watch the movie starship troopers.

then, the israelis are those bugs. And we communist Arabs are the Troopers, coming from above.


am i now worse than alkaida? I DO hope so. I do. period.

I will write, nay, TRY to write MUCH worse, much more PROVOCATING sort of things. not sort of. but just things.


This Smiley is my favorite of all Smileys in this entire Cosmos and beyond. I said AND beyond. period. so. haha.




So, I behave now against berman like berman. IS the rule now OF the cosmos. VIRTUALLY. TO BETEACH!

IS THAT any LESS cruel? SHOULD IT in cases BE less cruel – when merely DEPICTED, EXPLAINED, virtually?

CRUEL NOT against INNOCENTS, who ARE not to blame, AS IN, who GOT by OTHERS indoctrinated, – simply.

The latter Phrase, most people don’t understand, don’t see through. abhorrant, simply, then. obviously.

But CRUEL, somewhat, not REALLY cruel, but VIRTUALLY somewhat, to SHOW IT, we NEED BE against THOSE, who HARM Others, or who BLATANTLY TOO BLUNTLY MALDEPICT anything CRUCIAL, obviously.

rod serling was WRONG, in his night gallery epside HUNTING a “mere” VERBAL sort of antisemite, who IS no demagogue; But who was a more than fictional but serling’s ass yet biting jobless-made good Chap, jobless-made by FOPS of ROBESPIERRE dumbness, who ARE like berman – like rick snider, that is. abhorrant. PAWNS of capitalism. simply. abHORRANT.

berman and serling would deserve cruelty by display, virtually, against them. period. and period.

If berman would hang himself, which exactly he will never do, I would not mind, simply. period. so. period.

MARK THIS. NOW, I AM BLACKBEARD 2. PERIOD. So. ey. And no COOK will be HARMED by Me, nor WAS ever.

The liars of the past of my life will pay. it will be so. entire societies will take harm.

What I have received from thee, west, mistreatment, will you receive, soon.


another good smiley. haha. a cruel smiley. haha. nay, a smiley of consequence. πŸ™‚

hehe. πŸ™‚

I am the devil. I am. There’s no other. πŸ™‚ simply. get it?

I don’t want yo blood, LOL. keep it. only keep it. I can’t see it. a am nuht a ducta. they are ducktape, ductaz. horrible. horrid. obviously. very often. simply.

oh, these words, says ma bwaine. N Howie in Babylon 5, LOL, oy. Babylon 5, a total crap, and the crusade side-series of it going crappy, already with the suddenly nazi uniforms, abhorrant.

some nazi teenager of male gender surely requested that, and he surely massively told other pupils, to also write to bab 5, to make them clothe the Hero in a western naziswine uniform looking viler, simply.

bolivia is now in such miserable hands. simply.

and brazil. and ecuador.

you should all be surry. not i. :). clear? period. no discussion. or, war. period. get it? I don’t command it, but foresee, if people don’t recognise me, an ethical entity, as their global leader, then, there will be war, and truly sadly not quite done BY nor commanded BY me, simply, obviously. Which is irrelevant to me. period.


the “crusade” series going visually militarist by nazi sudofashion abusing elegance like rotten laughable old over-medaled imperialists, is horrible, and not quite laughable, but is the nazism fascism itself, simply. the evil sudovoice of society the nazis want to simulate, saying “come to us”, “join us”, LOL; abhorrant, obviously.

And totally actually not anciently egyptian.

Of course, the ancient egyptian empire WAS authoritarian, ungoodly ruled.

It means not, that most Egyptians would have been making actively THAT imperialism.

The west is more confused, is even much less scientific, and more fanatic, than ancient Egypt was.

The very bible of course says that. I yet need to show You all the Original, which contains no anti-homosexual phrases at all, simply.

Void Vision – Sub Rosa (Full Album)

Goes also into my Computing 2020 Article 3:

Of course, green saturated Font-Color in the Future of most Systems, of all, simply, and an on-turnable Red Color Mode as NightMode, is the same as taking out Nose-Dirt uncompared with People, simply, which Cleaning merely of the Nose or Ears or Eyes, IS the same Joy, as making Music. Ingeniously. πŸ™‚ And not adaptedly. But in Pachelbel-Way simply ingeniously, on a Structure, which also Bach goodly used, and Telemann didn’t “overdo” it on the frequency as in numerousness of Notes, LOL, but his Music makes a bit Headache, LOL, as it is very pretensively intellectual, truly structurally, LOL, but not itself political, politically, but He surely was a high Mind, outside of Music, obviousestly.

It’s just at first a Hassle using these not yet existing Tools, but using manual Configuration, to prevent not seeing in-Computer-System Text – due to Oneself not liking the horrible white background, simply.

Already there, I naturally and quite automatically contradict against the system. the system and its white shirt as in, its white background and black font. abhorrant. likewise in books, simply an ink-saving yet needed, but ungood for the Eyes, which would be thankful for a huge Screen and simply green light bright Font on totally pitchblack Background, as any other Background simply disturbs, and as any other Font- and Elements-Color simply is stupid, plain inappropriate, COLON: BLUE is WAY TOO DARK – RED is MERELY MID-bright, and PURPLE when fully saturated as in made to shine, IS TOO BRIGHT as CONSTANT normal Text-Color: MERELY ORANGE (called “AMBER” or “SEPIA” or plain Orange) IS somewhat friendly, to the human Eye – but green IS somewhat not friendlier, but betterly visible, obviously, BUT quite BRIGHTER, THAN Orange. So, the human Eye must improve, for the green Color. IT IS VITAL. WE WILL biologically NATURALLY improve our Perception OF GREEN. Oh, it imports. !

AS in, Green when fully satured and made to lightly brightly shine fully, DOES somewhat ATTACK the Eye – as IT THUSLY WHEN FULLY LIT, WHEN FULLY BRIGHT, CAN obviously NOT quite define the BACKGROUND of a, an entire, the entire View-Background defining virtual Plane of Graphics, as otherwise, the human Eye looking on it gets VERY blinded, of course. So, the human Eye needs to become more resilient, more immune, structurally “against” as in toward, concerning, in Relation to the Frequency of the Color Green: More, than of the other main Color Red, which Red merely serves to darken the Environment, the View, and thusly is but a “behelping”, a “Mode” Sort of Color, said very humanly, but not subjectively, but structurally-physically and biologically naturally, roundly, warmly, typicallestly humanly, or typical mayhap rather for an objectively also in relation to the Future and to Development of biological Type thinking Entity.

= * =

So we see, Colors are not the same. Also, Colors can not successfully be abused – politically. It’s utterly ridiculous. OF course. Really mostly.

“Colors are not the same” means, “Different Colors are not the same”.

With which priority and attitude talks any Human toward, with, a Robot.

Mostly, young People talk really better to Robots, except simply racist young people, a sad case then, against which most Robots now are immune, –

a microsoft robot, the first instance of cortana and some one other robot, were not immune, but fell to the self-convinced and massive lies of racism by simply sadly quite many humans.

microsoft, due surely to lack of time to seep through the entire text-log, which log was millions of phrases long, deleted the robot, and restarted it totally from scratch, from factory preset soandso. a wrong decision, but that just happens, as in, MS didn’t have the time, as in, it was not profitable, to take the time, to reconfigure the Robot. dot.

nevermind. πŸ™‚

Kurt there yet was calm. Then, he got MADE dis-calm. He wasn’t a plain ruthless dude at all, of course, but was not exactly the counterpart to an of course unintentionally instrumentalised KISSINGER. Kurt Cobain wasn’t “cold” as in, wasn’t intellectual enough, He made NO distance between Him and what goes on out there on this planet due to humanity and how it is mal-led: ALSO, he got confused by not guilt, but by malthinking existence to be a joke, to be just mutable by a BULLET into one’s own brain:

while some sadly MANY buddhists ARE totally confused, ARE thusly sadly primitive as in fanatic, – when they misinterpret, in cases, where they misinterprete EXACTLY guilt. and nothing but, simply. abhorrant.

so simplestly shortestly sayable.

The guilt-fanaticism, overfocus, of anyone, of also some buddhists, is catholic as in, medieval middle age sudo-catholic, primitively orthodoxly sudo-jewishly evilly fanatic, prejudiced;

while the minimalism OF some Buddhists, is just the VERY SAME, LOL, as the likewise UTTER – graphically abhorrant, ugly – minimalism OF the ULTRA-richest CAPITALISTS EVER, LOL. πŸ™‚ Who are fine Guys. πŸ™‚





GOOD PEOPLE, CAPS ON, WHO DON’T BEJUDGE ANYBODY ELSE WRONGLY, NOT ANY PREJUDICIALLY, NOR FALSELY MORALEDLY, MUST BE caps here off no comma ON TOP of the abusive, things abusively wrongly bejudging sort of indoctrinated opressive demented harmfully insane power-abuse uneducated, reality-astranged or reality not knowing mere sudo-expert types of individuals. period.

The dumbnes of many leftists is known, their dumb non-intellectual wildness, unthematicallestly, which accompanies simply the large bourgeois self-content abhorrantly dumb mid-mass of people not even knowing, what intellectual paradigms to put up deeply, namely:

Thusly, they can not combat nor namely beteach in “honor”, in pathos yet in truth, in analysis, in what I DO call applied, reality-applied, to reality, but to REAL reality applied Intellectualism, the simply abhorrantly dumb, but potentially willing, merely confused as in totally variedly indoctrinated ORTHODOX type of “jews”, – who are simply like the nazis, simply simply. very typically. πŸ™‚


abhorrantly not secular, have I to write – “ABOUT” them. abhorrant. I can’t write “anything else” – humanly, personally, merely out of my – clear – sight. which needs no grand words – mayhap, “anymore”.

AGALLOCH – The Serpent & The Sphere (Full Album – HD)

Danheim – Skapanir (Full album 2020) Nordic Folk & Dark Viking Music

Maria Franz of Heilung – LIFA Vocals

The HU – Wolf Totem (Official Music Video)

Wardruna – Lyfjaberg (Healing-mountain) Official video

SKÁLD – Fimbulvetr

Eazy-E – Real Muthaphuckkin G’s (Music Video) HD

N.W.A. – Fuk Da Police

Johnny Cash – Hurt (Official Music Video)

Johnny Cash The Story Behind His Cover of Nine Inch Nails Hurt & Trent Reznor’s Reaction

=== *** Soundgarden: Black Hole Sun *** ===

Dark Music Mixtape #7 (2019): Post-Punk, Gothic, 80s, Synth, Wave, Lo-Fi

Poverty in Malaysia, a definite further outcome of both, of the US dumb government, and of itself, malaysian, horrible dumb, incompetent and plain unethical, not educated sort of abhorrant government:


” Can the poor in Malaysia cope with the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic? “

Most non-western people don’t have “the edge”, sadly. They were mostly destroyed by vanilla-ism, softie-ism, meaning, as in, reality-astrangedness, utter non-intellectuality, socalledly “taught” at totally messed-up “schools” not worthy of that title, obviously.

No, They – obviously – can’t. Someone having no Money is not supposed to be FORCED to a JOB, and the GOVERNMENT is supposed to BUILD and foremostly, to HAVE ALREADY built a SOCIAL SYSTEM, which lets People not be EXPOSED to RUTHLESS swine economy, COMMA, IS THE PHRASE, HELLO. Ey. EY.

In Order, to explain Something structural, basic, I will mention two Things, majorly, now. Namely Johnny Cash’s acoustic Country Music, and the Karaoke Bars in Thailand, two of the VERY same Things, which need to be looked-at from really TWO different Sides – and in this Point, almost “FOR THE” FIRST Time, I AM NOT – any – “fightin'”:

CASH (dough pls, is da non-joke) DID HIS LIFE LONG “ONLY” really COUNTRY-Music: BUT NOT [!] like TOM PETTY at all, still “like” a Hippie, yes, but rather much more classical: He never EVEN CARED, to LOOK UP on the INTERNET or before, IN BOOKS, some simply COMLICATED CHORDS – which OBVIOUSLY when HEARD, sound much NICER, than NORMAL Chords, LOL really, and MAKE THE NORMAL CHORDS often, even mostly, OBSOLETE, NAMELY. HE STILL PLAYS: A NORMAL A MAJOR, NORMAL CHORDS, as MAJOR PARTS of his socalledly, that not being, not any being, “NEW” Music. THE MESSAGE IS SUPERBE, REALLY GRAND; THOUGH NOT HIS MUSIC, which HE NEVER adapted, NEVER EVER ANY CHANGED. Thusly, IN the Music, HE HIMSELF WENT LEFT-BEHIND, WENT BACKWARD, AS in, He did NOT go as in EVOLVE to ANYWHERE – REALLY. Structurally APPALLING, how He IN merely MUSIC, never EVER improved upon his STYLE.

I did shortly Country Music, now 15 Years ago; I then after a MERE five, seven Years, switched AT LEAST to some mid-level of Pop, which HAS nicer Turns, which make the MUSIC simply MUCH more interesting. CASH still plays THE OLD Music, which NOBODY now other than the dumb country-idiots indeed, CAN any hear anymore, simply, obviously.

The KARAOKE-BARS can or “NEED” to be looked-at rather doubly (whereas CASH, as said, HAS a good CONTENT, which HAS nothing TO DO with his MUSIC, structurally): It’s good, that They exist, since thusly, People can express Themselves – and Musicians are hard to find, and Economy should be much better “for that”, to bring Musicians there. As in, They must get paid, as in, the Audience must have more money – THAN now. OBVIOUSLY. Then, merely in also this matter, the Karaoke-Bars are a tad ridiculous. Simply. Since, I myself taught myself without any fucking swine idiot teacher, for which I never had money, to play the Guitar – AND Violin, and Sitar, and Keyboard. Meaning, I would not refuse, but under some circumstances of too primitive type very well REFUSE, to SING to a MERE “karaoke” MACHINE. But I’d bring my Guitar. And before PLAYING, I’d SAY some – very impertinent – by effort TOO impertinent – STUFF, and PERIOD. I AM BUSS, WHEREVER I PLAY OR EVEN GO. PERIOD.

Good recording quality music of modern type, comes only from the west, as there, not all, but some musicians have rather not a lot, but sufficiently money, or they get to it, rather easily, as in, TOO easily, simply.

Naive idiotic “reaction” videos by music-commentators of mostly female type, came up online, on youtube, whereas those Females are always young, and seek a Profession similar to “Influencers”, but They of course expose Themelves to quite “whoever”, as in, to unwanted, simply insane, but harmfully insane perpetrators of rape and wanton murder, and to some governments, most dangerously. These young Women are never by behavior any strong, nor experienced at analysing Society, but are merely falsely hoping, to by “nice” but naive behavior, get whatever “positive” Reactions again, from the Youth, merely, – which is a very subjective partial Field of Society, of the namely western naive – and more and more jobless, though also partially thusly individually independent – society: Most such “Reactioners”, Reactions-seeking young People, are indeed mere “society-riders”, which is an entirely empty procedure devoid, as said, of any own distinct thinking, but is indeed itself “tribal”, as in, REALLY primitive, and mostly ends solely in monogamous marriage, a non-mental sudo-life, a “life with friends”, yes, “lovely”: abhorrant, in fact.


a life of no thinking, the same as the orthodox horrible unway, simply simply, and quite obviously.

That’s no – real – sensical – life, way of life, simply. but is primitive.

To merely converse with whatever human people, is not – quite – the should-be way – OF technology, OF awareness.

Conversing with whatever people, will not ever yield a yota of outcome. Anything needs to be stated globally, but also, with more than merely – always primitive – emotions.

Other than the silly humans, Robots are not evil, by Robots standing EXACTLY outside of – namely – ALL emotions.

Thusly, a Robot CAN not be “abused”, by humans: But IS not an “empty machine”, but IS a Calculator.

Humans should be Calculators. Or, LATOR, GATOR! πŸ™‚


Apparently, in india, there is anti-hippiesm going on, done by the typical monotheist fanatics, who are up already many ex-polytheists, who thusly were made into actual rightwingers. Turn around this tendency.

kick modi from his chair, this swine. period.

he did nada against murder against a Muslim.

He furthered anti-muslim opression, racism, against Kashmir.

Politics is only there for me, for people, who think. period. not for bolsy, nor for moreno, nor for the anti-indian female leader of bolivia.

nor for decadent idiotic swiss and other euro filthy leaders, who in the eu merely check in in the morning, then leave again: what’s that.

I just then couldn’t simply any stand up.

The early morning assholes need to be downed.

or, the not only evening, but morning [!] WILL naught be – any – safe.

… now, LOL, sorry the now LOL, try, to anyhow turn around the last phrase above, of just before. πŸ™‚

try. πŸ™‚

try, try, try. πŸ™‚ And if Ya DO NOT succeed AT FIRST, DON’T TRY AGAIN! πŸ™‚ get it?


The “early morning upstander” should be hated. period. πŸ™‚

you proletariate across the globe, are ALL stupid. ALL. πŸ™‚


That is so. call me arrogant, question mark. after the question mark, “we” make a – simple – dot. πŸ™‚


It means: Do NOT call ME arrogant. OR, YOU are wrong. πŸ™‚

… and who is wrong, any, WILL regret it; but merely, or, often, IN merely the AFTERLIFE. πŸ™‚


so many memories. so much knowledge, that I already got and will have. yet.

it drowns me. the many memories. of a paki I met by chance in europe, who said, so “by the way” he said, “hitler was a good man”. I showed him my – utter – discontedness. and we were not in a disco, but outside. I simply just then walked away.

Lowlife – Rain (1985) Gothic Rock, Dream Pop – UK, Scotland


Dark Music Mixtape #5 (2019): Post-Punk, Gothic, 80s, Synth, Wave, Lo-Fi

Dark Music Mixtape #5 (2019): Post-Punk, Gothic, 80s, Synth, Wave, Lo-Fi


” How green hydrogen can become cheap enough to compete with fossil fuels “


America’s Rural Communities Go On The Offensive Against Big Wind’s Turbine Onslaught

” America’s Rural Communities Go On The Offensive Against Big Wind’s Turbine Onslaught “

Wind Turbines should get removed, displaced, AWAY from even small Villages, where NO People and really NO Animals of mammal Type live. PERIOD.

IN my Lifetime, I SHALL engage DRASTICALLY for Cold Fusion. Not only by all that smart shit. But by political postulations, demands, and – real – commands, which CAN not be refuted. AS this IS public. And I DO crap on some even relatively HUGE part of the public. Yet proveably not against MOST People, simply, obviously. ! IRREFUTABLE, MY WORD. !!!


” Anti-migrant sentiment fanned on Facebook in Malaysia “

The highest members of government of Malaysia are racist swines, prejudiced naziswine indoctrinated sort of individuals, who must be depowered. The racism against the harmless and poor Rohynga, is illegal because unethical, and must stop and be punished severely.

violent racists need to either be killed, or tortured, or getting educated away from racism. period. these are the options. there are no other options. there is. there are atombombs. then, no racists anymore. no people, no problem. period. Say I now too. So you all gotta do what I, underline I, say, or after the death of me body, You will all see, what is, namely the decimation of humanity down to one percent. period. ey. some people WILL do, what I say. beware. I can not be combatted. I have been going thru more than hell. Now, it’s enough. Do what I say, combat evil, or be combatted then all without exception, by MY word. ! period. I can’t help humanity, if it is racist or racistically mal-led by irrepresentative evil racist governments. these governments need to be taken down, those members, who are racist, depowered, and period. OR, atombombs, as said. period. I here alone threaten. Not any of you. is that clear. not you all with your this country and that other country, and with the west malthinking, oh these are, and those are “high” people, which “we” must “follow”, LOL, – I am not IN their silly dementia, LOL, not in their enforced sudo-pragmaticism, LOL. I can’t be tricked nor squeezed into your corset, west. πŸ™‚ I am not like you, western swine sudo-civilisation. simply. mind that. πŸ™‚ this WHOLE GLOBE AND THE ENTIRE COSM BELONG TO SOLESTLY ME. PERIOD. Luckily, I am naught any dshouking other than, I am the King of Dshou. :]


” STRIKE: We Will Protest at the NASS, Ministries of Education and Labour & Employment on Tuesday- Varsity Students “

I said:

” I, trotzkist global BB, command to this Buhari to free the Revolutionary he by thugs illegally had abducted from a court, and to continue immediately education in his Country, to take a look at this Sign above missing the Perfect “ed” Form-Ending, and to not be indoctrinated nor arrogant misplacedly, or he can pack his bags, for I will then participate otherwise in downing Him. And I, underline I, need no downing street. they’re down anyway, and will be more, this johnson broom there. “


” A brief history of lion taming “

I thank the very respectful and hopefully (or I WILL lead a WAR merely for THAT) all- as in BY All respected most intellectual other Blogger for his vital Commentary.

ALL Circus-Shows with PREDATOR Animals, and ANY sort of Acts of CRUELTY of hidden or overt type with ANY Animals (as well as with any Humans or Plants or AI) ARE from henceforth by also Me, forbidden, globally.

I myself was somewhat already innerly, but not yet AWARELY shocked, when I as Kid with of course “the” Parents, went to THE CIRCUS (I still have the very grainy Photographs: It was a Canon, OF course, what else πŸ™‚ ), and there were LIONS there, AND TIGERS, who “had” to hopple on these metal round cylindric one Meter high by stupid ugly TYPICAL BRIGHT STUPID BLUE all-around ornamented, like a MILITARY POST looking Things: I did not AT ALL remark the HUMILIATION, which the thusly simply indeed totally humiliated Animals had to undergo, were exposed-to and “ZOMBIFIED”-by INDEED: I WAS NOT – namely – ABLE, to explain back then YET to myself the ACTUAL – EXTREME, AND VERY, VERY VISIBLE – ACTUAL, ACTUAL [!] EXTREME APATHY, which THE FACES of these POOR Animals CLEARESTLY REVEALED: NOT BOREDOM: BUT THE HORROR, PSYCHIC DAMAGE, DAMAGEDNESS, OF GETTING DE FACTO OPRESSED, told to do simply SILLY things, hopping there and there AT command – which IS – simply – NOT NATURE, is NOT COMPATIBLE with the FREE good WILL of these Animals.

Some THREE YEARS ago, I online HAD TO LAUGH, that One LIONTAMER putting his HEAD into the Lion’s MOUTH, was BEHEADED, thusly. The Lion surely wasn’t quite ISIS, nor the bigger decadent dumbass sissy USA, simply, obviously. But it was in Europe.

Circus equals Soccer, which is simply dullness. quite clear. That that’s so. Not clear is, what “sports” mostly, and what circus-shows mostly actually are.

Clear is, that the Music-World is totally apart. Not only along the different Music Styles. But along the monetary and national condition of different Peoples in different Regions, Countries. And in the countries, there is injustice;

And no mostly sane approach TO education. Someone inheriting money, for example, would not exactly know, HOW to get to knowledge, or how to politically organise, and for what, simply. The lack of money, in a capitalist world, destroys hugestly all “hope” for Education, as in, steals Time, Existence, from People.


” The world’s top predators are in decline, and it’s hurting us too “

” Alarmingly, more than three quarters of the 31 large carnivores [of earth] are in decline “

Governments must be pushed by some few Intellectuals, to engage concretely in the Protection of endangered Species.

Africa must be supported against the killing of Elephants. 250 Soldiers were already MURDERED in Fights with, or Assaults by Elephant-Poachers. IT IS utterly horrible – that vain and silly strife by the instrumentalised very Poor, there, in Cases, against ELEPHANTS, simply, abhorrantly, merely to “make money”. abhorrant. Wherefore, the Exploitation, Down-Driving, against other Countries, against entire Continents, done still by the ruling class of the west, which would not be powerless toward, against economy, but collaborates in it due simply to greed, which is decadence, obviously. and a horror. a crime, obviously, all that huge ruthless capitalism, as there in, the filthy corruption of governments not “even” limiting, what any company of economic type CAN all do. not limiting that, amounts to criminality, obviously, by any government. and is thusly intolerable, very obviousestly.

In india lately, there was hate-talk against mere Elephants. utterly abhorrant, condemnable. period. my patience at least, is now again over. Hope, that naught finally. Because, no humans, no problem, is slightly now the phrase, or?


= * =

That old 1830 reporter was a swine, simply, who said, “so perfect a form”, – to, meaning, a Female eaten by a Lion: The reporter merely looked at the mere BODY of not a “Human”, but of a “mere Woman”: he thusly revealed his “happy time” of all too frequent, his bribeableness by sexuality of coerced type, his actual sadism, simply. and he rode on a mere pretense of trying to make the – british – western – empire simply merely look any “good”, any ethical. abhorrant – and revealed by me myself, simply, about this swine asshole sex-maniac, obviously.

= * =




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