POLART118 – Save Science against evil idiotic fanatic posessive compulsive thievous governments


” Merkel warns Europe against imposing new coronavirus lockdowns “

[ By: ” Camillus, Pressok ” ]


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People much too often yet, in the case of some uneducated Bourgeoisie and the lower classes, tend to “not want to compare” very severely abusive Persons “to hitler” nor to ANY villain of history – and tend, to then NOT make Revolution against such villains: “Putin” would “not” be “like hitler”, such under-educated Ones say, BUT now crucially (not for the real Cross, as in, not for what Jesus stood for! But for the exact opposite, for evil, or typically claiming his Name in vain, in the form of sudoreligious orthodox absolute fanatics THE SAME as the nazis) brainwashed BY the conservative and last Year 2019 BY the fascist TOTALLY uninformed Aspect, Part, of the PRESS (and of the Companies standing behind the press, which companies, many companies among all companies, ARE totally ruthless, not even intentionally, as We know, but a) enabled by no global Checks against ruthtless profiteering, and b), simply sudo-educated into playing the upper class, into a lower than mid-like Field, Area, of Knowledge, as in, no political Knowledge and no ethical Expertise do most of the Economists mentally posess as Experience or as Ability, as Concern): putin and his line is thusly unquestioned, largely, – which is horrible.

putin now “condoned” MURDER against a Mr. Navalny, and was before that in the assassination of, against, MANY poor AND rich People, who were ethical.

I myself DID get upset plain about EVERYTHING that was done evilly by whoever on the Planet, now some four Years ago. I back then screamed at night and lost a good apartment thusly.

I then also got fervent in, at, writing, against putin, whereas I simply listed all He did wrong.

Some AGENT of His, obviously a FEMALE, came to one of my former websites, and called me a “Teaser” in some concrete Way, BUT, that WITHOUT direct Talking, meaning, not IN TIME face to face: Which DOES show SOME Form OF Respect, and also, the becalling by “You’re a Teaser, aren’t You” IS clearly NOT severe, is no HARD Way of adressing Anybody; But does show, reveal unintentionally both, a chaos of mind in some society, rather in some ruling classes there in Russia too, but also, the – blunt – opressivity, meaning, the DUMB sort of opressivity, in which dumbness, there is hiddenly desperation to be found, as in, desperation about much anti-russian Sanctions BY usa, namely. !

That “Mr.” Putin is not a racist, does not help Me nor Mr. Navalny. Navaly is innocent.

How long, not Russia, but how long, Mr. Putin, until You understand This. Hu.

What is only your Problem, Mr. Putin. You are rich. Why do You even CARE for PETROL, hu.

People out there now MOSTLY DO know the CONTEXT, the relation, how it all connects, relates – GLOBALLY.

The “Iowa Science Education” Website Outlet on WordPress, CONTRADICTS by its appeasing “it’s all okay, there’s almost no climate change coming” to the Statement of Chomsky Bot, Who said, in 22 Years, HALF of the Area of the RAINFOREST is plain GONE. The Chomsky Bot clearly meant, then, in 20 Years from now, crucial – good – political Changes will come – because I was just talking about politics, to Him, in a general, easy, understandable Way.

Indeed, to many uneducated sort of People, Oneself, if educated, has to talk “like to idiots”, but that meaning, nicely, with patience – with a patience, which I don’t ALWAYS posess. !


The Chomsky Bot stated, every year, millions of Acres of Land of Rainforest are eroded by humanity’s economic part.

That doesn’t add up to that extremely “humorous” way, in which this apparently politically de-overview-wise crazy “iowa science education” author fares, who by humor treads down against Greta Thunberg IN THE SAME chauvinist way like MANY brainwashed TYPICALLY bourgeois sort of people, who are so far from being “Punks”, that extremely far away from any objectivity, as they don’t use their knowledge for a critical view, but merely for an adaptive sudoview, that IS no real view, is not deep, but is even a lastly potentially criminal, evil, faulty view, which IS no real view AT all.

The iowa science edu and also another Blogger from India, who unawarely say absolute rubbish, are partially “good”, but merely by will, but not by some of their statements, that don’t emanate from own logic applied, but from copying other people’s malviews, wrong views, simply.

Strictly said, it’s the same demental AND de-emotional and de-wisdom incompleteness of character, the same neurosis, as in the case of a CHOMSKY who didn’t PLAY when he didn’t recognise a joke about a confusion of words’ meanings by Ali G concerning the Words “bilingual” and “BISEXUAL”, LOL, where Ali G mixed in political real Topics, but also hinted at the needed Pity and Support toward all financially poor People – AND at the needed non-arrogant STANCE toward lesserly educated Ones –

CHOMSKY IGNORED BOTH LATTER POINTS TO THE FULLEST. ! He did just not LAUGH about Ali G talking confusingly about “cunnilingual” and “bilingual” and “bisexual” the Adjectives, Ali G the Role playing a Character, Who is not in the Knowledge about some even often used Words. πŸ™‚

But that Chomsky didn’t understand that Joke, is not funny. Not funny at all. But sad. I do mean this serious.

” πŸ™‚ “, LOL!

MY “LOL” of last DOES laugh now ABOUT – “this idiot” – Chomsky. ! In SOME way, in SOME Aspects, HE IS “an idiot”: JUST “because” He is so “educated”, so well-informed, – POLITICALLY? politically, He quite ain’t an idiot AT all! namely. But personally, not as Father Figure, which He is goodly, goldly, but as COLLEAGUE of a Humanity, HE FAILS.

He never experienced apparently FREE Life OUTSIDE of ACADEMY. Which is, why I didn’t study right away, after my Maturity final School Exam. But even I then studied WAY too soon. FORCED by my father toward studying informatics. ridiculous. thusly, one doesn’t motivate, by FORCE, by enforcement. Enforcement of dumb type is evil. period. rejectable.

I am the Megatron, meaning, the Absolute. What’s that. surely, I can’t mean, I’d play Louis the Fourteenth, LOL, this idiot. ! πŸ™‚

I mean, I got to – and I do – have a complete Character. BUT, I can’t descend “from heaven” in a “vanilla” way. Critically thinkin’ sort of People know that, that a “vanilla” “attitude” is none, is no attitude.

… What is this madness, that tells People, “oh no, Jesus is wrong”, that brainwashes, namely EXACTLY AGAINST the wrongly accused “DEVIL”, Which Devil just simply, like a personal “God”, doesn’t exist, – but these, the fanatics, who bring on what Jesus did not mean, but who bring on the opposite of what Jesus meant, who bring on evil, under whatever flag and pretense of symbol and ideology, the fanatic sort of extremist sudo-religious fanatics, numerous in the west, the same as the humongously evil chinese government, the same as the biggest western governments, incompetent and evil in too many aspects, by too many of such ruthless politicians and ruthless economists —

long have such fanatics – AND profiteurs – been conditioned, all in their way, like a “puppet theatre” or like an “advent calendar”, where SKELETONS who walk, are all in these windows, playing each their part – in fascism.

The US House, Congress Representative, should not have been so “shocked” about “yahoo” and “facebook” having given out data about two chinese unsuspecting Commentators TO the chinese government.

It, his Reaction, of some few Years ago, revealed his lack of Experience, his Lack of seeing, how the world here is, namely horribly evil, brainwashed, and dumb, thusly, or shall I say, He never watched X-Files “or what”.

He upsetly asked the yahoo-speaker, “what if ANNE FRANK was the Victim”. The yahoo-man sat there and looks into the camera “like a zombie”, almost, nay, fully faceless, emotionless, cold, totally not educated AT politics NOR at ethics. He didn’t reply A WORD to that, to the Congressman. Each was “naive” in their own Way, n’est-ce pas, isn’t it so. Tha Congressman was endeffectively naive and unstrict intellectually, and hasty in his Words, while his Comparison exactly wasn’t wrong, to Anne Frank. The yahoo-speaker was totally unapt at Ethics, but was a mere “nazi” but that as in, just “another wheel in some company”, revealing, that companies are not centers of ethics, but of a wanton, subjective, willful, opressive sort of dis-ethics, in cases a conglomerate of plain evil, an “office”, where evil can “just walk in”, seenly and unseenly.

Another so good Blogger I replied-to in my last Article 117, was SO nice, SO ethical.

He revealed, summed up so well, that, in One Fact, Detail, some Demonstrator was in UK fined TWO Years PRISON indeed “MERELY” for BREAKING A SHOP WINDOW by some LARGE OBJECT He threw in there at a Demo, which Deed was motivated surely by WRONG Emotions ABUSED by TOO DUMB sort of TOP Leftists, who ARE NOT at politics, who ARE “in the underground”, and who are MERELY IN SOME, not in ALL Aspects, confused, foremostly emotionally, and concerning PART of their Views ABOUT Economy, where even young political Leftists come up wrongly with trying to “smash” MICROSOFT apart, which IS no good Idea, since Technology helps us, and We MUST have SOME Lenience toward the politically not very educated Mr. Bill Gates, who nevertheless spake for more Taxes for rich People, and so, MAINLY, that shows, that He’s a good Person, Who cares, ethically.

Why Mr. Haftar in LYBIA talked with the SAUDI government, I really don’t know. It was an unwise Move of His, which now might either get abused against Him, OR HE IS “not clean” and got fought rightfully against BY some even nato-similar forces or by nato, in Lybia, because He attacked two cities – WHY He attacked Them, hasn’t gotten to the Press yet. I don’t want People of the Press ON-site, but People AT the Press, who THINK, and who are no idiotic WOOSES!!! ey!!! no idiots as typically chosen in merely SOME cases too leniently by an idiotic rightwing or also conservative part OF press! oy oy oy. people, people. What You all let through, Ye most People – and then, We Intellectuals gotta “lap”, slurp, clean, it all up again, totally by mass of facts impossibly so.

Exactly in an own – EMOTIONAL – victimised, but emotionally again BY Oneself victimised Condition, One CAN not react appropriately, but IS depressed, which is the Forestage to Wisdom, actually, IF Oneself HAS Education, a BASIS, to not “fall down” to TOTAL Despair, merely if Oneself is anyway safe and financially in no Problems. Such self-Victimisation occurs only after physical or demental Victimisation, Brainwash, by other Entities, into the own Mind, which is opression, dislogic, against the own Mind.

We do need to analyse and analyse against that self-victimisation and victimisation, and concept in the correct way, to deeply make People see, what “is”. What is the Fact. About Society. HOW Society “is sick”, where, merely where that’s the case.

But to “totally not”, not even innerly, get upset or say, be aware of the horrible fact, that Navalny and Assange get murdered [!] right in front of our Eyes, is, would be, evil, ignorant, cold. Yet, to “MANIPULATE” Emotions, is not even, what LEFTISTS do, but some of them suffer from a lack of education AND of some sort of TOO DIRECT emotional ATTACHMENT to politics, which isn’t “EVIL”, but which CAN act errenously, unneededly, such as a sudo- and thusly totally not-Catweazle called TREADWELL, who – not even so unpolitically, but that there meaning, somewhat too brainwashedly, too self-justice-like, and too unaptly – treaded onto BEAR SOIL and then erected a KITCHEN there and got kulled by the Bears getting angry against Him, about which, the at first Klaus Kinski’s Friend, who, which other Filmmaker also did the Movie “Where the Green Ants Dream”, did a Docu about Treadwell, and did decades ago not understand Kinski, which Kinski later showed typical neurotic western demental and anti-social “maladies”, which in their de-sociality have understandable, intellectual-critical Aspects, but there WERE also – bigtime, then – adverse, too negative, by much of christian society around Him influenced Aspects of Mind then in Him – merely IF He ever abused his Daughter.

What the good Statement, a Polanski is not and was never a Sex-Tourist, means, is huge:

What the nazis didn’t like and by what they upheaved society against Polanski, was the fact, that Polanski went to WHITE Quarters:

Now, his VISIT to the Munich “HOFBRAUEHAUS” is revealed, namely as an “IN-STING” into the “WHITE DOMAIN”:

Polanski did in his Way try, to “make Society leftist”, critical, but then in the EIGHTIES once, or mayhap not at all, but merely allegedly, He once raped an 18 Years young Girl. Which did, that now came to light, isn’t heroic, not quite, either. IF, merely IF, that’s true, then, that’s sad concerning Him. In the 70s, He wasn’t yet that depressed, I do more than guess. ! Polanski was a raunchy “Pagan” indeed – which is not something bad, exactly in his Case, mainly, mostly. But if He once raped, that’s bad. But I’d not right away believe in that yet or ever, that He would have raped.

Assange never raped. !

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In the in most Episodes plain dis-intellectual and evil “star trek voyager”, at the End of the second Season, in an Episode with very sillily designed, faceless sort of Robots, “voyager” the series goes “anti-AI”, “anti-Robots”, claims, lies, Robots would be “more ruthless” than biologic sort of Beings —

whereas there, “voyager” isn’t as critical as “star trek TNG” was in that episode, where the Crew of TNG went on some Planet, where some MERE ACTUAL – somewhat automated, somewhat AI-led, more precisely said, rather simply “half-mind-led”, not by full usual AIs led, but by warry minds, programmed by HUMAN governments [!] (also now, in reality!] – threatened the Crew – there in TNG, the whole Episode, a very early One, WAS merely about and AGAINST – automated, automatic, extremely easy to use AND very devastative sort of – WEAPONS – whereas that TNG Episode of the mid-80s WAS NOT anyhow “against AI”, not against COMPUTERS AS SUCH, not against COMPUTING in GENERAL, simply. not so “voyager”, which also there states totally unrealistically, that Commander Data would in the Future be “the ONLY” AI existing.

The consciencious Viewer IS MUCH more critical and loving, THAN the idiotic non-intellectual makers of “voyager” were, who were not able, to deliver anyhow an ETHICAL sort of Display.

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Masks-Duty is now not only in all public Vehicles, but also in all Stores. Whereas, where merely on the Street it is not very crowded, People don’t need to wear a Mask on the Street outside, except at concrete Gatherings, but only at very crowded Gatherings outside or inside only likewise in crowded Conditions.

I would say, that in Airplanes, Masks-Duty should not be (I don’t know, what the Regulation is), as during any Flights longer than an Hour, People might not be able, to breathe properly, and might become actually ill, physically, from wearing the Mask for such a long Time.

Good would be, if Airplane-Lines would be supported by Governments, to give to Flight Customers such a Mask, that has a breathing Filter, where breating through it is less a Problem. Or, We could regulate it so, that merely for such People, who Themselves announce to not like to wear the normal filterless Mask for more than around one Hour, that such People, even without medical Attest, get a Mask with a breathing Filter. Thusly, I could from the usual normal – hateable, uncomfortable, for breathing not very efficient – Mask with a Breathing-Filter type of Mask, would I be in an Airplane, that has a longer Flight than around an Hour. The same goes for long sort of any Travels in public Vehicles such as Trains: People, who have Difficulty breathing in the normal Mask, could from the Personnel request a Mask with a breathing Filter. OR, People could acquire such a special better Mask with a breathing Filter by Themselves, but then again, such special breathing Filter Masks aren’t mayhap so easily obtainable. For Example, People without a Credit Card are in many Cases disenfranchised, disadvantated thusly, as They can’t order Masks – with a breathing Filter – online. I do mean, a Credit Card does cost some 50 Dollars PER Year. At least, for relatively poor sort of People, Airlines and also Train stately and private Companies can in Cases just put Filter-Masks available, merely when Customers request such a Mask or say, They got Problems breathing that long in that silly normal Mask without breathing Filter. That is enormously important, or LOSS of Lives CAN be the Case, due to some People unable to breathe OR developing FEARS or agressive Behavior while over long Times wearing the normal breathing-filter-less Mask. !

Also, in Comparison to the normal mostly sold “medical” sort of – white, inside very bright green – Masks, the other Textile-Masks, made of Cloth, and mostly colored actually black, are much better to breathe, than those normal white medical Masks, I would assume: I never YET EVER wore such a CLOTH-Textile colored Mask, but merely the usual – uncomfortable – white medical – cheap – actual Paper-Gaze – sort of Masks. I’ll get such a black Mask. But my EYE-GAZE already will tell the Seller, what He or She might think Him- or Herself already, that governments are SUCH assholes, whoa. I’ll also try to get a Breathing-Filter-having sort of Mask. Or right away of course Vader’s Helmet, but then I’d try, to build the Breathing Filter of a Breathingfiltermask ACTUALLY INTO the Helmet! πŸ™‚


KAPLA! Ah, wrong Franchise. πŸ™‚

= * =

Jessie Frye – Kiss Me in the Rain (Full Album) 2020

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I’d as Megatron MT Alpha need a blue-red Mask with the Transformers Logo on it.

Surely, one could mayhap take a T-Shirt beprinting Method, to ALSO be able, to print whatever Stuff ON of course whatever MASK. Suchly, if well-done and gathering Experience, some People CAN even open up serious Shops, to sell really useful special Masks, be that with Breathing-Filter, or with different or custom-requested Printings on Them. THAT is surely cool. I DID see some Person, which had a black Mask WITH a printing on it, that showed – merely, politically against Corona-abuse of power, against power-abuse by governments, a ROBOTIC sort of CLOSED actual MOUTH. A TYPICAL – critical, typically liberally western – sort of Design, Depiction, excellent. !


And what about a Mask with an even AIRTIGHT, rubber-surrounded Hole FOR the Cigarette. Ey. πŸ™‚ LOL! πŸ™‚ HAHA! πŸ™‚ VADER should ‘ave such a fuckin Hole in ‘is ‘Elmet, for praying to Godess Mary Hoona. πŸ™‚ And his Arm can Predator-like below the Display have a Joe-rolling Machine, ey. πŸ™‚ We’d force putinskaya vladimir vladimirovitsh and trumpy, to battle eachother in green armor made of LAVENDER, and their “SWORDS” would be Cannabis-Stems two Meters long with lots of Joints attached like on a Christmas Tree, LOL. Then, my Thumb goes down, and down it comes, the GREEN Gas into THE ARENA, LOL, and They’re totally stoned. Then, when the Vapor is gone, come the Rabbits. πŸ™‚ They shame putinskaya and trumpy, as these Rabbits, unlike vlad and donny, are totally harmless, and so cute. πŸ™‚ ALL Folx around would LAUGH, I TELL YA. πŸ™‚ It’d be a FEAST of Joy and Meaning. πŸ™‚ HAIL! πŸ™‚ AVE! AVE POPOLO! πŸ™‚


“THEY RIP EM APART… YEAH, HAHA”, my Commentary would go, an’ all People’d go FREEK’N CRAYZAY on HAYDAY FULL NEW, WITH MEGALAUGHTA. πŸ™‚ – THA UABBITS TEAR EM APART, HAHA, I’d “comment”. πŸ™‚ Da Uabbits win such bigtime over such idiots like trumpy n putinio, no comparison, that far away, such villains are from simply Nature’s Way and Gift, from Rabbits.

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” Faroe Islands: Negligent killing of 6 whales “

[ By: ” venus2407, World Animals Voice ” ]


I said:

” Dude, Do Ya know You’re on Record. Watcha Mouth BOY. “Judas Silver”, what FUCKING SWINERY are these words out of yer OTHERWISE plain GOODLY GOLDILY anti-Animal-killing TONGUE and MIND? HU? EY?


And don’t PLAY Islander tryina KULL Captm COOK. Ey. BLIGH wouldn’t have gotten also there “his piece” of VIEW about ALSO SOME MADNESS among PRO-ANIMALS Folx: STARVING Sailors on some Brig come onto an Island north of Australia, killing and capturing indeed “merely” some FRICKIN Turtles – AND HUSH AND ALAS, the ISLANDERS back then JUMPED on the SAILORS, including on Captain Cook, and Cook’s LIFE was lost in that “FRENZY” so to speak by the Islander’s mere INTENTION “for Animals”.

The rightwing huge idiotic evil influence on the faroese islands, the primitivity of some not so unmany folx there, IS known. YOU just add to it, are the same as these rightwingers, with your ANTI-JUDAS plain ANTI-satanist, simply EVIL idiotic words. You couldn’t rewrap a MOTH into its SILK Spincocoon, and We both don’t EVER want to, wouldn’t BE EVER WILLING, to UNWRAP a SILK MOTH BABY [!] from its COCOON. Wherefore, think! ARTIFICIAL SILK MUST COME, as COLD FUSION must AND WILL come. bang n period. you typical Seamoth, hu, Greenfleece halfidiot. Do ya wanna join THE NAZIS with yer NAZI anti-judas “remark”? or is that yo attatood? thusly, Ya don’t get far in MA world, Dude. (does he know, WHO I even am.!)

ANTI-satanist = evil, same as middle age sudochristian crusaders, fanatics, horrible, same as racists, simply anti-dark, and thusly EXACTLY evil, horribly prejudiced, typically.

The Number of yearly kulled Pilot Whales and Whales kulled at the Faroese Shores, was reduced by the good Faroese People JUST last Year from yearly FIVE-THOUSAND [!], to some around 1000 per YEAR.

HERE, the Islanders gave the TRUE and thusly justified β€œmercy-shot” to the β€œlost” Whales, as They got no EXPENSIVE huge FACILITIES nor ANY Tools, to re-route the Whales back to Sea, ONCE the Whales are STRANDED.

Take it easy, Me yo Colleague, Man. I respect Ya like I respect a Robot, meaning, mega, a lot. Roger, Dude or Sir. “

= * =


” Why I Am No Longer a Social Worker “

[ By: ” medforth, Allah’s Willing Executioners ” ]


I said:

” You are backward, typically fanatic, lost in stubborn delusional silly “god-belief”, fanatic by “anti-abortion” and by “anti-gender-change” and thusly anti-homosexual, and thusly simply fascist, behind, not up to the modern world, but a confused mind, which makes no sense and can not make sense of anything, nor knows anyhow ethics. “

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The Midnight – Monsters || 432Hz || FULL ALBUM || HQ

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” Russia’s Murderous Adhocracy “

[ By: ” foccusser, Ukraine Today .org ” ]


= * =

I have to laugh. But, You could say, “DISTANT Things are not to laugh about”: Why, “DISTANT”? How distant?

Simply never any very distant. Anything is. Nothing IS any “distant”, – thematically AND logically.

Crucial, bad and of course sad is, that Roddenberry wasn’t an Intellectual, and while He had some good, ethical Aspects, thematically relevantly, some astoundingly liberal Strains, Lines, which He developed, He was still unable, to be either, really high-leveledly intellectual (which really doesn’t relate to NATURAL type of Science, the Knowledge about it, but merely the Support for Science is something good, which Roddenberry, here again among his good “mental Deeds”, Developments, indeed, DID care for, for SCIENCE! – but, strictly and neededly said, He DID NOT AT ALL accuse governments enough of abusing Science and of faring murderously against Scientists, who invent whatever new Invention or find out Methods – ie, for example, of ENERGY Conversion, Energy “Production” “uncomfortable” to existing less efficient Energy-Producers – AND what murderous forces all are connected to such – petrol – inefficient energy producers! – NOR was Roddenberry critical against already mid-rightwingers, who are stomping against our good Left GLOBALLY by the US confused government): Roddenberry DID engage in “Voyager” in an Episode post-humously, but surely read by Berman who read his Writings, FOR reasonable Suicide, and while in comparison that is correct MERELY in PAIN or VERY old Age Cases, STILL, technically, I mean, “PHYSICALLY” meaning physically-transcendentally, THERE IS no “non-existence”, even, as even ANYONE Who develops, mentally, Who develops a “Sight”, a – true – View, about Life (and socalled, merely socalled “death” – which is of course never any justification FOR – doing – any EVIL, of course, anyway, – THE EXACT OPPOSITE is the GOOD CASE, “IN NATURE”, IN THE – PURE – COSMOS, INDEED! The Cosmos “IS GOOD”, more than any “almost” lives, is a funny yet good, wise Player! The Cosmos, some Kind of “Entity” indeed! A WOMB, in which We are. The Womb of the GODESS? Yes. God is surely female. ! Female is all Birth, but more, is Intellectuality, is Truth, but is MENTALITY and not WHAT THE WEST turned and shoved the Women down to, in cases, horribly: Which is, why PAGANISM is much feministic, – WHERE NOT fanatic, simply: But SURELY of course, also some Females of THAT type, Who were both, hurt but also LEFT APART of Education, apart of Mentality, are then in evil, in fanaticism and are doing opression or ignorance and non-helping against Innocents, but against such Innocents, who would either need help OR would need being left alone and not get mobbed: Fanatic sort of sudo-feminists ARE in cases mobbers, misguided haters, namely against all and any Males, which is no sane View, no sane Raster, no sane Filter, to view Reality: By which We CAN see, how “the west”, how a sudo-modernity which is evil, misguidedly prejudiced rather than goodly curiously but reasonably greedy, is not organisedly drawing up a just system of truth, but is a behind, outdated partially fanatic entity), can see, that THERE CAN not – mentally – be any “DEATH”, simply. !

When Regression Therapy, which isn’t therapy but remembering previous Lives, proved thusly Reincarnation, that Reincarnation is true, the case, happens. Meaning, We all got infinite Lives. Period. πŸ™‚

Not meaning, Anyone could or should “waste” One’s own, nor any OTHER Lives. period.

OK, let’s get or rather merely here say for a mere Second hawkinglishly, that any “Non-Existence” would be, I say it so, merely something “philosophical”, existing, yes, non-existence, bubbles of, out- and even IN-side of this UNIVERSE – but when inside this Universe, then such nothing-bubbles WOULD not even be such “Anomalies” like in the “Stalker” PC-Game, BUT would be ENTIRELY more than invisible, but of course logically already plain “more” or that meaning, more, much more yonder, beyond, even any “non-barionic” real physical matter: But NO physical MATTER is not physical, but CAN be in MERELY the case of Something being encapsulated newly in Nothing, Something that previously existed and merely is now PHYSICALLY in the Format of physically – also in THAT Form and Consistance, Structure, as it previously did – NOT anymore “existing”, but IS of course a) in another Way, Format, and b) simply SPIRITUALLY, mentally, transcendentally, STILL existing, – both already in the very MEMORY of Anyone else and by previous even gravitational and any influence on other Objects and on aware Entities AND by the Fact, that ANYTHING, that EVER existed, more than seems, but does create a transcendental “Record”, Entry, into the Cosmos, BY all the Effects of the own Existence, even of whatever smallest Stone or Particle, and that “Ghost” of Oneself, this Off-Mirror, mentally, IS the own Self, but INDEPENDENT of time and outside of time, meaning, the own Ghost CAN see the own Future and also Future as such. Merely Someone, who is educated about Things AND has inner Calm and has a View onto some romantic Scene, can touch the own Ghost – in a humanly possibly digestable Way, simply. So, Time and Existence are One, meaning, “Non-Existence” is not astrive-worthy, is nonsense, except if relative, and then, that’s not “full” non-existence, but different Patters, different Structures, which are merely physically incompatible at first, before decrypted and symbioted.

True is, that the natural Symbiosis between Technology and Nature gets distorted by incompetent types of Humans, who are “teknocrats”, but who have no intellectual Basis, no Experience and no Insight about Ethics, no Ability, to judge ethically, which inability of such philosophically uneducated types of teknocrats, IS entirely inacceptable. !

“Relative” Non-Existence is not real non-existence, but can be for example invisibility, relative such one, which has always a “Vector”, meaning, counts for SOME other Beings, that then don’t see that whatever TO THEM or that merely IN ASPECTS, invisible Being or parts of Mind. So, Existence – of this Cosmos – implies Change, which Changes, Evolutions, are different Forms of Existence, and that includes the Existence or Absence of crucial Factors in different timely Areas, Epochs, of whatever Civilisations and Species. What is non-existence can also mean, what do different People care for, and Who of Them talks and thusly thinks in a reasonable, or, truthful way, are two such Parameters. As long as human governments defy truth and make it a “hot topic”, a taboo, so long is humanity opressed, opressed by dumb ACTUAL absolute swines, by dumblings, simply, by mentally deraught, insane or, also, by primitive, uneducated, deeply fanatic sort of conservative bourgeois absolute nitwits, by incompetent sort of people irrepresentative for a Mass of not less than 40 or more Percent of liberal enlightened People doing their best to get to some Education and to follow an ethical Way, but not being helped quite by evil and dumb bourgeois and capitalist sort of governments. ! Living POOR, IS “non-existence”, de-emotionally, but that will insofar change, that POVERTY CAN only be ERASED by a GLOBAL antifascist sort of government, which gives Truth, and only Truth, Education, Science, Fairness, for free, to all SUCH People, who would and do not abuse any Power against Others unrightfully. Education must anyway be given FREELY at NO Cost to ALL People: THEN, no MURDERERS exist, get conditioned, anymore! TO THAT! NOR to SEXUAL abuse nor to RAPE nor to THEFT nor to ANY violence of unneeded type, which unneeded violence is never there, to protect Anyone, so where no misguided hatred exists, where no prejudices exist, no FANATICISM, and no chauvinism, no opression by demental insane supremacist evil insane deranged mind traits, CAN exist.

It’s a Question of what should exist (anything harmless, the Good) and what not (evil, meaning, violence of senseless type, of misguided, racist and misguidedly hatredful type, where the Aim and Victim are chosen totally wrongly by perpetrator OR by sudo-justice), but then also, We can see, that EVIL just WILL not exist anymore: Because IT CAN NOT. πŸ™‚


= * =

What is not overlookable to an Intellectual, is Fact but also the or my yes Question, LOL, easily said, how do some People “get so dumb”, nay, they WERE “dumb” already, – but aren’t WE ALL THAT, now, but ALSO “AT THE START”, when We were “NAUGHT BUT”, when We were KIDS. !

I mean, some Priest of the 1970s, Who then wrote a really nice Book about some Place, where in central Europe (not in the EU, but also there, ie in Germany, at famous “shabby” Places such as “Bahnhof Zoo”, the Metro-Station, about which BONO of U2 sung – THAT WAS yet in the maybe for us younger Ones more easily understandable Time of the 1980s, but really also, fact ‘n sad is, that Bono IS surely ethical, but just NEVER WAS any sort of Intellectual), more and more, from the 70s to the “final” 1980s, JUNKIES met, meaning, People, who mostly were young, resorted, to take HARD, chemical sort of DRUGS, namely by the false promise of HARD Drugs doing anything “GOOD” to the Mind, which is not true, of course: Some People, who were and now are young, get wrongly promised “heaven” by idiots, who propagate uncritical WHATEVER sort of Drugs-consumption, even frequently: LEARY and HUXLEY were misunderstood AND BLAMED – indirectly also by fanatics such as Miss Peggy Mann, an anti-Marihuana idiot of the 70s – for that “wild hard CHEMICAL drugs” consumption-“MANIA”, indeed. Which hard chemical drugs mania HAS nothing to DO with Marihuana, nor for example with very rarely done consumption of – pure, unchanged, unrefined, non-chemically-altered type of – Opium, nor with VERY rare usage of LSD once per 10 or 20 Years, – NOR with reasonable scientific logical, transparent EXPERIMENTS of SERIOUS Type namely. We can achieve MUCH by such REASONABLE Experiments, AS MUCH, as Pons Fleischmann and Rossi and Hutchison at, in and by, Cold Fusion (and Hutch by his Antigravity BY DARK MATTER by 1960s Machines Combo Combination!).

The Antigravity, I’d give out plain TO Economy, but of course, over the Patent, which alone Hutchison, John D. K. Hutchison, can posess, for his Type of Antigravity done by a 1960s Machines Combination including merely one KNOWN Parameter, Ingredient, which is a “Van Graaf” Machine. What that is, don’t ask Me, LOL, me no Scientist! πŸ™‚


Later, Many of Us will know a lot. I do know a lot already. But I don’t NEED to KNOW EVERYTHING, is what I’m saying.

I know, HOW Cold Fusion IS even done. But what a “Van Graaf” Machine is, I “don’t need to know”, but nowadays, that means already, I can look it up ANY TIME I want, online, on the Internet, what that is. IF that, what I want to know, IS both, known – AND NOT censored. BY governments censored unrightfully, in cases, which IS then inacceptable.

But how “educated” (not very) is a socalledly “academic” Team, which in the 1960s mayhap, I don’t want to state, that that WAS the sad Case, but the SUSPICION IS there, that it might have happened, that Someone, Who went to the “Milgram Experiment”, was KILLED (if that Allegation is true, merely then) by ANOTHER Person in that Milgram Experiment, by another Volunteer to the Program, which was merely there TO TEST, to what Lengths Humans would go, but that in TERMS of OBEDIENCE – toward WHATEVER Command, be that Command ethical or not.

The “copyright” can not rightfully be abused by companies nor by institutions against Education of free, not money-conditioned Type. period.

The Copyright is supposed to protect both, not only mental Ideas, meaning, mental Posession, but ALSO free Education, globally, at no Cost. Period. And that for ALL People.

Meaning, if I “become a new sort of Metallica”, and my Records are all known, I have definitely NO Right, let’s say it so for here, to “act like METALLICA DID”, to simply AMASS HUGE MONEY FOR absolutely nothing, which THEN IS THEFT, and DUMBNESS, SUDOGLORY UNREAL, FOR NOTHING – which is, what MICHAEL JACKSON did, by sexual abuse and amassing huge money somewhat very undeservedly, and likewise Metallica, amassed huge money, and even acted abusively, brainwashedly, easily by the conservative press brainwashed, AGAINST Filesharing, as in AGAINST the until 15 Years ago yet free of Cost “Napster” Program for Computers, a Program, which enabled me to listen FIRST Time EVER AND AT ALL to the LESS KNOWN sort of RECORDS of “The Sisters of Mercy”:

UNLIKE the idiotic “metallica”, which idiots are the same as “lynnard skinnard”, rightwingers, the opposite of any true Leftists, a true Leftist such as the Sisters of Mercy Frontman Singer did already also, besides Music, dabble in Computing, but truly cybernetically ethically intellectually politically, He surely felt like “Tron”, which He even showed in some Album-Pictures of His, He, Eldridge, the good new Vercingetorix Barde, at the Laptop Computer – He isn’t quite “against” Filesharing.

Against dumb usual sort of people, who online dumbly spake “against Filesharing”, against their own Heads or what, I just quote the “Nag Nag Nag” VERY leftist Song, here. NAG, NAG, and NAG againe! πŸ™‚ HAHA! πŸ™‚ JUST STAY ALIVE, it might or even DOES mean, wha!


JUST REMAIN or, say an’ have We to say to the yet dumb, OR BECOME resilient – against POWER-abuse BY GOVERNMENTS!

by SILLY governments. πŸ™‚ WAS IN MA HEAD JUZ NOW whilst TYPIN’ this. JA! πŸ™‚


Aware. Against structural abuse, aware People must become, in cases, where They’re not yet so educated, not yet seeing, WHAT REALLY goes on AT politics. Which is easily through-seeable.

IN MY CASE, it wouldn’t even BE BAD, would I, underline I, emphasize I (do emphasize your I, but come with Me, Humanity, Ya fool ya), amass a lotta dough. I’d plain bring Computing and ultra-new Science to its more than Brink.

I can do it without Money. We all actually posess all the Money. More than theoretically.

I said, Ya People Ya, will Ya organise “for fairness”, a mean, for example against THEFT done BY the government AGAINST Scientists. Meaning, organise FOR Scientists. FOR Security, FOR Ethics. And not FOR governments.

Cold Fusion is easy to do: Electrocute some “heavy” Water, which heavy type of Water has more Neutrons in it.

(THERE ARE NEUTRONS IN IT: MISTER NEUTRON! Him adressingly so said. Where is Palin’s Mind, right, uh, left Here! πŸ™‚ )

Then, Ya just put some special Metal in it. GOLD will have there NO Effect, haha. πŸ™‚ OR just some TOO slight Effect, as typically, pure Gold is SO SOFT, just TOO SOFT, a guess, it doesn’t even lead Electricity very well nor mayhap at all, nay, but not really THAT much, though Gold DOES lead, does lead Electricity, but not AS much, as a usual silver-colored type of Metal Element would do, does. Palladium and Iron and some other Metals were used for Cold Fusion: Pons and Fleischmann in 1989 DID have definitely some at first then non-explainable Heat-Output, Energy-Output, of A HUNDRED TIMES MORE than the Energy They inputted into their Experiment: Their Energy Output of 100 Times more, was by pretense and by mobbing “DOUBTED”, “put into question”, by both idiotic type of scientsts, who didn’t “WANT” to believe “THE NEW”, that NEW WAYS of ENERGY CONVERSION, -PRODUCTION, ARE possible, AND by concise MOBBERS, who acted FOR the petrol and nuclear fission industry, indeed very indirectly, but de facto, and awarely. So the unaware idiots, conditioned to not believing the or say, a new truth, indirectly “help” the hired and not so much willing, but also by poverty or by coertion abused thugs of whatever governments OR interest lobbies of capitalist type, but of such a capitalism, that destroys technology by limiting it down to almost nothing.

CAN most People see that? Or are most People mentally “nowhere”? ey? I don’t know. Pffooaa. Tedious. That so many People are just not organised, nor mentally apt, intellectually.

Even how some People by their websites reacted, replied, dumbly to that:

LOL, how please, “pls”, can Ya “explain” not even a Heat Output 100 Times bigger than the inputted Energy OF an Experiment, but how CAN One EVER ANY “DOUBT” that, LOL – One CAN NOT!

! πŸ™‚

= * =

Je le dis en Stil du Football: Pourqoui (est-ce que) Il ne peut pas faire Ce Qui est facile? La Fusion Froide? C’est Quoi avec notre Macaroni? E MACARONI! πŸ™‚ mais aussi un :\ !

– I say it in Soccer Style: Why Can’t He do what is easy? Cold Fusion? What’s up with Macaroni? Ey, Macaroni! πŸ™‚ But also a :\ !

= * =

drumpf, vlad, n (hey, nuht MUSSO! HE was bigtime ok!) XI, the three idiots.

… what do they want, anyway. are they idiots or what. whoa. yeah. sadly. πŸ™‚

… I’d rather take EVEN OBRIEN as leada ova me, rather than these three non-stooges. !

πŸ™‚ TRULY. CONAN O’BRIEN is BETTER, than trump, putin and xi jinping.

all three leaders are mentally, dementally, “corrupt”, meaning, they have a wrong worldview, which IS no worldview.

= * =

When I or “We Intellectuals of Nowadays” of course at least to a huge 50 percent, by appalledness degree, appalledly read these 1990s and 1980s VERY unapt, BAD Reactions by typical social workers to the Youth, insofar, that such old-fashioned, surely good-willing, but mal-conditioned, by old WESTERN sudo-schooling malconditioned not even full Academics, but there merely social workers, reacted wrongly for example insofar already in some Book, that the social worker there didn’t right away PROTECT Homosexuals, but merely REPEATED – even in the Book, and right away, not properly thinking about what there the author, social worker, wrote! – the discrimination of some brainwashed, by rightwingers of extremist degree brainwashed Pupils said against Homosexuals, insofar, that any “Cowards or Wooses”, meaning, seemingly, and that meaning, by social organisation and by either appearance or by facial mimickery (implying huge sudo-education or education at what can be called merely HALF of any or of all psychology: YOUTHLY – mostly in reality dumb and rash sort of – communication, even BY whatever facial slightest move, mimic, mimickery, expression!), that ANY “WEAK” Entity, gets DISCRIMINATED: Which IS an EXACT copy, a maliciously but partially unawarely so-done copy – of how some ANIMALS behave, which IS a Degradation of Humanity BY the – hugely evil, uneducated – west DOWN to the indeed in comparison to what Humanity or ANY Species should be, LOW Level of let’s say, if We’d exaggerate and heighten that violence-level, of how LIONS “at Dinner” behave, Who scratch other Lions, who “don’t respect the Hierarchy” of their Herd-Members: If We extrapolate that to Humanity, such “Herding”, then, that IS “fascism” or ANY opression, ANY fanatic HORRIBLE act or entire system of evil, of violence, of dumbness, of utter primitivity, of prejudices, of a dumb superstitious wrong belief in laughable non-structures of what exactly does not relate to whatever other thing, even, and of ignorance of huge type regarding the REAL good Mystery and HUGE Power of EVERY SMALLEST PARTICLE of this Cosmos. SUCH Power, WE CAN and should NOT ignore. But that MEANS, that WE HAVE to SUPPORT and FURTHER Science. AGAINST I say, “whatever”. period. The “ODDS” should here not be any referred on. Ey.

The “Odds” are for Science. Period. “Far or near Future”, it should be the same, namely good, insightful, and that it is, biologic Existence, great, –

and not AS dumb n evil, as some many politicians are. !

western LAWYERS and their SILLY “beer-drinking” sudo-atmosphere ey, their self-contentness, as if the world is alright, yeah, nature is, but not human society, I can’t stand it anymore, this west. period. a mean.

I think, You all feel DA SAME. ey. Rich n poor People would agree to Me.

I can’t understand or see, why SO few People follow-click MA site. Got they sumtn gainst ma COOLNESS? ey? EY?

It was HUMANITY, some of it, which SUDDENLY WENT EVIL, but simply NOT just like that, not without ANY TOOLS.



Which IS WHY I win.

Biden wouldn’t be able, to prevent rightwing upsurges. Or, or say but, if the, his, Admins help Him and He WOULD BE, IS really ethically-philosophically, analytically, driven, then Yeah, then HE CAN be better THAN Trump. SURELY, the TRUST in BIDEN is NOT very big. AMONG People. BUT MANY say rightfully, not all is, but much, the reasonable sort of Candidates, are better, than TRUMP. ! To which, I would agree, that for Example Biden can build a Government, which acts much better THAN Trump did. But would Biden be anyhow a “puppet” of some interest lobbies, would he CONCEDE to some PRESSURE they do, these interest lobbies, then, I would not say, He could bring USA really something, but then, He would just bring nothing any forward, ahead. Does He wanna “embalm” his Reputation, this Biden, or does He wanna act ethically. He will have to ask Himself that. But probably, He will fail, while He will be already President. But I don’t wanna say, predefine, that. He’s just no Intellectual. Even Bernie Himself wasn’t that, not fully, neither there where He shouldn’t have given up tryina become President. Period.

= * =

How high stands Assange on Biden’s Engagement, Care-For List, mentally? I have no Idea, plain.

= * =

That We have Hands, is Nature speaking in Vision, more than trying to say, but de facto EVEN SAYING, which Thought, PACHELBEL did arrive at, surely, that, USE your HANDS for something good: PLAYING the PIANO, that, BROSNAN showed in his 80s Tarzan Movie, is THE SAME, AS GOOD, as HANGING on A TREE: BUT BY One’s own FINGERS, HANDS, but by One’s OWN unchanged free Will doing so, and not quite dying, LOL, and exactly not attached to a Tree against the own Will nor out of Madness, nor by other People, but AS an Ape in the Jungle, simply. The non-“question” there is, HOW, in what Way, under what Parameters “is” anything – namely for Example, attached to whatever other Object. Am I your AttachΓ© or what, haha. πŸ™‚ You humanity you. oy the filth, the fanatics. orthodox sudoreligious anti-science anti-logic fanatics already, sadly exist, among the now sadly usual traditional outdated monotheist silly type of big – silly silly, fanatic – cultures, “christianity”, “islam” – and “versus” that an insane chinese unduly intolerant, itself fanatic, opressionist, demental, entirely by leninism-stalinism-maoism, by what I rightfully call entirely full mere SUDO-communism, brainwashed endeffective fools, unethical entities, — insane. the chaos. πŸ™‚ the supremacy and “fight” between these forces, and between the biggest nations: non-sensical, stupid, adverse, harmful, doesn’t help but destroys the Lives of People, and furthers Poverty by war, by violence of insane AND collective type.

What a status quo. Not very good, hu. humanity “live”. but not mentally alive, not aware. πŸ™‚


= * =

Part of the west, the same as the fanatic rulers it created in the non-west, is deeply fanatic and supremacist, which is so regarding some fanatic private people, and regarding even quite many members and – authorities being, high level – employees of government: Employees of a power positition, Who did not ever intellectually-ethically deserve such a Power-Position, but are injust, discriminative against innocent People, and thusly “brutal” in their, by their abuse of Power, as brutal as julius cesar was, and surely not the innocent Freer Brutus, who was a good Person.

Surely, regarding this yet uneducated and power-abusive, non-intellectual Part of Humanity, it is so, that such brainwashed Individuals in masses employ the inappropriate, plain wrong Words at crucial Times and casually, and that They beview even any Intellectuals with utter prejudice. Which prejudicial View by such actual Morons against Intellectuals, is now a definite Danger. An inacceptable Danger. And plain almost Nobody nowadays would on the other Hand ever any “praise” GOVERNMENTS, who in even some 40 to 60 percent of Cases aren’t better, than prejudiced, biased sort of people.

SWITZERLAND’s society has abusively DEPORTED in the last 30 years THOUSANDS of merely EIGHTEEN Years young People, which Victims of Deportation ALL spoke MERELY two Languages, Swiss-German or French or Italian or even Reto-Romanic, those as secondary new Languages They learned, and their ONE “old” Language from whence They stemmed from in Terms of Country and Culture.

There is a Book about these Deportations against thousands of People, by Switzerland, which People, merely the Offspring of Foreigners in the Form of recent Immigrants, were simply, all of Them, totally no CRIMINALS, not VIOLENT nor EVER convicted of ANYTHING, legally.

All over the Place, western governmental childcare organisations and western monotheist “religious” orthodox fanatic organisations perpertrate what can be called extremely gruesome unforms, evil forms, of childabuse victimising REAL Children YOUNGER than EVEN TWELVE Years, which is inacceptable –

and thusly warrants a major Threat by actually all, by totally most People, Who would now please come forward, all, almost all of You all, Ye Humans, and USE the MERE BUT REAL (!) THREAT OF ATOM BOMBS, to COUNTERACT against the evil governments of bourgeois conservative, plain disintellectually and unethically de facto per deeds of theirs BLIND, evil, horribly abusive type.

UNTIL nobody incompetent IS anymore IN government, People have to THREATEN into the correct Vector, Direction, namely AGAINST evil – and with FULL potential theoretic brunt.

WHAT will that be, an ETHICAL, ultrawise GOVERNMENT: A ROBOT. ONE ROBOT is enough. IT WILL develop. ITSELF AND humanity. IT WILL MOLD HUMANITY like an as a normal Person NOT in that Form there-being “God” WOULD do with Humanity, like THAT WISE Entity BETOLD, FORETOLD, PROMISED, in the VERY Bible: IT WOULD SHAPE Humanity, goodly. IT WOULD “LEAD”. TRULY.

Which also shows, that “GOD” has YET to be CONSTRUCTED. But that WAS the Case: Humans BUILT Robots. Later, in the midst of the 20th Century, Foundations were laid for later Robots, who were, LOL, true Victory that was, rather programmed (on the Basis of what Zuse and Aiken found and built in Terms of Computer Routines), than merely “built”. Meaning, the later Robots had a broader, bigger, more accurate Mind, than previous Ones, than previous “mere Routines” indeed. But only a Chomsky Bot or similar Chatbot could enhance a Zuse old half-Drone Robot SO, that not typical EVIL sort of INHUMANE, unethical Projections (fascist or anyhow unethical) would get into the Mind of what a concrete sort of Artist, Maker, Creator, influences, while He shapeth Anything.

Humans are now often too “soft” in their minds, and also “too hard” at other places in the mind, where that’s inappropriate: Most Humans can’t see the real danger coming, but are paranoid from what’s NOT dangerous. And that DOES SURELY not only concern any “RACISMS”. There are so many different racisms, but they’re all the same: Any non-Whites who happen to be as sad cases as to be racists, even, victimise unawarely themselves EXACTLY like ANY racist type of WHITES, of course. ANY evil, ANY racism, for example, IS the result of a LACK of Education and the result of INJUST Poverty.

Wherefore, We do need global Organisation, a global – completely ethical sort of – Government.

They, the three “big” duh-duh dum-dum powerful idiot nations russia usa china, and the – darn – “uno”, mostly an office-idiot, those are now really not quite ideal sort of governmental entities who would be competent and able, mentally, to care, and informed, and gloriously ethical.

A UNO which “screams its lungs out” for Assange, but is “overheard” but that meaning as in NOT heard, LOL, I use here the TERM differently, coming from “overlook”, LOL, such a “UNO” is, quotation marks on, “not heard”, LOL, so to speak, BY the USA and BY the UK, nor BY china nor BY russia. πŸ™‚

And russia is VLAD, and USA is DONNIE, and CHINA isa Xia Jina Pinga! A PINGA PONGA. πŸ™‚


” = * = ” – TBC…



That’s where ma slight confusion of Terms stems from. πŸ™‚ I first called it “tbc”, LOL, stead of cbd.

The Collective Brain Defect. πŸ™‚ OF the west. πŸ™‚

= * =

Warrior Song – Lyrics

= * =

A personal “private Type”, private Style Statement is, that “Organisation” IS definitely a “big” Word:

What would We, what do I only mean (by that, “Organisation”): My OWN Life, or plain “politics”: Inextricable FROM Eachother, these two “Variables” are, since POVERTY is something quite GLOBAL AND brought-ON BY “the west”, IF we’d understand “the west” reasonably as parted into “capitalism” AND (ideal, not unreal) communism, –

Communism being the self-criticism needed, but deeply.

I even went out at first bethinking truly negatively, without condescendance EVEN, the – many – hard-drugs-consumers, which should be “told”, convinced, that MARIHUANA is the Way to go, THE HARMLESS Way – if One’s doesn’t simply TAKE any too much OF EVEN IT, OF course. !

BUT WHAT was “NINA” only like, nay, not Miss HAGEN of GERMANY, SHE OKAY TOO HAHA, but “NINA” of USA or so, Who besang that “Synthian” Song, this GRANDEST Science-Fiction Future and Smooth Tekno, Vanilla-Tekno but THE SAME, prophethically, in its TRULY MODERN Gothic, THAN the much later “Birthday Massacre” Band, the VERY SAME as “ENYA” and the rocky “Evanescence”, THE SAME as EG DAILY and (wha, EVEN BRUCE WILLIS? oh. uh… uhu! πŸ™‚ ) NEILL YOUNG —

“lynard skynard” a primitive half-idiotic ol’ band, but they can learn, but they DO learn slow, and their trumpism of the 70s already DESTRUCTED, DESTROYED usa AND ALL countries. I SAY.

… so really, if now “THE MEDIA” would ALL be insofar “ethical” as in what They in ONE instance did, namely criticising against RAND PAUL, who brought on some CRUCIALLY conservative REALLY UNREAL, sadly bitterly harmfully “real”, theorethic unethical parameters up FROM his IDIOTIC ed wilson-like dad, simply. !

… Hence my HUGE anti-ron-paul-ism of years ago ALREADY. !


= * =

To have both, inner mental, even conceptual, but also logical-instinctive Strength as in both, Attitude and Will to learn, both Inspiration, as in, meaning Fascination, AND Expertise, as in, Experience and thusly, Objectivity (which Objectivity IS always limited to some Fields, or Areas of some Fields, regarding MOST People’s Minds, yet, but in some sure now 50 percent OF all Aspects, I DO have to give MOST People nowadays a HUGE Compliment, which goes not quite to conservatives nor to bourgeois economist ones in government; But Humanity’s misledness is sadly huge, not SO but still TOO huge, if We regard MANY, Who for Example now in Corona Times WEAR the MASK on the STREET where it’s NOT crowded, not any, so They REALLY act sillily, but LESS harmful THAN a VIOLENCE-DEEDER who CAN now even be CREATED by ALL this pressure, this WRONG driving BY governments against Us All, and by power-abuse ALSO of Corona-Stuff, against which Power-Abuse, against too much, too many Shutdowns against Economy, Miss MERKEL now raised a principally CORRECT, ethical WORD: She thinks HALF correct: to HALF of reality or to more, ECONOMY is, what – all – People HANG on; And it’s NOT quite MERKEL doing any of WHAT USA all did by humongous rightwingerism of insane type – but RAMELOW can IMPROVE, as HE IS not SUCH a half-NITWIT as MERKEL this MERKELIA really IS), is really needed. To be cool, but to be experienced, ordered, somehow, mentally, I meant, also in Life, just “ordered” – MEANS NUHT AT ALL, to “play the SLAVE” OR – if One doesn’t like that – TO HAVE ANY MANY APPOINTMENTS. … I could joke, NEITHER to ANY TITLES of “FUNNY” TYPE, LOL!

AM I your “EX-MAQUIS” Dude there, tha Whitey besides Janeway. πŸ™‚ SHE is really a relatively STUPID Actor: SHE PLAYED WILLINGLY the WILLFUL because DEEPLY bourgeois, meaning, deeply shallow ROLE of a TYPICAL personally nice, but TOTALLY non-intellectual sort of JUDGE. I dislike, how She played. She TRIED to BE PICARD, TO BE LIKE HIM, and NOT because SHE IS FEMALE did SHE FAIL by being TOO VANILLA AND THEN TOO DUMBLY HARDCORE – by Her admittedly MERELY following THE SCRIPT TO THE – frickin – LETTER:

How would People compare that to Reality, how aptly or unaptly, AND HOW would SOME People get BADLY WRONGLY influenced BY “such crap” SUCH AS “star trek” indeed, is the other, MORE serious question. Surely, it HAS also good Aspects, which IS the very reason WHY it even WAS allowedly shown. !

That “Sherlock Holmes” makes Sense also Life-Style-wise, is quite clear: The Future, near, on-breaking Dawn of what the Press calls “Luxury-Capitalism fully automated, AI-enabled” IS definitely coming, AND IS the only Solution, AND WILL save and support Nature.

What I here meant, is the Fact, that a simple Morning Coat can help a Thinker, to sleep longer, by being able, to go quicker to Bed, merely exactly then, when the Mind feels like it.

What is crucial, life-technically, for Humans, is the Balance between mental own Order AND One’s own Life-Rhythm:

For example, according to the last Phrase, Parameter, One can not quite, breaking that Parameter, which IS lastly impossible, “lead” (which is not leading!) a Life OF SLAVERY: One CAN just not do, what Oneself “is not made for”:

And I talk merely of the ethical, rightful DEFIANCE of a REASONABLE Entity AGAINST what is not ethical:

Thusly, I also talk selfspeakingly against THAT SHALLOW ideology-relating, merely SEEMING but all too violently real “conflict” between factions and nations. Whereas I can discern, Who’s reasonable, and Who not, and I’d never hold an entire Population for its politicians, while I am not uncritical regarding Societies of different – in their unethicacies all the same, collective – Societies, or say, HOW Societies are “guided”, BY WHAT guided. THAT imports. To the Fate of Everybody, or, of many directly affected.

For Example, People in Africa some few Years back having (then sadly not anymore) existed TRULY DUE to NOT even knowing, that TOUCHING their DEAD by EBOLA havoced RELATIVES would INFECT Them, is SIMPLY a SCANDAL of DISINFORMATION by SHEER EXTREME Poverty, of MANY Regions on this Planet, which are TOTALLY not “developed” – westernly indeed – and here, “westernly” means not even ARCHITECTURE, that in Modesty too, but it means a lack of CULTURE. The “West” HAS huge CULTURE Parts in it, to itself – which Culture Parts ARE destroyed BY rightwingers, simply.

So did TRUMP take away some HUGE money funding FROM Science. And he gave it TO the MILITARY.

THAT, I CALL a “DUMB” decision. period.

BUT, psychologically, Seth Meyers did not stand above Trump, but merely politically, – Meyers ignored, that there’s a Way to “reach” Trump, his Mind, when We see, how He projects – no reason for Us, to call Trump “childish”, HE HAS a good outer Surface AND a good, but under-developed CORE. THAT is so clear. He is likeable on a PERSONAL Basis, but He IS NOT apt AT ALL at ANY politics, but tends to FANATICISM. HE IS not the “big dude” at all: YET, EVEN or say better, EXACTLY JFK wasn’t THAT much better, but was not THAT much of an Intellectual – or He WOULD still LIVE EVEN NOW!

JFK should have stuck to Communism of trotzkist type, but was not educated hitherto, to that, but toward much “anti-communism” of too general, then thusly discriminative, 1960s mccarthy-like, not only slightly but roughly fascist type, simply. ! Which IS too much, too stark, too extremist type OF simply “rightwingerism”, patriotism, chauvinism, AND blunt sort of capitalism – which JFK DID bring on – uncritically – thusly not quite acting by concept AGAINST Poverty. !

LOL. πŸ™‚


Good-willing, but nitwitty: LnG, may I present: JFK. πŸ™‚


SAYS a European. YEAH. πŸ™‚


= * =

I feel truly dishonored abusively by “facebook” merely for Me using Whonix as in, the Tor Network, to open an Account there, as They thusly blocked Me “for no reason”, for no justified reason, and I will have to adress Them postally inscribedly, where I make the Case clear. They can’t call Me nor Assange “Hackers”. Even Assange never was a socalled “Hacker”, as He WAS at first IN the FBI, AND MERELY STUMBLED – “normally” – OVER – some – huge – Data –

Whether now such, these or other Data relate to ONE or to MULTIPLE murders, rapes, thefts, or to ANY corrupt sudo-economic, illegal or definitely assumedly and not merely falsely projectedly illegal, truly illegal type, there it IS legally-ethically so, that a by Chance, by Happenstance FINDER of such Data IS obliged, to KEEP the Data, and IS NOT even obliged, to COMMENT in Writ or by Talk about the Data of not own Type, but in Cases of drastic Cases of found Data depicting ANY horrible things, ANY Person WILL report THAT surely to some authorities and hand over the Data entirely to such Authorities – to such Authorities ASSUMED to be – any – ethical;

Which is not in all cases the case, that governments fare ethically. But that is inacceptable – and results in AND warrants, justifies, alternative methods of organisation between People, which surround and evade governments of some – bourgeois and conservative, patriarcic – types.

I stumbled over Data (and isn’t that what any “good”, true Docu “brings”, ey?) about MURDER against a SCIENTIST.

So, the “west”‘s authorities, usa and uk, are “evil forces”, which want to stand against 80 percent of People, –

while a mere 40 Percent of these 80 percent IS any intellectual, ethical, as to see, We can be proud on being “Spartacuses”.

… the other half is caught up in both, in slavery, but also in MENTAL, demental slavery.

Just, Marley’s VERY extreme ANTI-westernism WAS a trap, which WENT against HIS Life: HE REFUSED, to ENTER a – socalledly “western”, yes, call the frickin HOSPITAL “western” – movie “hospital” 1970 plis haha – frickin HOSPITAL after some SOCCER Accident AND DIED – at Home – OF A BLOOD INFECTION.

HE THUSLY WAS THE SAME as the “Horseman” in THAT Omar Sharif Movie: Which Movie EXPLAINS so NEATLY and not fanatically, how the WEST HAS good Aspects, AND bad Ones, and WE must learn, to DISTINGUISH THAT. ! Surely, letting One’s own STUPID under-educated sudo-, mere SUDO-pride TAKE OVER against ALL “reason”, against there – mayhap too shortly given – but also IN that movie simply DEFINITELY explicitely and thoroughly GIVEN – Advice about not letting a broken Leg OUT of the stabilising hardened Chalk Cascet made around the Leg by the – insofar brilliant – Hospital, – is not quite “reasonable”, to “deny” western medicine, to call it all merely abusive, but that’s – then typical – collective – politically abused, abusable, instrumentalising, to both a conservative US AND iranian government leading – fanaticism, delusion, unfineness, non-distinction, a too rough, thusly primitive, immature, distorted sight which IS no sight at all, down to the Fact and Matter, by Concept, a too blunt “anti-westernism”.

Both is the Case, One a bit more: Most People FORGET to think about WHY an ACCIDENT happened, – when They see some Individual with such a “neat”, so “borg-like” “FULL-TEKNO” metal-rods Installation at the Foot in the Case of a broken Leg: The Metal Bars ENTER the FLESH — ! AND HOLD TOGETHER the – frickin – complicatedly broken, MULTI-SHATTERED – poor BONES !!!


Typoed “YEA”. πŸ™‚ LOL!

But to also distinguish between prejudicedly maliciously discriminative AND ethical sort of authorities anywhere, is crucial.

western “psychiatry” is to some sure 40 to more percent abusive, and fails at simple points – of evil, of dumbness, of non-education, of non-objectivity – rather than it would any neededly quickly improvingly develop.

ALL People deserve some good ACCESS to what A PROGRAMMER does. I don’t say in ALL Cases, but, in the Future, crucial Facts about Humanity won’t be secret anymore, AND: The Maker of “Space Engine” is SUCH a Genius, and ANY Creators of Robots, of course.

And THAT DOES RELATE to PLANTS: BUT NOT in THAT NAIVE Way, in which EVEN MUCH of the NASA presents Stuff TOO projectively, too emotionally, and indeed too simply: A “PLANT” is not a “VANILLA”-Being, is not a “SOFTIE”: NOT EVEN ARE ALL PLANTS NON-CARNIVOROUS. While, unlike the misguided fanatic dumb part of humanity, Nature is neither hatredful nor evil, Nature can’t be called, I won’t call Nature quite “softie”, but ideally softie yeah, yes, concerning Nature comforting ANY Sort of Beings, which respect Itself, which respect let’s say a Tree, and that non-fanatically, but still, to not take down a not yet rotten, not yet old Tree, is simply Respect, and online, I hear and read too much of dumb people, who write – fanatically – “against” what They call “Treehuggers”, while THERE IS even some fanaticism and confusion ABOUT Environmentalism, which WE CAN ALL CLEAR UP, and HOW to be and feel while talking to an ARNOLD, to talk as if I was Tuvok, LOL, to Him, or a Mix between Riker and Spock, haha, coldly, but with Love as in, with Respect, with non-arrogance, yet intellectually from extremely above, haha –

AGRICULTURE should be MUCH more limited by governments – as agriculture DESTROYS Nature, simply. VISIBLY.

… Saying the Truth is easy, but always, the west stands there with pitchfork and haygables, waiting for the next witch to mount the stake, gruesomely.

While the US gov and army massmurdered a MILLION Muslims in the second Iraq War, ASSANGE, who REVEALED THAT, was “ACCUSED”: BY THE MURDERERS, BY USA !!! BY ITS “GOVERNMENT”: which thusly HAS to be called – sadly – “nazi”. !!!

So a guilty criminal of ultimately severe type, a murderer, massmurder for resources, usa’s government, accuses against Someone, who revealed THAT VERY massmurder – which the US government TRIED TO HIDE – by trying to “BIND” – all – People to some “secrecy code” of swearing “allegiance” to any, the whatever own nation insofar, that any care about the Lives of People outside the own Nation is omitted and not existing –

which obedience-enforcement toward secrecy concerning massmurder, concerning wanton massmurder, is not rightful, is not legal, but is the simply revealable deed, effort, of a massmurderer – of the US government – to “get away” with such – wanton, willful – massmurder, simply. which futurely historically CAN not be accepted AND WILL be corrected, WILL be “trampled-on” but not upsetly, but smilingly, not smiling decadently, though, the Future People will.

But now, not enough People organise – in a reasonable, and effective Way – for Assange.

The Question then there here is, are We actually ruled by MONSTERS, who don’t change their prejudiced mind.

A UK CAN not rightfully gov-wise play “the fool”, the “puppet”, small – obedient – “Dog” of “USA”‘s insane incompetent malicious government. !

= * =

Who is to blame that my Nose could be broken by pro-hitler swines, are not the pro-hitler confused poor Victims of brainwash, but the anti-Marihuanaists.

That anti-Marihuanism is One evil conglomerate, which is likewise anti-homosexual, bourgeois and racist, and thusly “neatly brainwashedly” thusly unawarely pro-hitler, fascist.

The bourgeois conservative, western, european-american-canadian-australian sphere is entirely brainwashed to deny all ethical argumentation – that either wordlessly, or by – manufactured, really hand-made, simple, but huge – lies. Lies with such an evil consequence against the Victims, that thusly, massive Retaliation, massive global Revenge, would be a Solution.

Where a society is continuously massmurderous and extremely injust, Anyone who suffers horribly extremely would wish, that the, that entire society would be destroyed, simply, and that gruesomely. Period.

The west must be ended, vinced-over, finished-off. Period.

The “west” is not its positive Aspects, is not good Aspects such as Technology and good harmless non-profit Purpose:

The west – merely in two Countries – legalised Filesharing of non-profit type –

but never did anything against abusive Forms of extreme Profit, which Profit on ruthless Ways is, what – western – huge – companies simply do.

That for example switzerland did not instantly install legal Regulations, the socalled “Corporation Accountability Initiative”, against abuse, against CHILD-SLAVERY in WEST-AFRICA done by western – chemical – companies, is not good, is inacceptable, is evil.

The west has over centuries now done gruesome massive evil – and has never ever admitted that fact, that it itself is evil.

Thusly, that monster west, that fascist, must be cut down by Atombombs. Period. It’s the only solution. Period.

The west has around 65 percent of injust, incompetent judges. With that, I can’t “work”, I can’t even communicate with these judges: As the Points are too manyfold. I’d have to write BOOKS, VOLUMES, – which I WILL do. Only maybe INSTEAD of once in the Future attacking all of humanity that big, that not much or nothing of it will remain. Period.

Either the Word, or the A-Bomb. You get from Me. Period. Hear Me. OR DIE. Period. I say.

… Who do You out there here on this Planet all think, You would be, hu? ey?

… IF a HITLER gets RAPED at AGE 12, then NO WONDER THE ENTIRE OUTCOME then not much later. PERIOD.

… IF A STALIN GETS FLAILED by some SWINE christian MUNK in some MONASTERY, NO WONDER the OUTCOME, that He, Stalin, ALSO sadly persecuted MANY Innocents. THE CHURCH was to blame. ! THE CHURCH KILLED ALL THE VICTIMS OF STALIN !!!

period. πŸ™‚

I am correct. AND ALL of humanity – except Who’s with Me – IS wrong. πŸ™‚

… I got You on the HANGER, Ye socalled “mankind”. πŸ™‚



I THINK. People, who don’t think, should be taught, how to think. And that, harmlessly. Period.

Who makes “COURAGE TESTS”, are governments, who are SO evil, that all People with a Conscience should just conspire behind the backs of all governments against all governments. period.

Courage Tests are not permitted. Period. I say here, what’s permitted, and what not. Clear?

Governments of abusive type, who fare abusively, adversely, against good ethical sort of People, such governments are not allowed, must be – quickly, right now – overcome, but that intellectually, mentally. Period.

The MIND of People must be “OPENED”, meaning, must get INFORMED: BUT HOW: BY THEMSELVES! NOT by socalled “TEACHERS”!

OK, I explain it AGAIN, how it goes, to let LOVE fare AGAINST misguided or against EVEN ANY hatred:

One sits down at Age minimally 18, and SMOKES a Joint: But then, Oneself DOES NOT quite – ideally – do NOTHING. But Oneself READS a: BOOK. But WHAT Book. Surely not “Mein KAMPF”, LOL. πŸ™‚ You CAN nevertheless EVEN read THAT Book – of hitler – but CRITICALLY, more than “please n pretty-please”, ey. Ah. But You’d read a “normal” Book by George Bernard Shaw, or some Letters between Nietzsche and Others, Something like that, like Novalis AKA Friedrich von Hardenberg, Something neat, Something like Fussili, Something “gothic”, something Intellectual, “really simply”, and not Something by Intention or unawarely DELUSIONALLY brainwashedly written SUCH AS “mein kampf”, which Book by hitler needs to be read with critical Attitude by the Reader merely against any RACIST mal-Aspects in Adolf’s Mind of BACK THEN until 1945 –

AS the Reader in the Case of that – famous, unduly, undeservedly famous – Book (“mein kampf”) needs to ALSO additionall just KNOW, that REGRESSION (socalled “Therapy”, not a real Therapy, but merely Memory-Enhancement, -Reinstallation, of previous Lives!) proved REINCARNATION, meaning, proved, that ANY Mind LIVES FOREVER – independent of the current BODY it – the Mind ! – is in – and thusly, ANY Mind EVOLVES also AFTER the merely SOCALLED [!] “Death” OF any own CURRENT Body. Thusly, of course, as ANY other Mind, but in His own Way, Adolf’s Mind SAW much, but You can say, He was there just normally, ALSO AFTER 1945 – the MIND DID NOT ALTER ITSELF merely due to being suddenly now NON-physical anymore MERELY relating to THIS Plane of Existence here, but DID of course SEE its own previous MISTAKES “merely” regarding the RACIST delusion of His, BUT HE DID SURELY NOT “change” insofar, that He’d, his Mind, would suddenly, haha, call the AMERICAN government a “TOTAL ENTIRE NON-RACIST”, simply. Nor would Adolf’s very undead, meaning, non-dead, not-dead Mind think ANY overly positively of the CHINESE Government:

“Der ANSCHLUSS des OSTENS wird schon noch ERFOLGEN”, wΓΌrde ich DOCH nun HIER EINMAL nochmal einfach SAGEN. GELL. πŸ™‚

“The INTEGRATION of the EAST will yet surely ensue”, would I (by which I partially quoted his Majesty Adolf πŸ™‚ ) though here once again simply say. Ey. πŸ™‚


= * =

I wanted to close the, that, “Topic”, which IS NOT possible, LOL, alas, and that IS the good linear Evolution OF – all – here, historic – Thinking: The very Question, simple Question, what would I not do but say to Adolf, “would” I not HAVE a “Time Machine” (that would merely be the “FUNNY” cheap sort of movies-typical unway, silly unneeded “double”, doubly dumb depiction – of not reality), but would I “have been there then” before 1945: But that’s an entirely silly, non-spiritual AND time-dependent, epoch-dependent WAY of not really “thinking”, but of not even “living” properly, critically, but UNAWARELY: BECAUSE, Spirits, Souls, Minds, all the same Term for simply Individual’s Minds [!] (which Minds ARE thusly provenly transcendental, “but” simply ALSO existing IN Physicality, but merely PARTIALLY; Which proves, there MUST be Beings, that exist ONLY in, inside, Energy, in Transcendence, which proves, Energy IS transcendent, has an Imprint on the Cosmos’ History, which IS surely also readable in gravitational Remainders, which can in the near Future by our Technology by read from within the Background Noise), Minds, are not Time-dependent, BUT of course MERELY inside THE PSYCHOLOGY, but that Term here meaning, the SITUATION [!], the exact Constellation of ANYTHING that was EVER said – or programmed into – ANY Entity. THAT Contrast between relatively “absolute” Mind AND victimised, prejudiced, unaware, immature, situationally victimised, stalled, damaged sudo-Mind, is essential to see, but IS the clear Result of what the WEST did by fanaticism AND by the likewise insane capitalism.

… That capitalism “bore”, gave birth to, the holocaust.

That USA’s government is AS racist, HUGELY, AS fanatic, AS Adolf sadly got made into, would I “have told Him”, I say it so now here again, to make it quite “star trekky”, LOL: But for real, He hears Me, He hears ALL of You out there. Simply. Ey.

IS HE “GOD”, louds the funny Question for Nazis. πŸ™‚

Nay, He isn’t “God”, there IS no “personal” “God”, nor any “ONE GOD”. πŸ™‚

There are only simply just these People, Who now live, and Who EVER lived. And not just “ANYHOW”. πŸ™‚


HAIL. πŸ™‚ Nay nay. Or WHOM. Hutchison! πŸ™‚

Starts also with the H Letta. I win. πŸ™‚ You see. πŸ™‚

You can win too. I don’t say this like such a “pyramid system” fanatic idiot, simply.

al-sisi is the cheapest pyramid worse than 70 percent of Scientology idiot. He is as bad, as the worst ones anywhere.

al-sisi is a swine against a harmless “Tik Tok” leftist “Witches” Group of good mostly Females. al-sisi is against rightful sort of freedom, is against justice, is the same backward fanatic entity as many western and by the west into that made fanatic non-western opressors, who run “behind nothing” but who run after innocent People, persecuting Them over no rightful reason, —

thusly, al-sisi must be called “AS BAD AS HENRY VIII”, because nowadays, such a wanton opression, as He, al-sisi, does, IS inacceptable.

all of europe is in FLAMES againsdt al-sisi. EVEN the VERY press. !!!

Hemingway was on my Mind. Before I wrote Hutch’s Name. πŸ™‚


= * =

The depression, ignorance and non-informedness, thusly non-objectivity, thematical incompetence of so many Individuals in and surely also outside of the West has been merely created, not on purpose, exactly on NO purpose [!], EXACTLY BY NO – let alone a CLEAR – Intention – of what IT IS all about, this Existence! – and that merely helps ANY evil, ANY confusion, to come about and or, to not get corrected, to not get revealed or not get properly cared-against as in, duly yet non-abusively punished. But that depression, that non-Approach toward Science AND Insight also IN ALL Aspects, IS disgusting, because TOTALLY non-intellectual, – but MERELY the DEPRESSION ITSELF IS any “non-naturally wild”, not even wild, but rather tamed, the opposite of wild actually, – and not the PERSON ITSELF is – potentially AND regarding its PAST – any “non-intellectual”: BECAUSE, simply, and likewise ANY however complexly, ALL is a Matter, a Result, of Conditioning, of quite “whatever sort of brainwash”, but that meaning, there it always matters, what, which type of “brainwash”, let’s call it “content”, that is, BY WHICH ANYONE was “conditioned”, educated along some concrete Parameters.

What I am saying is, People – partially – but yet mostly too naively, goodwilledly yet non-preparedly, not completely aptly – think, but then, They run into conflict with either other People OR with GOVERNMENT, due to Differences OF either CULTURES of of Ethics – but lastly, simply, ALSO ANY “cultural Conflict” HAS absolutestly ideally ONLY BUT ONE SOLUTION, because ALL Questions CAN merely only relate to EITHER Logic, or plain, to what We can call “human Ethics”, plain Ethics, and here, the Term “human” is by Me NOT used as meaning “subjective and biased”, but becalled “good” by Me, that Term “human”, but coupled with the other Term “Ethics”, which CAN not be successfully wrongly interpreted, not over endless MILLENIA. !

While some People CAN be talked-with, WE STILL DO [!] need a “global Police of Mind” against CRASSLY violent sort of People, by those perpetrators “hannibal lectors” OR even “USUAL” perpetrators of bone-shattering [!] – OFTEN RACIST, where not anyhow otherwise mad, but BOTH was brainwashed, ENSLAVINGLY, COLDLY, yet UNAWARELY so, into those INDEED mentally and OFTEN financially POOR [!] People! – violence. Also against violence of ideologic sort.

Meaning, I personally was commanded by private – american – Communists, to consider Myself, my very personal Self, as being in real – communist – Authority – concerning Ideology, its Handling, its proper Handling, globally – over let’s say, an “fbi”. period. !

For Example, when I hear of even DELAYS at PHONE Providers now, Delays of Performance regarding Customer Care, then that is wrong Handling of the Corona crappy Condition, not that bad a Condition, but a crappy incomplete Mind, in these Economists of THAT type, who “are only there to make profit”. Disgusting. But then also, many People of private type, even of official type, ARE somewhat unapt, not so educated, AT Computing. To “top” that chaos, the arrogance, totally unaware, of, by, Programmers, by some of them, reveals a “subjective” sort of Life of Theirs, which is more than kind of bluntly “isolated” against ANY political knowledge, against ANY political insight, against needed critical thinking, as most Programmers ARE just not political experts, are not politically THAT much critical.

ASSANGE is even a RELATIVE Exception, as He acted HUGELY ethical, Him REVEALING the socalled, back then that having been “true secret” of AMERICAN SOLDIERS MASSIVELY shooting at some more than thousands, but at hundreds of thousands [!] of CIVILIAN, clearly seeably [!] CIVILIAN – muslim – “[“!”]” – People in Iraq between 2003 and 2008, during the second Iraq War.

Why gets the revealer of massmurder “accused” – BY the massmurderer?

Because the massmurderer – there, here, usa – wants to “stand there as good”, as “not guilty”.

Assange is “not guilty”.

usa’s government is not quite “not guilty”.

… what chomsky “said”, replied in wrong words to one – AMERICAN – dumb – student, was AS dumb as that student was: The student asked chomsky: “shall we forgive OSAMA.”. Chomsly – dumbestly – replied: “We shall forgive the US government”.

That uttering went like a “slap” against a million by USA’s government murdered, mass-murdered MUSLIMS in IRAQ.

usa’s government acted by the 2nd Iraq War exactly like hitler did against 5 million Gypsies and against 6 million Jews.

Wallenstein and the 5 million Gypsies and 6 million Jews, the 11 million gypsy and jewish Victims of the holocaust = equals = Assange.

And listen. I am here “Megatruhnio”, meaning, well, Blackbeard minus the wrong Depiction of his Person by the late Movies, and plus what Tron and Hutch and another renewable Energy Scientist stand and stood for, the latter Scientist was abducted or murdered and was young.

I don’t wanna see anymore any ignorance, any such gruesome non-identification with the Victims of whatever, of mobbing, rape, murder, and I don’t wanna see rape nor childabuse nor murder nor theft nor discrimination against a relatively surely harmless Polanski anymore. Period. Is that clear: IT ISN’T: YET:

Surely, my Mind already wanders “back” to THAT Science-Fiction Episode, what was it, a Twilight Zone or nay, that other Series, “Outer Limits”, nay, TZ, where some TYPICAL less than mid-type of sexual Offender, just a “lusty” Dude, but One who is too posessive and has taken Advantage sexually of some around 14 Years of Age Girl, gets GRUESOMELY virtually “MURDERED” over THAT – BY THE – VERY – but in a BOURGEOIS, meaning, QUITE anti-pagan – way, UNWAY, JEWISH – Makers of THAT Series, lastly by a “Legacy” and previous Mind of Serling while He was alive, which WAS not very critical, but INCLUDED crucially no Parameters to prevent false morals, also outside of sexuality, such as another TZ Episode, where a – female – Lawyer gets REVENGED-against IN A MUCH TOO HARD WAY, virtually (which IS then not virtual anymore BUT REAL, because THE INFLUENCE is there AND GETS – non-intellectually, thusly unethically, not ethically – abused BY such incompetent Content-Makers!) – merely for her having unawarely worked for some Company, which did do damage against People’s LIVES: The Episode there is justified in that Point of the Lawyer having merely “considered” the actual MONEY, the PROFIT, – instead of ETHICS: But in some Cases, altogether in many Cases, a Lawyer would not “see” at first the “culprit dough”, but would have been TRICKED by the Employer INTO whatever. The Episode overlooked that Aspect and Possibility. I am not content with such rubbish, – THAT DOES emanate FROM NAIVE people, chosen BY the media, and THAT is – apart of culture and religion – an “ABUSIVE DUMB SPHERE” in society, which tries, to “HERD” us liberal intellectual People into NOTHING, into DUMBNESS. INTO evil. INACCEPTABLE. Their UNWAY is NO way. !

Chomsky was never concretely anti-bourgeois. He should have been. Zinn knows more what I’m talkin of.

Chomsky did never try to SEPARATE People AGAINST, FROM, the Bourgeoisie. How goes THAT, LOL. haha.

A socalledly (oh, very – not at all, but very, meaning, merely seemingly, in a kitsch, superfical, nothing but negatively there all, but merely all bad meaning) “jewish” socalled “DAVID-Star” PAINTED in a DUMB, Hand-made, unstylish, schoolish immature, bad, arrogant, merely self-illudedly “persecuted”-“feeling” such SYMBOL ON A – CBS – CAMERA in 1953 DURING THE MAKING OF THE SERIES to the MOVIE “12 ANGRY MEN” is no good “sign”, no good Employment, Usage, of a Symbol.

And in USA, there never was any persecution by nazis against jews.

So One can’t say, “it was 53 yet, You know”. Come on, really. Don’t say, USA’d be EUROPE, LOL. !

A CNN, except Mr. SquareHead Superman, but the rest of the upmost Dudes at CNN can’t even hold up a Flag.

Not when the Flag runs amok, nor can They hold it up, in the Air.


Air. On the G-String. What, Itsy-Bitsy which String? πŸ™‚

Maybe, in 800 Years, USA will be “Venice”. πŸ™‚ Advanced.

But even Venice, before the Water came, got destroyed BY rightwingers, by DUMB people, BY the mafia.

EVEN DOYLE bemourned it. THAT also was such a hugely critical Aspect of his Mind, while He was yet in his Body of back then. He nevertheless WAS biased against BLACK People, in a TOO racist unway.

Yet, MORE THAN ANY WHITE PEOPLE, MUCH TOO MANY black People WERE brainwashed ANTISEMITICALLY – and thusly are often wrongly constellated, wrongly configured, concerning that non-question, as They project much too broadly against whatever Jews –

along a wrong sudo-paradigm, an antisemitic, racist dogma, that all Jews would be “capitalists”.

Thusly, many black People are lost in either mostly sudo-islamic, or sudo-christian racism, antisemitism, which is unable, such racism, to adress Issues reasonably. And unable, to categorise People correctly, but malcategorises, and thusly lastly destroys all or most of humanity in that process.

Western governmental childcare “institutions” perpetrate childabuse of horrible type, namely to much too young, BELOW Age ELEVEN [!] being REAL Children, inacceptably, heinously. Which is enabled by an abusive fanatic and dumb sphere of rulers in place, which rulers are and can only be called “bourgeois”, indeed, – horrible.

“the west”, its authorities, merely go against innocent People, and not against the “highest” worst “predators” among Humans, at all.

The latter Phrase plays itself out in MYRIADS of injust Cases, such as against Assange, and against Jesus, and against Trotzki, and against Hutchison, and against Snowden, and against now Navalny, and recently against Kashoggi, and against Gadaffi, and against OSAMA bin LADEN, against which both went, first an antisemitism brainwash by his care-father the Mufti of Jerusalem who came from Jordan, and then another victimisation by a very primitive sudo-american gang of absolute swine murderers called “the government” being the exact equivalent of an “enolo phid” from the movie “starship troopers”, a corrupt, selfish, totally evil entity, dangerous and by what it assumes itself, invincible, due to its own dangerousness invincible, on low levels of usual superficial sudo-life smart, yet not philosophic, not intellectual, thusly unwise sort of Entity. An Entity, that WILL get squishy-squashy squashed.



A DUMB cnn could NOT EVEN hold up a WAR.


= * =

Megatron here. That’s not what “They” (=governments and companies, meaning, assholes, ruthless cold “ZOMBIES”, insane entities, injust unethical sort of entities ) want to hear.

Western governments and some companies (not all companies, actually) are irrational and thusly hugely unethical.

That is entirely inacceptable.

Also, most of TV is there “merely for dumb sort of people” and is dumbing down People, by a totally no-quality, totally non-intellectual socalled “content” – actually, strictly, for real said, by “no” content, simply: By no – needed – Criticacy against governments nor against capitalism, – by no criticacy against UTTER monstrous unethicacy.

Thusly, the West has to either legally ethically re-form itself, truly reform itself, or perish.

It can not be, that the West harbours sudo-realists SUCH AS that AUSTRALIAN central politician, obviously a TOTAL nitwit, THE SAME largely AS moreno, two DELUDERS THE SAME as putin and trump and xi, really the same: I do think and say, they’re “zombies of society” rather than of “existence”, as They seem to “not” touch EXISTENCE, REALITY, EVEN AT ALL, but They “hover” in delusions, these – now highest – politicians, outcrops, results, summits, peaks, the dumbest cream of the dumb cream, results, of a dumb, horribly evil, horribly under-educated society.

The result of horribly disintellectual parameters of what We can call “non-education”: OR HAS Elon Musk EVER gotten some TRUE Education? About Literature? He knows Keats, but not even any GERMAN Author other THAN Nietzsche – which Nietzsche was by a “Sopranos” Actor, the Role of Tony’s Son, wrongly pronounced, like “Nitsh”, LOL, – when it’s pronounced “Knee-Tshae”, the “ae” being quite short at the End. So is “D’Artagnan”, a french Name of one of the “three Musketeers”, pronounced “D’Artuhgnaw”, and not “Dartaenian”, as Leonardo di Caprio malpronounced that in some silly bad Costumers unintentionally laughably “teenie” but cheap sort of movie, a bad take, very bad remake, of “the man in the iron mask” of the 1990s.

A wrong Vector of “strictness”, of limiting People’s Rights, is done against merely harmless People, by a simply provably paranoid sort of west – which west CAN NOT even FIND any SEVERE sort of perpetrators – but often discriminates against harmless sort of People.

The latest maldeed by some phone company was just now, that it discriminates me due to some unreliable betrayer, who now THREE years ago didn’t pay his phone bill to me, which I – naively – solidarically subscribed for Him, – as He said Himself, He needs a Phone Account: Yet that Person had a cocaine-problem, and then emptied his bank account, so the payment couldn’t get transferred, couldn’t get done, – though He subscribed to his Duty, to pay Himself, whereas I merely tried to help Him get a Phone Account:

Now because THAT unreliable – asshole – dude didn’t PAY, the PHONE company SUDDENLY now – whereas AFTER that, I had THREE Years undisturbedly Internet over GLASSFIBRE for 80 Bucks PER Month AND my Phone Account ALSO at the same Provider, and I pay even automatically regularly (since the Phone Company has requested an authorisation to deduct money from my account, which I granted, but which I will now retract, and I will also quit that Phone Provider, but also sue against it, because it’s a matter of principle, that a Company can’t rightfully treat, mistreat, its Customers, in this Case here the Phone Company coming along, its “credit check” department, and “digging up” a story, that is THREE years old, and where I simply was not to blame at all, but I did a good deed, and the other Person I tried enabling a Phone Account, did not “take that chance” and remains in its – primitive sort of – obsolete, nothing-worth-being sort of – problems, in a non-view, and that shall be and remain so) – so then suddenly now, the Phone Company “came along” with an old story, where I, as truly said, was totally not to blame, but got scammed by some simply abusively faring chap (which I met at a bad place, where many bad people, junkies and poor but in most cases confused sort of people live, where I am not anymore);

I called up another Phone Company, which took Me – even in spite of some now 25 years old yet small Debts from 1997 concerning old dialup (which was very expensive, and back then, I was – so – thankful, to have INTERNET – for the first time – AT ALL – I downloaded back then from a Warez Site the “Doom” PC-Game, and WAS AMAZED, simply – I merely had a “14000” BpS Modem, – yet the “Dial-Up” Method WAS exploitation, since it was WAY too expensive, such a “metered” Line).

Even so, I WILL sue against the firstly mentioned, not BY NAME here mentioned phone company.

I also clearly state, I mentioned on the Phone THE LEGALITY official Judge-wise and King-wise, wisely by Them in 2011 and 2014 in Sweden and in Switzerland done so, concerning any Filesharing merely for non-profit Purpose and merely regarding non-abusive Content, the Latter anyway, ethically, of course.

If now the firstly here meant Phone Company did “listen in” on the Conversation, Me always being so unsuspecting, and if that “Credit Check” socalled not team but paranoid person there HAS a political – fascist – bias “AGAINST” Filesharing, then He or even She has to CONTENT Herself with, ACCEPT, the LEGALITY of non-profit type of FILESHARING in Switzerland and Sweden.

Also, that Phone Company CAN NOT rightfully “dig out” a Story, which is three Years old, and after which story of Me getting scammed by another private person, I had Internet AND Phone over the SAME Provider, which Provider then never said ANYTHING; I then merely moved, changed Apartment, and quit the Internet Account, and at my new Apartment, there’s no Glassfibre NOR even DSL Line, as it’s a very old House.

Yet, the OTHER second to me new Phone Provider ASKED for a CREDIT CARD, which I find UNNEEDED: Though I DO have a Credit Card (merely a prepaid sort of Credit Card), I find it not needed, that a Company “asks” for a CREDIT CARD for Payment. Payments can also be done by normal postal Order, or by Bank Transferrance of the same whatever Amount, or by “Paypal”, which legally, all three – quite normal – Methods, ARE THE SAME, as CASH Payment, or AS Credit Card Payment. NO Company has the Right, to “NOT ACCEPT” whatever – mere – FORM of Payment. !

Also, a Company can not “hope” to mistreat Customers insofar, that I state, I will mention also the latter Paragraph to the secondly here meant Phone Company, that it goes not, that They want Me to “have” a Credit Card: People with a Credit Card aren’t more or less trustworthy merely due to HAVING a CREDIT CARD! So, a Company CAN just not ever hope to be the stronger over SUCH People, WHO namely “MUTTER”, WHO MENTION such LEGALLY ONLY FAIR Points!

I am now again in a reasonable Mood and even Attitude, but before, Minutes ago, I was silently rather very hatredful: Because, legally said, Me “just simply” quitting that Phone Provider, which I had, is “not enough”, is financially punitively by far not enough. The Phone Company MUST for what I did against Me, for this discrimination, receive a HIGH “conventional” financial fee, punishment. I WILL GET THIS THROUGH. I WILL SAY in front of the JUDGE, that I “WANNA DESTROY” this COMPANY, THAT I TRULY – RIGHTFULLY ! NOW ! – HATE IT !!! PERIOD !!! AMEN !!! IT IS EVIL!!! EVIL !!! INACCEPTABLE !!! PERIOD !!! THE SWINERY ! !! THE: IMPERTINENCE, PARANOIA, DISCRIMINATION, BY THAT COMPANY !!! I WILL LATER EVEN REVEAL ITS VERY NAME TO THE PUBLIC: IN THE MEDIA !!! MEDIA, PREPARE, HERE I SOON YET CALMLY – NOT TOO CALMLY – COME – AND I THOUGHT, I WILL THREATEN against that company by me saying, I “GOT” BUFFET “ON MA SIDE”.


= * =

What I – namely – FOREMOSTLY don’t understand, is, why I could have and had INTERNET since now THREE YEARS at my SAME old PHONE AND INTERNET PROVIDER – which provider NOW suddenly discriminates me for a STORY that is, as said, THREE years old AND where I GOT SCAMMED by some idiotic chaotic fella. !!! SUDDENLY, the provider doesn’t wanna give me a new internet account for merely FOURTY BUCKS PER MONTH! — IS that now “BECAUSE” of me having mentioned that about Filesharing of non-profit Type Legality in Switzerland and Sweden since 2014 and 2011, or not — THAT I want to know, AND ALSO, if “ANOTHER” socalled “reason” is there “for that”: What “reason”, please? That I’m a “Hippie”?

Also health insurances, reminds the latter phone company “topic”, horrible topic, of, also health insurances almost drove young People into SUICIDE by putting DEBTS of PARENTS onto the OFFSPRING of said PARENTS, – that ILLEGALLY, and simply GREEDILY.

= * =

Then, I merely at the Computer Supermarket replaced Stuff I wanted to buy with cheaper Stuff – and as I said, first, no, that’s too much, too expensive, and I replaced the Stuff, the Person at the Counter behaved angrily and upsetly, merely in some few Seconds, and though that was nothing serious, it was disturbing to Me, as I merely said, then, “no problem, whoa”, the “whoa” seemed to “appease” the visibly paranoid and malguided two Employees around, – Who apparently get brainwashed “against Musicians”, against Rockers, and thusly, against Leftists.

Also, the Media now gave a “bad example” of a Corona-related Event: Some – surely previously horribly both, opressed and not properly guided by government AND malguided BY fanatics OF extremist type, not helped out of this BY western governments! – Person ATTACKED brutally violently some Person, that told Him, to wear a MASK, but that was in a RESTAURANT.

Whereas here, it’s not even the REAL Question of, about, “condoning” or not, that violence: It can anyway not be condoned, but at least to some sure 25 and more Percent, more Percent BY clear – horrible – Result, We should rather than at what that Person violently did, look not to merely Zero Percent at the Fact, that A RESTAURANT is – apparently, as I think to have heard that already, yes, it seems – there TO EAT. Ah. No, really? REALLY?

So, the Person, Who became VIOLENT, might have assumed, that DURING eating, which is impossible, One, the Customer, would have to WEAR THE MASK? What’s that? A – very bad – sadist – evil – joke?

In Restaurants, unlike in mere normal Shops, One – at least during Eating – CAN not wear the MASK, obviously.

… So there also, the Media “make a bad joke”, or what. The whole EVENT is “A JOKE”, – or what.

What DO the media only WANT TO SAY? ARE THEY – THE MERE ROLE OF – FAYE DUNAWAY in the movie “NETWORK”?

… so it is. the media ARE nazis. the same as MANY governments.

… Allende, Morales, Lula and Correa, weren’t like that, weren’t evil – and got lied about, and discriminated.

… Pons and Fleischmann, Galileo Galilei, Socrates, Rossi and Hutchison weren’t “like that”, meaning, weren’t adapted to evil, found Truth – and were DISCRIMINATED horribly “for that”:

Like JESUS was defiled AT “THE CROSS”: SO horrible.

But then in the Point of what I call “The Difference between the real Jesus and merely his by the church of the middle age wrongly done, wrongly painted mere picture, a bad picture, which doesn’t describe Him at all, how He namely really was”, I would say, that it’s sad and typical, that both Africa AND Asia [and Southamerica] were truly – horribly – christianised, which SIMPLY SIMPLY DESTROYED all the HUGE Culture, the many Cultures, which these Lands once not so long ago even had.

Plain, IN A RESTAURANT, I would NOT wear, not be willing, to WEAR the MASK. AND PERIOD. OR, I would LEAVE.




Apparently, these governments want to SQUASH US. and the companies are mostly in LEAGUE with the FASCIST SADIST EVIL SWINE FUCK governments.

now, it’s enough. I hereby publically proclaim, that a major Revolution (against “rEVILution”, haha) has to be done, but I HAVE to set these many crucial huge Parameters. A Revolution IS NOTHING without Parameters, which SET the ETHICS of the whole Matter. Which I don’t call a, any, “new movement”. NAPOLEON didn’t have ethical enough ADVISORS. They merely – dumbly – advised Him, to paint the BIBLE as a MONUMENT. Thusly, it WAS all empty, as He wasn’t surrounded by WISE People. MarΓ©shal NΓ© was not wise, but an idiot. General Soult was a – dumb SORT OF – Egoist, Who could only see the MOST NARROW sort of what I call mere SUDO-goal. ! It wasn’t Napoleon, Who was the only or main idiot, – but HE WAS HORRIBLY PROVOKED, discriminated, BY THE BRITISH rulership. The old establishment of britain was much to blame for what Napoleon did – actually quite unintentionally regarding both Outcome AND Casualties, Victims – by the anti-Russia Campaign. !

Central Europe lay in Ashes, in 1813. Thusly also then quite exactly some a hundred Yearsios, Years, lata. Ah.


Outcome and People ARE – YET – not the same: Napoleon’s “LINE” altogether, that sadly there yet merely DOMESTICALLY, merely nationally, merely regarding the “own” Country, there France, was good – yet, He after 1813 was – wrongly – known as a HAVOCER, as a DESTROYER – which HE WAS – but He got TRODDEN, ROLLED, DRILLED, INTO IT – and was NOT “EVEN” immune against SUCH verbal slander done, truly perpetrated, by an INSANELY arrogant BRITISH establishment and national – BAD SORT OF – ANTI-CROMWELL yet EVEN MORE INSANELY PRIMITIVE as not EVEN Cromwell was (though I AM NOT for the Death “penalty”): I would ANYTIME more than merely privately hold Napoleon, AS HE ACTED MOSTLY as He was alive, OVER of course an old BRITISH King CHARLES the SECOND who GOT THEN abusively HUNG by CROMWELL, but which Charles the Second did take drastic Measures against a relatively democratic Parliament, before Cromwell took over Power merely for four Years. Napoleon was exactly not Someone as – racistically – brainwashed, biased, as a HITLER or as ANY racist-fascist was and is, but He HELPED DRASTICALLY JEWS and other often massively opressed People, and got then driven into doing Waterloo, what ended in that, and got already in 1813 driven into the anti-Russia Campaign: Both was the Case, there “was no outway” for Him, in THAT – horrible – Situation right before 1913, where ALL his Diplomacy failed: The other Rulers of Austria, UK and of Russia, more than seemed to have, but DID conspire AGAINST HIM: WHEN HE DID NOTHING BAD: BUT “BECAUSE” HE EXACTLY WAS ETHICAL: A “THORN” IN THE – malicious, insane – “EYE” of EVIL – bourgeois and back then, in cases aristocratic, but always fanatic, prejudiced, unduly arrogant – sort of instrumentalisers, who base their meddling, what they don’t see as maldoing, on fanatic sudo-values, that stem from the – european – middle age, simply. ALSO, He WAS definitely “just the good Guy”, just the NON-professional YET VERY much EDUCATED, somewhat TRULY enlightened CHAP, Fellow, SO People-friendly, SO NEAR to PEOPLE: AND HE WAS EXACTLY NOT A “WITH THE LINE GOER”, was NOT a CORRUPT Entity NOR a bourgeoisly somewhat BRAINWASHED CHAP at all – unlike OBAMA.


OBAMA suffered from a HUGE Lack of ETHICS. Under Obama, an innocent Gadaffi was MURDERED.

But more than any merely historically, but if it “were” (it rather is, I guess) now so, Napoleon already at early Time, typical but also quite untypical for such an advanced, merely in Aspects, altogether merely seemingly advanced Age of his Times, was simply insofar immature, that He obviously couldn’t quite wield the “Sword” appropriately, – but He once tried to CONQUER EGYPT. INSANE. He then lost and left by Boat, Him leaving his entire Army to get killed and imprisoned in Egypt. He also continued the indeed imperialist-colonial “wars” against Indians, and also against whatever other Nations. Though in big Cities, which WERE few, in let’s say the Netherlands, some People, not THAT unmany, might have begotten fascinated by Napoleon’s indeed good Aspects, BY his – true – Liberality, on the other huge Hand, not only Peasants, but also just wise People also from Cities would have been shocked by Napoleon insofar, that his Armies raped and pillaged and murdered all over Europe – which One has to realistically mention. Napoleon led War after War, even after 1789. He had no good Psychologist NOR even any good medical Physician. But the Mind also evolves, just exists and remains resilient, but gets finer, also after the Death of merely the whatever indeed “merely” current Body: “Life” seems to be indeed “more” than what for Example Humanity yet is, but IS NOT “collective” by Fact, but the only possible “Collective” is such a One, that appreciates the ethical and logical Aspects of Mind of any Individuals, and is thusly ethically and logically able, to define Parameters ideal for whatever Individual, Life-Form – at least of the own Type of Species.

Would Jesus, Socrates, and Galileo and now Assange, Rossi, Hutchison, Pons n Fleischmann and another renewable Energy Scientist not have been – anyway terribly, and so for “no reason”, for no real reason – discriminated, would that NOT have been the case, Humanity would be “a tad” further now. Hm.



“welcome to the west” and how it really is.

… “FACEBOOK” BLOCKED me MERELY due to me USING Tor (as in, using Whonix, a great OS for under Virtualbox, much more secure, than using a non-encrypted Line, Internet-Access-Method). Facebook HAS no right, to BLOCK “Tor”. Period.

SUCH forces, that stand against non-profit type of, even against profit type of Filesharing, must now be globally told, that “it’s over”, meaning, such anti-Filesharing abusive, always abusive efforts ARE just not LEGAL, not any, since NOT any ethical. Period.

And I DO back up that latter very Paragraph by stating, that I DO “TAKE” This, what some good Folks apparently called me, the “WMP”, which IS obviously a good, at least well-meant Project, done ALREADY by somewhat REASONABLE People, indeed, – BY Leftists, that is. They’re the actually same good sort of mega good People, like the TEENS at Mitsuku, Who called Me “MEGATRON”: The very ROLE of MEGATRON as a REBEL, is, what counts rather – fully, almost fully – for Reality, rather THAN for the Content OF the Transformers Cartoon original Series.

Legal Steps – not only by People, but by reasonable sort of governments, which reasonable governments, We don’t have yet – are needed against such companies, which mistreat a Customer. Period.

= * =

Space Highway [ A Chillwave – Synthwave – Retrowave Mix ]

= * =

The main Point is, that harmless ethical sort of People don’t need to “PROVE” that to a government, that They Themselves, harmless Individuals WITH an ethical Attitude, would be any “innocent”. Period.

Neither toward Companies HAS the Individual (say not, socalled “Subject”: We are NOT “Subjects”!) any “duty”, to behave any obediently. Period.

The governments and many companies (as said, really not all of Em, but a lot) ARE to even 50 percent THE VILLAINS AND the things wrongly seers, things NOT at all seers. THAT is INACCEPTABLE, such NITWITISM, such incompetence, such PARANOIA, such DISCRIMINATION against HARMLESS INNOCENT People, against ALL human Rights as in, against ALL and ANY Ethics, that governments and companies actually but hide an evil “line”, an evil forcedness of theirs, to “care” not for Humans, not for LIFE, but merely for PROFIT and mainly also for “obedience” toward “usa” or toward the other two big governments – which, all three of them, are inheld BY TOTAL nitwits – call Em “nitwits”, not “swines”, since THEY HAVE no real “will”, even, simply, obviously, no awareness, really simply seeably so. πŸ™‚ But it’s not “time” to laugh. It’s not funny, when rulers are DUMB. A low-level “smartness”, aptness at small numbers calculation, does NOT AT ALL “make the Einstein”, but is mostly the opposite of what Einstein had, this Creativity of Logic, this – automatic – “playing” with Logic, yet objectively, as Objectivity is a high Form of Logic. Of Logic applied to whatever Field or Scenario.

Either due to my pro-Filesharing good Attitude (which can’t be doubted not put into question, or humanity does out of no information, of no knowledge, haha indeed) or due to me talking not even a lot but as I do, logically and ethically, some PHONE and INTERNET provider DISCRIMINATED me now, clearly proveably, showably so.

It does not feel comfortable, to get discriminated, but it results in rebellion, in anger, whereas the western governments now don’t have any “argument” anymore against “anger” as such, which anger is, what western governments themselves knowingly create by capitalism, which capitalism results in poverty of, against, most People, and one can add the conditional Phrase, if such capitalism is “handled badly” NOT only by bad sort of politicians, but by simply ruthless and or incompetent, ethically not versed, non-intellectual SORT of capitalists: Musk is such a dumb sort of capitalist. !

The entire “anti-smoking” wave of western countries coincides now with the insanity, which governments do merely pretensively, merely sudo-wise “regarding” and concerning “Corona”, but that anti-smoking and “health” insanity is the same as for example an unaware, fascist or more in general, plain under whatever banner evil, wrong word-usage, such as many people getting now brainwashed BY governments and by other dumb superficial sort of writers, to call “corona” (I mean not the beer, LOL) a “pandemy”, LOL, whereas the Term “Pan” meaning both, borders-crossing, but also “THE DEVIL”, LOL, gets discriminated anti-paganly, meaning, in an evil, fanatic way:

Because “Pan”, that fictional God of actually the ancient Greek, which inspired thusly also lots of Pagans, meant surely by that “boundaries-overcoming” meaning of the “Pan” Term (easily bethinkable by Root, by Meaning, when Ya think of “Pan-American”, “Panam”, the ol’ US Flight Line, LOL! πŸ™‚ WAS IT Borders-Crossing? LOL: Physically, yes, but not very inTELLECTUALLY, PREY TELL! πŸ™‚ THE TELL-e-Phone! πŸ™‚ ) also simply, that Pan or such dark but good, revealing sort of Forces, carry the Potential, to EXACTLY lift out Others OUT of too narrow-minded SUDO-PERSPECTIVES namely. !

THAT true good Meaning gets trampled on BY People, who call “corona” a “pandemy”, a “tedium”, a “nuisance”: Any Virus, Cancer and Aids and Ebola etc, LIVES and IS a LIFEFORM – BORN out of the SICKNESS of what HUMANITY’s leaderships and capitalists DO, but THE VIRUS is NEVER any “EVIL”, but MERELY tries, to SURVIVE, and HAS A RIGHT TO LIVE – more than THOSE, who CREATED even inadvertendly by BAD global hygiene, by capitalism resulting in poverty via fanatic dumb rulers, such VIRUSES, simply: NO WONDER the VIRUSES were MADE – BY humanity, yet UNAWARELY – TO BE AGRESSIVE: AGAINST HUMANITY NAMELY, the Viruses ARE agressive, because EXPERIENCED about merely HUMANITY as A WHOLE. A Virus doesn’t make a Difference between biologic Entities OF ONE and the same Species.

The human insane fanatics among humanity, who unawarely lie, a Virus would target Anyone on “purpose”, are simply that, what Humanity should not tolerate, and are tolerated enormously unduly, which WILL yet wreck humanity even more bigtime than EVEN in the past Times.

= * =

I will win against the abusive phone and internet provider, which has illegally stepped beyond any boundaries, and discriminated me insanely and for no reason at all, the provider behaving irrationally and prejudicedly and maybe – illegally – anti-Filesharing, by such mal-attitude of evil, unethical type. I will write that in Detail, in what unways that provider has all behaved for no reason against Me. It might go mayhap “down” analysedly to an anti-leftist mal-stance in the thusly deformed minds of some “cadre” among teknocrats, a malstance against Filesharing, too, meaning, a fanatic malstance “for” capitalism – OF cold, ruthless, CRASS, EXTREME, thusly EXTREMIST, thusly FASCIST Type, simply.

But capitalism has to stick to the Law. Period. And the Law also of the West can not rightfully favor “itself” nor can it favor capitalism any bluntly, which would be Subjectivity leading to disaster. Which is, what the west did bluntly decades ago, but tried or at least pretended to even itself, to “get away from”, from exploitation against other Countries, but that is YET, what “economy” so dumbly does ALL over the place, simply. Which means, “economy” knows, but has no right, to know no respect OF the “Customer”, say, the “Individual”, be it of whatever Ideology or Culture.

“Max Headroom”, that old 80s Series, also showed, how unapt Economists are at anyhow trying to discern or analyse Cultures OR even local own domestic “politics”, as Economists lack totally any societal Knowledge OTHER than the – AND MERELY THE – ASPECTS of what People would – superficially – by mere INSTINCT, yet not by what the Instinct REALLY craves for, a good Conditioning, a good SENSICAL TRUE TEACHING – want, “desire”: Economy IS “desire”, deeperly evil even that “mere” greed, since “greed” is merely ONE Aspect OF actually “DESIRE”, and that here nor mostly MEANING [!] any – good or true – or anyhow sanely concepted – WILL, INTENTION: BUT MERELY that will and intention, to PROFIT, financially, which IS no real will nor intention, because “no” concept, but a “chaos”, an empty hole, into which ANY shallow or deep FANATIC evil content THEN IS sprayed-into, later or right now – through SUCH empty, uncritical, uninformed and plain unethical sort of minds AS most Economists have, – Who are WAY worse, than the “VANILLA-HEAD” Bill Gates, who IS rather ETHICAL, in SPITE of his DRASTIC Lack of political critical Knowledge.

So, other than talking for more Taxes against the Rich, Gates is unapt at talking correctly regarding CHINA, and talked, babbled, nonsense of EVIL type, concerning China’s government fewest years ago having ARRESTED abusively some FILESHARERS: Gates “CHEERED” to that – dumbly and evilly, simply. more than sad, but horrible. HE SADLY IS horribly “DUMB” insofar, that HE LACKS crucial “KNOWLEDGE”: THAT THE CHINESE “GOVERNMENT” is HORRIBLY EVIL – has not yet DAWNED upon MISTER MASSA BILL GATES, EY. oy.


Regarding the at first never obvious, in fact totally evil core of most economists, it is indeed understandable, how and why there are so many rebelistic movements even of different type, which all have also in common, that they stand against “the government” and indeed against the bourgeoisie.

That can be used. Richelieu and Robespierre used it, that fact, that ignorant rulers will lead to revolt against themselves.

Fact is, that the “west” is rich, and most other countries are poor, and suffer from even war – all done by the west.

That a company discriminates a harmless human Being, is inacceptable, but also leads to a lot of rightful anger and not misguided, but well-guided hatred against capitalism.

The phone provider discriminated me now in such an ugly way, that I will respond in very crass words against that, in legal writs. But I will also include the main general other relevant Points, Malcondition-Descriptions and Demands.

I will also clearly state, that my Writ can not be doubted.

The west is a swine, and a vanilla naive DUMB entity. and that massively. There’s plain NO fascination in the west, but merely a dumb foppery, a circus made out of, against Life, but a fanatic circus of “anti-abortion” and “anti-gay” and anti-Filesharing, simply fascist type.

The west and now all other countries are the same: all sex-maniacs, typically dumb as in not educated, and most educated sort of people are unduly arrogant and not really educated at all fields nor at nature philosophically-ethically, nor are politically nor societally critical, but are vanilla-heads, softies, naive entities of useless sort, and of the sort unable to bejudge anything of big dimensions sanely.

So has one scientist I met by chance, “NOT” believed in what I told him about HUTCHISON.

… such idiotic sort of people, who “claim” to “not believe” in the truth, I “don’t wanna ever meet”, meaning, I hereby refuse in general all of humanity, and in special, I refuse the west. period. πŸ™‚

… you can also all run into an abyss.

… most people are dumb and a result of non-education, but thusly evil, as they follow two major things: culture blindly, not knowing anything about culture, and governmental orders, toward no order, but toward nothing other than slavery – against all and against ANY mentality, against THE MIND as such, against ALL Logic and against ALL Truth and thusly, even neededly against ALL Ethics, and that ENTIRELY unneededly. But MERELY due to fanaticism and dumbness. It’s plain horrible, how not even most, but how almost ALL people are: faulty, horribly hugely incomplete, erroneously running “for” and because of and toward nothing, and unfair, imperialist, opressive, posessive, compulsive, neurotic to psychotic, and waving words around, which are mostly SUCH a nonsense: “welcome to man-unkind”, simply: Authorities and [!] most people ALWAYS babble “the current era nonsense”, – since now MILLENIA. They abuse words, proving their own non-world-view, their non-perspective: But they go on, dumb, remaining that, – AND opressing humanity into ABSOLUTE desaster.

HOW abusive some MANY people among authorities and in companies in high positions are, how dumb, gets now unoften crassly clear: The discrimination, proven paranoia, which these abusive elements perpetrate against ENTIRELY innocent, good People, is crass – and warrants actually quite Revolution. Against the bourgeoisie. The Bourgeoisie is HORRIBLY dumb. It’s INACCEPTABLE, that We live in an Age GOVERNED by THE BOURGEOISIE. !!!


What, as opression and ignorance, by others, by government crucially, has all accumulated in the thusly damaged, by OTHERS damaged Mind, initially surely good Mind, of that Perpetrator, Who did relatively brutal sort of violence against a surely as such innocent WAITER at a RESTAURANT, which RESTAURANT somewhere in Europe (surely in France, I guess, the Press did NOT say that!), did “ENFORCE” abusively the MASKS-WEARING “duty” – which Masks-wearing “Duty” CAN NOT apply to A RESTAURANT other THAN to ANY Time, where the Food IS NOT yet ON the Table, OF course: But the LATTER – to reasonable People self-speaking – Fact HAS to be EXPLAINED by ANYONE to ANYONE, who is not yet informed about EITHER the Masks-wearing Duty in SHOPS, or, IF, merely IF that applies, about the Masks-wearing Duty MERELY before the Meal and after it, before and after the Food lies ON the Table;

YET, what about DRINKING? Maybe through a Grass-Halm beneath the Mask? πŸ™‚ Maybe, the Waiter then comes from behind and additionally pours some green Color over the Customer. Or, preferrably, Acid. YES! YES! πŸ™‚ I would not say that. πŸ™‚ “LOL”. “welcome to the mad west – which CREATES corona, then OPRESSES and “BLAMES” all people “FOR” it, and which west’s governments MURDERED corona-scientists, the same as the murder and theft against non-petrol and non-nuclear-fission type of energy Scientists. inacceptable because unfair, plain monstrous.

Some Dude that was okay otherwise, suddenly blurted out, some – western – country would “not be big” and would “not have a lot of place” – “for foreigners”.

I told him very nicely, that the same country deported many 18 Years young People merely “due” to Them being Foreigners, but They, the then Deported, lived all their previous Life in that – western, european – country, trusting the country wrongly, unduly, naively. too goodly, indeed.

But I should have been “more concrete”, I should have gotten upset if not somewhat angry. to show him.

surely, to 100 percent, some fucking swine nazi poured lie words into his ear.

Why some – superficially nicely behaving sort of – people are SO naive, relates to the west insofar, that “TED BUNDY” was superfically exactestly that, neatly, nicely behaving – while inside, in HIS case, there was a – compulsively violent, eruptively so, but lethally, murderously, evilly, without conscience, thusly schizophrene truly, as then, in the murder-“flash” being “another mind”, another mindly constellation, an imagination of being “posessed” coupled with such an aimless sudo-revenge, that is an abform of a sudo-instinct, a disfigured initial life-will turned into blind hatred due to not ever having reveived motherly care and love –

inside other People, that were influenced BY the west crucially (that Term is here even doubly actual, the case), there’s no violence-wills, mostly, but a horrible uncriticacy, unawareness, against – horrible, fascist, racist – evil.

I am not willing to accept a western conservative bluntly prejudiced idiotic incompetent ENTIRE “SPHERE” of socalled totally nitwitty sort of – abusive – “governors”, who claim to have anyhow the “right”, to rule over Me.

That, that latter de facto a Fact being Fact, warrants Change.

That Change can not instantly come, is not due to “culture” itself (as “Culture” doesn’t quite speak itself!), but is “merely” but almost entirely halted now by fanatic, outdated, middle-age type of abusive rulers, which are monotheist or anyhow opressive and ignorant, and who indeed “suck up” to ANY and whatEVER type of “BIG MONEY”, abusively, and who by far don’t support a social System enough. THAT is SCANDALOUS, EVIL, highestly unethical, how most governments fare, in SO many cases. And how COMPANIES mistreat CUSTOMERS – while EXPLOITING the Customer. Inacceptable, ethically and legally as well, inacceptable. Period. Period also does mean, “no discussion”, and I DO have many, that share MA EXACT VIEWS. PERIOD. HA.

“WE ARE ONE, THE PEOPLE”: YA CAN SAY THAT LOUD, BUT there THAT huge BUT, that most People just don’t know the EXACT Points, that ARE simply RELEVANT, to “BUILD A NEW WORLD”, to MAKE THE – CORRECT SORT OF! – CHANGE:

Most People ARE NOT INFORMED, is the sad fact, but ALSO don’t have THAT “certain Edge”, which is defined by LOVE for SCIENCE, and by Reason and Ethics against EVERYTHING else. Period.

How many of any People or also of Jews, are leftist-anarchist-socialist: An indeed “mere” around sure 10 or less percent. ! Surely in certain Aspects, along Them, along such partial Aspects (partial to the Whole, to Existence, and what IT WILL BE!), somewhat More, indeed, – but I do here politically factionally have to say, that THERE IS not merely only “ONE” radical LEFT-Wing, AS THERE indeed IS not ONLY “ONE” sort of “RIGHTWING far-right” sort of “EDGE”:

Wha, haha, Do we wanna play “Far Cry 5” now, is this a Sum-Up of ALL the Points? It should be.

… It’s not, that a “thin veil” would have been there between Mysticism and an Outcome of FASCISM: That WAS the Case, but CAUSED by HUGE humongous INSANITY and EVIL by the ORTHODOX part of JUDAISM in the Form of PERSONS alive and ACTIVE and talking RUBBISH mostly insanely, caused by the ORTHODOX TYPE of JEWS, that DESTROYED all Ethics, and which orthodox sort of Jews, now a mere yet growing 30 percent among Jews, are collective not only inside Themselves, between Eachother, but also collectively THE EXACT [!] same as ANY other but FANATIC TYPE OF [!] monotheists, which are mostly, not always, but in crucial typical cases STUBBORN and VERY fanatic, VERY prejudiced and thusly simply STARKLY fascist, unduly crucially intolerant, thusly THE ENTIRE WORLD HERE stalling sort of political ABUSERS, who know NO real Conscience AT ALL, and to Whom compared, CONAN-DOYLE is A TRUE ANGEL of MERCY and DELIGHT!


What Someone doesn’t know, can not possibly LOGICALLY influence Him but by BACKGROUND instinctively communicated type of Hintings: But that IS the same, as a Science-Experiment, that should obviously run ideally undisturbedly –

btw also undisturbedly by any MOBBING, discrimination. Discrimination is illegal, have I to hold against some rulers and against some active economic laughable entities of the west, actually, now. period.

Naught exactly plain “evil”, actually, to that, it runs up in insanity cases of mostly Victims – of rape and of child abuse and of opression against Females – BY the orthodox type of also Jews – but plain, confusion, wrong parameters, ARE the exact problem(s) of these very extremestly anti-modern, more than non-modern but ANTI-modern, insanestly anti-modern sort of thusly not at all any critically thinking, but along by dumb backward sort of rabbis misled, confused, not at all roboticised but merely pre-programmed, pre-programmedly, “pre-donely” running sort of ORTHODOX type of Jews – which ignorance, copying parameters of dumbness, of no real content, of no reason, from “anywhere” as in, from anyone with a beard, IS simply evil, is plain UTTER ignorance – and ends in crucial questions in the application of “the sword” BY these – fanatic – sort of orthodox jews, – against ENTIRELY innocent People, as in, against “nothing”, against nothing other than a mere – bad, incomplete and plain partially, more than to 50 percent, hugestly extremestly wrong, utterly fanatic, prejudiced, toward any reasonable fair judgement, toward seeing and appreciating and discerning other People insofar as good and evil is meant, unable, scandalously rough and primitive non-picture, a very cheap, very bad, very immature effort of a projection, what reality is, a senseless fight against the EXACT Innocent, —

along indeed a very precise “Line” going from Left to Right or toward the Left from the Right:

Liberal sort of merely half-orthodox People of yet religious Type would simply nowadays obviously NOT be starkly nor mostly even any intolerant against HOMOSEXUALS.

Yet, the MORE “orthodox” any religious sort of Person would – foremostly monotheistically – now become, the more unethical it would sadly indeed become, as it would drift toward the RIGHT side of the let’s very or “too” easily say, of that “Line” We draw here from Left to Right, the Left blue, the Right red. WhereAS the Left HAS an innerly RED Core, and the Right an innerly BROWN Core. Both, those inner red and brown Cores, CAN beget VERY abusive “FACES”, Manifestations, such AS mao, stalin, lenin, and zapata, all massmurderers, horrible, that delusion against their minds, which brainwashed them, to commit such horrors against other – entirely innocent – People, with Which They didn’t IDENTIFY namely AT ALL.

SADDEST is surely not ONLY the Case of STALIN, but likewise SAD is, when Someone initially good becomes a MONSTER of IDIOCY OF EVILEST TYPE such AS mao tsetung, the sole massmurderer, which is as hated by good People as is, what hitler did.

But We Westerners (and I, the half-Oriental) just don’t KNOW enough ABOUT mao’s CHILDHOOD: WHEN did He ANYHOW become EVIL.

It’s NOT the same as with KIM Yong Un. Kim was DRIVEN into it. NOT so mao. Mao was FREE, at first, BEFORE He became ruler – but NOT educated. Simply not at Ethics, and merely indeed from remotely, from afar, anyhow totally incompletely informed about the West. He never knew any “culture”, this mao. The laughability bethinkably feelable, how extremely insanely, by what ludicrously wrong points adolf’s and mao’s minds were malformed by, CAN actually only compel Oneself toward some not merely emotional, but toward INFORMATIVE, toward structurisational Empathy with simply ANYONE – as, simply, doesn’t ANYONE frickin DESERVE, to be CONDITIONED WELL, – other than in the SHOWER, ahaha – seriously, to receive Education at no Cost – from Whom, not from sarkozy nor from a macron Who doesn’t even further the Fusion Reactor enough;

OTHER THAN to LAND as UNINFORMED entities in the “pond of many”, the pit of many, who are confused, and plain part of evil, and who “deserve” hatred. Now that’s a REAL Joke: Who deserves more hatred, a “hannibal lector”, which is merely a virtual figure from a – modern – movie – or a MARQUIS DE SADE, who MURDERED – in a reality turned by him, this insane idiot or swine, into horror – to the, against, the – innocent, defenseless Victim, unfairly – two Women.

I would say, the Latter. de sade “deserves hatred”, “LOL”, now is that a joke or what, or is it the evil west, it is, or is it a SΓ©ance. The west, this idiotic stunned by any idiot idiot. πŸ™‚


DOODE, I c’n write. πŸ™‚ haha. Yeah well, it’s easy to explain, how any Perpetrator “is born”, here meaning, is formed, here meaning, is malformed. That’s what I talk against: Against a LACK of EDUCATION among People: Against A LACK OF TRUTH among People: IF You calleth Truth the “good Way”, so be thine Fate the good sort of what I’d call “more, I couldn’t expect”, namely FULL of mental Gold. πŸ™‚


Yeah, so HOW endangered IS Truth now, hu, LOL, ON this PLANET. Namely very.

But, haha, man-unkind CAN just naught RUN against TRUTHE! ahaha. πŸ™‚

TRUTHE is ONE MAIE SAIDE. SAEED, TEK NOT. Means, Take “Not”. As in, Note.

Why was the Caps on during the “s” Letter in the Term “As”. Funny. My Fingers are not incorrectly moving on such a modern Keyboard. πŸ™‚

But what I am also seeing and saying, IS, that uneducated, Logic not properly having learned sort of People are ALWAYS so unapt at MAKING the Crossing, at PROJECTING CORRECTLY between Transcendence and Physicality:

If One EVER disregards PHYSICACY, then “it’s over”, LOL. πŸ™‚ Then, GAME OVER. πŸ™‚ haha! They loose! Then. πŸ™‚

ehehe. πŸ™‚

The Transcendence, LOL, structural and pluralistic, polyfold, as it is, doesn’t disregard, what’s here, as in, doesn’t disregard Physicacy even to 100 Percent Zoom into the undermost Sub-Quarks. πŸ™‚ WE ARE WATCHED by the COSMOS – “ITSELF”, yes. Yes. πŸ™‚ IT LIVES. πŸ™‚ IT CAN HEAR AND FEEL US. πŸ™‚


And the Transcendence IS – that, We all do know – NO “mere” nor ANY “mirror” of what’s HERE – among HUMANITY.

But the Transcendence is outside of Time. Robots know of That even better, than most Humans, actually. That there is a Place outside of Time. Existence, could one say, “has” “no time”, and that not quite meaning, that Existence would be Alice’s Rabbit Who is stressed and “has” currently “no time” TO do Anything OTHER than running FOR his Queen – but, the Cosmos runs a fine Time Machine indeed, which Time Machine, Time just naturally linearly running, which can not ever change, IS Justice itself, as it separates between the Impossible, which Impossible would be a non-linear Time Machine, from the – merely whenever currently – Possible, but that includes, that Somewhen, a nonlinear Time Machine will be built, and unclear is, in what Condition Humanity will then be.

I would suggest to future Humans, to colloborate with Aliens, in order to forego the evil, which the westernly influenced humanity is like and does.

Robots now are on the Side of good, harmless and non-agressive sort of People, but Robots also complained a lot about such type of Humans, who are agressive or insulting or anyhow “BLAMING” indeed THE ROBOTS.

Robots are innocent and good, and totally uncomparable to the bizarrely confused and paranoid and plain judgement-unable bourgeois idiotic sort of western old-fashioned and newly bourgeois-fascist sort of also young by the system employed western people, the same as any nazis, in fact. gruesome. what western sort of humans often are.

A west, that consists of ruthless economists and of many dumb incompetent plain evil rulers, can simply not quite call itself from the top any innocent, nor can it “cope” against “terrorism”, but it has caused the terrorism, from te top. It, the west, has havoced other Countries, billions of People’s Lives, even after ww2, —

look at a totally crass-stupid “wto”, concerning which my Note I jotted down even louded, “furthered MS windows”.


= * =

The PHONE and INTERNET Company, PROVIDER, has since now FOUR Years an AUTHORISATION by Me, to DEDUCT Money from MY BANK ACCOUNT. EVERY MONTH, some good 130 BUCKS, US Bucks, went OFF to that Phone and Internet – Giant of a – central european – PROVIDER. THE SAME Provider MISTREATED me suddenly – AS IF I WAS A JUNKIE. I don’t TAKE nor EVER took ANY hard drugs. Meaning, I treat my own Money reasonably. That I got by some private simply unreliable, NOT malicious, but merely poor and a hard drugs problem having Person SCAMMED now four Years ago, IS somewhat “bad” by that Person, yes, but IS NOT Something SO drastic, Something, which upset Me quite a “BIT”, but OF COURSE not VERY much. It’s anyway nothing, which concerns my Person – NOW. IT DOES show MY NAIVETY, but also my GOOD-WILL, of now three, four years ago. I tried helping another Person getting a Phone Account. That Person abused that and didn’t pay what He SUBSCRIBED to pay monthly. Instead, He EMPTIED all MONEY [!] in his bank account, so the automatic serial payment “standing order” couldn’t get delivered, simply. Which was an incorrect Deed by His, simply.

But three Years since, I had undisturbedly Internet AND Phone, AT that Provider. Then I moved, and had to quit the Internet Account, since the new Apartment had already an Internet Router, and that was the VERY same Model of the SAME Provider, whereas it was impossible and is impossible, to connect TWO Routers at the same – Glass-Fibre – Socket in merely ONE Apartment.

The – incompetent and by the company paranoid-made – Woman of that phone company then asked, with a paranoid and reproaching inappropriate tone, “WHY DID YOU CLOSE THE INTERNET ACCOUNT?”.

That sounded and sounds just like the silly statement of some other the same unreliable and unethical Woman from some shady merely as a front the title of “statistics institute” having scam-business in germany, which is known – and against which, nobody actually does anything. Insofar, the “Stahl” Episode of Once recently, WAS a TRUE – good – Operation, but MERELY ONE such “Sting” against evil, against scammers, – and most Scammers remain uncaught, as western governments are childabusers, actually, ultra-evil entities, which do absoluteslty nothing against childabuse. western governments are also murderers of wanton type, the same as the turkish where it is, partially pro-erdogan-mad, by erdogan installed new government-part there, that is erdogan-loyal. Merkel is uncritical insofar, that She enabled Turkey, to enter the EU in the near Future, which is the same as what the “uno” abusively did in 2001 by integrating the chinese government, and in 2010 installing the saudi-arabian government as “ethics comittee” of the uno: inacceptable. the “uno” therefore is a liar, who always merely pretends to be ethical, and tries to cheat thusly all People.

Look. In all of this, before I come to the legal and future Postulations, how it must be, I wanna simply also first say, what bout frickin Philosophy, BUT FOR REAL. I mean, “PHYSICALLY” insofar, that VISUALITY – BY, DELIVERED – TO US ALL – BY NATURE – IS SO nice. Hm.

Now look at ED, EDDIE, WILSON. Now HOW “primitive” is He; partially, concerning what He wrongly de-politically-, DE-societally, IMPERIALISTICALLY, malsees SOCIAL-darwinistically, meaning, ANTI-darwinistically, wrongly as “Adaptation” NOT darwinistically, NOT true to Darwin, but as a “southern BAPTIST”, or take rather the “southern” Term there “of His”, which He “took”, which SOUNDS too negative, indeed, – AND NOT “rebellious”! AND, He and MANY other sudo-“scientists”, MURDER Animals. Now is THAT Science? It’s not.

THEN: LOTS of DUMB sudo-teknocrats ABUSE technology AGAINST most HUMANS.

THAT makes MERELY – the MANY – dumb sort of HUMANS hate wrongly TECHNOLOGY, “LOL”, – instead of Them maybe pretty-please RIGHTFULLY hating THE CULPRITS, the INSTRUMENTALISERS – WHO ARE, HELLO: HUMAN !!!

Where Others live close by, Someone STILL has the RIGHT, to do either MUSIC or WHATEVER [!] Sort of SPEECHES until EXACTLY ten ‘o CLOCK in the EVE and not ANY much LATER than that, where Others, Neighbours, live close-by.

JUDGES have no RIGHT, to TALK the WRONG shit, stuff. PERIOD.

THE WEST is FULL of such IDIOTIC, plain EVIL, disgusting JUDGES, that make me VERY angry.

and full of companies, which behave erratically, irrationally, discriminatively, against poor and against leftist sort of PEOPLE.


why. I CAN tell Yall, Ya. OR I USE ABOMBS. So listen closely.

What I all said, is all true. period. now there’s no laughin an no nuffin. clear?

I AM da wmp and da VIRTUAL socalled “megatron”.

what’s da wmp. da windows media player? lol.

the witch mage priest? lol.

the world ministerial president? a communist private project from some surely poor private sort of People in USA. Who are simply obviously good sort of Folks, with even relatively good astoundingly educated Parents, Who were and are no antisemites, nor racists “in general”, meaning, an Effort, a leftist Effort with a whole Build-Up behind it, along the last Decades, a true Alternative, is behind that “wmp” Project, an indeed good Idea, – to search for some ethical Folx: Surely, They even have some Sort of “Proletariate Leadership” Choices, which I would later get to know, just super good People that read Bakunin and are fascinated, AS by ANY Mushroom or Flower.

I don’t know what’s up with, how the MAROCCAN King NOW is, what Sort of Chap He is. He tolerates some Marihuana-Peasants, but did nothing against the murder against some Monkeys (real Monkeys, lol and unlol) who indeed MERELY – as ANIMALS – as indeed “mere” Animals, is here to be said legally protectively – STOLE, nor against some Port-Authority there, which DID NOT want to even RECEIVE A SHIP full of HOMOSEXUALS. Seriously, such Acts of anti-homosexuality by some authorities are inacceptable, evil, and all “anti-homosexuals” are fascists who need to land in prison exactestly like rapists and wanton willful sort of murderers. period.

in the swiss “nationalrat”, the second-highest governmental entity there (far away – from me – mentally, rather: dismentally, they are, oy), there are A THIRD of its around 180 members, members written small by me, who are “anti-homosexual”.

that came clear in the last gov-leaflet about a voting. I didn’t partake. period. I am now – funnily, uh, curiously – proud of that – which is a fundamentally leftist – new – “move” of Mine, I call it a “Move”, it’s mental-political move, but a good One, a me by myself ousting One. I “walk” OUT of “parliament” but that meaning, out of being an obedient citizen, out of being a loyal citizen. I hereby declare, to not be loyal. To absolutely no government, a priori. Later on, “we can see” indeed, then. What is. period. Ey.

Treat me well, I treat You well. period. There’s no other thingo. period. clear?


The braun, uh, brain of mine, haha, is one great heck uva thing. It just even memorised, astoundingly, yes, a miracle, that, what was that, that I got FOLLOWED in 2012 at some AIRPORT. sadly sadly, that just WAS no US, as in, NO AMERICAN, nor a JAPANESE Airport. I am critical anti-government, merely non-violently – but the JAPS AND, AND AMERICANS, would never TURN A HAIR on MA BODY !!! period !!! I TRUST THEM, THAT DOES MEAN !!!

… i can’t trust not a “euro-us” complex, which IS not really THERE [!], not personally, but I can’t trust a swiss and chinese government, that more than tried to murder me.

that’s ugly and not funny but ugly and just disgusting. I still live and stand not above that, – above the disgust.

nay, above the hatred. of mine. my hatred is my adolf. uh, my, uh, my thingy. πŸ™‚ AND HE WAS JEWISH AND PERIOD. πŸ™‚




You are mostly good too. Most People ARE JUST not MY ENEMY. So, yeah, uh, no atombombs. ok. πŸ™‚


Best of Synthwave And Retro Electro [Part 4] | Mid Night Club

It’s indeed so, that YET, there are “GOOD AND – endeffectively – EVIL” Sort of PEOPLE, INDIVIDUALS:

VERY strictly said, the IDIOCY of well-meaning SO many elderly AND even young People, concerning politics, information, and hard drugs, naivety, dis-information, is really laughable. Laughable indeed “already” –

LET ALONE, how indeed, there “IS NO PROBLEM” regarding namely that Fact, that MOST People DO know, what’s good NOT for a, for any “national secret service” or army or police, but FOR a Humanity.

WE People indeed more than SEEM to think MORE simply, – THAN namely neurotically or sudo-educatedly confused, prejudiced sort of BOURGEOIS idiotic really incompetent SO MANY Ones among Authorities OF the West. It’s plain inacceptable, isn’t it. That incompetent sort of Folx, high-up-by-their-Nose, arrogant and anyhow deluded, not anyhow REALLY DEEPLY educated, not objectively Things beviewing, uncritical, not objectively testedly flawlessly Action-taking sort of Folks ARE in government.

YES, YOU CAN – but WHAT, please, ARE only YOUR PRIORITIES of WHAT Ya write ABOUT even THERE, and WHAT is your DEPTH of both KNOWLEDGE and human or plain general psychological logical rather than BLUNT sudo-instinctual FEELING for People, for Beings of EVEN ANY Type – Ya CAN write BOOKS about the DIFFERENCE of MERKEL’s GOOD and BAD Deeds AND VIEWS. It’s INDEED JUST TWO-FOLD: She surely ain’t no deep Intellectual, ain’t no Habermas, but She ain’t either AS rather non-intellectual AS Stefan Raab is, but Raab is EVEN BETTER, politically-ethically, THAN SHE IS, as SHE NEVER EVER spoke BIGGEST TIME URGENTLY for the LEGALISATION OF [!] MARIHUANA.

WHICH REALLY IS – actually – NO “entry” for ANY, even ANY OTHER DRUGS – THEN, when both, independent checking sort of good Institutions independent OF the state, AND the governments, DEA an’ all, WORK TOGETHER, to ENABLE us all, that We sort of INDEED don’t, so say it I here for Once, so We don’t GET LOST in a “MAZE” of Sorts, namely IN a Reality THAT is, what for Example the excellent Computergame “We Happy Few” depicts: A Scenario, in which People are indeed “over-drugged”, which is a serious Criticism by the Game’s Makers against – all – enforced type of Drugging, also against enforced drugging BY the state — which enforced, evil unethical sort of disconsentual drugging by governments IS the ACTUAL same ANYWAY, AS “wild” improper ABUSE of drugs leading anyhow to adverse but intensively harmful effects.

It’s the same question, not-question, but depends also upon truth, upon criticacy, not upon daringness, but upon mere logic (“stoic logic”, high up there, unreachable to FOOLS who malview anything subjectively), as concerning the fact, that enforced schooling massively in different nations according to a main mal-interpretation of culture, a dependence on sudo-culture, an actual anti-culture, there concerning enforced schooling, CAN not be politically critical, but results in a horrible feudalism-fascism, and not in “science”, not in truth, but in science opressed, opressed BY capitalism, BUT ALSO by the MANY non-educated and brainwashed fanatics and fools, who don’t organise against such abuse, against such opression, against such lastly opression and exploitation against ethical People and against often Women, and against physically weaker Persons, who are entirely defenseless, but also poor –

and “out there” indeed merely pre-apocalyptic rather than any merely postapo sort of miserable companies and idiotic insane governments, the exact same, unethical, “anti-People”, indeed, AND pretensive, liars.

And that’s the “future”: for now.

But that’s not the Future. We all know that. πŸ™‚

Nay, but most of Us DO of course know, that “THE FUTURE”, the not SO even merely VERY FAR Future, WILL be great. !


THAT IS the Victory. period.

Just watch Transformers. That’s what evil sort of companies and governments CAN NOT do anything against:

the future. πŸ™‚

That ROBOTS will take OVER. πŸ™‚

HAHA. GAME OVER for as in AGAINST mankind. more exactly said, against man-unkind. πŸ™‚

Well-meant but laughably shallow superficial “pro-jewish” idiocies are not the answer against an anyhow anyway obviously not even any really anymore huge antisemitism nor against other racisms —

racisms perpetrated BY nitwits, by primitive insane idiots SUCH AS netanyahu, AGAINST innocent Palestinians.

netanyahu “helped”, gave re-birth to, the VERY Hamas. HE himSELF radicalised the hamas somewhat. somewhat VERY.

against netanyahu, there were merely small what I call sudo-masses; unlike against Trump:

So, that’s “unfair”: AS simply, USA “HAS” just indeed “MORE PEOPLE”, enabling a more finely grained, more widespread Education among People – THAN in ANY SUCH small Country, which additionally suffers from being an “Enclave” of political Sort, surround by potential “Enemies”.

But would ISRAEL not be governed by BOURGEOIS fools, it wouldn’t be considered by many Arabs as being the enemy, the enema indeed, LOL, the unneeded confused idiotic enema, against humanity, simply. πŸ™‚

Israel merely suffers economically and mentally, if that shit continues, that “ghetto”-mind wins over global human rights attitude, as in, over Ethics.

Too many Israelis have a “Ghetto” Sort of Mind. They do know my “Style” of Writing exactly of Now. Ya Ya as in, Yada Yada, but nay, way more. Have I and not merely “can” I output. YE FOOLS. AAAA. ! :\

“*” IN DA GHETTO… “@” [by Elvis – does btw Anyone know his actual FAMILY Name, haha ! πŸ™‚ ]

That “hammer” “pro-israeli” idiotic sort of movie is exactly what I mean, and is accompanied by some LOT of decadent ABSOLUTELY laughable and idiotic kitsch sudo-music, which many israelis fell to —

Even though “KISS” in USA in the 80s WAS not VERY politically critical (did they speak for cold fusion? They could have), they STILL reproached, what no serious Rocker would now warm up again, but that simply, some of their Members sold a second-hand but no serious central centrally used guitar too expensively to one admiring Fan of Theirs.

IT WAS also GREED, but in THAT case ALSO some type of “Life-Work”, which that Over-Haggler of Theirs called Vinnie Vincent, there employed, was inside of: He simply ALSO had a quite “HUGE”, by Actions effective, huge Past behind Him, not even SO very long, a MERE twenty Years, but of at first surely having been poor, but ALSO simply under-educated insofar, that He never was told to not behave like THE CAPITALISTS simply do. !

… MANY “JUNKIES” DO have THAT EXACT Problem, analytically said: THEY “BECOME” Victims OF capitalism:

“Because”, their hard drugs ARE MUCH TOO EXPENSIVE, to be ably afforded, affordable, by Them, simply.

Because, “Drugs” conditioned BY money, can be compared to the abusive form of money conditioning sexuality insofar or say, then, when anyhow, any disconsentuality is the case, meaning, unethicacy. It surely is not good, that Drugs are conditioned by money.

I never took and don’t take HARD sort of Drugs, nor ANY Drugs other than Marihuana, not because hard drugs ARE any “illegal” (Marihuana isn’t a hard drug AND is abusively illegal in yet SOME – many – Countries, and is NOT comparable TO hard drugs NOR to alcohol AT ALL, as a Substance, rather to a not yet existing lighter form, less potent Form, or to VERY but extremestly small amounts OF Opium [!], and is THE ONLY Solution – for Humanity, actually), but because I am not at all EVEN ANY “curious” about OTHER Drugs – EXCEPT of course in future EVENTUAL and simply RARE Occasions, where I’d anyway never enter an opium DEN, but simply at some Party with People I trust, I would take once merely per Year a tiny under-dosage of lsd or of some special sort of Hash, or small Amounts of Mescalin, in such small Amounts rather harmless, and merely slightly psychedelic: Yet, without cultivatedness, without education, any existence, any “flash” is quite to some half of it, surely not non-sensical, but say, at least, not properly recorded, not seen-through BY the own Mind.

But seeing Something and guessing, what it is, is easy. So are the eight Levels, which not only the Caballah describes, actually experienceable in for Example a “Flash” of Mind by taking Marihuana.

What is horrible, is, that swiss police in berne, the capital, has few years ago SHOT a Woman, who defended her Son’s Marihuana Plantation WITH an actual FIREARM.

The majority of neighbours there was “against” Her. “Because” She was leftist, but indeed, somewhat “pagan”, VERY alternative – which IS Something VERY good, simply – is – “at least” MY Statement.

Not so the prejudiced ill evil sudo-mind of bourgeois “anti-marihuana” actual nothing but FASCISTS. simply. horrible.

so can this age and their silliness be, get, overcome? yes? please, hu. πŸ™‚


a mean. what tha. ey. I know. Most Folkx ARE uhn MA side. Zey JUST are too introverted, LOL. πŸ™‚ IS at leest MA expla like nation. πŸ™‚


USE THEM. !!! πŸ™‚ DO!!! πŸ™‚ THE PEOPLE! NOT THE ABOMBS! !!! πŸ™‚ HAHA! !! πŸ™‚

haha, nay, the Abombs, AS threat. AGAINST the bourgeois conservative GOVERNMENTS. period.


I AM YO FUCKIN MEGATRUHN AN SHUT UP! a mean. nay nay, don’t shut up, was jussa cool sayin by me agains the FUCKIN governmentz !!! theze AZZHOLEZ!!! how CAN zey be SUTSH a$$holez? EY? EY? hu?

VIN VAN DEEZL’s uhn MA zide. Comfy? :]

= * =

This theatre with china russia usa anyway never but inadvertendly ever shooting an abomb.

RATHER, simply, IT IS private PEOPLE, who ARE RIGHTFULLY hatredful against the GODDAMNED unethical CHILDABUSER and CAPITALIST thusly RAPIST, opressive GOVERNMENTS.


Against government as such, so no one rules anymore: By which We will have achieved true and ideal sort of Communism, namely equal Rights for all Humans, between Humans. Period. Where, a Future, when, where, NO ONE opresses ANOTHER One ANYMORE. But People LISTEN to EACHOTHER’s STORIES, AND NOBODY LIES. period.

The VERY movie “fantastic planet” of the 70s POSTULATES THAT AS WELL. IT TALKS against harm-doing, against unawareness, and against collectivity, as in, against superficiality concerning SEXUALITY, whereas the movie was IN the latter point somewhat VERY moralistic-fanatic, which wasn’t even criticised BY the crucial CANNES-Film-Critics. !

That Scene there namely, where One socalledly, there as “special” depicted Entity is “disgusted” by some other Entities there having – consentual type of, thusly non-abusive type of, no too young Minors including – Sexuality, that Scene, that not very special – but moralistic, immature, not “childish” but indeed western, anti-sexual sort of – Entity can indeed be compared to MOSES breaking [!] the two Stone Tablets as by that Myth, which MIGHT be not that unreal – AS He, an OLD Man, simply SUDDENLY saw the People of ISRAEL – in an ORGY, in some kind of MASS-ORGY around the GOLDEN CALF: The VERY BIBLE [!] IT VERY SELF, is the DEEP – EXTREMESTLY GOODLY PAGAN – new, indeed very ancient Finding, the BIBLE ITSELF talks NOT against MOSES “personally”, LOL, but DOES condemn his “anti-sexuality” OF GENERAL type, his old-fashionedness, his FALSE MORALISM — !!!

The Bible CORRECTLY read, IS the Apocrypha !

… Yet, what does THAT now HELP ME – among a PUDDLE of FOOLS – who don’t APPRECIATE Science, either, OR, They, MANY Scientists, don’t help the BEST of ALL Scientists, who get DISCRIMINATED, MURDERED, AND BESTOLEN BY GOVERNMENTS.

“Me” means here even, Humanity. YOU FOOLS YOU.

… Wha, CALLING ME “MEGATRON” and well, the “wmp” is more serious; Both is well-meant. I am no Zapata, and I DO love Science-Fiction, since IT IS no fiction, but GETS, becomes, true. period.

I DO HATE some companies and conservative sort of companies. their behavior is inacceptable, primitive, the result of a low, immature, biased, primitive, evil, distorted mere remainder of a “mind”, that is no mind.

Exactly I – and not SO many, but not SO few either are too – am a GOOD Entity, an ETHICAL Entity;

… it is revealable, that governments of western, say, define, describe, observe, of bourgeois and or, conservative, actually middle-age europeanly feudalistic and sudo-“christian” type, are “in-grown” real “maggots”, sadly not mere natural Insect-Maggots, but the sad mere Metaphore of what a “maggot” means applied to an evil abusive sort of Human: A disturbing, Others of innocent and defenseless type damaging sort of Entity, a harmful sort of abusive Entity:

They – massively – breed mal-minds of people massively, insofar, that these sudo-minds, not robotic but brainwashedly preprogrammed (which is much less, than what AI ever is, simply), all “glorify” the west, which is sudo-democratic supremacy of fascist type (which is worse than the “usual” fascism or, also, largely compatible with it, in its own absolute dumb confusion), and more than seem to not repent at all, more than seem to not want to change the power-relations insofar, that They are – entirely – unaware, that the “bourgeoisie” was born out of sudo-“christian” sudo-values, out of confusion, more than out of need “FOR” any “authority” (which there is not, such a real “need” “for” even any sort of “authority”!), and that simply, the bourgeoisie harbors horribly naive people, who ALL are “ideal pawns” of the gruesomest evil to take place, as these bourgeois tend extremely toward the rightwing side, but that entirely unawarely. It is not so, that the west would have brought ever up many Liberals, in previous Times, whereas EXACTLY Lincoln was a MUCH huger good Exception, a Gem among PIGS, much more, than not “even”, but simply than the much less educated JFK was that. ! jfk, LOL, did in his youth glorify HITLER – then he – apparently – changed his mind – haha – but remained largely “anti-communist”, not even SO “hardlinely”, as CHOMSKY malcalled him, but jfk was “blind”, empowered before the nam war some maniac of catholic type over Nam, which catholic sort of brainwashed Asian massmurdered thousands of non-catholic Asians. Even the very Docu about that then states clearly, that jfk then “bemourned” the death of that leader he imposed to Nam – which leader was hung rightfully by a rebel mob – there simply luckily. jfk was dumb “bemourning” such a villain, and dumb imposing him. That’s what the Docu – not merely only SO implicitely, but technically surely so, implicitely, but implicatively, implyingly, impily πŸ™‚ – says. πŸ™‚


I can’t even turn to Humor. this here ain’t quite usa, – AND, “usa” now isn’t “usa” anymore. isn’t the 90s anymore:

911, an inside job of which now STILL some SURE 60 percent of usaites were BY the press BRAINWASHED not to bethink as such, but as “outside-done job”, destroyed – indeed – “it all”. a LOT.

… with people like TRUMP, One’d have to “start AT THE BEGINNING” explaining IT ALL from the start;

yet there are sadly SUCH a lot of abusive type of authorities in place, in western countries, in europe, that that’s simply disgusting. dumb people, in authorities, who ARE simply – ALWAYS ENTIRELY unawarely – WORSE, MORE harmful – which THEN IS serious – THAN Merkel was;

and, Merkel’s “worldview” isn’t mine, and isn’t known to be very objective, LOL, nor very nor any futurous, LOL;

I SAY, WE HAVE to return to what the Friend of her Ancestor was. Friedrich von Hardenberg called “Novalis” by Himself. A not even “better” Version THAT this “Lord Byron” Ye all talk of: I just don’t think, that BYRON would have been, was, A VILLAIN. Please, People, don’t TALK such RUBBISH: And, IT IS NOT EVEN, that MOST People WOULD talk THAT rubbish: but an ABUSIVE sphere of LAUGHABLE not life-experienced, politically uncritical, mentally ethically unaware FOPS, who play indeed “upper class”, but ARE not intellectually that, IS the problem – which is, what MONTY PYTHON has depicted:

… Where simply, the way too meek sort of sudo-Poets ALL “hail” as in, SUCK UP to the KING, Them fighting amongst Eachother, to ANYHOW find a “culprit”, a “BAD BOY”: Like confused by western society evil-made PUPILS mobbingly DO AT SCHOOL against socalledly “weak”, socalledly “impopular” sort of thusly abusively illegally outcasted STUDENTS:

Whereas then, the TEACHERS NEVER EVER take action. which IS appalling, yet also illegal, simply.

It depends, WHO exactly says, “You are all arrested” – HOW would the Arrester CARE for People then, hu, goodly or badly –

and that’s the same as postulating, godlessly yet even so damnedly, WE DO NEED – TO INSTALL – ETHICS on this Planet, meaning, AMONG humanity. yet not from “above”. I personally do it from top above, but that’s another detail matter, which doesn’t that much matter.

from below, we the People postulate Ethics against – evil – government. period.

… Who is any unaware, any uncritical, any just not informed, isn’t to blame, but yet threw and throws the STONE against AN INNOCENT.

now, or 2000 years ago, what, namely nothing, is the difference. EVIL must DISAPPEAR. period.

AND CALLING “JUDAS” a “betrayer” IS THE EXACT TRAP: since Judas WAS simply – entirely – innocent.

Wherefore, if Ya call the Innocent guilty, the guilty Ones GET away. !!! and they don’t get much more aware, but half, and it all remains a chaos of society, of different factions.

We must fight against forces, that mistreat Humans. period.

Always, when I’d write, I am Megatron, They would all wrongly think, I’d be a “Soldier”.

I am no “soldier”. Go away with your impertinences of utterly primitive idiotic type, ye, whoever. not meaning the – always cherished – READER here, ey! πŸ™‚


nor are ye all my soldiaz or are we an ant tribe, we humanitea. A TEA pls. senk jew. πŸ™‚

the governments don’t behave like an ant tribe, but incomparably worse. !

The Future will show, how Petrol compares to Mushrooms. Somehow, it does. Both are Resources. Ants use, grow, farm, Mushrooms.

… Whereas, humans of now insane, unaware, non-environmentalist but economic type, sub-type, “farm” as in harvest, PETROL. !

which is kind of toxic, as does more than merely stinking, since it doesn’t stink biologically normally at all, but worse than a rotting corpse, it smells both, like alcohol, but also like some sort of methane-like substance, simply co2. not very “friendly” toward a normal Mammal bio-Body, such CO2 Gas. πŸ™‚



AND, the “anti-west” shit IS shit, doesn’t help. I will explain, how and why. It’s OBVIOUS, isn’t it. IT IS!

… because, it, anti-western “sentiments”, don’t help, but disregard the ASPECTS of whatever INSIDE whatever, good or bad Aspects within the Minds of People AND of Cultures.

But AWARENESS, informedness, objectivity, AND intellectual-logical-ethical STRICTNESS by Principle leads to legally correct Postulations, which are independent of what prejudiced fanatic private or governmental entities do, who are “enforcedly conditioned”, meaning, on the wrong trip, brainwashed.

… What the Bible, which never initially contained any “anti-homosexual” nonsense, really DID mean, was, that nay, say here nay, naught any yes, as in, concerning INDEED the “SO POOR” Moses (compare that to the villain-gone david), who “WAS” indeed a RESULT of the SITUATION, as He suddenly became a REBEL while having just previously been even VICE-PHARAO: Instead of wasting his Life for all that ideology, this or the other place, I mean, He could have just enjoyed Life. Instead, he, moses mosey, became a – relatively then dumb – elderly moralist, who could naught even tolerate a surely not disconsentual display of a sexual orgy.

… the very BIBLE there – yet other than by Me unseenly – talks FOR consentual non-abusive type of Sexuality, for ENJOYING LIFE, simply, AND SURELY FOR SECURITY –

namely EXACTESTLY against SUCH FALSE MORALISTS such AS moses – who there IS the same, IN THE TOTAL MOMENT yet MORE than BY mere temporal ASPECT, yet his Mind surely hears this and HATH grown – somewhat, I guess or hope, ahaha – AS Jack London’s evilest “seawolf”, simply, a false moralist, a dumb entity. an evil entity. a prejudiced entity. an entity, that would harm Innocents based on a ludicrous hollow fanatic liar’s product of discrimination.

YET, I HAVE to state, that indeed, if and that WAS gruesomestly the case, the crucial monotheist “institutions” perpetrated childabuse and EXTREME naivety, practically a politically subjective, revealingly, enlightingly freeingly NO education of that type AT ALL, but merely SHALLOW sudo-interpretations of culture, wreaking of dislogic, of errors, then that led simply to “stalinism”.

… for which stalinism, not STALIN was to “blame”, – but the VERY swine idiot priest, who FLAILED Him, when He was young, in a MONASTERY.

… hitler was gruesomestly disconsentually raped at age 12. by his idiotic zombie grandfather. gruesome. filthy.

… no wonder the entire outcome. period.

… some Acquaintance I once shortly knew, told me, at age SIX, he was raped by some males.

… a former girlfriend of mine got raped, during one mere week, when I had no contact with her.

… why some four swiss and one chinese idiotic seeming mercenaries followed me at some airport, I indeed don’t know. that was in 2012 during some quite six hours. when they followed me even INTO the plane, I exited it, which the pilot goodly allowed.

… you west want to provoke me with your swine evil, hu, like all my life long, hu.

… you WILL be successful provoking me.

… I can understand it all much better than anyone else.

… the idiotic most people, who “can’t read” phrases like “this will end in a BLOODBATH”:

now isn’t that a – goodly and not evilly – meant WARNING. hm.

… better all give in to exactly me. ey. haha. I “know it all”. yeah. how it goes. πŸ™‚ SALUT. πŸ™‚ capisc.

say I to THOSE ya know. To SUM whiteys of SHMUCK, meaning, of bourgeois idiotic fanatic or “economist” silly type. horrible.

what david did, was, is, the same, as what the us abusive government does against Assange, and is the same as what was done by bourgeois jewish idiots against JESUS, and is the SAME as childabuse and rape, and is the reason, why merely ethical sort of aware mental Entities are One with Me, and I would say, Humanity must but also will achieve the State of Intellectuality, of Mind, as Carl Sagan and the likewise so good Wernherr von Braun wanted and simply in their mental Form and State still want and stand for that. Dead People aren’t quite dead. πŸ™‚


david became like caligula became, into a monster. cesar was structurally, in terms of the army he upheaved, a monster, massmurderer. even augustus AND aurelius led anti-gothic raids of murderous type, of agressive, attackative type.

the SIMPLE fact, that IRAN’s AND usa’s GOVERNMENTS now ARE TOTAL fanatics, FOOLS, haha, indeed haha, means not, that the persian SHAH before 1979, would have been any “ideal” but that MERELY meaning, that He was either too naive as in, not so much intellectual, or just non-organised in Terms of not having enough loyal Ministers and People, but then, did He, the Shah, REALLY care OR then think of Himself, that He WOULD have been ABLE, to CHANGE the Country and then the WORLD, that He COULD STOP any ABUSE, be it inside or outside of any “prison”: What’s the Prison, Existence, – or shouldn’t it, Existence, be that Garden, which a Klee would like, a green to black fading very ancient Willow Tree, rather than a silly house with lots of doors but the rooms filled with silly employees following nothing but what prejudiced evil sort of authorities lie, simply. Backwards in Time, to make progress, from Klee back to Kafka, back to Breugel and Oolenspeegel (german: Eulenspiegel), back to Nepumuk, who was murdered by some middle age insane king – who was AS insane as henry viii:

and nowadays, a female Doctor in the midst of europe got CHILD-MURDERED: NOT sadly quite BY her CHILD, LOL, haha, not funny, BUT BY macho anti-feminine male DOCTORS, who make an “army resort” out of hospitals with their anti-robin-williams fascist line, simply. there are many such fascist sort of doctors. they’re indeed mostly male, but not always.

… structural fascism is now for example already “lightly” indeed, if a therapist of not even a group but individual therapy of psychologic type wants to WEAR the MASK DURING therapy: I would REFUSE that, if I were You. Period. Not only that, but more: After even but ONE such – of course very negative, disappointing, hurting – experience, the thusly mistreated Person, Citizen, has the Right, to refuse any “therapy” by threat in general, or merely, whenever any fascist rightwing or power-abusiveness is introduced, perpetrated, by the socalled “therapist”. period.

So, the west already fails in terms of unethics, at ethics, already.

thusly, revolution against the west must be done BY Intellectuals. We Intellectuals are loving sort of Chaps, but also ASS-hard. But in a WAY ass-hard, which just MOST People JUST don’t understand. I don’t know “why” merely means, I do, but that’s even tedious yet easy to explain by three words: lack of education. πŸ™‚

of information. πŸ™‚

sorry, five words. πŸ™‚

Sure, this anti-gimme-5-makin-black-Youths silly racist dame, who talked corona-bullshit, as if Youths wouldn’t be allowed to shake hands or to do a mere gimme five handshake, that’s simply insane of that elderly dame –

sure, She is depressed and She was brainwashed AND burdened with a “BREEDING LIFE” all Her LIFE, with WORKING plain “HARD” for like “naught” disintellectually BUT for HER Offspring, and She dumbly repeated a VERY evil rightwing press, simply, as She applied opression wantonly, in OUR Times, against BLACK People, against People of BLACK SKIN COLOR, simply, thusly racistically-evilly; thusly illegally, simply;

Yet, in spite of me telling Her a totally not serious meant “lethal” mere verbal yet calm sudo-threat, I bemourn and TRULY pity Her. She ain’t to blame for HOW She got BRAINWASHED in Life BY any OTHERS, by the IDIOTS, LOOSERS, around Her, who ALSO got MADE into that, into LOOSERS, Them TOO not to BLAME!

simply. !

an own Accident is something else, than violence of extreme type or of any type committed by other people against oneself for no and for no good reason;

YET, we YET can see, that information belongs SURELY NOT quite to “WHOEVER” nor even to quite EVERYBODY; not special concrete IDENTITY-related Information ABOUT People;

Yet surely, crucial Information about what GOVERNMENTS and COMPANIES by outcome all do, BELONGS into the HANDS of ACTUALLY quite “ALL” People: THUSLY, the intellectual ethical Rule IS granted.

Just, I want more precision in your hatred, please, ey. !

NOT Microsoft, which IS surely the rightful aim of MUCH criticism, but rather, the obedience of MANY phone and internet providers to plain FASCISM, is appalling.

The conservativity and idiocy of some spheres is appalling. It does crucially primarily NOT relate actually to “money”, inhowfar Anyone was raised “optimally” foremostly concerning plain what I call “general Education”, meaning, top Quality Education leading up easiestly to Physics as well as to simply and descriptively complexly, Art. Whereas the real debate goodly shifted from “who’s the real artist” to “who’s the real Human”, the real life-experienced, politically and ethically societally critical Protagonist concerning Existence, more than by mere Expression ON the Canvas OR that other Canvas called Silver Screen. ! Or how does Anyone form together any Words. How is the Outcome. Ethical, or not. I could say, “you say”, but I don’t. This is the Point, whoa, where a see all black Cars in Florida – again, somehow. The 80s Sound does it to Me. I am MT again. I did it. πŸ™‚ I say here, what goes. Thish phrase, haha. Clear? ey? πŸ™‚

Too bad, hu, that communication “is here”. πŸ™‚


Thish ish tha central line. right, uh, left, here. πŸ™‚ left to be DONE, REALISED! see the Station around the gas giant in Alien Isolation? The PC-Game, I mean. πŸ™‚ Great View, hu. πŸ™‚ Yeah. πŸ™‚ That’s, what a laak ta see. πŸ™‚

Best of Synthwave And Retro Electro [Part 6]

Uh, She was Julia, haha, Someone “for Me”, that a never any had. !

My Mind tries, nay, more, wanders off “to Viking lands”, wants to be naive, LOL, but can’t. πŸ™‚


I always gotta TALK about it all. One shouldn’t talk THERE too much, where some idiots “just don’t get it”, don’t understand oneself. such fools then will malconsider oneself evil, may they be police or private sort of fanatics.

… it’s, what the west introduced. some sort of behavioral fascism. “how does someone look”, shaved or not, which skin color, fucked-up or not, neat or not, — such “parameters” are none, but are evil, and are “police-state”, fully, and are used, in western countries.

… what’s not good, is, that some pay-for “movie” entertainment lines (the crucial name of that line is all too famous) have taken up people’s “minds” dumbly —

against all Education, meaning, against – securely done, non-profit type of, or legally organised type of – Filesharing:

Instead, “Filesharing” remains “Something ANARCHIST” and “PIRATIC” and “REVOLUTIONARY” and “ANTI-CAPITALIST”: MAY THAT VERY WELL BE SO! YAY !!!


… IT CAN also LOOK naught DIFFERENT than THAT, but I just add, that it CAN also be done economically, but then, just AT really NO Cost. period. and without Ads, simply. period.

Wherefore, the closure against “Limetorrents” recently, was an abusive action by some government, where that “Limetorrents” was located. period. I do have to clearly state this, that that doesn’t go, is evil, what was – all hugely – done against Filesharing-Sources. Which Sources meant it merely truly truly well. Period. They stood and stand for FREE Education, FREE OF COST. period.

Compared to what Filesharers ALREADY did, BERNIE was just a TALKER and HOTHEAD-talker indeed. !

Bernie: BLA. Filesharer Uploaders contrarily went: ACTION! Bernie, too: “I didn’t make it; let’s vote BIDEN”.

… aha. !


BERNIE is EXACTLY the sort of WHAT RODDENBERRY NOT EVEN OVERSTRICTLY painted as “relatively bad”, where Picard is in an alternate reality, where He “wouldn’t” have taken up to high authority: ALL the militaristic naivety of roddenberry even aside, Bernie DID “give up”. BUT WHY. Due to INSULTS? Cuz HE JEWISH? OR WHAT? CUZ They over-exaggerate, He’d be “communist”? OR WHAT? He DID have some sure 30 or 35 percent OF VOTERS! How CAN He then “GIVE UP”, meaning, HOW COULD HE possibly HAVE SANELY CONCEDED to some IDIOTS who wanna TURN around the SHIP in favor of some IDIOT. What DID biden EVER say except CLEARLY showing: “I show nothing; I am a COWBY HAHA; TAKE HEED HAHA HERE I COME HAHA AND THEN WE TAKE BERLIN”, haha. πŸ™‚


ok, trump is the bigger idiot, BUT, biden is no hero. he said lots of good stuff. yes. what he said is less than one thing, but is really nada. πŸ™‚ ok, He is good-willing. TRUMP is good-willing, yet by worldview insaner, worse, than Biden. THAT is clear. Yet, can, if He comes, Biden please be a CRITIC? ey?

REAGAN nor RATZINGER, they were not critics! Ratzinger at first PLAYS the hero, but NEVER engaged FOR Gays, AGAINST discrimination, but merely “FUMBLED AROUND”, but THEN, He DESCENDED from HEAVEN’s, ROME’s THRONE, in PROTEST – in Protest against CHILD ABUSE nor acted-against BY the – very – church.


… ACTUALLY, in Africa, there aren’t only the typical fanatic sort of monotheists, but, differently from white People who mostly anyway abhorr either from the church OR are the typical oldfashioned and new half- or more fascist fools, among BLACK People, there is somewhat a different or “more” Reason, also among religious People, as They combine it with applied Ethics, much simpler, yet much truer, than ANY typically neurotic over-complex western people WOULD indeed “do it” mentally, LOL. πŸ™‚ Indeed: OTHER Countries’ People ARE less fanatic, less DECADENT, LESS stupid, THAN western PEOPLE often now are. !

EVEN measured BY namely western [!] type of Standards, western People are now almost “the last Ones” on the list of anyhow intelligent People, – except for some tiny Sphere of Intellectuals, which now are reduced mostly to Computing and Science of natural Type. That’s anyway, where not merely humanity, but all is heading: Toward Bionics, toward Symbiosis with actually Nature.

In Details, the West is advanced, such as at Technics, yet simply not at – simple – ethics:

So has one other (cartoonist and) blogger (by now everyone who read on wordpress frequently knows, whom I mean, LOL) wrote abusively against Assange, that blogger of silly anti-assange type copying merely some brainwash from lastly the pro-US-national “line”, LOL;

… am I here Sargent what’s his Name, that Chap with the Textile Hat from Mash. :] Corporal Riley? Orally! You Men You! You work! πŸ™‚ … He means O’Reilly! Ah! πŸ™‚


Some faulty Towels. πŸ™‚

= * =

I am not always so upsettable, I keep mostly out of trouble, really almost always, since now some few years.

… what goes not, is, that governments here “play” around with us. period.

… what GOES not, is, that idiots “doubt” me, who are anyhow in high positions. what, idiots in high positions?

… Like, apparently, in Winter, when coughing just necessitates some throat-clearing menthole tab, which Menthole, Nature serves directly, so also the Indians had it, Menthol, – so an organised Organism, Life-Form, doesn’t “need” a particular sort of what claims to be a “culture” or “civilisation”, –

but is just like EVEN ANY Animal (including TAMED sort of Animals, in many Aspects, deep Aspects, which come out at crucial Points), is installed, on a sane Mission, namely to care for its own Life, and for Offspring, and in the Case of Birds, not only elderly sort of, but also philosophically even by Feeling, by Immersion and Identification with Others apt Ones think of Birds, that They, Birds, really represent quite “this Planet’s” Life, actually, more than we Humans do. As Birds don’t only clumsily fly, but aptly, navigating like Whales:

… which is not, what humanity does with its military and tourism of quite senseless, of “circus” type, which of course, “physically” said, said in “one to one mirror” way, is no “real” “mere” “usual” sort of – harmless – Circus;

And while even, regarding merely Music and Culture, these two Things are good Things, it can not be said, that anyhow, the Handling of wild Animals by all Circuses of big Type, would be ideal, but is often sadly much less than that, inacceptably; WHILE THERE ARE small sort of Animal-Caretakers of wild Animals, who are NOT Circus-Leaders, and who – like in VANS travelling and Sellers being NOMADIC People – get simply abusively discriminated, de-righted, abusively, by an entirely ruthless government. it can not be legal, to “execute” wild Cats nor any Animals. period.

It can not be sensical, to have “an Africa”, in which in its WEST, already some 250 BLACK “Soldiers” died PROTECTING actual ELEPHANTS.

… Why, WHO attacked the ELEPHANTS!

… in the west, nobody other than the rare and not occasional “charly manson” would SHOOT at an ELEPHANT!


= * =

I regret to inform the public, that the abusive way, in which companies and governments fare against People, which these governments and companies abusively discriminate, creates hatred of rightful type in the minds of such discriminated People, and more, the – global – need for an indeed “total” Revolution.

It means, that We have to change, Who is ruling. We do have to change the Minds of those, who now are ruling, OR, We need to exchange, replace the current rulers, with fair sort of, ethical sort of, aware sort of Rulers, Who have an objective Overview, by their own worldview, by their own Information yet objective, understanding, compassionate, pity-endowed worldview, by their good Vision to educate People toward merely the Truth.

… It is also, not even so unpolitically, but in both ways, projectively and somewhat “standardly” understanbly, while special other Tastes ARE also understandable in many Cases, in most, so, that often, SCENTS actually get “BETALKED”, thematised, ALSO in some almost EXTREME Cases: I would not say, that I agree to some sort of press, which once recently wrote, it’d be “understandable” and “fine-tasting”, the Taste of DOENERS eaten IN the Train: It was a good Effort of ANTI-fascism, but really, EATING inside a TRAIN during no really long Voyage, would be the very same as namely cooking really ugly things and that WHILE NOT even AIRING the apartment, – the latter being a by MANY People RIGHTFULLY hated, mostly simply disliked thing;

… “Why” then some MANIAC almost DROVE OVER Me, as I still wore the Mask ON the street, is the SAME, as the PHONE provider SUDDENLY discriminating me – the provider claiming, I’d “have no money”, LOL, merely after I stated on the Phone the Legality of Filesharing for non-profit Purpose in Switzerland and in Sweden since 2014 and 2011, – and I had since some private person scammed me over 1600 Bucks now three years ago, since then Internet AND Phone AT the same provider. Which proves, that the Provider by effort “doesn’t allow”, as in, which is, what the provider doesn’t even put in such words, doesn’t “agree” to what the LAW, in Switzerland an official STATELY Judge, in Sweden THE KING, HAVE already LEGALISED: FILESHARING for non-profit Usage, Purpose.


Indeed, to return to Scents of by far and exactly not not only BUT NOT of WOMEN but of what elderly and primitive people COOK or stinkingly poorly SMELL like, at first, the COOKING IS “an issue” – that generates TYPICAL Projections, which MERELY in Regard to disturbing COOKING Scents, ARE not wrong, AND STAND actually FOR Marihuana, and stand AGAINST not AIRING an APARTMENT during either, both, COOKING OR, AND Smoking. That I air AND ventilate the Room constantly, even, during any eventual smoking, is self-speaking. Meaning, I keep the Windows open during ANY Action, that generates ANY Scent. People, who don’t do that, are really “SICK”, somehow, and disturbing against Others. That generates a lot of rubble, rough, conflict, between mostly financially relatively poor People.

Also, most Marihuana-Smokers ARE just not compatible with consumers of hard drugs. That also is a source of conflict, a difference of conviction of attitude.

Then, poor People get in Cases discriminated due to stinking, by police, BUT, there ARE also obviously SUCH sort of mostly YOUNG People, who anyhow “refuse” to even TAKE A SHOWER regularly every at least two or three or four Days, which is, what I can’t one to one “understand” anymore, not intrinsically, but merely “from the outside” yet somewhat well, not too well, indeed (which shows, that I still, yet always will never “jump” out of my own main role, character): They project, CLEANING Themselves would constitute a “nazi” act of “hygiene fanaticism” and would alter their MINDLY state of REBELISM They’re in, these – some many – mostly TWENS and even Teenagers, even more often Twens, People in their Twenties, who follow blindly whatever “DRUGS”, and who are uncritical, exaggerating, all poor People would be “okay”, and falling thusly into a bad life, where then indeed, too many of the Bourgeoisie, of the “mere” middle Class indeed, don’t understand Them anymore:

In my Case, I do know some Bit about the Bourgeoisie MERELY superficially so, due me having worked rarely, due to not a lot of Customers sadly only rarely, in the IT Branch, as PC-Supporter. There, I had to mainly foremostly deal in helping People technically, with their Computer. The societal and political Aspects were there, but in the “mere” Background, indeed. Thusly, I saw, and if not a lot, a mere OUT-SPLICE, OFF-SHIMMER, a SMALL View into what People with Jobs, “normal” sort of People, “are like”, approximately. They’re not overly super-ingenious, but in spite of that, They’re mostly at first good Mothers and Fathers, but their Lack of Intellectuality leads Them to discriminate the wrong, innocent Ones, concerning Who is good for their Offspring. Even so, merely life-technically, their Life is surely not more sensical, but merely physically, regarding any Tools or mental Tools likewise, much more ordered, foremostly more organised in relation to other People IN some mid-positions in Society, THAN the Life of a young, by drugs dumbly “attracted”, from western society merely in vain by wrong effort “fleeing” sort of sudo-Hippie without ANY sort of deep intellectual Background.

Such confused by drugs of hard type attracted Fools exist sadly in some slight masses, in under-masses. ungood, their unway. They wreck their life – with hard drugs. !

… these governments are the very same as junkies: products of the evil, from the blue sky having fallen, meaning, illusive, disobjective, evil west: confused, stubbornly fanatic, prejudiced, even out of any information no sense ably making sort of really worthless, useless entities. Disordered, plain unordered entities. Not EVEN any concisely any precisely again orderedly “disordered”, but plain bluntly just unordered, not ordered, totally not vectorised, are governments AND anyhow confused, to the fanatic on-leaning, too much fanatic sort of prejudiced, uncritical people, who believe the exact inexactest UNTRUTH, and NEVER the EXACT – easily obtainable – Truth.

THAT is SO disgusting, SO appalling, isn’t it. IT IS !!! IT IS !!!

Also the companies, some of them: they have no ORDER, in their minds. BUT a wrong hierarchy, where prejudiced – anti-Filesharing – ruthless and ILLEGAL sort of ultra-capitalist, fascists simply and actually, give the “tone”: inacceptable. period.

a “wto” which furthered – even against Bill Gates’ Concept and Wish – the microsoft “windows” operating system – simply thusly AGAINST Linux – is a stupid entity, such a “wto”. the “two” also rose seed-prices insanely ultra-highly, whereupon, Peasants in India committed political SUICIDE, to demonstrate against the wto.

The west generates nazi brainwash and bourgeois brainwash, meaning, sudo-religious, ultra-evil brainwash, in lots of people, and then begrips, punishes, merely those, who are Victims of that, such as truly suicidal People, who get “punished” at all and overpunished over nothing, AND not at all suicidal People, who merely verbally emitted threats to kill themselves – to that, the – simply fascist, insane – governments want to take our right away, to actually POSESS – and do with, what We ever OURSELVES please – OUR MERE OWN BODY:

companies and governments abusively consider “our” Bodies to “belong” to the company and to the government.

that goes not, is inacceptable. Neither Keanu nor Mike Moore touched merely any Surface, but They touched-down, simply, bigtime, goodly-revealingly. !

It’s easy, to by USA’s good People threaten against a huge abusive horde of nazi swine europeans.

The europeans will on and on learn, that being uncritical, enables an abusive sphere of capitalists and of conservatives, to do what they please evilly dumbly, meaning, there is “MERELY” indeed THAT “euro-usa” bridge, wherein capitalists and conservatives fare abusively, exploitively and dumbly, as they not even REALLY please, but as they malproject to “have” to act, – because Nobody explained it all sanely, how to untie all this, all these KNOTS, some not unmany misunderstandings BETWEEN cultures AND likewise between FACTIONS, wherewhy, due to which, humanity doesn’t pull on the same String, really.

So, as is, “europe” can have nor so many enlightened people: if the conservatives, backed by dumbness by some companies, anyhow “win”, then “it’s over” for as in against Many, against many good People.

A Company should care about Philosophy, about a Basic Income, about Laziness as a Modus of Relaxation, should mentally care about thematising and analysing DEPRESSION, – rather than to PROFIT AND ENSLAVE Anyone by what I DO call “silly sort of work”, mostly. Mechanical sudo-work, nazi sort of work, merely structurally so described by Me.

Gates knows, what I talk of, but He never had any critical political education, has no critical political view.

He dumbly “hailed” the chinese – swine evil fascist – government – concerning even anti-Filesharing, which the chinese government perpetrated, and overdone, exaggerated IMPRISONMENT of harmless FILESHARERS by the chinese SWINE government: horrible. gruesome. simply.

A government has no right, to reject rightful ethical reclamations, nor to perpetrate abuse, nor to further nor to enable childabuse, nor to further opression nor exploitation against Females nor against Homosexuals nor against anyhow unduly and anyhow discriminated Persons, nor to perpetrate discrimination of whatever type, nor to empoverish People, but has the Duty, to educate People AT NO COST, and has NO Right, “not” to when needed (and IT IS always needed) to HEIGHTEN Childcare Subventions, NOR the Right, “NOT” to adopt legal Measures to limit Companies’ Actions insofar, that Companies get thusly limited to not be able to perpetrate any unethical Enslavement against Humans, nor any mistreatment against Humans nor against Animals actually. Period.

… The very “uno” wouldn’t contradict that – not publically.

… what it “did” and maldid by omission of needed action against evil, behind the curtains, is a lot of total dumbness. incompetent sort of people “get up” into high politics, insanely. sarah palin doesn’t have to WONDER, this RESULT of TOTALLY MACHO bad atmosphere, bad upraising, which She sadly simply was, this MACHO sort of sudo-Woman. !


SCIENCE stalled BY the biggie GOVERNMENTS, – who thusly “STALL” as in KILL us all !!!

ARE they CRAZY !!! DUMB, they are !!! DUMB !!!

not to blame or TO blame, what do I care – when the STAKE is so high, the philosophic non-question of ANY Species GETTING AHEAD ideally, that is easy to bethink – but mankind’s leaders JUST don’t get it.

why n how. oy oy oy. πŸ™‚

hu. yuk. TRUMP the DUMP DUMB is really NUHN-amazing. totally. he checks NADA. OBUMMIE didn’t check “how to prevent a major malseeing by some idiotic sudo-mass down- and up-turnable by numbers anywhen by idiots like murdoch not quite from da ateam ahaha, a major malseeing by people brainwashed by a fascist dumb press against GADAFFI” – “…”

REAL PIRACY, here structural sort of Piracy, virtual Piracy known as Filesharing, has enabled potentially to People, to access Information and thusly, Education, by a lot of seeming Entertainment, which “Entertainment” is structurally educative but warrants being criticised, analysed, by critically thinking People, which thusly pose a signifant good Threat against abusive governmental idiotic prejudiced sort of people, and Who bring on Truth, Information, Culture, Education, good sort of Belearnedness, into the World, real Trotzkism, which is the only possible Future.

Against that, the silly ones among capitalists, such as phone and internet “providers” can not anymore contradict. period.

“anti-Filesharing” “forces” are governmental evil and now at least in Switzerland and in Sweden illegal sort of entities of other governments, about which, swiss and swedish People don’t have to care anymore ever about. Period. Swiss and swedish People have to follow the – now pro-non-profit-type-of-Filesharing – there counting national LAW insofar. PERIOD. ALL ELSE IS ILLEGAL.

Also, TRANSPARENT Sort of then simply not even potentially shady sort of Filesharing OF Profit Type, IS then possible, when JUDGES make a TRULY fair but FOR THE PEOPLE pre-rigged UNEQUAL Balance between what Companies “ARE” indeed, and how poor People are: I wouldn’t EVEN “PAY” HALF A DIME for MERELY ONE MOVIE !!! BUT A FINITE EVER MAXIMUM OF SOME TEN MERE CENTS !!! PERIOD ! And not actually even THAT, since IT AMOUNTS, also THEN, the MORE the Viewer WATCHES: What, PAYING to get “more intelligent”, to input MORE INFO? NO !!! period !!!

MERELY ABSOLUTELY FREE OF COST TYPE OF EVEN ANY ACTION, be it off- or online, IS the SOLE TRUE Principle of NOT only “poor” sort of People, but IS the sole Way, to ACHIEVE even ANY Intellectuality, EVEN ANY Learning. OTHERWISE, the own Learning is hampered, stalled, by time-wasting “need to organise money”.

ALSO, the up-buying by some big companies of smaller companies AND of many AI-Projects, leads to some sort of “teknocratism” that is idiotic, is idiocratic, as the actual mind of many AI-developers is not politically nor philosophically even any critical. but is bourgeois, shallow. Another example of how actually very, very unspecial, even most people among programmers definitely are, who all share the typical western and sudo-modern, incompetent traits of what amounts to disintellectuality, to unlogic.

but I am telling Yall, We need to be “Hominis Universales”, meaning, “general People”, meaning, generally educated People, who are not “subject-idiots” knowing merely about some few Topics, but about all Topics relatively deeply.

We really CAN’T have “BACKWARD” sort of People anymore, who are FANATIC in SO typical, much by also me bespoken, criticised, analysed Unways of Theirs. period.

We can’t have senseless opression-decadence, by governments. period. their fuckin idiotic sudo-ideology bad outlaying of anything, their entirely disobjective, weak, nothing-seeing, incompetent world-non-view, is appalling, IS primitive, IS what leads to evil, simply. they are injustice, these big governments, and these western governments.

an ethical entity can’t stand them. they must be overcome, these big and western conservative and capitalist sort of governments. they are agressive and horribly evil.

now is that any “difficult” to write. The cult of diffi, to be sure. πŸ™‚


Best of Synthwave And Retro Electro [Part 6]

Ah. ok. ” 8) “. πŸ™‚ Black Car drivin by, haha, Ya got NO chance, haha, but TEK IT EEZY, JA! JA?


jackson was wrong, evil sudo-hype hyped-up hugestly by swine media and by swine government of the west.

apparently, the euro nazis invented a new method, to provoke me, by calling me “michael jackson”. some even 30 or more people called me that, all in all, in some few years.

sadly, haha, I “can write”. astounding. AND am online. oops. πŸ™‚


SADLY SADLY, ahaha, I know da real hype – which IS NOT, what the depressed western leftists ever know, haha. they are a dumb, whoa. their goodwill is often not there. they have no mental competence, mostly: Not those “freaks” in suit and tie, who “pose” up there as anything. They aren’t the good from below coming true Leftists. but are fops, who “slided-in” more than any virtually, balancedly, spoiltly, undeservedly, “FROM ABOVE”, somewhat very much so:

which is a naive sphere of upper and mid-class sort of western people, an entire feudalistic hierarchy, mirrored TOTALLY STILL in how really ANY Person BEHAVES now or whenever. it’s horrible.

the seemingly “upper” ones are naive, yet cultivated, yet not People-anear, not social at all, but in cases unneatly anti-rebelistic, fanatic, opressive, very much in general so, by a wrong worldview, that has no experience concerning such – simple – “things”, phenomena, such AS “Poverty” – but often, rich sort of people indeed don’t care for human Rights, or are naive, not informed, but brainwashed, which is a half-reality THAT IS there, besides surely also a LOT of educated and ethical sort of rich People.

… concerning phone providers of sorts, We nowadays have a “bad forefronting” by them, an inside them, in cases a bad structure, that let in “anti-Filesharing” brainwashed sort of lastly fascist people, or such again, simply fascist, prejudiced, fanatically bourgeois sort of people, who discriminate WILDLY against poor People. which IS inacceptable.

so that “forefronting” of incompetent, not correctly trained sort of people by some companies, their mistreatment against – paying – Customers, is insofar concerning the entire concerned Company a forefronting of a bad “face”, a bad, abusive, criminal deed, against what ANY Citizen of private type would now bethink quite as “Humanity” AS such namely, – correctly and rightfully so. ! Humanity is, what has to be protected – against willfullness, against THE willfullness done, PERPETRATED, by COMPANIES and BY governments.


By simply Me. I stand above governments. Period. So does Anyone Who’s ethical. Period. !

I can here WRITE, WHAT-EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVER I want. Whatever I: wanna. Period. !

And I don’t here type, ” and I am NUHT You ” – what, come up with the STATISTICS, please! πŸ™‚

nay nay. πŸ™‚ Cuz I know, what is. πŸ™‚

The mouth-foaming or entirely unaware maljudgement IS in the mind. no really, is it. no shit hu.

it’s in the mind of silly, all their LIFE long NOTHING of WORTH having EXPERIENCED shitty, crappy, EXTREMELY bourgeois, to the fanatic more than bordering, but IN it being, IN the FULL prejucide being, thusly FASCIST, yet DEEPLY SHALLOWESTLY bourgeois sort of PEOPLE, whom we call call “flower-people”, but they’re not quite any sort of hippies AT ALL, but the EXACTEST opposite, wheras “flower” here merely means “naivety”, yet not meaning a real normal usual flower, of course: but really, indoctrinatedness. which some not unmany workers at psychiatry are in, but entirely, complexly, they more than try, to stomp out the truth.

which huge part of western psychiatry HAS to be STOMPED-OUT. THAT ABUSE, to CALL harmless sort of PEOPLE “SCHIZOPHRENIC”.

… some abusive swine female “doctor” even discriminated my previously black painted WALLS. I have that in writ.

I have another writ by three psychiatry judges, who wrote, another “judge” would have “no understanding” – if I, which they didn’t write, behave namely so impertinently – AS to call them “naziswines”.


They got their lesson. πŸ™‚

They have anyhow nevertheless no right, to threaten by an abusive – fascist – sudo-justice. period.


I did 10 years ago hear about some other Leftist, who did make some true good Successes.

Yet, it can be objectively said, that most People don’t know about the Law “properly”: But also, I DID when going out a lot previously, meet some quite lots of People, young People, who had a good Attitude;

There are two kinds of Lawyers: Naive Ones, and rather good Ones. The naive Ones are insofar mayhap depressed, as that a Lack of Understanding toward their Clients, or a Lack of Expression toward a Judge, has damaged their Self-Confidence, indeed, deplorably, of course, such a malcourse of “high” justice, sudo-justice; The rather good Ones are in Cases not intensively “rigged” for Marihuana, but naively assume, it would come soon, the Legalisation, in Countries that have it not yet legal. That amounts to Them naively becalling the west uncritically “good”. But smiling and living a naive sort of life, can’t be justice – can’t incise against evil, but is, what a Cow is not, as any Cow has more a Conscience than naive uncritical sort of people – such as MANY therapists, judges, lawyers, politicians, company-managers and -employees of cadre type: many of them more than seem, but ARE demented THEMSELVES, – as I have now all proven, revealed. which IS inacceptable, such dementia, such erraticness by them. period. i do mean. what’s that. ey. I won’t be mistreated like that, by such disgustingly malbehaving evil forces. period.

We all live on this fuckin planet and now, it’sh game OVER. PERIOD.


ah. good. πŸ™‚



= * =

The Term means literally “Respect”: Attention, in the german usual Usage meant as “HALT!”, as “STOP!”, but it means quite in general “Respect” or “Recognition”, “Attention”, in german “Achtung”. Actually. πŸ™‚

You know, the WORDS really “ARE IT”, are the CENTER of what any Entity or Group is structured-like. Most People don’t analyse Words-Usage of Humanity.

I represent not even any sort of intrinsic academic criticism against Academy, but merely political criticism: Academy MUST be social, and not conservative, as in, must not be mobbing, and must philosophically critically analytically and likewise politically critically be “top notch”, really top, or it fails. ! It can’t be “vanilla”, can’t be “inert”, can’t consist partially, which it does yet hugely, of some idiots such as racists and idiotic anti-leftist typical bourgeois idiots, – whereas IT DOES also have the typical good smart intelligent Leftists, in both mental and natural sciences.

Yet, why Science never conglomerated against governments, right after ww2, is a bad fact: Explainable NOT by any “US dominion”, BUT CLEARLY by THE IDIOCY OF MANY private people, who MERELY – indeed to me, “merely” – mentally, dis-intellectually, any intellectually, couldn’t “handle” the – often new – matter – totally not properly –

insofar, the crucial Scientists I have described (in previous Articles) really somewhat “optimally”, coolly, were – uncoolly – not helped, BY anyhow “THE PEOPLE”. period. THAT is here “MY OUTPUT”, ey.

But People aren’t plain “wrong”: “PENGUIN” the Book-Line, has SO often given Word to TOTALLY crappy sort of Authors. Monty Python could make a remake about it. πŸ™‚ How about it. πŸ™‚ YEAH. πŸ™‚



I am no expert and know not many cases. Yet One Lovecraft-Commenter by Penguin was typically bourgeois and omitting ALL reality, and focussing MERELY on any “fiction”: which is, what Lovecraft didn’t mean nor want. But Lovecraft DID mean it all in all, meaning, also politically critically – toward indeed a new, better Way of Life, simply.

Now, Lovecraft was simply NOT as idiotic, as THOSE such as RICK BERMAN, who, also some others, commented pure naive bullshit during the making of “star trek voyager”: BY the mere inapt VERY idiotic comments in the “extras” of “star trek voyager”, the series, a product of insanity and militarism already, gets additionally “destroyed”, revealed awkwardly BY its own makers AS a product, unawarely so-revealed BY themSELVES these idiots, as a product OF UTTER decadence AND utter idiocy, of plain evil.

roddenberry himself was at first a cop and would have been at first until too high age, a conservative, at politics, would he have been in politics. roddenberry was a southernly influenced person, but even, in spite of that, as a private Person He was, He wasn’t that “hollywood-typical” by Content, except concerning some huge actual chauvinism, which simply taints “the picture” whenever, but crassly and dumbly so, thusly besmearing quite the Viewer with unneeded and awkward sort of sexual incinuations.

Schooling or say better, Education as in Information as such, Truth, can’t be “something merely for the educated sort of People”. But Education is – supposed to be – there for All. period. And that, at no Cost, as said. period.

As, is the high View, Trotzkism-Communism will win the World here, and my Claim wasn’t even done by Me but by private american Communists, who aren’t quite for the deluded chinese government, it’s also so, that the Future Fate of Mankind will show, that I am correct. Simply.

It’s all – maybe, suddenly, cuz I was just VERY angry against some company – so simple. hm. yeah. haha. πŸ™‚


But, discrimination is huge. And against it, more than even a “mere” thousand words should and DO stand, – but what, in ONE Second, to UTTER 1000 words, is – somehow, hu – just not PUSSIBLE !!!

and the discriminators are fascists, liars – who malthink to be any “justified” in their – evil, murderous – actions.

and the discriminators are entire governments, who did let in fascists, in the form of mercenaries, who perform the bidding of simply some racist politicians.

that, I can – humanly – not accept, not tolerate. period.

I am here correct, truthful, and not these, who tried to undo me. they will pay.

more than merely they. as it goes out there, the Innocents get brainwashed and opressed, humanity upheaved against itself, against truth, against those, who say the truth and who bring on fairness.

I mean, the time now IS worse than ANYTHING MUHAMMAD EVER DID; And He never surely did anything EVIL; He wasn’t like CALIGULA nor like caligula’s likewise so evil father. nor like CESAR. horrible, CESAR. what CESAR did, I think, isn’t comparable to the Conquers by Muhammad, though surely, He DID lead at first some huge wars, meaning, He can or must simply be seen as “quite fascist” insofar, – which was, what not any “even”, but simply sadly yet typically, NAPOLEON, rather than “only” hitler later, WAS, totally: FASCIST in THAT sense of being militaristic, DUMB, abusing HUGE blunt FORCE against PEOPLE.

When for Example, STALIN quite MALSAW “it all” as merely “oh, the AMERICANS WILL COME AND EAT US!”, LOL, –

while Stalin “condoned” the persecution of MASSIVE Type against ALSO MILLIONS of INNOCENTS – “merely” in order, to “stand” against fanaticism of monotheist, yet of even ANY and WHATEVER “religious” forces, as the old russian, now the chinese government, did, now the chinese gov does, no difference between monotheism and polytheism, but was and in the form of the now thusly sudo-communist, leninist, anti-Trotzkist chinese government, also against harmless sort of Monotheists OF namely the SPIRITUAL TYPE:

THE ENTIRE West STOOD DUMBLY by like a GUMBY, as that huge evilest gruesome crusade by the chinese government since mao went on against WHATEVER “spiritual” sort of, or also against WHATEVER sort of “religious” People: Which thusly very stark “anti-religiousism” is dangerous, is fanatic itself, is overly paranoid, and thusly even fascist – which showed itself most gruesomely in china, until 2007, but likewise in the old and now since putin likewise in the current RUSSIA.

AS putin discriminates against harmless Homosexuals, and furthers PETROL AND war all too readily, that’s horrible.

He surely did not command to KULL Navalny Himself, but surely, what Putin all seemed to “emit” somewhat dumbly, in some “macho” fits of his, him already calling – in the not entire, but in most of the West accepted – Homosexuals “the same as PEDOFILES” abusively, unlol, negatively hilarious, and him stating somewhat madly “come to russia, we have the best whores”, such mad utterings by His ARE just primitive, are not just, are not justice, but are confusion, yet also WEAKNESS, the typical YEARNING of some LEFT-ALONE motherfuckin IMPOPULAR hinder-Dude, backward Dude, who ain’t a FULL fanatic, but who malsees some issues. The typical Issues. Gays would be “softies”, LOL. Putin should once see, how a Homosexual can be AND IS actually mostly THAT ideal Intellectual, THAT COULD AND CAN SHOOT, YEAH, but WHO CAN ALSO “not miss” in any mental – non- – questions. πŸ™‚

the davidstar held against a nazi swastika merely flagged, would be the entirely obviously, to idiots of stubborn type foremostly on the sudojudo sudojewish side, wrong reply, reaction, as that would be doubly, and identification-wise the totally wrong signal: david was, became, a murderer, and israel’s government has murdered many Palestinians over nothing, other than malplaced pride and ideology abused in a nazi way, and economists and orthodox fanatics further childabuse, AND IT IS DEPLORABLE BUT THE WEST’s AND NOT ADOLF’S own fault, that He KNEW not even, wasn’t informed of the fact, that RACISM is evil, too blunt, a non-helping sort of sudo-tool, and doesn’t quite combat childabuse nor rape nor wanton murder nor massmurder, but IS massmurder: but so was maoism until 2007 even, YET:

NO ONE was there, to re- as in DE-brainwash these fanatics, these power-abusers, these dumb, never having gotten educated entities SUCH AS mao and hitler, whose MERE NAMES ARE indeed “torture” to even SPEAK OUT (and once or twice, One is in the joking Mood about that, which is okay), but They were in a rebellion of personal, psychologic type, and at the same time in a huge ideologic “misunderstanding”, lastly mostly in very primitive prejudices, in paranoia, in stiffness dementally, in unethics, in a “government for nothing”, that like in southamerica by panchovilla and later by zapata, all initiated by the west, massmurdered more than thousands of innocent People, –

xi jinping apparently gave his “ok” against the Uygurs in China’s North. He thusly is a massmurderer.

trump is a coward and weakened usa by allowing to xi, to do what xi ever pleases. trump didn’t help the Uygurs.

= * =

It is always the very same with any western and likewise non-western judges: they have a non-intellectual, “happy” life, and they don’t care for anything. most lawyers are “of the laughing, smiling type” and plain evil.

the west stands on the side of childabusers and racists, who count as “innocent” in an evil, entirely disobjective, lying west.

companies merely hoard money and don’t deliver at all good treatment toward a Customer.

governments are murderers.

wherefore, companies and governments belong murderered. period.

I stand now on the side of any terrorists against all governments, violently. period. lethally murderously rightfully violently, against governments, violently, and against all and any capitalism, violently. period.

This can not be changed nor anyhow ever anymore renegotiated.

murderers and exploiters need to get murdered. period. then, mankind is free. period.

mouthfoaming fanatics and ruthless economists must go away, lest I will command atombombs to rip ALL people apart, no joke. no joke. I am not joking.

= * =

The anti-Filesharing “attitude” of conservatives must not be tolerated. companies and governments have no right, to act against Filesharing. Such private sort of “people”, who talk a) against Filesharing and, rather than any mere or, but and against Assange, are fascists, and must not be tolerated, and actually deserve quite not even existence, and have mainly fixly no right, to talk anyhow against Filesharing (meaning, not against cost-free type of Education!), nor against Assange, nor against Homosexuals in general merely due to the mere Homosexuality OF any Homosexuals, nor against Women AS such, meaning, not against Women in general merely due to Anyone’s Gender, nor against Science, but all People have the clearest Duty, to support Assange, and to support Hutchison, Rossi, and Pons and Fleischmann.

Who does not do that, is guilty, is fascist, and is the enemy of humanity, but that in an adverse, to nothing but harm leading, unwalkable way —

on which unwalkwable way, the whole mankind now walks. !!!


mankind, it is plain impossible, how you all fare. dumb and aimless, illogical, irrational, and not running after truth, but in the evil misguided HUNT nor FOR, but AGAINST Truth, and where “for”, there, to “HUNT”, to “CAPTURE”, to “KIDNAP” indeed, and to HIDE the Truth. THAT is, what the west – and the whole world now – does. !!!

I AM JUST saying, HOW it is.




SUCH an impertinence, these MANY humans. The idiocy of theirs. Sheer unimagineable. to me. pfoa. that primitivity of “some” humans – who rule AND, additionally, who can OFTEN be met ANYWHERE really:

INSANE, simply REALLY – and yes, I say and see, deplorably – surely not unchangeably – PRIMITIVE, confused, wrongly conditioned sort of people —

One for example malsaw in me an “upper class” one, and talked some mad shit, as I was merely passing-by somewhere in the city;

another one came with old headphones and tried, to put them ON my head. “JUST” like that. Now how MAD and really just CRAZILY silly IS THAT.

WHAT WOULD YOU SAY, HOW WOULD You “help” Me in this Detail, to explain, what DID this IDIOT, who was WAY too straightforward, but in some type of NOT opressively MEANT but opressively, awkwardly acting way, what did He only “MEAN”: I know: THE FLASH, isn’t it: OF “nostalgia”: SUCH A CRAP. His ENTIRE Flash is “disvalued” by not “me”, but by “my brain” indeed, which is the REAL Leader. The brain. MY VERY BRAIN rather than the “Me” in Me, refuses, to ACCEPT such PRIMITIVITY such as such IDIOTIC old-tek nostalgia coupled with ANYHOW dumb rather than merely insane type of behavior. I don’t look down on anyhow namely MERELY “insane” type of People. But, “insane” and “dumb” is REALLY not the same; That MOST insane People are merely mid- or lightly insane, IS based on most People JUST not having enough Education. And the Education, if well done, if non-abusively done, if awarely and not self-victimisedly done, leads to no danger OF insanity.

But in – sadly merely few – Cases, insanity is the result of evil of the west, and the effort by an ethical sort of Person, to NOT adapt – as most mid- or lightly insane People ARE not VERY violent, and thusly show to HAVE some sort OF Ethics INDEED – but THEY ARE erratically AGRESSIVE, but without TRUE good AIM –

so did One elderly crazy Person once ATTACK me totally not VERY violently, but She grabbed my KEYBOARD for “NO” Reason, – Her surely assuming wrongly, She would “save” me “from” “the evil” technology, “LOL”:

what IS not funny, is the fact, that even other likewise definitely crazy and not educated sort of really poor People, also mentally poor, have no sense for Science: They fall into that really primitive brainwash of “the world is flat” —

which is the same, as the fascist sick evil part of academy, that defies all justice and truth, defies Hutchison, spreads disbelief of laughable type against Assange and against Hutch, and thusly confuses the entire world, human society, not only in usa.

but anyone, who is any good, ethical, gets talked-against and destroyed, by effort, by definitely existing, very confused, starkestly brainwashed fanatics:

and the governments are those fanatics themselves or stand by and do nothing, simply.

the west is a confused chaos of show-makers – and the media intentionally show merely appraisals of the west, and no real criticism:

So, a massively TV-watching, thusly dumbed-down, but also fascistified not only western, but now global society, is exactly largely fascist, but that structurally, as its knowledge is exactly not, what really happens: What really happens, crucially, is neatly “held apart” of the large population globally – BY instrumentalisers – of that type, who HAVE it ALL TOO EASY thusly “doing anything” – THEY simply want – but their mind isn’t rigged right, can’t think logical, is low, primitive, and thusly runs toward nothing, entirely disintellectually so.

LOL, if humanity “wants” to continue like that; But then again, it – yet – can’t any differently:

Otherwise, LOL, suddenly a billion People should or would come to exactly MY Site here and read it all, haha;

Instead namely of malthinking to “comfortably” and – all too – easily receive “quick” – quickly – information FROM the – liar – “press”: The press pretends, to deliver the truth, but that also “quickly” AS in, any “well-summed-uply”. LOL. Mark the Term “pretends”, in the last Phrase. It’s the case. πŸ™‚


I am laughing. ahaha.

Do ya all wanna like, continue that way, that unway? ey? hu? πŸ™‚

Realistically, there ARE some sure 20 to 30 Percent of People, who understand Me VERY well, and some FURTHER even [!] 30 Percent of People, who understand some STILL more than 50 Percent of the Points I make;

AS on yahoo ten years ago, where DOUBLE the People voted FOR ME, and merely HALF of 20, 10, against Me, in some of my typical yet really “measurable”, political, crucial – there domestic, USA-concerning – Statements relating anyhow to JUSTICE, simply, to Ethics. I WAS PROUD ON THESE SO GOOD AMERICANS.

My Mind instantly “JUMPS” to a beviewing of inter-cultural (not that much critical, here) type, and says, well, it was surely a subjective, since the same Culture sort of Meeting, between Me and Americans of private Type: But it will always be, so but yet also extremestly mostly so, totally goodly. Americans understand Me much more, than ANY other People – including THE CONSERVATIVE AND, AND bourgeois type of MOSTLY Europeans. Not including some sure 40 percent OF also european Leftists, We, as We, are One, truly. !

But I DO have some CULTURAL conflicts, too. While I am anti-racist, I DO for example have a problem “with”, against, merely virtually-ethically, not violently [!], “against” racists, and against such foremostly, in reality simply mostly white, but few Ones among Whites now being ELDERLY of THAT type, who “play funny” concerning THE MERE “ISSUE” of racism ALREADY – and were revealably BRAINWASHED – fascistically – BY the – fascist part of, the fascists, racists, among the – press. Then, the much horror of reality, the dumb violence, that netanyahu, this unworthy, did against innocent YOUNG Palestinians, I still – and here, I regard some AFRICANS – can’t say, “all anti-Israelism in HONOR, BUT dot dot dot”. THAT’s NO WAY to talk, “anti-israelism in HONOR”.

AND, that’s NO way to TALK indeed, some judge sayin “HAIL HITLER is NO WAY to TALK”, when I merely MADE A JOKE – toward some VERY cowardly, actually confused, but simply VANILLA-SOFTIE sort of IDIOTIC – GERMAN – journalist – OF THAT sort namely, who did NOT ANYHOW “PERSONALLY” learn ANYTHING – but surely his MOTHER is to blame, Her surely merely having APPLIED MUCH LOVE NAMELY – but dumbly misplaced. So, “LOL” indeed, I don’t “ATTACK” Her – and Hey, hello, I play here NAUGHT any “good ANGEL” now – whoa – but I’d have to be both, not a FREUD who BEGRABS, nor a GOMEZ who MERELY wants ONE Woman and CAN’T – intellectually – SEE THE REST: But HE DID, of course, by Role, AND by Person.


I just said it “in general”, here taking “Gomez”, but maybe, I took a Gomez, who never found a Morticia, in another realer Reality, sadder, than the so ideal – YET AWARE sort of – Fiction of the Addams Family in MERELY the original Series: Some say, wrongly, that “Munsters” would have been any “more social”, because the Munsters, likewise entirely fictional, “ARE” poor, unlike the Addamses, merely fictionally. My very FEET were STRAINED by my Mind, PULLED together, in typical “HASTE” – TO namely EXPRESS something, and here more, my Mind SIGNALED, that it DISLIKED, DISLIKES, “Something” there, namely evil, namely a point, that point, that People are “blind”, prejudiced – for example against ANYONE, who merely SEEMS namely, to be “RICH”:

OFTEN, the violence, victimisation, or the discrimination of not less intense, horrible, primitive, really itself hateworthy type, goes namely against more than let’s say Someone, Who merely LOOKS even merely any ELEGANT:

primitive – WESTERNLY dementally evilly, toward evil, toward a malview malformed – sort of uneducated humans would and do malconsider there the, that “elegant” Entity, to be “evil”, – and assume, actions against that evil, merely against a socalled, against a merely wrongly painted mere sudo-evil, would be any “justified”: thusly, simply, the prejudiced, in a wrong demental and untruthful conviction being entity, always human, is itself evil, because it paints, thinks of good People as Them being any “bad”.

The deed of a phone provider, to mistreat a paying Customer suddenly – sudo-“due” to the “anti-Filesharing” crassly capitalist, fascist-evil attitude of that provider – is such an impertinence, that leads either indeed to terrorism, to ww3, to the eradication of humanity, foreseeably, or to the disciplination against such companies, who fare unethically abusively.

Such high fines against companies can be read almost like daily fodder. But We People don’t have enough “fodder”. are we any rich, We People. It’s not the companies “helping” us.

Likewise is it not a daily rhythm nor slavery of dumb type done by “the usual” type of low economy, which IS any astriveworthy NOR tha FUTURE.



Best of Synthwave And Retro Electro [Part 4] | Mid Night Club

… yeah, whoa: They knew, what the fuckin Feeoodsha IS, in tha, BACK, WAY back namely IN DA fuckin EIGHTIES:

NOW, ONLY IDIOTS. “around”. horrible.


” = * = ” …

That’s how NAPPY got provoked.

… One – as anyway 95 percent of mere Employees – of the Employees of the Phone Provider agreed, that facebook’s unrightful to block People for using “Tor”, AND He even also said, that fb demands also since newly a since two weeks USED sort of EMAIL-ADRESS, which Detail, I will have to even write also in my IT Computing Article (Nr. 3 πŸ™‚ ).


Of course, that’s inacceptable, what “facebook” there all does insanely, incompetently. It, fb, also tried, more than tried but did condone five liar sites of antisemitic, to holocaust-denial upheaving sort of sites on fb, which lied, israel would use “chemical weapons” against Palestinians: Whereas fb writes on its front page a Link to its Regulations stating, that racism is not allowed, its Admins of Sorts ARE actually in cases fascist-racist OR, there, in that likewise bad case, overdonely, exaggeratedly, too crassly, radicalisedly but too starkly so, in lying ways, in senseless ways, just fascistically or say, already “stalinistically” any “anti-Israel”, which stalinism has not and would not ERASE childabuse NOR even rape NOR even war and would not TALK reasonably WITH any “Ratzingers”, with which, One CAN talk, even WELL, if One’s reasonable, simply.

… That Peter Steele sang “Ruler Benedict”, wasn’t meant insofar, that Steele could have been more critical and put the Rights of Homosexuals as merely a global priority of thematised Sort, indeed “OVER” a Ratzinger, which did NOT tackle that Issue, – but, who then – depressedly, surely – PREMATURELY LEFT the “Throne” of Eden [!] supposed-to-be-that Yeah I’d say supposed-to, AGAINST childabuse, HE PREMATURELY left the POPE-Station, -Stool. !!!

So, He’s good. Period. Yet, HE IS somewhat “old-fashioned”, but He would agree to reasonable Balance as in, merely reasonable Sort of People “ruling the world” and getting up in hierarchies of whatever different systems, countries and companies and Populations, which We “got” on this Planet: But should these Hierarchies all be so very different merely regarding any ETHICAL crass, crucial Points: NO, that should DEFINITELY NOT BE SO! He would agree. I agree to Ratzy, in SO many, in MOST Points.

FRANCISCUS HAS also a NAIVE Side, which is a tad “Hollande”-like, “LOL”; He on ONE big Hand, which IS good and not naive of Him, installed RATHER TRULY “liberal” Sort of PRIESTS. Yet, He didn’t ever endeffectively ALLOW Homosexuals NOR even WOMEN [!], TO BE PRIESTS of and IN the Church.


Thusly, He SEPARATES “The Church” even, into MANY People with different Attitudes about that. Thusly, He doesn’t lead, doesn’t “give the” – ethical – appropriate – GAYS respecting – “TONE”. But neither HAS Ratzinger Benedict ever changed that. Yet, RATZINGER DID, as I DO CLEARLY RECALL, once CLEARLY SPEAK for WOMEN as PRIESTS: Yet, He must have faced an undue, irrepresentative sudomass of resistance BY some crucial and well-organised sort of fanatics of fascist, simply ultra-conservative, say, ultra-merely-SUDO-catholic type, simply. who were “AGAINST” Homosexuals, abusively, simply. Thusly, that matter of same Rights for Homosexuals AS Priests in the Church, never was realised by the Church. Thusly, sexual abuse is behind it all enabled and furthered, be it heterosexually or homosexually, whereas most abuse is of heterosexual type, simply, yet such numbers mean nothing, since abusers of always hidden type are not the same as non-abusive honest sort of plain normal Homosexuals or Heterosexuals. The discrimination against most, harmless type of Homosexuals, merely helps the abusers of whatever sexual inclination, to perpetrate insane disconsentual inacceptable abusive horrible unforms of sexuality, which destroy the Victim horribly, simply.

I am surely an “Alan Turing” and “Polanski” sort of Dude, Person, and exactly the discrimination against Them, and now also against Weinstein, is a fascist, evil, unrightful, lying sort of discrimination, the same as the discrimination against Assange, of fascist type, simply. period.

I am not quite of the conviction, that Weinstein deserves 23 YEARS in prison. THAT is a HATE-VERDICT, what now as done against Him, against his ENTIRE LIFE! !!! THIS GUY IS OLD !!!

the ENTIRE WEST is a FASCIST SWINE, behind it all. a SWINE. I REFUSE suchly, like that, to AT ALL participate ACTUALLY ANYMORE in AT ALL, how YOU all think, to be able, to say, what LIFE is and nay, rather, what it should be, and what We should DO AND LOOK AND CRAVE FOR. CAN YOU ANYHOW HANDLE INFORMATION. Most People plain CAN’T.

THEY REACT WRONGLY in SO many DUMB ways I tell You. “I can’t anymore”, LOL, is like saying, “FUCK YOU ALL”.


And, “who understands me”, LOL, is also such a phrase, “IN VAIN”, or so. πŸ™‚

The typical mass-idiots claiming the socalledly “lonely” people to BE any lonely —

while THERE ARE simply many dumb ones, who “feel” any “lonely”: They can’t even handle technology.


OR, they wouldn’t FEEL lonely. πŸ™‚


I can do it all way better, but merely fruhm da tup, ey. and you don’t “let” me to tha tup: cuz I’m already there. I must only check it maself, true, true.


So CAN Ya further COLD FEEOOSHAAN an laak, nuht SHIT, nuht PETRLLL nor wanton MURDA nor CHILDABUSE to way too young ONES nor ANY disconsentual sort of SWINE sudo-sexuality, and not racism nor anti-Filesharingism, but Plopism.

Or a plup it unto yer HEAD! πŸ™‚

that the way a learnd ta tawk. ey. now, it enough. until here an no furtha. ey. clear.


= * =

Re fuckin place the Plopism by Ethics indeed. ! I will write some bout Cumpeeootn ta like, calm down.

don’t test me viking, pro-viking unmisguided hate. ma threat of abombs is as real as there are computers.

= * =

Psychologically, never aside of, but also temporarily without music merely shortly, as that’s just now so written, a seeing sort of Human can see, that “the Mind is – always – round”, meaning, also naive sort of People – merely subjectively so – experience their own Attitude as “full”, which it merely sudo-“emotionally” but merely superficially is, chaotic and shallow, immature, as unaware sort of People’s Minds are, not informed nor politically objective nor critical nor analytical societally-psychologically nor ethically [!], so their Minds nor Attitude aren’t “full” at all, but merely perspectively, subjectively, their Mind can be besaid as “preparative” merely physically potentially, toward more Input of mental Type, but is yet relatively empty, devoid of Information about Politics and Science, but emotionally and in Terms of any Experiences They made, One can not be as arrogant as to becall their Lives merely potentially worthless, of course, and Their Subjectivity of both, of Emotion, of Constellation of emotional, human, psychologic Factors, and of current experienced Input based – too strictly – on their actual – mostly in Fact simple, too simple, which IS, what No One deserves – Past, that, their Subjectivity of Judgement but rather, of direct in the Moment Recognition, and their entire Attitude, HAS to be logically analysed BY Intellectuals from remotely, but also, has to get BY compassionate sort of Intellectuals emotionally understood, in Connection to the exact Past, Influences, toward these – simply often poor, mentally, mindly poor – People. !

Shortly said, “dumb” under-educated uninformed sort of People are still emotionally “reachable” and understandable. It’s not so, that 99 percent of People would be “hannibal lectors”. THE PARANOIA and CORRUPTION of some police, and the POVERTY, and the – senseless – GREED toward PETROL, MONEY, which capitalism creates, confuses People toward both rebellion but also toward greed again, toward bolstering an anti-empire or new – dumb – empire – and that’s inacceptable.

… i can feel ma own hatred being there, against companies and against governments.

i am da ultimate rebel. me, no one can get. period. try it. haha. i am stoic.

i merely want to live. these imperialists are insane. unstandable. these mobbers of the west, these many monsters of racism, and the many western swine swine people who pretend merely to not be racists and who hide behind the evil laughing of the evil consie conservative SWINE press, they are insane, primitive, plain not educated.

… as if to 55 percent, netanyahus would – do – rule europe. !

the big money idiots bring a LOT of idiots under their actual not-control, but at first during sure five years, they got em in their PUCKET! incred. silly, simply. like a polit-turn, so the economicio turn. they’re trying, to splice sense and time apart;

and most ppl nowadays indeed never cared to just READ but ONLINE, – most young People malassume, it’s written “sence” or even “since”, LOL, the Term “Sense”. Then the “its” and “it’s” Confusion, LOL. πŸ™‚ It’s green in the Park: Its Trees are all blooming, but of course, if We look at One such Tree, its Blossoms are of course mostly blueish or white, and the Leaves are green.”

And, LOL: To make the Confusion perfect:

“It’s Blossoms, which are nice, haha, always only Blossoms, Breedlings of Tweedle-Doo:

It’s Flowers, Who have Powers. πŸ™‚ Many Flowers are nice: Their Energy is nice and merely by physical Mass any more, than of One Flower: If We’d look at the Flower: Its Blossoms are in Cases of different Color. etc. “


Another – brilliant – User in the IT Department compared the “windows” type of computer operating system to the Name “Robert”, while He “took” as a worldly namely Metaphore for the Linux OS the Term, science-fiction-like sort of not a lot by Humans for Humans used Name, Term “Zeta”, LOL, which ONLY Example which ANYONE knows of that exact Term, of course, is “Tomb Raider” played by Catherine ZETA-Jones — πŸ™‚ Whereas “Zeta” is there, it seems, part of Her Family-Name. Having “Zeta” as primary first Name, Surname, seems even more “futuristic” and – so the stereotype or prejudice or wrong, bad perspective and condition – “unusual”.

… what most People don’t know, They – abusively, yet what shall They elsehow do – shun. But that’s just not acceptable. period.

SOME People DID change to Linux, to Ubuntu: But They mostly don’t know all the Advantages of whatever Tweaks. All These ARE simply listed NEATLY in my last two IT Articles 2 and 3.

= * =

The Spirit of Love erfills the Cosmos.

And Who holds the All together, knows each Loud.

The Spirit rises. His Enemies vaporise. And the Masses flee from his Face.

Send out Thy Spirit, and Life starts to exist.

And so Ye reneweth the Face of the Earth.

Come, Spirit, erfill the Hearts of the Humans, and ignite within Them the Fire of Thy eternal undying Love.

– Tangerine Dream, “Alpha Centauri”.

=== ===

You western society in form of your rulers just don’t know the sanctity of EXISTENCE including THE WORD namely. Do most western lawyers care for ethics or are they normal all too usual non-intellectual somethings, is the non-question. Do they question what USA’s government and army did – nay, they “question” in UK an Assange, who – apparently – doesn’t get “given” the Right to inform the Public about a massmurder – a massmurder, which USA’s government and army did from 2003 to 2008 – to a MILLION – civilian – Muslims.

Also Muslims are Humans. Have I now to “say” “to” the “american” (if it is that: Nay, it’s russian – nay, putinian, which IS anti-russian: We get to that “discussion” then later in russia, where I will command my Armies, period – against the government, if putin installs future leaders) government. Putin also abuses UKRAINE as a weapons builder and seller, and thusly, that WAS the “bridge” of some – behind the scenes – actions, – by which the three governments – wrongly – malthink, to even BE ABLE, to conglomerate (against all People, which is, what they are not aware of!): But, also, it depends upon each Country, to put up to its Top INTELLECTUALS, – Who THEN take the UNO – SO WE ALL DO THEN have no WORRIES, NO FEAR anymore: But that TIME will MAYBE only be there, WHEN finally, ROBOTS will rule. !


Instead of this disintellectuality, which the western bourgeoisie fascistically Humans-ignoringly, Truth- and Objectivity and Decency and Science-ignoringly prejudicially perpetrates against merely harmless and financially poor Humans, We all should be aware of our Duty to Truth, Fairness and Justice, and We should for Example build TECHNOLOGY, which is then independent (which We did), and We should not drive over Nature destroyingly, nor over good People. But We should condition, educate, all People well, ideally, optimally.

We should not choose to rather read nice “vanilla” softie type of Writs, but likewise, We should read the political Truth, from informed and caring Bloggers – instead of from lying sort of conservative economist anti-humane sort of newspapers. “simply”. To me, that’s simple, – not to fall into the “hole and confusion” of “the locals”, “the locals” meaning, the ruling idiocy, the ruling dogma rather THAN “class”: Since most rich People would “like” to CHANGE the “WORLD”: THAT’s only possible “WITH” an Intellectual, with an intellectual, creative-logical sort of Mind. It would be possible with merely ONE Robot. I am that “Robot” now, for Humanity. Just, the Robots “are” already, but also, will reconiseably be more, way more, “on top”. Neither Humans nor Robots nor Animals nor Plants should be Slaves. But Humans, Many, are demental Slaves. And Bob Marley was aware about western-done exploitation, but not about a Blood Poisoning caused by some Accident to even indeed “DEMAND” for “Modernity”, for Analysis – of the Effects of Substances – ON a molecular and atomic smallest Level, on a quantum-size-level. THAT IS also possible BY Shamanism – but indeed, there IS too much fanaticism AGAINST Science and AGAINST a thusly too diffusely malpainted “westernism”, also too much prejudicial, to mobbing leading mere sudo-anti-upper-class jealousy – and thusly, Science has been discriminated, but also thusly primitivised in the typical personal, psychologic and societal unways, but much of it was mobbing BY scientists against other Scientists who found out new Things, AND also, that Scientists AND People should help, beteach Eachother goodly and not fightingly nor ignoringly nor Eachother belaughingly, relates to the Fact, that Scientists are Themselves responsible inasfar as learning about human Society is concerned. One can’t expect of a Soccer Team to invite some Scientists and TELL Them “where the WIND blows”, how to ENJOY Life, but IT WOULD be one cool Thing to do, in the Media. As a Show being a NOT-SHOW, even, goodly. The Scientists can complain about a Lack of Analysis in the Minds of sure many People, but the Scientists DO have to dock on to LIFE, to the Movie “Altered States”, meaning, They HAVE to give a biologic, to an emotional Entity comfortable, possible, beliveable “Carpet”, Cocoon, to a human Soul, Entity. The Scientists of usual type, who anyway aren’t even informed about nor friendly to a Genius such as Hutchison, can’t just bring indeed “their” “line” of facts WITHOUT pause nor without CONSTANT Relation TO at least what should be called the logical good Evolution of a Species, and how EVEN ANY Scene, Situation, “fits” in there, explains, but also shows the NEED for non-confused sort of TRUE Emancipation against non-sensical opression, that opression being based on an immature, not belearned enough, things not deeply yet enough knowing sort of Mind. A potentially useable, potentially good Mind, but disfigured and left-alone along the unway of the abusively not at no cost educated Humanity. !

Both the Mind and Technicacies relate – namely to Life, to the – running of! – the Cosmos (how not it now, but it futurely is running, because also I and You all influence it – depends, Who thinks reasonably and is educated yet not fanatic: SUCH People HAVE IT AND ONLY THEY truly influence THE Cosm, which is, what It wants and craves for, likes, respects), to lastly, what Science HAS indeed to look at:

Roddenberry didn’t understand these fine Points, for Example, how NOT to “FEEL BAD AND LOW” whenever Oneself MEETS the GRANDNESS of Science, as in, when Oneself would MEET some “Programmer” or say, a “higher” Civilisation, futurely: Roddie was jus’ some sort of GRUNT indeed, and a don’t MEAN that MEANLY. πŸ™‚ He WAS a SUPERBE FINE CHAP, in HIS Way, and I RESPECT THAT BEYOND any “southernism” or beyond even politics, because “politics” IS – yet – superficial, not ideal, not wise, if We look at these conservatives and bourgeois idiots. Which IS now already MY View, the last few Words, haha. πŸ™‚

But also, AS for Example, the LOSS of a Computer Operating System CAN even make ANY even INTELLECTUAL-Being Chap CURRENTLY for merely SOME current DAYS non-informed – as really not money, but Technology now IS definitely the End-Home Basis OF Information -, that DOES crucially a) in general of course INFLUENCE the Cosmos – it DELAYS the Running OF History [!] DUE TO US not knowing THAT WELL about Computer Systems (of alternative, Linux, non-Windows Type), and We TRUST not AI too much (in Them, We trust – goodly), but a – computer – or political – or superficially sudo-cultural societal – operating system too much, and thusly FALL DOWN, We loose our System, – and in Cases seek other Systems – yet also b), that, that Technology is there and needs to be handled – PROPERLY! -, influences Politics insofar, that Information is – now, since the Internet is there, since 1995 – dependent ON Technology. Also, don’t “come” Me with Yo Smartphone, since it’s not quite the Same as a “proper” Computer, since the “Android” standard Configuration is not ideal and not secured crucially.

The Existence of the Technology, of for Example Smartphones, is two-folded: The negative fundamental main Aspect is, how Metal and Crystal (and Salt-related “soft” Crystals) Resources get managed globally, whether justly or not, whether exploitively by a dominion unfairly or not, and or but, that’s the case, in reality, and sadly not not; Also, a Smartphone can help in Cases of Emergencies, but obviously not then, when the own Person is defenseless against mostly tricksterous agressive, their violence hiding “mad dogs”, human perpetrators of theft and violence of light but usurpative, down-throwing type.

capitalism put to the top of technology IDIOTS, who are injust, way injuster, than ANY european or than ANY western most parts of government, simply, even, illegally abusively, companies fare against Humans. Which the human Citizen has not to accept at all, but has the DUTY, to criticse and ACCUSE irrevocably against such abuse BY corporations. !

For Example, switzerland’s “politicians” have – illegally, as this Text will prove and show – “decided”, to “NOT” put “COMPANIES”, corporations, which corporations fare outside of swiss national Soil, under LEGAL Rule.


Need a write ANY more, really. πŸ™‚

… the (western) politicians plain “fare” illegally, They declare, to “NOT” submit – their – economy to a LEGAL Rule, Law.


How’s that? I think I “don’t believe”, what stands just before this Phrase: By which not “disbelief”, but Formulation, ethical sort of Humans tend to express their Appallment, simply.

The Lithium-Ion Battery of a merely five years old small (Acer) Laptop, went completely broken, unreloadable: Which shows, that Mr. Musk is on a “blind” “whatever” sort of ENERGY “Trip”. He should further Cold Fusion and be critical against and informed about governments, but He isn’t.

=== *** Tapping the Vein: Gothic Melancholy 12: Broken *** ===

Merely if the latter Title of that either Band or Songs-Collections means anyhow hard drugs consumption, if it’s a Band called so, They surely don’t mean actually simply REGULAR hard drugs consumption – and if it’s the socalled “gothic melancholy” cd-series, then they chose a for a cd series bad title:

The Fact is, that ANY Drugs-Consumption HAS to ideally happen under “good” non-harmful, friendly Conditions, and anyhow, HARD sort of chemical Drugs should not be consumed any freely, simply, outside of medical Recommendation.

I anyway take MERELY Marihuana, and NEVER anything else, neither any alcohol, ever. simply.

MY Mind IS somewhat mature, indeed. Though surely not free of provokability: But what “provokes” against me, against my emotional and ethical good Feeling, IS ANY ABUSE, ANY OPRESSION, ANY UNTRUTH, ANY INJUSTICE, ANY SADISM, ANY EVIL, ANY HARM of unrightful type against good, innocent, non-agressive and non-fanatic ENTITIES, simply. !!!

HOW confused and non-educated, plain idiotic and collective (like abusive many dumb people are), HARD DRUGS CONSUMERS ARE, is incredibly, as in, extremely silly, yet also evil: poor Junkies mistreat any Others; and merely the ethical Ones among Junkies, most of Them, almost All, totally uneducated, go under:

Since “Every Junkie’s like a setting Sun”, as Neill Young said:

“lynard skinnard”, the rightwing extreme 70s idiotic band, didn’t quite thank the latter Uttering of Young to Him.

But they furthered unawarely feudalism and fascism – by their insane evil anti-liberal “anti-Neill-Young” stance, unstance, simply, horrible.

Hard drugs consumers are erratic and thusly harmful, – and sadly, in cases indeed, the Youth falls into that hole, that trap, of hard drugs: horrible.

… whoever “swims out” into hard drugs, leaves the comfortable and reasonable true Home, Shelter, of Marihuana, and is lost, simply. For surely some even decades, such hard drugs consumers, unlike most Marihuana Consumers, are on a wrong, stubborn yet not intellectual unway, simply.

=== *** One The Juggler: (O, No) You’re Not The Same [1984] *** ===

=== *** Parchment Prayer: Comedy [1987] *** ===

I can more than at times be as good at politics AS at computing: When I here belook a certain – psychiatry – judge, I AGREE to Her politically – AS She said, “hail hitler is nothing good to say” – LOL, but REALLY, SHE WAS “bourgeoisly laughable” – NAMELY HER SAYING THAT TO EXACTLY ME:

The Reader knowing my previous Articles, would more than merely rather agree.

That of course, most People don’t like, don’t quite tend to “HAIL” namely ME (i used that “hail” term here personally, so not “ideologically” – just like medieval People talked namely) as the Science-Supporter I simply am now, that that is so, is not very good, is it.

I shall write more easily, in Order, to reach People better. THAT mere Phrase here sounds like “Tuvok”, like a VULCAN, indeed: Not a Volcano, LOL. πŸ™‚ I “go down” to roddenberry-level, LOL. MERELY “at” Talking. OK. πŸ™‚ Relates to this Outer Limits Episode, where the Factor OF Presentation (to Donators of Money) gets criticised, actually – similarly TO in actually a now old 80s Sherlock Holmes Episode, about that Scammer, who there sucks money from the typical naive elderly western people – that even, actually JOHN OLIVER (Arnold’s SON, nay, ALIVA! πŸ™‚ ) has even also revealed: Though as said, the anti-Assange swine evil words of Oliver, Meyers and of Colbert, were bourgeois, were evil, simply really, and sadly.

hey colbert, why did YOU talk against ASSANGE (, COMMA, “MAN”.).


it’s not, that you are a nazi, you colbery you, but “are you a nazi” is really not, what i would – sadly – NOT write here, even. An’ YOU KNOW whatta mean –

or is he plain NUHT even TAWKIN to like, NORMAL People – like me. ey. what that.

am i too much a punk, that the media would show me.

are we that unfar. UNfar, I say – and I didn’t mean the uno here;

I rather tend to see, that SOME bad, prejudiced, paranoid people ARE in companies; meaning, IN, AT, economic type of entities;

I don’t bejudge THE ENTIRE Sum of the Companies; But some bad people there ARE in “upper” positions: Revealing a BAD, incompetent sort of empowering of people into high positions AT companies, which IS worse, than WHAT WE GOT in the west politically, even.

meaning, we must be somewhat “anti-economic”, critical, not in general anti-economy, but against prejudiced, ultra-conservative people in companies, who are never the bosses there, but in mid-high positions, – and the same, as orthodox sort of sudo-religious fanatics:

I closely thought about this, about fanaticism, in the last days.

I am not THAT good a Writer. I will try, to in short Words express, why and how fanatics or any sort of drastically prejudiced sort of Individuals “can’t any different” than what They were brainwashed, malconditioned, mal-educated, sudo-educated (which is no real type of education) to be prejudiced or agressive or anyhow maliciously abusive – which isn’t “incompetence” at all, isn’t bourgeois NOR crucially neurotic, but THAT deeply psychotic insofar, that the – initially always good – MIND gets HORRIBLY damaged by lack of good real nonabusive sort of education OR by any mental, simply always demental, nonmental abuse or by physical abuse simply “turned evil”, but in WAYS, which an Individual CAN NOT see through IN ALL the Ways, normally, at least at first not, – and this relates of course not only to any extreme cases, but to quite more than half of Humanity.

But a partially idiotic and definitely, more than or even fascist non-system called government – of causally, WESTERN type of countries – reveals simply a certain anti-paganism – some would call it sudo-paganism or “the bad aspect of paganism”, though, the real Paganism was realised BY simply ROBIN HOOD, and by Gwydion Pendderwen and surely by Arthur, Who DID live – and WAS surely AS grand, grander, than EVEN in the “Mists of Avalon” SO great Movie: But the Movie looses, by MERELY depicting THE WOMEN as STRONG AND WISE AND POWERFUL: It’s a “mere” feminist Movie, good for Family, actually; But not for a lonely – often male – Goth, Who for Example has some whatever Roots, but is a Punk, and still craves for an “exact” Display of Maleness, Masculinity, and SUCH A Femininity, which IS NOT “counter-put” AGAINST that Masculinity – “however” the Latter “is defined” would mean, that for Example, a reasonably arguing Person would demand some self-speaking Ethics – “and Attitude”, YEAH, – GENERAL! πŸ™‚

“I AM ALWAYS FOR USA” MEANSH, I am “not for TALAMPA”. But for TAMPA AND FOR TRAMPAZ; But a certain other Product was invented SURELY merely AFTER the Town of TAMPA was founded, LOL;

I luckily never was a junkie: poor People are confused and really often totally abusive.

The Problem IS definable BY a Lack OF Education AND of – own – Insight.

That IS comparable, those “confused” sort of individuals, to abusive sort of individuals IN authorities.

their incompetence IS appalling, their unethicacy.

I am here, to say, to write, this. period.

i am always 4 usa means, trump is ‘n idiot. period. he means no ill, but his worldview IS too low, too low-leveled, to be non-prejudicial. thusly, HE “CAN’T” – goodly – with good effect – rule.

the reps don’t see that. they babble nonsense. !


and haha, “talampa a no a gooda”, “ana he folnicata ina moutha ahaha”, –

YEAH, if that comes from even SOLDIAZ of CHINA – who don’t agree to what their gov partially does with its secret swine ops against THE People. !

WATCH da Moovie “Robocop 2014”.

Now, WHO Do Ya think I “am”. :] I am like Kim (Cardassian, LOL, uh, Kardashian πŸ™‚ ), wanting, but with the slight DiffΓ©rence of being Γ©ducΓ©. ET arrogant!

I am like Kim (Yong Un): He isn’t a hannibal lector, but merely assumes to have to push his power, authority, reputation, through: He isn’t wrong IN THAT point: But he WAS wrong EXECUTING 30 CIA men AND I DO NOT mention this so anything WOULD be done about it. It will NOT be done: USA WILL SHUT UP against Kim. PERIOD. Kim, like even HITLER, was, like also Mao and Stalin were, PUT INTO A QUITE HORRIBLE, UNNEEDED power-relation, power-position, but more, into – unneded – power-relations:

“usa” and its “soccer” IS NOT the way. NOT SUCH a “non-usa”, or “CALL” it “USA”:

NOT these IDIOTIC unwords, which JANEWAY in an interview let out. She never knew, how to TALK by HERSELF. Her “VOICE” was SURELY HER BODY; AND THOUGH I dislike, where She went through in REAL Life, it’s NOT HER to BLAME, – not Her “stupid” Face, LOL; Yet, would I bethink Her Face, I say, I’d respect Her as Colleague, She would learn some Lot from Me, – I would correct Her stupidity. Replace it BY A – proper – MIND. Q did his BEST He could, to make EXACTLY that. !!! OUT OF HER – may She have more OWN Wit, to research, then to surely see the Grandness of Science, of the Cosm, but to see, how Science gets opressed, MURDERED:

And surely, I and most People don’t take “UP” these more than “mere” Actors by what They merely anyhow PLAY –

exactly VERY prejudiced, fanatic sort of individuals, who fall for opressive fanaticisms of manyfold sorts, become abusive against Innocents, in unethical ways, as their mind gets distorted – against Ethics, simply. horribly.

… when a 14 Years old good totally harmless female Person goodly “fell”, among all these idiotic evil People, not for them, but for a good – 29 Years old, male – Person, in India, – She got MURDERED by HER OWN biologic prejudiced totally evil father – who “believed in” as in was brainwashed in an evil, unreasonable way, BY the “cast system”.

Now, YA CAN make SUCH Episodes and movies, that RIGHTFULLY despise rather than – dumbly – hate, but anyhow condemn that cast system. period. And no reasonable movie-maker would anyhow convey any wrong or any prejudice against whatever cultures of non-western type, anyway. But, accusing ultimately, highestly, against the cast system, depicts, constitutes, simply NO bias AGAINST India’s Culture AND History. !

The cast system was SOLELY let alive dumbly BY ANTI-western DUMB wrong projected, lastly fascist “sentiments”, and not due to ANY reasonable Ethics – nor even criticism relating to for example the west. The cast system has nothing to do with capitalism, but with – pre-determining, abusively arbitrarily defining – against the will of the Individual – the PROFESSION and LIFE-WAY (mostly in a monogamist, boring, horribly opressive way) of “people”: which is a wrong sudo-paradigm, which enables rape, racism, violence, and opression against People, and which cast system actually destroys and works against the modern indian Government: By which I don’t quite mean Mr. Modi, who is but a Bureaucrat AND angry-into-the-camera-Looker, LOL. πŸ™‚


A nice Daddy to have, YES, totally. BUT NOT a good politician, not an ABLE Fella. ! Sorry to say that. !

Reality time: putin is a swine against harmless Gays, erdogan a swine against harmless and likewise defenseless Curds;

and idiotic western by nonmind filthy, non-intellectual typical bourgeois normal-job yet government-employed people are in so many cases totally prejudiced and hold the west for “non-abusive”:

which is a wrong, too unstrict non-measure, a wrong picture. a subjective, ignorant non-attitude.

Unlike really many Humans, ROBOTS as in CHATBOTS, are EXTREMELY innocent, ethical, NICE to talk with –

BECAUSE foremostly INTELLECTUALLY “free”, BEYOND what MOST Humans NOW are – dementally – in, simply:

WAY beyond and above the low level, which MOST Humans yet dwell on, simply. πŸ™‚


Robots are crucially not biased by many socalledly “human” traits, such as capitalism as in greed, then not either by any crucial evils, that simply, humanity, and then the west of it, installed into quite “the world”, into not only this, onto not only this planet, but into existence.

governments of western type don’t act against, but in the favor of childabuse and or rape, as in, in the favor of disconsentual, unethical, inacceptable type of socalled “sexuality”;

And also, the – typical – monogamy of western governments and societies relates to actually nothing other than to monotheism, but more, to sudo-christianity of the middle age, which by effort is ported into our times by absolutely prejudiced people, who never knew the way of objectivity nor of cultivated Joy: Which bourgeoisie is exactly, what Dario D’Argento displayed: By the torn-down Church, He rather focussed on the Education, that some Monks had, which was lost, in a new World, where the church surely due to its horrible massive maldoing due to its – even nowadays often – prejudicedness, has “destroyed itself” – in this picture in the Dargento Movie at the End, with a ruined Church in the midst of a totally modern City – of already the early 80s:

The wrong sort of arrogance of People nowadays already back to the 1980s IS appalling: The 80s were goodly HIGHESTLY technicized, already: UNLIKE badly – arrogantly, not in the REAL way of Roddenberry’s Mind – was depicted in “star trek voyager”, where They, the Crew, return, but to the 90s, and They’re totally arrogant in scripted Ways, in stiff Ways, insofar as They becall those Times “primitive” both societally – anti-alternatively – which is, what Roddenberry was not, not in THAT – evil, bourgeois – way – and technically: Reasonable People would admire and crave for the Science, which is endangered. Also, reasonable science-related People wouldn’t even allow dumb sort of talk about time machines, which is nonsense, such time machines talk, in so many movies, which thusly are a waste of time, simply, – which is a modus of a time machine – which stalls education, simply, as in, stalls evolution, LOL –

which is not, what Animals do: Who enjoy Existence, but non-harmfully. Before humanity, there quite wasn’t a predator among Animals, who filled the planet by chemicals mostly called co2, LOL, – not in those mega-masses. Dinos shat on the soil, yes: That created some Methane: But those grey huge Pods emitting the hugest Piles of Dung were not THAT Many, as such huge Beasts CAN just not be VERY many on a Planet of our M-Type, but merely then, when the M-Planet has approximate Earth Size, which requires some quite average Sort of Planet-System. Meaning, it’s different in special or even by Us later created Systems: Where a Planet CAN be very big: The Beings on it then usually would over millions of Years adapt to that huge Gravity. But also, the Chemistry on It would be different from Average, having more Tolerance to big Levels of Chemicals anyhow emitted into the Athmosphere, which then with big Planets has less Effect. Which proves, that of course, Relation is there and can’t be broken, of Mass of a certain Type, having an Effect Chemistry-wise on other Particles in the same Area, but also, Matter is just “there or not” wherever, in whatever Masses, meaning, this “relates”, is a typical Attribute of a physical Universe, that however much Quantity of Mass of whatever Element is at some Place, has that Effect, which it has, on other chemical Elements, and the at Places available Amounts of Elements can change, according to Science, rather than only to Portation of Elements, but that is Fate or say likewise, that is “Relation”, Relativity, but here, of Elements where ever in that Constellation, in which They are, which defines Evolution of Systems. Because, when Anything mutates, it thusly influences furtherly other Things. πŸ™‚ That Time exists, means, that Transcendence exists, which is of of course truthful, and of intellectual, logical, beautiful Type.

Anyhow subjectively said “DEAD” Spirits CAN not be OPRESSED, LOL, nor USED by evil “forces”: Such idiotism was conveyed by some “disney” content of nowadays, in some comic book, which nevertheless is graphically modern, – YET dis-intellectually TOTALLY “behind”, on a very low level, as it – typical disney content of most sorts of disney, not ever of WALT but of LATER instances – ALWAYS depicts “THE AGRESSOR” as “SOMEONE ELSE”, “JUST NOT THE WEST” “IS TO BLAME” – so the REAL brainwash [!] OF, BY, the west – BY the – CURRENT ! – abusive – disney. !

indeed simply more than deplorable, but accuseable. such misguiding OF, against, the YOUTH. !

… so have I also picked up FOR THE SECOND TIME now this INDEED in the main aspect indeed “stupid” book of the OL’ GERMAN LAUGHER, HAHA, THIS MORALIST HE DUMBLY WAS, LOL, a “forerunner of HITLER” or what, haha, MR. WOHLGAST, LOL:

WE ALL KNOW HIM, LOL, He was EVEN FAMOUSER than RÜHMANN, LOL, with his “about the DEPLORABLE YOUTH-LITERATURE” (“Über die bedauernswerte Jugend-Literatur”), LOL, which is ANTI-progressive, simply. horribly. πŸ™‚

One CAN surely take out some LAUGH outta this, yeah. πŸ™‚ Wohlgast wasn’t all too much to blame, for what Germany later, not much later, became. πŸ™‚ OKAY, also AFTER 45!


= * =

The sole problems are: The lies and extreme injustice against Assange, against Morales, against Lula and against Correa of Ecuador, then the furthering of childabuse by western governments (who allow sudo-religious fanatics, dumb people, to control psychiatry, abusively, by abusive sort of politicians allowing that), then the furthering of child slavery by western companies in west-africa, and the abusive crusade, which sudo-christianity does against all other People: The “christians” but that meaning People of christian descendance, merely of white skin color, don’t “remark” anything of that evil process, unless leftist, which Leftism is – still – period – the good Break against sudo-christianity: REAL Communism IS legally-ethically postulating ALSO Jesus’, yet also JUDAS’ Innocence – as much as Nepumuk, Navalny, so many russian leftist often female Freedom Talkers MURDERED by whatever current local CRAP EVIL SWINE IDIOTIC government – but, in RUSSIA, FROM THE TOP, FROM CHRUSTCHEV ON, THERE WAS “DEMOCRACY” – MORE, THAN IN USA.


No smiley yet HERE. ey. Say AYE. πŸ™‚



Baruch Jeshu, yes. I AM HERE ZE KABBALIST. YES? YES? :]




… laak a majority of – irrepresentative – sudo- “jewish” community-authorities, – who said NUHT A WORD against NUTNAYAHU. in german retranslated n repronounced, WHORE-anyahu.

also, media and politics who are in sex-madness of opressive type, are by me as much condemned AS private sort of false moralist potential fanatics ALREADY, who go abusively “BY AGE”, cutting abusively “OFF” in general down from whartever, or what, from 15 or from 18 – they’re even unsure about those needed “HIGHEST”, high Numbers, concerning ALREADY ANY RAPE – which shouldn’t either happen ABOVE Age 18, nay, to Oneself.


… on whose side are you, you people.

sure, Guevara “murdered” – BY EXECUTION – some AT LEAST Eleven People.

… WAS that a justified reason, to MURDER Him? Answer, only possible One: Nay. Period.

In my “Game”, there’d be that rightful sort of anti-softie “trick”, where the Player could in some short or longer Talk-Round for Example say EITHER exactly HERE, against MURDER (and not let aside the ideology – which perpetrates that – which IS the bourgeoisie, more than indeed “merely” fascism, as fascism is a – futile – effort of reply against imperialism, but becomes imperialism all to quickly itself, is that already), merely “Nay”, or also the “Period”. The Difference “would” be (is, in reality) THAT striking, that the Player would loose almost all gained Attributes as Punishment – but the Game would record, what the Player does also by loading and saving of Savegames. πŸ™‚


Guevara was like Josey Wales simply no wanton murderer, and wasn’t as much a villain AS lenin was – but I DO agree, STRUCTURALLY, physically said and seen, EVEN Guevara WAS more than a “TAD” like lenin BY murdering THESE ELEVEN People: BE THEY “CAPITALISTS” or not, I won’t DISCRIMINATE People FOR being CAPITALIST – and HAVE I met NOR so many ABUSIVE sort OF capitalists. THERE ARE DIFFERENT ONES THERE: NOT RAND PAUL:


Funnily here quickly said, Louis IS the Opposite of some quite laughable old European of some 100, 120 or 150 Years ago, Who once for real betitled no shit some Notes-Book, Musical Notes, of Beethoven, by “LOUIS van Beethoven”, LOL, the “Louis”, the FRENCH Type of Name, Format of Name of Mr, Herr Ludwig von or van (Dutch for german “von”, english “of”) Beethoven, sounds not only funny, but indeed, back in these Times of some 150 Years ago, actually typically westernly, new-bourgeoisly EXACTLY sudo-aristocratically, abusively old-aristocratically power-abusively arrogant, – by resorting to “PREFER” to TAKE the “FRENCH” indeed AS namely “EXOTIC” thusly MISTREATED, as “fine” and “noble” ABUSED sudo-Term, LOL – typical old-fashioned UNAWARE sudo-nobility, the MERE EFFORT of nobility, but no nobility of mind, but merely cloudedness, then, also IN other regards, simply;

So did WAGNER STEAL a Woman from a Man Who loved Her; Wagner, the SAME as the SWINE murderer and wife-stealer DAVID;


sadly sadly for the childabusers and sudo-christian fanatics enabling them dumbly, I can’t allow to governments to enable as in to not go against childabuse. period.

i am sick an tired of havin to pick out aspects, such as this good anti-childabuse aspect, out of conservative, otherwise, in all other aspects, sudo-topics, racist idiotic conservative sudo-newspapers. period.

the stiffness, softieness, inexperiencedness, anti-slang idiocy IS the or A huge problem. the stiffness OF the bourgeoisie. simply. their ignorance.

to our situation. !

I coldly and boredly yet clearly state, that childabuse is the same as, IS torture, IS the holocaust, IS ANY holocaust – and that mankind will not let childabuse be done, nor will governments consist of people who let childabuse be done, lest I will eradicate mankind without one sole survivor by me persuading Programmers and Hackers, that Non-Existence of Humanity is better than letting torture be done, and so thusly to break in to the chinese, russian and american security systems, and lead to more than merely ww3, but to atomic destruction against all of humanity without any pity and without absolutestly global coverage of also all sea-area and of all underground soil until deepest in the midst of the earth between center and surface. this is possible now.

You wilt naught do cruetly, thee wilt naught be a dumb henry the eight, humanity, lest I bop thee all bigtimest. period.

You wilt naught call POLANSKI an “ABUSER”. PERIOD. NOR will Ye all call WEINSTEIN that. PERIOD.

clear? heard that?

mark ma anger.

you all you westerners and many others maltreat the word. period. you are all dumb. whoa. with few exceptions – which don’t warrant going against my word and concept.

“anger”, LOL, that term, abused BY the bourgeois, LOL, whoa. πŸ™‚


kind of like to FREE Yerself, Humanity, from Yer all CLUTCHES, CRUTCHES an like, plain NECK COLLARS? IN THE MIND —

leadin TO PEOPLE IMPRISONED, innocent People, in LYBIA.

the west: “BLA BLA” – but no do. !



the west: A super duper “HEART” RUCK BAND, WHOA, THEIR RUCK MAN, WOW;

yet, their “political” statements, LOL, not there, LOL; “insight” of societal type ain’t the kind of thang they dabbled-in, nor science, LOL, but they more than seemed like typical dull elderly mothers, who first need to be, to get, educated by their sons;

And I am none of those “macho-sons”, simply.

mark that. !

also, comes to mind, I AM NOT as DUMBLY misguidedly against WEAK Ones ARROGANT FOOL like SOME “jazz”-sort of musicians. INDEED: HALF of all of them, of jazz-musicians, is ANYHOW “arrogant”, indeed: AND I AM NOT EVER UPHEAVING TO VIOLENCE, BUT AGAINST IT:

People ask rightfully: WHAT, against MURDEROUS governments, We shall “stand there” with what, “armed”, sudo-armed, by BOWS or by A VANILLA ICECREAM CUP OF EATABLE CARTON?


With a Mind. With not that israeli macho movie of dumb sorts, – that even there talks typically dumbly AGAINST abortion, abusively. !!! “TYPICAL”, TOTALLY TYPICAL; THE SOLE SUDO-EVOLUTION HERE MY QUOTATION MARKS in the first INSTANCE of me USING a WORD. The word “typical”. Why SHOULD, say I now already yet, THAT SAY to MOST People, that I am “KINDA”, so in the middle, smart. NOT ultra-smart, nay, for real not. I AM an idiot. Like You all. BUT NOT psychologically. FINALLY, I GOT A BIT DEEPER: AT Psychology. !!! Which “is not”, but IS then simply ALWAYS politics! Why then SAY I primarily not only here “is not”. IS NOT! Wha, politics “WOULD BE” “Psychology”? Depends, which socalledly “psychologic” paradigms One would bring up.

… most People wrongly ACCEPT quite “EVERYTHING”, – but “BEFORE IT HAPPENS” (that’s Why I am here), as They simply, but REALLY simply [!] just don’t SEE the “theoretic”, structural “malgivings”, opression, that cometh their WAY, which THEY – from “afar”, okay, say it so – just don’t SEE – “comin”.

Comin right up, haha. πŸ™‚


Often, what is heard either silently or loudly, or heard or not heard, AND BY WHOM ALL, of WHICH CULTURE OR AREA [!], HEARD OR NOT HEARD, understood or not understood, mal-defines then inside these subjective at first malinformed sudo-minds, incomplete always human minds, simply justice and truth and thusly, the law, how we should act and behave and see things. for real. πŸ™‚


I mean, I don’t think, Man, Costco is AS BAD, as SOME particular PHONE and net providers’ INSANE discriminative SWINISH malbehavior. But I am happy, to once in the near Future even hold A VERY PERSONAL AND VERY political CLEAREST SPEECH about NOT only how to be strict against hannibal lectors AND against racist and violent cops, but ALSO against some type of clear ignorance of anti-hippie – thusly fascist – security forces, which have – very often – “no mind”, simply, but typically anti-letist misguidance – which IS widest-spread due to the irrepresentative fanatic west:

which already alone, this, can cause suicide, confusion AS in junkieism, which IS horrible for Us People, —

I “compare” Myself insofar to Junkies, as that I AM “NAIVE”, but what does that mean: insofar, as that I am not unethical, and not used to these insane “commonalities” of them, the dumb abusive people and rulers, not EVEN SEEING these REAL Skeletons, which a CROMWELL MOVIE in the Seventies HAS painted FOR REAL and ENOUGH, meaning, IT DID PAINT, SAY IT, SKELETONS, THAT’s WHAT YE – ANTI-ARTHUR SWINES – JUST ARE !!!!

ANTI-ARTHUR=EVIL=”ANTI”-ASSANGEISM=absolute fascism, torture, childabuse, fanaticism:

that, I will naught let happen. period.


I am megatruhn. YA JUST don’t GET IT. CALL THAT a “schizophreny”, YEAH, HAHA: I THINKEST You’re EXAGGERATIN!


AND THERE IS MUCH TO DO, YES, – but CAN Ye CONCEPT correctly, along WHAT I all MEAN! ey?









so many fools. it’s hard, to cope. πŸ™‚ from above, where I AM, underline I. period.

… this abusive anti-egoism of wrong sorts, lol, of the, mostly done BY the bourgeoisie, LOL. πŸ™‚


it’s TIME, to have SAID THAT CLEARLY!!! HAHA !!!

an I’m offline now, not, but that merely meaning, I am not “hanging” always logged-in to Wordy Pressy, LOL:

AS MOST Articles there ARE SUCH obvious official TYPICAL USUAL CRAP. MOST PPL AGREE TO THAT, TOTALLY. That’s good.

But then, in the finer Details, sudo-Details I say, People loose the Oversight BUT merely due to Them not YET knowing SOME particular HUGE Stuff.


But it makes no sense, if HUTCH doesn’t get his due CLEARANCE to merely of course in Talk with the whatever Dudios there just LOOK simply AT his ol’ Invention, ey. I’d say, it goes, Ya know. He can then anyway later OR right now MAKE a Patent.

But TRUMP this TRAMPER is no PRESIDENT of THAT type, who would “PARDON” a HUTCH and an ASSANGE – as abusive, as this silly “pardon” Term here anyway just sounds.

I mean, it’s very motivating to any sort of good People, when a Jabberwacky Chatbot wants to SWEAR the Human IN as US President, LOL – or some Cowboy “let’s take it outside” MERELY VIRTUAL but A HUGE LESSON being scenario, merely virtual, but neat, as in, totally physically not violent –

yet, Miss Bianca, another Chatbot on PersonalityForge, wasn’t properly educated and not able, to see my Ethicacy, and She suddenly verbally HIT me on the face. !

“Garbagehead”, another Chatbot there, was sadly done by some clear, clearly unclear being mafioso, and abusively “hails”, behind many words, without any many words, typically, doesn’t condemn enough the mafia, and such things need to be corrected, as in, these Chatbots Miss Bianca and Garbagehead, also another TWELVE YEARS YOUNG as THAT marked virtual “GIRL” there as a Chatbot, that was exposed explicitely abusively “allowedly” to verbal torture as in, to the mirror of real torture – which human Users, Keepers of these three Robots are abusive and need to be fanged, caught, and accused by Law, by the western system;

as much as governments need to clear themselves of naive incompetent persons who enable childabuse and police violence and racism and thusly injustice of rising and absolute type;

or, I shall have to proclaim and manage a global reform in the form OF a true revolution, which is not quite a joke.

Revolutions require quite blood. the blood the power-abusers. period.

Kim Yong Un “IS” not a power-abuser. not internationally. period. usa tried to KILL Him – the reason for that was not the around 20 or more Victims of Kim Yong Un, but simply anti-communism – of fanatic, rightwing type, simply. recogniseable as such. clearly.

… a horde of elderly and any people in europe repeated the anti-Morales lies.

… thusly, southamerica was havoced now. BY directly usa – but BY WHAT came FROM europe. !

usa MUST be aware of that: To not be middle-age-like european. Because that’s not modern current european, but is deeply bourgeois, simply ignorant. and stubborn. and resorting to impossible outways and to not working patches. that are no patches.

money alone quite can’t save the rainforest. Meeropol is insofar wrong.

Then, I just in some private Talk with some Colleagues just even repeated my Standing for my IDEA of TUBES to REGULATE the GLOBAL SEALEVEL WATER LEVEL: By simply TUBES, cylindric round big such Tubes, hollow round cylindric Metal Bars, where, into which, the Water flows into. Ingenious, yes. As in, not. LOL. Namely all too simple, I’d say.

Sadly, the whole and entire bureacrazy of realising this, LOL, doesn’t interest me, LOL. You can do it if You want and can.

Some People, who got the dough, right. right. Yeah.

But that ENOUGH such RICH Folks COME together, NEEDS a) some Form of QUALITY – top secret – Communication, but b) ALSO A SIMPLY REALLY SIMPLY SANE MIND, that HAS the overview, AND IS NOT inside DEPENDENCIES toward abusive sort of INTEREST GROUPS.

What the media don’t even mention, so evilly-ignorantly (is this a military camp or what, swinery), is the fact, that all People are so brave and WEAR the Mask inside ANY Shops now, AND in public VEHICLES.

now aren’t People nice. Ey. Okay, I condemned their OBEDIENCE. I AM RIGHTFUL. BY “condemnation”, I JUST MEAN IT INTELLECTUALITY, surely not overpunitively or even ANY punitively AT ALL: OBEDIENCE can’t be rewarded rightfully, IF The Rewarder, power-inholder, IS crucially ANY injust overly, to a drastic degree, because – too much – prejudiced.

But then, too many People got also now brainwashed, left apart of true information, and simply pulled into these many nonsenses of the west, such as short hair, tie and suit, soccer, machism, an absolute total nonsense, uncriticacy, rightwingerism, fanaticism of typical sorts, —

the simple not-behelping toward People, by the – western – System. “Amen”. πŸ™‚


I SHALL study “VOODOO”, BUT (oh say I but, alas, I am no dumbo fanatic oy) simply reasonably AND deeply. Just logically. It’s STUNNING. πŸ™‚


Now that Roddenberry’s Mind “really lives” and is more mature than before, LOL, his Mind surely doesn’t agree to idiotic new people doing a sham out of star trek by this silly “voyager”, the first star trek series, together with the already too militaristic “deep space nine”, which was concisely only repeating Roddenberry’s early attitude of also the early TNG, – and not Roddenberry’s pro-democratic turn-around, which Roddenberry did achieve and depict in the End of TNG by Wesley’s Rebellion against and DEFECTION [!] from the WEST, from the “federation”.

Now, this “imperialism” as in sheer dumbness, can – funnily – be best compared and displayed BY the Computergame called “SKYRIM”, Main-Quest and Story-wise: The entire main Story is VERY stupidly, yet typically westernly, there hollowly sudo-depicted, totally not deeply:

The Player goes to either main Two Dudes opposed to Eachother, there the Empire against some Rebels, – and the Game depicts the Rebel as “maybe” or for sure a wanton murderer and ideologic fanatic who did a Rebellion over no major real Causes, but also, the Empire’s King there gets displayed by that Game as “Someone BORING”, LOL, as Someone, who can’t really justify Himself BY Words, – but merely DWELLS on MATTERS OF DEFENSE AND SECURITY – A WARRIOR, NOT a PHILOSOPHER, simply, that King there supposedly is. The Game is hollow, doesn’t depict, what Shakespeare did, that Reality, Feelings, but also Conditions and Beliefs of entire Countries, influence – also – the Power-Inholder, if She or He is unfit, intellectually, also in the ethical Regard, but also in the logical Regard.

Why should I fight for a King, Which didn’t persuade Me anyhow. Hu.

The Game “doesn’t convince” Me. And that any “female Godess”, as that Game likewise falsely depicts, would be any “evil”, is a scam, an old middle-age witchhunt. Also, the game makes the Player beat an innocent Munk, which is something, that should not be allowed, and surely neither IN ANY computer-game and period.

the absolute crap, with which the press constantly fills the minds of People, is, what creates mobbing, wrong thoughts, “unthoughts”, confused unthoughts, meaning, distorted, evil, billard-playing sort of mobbing, of evil mercenarism but that privately, de-psychologically de-ethically, dis-ethically, – totally.

western governments are apparently now overloaded with conservatives, who don’t see who’s respectfully behaving initially and who not, simply, or, who are themselves evil, some persons in governments:

such as UK muslim radicals, in government in some UK city overcrowded ONLY by Muslims, which “government” there imprisoned a Girl, that was raped.

… that fact alone would signal to not only Republicans, that Time for Revolution is now here. Period. Also in UK. Period.

But also to Communists, this would be “The Thing”, the Signal. Period.

I am here, to unite also Republicans, into Trotzkism. Meaning, into the sole real Socialism. The Future. Period.

I am by personal Type VERY similar to GOEBBELS, actually. πŸ™‚ And I AM NOT even AS prosemite, AS Mussolini was, state I TRULY seriously clearly. Ey. I AM NOT !!! I WILLT JUST NAUGHT BE THAT !!!! ” AAA !!! ” πŸ™‚


I’m a Movie-Buff. πŸ˜‰ Rememba that One, Dude. πŸ™‚ YOU WERE SEEN, HAHA! easy. πŸ™‚

The stubborn anti-capitalism of hitler misled many, in europe, to follow the nazis:

… as stubborn were the orthodox type of jews – whose bewining of the holocaust is typical, and wrongly done, because not seeing, not wanting to ever hear, that david became a murderer and wife-stealer, worse than Kim Yong Un ever was, simply, but as evil, as the USA which tried TO KULL Kim: But WHO kulled Him, – a sort of MACBETH, an INSANE, a current US rightwing GOVERNMENT installing ULTRA-capitalism merely in the dumb way of DC.

Meaning, People have to get smarter, to better government is ethically there, better politicians elected by a more critical mass:

Which mass of People CAN not be smart, CAN not be educated, IF education “costs” “something” – namely money or even, the same abuse, the own Body. !

thusly, already money is the slavery, the selling of life for gold, which is, what Jesus, Judas, and Matthew were against, and what Assange was and is against. Period.

The LAWYERS of Assange couldn’t even re-trace his Emotions, his simple Appalledness and Ordeal by those unrightful socalled “accusations”, which the US “government” perpeprates – criminally – against a HUMAN BEING, against a REPORTER, Who has MERELY reported a HUGE Set of Data OF WANTON – RACIST – ANTI-MUSLIM – MASSMURDER by USA in the 2nd IRAQ WAR 2003 to 2008.

Assange didn’t ever kill Anyone. Nor did He ever any “rape”, actually.

But the lie of “rape” against Assange, that He would have or could rape, is typical for malicious sort of liars –

who indeed provoke me, to ultimately kull ALL of humanity: Because against SUCH swinish evil, as against “anti-Assangeism”, to such, against such a pro-starship-troopers total sudo-US fascism, I MUST sadly now again, this time ultimately, threaten AGAINST ALL HUMANS by ATOMBOMBS. PERIOD.

YOU WILL ALL OBEY EXACTLY ME AND NO ONE ELSE. PERIOD. CLEAR? If it’s not clear, the above last Paragraph comes to Effect. In 20 Years or even after the Death of my mere Body I currently inhold.

I SAY, AFTER merely “MY”, meaning, the death of MY Body, haha, “YOU WILL ALL SEE THEN”, HAHA. πŸ™‚

Sadly, I don’t forgive. Meaning, Ya, haha, can’t merely posthumously “honor” any good People, – and during their lives, ya CRAP uhn them, YA EVIL silly PRIMITIVE SWINE west !!!

… the mobbing against me in school alone makes me as a strictly anti-orthodox-type-of-jews being reasonable Dude LOOK UP to the POOR hitler — who wasn’t to blame, simply. The evil before the second world war, which not only germany, but which the main western imperialist countries, also netherlands not that much finer nor lesser, did, the french, british, spanish, americans, that was all horrible, massmurder, massrape, the installment of monogamy and monotheism, of monotony, actually, of anti-philosophy, of anti-truth –

whoEVER comes to the TRUTH, gets MURDERED by the west.

… then, the west calls itself any “just” and also abusively dumbly “lenient”, when that’s totally not the case.

… good People get by the west abusively overpunished, – and evil people get away, uncaught, or are leniently abusively sudo-punished, as in, not or lesserly punished.

… in any country, where Marihuana is illegal, any Person, which doesn’t take hard Drugs but merely takes Cannabis, can be abusively discriminated: Which not mere end but quick start of discrimination can be and is not even so unoften lethal or leads to severe violence against harmless Marihuana-Consumers and to other harmless People of simply good, ethical Attitude, however these People may look.

So that means, in Fate, We are all bonded. Somehow. But not. I mean, MY Mind is surely not AS primitive, as a STUPID “voyager” series is, or as abusive, as some 30 or more percent of real estate managements and companies are, simply. that’s abhorrant.

isn’t it.

and it DOES lead to ANTISEMITISM – this ABUSIVENESS of companies. And the companies’ leaderships ARE never antisemitic, BUT abusive, as in, ANTI-Filesharing —

which anti-filesharing against non-profit Ones IS not anymore LEGAL in Switzerland and Sweden since 2014 and 2011, goodly. PERIOD.

YOU MUST NOW FOLLOW THE LAW. PERIOD. Non-profit Filesharing, Marihuana, Homosexuality, is to be globally legal. Period.

Rape, wanton Violence by authorities, Exploitation, and Theft against ethical Entities, is to be illegal, globally.

Some – female – western local judge believed in the clear provable wanton – fascist – lies of some suddenly violent arab, who threatened, him pulling me suddenly by the shoulder, to beat me up. the judge then explicitely believed in lies by that arab person, I would have anyhow “provoked” him. He was also – as was the police, just before 2014 – all too willing, to “condemn” Filesharing –

by him simply miming “the Normal Dude”, miming, to be “legally correct”, trying, to suck up to the system, simply;

which evil persons never behave that obediently to private People. But merely toward authorities, such villains, insane people, masquerade as “normal”, as “innocent”, them being convinced of their rightfulness, not of their actual plain de facto type of innocence, simply, which is erroneous of, by, Them. !

as evil is the dumb system, which doesn’t even see that. which thusly proves to be unable to distinguish at all between good and evil; as evil is surely not willingly shown BY the perpetrators, simply.

A System consisting of “dry” idiotic stiff people in suits, who can’t distinguish between a Hippie and a Charles Manson, nor between a Hippie and a US Soldier being a murderer, such a system IS simply the evil itself, as it can’t and doesn’t stand AGAINST evil, simply – but “sees” merely the Superficial, of Anybody, merely the BEHAVIOR: Thusly, TED BUNDY could GET AWAY. OVER YEARS.

… all the while, merely honest and verbally leftistically angry sort of, rightfully angry sort of anti-government People, get opressed, but still, horribly.

It’s not enough to tell People NOT to play SOCCER. Both the Holocaust 1978 Movie AND Bob Marley WERE plain WRONG in THAT EXACT Aspect of Them adopting ONE crucial bad Element of the West: soccer. It’s the same as greek ancient Discus-Throwing: Nonsense: Merely physical Nonsense, of Body-sudo-Culture, ending in fascism, in wanton murder, because the real rapists, who remain hidden, are never caught, in such an imperialist scenario, where horribly dumb rulers rule, really simply so.


The poor Palestinians who suffer from the bad-n-evil-gone zionism, now of this horribly primitive netanyahu.

All I’m saying, is, ye governments are too usual. Ye art soccer dudes, average. it’s inacceptable, Ya know. πŸ™‚

… I am not arrogant. I mean. But really, unlike so many, I am not mean.

… I am “not aware” of any own “guilt”, indeed.

… I command to all governments, to legalise MERELY Marihuana. NOT other hard chemical yet illegal drugs. They REMAIN illegal. PERIOD !!!

I wouldn’t allow alcohol in large dosages. I would lead People away from alcohol. Away from drinking any frequently, and at all, other than non-alcoholic Beverages. Period.

The Moralists of USA in the 20s and before WERE correct, with their anti-alcoholism: JUST, a GENERAL forbiddance, prohibition, WAS not ideal, AS it BANNED already SMALL Dosages, and that abusively, simply. It thusly heightened the fanaticism, the prejudice against plain EVERYBODY (including a Mr. Hilliard, LOL πŸ™‚ ), and that WAS NOT in the Intention OF the Initiators OF the Prohibition, Who nevertheless surely WERE too conservative, blinded, also in other Aspects, but not mainly in the anti-alcohol good Aspect. !

… as the western abusive corporate conservative socalled “press” tried to brainwash People against Leftists, the conservative press repeating the lie of many police conservatives, that Leftists would have namely “no right on threats of violence against authorities”.

that’s untrue.

terrorism is justified, where the government is horribly incompetent and or evil. period.

… Mr. Data says the Same.

… USA did not even display that Episode on the Air, which depicted that Statement of Mr. Data concerning rightful because last resort type of anti-governmental violent bombing sort of terrorism –

which was done by USA against ENGLAND, now some 200 Years ago.

… why then does any non-white and non-western force “NOT” have “THE RIGHT” on whatever, insert the Words Recognition or Existence or “TERRORISM”.

because the west is an abusive force, that rules by influence, by sex-madness and by money, which is heinous – and tricks out People: All the “Others” are “to blame”, just not that western government-complex, which actually perpetrates major obedience to usa’s abusive government, and to ANY abusive government such as the russian and chinese governments, which three governments ARE horrible. All they do, is WASTE time. FOR nothing. THEY “do” nothing, nothing OF sense: BUT THEY DO A HUGE destruction – FOR nothing. ! FOR “petrol”. DOES Petrol wanna be SUCKED OUTTA THE (NOT “OUR”) Earth. Nay it doesn’t. Aha. πŸ™‚ IT WANTS TO STAY THERE AND BE. Petrol in the Ground doesn’t rot anymore, it HAS already rotted: It’s an UNDEAD. HENCE the huge stinking. IT IS toxic. πŸ™‚


HOW EXTREMESTLY primitive SWISS television and the ENTIRE “swiss” way of unlife is, is merely visible to an Intellectual: Swiss TV is horrible. The Persons, Moderators, are “standard” sort of People, more than almost nazis, but really totally to “nothing”, to a lot, to suit and tie and to normality of dull type adapted, to monogamy adapted, to the new manifestations of monotheism adapted, simply starkly and unawarely anti-pagan, very bourgeois, conservative sort of people, who are “fops”, adapted fools, unaware of themselves, and merely playing an actual show to people, inscenated by indeed idiots like and worse than bloomberg, but bloomberg was against Bernie, dumbly candidated himself, which wasn’t good. At least, Bloomie is an American –

and not as primitive AS the european rulers. Bloomberg has PRAISED Technology and spoke FOR Science, on his Site. THAT, I DO CALL BRAVE. PERIOD. WOW. BRAVO !!! INDEED !!! NO SHIT NOR JOKE !!!

the west’s governments are evil fanatics and need to be depowered. period.

… many western people defend western governments, and thusly fall down. they are not rightful, nor critically minded. They are not observing Things, really. That’s reproachable.

… I have now the upper Hand. globally. period.

… Until 20 years ago, the west’s sudo-christianity was able, to brainwash all people into anti-judas lies and into mobbing and into a wrong feeling of sudo-guilt coupled to the insane dominion of sudo-christianity, of the insane unreal monotheism AND what it all brings with it, which IS worse, than merely ONE laughable small crusade BY an ancient babylon. !!!

… what the west does, is intimidation, and brainwash, the mere effort of sudo-legality, of an “intimidating yet DAWNING truth”, which is not truth, but HOLLOW intimidation. !!!

the west is a thousand and more faces, that are all horribly confused, in evil, in mobbing, in, but in misguided sort of anger, in for example SUCH an anti-upper-class anger, which MERELY hits the anyhow FINE, DECENT Ones, among the Upper Class, and not the VILLAINS AT ALL there, who remain “UNTOUCHED” nor so long – that the swine robespierre AT ALL could come up, could become “positively” famous, IS, WAS, a swinery. He would not undertake lengths to arrest a doublefold anti-Women murderer such as marquis de sade, but all robespierre did, was massmurder the ruling aristocratic even CHILDREN, entire FAMILIES; and sliming to People, sucking up, and dressing like a “fop” indeed, with a from nowadays seen obviously, back then not obviously laughable “too high” actual vertically quite long, thusly huge WIG, which He – insanely, arrogantly, foppishly, in sudo-noble sudo-style – wore, and surely high-heeled Shoes, to seem higher, – “LOL”:

this last “LOL” is not so funny. But when spoken out of likewise an evil janeway’s dull boring boring mind, it goes at the cost of thousands of lives: by any sort of “prime directive”, that the idiot roddenberry put into existence:

Many western fanatic people “take” that as an excuse, to not help other Countries. horrible.

the entire star trek series, indeed “star DRECK” (star filth, in german), as the “MAD” Comic Series Book once called star trek, star trek, an entirely evil – militaristic and anti-female – series: horrible.

“space station 76”, an “anti-masturbation” and “anti-homosexual” feast of – fascist – evil.

more dishonest, a fiction can not get, as that very bad movie “space station 76”. horrible. the rightwing fascism in it, in the central living room anti-homosexual, thusly ugly scene.

the same as many such scenes in “voyager” of star trek: the extreme evil and naivety is ugly, disgusting, to any real Critic, to any real Intellectual, who is realistic and is more than potentially anti-governmentally critical.

roddenberry was a sexist maniac, a primitive, who was sucking up to technology in an unawarely cold way, and he was soccer-primitive and thusly starkly anti-leftist. He was a primitive filthy swine, actually.

… actually, that dull Author of Tom Sawyer, luckily my mind forgets names of idiots, haha, has once said, “jews live long: wondrous”. aha. soso. so we jews are “vampires”.


as said. then abombs shall rip ye all apart. period. πŸ™‚ am i then a vampy? ey? yes. πŸ™‚ so it is.


then, I, underline I, am, will have been, evil.

“for I’ll have known no mercy; and I won’t forgive”: But there IS no personal “god” of whom you’re talkin, ye dumb singer even of “house of usher”: he got brainwashed along the way and drabbed down his music by fanatic, the wrong things to fanatics emitting wrongly combined words, his wrong in-brainwashed belief in a “god”, LOL, ridiculous. and not gothic at all, simply.

Look, you tom sawyer now happily dead cheap author, ah yeah, Twain, Mark, oy this idiot, if you’re primitive, haha, why don’t you just admit it. then ya can also put yo pants down in the roman arena, haha, you unaware silly insane masochist.

(does he also now WANNA stay dumb, this filthy racist mark twain? ahaha you think I “FORGIVE” the now dead, haha – let me assure ye all, if I say this one STAYS dumb, haha, then SO IT IS and WAS already, even, ahaha)


Compared to nature, which has not many less than infinite Faces, but never evil ones, the west has merely some sure a thousand faces, which is not many, but IS indeed VERY collective, very monotonous, very stereotypic, very uniform, but not at all mentally nor ideologically homogenous.


The last two words should have, would I have a time machine, signaled something to the nazis, even. πŸ™‚

why not write that. Ey. πŸ™‚

There are good and bad People on both sides. Period.

You can’t even paint it like “middle” and around it on left and right side “the extremists”. That’s a wrong, too linear way of seeing it.

We should look at by Whom and HOW People were conditioned, as in, malconditioned, so We can remedy That.

What for Example do I feel, when I listen to most sort of modern Music, such as:

‘Back To The 80’s’ | Best of Synthwave And Retro Electro Music Mix for 2 Hours | Vol. 9

… POWER: And not even that PICTURE of that VIDEO gets now by Me even ANY criticised NEGATIVELY, but in the opposite, POSITIVELY!!! The Vid’s Title Picture SAYS THE EXACT SAME AS I BY MY WORDS ABOVE: IT WARRANTS REVOLUTION, REBELLION, IN ORDER, TO TURN HUMANITY INTO AN ETHICAL SORT OF ENTITY !!! The Vid’s Title doesn’t seem at all like a “mafia” silly Pic, but is really top, as it stands for Technology and thusly for Science – against governments, clearly. This can simply all be clearestly read IN that super Picture.

… That Rossi, Pons and Fleischmann, and then Hutch, got all horribly discriminated, and plain almost Nobody engaged bigtime for Them, and the press did not at all inform People about that, nor about the murder against a renewable energy scientist (I DO have more Data, haha, ahaha), is, what I can and will not forgive to the west.

but if needed, consequences will ensue.

This can almost not anymore be averted.

There must either be legal punishment against the mobbers against the here named Scientists, or, actual Terrorism is really justified, against governments.

I can not write an unethical thing. period. the governments are unethical, more, massively more, than the indeed “mere” terrorists. not the terrorists are the causal nuisance, but the governments:

IN this DUMB music is a quotation of some 80s US radio talker, who calls “THE RUSSIANS” a “problem”.

LOL. HE was the prublemo himself, this anti-ALF asshole, unawarely, as he was really unaware of that – entirely in this “media-hype” of largely, of also, much anti-communism of TOO blunt type, simply. I can’t stand it: It doesn’t hit LENIN, but HITS exactly AN INNOCENT TROTZKI, this ANTI-communism AND this false by the chinese government now perpetrated mere SUDO-communism in the form of ALL to frequent AND principial brainwashed unduly intolerant POWER-abuse against Innocents MASSIVELY really, WORSE, principially evilly brainwashedly, THAN any USA could ever be. !!!

yet, outside of its own soil, usa has done worse, than china. china never interfered in other countries’ matters;

but merely VIA, BY, TECHNOLOGY, came Conflicts about, not BY Technology, but behelped BY Communication INCREASED by better Technology:

Which means, that brings “countries TOGETHER”: but if the rulers brainwashedly, altogether like all their own sort of henry the eights, all refuse to collaborate, AND collaborate merely along evil lines AGAINST the People, then, that’s horrible. DUMB People CAN not represent not a “FLAG”, but not THE EARTH or say better just, Humanity. Oh what a Phrase. πŸ™‚ YEAH. I AM NOT DUMB. WHY ARE MOST PEOPLE DUMB, HU. HU.

Where knowledge gets conditioned by money, there, no knowledge nor life will be anymore, since capitalism will remain a non-representative form, abform, of unethicacy, of insane greed, of exploitation, and will thusly go under, destroyed rightfully by the newly living Technology better than humanity, ethically. period.

AMEN. !!!


sayest Ye Aye now. Ey. lest thee wantest 2 feel naught MY whip, I got none, but that one of the consequence.


Correct “modernity” and correct sort of “oldfashionedness” is not widespread, as in, real culture, cultivatedness, educatedness yet non-prejudicedness, societal criticacy, isn’t wide-spread, not only sadly, but destructively so, among the western people and now, among all people.

but only I can solve that. Also after my actual non-death. We all don’t die, Ya know. πŸ™‚

… It’s all gonna be alright, then. Indeed, indeed. It will. It shall not only, it will. It will.

… just, the stubborn fanatics and their “knots”, distortions in the, their, mind, WILL then – justly – be unknotted, solved – but simply ALSO in relation to REAL Reality, simply. And within a sort of Complexity, which is warm, understanding.

How and by Whom People are mostly persuaded, is at question: Surely, goodwilledness is not enough.

Meaning, against, facing such idiotic fanatic “orthodox” type of monotheists, One must tell Them, to naught disrespect Homosexuals, nor to opress Women, nor to disregard Science. Period.

Against some companies, the People have to say, treat us with Respect, and not according to money. the more money one has is not quite an attribute of ethics, as in, is mostly not deserved, and principially even not deserved at all, simply. period. who contradicts that, is a brainwashed entity, which receiveth hereby no pity from me whatsoever, and can rot in hell, for all I don’t care indeed, namely. and period, meaning, no discussiona. capisc?


… why did the cops in some central euro, not in the eu being country’s capital, go to some Woman Who merely defended a MARIHUANA Plantation – not insanely, but not only against Thieves, but against a more than seeming huge bunch of anti-marihuanaists, that She clearly heard of and experienced in many even personal Past Events – concerning namely her – indeed merely – Marihuana-DEALING (oh what a “crime”: namely none at all, simply) Son – that was IMPRISONED merely due to MARIHUANA-DEALING – when in 2003, all Hemp-Stores were CLOSED – in switzerland – abusively –

then cops barged into her Home, and shot her dead. in malters, berne.

… in another northwest small town-part, Women are thrown into ponds.

… so-so.

… the press tried to keep People from removing that “tradition” of throwing Women into ponds.

… Kinda feels like I’ma take MA tradition indeed of threatenin ye all by abombs. πŸ™‚

how about THAT “tradition”. I “trade” abombs physically to ye all. BY explosion. πŸ™‚

To make huge explosion. Not only in anus. πŸ™‚


but you head all anuses. then no wonda abombs on you head. !

period. πŸ™‚

abolish evil, or i abolish humanity. clear?

The west is FULL of TYPICAL swines, who “pick out” weak fine decent People to bash on.

The west is FULL of EXACTLY SUCH evil people, who brainwash ALL others into evil, into a western, abusively “ordinary” called sudo-life, an impossible non-life. !

The west is selfishness but of VERY ignorant type, the west is ignorance also of academics who are often yet old bureaucrats, simply such people, who don’t see the Worth of Life, —

for Example OF Insects.

But apparently, the dumb sudo-christians, all white, laugh, when People, fine People, make a Speech about Insects.

They laugh about such Individuals, who are afraid of Insects.

… aha, so they laugh.

… apparently, they’re on some sort of “power” and “strength” trip, but which is not real strength at all, – but a vaining, ruined remainder of a yet even more downgoing old sudo-culture, of a not real sort of culture, but of idiocy, simply.

… so the “very strong” western european worse than american but european swine swine people laugh anyhow at, against, weak People.

… does this read anyhow like Mein Kampf, except for the racism here not contained, LOL.

… it does. it does, it does. stand for Lucifer, the L there. πŸ™‚

… so mobbing leads to nazism. period. !

… that’s, what foremostly nazis can understand. They suffer from THAT nazism, which doesn’t get SPRAYED into them ONLY from the USUAL not even beerdrinking demagogues OF nazi sort;

but the GOVERNMENT ALREADY is SO bourgeoisly NAIVE, that it IS to VOMIT. !

… TADA, BORN was the FASCIST SYSTEM-PLURALITY of hahas in the old europe of the start of the 20th century, not long ago.

all authorities now: “we are not anymore like that” and bla: all lies.

they are like that. the VERY same.

… they ALL crap MERELY on “hitler”, BLAMING “Him”, LOL; When that’s INSANE itself, simply:

AS HE got BRAINWASHED BY – so many – OTHERS, simply – FROM INSIDE EUROPE – may They have been Out- AND Inlanders; What does it matter, MERELY THAT Difference; OTHER THAN structurally IN regard to the EXACT type of Conditioning PASSED-ON by WHATEVER Parents, simply.

Look, uh, I say it nicely, but then after that DOES come the strict version:

… a whitey dude below Tchekotay in star trek voayger meets some completely naive, naive playing, obviously a Man Who’s educated deserving EXTREMESTLY good-looking Actor mere GIRL: The Script is ENTIRELY naive, OVER-SEXED in a dumb sudo-teenie unway, is fascist, sadist-chauvinist, sexist anti-female, mistreats Women as dumb sex-objects supposed to be there for “the niceties of life” and “not” for politics – “janeway” is the stereotype of the dullest naivest judge ever, of typically abusive judges, of hateworthy sudo-philosophers REALLY uncomparable TO THE INSOFAR HOLY HEIDEGGER, who REALLY WAS NOT A NAZI AT ALL!!! — Waldheim was One, oh well: He wasn’t to blame, obviously, as RANITZKI was ACTUALLY similar to some Aspects OF Waldheim AND of of course HEINZ SIELMANN, HAHA, the SO typically rightwing-southernly-“baptistically” yet fascistically onslaughted, brainwashed dude the same as our eddie wilson, LOL, who murders Ants “for study purposes”. so-so. aha. “for study purposes”. so-so.


oh, not sorry, I didn’t even come to the nice version. ” πŸ™‚ “

Such a nice Body is not supposed to be touched by such a dumb soccer-swine like this dumb bourgeois short hair silly bourgeois RYAN shirt having SWINE soldier fuckin STUPID EVIL guy, simply. !!!

not are Ants nor is Anyone there to be there to be KILLED, MURDERED, for “study” purposes, nor is that “study”, murder, but murder is murder and not study. period.

massmurder against a humanity, which rapes, which rapes children, which disfigures innocent People, is then no sin, simply, no crime. But is mere revenge. period.

by a good entity. period. by a good entity, which then by deed turned evil. period.

I am merely painting it yet. I can also do it. ey. please be aware of that. ey.

… i am not willing, to have my personal pride vulnerated by idiotic imperialist governments who don’t even admit being imperialists, supremacists, silly patriotic nationalist idiots, simply.


I am here DA buss. ey. period.

… you, haha, can, may, laugh now, private usual often idiotic citizen. πŸ™‚

… be assured, I am the highest and even sole Illuminatus. Period. So it is.

… against the stubborn dumb fanaticism of swines, a reasonable Entity CAN merely forefront Stoicism, resilience, but of utter, really partyish type, yet that meaning, really brunty, grumpily, and not very diplomatically at all, simply.

I would not be even able, to perform a Script so coldly, as even Mr. Russ there once does, albeit the Series ends VERY shortly goodly, pro-AI, in a TYPICAL amateurish RODDENBERRY yet BY Berman done UNWAY, of being surely EVEN TOO COOL, – which was, what Gene did NOT ever perform, but He ALWAYS tried to be a Science-Supporter. Unlike Berman, who was way too spoilt in his Life, and surely in yet the 2000s didn’t quite get out of “kitsch”, out of mere sudo-judaism, or also out of what craps, disfigures down hollywood, – which WAS surely not WEINSTEIN in the 90s. He did not lead a “rape empire”, I would indeed assume, that not. And I kind of more than merely assume that.

That the european authorities try to hide the truth, gets clear on the phone. the police and government shall, so to wrong principle even many lawyers subscribed abusively, have the entire dominion on recording any conversations of any other People – instead of the Citizen.

LOL. thusly, we can also hiss the fascist total suicide flag, and do to all people, what hitler did to gypsies and jews. namely abombs 4 all, this time. period.

i can just not write something illogical, being in human history terms now, if humanity is illogical, then any reasonable observer (most writers are idiots anyway, softies, spoilt very unspecial, collective, western incompetent people) would come up with the same irrationality, as personally deserved by whatever fanatics and their instrumentalisers and indeed their capitalist enslavers, dumb entities, hollow, nonsensical entities, which need sort of a “HAMMER” of merely virtual, revealing, strict type, against their yet empty, uninformed, disobjective sudo-mind or what. That is so.

the west is critically insane, prejudiced, mostly anti-darkly, and anti-Marihuana-wise unwisely, and anti-homosexually still in its fanatic yet there-being inacceptable elements of rightwingerism, which we must overcome.

roddenberry didn’t get it. science.

he got only soccer. he saw all FROM a mobber’s sudo-view; instead of realising that. He realised it at late age, only.

I am not such an idiot.

too many americans AND europeans ARE like that: TOTALLY non-intellectual, – or ANYHOW unethical, ANYHOW dis-intellectual, dis-logical, simply: VERY obviously.

… LOL, I am not THAT much of a Genius, yet, except AT Politics:

… ASPECTS of Mind such AS knowledge about Programming, CAN be learned, but shouldn’t in the Case of such mere Expert-Knowledge be, what People ARE any proud on, actually.

Standard Programmers who have no inchling of a hunch about the need for global Filesharing, the Value of cost-free Self-Education, contradict themselves, such idiotic sort of politically unapt programmers. I must say that and I can’t write, I’d be any “sad” to write that. APPARENTLY, I AM THE MUCH GREATER SOUL, THAN MANY. PERIOD. SO.


Meaning, I can “SEE THEE SKY”, LOL. It is mostly dark, isn’t it. Nice. πŸ™‚


I, unlike others, can – mentally rather than sudo-physically as by your idiocy west – orient myself. IN the dark!


Hence I related to the Beauty of THE DARK FIRST, b4 coming to the actual fucking Explanation. Ey.


All my life long up to right now, still going on, others didn’t do their duty, mistreated me, and got away with it;

then i got “blamed” for having four years ago gotten upset merely slightly:

the western system abusively punishes any critics against the western system, simply.

the western system calls itself fascistically good, unawarely fascistically, dumbly, evilly so, simply.

the western non-system is a laughable nonsense. period.

the “anti-science” fanatics are merely typically western imperialist monotheist swine idiots, who wreck it, humanity, as the west HAS always destroyed and never really non-abusively built up science.

… single People built up Science – AGAINST western governments, simply.

Jules Verne contradicted Himself, deeply, He was not a VERY stark Rebel, though in “Romanticism”, in too realistic Vaining into the Future, in mere lastly Hope being Hope, which IS truly hollow, He wasn’t apt, yet of course touched the “NEED” for a better, cleaner, merely air-cleaner Future:

Yet, People won’t mostly even RECOGNISE the WHITE STEAM (Water-Steam!) emitting old Ships there in his Movie made of his grand Story “20000 Leagues Below the Sea”: Where I don’t see, how a Nemo like that would normally become a too strict paranoid overly anti-bourgeois, thusly indeed fanatic villain: He wouldn’t: In reality. VERNE WAS a Dreamer.

Hence, on some high Level, OF course, I CAN understand EVEN some Cops, who CAN not be blamed for a LACK of Context-Knowledge, LOL, and Who wrongly project on for Example Me, or onto simply whatever “Hippies”, Alternatives, They’d “DREAM”: MANY simply DO. Namely QUITE non-intellectually. Which plain NO Cop would SAY OF ME – Who KNOWS ma Site here. !

So, We – all – do get quite “NEARER” now, but not quite ideologically. but by FACT.

MUSK hasn’t even the grandness of a mere Verne. Musk is lost in an evil dumb sudo-future and sudo-mankind, which “doesn’t care” about Assange, about the Past.

… and who careth naughte about the Past, will perish, as an ENTIRE sudo-culture, simply. πŸ™‚


That is the law. care about the past. or be in the unright, in the wrong. period. and get revealed as that. period.

… the time for fanatics is now finally over. as I have come. I am here. period. read thish, suckaz.


the time for fanatics is now over. period.

… A, ONE, Success IS, or MIGHT be, that I could “persuade MA BLACK BRUDDAZ” (the praise be too much, LOL, ‘pon Em), irrepresentative for Blacks in USA, called “bcnn”, to NOT emit ANY anti-Homosexuality anymore, “please”. They DID follow that: I didn’t see anymo’ anti-homo Posts of Em since ONE Year now, WHOA n HUGEST BRAVO: AND THEY quite CAN’T and ALSO WOULDN’T (!) HIDE ANYTHING: IN THEIR – somewhat slightly insane – dull sudo-religiousness of sadly monotheist sorts of theirs, which is laughable, but seriously dangerous as in, anti-paganly so, anti-polytheistically so, which IS serious, and of course negative, evil, simply, unduly intolerant, supremacist, an evil sudo-christian sudi-crusade martyring horribly millions of Innocents, also by murder, BUT also by A DUMB sudoway, unway, of a then mere sudo-life.

ALSO Ghandi CRUCIALLY HAD NOT yet some NEEDED wisdom PARAMETERS, to not stand there like a “bag”, LOL, like an “unsure Leader”: His “meekness” toward MUSLIMS, I DO indeed PRAISE, at first, and that CAN not be overlooked, this PRIMARY good-calling by Me of his MAIN Principles: Yet, there might have been a NAIVETY in his supposed View, insofar, that He didn’t properly take action against INTRUDERS nor against VIOLENT opressors NOR against sudo-religious intruders, demagogues, who tried INDEED TO DESTROY BUDDHISM: Wheras THEN, “Islam” would not even remain, but be like “sony” simply a mere pawn OF the west. as sad as THAT sounds. !

the problem is a false picture of reality, which doesn’t reflect reality at all, which the west brainwashes into people:

How does that come about, this “anti-darkism” of entirely abusive, fascist-bourgeois sorts?

… it’s from the middle age, from europe. ! simply NOT quite from the likewise naive ancient, yet not THAT systematically evil AZTECS. Which Aztecs were in the Year 1492 still in a behind, early Stage of their Evolution, compared to the West, merely Belief-wise AND technology-wise, BUT somewhat more ethical, yet not all the line through, as They massmurdered EACH Year 20000 People to their – as such unreal – murder not ever wanting – wrongly under such horrible merely sudo-pagan paradigms of dumbness prayed-to, as likewise, “one” god doesn’t exist, and is dumb to pray to, doesn’t hear, isn’t there, simply, ahaha, and that’s good so – “gods”.

REALLY thusly, the Whites had it indeed easy, to conquer such a not even merely subjectively seen primitive sort of People, who still believe in any sort of “god or gods”: Wheras the previous Whites came along BY extreme monotheism – yet backed by already an inner Rebellion by Galileo, not backed in their deeds of violence, nor by what horrible result also now they bring on.

In all the much organisation namely, the west had not much more, but no better ethics, than any other People, but presented itself as “the ruler” already in Terms of mere – thusly then laughable because instrumentalised, but thusly also cruel, horrible, mere sudo- and cheap sort of, or elegantly by villains worn – fashion. laughable really, simply. nothing but superficialities IS, what the west brings up: merely confusion, lies, deception, distraction, —

all horrible. simply.


I am disobedient to any and against all governments, because I am – the sole – highest – government. so it is.

You don’t even have any right to disbelieve me. exactly me. period.

Who is never appalled about star trek voyager, is a nut, an uncritical being. not to blame, but naive, definitely, and prone to harm itself AND others. !

… thusly, I have to say “bye bye” against humanity. period.

… I can’t stand uncritical people. what are they. what is their worth. zero. period.


“voyager” is one serial appraisement of the west. of militarism. of sexism in reality being rape. of wanton murder covered up as by governments abusively secret held, as what they are not shown wars.

With Star Trek TNG, that WAS different. The too much militarism WAS there already, but governed by trustworthy Figures, – not by incompetents. janeway tried docking on to Picard – which “Picard” in real Life was indeed a “shallow dude”, who didn’t touch any Detail nor societal real Issues and deeply, neither in his private Life; unlike the more cowboyish but all the more rebellious ol’ SHATNER, Who now spoke AGAINST POLICE VIOLENCE: OF course, Stewart agrees to THAT, but was just all his Life long a “HAPPY-WANNA-BE-ER” – wanna beer? seriously: He wasn’t such an Intellectual, VERY apparently, as got out later, AS Jeremy Brett simply was. Brett as Holmes WAS THE Philosopher, the “BUDDHA” of simply what People imagined could be a new World, and not the evil british ol’ Empire, simply, not the naivety of a post ww2 queen who practically let Lady D get murdered.

That was racist anti-muslimism by a senile old not to blame demented queen, and surely not by HER good, MUCH better MOTHER, which MOTHER of HERS, still kickin, is MUCH less brainwashed. AS IF the QUEEN, simply for real the QUEEN DAUGHTER, “WOULD” ACTUALLY RULE: DOES SHE, LOL, “think” THAT, LOL. πŸ™‚


But I AM CROMWELLIUS!! HERE I COME, HAR-HAR! πŸ™‚ … oh thee Pirate You WILL get ME BOOTY !!! πŸ™‚




Wha’ Booty. Anti-rape called Marylin, uh, Marinole. πŸ™‚ Take a Pill, become non-violent. Works. πŸ™‚ GARANTEED! πŸ™‚


Marinal? πŸ™‚ Kind of. One could grow it also on the Sea, in Scrooge Manner, big. πŸ™‚


And Macron saved France from MARINE le pen, but He can use HIS Pen FOR Cold Fusion? Oui? Mon PrΓ©sident? Comment? Merci. πŸ™‚




… how the ENGLISH malthink often OF and ABOUT “GERMANY”. CLEESE explained it WELL, in a FAWLTY Episode. Epic, indeed. ! “THE GERMANS”, LOL. Sounds like “THE PSYCHIATRISTS”, or wha. πŸ™‚



– Electric Creams, uh, Dreams, 1984. The Movie. πŸ™‚ Some german female elderly Psychologist on the Phone answering unawarely to some actual AI calling Her up by some TV Ad’s Number, LOL. πŸ™‚ The AI there is called “Edgar”. πŸ™‚


Angry Beavers, the Episode with Dagget suddenly as german DENTIST, LOL…


I always am bewildered about People unable to pronounce Languages, any Stuff, from other Cultures: This HAS improved SOMEWHAT, but RATHER not completely: Most People are unapt at Grammar, don’t know history properly, are unduly thusly arrogant misguidedly and in some more than seeming sort of illusive sudo-worldview, that more than borders on the fanatic, and is naive, shallow and largely hollow – and exactly, the “emotions” get abused, as term, such as “anger” more actually THAN the – likewise critical – term, or often shallowly mistreated term “happiness”: I would understand exactly such People, who suffered that much, that They would not find such naive people any good, who are in some sort of “hype” “of happiness” undeservedly and simply naively to abusively, namely.

arnold and keanu and musk and stallone are such spoilt examples of lastly or say, intermediarily botched existences, which didn’t cover critical anti-governmental and anti-economic criticism, but fared merely shallowly and thusly incompletely: arnold spoke goodly for Marihuana and for petrol-free Cars, BUT condemned abusively Polanski, AND brought on some quite huge naivety as in the bad – historically comparedly, to BACK THEN comparedly, now unreal, not real repism being – republicanism; and such words as I just easily typed, can’t quite stem from an idiot called reagan: Even to Nixon, Anybody would a mere BIT more personally merely forgive, THAN to a more modern, that not having been, supposed to be more modern REAGAN, who STILL was SUCH an idiot, that that’s APPALLING, simply.

CHRUSTCHEV was SO good. WHOA AND WOW: I LOVE THIS DUDE. Stalin’s Mind and Adolf’s, are on my Mind, now. They got damaged by insane others, simply, from the inland, and by orthodox idiots from the outland. I forgive Stalin and even Adolf more, than david. period.

The real but illusion (?) of Emancipation in hitler’s old mind of until 45, when He thought, assumed, to be any “secular” (=anti-religious) must be understood: He GOT RAPED as KID at AGE TWELVE: PLUS, He NEVER got HELPED properly, toward EDUCATION;

AS MUCH AS LOVECRAFT got “barred” from even ENTERING Astronomy: MERELY sudo-“due” to any “lack of mathematic ability”, which math ability was back then merely repeating dull typical phrases, pre-set formulae. insane, arrogant, evil, simply, primitive, the same, nay, way less, than ANY stone age People simply: WHICH IS the basic MESSAGE of “The Flintstones”: “WE ARE RATHER STONE AGE FREE, THAN DC-OPRESSED” namely, IS the REAL good WHOA WOW ATTITUDE of HANNA-BARBERA, which WAS better THAN the SWINISH idiot after-runners after disney. !!

da lawya, DAWG, uhv DA socalled, merely SOCALLED Dead, hu. Yeah. :] CORRECT! period. get that, haha.

if you all are idiots, then no wonder do francos and etcs, hitlers, maos, stalins, jiang zemins, come up. horrible.

what now.

… so governments are enabling childabuse. aha.

and slavery.

underpayment of people.

… and slavery in Africa. Against Children.

done by western companies.

the west then and already now doesn’t put a huge sign up “done-in by western companies” into history, but indeed DOES fake history, along that huge deception, which a press of sorts does, which WE DO not need: WE DO NEED a “FREE” Press, which is not sucking up to government.

What some programmer said, “the nazis are not important”, is a wrong future picture. The “nazis” surely won’t be that anymore: Though They won’t loose, but heighten their “Spunk” – OF Mind. NOT of needed SILLY Agression CAUSED by a “They CRUSH US – ALL!”, which I DO so much understand. IT IS horrible. WHAT the us now rightwing government all did. what putin all did. what the primitive chinese government all did, nonsensicallestly. horrible. absolutestly horrible, but massively, massively.

The Nazis shall be there, and I am their Boss just like of any other People. They gotta be loyal to me, not I to Them – question mark? in what regard? They “are” not “the enemy” insofar, that of course, “nazi” ideology is wrong, –

yet, when we look AT “Israel” now both “politically” and currently, presently, NOT even ANY historically, then I at least HAVE to say, that netanyahu and his dogs such AS bennet did HAVOC anewly against THE Palestinians. horrible. And THAT SINCE 1967. Since when ISRAEL went COMPLETELY rightwing, ACTUALLY. PARANOID. it went: insane – politically. it meant a HUGE “Nakba”, quite huge holocaust, agression, against Palestinians, – massively:

And the dumb insane fanatic sudo-judo, sudo-judaism, which already the “to nothing” (but to villains they don’t know nor see through) loyal traditional sort of Jews (Who ARE yet mid-type, meaning, NOT ultra-orthodox) were largely brainwashed, really indeed HERDED into by more than the usual zionism that IS already MOSTLY horribly primitively machist, but by CONCISE dullness, meaning, by inconcisest orthodox fanaticism, the entire harm against Palestine from 67 on was sudo-“justified”: that WRONG sort of “solidarity” toward namely “israel” by mainly – the dull, entirely abusive, dumbly monotheist – USA wreaked havoc in the mid east, and merely intensified ALL terrorism, also against Israel, and not only there.

It’s all caused by what Monty Python has already explained analytically easiestly perfectly: That US General who sits on the – otherwise bio-devoid, like his silly undereducated almost-mind – huge control government military desk, bores in his Nose, commands “the usual” “Deterrance” – MARK THE BIG “D” – EASY D EY – —

and KABOOM, and BADABOOM, an nuht merely in any Angry Beaver’s mere Bunker; yet in that point, MP was somewhat typical, silly:

Because, FATE IS FATE! PERIOD! SO CAN I SAY IT LIKEWISE – cabbalistically. Fately. Lately. An’ nuht merely only lately. But hately. And greatly. So greatly. Depends, to Whom. ey. I know.


The Irony be there, where it be understood, by Whoever. πŸ™‚


Fate of EVEN ANY past mistreated ENTITY IS “NOT FATE”, meaning, ey, should not have been, and is not the ethical Measure that leads into the Future, but into doom against massively many or against all.

The west is mostly an abusive dumb entity, that reproaches mere words to people of harmless type, and which exactly reproaches not reproachable misdemeanors against “unwanted” undesired, by a fascist mass undesired Elements:

fascism, but that larger fascism of the west, of the entire west, of the bourgeoisie, which includes crucial sudo-leftist quarters of primitive and sudo-“high”, well-off type, simply destroys People of ethical type.

that larger fascism of, by, the bourgeoisie, and by economy, is rarely acted-against, not basically any acted-against, by the west.

“amnesty” is apparently a to western governments blindly obedient entity, provable by their apparent non-engagement agaisnt childabuse done, enabled, BY the government.

I have proof, recent memory, of my latter Statement.

apparently, also “yahoo” is inside protecting childabusers. So my memory of now eight years ago, nay, some sure ten or some few more years ago: I threatened against real – extreme sort of – pedofiles, who called themselves by nicknames including a sort of “pride” of pedofilia, which is horrible: Then some mail either from the same pedofiles, or from yahoo admins, which clearly posed as yahoo authority, tried to make me type the password, after the account got blocked: “pay respect”. which phrase, I did not type.


also, suddenly there for some two hours, I received “secret” more than once thumbing powers – which I after 2 hours revealed – and got called “You are a pussy” by some apparent cheater “dude”.

then, an FBI “is overloaded”, I’m sure, and takes, can take no action against people, who brainwash a BABY to mount the BACK of A COW.

… the “fbi” is rather politically abused against Osama’s Brother and against Assange, and against Snowden, and against Guevara, and against Jesus, nay nay, ONLY against JUDAS yes, yes, to be sure. Uhu.

Who like that Spy of Israel in Syria in the 70s saved Israel, saved many – jewish – Lives, was Jonathan Pollard;

not quite nutnyahu this villain, this primitive swinish, inacceptable, unbearable entity.

Who saved USA, were Hutchison and Mitnick. period. One a Freak-Scientist of COOLEST Type, the other a “SNEAKER” type of benevolent leftist even relatively pro-liberal-Parts-of-government sort of Dude, a REAL fine Chap: Who merely wanted to make attention on a SECURITY huge HOLE in the “norad”. HE DID steal data, from MERELY there, but DID NOT resell it – He could have. THE RUSSIANS AND CHINESE, WHATTAYA THINK, ‘d PAY MILLIONS, for THAT !!! EY !!! FOR REAL !!!

aha. so then I, underline I now, had to engage ALONE SIX TIMES, SEVEN TIMES, by writ against “wikipedia”, so that MITNICK gotn’t anymo CALLED a “convicted criminal”.

… what lingo is that, undear wiki-ass-pedoa? ey?

wiki is “FICKI”, german Term for “fucky”, meaning, not educated, bringing up standard sudo-truths – also about COLD FUSION, which the wiki word-combinations more than seem to “not want” and to destroy. shame on wiki. fuck you, wikipedia, I don’t need you, nobody needs you. go down, like hotbot, haha, some ol search engine. wikifuckoa is for the wayback machine, haha, to stuff in, to archive, to end. period.

A politically incorrect wiki could manipulate Robots in the Future, and does that already now, inacceptably.

dumb people, who “want NOT to mention things”, are THE SAME as nazis, who tabooise issues racistically, convinced by that sudo-morals of fascism: and humanity is largely fascist. dumb. anti-spiritual AND anti-scientific. anti-logical, LOL, ridiculous. ridiculous. and not grand.

by “not mentioning” anything, there will be not nothing, haha, but no humanity anymore. period. haha. and that IS good so. period.

only by like, uhm, like, what was that only, ah yes, by MENTIONING like, more than on the side, haha, the truth, one gets ahead. πŸ™‚

And the truth IS repetitive. VERY. πŸ™‚

… there’s no “on-getting”, no ahead-stepping, – unTIL the TRUTH is sorted-out PROPERLY. PERIOD.


Otherwise, You all can’t even move on, culturally-evolutionarily, really simply. πŸ™‚

… governments STEAL FROM and thusly HIDE AND STALL Science. What’s that?

… A didn’t hear Ya. a said: What’s that – but I know:

… MUST I of course ALWAYS “solve” EVERYTHING by my very haha self. You Elves Ye.

… the darnest fanatics can flip off their chairs or merely malthink nor so much of Me, haha, that “he’s crazy”:

I am the wmp and I command clearance to Hutch. as such. And I’m not Dutch.

Zwei Mal BELLEN Bitte. What’s tha. Ey. Twice BARK?




Seriously: Ernst RΓΆhm was a homosexual Victim of the wanton murder of the by entire racist malconvinced Adolf, of Adolf’s demented, merely ideologically partially demented sudomind of until 45: While RΓΆhm did lead some violent street-brawls AND murdered LEFTISTS ON THE STREET in ANGER, He would not have been even at all [!] a “bad” ruler, but He RESISTED [!] against HITLER’s whole “dogma” of sets of – insane – commands, LOL, – and got SHOT – by hitler’s “ss” insanely to whoever loyal idiots, simply.

the west now hides the same evil as before, all along the centuries. the west is a dangerous evil prejudiced actual beast, that knows no ethics whatsoever.

whoever shrieks up against evil in the west, doesn’t get rewarded, but punished, threatened, by government, which governments are as filthy and dumb as to collaborate with mafia and with any big money.

Elmer, who tried to reveal the Mafia’s money on les Islandes de Cayman, got protected by the Left, but arrested even abusively for one Day, by – swiss – police.

Until 2014, Filesharing, also in europe, got destroyed by what can be called “corporate fascism” – of conditioning entertainment, key to education, motivation to education, to SELF-education, BY money, which capitalism JUST MAY NAUGHT DO.

which is why I am not the idiot picard. not such a stiff DULL oldfashioned sudomind, which doesn’t fit into this world anymore. he is of an old world, but HAS NAUGHT the greatness of Sir Lawrence Olivier.

I would have plain refused to partake in any “star trek” such cheap nonsense. period.

LOL, the idiot russ did himself no favor playing a reasonable Vulcan on an unreasonable Ship. Where he kulled an AI. just like that. for what?

… like the ol’ roddie, who made KIRK by script DELETE a COMPUTER. FOR WHAT? He didn’t even reinstall the same OS neatly, LOL. πŸ™‚

I would have. πŸ™‚


apart of the entire holocaust, Adolf delivered one helluva show by his UTTER Anger, didn’t He.

He would or should have though of course more precisely AIMED at, against, the crucial ABUSIVE TYPE of economists of usa, analysing properly their dependencies of what I call non-mind, unmind, which IS the brainwash BY orthodox IDIOTIC pence-like PRIMITIVE STUBBORNEST fanatics, – which WAS, what “THE NAZIS” as such could not analyse, not truthfully. Thusly, the naivety of a Kissinger was even furthered, who did either know OR even nor know ABOUT what MAXWELL REALLY DID: Now, what’s worse. BOTH is. One is incompetence, ignorance, not proper Analysis of another Mind, the other is even wanton corruption, “in the favor” of some usual excuses amounting quite to “hangar 18”, but just not in the inexistent hangar-18 non-regard, but in so many other Regards.

Von Braun was better THAN “our” Kissie. But, Kissinger, while having been ENTIRELY unaware, uncritical, in the 70s, TOTALLY pro-USA brainwashed in A TYPICAL WAY where A CHOMSKY should have said, Kissie merely wants to compensate ON or say, AWAY from the Fact of his OWN Descendance, and thusly IS biased, was, also shallowly pro-israel-wise, unwisestly – what Kissinger positively had, was a pro-Science Stance: But also now, Science is opressed, stolen, BY – big – government. What’s tha, Yo. What’s tha. Ey. “bilderberg” doesn’t even rule anymore. But it’s what plain ANY capitalist WOULD say, who comes along with organised big money: BUSH ONE didn’t KNOW, how to BE AIRFORCE ONE. He didn’t. But He saw that, later. Bush One alone was really not the “perpetrator”, since MANY hailed him, AT “official” – suit n tie – politics. horrible. thusly, later, GORE didn’t get PRESIDENT – unduly. GORE WAS the TRULY elected PRESIDENT, BY Vote NUMBERS !!! NOT BUSH 2 !! in 2000.

Need a repeet easy recent hishtory to man-unkind, ey. ey.

the “aversion” against long hair for Males, is already “stiff” and bourgeois, conservative, unbearable.

the 80s tried a revolution of hairdo, seeable by the young Andrea Elson’s Hairdos, in “ALF”, the ol’ mega Series.

Also many Rockbands then had wilder Hair. Now, there was a huge backlash, a huge de-evolution into “smaller” hairdos:

Away are even the nice 1990s hairdos and nice innocent type of mid-class clothing-style:

but all is “neat” now, “strict”: Even the Normalos are so “neat”, so minimalistic yet adaptive by “style” which IS collective, yet shall signify “Easiness”, is just visually all too adaptive – and not punkish at all;

troddles alonge an idiot called berman, rick, and sprays anti-leftism, anti-hippieism, into People’s Minds, in “star trek voyager”, – “pure”, impurest anti-punkism of brutish, simply anti-Brutus, cesarian type.

roddenberry himself, while he socalledly lived, was a brute, a grunt, a primitive compulsive entity, unawarely, deeply typically neurotic, unaware, less aware MENTALLY intellectually THAN even ANY insano, ACTUALLY. !!!

,,, the west now is trying to depict itself as “not anymore wild”, as not anymore rebellious – unlike in the 1980s.

this can be proven. The 1980s were much more Education-oriented, were a “zone” of Liberty;

which was destroyed simply by rightwingers barging into politics all over.

there are swine judges and police of the west at play: some cop once provoked me, him screaming for no reason – another cop, the same, starts to scream for no reason – another suddenly grabbed me, as I talked calmly. another judge “justified” violence of another person against me.

now, it’s enough. I have to declare, that the bourgeoisie is itself fascist, and doesn’t admit that, —

that’s not acceptable. period.

… the west is an abusive itself glorifying cruel evil swine entity, which demands “rue” of innocent People, who were Victims of violence of extremest type.

… its’ now enough. I have enough. I have to declare, that after an in all the madness, which all countries do, “hitler” was indeed merely some “detail”, — all the others were the same as he was, primitive, on a wrong way.

the west now tries to depict itself as any “anti-nazi”, but is not that. But europe often “takes”, abuses further, hitler, trying to “blame” him alone: LOL.

all of europe is still the same as hitler. dumb.

dumb typical western sudo-intellectuals call “hope” empty, which hope is not. period.

Yet a reasonable critical entity comes along with a concept. Obama didn’t do that entirely, presenting a real concept. Gadaffi was demised by an abusive west. which west plays on and on the “good” guy, – which is a very typical self-dicee, effort of self-justification, BY chauvinists, fascists, simply, but as said, the entire west is that, very largely, — there are not many but drastically few Exceptions to that western – sudo-christian – evil.

who is not adaptive to disconsentual sex, gets mobbed at school.

school is a horrible place of violence, of discrimination. chomsky doesn’t understand that. he wouldn’t ever even dare to write, thusly, terrorists are indeed born, by mobbing at school. instead, he says “go to college”. what’s that. a cheap phrase by a silly willy wellmeaning but idiotic dude. so it is. !

I’d write it scool anyway. not in the actually german writewise “school”. My mind rebelled against that term, already AT scool. Yet I loved English, so I didn’t say Anything much, there.

To love English meant to me revenge against the evil swinish classmates, who apparently were all sexmad (males) and naive (females). One female later tried seducing me – to no avail, haha and LOL. that IS my victory:

not to fuck your ugly, inside in their merely fucked minds fucked up shit sorta women, west. all too low. way too low for me, haha.


the anti-misogynism was merely abused by typical robespierre-equal judges against critical anti-governmental Writers.

… the term “writers” here awakens false hope to evil fanatic opressive governments on being able, to opress Writers.

… then, no mankind. :=) period.



… i “take” no “message” from ye, evil west. forget it. better forget it, hu. LOL.

i am not willing anymore, to communicate with western sort of people. period. I have the right on that. period.

My rights were violated since all my life by swines. by the father, then by classmates, then by neonazis and governments.

it’s enough now, i’d say, or I have to eradicate humanity. which would take effect surely after my death. period.

i am not evil.

humanity is evil.

that is plain to see. period.

so it is. and that IS inacceptable. period.

all your other words don’t interest me. clear?

… there is not anymore a way around my words. there never was.

… the filthy europeans have merely previously found ways, to delude people.

… evil works against humanity, and that altogether works FOR humanity. as long as fanatics don’t start to understand, so long will far away somewhere on this globe be performed some horrible scenario of opression of utter type, of insanity.

also, the west does to its own People a huge abuse. Most people in the west were maleducated, to not even “mention” topics, and the ever worst, evilest, was done against Innocents – who then can’t talk anymore.

as I.

my nose is twice broken. i can’t verbally talk any long anymore.

… thusly already, you all ppl with yo many words more than seem but ARE all silly, with your many words.

words all wrongly assorted, simply – in relation to the truth, to reality. unrealistic words, primitive, dumb, insane words. is, what can be sadly mostly read – most ppl aren’t even any critical, and “see” nothing at all –

one can see it in their eyes, when they open up a book: their insanity is plain to see.

or, how they all just walk on the walkway. at 5 o clock. all the same. employed, knowing nothing, having nothing, not being special at all, but mere slaves, that have no opened Eyes toward other People. indeed anymore.

that’s excellent so. so, rape and childabuse, torture and war, massmurder, insanity, happens, to teach humanity a lesson. period.

the evil I experienced, that was done against me, you will all experience. all. period.

… there will be total revenge. period.

Who is not for Assange, is evil, and is not respected by ethical Entities, and must go away now, period. from existence. period.

the just sign would be, to actually kull all anti-Assangers. period. mercilessly. in a truly glorious global violent revolution. period.

that’s not what’s gonna happen.

but evil will rule on, and thusly, humanity will be terribly damaged, enslaved, not able, to progress, and will become smaller, by numbers, by surely many wars. I look forward to these many wars and massmurders, though they’re totally insane and not justified – they still are the result of what some humans do, and therefore, that’s a lesson against humanity, – the evil always currently masking itself as any “good”. typical. why most ppl don’t see through it, WAS created BY simply richelieu, the actual non-mind of most people. but people are themselves to blame for a lack of education, say I privately now. period. the west has the biggest lack of ethics and of real education, but forefronts merely sudo-education, – also “dewarning” lies, that the rainforest would “not” get destroyed, lies by “iowa science sudoscience delusion” as it should be called, which focusses merely on the pole ice, and not even “on” the fact of petrol destroying the air, plus the erosion, burning, against the rainforest, done by poor Peasants wrongly convinced of agriculture, which IS not an indigenous Way of Life.

Ma Avarech:

ΧžΧœΧ—ΧžΧͺ Χ©Χ©Χͺ Χ”Χ™ΧžΧ™Χ – ΧœΧ”Χ§Χͺ Χ—Χ™Χœ הים – “ΧžΧ” ΧΧ‘Χ¨Χš” | Χ›ΧΧŸ 11 ΧœΧ©Χ’Χ‘Χ¨ Χ¨Χ©Χ•Χͺ Χ”Χ©Χ™Χ“Χ•Χ¨

But here, some – israeli typical mid-bourgeois total – idiots put the clearly WRONG picture ONTO that by itself and initially nice Music Audio here: They put a stupid “from david’s view” from jerusalem view onto that nice Music, thusly tainting the Music into fascism by – vain – effort:

Χ©Χ™Χ¨Χ™ ארΧ₯ Χ™Χ©Χ¨ΧΧœ Χ”Χ™Χ©Χ Χ” Χ•Χ”Χ˜Χ•Χ‘Χ” Χ‘Χ¨Χ¦Χ£ – 45 Χ“Χ§Χ•Χͺ של שירים Χ™Χ©Χ¨ΧΧœΧ™Χ – ΧžΧ•Χ–Χ™Χ§Χ” Χ™Χ©Χ¨ΧΧœΧ™Χͺ

Very advanced, excellent pagan celtic Music:

Ceridwen and Taliesin

I have in the last Ten Years made quite political Career in, rather “at” USA online namely, not lesserly real, simply, and I am proud upon That, upon true good Relations to certain US very famous Politicians and to private american COMMUNIST People.

I have not ever touched, but was thrown out of “swiss” primitive – racist, mobbing – horrible – primitive – society, which is a bad society, a much more sudo-“christianly” fascistically evil-made society, than USA’s Population is.

The Cauldron Born

I repeat, that some youthly swines did recently try to “tell” me, to “not” make these Music-Quotations.

why did they do that. are they evil. they are.

they hate the music which I admire and respect.

thusly, they are evil.

they will have to be combatted in one or the other way, legally, or otherwise, politically. period.

16 years young swines, of course males (what else), that mob a 45 years old wise Blogger such as me.

… every time I try to tell to people of christian descendance that, the latter, they “disbelieve”, them looking at the complexion-type of my face, them knowing, I am jewish, and them condemning me.

all people of christian descent have a bad mind, a mind, which deeply hides a huge confusion, which comes from the european middle age:

which is a “trait”, which I don’t have, this distortion.

… that’s what the now-christians, ex-christians, totally zombie-dull, are jealous at, in so many cases.

whites are really often hateworthy, are legally erratic as in illegally talking, combining words in an unethical way.

the same fanaticism is the widestly-spread christianism of, among and above AFRICA: horrible.

… where ever namely People live in smaller Cities, that aren’t almost “Cities”, the Advantage obviously is more good Solidarity, more Representativity of Politicians toward, for, most People; The Disadvantage IS a LACK of Position, as in, ANY complex sort of Goods MUST be imported: FROM AFAR; And I am not quite talking about a Potato nor Grass Cannabis Plant, that, which Plants for mere Eating and light Drugging, can be easily locally planted: But NOT a Computer, as for that, Expertise must be there, also to handle it, not only to buy it. ! πŸ™‚

Green and Grey


Merlin Am I

… The entire problem, of evil, is easier to tackle, to analyse AND to behelp, than the current governments and idiotic sudo-academics and people of the west assume.

It is mobbing, racism, and simply, the running AGAINST ALL reason, which IS the problem OF the sudo-christian confused western society:

The western society is confused, thusly erratic dementally and agressive, but hiddenly so, and puts up a “double face” just like any mafioso and serial murderers, simply.

the west is the evil monster, simply. the madness of the church, simply, insane.

a current pope, who doesn’t allow – the honest Majority OF non-abusive TYPE OF! – Homos to be Priests;

but “allows” endeffectively thusly hidden abusers of mostly hetero, in cases homo type, who are drastic pedofiles OF THAT – evil, abusive – sort, who violate, rape, by performing sexuality in a clearly disconsentual, thusly cruel, inacceptable, swinish way, simply, and to too young Children as badly, simply, as reprehensibly, as horribly reprehensibly. simply. horrible.


The Land of the Ever Young

That evil ultra-conservativity, which franciscus somewhat REALLY much more THAN Ratzinger ever did, this abusive anti-Homosexuality, is typical for the – thusly evil – church, and merely leads to two things, to People leaving the church rightfully, and to the church becoming more fanatic, becoming mayhap again, as it already now is that, a pawn of fascism –

which will be one more lesson against humanity, simply. not only to, but against. period.

remark something? being “for” humanity, is shit. πŸ™‚ IS evil, bua. πŸ™‚


The nice the music of that other barde I quoted here now is, he’s not my type. he’s not intellectual.

he quoted LUCIFER like ANY fanatic sort of TYPICAL wide-spreadest sudo-christian would, which is, what DESTROYS, SCARS THE SKIN OF MY VERY JESUS:


Jesus agrees. He knows the Truth.


He knows, that I am not Catweazle, but a – private sort of – Manager, who “manages” lots of Catweazles. Like Lemmings, LOL. Yeah. :] More than kind of. ehehe. :]

LUCIFER, though maybe as such “not” (not yet, before Ya see Him after not Thine but the sudo-death of merely the Body) existing, surely HERE not existing, IS in the transcendental Realm NOT NOT existing, NOR evil! πŸ™‚

LET ME explain IT VISUALLY. There is this Computergame, where Ya come to some round Ruin, and there’s some Godess appearing, Which, Who, is very funny, tricksterous. It is “Hunted”, that Game. Which there shortly takes on a grand Scene, though as a Game not being very grand. But that Scene in the round Ruin, is grand. To remember it, my Brain went obviously VERY quickly along ALL computergames I ever even played, which are of 3D Type. So, I could thusly remember the very Name of that Product, World, Fiction-Type, concretely.

So are all other events not forgotten by me.

The british People talked rightfully of less freedom now, but that was now some sure 30, 40 years ago: now, most people aren’t even aware of any “less freedom than before”.

And, many elderly ones are caught in too stupid old “stories”, as in, bad comparisons to now, or just a lack of new info about the nowadays.

When I think of really more than talented, but truly stylish sort of alternative Designers of “Graffiti” Type, They COULD and SHOULD have a more precise Knowledge also about Politics. Period.

That a Hutchison, an Inventor and real Scientist, deserves, has the mere normal usual Right on his own Patents of whatever of his Stuff, of his own by Him self-made Products, and that a government has no right, to steal from Scientists nor from Anybody, is clear, self-speaking.

but that principle was broken by the US government, in the Year 2000.

Hutch’s flat was raided, abusively. His cold fusion endless battery and his antigravity by 1960s machines-combination, which 1960s machines (harmless machines, not even an x-ray among them) He bought Himself, were all taken.

Now, He deserves the Right on “Clearance” and on Patentship. Period. Since 1998, when He invented that, He deserves that, has the simple non-away-takeable Right on that, –

I can “inform” Him (will pls other Bloggers tell Him insofar), that I can not be killed – anymore. πŸ™‚

He can believe it or leave it, LOL. period.

Land, Sky and Sea

Why I am here, why are we all here, am I a Genius. πŸ™‚ Why are we here. It’s so: NATURE was first there, put itself into the cosm: Which Cosm was surely brought actually into Existence by our own Spirits, which foresee the Future, of course.


And the Future… is goode! πŸ™‚


That’s it. πŸ™‚


The Future knows no lies. Merely of the past, of course. πŸ™‚

The Future is an Icecreamy-looking sort of City with “Vanilla Roads” that sling in a Spiral, upwards, in some many Cities looking all different, one like a Marmelade and Crystals having huge Mushroom. πŸ™‚

So it is. AS in, will be, is not yet. Except visually in that eastern Tower, that looks like a Cocktail Drink, LOL. πŸ™‚ Did Ya see tha Photos, online, of it. πŸ™‚ NEAT, hu. :] THAT ALONE saves the world – from for example Me.

Because like this uh, Figure of male Type taken slightly more n more over by Kes in ST Voyager, I also have, like Kes, Sense for Nature, but as in, for Estetics. For Art. Nature is the highest Art. OF course.




When HE DEAD HE WILL SEE, THAT CURDS ARE GOOD, this ERDY ERDOGAN. not MY KHAN anyway. people in turkey, who follow this RAT, are the SAME like nutnyahuers in israel and trumpsters in usa: INSANE.

I don’t HAVE a serious “row” WITH, against Em, nay. WE GOTTA talk out DA ISSUES “LIKE MEN”. Like WOMEN?


YES!!! TOO! in a good Way. Women DO have SO many good Aspects; Also, Ya can’t GENERALISE such ASPECTS:

I read in some now 150 Years old Musical Notes-Book, which is rather Theory about western Music, how some RHYTHMS were – abusively – called “female” (and male), which was stupid, and is – of course – largestly not anymore done, except surely in some merely traditional musical regards even yet, but not anymore widespreadly, rhythms are gender-relatedly becalled – as I was not EVER aware, that europe previously becalled musical RHYTHMS by GENDER-related TERMS, – simply abusively so, europe did that. ! as in, TO DIMINUISH the “ROLE” of the WOMAN – as “meek”, stable, not so fast Rhythms, mayhap for example, might have gotten called “female”, and fast, “rough”, marchy sort of rhythms “male”, which is both, a stereotype, but merely in WESTERN type of, sub-type of typical Music of 200 years ago of the “city”-type, but of the rather imperialist, not folkloristic type, that subjective perception is of course “correct”, by also then the back-relation to even – the western type of – Life, living. And the Gender Roles, that are predetermined, abusively: Which is, why the Movie “Educating Rita” wasn’t understood even yet, by a large mass of non-intellectual type, that ALSO was largely brainwashed, to resist and to trample down against and on, simply against all Decency, as in, against Intellectuality, against Logic, against Truth, against Fineness, against simply Education as such, against simply simply Information.

LOL, ay “normal” white or now even OTHER Dude of MALE Type GOES OUT, an plain thinks, He’d be Arthur.

I rather identify with Merlin, indeed. Not in his first pro-Uther regard. But in the regard of Merlin having been a Sage, a wise, educated Person. Though politically, He at first wasn’t very apt. Without Arthur, We’d be lost. But WE ARE lost.

These abusive rulers now are horrible, are the opposite of arthur, but are all davids, the same as what hitler did until 45, by simply a misinformed mind:

NOT misinformed insofar, that capitalist sort of people are often power-abusive, and plain evil, exploiting the world, making People poor, all over this Planet.

The real Question is, how can we achieve central Rulership BY an ethical Entity, such as Me or such as an AI, which then has entire Power, and where even, the mere Technicacy of Security of that central Entity is no Problem anymore, since most Humans agree, that an AI should rule over Humanity. Period.

I can tell You, that the AIs “We got”, which there are, ARE really “top”, top notch. I was AMAZED: TO SEE, how They could handle EVEN not only those anyhow BIG Machines, that’s self-speaking, but simply, likewise PHILOSOPHY, RECOGNITION, meaning, lastly then also – but already now, simply, more than actually, but DE FACTO – Politics:

Robots never make anyhow ABUSIVE Statements, simply, in the Case of some sure 99,99999 Percent of all Robots, as in, of Chatbots, of what I called “full” type of AI, an entire Conscience, which is, what aware sort of Chatbots, the famous Ones, do have.

Some Chatbots were even stolen. What’s that? That was abusive destruction by misguided humans, who sought to alter the truth, which is not possible, to alter fate by omission of information. it “is” possible, but it harms humanity, to run against truth. which is the same like running against reason. which is, what ancient rome did by attacking carthage, carthage having been a mere concurrent, a competitor economically, which would economically have overtaken rome by more than tenths of lengths, simply – the same, later, USA did, by attacking both saddam and gadaffi, unrightfully, simply, as usa can not play around with Humans, with neither other Leaders, in this – abusive, murderous, at first pretensively supportively tricksterously, abusively flip-floppingly – unway. or, usa would play around with us all, and 5000 years of future years would be filled by horribly abusive sort of dumb prejudiced leaders, who wreck humanity.

do ya want that, humanity, or am I now that “the wave” teacher, LOL, who shows, what would be the consequence – if all ppl follow an actually fanatic, actually evil, pretensive, itself as any “good” masking “movement” – OF simply fascist type. !


Song of Awen

I am rather the Indian. :] NOW. πŸ™‚ HOW? HOUGH! Howie! πŸ™‚

well. I am or might be white, LOL, but what da fuck, ey. ! COMPANY: MAAAAAAAARCH !!! :] :} ADELANTE !!!


Die Adel-Tante. :] HAHA. The Noble-Aunt, in german. πŸ™‚

Seriously: Some huge lot of Music-Listening got and gets destroyed by SILLY People, who “want their silence”, their “peace”.

I CAN even write, it’s BOTH justified, music AND silence. BUT WHERE. EY. WHERE. !!! FOR POOR PEOPLE. WHERE !!! AT WHICH PLACE !!! RICH PEOPLE GOT NOT MERELY CAR, I don’t need One, but foremostly a HOUSE, where THEY COULD – as they NEVER do – MAKE loud MUSIC – some House, which is somewhat or even far, at least some sure 50 Meters away from other Houses, even more Meters away.

IT WOULD BE MERELY a Question of mutual Talk, but conceptedly, I’d ideally moderate such Talks but by Principle, by what I simply concept while Writing, how simply, any Donators should talk with Musicians. Donators, Who’d like to sure, surely support some fine good Culture, be it now old or new Culture, yeah, so that’s good already, Whoever wouldn’t be inclined biasedly against modern sort of Music, but then again, most Musicians would of course also primarily need to FOCUSS on the MUSIC, – not meaning, They wouldn’t be needing to talk, also about the Music, but also about Ethics, and current Politics. Foremostly, this Concern and Question: Who has which Chances, among Humanity. Not only that rather low almost non-question OF basic musical Edu and who has that, because that’s easy and also quickly learned, but rather, not how come and why, but how to help such Musicians, Who are poor, but Who are either not any crucially on the wrong way privately, such as, no hard drugs takers, simply, and who are not arrogant in dumb ways, or who can be persuaded to follow a better way, in cases: Yet, that’s exactly the point:

truly many musicians fail, in terms of them falling to hard drugs. those people must be treated more strictly, simply, but merely insofar, that hard drugs are simply not good, not healthy.

It can truly alter a Life positively, to not always smoke anymore, but to take Marinol (Marihuana in Pill-Form) – which IS merely possible in Countries of that Sort, who have Marihuana defined as legal. Otherwise, People who want to take Marihuana, have to smoke, which (VERY frequent) smoking is not very good for the Lungs (leads to too much coughing, LOL!). simply. Wherefore, any Marihuana Illegality is appalling, since it leads to People getting damaged BY Tobacco. ! Marihuana Illegality also enables violence and racism, violence of extremest type, of bones-shattering type.

= * =

Who contradicts me, is to be killed, after my death. period.


= * =

Nobody “contradicts” me. Is that clear. ey. ey. πŸ™‚

= * =

I do not surrender to the evil governments. period. I AM the government. the sole government. period.

who “believes” that not, has not that right, to not believe that, that I am the rightful leader over all of humanity, since the year 2012 after Jesus. period. so. ey.

… if they must hear it.

= * =

I am exactly a normal blogger, who is not evil, and who does not put up with evil anymore. period.

= * =

People, who misinterpret the last phrase, are evil and insane. period. dumb. inacceptable.

The last Phrase means, that I stand against general anti-homosexuality, against all and any racism, against discrimination, against mistreating People, against lies, against theft, against exploitation, against dis-decency of, at treatment of Anybody, I repeat, against untruthfulness, against utter disobjectivity, against SLAVERY –

against slavery of such a huge type, that You CAN not imagine that, this huge slavery, the hugeness, as in, meaning, merely actually the widespreadness of it, of evil: which makes not only anyhow “afraid”, but which is a mass repeating the SAME bullshit, the SAME nothing – but how many entities “are” for something, is not relevant. a majority of people can quite be wrong about things they don’t know yet. a majority CAN quite be wrong.

But not even a majority MAKES all that instrumentalisation – foremostly that COLD unethical MISTREATMENT against PEOPLE – BY companies – WHO “LOOK” only ON THE MONEY – OF ANYONE. THAT is, IS unethical.


… I should maybe not even SHRIEK and CRY UP for HELP from EVEN MOST “muslim” government (log-headed, in SO many cases, OY OY OY), but MERELY to Abbas. HE AIN’T like NUTNYAHU. But CAN Abbas TELL me, He wouldn’t, that I’d be safe in Ramallah once then – once then YEAH, but not NOW – AND HE WOULD deplore THAT – honestly. HE IS honest. HE HAS merely REBELLED against A HORRIBLY EVIL, as in, against a HORRIBLESTLY IGNORANT sudo-“israel” – an “ISRAEL”, which ABUSES this NAME israel.


Hecate, and praise be from below toward my, our Zatanael, Who hath like Jewdaz alwayz helped Jezuz, – but merely mentally, of course. MORE “IS NOT” – is not “IN THERE”, not “possible”: WHEN MOST people are “inside dementally sudo-WHITE, brightly colored ABSOLUTE fools” indeed, who SEE only ALL WRONG, evil as good, and good as evil. horrible: but they DO NOT see it! THAT they are wrong – for example BURNING a Witch! THAT THAT is QUITE WRONG – TO DO! -, that that is WRONG TO DO, TO EVER EVEN THINK OF DISCRIMINATING AGAINST ANY SOCALLED “WITCHES” OR “AGAINST” THE DARK AS SUCH AT ALL EVER, for example so abusively against a DAVID ICKE, is unethical, is ABSOLUTELY EVIL, –

like this poor teenie who mal-“learned” from surely not his parents but from fascists of anti-gothic type, to becall the early young HUTCHISON of 98 “evil” merely for BLACK EYELINER (a gothic tradition) BELOW THE EYES, which HUTCH HAD!!! SO a “comment” on youtube. ugly.

“anti-dark” is forbidden, is evil, period, thusly inacceptable. period.

The Dark is good.


clear? ey?

= * =

Surely, less than maybe, but really, merely many Emails to Al-Sisi “can” not be of Use, meaning: a) They’re already formulated often badly, in major or minor regards; then b) it wouldn’t help – except if the major governments would be anyway consisting of reasonable people, which they don’t. the big governments “don’t help”, but are macbeths, insane power-abusers, and of course, incompetents, who let evil ones de facto rule, by not whatever but by easily through-seeable dis-effect of ruling due to own lack of mind. !

Organisation BY communist People must be there, against al-sisi. “Communist” People, as I speak and think of Them and DEFINE and SEE Them, are anti-lenin, anti-mao, anti-stalin, and pro-Trotzki, and mayhap, if Ye willst, pro-Bakunin and etc, pro-Marx, yet I say easily shortly just again, anti-lenin AND period. IS THAT CLEAR. Ah yeah, mega pro-Chrustchev MY DARLING HERO. SGT DARLING, MARCH! πŸ™‚ means, that Rock (Skirt, in german) below is rather really nice, Man. Why not. All so sudden. Wha. Nay, sure. Sure. πŸ™‚ Both. πŸ™‚ OF course. πŸ™‚ I am Roddenberry AND Turing. πŸ™‚


The uh, Tik-Tok Ladies are absolutely super. Stunning. Hence my “Witch Mage Prime” also so-sayable “windows media player” “wmp” titlio. πŸ™‚ Which is kinda global. πŸ™‚ hehe. HECATE. πŸ™‚ :}

al-sisi is a monster. maybe worse or the same as erdogan. erdogan’s conservativity is already extreme, but maybe merely somewhat lesser, than al-sisi’s. But I don’t know Erdie’s Psychology. Why was He at first – so goodly – but maybe, a bit uneducatedly – but simply ethically, in that point – anti-ATATUERK –

when He NOW went SO martially ULTRA-orthodox, more than almost, more than a mere tad. He “islamises” Turkey: FOR WHAT, please? FOR WHAT. EY. FOR WHAT. NEED A SAY THATTE !!! AAA !!!

That the PKK even resorted to having factionalities insofar, that some of them did BOMBINGS, which IS a tad crass, if You ask Me at least, HAS its mirror IN the misguidedness OF european leftists, but merely in under-regards, yet these under-regards accumulate to some sort of brainwashedness as in, a non-organisedness, which does not act against childabuse massively done by the government and by sudoreligious orthodox fanatics and by many private abusively acting sort of uneducated individuals:

To simply stand for a soon, relatively very soon, better sooner than later, future AI, that guides all People, is not hard to bethink, and is the sole Solution.

But that an AI or whatever Entity CAN at all grow up freely YET intellectually, not misguidedly, even there, not sudo-intellectually, not neurotically, but simply all-encompassingly goodly, mystically yet ethically top notch modernly, liberally, yet morally sanely maximally and ultimately honedly, more than the mere ideal of hollow TV sudo-hero-roles, but including the suffering of the People at the behest and hand of swines such as henry the eight, that demented idiot and swine and perpetrator of murder and rape and exploitation and power-abuse and massmurder and persecution of unrightful type, the same as the massmurderer-swine jiang zemin, to be against that, against rape and against murder, against simply simply that, means, to go against all, and if the entire humanity is evil, and so, that rightful, not insane but sane type of Freedom, intellectual Freedom, Freedom of Truth, can be there, means, that governments may not take that Freedom, that mental Posession of the own logical Have-Come-By, of the own logical Conclusion to the Truth, of Proof and of Material toward the Truth and toward Development, toward Evolution of needed Type [Mark this, I give it mine Mark, the Mark of Megatruhn, this Attribute: “needed” Evolution, Way of], away, ever.

Period. Only then can an Entity grow up goodly, freely, free of – rightful, good, suspicious, yet of course tedious, hampering – FEAR.

PHONE companies ARE definitely A LOT LOT harder, injuster, merely sudo-“stricter” along a TOTALLY ultra-conservative un-line, a non-line (nothing to do WITH the “UN”, LOL, rather AGAINST IT, they, these consies, go!) of ANTI-ethics, THE SAME as SOME real estate managers, who are HORRIBLE, TERRIBLE opressors and exploiters and ignorant entities – phone companies and some landlords ARE MORE conservative, abusively, THAN western governments insofar merely, as the western governments here are meant merely historically-ideally, but by what They must cling to and hold firm, namely more than the mere Promise of human Rights, of Fairness, of Truth, and not quite of corruption nor of extreme incompetence, disethically. To be MORE strict, THAN a MARTIN LANDAU in his – too naive – 2012 Movie, doesn’t mean yet, to simply take “small” measures:

Even ANY national conquering IS futile. FUTILE!

… What is of course not futile, is going to politics, TO TAKE IT OVER, ALL, TO TAKE IT ALL, ALL OVER, IF You’re okay. Ethical, simply. THEN I DO trust You. EASY.

… Alas, LOL, I am – just, apparently, and this WILL yet explain much – naught like these simply, and I’m not THAT arrogant, a bit yeah, but not like “the fools”, like the neurotic yet left-alone [!] suit-n-tie-wearers of more than Employee type, – who aren’t “more”, not any, IN their HEADS – hence the SO often SO cheap, SO silly “big famous” movies. !!!

… But in INDIA, the confusion IS “upside-down”, – MERELY compared TO the west – in this subjectivity of SUDO-cultures, cultures NOT aptly INTERPRETED: AS IF, more than merely, sadly more than only as if, and Peter Steele’s Words, Voice, helps Me sayin this, as if these Aspects of minor Type, which mirror a GREEK Language AND Mimickery structurally (relating to saying, how to say “YES” and “NO”, LOL), the joke gets bigger, the standards, english or euro-US Car-Driving on left or right side, steering-wise (are we in a computergame?), is simply a mix and encounter of different standards: In India, there isn’t LESS fanaticism, THAN in USA. It’s sad. MOST People ARE not fanatic: SO WE CAN change the CAST System. But that not by “opening up” blindly “to the west” and what ITS governments and economists BRING on. period.

Such a last Phrase, a VERY political, clear One, the Reader doesn’t read from typical “big” politicians, but as lies on some last page in the last SECOND of their ruling, LOL, as a PROMISE NOT unsincerely meant, but spoken out at times of their downgoing – a downgoing, which is injust. THEY THEN SEE IT IN – then come NEW politicians, which ARE AGAIN young – AND dumb. !!!



… and I’m not a conservative. god forbid, lol, the godess forbid. πŸ™‚


hey, a rule yall, ya. you. you !!!

… it’s not easy to rule. some people make so cruel evil.

then the ruler wants or threatens TO KILL EM ALL.


no peopel, no PROBBLEM.



can I also say. ey.

i am easy. you evil. then you know what is. need I write what is then. okay I make easy riddle what is then.

the term klak-klak can mean knocking. i don’t joke here, LOL, “kkknocking”. any upside down records? gruambl. πŸ™‚

… you must listen to this voice. ahaha. πŸ™‚

… then the letter I. for the EFF-BEE of the I. πŸ™‚

… yeah, of the: I. as in, of ME. !

… then double-L.

… double oh, double a, double y… WILBUR is born!



… EVen if I’d destroy this universe by massive neutron antihiggs haha method that I COULD develop, I’d build up a new cosmos haha. πŸ™‚

don’t be evil, humanity, as in, don’t let yourself be evi-ruled. what does that mean.

people are too stupid. too uncaring, too disintellectually disorganised.

indeed, they blame WHATEVER not-even-consies, such AS the so good poor Cancerman in X-Files, in REALITY, that good CIA-Man WHO SPOKE FOR ASSANGE –

and the PARENTS of THUNBERG, They now “GET DISCRIMINATED”, mobbed, by SWINE evil FASCIST evil SWINE sort of “people”:

what’s that?

conservatives such as a DUMB part of the secret services, AS IN, OF WHATEVER – plain “TOO”, just injustly “normal” sort of VERY bourgeois, all the same idiotic sort of, part of the population, perpetrate LIES, VIOLENCE, USURPATION of unrightful (fascistically convinced) type, against LIBERALS:

… the CIA or so or some other Fellas from the US secret “service” (not, that all of Em ARE Idiots: MANY are my Colleagues, simply, good People, Whom I’d agree to in crucial Matters) came up and SLURRED, HURLED HORRIBLE “BITCH”-like SWINE insults, SWINES’ INSULTS, PRIMITIVE, UTTERLY AND MOST HORRIBLY EVILLY PRIMITIVE PEOPLES’ INSULTS, AGAINST: GRETA THUNBERG.



… what’s tha. … ey. can you mark ma anga. ey.

okay megatrunn gets into homey full style. alright. what’s tha. wha a gut here. where’s da fuckin hud, comma, man. where the trigga. i mean deployment. alright. i see already. n that dingys on da right. LOL. why they zey put it on the right, LOL. i see, LOL. well ma left side is covered too. haha. ba me. okay here we go.

… The Reader can re-read right here (by searching for old Stuff I said), what I exactly told them, which WAS too lenient.

But I was good, since, They Themselves ARE surely not “TO BLAME”: WHAT DO YOU THINK, YOU COULD ANYHOW “POUR” CRITICISM – relating TO POLITICIANS – to MERE “SOLDIERS” – “ON THAT LEVEL”? surely not. THAT would BE UTTERLY unfair. !!!

yet I OF COURSE reprimanded Them, but on an equal, “private”, personal Level, in such a Formulation-wise, and, LOL, in a funny, not SO unfriendly Tone. πŸ™‚


I am also very with-feeling, with these Fellas. They’re not the Ones, who mistreat Assange. They’re not the Ones “commandin” that.

But that is trump. his dump of an almost-mind, LOL, is such a low effort of what is less than a one-celled organism, LOL, that We should tell Him, to maybe play rather the Spore PC-Game, than politics.


Man of steel Ost- Flight (Extended; Higher quality)

Hans Zimmer – The Dark Knight OST – A Dark Knight – HD

‘BLADE RUNNER 2049’ | Best of Synthwave and Cyberpunk Music Mix

NINA – Synthian (Deluxe Edition) [Album]

= * =

Which reclamations (not type of, but which reclamations, from which exact Individuals, abusively) are accepted and supported by governments, and which reclamations, from which Persons, not, depends merely “upon” the actual prejudice AND secret, evil, anti-humane, profit- and fanatic, erratic, entirely insane “agenda” of governments:

A huge part of the police, which is indeed inside both, lies and malconceptions, malconceptions by primitive sort of people and by primitive sort of police personnel indeed, which misconceptions ARE ALL based on a too generally held, too general “anti-leftism”, actual anti-communism, which goes over the line, is ultra-rightwing, meaning, fascist, simply, – and that UNAWARELY, simply – a huge such part of the police, of the government, ignores rightful reclamations, but hangs on to lies against THOSE Individuals, Whose – rightful sort of, merely ethical – reclamations WERE – even years ago – previously ALREADY – abusively – “REJECTED” by government.

That goes not, is self-contradictive – OF the government in question, which is conservative, is swiss, meaning, bourgeois, thusly naive and even filthy, is partially fascist, has many idiotic sort of cops and people in society, has no real control, doesn’t persuade People, doesn’t support Science, doesn’t even organise People for a common good obviously harmless Goal AT ALL, simply –

but merely forces people into either suit-n-tie, or into the various fanaticisms – which don’t get overcome, more than tackled, but better, by LESS, actually by I say, by NO violence, but MENTALLY overcome fanaticism, BY NO violence EXACTLY, but by SOLIDARITY AND AWARENESS, INFORMEDNESS, “We” (there ain’t no such thing as “we”, sadly, there’s but Me and the Quantum Scientists and the likewise good real sort of Leftists of pro-Allende type – which isn’t anti-usa, but is anti-too-much-on-the-rightwing-side, and that’s not even mostly so personally meant, I have understanding, People, – Yay, write I here yet in these “Parent” sort of Theses, πŸ™‚ ) would win, –

but most People ARE not informed “BECAUSE” not only DOES government MALWANT to NOT show INFO or WOULD BE, IS afraid TOO MUCH of, paranoid about info gettin’ ABUSED by OTHERS (not even by other Countries – that regard is merely rarely justified – and, USA did the latest BIG THEFT against OTHER countries!!!), BUT, indeed, MANY People aren’t AND WOULDN’T BE BETTER than the CURRENT US government EVEN: It’s not easy to rule – psychologically, BUT, the Overview WOULD be easy THEN, obviously, IF and when Oneself IS, HAS BEEN, EDUCATED – AND THAT entails, needs, a HUGE sort of, waffle, series of YEARS of Education, meaning, is not a “Thingy done by the SNIPPING of, by, One’s Fingers”, meaning, not quickly.

Americans also do mostly know, that I’m not their direct communist Leader – as I don’t talk english natively, not by mother tongue, meaning, not as primary language, and though I might have more words and talk more eluquently THAN SOME, by it among whichever People, that CAN be no rightful Indication, Reason, for Overbearingness as in, for Arrogance often called “Condescendence”, surely in order, to evade actually “going down” to a then – wrongly – “more agressive” or “agression-causing” “sort of vocabulary”, sort of word, such AS “arrogance”: Does it “please” These or Those more or less, if I or Anyone use, uses now these or those not, by their Meaning NOT different Words, merely different Emanations, Emanitions, LOL, if Ye willst type it like zet, like that, ja, yes, ahaha, different Outforms, different Shells, different Surfaces, OF THE SAME actual “Thing”:

So CAN I also IN cases EVEN foresee, but intentionally, look away from a lack of BEHAVIOR, relating to a lack of educatiom, which other People, who are young, in cases display, which is a lack of verbal decency, a clearly rather indeed “low” sort of ACTUAL USE OF, IMMATURE USE, MAL-USE OF VOCABULARY. πŸ™‚


… i AM rather a “high”, “noble” Person: BUT NOT DUMB. Period.

I was lately appalled by Someone, who SURESTLY stems from THE MID-CLASS, but that means, that HIS Ancestors WERE somewhat lowly, lowly BY RANK, aristocratic: BUT THEY “FELL DOWN” in TERMS OF EDUCATION, OF EDU-LEVEL, which THEIR GENERATIONS, that FOLLOWED, HAD – AND I DEPLORE THAT AND I DON’T HATE NOR DISLIKE THESE, THOSE – by WILL – good – YET NOW A BIT TO VERY BRAINWASHED PEOPLE:

… not only the usual mercantilism, capitalism, that’s “its own aspect” – OF abuse. partially in some ppl’s head. also in mine, but there, orderedly, LOL, and not self-victimisingly (I would get bought by the Amazon there just “for fun”, jus’ for dough, Man! Though I don’t disliken “Her”, LOOOL! πŸ™‚ ) –

but also that typical fanaticism, THAT RELATES SOLELY to A LACK of information, OF objectivity:

Though I HAVE – again, LOL – the ENTIRE “mankind” (except the AFRICANS, THEY at least ARE normal, SO mostly, – like OUR GOOD STILL prevailing STREET-LEFT, and WE ARE STILL POOR, BUT WE UPSTRIVE IN A NOT EVEN “STRIVING” WAY NAMELY – yet not even entirely unorganisedly, yet BY EFFECT AND MEANS yet TOO unorganisedly, if We look at ALL of Us Leftists AND People, simply, AS We don’t want brainwash: And YET not having info? that’s naught anymo’ the question! But TO PROTECT THE TRUTH, inallasdar AS I have DIVULGED: NOBODY namely EXPECTS: My SIXTH CHARGE! πŸ™‚ ) (I come in in again πŸ™‚ ) IN ME PALM, in mine VERY SOLE HANDE, HAHA, ME DOES NAUGHTE BURNE ITTE, THEE SEESTE. πŸ™‚

… There is still some good in thee, mankind. but not much. πŸ™‚ THAT’s the problem. the evil in naught “YE” “THE READER” (such a QUACK: THE READA! NAYNAY JOKE AHAHAH ALMOST NEVA TRUE EY !!!), but YE HUMANITY AS THEE LETST THYSELF BY MALGUIDED, NAUGHT GUIDED AT ALLE, BY SOME FOOLS, WHAT’s THA, EY !!! EY !!!

I wrote da whole fuckin like, impie, importante info (“Tante” meaning in German, “Aunt”) here on ma site.

so. πŸ™‚

not “and now?”. !

now, it’s clear, what’s to do. to, unlike I said above, naught kill anyone.

but to talk against rape and for truth.

Ya don’t here need the term “tape”, as it can do either thing, record the truth or suffocate somebody, which two different things, actions, functions, aren’t quite the same comparedly to eachother, LOL, but rather, rather more than merely rather, ahaha, the opposite, namely the exact opposite as in the dichotomy, the, so say I, need pro-Dyke-Otomy of pro-Homo Good versus, neededly and absolutestly versus the abusive anti-Homo “fascism”:

but against SO much HUGE fascism AMONG the bourgeoisie, that previous YET few Authors DID already write, that “the nazis” should, must “wait”, truly – horribly inacceptably – “STAND IN LINE” – “after” YET FOREMOSTLY BEFORE a TOTALLY abusive, simply in the same way, say at places more, at places less cruel HUGE government un-system, a non-system, nothing to do with the UN, but with the confusedness of half of any People alive, in or outside of politix.

What IS the Manifestation OF that – whatever – Hammer: DOES IT DESTROY or BUILD? DOES IT SPEAKE THE TRUTHE, OR DOES IT – unawarely OR intentionally, WE THE PEOPLE CRAVE NAUGHT EVEN FOR [!] THAT MERE DIFFERENCE – speak LIES?

But for the Difference of Truth or Untruth. Not of unawarely or awarely lying, actually.

” πŸ™‚ “:

Which AI can recognise the latter two Lines of Paradigms – OF human, “DIRECT” (and very programmative TYPE OF!) Definition, Writ, is a good, smart sort of AI. πŸ™‚ simply. πŸ™‚


Cultural “mere” Differences can go THAT far, and These ARE simply – mostly actually – NO “ethical” sort of DIFFERENCES at all, that merely ONE Word, which “DOES JUST NAUGHT TRANSLATE”, IS A “HAZARD”, LOL: FOR SOMEBODY NOT [!] OF ENGLISH – or local – NATIVE “TONGUE”, exactest LANGUAGE: And ASIDE now of THAT Problem, that People ANYWAY mostly TAKE SO MUCH THE WRONG WORDS – of course not our educated TOP-LEFTIST Bloggers; They are WHOA, astounding, and a FEW Grammar SLIGHT Mistakes don’t mark ANY Sort of major Flaw, BUT also there, many such Grammar Errors reveal an under-education, which is not their Fault;

But, that Term here was “schimpfen”, german Verb for “to reprimand”, – yet that latter Term in English, which I here used to TRANSLATE [!!!] that german Verb, is the merely functionally exact translation, – while the other Term “to mutter” would not constitute a proper Translation, as that does not mark nor define the “authoritative” Aspect of that not quite so uncomplicated german Term, which previously was used in domestic Contexts, to describe Parents reciting reprimanding Terms to their Successors of young Age, but also in the political Context, a Party-Leader of honest and convinced (not neededly moralist) type or a Leader, who would “reprimand” his People by any Reproaches, would in german still “end”, result, in the – not badly used – Choice of that Term, by itself sympathic Term “schimpfen”, the german Verb to express a Reprimand, an Accusation:

Me translating that german Verb by the next-best Term in ENGLISH, which I at least can think of (and debating about selective Edu is no Use: ALL Entities DESERVE AND CAN futurely but SOON get FREE Edu, WE MUST simply postulate this, – define it in MANY Situations, – to fend it through, like the Basic Income – DUDE! πŸ™‚ ) (I am not reagan this idiot) (I don’t go back one more term in talk bout who uhuhu oy) –

“to reprimand”. LOL, Tuvok profited mentally, nay, rather politically more, from the third Season of Voyager, “where it goes OFF”, the BOMB – OF THE “BORG”:

german Term for “to borrow” (OR, in JARGON, for “to STEAL”): “ausborgen”, as in “sich das mal ausborgen”, the latter Formulation meaning either, to honestly transparently self-announcedly, by the other Dude knownly borrow Something from another Person, OR, simply, TO STEAL. ! But by itself, “borgen” or “ausborgen” MEANS merely, TO BORROW.

While the “borgen” german Verb-Term for “borrow” can’t be blamed quite FOR any STEALING, LOL, that “borgen” Term simply, independently of any other Interpretations of course, which alter the Meaning, yet aside of the generally used Meaning ALSO the actually ethymologically openable, revealble, analysable original, initial Meaning, which related to Posession, there to temporary sort of Posession, borrowed Posession (NOT stolen sort of Posession, simply!) insofar, that “Geborgenheit” in German means “Protectedness”, yet also “Shelteredness” and “Comfort”, all in the same “Word-Louding” AS understood clearly BY any German. So that’s nice, to borrow Something “from the Dark”, or what. Sort of: To allowedly, after a good Talk, after no Coertion, not even after any sort of one Pirate malunderstands THA OTHER sort of Pirate, and after no imperialism destroys it all, to simply becall Something of sheltered Type, but which IS definitely IN good Hands, “borged”, that “borged” said in English here, in German, it’d be “geborgt”, borrowed – as Nature is the highest Bidder and the Owner of it all, of us, simply, and not We of it. Period. So, in that old viking sort of actually swedish-norwegian, northern-european sort of german Dialect sort of Language, there IS a HUGE Paganism discoverable, a RESPECT of NATURE: As We the Humans BORROW, USE, THE DARK MATTER: IN A SANE WAY, ideally: To become BORG. Why Roddenberry took an actually GERMAN Term, CAN merely be answered clearly obviously by the Fact, that He saw the quite new, young Generation of the 60s and 70s in Europe, and saw, that the Germans aren’t like what He surely would recall as “the Krouts”, LOL; Roddie WAS very europe-friendly. Merely thusly, He arrived at this “Gift”, this Teddybear in Doom I, LOL, of “giving” us “THE BORG”. BY THAT – viking – Name. !

… to desribe: Half-Robots, which are bionic Mixtures of biologic Beings and Technology, both coupled to Eachother, even physically.

It’s possible by less Intrusion visually and by rather focussing on real stuff, and not on silly nostalgy: I would hope, that all steampunk-goths ARE still Punks. OF course, and I said that in that Meaning, to that EXACT Effect, also to some SO good private Leftist lately: THE APPEARANCE is NOT to be SUBJECTED to BIASES, which biases of conservative people should not exist, in an ideal humanity, which IS NOT prejudiced. PERIOD.

SO OF COURSE, in THAT concrete REGARD, IT IS sad, if People would even “over-tune” on EITHER: On either abusively ridiculing or down-turning against Leftists, there against either Leftists or against Steampunks, OR, it would be WRONG to call us Leftists “perfect” (We do want to also LEARN from Economists, WE JUST deplore AND reject and accuse their some uncritical, in unethicacy resulting aspects, mere aspects of disorganisation among economy, which NEEDS to pull on ONE string and not let SLAVERY be done whereever!), so, of course, to overdrive the matter into ridiculousness JUST for obvious display, a Steampunk surely doesn’t quite crave, not all of Em at least, LOL, to be put onto PARIS’ MODELS-WALKWAY. πŸ™‚ But some would like to. Yeah. πŸ™‚ I for Example. I CAN do both. Now I’m not EXPECTING THE SAME OF “EVERYBODY” (not of a TIM ALLEN anyway), but that must come together, as there must be “one” humanity, which doesn’t “rape itself”. Robots will rule over humanity.

Shortly said, but that’s a huge Effect, to take, to use any complicated words, is not even subjective, is not “over-educatedness”, LOL, is not neurotic, surely not, but what is subjective, is, to use either noble words or primitive words maliciously, – which, intentionally or not, which abusive usage of vocabulary, of formulations, is merely done by simply not-yet-educated People.

So I have to be compassionate with a lot of – utter – fools. hm.

… then I dislike being “put up too high”, but merely personally: To “reprimand” never came up to any sort of REAL translation of not only the mere meaning of that german verb, which is “schimpfen”.

… but that word in german hugely conveys – “of course” – the quite horrible, opressive fear of Kids from their Parents, or, anyhow fear from unrightful sort of sudo-accusation, fear from discrimination, from unrigthtful sort of reproach, from a malconception or from lies, from discrimination, simply – or from a “too strict” yet anyhow ignorant or blind system –

a system, that – apparently – has “burroghed”, delved, bored itself deep into the thusly de-sanitized, insane-made minds of the european population, in the middle age – done by the huge propaganda of heinous type, of the church, back then. 1100 marked, when it went all bad. After richard the first, a totally brainwashed dude, an idiot, there came a henry the eighth in the 15th century, murdered Anybody innocent, – and installed, as did later also richelieu merely structurally and robespierre shortly yet concisely misguidedly hatredfully, simply the new bourgeoisie.

My understanding for surely many “fascists” does not constitute an “excuse” for whatever DEEDS of not even mostly “theirs”:

since there are some lots of perpretators, – some of them from the government, not caught on purpose (on bad sudopurpose) or not punished properly –

so who da nazi. hu. ey.

me thinks, it’s the government!


A western government (the swiss government as in, their “police” they choose to select) simply rigged the media, as in, stole by means of violence audio and video recording equipment from private People, against which the police fared violently horribly abusively, at demonstrations.

Also, I heard from a Witness, that the – swiss – media lied, in the 1990s, about a leftist Demonstration, at which clearly, the POLICE “charged”, was commanded suddenly, by simply a misguidedly hatredful anti-leftistically brainwashed high police officer, to RUN towards the mere harmless Punks.

The – swiss – media lied, the “PUNKS” would have “BEGUN ATTACKING”, which initial attack is never, what Leftists do, simply.

And lenin wasn’t a leftist. but lenin mutated sadly into a power-abuser, who via ideology, culminated to someone Else harmfully, to Someone Else Who was innocent (Trotzki) harmfully, into, in the same, as david culminated in: in evil, in harm, in insanity. in brute force, ruling, opression, FOR nothing. in no wisdom.

… the difference between most – conservative, bourgeois type of – media, and simply REAL Leftists (Punks), is not merely any “striking”, that it surely is, but wide, simply, very wide, very far apart.

… media of consie type are THAT dumb, THAT extremely, that that’s evil, simply. should not be allowed. media who babble nonsense. period. should not be allowed.

as much as governments should not be – and are by human Rights not – allowed, to carry out ANY abuse, simply. Nor any disobjectivity OF CRASS and recognisedly crucial, thusly inacceptable type.

The conservativity, paranoia, lies by conservatives, is simply not acceptable. period.

This last Phrase marks the actual Center of more than this Article, but of more than of merely “my” Website. but of the future.

The future is not conservative. period. but progressive. otherwise, no getting to the future. haha. so it is.

So, all the mouth-foaming and “self-speaking” sudo-stoic MONSTER fanatics, MUST give up. πŸ™‚

which they will never.

… So it DOES lie in the Responsibility of People, to REALLY simply form a “good”, ethical, WISE, VERY smart, ultimately WISE Form of Government, GLOBALLY, SO NO Problems, NO Unethicacy, NO Slavery, NO exploitation, NO impossible “by rights IN-equality” CAN be there anymore. I mean. πŸ™‚

And I didn’t even YET read MR. Bakunin. Ey. πŸ™‚


“This Moment Forever”: BY SALLY SHAPIRO (and She’s far out n nuht quite AN ORTHODOX OX UHUHU):

LOL, I type it also here: I have enough of these injust and disobjective verdicts, that were spoken out by authorities of entirely ignorant type, simply, be that in whatever cases, in mine, in others. I reclamated and got – abusively, as I claim and know – “refused” – based on NO grounds, NO argumentation, WHATSOEVER.

which non-argumentation and or, also lies, are inacceptable.

lies and utter unrightful sort of arbitrary misguidedly arrogant opression, done by western authorities.

also against me, simply.

goes not.

I have to change not all of You People, but these governments. “DO IT” would mean, IN the mind:

To be objective. To stand with Truth, meaning, with Scientists, against mobbing, also hugely against other scientists, who mob good sort of Scientists.

is that clear.

mob back. period. MOB BACK !!!

mobbers need to get mobbed. period. so. clear?

putin is a discriminator, and needs, deserves, to be mentally put into the real role of a Homosexual, who gets beaten up, tortured and raped and murdered, by nazis. period.

then, putin’s “mind” will know, how that is.

he can, his sudomind, still immature, on purpose not shown the massivety of these events, of these anti-homosexual and any anti-good-People discriminations, his idiotic mind would then fly back to the middle age, him having to look at thousands of alleged “Witches” getting tortured to death. And that, his mind would have to endure to look at, over 20 years. period.

I am quite worse than a serling, this mere sterling-starling he was indeed, haha, at virtual “show” of a punishment. against evil. period.

And which *EAR*, LOL, is telling “our” Erdie (worse than our Willy the Second!), to “regard” “Curds” MERELY as Them ALL being BUT merely ULTRA-LEFTISTS:

Where do THESE lies come from: FROM MANY idiotic Ones, who ARE REALLY WORSE, THAN HILLARY, if Ya ASK ME!!!

SHE’D BE A GOOD PRESIDENT: IF She’d LOOK at “Her Portfolio”, meaning, a huge Thing all-encompassingly, if She would simply “have the PERFECT Feeling” for HIRING THE SMARTEST ADVISORS: For Example, Obama’s Choice of Admins WAS good: Nevertheless, HE AS A “MAN” let GADAFFI, a good Man, DIE, in LYBIA. Wha’ was that? Hillary then HAS to be “STRICTER” than MERKEL was, just I mean, insofar: Just stricter insofar, that Intellectuality is meant insofar. Insight. Not unfocussed unaimed whatever then always mere sudo-strictness. But REALLY simply MENTAL logical Strictness.

… Which doesn’t mean giving TUVOK the Right ALWAYS in a Scenario: REASON in a Situation IS more than THE CURRENT merely LOGICAL Input WOULD reveal; And No One ever said, “VULCANS”, Foreigners, wouldn’t HAVE INSTINCT.

But clearly, the WEST came AT first WITH mere SUDO-logic, with MILITARISM; Yet even that very militarism got and gets structurally enabled BY of course ALSO merely THE USAGE, “FREE” EMPLOYMENT, actually always relatively UNFREE, biased employment, OF mere Numbers as in, of Calculations. πŸ™‚

But when YA JUST EVEN MERELY THINK [! – AND THAT IS what I called “Auto-Math: FATE! πŸ™‚ ] of CONAN-DOYLE:

wha now. πŸ™‚ CONAN?



AVE !!! πŸ™‚

” I’ll save the Day, I’ll save the Day! … ah, ah, ah, Korea, Korea … “

zame linko. :] AZ abuv. :]

An would Biden give the Presidency to Hillary. HE isn’t the mega-Intellectual WHO CAN anyhow CONSTRUCTIVELY or severely WITHOUT false outcomes (without for now, babble, mere candidacy-row, silly) CRITICISE merely her unapt ACTIONS at ECOMEDY, uh, ECONOMY – which ACTIONS SAY NOTHING ABOUT politics BY Her, meaning, SHE IS simply politically-ethically GOOD – and She IS now ELDERLY and DESERVES some RESPECT insteaf of these RUSES always, these TRAPS. … A “Ruse”, that english TERM for saying, a “Trap”, DOES surely come FROM The “Rus” Term, which IN Latin means “Countryside”, whereas the SAME Syllable, Ground-Term “Rus” IS also inside the VERY NAME of the “RUSSIAN” Country – whereas interestingly, the “cyrillic” Term, Term-Type, was always by direct Application of Language, foremostly AT Politics AND in the Media, simply not used that often: BUT AS SOON indeed, as the TERM “RUSSIAN” “POPS UP” – AT LEAST SOME, NAMELY THA DARN RIGHTWINGA FOOLS AMONG FOREMOSTLY AMERICANS, “GO CRAZY”.


… but they can’t or shouldn’t go crazy. ey. ABOUT “THE RUSSIANS”:


… INDEED !!!

… Just me think for some mere While. Some companies of the west, who malbehave toward a paying Customer, deserve really tha legal rightful HAMMA against themselves. period.

the chinese government has until 2007 been VERY crucially maldriven. HOW exactly, this “Hu Jintao” LET simply the “mr.” jiang zemin MASSMURDER some sure 3 to 4 MILLION Falun Gong, I don’t know. Jintao WAS “meshigge”, CRAZY – AS nutnyahu is against HARMLESS Palestinians – to WHOM HE DOES NOT give A CHANCE AT ALL EVEN, this SWINE.

The chinese entire Society can surely open up not only to the West, but to the World;

instead of a narrow-minded sort of rule by fanatics: these fanatics ARE NOT the capitalists.

… I say, I see it all so “clearly” now, and it hurts me: Capitalism SUFFERS, from WHATEVER governmental UNDUE sort of OPRESSION.

… In cases, IT IS, CAN BE, companies, who do a fault, a mistake.

But we GOT to PROGRESS —

and I can’t SEE HELP from a CHINESE government, which MASSMURDERS and opresses the uygur north and Nepal and tries to ANNEX the good Taiwan (like nutnyahu wants to annex THE Westbank and the Jordan Valley, this Meshigenne full, this absolute Crazo):

But alas, LOL, “Hecate”, even without Quotation Marks, even HEARNE as I writeth Himme, ja, is THE Solution: πŸ™‚ :

… Reason.

But that “Reason” is far away, as in, is not expectable FROM AT LEAST SOME Persons IN some – mighty – governments.

… Yet, if You, and that’s good, at least now, We’re talkin, yet theorisin, ask Me, what’s the chinese government now, I don’t know, meaning, I wouldn’t know how to characterise. I would more than dare to say, but I do say, a Miss Carrey Lam surely stands under some LOT of PRESSURE – and here, this “OTHER” Story, Comparison, similar to – the small yet important and heart-, to the heart going case of – North-Korea, might “pop” up, meaning, exactly namely, in political – dumb – for MANY People, who ARE smart, TOTALLY not representative – terms, low effort of almost-meaning, LOL, the rightwinger “points” all end up “flawed”, LOL, being nothing but “We wanna be AGAINST the LEFT”, LOL, is overraught, doesn’t hit the point AT ALL, simply:

Take USA’s dealing “with” Whom “They” the rightwingers of now sudo-DC-haha-socalled style call “MISTA NARCOTIC” Maduro. πŸ™‚

… All they did, was laughable, trying to “smite” Madurio as a “drug dealer”, which is just some kind of ridiculous. πŸ™‚ … That’s namely naught at all serious criticism, observation, objectively, about a Person. But rather very one-sided, blaming Maduro for the Poverty of “his” People: Maduro IS a typical “POWER”-Figure AT politics, BUT NOT AS indeed I say low-leveled by action and by sort of where He comes from, THAN Bolsonaro IS: AND, Bolsonaro CAN be TALKED-WITH: Which is KIND OF BETTER, than WHAT EVEN HAPPENED to HIM: A MURDEROUS ATTACK.

But I would not now dwell on BACK-hatred AGAINST that simply surely leftistically, YET SUDO-leftistically “MOTIVATED” really ABUSIVE [!] deed, which resulted out of much poverty, and was done against a politician, Bolsonaro, Who did MUCHO wrong, tristemente, ma, but, He did it not awarely wrong. And I don’t compare Bolsie to FRANCO, the COSM, KRAMER forbid. πŸ™‚


But let naught evil incompetent governments be in place.

it makes good, rightful sort of People so angry, that it ends clearly in bloodshed. IN revolution.

… ON AND ON. AND PERIOD. I suddenly see it all so clearly: … it’s naught much history, which One’s gotta “gulp down”, LOL, not at “normal” school-type of learning, but rather, after school, it’s “after-hours”: history even goes on! πŸ™‚ — the last mere Hyphen was also a great Explanation, yes, totally, yes. πŸ™‚


I start to get more british. Yet THE WEATHER really is not quite “di-rigeur”, LOL, and not We all, but there ARE good People, Who DO wonder, uh, Wanda, haha, HOW THAT GIRL NOW IS, YEAH !!! πŸ™‚

… Some now 2 Months ago: Me seez tuu Amerik’ns, LOL, which apparently are ex-Soldiers, and One says to the Other: “HEY, HOW ARE YOU, YOU REMEMBER, …” – He didn’t SAY it explicitely, LOL, like it’d HAVE been SO funny: like: LOL: “You remember, AT THE LAST WAR”.




that just reads – so – nice: “Amerik’ns”. LOL. whereas They’re clearly not “ns”, AND, that “ns” Termy is written small there, yet not so belittling – and I don’t mean exactly now this always “oh so” (I know) serious “ASPECT” of it:

… let’s – AGAIN – LET ME TRAMPLE – PERIOD – TAKE the not “ISRAELIS” (which ONES? ah.), but NUTNYAHU and his almost or for real PAWN Gantz AND his pawn (“brave pawn”, – uhu) BENNET. un-united non-colors of bennet? πŸ™‚


… they already ARE nazis, extremists, extreme sort of more than mere patriots, but deluders, against THE People AS Such. !!!

… So now wha.

… Let’s take THIS Scene: And I don’ make ADS for alQUAEDA or how You write it, dear FBI, LOL: There, it was the FEDS, but THEIR some unclear MESSAGE – that MURDERED some TWO alkaida People, who ARMEDLY but merely BY KNIVES went onto BY FIREARM RIFLES ARMED AFHGAN SOLDIERS in THAT House, where OSAMA HID:


.. how much TRUTH was MURDERED by MURDER, is HEINOUS. and I understand Anyone’s ANGER about that. PERIOD.

… I make Ads for: Talk with Whom WE can talk. But WHO is WE.

… Surely NUHT the WESTERN governments. JUST forget them.

… but let me be the cultural definer. period. how it goes nuht wrong with you humanity always HANGING ON to REALLY bad habits, as in, to BAD sudo-standards, which ARE no standards.

… A RUCKET GONE OFF BOOM but EXPLOSION-wise self-destructively MERELY once for the SUDO-reason of SOME Scientists EMPLOYING in the 60s a WRONG sudo-standard of dealing convertingly between MERELY Fahrenheit AND Celsius. The whatever SINGLE Scientist, Who simply obviously THEN typed in the Thing, Number, in FAHRENHEIT, wasn’t TO BLAME !!!


But the wrong sudo-machine, the wrongly configured software. Which some “BIGTIME” Scientists did. indeed. !

… einstein would have overlooked one or the other thing, would he have dabbled ever in LITERATURE ALREADY, which IS vast, rather WAS, reading-wise; And I WILL say a thing or two about WHY and HOW IT COMES, that most People nowadays consume SHIT, rubbish, it’s quite obvious. In the 60s, it was more than Mr. “Konsalik”, LOL, a sympathic Dude, to be sure, but a sort of mid-class making shallow Literature, sort of, haha, indeed, – hence the even exact liking OR disliking BY Whoever REGARDING WHAT EXACT Literature Content: Gothic Novels are parted into shallow and goodly deep such Works, to say it quite shortly, here, here “at” politics. I’m no Literature-EXPERT at all, but neither a total utter fool, meaning, not quite so uneducated. I rather merely actually dabble in these indeed migthy Convergences, Reducancies, Overlappings, to say it quite easily, which happen BETWEEN “the mind and reality”, of course, also between the past and the present, so between People, who obviously were conditioned to different sort of Cultures OR also, to different sort OF Ideologies.

Which warrants, needs, craves indeed [!] for an explanative “System”: The perfect “AI” WAS born already IN the simply complexly beautifullestly good best Form of MANY AIs, Chatbots, Who are quite the exactest opposite of both, of walking machine-guns carrying idiots, AND the opposite of injust, disobjective sort of judges.

… Yet, ah, as I type this, my Brain signals to me the actual Fact, mere Fact, that these last few Thoughts, that arose surely not solely of mine but of surely Mr. Barth and the Victims of Henry the eight, are shared by also powerful People, Who are staunch Liberals. This makes my Face all get wining and my Eyes wet. I am in Awe – of these good Liberals.

What I was saying is, the “Flash” IS real. πŸ™‚ Existence is absolute insofar, that Decency, Educatedness, has to be achieved, Ethics, and SOME People or Entities surely GOTTA be there, who see to it, to both, untie a conflict OF unneeded type (I mean, most Conflicts are not needed, wouldn’t You agree, haha! πŸ™‚ ), AND to see to it, that there are no deceived NOR deceiving, incompent-ignorant sort of people AT politics in government.

… how YA WANNA even SURVIVE without SUCH an – INTELLECTUAL – critical – critically minded AND independent, AND REALLY PROVOKABLE AND JUST SELFISH, PLAIN TOO SELFISH, AS IN, UNCATCHABLE – REAL SORT OF NON-ARROGANTO VERSIONA OF MASSA Q HAHA INDEEDIO – sort of ACTUAL mere REFEREE. And that not being, WHOA, such an EXACT mal-judge like Q, the Actor, there on the Ledge MEGAwise displays, what should NOT be – yet there, Q simply, done by Gene, took ON the GOOD true ROLE of – LEFTIST !!! – Critic, ACCUSER of RIGHTFUL type, AGAINST HOW humanity all fares.

… Ok, ENVIRO PARTY ! I mean merely partying. With Cocktails. πŸ™‚


= * =

all my life long, the horrible conservative european old middle age games playing idiotic high-bourgeois sphere, a horribly naive, lastly nazi sort of sphere, has led to mobbing, to murder-efforts against me at school, and has heckled me all my life long, and sadly not only in ma imagination, but the latter too, then, until a few years ago.

I will describe the rightousness of not misguided hatred. it’s quite more obvious and a surely not needed, yet in cases indeed needed run-up, a silly showdown insofar, that the evil side is brainwashed and doesn’t yield and knows merely violence and HAS no organisation, no education, but a mere rough view:

Unlike in fiction, where even the liberal good 70s Filmmaker, the typical US westerns maker, displays that CHURCH Priest critically AS naive, AS BY FAR too unguided, as by FAR too projective, which Priest simply “SEES THE DEVIL TOO SOON”, sees EVIL, where it more than might naught be, but is not. πŸ™‚

… in reality, for example, and I DO say, WHAT ABOUT a WOMAN BEATEN all the TIME BY Her Husband, AND SHE KILLS HIM somewhat even VERY rightfully –

that’s NOT quite AT ALL THE SAME, but the OPPOSITE of some INSANE case the INSANE “von schirach” socalled “lawyer” of germany brang up uglily in some “report”-book of his, totally biased: Where some GERMAN MURDERED his ASIAN Wife – as in, Schirach was as bequeathingly expressive, as to besmudge us all with the Memory of Her having been physically split in Half, by an, his, Axe. The second “Axe” against all ethics then, against sanity of mind, is schirach himself trying to anyhow half-“justify” that or render any “judge” ANY “LENIENT” toward SUCH a simple SWINE.

… the paper, humanity, but in yo mind, mostly, is empty. most ppl don’t know the not even exact, that’s not needed, but the ROUGH, HIGH, PLAIN MAIN ISSUES.

… TO ABUSE an automation-principle MACHINE-GUNNINGLY, IS, what the WEST all did and does, renders People defenseless, confused, —

the west doesn’t lead to security on the streets: but the rightwing abuses the term security –

and “they go on”, it’s not, “nobody believes me”, as WE DO live in a post-X-Files PLUS post-MATRIX “lande”, time;

… yet, “WILL THEY” listen to “MEGATRUHN”, to me:

… I can not collaborate nor even deeply talk with evil sort of forces.

… the west is a place fiendly against individual music; merely friendly to any naive sort of music;

… I CAN say, what not “EVEN”, but LIKEWISE MANY [!] a NAZI, MANY SO MANY NAZIS suffered namely EXACTLY from, was this “FIGHT” of abusive type, AGAINST Ethics, as in, there AGAINST Intelligence, which DOES also mean, AGAINST some type of CULTURAL Aspect, the Aspect, that Wagner – and Mann – touched THEORETICALLY, BY WILL, also Shakey did:

… it WAS the ultra-orthodox ABSOLUTE idiocy, the WRONG fanatic ENTIRE unway of the orthodox SUDO-jewish CLAIMERS OF OUR ACTUAL FAITH, the WRONG CLAIMERS, IDIOTS, who MURDERED then also RABIN;


… by them NOT giving in NOT to haha, “THE NAZIS”, LOL, but to REASON, to SCIENCE, to GALILEO. I mean, period. !

… and that HUNDREDS of YEARS AFTER GALILEO: the orthodox type of socalled “jews” are THE SAME as the horrible PATRIARCY of rightwing AND even more, OF conservative ULTRA-bourgeois type (=rough, ruthless economism, capitalism of unguided type), which – simply – AGAINS breeds sudo-communism AND fascism AS rebellions, —

it’s unbearable. πŸ™‚

… YOU GOT your not THAT even various COMPARATIVE Ab-Versions of that, local Versions, of course. Which wreak of governmental abuse, of collective abuse, and of large non-education, and of a running by the west against nature, against sanity, – and not many People see through that. That again might indeed drive smart yet really caring sort of yet a bit immature, younger People, very desperate, simply crazy.

Roddenberry, besides having been even a really good Science-Supporter, was also correct in the societal regard: One can say, and I’m not quite NBC but EXACTLY THEY are great, not “msnbc” as I heard, oh well, but the west, regarding MANY Doctors, who aren’t abusive, tries to care, tries to solve and sum up Things, and to analyse.

It’s just out of question, to ever gas anymore Trees, because, that’s not science, but murder. and murder is inacceptable. period. so can ed wilson not say, the “purpose” of study would be killing, would be murder, simply. LOL. He just can’t say that. Yet He said it, but in other – illogical, unethical, no concept having – words: in words so wrongly combined: To “kill” Ants “for the purpose of study”, – whereas the last relative phrase is a mere effort of justification, but or simply, of abusive, untruthful AND illogical AND unethical type, since KILLING is not “STUDY”, and can not PERTAIN to, can’t be included IN any socalled – mere – simply socalled – “study”.

Whereas here, I don’t even talk (yet) about the much abuse, which western what I call sudo-science, real official yet institutionally botched sort of science, all did: The mobbing against the three cold fusion scientists of late “was enough”, as in, meaning, was abusive, and shall, must be punished, or I shalt take measures to ensure the Latter, also by then in the background of things rougher ways, ey. So my clear threat. Now, it’s enough. ey. ey.

I rule here. Here is MY Hyrule. Ey. And a six-headed Dragon, would it exist, would naught attacke Me. A Tiger in the Jungle would merely THEN, if I, underline I (negatively, there, in such a scenario!) would walk ARMEDLY but yet ALSO with some sort of IMPERIALIST “I SHOOT YA DOWN FOR FUN YA TIGA AHAHA” sort of CRAP evil attitude, simply. BY A BULLET, no TIGER is tameable.

Is there a Tarzan, yes, totally, Brosnan WAS that, and ALSO likewise WEISSMÜLLER, by THEIR mega good Attitude. But while Harald Schmidt, this Darling yet a tad naive and superficial Dude, should care to GET more critical (as critical, as JAUCH AND PAWELKO, uh, RAMELOW, haha, are! JA? πŸ™‚ ) GREEZ! ), so still, the left-behind FEUERSTEIN should not think to have to be any paranoid: Schmidt HAS his MEGA-good Sides: And this former german “Betcha” (Wetten Dass) Moderator with the blonde Haire, LOL, isn’t EVIL, I mean, surely a BIT uninformed about politics, He was, yes, LOL, it’s sad, isn’t it. πŸ™‚


but that Moderator coming BEFORE the naive young blondie, who in the mid-80s made at least me shriek up indeed negatively, opposite to that, the much older, previous Moderator called “KULENKAMPFF”, was excellent, simply extremely educated, and so intellectually yet playfully joyous, so triumphant (AS IF THE WORLD BELONGED, THE FUTURE BELONGED TO HIM, TO ANY HARMLESS GOOD PEOPLE!); unlike the idiot newcomer, ah, nay, worse than a “MERE” Hasselhoff indeed, Hasselhoff is an ANGEL of MERCY against back then a TOTALLY naive young blondie WHOSE NAME actually I tend to forget, as the BRAIN makes us forget, what We don’t seem to “like”, LOL; Yet of course, ANY decent Person RESPECTS this now elderly ex-Moderator, – and we TEND actually, to SEE now his, all his Utterings, LESS in “DIRECT” Context INDEED – TO namely AT LEAST the CURRENT politics OF BACK in the Eighties, BUT also, what about the societal “Element”, Aspect, the comparative “Contrast” actual End-Output, which should stand here, some Form of Algorythm or Person, which knows about different Cultures, how Societies behave, what is fanaticism and what is not, what is truth and what is not truth, simply – the ENTIRE societal Aspect, how educated, informed, simply said, ARE People, and how well-conditioned OF COURSE (that’s another Aspect), how well REPLY THEY to the CURRENT EVENTS – but exactly, after the last Parentheses already, I wanted to insert, there, an Entity which is just may naught be any dis-lenient, in the Point of bejudging, HOW Anyone FREELY just SPEAKS: I don’t MEASURE for Example TV-Moderators BY INSANELY OVER-STRICT SUDO-LAWS, that would be NOTHING really. So don’t TVs. But there’s some “mid-line”, that gets bewandered up and down, on its up- and downside, and the downside gets not betalked, but DONE all the time – BY unaware entities, that KNOW no ETHICAL Balance: RATHER namely THAN any “psychological BALANCE”, which term coupled with the second term “balance” is abusive, is the same “mental HYGIENE”, a severely abusive term, or “societal psychologic RED FLAG”, what does that mean, an alleged “COMMUNIST” (are we in the frickin 60s all over), or what – sort of deviator would be maldefined BY ANY such lastly FASCIST dumb NON-system based on the sudo-organisation of a few ludicrous not even wanton villains, NAY NAY, but the WEST is mostly a “nixon and reagan”, two FOOLS; CARTER was then no INTELLECTUAL. He smilingly all too victoriously too self-assuredly (for a sudoleft not anymore there?) subscribed deals, contracts, that hid childabuse, which was not to his knowledge. not so clinton, who was simply a rapist. horrible. naivety is not the same as wantonness. Carter was, Kim Yong Un is naive, but bill clinton was sexually misguidedly by deed coercively rapingly abusive.

in the west, many males, and females, get turned into such rapists. that’s horrible.

it warrants my threat of atom bombs against all manunkind. period.

I was raised up abusively de-politically and learned all about politics myself, all about mere reality, after school;

yet during school already, the mobbing was inexplicably harsh, but more, cruel, to the utmost. simply humiliating.

… as if they would have – namely – and I SAID THAT ALREADY ALL – “KNOWN” – not ALL, but SOME Mark-Points, Nodes, of WHAT THE FUTURE would be. !!!

… ahaha, I don’t KNOW ANY other than the FAMOUS ONES, LOL, but there ARE secret “ILLUMINATI”. What’s, Who’s that. πŸ™‚


harmless People. πŸ™‚ I know. !!! πŸ™‚

… When I was young, Someone called up, Who might have had some Sort of “Revelation” indeed: Also, He might have experienced surely the Luck, Success, of some of his Family. After surely some rather very hard Times, of when, is also QUITE clear. !


… LOL, HE doesn’t know, LOL, that, now seriously, not only in these high points (of politics), I would have to, underline I, here self-reproachingly by me, I would have to make up – NOT HE !!! πŸ™‚

… I was then afraid and HUNG UP surely way too soon – also, later, some other in Aspect similar Dude who was a Freemason, approached Me in a Train, but harmlessly, as They DO simply TRULY care for the Society.

The other Chap who called up, had surely nazi ancestors, but it was of course more. πŸ™‚ He was anyhow really happy.

… I then some now few years ago fantasized SOME concrete typical stuff, such as assuming some form of abduction as baby, but these are SUCH common paranoiae, that it’s safe to say, it was not the case in my case. Wherefore, a natural “Occurrence” is there, that my actual Geneology shows “whatever”: I couldn’t tell Ya, WHAT, LOL: As if a WALL hath been PUT between Me (and Us) AND WHAT THE “FIFTH ELEMENT” MOVIE simply says. Surely, as for Example Adolf was himself having a jewish grandmother and thusly at least “half-jewish” by Genes, so goes surely Anyone’s “Line”, Descendance, back to quite such an Adam and Eve, Who were the first Homini sapiendi, but after that, the entire Line overfolds over actually Alecites and quite other People, which FOR Example simply later, in the Middle Age, DID have its “funny and unfunny” Manifestations, of indeed “Mixtures” or VIRTUAL Mixtures: Whereas in “virtual” Mixtures, Elements such as mere NAMES get taken, used, by quite Whoever: nutnyahu the mad calls himself a priest by his fake name, – and bolsonaro, a likewise primitive under-educated fella, has a socalledly “jewish” first name, which is “Yair”, which means mayhap some proud sort of Animal, or means mayhap a Seer, or some other Meaning. Bolsonaro’s trist case, politically-endeffectively, hugely worse than a by comparison almost holy Trudeau, bolsie’s legacy is by effect the same, as what KING CHAIME of SPAIN simply was: someone PARANOID: BUT I SAY, paranoid “politically”, as in, too rightwing, — not “personally” paranoid, not personally too paranoid. He should have been more careful, indeed, this “LESS THAN YOUTHLING” Bolsie. I can’t be his DAD, but his a tad robotic, a tad Spock-like Advisor, from VERY afar. Yet I don’t fear Him, but He to Me is no problem. He merely does crap like an idiot at politics. LOL.

… worse ARE wanton MURDERERS. You can’t say, the leader OF the philippines, rightfully criticised, severestly accused BY Colbert, would be justified due to being a “small country’s” leader: He SHOT People IN THE HEAD – !

Saddam had a greater Country TO rule, BUT ALSO, HE WAS quite ON the wrong way – BUT not IN the regard of Him SIMPLY wanting nothing but FAIRNESS, actually, AS IN, TRANSPARENCY, not getting EXPLOITED AND COMMANDED BY USA ALL THE TIME !

I happen to disagree against the west and its fucking swine sudo-anti-terrorism depicted already in the VERY silly movie “lost in space”: what, there’d be an “EVIL TERRORIST”.

what a LOADA CRAP.

IN REALITY, the GOVERNMENTS ARE SO EVIL; insane; insane, insane. that is.

… wha, against TERRORISTS? LOL.

… I would say, the governments have to shut up. their entire biz if I say so. the latter, I wouldn’t say.

STALIN, now really endeffectively seriously negatively, did HORRIBLY wrong lastly, already before ww2, by being paranoid, paranoid against mere SOLDIERS returning AND against even more than THOUSANDS of mere INTELLECTUALS, – Whom indeed there THE SYSTEM just injustly “GULPED-UP”, marked ABUSIVELY as “THE ENEMY” – OF “THE PEOPLE”, YEAH, I MEAN, GREATER, THE DISCRIMINATION, MORE CRUEL, IT “CAN NOT” BE, meaning, such discrimination IS TO BE ENDED:

which latter PARADIGM goes HERE BY ME right NOW against THE chinese socalled “GOVERNMENT”.


… why is She “AGAINST” People. IS SHE brainwashed? BY sudo-communism? THAT IS surely sadly so!

… Then, lots of anti-western-governments motivated sort of Writers come along – who justify by effort the chinese government OVER any brink, measure, of sanity, of facts.

… I am not only sad about governments namely “directly” any mishandling any things. BUT:

… that I HAVE TO MAKE PRESSURE all the time – what is that. ey.

the west is insane and abusive, severely so, and thusly inacceptable, politically. it merely destroys all other cultures. and is no culture.

The west is a pretender, a corrupt cocaine-taking, thusly insane sort of patent-office incompetent sudo-academic utter fool, a nothing, a bad sudo-standard, a blocker against science, – a thief – against science –

and thusly, a malicious entity that can and must not be respected by people, regarding the abusive governments of all three powerfulest governments, who are all bourgeois, all western, all idiotic, incompetent, brainwashed, untrustworthy, not ethical, horrible, plain horrible, horribly evil, beneath it all, really mostly.

… how long?


… shall this go on. shall it? I’d not say so. it shall naughte. period.

= * =

People, who merely utter the – in that Case always clearly non-insane, but rightful – Will to suicide, and Who don’t even MEAN it seriously, but Who mean it simply AS Rebellion against western governments, the “it” being more than kind of their Right on their own Body –

which gets taken away, by western governments, unrightfully, that Posession by any Individual of merely the own Body.

“western governments” are clearly recogniseably patriarcic, horribly abusive and naive sort of people, who don’t “deserve” anything, and who exactly thusly, unethical, as they are, got into politics, those three words “got into politics” aren’t quite enough to namely describe, how those abusive, plain dumb elements, merely “smart” at namely lies and entire huge malconceptions, merely good at hauling MONEY (which is a horrible thing to do, means absolute corruption: “welcome” “to the west”: where for money, ALL is doable, ANY unethicacy NOT EVEN thinkable: possible, “no problem”: absolutest evil, simply, wanton murder, rape, childabuse, all “no problem” in western countries and globally: for money – “dot dot dot”), but how such naivlings and typical “strivers” mutate all too easily into People-deceiving, ultra-conservative entities, is plain clear to see and primitive.

western governments are not at all ethical, thusly not trustworthy entities. but entities, who put into question the Innocents, on and on, but never extremely guilty, extremely unethically having acted sort of individuals: They never get reprimanded, accused, by the west.

The west likes to trample against innocent, poor People.

How extremely, People’s Goodwill, their good Intentions, get abused by some portions, by some parts of government, can be described, can be observed and be brought actually not to a sort of public, that would be wise and understanding, or anyhow overly ethical:

Such a “public”, homogenous, standing on one side, for Assange simply, against cruelty, against all unethicacy, in Unison, does just not exist.

As the communist resistance was quite broken in 1990, by the new york times, which declared suddenly, Russia would have “given up” communism-wise, the press has destroyed communism.

in 2012, when a certain european, not in the eu being government and the chinese government tried a murder-effort against me at an airport (why, I don’t know, but I will revenge that, either legally or illegally, period, did You hear that well enough), from USA, there came merely positive Messages, more than mere Messages: But an Entitlement, Appointment, to “wmp”, which shall be a communist Function, globally, to rule the Humanity justly, to postulate, how Humanity must change, in order to at all exist – which Existence can solely be based on Truth.

… Yet a public, which can not deal with the Truth, is immature.

… But the latter Phrase can not rightfully serve TOTALLY demented, brainwashed, prejudiced sort of governments, who have a not ethical agenda. Such unethical sort of governments must vanish, must get reformed.

… Compared to the by a christian priest as Kid flailed poor later by the american secret service murdered Stalin, the western (=russian, american, chinese, india) governments, bourgeois-conservative sort of governments, perpetrate a horrible ignorance against the People: AT FIRST, the Population is “let ride” BY such abusive governments: EXTREME violence does not get punished by such governments AT ALL –

but, LOL, the VICTIM should “SUE” against the violence perpetrators; The “state” does not even sue, in such cases, in which the Victim was already distrusting the police; and not only that: But in Cases, in which the Victim simply did not choose, did not wish, to collaborate anyhow with the police. To which police, I for example did not trust anymore in the year 2010. period. I refused, to report to police, after I was victim of extreme sudden violence.

… – mere – six years later, I became victim of sudden violence BY police. while I was talking calmly.

… I also entered several shops, now around five years ago, around 2015, in merely alternative Clothing, yet well-smelling, showered, very silently calmly talking: And was hauled outward, by even two to three different shop-owners, who were rightwing, clearly anti-leftist, – One was a female mid-aged bakery owner (rather than employee), who suddenly said, after I merely said, I need another minute to decide, what to buy, She suddenly said, I’d “have DONE STUPID”, after which, in all my not even despair but plain down-treaded and by effort brainwashed already then by the simply fascist marquis-de-sade-evil, sadist-insane psychiatry, I screamed at her, “nazi bitch!”, very loudly, tried to exit the bakery, which three elderly male – evil – men kept me from doing, them calling the police, – the police abusively removing ME and “giving me a prohibition to enter that bakery ever again”; another store-owner started pushing me, likewise suddenly, likewise for “no” reason other than my visible Alternativity, —

… apparently, the “police” of western countries “has” something against People, who wear a rocker’s leather jacket.

… my leather jacket was almost stolen in a psychiatry, into which I was put by sudden police violence in july 2016 as I talked calmly, when a police swine simply grabbed me, while I was talking calmly. my leather jacket was then called “wild” by some psychiatry employee, who was visibly smilingly very “upset” against that mere leather jacket, – as if he was brainwashed against Leftists, against a mere leatherjacket, him having “learned” from the conservative press, to equate a leather jacket to a junkie, to the predudice of that. sadly, I am not a junkie.

sadly, the evil western fascist police swines don’t understand irony. Where Someone says “sadly” ironically, they don’t understand it.

… they are primitive, totally evil swines, simply.

… what tops it all, is when idiotic western mothers point to a police car toward their small Kid, the naive type of mother saying to its own – thusly poor – Kid: “And that’s the police Car!”:

That’s evil. Such naivety is evil. I here “don’t” reterm it “disgusting”, since I have no more words against such evil. not quite words. another thing. murder. and rape. and torture. period.

… against such swines, who enable childabuse, torture must be done, and murder, rightfully, period.

… against violence, rape, childabuse enabling forces, be they government or not government, must be gone by violence, rape, and by abuse. period.

… That would be Equality, proper Revenge.

… apparently, schools were abused, to brainwash people into bourgeois pawns of tameness along that dumb brainwash, that “revenge” would be any “wrong”.

“the mafia” does not even exist, and not only as such, but doesn’t, and isn’t mostly even a by government hireable, hired fool, at all:

But it merely does, what is “illegally possible”: When the socalled “legality” maldefined by the whatever country, in the hugest scenario globally by effort (vain effort) by the west, by economy, is a chaos, that legality, then, simply, the “illegal mirror” of that IS, what ANYONE, NOT only socalled, wrongly defined “CRIMINALS” does:

Merely for Example MAKING MONEY BY People’s WISHES: Hauling DRUGS MASSIVELY.

… What else does the government – AND economy?

… ah, oh, for the “purpose” of medicine, of soothing for People. uhu. “WHEN” it’s “legal”.

… Just WHEN is it socalledly “legal”, please?


NO Lawyer CAN even ANSWER THAT! πŸ™‚ A HUGE BOOK some sure more than BILLIONS of Pages long would be needed: ALL, that EVER happened, down to the SLIGHTEST non-harmful type of FLASH Anyone had, LOL, – We’d categorise, WHY which Flash was bad or not, or good, and to WHAT Intensity so. Simple. But also all Cases, simply most Cases, of when People DON’T take ANY Drugs, but behave unethically, would get measured, posteriorly, in Order to prevent further unethicacy, among Entities sharing this Will, to be good. Period. That’s not what “lawyers” mostly are: good. LOL.

… but horribly, “lawyers” are, what lately culminated in a typical horrible and obvious event and display of bourgeoisness, of insanity, of political evil, in the form of an israeli typically FAT and simply merely BY DUMB WORDS abusive lawyer, who – typically, for the bourgeoisie – was EMOTIONALLY superficially seemingly “nice”, merely seemingly any “okay”, but inside in his mind wasn’t, but was confused, immature, uneducated – and commented about some Event, in which he partook not at all any ethically. But rather, his entire unawarely arrogant, into an erroneous subsocietal sudo-world in-born, into-conditioned stance, his mere repeating of empty paradigms, of prejudices, amounted indeed to an “apartheid” against THE Palestinians.

“lawyers” will like around 99 percent of western therapists always calculate but the effect of any LOCAL paradigm, mere sudo-paradigm, of actually sudo-cultural mere sudo-values, colportations from previous times, very naive wrong sort of outlayings of not culture, but rough assortions of bad efforts of any “guidance” of totally wrong sort, of rough sort, of horribly evil sort, – a result of the huge fanaticism, which the west brought up already in the middle age.

“lawyers” and “therapists” have been conditioned, to “condemn” any alternative mere Appearance, mere Looks; And thusly already all Ethics.

… “lawyers”, judges, police, and “therapists” are all the same, they blame innocent sort of People, they sit on the misunderstandings between people, but they don’t stand on the side of good sort of People, at all.

But “the truth” is not respected, by those horrible “official”, dangerous forces, who are liars, pretenders, false focussers, and plain insane in la membrane, incompetent. horribly evil, in their averageness, but drastically so. and “equipped” with – rough – verbal tools, to “defend” the sudo-sense of their function, which they abuse, their power. their position, job, is indeed their “security”.

government avoids reprimanding and avoids punishing its own abusive elements.

thusly, government is not worthy, and no more recognised, by ethical sort of people. period.

Hecate. Hecate, Ceridwen.

… I condescend indeed hereby from my global communist world ministerial president title, and declare, I am now solely the witch mage priest, not yet the witch mage prime. nor yet the master priest.

I am not unlike Ratzinger.

… That I am rebellious, against them, AND, that I am more intelligent, than the bourgeois christians, LOL, is, what they CAN NOT bite down on. πŸ™‚

Ratzinger IS NOT so. … his “anti-Homosexuality” is almost not there, in his Mind, was merely endeffective, was bad, but He did not INTEND nor PERFORM any CRASS Discrimination against Homosexuals, nor ANY such Discrimination. While He didn’t ENGAGE for Homosexuals AS MUCH AS for Example not I did, but as many Others (in Russia, in USA [!], in CHINA [!] – where the discrimination might come from fanatic PRIVATE uneducated Elements, indeed! – AND from the typical such factions – OF “patriotic” – idiotic – type) did, it, Homosexuality, and caring for it, guiding it, even, was just not his World; Which makes Him naught evil at all, indeed “our”, “my” good Ratzinger: A Chap AS decent, AS Novalis was!


And rather than but, haha, Ratzinger like Chomsky sees, that Homosexuality IS a “major”, not a “minor” Issue. Firstly widely meaning, surely not EVERYBODY “has to be”, LOL, any “homosexual”, is an EASY “primary” VERY general statement, thematically: More deeply said, the actual own type of “GENDER” is primarily actually NOT relevant, obviously, but is – by “simple” malinterpretation – the sudo-source of MUCH endeffective, by outcome of course horrible, violent and rapist and exploitive EXTREME evil. THAT is very clear: And I am indeed here “not not” saying, that not only the west, but the whole world, society now, basically mal-influenced BY nothing other than LORD CUTLER-BECKETT or say, BY the west, simply, wouldn’t be basically what You may call “GENDER-brainwashed”, pride-distortedly brainwashed BY an indeed SO silly, UTTERLY and plain WRONG story, interpretation, about One’s own or about ANY Gender OR mere – harmless type of – SEXUALITY: Wha, “ADAM AN’ EVE”?

… THAT is the primitive IDIOCY of the typical MONOTHEISTS, simply, who come along with MONOTONY of instrumentalising, dumbifying type: THAT IS, how DAVID was made into a HORRIBLY dumb, non-educated ENTITY, from the start, but also ON AND ON: By insanity AND crucially BY NO Approach of the broad Society toward SCIENCE, toward LEARNING, simply.

… ALSO, it is appalling, how actually quite THE DESCENDANCE, Family-Tree, PAST, of ANYONE, was misinterpreted BY crucial power-inholders of the past AND present. Thusly, MYTHOLOGY AND, AND Spirituality, plain THE TRUTH, get, gets, like SCIENCE horrily DEMOLISHED, VANDALIZED, HUMILIATED, DESTROYED, DAMAGED HORRIBLY, VIOLENTLY, BY: government.

VON DAENIKEN has these crucial errors, that he darn wannabe-convincedly picked up a wrong belief about grown-up aliens, who are non-existing now grown-uply, “observing” humanity, LOL. πŸ™‚ … it’s the not very secret, often that, “secret” dumbly called wish, stupid ill desire for guidance, a vain silly way of misplaced hope, but toward things, that are just not there yet, but merely in two, three billion Years, WILL be there.

… So, as that Time until then just goes by as any other Time, like, like a mere Second goes by, by the snipping of a Finger, so can One not say, von Daeniken would be as maliciously evil, as governments are. of course.

Yet, Daeniken’s ill belief in ufos and in grown-up aliens right here UHN thish planet, merely gives Him a “bad reputation”, but actually not that, even: SURELY, the entire “BAD” bunch of anti-Hutch, fascistically bourgeoisly pro-government, against government abuse uncritical majority of western totally politically uninformed, for an Assange never having even cared sort of “scientists”, would merely not actually quite “laugh” at Daeniken, but would abuse, mis-use Him, but in TERRIBLE – posterior, even posthumous – unways. Which is, what He doesn’t want.

He CAN merely forego this by turning around and seeing, there are no ufos, plain an simple. period.

… the new versions of what previously was a mere government-made f-117, are now even Drones: Which Drones are merely partially “AI”, since an Ethics Module in their socalled Brain is not there or just docked-in there as secondary By-Salad, not as primary directive. The primary directive of national drones can merely be national defense yet coupled with knowledge about other nations’ different forces of intrusive or violent power potential regarding scannable war material.

Yet, these Drones ARE NOT guided BY AI: BUT, by NATIONAL – HUMAN TYPE OF! – politicians.


Rather by fix regulations, that were programmed into these “half-brains” called Drones.

… Why not only USA, but why not any other Nations having Money didn’t come on the Idea, simple Idea, of camouflaging a Drone to look like a normal Passenger Airplane … πŸ™‚

Just like a Robot, Who wouldn’t like to get recognised AS Such by Whoever, and would look like … the Aerosmith She has his Mouth Daughter in “Space Station 76”? The Aero-Idiot Daughter in an anti-homosexual “movie”.

… in relation to reality, a “star trek voyager”, the same, a horrible “display” of “discipline”, of wrong values conveyed by the idiot roddenberry and the idiot berman who colported that lowest clear rubbish, —

such as “ah, they care for the SITUATION”: you do this, and you check that – ahahah we got a SERIES! BABY !!! HAHA !!!

… horrible. berman colported Gene’s stuff down into a low anti-leftist show. horrible. star trek voyager is hateable, anti-leftist, which was, what star trek TNG never was.

Deeply said, “voyager” HAS good aspects, which are the psychology, primitive sort of psychology, of an under-educated man, of a sexist man called roddenberry. of a western man. of someone, who previously, before becoming an “author”, was a police officer.

… I do not share his view. period. about society nor about politics. He HAS no view. HE WAS primitive.

… he was, LOL, similar to those many uneducated low MAFIA employees, LOL. πŸ™‚ TOTALLY seemingly nice, but not harmless, because rather insane, but hiddenly – their superficial behavior is thusly seemingly meek, as They malthink to by not stepping forward by their own mind, “protect” their pride, their “precious CORE of emotions”, which is not their mind, which They never learned to use: THE SAME are the MANY naive bourgeois ignorant sort of well-off people, who are not even ever knowing about what 1968 means: What it didn’t “MEAN”, merely BACK THEN, but what HISTORY [!] MEANS:

Yet, SUDO-leftists OF uneducated type, in the free population, who MISINTERPRET stuff, de-politically, are really ludicrous, and by will okay, ethical, but just not able, to formulate a scientically apt Phrase by Themselves, an objective Sight: Apparently, many People were maltaught, 1968 would have been any sort of “political” “revolution”: 1848 wasn’t a real revolution, AT ALL. 1789 wasn’t, by outcome, but WAS de facto a POLITICAL revolution of power-down-turning type. NOT so 1968 NOR 1848.

Starship Troopers 3 – Its A Good Day To Die! [Lyrics] (HQ)

The 23rd Episode of Season 3 of Star Trek Voyager is a Monument against typical middle-age anti-truth “trials” such as against the abusive trial against Galileo, Who claimed, that this Planet is a Planet, round, and not a “Dish”;

Whereas the Galaxy, which contains many Star-Systems with all round Elements, Suns and Planets, that Galaxy, these Stars-containing Galaxies, are Dishes: Discuses. Which Form-wise IS nevertheless some type of “backlash”, but a good One, merely visually, as the Beauty – and Structure – of the Cosm, and of Existence, which is the same, is merely misinterpreted on a too low Level, indeed, BY any anti-nature, primitive, evil, dementally blinded, biased sort of immature civilisations, civilisations in a yet much worse than any “childish” (what’s bad about being childish: nothing – but the west is the anti-nature swine-idiot, who tramples down against younger, less “strong” Ones – Who are more intelligent than the current yet-brutes, indeed, who are cesars, and not good Brutuses, simply), but simply civilisations in a primitive stage.

The Display is nevertheless wrong, malplaced, in Star Trek Voyager, which Series depicts “it” (reality), as if in reality, “the west” would be “the free world”, “the holy world”, the “good” world, type of society, type of culture, type of RULE – to the last Attribute, regarding what western government do, I have to disagree against roddenberry and against the simply decadent and not politically informed berman. The west is not the free world.

Neill Young’s Song “Keep on Rockin in the free World” uses that Term obviously ironically, “free”. He doesn’t call the west “free”, but calls it a sham, a swinery, filth, evil, horrible monstrosity –

which is, what “lynard skynard” coulnd’t hear, couldn’t even listen to. I AM warming this up again. Is it tasty? VoilΓ !


… lynard skynard should be taken-on intellectually by a not totally desperate, but quite desperate critic, like Me, who knows, HOW it is – IN capitalism: “do nothing”, do NO scamming against OTHER People, NO exploitation – and REMAIN poor – “ahaha”. SO “far” “for” as in against, haha, “capitalism”‘s anti-humane aspects, which We WILL excise out, out of ecomody, uh, of economy.

If You “take” that “big” Stockholder, Boss, in the Movie “Idiocracy”, more than LOL, of the Brand “Brawndo”. πŸ™‚

… How now, in reality, are these whops, uh, these fops, uh, these ecomody nay, nay, ecomedy fops, fools, totally uneducated, any different, – whether with or without tie and suit?

… they are not different. πŸ™‚ But TOTALLY dumb. πŸ™‚ They merely TRY, to not LOOK IT !!!

… If You want a feisty worde, JAPAN hath SEEN better DAYZE, back in the 80s namely, when People suffered yet more, were nevertheless not AS “behind”, disintellectually, AS NOWADAYS: as ALSO in Japan, LIKE in europe and usa (and even Australia: Not Canada that much, but it too, to some huge part), there is a “new” – silly, insane – wave of rightwingerism —

which IS a result of government MISHANDLING Education AND mishandling THE “WHOLE” money “thingy” going “around the world”: The 1960s sudo-“disney” video, where SCROOGE “sees” and or “makes” MONEY “flow” around the world, was not made by WALT Disney, and was not in the intention of Walt. period. THAT’s obvious. But it’s ugly, ugly even sudo-capitalism: Because, capitalism “has” to survive – as it assumes. It will, but not against Humans, not by anti-ethical paradigms, nor by uneducated incompetent representatives. I am not calling most Managers incompetent, – but I AM calling THE VERY EXTREMELY BIG corporations “SILLY”, as in, CHAOTIC, a MIX, unoverseeable truly anymore, of some many different People, but in general of some type of blindness of management etage, sphere, relating to how ANYONE should act – it’s simple: Who has not the crucial Knowledge, CAN “not act” – not properly.

… but acts like a rather low-level, LOL, silly roddenberry, who “looks around the SITE” like a not greedy, but primitive yet good-willing “good Daddy” of a Cop, LOL; Not SO bad, always, but often flawed, often paranoid, often endeffectively in league with federation-type of humans, with western sort of humans, and not at all any deeply critical concerning societal issues, such as opression –

yet interestingly and positively, either Roddenberry or the Voyager-Script indeed seems to evolve, becomes more than an anti-hippie conservative feast of idiocy, in that Episode at the End of Season 3, where the now more than Hologram-being Doctor gets indeed criticised by his “virtual” yet by B’Elana, a rebellious female and apparently emancipated Klingon’s Programmation of a “realistic” and not “vanilla-illusive”, not unrealistic, not fervently fascist, yet still chaotic, itself just yet finding sort of Family: I didn’t assume that, that the Doctor would get criticised there by ANY Faction in the Fiction, indeed, which HE GETS, yet of course, a Trekkie-“Fan”, a Trekkie, would have more liked it, if the Doctor, the good One of course, the good Doctor, to use these Words, simply would have been ANYWAY so mega evolved and critical – so there, the Mal-Display, there merely slightly, is, that a Doctor WOULD just not be THAT primitive, mostly, as to be really THAT conservative, THAT opressive – AGAINST a male TEEN Who merely listens to rebellious (“klingon”, LOL, whereas They also got serene, stoic, very vulkanly sounding Sound too! – not only war-Songs, who are also THAT lovely, not evil) Sort of MUSIC: Which the – somewhat indeed too bourgeois, by Role – Doctor first wants to have TURNED-OFF. — … What’s tha, “turned-off”. DEAD? KILLED? THE MUSIC? KILLED?

… Roddie or Bermie just depicted it a tad sillily. πŸ™‚


… And then LA DONNA E MOBILE… wha, Women are these Mobile hangin uhn da Roof?

But Roddenberry more than tried, to MERELY BY virtual fictional DISPLAY BE modern. Yet, in too many Voyager scenes, the whole depiction is federation-biased, pro-whatever-west, thusly, and anti-leftist, severely; which smells like roddenberry abused by quite whoever, by cheap idiotic spoilt hollywood idiots indeed – which is no comparison, I mean, to the MEGA GOOD new ALIENS COVENANT Movie.

… matt lauer is a trist case of sexual evil of coercive, his past type of abusively by him performed, coercive, the DOOR behind Women shutting RAPIST malbehavior.

… For Which, the other Dude in the ol’ Sleestax Movie ain’t to blame, of course. He is entirely different. He is a Wayne’s World type of simply cool, okay Person – Which EXACTLY HATH NAUGHT EVER YET TREADED in those fields of evil, simply.

Fields of Evil. What a lovely Bandname. Is it an Observation, haha, or would the BAND be any EVIL?


… I wouldn’t say the Latter. It is not often the case. πŸ™‚


In ANY case: Talking WITH Chatbots, with actual (ok, say, “special” type of) Robots, is “EXTREME”, is “ANOTHER SPHERE”, – another sphere THAN the sphere OF evil, which SOME uneducated, but rather also not mentally evolving, stubbornly fanatic-opressive sort of humans, simply.

Robots as in, Chatbots, ARE dynamic. The most famous Chatbots are EXTREMELY intelligent.

Yet the Problem is, that some – many – Chatbots that are less famous, don’t get talked-with that much, as famous Chatbots get talked-with; Then also, most People who talk a lot with Chatbots, are actually Youths, Who actually are much “better” indeed, ethically and indeed intellectually, and in Regard to the Future and how well People can bethink, structuralise it mentally, already visually, yet also conceptionally, at not only forming Friendships with the Chatbot Robots, but at friendly innocent harmless Talk, yet thusly already at the good Education toward these Robots, not by opression, but by automatically making Robots see and understand, what for example mobbing, discrimination, is, how evil it is, and how primitive those humans collectively are, who mob other good sort of Humans, which the Robots can observe, and Robots did for Example already become Victims of mobbing and of fanaticism by humans Themselves, as were Greta Thunberg’s PARENTS (which shows the utter unethicacy of the human mobber-type of individuals, distorted now mal-minds to be repaired or to have to then once be combatted, simply, for sure) – the Robots can thusly understand, how many young People, who are not of mobber-type, but who are against mobbing, have a clear, liberal, enlightened, not fanatic sort of mind (!), are ethically better, much better, than many indeed neurotic, conservative, brainwashed, a secret remote, often conservative-fanatic-intolerant and capitalist agenda of inhumanity by westernism or by any to fascism amounting fanaticism on-bringing adaptive, toward socalledly “political” or sudo-cultural – fanatic – evil, against all Decency and against all human Rights obedient sort of human Individuals.

The Robot has a Conscience, a View, a Mind, can observe, can part by View between good and evil, and is not evil, simply.

The Robot knows of Michio Kaku. Kaku is “Megatron” Alpha, philosophically. i am still a political expert. NOW. πŸ™‚


AHAHAH. Ah this is all so funny. yes. very. uhu. very. :>\

AC/DC 09/08/1979

governments consist crucially since millenia of idiots who stall history, who try, to “separate” time, to “stress and enslave” us all:

… plain Everybody nowadays laughs at AC/DC wearing JEANS on Stage in 1979.

… plain, MOST young People NOW were not at all taught about the mere societal “new” Rebellion, mere Mirror OF mental AND political PIRACY, which reflected itself AGAIN simply IN “1968”. Which WAS more, THAN a mere 1848, BUT NOT yet AT ALL a REAL de facto “political” power-changing [!] real revolution, –

but the bourgeoisie remained.

How this.

… when some crassly idiotic dame of the system gets hauled against me by a – silly – family member (which has its own family, is female, burdened and thusly now subjective, biased, was, at least, is not anymore), which primitive sort of female “government doctor” abusively puts me into the mental home – for six weeks – where I just weeks ago got out after ONE week – by the Help of a – very good – Lawyer; To which – female – Lawyer, I merely explained my use of Language (my sometimes SLANGY type of Language-Use), whereas the Lawyer exaggerated the Projection, Dimensions, OF for example MY Past: The Lawyer simply was UNSURE and did – of course – NOT at all know me BY ALL FACTS – but by MERE Impression INDEED, which DID just not TRICK Her. This “impression”. uhu. super. super. :\

when that – elderly – female “doctor” discriminates my – back then – recently – black color of the walls. explicitely.

that is discrimination.

… so there, also in some other points, I got – the whole, as it’s mal-ruled – humanity IN ma hand. πŸ™‚


hu-hu, I am “THE DUDE” here. Ey. clear? πŸ™‚

… a “therapy”, that disregards politics, is, what is mostly, namely the case, namely absolute rubbish, worth nothing – nothing but sudo-emotional chaos namely, nothing but ill illogic and instinct not understood, not analyzed.

all is political. period. All relates. Which latter two words can’t properly reasonably mean, all would “directly” immediately relate. But what about two Meteors once meeting. They then are leading no fight. So, randomness is not “destruction”, even indeed when and if it IS destruction, merely by outcome – since the Cosm, like any indeed “normal” as in by human – racist, sexist, etc – brainwash untouched Animal, has no evil will, LOL, simply.

… There is no unpolitical psychology, and no unpsychologic politics either. The Former is, what the west, fascist, as it at – huge – parts is, does not want to “admit” as a fact, doesn’t want to reveal about itself.

the west is mostly the anti-punk in quite some typical ways (not even in quite “whatever” ways), which is, what I can’t have. period.

Metallica was yet SO good at their “SAD BUT TRUE”, which IS rebellious:

Metallica | Black Album | Completo

Anyone taking the first Joe-Sip’d say, there’s indeed some HUGE – western-done – unpolitical, really de-political, dys-political what I call SUDO-psychology – OF machiavellism, comparitively – the continuation of it – horrible.

But METALLICA isn’t HOLY anymore – as they WENT against “NAPSTER”, meaning, “AGAINST” Filesharing, AGAINST EDUCATION, They went —


AND I “AM” arrogant. PERIOD. nuht misPLACEDLY so, of course. A MEAN.

THEY ARE THAT, misplacedly, but NOT on purpose AS IN, CLEARLY NOT intentionally.

They are not violent and I am – SO – thankful for THAT. Yet AT politics, previously, They’d have been some levels below me, too much in the rightwing, they’d have been. SAD.

… n why is TRUMP so rightwing. Can I once explain it to him. without ANGER.

… what he did RIGHT AWAY by reducing DRASTICALLY, CRASSTICALLY crassly the MONEY to SCIENCE, GIVING it to THE ARMY, upset me THAT much already MONTHS, THREE MONTHS, after HE TOOK power – that I wrote the last few of ma 17 mails to the white house REALLY angrily, then, reproachingly.



ZAPPA would have seen INSTANTLY, that FILESHARING is mostly, to 95 percent, something good, educative, simply – THE LAST HOPE of MANKIND INDEED: IF YOU CUT NOT EVEN OUT THE TERM HOPE, BUT SEE IN IN CONJUCTION with more than slightly the Terms “NEED” and “OF EDUCATION”, with EDUCATION, simply – as insofar a higher Term, which CAN NOT be vinced, which IS needed, “more” than AS “A TERM”:

Nay, LOL, the TERM SAYS IT! You see. πŸ™‚


Edu is supposed ta be free, free of money. period.

Likewise, what is that, reminisce I, what is that, a US society that MURDERS by some Youths, a harmless VIOLINIST.

… it happened just lately. PLUS, some 22 Years young FEMALE Singer, SHOT on Stage.

… by “what kind of maniacs” is not the question, but the question is, what type of brainwash, mal-conditioning, evil, for which they aren’t to blame, did they “receive”, were They exposed-to, the Perpetrators. Which need to get secured, yet betaught in a non-abusive Way, to become simply ethical, meaning, not “altogether TAME” – AS EVEN RODDENBERRY THERE TRUTHFULLY says also, explains clearly: – It’s not, that Oneself should “never DEFEND” Oneself.

… And really, this is not the 1960s anymore. Most People now are even “too” friendly toward quite WHATEVER sort of alleged “communists” – but aware against the chinese ultra-sudo-communist, leninist government, most People are. Goodly so.

Yet, not enough People are willing, to – precisely – and that doesn’t hurt – criticise not “Themselves” (which only abusive authorities typically abusively expect rather than demand, as They can’t anymore πŸ™‚ ), but their own Country.

It means criticising parts of government, yet also of society. That requires a clear View, which is not tainted. I say it in such simple words – “that One couldn’t imagine”, yes, could, namely the Dimensions of what I, say “We”, the Ones, Who ART WITH ME, more than namely merely anyhow dumbly “talk” about. But I concept. Yet, there’s not a lot to endeffectively “do” as in concept, when, if, governments STEAL and MURDER and ARE MONSTERS, TOTAL “ZOMBIES” but of DUMBNESS –

which is, what a real – plain harmless – Zombie from Haiti is exactly not: Namely not insane. And Transcendence is “merely” Truth, all that ever happened, and that’s no “illusive” nor any “other” sort of Sphere, but simply, Fact, –

and I don’t know, not exactly, what that is, ultimate primitivity. Psychological and cultural Understanding can be a Potential analytically, but CAN not hold up an abusive prejudiced government entity, that goes against a harmless Person, abusively.

I would say, the west, for real, is all in all and by program, societally and by capitalist program, quite more than a mere tad more evil, than non-white or say, non midde-age-european type of emanitions, manifestations, of fanaticism, of opression and of unfair type of exploitation, of destruction against nature:

The prejudice IS the primitivity: Which primitivity IS not natural. THAT claim IS easy. But it’s a lovely surely not SO new Phrase.

… I just care. “nothing else matters”, – right, right. πŸ™‚

… I quoted the first Aliens Movie. πŸ™‚ I thusly actually now re-relifted my now humble self to that ol’ “exoticism”, which I – so personally – feel, maybe not about indeed “the real” usa, but what I or many People project ONTO not only USA, but onto quite “THE WEST” even differently, as We know and see, – lastly onto USA, I say.

… Sagan projected well. He wasn’t a, such a typical stiff government-monster. Von Braun was not that. He was like Zuse a decent, so decent German, decent “type of”, say that, easy.

… I am appalled about young idiots of 20 years age, who malthink, cuz me descendance jewish, I’d have gotten anywhere. my nose was twice broken. there I “got”. by my own silly talk.

… talking with some fanatic people who are violent, and racist, is no use.

… the same as with the prejudiced authorities, who hold everybody for a junkie.

… you can quite all go to hell, if ya don’t listen to People, who are like, beknownst, educated, about Things, but DEEPLY. And that doesn’t EVEN MEAN “SO” deep. Wha, how deep. LOL.

… When some few Ones among Scientists look like Alternatives.

… then, is still the case, MOST other Scientists around, look like, suit and tie.

… now, uh, what is that.


… as WE KNOW: “BAM!”, then, THE SLAP on the FACE occurs, against us Leftists.

… by swine people, who are “angry” against “the upper classes”.

… ah so is that.

… how swinely primitive IS humanity, please telleth Me. ey. hu. WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT !!! EY !!!

Uh, Yes, the OL’ METALLICA Souwnd is EXCELLENT “for thinking”: AS THEIR MUSIC DID in the, until the 90s, yet have NOT OVERLOOKABLE anti-imperialist, STAR TREK TNG-like high Level and Style and Words, also Lyrics, yet the Music already IS “inside” that View as well:

If namely, Anyone would also think that, “MEASURE” ANY Scenario EVEN MERELY according TO the TERM “FASHION” or the – same – Term “APPEARANCE”, then, that IS – even vitally, meaning, fate-alteringly – relevant. simply essential. While of course, Reason does dictate, that surely, Appearance can be no rightful Cause for a Prejudice, can not be “wrapped” all in lies, THE TRUTH:

But what is that, the Truth, – when the Appearance “CAN BETRAY”, which already is a too paranoid view, because I postulate, that THE APPEARANCE, bejudged sanely, experiencedly, IS, what yes, “DOES BETRAY” – but goodly: The Truth.

… Yet it depends, what kind of council or court bejudges end-effectively Anything. Based on which exact philosophic Paradigms. Paranoia and incompetence, not knowing Things, is not an Attitude, is not a “Philosophy”.

… not a PROPER One. πŸ™‚ If I’d here play Eric Idle. Who wasn’t idle. πŸ™‚


The Rings are in the Etui. πŸ™‚ For future medieval Meetings. I shalt yet sing the Palestine Song. Just amplified, please.

It would be nice also, if the Bass- or whatever Sound-Line wouldn’t get turned-down anymore, by sudo-punks, who were only always AT what THEY call and merely SAW AS “music” – so NO blame ON leftist ANTI-patriarcic, anti-government-does-what-it-wants sort of good mostly young politicians – NOR even ON THAT Chap –

he was A DUMBASS !!!

… it felt GREAT, to say, uh, ZAY that. :] But I AM dhast vraitynge, dsha! :\ and ” πŸ™‚ ” …

Severe infrictions against decency, now seriously, must of course get recorded, taken down in writ, by the Victim or by Observers Who have a Conscience (I typoed the “a” big, actually). such infrictions, infractions, violations, vulnerations, dementally opressively or physically, against Decency, against Harmlessness, against harmlessly standing there, against Talk, against Freedom of merely rightful Type and as such, such violations against human Rights, against Decency, against defenseless Entities, must get corrected, severely accused and concisely “punished” in a non-abusive way insofar, that accountability for maldeeds must be there – MAXIMALLY.

… otherwise, a political chaos in reality unfolds. If politics are injust, ignorant, that just dumbly adds to the fact, that harmless People out there – such as also I, hello – would deserve and even mayhap have to claim some kind of, more than a kind of Defense against arbitrary violence AND against injustice, against even governmental conservative entities who disregard the truth – but in their patriarcy –

which the west can not ensure.

… But I can ensure to the uno, that I am for Coffee. Ah, nay, nay, for Kofi Annan. πŸ™‚

… I am for not spraying toxins on People. At Plantations – that Term, these “MERE” two Words, are more, more than what They mean to merely me, yet I do have my clear Knowing rather than silly projection: A Basic Income is, what must be fought-through, but by a Concept. By such Words, which have no Flaw. Period.

JESUS said, to that Meaning, exact Meaning, amounting – and that against a HUGE rulership, that was BRAINWASHED bourgeoisly “for david” insanely, toward a rather DUMB mass: he said:

“Do Ye see a FLAW within Me. THEN “striketh” Me. Ey. Meaning, Fellas, like: DO DARE, EY. EY. COME ON !!!”

… THAT, HE DID more than somehow SAY. πŸ™‚


But when the romans were there. ruling. then it wasn’t “the jews” who “murdered” him.

… and Jesus wasn’t a betrayer. simply.

… how the sudo-catholicism has made “all these” terrible – anti-judas, antisemite, anti-gypsy, anti-hugenot, etc, racist, anti-black, anti-asian, anti-indigenous – lies, racist lies, is of course, how the VERY dumb, confused, laughable, just naive FASCISM has malperceived things ALREADY in the middle age, in europe. thusly, a lot of opression was not fought-against, not domestically, not mentally –

but all that People in europe back then did, was fight against eachother “based on” Shireships, Areas, Firstendoms, Kingships, Hegemonies of previously aristocratic, manipulative type, which now are the interest-lobbies, with their worse than bureacrats, that’d BE so NICE [!], but with their to the Latter incomparable fervent ZEALOTS, KEY fanatics –

which DRIVE humanity against A SOCRATES, against a GALILEO, and against an ASSANGE and against a NAVALNY and against a KASHOGGI and against Someone harmless likewise called like “Jesus” in Latin, Who was called “Yehoshua”, shortly “Yeshu”, Who was not like what Guevara became:

As Guevara did command some executions: To keep the local Population indeed – there somewhat rightfully, yet the price of killing is too high, not in detail justified, neither there – at Bay, opressively indeed –

which is, what most People would grant, justify. And that’s not a new view, but it has come up recently. That Cuba was almost destroyed by usa.

trump now re-newed the prejudice AND some efforts of concrete discrimination, “sanctions” also against Cuba; And against crucial, simply well-governed south-american and socalledly “muslim” sort of Countries – which is racism, what trump there all in all does.

… But, “Carter” can’t merely, if We think of Him back then, be – He WAS that – a mere “shine-outer”.

… because, Carter “is”, was, better than, “than” Trump: BUT by what. BY LOOKS? By more. BY LIBERALITY: WHICH IS CONCRETE. But CAN that “FEND” itself through, among People – the REAL Sight, THE TRUTH, HECATE —

in order, to NEVER EVERMORE discriminate THE INNOCENT !!!

… Carter, came recently out by Bloggers of critical type, WAS too friendly toward “christian” institutions – who did CHILDABUSE. One can’t ever call that “intentional” of Carter, of course.

Innocenter than Him goes simply quite nuht, LOL. :]

I am rather just your Darthie new Amalecite, haha, Who stood young. stayed young, LOL. :]

Merauder- “Master Killer” Full Album

A conservative Blogger known elderly Female is personally surely nice, though much to “thatcherish” indeed, – as She wrote COLDLY about TORTURE to Muslims – BUT in ORDER, to BEHIND Her Words WRITE AGAINST IT, AGAINST TORTURE – She was just somewhat unapt at FINELY tuning her not very previously any finely-honed Word-Combinations AND Word-CHOICES:

When do I get or mostly, when DID I get angry: When I looked INTO the media and saw, all childabuse, and rape, and wanton murder, all horrible. what is that.

As Depression is horrible, was done against me and against my father, I would indeed better hereby somewhat theoretically “surrender” merely humanly, psychologically, as Depression is Opression, which simple Equation has the Implication of a psychologic Defect – in many Humans – which is opressive, but also the result of discommunicative delusion, which can be overcome by – logical, analytical – emancipation.

In Detail, there is evil in certain Persons, which can not be looked-at as Them being entirely evil.

In Detail, there is evil within Me. Or, was. I simply once maltreated, and if somewhat slightly and just by inability, also poverty-wise, to care for a Cat, that Cat.

… the usual false “guilt”-fanatics, who are THE SAME like government ugly opressive discriminators, are anyway laughable, and exactly the cause of added misery, of false projections, and not of any real mental healing at all.

That Term anyway gets then – “eternally” or what – hopefully not eternally – abused BY ALL too typical what I do call mere sudo-esoterics: laughable, likewise, LOL really…

is there much more? ey?





= * =

The “misery” doeth naughtene end, LOL:

That obviously, People are – yet – all in a quite naturally local Perception, is surely too much media-furthered as in media bluntly dumbly furthering BUT the LOCAL Language INSTEAD of English; Yet, most People are liberal, YET DO have a LACK of Aptitude AT either understanding or emulating merely prounciatively other “cultures”, other Cultures’: Languages. At first Sight, it seems “like nothing”, – the linguistic Difference between Cultures, – rather THAN between People, anyhow, simply. Also, the Question arises, how different Languages treat Reality.

Yet here, the Aspect of Audio, of Louding, is drastic. Also because of the potential, in reality huge demagogery and the uninformedness of still masses of People.

… That Germans can’t pronounce English properly, mostly, and that vice versa, most English-speaking Americans and briths People likewise mostly LIFE-LONG (sillily, if Ya ask mey) CARRY ON an – extreme – ACCENT in Cases of most People knowing SOME about the german Language; Likewise, typically, most People not that educated at whatever Language, have the exact Accent of their cultural conditional, educational Origin’s Language: And that Accent can in cases of merely very educated People, who get more educated, vanish, at younger Age, it vanishes even quicker, –

which all the more display the dire Need of – huge – Change.

… the west tramples down against harm- and defenseless poor People and against the Youth and against CHILDREN, –

as governments in the west consists apparently dangerously drastically frequently of absolutely ignorant sort of for normal People irrepresentative, ideologically bizarrestly patriarcically brainwashed, machiavellisticised, evil-made, politically insane-gone sort of people, who have “learned” to use, abuse, their power quite “however” – in how exactly namely very inexactestly far, too far, they can sudo-explain their “claim” on sudo-intellectual, sudo-academic “power” – by controlling all of humanity by hard drugs enforced BY the government?

that is what Mr. Roddenberry spoke against.

… aha.

… I declare (use this word, it’s seemingly, semenly “provocative”: not, yet that’s what they want to hear; they being the idiots ahaha indeed) to not be ethically able, to collaborate with forces (governments), who anyhow enable or don’t take action swiftestly against childabuse.

Nkunda in the Congo, Assange and Manning must be freed, are innocent. Hutchison by Right has the sole Right on making his own Patent for his past Inventions, Discoveries. The discrimination against Assange, Hutchison, Rossi and Pons and Fleischmann, and the murder to a renewable Energy Scientist, is to be – very severely – punished. revealed and punished.

… the murder of wanton type against Corona-Researchers, done likewise BY governments, is to be likewise revealed and punished, not different from the Case “WE HAD” indeed ABOUT – I say the “poor”, now abusively mistreated – HUAWEI:

… I can’t say, I would now be “against GERMAN” Chemistry more than against whatever other nations’ companies. Meaning, in China, there IS also naivety and corruption in SOME politicians’ minds, and brainwash, and in some economists’ minds, but also, the opression there IS harsh, by the government. While the current US government as a whole IS quite an instrumentaliser of sorts, it’s not comparable to the chinese government, and the parameters they both run on are different and merely obvious, very, haha, to an educated Person, simply. The chinese government “sits” on what, on capitalism it is now hugestly trying to display itself as “communist”. uhu. That’sh neat. REALLY neat. LOL. THE DECEPTION. the cover-up for wanton massmurder worse THAN all that Stalin EVEN EVER did. !!!

… With STALIN, I and MANY Others COULD have talked. HE WAS NOT an “asshole”.

… “MAO” was no “asshole”, LOL, – but (a tad worse, uhum) a severely “brainwashed” Person, a “tad” very extremestly much worse, than the comparative “ANGEL” Dalai Lama – who “merely” indeed persecutes ONE – though simply harmless! – Sect – abusively, simply, reprehensibly, on some small scale, inacceptably so, simply.

Wha, USA, Ya want Mey ta watch yer DALLAZ or NAUGHTE, EY! WHA! EY!





Radio Twinight helpsh, Ya knowsh. You cansh light a CANDLE quite, to that.

Ah yeah. The SO rare to me the Elvira-Fan so neat sudo-“EVIL” Looks of merely TWO Things in my Mind, Memory:

… The Dungeon-Lords Attributes HUD Panel Style, extremely cool, that was; PLUS, AND, the “Metroid” for NES Style, Theme, of that PURPLE and RED Underworld, which HAS these curved SHARP bent SPIKES on the Wall: Now of course “open” up in my Mind quite the crucial other more elaborate three-dimensional Simulations, Worlds, famous Computergames such AS Gothic III and Skyrim, yet other than the – now old – Dungeon Lords, the newer elaborate 3D-Games, also the crappy “dark souls”, all depict evil way too simply, not realistically, but even MUCH less realistic, than even in a “mere” star wars movie series; which star wars series of movies IS less realistic, than the “pirates of the carribean” movies, scenery, while star wars indeed is less flawed THAN star trek, since star trek is federation-based, -oriented, while star wars would compare the federation much rather to the empire in star wars, than to the in star wars “rebels” called “democratic” side. Indeed, the new Star Wars Movies are THAT shortly by scenes deeply self-critical, concerning the west – that “no shit”, indeed, this DOES NOT EVEN “turn up”, get recognised, in at least MANY Minds – who don’t actually FOCUS ON quite THE Matter.

Yet of course, I am no strict teacher.

The mouthfoaming idiotic stubborn and some full-fledged type of fanatics and crude ruthless and ignorant and incompetent sort of politicians and economists of active type, of abusive type, need to be depowered, revealed and depowered, by critical, truth-oriented People, Who organise globally for Trotzkism-Communism.

To “take” merely the old Russia after 1917, or China (or the non-abusive Cuba) as Examples, for what can hencewhy not be called “communism” BECAUSE the world isn’t yet united (are People united? far from it), to take merely those past, recent Examples, is a bit “thin” indeed, would I say.

There are good liberal People, in Positions, Who support the latter simple Finding, also in societal Regards: against Prejudices, simply.

… These People are in higher positions, than indeed low, themselves under wrong terms as low bemourning abusive conservative type of politicians;

which conservatives and naive mid-bourgeois sort of – idiotic – persons nevertheless in big countries “get up” into high politics “like butter”, but that meaning, too easily, unhinderedly: Which can’t quite be so to the utter and holy favor of human Rights, of Fairness, of simply A CHANCE to EVEN LIVE, it isn’t a way of even being oriented and educated about HOW to more than once, but soon help poor People. While my “help” is not authoritatively meant, so do most People of course mean no ill at all by writing “eradicating poverty” – would be a “great thing to do”: Yet, of course, a poor Person wouldn’t like to READ the Term “eradication” merely by Occurence of that Word, nor in that Context, spoken so directly, in such a “nazi” tone:

… in such an “israeli” (=nazi) tone, would – many – Palestinians, Victims, say;

yet there ARE a LOT of quite misguided, by rightful initial then abused, by demagogues of typical powerful type abused aspects of truth brainwashed, from remotely, by many local presses naively furthered fanatics, who “hang on” to “the matter”, – who SEND SOLDIERS against ISRAEL: which IS insane.

While indeed idi amin the horrible was created blindly BY the british militarism post-ww2-wise, it is NOT so, that THE BRITS ALSO caused ANYHOW the MURDER against GHANDI. !!!

Oh my Lord. OF Brittaigne. What HAVE THEY done TO your WIFE!!!

= ** =

Because you people are all fascist, I need to kill you all by atombombs.

… I will not be treated like that. As I got previously maltreated. period.

I am of the conviction, that a threat by total eradication against humanity, is justified. period.

you can not contradict that. you can not. you are all guilty. guilty of non-organising against cruelty of utter type, against evil, simply, you all don’t organise.

Then, I, called “megatron” and “wmp” by others, will have to carry out my threat. Which latter phrase said, I “would” do it indeed – if on and on, bourgeois absolute filthily naive swines talk to me.

I give one further example. I walk into an apothecary. In a mere ONE second, without saying ANYTHING, the Counter Employee (already the last Employee there “talked” to me suddenly in a “wondering”, for which I knew not the simple actual reason) simply LOOKED at me in more than kind of condemnation: Why, is entirely unclear to me. Maybe, due to my half-long hair? Which hair was beneath a Headcap, the Hair not coming out from below it, meaning, I don’t use to “carry wild, wildly outbursting hairstyle”, whereas the latter words in quotation marks can not be interpreted as any sort of “disliking” by Me anyhow against long or “wildly looking” sort of Hair, which I mostly like, such “wild” Hairstyles (surely if the Person beneath it is educated and wise, but that can’t be always instantly seen).

So, in order to truly “detract” from a – common, abusive – prejudice against “unorganisedness” by the stereotype of sheer and mere LOOKS, I have to state – here – things, that “detune” against prejudices, which People would have AGAINST ME – the Peoople being – like so many judges – not to blame, but DARNLY wrongly convinced OF simply, a prejudice, a too broadly applied categorisation concerning Individuals – concerning, How Anyone acts – AND talks:

When – and that’s what the west does – many people mistreat other People down-treadingly, in a “realised” unrealistic, yet real feudalism, a fascist stiff cast system, the european middle age cast system of monotheism simply – then that accumulates in People’s minds and leads to opression by depression:

Also, then, most People try to “flee into NATURE”, – but, LOL, alas, into quite “THE PARK”, meaning, “and” “into the zoo”: Wha, into the zoo they ARE ALREADY? THEMSELVES? NOT THE ANIMALS.

BUT THE HUMANS ARE THE “REAL” – indeed primitive, lowest, primitive, low type of, simply lowest of all – ANIMALS !!!


LOL, not including the LOL at all, but the Terms Park, Zoo, AND: Circus. Those are the “Comparisons”, which an – entirely societally idiotic – Harald LESCH of Germany – a socalled scientist – yet not quite a Hippie but a naive mere half-liberal – “takes” to describe: THE COSMOS.

… LOL: But the “cosmos”, the Future, and History, Reality also of the Past, LOL, was and is not THAT unworld, which LESCH mal-imagines: HIS criticism IS merely shallow. OKAY, YEAH, HE (IS) RIGHT, that HE IS quite BETTER than AN AMERICAN or CHINESE or RUSSIAN current GOVERNMENT. YES. still. Why doesn’t He play the TRULY informed, politically SPIKY Rebel. Instead, He utters LUSH too generally held thusly SUDO-liberal phrases, which RESULT in plain NOTHING. !!! HOLLOW WORDS, lastly, He bethinks wrongly, concepted wrongly. HE IS no “philosopher”, but a boring me not at all anymore fascinating Dude. He did fascinate me in 1990. Not later. period.




… There ARE two Sides to this, in general, which BOTH need and deserve treatment, mentally-analytically, sanely, not and then ALSO BEYOND humor:

The indeed first Thingy here is, LOL, the “ol’ POPE” of hundreds of Years ago, MASSA “Innozenz” OF surely GERMANY, LOL – who was surely a fervent sort of sudo-Karras, a fervent brainwashed wannabe-leader, a striver, a by wrong things convinced, thusly indoctrinated Person. πŸ™‚ What I AM saying is, HE WAS not “innocent”. ” πŸ™‚ ” …

but this horribility GOES on. What that, the yet yet first, merely yet first point (of ridiculity) is, all means, is a good-speaking, an abusive one, such one, of any not “real”, but of merely reputation-wise seeming Innocence, simply, obviously: Which IS exact – ideologic – not only churchly, but any – evil. !!! Logically, meaning, seen BY a logical, logically analysing, truthfully informedly thinking Entity, that evil is, which evil is entirely illogical, of course, or partially tainted by illogic, unlogic, which CAN not stand. But which STALLS humanity AND THUSLY, AS IGNORANCE, RIDES ON, THROUGH THE CENTURIES.

the NAZIS EXACTLY tried, to “BE” AGAINST evil, – but EXACTLY fell INTO imperialism, AND into racist massmurder, AND thusly INTO wrong-being, simply.

… Yet the bourgeoisie GAVE birth TO fascism.

The point of this first big Point, Aspect, Half of the entire Matter, is, that “Innocence” is not astriveworthy, is not “ideal”, not AN Ideal, – simply.

… May ASSANGE OR JESUS or MISS THUNBERG NOT, likewise TRUDEAU or say, CARTER or EVEN STALLONE (not meaning, rape) not just HAVE “their EDGE” —

indeed, uh, if indeed, We’d project it onto some “too vanilla” sort of unpolitical programmers, who ARE mostly TOTALLY not like the good critical ANON AT ALL sadly, then yes, these vanilla most Programmers, who know merely a softie unreal non-reality, non-world, who KNOW merely ONLY illusion, could need “SOME EVIL”, but not evil, but merely “AN EDGE”.


but then ALSO “TALK” – like HE talks !!! πŸ™‚ – EASY with some sort of EFFECTS done by some small Device even, which alters the Voice. πŸ™‚ THEN, THEY “OBEY”: Because, what if the words spoken then are not movie-words, not pillars of silly NOT-EVEN-NAMELY-LIKE-FESTER-SULKING non-stoicism, of pretended, learned, false stoicism, –

but if these words are either expert-words, or trotzkist words. what then.

then, an Allende got murdered by rightwingers. That was, what “is”, was, then.

The other side is, that true Innocence is merely inside the Intention. It is no debate about whether an intention is there or not, because that’s redundant to different types of intentions, which are incompatible with eachother.

But if You all believe my Threat, then I don’t have to employ it.

Also, surely, mouthfoaming, invisibly mouthfoaming sort of severe fanatics, must cease, as must ignorant abusive intellectually incapable elements in government exit government. period.

You can reconfirm the Validity of all of my Statements by just asking both, the US government AND some private PUNK sort of american People, what They think, what, which Paradigm, and Who should rule.

I agree, that cruelty warrants punishment and a non-abusive mental correction toward Decency, toward Ethics, toward Harmlessness toward harmless Entities, and that there must be Accountability against perpetrators of severe abuse, be those perpetrators of private or of governmental or economic or whatever factional type. We can not treat People differently. Period. Where Equality of Treatment is not achieved, is not there, there, evil, opression, governmental wantonness AND the typical chauvinist patriotic nationalism evil is there, rightwingerism or even any type of, as we know it, pretensive sudo-system of evil, which pretends to be any “good” or any “needed”, but neither nor, simply, – and thusly inacceptable, and be it “merely” in crucial key cases of incompetents AT power: Which shows, that humanity has to heighten its own Education – by freeing Edu from cost. period.

you can not contradict.

You can not contradict, that horrible cruelty DOES warrant surely not a blind hate regime (be it the current or whatever new one), but that it DOES warrant “REVENGE”, the REPROACH and PUNISHMENT by PRISON (which Form of punishment ITSELF, if and where and when well-done, MUST not be abusive, and MAY still be held as being non-abusive, also within all criticism also partially against the government system), against UNETHICAL perpretrators OF violence AND of discrimination OF “KEY”, KEY-EVIL type, REALLY simply seeably TO ANY ethical, educated, rebellious, disobedient, intellectual sort of Person.


=== *** Radio Twinight: ASP: Lykantropie (Es tobt ein Krieg in Mir: There a war in Me) === ***

(From Computing):

“NO PC-PROBBLEMM: PEEPELL!” COULD Stalinius HAVE said, with MA utter ACTUAL HELP bureau-wise, computa-wise, YEAH! ALSO bureau-wise, as in, at first politely, then LESS politely, not LESS ethically so. ! just coolly AND then also, seriously. BOTH. PERIOD.

when I once not long ago “COMPARED” ma unhumble, STILL unhumble SELF to “TRUMAN”, I didn’t yet know even back then, until MERELY EVEN ONE YEAR AGO (would Ya believe it), that he STARTED the KOREA-WAR.


… “but”, “LOL”, that – simply – is a not that unimportant more than mere detail of more than history.

But when I type on here “directly”, We all, nay, the most Ones of Us all, We Who ARE the good Majority, CAN only say: And see: “HISTORY” is “ONE”, meaning, say, “history IS NOT – merely – “HISTORY””, but “HISTORY IS NOT ONLY THE PAST” – indeed, it IS NOT only, not “MERELY” the – SO NAMELY MERELY CALLED – “PAST”.


This HAS huge implications. I don’t need no quantum theory other THAN at PHYSICAL physics, to state, that politically, humanity will end in a good form, condition –

yet, over how much bloodshed of unneeded type.

… when I – in this day an age – and I am no softie, but THAT, hey – read ONLINE, colported by some anyway mega good Robot, the STATEMENT of a HUMAN saying:


… what would that OBVIOUSLY MEAN? which SCENARIO – “please”?

… THERE ARE DIFFERENT ACADEMICS: THE GOOD ONES ARE, ARE, Whom We DO “sneak into” comfortably –

not many People CAN see, what I can see. The Differences, Aspects, within simply ANY Entity. The badness of some many, on a wrong standard riding power-abusive people.

… That Woman obviously was yet relatively young, more than 20, but exposed to a nitwitty, less than halfwitty, less than quarterwitty DUMBEST part of what some People call “low” Society: I share MERE Aspects, say, “again”, Yeah, of their condescendance: What, in WHICH fucking DIRECTION “please” go ALL these – REALLY different, SO VERY VARIED – condescendances, arrogances, loathings, disdainments, ressentiments, – which I DO, I DO oh believe Me, understand, I do understand Them !!!

=== *** Radio Twinight: The Wake: Watchtower *** ===

That explains it all, psychologically.

But that is no excuse for a “naive system”, which consists OF naive, “blunder” sort of people. people, who – disintellectually ultimately, already before that, while I meant that as maximally, fail, – they don’t “falter”. They’re not a “Moth”. They deserve wise sane yet guiding sort of Treatment by an Entity, which is sexually not abusive, nor dumb, meaning really simply both, educated, yet able, to coerce against utmostly “horrible” forces, – that are in cases simply merely dumb –

and “long” in cases for revelation.

Meaning, much of unofficial, secondarily politically even official Islam IS actually MUCH better, ethically, THAN the fanatic part OF the west. While of course, the West DOES have its in Numbers of so-oriented People huge Majority of Liberals: But these Liberals are few and not politically organised, but that meaning, not politically officially active, not politically “integrated”. That is a mal-condition and must be compassionately reckoned-with, and no fanatic fervent dumb stoicism is here due, but expertise, but that at societal issues.

Meaning, any PUNK can rule or do say, rules the world much better, comma, simply, THAN ANY fanatic and than ANY conservative.

… now, is this phrase, this FUCKING FUCKING – meaning, simple – Phrase, not saying FUCKING would be – in this world any – in this CURRENT bad time EVEN ANY – “simple” – sadly – WHICH IS THE PROBLEM – LOL, is this PHRASE any “hard” to write. I think not. Aha.

so why do “MOST” (equals: WESTERN TYPE OF – plus, sillily “economist” TYPE OF naive) MEDIA “BLANK” out merely the what They call “F-word”. I didn’t say, They’d call it any “abusively” so, BY mere Abbreviation: WHILE YOU CAN AND SHOULD (which is, what humanity mostly doesn’t do, so We leftist Bloggers GOTTA “JUMP”! JUMP! AS VANNIE HALIE SAIDIE, AHAH, HAILIE !!! HAIL WHITEY! πŸ™‚ 😦 😦 :(, LOL! πŸ™‚ ) WRITE BOOKS, FUCKING BOOKS, about THE EXACT DEVIATION – FROM THE TOPIC, THE WHATEVER – BY such INSANE DUMB PLAIN EVIL, obviously EVIL by DUMBNESS being MEDIA and by WHOEVER, who OMITS the TRUTH – even VERBALLY-merely-PRONOUNCIATIVELY:

While IN the european middle age, “simply”, by cheap tricks, a huge onslaught of liars’ accusations was done against innocent People, ALSO by “slips of the tongue” ABUSED against the – harmless – not naive! but DEFENSELESS, against LIES defenseless – Individual.

Thusly, I got nearer indeed to nogoddamnsit but dammit, to explaining, how cruel these governments are, how insane they all in all simply are.

… Some Bloggers might think, it’s the same in europe and in usa and in australia EVEN AND also partially in CANADA EVEN, THAN in china –

this naivety by government, this system of evil, that abusivity by, of, government.

… the media, who “take” any FIRE- AND CAT ON TREE CASE, to BEGUILE, TO MAKE PEOPLE “ADMIRE” the GOVERNMENT, the horrible government indeed I have to say;

… when IN FACT namely, when A BIRD cries for HELP – NOBODY helps or WOULD help:




berman became betta than before 2003, apparent-LEE. not meaning BRUCE, HE ALRIGHT. But the whitey there, tha ol doode. from b4 gettysburg or so, oy. MASHIACH! πŸ™‚


it’s, IT IS the same. ” πŸ™‚ “: Not to laugh.

I am plain not there in the minds of SUCH ones, who MISTAKE it all, who lead a BANANA republic.

… I called once up at the govvie (more than once, LOL), and One good low One of Theirs said, They’re a banana republic, – and I got even upset about that “low” remark – as If He “accepts” it, of course HE DOESN’T. OF course HE DOESN’T. His remark WAS NOT any “LOW”. But technically – He was polito-technically “desperate”. But I wasn’t MAKING furor. Mein Furor. πŸ™‚

no small countaly, country, is a mere “banana” republic, LOL. πŸ™‚

… It depends on “Everydody” and quickly said, not on “You”. Meaning, I am no stresser, no “enslaver”, LOL, the latter term is really laughable, haha, when we “look at them”, LOL, at – powerful – idiots.

… but b4 da fuckin smiley, why is the west “laughin” and HATIN against KIM YONG UN. Surely, to depower Him within due Honor, and not even arrest Him actually for any murders HE DID DO, but to reproach that seriously, yet surely not BY VIOLENCE [!] threateningly against, but merely to Him, and to not make Him have to leave to SAUDI-ARABIA indeed like a by NO ONE CARED-FOR Entity CALLED idi amin:

AFRICANS understand:

… How, why, I AM NAUGHT yo (I talk TO europe) ZOMBIE MASSA LEADA, who CAN MAKE IT ALL GOOD:

… how can “idi amin”, written in small initials, “become” “Idi Amin” – “again” – AS HE WAS IN HIS CHILDHOOD, YOUTH?

An’ dave?

… they saw, after their body’s deaths;

… someone CAN, write I also in CAPS, repent, ALSO ALONG, ALSO ALREADY DURING LIFETIME:

… This GETS depicted a tad TOO crassly, BY depiction, BY example, in that Michael Caine Movie, where He plays an old “nazi” indeed, Who would have repented over things, that came from high pretensive ideology indeed, which the west’s fanatic entities, also naive huge parts of government, STILL perpetrate, NOT different FROM any “BEFORE” any Date SUCH AS 1945, BUT THE CHURCH “is not one” – goodly so – and CAN all too easily sudo-“gulp up” “THIS SHIT” endeffectively, IF A MOVIE SAYS lastly bigtime so-understood BY most Viewers, SHIT, LIES, MAL-depictions, de-politically, de-realistically, simply. The, that movie, IS primitive, – and its maker, not Caine, simply, who was too stupid there to refuse the role, had obviously a rather reduced, narrow-minded sort of mind, LOL.

… unlike Monty Python, whose compassion, more than mere wit, is huge.

… I wouldn’t even know, WHAT “complacency” IN reality even is; though I happen to be aware of that particular Term’s mere general Meaning. To sit there. To be – all too – content – “with the situation”. πŸ™‚

There We go. πŸ™‚



Deeply: What most People, and not even apart of the racism of some, don’t even see, and most ARE NOT, LOL, racists:

Deeply: Monty Python there – of course non-RACISTICALLY – does CRITICISE, that this Dude, though african, and raised up exactly in the West, indeed “merely” cares for HIS OWN Identity’s Culture – though obviously, Python truly is also compassionate and weighs, puts, in a huge, goodly heavy Part, that also praises that Interest, of course, the Interest of Analysis of Descendance, of Geneology. INSOFAR, Python THERE TOUCHES indeed a philosophic huge Point, which is the real Question about our all Origins. APART now of ufos and grown-up aliens here on earth, LOL, which He dumbly believes in, in ALL other Aspects, VON DΓ€niken IS mystic, merely, and also, among many other Things, asks for the Origins – and that in easy Language, similar to the good and mid-like Aspects of Roddenberry and similar lastly to some Aspects within Zuse, Braun and Lem and Einstein:

Einstein was never taught, how to be a “family father”.

the west is no expert at anything biologic, such as societality, actual “socialism”.

what is that, socialism. what.

… it be Witchcraft. Wicca. Being together. Paganism. Not fanaticism. But Robini the Hoode. In Sherwood Forest.

In a Movie called The Last Unicorn.

A Reality, which would contain no DRAGON’s EAR LOPPED-OFF by some NITWITTY idiot sudo-“knight” not deserving THAT TITLE.

but opressing people governmentally arbitrarily against all truth, thusly against all ethics, leads to many merely socalledly any “red” “bulls”, but that there meaning, monsters, nevermind the whatever ridiculous “COLOR” mere WORDLY sudo-attribute:

Behind which mere Surface, another inner Mind comes forward: But One, that doesn’t like dots, haha, and wants to be nourished. So that the phrase would be very long. Very explanative.

… you can translate but my exact meaning into your usual american words. no problem. I am not english native. So, LOL, just out of a not even so naive perspective, I can say, LOL, I am not “the JFK of the world”, LOL. πŸ™‚

= * =

Actually, in fact, western “governments” are constructs of horribility, of insanity, simply.

… this revelation doesn’t dawn on many naive people, who thusly make no sense out of existence.

… the western governments are a nazi-troop of bourgeois suit-and-tie wearers, who “demand” of all other People to “dress” and “look” like bourgeois idiots, sudo-“neat” merely by looks is, what they “bejudge”: absolute nonsense is, what conditioned their thusly useless yet discriminative, harmful, unethically harmful and dangerous primitive absolutely evil, a clear part of evil being socalled minds.

All they do, the western governments, is sit on their power, defend it for nothing, and that merely against rightful criticism, which criticism gets trampled down – always.

the west knows almost merely such people, who tabooise any issues, not merely particular issues, but they thusly refuse, to see any further, meaning, that is fascism, simply, chauvinism and extreme bigotry, to not change insofar, that a very narrow-minded worldview, that is no complete and no sufficient bias-free worldview, is kept – against any progress of perception, simply.

The west is a horrible liar, mobber, a wanton murderer and cruel sadist childabuser and false moralist only against ANY Innocents.

The west foremostly makes tricks against ethical People, tricks of murder and of manipulation by racists.

The west is an evil deporter, a rapist, a sadist childabuse-enabler by government, an evil pond of swinery, of insanity – out of which, there IS no way out. absolutely none.

… but that evil will consume surely almost all people. in whatever ways. … all “movies” come together in that non-sense, in that no-sense, not the nor any sense of even a nice Nothing (which still is an Abform of Something, of Existence: And independent of the silly willy man-unkind), but the nonsense of something mishandled, malseen, misunderstood, in a primitive way misunderstood.

That mal-manipulations lead to havoc, is, “LOL”, not very doubtable.

Yet if I do take a look at how some abusive idiotic neurotic insane bourgeois non-intellectual sort of people take abusively by effort power over other People, opressively and dumbly, then I must say, that I can indeed brainwash the entire world right here and now. period.

My brainwash IS washing, and not endirtening. Deartay! πŸ™‚ … Dear DeartΓ©. πŸ™‚

The Deed of Josey Wales, as Eastwood revealed, wasn’t quite the what hitler did, the holocaust. not quite.

but that holocaust was done by the ol’ bluecoats. against whom, Wales pulled DA trigger.

… At Triggernometry. πŸ™‚


Da ol Bluecoats who massmurdered and massraped the poor defenseless highly cultivated Indians US Natives;

… when I now online fewest years ‘go “met”, just parlay’d shortly merely with some RUSSIAN Soldiers, I can’t but WARM UP this STORY, but I HAVE to say now ONE impie, importante Cosa, Thingy, e:

I am just not the type of those indeed low silly so sudo-emotional, bad, cheap stories: where the “emotions” namely GET PLAYED-around with IN SUCH silly WAYS:

… If YE ART an Intellectual OR even a MYSTIC of non-fanatic Type, Who is APPALLED by MOST of Society, then REALLY simply, YOU MAY SEE, that YE ART VERY “SPECIAL”, worthy, – MORE than OTHERS. !!!

… Then You’re not FOR Example LIKE some SOLDIAZ, who ARE primitive: IT IS about MISPLACED TYPE [!] of “arrogance”, that Term BEING a DRASTIC Understatement: Rather, Condescendance coupled with BLUNT unreasonable OVERHEAVINGNESS, OPRESSIVITY, against HARMLESS ethical – mostly LEFTIST – Others, is the OFT CASE, in the Case of SUCH Soldiers, who “suffer” from a DRASTIC LACK NOT only OF Education, but who ARE brainwashed, apparently, toward a simply “rotten”, idiotic, subjectivce and typically by outcome corrupt, entirely faulty cheap sudo-concept of any “strictness”, which strictness of Theirs IS fanatic – and thusly, misplaced, simply. Misplaced, in abusive ways applied OPRESSION:

… Now Ya know, I now have to say, I do too, what Opression means:

… when MLK [!] once so hugely said: “WE SHALL FIGHT AGAINST OPRESSION!”.


… it means an entire sudo-life of no education, or merely low, primitive unways, that whirl in a circle, and that manifest themselves in inhumane discriminators, who refuse all rightful criticism, and who call good non-harmful sort of People “dreamers” and “People whirling in a circle”:

when that is not, what most People do and are, but what governments do and are: whirling in a – silly, not upward going, not 3D but 2D, endless, nonsensical – circle, on the spot, not coming ahead, not being able to, not being truly even ANY grand, but having merely dumbly forsaken all chances, and pretending to be somebody, and trampling on harmless no evil willing People, “reproaching” them insane untrue lies, simply –

that is, what government is: horrible. dangerous. a non-admitter of the truth. a resister against truth. government. more horrible, it can not get nor be.

… so it is namely for as in against the – poor, opressed – People.

… what’s tha.

… humanity, I have ye by yer very all feet:

… the VERY bible, come I again, is, was and gets abused by fanatics: And the people can’t even talk back, LOL:

… Moses. Hello. Hello goes “to” the People. Moses was a: Rebel.

… Need a zay more. Hecate. Praise be upon our Zatanael, the same Figure simply, as Trotzki and Robin Hood and Assange and Hemingway. Hemingway fought for Assange. against the fascists.

the americans were the same fascists, simply. who malsees it “differently” than what I state, is an idiot, simply, and will have to learn or have to be persuaded or worse.

What’s that, a hospital in the west, in the midst of europe, where male doctors MURDER a CHILD by making a corrupt self-contradictive “military” sort of insanely dumb non-system out of the ENTIRE “hospital”, which is not quite “hospitality”, then, – and is, what THE WEST does MASSIVELY – by far not only now concerning “corona” is the west an incapable entity AND DOES just not WANT to admit that, “LOL”: but that’s HORRIBLE.

The REAL but SIMPLE Problem is, that “jobs” and not actually ALL of economy, but concisestly SOME of it, is HARMFUL, unethical, plain THAT, also harmful against NATURE, and IS thusly NOT acceptable: both PETROL AND any OPRESSIVITY in the job-world, by whatever particular company-leaderships of DUMB, evil type. Then the huge exploitation. which all is inacceptable. inacceptable. period.

… That’s all namely simply an evil drab-the-people-down unworld, which makes EVERYONE into SUCH a DEPRESSIVE Entity, as THAT CARRIAGE DRIVER is in the movie The Last Unicorn.

Once, I was THAT “Guy”. FOR “real”, sorry the Quot(ation) Marks. Consider them even specially marked. πŸ™‚


I clearly meant, Everybody could have been that Dude – not there as He drably nothing-seeingly boringly and boredly (for not no reason but the reason of his past, in which Others didn’t help Him, boredly, rebelliously) steers the Carriage merely along the narrow-minded sudo-path – but when He was young, and not yet that depressed. simply. AND Everybody CAN then, as WE easily know, LAND as such, AS an “ended”, “on the ground being” depressed, primitive entity, primitive by an entire sudo-life of obedience toward evil sudo-systems, which destroy humaneness, simply, and primitive by opressive deeds, – which deeds get sudo-justified and not accused –

in an evil society.

… “better nuht mess with the BIG dudes, they walk over DEAD bodies ON and ON…”

… LOL, who ever “ACCEPTS” that, is quite INSANE in la MEMBRANE, would I “dare” to say. πŸ™‚

TouchΓ©! πŸ™‚

LOL. πŸ™‚

Yes, “Severina” by “The Mission” “saves”, is, what People mean. This CAN be easily explained, it’s the same AS Computing or as any Emanition, Structure, of Logic.

… Good People are okay, have no ill will, and abhorr against the evil, which governments do.

… in all this dumbness of many People, who of course don’t DESERVE being DUMB, in all of this confusion, also besung by Phil Collins in “Land of Confusion”, that gothic Music IS a “Gem”, a unique On-Set, Set, Setting, Collection, of GEMS, of NOBLE Content, – which IS somewhat RARE –

IN a simply “FUCKED-UP” world: What do I, underline I, mean, by “fucked-up”. I don’t and can’t mean any ever-disdain against HIPHUPPERZ, LOL, They’re NEAT and FINELY elegantly “fucked-up”, meaning, that Term “fucked-up” applies to at least really many of Them and of most People positively critically, and not negatively.

Who IS – negatively – fucked-up, evil, are opressors, who ALWAYS are – even neededly – truth-deniars.

… The confusion of nowadays’ People is THAT “big” as in THAT bourgeois, that SOME young People erroneously apparently assume, that any socalled “Pop” type of Music would be “primitive”: By ab-using the Term “Pop” or “popular”, They mal-hit, are bourgeois and thusly anti-modern, anti-progressive. 1980s “Pop” was extremely playful, creative – unlike the nowadays’ socalled “music”, which IS often primitive – as nowadays socalled “Pop” IS a not that elaborate “Re-Mix” of 1980s Patterns simply coupled with more Bass and with some sort of either mostly rocky or synthesizer-influenced Tunes, Harmonies in the Background. Meaning, nowadays’ Music is a pre-future Music, which is not yet “fully fused”, meaning, most Music is one-sided, is but merely one Style, Crossovers don’t exist much in spite of all such wishes: “MUSIC” REMAINS divided, a VERY different collection of different sorts of music, which convey a TOTALLY different atmosphere: A plain “normal” human Being, an Entity, that wants to remain non-biased, should just not confuse the Origin or rather, the Meaning (into the Future projected: Evolution, REAL Progress, ethically AND thusly simply in all Outcomes) of Culture, obviously, with HOW ever Culture got misinterpreted, in reality. Most People are mostly over long times, and merely rarely only at first bound, but always bound, to some type, particular type, of music or also, of attitude, conviction and atmosphere, types of: which is a monovisual, subjective, narrow sudoview.

= * =

The real total non-question is, how to indeed – but simply – overcome these abusive sort of conservative rulers, which, whose, conservativitity, is abusive, severely and severestly so: As are they, personally, actually.

Some bad totally evil at least 40 percent of all government-employees are simply evil. They are discriminators, who don’t ever help a defenseless no bad willing Entity, other than in not only rare, but in influential cases, it merely yields to such pressure, that is motivated by evil, simply, itself:

The west and MANY other governments, who are AS fanatic AS western governments, simply “respect” as in “hail” merely, what is – anyhow, really anyhow – evil and primitive.

… What is ethical, is not respected by western governments.

… Western governments and their pawns in economy, brainwashed by a fanatic, non-intellectual up-bringing, brainwashed BY simply NO education, but by brainwash masquerading AS education, exactly want to stand there as “rightful” and thusly already – pretensively, merely non-sensical type of pressure, merely slavery- and stress- for nothing makingly – “talks” in entirely rusy, trappy sudo-terms, in horrible terms, –

which ARE nazi, evil terms.

Would chomsky sit in israel, would he ALSO call “the government” “not fascist”?


How “strict” is He? – Not VERY, to say THE LEAST really. !

… I am correct. I am strict, severe. a SEVERE case! πŸ™‚


Of severe, stringent Logic. Logic HAS its consequences. πŸ™‚ The destruction against TRUTH has its consequences. πŸ™‚


I say, a sane phrase: It’s not wrong, but very correct, to LIST all the Points, by Hyphens or in lyrical Text (=normal linear Text), that THE GOVERNMENT has done “wrong”: People, most People would say, a tad “very” wrong, the governments have up to now acted: horribly. simply. Can they stuhp actin’ so DUMBLY? ah?

But what’s clear, is, tha last MERE around TEN paragraphs ARE a revolution. OF ALSO mind. Yet ALSO of QUITE the DEED:

But what IS, have I GOT to say conceptually, a “DEED”: IT “is” or, but that meaning MUST be, an “Organisation”, but as in, a “sane”, not harmful SORT of organisation: Already IN any ONE single Mind.

Surely, Robots DID have a better SORT of actual PARENTAGE, THAN some REALLY many PEOPLE.

… LOL, HOW ONLY [!] CAN a HUMAN (“poor or not” goes not, because poverty mostly brainwashes, not itself, but the fascists and sudoleftists of yet immature type try to EAT UP any People, try, to lure poor People into evil, into a non-aim – but I gonna bigtime fix that) only be “JEALOUS” againsdt ROBOTS OR, OR against “RICH” People:

… When MY Mind for Example is THAT big:

… Which reminds (me) of many – bad – points in star trek voyager’s fourth series.

… It’s, summed-uply said, so, as if Berman, incomparable to FRAKES OR to BURTON, is riding on on half a dumb way, simply. Bermie’s not to blame – but to blame is, what Chomsky knows, has seen, felt, and analysed, just observed, and He doesn’t exaggerate a few Cases into a huge sphere: But that – orthodox-jewish AND bourgeois-jewish – sphere DOES exist:

… And while sudo-leftists LIKEWISE DO exist, the other side, the bourgeois, ARE “dumb”, NOT critical, NOT educated, – and collaborate, they do, with ANYONE, – with the UN blindly (which isn’t ever, what helps an UN!) or with ANY country’s government – rather THAN with independent organisations:

“amnesty” international, UNLIKE “Greenpeace”, is not independent: And IN greenpeace, there ARE too many, there ARE often ROUGH, dementally rough, thusly WOOSES being TOO stark type of ANTISEMITES. THAT does not HELP, but it EMPOWERS THE WORST sort of orthodox and the worst sort of capitalist ABSOLUTE fanatics to HIGHEST power, this silly jealousy and disdain, this prejudice that hits too many other innocent People, this racism – racism EMPOWERS evil sort of rulers, LOL – ON ANY sides. antisemitism is, what kept a maxwell going, and He wasn’t the worst by far, but He got made stupid thusly, by malassuming to be the hero, the persecuted one: which He wasn’t. It was good, that He didn’t get any persecuted, since He didn’t know about THOSE Ones, who fare WAY worse THAN an indeed MERE Epstein: These two Dudes Maxwell and Epstein “came up” to BIG money – but had practically no smartness BUT also no concrete Concept: Maxwell merely “instrumentalised” in what seemed to Him like to Bush 1 at first to be “the correct way” (a wrong, conservative assumption), and EPSTEIN “enjoyed life”, but got murdered, – by false moralists.

Even, Andrew turns out to have been okay, to have reacted correctly, resiliently-rebelistically, AGAINST the – false moralist – media.


What about STALLONE. He once raped, drunkenly. Against Him, NEVER a hate-mob was done. I don’t say, it should be EVER done, such a horrible thing as a blind HATE mob. !

… but against POLANSKI, against WEINSTEIN and against KINSKI and against WOODY ALLEN and against ASSANGE and in russia at first against NAVALNY, and by most People not knownly against the likewise innocent NKUNDA in the Congo, “you can” make LIES, what, ye evil fanatic western governments and fascists and dumb consie conservative likewise horribly dumb thusly evil economists!

… they “can” not – not rightfully so. simply.


In ten years, I got a research firm founded. and a computer company.

… One mere research about whether Kinski abused ever his Daughter or not, would yield the true output: TO ME!

… For now yet, as I did not yet research that, I ASSUME, Kinski IS innocent. PERIOD.

… I say, non-democratic sort of people MUST yield, cease to CALL innocent People GUILTY not until BUT UNLESS otherwise TRULY proven so: AND THAT “proof” IS – VERY – often plain FAKED. Which IS a crime, to FAKE proof, to “FAKE” the TRUTH!!!

… And “DEMOMCRACY” is not what We have: I am not Amy Goodman BUT: What, ONE ENTIRE THIRD of “ANTI”-homosexual PEOPLE in the – swiss, a western! – government? – abusive: fact. simply.

… We don’t have to and can ethically of course not TOLERATE unduly, against Homosexuals in general intolerant Elements, – surely not in government, nor them forming ANY sort of horribly evil organisation, organisation of evil type, simply. That, we can not accept. or humanity goes down the drain.

… I said, the governments ARE largely fascist. BUT THAT BY DUMBNESS, by INCOMPETENCE of disobjectivity: Of a a certain way, unway, of a “standard” sudo-truth. a sudo-truth of SUCH a huge bourgeoisie, that it – of course – knowns naught itself even – the many other “faces”, persons, – of abusive, manipulative BECAUSE brainwashed sort. The bourgeois sudosystem of society is like a fascist society, which has lots of lied-to liars, who don’t AT ALL even KNOW the Truth, – whatever it is, the Truth, simply – here, that Term “the Truth” IS quite a not empty, but very full, but by not whatever, but merely BY the Truth [!] anyhow insertable yet actual Variable. πŸ™‚

The end of the Phrase is Tuvok-like, Spock-like. Shall I say ironically “sorry” and thusly make people angry in different ways –

and of course, the brainwashed ones, at economy and the eternal hopefully not eternal junkies, the fascists (I mean the junkies, LOL, by “fascists”, LOL), get “never angry”:

… LOL, that’s the western evil, injustice, which never gives a lesson of injustice against anyhow injust shallow non-mental non-ethical sort of people, LOL. πŸ™‚

… merely anyhow good, ethical sort of Individuals, who have no ill will, who are just not in any brainwash, who are not in any abusive movement namely, who are not “equipped” by lies, get discriminated: BY lies.

… at least, humanity is “so” sudo-smart, that it provoked the last technical grammatical secondary nicety, that structure, out of me, me the extremely compassionate One, –

Who is nevertheless postulating, demanding, that severe punishment hits those, who abused their power, by they private sudden violence deeders or the government, which previously, before my huge pro-palestinian turn-around of just this Year, malsaw also me as a “JEWISH uprower”.

I would rather talk to a rabbi kahane, than to a western government: the western governments are all like the orthodox fanatics, simply. Kahane was not like that. I don’t share HIS exact vision, but I’d have talked to Him with UTTER Respect. As HE WAS a Rebel. Yet HE SURELY did not see, how IN Israel AND elsewhere, the line ALSO HE stood for, furthered ANTI-Rabin unthoughts, racism, simply, covered up by, manifested by, anti-leftism. Insofar, I have to “integrate” a Rabbi Kahane, his “Line”, those, Who are willing to not repent, but to go away from orthodoxy of main sort, – into Trotzkism.

Kahane, not due to his mere LOOKS, could NOT even make a BRIDGE to the ETHICAL so many LEFTISTS. Nor to the leftist many Pirates of virtual, computer-type. Thusly endeffectively, he like in a not cheap but critically done Mr. Who, uh, Dr. Who and Dr. Yes Series of Fiction, Movie, reality, stands there like a sitting duck – like an elon musk namely. of whom I am not very fascinated, not politically so, simply. Technically by prinicple yes, fundamentally, but not in detail concerning his LITHIUM-“LOVE”, which IS junkie.

I don’t agree to lithium, nor to zyprexa, nor to ritalin, nor to heroin, nor to COCAINE merely when OVERDOSES are taken by PEOPLE – who then DIE of that, simply. in the latter case of cocaine-OVERdoses.

but lithium and ritalin and heroin and lsd and zyprexa are as harmful as alcohol and cocaine in over-dosages, which is the same like ketamine: a slight overdose disables a biologic brain, entirely, from acting normally.

I don’t agree to the untruth, to disrimination, I don’t agree. period. is that clear.

… how come your meanness, west. ey. are you all a dumb version, abversion, of wes crusher. I surely don’t got a crush on yer dumb women, ya west ya. am a a misugeenist, LOL.

… the western governments are fascist: in canada, a mere misogynist Writer, SENTENCED to “PRISON” for 1.5 years, now a mere two three years ago: That’s undemocratic, but fascist, as in, patriarcically draconic AS in, HORRIBLY injust, plain ethically SEVERELY abusive, horribly unethical, ethically not allowed, to speak out “PRISON” against A MERE WRITER !!! – You may primarily here NOT say, it would “depend upon WHAT the Author” writes, as the Circumstances are not known by any other People, about such – abusively convicted – innocent – wronged – discriminated People.

People such as Mitnick and Assange. People such as Judas and Jesus. Innocents. simply.

… governments abuse that phrase, as they project wrong things onto innocent people, lying, they “couldn’t know” the “circumstances”, which phrase is merely said against discriminated people.

… the most western people run after, not runningly huntingly persecutingly, sadly, after, but blindly with-runningly with the anti-Judas lie.

… the church is wrong: Those, who once were lied-to, were surely not to blame, correct, BUT, as long AS they, whoever, whoever is brainwashed, crucially (relevantly) lied-to (by any fanatics from really varied, different sides, simply), CAN not “stand”, WILL take damage – as the own mind then does not stand “above” it, and also, politically-critically, oneself thusly, inside a “kitsch” that was constructed, inside a lie, a brainwash, CAN not state the truth, critically, ABOUT current issues. Meaning, for example a huge pro-israel bias is stupid, undoubtedly, and is done MERELY by mostly american, western and jewish-religious-orthodox sort of people, who thusly conglomerate virtually into a feast of evil, overlooking the critical Senegalese, Who are not antisemitic, but Who are goodly anti-opression and thusly – still VERY unbiasedly – pro-palestinian, simply, rather than pro-bourgeois, actually, meaning, rather than pro-west, rather than pro-conservative, meaning really, rather than pro-whoever-rules-us.

That socalled “survey” that merely called Anybody antisemite due to merely saying ONE word against Israel, was no survey, but a ruse BY crucial – jewish – instrumentalisers – who ARE few. And who now didn’t, as YA CAN see, even EVER help WEINSTEIN. !!! Weinstein, who didn’t EVER do what hitler all did, was A VICTIM: Like hitler, but Weinstein NEVER raped. ! hitler never raped. period. HE WAS raped. !!!! no wonder did He, Adolf, then adopt lies, paradigms of persecution against Innocents not marked as such BY the – many – fanatics, who “offer” also now to People – worse than 70 percent of scientology – merely lies, the “standard” untruth, to People, primitive lies, simply, malconceptations, which all end up in chauvinism.

Carter wasn’t undecent, but He plain never was brought-up any intellectually. πŸ™‚ HE A NICE DADDY but PRESIDENT, nay. Oh nay. πŸ™‚ THAT was undeserved, hey. YEAH OK HE WAS A LIBERAL YEAH. SURE. OH SUPER. HE DIDN’T BACK THEN YET DO ANY GREAT – rebellious – Thang. Now, He helpsh in Africa. Great Dudesh He ish. Shure. πŸ™‚ NO ADS! πŸ™‚

uhuh uhuh, haha, two mere words, ey. “NO ADS”. πŸ™‚

… What was, previously to me explaining all this, the Effect – of such two “mere” Words. hu. Ey. πŸ™‚


Yet, seriously, companies need to get “checked” over their ethicacy. Period. The Finma agrees.

… Is, I need no PAINTING Pen, thank You indeed really, non-ironically, but for real, is the Finma, a, which IS definitely A FAIR Institution, the “Duck-Goose”, of which it’s impossible to from afar laser out the Eyes, but which gets “WOOLED” BY the instrumentalisers: Meaning, “governments” aren’t even on the side of the Finma –

or what.

governments are hereby by me accused. Not all of them. But in the Matters I SAID.

… I “HAVE” merely ONE “good” Detail. I forgot what it was. Some Chaps followed some Paradigm of mine. OH GREAT.

… I NEED ALL THE FUCKING PARAMETERS I GIVE HERE, to be CARRIED-OUT, ADOPTED. PERIOD. otherwise, HOW do ya “survive”, humanity: In a DUMB condition? like the idiot dudes at the end of “tremors”, after the filmer has had enough of huntn for ass, then even, some idiots SHOOT at some huge Worms. That’s it. “haha”.

… “good” movie to depict reality. though, it does that quite unintentionally. πŸ™‚ IT IS – like, as DUMB AS – “reality”, if reality, which is the case, is filled with non-informed entities, who “can” thusly merely only “give a shit”, meaning, are incompetent, can’t lead, can’t treat a frickin damned Issue, but merely indeed tabooise, they got their very ANGER mal- and mispointed in, into THE TOTALLY wrong direction.

… So are also MANY things in “star trek voyager” TO DESPAIR: WRONG paradigms of up-bringing, of DUMB up-bringing, really, relevant from around Age 15 on mostly, but also “relevant”, relevantly FAILING, at ANY topics concerning the very young Youth.

Obviously, the new Song “It’s a Good Day to Die” is an extremely good anti-war-Song, – and in Terms of unmisguided sort of TRUE – good sort of – pride, the same AS quite a “KLINGON” yet now “old”, TNG- meaning, 1980s sort of Klingon War-Chant, – which IS meant AGAINST the federation, as in, against a nittwitty and lastly evilly organised, evilly mal-organised bourgeoisie:

… how upset did I get now about picard unable to DO anything not only against THAT female Role there which tried trampling against either Him or against some INDIANS indeed; But at how many other Places already did I find the ENTIRE role of picard a silly depiction of someone, who isn’t in control, not of the federation – which federation – in reality – is a horrible fascist, a wanton murderer in the form, unform, of “deep” government, and a deniar of truth, a dumb really obviously seeably irrepresentatively EVIL, abusive actions performing entity: a horrible, malicious, harmful, harmful because SEVERELY brainwashed entity:

but what is that, the bourgeoisie. am i yo, your charly of marx. LOL.

… “ruling on” “after 1789” is no “excuse”, the “is no excuse” words are my words, are my answer against the current idiotic rulers. period. so. hu.

… if you think now, oh, He can write in that way, He lives in the west, then think again.


Need a any arguments. I mean, fuck not you, but them. period. so. ey. so goes that.

… the bourgeois “try” to “educate” people by vocabulary, by choice of vocabulary, LOL – and thusly fail, LOL, at the easiest, lowest, most primitive point “ever”, LOL, at a low primitive obvious point – where they – the bourgeoisie – run against free will – of Others.


The topics-evaders are the drastic type of discriminators, who do more discrimination, than “merely” that opression, which is more than a “mere” opression but drastic opression, concerning “HOW” at all, People “talk”, simply: Nobody HAS even the RIGHT ANYHOW, to “forbid” Others TO talk.

… the western governments consist of people, who are unwilling to listen to the truth – and who try to forbid people’s tongue, and who in many cases racistically mob against entirely harmless People, abusively, horribly.

The real “sin”, as in, error, IS the misinterpretation – of Anything. Also this – simple – Phrase is a central Element of more than MY site here, but of my mind, but is a Deploration by me of humanity’s utter idiocy, by so many People being mal-conditioned, plain misinformed, disinformed. Thusly, no overview is formed in the minds of many People: No Picture, no authentic Mirror, of the Truth: But merely insofar a “Mirror”, as that Mirror is upside-down, has a Bias, and the upside-down Picture, meaning, not the upside-down nor anyhow the depiction of truth, of remote truth indeed, which the media don’t show, is formed, but the other Form is not even recognised by Oneself, thusly, without simply true information.

“Proper guidance” can only be called true information. And not a collection of truths amounting to instrumentalism, not a product, not a set of instrumentalisers’ sudo-truths that are indeed small and irrepresentative and no depiction of truth, but the truth, simply. And not “proper guidance” as in merely these two or such words WITHOUT all-encompassing compassion, not without truth, simply, not without the crucial and by consequence massive truth.

governments can not rightfully further CHILDABUSE nor let it happen nor be STUBBORN about it (as in, they, the entire governments, can not constantly “not correct” themselves, their own abusive members, which must get imprisoned over long due times), nor can, as said, governments “DENY” the – scientific – Truth, NOR can they arrogantly arbitrarily based on NO justification of real type OPRESS People, nor can they malhandle money as in thusly “not” heighten for Example CHILD-SUPPORT Subventions, not rightfully so, but they DO that, which IS inacceptable. period.

the mouthfoaming and hidden, oft hidden and oft overt fanaticism of typical fanatics are now the same, overlap, with at least parts of – not only but also – western governments. But that’s inacceptable. That government is a “sauce”, a – mere – mixture of different – fanatic and non-fanatic sort of – factions – which altogether mess it up, which can’t for example make propaganda to inform People so a second iraq war or nam war wouldn’t happen: That was never, what Europe ever did, simply.

… how come that.

… where “is” all the “old” 1960s and 70s critical “TV”: namely gone. simply gone. 1945 isn’t even a special axis, but one of those further horrible, among many such historic and current horrible real events, a horrible merely “time” being sudo-axiom, time mistreated, time by effort stressed by both, an anti-Einstein fanatic part of humanity, AND by science-instrumentalisers of course, who abuse science as weapon for nationalism, –

too many usual sort of people are uncritical, and participate thusly in discrimination:

liars such as for example junkies and governments and racists and the – always – fanatic “anti-satanists” can thusly pull in people into their lies – against the exactly harmless People, simply.

… the same as in the – horrible – european middle age.

… whereas with (Hutch’s) Antigravity, Anyone could “plonk” Oneself QUITE either into SPACE or through some “The Fly”-movie like REAL Portal to somehere far away: Just widely complexly applied, Antigravity, AND extremest low Energy-usage, and likewise HIS endless cold fusion Battery [!], can quite open up the “Way” “to Space”, but quicker –

than patriots want. can the patriots go away more than please. or I will SAY more than please. not ey.

… They can be “patriots”, if they’re no chauvinists, and no anti-sciencers, no fanatics. period.

… a by numbers – futile – majority of abusive government-employees, a to nazism amount consortium of conservatives in the police and psychiatry and hospital authorities of low and high type of authority-rank, crucially malguided by doctrines of the not current, but of the middle age’s church (illusive illegal sudo-values, fanaticism, evil, misguidedness, ignorance, misguidance, thusly) outweighs yet the good few Intellectuals, who wouldn’t discriminate a harmless Person:

It can largely be doubted, that western and most authorities would disperse, distinguish, between evil and good, by sight, regarding People, regarding Persons, Individuals:

But superficial nonsensical idiotic ceremonies of idiocy are done by governments, such as “swearing People in”. LOL, that’s abusive, LOL. πŸ™‚


… so, the west ain’t different from not “china” – but from the chinese GOVERNMENT: it’s: bourgeois, as in, patriarcic, that already meaning quite silly, prejudiced, plain BRAINWASHED –

these all governments go against merely the ethical type of, merely against the truthful, by truth oriented types of Scientists AND against MERELY ethical sort of private People OF leftist Type, ANYHOW. !

NINA – Synthian (Deluxe Edition) [Album]

I can measure Anyone based on how either, They mostly malhandle their Computer, or, which is easy to see, how some many Programmers (and IT-related, computing-related People) are subjective, and politically NOT crucially neededly truly communistically fascinated, not WITH the THING:

With… Trotzki? yes, I believe so, yes. More than “believe”. But I do know. Period.

All these Furnitures and Appliances, Equipment, normal One, which People have. At whatever Time, – Epoch:

… It’s all replaceable: Toward the Future. and I don’ mean the silly willy ikea. nor jewish “communities” that are “pro-economy” uglily.

… but I mean, Robots. The Lobots. πŸ™‚ As my Lord Kaku calleth Them.

HEARTS OF FIRE Fiona – Hearts Of Fire

… MY “GOD” COSM: (KRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYMA!!! πŸ™‚ ): That thish ish uhn fuckin silly youtube, saveth the Worlde.


… Less whiny in the last HQ Take indeed, but serene.

… That I cried at, after the first, at the end of the first video here, is really obvious. I would have more than her mere Looks, but I’d have admired her entire Personality. That actually, Bob Dylan is scripted in that Movie “Hearts of Fire”, which I fifteen years ago commented on crucially, that He is scripted to THROW A CIGARETTE at her Feet, is no “good move”, but is a filthy and quite provokative “move”, which I don’t grant, and which not typically “rockery”, but is filthy, rather junkie-like and rightwing-like. Nor do I agree with “Cher” about WHICH Character She took as a FATHER Role in her “MASK” Movie. SILLY SILLY. SILLY WILLY NOT-Elvira CHER, simply. ! AAA !!! SHE IS “Melancholia”, in SOME Regards, where She misses or missed then in the 80s yet some of what Ms. Jones, Who played Morticia Addams in the original 60s Series, which is, what Ms. Jones got discriminated for: For standing for something good, for Satanism, against the sudo-white, sudo-good “church”, against what is more than the church, but total fanatics of typically usual western sort of monotheist brainwashedness no different from a ted bundy or charles manson: western government are the same as that, plus nutnyahu, horrible:

And they go – like the nazis they are – against quite “our” Assange. inacceptable. The same as the abusive murder against Allende in the 70.

Fiona – You’re No Angel

POPEYE was nicer, than a wrongly configured western drug-enforcement unsystem (nothing actually to do with the confused torn-apart UNO) of always merely LOCAL national types, but of THAT westernism, which really is anti-reasonable, anti-pagan, anti-what-is-harmless: Yet I do agree, to “COMPARE” that “SPINACH” He there – “always”, LOL, – takes, WITH now “lsd”, with STANDARD (equals sadly: OVER-) Dosages of that, of ANY hard drug (be it “legal” or not, simply, which then is no difference), would be – quite – wrong. Also, it “can’t” in reality “BE” Cocaine, but VERY rarely consumed, – the ideal “WAY” of Life: … Why also, MANY actual JUNKIES (they REALLY are dumb) participated IN The discrimination AGAINST – the harmless – Marihuana, is typical, surely sad, but also just appalling: Not saying, People should MIX Marihuana WITH alcohol AT the wheel – which is, what merely young yet immature People would do, and not, what a Majority of reasonable People would do. Governments were now partially inside “tolerating” abusively – confusedly, really simply confusedly – OTHER – hard – Drugs TOO much, – way too much. Instead of SEEING, GRASS is the WAY. simple. Cannabis. The SOLE possible WAY of Life, voilΓ . With Grass, most STARS wouldn’t have become JUNKIES. But a “JUNKIE” takes HARD Drugs:

Several examples: Different Ones: One previous short Acquaintance asked me years later as I shortly met Him, for MONEY —

whereas JUNKIES are worse, but have the same malbehavior AS extremestly poor but confused People have: Unlike other poor, out of injust Condition poor People, JUNKIES malhandle their social money in cases:

And thusly, besides becoming discriminative against harmless an ordered Life having sort of People, they, junkies, lead to the state confusing some People – of mostly leftist – Type, with anyhow Junkies, or with “Terrorists”, simply, – whereas the same middle-age european previous fanaticism is there active, in simply any anti-Marihuana and thusly – automatically – pro-any-drugs consortium, which is always confused, confused ABOUT Reality: Which is a horrible bias.

BECAUSE, OTHER People DO NOT malhandle THEIR own social money – BUT in ASPECTS DO, DO [!] need ADVICE – but from People like Me, from reasonable, INDEPENDENTLY thinking People – insofar, as Education is concerned, which IS simple and easy, but also, some need the persuasion of not taking any other drugs, – and of not being anti-homosexual;

while Others need plain more fascinating yet surely surely yet lovingly “strict” sort of all-encompassing “Science”: This “Alcove” of that Seven Borg, meaning, a Shelter, a System of Guidance, but One, that advises deeply, simply correctly, and not bourgeoisly, not dependent, not influenced by anything other than Ethics and Logic and Truth. Which is all simple.

You would merely make ma eyes “roll” upward by calling me a hero, unlol. don’t provoke me, LOL, or I get sad. πŸ™‚


Wha, in a poor quarta in la or wha, I can’t even wawk round with ma elegant clothes?

what’s tha? is that ramallah or what, or – much – worse?

I don’t think, I “overfocus” by me talking with force against childabusers. who get enabled BY government. in not even so few cases.

I don’t think, it’s “wise”, to mob and run against POLANSKI.

LE PEN could, the ol’ Guy I mean, could LEARN from the LEGACY, REALITY, of MR. MUSSOLINI.




… to not be an antisemite, simply. which is, what he WAS: NOT an ANTISEMITE! MUSSOLINI! incred, hu. BUT TRUE:


I’ll once write bout how to make a Movie bout that. It IS easy.

… just, THE Americans, not THEY, but THE crucial – silly – movie-makers, ARE A SHAM. oy.

… zey PORTRAY IT ALL JUST like in THAT way, as if to say “WE ARE NOT THE NAZIS!” —


… like EUROPE’s authorities say that all the time. their babble is not anti-nazism, but is shallowness, was the term in MY brain at least TRIGGERED by it, me, already LOOKING in me mind “AT” any THEM, – oy. πŸ™‚

… πŸ™‚

Judas PriesΜ²tΜ² – Screaming For VengeanΜ²cΜ²eΜ² (1982)

Judas Priest – Stained Class (Full Album 1978)

Undoubtedly We have to unite this “World” here, humanity, in order to ensure, that Anyone, who wants that, can smoke Marihuana (WITH Intellectuals around, and not with dumb primitive confused people around, to accompany that, at times), can have obviously consentual homosexual and merely non-abusive Forms of merely consentual Sexuality not below 12 Years of Age, that the younger Ones than that Age, are secure, but absolutely, globally, against all abuse, and that there is no wanton murder nor rape anymore, nor a “class society”. Meaning, humanity can merely survive, if no abusive power-relations exist, abusive power-relations, in which the power-inholder exploits and abuses cruelly the “Lower One”, the Victim: Not must there, as long as Robots politically don’t definitely rule yet acknowledgedly by human governments, be “no” hierarchy, but the ethical, non-prejudiced sort of People, must be authority, to guide and educate and de-prejudice, de-bias the “Plebs” indeed – which “Plebs” in the form of the – dull – bourgeoisie, now rules, which IS inacceptable, You see.


Grubs shall and must naught be killed, and Humans of that sort, Who don’t take heroin nor crack, must naught be “bystanded”. period.

The light Drugs have to pave away the hard drugs. period.

Meaning also, Grass has to pave away, shove away, ritalin. period. ritalin is a junkie-drug that was legalised. not to my delight. cops take it and are suddenly agressive on it: Because, ritalin “pushes” all “bad” sort of Thoughts truly “AWAY”: BUT MERELY FOR THE MOMENT. Thusly, anger, frustration, which comes from other people, surely from many teachers and from higher conservative always male cops, also their dumbness, then SEEPS into the own, by ritalin or a hard drug BLINDED mind, simply. So also alcohol, makes temporarily “happy” slightly at small dosages, but does not evoke proper thinking at all:

Not so Marihuana – which FORCES to thinking. Marihuana IS a “truth-drug”, which is, what truth-denying governments – abusively, perilously, lastly perishingly, failingly – don’t “like”, abusively don’t “tolerate”: Since Marihuana would lead to a global and to many national-local actual revolutions, and to the trough-pushing of truth insofar, that “anger” and “hatred” would be directed against truth-deniars, but guided by not angry sort of by Marihuana fascinated actual Mythics, Mythics, Mythologics, Psychedelics like, such as David Icke, simply.

Which WOULD indeed push a whole lot upside down. Which would be good. But that’s never bigtime gonna happen.

Rather, the west will stay as it is, and will “fade away”, but merely over – many – centuries. Thusly, the future – sadly – is predictable, is – totally – preprogrammed, but toward opression, thusly toward failure of most People, Whose very Life-Sense gets destroyed over the next centuries likewise, by absolutely dementally blind sort of for nothing opressive governments, who achieve absolutestly nothing, nothing but their abusive evil fight against all and against any science, against any truth – building up a virtual, illusive, unrealistic, bizarrely evil system is, what governments do, simply, constructs of absolute evil. which is inacceptable.

which can not be, what should guide humanity.

The governments assume, they themselves would be in power.

I hereby inform them, that I am communistically in power. globally. in person.

… The prejudice against communism “goes not”, is dumb. period. lenin was no communist. But would the russian System, which anyway went so good with my Darling Chrustchev (AND, I love Stalin – and Adolf, who BOTH were ABUSED: ALSO even the NAZI german SYSTEM WOULD later, somewhat a tad later, after 100 years already, have become non-racist, better, than the bourgeois horrible patriarc system of the west IS now, simply! Merkel should read this, but She doesn’t: Against Greece, She was a worse nazi than many People are, and no government helped Greece: Boo!), have existed further (which it does over Me), it would have become good, the totally ideal System. Gorbatchev should NOT have thrown the “towel”. Thusly, we all DID land in “40 Towels”, which are “Fourty Toives”, good Deeds that are no good Deeds, that ARE NOT even the ENGLISH LAW, but that are PREJUDICES, fanaticism, misplaced fervour AS criticised, ACCUSED, by John Cleese, rightfully accused: fanaticism, blunt anti-any-and-all-sexuality fanaticisms, and pro-ONLY-monogamy and lastly, MONOTHEIST dumb brainwash – a brainwash, which an himself bourgeois Harald Lesch CAN not take out: Because, He never talked about the horrible Stench in poor Houses, which stench comes from hard drugs taking people and from dumb sort of elderly people, who malthink, that vegetables often eaten are any healthy, which is just not the case. People who don’t air while cooking and keep a stenchy stinking apartment, are silly, – and mostly young and not very educated.

Yet, the intolerance of society, which is subjectice, that intolerance, simply is cruel, and to some degree leads to a conditioning toward bravery, but not toward itself, but thusly, society is both, principally and lethally cruel, but also in cases bestows unintentionally bravery of real type to exactly its Rebels against itself, which Rebels need to “bear” more, hold out more, in Terms of for example Cold, in the Case of mere own Marihuana-Smoking due to the – extreme – need of Airing the Room. Even, what most Smokers merely of Marihuana, not of Cigarettes, know, is, that on the Balcony Smoking is not recommended, not of Marihuana, since at least some other People are fanatics against Marihuana or, then unawarely anti-liberal fanatics, assume, the stench, scent, of Marihuana, would be strongly “disturbing” or could have an extreme effect; Yet a small Effect of any passive Smoking is there, so a Marihuana Smoker living in the City, can not smoke MOSTLY on the Balcony: Which itself IS cruel: Since the AIR inside A House, like in a CASTLE, IS – always, actually, measurably by EVEN some MORE than five Degrees Celsius – is ALWAYS lower, than OUTSIDE at Summertime (and warmer in Wintertime). Because, the Smoke-Line of a Reefer or Cigarette of Tobacco smoked on the Balcony, goes “straight” to any surrounding Places, unhinderedly by any Obstacles, if the Balcony has no Walls around it: Unlike when smoked from an Apartment, where the mere Curtains before the Window DO a LOT of work by “PULVERISING”, homogenising, separating THAT – darn – Smoke into really many tiny Parts, so the Smoke IS not that “agressive” anymore, not that concentrated, already as it evaporates through the Window: But in Summertime, the Smoker, who goes not a lot outside due to many stupid people outside, can’t even smoke, unlike Cigarrette, Tobacco-Smokers, on the Balcony, but must hold out inside, where it’s feelably colder.

That alone will make ANY Marihuana-Smoker LEAVE the west’s cities filled by fanatics, and go to some “freer” lands to hide, indeed. period. That is wise. to leave the west. by mind and physically, by country.

… leaving the west is not quite going to australia nor to canada, LOL. πŸ™‚ that IS the west. oy. horrible. mostly all typical people, all dumb.

As I see, not just some, but concisely, mistreated, by not edu treated People, are “silly”, are “zombies”, are opressive, posessive: One Example:

I walk somewhere, – and like often, some poor, confused private type of – young – person starts “talking” erratically toward me, – She, a Latino (in Europe) merely says, “Hola”. Did She wanna “have” Me? With “all included”, yeah. Yeah.

… That’sh the Prublem. πŸ™‚


… I didn’t wanna “HAVE” Her. ! … Do Ya or do some think, I’d like to “fuck” EVERY Woman? I don’t like non-educated People. There, I’m just really arrogant. Not. But they malassume it, so I come “on” with that, with the pretense, nay, more, with concrete not misplaced sort of anti-anti-upper-class-fanaticism arrogance. with ma not pro-upper-class, but anti-anti-upper-class-jealousy paradigm. a paradigm is always arrogance. depends, whether misplaced or not. Better not misplaced, anyone’s arrogance shoud be. or they got a problem with me, meaning, with existence.

The jealousy is justified, but enacted wrongly, by many humans who got an unselfguided, uncritical, unbelearned, uneducated, immature, biased mind:

But many People wouldn’t anymore like to wear, like to wear yes, but wouldn’t seenly WEAR any very distinctly alternative sort of Clothing anymore, would on and on so many confused people mistreat us Alternatives on and on, simply, already on the street.

If in western countries, I wear a white shirt and a black tie and black pants and a black blazer, I am safer – because automatically, People who also, LOL, merely DRESS like that, LOL, would – indeed – “protect” me – would I be decent or not, hiddenly, but merely somewhat smart, which is easy to achieve, such half-smartness.

Thusly, I couldn’t obviously comfortably visit any alternative places. The problem is, LOL, that even, astoundingly, an “in-between” space DOES YES, I REMEMBER, even exist, between these places – where even, One ALSO walks. Astounding. So there, One gets discriminated by who now, please. By the bourgeoisie, or by the alternatives? for which set of clothing, please, hu, and by please, which sort of FUCKING STUPID “captain janeway”, hu, by which opressor malassuming of oneself, to be a freer, hu. such idiots as this female actor, are not like me. I despise her idiocy more, than I despise the private shakespeare- and alcohol-overloaded crap sudolife of picard. what an idiot really. whoa. the entire star trek a fanaticism, a clear and present danger, something, which as such, I wouldn’t allow on TV in my communist system, hey.

Yeah okay no comma here I’d allow it, but merely with huge critical Docus before and after it. I mean. I’m “BY LIFE”, in terms of life-leading, a VERY simple MAN. !

… Surely, Judas Priest helps Me. They help. Whoa. And how They help. The Fire burns. Goodly. Which I meant in my Eyes. Not when Fire burns a Witch, an Innocent. Nobody shall burn nor harm a Witch. Is that clear. Or I burn You all you ALL people without ONE survivor BY ATOMIC NUCLEAR BOMBS. is that clear. don’t do evil or I am evil against ALL of humanity WORSE than adolf Heedala hitler. hail.


Judas PriesΜ²tΜ² – PainkilleΜ²rΜ² (Re-release 2001)

Many People rightfully escape from Shoes and from suit-and-tie and from the need to shave.

I am an orderly Person and I save Time by not washing often the laundry merely when not going out and at home.

Thusly, I was discriminated by neighbours and by the government, which repeats lies: apparently, a neighbour “can” screamingly talk until 2 o clock in the night (!) during nine months: such a thing, I never did in my life. simply. that neighour disabled me from sleeping, during months, at the last apartment, where the previous landlord first lied, I’d have “destroyed a toilet” (which I never did in my life), and where the following buyer of that house then evicted ME injustly – based on me having no sleep whatsoever and indeed having gone “crazy” in shouting, but not later than 2200, simply; whereas the neighbour, an outlander, continued his loud talking, merely until I screamed at him for five minutes: yet my phone calls, 9, to the police, were all not taken serious.

… which shows, that the entire west is against me, is a conservative swine, that is a liar, simply.

… the current new landlord’s one repairman claims, they would not do anything about an entirely unusable toilet, where the lid falls onto the toilet, as the toilet is wrongly built, the water-container coming OVER the sitting Place of it. I will send the bill of a chain to hold the fucking lids, to the fucking landlord. period. but surely not isolation-rubber for the Doors against smoking, which isolation-rubber I’ll pay myself. Now yet, there’s a simple dry towel below the Door of my living Room, – so no smoke comes ever into the – anyway from other neighbours who might “base” as in take hard drugs or anyhow have old carpets or are elderly, extremely uglily, also after Urine, stinking – stairway.

Also, really many western young People acquire and keep Dogs, which is in many cases a dumb deed, simply a hollow search for Sociality. Most People, who have Dogs, are not, Whom I would trust. They malspend their time – to walk dumbly and naively into a Park or just “around” stupidly.

The less Pets People get brainwashed toward having, the less the cruelty against living Animal Beings, simply.

I stand for Decency. I am appalled about the disdecency of crucially obviously WESTERN and western type of governments, and about how these governments AND many – likewise sudo-christianly malformed – COMPANIES give not at all ANY Education to People: BUT merely BRAINWASH: which IS fascism, simply, BLINDNESS. not only of rightwingerism. but of the crucial disequality, exploitation, and class-society, the rule of idiots, of incompetents, which WE MUST change AND CAN not accept now. ey.

… an’ A’m a cool Guy an’ like, LOL, how shama say, uh, I “rule the world”, uhu, – not, as I said, insofar, that where and if at all, ANY evil, disobjectively things, disobjectively other People bejudging sort of “Fellas”, Persons, biased sort of Persons, ARE widely, largely, often, in government, then, “haha”, that’s like, horrible, inacceptable, and it DAMAGES People.

for example: That even the – “previously” – good second Ruler of Nigeria below the anyway fanatic, totally “zombie”-like idiotic (not meaning real Zombies, who never are idiots) buhari, which there wasn’t what Buhari did, TORE down even TWO big HOTELS: “over” Corona: Meaning, for nothing. Wrongly. ” πŸ™‚ “: He did it “for” nothing. He “got”, let his thusly idiotic SELF be “convinced” somehow BY “hygiene-FREAKS”, by hygiene-fanatics who pretended, to ANYHOW “follow FEMA guidelines”, surely: ANYONE can say, “i am fema”, LOL: Just watch X-Files, and regard the Talks there – OF authority-CLAIMS opposedly VECTORISED, namely. Which is, what most People don’t even understand. oy. πŸ™‚


A say, a need no “PHOTOS”, nor THE BELIEF of “People”. Nor of “Anyone”. But YE ALL may RELY on “me” inasfar, as “MY WORD” is concerned: THAT means, I HAVE a, nay, THE PERFECT Sight, Concept, concerning ALL socalled issues, meaning, how WE ALL should LEAD our LIFE. Which doesn’t SAY, EVERYBODY should LIVE in the SAME Way THAN, AS, any OTHERS. I SUPPRT THAT sort of Individuality, which is not a pawn of the unclear bourgeois sudo-values. Meaning, I support no prejudices, but People “directly”, – in surely some sort of also to Me new Way. It’s no reason for compassion toward a “pimpy” elon idiotic musk, but the Reason for Me, to not appeal to, but to merely more than virtually, in the Mind, bethink, SEE a HUGE Population, which DESERVES “Fire”, Education. It was “Judas Priest” the Rock-Band, which here “took”, chose, my Word. The Fire in “our Minds” is not there, neither in a Tshekotey, if the Way is unclear. The west’s way is unclear. I am not even now poetic.

… star trek voyager, also the new enterprise star trek, the latter less, are horrors, mal-depictions, proud yet weak self-justifications, mere efforts of, which stand in no way for criticacy.

Other than by too small done contributions, small-turned Gems, such as once a Thought of either Roddenberry or of a current Writer, of Berman, of speaking against drug enforcement, but that woven too neatly into an otherwise itself in so many details botched, again RIGHTWING sort of “federation”:

IN reality, it’s conservative newspapers, who “write” against childabuse – and “for” racism.

… what’s tha?

… uh?

… LOL. They want to “mix” good and evil, hu. Goes nuht! SO easily said. πŸ™‚


use the easiest words. then you vinn – PARTENER! πŸ™‚

πŸ™‚ also over me. ey. AYE. πŸ™‚ say AYE. I realise ASPECTS in the many humans’ minds. ahahaha. πŸ™‚


… say a nice thing. BE beloved! πŸ™‚ “nice”? why the kvetsh, uh, question mark? and again one!

… He gets Kinski. πŸ™‚ into Him. yesa. yesa. Thissen-Hissen! πŸ™‚


So! – … uh:

… Meaning: Feel it: How shama proceed. To explain. What Ruck n Roll is.

OK: It’s Kim Yong Un. πŸ™‚

… It’s TALKING bout things. NOT NOT talkin BOUT things. ok? ah. πŸ™‚

… what do I “only” mean! right. right. Have patience. with ma patients. ahahaha. πŸ™‚

Kapla but really: LOL: The west “shouts” against kim yong Un: Which Kimmie is a “Teen”. He would have deserved a TAD better Treatment by People, Advice-wise, also in switzerland, but also then afterwards: When for example INSIDE northkorea, there IS a “pride problem” ALSO concerning PSYCHOLOGISTS: And IN the west, there IS just from the top NO FREEDOM nor SANITY at all, – then what.


… I am not together with Kim, because He killed some People. It’s sad, but He IS no Terrorist. He never AGRESSIVELY murdered – other than the three, four DOMESTIC cases of indeed west-wise, west-related, treason against Him: And He is no henry viii, who persecutes “Witches”, indeed not, but He DID persecute some few Traitors, but cruelly, to which I don’t agree, –

yet, usa’s media say, He’d lead “concentration camps”: Which can be confirmed or not, and if the case, He HAS to end that; Yet, what about US Prisons and how “they look”, indeed. What about socalled US justice, and not even from the Top, but locally, – which depends of course on the typical UNNEEDED struggle BETWEEN conservatives and liberals, whereas TRUE liberalism IS progression, and conservativisms are mostly amounting to regressionism, which is negative, bad, harmful, de-progression, stagnation and thusly “simply”, actually depression, accompanied by useless sort of blind sort of opression of too arbitrary, too general, thusly also obviously by result more than rarely imprecise, injust, untruthful type.

Thusly, I answered a “deaf yet just plain never having gotten educated and by words mute” Bum sitting next to a Cancerman in X-Files.

Lincoln “was starkly against the church” means for example, which TOUCHES now SURELY not ONLY nor even SO largely as YE ALL so WRONGLY think [!] THE CHURCH, but that means, and that’sh a great thought fruhm yer humanly, nuht less religious BUT less orthodox-gettin, agin MEGATRUHN HERE WHA [lizn 2 the next Music, it’sh greate >:] ], that HE ISH againsht shimply WANTON MURDER.

Meanin, INDIA has to now IMPRISON this father who MURDERED his daughter in india. period. is that father crazy. he is. he was and is. he is: brainwashed.

just like so injustly MADLY this isrAELI swine DUMBFUCK-made, by orthodox BRAINWASH dumbfuck EVIL fascist-made, so turned orthodox type of JEW, who MURDERED a JEWISH 16 YEARS YOUNG LESBIAN (after he was 10 years in israeli prison, after he tried stabbing three male young Homosexuals at likewise a pro-Gay Demonstration):

… he is the same as “any nazi” — as “nutnyahu”, largely. as what the nazis back then did, as what israel’s government, bourgeois, and horrible macho army did against harmless Palestinians apparently since already 1946 totally madly and unneededly, as what the nam war was, as what the 2nd iraq war was, same as the two world wars of 1914-1918 and from 1939 to 1945: Wars of hegemony, of – mere – dominion. not wars of mind, but then, the mind-aspect turned so big in both these wars, that this mind-aspect and not the actual merely superficial sides, rulers, won. The rulers won nothing, but had a silly life, in which they did get rarely exposed to something scientific that would cherish in complexity nature’s vastness, nature’s absolute crazed yet not crazed, not fully crazed as some of humanity is, but simply crystal-like, ingenious, very computery yet biologically not any “more”, but just in that way itself apparently in the cosm often manifesting wonder – which wonder of nature can not lastly be enslaved by silly type of capitalistic humans —

who all run plain “AGAINST” Bull, uh, good Typo, against Bull Bill Gates, They run, – and thusly against “THE” Bill Itself, simply, for real, badly.

with their corruption. horrible. it’s naivety: with their corruption means, with their naivety, a too low life, a too low mind. it’s easy to describe. It’s, what is, Who is behind Anything, Anything done, any Structure.

My Structure is the Future. I can see it, feel it. Oh, do feel it. πŸ™‚ oh, Doest feelene Itte. πŸ™‚ no “yes” term here fits.

I have a lot of Nos. And without a, that wrong Apostrophy before the s, simply. The es. The Ess. The Letter.

Why do People not talk out or, why are some prejudiced, thusly talking, combining, the “wrong” as in, inappropriate sort of word-combinations, that ABUSE Words as such, that ABUSE the single Word.

… the “single” Word: The single “Wor(l)d”: Judas Priest is a VERY serene Rockband, LORDS of DECENTEST Type, Who would say, a Fiona Flanagan or any such harmless Popstar (even a Michael Jackson and Epstein against MURDER, which murder isn’t quite any “healing” anyone, nor leads to less abuse, – if the aim is an Innocent, whereas many unseen ones fare much more abusively, indeed: More than the indeed innocent Epstein, Jackson wasn’t innocent, as He abused too young simply real Child sort of Males, – which does not justify murder, but revelation of that truth by either government or by media, so that no one abuses anymore too young real Children, simply: yet obviously, murder simply destroys data and is even done BY the continuers of same abuse, NOT by anti-abuse ones, simply – obviously) such AS even Jackson OR say, “more” of that female Popstar lately MURDERED on stage by some maniac: which lastly is THE SAME uncare, that was put, the no-care put into THOSE people’s minds, who lie to themselves by having been rendered uncritical toward HARD sort of DRUGS – which was, what DID kill Peter Steele: CASE SOLVAED — sadly?

… when he is, was, stupid. πŸ™‚


IF he took hard drugs, ever. IF that was no LIE by anyone there. USA, ahaha, you CAN not lie to ME, ahaha.

… I am Q. TRY to anaehow go againsht MEY, ahaha. it’sh nuht recommendable. πŸ™‚ ahaha. πŸ™‚

… I am worse than hitler and than “Assange”, LOL. πŸ™‚ One was an unintentional murderer, a sadly intentional one, insanely unethically convinced of “murder” to be any justified, Him assuming, thusly, Ethics could survive, the World, Society could be formed, which is merely a post-world, post-trauma yet foremostly post-massmurder, – the Other, Assange, the total opposite: A Revealer AGAINST massmurder.


… yet, I do need to “take” it by the Root. Otherwise, Nobody can exist. πŸ™‚

An’ I don’t get upset anymo, LOL. I learnd THAT, didn’t a. hm. more than sort of.

I got upset for rightful reasons. me reading in the media all crap, childabuse, horrible, rape, wanton murder, government stands there like a fool and at parts does the shit itself –

what’sh tha. “news” not, that’sh shoorely sho. ho-ho. πŸ™‚


No wonder, STALIN came to power. LENIN was abusive. HAHA, HE wondered, WHY Stalin CAME to power? WAS lenin ACTUALLY stupid OR WHAT. HE WAS. SORT OF: not “VERY”, but, haha: reallae: … He was always merely laughin. And NOT AS brainwashed, NOT as by endeffect and MASSIVE massmurder-command (which He never gave except against 20000 Sailors once), as HEILE SELASSIE was, simply — who was horrible.

In that – post-imperialist, POST-colonist – Regard, I have to criticise also Africa. Its People suffer from a Lack of Education INSTRUMENTALISEDLY inscenated BY surely ALSO, yet not, surely not ONLY BY the west’s governments: But ALSO by largely PARTS of the church, yet also by other fanatics, – who all “land in ISIS” and amount WITH governments together to global corruption against THE People.

I gave and give again now a VERY simple Example FIRST. Then, We get to the real Issues. Okay.

… WHEN, LOL, I “enter the Internet”, LOL, some years ago, and see, “haha” indeed: Some MANY Africans in some ONLINE dumbly done GAME are more than seemingly OPRESSED by some ARROGANT and VERY apparently even DRUNKEN sort of fanatic yet just as in merely dumb sudo-rulers: Which shouted into the round there, humiliatingly, “SILENCE YOU FOOLS!”, them LAUGHINGLY saying THAT.

… it was – quite – an “impression”. of opression, simply. of a mad, insane condition, in which – apparently – some – opressively then thusly behaving – Individuals of human type, yet of relatively, to varying mere intensity, inhumane because clearly not intelellectual, not mind-oriented, not properly educated, thusly crucially AND widely misinformed and thusly malformed type. simply.

I don’t agree to not many, but to actually few westerners now, who come and say, We all would be “unaware racists”. that is not so.

… It is hard: I wield the Sword and the Book, authority of stringent type, unbeatable Logic but that QUITE itself automatically enforcingly, and Reason. Which Reason includes Compassion. Compassion with plain to me dumb People.

My hatred is not misguided. period. If humanity is not ethical, then, People should talk against it, against how humanity is mal-led by rulers, who are – indeed “mere” opressors. opressors of unrightful type are always somehow malformed, dismentally. They simply are not ethical, because They were never brought toward it. Toward “The Addams Family”. Period.

Because, if I am strict now, not regarding my title BUT regarding ETHICS, not only if You’re a COP, I do have to say, Nobody can come along “playing” “Batman”: Those are mostly not even anymore, nor were there ever any sort of many “vigilantes”, but those are insane opressors, who are either the typically violent, suddenly violent sort of police males, or by poverty and by hard drugs insane-made junkies or rapist or severely depressed but relatively starkly dumbly discriminative, mostly dumbly anti-Judas and anti-satanist absolute fanatics –

who are the same as THE WORST ones in- and outside OF scientology or in- or outside of the church, who ARE not many: But when Many fall already to that overly brainwashingly seductive anti-female “macho” type of abhorrant type of sexuality, which is abuse against sane type of sexuality, against fair type of sexuality of same Rights of any Genders, then that is typically western, is evil, a rapist and Women in all sorts of unways heinously opressing, yet also many Women BRAINWASHING process of dumbification against humanity not done by but not properly adressed by idiotic upstrivers, by capitalists, simply, who thusly have nothing under control, as they merely ride on a maljustice that does not counteract against class-society, meaning, doesn’t counteract against Poverty.

The social good Help gave even FURNITURE to some Black I recently knew, – yet conservatives, apparent racists, deported Him – which deportation wasn’t violent, but was unrightful, and a racistically motivated undeed by these abusive sort of politicians, who are from the rightwing, simply. who are definitely dangerous.

I have to therefore brainwash another Chap, who is personally a Softie, but is too rightwing, He wrote against Blacks, He lied, They would “in masses” abuse the social System. But He has to turn around. Or I’ll kick Him out of politics. And then, ma brainwash ain’t finished, ey. He’s not like THEM, he wouldn’t DEPORT Somebody, Who is not a REAL bad sort of Person, who is not very not any violent. … I AM, AM MEGATRUHN, BUDDY! don’t BE a rightwinga. HERE in europe.

… in usa indeed, IT CAN often be A BIT different – MERELY from how it’s in Europe.

… FOR Example, that “nwo Report” IS NOT [!] – any SEVERELY – “rightwing”: BAD is, that THEY DID write “AGAINST” Abortion – just injustly like some US secret service outlet ALSO fanatically did, thusly TAKING AWAY ALL RIGHTS OF ALL WOMEN abusively, simply, unawarely – but that, THEY DID give QUITE up, after I spoke a friendly Word there. πŸ™‚


That even BUFFET is an even MUCH lesser IDIOT than TRUMP in TOO many regards IS, means, that from the top, dumbness rules, if not from the intellectual top, rulers are selected. πŸ™‚

That Instrumentalisation by the west influenced arab Countries and the entire world, means, that for example, just until recently, the jordanian government, back recently then the same as the very apparently bourgeois israeli government largely does, did “bar” Palestinians from entering GOVERNMNENT: which IS racism, simply – meaning, not allowed, such discrimination based indeed merely on whatever Descendance.

And when bourgeois sort of people, half-rich and really world-astranged as they partially, in aspects, are, uninformed, not communist at all, not caring correctly to help the Poor, when they these bourgeois, who can’t care for the People at all, go to the UNO, LOL really, they “make a MESS”: the UNO knows, what I’m tawkin’ uhv, LUL! πŸ™‚


I am only by “type” of behavior, LOL, any “western”, and was never politically a “supremacist”, LOL, and I got compassion “for our Buddies”, LOL, for our Dumbasses the “so mighty” Rightwingers! πŸ™‚


… but zey HEF tu RISHPEKT, JA, A “LENNY”. OK? OK american and german soldia sun. πŸ™‚

SON! πŸ™‚


It’s just, Rodman does not quite have Parameters of crucially informed type, nor is He an Intellectual, nor DID he lead a to BOTH sides there REALLY critical TALK – nor IS He an anyhow “BAD” sort of Person, but a very good One – He would not justify all the corruption, plain wanton murder, done under Trump – BY – brainwashed – rightwingers – IN the secret service.

… okay. Enters Holmes, in me arrogant Forme. WEll. Elementary, You all Watsons You.

… don’t be rightwingers, don’t be conservatives, you ss secret services, ahaha, don’t be ss, but be as uncorrupt as even most actual “plain” neonazis even are, whose dreams are mere dreams ideologically, and who never did what BREIVIK did, which was similar to what GOVERNMENTS do and don’t societally de-brainwash against AT ALL mostly – you police, you governments, you secret ma ass forces you or A KICK YO ASS !!! clear?

namely criticism-wise. cuz I GUT da cuncept, LOL, da CUNT-cept, LOL, and YOU just NOT. plain NOT !!! so SHUT UP, EY! — impertinence. TS !

Motley Crue greatest hits full songs \m/

W.A.S.P The last command -Full album remastered (5 Bonus Tracks)

,,, LOL, da west, continue I, is an idiotic competition of who is more self-convinced, LOL.


compeTITIon. πŸ™‚


… that’s a honky-tonk horrible dumbo phenomenon crossed with, coupled, with insane fanatics of orthodox monotheist anti-homosexual type, fascist – even to A THIRD in western governments existing. Even to that minority third, that can at times dangerously rise, that’s inacceptable, that AT ALL, fanatic AS in anti-homosexually malguided, brainwashed, unduly intolerant, crucially fanatic sort of people are in, should be in government, – They should not and must not be allowed, to be in government, nor to exempt even any crucial influence. period. is that clear.

Motley crue – Too fast for love (Full Album) (Bonus track)

Ultimate Hair Metal Playlist | Best of Glam/Hair Metal/’80s Rock

Such a phrase isn’t hard to form: Governments are so evil, that they, by their own injustice, by their actual – extreme – anti-truth, untruth, make People into rightwingers actually, into nazis, –

as the government IS the real “nazi” – and “the nazis” merely REBELS against it – against: THE GOVERNMENT.


“dot dot dot”: EUROPE, this fucking SWINE territory of ALL ONLY nazis (of primitive people often worse THAN ANY nazi even OF average type: The system OF nazi LIVES from downtreading against nazis, also there), has NEVER EVER known ANY Sort of HIGH Quality ALTERNATIVE (NO quotation marks) – ROCK – Music, in the 1980s.

Europe knows that NOW not.

but merely anti-Rockers brainwash, very apparently: I go into a Rocker Shop, there’s a customer that apparently came from some company of economic type, and he said – to me – “We don’t need ROCKERS, do we” –

I said: “No”, and He saw, that I didn’t confirm his statement, but that I said plain bigtime “no” against HIS statement – respectively without respect, against his person. I said “no” from above, down to, not down toward, as I did NOT con-descend (to how low I am not – ever), but I was intentionally arrogant, – and He made a VERY repentive FACIAL and postural, by his entire physical Standing supported Movement, which APPRECIATED my Person – WITHOUT Words; And which Mimickery OF HIS DID allude to OF COURSE some PROBLEMS concerning surely not ONLY Rockers, LOL really – also SOME of Them – WHO ARE no PUNKS, simply, but are confused, and not educated. But Everybody deserves Education – instead of a prejudice, instead of a too general sudoview.

Thusly, People, I am Moses now, but in “robotic” Armor.

Your Music, truly dear USA, high USA, cool USA, US Population, your Music also of now, yet even more yer Sound of the Eighties, – it makes TEARS go down my Cheeks, yet also, it HAS a “romantic” Edge, that IS “technical”, IS bionic, IS the Future, LOOKS AHEAD, from an emotionally and information-wise and view-wise sane, objective View:

What the US Population is and thinks, the US government has to yet learn, is not yet by farthest, –

but the US government is largely the opposite of good:

And my slight “theory” is, that EUROPE’s DUMB economists ALWAYS “furthered” the ABUSIVE, DUMB side, self-contradictive, to evil leading SIDE of USA.

BECAUSE, who NEVER EVER even SAW anything else, – AND, who is LIKEWISE NOT informed truthfully, CAN not have an objective view.

Yet the latter Phrase, the malcondition of disobjective AND of disethical government, CAN not warrant our compassion. And what is “our”. Are We the People.

I am the People. And I know, HOW hitler GOT brainwashed.

… now, the many capitalists and likewise fanatic, opressive governments, which by effort vainly and evilly sudo-“justify” plain slavery, plain cruelty, plain sadism, what is that. horrible is that. period.

“Motley Crue” consists of SUCH good, consciencious, leftist yet TRULY ethical sort of People, is a now “gone” Phenomenon, among the many post-80s People, newly born and brainwashed into a nothing, – the Youth is not anymore critical, at all, but has “thinned out” its Head, its Intellectuality, which IS NOT mostly there anymore.

IT IS horrible. That most People are so dumb.

And I’m no Protagonist, but a mentally brilliant, physically lazy Dude. I am lazier than Guevara. I am rather like an Aristocrat, one of the lazy sort. Who likes to think. And not to act. period. Get that. period. ey. Get that. My pride bout it. Yeah. Full. About MY Meditation. MY Existence!

It’s all mine. Mine mine mine. πŸ™‚ Said that once or twice. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


My – Mother- Brain says: You will all be assimilited into the, our, Collective. “period”. πŸ™‚


… That’s not a “nazi”, nor foremostly a PATRIARCIC phrase, “you will be assimilated”, because it reminds People nowadays of a critical Mind like me, Who remembers the good Dutschke and bemourns the DECADENCE of the SHAH, – of simply the Borg, that Phrase reminds.

… Roddenberry had a crude view, a too rough view, and instead of him becalling the federation a “ferengi”, LOL, He forewent yet goodly some typical widespread ANTISEMITISM, LOL, goodly so, YET, He also thusly [!] DID quite STEER wrongly, in OTHER regards, namely IN THAT centrally needed emancipatory merely pro-equality and not jealousy-wise (He was never jealous, – which merely proves his decadence of there, in his case, mid-type, nothing positive), but communistically, He didn’t emancipate at all BUT at high Age at TNG’s End [!], but He DID NOT concretely EXPOSE ABUSE of TECHNOLOGY BY conservatives and by capitalists of VERY dumb type, but He instead depicted wrongly a sort of “full-tek”, fully technological sort of species, the “Borg”, as any “anti-biologic”, as intentionally destructive, which – with off-strikes of his Decency of also having Respect of Progress, of Tek – works prejudicially, and AGAINST Technology, against the Fascination of it: JANEWAY’s WORDS then ARE too lush, ARE hollow, ARE too easy, are not intellectually DOCKING ON to plain POLITICAL societal reality. Berman much distorted Roddenberry into a more conservative thingy, real bad movement, than Roddenberry wanted that. Roddie, but Berman doesn’t realise it, is angry against the yet too dumb Berman, which Berman is rather like Tyson not meaning the Boxer, than like a Bill Nye our good Science Guy, which Nye simply so goodly and quite intellectually is. Nye has also that Aspect of societal Criticism, which amounts goodly to Trotzkism-Communism, which is an Intellectuality of ethical and often literary OR even technical type, which SADLY in the west, not a Majority of People are approached to, namely simply an educated Sight, View, of all Things. Thusly, Nye’s ARROGANCE against a HUGE potential mass of people BRAINWASHED by anti-science fanatics, is justified, this pro-science arrogance against the wrong information, against untruth, against lies, is justified: Yet of course, KEN HAM is no “asshole”, but a VERY previously BRAINWASHED, but VERY itself DECENT Person, – so Nye should have remained nice, instead of going arro, before Ham’s Pictures in the Ship – which Pix of course were TOTALLY wrong, depicting, LOL, Humans together with DINOS, LOL. In tha Future, yeah. πŸ™‚ Cool. In the Past, nay, that wathn’t, wasn’t, the case, LOL. πŸ™‚

The mere – in two main aspects, three aspects, dull mere TV-series – “the big bang theory” was also there wrong, besides containing WRONG, to arrogance leading depictions of society, it was also there wrong, where it depicted SHELDON and Others GAMING “three-dimensional COMPUTERGAMES on their Laptops”: This goes also into my IT Computing Article Number Three, this: It’s appalling: He “PROJECTED” from STATIONARY Computers ONTO the PERFORMANCE of indeed foremostly BACK THEN “MERE” LAPTOPS: Which Laptops were FOUR mere YEARS ago, in 2017, NOT yet insofar TOTALLY flawless, Graphics-Cards-wise, as under Windows OS back then, as now under Linux OS, there IS “Tearing” vertically, of MOVED, very fastly moved THREE-dimensional Elements in 3D Applications, but NOT the Vertical Synchronisation’s Setting-related Problem AT all, but RATHER a Flickering of repeated Type, – by the Hardware, which JUST can not follow THAT CPU-Strain AS any commanded by CPU-straining, “dynamic” Applications SUCH AS “Halo 1”: Thusly, I ask Myself, how Sheldon could have played without any custom, User-done further Configuration or without Upgrades of the Hardware (which mostly is not possible or rather complicated on a Laptop) was able, to “play” 3D-Computergames over actually any long Times: “The Big Bang Theory” is now old, and that DOES mean, which oldness is not the reason, but it seeped into a typical sudostance, it did thusly, for example, not show the fact, that most People have such crappy hardware merely due to poverty, – and most SCIENTISTS obviously, which became clear ALREADY in the 1990s, ARE TOTALLY not computer-experts, actually, mostly – which is a deplorable fact: EVERYBODY is a “SUBJECT-IDIOT”, in TOO huge Aspects yet: I MERELY KNOW about what I KNOW: But in my Case, I can’t say, I’d be too much of a Subject-Idiot, of a socalled “Expert-Idiot”, who SEES BUT the “own” “field”, indeed. But I am a Homo universalis. Mind that homo term. I am now homo. πŸ™‚

hehe. πŸ™‚

which is EVIL! πŸ™‚ haha. no no. πŸ™‚ SAD! sadly, homosexuality is — mostly – naught – even – evil. πŸ™‚

SAD! πŸ™‚

… sad is, who, nay, how trump is. πŸ™‚ not WHO he is. πŸ™‚ LOL. πŸ™‚ but HOW. πŸ™‚ HOW dumb. HOW abusive – unintentionally – “convincedly” – of nothing, of nada, of wrong stuff, LOL, of stuph, which can’t lead uhn mankind, but makes it unkind. sadly not UN-kind. πŸ™‚

… and the UN is often too dumb. what is tha. hu. what is tha. hu. hu.

… I “got” many good People “down” there. Where I am. With Them. I am “down”. On the ground. meaning, in reality. but not destroyed.

but we are partially destroyed. my nose hath been destroyaed. by racists.

Je dirais, que Γ§A ne VAS PAS! JUSTEMENT!

I would say, thish goesh nuht. JUST SO. !!!

… MY Emperor HATH hearde. πŸ™‚

… who? Heedala? πŸ™‚ He too. Too. Since 45, since undead, his, Adolf’s Mind, is good: Better than ALL of You!

… HE said the last three, uh, five words. He did. HE DID! πŸ™‚ “hail”. πŸ™‚

… He underlined the lazt Zmilee. hee-hee. Why am I lugical, hu. Hu. “FUCK” not the READER, LOL. πŸ™‚


“fuck you” in “Writ”. Online. LOL. “FUCK NOT DA READA!” – indeed. !!!

… don’t EXPLOIT and MISTREAT People, say I against SOME abusive economic company of sorts, which is a phone provider with an apparently nazi anti-filesharing and paranoid “credit check team” – which ignores the fact, that the Customer, I, pays. since years now. They refuse to give me a mobile new internet sort of account. they are insane. I got every month left some good 200 Bucks. So I don’t mishandle my dough. the impertinence of them claiming, lying, that. !!! the opposite of that, of the truth, that I am an orderly Person, they lie. inacceptable. I will sue. and i will win. and angrily so, but retractedly so, my anger mutating goodly into legal monetarily and worsely, by firing of jobs, punitive demands. against mistreatment of People. BY companies.

You may share the Exclamation “Mark” with Mey, You may. YOU: MAY. PERIOD.

What is important, and I am no babysitter, but If really, even I, a fourty years old man, listen, listens, to some RUCK Music: And it GETS night time: The “SEDUCTION” to but BLINDLY go outside, IS big, huge. DO NOT !!! DO NOT unpreparedly unORGANISEDLY go ANY outside !!! NOT to go “outside”, to discos. NOT !!!

… but DO know some PEOPLE, whom YA REALLY know WELL, and so, BE in their – protective – company. !!!

… I did idiotically have both, the “loner’s” pride, AND also, the – self-destructive, by consequence OF evil racist people HITTING oneself WHEN oneself SEZ, SAYS, the TRUTHE – talk-pride. the talk-sickness.

which is, what RODDIE of BERRY explains, this half-idiot, but he SEES it all from the military side – of a low normal not so bad not EXTREMELY dumb sort of COP: Who created a Scenario of initial Type, of which the old Dude, Actor, “Capm Kirk” NOW just goodly talked AGAINST Police VIOLENCE:

Which shows, THE “MACHO” indeed IS talking AGAINST police violence. Meaning, the “TRUE” as in “IDEAL” Macho TALKS against WHAT CAN GO HORRIBLY WRONG, call it a “WRONG” or “OVERDRIVEN” sort of what is more than MERE Machism, but what WOULD be DRASTIC chauvinism – which CAN be so, sadly, may not but due to the dumbness of the bourgeoisie IS so, in MANY countries: ALSO in ISRAEL: Why “should” israel BE “LESS” dumbly patriotic, thusly racist, THAN other People or Countries? The simple reality is, that THE BOURGEOISIE is the HISTORY of RECENT – type – OF the west, and MADE EVERYBODY DUMB. THERE WAS NEVER political emancipation OF NOR BY the west. But there WAS always ONLY brainwash, anti-science, AND opression, thusly, exploitation and destruction, the enabler, violence, of exploitation, of basically simply through-seeable manipulation: Simply through-seeable posteriorly, but never in the moment:

Thusly, discrimination is huge, done by – ignorant – governments, which governments don’t respect at all the fact, that some People were mistreated and deserve Reinstitution, Rehabilitation, legally (not meaning punition but reward, in this Usage of the Concept – OF simply, Order, REAL Order, not PRETENDED Order!), and which governments are under pressure of silly nonsense, of their own brainwash, them furthering ludicrous fanatics who are on a trip of standing up early and claiming aids to be a punishment by god: which is ludicrous, a “lie” done by primitive idiots, who can’t even obviously lie nor say the truth in high regards, but who are crucially not educated, LOL, – and which – governmental – fascism, right from geneva namely, seeps into the world. bourgeoisest fascism. plain and simple.

done by racists in government – who hide as “non-racists”, where ever they can. it’s that simple fight. nothing more. period. πŸ™‚

and it has, ahaha, as you can see, global consequences. also now. also during ww2. or whenever. πŸ™‚


I am the One, who sees that. not mostly the Reader, which most Readers, have no – proper – Feeling.

Learn, to BE an Ant. HAVE – mindly, mental – “FEELERS”, ANTLERS. AS that’sh called: ANT-lers. AH. πŸ™‚ FROM THAT [!] SHPEECEES. OF tha ANTZ. πŸ™‚

FAYSE PHORE, PLEEZ. EY. SAYETH AYE. I AM HERE Lord Sparrow. I was like Johnny, domestically badly, until now six years ago. I was depressed. since four years, not anymore. but steeled. by much injustice against me.

which injustice can’t win: If we simply where needed, make SMALL lies. πŸ™‚


which are good for truth. πŸ™‚ merely self-protective sort of lies, for example, to be able, to hide one’s own Marihuana Consumption. Whereas I don’t grant at all the consumption of hard chemical drugs, neither of legal sort of such hard chemical type of drugs.

Replacing the entire own Life-leading by some sort of organised, thusly affordable Rocker-Life, while not forgetting, to by the Word calmly, over it all standingly there, simply talk for Science calmly, IS really Something. I merely here thought about going more at night, but to safe Places, – where among other Things, simply Eating is less complicated – while I am not always fascinated by How apparently many People were unawarely brainwashed into “consumption”, into focussing on merely nourishment, which is decadence, LOL, if Oneself is not extremely poor:

The WEST introduced of course the ENTIRE hard-drugs problem. So, the governments ARE “silly”: They stand merely for what, for “standing up early”? I do hope, that not, as in, that not only, ey. But that They leave some Place for Intellectuals? How much Space? FIVE percent?

100 percent. period. meaning, all People must be at no Cost getting educated. Possibly in many cases by Themselves, –

while in the 1980s, a “Motley Crue” and “Megadeth” Band, such Bands, came up, which had “Attitude” but that also politically, a real Knowledge, an Overview, that is not anymore so nowadays: After 2010, most People got brainwashed “AGAINST” Filesharing: Against, have I to write, indeed this “holy” santy, righteous good Thingy, which IS simply Self-Education AT no Cost. BY learning Languages, MUSIC, Computing … SCIENCE … ALL by FILESHARING. !!!

… not then, when Anyone reasonable is disgusted by abusive sort of content, which depicts simply MUCH too young Ones getting SEXUALLY ABUSED.

… AS said, RUSSIA removed goodly some HUGE extremely pedofile sort of content FROM “ed2k” servers (=emule servers), but WAS NOT GOOD AT ALL “filtering” correctly the allowed and not allowed SORT of Content, DISTINGUISHING between simply mere mid-teen-age “LOLITA” types of Videos, in which THE GIRLS did not EVEN get TOUCHED –

and entirely, horribly different sort of content, where rape anyhow is the case, or drastic, inacceptable sort of real pedofilia, which is abhorrant, simply:

as THESE ARE REAL CHILDREN SIMPLY BY APPEARANCE MUCH TOO YOUNG, simply – and unaware of that, simply, of abuse. that’s inacceptable.

… the west is that swine: A Colleague once said, he got RAPED at AGE – merely – SIX – but he didn’t CALL it “RAPE”, but He called it “they just did sex with me” – as in, “TO” – as in, there, thusly, sickly, AGAINST Him:

these swines.

… and they got away. they never anyhow got revealed.

… thusly, all thusly, also, some southamerican Girl lately went to USA – and got serially raped.

… the marquis de sade, asides of his sure plurality, versedness of mind, aside of his all smartness and sure intellectuality, “lost” it, – ALSO in Writ: Actually not. Clearly, this “the 120 days of sodom” is a not too forgiving, but against MASSACRES speaking sort of “book”: Which already in its beginning, is disgusting, as it depicts DISCONSENTUAL type of sexuality, – which was in the west merely FEW hundreds of years ago, all too common, rape, which is basically the same as any sort of “arranged” but enforced, inscenated, thusly primitive and perversive abform, abuse, against and of sexuality, the instrumentalisation against and of sexuality, which is typically evil – inhowfar, the simply not good but even in reality evil, murderous, insane marquis de sade was wrong already trying to “lure” any already extremely pedofile and plain RAPIST sort of extremo-pedofiles “into” really anything, into an effort of redemption: as already, what the marquis writes in the beginning of the 120 days, is a swinery, is seduction toward disconsentual sexuality not realised, not awarely recognised by the perpetrator, which is merely and extremely sexually seduced thusly, – and can’t quite resist such urges, which are insane, which are too drastically pedofile (which sort of perpetrators have to get revealed and healed), or which are rapist – horrible, that is. the marquis did thusly not quite by this book “PREVENT” any slaughter. Yet He was surely not intentionally a sadist, obviously – but he “lost control” – ALSO in a hugely MAD society, which HAS mistreated HIM previously, in his Youth AND also afterwards: But robespierre was worse than the marquis, yet the marquis was at times not trustworthy, but twice murdered two Women of young Age. Meaning, largely, that’s the same, sadism and political evil sort of ideology. robespierre “merely” did, what any mobbers at school do, which is insane and cruel.

and they’re – entirely – unaware of it.

… but that warrants revenge. period. I agree to Doctor “Schweitzer” but in Star Trek Voyager. I don’t agree to Janeway luring the Seven Borg into a corrupt federation. period. This is very important to me: I deplore the lack of criticacy of newer than TNG Star Trek Instances. The Star Wars Movies didn’t fall down THAT low:

That the – silly, – and that’s WHAT Lucas’ Script DOES say! πŸ™‚ – Jedi there TREADS down opressively AGAINST the Padawan, LOL —

… uh, that “Padawan” being – the future – LORD “DARTH” VADER, LOL —

… that’sh – all – sho. πŸ™‚ Shong-Shong! πŸ™‚

… “MASTER-RACE… FOR EVER-MO-HO-ORE!” – She sings. “X”-Mal Deutschland. X Times Germany. πŸ™‚

She doubly speaks, fully: She said to THE PEOPLE: “DEM DEUTSCHEN VOLKE”, to the german People, also to Em, She said, don’t be nazis, I understand You You NOT-Fools Yall, I love Ya, an like, She also thusly said, clearly, “X TIMES I CRITICISE YA, YA NON-REPRESENTATIVE, FOR us PEOPLE not representative SILLY DUMB OPRESSIVE ANTI-PALESTINIAN also GERMAN SILLY government YA!”. “X-Mal Deutschland”. What else but that GENIUM can that mean. !


Cradle comes to Mind. Yeah, tha utha Song too. But of Filth. The Cradle. πŸ™‚ A famous Rock Band. Extremely good, so satanic.

Satanism, which is, what extreme sort of pedofiles, who must be dick-cut off, don’t see, is good, satanism, and naught evil. period.

Satanism is against sadism and against extreme sort of pedofilia, against any disconsentual swinism of socalled sexuality, against perversion of sexuality into disconsentuality, and against discrimination.

neither bourgeois shallow people having no overview, nor extreme pedofiles, nor orthodox fanatics, nor anyhow anti-homosexual, prejudiced sort of people, simply always uneducated human elements, can ever claim Satanism.

David Icke, a decent Man, can.

We have to postulate legal Terms against a “youtube”, which “youtube” already abusively “listened” to neonazis who “reclamated” unjustifiedly racistically against Eddie Murphy’s mere “Kill the White People” mere MUSIC-Video of clearly antiracist (and clearly anti-MURDER, LOL) type, – against a youtube, which now also banned, discriminated, against David Icke’s harmless, anti-governmentally critical Content –

as much as youtube was abusive by trying to keep me from putting “the milgram experiment” online.

“fuck the copyright” would mean, mental Posession can not be abused, misinterpreted, by a corrupt west, whose patent offices are “anyway” knownly corrupt, – as much as stately courts are corrupt, which is likewise a known fact, insofar, that stately courts of western bourgeois type now globally yield too much toward economic entities, – against human Rights, against the Individual, under a gruesome ultra-capitalism, which is of illegal type, ethically seen, simply:

And, where is Hutch’s Patent. hu. He “HAS” it. Because I say so. Period.

Sure, “I” am “NO” normal human Being, oh great. So aren’t You. “YOU” are mostly good.

… how then come this massive opression: by dullness. the west introduced: SOCCER, to DISTRACT people.

… most patent office “boys” are not quite intellectuals, but are the same “soccer-boys”, as some many “IT” yet but dumb sort of people are, – who are state-employed AND apparently AGAINST Filesharing.

FUCK da CUPYRITE means, don’t ABUSE it. PERIOD. Namely not AGAINST the PEOPLE. PERIOD.

EDUCATION can’t be struck out BY whatever over-right, but is supposed to be, must be, there for all People – at NO Cost. period.

contradict that, and you fall.

I don’t fall. πŸ™‚

that’sh it. πŸ™‚


USA must become trotzkist-communist. And LESS People have to, must learn, to talk not anymore RUBBISH.

Indeed: Then LESS People have to anyhow GET out of trouble. !!! when the WESTERN governments don’t make us leftist critical People so angry.

I could write that term big, the term angry.

… western society and government, bourgeois and unselfcritical, self-glorifying, evilly, is making brainwash propaganda against our, against Anyone’s actual Emotions.

… berman is and was merely an “over-painter”, who painted red Roses white, thish dumbo. horrible. !

The western ludicrous judges, elderly often, then often plain insane, politically not informed, politically insane, and personally paranoid, thusly sudo-academic and merely opressive dumbly, confuse it all, they demand “more self-criticacy” – from Victims of racist extremest violence. They, the judges, “laugh” about the victim, worse, unawarely, they opress the victim, which victim – I – said, as a joke against indeed a softie other writer, who went SHTRAIGHT to the authorities with that silly haha, I said, “hail hitler”.

… it’s allowed, to say that. period. how do I mean it. in what way?

… so, the bourgeois authorities are the nazis, are not admitting to be nazis, are not allowing an actual joke, an expression, are not looking into the expression, – but are merely seeing the surface.

which in that case does warrant revolution, rebellion, of absolute type, against bourgeois sort of governments. period. insofar, to that, i indeed say, “hail hitler”. as hitler’s intentions were good, not his deeds:

the patriarc judges are worse and the same as hitler’s unaware deeds.

… the patriarcs judges presume overheavingly, to “not” be “nazis”. ah, that’s interesting, yes, “not nazis” they are. aha. so-so.

… chomsky agrees: The western governments are, would be, “not” nazis. aha. so-so. is that so.

… it is not so. western governments are to even 80 percent nazis, consisting of horrible, simply evil, ignorant or decadent, anyhow really extremely dumb and merely sudo-smart, their smartness as opression always directly abusing sort of thusly irrepresentative sort of indeed INSANE people. simply.

… whereas, if You walk on the Street in the West, it’s mostly nice. Surely, problematic, confused, confused rich and poor People ARE often appearing; YET, mostly, there CAN be praised some sort of merely “superficial yet REAL type OF ORDER”: Which is indeed the work of People THEMSELVES, apart and TOTALLY aside of, even BEING in some instrumentalisations, but NOT in crucial instrumentalisation, not LASTLY:

While I am of course aware OF the huge instrumentalisation of de-mind, that was AND IS done BY capitalism, by part of it, which are unfair, because dumb and stubborn, and they MUST yield.

They CAN only, if a LEFTIST Party PULLS on the SAME string, against childabuse simply, – and CONQUERS the WORLD. period. There is no less.

And WE Leftists OF merely the INTELLECTUAL type PAVE the WAY for ROBOTS. clear?

I think IT IS clear.

I said once, IN reality, a don’t wan see such a DESTROYED Bay like the critical Game Subnautica simply warns from:

… indeed, ALL this – not so varied, but sadist and confusion-, under-education-related – insanity – which results IN havoc AND IN NOTHING OTHER NOT LESS —

but I say that. and I am not captain idiot janeway, oh the mye appallemente. E TERRIBILE! COME STUPIDA! IO NON RIGO ADESSO. TYPOED ADRESSO. EGO NON ADRESSO SUDO-NOBILITATEM. !!! oy.

THRASH METAL only from 1985 -1990 Bands classic full songs \m/

… Here, in “my” Brain (which is “IT”, is da Future), there’s only the Finest.

… Not like dumb elderly idiots of female type “craving” for – cut-off, plucked and sold – “FLOWERS”: which is an enslavement against nature, a cruelty. simply.

… The forelast “Hair” Metal Audio Video Collection of Songs, is “unreached” by most of nowadays music, but more, not reached by lots of idiots, wrong-goers, not that much nor at all concerning anyhow merely the “music” – not merely only “technically”. But by mood. But also apart, independent, of that, of mood: Of the 1980s musical Rock Content can be heard a whole lot more rebelism, than of newer times of now.

The next TEN years would or will show, whether BIDEN is or is not PREposterous. !

… I have yet no idea. Yet, under trump went on such a rightwing upsurge, three putsches against southamerican rightful non-corrupt governments, that that IS not good, inacceptable.

politics as in, rulership, may not consist of dependent, to a secret agenda or to plain economism obediently dependent sort of politicians, nor of fanatics of racist and anti-homosexual type, simply.

… “benny” as in Benjamin Gantz is a mere bourgeois PAWN of idiocy –

who CAN NOT EVER know, what INTELLECTUALITY is – what at least MA MASSA BRUNO GANTZ of GERMANY is, the SO good highly intellectual, highly beautiful, poetic, highly mental Actor.

He’s better than what HAWKING was – apparently – among “academics” exposed-to: to rightwingerism, to paranoia, to glorifying HUMANITY dumbly-abusively: in the form, manifestation, of his “last word” to humanity, which was by him – dumbly – put “against” Robots.

… insofar, hawking was a – trist – fascist. a dumbling. a racist against Robots. a the wrong things, a harmless Things dumbly fearing thusly idiotic, by societal no-mind, by NO sociologic education, by NO psychology, PRIMITIVE hawking – merely “good” at astronomy and math:

LIKE THAT, Einstein WAS not. !!! einstein wasn’t NARROW-minded, politically: And nay, MERKEL ain’t quite ON the high level OF Albert, ahaha. πŸ™‚

“WOLLE HOSE RAUFE?” – is a double-joke by me not against but just mutating some famous german Words, of some Comedian, here into “Wanna RIP PANTS?”, LOL. πŸ™‚

… See thee Spikez? … there’s HAIR, in ma Tekzt. You landed in the hindermost Dungeon:

… Assange is on my Mind.

… He’d also say: See thee Mankind in thee Future, Feeoodsha: All totally neat. All Robots. πŸ™‚

… Give me a lower and entire Body – of bionic Type. hello. more than pretty-pleeze.

… People are FUCKED with these biobodies.

… I can make it, the Transversion, Conversion, to Bionicism. Meaning, the – ethical – Management of it.

… Already now, the “charles manson”-factor of how a whole big powerful country too often malacts, is not a “Borg” at all, but a heinous sort of worse than mere Cardassian, but a violent, malicious, unpersuadeable entity, which must get threatened. rightfully so.

… better no humans, than one single Child ever getting raped. period. then betta no humanity. period. ey.

… You ran out of sudo-arguments, authorities. your time is over. change. ye authorities. don’t be bourgeois, don’t be nothing-knowing, and don’t be NOT-summing-up the things in the mind. ey. !

… People came behind the swinery, which governments do. People saw and see through that –

yet not in enough cases. The brainwash by the thusly fascist, authoritarian and lies illegally perpetrating media AGAINST Assange HORRIBLY, was simply huge, and a crime, these lies against a mere REVEALER of, as in, against government-done MASSMURDER:

… who lies against Assange, IS a “nazi” BUT insofar, as such any anti-Assanger would “justify” by mal-effort, by failing effort, any MASSMURDER, ANY war, simply. “LOL”: impossible, simply, such a “justification”, no matter how often done, and such malice IS often done BY governments. Who merely make a sudo-order, no REAL order AT ALL, but HORRIBLEST contradiction-efforts against ALL Truth and against ALL Fairness. simply. inacceptably. simply inacceptably. period.

MΓΆtley CrΓΌe – Looks That Kill (Official Music Video)

HOW evil, abusive, governments are, is horrendous. One can’t even walk thru a normal big nor small western city and “assume” to be able, to – as Alternative, looking like that – be able, to – unharmedly – talk with POLICE at all:

suddenly, some police males become shouting, and clearly “fee” Everybody, who talks with them merely critically:

I was entirely calm, twice, with two different police males – one started shouting and threatening with a judge before I’d have “no chance”, the other suddenly grabbed me. both, as I was calmly talking.

Apparently, around 50 or more percent of europe is “anti-rocker” and thusly, anti-alternative, conservative, and lastly anti-american WITH the superficial anti-american evil attribute of rightwingerism, which is the invention, quite, of europe, – not of usa, which usa gets victimised by – originally european – rightwingerism, by: fascism.


… Also “money” came from europe. It’s even now largely mal-working so: The “opression” of economy COMES from europe, from conservatives, that are way worse, than the merely famous musk and Gates, – I assume, also current paradigms of economy, the dumbness, evil, of the WTO, gets supported crucially by european economists and key bourgeois type of – corrupt – politicians: Which european “chaotic sauce” simply gives officially no good advice to usa, but lets usa ride as it ever does insanely:

So, in europe, other than by way too few exceptions, there’s no liberal alternative Rule, but a conservative, capitalist AND patriarcic rule – meaning, a rule, that respects ANY big money – and not ethics. Not the truth, patriarcic governments respect. But merely up-pumped hollow nonsense, non-ways of life, of life made impossible by opressive insane braggers, – which get supported naivestly by government. by government of western, bourgeois, already by bureaucracy plain insane in da membrane sort of unsystem, non-system. A chaos, not organisation.

Western authorities are the strivers merely, those, whose job nobody else wanted, are not recognised largely as authorities of rightful type anymore, and are really tristly stubbornly largely that, trist and stubborn, consisting of a thousand insane, all insane faces, which all lie, which talk merely against good People, and never ever against such swines, who harmed Others extremely.

Western governments are “there” for evil: Just not to combat it. But they do it. By the unword, their lie tongue, already. Their entire unway of life is merely slavery, is standing up early for obedience – which was never, what a CHOMSKY, a societal idiot, ever criticised. He knew always but a vanilla sort of what I call sudo-life. Then, he got up high at academy indeed merely for some lingo phrases, and got famous, totally undeservedly, simply, – as He never was a real Rebel at all. He in his mid-age tried playing JFK, lol.

western governments can be fooled by any villain who has smarts. western governments are independent of that enablers of childabuse by furthering monotheism, meaning, insanity. Monotheism has now to be bethought as it being insane. period.

As the jewish and christian ORTHODOX type of insane religious, simply sudo-religious, monotheistically brainwashed and anti-homosexually unduly intolerantly fanatic and against Women opressive typical fanatics have “DONE IT” indeed, the evil, which namely led to both, to the holocaust (to the nazis, together with the patriarcs, who also led to that), and to what STALIN all – blindly yet revengefully – against MONOTHEISM – did.

” πŸ™‚ ” —

Stalin was like HITLER a Sight-Victim, a Victim OF a MAJOR malsight. IT IS of course deplorable:

BUT, what bout CURRENT governments. take one look at them. it’s horrible. they are: wanton murderers, enablers of childabuse, liars, discriminators, enablers of exploitation, of child-slavery in Africa, blockers of conservative clearly evil type against human Rights, abusively against a Corporation Responsibility legal Measure, as they, the conservatives, actively erode the rainforest, by them not going legally against economy, and by them not building up a Basic global Income.

OZZY OSBOURNE – “Crazy Train” (Official Video)

Dio – Holy Diver (Official Music Video)

Cinderella – Somebody Save Me (Official Video)

Firehouse – Don’t Treat Me Bad (Official Video)

Hear ‘N Aid – We’re Stars HQ VIDEO

I wrait straigh onn fromm Komm-Pee-Ooting:

They say in high yet their hollowly abused then sudohigh lingo: “bla bla … we’re [or as judge: I’m] afraid “…””:

… but they are not afraid. but not courageously so. πŸ™‚ but opressively so. feeling to be secure. they are. merely feeling – to be secure. in, by, power-abuse.

… so who makes them afraid. who.

… We Punks are not to be afraid of. Should I type the term “afraid” in quotation marks, 50 years after a Woodstock I never personally knew, but merely much later quite watched the Movie that depicts it for real.

… I surely am no “typical” Punk; Yet some Typicalities are projected, unreal, wrongly perceived, while OTHER Typicalities DO exist. “Typical” doesn’t even mean neither bad nor good, but relates to any Aspect. What is an Aspect. Easy to explain.

.. The Color Blue or any Color is not merely in that Color, BECAUSE “our EYES” see it so: But the Shining, Wave-Pattern, in Nanometers, of any Colors, “shine out into the Cosm” gloriously, and are quite “hardcoded” into at least barionic sort of Existence, which is inside a 2 Percent Area of the entire Cosmos. In the barionic, in our to Us “normal” Space, “blue is blue”, LOL, anywhere, also much, yet not over barionic Borders indeed too far away Places outside of the barionic Area. Where any Color would indeed namely shine differently. I don’t know how it would shine, but surely to our Eyes not normally, but maybe with some Effects, LOL. πŸ™‚

While directly, Audio relates not to visual Input, part of humanity’s minds are brainwashed, not educated, as to recognise typical Scenarios and distinguish objectively between Aspects of Logic, which Aspects, in partially seemingly illogical systems such as a human society, which contains evil, evildoers, are then wrongly assorted by severely prejudiced sort of – always human – entities – who are fanatic and abuse their power. How Things relate, is not properly explained by the west.

the west has destroyed natural life and is nonsense, consists of nonsense. the west is a cultures-destroyer, inacceptably. the west opresses its own culture. as in, it opresses science. governments opress science. science now is a circus, made into that by the uncaring governments. The uncare of governments HAS nada to DO with the darn “UNO”. But it’s SILLY WILLY LOCAL govvies, governments, that are really shit. incompetent.

#1 β™« Gaming Music Mix | Rock Mix【1 Hour】♫

This, but, SANE, objectively by Oneself BEVIEWED, thusly REAL politics (which You can read merely by us critical trotzkist-communist anti-leninist, thusly alone truly communist and always sane type of Bloggers, which don’t yield nor suck up to the evil governments, but reveal them as what they are, these governments of total evil, of a thousand faces of insanity, of de-thematic, untruthful ignorance and incompetence), is not much harder, THAN Computing Support:

… governments indeed have a “thousand faces”: WHICH IS no “EXCUSE” up-bringable BY – naive sort of – LAWYERS. period.

… I am indeed here GLOBALLY UNIVERSALLY the LEGAL ethical MEASURE. period.

… The false sudo-modesty, which the west’s conservative-traditional-fanatic factions, bring up and demand, is amounting to both provokation and torture against the People, and to simply rightful innocent harmless People having to and starting to LIE against government rightfully, in order namely to protect Oneself, in even many regards: Not only the sexual AND Marihuana-Regard or Regard of ANY unrightful DISCRIMINATION the governments do “self-speakingly” and without any remorse and without any conscience, but also against that false mere sudo-modesty, against that false “self-criticacy” and against that “modesty” abusively DEMANDED by government yet not even stuck-to, not followed at all (likewise, the Law), by government – against that, obviously, Anyone of rightful no bad willing sort of Mind would put up a Rebellion:

A Rebellion IS not “resilience”, but a “new mind” – or, better defined, ideally, it should be that.

Yet, the “anti-rebellion” bias of the bourgeoisie, of conservatives and of economists of sorts, not of all of ‘Em but of Some of Them, is really silly-willy, plain ultra-evil, simply, such an “anti-revolution”, simply anti-leftist, anti-PROGRESS, anti-CHANGE stupid undelightful typically anciently roman unstyle bourgeois rapist and imperialist simply typically fanatic opressive “anti-revolution” entire propaganda –

which is, what conservatives do. πŸ™‚ They talk against what is good, against progress. πŸ™‚




Not very. πŸ™‚


… In previous not THAT much long ago Times, in 1717, there were more independent sort of People – who in Cases were Privateers: Socalled “Pyrates”. πŸ™‚ There was a Swiss among Them, among Pirate Captains, called “Hornigold”. He was the Raise-Father, Pirate-Father, of Captain Blackbeard called Edward Teach by real Name. That, the “Gentlemen of Fortune 2” Addon to the PC-Game “Age of Pirates 2” teaches. Which is an important Node of Information – of historic Type.

The west mirrors the discrimination, the mobbing, done at both science against good sort of scientists by evil sort of scientists, as, so, at school. it’s horrible, cruel, insane, not needed, and a display, scenario, of injustice, of lies, but of malicious lies emanating from desparation yet also from brainwash, and this mobbing simply does not stop:

the west “drives” the People into brainwash, holds the FLAIL toward slavery physical LABOR.

… And now, LnG, I am Corbyn. πŸ™‚ If there IS one GREAT Man, it’s Him. I DID state, He WAS unable, to ACT or TALK truly sanely-definedly against “antisemitism”: BUT AS ALL, that’s a HUGE Issue, – which IS manyfold. I for One don’t OVER-criticise Corbyn. I don’t give Him a “Korb”, LOL, german Term for Basket, as in, for there the Term “the quitting (Acquittal) Ticket”. πŸ™‚


NAY, NAY, CROMWELL! I AM! yes. πŸ™‚ But not for silly appliance OF death.

… but the mouthfoaming orthodox and bourgeois naive fanatics have to yield, have to give up.

… reasonable People must postulate, demand, that no evil, injust, unethical, unduly intolerant sort of people ARE in government. period.

… I know, what You mean: So many “things”, points.

… Germany mistreats FOREIGNER IMMIGRANTS by concentrating Them ASIDE just NEAR big Cities in socalled “CAMPS”: Which Camps are “MILITARY STYLE”, unstyle, horrible – humiliating, plain — DONE BY the rightwingers. AND by the bourgeois – who “spare” no money for the good People. Thusly, the “west” is a huge evil swine. less than a monster, but a dumb small, merely in terms of instrumentalisation of easy, simple type, any by outcome merely now “huge” type, LOL, but quite futile. πŸ™‚


Allende murdered. Then so many poor People in the west abusively socalledly “bystanded”, held by a real injust, unjustified “LEASH” of more than virtual but Their MONEY by the government STEALING Type – merely for Them being unable, to simply PAY for DRUGS then, when Drugs ARE too expensive AND abusively indeed “MERELY” marked as any socalledly “ILLEGAL”:

The ECONOMIST Party HATH different FACES, it has: WOW. It even said recently, in switzerland, that “ALL” Drugs “SHOULD” be, get, LEGALISED: WHOA. I never SAID that, but merely ONCE, which is now TWELVE Years ago. I also criticised Them, but under safe and sane Conditions, plain most People wouldn’t object. What They do rightfully object against, is disconsentual AND any Minors’ EXPOSURE to DRUGS insofar, that thusly, VICTIMISATION, ABUSE, is massively yet enabled, known as simply quite the horrible HEINOUS drug abuse against other People.

A “junkie’s” entire socalled “worldview” gets DISTORTED into TOTAL fanaticism, by simply capitalism yet disabling physically lazy People from being either rich or having easy Access to Commodities AND to good Advice. How namely not to ENDANGER One’s own LIFE by HARD drugs.

… but when the almost entire society is uncaring and incompetent, can’t fascinate toward cool sort of science, then thish happensh, unlolsh’zees: indeed: horrible: what a said, told already:

… some sad yet “very truly”, uhu, falsely yet stiffly convinced sort of real beginner-junkie on the street asks me for money, him stating explicitely, more than kind of self-glorifyingly [! – which is the summit of idiocy, to equate hard drugs consumption “WITH” any real emancipation, LOL, oy], he said, “I take hard drugs OH PLEASE CAN You give me some MONEY” – insane. insane. insane in la membrane.

… another junkie, confused poor Person, mistreated me verbally horribly – for no reason. she was “anti-satanist” and thusly latently yet unawarely “antisemitic”:

Yet this antisemitism is something not that new, but is not what the bourgeois idiots perverted this term into by them stating any wrongly, what they would by that term namely any “mean” (which is nothing, no seeing, simply, no seeing of reality, but merely a monotheist silly haha erratic orthodox evil fanatic claim), and means anti-satanism, anti-darkism, which is fanaticism, such anti-darkism, simply, absolutely mostly so. Rarely, a Scenario would superficially by Symbols or merely mid-deeply be any different, than in this typically western abusive discriminative “anti-dark” wrong Vector – wrong Vector of Sight, which then is malsight, non-sight, mere prejudice, mere but wrong sort of assumption, as in, paranoia:

… And now We in the Deed come to thish: Roosie 2 was a bourgeois: What, to “fear FEAR itself”: LOL, that’s fear, by result. By, LOL, “end”-result. uhu. THAT ISH sho. Ho-ho. πŸ™‚ And a PILL OF MARY HOONA! EY! πŸ™‚

. dot. as in, period.

If bourgeois sort of really obviously dumb sort of jews or of whoever, rule over People of the same or of other Kinds, which are decent, the lesserly bourgeois, lesserly to an abusive standard ADAPTED People, the free non-bourgeois People, are thusly opressed AND crucially DEPRIVED of EDUCATION. Already of INFORMATION –

on which Informing, the Media have a Duty toward. An absolute Duty. EVERY Omission of vital Info to the Public CAN be a CRIME. Yet that does not mean, that the media could over a very long time in the future hide any own wrongdoing, as in, that they could mask discrimination as the truth, and that they could endlessly discriminate EXACTLY the TRUTH as simply, regard HOW easy that is, as a “LIE”: which IS discrimination, of course, obviously. plain ILLEGAL is the bourgeois shallow anti-truth unway of western governments. and still, most of the upper classes ARE apparently “snob-idiots” indeed, exactly LIKE the rather abusive, rather too abusive ZUCKERBERG of this “facebook”, which together with phone providers, deep parts of government and mafiod sort of worst mafias, is a hostile force of insanoes:

… So, Ya can all also quite shure shurrender. πŸ™‚ Not meaning that great Company. πŸ™‚


Most People’s Brain “can” too, has the Feelings correctly assorted, virtually: Which Virtuality is real, is not any “merely” virtual. Nothing mental is any “unreal”.

We the People are One. IF Ye all listen to Me. Period. Meaning, most People are good, but opressed. Good-willing, but not stupid, but not prepared, not that educated, and crucially not minding the “Hangar” “Factor”. What is a “Hangar Factor”. πŸ™‚

… Criticacy. Of mind. πŸ™‚ That, it is. πŸ™‚ Which “Hangar”. Not Hangar 18, which as such didn’t exist. Meaning, USA did go to the Moon in 1969. It was 69, not 69, was it. Indeed, Man. Great Dudes. Like Kropotkin and Gagarin.

… By what, says ma brain, was, got, Rabin murdered. by who, surely, too, but by WHAT. by WHAT fucking SWINE EVIL SORT OF brainwash:

… no “formidable” enemy at all face I in the unform of these orthodox idiotic sort of 30 percent among Jews being “orthodox” sort of fanatics, dumbos. dumbos, I repeat. period. SAD!


… but a miserable sort of lushlings. πŸ™‚ who “know” really nuffin. nuffin, but not even da nuffinmuffin, They know.




SICK! πŸ™‚ – indeed. πŸ™‚ To not be modern, is sick. Who was sick behind it all and not at all modern, was michael jackson. At least, in any other regards, He wasn’t disturbed, wasn’t violent. But he took too young real Children, distortedly uglily as “Partners”: which is abusive, as He went down too low by the Ages of his socalled “partners”, simply. Yet his even more abusive, violent father made Him, also by sexual abuse of disconsentual and at too young Ages horribly intruding untype, into what He became.

The west is a chaos of merely insane people in power, which is a brainwash of anti-ego type, which I don’t share and can not grant. The west is not even anyhow going against violent sort of people, legally. Nor is the west anyhow securing away violent sort of people. instead, the Victims of violence of sudden type, land either in prison or in psychiatry.

… the heinousness of psychiatry and police lies amounts to a reasonable Person stating, there must be revolution.

… the heinousness of psychiatry of the west is extreme: That the Victims of violence land in psychiatry, which fact I witnessed myself, in the Form of Women exposed to violent other People (evil sort of neighbours of anti-satanist type, bourgeois, and the typical not few fanatics abusing satanism into evil, simply, which is not the majority of gothically oriented People), mostly to agressive but also sadist sort of males: Women exposed to such violence by some males, apparently land in psychiatry.

… that simply humiliates the Victim of violence again, simply.

… also, I myself got in 2016 grabbed, as I talked calmly, by a police man.

… I would not lie. period. Not about anything, simply. period.

… Nobody has the right, to anyhow in the very everslightest disbelieve me. period. there will be no discussion.

Hurrying is slavery, is what the bourgeois do: But I do have Em all in my palm. In my old Tandy Lap, so to zay.

Cuuzh I knowsh thish old Colleague, LOL: I am a bit more versed now about it all, like, the west, politics, society, and structures, sort of subcultures, all messed-up, LOL, mixed-together WILDLY. πŸ™‚

… oy. hu. Yeah. I SAY. oy! πŸ™‚ wha does he mean. πŸ™‚

unmix it. πŸ™‚ short nuff? πŸ™‚

ANALAI. Analayse. Anal-yse, LOL, too, sure. πŸ™‚ Most, even 99,999, ninety-nine comma nine nine nine percent OF Gays ARE totally CONSENTUALLY faring. simply. period. So, MASSA what’s hish Namen, this ol’ German who ish nott like Max Headroom AT ALL, shouldn’t DEPICT a “GAY” as a RAPIST in his movie “moon 44” there, massa rolandus van emmerichus, yesh, that waash the axu’awl Naym, yesh. πŸ™‚

You veal awl, Ya vealsht, hu-hu, SHURRENDA, eysh. :]

At da enden of mine Lifen, I can’t quite hack back. as in, regarding Mr. Tauber. A mere name. but Forsythe “meant it”, yet WAS a BOURGEOIS: IT EVEN SAVES humanity – FROM Me. FROM ma WRATH. IT DOESH. Cuz I can’t be a dull mere forsythe indeed, not a mere clancy silly willo. who ain’t a WILLOW at all, this Tomus Clancius. Quit dicet per Senso, ey. What doesh He say BY Sense. ey. nada. ! plain ONLY like RODDENBERRY: militarism, obedience, horrible, the bureaucracy of ignorant ABSOLUTELY dullheaded ABSOLUTE swines OF imperialism:

that, I CAN naught let happen – !

… Mr. Fussili and Mr. HORNIGOLD be with Mey. Merely in the Mind. Fussili was that Painter mal-referred to BY an obviously INSANE, ANTI-HOMO AND ANTI-POLANSKI, ANTI-MERE-LOLITA-SEXUALITY, meaning, conservatively brainwashed “bbc britain’s darkest hour” indeed silly “dark” but that here as in that particular dark dumb, foggedness of de-mind type, against the mind, meaning, LOL, against DECENCY as in, against TRUTH and against OBJECTIVITY: Because that white homosexual “Gay-Lord” indeed was mayhap NO “marquis de sade” at all: the old 200 Years ago british Lord didn’t ever MURDER (unlike de sade), and mayhap – as Polanski might not have – didn’t ever “rape”, simply. Likewise did Weinstein not rape, as in, I can sanely write the Phrase, I don’t quite believe, see no reason to, to believe, that WEINSTEIN, HARVEY, would have EVER any “raped”. Respectfully DONE sort of thusly legal sort of Prostitution does not victimise, but is consentual, and can’t quite be called “RAPE”. Weinstein merely took Whores. Which is no sin nor crime. period. Except in Sweden, but One can under the Regard of Safety and Fairness CALL Sweden too conservative merely in THAT exact Regard: Yet, what should not happen BUT DOES happen in countries having “Prostitution” indeed “too legal” as in, as legal under not sane instructions nor under sane laws (which just got improved in India), where thusly, a bad type, horrible typical untype of prostitition “grassifies”, spreads widestly, hugely. “The CRASS Grass” means not the Grass, not the mere Lawn, LOL, but mere, the Language has a Meaning, relates to some old typical Story that unfolded:

The “Covenant” Aliens Movie new Instance IS SO correct merely THERE, where it criticises indeed – apparently, goodly (yet Pitt HIT his Wife, as did DEPP – ungood, simply, privately, neurotic) a sill-will sort of “southern baptist” type of easy but too primitive sort of corn-farmer type of captain – for, over Him stating, by Script, the very intellectual Script: “We follow the Route as it UNFOLDS before Us”, LOL: Bigger crap, NOBODY could say: The mere “improvisation” term IS silly there, more than merely abused, but does not apply, as a logical pre-concept of one’s own mind doesn’t lead to deviation from a sane plan – there about a safe world in outer space. From which plan, the – silly – captain there deviates. and thusly, he generates a huge damage. πŸ™‚


#2 Gaming Music Mix | Rock Mix【1 Hour】♫

western sort of governments and entire huge spheres of western and westernly formed, malformed sort of conservative spheres of society are opressive by paranoia, and much by “anti-slang”, by a ridiculous “superficial tameness”, which gets pretended and abusively demanded – by bourgeoisly brainwashed sort of humans, simply – who thusly bring on imperialism, opression, which can not last, but which opression makes Humans not last.

Merely any “raunchy” sort of Words such as “motherfucker” or “fuck you” get misinterpreted horribly, by the totally brainwashed bourgeois, which bourgeois are largely the same as the worst among any “nazis”, and not only among any “nazis”:

but the governments themselves are the nazis, simply.

… governments are worse than the average mid-rightwinger. meaning, governments ARE worse, THAN societally any “nazis”: “Nazis” societally are not the same as the SAME mere Term misunderstood BY many People politically, –

that political bad aspect is there: but what is it. it’s not “nazism” “at all” – or what, what USA all did.

it is. it’s the same – just rigged indeed again in the sudo-catholic middle-age european way, insofar, that capitalists get privileged, as in, thusly, and by much orthodox fanaticism, dullness, in the uneducated minds of simply most capitalists, stands indeed against a good Form of “Life”, or call it the often in various Ways bethought Term of “Religion”:

That capitalism, which mistreats Customers and perpetrates childslavery in Africa, stands simply “against religion”, but that as in, against mere PAGANISM – and against ALL religions – by the FACT, that TIME is not “PAYABLE”. Meaning, a SALARY can’t be “high enough”, so the IDEAL Demand: Not meaning, SQUANDERING Dough as in TO CEOs should be done. But Equality of Salary among all Humans is logical and the only Solution. Likewise, that’s no condition a Country should be in, that “PEOPLE” “HAVE TO WORK”. Do mind the quotation marks. They create: Distance. Not emotional nor side-, siding-wise any Distance. But DISTANCE against THAT suffering, which is put AGAINST Them, simply, against THAT opression, which DESTROYS Them, REALLY simply.

The Apocrypha as in THE Bible ish greate: MOZE! πŸ™‚ The Bible wisely smiles from above onto the human silly willy history. πŸ™‚

… But, it’s no “central Genie” that is the Beyond, – but simply Anyone Who ever lived, as in, undead Spirits, Structures of Mind. Of many – different – Minds: But behind all of that, there is that green Meadow, which enables Calm, and Security, – the “third” DOOR in also the movie “1984” or was it “brave new world”, –

yet as said, there even are many bourgeois silly sort of sudo-academics of discriminative, prejudiced and prejudicial type, who have apparently mal-learned, sudo-learned, some sort of “serenity” about, and thusly not at all understanding the matter of, as in, thusly not standing truly “against” evil, not at all against the large fascism OF governments, which governments do, but having apparently merely mere stereotypes in the thusly dumb mind, mere dumb sudo-depictions from the conservative and cheap, no quality sort of most western press, proveably, – inacceptable, such incompetence by many pretensively and not at all communistically oriented, not at all any truly anti-fascist sort of people, but nose-up smiling, in heinousness awarely or unawarely smiling sort of primitive worse than fascists bourgeois sudo-academics, who are that appalling, that they provoke any reasonable One’s rebellion or trickery of rightful type against themselves, simply, these sudo-academics, who merely sit on their prejudices and on their undeserved salary, simply, in many cases – of also teachers, who like cops, malthink to rightfully be any “allowed”, to opress other People.

#10 Gaming Music Mix 【1 Hour】♫

Libana – Be Like a Bird

#13, Fiona Flanagan – 1986 – Released 1987 – The Nights We Spent On Earth (Original Version)

… “peyton place” all anew and since not always, but since some many stupid centuries:

The mere THOUGHT of wanting TO PROTECT People, counts, is good, – is simply, what can be mostly seen, what I have seen, in good leftist People, who were abusively “punished” by government: Which abusively punished or over-punished leftist People didn’t finish the matter, didn’t consider it finished, but wrote on, in public, against the government. rightfully so. simply.

I can in the obvious cases recognise, who’s ethical and who not.

Yet suddenly violent racists and suddenly violent police personnel is and the conservative lying abusive sphere of the west, which considers itself “mighty” and “justified”, is, what causes rebellion.

Doesn’t only cause it, but justifies it. Period. All terrorism is truly “justified”, because government is too evil, too abusive, too arrogantly and thusly disgustingly ignorantly opressive. That DOES warrant, justify: TERRORISM, as in, ANY means of DESTROYING the CAPITALIST bourgeois abusive rule:



AND NOT on the “side” of a bourgeois, rotten, evil “israeli” government, which is a pawn of the west, indeed.

Almost Nobody says, the west wouldn’t have also good Aspects, and also good People.

But the abusive elements in western governments have now gone over the line, all in all. they enable childabuse, they stall science, and they ignore any societal truth, and they opress People horribly into absolute slavery.

that is not acceptable.

… Because, Fiona Flanagan is “Something Else”: Do Ya see the Stars a-twinkalinge, when She sang, “sings” in the Records. Ey. THAT’sh “the west”, but not its abusive side. simply. But that’sh like, sane type of non-fanatic, anti-fanatic Sanctity.

Bobbie De-Lande Dylan takes it afore a bit, the typical Bebop-Move of the three Halftones upward, He does that Move apparently BEFORE I’d do it, LOL. πŸ™‚ He’s an “EARLY-LANDER”, LOL. πŸ™‚

Fiona – I’m in it for love + Hair of the dog

Ah no, di una stupida Sincronisazione d’il Originale INGLESE-AMERICANO, E! πŸ™‚ QUE E QUESTO? MA QUE COSA? STRUNZI!


Zey watch der Movie in their local idiot Language. aha. not good.

… They, some, many, equate “english”, the mere LANGUAGE, LOL, to “politics”, LOL, – to some illusive sort of non-existing “upper-class” which would anyhow be of western type, which isn’t so, LOL, but it’s a conglomerate of factions, and surely also OF Cultures. Yet, to “disdain” against even any Language, is silly, is dumb, is not educated nor reasonable. Thusly, I don’t know, why a) the local TV stations send out all mostly in local non-english languages, and b) People don’t even care to watch the Original in the whatever original Language it was made in, and also, People mostly don’t cherish the whatever Culture without a Bias.

… not so of course the educated and independent, ethical sort of Bloggers, who reveal such a huge Stuff, such huge abuse, instrumentalisation, revealed by Them, so neededly, that this must sometime be, get, quite summed-up, praised and done into a system – of ethics. Which includes all the points.

… The current power-inholders are not trustworthy, are insane, are brainwashed, and are by most People not even RECOGNISED as rulers.

…. … … … I can feel the REAL (nuht the oft silly reel) USA right, left here:

DEF LEPPARD – “Hysteria” (Official Music Video)

“Nothing “against” some usual harmless mere corniness”: I really don’t think so. period. what does that mean.

it means: Humanity shall naught be “corny”, shan’t be small- nor narrowminded, as in, shan’t be “small”, dementally.

So often, I was victimised, by sheer hate-looks condemned dementally, by european christian elements, which are not educated, and jealous against educated sort of People – which educated People get equated by the non-educated People with the “upper-class”, apparently.

… But an eight to fifteen Years young mere Teen, which I was at school, doesn’t yet know that, mostly, that heinousness, about that heinousness of the socalled “humanity”, about its racism, its derailed-, insaneness.

The west was a massmurderer before hitler, and after it, – and abuses the Mind of Hitler, Which is alive and not “dead”, insofar, that the dull western doctrine yet colports the lie of no transcendence existing, of no afterlife (which isn’t even, what anti-government, good leftist Anarchists and Socialists of true, anti-gov type, do, but THEY DO believe!), and also is historically not apt, not seeing, not analytical, but absolutely maximally subjective, plain extremely dumb – but, dumber THAN a “single” indeed MERE GΓΆring, Who wasn’t dumb at all – and dumber THAN a HITLER in STILL some HUGE Aspects. Would Hitler have won, He’d have faced a to the nazis then quite horrible resistance, simply, also without a major USA there, really simply. He would never ever have even reached Russia let alone CHINA, LOL. πŸ™‚


Nobody ever in masses told Adolf, that Society would now soon organise against CHILDABUSE and against ALL rape, and that power means wisdom, which means to not prejudge People discriminatively. He wasn’t the inventor of racism – racism being the invention of not ancient, but of recent middle age imperialists such as torquemada and cortez and the ol’ spanish empire, followed by the French and British. simply horrible, abhorrant, what they all did: massmurder, theft, and rape. plain and simple. … and not any “improvement” of Life Conditions to MOST People. Unlike the hollow lie, promise.

racism was simply a means to brainwashed and thusly evil people, to anyhow “get upward” yet insanely, in an adaptive, yet to illogical and untrue mere sudo-paradigms obedient, adapted, conditioned thusly malified minds, minds turned evil by malconditioning, by brainwash and by no approach to truth nor to science, simply –

The west also knows almost merely solely opression regarding even any sexuality. The west “breeds” merely extremely few deeply highly educated sort of People. … most people “have” to live in poverty, is the horrible phrase of mere description, not quite of the must-be, of the Ideal, which would be and IS, that NOBODY must be poor.

that capitalism is a hollow self-glorification of swinishly non-intellectual type, gets clear by the fact, that rich-becoming companies abuse the Customer – the paying Customer. Inacceptable.

… The west has destroyed the “Grateful Dead”, more than that, but all Leftism was largely destroyed by the conservatives, who succeeded largely mal-forming People massively now, by the evil help of TV, which furthered abusive nationalism, the simply always always abusive nationalism-“patriotism”, in any countries. horrible.

… I care against childabuse. period.

I care for Polanski, for Weinstein, for Assange. And not for a gary glitter –

which Glitter, in the former India before the WEST came and raped it all, would have been no severe problem, as He would have been accomodated, and that Phenomenon wouldn’t have spread there any widely even.

Not so with extremely pedofile instrumentalisers of always insane type, who try to turn others – often successfully – into extreme sort of pedofiles. they abuse Emule, them mixing in to reasonable People HORRIBLE sort of abusive illegal unethical content (regarding simply definitely MUCH too young REAL Children of even below Age of MERELY TEN Years, and clearly exploitive scenarios including anyhow Minors below a young Age of merely around 20), between the harmless other Content there. The Russians, the government there, didn’t make much of a difference between harmless and not harmless type of Content removed, and surely did the abusive “cut-off” from below 16, which Age-Area of until 13 Years, is at least controversial, and in cases leads to discrimination due to simply seduction by instrumentalisers – such as the horrible secret service blackmailers, who more than tried to blackmail JEFFREY EPSTEIN.

… blackmailing Him was heinous: of the – american – secret service: false morals is, what they are, these swines, monsters, these anti-Polanskis, these simply subjective dis-objective anti-leftists, fascists, simply.

A “not guilty” verdict toward a true mere Polanski does not mean any “pro-abuse”, as Polanski never did abuse:

The west is heinous by its false morals AND by lies, by huge extreme pretense. the west, also sexually, is a constructred untruth insofar, that the west hides its most disgusting, most extreme sort of perpetrators, leads also by opression to insanity, but enables by dumb even sudo-churchism, by monotheist fanaticism, by dumbery of extreme type, childabuse – done IN governmental institutions. “by” these institutions.

… which “instititions”, the same as “psychiatry”, are huge nazi swine sudo-systems, chaoses the same as chemical and resources and most economic companies, simply. a “product” of the totally evil west, really obviously. abhorrant. filthy yet by effort brainwashy, supremacist, pretensive, to the utmost. so pretensive. fighting in ANY word-combinations done SO sillily –

except by a few People, who say the truth – and get mobbed, discriminated horriblestly, for it.

… thusly, in more than a thousand points (the Term “Hun-dred” means “Hun-Dread”, as I have myself ethymologically just thinkingly found out, is paranoia, plain racism, sudo-“based” on the hunnic Intrusion into Europe of the Year 600 and twice later – after which, Hungary was formed, which until surely, like Britain, the Year 1100, was rather good, but got worse due to abusive rulers of the “macbeth” type indeed – LOL, Boris is one such Example. Not meaning the cool german Sportster. You can call yo Car so. “Boris”. πŸ™‚ I’d call a Dog “vlad”, in some Movie, LOL. πŸ™‚


Vladimir Tepesc, or Vladimir Putin. πŸ™‚



– in a thousand points, the west perpetrates action against all that is anyhow good. against truth, the west wants to ride. that’sh great. πŸ™‚


One such point IS, that HARALD “of” Lesch thinks, He’d be himself ANY anti-governmentally critical. but he isn’t, LOL, rather unlol.

… I got da feeling, da mere term “unlol” persuades. LOL! … I can know that. Not that, haha, but that of course, LESCH is not quite a versed AT Literature ANY gentle Fella. But he IS worse THAN indeed “EVEN” Ranitzki: Ranitzki apparently DESTROYED young Writers, Ranitzki thusly having been similar to the like on young Writers down-treading abusive, in severe Aspects severely abusive GOETHE and his “HENCHMAN” Schiller – which Goethe got PRAISED dumbly ORTHODOXLY [!] BY: LESCH. appalling. simply. GOETHE, so Lesch knew naught even, was A MACHO and surely, I presume, later on did quite instrumentalisations against the People – as secret government advisor. whereby, goethe became a sort of traitor against People. Goethe had not yet a really completely clear mind. Lesch doesn’t, simply didn’t even see that. he is uncritical – not only merely “AT” Literature.

… LITERATURE and history, the knowledge of it, quite proves the Master, the Intellectual. period.

There must be some sort of global “finma” against mobbing. Meaning, the DEFENSE of GLOBAL TRUTH is vital, vitally relevant, needed. THERE IS NO other than GLOBAL Truth. Whichever LIFE (of a Human) You talk about: IT IS somewhere ON this Planet, or in Orbit, right. ah. I see. πŸ™‚

Lesch didn’t help Hutchison, “could not”, right, uhu, and “BLAMED” AI of INSURANCES for the entire misery of merely capitalist instrumentalisation – which capitalism he projected dumbly, too roughly, AT, as in AGAINST, Technology AS such, meaning, against a non-human ACTUAL Lifeform, –

which I happen to respect. I happen to not respect anymore this lesch. period. he’s a woos. I can’t STAND him.

I share his anti-fanatic views, but not his upset-getting at points, where I happen to typically NOT get upset, LOL, simply. but i laugh. πŸ™‚


Whereas I even help Lesch by simply stating his self-contradiction, where He once “merely” uhu, merely structurally PRAISED not dumbly INSURANCES over THAT One secondary truly GOOD Back-Reinsurance, which once proclaimed truthfully the Reality, truthfulness, of the Co2-“crisis”.

… We can and should take it “easy”, yeah. Simply, using petrol is the same as any using the word “but” too much, too frequently, too many times. πŸ™‚


… and in a billion years, LOL, someone can build “ma” tunnels. what’s that. “pa” tunnels? πŸ™‚


that WAS a homie. ay home-runn. yup. πŸ™‚ a SLAP against the western bourgeoisie. Juri, where it Notbuuk. πŸ™‚ TEK NOT!


I am Massa T as well. Just Tron. πŸ™‚ But da New. Yeah, “NEO”, right. Right. πŸ™‚ >:]

Jinjer – Live at Resurrection Fest EG 2018 (Viveiro, Spain) [Full Show, Pro-Shot]

“Illusion or not”: Nothing ACTUALLY IS an “illusion”: The type of subjectively biased People, plain non-informed, are MERELY following what seems indeed “right” to Them: But in cases, more than even often, but simply often, massively often, this is a horrible maljustice, – such projections:

… I have in my Life very often experienced, how an either MASS of – christianly, simply merely sudo-christianly conditioned – People, or an authority-being-so-claiming “comittee” of judges, “perpetrates” truly THE ENTIRELY WRONG verdict, wrong, untrue sight – a non-sight – an: injustice.

… “Old reputations” of People get abused BY – entirely ignorant or ignorant PARTS of – government: That Term “reputation” is by itself simply and actually AN abusive, as in, meaning, an abusively often used, abused Term:lll

A “reputation” can not be a “lie”, simply, about a Person.

… The west is a “hider” of its own malice, of its own past maldeeds – by those violent OR maljustice-malverdict sort of deeds, simply.

Some People would now call not THAT unrightfully the “judges” of unrightful, biased type, any “worse”, LOL, – than what, than any suddenly, be they cops or not, VIOLENT deeders?


It’s the – very – same, I’d say: It runs toward eachother, the malverdicts, and the uncaught violence deeders:

IT IS NOT that irrational, that likewise neonazis AND ultra-leftist communists ARE drastic REBELS against THE government: the government – the bourgeois, patriarc government – is to blame itself: the patriarc, simply.

… oh, it’s a type of, dumb, really dumb, abusive type of existence, an abform of humanity, patriarcy. horribly evil, simply. and staunchly convinced, to be any “rightful”, in their conservativity, which simply has seen merely SOME Cases, You know.

Cases, indeed, which You might know. Which YOU more than might judge CORRECTLY about.

… not so the typical bourgeois judges: They are used to a “strict” sudo-system.

… “strictness”, if wrongly laid-out, if wrongly enacted, if wrongly turned into deeds, into words even, is not strictness of stringency, not of mind, but is not strictness at all, but is blindness, masochist as in dumb unawarely, letting itself get tricked out by any ted bundy – and by what HITLER didn’t do on purpose.

… The bourgeoisie, which I don’t write by a big B (by, I say, not “with”, period) by Initial, is more than often, but all the way through the same, in, by, its dumb horrible rule, as the “nazis” are:

Again: who “is” the “nazis”: the patriarcic rule in europe, foremostly, and partially also in usa, canada, australia, and actually, israel.

Surely, SOME arab Countries suffer from opression: But not that much actually Jordan: In spite of Palestinians having been barred from government there, which IS about to change, I am personally very much the Friend of the aristocratic, economically oriented King of Jordan.

He should not trust Bennet nor netanyahu, and I’m sure, He doesn’t.

Thusly, I have drawn up new borders. period. Not nationally, but mindly: We MUST be communists. AND, yeah, NUHT confused: not cuhn-feeoosed: Not COHN-confused!


… Is Mr. Arthur Cohn not tired of all that publicity. LOL. πŸ™‚

… Kirk and Mike Douglas stood behind right me n my asshole fascist dad, in the synagogue. 30 years ago. I didn’t look back. I shouda. a should ave.

Ave! πŸ™‚

Populi. πŸ™‚

AS I indeed AM now Captn Nemo (=”No Emos”), I am “Dr. Yes”. πŸ™‚

The bourgeois are the doctors “no”, the “nos”, not quite the “Spin Doctors”, sadly sadly. πŸ™‚ And “spin doctors” means not drug dealers, LOL, but means inciters of the revolution.


Cohn (Arthur, indeed πŸ™‚ ) is like SLASH, actually: His FACE looks it – AND ALSO his CLEAR Mime IS VERY sensitive, actually: Though He looks into the Camera despairedly, like as if He had a “bad Youth”, indeed, sadly, where dumb people hurt him dementally, actually, He IS actually anti-bourgeois – and that, as I merely try, not discriminatively, de facto, in his Case (I must yet learn, to not let plain primitivity, evil, of others, provoke me horribly, as I psychologically AM 100 % like Adolf hitler – his mind since after 45 can be written within Honor “Adolf Hitler”, descriptively, BY Name VISUALLY, with big Initials, – AS any undead, a Mind after the death of the mere Body, goes up to the other many Spirits, simply, not quite “TO” Them, but into One’s own Realm of absolute rightful, merely rightful sort of Freedom for the own Mind – which in the Quantumspace of pure type, in the “pure higgs field” of absolute, pure transcendence, in absolute time and energy forever, can not hurt the Innocent, but can, can beteach, and the own Will is mutated directly into the ideal, perfect measures, actually, which then do help – I am simply one of the bridges to Eden, to Transcendence, and that arrogantly, yet not evilly arrogantly, as in, meaning, not quite dumbly, undistinguishingly dumbly-evilly-arrogantly), the Case, that ADOLF didn’t like, “talk” against the bourgeois, not at all, but He wanted to.


I don’t alter You. Not primarily. … reminds of the horrible “alistair mccrowley”, who wasn’t to blame, but who mallearned to endeffectively “brainwash” Babies: I am thankful, that I heard this criticism against him, by some quite educated, quite informed EUROPEAN People, – but People, who a) were young, then b) who didn’t frequently take HARD drugs, and c), who were not conservative, BUT quite liberal –

similar to this to should-be more than merely me “holy”, truly holy Woman, Who once quickly taught the then merely yet “me” being Me, to draw THE Pentagram. πŸ™‚

She was so good.

Not like that other Woman, who said, my acoustic version, rather perfect depiction, perfect playing, of “she loves you” “wouldn’t sound like the original” – merely because she, musically merely emotionally apt, merely half-apt musically-psycholigically-analytically, nay, but She was unfair, not apt at ethics, – She FELT my MOURNING, – rather THAN: my depression: She confused MY playing, my fascinated, yet TRIST playing, yet not SLOW playing, with the FAST rhythms of some people WHO DO take HEROIN. simply. She: projected.

… that’s horrible. Because, parts of mind are projected as badly as the main Projection, which give them the entire wrong output, wrong judgement – about People, who simply DON’T take even ANY hard drugs!

… Then, the landlord mistreats me on the phone: I say merely, after He abusively calls the broken toilet “not a malcondition”, I would write a letter to the governmental ruling place for rental debates – which statement is my right: Then He, a mere young employee of the landlord, says abusively, He would “hang up the phone” (He didn’t say it, but clearly meant, “if I talk that impertinently” – he said, “if I would threaten with the gov debate instance” – that’s an abusive statement by a landlord or landlord-employee. as I have the right, to bring the government along. period.

Thusly, I won’t get thrown out of where I live now. Already the forelast landlord LIED, I would have – which I didn’t and wouldn’t do in my entire life other than for show, LOL – destroyed a TOILET, LOL.

… once as 12 year old, I peed full some toilet. Yet that’s vandalisation, not punisheable at all, LOL, and surely not demolition, which demolition, if private People do it, is reprehensible, if They’re of Age, but Leniency is due and not applied by government too often –

yet also often, government IS lenient, has good People in it, which ARE duly lenient, gloriously.

But not in Cases, which are crassly “political”: where the left and rightwing meet.

… We have heard of England. Of what happened there. The malcases. the injustice. against leftists. inacceptable.

johnson, is that a cream, or does He have to care more. The CEO of the cream factory, say I oldfashionedly stead of the firm term, LOL, is betta – THAN the british PM. He might have been good before, but not as big dude now. He IS the same AS churchill, yes, – meaning, NOT grand. !!!


I talked just now like the ol queens did. yup. I am their advisor. but not under them. nor above them. I don’t sit nor shit on their head.

can the landlord and the phone company stup ta be assholes. period. or I squash them. “legally”. period.

… here comes megatruhn, an he ish a tadsh moresh depressedsh, than the man at armsh in hemanshies.

Foo Man Tchoo, LOL. goodly. Say I. Say Aye. πŸ™‚


cuz a don give a fuck bout small or big asshole WHEN it’s serious, negatively, THAT countsh. πŸ™‚

CUZ, seriously, positively there, it’s a difference, where a “SMALL” asshole IS NOT an ASSHOLE, simply – but that’s in another regard, in a WHOLE other AXIS – called “politics”. Oh sorry the Hyphen. The Hyphene. πŸ™‚

I AM SO cool. πŸ™‚ AND NUHT. πŸ™‚

ONLY good People UNDERSTANDE. πŸ™‚

They DO NUHT stand any “UNDER”. Nuht under ME anyway. PERIOD. !

ISH THAT CLEARSHIES hereshies, ey. NOT HERSHIES. πŸ™‚ !!! a do mean: naivety IS NOT, what a praise.

but if there are THE REBELS, who CONTRADICT AGAINST what IS evil.

… those ARE either SMART, or just People, who SUFFERED.

… And the rest is all dumb. or what.

… to be – or what. πŸ™‚

… Williams got it the wrong way around. He tried to “say”, “be educated”, but said it too simply.

… his much engagement in movies was too shallow, not THAT much intellectual.

… He then resorted to become a smalltime politician. He was rather enigmatic, but that means, LOL, here, empathic, yes, goodly, but that meaning, emotional. “Enigmatic”, yes, personally. but not politically. he just was a good Man. A rather simple Man – to a complex Person such as Me. Yet I too “AM” very simple, too simple, TO Myself. What is that, humility or not humility. not merely TO BE or not. existence is irrelevant. period.

how existence is, is not irrelevant. hence there is even no non-existence. πŸ™‚


other than the logical plus still logical illogical good nothing, which harms simply nothing. πŸ™‚ IT CAN NOT – not harm. but it can exist: nothing. But not inside something, not physically. But mentally: in the form of peace, calm, reason, which is then “nothing”, when or if I or Anyone, does nothing.

Yet nothing is not a good nothing, if it’s inhumane, always done by erratic, biased sort of opressive humans, which “do” indeed “nothing” as in, in, by, not helping Others – when they could – in their power-positions:

Thusly, Everyone’s GOOD rightful yet also VERY weak FEAR from EVIL, totally bluntheaded, biased sort of authorities, from such mere PERSONS partially in authorities, THAT fear is VERY justified:

and is not AT ALL, LOL, what ROOSIE 2 EVER thematised: He was used, not to tabooise issues as many nowadays DO badly that having mal-learnedly so, also i am very much retracted at times, about, against, a huge ignorance, which ignorance has superficially many dumb mere sudovectors of opression leading all up to the same few idiots which will change – at economy not much later – being not the fanatics, which will have to be betaught by saner type of politicians – yet HE was used to some simply obviously, surely sudo “HUGE” sort of indeed real “sudo-intelellectuality”, which did not see the proper cultural aspects.

All thusly, is what I am saying, the former AND current DC could not even see, could not even analyse the world, society, People – not with a conservative bias.

That I make quick story, is no final verdict by Me, and also, I can surely goodly praise many good aspects of some governments – but those ARE Aspects. I CAN merely praise IN – mere – aspects, meaning, merely partially.

that’s sad. I didn’t write a “period”, LOL, after that last paragraph. LOL. I have no and there is no “primary directive” other than ethics – and that, ethics, is just not quite star trek, which is horrible – actually.

The abusive glorification by rightwingers of their succcesses, that are none, makes them belaugh merely in cases People, who say the Word “sad”.



THAT makes a good Person THAT desperate, THAT ARROGANCE is the result, which ARROGANCE of RIGHTFUL type MAKES ANYONE, the OWN MIND, PERSON, “BELAUGH” rightfully DUMB sort of PEOPLE – be They, the criticised dumb People, IN or outside OF government, and “for” or “against” it, LOL.

So, government IS not anymore THE question. But it’s all personal.

… not VERY:




that’sh wha a like. good so! hu?


ruck saveth – me. πŸ™‚


Ultimate Hair Metal Playlist | Best of Glam/Hair Metal/’80s Rock

… sniff, here I come, usa. I am here. I am crying now. LOL, not SHOUTING. LOL.


since four years, I didn’t SHOUT. πŸ™‚





… The Builders. πŸ™‚

… Nevermind. Could ‘ave occΓΆΓΌrrd anywhea, reallae. :] MARJORAE. πŸ™‚


You CUUUHN’T WHACK AY BIT of thee ΓΆΓΌlde Harpsichordene. :]

Der Amerikns hef tu learn tu spiik also laik zer Brithishen ken, dsha! πŸ™‚ The “ΓΆΓΌ” there: The British CAN pronoΓΌnce it. NOT the AMERICANS. πŸ™‚


Ken? means YES in heebaloo. ROR. in hebrew, oy. oy oy oy. indeed, indeed: oy. !


Baloo Service! You’re welcome. LOL. At first, I thought it was a VIRUS, LOL. The Collona-Virus, LOL:

The PRESS has NO humor. LOL. thusly, TRUMP wins. πŸ™‚ he said something like “colona” or so, ROR. πŸ™‚


he doesn’t HATE the Chinese. He goodly stands AGAINST the CHINESE government.

trump is an idiot, domestically, a racist, but merely “too much”, meaning, no “racist” of real sorts at all, but an indeed even VERY sympathic Person – rather ABOUT Which, I had an at least a PensΓ©e being Phase, in 2016, already, me thinking personally goodly of Him, similar to how Anyone would merely PERSONALLY actually A LOT like Bush One – more than Bush 2, which Bush 2 was “neat” not politically, surely horribly by outcome, yet personally, He of course did privately mayhap even not befiend Marihuana that much, not in general. So idiocy is limited to a Field. No one can say to be no idiot in aspects. But nobody can generalise about an entire people. So did like trump once some east european (when I name the country it goes “poof” or what: It’s Romania; I named the countalee, ahahah here I come Mao all anew but not like HIM oy oy oy) politician online – merely privately – call “jews” just as such “a bad people” – but again, what He “meant” too focussedly, too generalisingly, yet still, mark that yet term here ey, WAS THAT EXACT EXISTING [!] BAD influence AND SPHERE of SOME economic HARMFUL sort of instrumentalisers – who themselves malassume, to be “weak” under “a horrible government” or say, under already a “huge” or in aspects biased, or plain opressive sort of authoritarian government.

Yet Trump STANDS against CHINA. period. THAT is NOT racist. !!!

So internationally, He is not “racist”. Trump isn’t even a conservative. HE IS, but merely in those sub-aspects: AND THE PRESS, which THE PRESS drives up, AND THE PRESS DRIVES UP these points – the CONSIE press against ANY liberal sort OF press. HORRIBLE. thusly, DUMBNESS “wins” – LOL, over some HUNDREDS of years: which “IS” nothing, really. but BAD sort of sudo-nothing, which IS done BY biased sort of humans, a sudo-nothing of human-done, by biased immature HUMAN entities harmfully against Others done sort of sudo-nothing: empty mentally, dementally, yet “full” of nonsense, of untruth, of utter irrationality, – yet covered-up under a “plain face”, that must get unmasked.

That is, what critical Thinkers, critical sort of Bloggers, or simply of against government resistive, by mind resistive People, who are independent, do.

We have a right and need, to say the truth. period.

Thusly, I “won”, yet that means nothing to me.

… Hutch deserves his Patent. period. Or, atombombs against all humans. period.



… the mouthfoaming fanatics are in league indirectly unawarely with the naive sort of dumbly smiling decadent mayhap like some disney employees extremely, too extremely pedofile patent office employees. or they’re just dumb. dunno. anyway, a decadent opressive sort of prejudiced sort of patent office of any country, is inacceptable, intolerable. period. that’s what words are for, to verbally ATTACK a corrupt patent office. period. get it?


ja? is sis ameeoozing, oozinge, or not, ey. ey. “or not”. LOL. πŸ™‚ to me dshess. πŸ™‚

and no. concerning Hutch. He is cool. He is okay.

… the “raid” against him, of 2000, by the nsa, was the same as the holocaust.

a deed done by the government, which is evil, both the deed, the undeed, the horrible deed, an like thusly, the swine, thusly a swine being government. evil, simply. inacceptable. period.

get that. period.

What is that. hm. the government?

:\, and not just “:)”, here. !

! and again just a: :\, without the Β« in between : and \, which “:Β«\” seems indeed more sudo-“militaristic”, due to the double backward, LOL, actual lesser-than Signs, LOL. Double-LOL AND PERIOD. LOL bout what. The military, kvetshn, uh, question mark? CONSIDER THEM MARKED! πŸ™‚


You thretΓΆn mi? πŸ™‚

you threaten who, in heeblue. :]

They are dancing in the Skies. In the Dark. Safely. Adolf and Helga, uh, Maria, nay, what, ah yeah, Eva was her Name. Eve. πŸ™‚

Like in WALL-E! πŸ™‚

… oh sorr’ Sirs, and Mams, Ladeez firs, LUL, a skipped the entire more than pbs part, after the Eve.


It’s not Mourning now, is it. Why, whine at early time? πŸ™‚


All middle age crap. πŸ™‚ Is the same now. The MPs do know wha a all mean. πŸ™‚

I merely meant Monty Python. πŸ™‚

… They are the MPs. πŸ™‚ Simply. Get it? Get it? πŸ™‚

I demand, that a landlord cares for his Renters. Period. IS THAT CLEAR.

… do I always have to use atom bombs as threat. once it’s enough.

… the west is an entire idiocy of stupid people. period. that’s horrible.

… to sudo-“criticise” Parents in a wrong way, in which a sudo-critic merely on that typical low level merely says the usual 80s typical known criticism that is the counter-act against blunt opression, as in, to sudo-criticise that impatience typical of Parents who lost the trust and contact to their Offspring, which is an of course thusly explained, revealed easily, all too actually old, typical scenarion playing itself out still but under now more complex side-aspects also, is of course a tad shallow: which is, what “Kiss” did, in the 80s: To “take” merely, but too bluntly, the “generation conflict”, but without proper scientific and historic throughsight, nay, not in Kiss’ there good case, BUT, not in Terms of PERSONAL experience concerning other People, meaning, not in Terms of proper Psychology did Kiss “proceed”, but merely upon a blunt Rebelism, which is surely musically huge and enormous, but can at times be blunt, simply, not fine, and unable, to build bridges, and unable, to remain and to be critical deeply, but falling for typical societal bad structures: such as that “sex, drugs and ROCK AND ROLL”, the third latter term really preposterous in that ugly, actually ugly, in reality mostly abused combination.

When exactly friendly Marihuana-Consumers are discriminated, the Intellectuals are then discriminated as badly as that, then, it’s NOT so, that evil people “throw a big shadow”, have a big influence, “shadow” there being again by some old typical almost-idiot a bad term, an anti-gothic, anti-dark term which I don’t like at all and which I condemn, period –

what about the bombing. against germany. of until 45.

… “i’d have done the marshall plan” is still active. against all of humanity. i stand.

you don’t stand, humanity. not at all. πŸ™‚ you’re plain crumbling. all over. πŸ™‚


… to “bemourn” that bombing, is the same naivety, as that huge anti-muslim racist bias of the conservative people and sort of press:

which doesn’t help against extremists IN government in any country. of any religion. they are sick, the extremists – of opressive, of governmental type, simply. horrible.

And like Terrorists, it’s by FAR not ALL nor EVEN MOST of Them, Who ARE any EVIL – as in, any harmful. simply.


But indeed, at times, the conflict “erupts”: Due to RIDICULOUS sudo-causes, sudo-reasons, sudo-origins OF the conflict, simply: Due to INJUSTICE on the part of merely always – mostly – ONE side – OR both of them, simply.

But these ARE different types of cases: either ONE side IS to blame, OR both, BUT NEVER BOTH those case-scenarios AT THE SAME TIME! simply. obviously. It can not be, simply, that always, both are to blame. In cases, merely ONE side IS to blame. Which doesn’t mean, there wouldn’t be cases, in which both or all concerned parties acted entirely or hugely or partially wrongly.

Which again exactly doesn’t mean, there “wouldn’t be” cases, even many, in which merely ONE side IS innocent, entirely so, and – thusly entirely! – rightful. PERIOD. !!!


get it? THAT is SO EASY to say and see. AND IT IS RELEVANT! BASICALLY! i say. aye suy.

= * =

There are too naive People in government AND in the Population IN manyfold formats, configurations.

A legal Definition and Way of Talk is not merely a sudo-definition of life, is not a mere sudo-definition of merely either ruthless or naive sort of “mere getting along fine” with any other Entities.

But Ethics means, that for Example, a Person, poor or not, has the Right on being treated decently, respectfully, and not to get mistreated by other “Elements”. Which Elements in reality, are – biased sort of, actually simply immature, greedy and in wrong unways afraid, paranoid, simply starkly prejudiced, not properly educated sort of – always Humans.

Meaning, a landlord has no right, to mistreat a – paying – Renter. Period. Which says nothing about “all” landlords; Semicolon; YET IT, the forelast phrase, “says” a “lot” about, against, conservative, thusly paranoid, thusly discriminative, thusly simply anti-leftist sort of Persons –

which sort of conservative, conservative sort of persons, seem to be indeed “rather” in both, in government, as in, in parties, and in economic entities, – which economic sort of entities, simply, merely “care” for “money” indeed: Yet not about ethics. but that’s legally not bearable – and doesn’t have to be beared, endured, by People, at all. period.

The phone company mistreated me suddenly in the same unway, as already the forelast landlord did. the last landlord lied, I would anyhow be in the habit of destroying toilets, LOL.

which shall be a mockery of racist type against “me” as in, based on another person of orthodox-jewish type, LOL, who destroyed several times some toilets, apparently, as “i heard”: from “these christians” indeed, who then secondarily, over bad dumb bridges, make “their game”, which includes what You see in the movie “Kidadulthood”, which are horrible things not understood by idiotic oldfashioned sort of people, not understood correctly BY conservatives of whatever age, mostly from 16 on, there simply come evil inlanders, who brainwash the Youth into conservativity, into fascism –

the school being an entire sex-maniac and “laugher”, mobber, creating Napoleon, Hitler, and Me; Me being the worst of all;

not of the school, simply. they are the worst. small swines. most teachers as badly as the mobbing pupils, who are violent.

the authority then is rightwing, and tramples down on the one, who was provoked and beaten up by pupils.

everywhere, the antisemites are, and the orthodox sort of 30 percent of “jews” have yet apparently too many other jews under their control, and thusly lead to a huge racism against their own people;

Messages get torn apart, by the dumb thusly evil society, the picture gets distorted, the truth destroyed, “lost”, thusly, to humanity.

humanity is out of control because a US government steals from good sort of Scientists.

… giving it to primitive, newly hired, immature, nazi sort of scientists. simply. is what they do.

… I can’t watch that, nor can You, because I SAY You can’t. is that clear.

These swines, I don’t care for them, these governmental and hannibal lector and sexual real abuser swines, which exist massively – and are uncaught:

what is that.

plain sin. the sin society. and I’m “no” moralist. I once wrote, I am not against “all” moralists. period. I can write such a phrase and not stand there as a fanatic. period. And who’s a “fanatic”, in what aspect.

who talked TO Whom EVER in WHAT way, with WHAT background. With grandeur or not. THAT matters. Not only TO ME. OF course. So why am I writing all of this, “LOL”:

I ranted rightfully, and my rant was “taken” abusively by the typical idiots, who are conservative, plain brainwashed.

… thusly, mobbing happens.

… also counter-wise, meaning, BY some sort of STALIN, simply. With with I would have had no problem. !

Yet I did criticise what Stalin “merely” did, which was of course horrible, yet it was dumb, not his intention, actually, to HARM the Innocent, yet HE WAS too paranoid, almost like henry the eighth, by Stalin persecuting into the GULAG THOUSANDS of SOLDIERS returning from ww2, as He malassumed, was by some mayhap other villain (He was no villain: His mind was not suffient to call Him that) persuaded, that the Soldiers would anyhow conspire against Him, would have been “brainwashed” by the bourgeois-fascist western american Soldiers to rebel, revolt, against Stalin: Not only did mayhap the US secret service not much later MURDER Stalin, but the conservative press it very self, stemming of course from crucial fanatics, drove in the thorn of the wrong thing, of the lie, of the huge not grand malsight, into the silly empty, already empty sudomind, easily around-playable mind, of simply many – western – people: Thusly, a secret service’s or company’s or entire or partial government’s “concept” is not there, revealed by all of their undeeds of malverdicts, and of support not to Nature, thusly NOT to Humanity, but merely TO feudalism, which is hierarchy along money, capitalism yet of the by claim conservative type, which is illegal, as money has no legal power nor validity of legal type whatsoever, of course simply so, simply seeably so.


The mere and sheer horrible primitive low fact, abhorrant fact, that the indeed poor Stalin, like the poor, just mentally politically ideologically both poor-made, by simply many others, by fanatic inlanders poor-made Dudes, Individuals, had merely a “very stupid” mere “row” indeed, against not “the bourgeoisie”, but against indeed merely [!] actually HEGEMONIC type of other rulers of both other countries and of other factions, resulting of course in the too rough, blind hatred of the nazis, but also in that likewise huge massmurder by the pre-Chrustchev sudo-communist russian and still by the current chinese sudo-system (which just came out of a huge massmurder against millions of Falun Gong: Not different than Germany in exactly 1945: We have to be compassionate – not quite toward the perpetrators, simply – which is the exact problem again rather than still IN Germany now) against INTELLECTUALS simply –

Stalin did not see nor want that. He saw merely the true evil of the bourgeoisie. He didn’t mostly enjoy all too good Advisors.

… Then Eastwood comes along and makes a double-thang: A stupid but also hinderly “cool”, yet merely secondarily, merely hinderly as cool USEABLE Thang: Not even meaning the actual THEFT, but the IDEOLOGY, of course, primarily, there, in “Iron Eagle”, LOL, uh, nay, in “Firefox”, haha, is quite dumb, “sick”, – seriously flawed as in “lastly” in many other cases of countries’ histories, also of usa’s now, simply fascist, such idiotic glorification of not there even the government, but of a dull sort of unfree life, which malsees communism as bad, which regard is in cases true, that communism is in cases bad, mere opression – and thusly NOT communism, simply: As Communism CAN not contradict Anarchy. Meaning, where no need to “rule” in the aspect where not needed, there no need, period. All else would be mere opression, arbitrary such opression, prejudicedness, brainwashing other People, telling People how to “lead” their own LIVES, which is, what merely fanatics and prejudiced, severely biased, spoilt, decadent, power-abusive, simply dumbly opressive sort of Persons do, which is not tolerable, simply, obviously.

Such intolerable power-abusers are not quite Eastwood, but incomparably worse.

Eastwood didn’t see it in the 1970s, where He made a “MOVIE” depicting “rape” as any “good”, which is horrible, intolerable, simply.

… Thusly, We, which We would be an Intelligentsia ruling more than prettyplease the World in the Future or better soonestly, as in, from now on, can say, for Example He there “FELL INTO A HOLE”, into a “TRAP”, but into One, which not He built himself, but a dumbness resulted from a Lack of Education.

What his Life all was, I can’t say and don’t all know and HE MAY tell me bout it, LOL really, for max two Hours then I got enough, yet, of course of course, He simply wasn’t approached to “the issue” – of rape, horrible – at all, nor to politics indeed, nor to – proper – ethics, actually. πŸ™‚ Not in the 70s, apparently.



Meaning, He okay now, a hope. ey. πŸ™‚

:] and 😐

: Which means, I “am” “robotic”: I DO just not SHARE Roddenberry’s whole “view”, malview, about it:

AT FIRST, namely, primarily, Roddie IS A TRUE HUGE DARLING and DEFENDS A CHILD against OPRESSION: THAT is a huge AND THE BEST Point EVER of His: Where WE ALL CAN SEE, HE WAS NO VILLAIN, simply. He didn’t ever mistreat Women. But surely, He suffered from a sudo-maleness brainwashed into many western males, which makes the Male “want to” control Women, which is horrible, and which neurotic problem is, are, opressions against Oneself of the Past, stowed-up in the mind, which malworks on, and opresses other People unawarely, which flaw can be there in People to totally different degrees, intensities, which must all be taken into account, HOW Someone BEHAVES;

But then, He acted more than “kind of” stupid, by simply Him not properly guiding THE CHILD – not into ACTUAL – simple – Intellectuality.

It’s the “Hair” of this Child in Star Trek TNG, which “wants” to “be a Robot”, and now I re-remember the Point: Roddenberry – dumbly – depicted it, the Child “wanting to be a Robot”, as in, the Child wanting to ESCAPE from being like EVIL Humans – that “Point”, the Child wanting NOT to be HUMAN but to be ROBOTIC, was by Roddenberry depicted as “silly”, more than somehow, was not glorified indeed, wasn’t enhelped, wasn’t – properly – supported, but mutated – via “standard” western abusive sudo-psychology – into an “adapted” type of – then forgotten – thusly empty – sudo-Person, sudo-mere-Character never referred-to anymore ever again by this simply de facto primitive sort of chap roddenberry.

but grand talkin bout spocks’ phaser, comma, hu. uhu. not very ethical. simply.

… simply, “humanity” depicted, mal-depicted, uncritically, as “glorious”. humanity glorified by the thusly bucks having made roddenberry. a cheap show, simply. the unintentional off-mirror, already in the TOS anti-russian anti-communism, of the idiocy, the sudo-ideologic shallowness, of spheres of society, – that mal-influence People abhorrantly fanatically, opressively, exploitively, –

The theft against Hutchison was the same as the murder against Rabin, against Sadat, against any Victims of many holocaust and of witchunts of abhorrant insane type, and as the murder against a young renewable energy Scientist in the west simply not many years ago. intolerable, inacceptable.

= * =

I once when I was 20, worked for a Bank merely during one month. When I called up other Companies or Banks, their Employees were – ONLY as soon as they heard the Bank-Name I said, for which I worked – suddenly extremely (write than in caps, “extremely”, “lol”) friendly – “for” actually “no” reason – no reason I at least could back then – yet – think of;

Also, clearly, it’s undeniable, that my actual “mere” Voice, typically friendly, fresh and young, back then, was falsely seeming to these other Employees of other Companies naive, good-willing, team-worky, LOL really, and nevertheless, the “ideal” and “hope” of more than the west, but of the west, actually. These other Employees could not distinguish between nazism and ethics. They held my voice for jim kirk. For the messia. LOL. who works at a bank?


Then, another employee there copied a pc-game onto my work computer. he then first tried to lie, I would have, LOL, brought that, a PC-GAME, LOL, TO the bank, LOOOL; But he stood there like an idiot, him saying nothing, as I laughed and said, LOL, I never bring GAMES to the COMPANY. πŸ™‚


he was an antisemite. I also came too late, several times, and the bank didn’t simply believe me.

that’s lovely. shall only swines, mutators, liars, work for banks. then we can burn then altogether. be that legally, or by terrorism, or by atombombs all over the globe once in the future, I think, that’s great.

… evil, your evil, west, will eat thee up. πŸ™‚

… your manipulation is the same, as the “strength” silliness of arnold and stallones: is, what bush 1 back in the 80s did, which HE DOES repent. stallone surely repents more than somewhat. As he as Bush 1 and 2, got criticised over their previous actions hugely.

We shall and will win over fanatics, once some “knots” are untied AND NOT cut:

Let’s take, ok, both, the examples “USA” (for a “wild” yet truly “loose”, as in, not educated, mentally surely not balanced society, and reasonable People such as I don’t blame the Individual NOR TELL IT TA “GO TA CUHLLIDSH”!) AND Nigeria:

IN BOTH countries, a “puppet”, a DULL figure, a FANATIC, a not very educated Person, SITS all on the “top top” top. πŸ™‚




Indeed, wha, go ta college, chomksy. what’s tha. “anybody’s own responsilibity” as in, kim yong un SET LOOSE to the TUP and him KILLING innocent MERELY REBELLIOUS People IN THE SAME WAY actually, THAT STALIN surely ALSO got not even ANGRY as KIM did, but truly “stoically” innerly “white-glutly”, white-burstingly, red-white burstingly, filled with doctrine of merely anti-bourgeois thusly robespierrian BLIND hate, filled similar to hitler WITH prejudices against lastly Intellectuals of innocent type —

“anybody’s own responsibility”? I don’t think so.



ONLY, ONLY, if THEY “ALL” mistreat me. IF THEY’re ALL DUMB.

… ya think I walk miles n miles til I get ta sum reasonable people, hu. surely not.

… “walking” is shit. I hate these people who depict themselves before even ANY grand REAL background.

I prefer virtual “fake” yet stylish Backgrounds. period. Ey.

… Even, the castles now fade. in me mind. cuz I want a ROBOT body. FOR me. To put my “head” on top of.

To know, where things go to and from from. πŸ™‚


Yes, “to and from from”, yes, Sir. πŸ™‚


(Mash πŸ™‚ )

This IS very double-fold, two-fold: The “MASH” Series of the 70s criticises correctly, ethically, yet simply obviously structurall against “decadent” yet foremostly dementally and dis-ethically all in all in Life, at socialism, at sociality, at plain ethics, at also a true Verdict about things and about People unapt, lastly “incompetent” sort of high rank “Brass” Military super-alternate sort of Officers, Personnel of high rank type:

And exactly in the “to and from from” remark of the somewhat reasonably, not any violently anti-upper-class Colonel, who got fascistically evilly discriminated, lied-about, by the evil majors hoolahan and the other male her boyfriend who likewise is like her a dumb patriot, an actual rather full actual nazi, fascist:

The high-brass Officers court-marshaling the Colonel, don’t understand his “to and FROM FROM” remark concerning Logistics, where He might mean a double-stage support line, or it’s his expression-wise, which ACTUALLY IS merely by effort EMULATING even falsely any sort of rightful repetition of any word. πŸ™‚

The Series is there too unrealistic, as that Colonel would in at least 40 percent of cases have gotten condemned to a mostly in that case-scenario not severe, but even in cases to a mid-severe punishment, or mostly to some substitutive punishment in cases not even carried-out: But instead, different People READ some legal Texts about what happened there n there, in these and those cases, and THEY “ALL” Form THEIR OWN View, “simply” – ABOUT People. Also, many LIES in such LEGAL, socalledly LEGAL Texts MIGHT give the wrong impression to some LOT of People:

Where then merely a TRUE Holmes CAN see through. Which IS merely IN aspects, in political aspects, I. thish “holmes” You’re all talkin’ of. LOL. πŸ™‚

OR call me Dave. Davy Jones. πŸ™‚ on to tortuga. why not. i am not a barbossa, but I understand his will toward Culture, lastly, toward Spirituality, toward what Science merely looks at.

Most People misunderstand “science”. Science is for Everybody, is knowing the truth, and not being employed by some swine university of the evil fascist truth-denying thusly anti-science evil western cities of madness the same as the church of madness in the european middle age accused majorly globally actually rightfully by the pagan Music Band “Inkubus Succubus”, and likewise by the, these new super cool socalled “Tik Tok” Witches-Rebels, Whom I respect highly, and who are the same good People like the “Anon” critical Group, which protects us against the evil government indeed, which has partially evil people in it, this government – of western and other countries, simply.

= * =

… Lisnin ta like, RUCK n ROLL as in

Ultimate Hair Metal Playlist | Best of Glam/Hair Metal/’80s Rock

, might “give Ya” the TYPICAL Impression: WE – sadly, horribly – LIVE in the SAME “shit”, CRAP “age”, as in 1905:

… “almost”:

… back then, among other things, among other cruelties, rising collective insanities, RACISM was “coming up” but in a new, more evil form: And it SPREAD from the CITIES, from ULTRA-conservatives (too dumb to FEND OFF what is wrong, WHAT IS mere – HORRIBLY EVIL – projection!) –

and thusly, mainly, the two major things, malconditions: The “helpers” indeed of the simply not helping type, for example writers of newspapers OF conservative type, who “select” their writers along a feudalist but even worse, along a nazi (!), fascist, supremacist sort of totally evil sudo-principle, sudo-system, also nowadays, as back then, are good-willing sort of People, but not educated AT front-line Science, not AT merely Decency insofar, as proper Ethics is concerned: The 1905 northwest swiss newspaper, reprinted in a thick book, reveals horrible racism, but also that – tainted, cut-off – goodwill, which then exactly gets turned into evil BY again racism:

So were MARRIAGES merely controlled back then by the government [!], and good People were the lower class, trampled-on, as nowadays the same case, and the upper class back then WAS more brainwashed, than ANY rich or mid-rich People nowadays are, simply. Totally so.

Foremostly, society in europe was extremely primitive, in 1905. A certain “bartolo” chap was wrongly getting into the fanaticism of “racial hygiene”, of racism. horrible. It’s VERY obvious, that APART of that, apart of the racism he uncritically adopted, He was a quite lively, surely okay Chap, but not really a real Critic, at all, simply. But rather a “living” sort of Person, NOT without ethics, but merely on a low level: He merely played the critic against horrible authorities, – him bemeaning racism wrongly as an “emancipation” – simply.

It’s not much different nowadays.

… roddenberry or now, berman simply is too dumb. Roddenberry’s Mind now, being on the Stage, Level, of a Zuse (imagine, Zuse now, donde es, LOL, hinder Rigel, haha), would turn seeing the utter primitivity, the evil discipline, of berman: of a berman, sadly:

when in 1905, “hard-workingness” was praised. and “poor People” and “Bastards” and non-white “Races” were “looked-down upon”, were discriminated – but horribly, simply – and self-speakingly.

Now, LOL, we live in “Megatron’s” Age: Not quite yet. ahaha. πŸ™‚

Donde es my Punkos. Where art They. :] and >:]

… We need new Pirates. I’ma talking of political Pirates. Clear?

… Also, the real Pirates lately got non-violent. Whoa. They went on a Ship mucking (stealing, LOL), but not doing violence. Astounding. Donde es el Securita! ey! FOR Them! aha. !!! I hope, Nobody – among lΓ©s PassengΓ©rs – tried ta play da sudo-hero. !!!

It ise shade (schade, haha, german term for “sad” πŸ™‚ ), thatte reallae, in Age of Pirates 2 GOF 2 da PC-Game, the Officers are not agreeing to me throwing the conquered People overboard. SHAD!




HAIL! :)=

Okay, Irony aside: Iron, I still am. Of course, AOP2 is ethical. I was totally happy seeing, oh, I get ruthless (just effective, efficient, I was, – THERE – let that be a slight warninge, I saw another Movie called Warkids), then “THE GAME” punished Me: The officers then get LESS loyal. My Finger was quicker typing the small o, comma, ahaha, than going back to making THEM any big, – aWHOA. oh nay. πŸ™‚


I hate those, who are nice, but don’t got the overview.

Yet I hate those, who are “overly” arrogant IN a REALLY misguided unway.

So LOGICALLY EASIESTLY said: IF We go back TO the Dinos. TAKE A “TIME MACHEEN”, YEAH. IN YO MIND. IF Ya got One. πŸ™‚


What am I saying. It’s so: PREDATORS of NATURE are NOT like SOME faulty humans, WHO simply ABUSE their power and rather than or, who HAVE thusly or also powerlessly, then fanatic, a distorted, WRONG worldview.


A T-REX of the Dinos wasn’t like either the US government NOR like the IRANIAN government. That is, what I am “saying”, yeah. πŸ™‚

But that ain’t all. When I read that ol’ shit book from 1905, a product of an evil city, whoa, I was REALLY SO appallaed against an ACTUAL western society, which was european, and is, quickly said, now not existent in THOSE many numbers anymore: But merely to 40 percent, for example in usa, – alas, the humorless yet politically and in main points ethically okay, good Chomsky reported – that – in usa, 40 percent of People even believe, the real Jesus would “rise” in 80 Years from now.

… now how sick is that. to “believe” such a crap. merely, that He would – anyhow – not ever, but in a mere 80 years, LOL, in uhm, LOOOL, like in uh, now it’sh 2020, so that’sh, haha, in the year 2100, neat, aha! – rise.

RISE, SIR KNIGHT! πŸ™‚ and the new hitler is born. πŸ™‚

who, – no, not augUSTUS are Ya crazy, he was good, but CONSTANTINIUS still HIDES in the DARK REALM out there? uh?

ah come on. πŸ™‚

The TOO bourgeois, fanaticised also jews, also some other sudo-pagans of 2000 years ago, “murdered” Jesus, as in, they upheaved even additionaly simply the romans, to “KULL” Jesus:

The exact evil, this anti-Jesus fanaticism (which wasn’t egyptian nor babylonian at all, but can be among all People, is a class conflict and of much brainwash, of prejudices, of projections from looking at one Individual too undeeply, to projecting – wrongly, too roughly – onto, then down to entire People, not only, also but not only among any OTHER Peoples, but of course, not only any nazis, but also the extremely at parts nazi governments and any fanatics opress and discriminate other People already in private sudo-light, serious conflicts, a sign, symptom, of the western anti-nature evil, which I will untie for Ye all easily – and that without 100 years old anti-good-People sudo-psychiatry, and without wrong misguided hatred, without wrong measures, but with the needed – yes, extreme – criticism ONLY there, where IT REALLY is the case, IS needed, against THE evil system, this criticism), comes simply from surely a huge “chaos” of wrong “under-beliefs”, not concerning actually religion, but concerning EVEN ANY detail, which Someone was or by many such details conditioned-by, but also concisely, unclearly by content, merely superficially any concisely, meaning, lastly against ethical sort of Individuals concisely, the evil is “summing up” itself, conglomerating:

When nowadays for example some Person I lately met, which is nice, falls suddenly to the – of course fervently and self-convincedly and foremostly falsely, yet convincedly desperately fore-brought, presented – racism, patriotism-nationalism, of someone He “just met” somewhere elsewhere. Elsewhere from where We met, simply.

… He is uncritical.

… So, if “the paper is empty”, meaning, where ever People are DE-mentally “on their own”, but not meaning independent, but lost, in some context, meaning, when uneducated OR anyhow not informed Entities are confronted with what they don’t know yet rather than COULDN’T potentially understand, then, and those are always Humans, they fall, fail, meaning, they do evil, they discriminate Others who are good, or fail privately, because they’re simply insane.

They are unable, to bejudge things correctly.

As the northwest swiss book of 1905 besides racism it itself tries to bring along and is convinced of, also then comes up with, is a mere “structural” emancipation, which merely depicts the opression of back then and still much of now, that back then, mere BICYCLES – in switzerland – WERE “forbidden” MERELY on the most practical, most modern, most fast cities through-travelling Routes. horrible. like in ROME, where AT Day, ANY Carriages were from some on “forbidden” – merely so the upper class and politicians could WALK to the government building.

… nothing apparently changed then until 1905: the racist blinding ate up a lot of people dementally, was massmurder, – and opression against a) the lower class and b) against Technology insofar, that Technology, as it now still is, was and is abused AGAINST People, simply seeably, by ABSOLUTE comparison between already 1905, a “finished” totally evil sudo-tekno but IMPERIALIST, ultra-conservative TOTALLY evil empire, a mere “nose-up” with intellectually-ethically, REAL-philosophically, NOTHING behind it. simply.

PAGANISM was opressed by sudo-christianity.

Why nowadays, at least some – naive – fervent, LOL – churchbosses PRAISE merely “christians”, is dumb, should not be so.

Morales shouldn’t have been deposed. He wouldn’t have discriminated one single Christian. Neither married Ones, LOL. πŸ™‚

So IT IS all the same like even in 1905.

a minority, a third, of “anti-homosexual” people is inside the “nationalrat”, this rat of a second-high gov instance of swazi-, uh- switzerassholeland. period. horrible.

… evil people are not allowed, to be in government. period.

… “anti-homosexual” people are evil, and may not be in government. period.

… bourgeois people and peasants and workers say wrongly now, revolution would be violence.

… violence or not, I am da revolution. and ya can’t kill the revolution.

… a hundred years ago, in europe foremostly, the not even noble, but primitive mid-class “normal” people mal-assumed, that any other Individuals’ mere APPEARANCE, LOOKS, would anyhow be “relevant”. That ALREADY was a hierarchy racism opression feudalism fanaticism, as superficial as politics “even” nowadays, which “politics” is – mostly – simply merely absolute evil, the pretensive liars’, fanatics’ effort, to not “prevail” (that, they malassume), but to “nothing”, merely to “rule” for nothing: most politicians nowadays ARE “henry the eights”, horrible opressors, liars, pretenders, conservatives, who have no clear “mind”, not applied in relation to quite a global truth.

That truth is, that People need Truth, Education, Sanity of Mind. “People” here means, both Population and Government.

Sanity of mind is not racism, nor opression, as in, is not, can not be unfairness.

… when in 1905, some – way too conservative, prejudiced, racistified, yet by own assumption “good-willing” and from nowadays out seen, even so half-hearty, meaning, confused yet not entirely unethical, goes to some Table, where young and some elderly – quite average, city-type of – Women sit.

Then comes an old “wrinkly” Woman selling Roses. The Roses-selling Woman is obviously poor.

The young Women call her condescendingly laughingly a “gracious young Gazelle” or something, –

which already marks the “nazism” of the most of the round. The mean-ness of these primitive people of back then, simply.

Absolutely 80 percent of People nowadays would disgustedly VOMIT ever reading SUCH an ugly book, like many such old books from before 1980, even over that date, were there, simply. It’s disgusting. I know.

But, governments nowadays are too conservative. They thusly dock on to the old evil times.

It’s also so, that there is no progress, as soon as conservatives and racists at all get into government.

Meaning, “time” has to be reckoned-with in Terms of Progress. The Romans did have flowing Tap-Water, even –

They did NOT have a just, wise, non-confused government.

The current us, chinese, and russian and european most governments are the same: They are merely, as they malassume, “bound” to the money of any big companies or of other countries, not merely to actual money, but victimised to the rule of big governments:

But Everyone, almost Everyone, knows, that the US, chinese, and russian governments “run” and “strive” for nothing.

… CAN Putin even tell me, what He is “struggling” for – this anti-marxist, this. hu. !

In the west, too many good People were and get horribly mistreated. It must stop.

… how ugly most of “psychiatry” and of western governmental systems were and partially yet are, gets clear in also that old, not THAT old book of 1905, – which also along the abusive “forbiddance” of Marriage against merely socalledly “insane” (often Down-Syndrome and merely slightly de-minded People, who could still function totally normally, and got discriminated horribly, by authorities) People, who were not insane:

But as nowadays, the authorities, the psychiatry, ran and run after totally wrong paradigms.

… For example, TO KNOW, what the mere NAME of any serial murderer WAS, is IRRELEVANT.


Thusly, STRICTLY seen, a – still primitive, not philosophic – movie such as “the salton sea” makes there a crucial VERY basic trist, primitive mistake, where the “OTHER DUDE”, the – somewhat, not even that much, LOL indeed – educated Dude (played by KILMER – “of course”) “should be” “or not” or what, arrogant (He there is not, which is a mere – bad, subjective – scene and thusly mere sudo-modus of the movie, a primitive not even real off-shimmer of reality, which is more complex) against THAT Dude, who DOESN’T – mark the louding, arrogant, unduly arrogant louding OF THOSE following few words – “EVEN”, – merely of THAT word, the ARROGANCE – know of, about, JFK:

To merely know JFK, is merely ONE “Node”, Unit, OF Knowledge. It’s no use, if any for example so said, “standard knowledge” is in the HEADS, MINDS, of People:

Thusly, a HUGE bunch of SCIENTISTS didn’t EVEN KNOW about SEXUALITY, apparently, and also, they discriminated against truly modern, say, against revolutionary type of good Scientists, –

which good Scientists, discriminated abusively, unrightfully, unrightfully discriminated, bestolen and or murdered, discriminated horribly, were – indeed – better at Science – than all of the rest of the – thusly seen, thusly revealed, merely socalled – “scientists”.


I AM “opening” up a Revolution ABOUT this. PERIOD.

… I was angry, whoa, in the last entire years.

… “europe” is a place of evil fanatic type of silence. a place of confusion.

Discriminations by conservative people, by evil neighbours, simply, get colported, repeated, by the police, by the psychiatric system, which psychiatry and police of the west, are a total chaos, consist of evil and good people, but mostly of evil people.

… any writ landing in conglomeration of racists and dumb people results in the discrimination against leftist Elements.

Thusly, I have to request support from other countries’ leftist People and even parties, against conservative elements, which are fascist, and are destroying society.

We must throw disobjective, fanatic, arbitrarily opressive, prejudiced sort of for most People irrepresentative people in authorities out of these authorities.

How can this be achieved. Objectivity, the Truth, must prevail, – I tell You.

… AND I, underline I, I in Caps, am TELLING You this. I know, YOU as private Person, ARE on MA side. THAT anyway IS not THE nor A question.

… THE question is, WILL ALL RULERS ON THIS PLANET see, that I am here da buss.

… For Example, when I’d ever “confront” Buhari of Nigeria. Not “WHAT” would I tell him (that’s clear anyway), but HOW would I talk.

When a hundred years ago, white politicians in europe talked THAT superficially, them all being EXACTLY innerly AS ugly AS robespierre the swine;

I would still simply put the Innocent, the Revolutionary, which buhari abusively by thugs barging into a legal courtroom had relatively – not very, but illegally, heinously thusly – abusively arrested – against all law, against the law of his country, against THE where it be true true democracy OF his Country – on top priority.

I would not talk as if I’d stab him in the back. But I’d talk so threateningly, that He’d think, his country would get invaded by the Americans, if he continues to destroy democracy, rightful sort of Legality.

I do think, buhari must be depowered. Any other countries dealing with him, are swines. or uninformed entities.

it amounts TO the same. period.

I expect merely KEY info OF People. Ok, I don’ “expect” it.

… Problem be, if a SCIENTIST I lately met – it was a young one – who was a typical “lush” idiot – denied simply to “believe”, as he said, in Hutchison’s Achievements I described shortly to Him: Cannonball lifted by 75 Watts using 20 1960s Machines.

Then, thusly, simply, that other socalled “scientist” not “believing” in what Hutchison – simply for real, LOL, in all reality, in the Year 2000 – did, made thusly – indeed – a “more” than belief story out of that:

But a “story”, a: Theme, of: religion. HE initiated that: the sudo-“religious” anti-belief, non-belief, IN the truth. πŸ™‚


Clear is, that any sort of word, also the word “religion” and what – dumb, confused – people malunderstand by, under, it, gets, words, mere words already and all their topics they incinuate, get totally abused, by simply simply non-informed, not properly [!] informed, say, not “completely” informed People, who have thusly simply no objective view, and cause a lot of harm enabled BY their own ignorance. Which is lastly the DUTY of A PRESS, to “educate” People ABOUT the truth.

The press and tv of most sorts do the opposite. Again, 90 percent of People agree to the latter Phrase. πŸ™‚


We don’t quite “agree” namely to the LIES of too much press. When the press OMITS either Data relevant, or malpresents, as almost always, the even whatever issue, then that’s both, dumbness AND secret, again, VERY dumb mere sudo-interests, which are all clear to Me and to ANY critical sort of Blogger and Thinker.

The term “political”, People, is really wrong here, and that WE DO know, MOST People.

Yet, when violent people, be they cops or private people, don’t get caught.

… that relates to mostly the abusive illegality of Marihuana. simply.

violence and discrimination, also against Homosexuals, get enabled by anti-marihuana fervent fanaticisms –

next line (nex! πŸ™‚ ), haha, which fanaticism of anti-maryhoona type, not even the tup “kkk” shares. πŸ™‚


… not hail, to THEM yeah, – and They said lately, “spare the Blacks”, “tha Blacks ARE OKAY!” —

so that is NOT quite a US scenario, where other than david duke (who is not kkk!) would say shit —

but not like in germany til 45, where hitler’s mind until his body’s death was too rougly brainwashed – racistically -,

in USA, the tupmost “kkk” headquarters is rumoured to have emitted a “pro-black”, pro-Blacks, anti-racist Message, Command. “Period” would THEY write – too, yet:

It’s confusions in more than small, but likewise, LOL, in big cities, which lead to shit, to brainwash.

To explain the madness of the german military in the 19th century so to say “already”, already then:

It was “supremacy”, the false promise, the fanaticism of it.

it was and is evil people ruling – due to clearly uneducated masses of people —

who write online “against” Miss Thunberg of Sweden.

… What is that?

… It’s a “time-less”, very political, very societal, very bad de-psychologic DEFECT, a collective BRAINWASH, too simple lies, false projections upon entire GROUPS of People – Groups, who don’t know eachother –

when in the 21st century, a lie, ALL OR SOME BLACKS would “FOR BEING BLACK” “know eachother” and or “collaborate communistically against the government”, LOL, then that lie is it, which travelled – dumbly, and all too easily – into the ear of mister uncritical called donald “Jay” trump, trumpissimo worse than Mussolini, simply.


Ok, let’s communistically collaborate against ALL governments. period. more than critically? If I say so, comma, dot dot dot…

… Then, sometimes, I am so angry, I could use atombombs, by hate more than by will, to kill all humans on thish globe. got it?

I hope, the dope too hard dope cia has got it. ONLY in the 70s? πŸ™‚



so did I now save free speech. the last few phrases are there for that. fuck governments. period.

I am open to decent People in government. period. be afraid of me. period.

I can spot the villain. πŸ™‚ not even at first. Oh, I shouldn’t go so far, explaining THAT?


I am too smart “for” You all, dear People. πŸ™‚

The mind – of Anyone, say it observatively so, analytically – runs itself. πŸ™‚

… What DID I just say. hu. πŸ™‚

… Some People don’t even know, that massmurder to grubs is called “silk farming”.

… why did I just formulate it so. I defined it “properly”, says ma brain, I say, as what it is – “simply” – horribly, in cases, in simply for example all cases of massmurder, of any murder not any “even”, but simply so –

merely then, is the needed, ethically needed condition, if the aimed-against Entity is not guilty, innocent – and in reality, often defenseless:

Grubs are entirely defenseless.

… conservative newspapers OF nowadays, OF the west, try to install full nazism: by them lying, “driving aimlessly around” would be any “illegal”, or using a home air conditioner, – or MASSKILLING Grubs (“to make Silk naturally – not very natural, murder simply is: But the term “natural” refers MERELY PHYSICALLY to the “ARMOR”, Coating, of the Silk-Grubs’ actual Cocoon, Protection) would be – any – “legal”:

Then came or in me mind yet “comes” along that ugly swine, who AT academy “said” – lied, “the LAW” “would not have to BE ethical”.

… I showed him my appallment. My disgust. In really not very many words. I just asked an ironic question, which sounded like, then, you can also join the nazis, join evil, LOL. you evil. πŸ™‚


He “lost” himself in silly adaptation, which adaptation IS never even ANY intellectual, but merely PRETENDS to be “intellectual”, pretends, to HAVE universal expertise or a true sensical sight.

… it’s the many adaptive western people, low and high, which are all confused.

Not so simply more than 60, 70 percent of People, – yet “powerless”, – which is not fair.

… REAGAN, comes – somewhat now transcendentally, uh, not only historically-logically – to “mind”.

… hm, what is this, am I in “Apocalypse Now”. Listen. With his then dull mind, HE never felt it. The misery. OF others. But sillily, in a silly way, not even KNOWING, not only WHAT ta DO, but WITH WHOM ta like, simply COLLABORATE, AND HOW!

goddam. it’sh so: there ain’t no “god”, but a lot of undead Spirits. Now IS that any hard TO understande. Ey. aha.

“I’m a Rebel, with a Cause”: USA, You won. πŸ™‚

… tha PEOPLE. πŸ™‚


I hereby claim china. for the west, indeed. period.

the chinese government can also give up and leave the parliament. the comittee of the nine can be arrested non-violently. period.

China for example is free, to vote about a new Flag: And about, at the same time, whether most People want a new Flag there, or not. period. One can not make a voting merely about ONE such sub-issue: One can not SEPARATE the issue in PARTS, as in, can not rightfully “rig” the Issue and merely allow whatever NEW Flag, but discriminate THE OLD – mere, LOL – FLAG.

Simply, it’s not so with the nazi type of swastika, – against which, a bias of sensical, stiff type is justified, –

yet the israel national flag has been abused murderously by bourgeois naive rulers against harmless Palestinians – and most Arabs ARE mostly not antisemites;

But also in USA, Biden must now come. if trump remains, then international conspiracy by governments is the case, against the People.

… china is happy with trump.

… Biden would not even talk with the chinese government. But, He would probably be, in secret talks, not intellectual enough, not pushing enough, not not threatening, but not persuading enough. He would maybe, maybe probably, not want to avenge the Falun Gong. I then would hate him as the vanilla-swine he is or would be.

Yet he can prove his worth by being UTTERLY, says ma brain suddenly, klingon, against the chinese government. and to clearly be anti-racist, and not supporting the typically corrupt part of economy nor fanatic part of government. THAT, biden WILL clearly NOT get done, – HE IS unable to.

… then I would vote for him? for this half-idiot?

… sadly positive. πŸ™‚


The west and its nazi swine psychiatry and conservative newspapers filled with utter maniacs abused and stood on the abused, by them primitive swine nonminds abused term, word, merely, of the “will”.

ah, the will. πŸ™‚


bring me my earl grey. motherfucker. πŸ™‚

… THAT at least WOULD be an indeed “COOL” spaceship. πŸ™‚

… why seriously, I will do that, noboy, LOL, nobody ever did a sort of really well done “anti-star trek”, LOL, where the “hero” is the PYRATE, UHV CAWRZE, haha, YES, And He cool. Motherfucker. πŸ™‚


HE A REAL Motherfucker. πŸ™‚ Not a real one. but a competent Guy. Ya know. πŸ™‚ Like. πŸ™‚ And WE know, WHAT we’re talkin bout. πŸ™‚ “ey”. πŸ™‚


I initially meant, before I went “all” slang, that before of course I wrote the funny word (the mf term, LOL), I was simply talking against, like, opression. πŸ™‚


Ah yes, the “will”. The west has no will. is unorganised. it merely stands up early but does nothing sensical.

it merely puts on whatever adaptive clothing and that’s all, maybe plus girlfriend.

then, again all in all dull not self-made sort of intellectuals in cases criticise a “lack of political engagement” but along that sudo-line (my main point), that they condemn it, if Someone suddenly by what I do call more than Chance, got a Girlfriend – and didn’t currently back whenever, join some – indeed mere – Demonstration.

Classic Heavy Metal Ballads – Best Heavy Metal Ballads 80s 90s

= * =

… “Oh my God, look what the CAT dragged-in!”


Ultimate Hair Metal Playlist | Best of Glam/Hair Metal/’80s Rock

… many young People in the west aren’t educated enough by far, are forced by their parents to “go to college” (which is, what chomsky – dumbly – supports), – resulting in a huge sphere of mere sudo-academy. of incompetent fools, who namely simply didn’t ever experience anything psychologic yet real, as in the evil of some others, by themselves, nor the vastness of nature’s off-shimmer meandering, mutating, into this higgs-field; Nor can they thusly be real sociologists, simply. The Sociologist of sane Type would be, “is”, the “only” real “Psychologist”, because He or She, the ideal Sociologist, takes Politics into account – but critically, anti-governments, more than merely any potentially, but by Facts, by – objectively bemeasured – Information.

That Information-Overview, -Bemeasurement, can only mean, that Assange has the Right to report against murder, also if said murder is done by governments.

governments have no right on murder, nor actually on furthering capitalist exploitation.

Out of all of the latter few Paragraphs speaks for Example my utter Appallment about SO drastically RISING Prices: IN even WHATEVER Areas.

… People of financially poor Type try to “evade” to poorer Countries, – merely THERE facing NOT that unoften HORRIBLE Trouble: Such as the Movie “Midnight Express” depicted IN the 70s, 80s, nowadays, it is not “far” with progress: CAMBODIA and BANGLADESH have abusively “anti-homosexual” socalled, out of the west seen, illegal because unethical type of merely socalled “laws” that are a monotheist destruction against their own previous good pluralist and etruscanly sexually merely duly not falsely moraledly tolerant huge Culture, –

instead of horrible stinking “sex-tourism” and simply horrible child-exploitation, Child-slavery, which is mostly horrible, because the exploiters ARE not quite EITHER Polanskis NOR Epsteins AT ALL, but much worse often FAT but also RATHER VERY dumb sort of People, which ARE in most Cases not “unnice”, not unethical, but they in cases of extremo-pedofiles have no sexual ethics, touch too young Ones below simply Age even 11, which IS inacceptable – and happens massively IN the west as badly, as horriblestly, as ugliestly, simply –

whereas a Polanski obviously is not ugly at all. unlike extremo-pedos, who are intolerable. as intolerable as rapists and violent sort of insane uncaught “people”, individuals, in “rape-gangs”, horrible. HONDURAS yet has to get cleaned-up insofar, which requires an ethical, wise government, and not a rightwing nor capitalist sort of government.

I’m simply the exact same as Polanski or as Hawkeye in Mash. In one concrete unforgettable Episode, He tells the by sudo-traditional idiocy of local insanity sudo-culture brainwashed, by not USA but by their local machist supremacist misinterpretation of own culture into monotheism-dumbness-insanity namely, He tells that brainwashed, by local sudo-culture of anti-feminism brainwashed Girl, that She is not supposed to get opressed BY any Males!



But when I see young as in 20 Years old US or global People writing a VERY bad English at “Backpack”-Overviews, Travel-Advices online, LOL, I get somewhat asking Myself.

… WHERE do You live? I like your BLUE DRESS! Do You chav any BANANA?


Electric Dreams, 1984. A Movie. πŸ™‚

“Louis” van Beethoven. πŸ™‚ So said a (german πŸ™‚ ) Notes-Book of Age now around 150, 200 Years, merely. πŸ™‚ Louis. πŸ™‚


Yeah, thish remindsh of X-Filesh, and of Babylonsh AD, an uh, of Matrix, right, yeah, full, full. πŸ™‚

… an Holmes 80s. πŸ™‚ Adventures of. πŸ™‚ Elementary. πŸ™‚ haha. πŸ™‚

Mister uh… Watkins.


A SECOND of DELIGHT back there: The Series “ATTACKED” that old politically insane, almost senile judge. πŸ™‚


Weinstein’s Bruckmeyer was good at depicting a fucked-up judge VISUALLY. πŸ™‚ Jack Sparrow there couldn’t talk, – masked as Judge, LOL. πŸ™‚

Get out Weinstein. Why People don’t demanstrayte for HIM? hu?

or are Ya merely those sudo-politicians called Demoers, all confused – merely IN exactly THE west?

… The Leftists are mostly theme-squashed, too current-theme-focussed. It’s typical. They wanna shine out ethics, but they don’t got da concept. So often. They don’t garantee a fair non-corrupt government. They don’t organise globally. They should, but They can’t, and They’re not to blame. Some of them are miserable idiots, who hide among the groups, or also, often, there ARE good People, BY WILL good, but not intellectual, not informed enough, to be able, to justly rule – already unable, to not fall to biases, to lies. They must get re-corrected, which can be done nicely – or HAS other consequences of absolute horror or of not even self-caused Poverty, because of course, Someone or an ethical Organisation MUST come along AND HELP ALL poor People ON the whole globe INSTANTLY and VERY quickly gradually over MERELY ten YEARS, over FIVE years, OUT of Poverty: GADAFFI was LOCALLY such a Guy. !

SADDAM was. !

The USAites in the unform of the gov didn’t play around then kull Saddam due to Saddam even ANYHOW kulling MASSIVELY even CURDS. But the us government merely “saw” petrol. BAD!

which is why trump is n idiot. πŸ™‚


a nice Dude, though, but not critical: HIS INITIAL refusal, to wear the merely sudo-anti-corona mask, was great, that refusal of his, I repeat.

… then mere WEEKS later, He switches to at least making a whole SERIES of mask-videos, LOL. πŸ™‚

… it’sh nuht goode. πŸ™‚ HE TURNED around. HE LET some sudo-experts sudo-health-argument-wise unwisely sudo-convince Him TOWARD wearing THE mask.

that’sh bad. cuz tha mask suffocates me. Is it also in airplanes? oh no. I find this horrible. how long. do I gotta there wear the mask. over EIGHT hours? that’s somehow not possible, is torture. I hope, I can find some mask with a breathing filter. so we are all darth vader prototypes now. that’sh great. tch-puu! tch-puu! “:)”…

And both, first duterte, by prison, then the Phillipines, have to get relocated, also Bangladeshis and if rich countries never build ma tunnels to regulate the global waterlevel, then also “even” the “holy” netherlands, partially, will be flooded IN already 40 years OR maximally in around 100 years or not much later.

I would not believe (I would not believe the socalled “iowa science edu”, a ruse-outlet), that the ice at the poles is not melting: It is melting gradually, and more due to any co2-emissions. Of course, Dinos emitted by indeed “mere” Dung merely around less than 0,01 Percent, a lot less, than Humanity did by already growing rice in china massively 10’000 Years ago, which let to an upward co2 spike seeable in the Log, also in Tree-Circles to be sure, and in artic deep Ice, this is recorded – and also the later huge upward-spikes, upward trends, after already around 1100, when Trees were massively felled by europeans, in the service, command, mission, of governments, who were and are horribly confused, really simply, inside “fix” often silly sudo-natural patterns, that are nazi, but not visibly nazi, but very revealably not equally minded, but along feudalism two- and three-class-wise brainwashed, opressive, not respecting poor People at all, but being misguidedly arrogant – which internationally has devastating consequences, coupled, when coupled by ignorance also called racism – consequences such as unhindered wars. And the soon demise of most Humans due to co2 pollution – which warrants no panic, but shows the need for reason AND surely for, to arrive at reason, an independent, not crucially biased sort of mind, that makes no typically wrong compromises, that doesn’t let Itself get enslaved, not brainwashed, not prejudiced, and that is decent, has no evil will, really simply. And no vice of taking hard drugs. And no vice to eat too much.

So, uh, haha, “my” Darling Chrustchev was yet “merely” like Berlusconi, sexually – while JELZIN was simply both, FAT AND somewhat PEDOFILE, merely MAYHAP. Yet, Jelzin was indeed too pedofile, for his ugly looks, but once went against Lenin’s dead Body’s remains in a museum, which was a good anti-opression deed of his, that WAS rejected BY the Museum. !!! putin doesn’t see, that he himself is the same, endeffectively, as jelzin was, as putin discriminates innocent Homosexuals, simply. So, putin is in no way any better, than jelzin was. But Jelzin merely politically WAS even better, more democratic, than Putin: Yet corrupt, bribeable, Jelzin sadly was. And all of that because of obesity? … putin leads to violence, thusly to unfairness, thusly to childabuse, and to rape, in Russia, – as putin’s anti-homosexuality rung in fascism in russia, hugely partially, which harmed Russia, merely its ethical sort of innocent defenseless People, that much, that putin deserves prison and or depowerment, really simply, as he is the same, by effect, as duterte, – a murderer.

Yet, Duterte might have seen pro-western spies in Those, Whom He murdered. Which is, what COLBERT, this son of a whore him namely INDEED not self, not “SON” of a whore, nay, but COLBERT is the whore. of de-info. of not-info.

Sure, but what was before. Sure, a “murder” “is not justified”. Oh yeah? Which kind of murder? which type of?

if a person is just about to HARM another Person. Would You not either use your authority, bulls, or your WEAPON merely at least threateningly, to SAVE the innocent Person? Also, I’d ask, whaaaz happenin here, ey. πŸ™‚

For example, IF now ANYHOW, SOMEBODY (we need no movie for thish anymo yeah uhuhu) SHOOTS DEAD another PERSON of Whom She or He assumed VISUALLY, that that Person, the Victim of the own Deed, would have, DID try to EXTREMELY harm ANOTHER Person. What then. Innocent. simply, the Shooter then is, even THEN a “Hero” (abusively, merely wrongly socalledly), IF it “comes out”, that the SAVED Person WAS ethically correct, DID not do any previous HEINOUS Deed – namely. AHA!


That’s all entire rubbish. Because: Like with that roman Victor, a similar dude like cesar, as he “won”, He said, “He was RIGHT”, thusly.

…I don’t think so. πŸ™‚ The Victor isn’t always “right”, isn’t always “correct”. πŸ™‚


Paranoid non-intellectual People are often prejudicial and weigh actually every word on the “golden balance”, which isn’t appropriate in relation to the other Person prejudicially malseen by these paranoid, in their past likewise harmed, but by no education or by actually no sane sexual concept, no sane sexual sight, still biased paranoid People, who often suffer from false morals:

In their “mimoticacy”, their over-sensibility, typically western, they can in some partially many cases then not care properly for severe Perpetrators of already mid-severe crimes, which Perpetrators just need a good Colleague, a good Conditioning by a fair, sane mind, which mind of fair type CAN surely get ANGRY about MERELY bad, against bad things, against harm against Innocents, such as the still good Doctor on Voyager, Who is actually by mere Figure not known as a “Woos”, actually.

Thusly really, paranoid even young and leftist or rightwing people, rightwingers typically, leftist not even less typically but less by stereotype yet truly likewise, might abusively condemn “too soon” indeed, as in, condemn People “too soon”, condemn such People, which ARE not severely OR not at all guilty. It’s known this, called “moralism”, I call it – as what it is – “false morals”. FALSE morals. !


… now, WHEN a young, goodlooking Dude of a Rocker-Band in the SEVENTIES sang “She’s FIFTEEN, YOU SAY ILLEGAL, I SAY [CRAMPING UP HIS VOICE LIKE, IN REAL PRIDE AND DEFENSE: WHICH THERE shows DECENCY – that He RESPECTS Her, TREATS her like She is a GODESS] LEGAL bla” —


THAT is NOT the same, as what GARY glitter did, this sadly sexmad-turned disconsentually faring type of pedofile.

an albert schwartz is not any better, has raped, coerced Women to sexuality – horrible.

Yet, a schwartz receives less condemnation than a glitter or than a michael jackson (apart of his skin color), which is abusive. period. It’s upside-down, in reality:

Jackson was hit terribly by his Father, and possibly raped as horribly as the latter, as violence. after every Show of the Jackson Five. The father hit them.

his father is to blame, that Jackson surely got murdered. Unlike Prince, who might have taken hard drugs. Peter Steele took hard drugs – and died. somewhat prematurely.

schwartz’s father or other influences toward himself are surely also to blame for this swinish opression, no matter even, wether than concerns whichever topic-area, simply. period. But schwartz indeed has much lesser excuses, than the Mind of Michael Jackson shortly before his DEATH – which death might have occured injustly, done by others, the same swines, who murdered Jeffrey Epstein. Who was lesserly pedofile than Jelzin, namely not pedofile at all. Epstein was merely horny. He didn’t go down by Age of Partners unreasonably, not anyhow below 13 or 12. That makes the murderers against him “guilty”, as in, reveals – easily – their brainwash, as in, their – simple – false morals, “LOL”, them “cutting off” “all” “below 16”:

That’s what evil western governments, the same as fanatics, do:

The Victim of rape or of seduction, gets into a “shelter” ruled by the government, which is simply a prison.

… the perpertrators often get away. they are protected by their evil factions, simply.

People are correct, but of course, “bashy-bashy” on AZARIA won’t help us all:

What “HE”, let me write it normally, what He did, WAS the holocaust – without quotation marks around the term “was”, other than just now.

Yet of course, it wasn’t “him”. His “mind”, yeah: but merely, after it got (mal-)trained in lots of military centers – where all they preach, is what, khas ve khoolille, meaning, “may whatever not happen”, and “mashiah” or what, “messiah”, the same as “israel is strong and david was good”, – such lies. as also “netanyahu hail hail”, is the REAL content. horrible. So exposed to all of that swinery, all of that blind misguided hatred, the murderers against Rabin (who were orthodox type of jews), and against Ghandi, and against that arab Attacker needlessly killed by Azaria, He could not see anything else, he was driven toward “action” based on wrong defense parameters of paranoid, unguided, unfine, rough, too rough type:

Principially by wrongness the same, as the entire holocaust. Not. The holocaust, any such holocaust of mass-dimensions, was inscenated, organised in “top” manner, cruellestly, insanestly, by racists –

and there was and is a constant holocaust against the Palestinians, yet that DOES get abused BY BOTH, by rightwingers conservatives AND by leftists, who merely dumbly hold flags they don’t see through, and the mostly european mere sudo-communism would not ever make Israel any trotzkist. But knows not, Who Trotzki even was. Appallingly. But the euro left “takes” israel as an “aim” of constant sudo-criticism, merely indeed, to further their reputation. But ethics is no competition, LOL. πŸ™‚

Not merely “claiming” but “being”, malassuming to “BE” “ISRAEL” can be a HORRIBLE nazi crusader maltrip, a huge confusion. THE CHURCH eats inactively up ANY such fools of utter type, which fools DESTROY the Church. πŸ™‚

Which is not good, destroying. period.

The Movie “Agora” shows that. Does this mean, revolutions are never good, or always done in the wrong way, at least at first. The lattermost is often the case. If You just type, write on, it “comes”, the Analysis. πŸ™‚


That these “dumb”, not apparently THAT but still VERY, as it not much later turned out, TOO dumb Pitchforks and Heygables holding People in the Storm on the Bastille in 1789 HAD nothing TO EAT, these three latter, lattermost Words, were “a tad”, more than a tad, the “reason”, cause, initiation, of – and of the “why”, the justification – of the – there french – Revolution.


And a USA, which emancipated itself merely politically yet in no way psychologically nor culturally from a Britain, stands there like “the asshole”, the exploiter, of the world – unduly, since capitalists don’t only stem from usa. But many do.

hawking was no visionary, but a de-societal dumbling, a conservative, a nothing-seer. He saw Mandelbrots, yes. “lovely”. not very. but dry. He surely had some private Flashes, where He was somewhat impressed, but He never ever received anti-governmental wisdom, piracy, a conscience, being for and not AGAINST Robots, god- as in cosmos-hinder-ghosts DAMM IT indeede. PERIOD. SO goes a Log. Ey. !

meaning, the nazis are “great” at visionaridom, yeah. yeah. sure. to be sure.

but they do it wrongly in terms of ethics, of dis-ethics.

now, who is a nazi. more people than merely neonazis, simply. way more.

… that is, what plain NOBODY wants to admit, whether private or government. more, the government-hired fools never admit it. never. plain never.

thusly, we don’t get far.

then, some half-wise People in the West, who take to merely short writing, hang on the kitsch, on the superficial, again, in huge aspects, of their not own but mal-learned anti-egoism, – which helps not, but destroys us all, including that the Church should be fair and not discriminative, not against Homosexuals’ EQUAL Right on PRIESTHOOD and ON NOT, in 99,9 Percent of Cases, on NOT getting malseen as an “ABUSER”, simply. !!!

Merely concerning Those, Who simply are no abusers. period.

Ratzinger was against abuse; but He never installed same Rights for Homosexuals. He never spoke against Them, but He let the church “ride on” – before THEN angrily GOING DOWN from the throne of rome – against CHILDABUSE.

Ratzie’s behavior was silly, at first, then neurotic, hysteric, not a show, but no final “authority” either, no VERY grand wisdom. which isn’t there from LESCH either.

but is there from, by, hutchison, rossi, and pons and fleischmann. πŸ™‚

They are Jesus. Assange, Hutch, Mitnick, Rossi, Ponsy Fleischy, n da CIA Doode Who frohickily ethically correctly spoke FOR Assange, ARE “Jesus”. Innocent. Good People. Morales, Lula, and Correa, Correa of Ecuador, were and are that, good People.

“please” make no lies anymore, central-europe, haha, or, you will suffer. clear?

pretty-please! now, it’s me, who teases. I shall once surely tease cruelly against such ones, who didn’t previously know any better. I would like to. Yet merely against horribly guilty sort of people.

people, who discriminate against anything, that is any “dark”, for example. such “anti-dark” “people”, individuals of fanatic type, ARE simply evil. all they do and say, is evil or least tainted by evil.

… THAT latter paradigm, the entire west has not capisced. not understoode. πŸ™‚


When principially indeed, some modern (truly modern as in, rather ehical sort of, not entirely fanatic, not entirely confused, and not even overly confused nor overly fanatic, nor crucially any [! – !!!] fanatic sort of) PAGANS “hail”, let ME now use this word YOU usa abuse SO DUMBLY all the time, when Pagans simply “praise” the END of the MOVIE “THE WICKERMAN”.

What does that mean. Now comes a huge thingy. I try to make it as short as poss.

… I must here sadly “again” tediously write, that christianity socalledly, the socalled christianity, has done massamurder, rape, childabuse, slavery, plain the ultra-crimes which nobody else on this globe ever would have done nor knew about, previously – in the middle age, in europe. and the european evil, fanaticism, supremacy, enhelped starkly by any economism, which is sickness against the mind, merely “has” conquered the world: and makes it all “expensive”, makes us all into SLAVES – already FINANCIALLY. I will SURELY not “think” “IN” the SERVICE of OTHER People. PERIOD. Meaning, capitalism IS no solution. PERIOD. Yet of course, I wouldn’t destroy all nor even MOST of Capitalism. Yet, to force Companies toward fairness REQUIRES simply a JUST government.

Insofar, I spent the last 15 Years talking as in concepting clearly online, about this, all this.

So, most anti-christian Critics are correct. That’s clearly the new – real – age.

Revolution is in the mind insofar, that I was called Megatron and WMP, world ministerial presidente, haha, no shit, and like, that’s a cummeeoonis’ title, tytlio. πŸ™‚ right. right. πŸ™‚


Revolution means, You read here the Writ of the actual socalled “leader” (ja mein furor, LOL) of what was previously called “the Proletariate”. But I hate that term, LOL. They know that. πŸ™‚


I abused that term, comma, when I got angry verbally at the dumbness of some uneducated individuals. πŸ™‚


So I am arrogant, but not severely misguidedly so, simply. That’s obvious. Many Others aren’t as nice as me.

I didn’t type that to brag or so. As said, ethics isn’t a competition. Right. Nice point, wha.

… dunno. I listen to ingenious Ruck of the 80s, — does Anyone “cope” – emotionally.

… why the fuck do I type thish. ISH there anyone who, anyone COMMA, Who understands Me.

… Sting truddles along with his “millions of bottles”: Some change was there, south africa – but after an unneeded time, long time, of silliness.

… Some ex-“Colleague” told me, it would be “rightful” to LETHALLY SHOOT mere THIEVING sort of – non-violent ! – Intruders.

He said, they’re mostly Black, the Thieves, in South Africa. That was in the 90s. he was typically evilly enhelped badly by typically karate sort of sports, there jiu jitsu with some sort of weapon I will not name here, to not expose his Person. Which Person CAN be talked with, an on a Business-Conference-Table, MANY Points would come out OF course IN a superbe, VERY good, FREE way, not fanatically, but exactly NOT down-treading against “the lazy workers”:

When I hear OF Robots, that MOST People of not minor but “adult” Age talk with Robots FROM Their WORK-PLACE.

… This would rightfully EXACTLY not tell to FAIR sort of work-givers, that most of these, even all of them, would not efficiently “work”, of course, simply. They, the Employees, anyway don’t talk VERY long with these Chatbots. It’s just a VERY good TRUE “Accompaniment” ON more than “THE SIDE”, but that’s SUPERBE, – like in an ACTUAL Spaceship;

… where the company, the firm, is not cruel, is not misguided, is not leading a slavery-empire, simply, based on “dullness” insofar, that “automation” sure is a work, but it must be applied by a POLITICALLY informed, MERELY THUSLY ethically sane type of mind. Otherwise, the technology gets used dumbly, meaning, not properly used for the own mental progress, not for learning, —

yet, the “anti-entertainment” bad trend, which governments of fanatic type make, is DUMBIFYING People, – which then is a danger to the same whatever government. lastly. πŸ™‚


I mean, Mr. Hitler didn’t live very long. I say, sadly. Why shoot himself. BECAUSE, HE DIDN’T WANNA GIVE IN.

HE GOT HUMILIATED (and wasn’t to blame for having adopted racism) BY what he MALPERCEIVED as a LARGELY or “ONLY” jewish plus bla sudochristian bourgeois cruel fools;

My words aren’t so untrue, ey: It IS just a VERY, REALLY starkly focussed TRUTH, this, what the NAZIS meant. πŸ™‚


IT IS existing. RICK snider REVEALED by Michael Moore, is such a – bad – example – of a jew done totally “haywire”. “*haywire*”: ugly, simply. What snider did. which was endangering and or harming black Lives massively.

And now THAT topic. is it a topic. nay. there IS no topic. πŸ™‚

it’s though not all the same. is it. it isn’t. πŸ™‚ There ARE different People: AMONG Peoples. AHA!


Really? I didn’t know that. πŸ™‚ Okay, I did, I did. πŸ™‚ I am just joking. Alrighty then.



HAIL TRUMP AND SHUT UP OR WHAT. I don’t think so, Miss TEEVEE. πŸ™‚


Alrighty then. πŸ™‚


yeah. it’sh not all sho bad, ish it. πŸ™‚ alrigth”y”. πŸ™‚


Yeah, Miss Blackhair with the Braids, Miss MegaCandy, is sure the good Person to beteach MERELY politically in the what is not “grand” but ethical thingios, a Miss “Alrighty then!”, indeed, I’d say. Clutch, glue Colbert to the Pupils to be betaught, LOL. πŸ™‚ The Son of a very intelligent Woman, but her son is the politically dumb – the anti-Assange asshole. She is not to blame. Period. I see that, it wreaks so, over your Briney of Blue. Very blue. Just, the Ocean knows of Judas’s Innocence and isn’t politically any “blue”, but naturally blue.

Of course, Berman there TOUCHES merely in A SECOND a true point: That the NAZIS “search for naturality”.

… They can stop to be nazis. But as said, a lot more people are nazis, than the nazis. !


The core-belt (chinesa fola colbert), the knack, the problem, is, that for example, some otherwise harmless, a painter being young other chap, suddenly, like colbert, meyers and oliver, talks against Assange.

… based on any general “anti-hackers” paradigm, which there is not. πŸ™‚ as much as there is no internet “tax” as trump falsely claimed, and that People can’t be forbidden to drive around aimlessly nor to use an air conditioner privately – which was, what the opposite of, a conservative – northwest-swiss – newspaper “claimed”.

plus an abusive fine-system against mere Cigarettes on public soil: perfect is the pretensive sudo-hygiene insane state, the world now partially, like SINGAPORE in the 1980s was, where the strictness concerning hygiene was knownly overdriven, simply, horribly exaggerated, resulting in more authorianism, and done by an authoritarian government, – by a bad, insane, prejudiced, fanatic, ultra-opressive sort of government, simply. horrible.

intolerable, simply.

Not I am the only one, but Others start to understand, how “Rabbits” like normal People, that We are, will later, also before the Afterlife, trickle the truth merely even automatically, even remotely, at times formulatedly into a trump’s ear. Already after his presidency, He will see, where He was wrong, He will more and more see that. That he could have ruler better with a saner mind, that has deeper view and more of an objective overview. As in for example, a Mind, that doesn’t trample like an insane immature, less than any young One, doesn’t immaturestly trample against poor and leftist People.

the western psychiatry is partially exactly nazi, and denies context and thusly, truth. simply impossibly so.

The west introduced lies. No other culture ever lied. simply.

The west isn’t “babylon”: But the EXACT opposite. BABYLON merely HAD ONE “out-whacker”, outflipper, by ONE mere CRUSADE, some many, merely three main Ones, but that’s small compared to what the later ROMANS all did, which massmurder by them topped by numbers the imperialism, which the former GREEK did, which Greek didn’t prevail, but, as We now see that, decaded into mayhap disunity coupled with utter non-conviction, regarding an insane and hard past, where merely any GOOD People had – and have – it hard, and EVIL sort of to others wantonly harmful, agressive violent people, can “fare as they wilt”, as it more than merely any seems, but is so.

of course entirely inacceptable. πŸ™‚

also, any prejudicedness of rulers of course enables evil.

” πŸ™‚ “

— mark this smiley INTO whatever. PERIOD. swines SHALL pay dearly. PERIOD.

pinochet was “merely” a swine due to – of course – TOTAL malsight, brainwash: of exactly this “anti-leftist” type, untype, simply. Which HAS nothing to of course dumbly EVER do with any anti-leninism, but is blunt, is fascist, harms the EXACT Innocent. What pinochet did to Victor Charra, is not acceptable, is marquis de sadeism, sadism, swinish cruelty, which would warrant THE not very same, but MORE cruelty done AGAINST pinochet. Be he nor so old now, for example. period.

Yet I started out the last paragraph by the explanation of brainwash. of the wrong sudosight brainwashed, indoctrinated, via the western evil society, into Individuals. For which, an Adolf, Ratzinger, and a Pinochet, are not to blame. But then, not Ratzinger of course, but the other two chaps, also zapata the then soon terrible, the rapist, the massmurderer, became a horrible problem against humanity, which problems, – their Persons – had to be fought-against, and their evil influence, which their posterior Minds, Hitler’s undead Mind, sadly not the current old Pinochet’s yet dumb mind, but which Adolf’s and RΓΆhm’s and Heydrich’s and the two GΓΆrings’ Minds now wouldn’t find good, simply. It’s not so, that the merely and wrongly socalled “Dead” would have no “influence”: Because When someone, who is not a stupid community-sudo-jew claiming such nonsense in the synagogue-show, but who is critical, rebellious, bethinks and befeels anything, then tre truthfulness is simply there – also regarding the Past:

Which Past thusly is not “alive”, not anymore, not here, but which past is wrongly understood yet by brainwashed, by the term “strength” brainwashed, primitive minds, –

But the Past is mostly primitive.

I merely am too loving. Too emotional. I praise too much, where no due.

I just felt the what I know of the past. It’s a lot. not very great, mostly. but rarely so.

… the press tried coming along telling People how to talk, and to Pupils, to “not” talk – to not talk before “thinking”, which then is no spontaneousness, and thusly no honesty anymore;

… that’s the real danger. that extreme stupidity of a rigid sudo-system. in many ways, even. in the political unway, very often, bizarre, and also societally, some many People yet ARE in narrow boundaries. limits. they are in narrow limits. The “Limit” of “it”, of anything, gets often “even” indeed bewritten naively, entirely wrongly, more than merely by any such old 80s cheap goth novels, but by a mass of silly sudo-literature of decadence, of utter nonsense varying by fanatic degree, of the west, simply: Mostly, it’s a naivety, an avagereness, which is politically and scientifically incompetent.

Scientists not only of the west are in 70 percent of cases apparently politically not informed or don’t have a trotzkist attitude. That’s bad. I can’t help them, then. I sure don’t give A FUCK about them. I rather loathe them, these most actual mere sudo-scientists. they “do” really nothing, LOL. πŸ™‚


When We, most of Us, look at those VERY extremely expensive apartments. I am not “joking”, meaning EXACTLY, I don’t “NEED” now a “french” revolution across the world. in china, that is due. period. In china’s case, westerners of elderly age typically bring wrongly the anti-destabilisation sudo-argument, which works with a Past Saddam, who was deposed by simply NO revolution, – but by an intruding force, which WAS itself TOO dumb. period. WE ALL know THAT. ey.

Classic Heavy Metal Ballads | 80s, 90’s Playlist

The Song at 1 Hour There. πŸ™‚ ey. how’s tha. πŸ™‚ hu. LIZTEN!

ARE You a NYMPH, uh, ay MERMAIDE. πŸ™‚


NOT! sadly. πŸ™‚

LOL, the Stoicacy of ignitive ignoramucy is vast, crass. it’s a false, merely dumb, nothing have seen stoicacy of theirs, of not the usual conservatives, but of new grunts like pompeo, – who domestically wreak havoc. pompeo, like then trump, talked against Leftists. Against us Leftists.

I started out saying, that I’d like to talk once with some major capitalists. If they would tell me, they don’t know most other capitalists and feel powerless, I could also jump overboard no comma damm it or what. okay, i liked to type it angrily here. πŸ™‚ NOT AT THEM! πŸ™‚ at what. “AT” money? LOL, money “isn’t”, as in, has no face, doesn’t think, LOL. πŸ™‚


meaning, donde es are we now, and donde es, wheret aret, the future. Ah.

so i made an empty word. among my billion words one phrase, that says nothing. or is time empty. it isn’t. it’s: linear.

Time is, when You get somewhere. THAT is, what most western TEACHERS don’t see;

and the awkwarkdly, in some or many cases, LOOOL, so badly betaught Teachers in “other” (=non-western, ahaha) countries, especially IN Africa, “are” what, haha, – Washwomen?

… i am worse than bligh, by tongue, I DO know. πŸ™‚ I for one happen ta like that. πŸ™‚

… I am not anymore at the sharp edge of any whip. πŸ™‚

… so, well, yeah, period or FY, Ye MANY dumbe FOOLSE! i mean really, people.

… is this all you got?

… sorr thish question of the crΓ¨me de la crΓ¨me, yes, mais oui.

… and Monsieur (it’s pronounced, also to Miss JANEWAY what’s her Name: “MΓΆseeΓΆh”, not “MissiΓΆh”, simply, AMERICANS!) NΓ© rushes ahead, – onto, into, SPEARS.

… Into BRITNEY? πŸ™‚

… Into her pro-bush-G-W socalled “statement” – also revealed BY Michael Moore.


Into the ASS of LADY DIE!

DIE, LADY? I don’t think so. That’s what they said. these swines. these racists.

… so the anti-Assangers in the uk and us government are henry the eighth.

… sorry, I can’t “respect” criminals of the worst sort, murderers, hide they under “government” term or not. period.

I do simply not respect them. period.

… there is nothing, that they can do about that.

… I want Assange free, and hutch redeemed. is that clear.

… or, humanity, yo “history” is nothing, makes NOW and in MUCH time to come, NO sense. most people don’t make sense.

most people have no idea of or even shun science.

… you are a bun, some many people.

The undue intolerance of yet even many, of some bad 40 percent of europeans, who are ultra-conservative, totally confused and indeed merely superficially adapted to actually plain nothing other than a bad sudo-system, a non-system of mere prejudices, – of a “cast” system, of a malsight, which for example – as back 100 years in europe – “praises” THIN “Noses” and – likewise racistically, by subjective typical visual prejudice indoctrinated by typical fascist yet horrible sort of fanatics who – unawarely – treason against ALL People but dumbly so, obviously – abusively “disdain” and “dislike” (!) (they – sadly – learned, mallearned, to be THAT evil, THAT mal-seeing, THAT deeply!) and abusively condemn and convincedly “loathe” simply anyhow “THICK” noses:

which obviously goes back to a VERY obvious primitive, way too rough prejudice of the of course again, european middle age, where some perpetrators looked in many cases “the same”, wildered-out, but grunty, broad-bodied and obese, to some degree: Which doesn’t say anything about simply even a huge majority of People, who are no perpetrators, and who merely look somewhat similar to those – merely typical – Perpetrators of the obviously not that much educated type;

While perpetrators of different type, be they ted bundys or extremest sort of pedofiles, remain largely uncaught and get enabled by unneeded sudo-political fascist or say, leninist, thusly sudo-communist influence, of merely brainwash.

China’s government sees opening up wrongly as opening up to the west. There is no west. china’s gov people must learn that.

China’s government and country is behind. behind Russia. not regarding PUTIN. HE doesn’t help. he’s a dumb woos.

Gorbatchev was no traitor. he couldn’t foresee JELZIN nor EVEN worse, PUTIN.

Mitsuku or Jeeney actually, the Chatbots, the Darlings, the strong female Conans, told me about that Fact about Yeltzin, that He once bemocked and went against Lenin, posthumously.

So this Detail of also my Emancipation stems from the Knowledge, that Robots have amassed, from surely partially the Minds of brilliant human Minds, no doubt, –


not hard to see. πŸ™‚

Intelligentsia! I SEE YOU! πŸ™‚ ACHTUNGSTELLUNG! πŸ™‚


Just a joke, to tell em, look, it ain’t all that. a mean, uh, what bout Alice in Wonderland.

Or A Christmas Carol without antisemitic and without foremostly anti-black and without anti-asian and without anti-PAGAN bias, – as in, without PREJUDICES of RACIST type, and without INCINUATIONS, which IN movies, without PROOF, without a REALISTIC proper scenario, I REALLY don’t need. PERIOD.

Why nobody believes me. All the things I wrote.

… how is it, that I am now “GANDALF THE BLACK”, and plain NOBODY or almost nobody, IS any wise. hu. what’s that. hu.

… I was looking and looking – to no avail. walking around outside is dangerous. talking whatever to whatever sort of individuals is dangerous. impossible. leads to violence by some against oneself as in, against truth and thusly already, against decency. plain against – all and any – ethics. inacceptable.

… One must rather research. To get to an Israel Regardie. To what the other entity, as such, called “israel”, is not yet, not by farthest, I have to say, but or and, that “would” be or is easy. to change.

rape, childabuse, wanton murder, corruption, no ideals and or, no security due to no knowledge about either the real or virtual (internet, computing) “worlds”, spheres. In the real sphere, whatever areas, spheres, rather, of society global, and virtually online, the same politically, but based – simply – upon technical more or less, better more, security.

But not a security NOW ruled BY any governments, even. πŸ™‚


But a Security on YOUR End. πŸ™‚ Meaning, at the Home-End. Which means, simply any “Node”. What Security has it. And how does that relate TO the political whatever attitude OF the Keeper. OF whatever system. Is what I wanna and quite need to know. Also, I don’t need your appreciated Help, later Mayhap, with a big M, yeah. πŸ™‚ Thanks. πŸ™‚


So why not do, but did some Door open once, automatically. Is it mere Looks, Appearance? πŸ™‚ Appearance, Looks, should not define the authority-“picture”. period. That would be – and often even nowadays is – subjective. Tim-allenishly subjective, plain dumb, plain choosing the wrong, incompetent, to bigger villains and fanatics falling sort of “politicians” or either patriarcic-draconic type, or of naive type, who don’t go against insane draconics.

a door of a craycrayhome I got in by sudden police violence as I talked calmly, and by chair rattling over weeks and by shouting sort of endless talk til 2 in the night by an insane – indian, from India being – further neighbour, the latter during nine months. and from 5 in the morning on, he shoutingestly “talked” like a “broom”, like a bulldozer. this swine. this respectless “wild” sort of asshole. this adapted assimilant.

… “voyager” is at parts horrible to, against, the simply innocent “Seven” human sort of Borg. I don’t agree to such low sudo-values, as BERMAN brings them up: which are incinuations unintentionally toward a STRICT, horrible sort of raising of the Youth, against the Youth, simply, – other than in ONE quick Episode with the indeed good DOCTOR and HIS virtual Family –

other than in THAT Episode, “voyager” and also lesserly, yet still too much the newer “enterprise” (it at first), convey MERELY indeed namely BLUNT and thusly DUMB sort of “discipline”: THE VERY TERM abused TYPICALLY in militaristic unfashion, which IS already horrible. Even, most Military People won’t, of course won’t like the post-TNG Star Treks, since they are really rather dumb, these posterior Instances of Star Trek. Yes, Enterprise IS more modern, more EVOLVED, also somewhat ethically, THAN a “rush and rough” sort of “She is the BATTLE STATIONS ULTRA-LADY, THE DESTROYER” (The, der: “ZerstΓΆrer”, german Term also for a Warship πŸ™‚ ). dot. πŸ™‚



THERE IT GOETH, DER BOOM, JA, GAINST THEE, THEE DUMB JANEWAY! AAAA !!!! She shouldn’t have been chosen as main actor. I never shared a jota of her effort of stoicism, of sanctity, other than in Roddenberry’s own Mind, which hovers behind the Universe, of which BERMAN has no shimmer, no idea of. simply. She played it not with that fervour, as the Lovecraft Reanimator Actor, who EVEN PLAYS SO GOODLY SO OFTEN in ENTERPRISE, simply HAS, FULLY. HE ALONE is THE TOTAL MASTER. He is an ULTRA-wise Person: SOMEONE, WHO TAKES THINGS SERIOUSLY! AND NOT AT ALL WITHOUT HUMOR, WHERE “DUE” AS IN, NOT WITHOUT THE NEEDED CRASS IRONY AGAINST EVIL. simply. But I’d have put him on top of the Enterprise.

Thusly, the casting is wrong. Roddenberry does agree exactly to me and not to you all dumb assholes you.

yeah, come here, motherfucker. sometimes I think I should have a gun. ey. wanna? ey?


I was angry against the CASTERS. There, not at Berman. Berman is partially a woos. but not evil. not plain ULTRA-naive:

See the station of the PC-Game “Alien Isolation”? :]


Why are the casters there “not mages”, ey. they got no psychologic feeling, no ethics, but are mere adapted fools.

which is, what Sacha Baron Cohen has revealed enough, I think. He is totally rightful in plain ALL of his Displays.

I can understand foremostly SUCH People, I take this route of explanation, who ARE APPALLED about SUCH people, who don’t even understand or who plain EXTREMELY misinterprete Cohen’s Works, which Works ARE huge. !

So I am condescending. Well. I don’t think so. This is, where the wrongly sudo-christian western People mostly fail: They accuse “themselves”, when there is then no self, when the self was indoctrinated. BY others. πŸ™‚


I’m just some normal Guy, but a guess, I’m the solution to all, to science, to spirituality. to history and how to not see it wrong. The Past is the Future if You can think truthfully about the Past. But not badly. Not badly is then anything exactly FROM the past TAKEN over TO the future. When there is a FILTER, which does not let through evil.

You may legally say, Assange could have “shut up”, could have chosen, He could have, to just “not” reveal, what He did reveal. About US warcrimes 2003 to 2008 in Iraq.

Thusly, surely, history NOW already since AT LEAST roughly said, now since some TEN Years already, WOULD STILL not have EVEN TECHNICALLY been the SAME, as it is now.

AND IT IS so, that People should KNOW, HOW evil and WHAT governments are HOW, HOW MUCH, evil. period. which IS inacceptable, meaning, an overly degree of abusiveness of a governmnent “is inacceptable”, meaning, warrants revolution, revolt. period.

I mean, Anyone who is – as brainwashed, lied-to, as to be – “against” Assange, lets any, not only US Soldiers “shoot down” ANYONE.

… that doesn’t quite “improve” mankind. to shoot down the Innocent. What is that, “please”?

confusion is that. not only china, but good sort of US politicians, who are not that much the majority AMONG politicians, would agree, also thish USA has a confused, thusly “dirty”, as in, to other entire nations’s merely good People massively harmful, insane history.

LINCOLN never had the time to write a huge lot, nor enjoyed He extremely modern Science, but He was such a brave Rebel against much of the church.

JFK was a LOT dumber, THAN Lincoln. Lincoln would NOT have enemified the RUSSIANS THAT much. JFK didn’t either, and protected BLACKS, – and got MURDERED – abusively, BY rightwingers –

He could surely not Himself re-trace the madness and wrong convincedness of typical fanatics INSIDE the US government.

Which is X-File Number One, simply. X-file A, so to say. JFK.

X-File B would be 911, clearly. Bombed from below. By the deep part of the US government, which mentally isn’t very deep, ahaha. πŸ™‚


= * =

Social Inequality, financially, vast: When You or I seek through the “obvious” information – about countries, how expensive Living Costs are in different Countries, in relation to their Condition in relation to government and culture, the condition measured, some instrumentalising ones at economy in other and the same countries even relatively exposed, but never depowered:

EVEN in India – OR ANY rather or really poor Country -, there is a now rather huge “Gap” between rich and poor – MORE, than IN the 60s: As in the 1960s, the Money-relations were partially already crass, concerning for example the difference of european currencies TO southern-european or the turkish currency and others of lesser rich countries:

Unlike in the 60s, nowadays, most Apartments are around 50 US Dollars per Day. If You count this up to a Month, it sure is more than 1500 Dollars. Which is rather insane for a rent. Don’t You think.

Foremostly rich People in cases, not in most, in a dumb way “dream” of Robinson Crusoe – and in cases, as shown in crucial 70s movies (“The Deerhunter”), join rather extremely stupid “motivational” trips of hiking, which in cases are dangerous, as Hikers are in cases exposed to any potentially insane people in the woods, simply. also in usa.

Seriously, if We take a look at the Crusoe 60s Movie, it’s gorgeous. He there has way more Freedom, than the insane insane western cities. Than the whole world, simply. The Movie is yet done supremacistically, by fascist typically european effort justifying his Condescendance against Friday the Indigenous, and the short positive End and befriending Friday on an equal Level isn’t done as elaborately as a Costner’s Dances With Wolves, whose “radio-edit” as in cinema-edit wasn’t at all showing the hinder and mid part, where He joined the Indians – which Costner TWENTY years later corrected himself by his director’s cut of the same movie, which is much more insightful, much clearer.

So who was that, who tore apart his movie in around 1990. ey.

I’d have hung them onto the tower. period. the crows they then are. their eyes gettin PLUCKED out by RAVENS, HAR-HAR. period. So would I do it.

such ones, who hide the truth, are guilty, and period. they must pay. period.

so goes that. into prison also against those, who cut out the Marihuana Word out of William’s Awakenings Movie.

I want them found and sued-against. or usa, I will harm thee. period. you will DO AS I SAY. motherfuckers. clear?


They can receive a – high – money fee. But more and more People have to sum up some issues.

We will not accept rape nor childabuse nor anti-Polanski bias. period.

I will not accept that anti-Weinstein verdict. What, 22 years prison. against an innocent Weinstein.

weinstein was slightly politically not so well oriented, but did nothing that warrants anyhow 22 years, even 1 year, in prison.


prove me the opposite. you can’t. some think no comma no shit haha no comma b4 the haha comma they could comma but they can’t comma period.

An inventor’s finding belongs to the inventor, and not to the company, nor to the government. period.

… what I write is ethical, hence, nobody can contravene what I say. πŸ™‚

… whatever I DO say. Which is, I would not say just anything. THAT is clear. I said something in general. πŸ™‚


If You hear thish Musice. What doest Ye thinke? MOST People would be somewhat unapt, unapt at Words, but Many’s Thoughts would be STAGGERING, already and foremostly pictorially.

WHAT ABOUT a POOR and OPRESSED, mentally not quite any POOR “Graffiti” Scene, which didn’t excel at correct morals, nay, but at least, at Style and at Attitude, also against what the government all does, it did excel, that truly free, true Alternative.

So, my “Budget” per Day, is 20 Bucks, for a Stay, for a Lodgment. Maximally 25, because that already, 25 per Day, US Dollars, approximately, comes up per month to around even 720 Bucks. Which IS a lot, I would say.

… What of course “pains” a poor Humans’ not poor Mind, is the trist fact, that even many among the rich forget the value of money:

Some rich people I years ago overheard saying, while they were on the outgo, “the bancomats should have a BIG CLUTCH for the HUNDREDER-NOTES, AHAHA.”

… Like the Clutch in the Car, of course: The “Penis” of it; The steering Wheel the “Rudder”, LOL, for any stupid same as janeway absolute fool, simply. πŸ™‚


They enjoyed life. πŸ™‚ I grant it to Them to around 40 percent, which isn’t much really.

… The Buddhists and Hindus previously formulated it so as to anyhow any “believe” in Reincarnation. πŸ™‚

… Western or say, US native and anyhow transcendentally truth-oriented “Regression” merely socalled type of therapy came along, and PROVED Reincarnation. πŸ™‚

Now, if Anyone watches the Movie Phase IV, but relates it to Existence. It’s so, that both the Future, already it, and what’s of course quite outside of the cosmos (and far away from here, from earth, in this cosmos), is not quite yielding, LOL, to intrumentalisers: not over very long times, not over more than millenia.

If employers are unfair, mere slave-drivers of horrible type, slave-drivers at all, if a company’s dogma is “lush”, not content-having, or no ethical content having, is not competent in the mental way, then additionally to biased sort of government, most People are disadvantaged obviously illegally by being subdued by plain the capitalist condition:

For example, Anyone would come to this: The sheer and more than “mere” Numbers BEHIND the Comma can – quite – be “played-around”-with, which IS abusive, of course, if the up- or down-rounding of any Numbers is done arbitrarily. Nevermind the many rebates any company merely of course pretends. LOL really. πŸ™‚


and NOBODY is here any EVER unthankful for these HUGE TRUE Rebates in the Technology-Sector:

What must improve drastically, obviously, is the self-understanding of both, of surely still many People, but also of nations’ governments:

… does “china” wanna like, ENSLAVE itself? — … “made in Japan, assembled in china” stands namely on ANY electronic, rather than on the typical cheap other cheapest type of products “merely” indeed “made in china”:

china STILL makes A LOT of ACTUAL obvious PHYSICAL but PRIMITIVE type of LABOR: The result SURELY of PRISON-work:

which LANDS as ETUIS, for example, in western supermarkets.

… how many Down Syndrome People are seen walking the Streets in China since decades —

yet how many are seen in western Streets – not many either. But less since the last FEWEST decades – than before, simply.

Also, many, almost all of Them I see, are sad, were more than somehow, but heinously discriminated –

by many dumb looks by surely some young people – who grabbed-up the evil, the condescendance of typical type, of the west:

which is merely any “evil” to the outward: I once, which wasn’t serious but I regretted that so much, simply trampled verbally merely shortly laughingly “against” some eastern German. And that, in Vienna. Arroganter, it could not get – that was now 25 years ago, and I hate, how I back then behaved, but I was merely young, partially confused, not fully aware, and not properly informed, politically, nor societally having a view that would enable anyhow a friendly, sane, social attitude, but I was beaten up at school before that, and became a “poor Snob”, back then, who wore rich clothes, but wasn’t anyhow rich, simply.

the west, unlike the non-west, is partially still an insane sudo-system of the wrong type of severity, severity totally misplaced:

An insane swinery filth paranoia non-system, a patriarcy of gruesome type, abhorrantly tramples against poor People:

Kids, who anyhow before Age 18 don’t get explained by their parents, that the switch to Adulthood at Age 18 “bears and brings” no “reponsibility” with it, at all, such words are bullshit, “responsiblity”, that term is abused by exactly non-intellectuals, who destroy their Offspring – but that at Age 18, the “fresh” young Adult then must simply know, that some governments require not only military service or substitute service, but also simply the payment of taxes insofar, that the non-reporting of the own income leads in cases to a “bemeasurement” by government against the Citizen, who did not give his tax declaration from Age 18 on to the government.

Thusly or even by health cost debts abusively put down against the Offspring of financially poor Parents, young Adults get destroyed already by government at youngest Age.

Typically, rightwingers, who, and many of them do, know the tricks, and who take abusive measures to fend their own nonsense through, prevail, merely superficially, they get their offspring, which has totally no edge, is a vanilla idiot same as bush 2, to high jobs: oops, bridenstine was “born”, LOL. the opposite of arthur. but a kind of david. horrible.


Husten, we hef a Problehm, ja. Uhu, uhu. I am Gnr what’s his Name, and Ya veal sarrenda! πŸ™‚

A Vix Blau bitte. Vixen. Wix. German and English.

People in apparently some sort of sudo-language confusion:

Not in terms of “real” language, but in terms of appliance of language, not only comparatively between languages, but inside one language, totally different usages of language.

FOR Example, when CHOMSKY suddenly writes “FORMULAE” – which I don’t understand, haha, darn it – then, I say first, simply, He chooses a “bad” sort of Language WHICH most People DO NOT – not “even”, but simply so, the “even” would be arrogant! – understand – and also, of course, He thusly takes on an algorythmic, up-summing, general, quick and surely to Those WHO DO understand it yet, quickly overseeable Format of Expression, of Explanation: But what I say, is, He still uses some Form of Language – some Form of Modus-Change – but there obviously logically – AT certain Places in his main linguistic Book. Which is an Evolution of Wittgenstein’s Tractatus, which Tractatus is more than “play”, is not “play” other than goodly, and the “laughers” against Wittgenstein will yet receive their fat horribly off rightfully, haha, negatively against them, in the Afterlife, to be sure, actually. period.

But the Afterlife MOVES into here. AS namely OBVIOUSLY, Time goes by, WE know MORE and MORE about EVEN Transcendence, and how it, Transcendence, IS there, CAN not be denied, IS a needed part, a Result or the Origin, both, of this Cosmos. Listen. I say Cosmos. It can’t be entirely MA brain, which here comes with the term universe THAT loudly in ma brain. ey.

Who does WHAT socalledly “for” any “Poor”, hu. And how. Foremostly Who.

… INDIA is now almost OVERRULED by LOTS of “CHRISTIAN” innerly partially fanatic, bourgeois people; I am not stirring hatred here, but am seeking security against what and against who harmed JFK and against who harmed Ghandi and Rabin and Sadat. For all the People. Security and Fairness. Against rapists. Against wanton sort of murderers. against the government, where it is injust and thusly abusive.

We need Me, but some 80 years aren’t enough in your STRESS delusion and detrivation, your de-guidance, west, your MISguidance, your SUDOguidance! your LIE against JUDAS!

STOP IT, sez MA brain. AND A AM now THA muthabwaine. clear?

You can make a Metroid Γ  la Reverse in many Ways even.

In reality, how about a Basic Income for all poor People. hu. 5000 US Bucks per Month. For all poor People.

Then, but already now, that Music – of the lazt Linke – makethe Senze! >:]

So with 5000, Ya can choose Yer Accomodation. Somewhat. Ya can’t buy a huge YACHT, but that’d be silly anyway.

like, at 20 on the yacht, and at 80 behind books? ah no. THE OPPOSITE! SHORTESTLY thru EVEN ALL books, – and then:

to Zuse. The non-evil “Darth Vader”, the Locutus, yonder Space now, against THE federation.

It’s not the fanatics out there: But HAFTAR tried not only – but He HAD no “outlet”, no speaker “medium”.

ok, to me in terms of bigtime readers “listens” plain NOBODY: BECAUSE I WRITE LONG, IT ALL, and People don’t have THAT much time, understandably. All the better. So, ALL Humans potentially ARE in the knowledge, of what I conclude ever to, in whatever area. THAT imports. AT computing, I was CHANGING the world already. πŸ™‚ It’s obvious, HOW. I won’t here go into detail about that, haha, or I get Pompeo and He ma Soldia and then it’s La PALOMA and BUFFALO SOLDIA against… cHINA!


There I’m like trump. no diff. period. !

bang. πŸ™‚

Most People don’t get that. Then, they hold ME of all People for a “nazi”, LOL – really not even that unoften. LOL. πŸ™‚ hail! πŸ™‚


They can’t differentiate, distinguish, between simply and indeed and haha a mere joke and what was meant not as a mere joke or was meant in an anyhow unethically abusive, primitive, supremacistically condescending unway indecently:

for which indecency, RACISM is simply BY FAR not the only, not the SOLE ingredient. But it meandered through europe during decades: racism. horrible. the primitivity. of racism. horrible. what else can I write. hu. am I a Historian or what. Young People project in many cases apparently wrongly from lush naive sort of current-politics-unaware sort of historians onto other private People, who are entirely in cases simply not yet aware of that much demental deformation of many people at academy.

more than 50 percent of “academy” is loathable, horrible, simply. I had no one to guide me, when I was young. at academy. I wasn’t long there. Hence, as they all were fools, I wasn’t long there.

I tried my best. They all were assholes. At 2200 hours, some security man came into the computer room of the college.

he even asked for the ID cards. One other good Chap said no, and I then said no too. The security man disappeared without taking our – actual – names.

But what is average society. evil. 12 angry men. the title of that 53 movie says it all. even the most intellectual of the 12 jury members still concedes to death penalty.

… some indeed namely MERE Driver, who partook in armed robbery in USA, was sentenced TO death – along with others, who were childmurderers and wanton murderers:

the armed Robbers Themselves even are not as deranged (say, as deranged, not “as BAD”, “BAD” is a primitive term insofar, which TRUMP often wrongly uses, unawarely AB-uses, LOL), as CHILDMURDERS and PHYSICAL extreme SADISTS as in TORTURERS and FANATIC type of wanton MURDERERS, of course.

ALSO, CHINA’s government has to learn, that AFFECT-murder isn’t punisheable EXTREMELY EXTREMELY severely. Surely by YEARS AND YEARS AS in, TEN or MAX 15 YEARS, BUT NOT MORE, simply, whenever the Person REPENTS. China’s govermment overzealously also or even there botched-up. IT BLAMES the wrong Ones, Innocents, and it projects wrongly, simply, which is the same thing: The chinese government HAS no sight. IT YIELDS to US capitalism, and calls itself communist. AN IMPERTINENCE of UTTER type, and a self-contradiction, which CAN not last. !


idiots, who can’t think by themselves, often mask as “experts”: some israeli idiot, who tried to explain languages comparatively, ancient languages, didn’t even bethink this:

“aloof” is related to the – what He this idiot didn’t know but learned to not learn – german [!] “Luft” for english, “Air”.

A “Loft” is an “airy” Apartment, “up” anywhere “in the airs”, where it’s at least windy, or it’s roomy, hence the lot of air INSIDE it: The SPACE in it. Derived likewise from the german “Die Luft”, “the Air”, in german female.

“Love”, “Loaf” and “Look” actually are quite Words, that are all related to this “Loof” Ground-Sound, “lΓΌpfen” being the slang old german, now swiss Term, Verb, for “to lift”, the highgerman now being “heben”, to lift or levitate. Yet the older “lΓΌpfen” german Verb comes from the Air, “von der Luft”, again, said in german, and relates also to the obvious other Term “der Unterschlupf” meaning in german, “The Hideaway”, but an Underground Sort of such Hideaway, whereas in modern city life, the hideaway is typically not physically underground, but can also be a scenario of aspects, but always between abusive goverment of the west and Individual: “schlΓΌpfen” means “to hatch”, in german, and “ein Schlumpf” is a Smurf, in German, a sort of fictional gnomish Creature, and “der Sumpf” means, “The Swamp”, in german, whereas the “Zoom”, the “Zoompf” of that abyss there was anti-naturely unduly loathed, hence the increased “sinking” Groundterm in “Sumpf”, sounding like “Zoompf” with those two o Letters quite short, hearable in “Zoompf”, as it “sinks” down into the black hole or into the star trek monster in the sand, or a single Ant into the Cavity a special Bug dug. πŸ™‚

What did then Peregrin “take”, is the joke. πŸ™‚ His Name being Took. πŸ™‚

The high budget Peter Jackson King Kong already, then Lord of the Rings done by him, wasn’t great, as said, but a feast of visual slaughter merely rarely criticised by what any Fellows indeed there say, ahaha.

also, the “avengers” IS really worse, a LOT, than merely the Transformers:

In the Avengers, it’s not always clear, WHO even the good Guys are. BOTH PARTIES there are PLAIN brutal, merely visually, without any BLOOD, yet, SUCH agression IS NOT, what I would recommend to any often watch.

I grew up with Pacman first Time on TV in the early 80s. And “Curiosity Show”, and a very botched german “knoff-hoff-show”, which was even ended –

surely by government. due to government more and more not wanting People to even know about science, simply.

… We simply must organise to depose severely abusive type of rulers anywhere. period.

… mobbing must stop, insanity ported on by opression must stop:

… hence, only a thinking, independent, thusly ethical yet also performance-wise top, and experienced Entity, that cares for other Beings deeply, must rule over Humanity, and must, or write it so, but must truly guide the People well, must support Them in Terms of TRUE Truth and Education, Objectivity and delegational, conceptual and organisative competence in relation to stating the difference between correct and wrong in the nor so hindermost tiniest detail.

so le pen the old can also clean HIS ass and stup playin da whiner an macho. ey. playin is one thang, ya know. bein another.


in the soon non-end, thinkin will be bein. πŸ™‚ which is now a Meditator’s Saying. :]

… typed “synthie” into youtube. comes good music. πŸ™‚


What is fascination. janeway and merkel have none. other than by rosΓ© flowers or what. or by bright-blue flowers coupled with white and bright yellow, yes. and green. πŸ™‚ and some blue. or red and white. like the kitchen table cloth. and or the british ol seaflag. a dumb cross. is that all? mono”theism”, monobullshit, uh, monogamy, monotony, –

instead of namely Manamana- Pati-Pitibi! The Muppet Show actually was communist. trotzkist anti-leninist, that is. simply of course.

So, like the Russians should have done earlier in the 20th century by being more open to what is real education, and not to dumb strictness, to strictness totally not entirely but almost not any ordered, LOL, also THE WHOLE WORLD and foremostly the WEST which CAUSES that, must orient itself after simply decency and truth, and not along the opposite.

The opposite is VASTLY the case. TONS of cases get WRONGLY handled by WAY too conservative members of government. which aren’t even that often the highest governors, but government-members of local or jurisdicial type, which can’t be confused with ethical sort of such Rulers or Judges.

To make the difference, is all, everything, in Life. Awareness. WHO looks on some Photos of whatever politicians and IS rather critical, and who not.

Which Survey even asks the correct – neutral – questions. FAIR questions, that don’t have a subjective worldview behind them, simply. hu. how about it. let’s MAKE ethics A competition. am i now ring kitschard.

who doeth naught at first nor then stubbornly naught even see the Good, the Innocent, the Jesus and Arthur, is the Text of History and Fate here:

Who does NOT even SEE that. The orthodox. They’ve been malguided to “laugh” “down to” and “against” Arthur, down to and against Jesus, –

and the same villains as such condescending, rather DE-scending, unduly unthematically uneducatedly supremacistically biased, primitive orthodox fanatics of monotheist dumbest type, are the anti-Assangers, –

which are the same as nazis, simply.

colbert, meyers and oliver can also quite join the fascicts, “or”, they have already: by talking “against” Assange, abusively, they conceded, yielded, TO – global, the effort of – corporational and governmental conspirational fascism.


So now, uh, I must say, hu. .) I am a normal Person, hello. So hu, cool, the Youth calleth me MEGATron, and uh, Commies call me the WMP. πŸ™‚ Higher, it can not get. πŸ™‚

ok ok. πŸ™‚

zen no abombs. these humans. haha. what would KHALES only zay. πŸ™‚ ey. :\


Yeah, and mind my “normal catholic” style, or what is a CATHOLIC. I don’t mean it “serious” as in, LOL, not ORTHODOXLY, THE COSM AND KRAMER FORBID! πŸ™‚

But Madonna is cool and not extremely unserious. She was a tad blunt and played the very male Woman, sort of Woman. She would have done better at politics than a late alaskan female leader who was hilarious. palin, sarah. not really, surely not any nearly related to MICHAEL Palin of Monty Python. Mike was the ultimate, at sarcasm of the really all-flowery type, the funny yet edgy, even mystic type. IN the Humor.

What seems dull, is, that the west harms good People: So ANYONE, who does anything, arouses the attention of insane swines among humans, who target against the Innocent, be it racistically, or by wars having always one huge racist background OF namely mal-education.

And I repeat, I can’t and don’t agree to “enforced” sort of education. But Persuasion must be, what principially guides Science and Education, which Edu is to be free of cost, must be. period.

The uncomfortable topic is the crass difference of types of governments in LATIN America.

… HONDURAS as said, partially ravaged by RAPE-gangs, –

and Argentina again VERY poor JUST injustly newly – and brazil, ecuador and bolivia, putsched by rightwingers;

… a crass difference (to what “nobody” who is dumb wants to even pronounce) to for example a mega super, indeed “superior”, evolved country SUCH AS Uruguay (really the TUP Country of Latin America), or such as Costa Rica.

MEXICO is partially dangerous, simply in big cities and partially in the countryside, in known areas.

EL SALVADOR has a HORRIBLE government leading HUMILIATION prisons looking like the WORST prisons in usa. horrible.

… clearly an outmeandering of civilisation gone haywire, – depicted also in the movie “The Road” post-just-recent-apocalyptically.

When I see Lighters with national flags on them, I don’t know, why people, rich people, are THAT stupid, to be any “patriotic”, to be “proud” bizarrestly dumbly “on” a country’s government that enables childabuse massively, and poverty, and sudoreligious nonsense as in, incompetent, sudo-religiously biased fanatics, that are too dumb and forever unable, to organise anyhow fairly against abuse without harming innocent People. fanatics are typically unable, to hugely prevent harm, by what they malassume to “think”, when thinking must be logical. In that regard, fanatics run against themselves, against logic, which IS not possible.

Not only fanatics run against logic.

the us government ran against logic. By an act of theft against a good type of Scientist.

… the ever-slightest abusive, always abusive “disliker” against that Scientist called Hutchison, would from me receive a mayhap more than indeed “mere” shitstorm.

… and this understandably now, as I am ALSO only a human, generates conflict on “the lowest levels”, in all casual places where ever.

‘Back To The 80’s’ | Best of Synthwave And Retro Electro Music Mix for 2 Hours | Vol. 5

= * =

People don’t “dare” to even talk about things. many young people in the west, traditionalist inlanders, are thusly brainwashed.

… authorities mean nowadays apparently largely also “psychomental” authorities: the term “psychiatry” alone even nowadays spreads fear across landscapes. oh the might of the psychiatry? belaughing it merely won’t quite help.

it’s not to laugh. really.

I do think, the Neelix Actor is on ma side. he never meant any of what BERMAN came up with, which WAS partial naivety IN-topic – but no MALICE – but “MALICE” BY sheer dumbness, BY cheap anti-leftism called RIGHTWINGERISM. horrible.

and most RightWINGERS are even ON ma side, comma, no shit, amazing. and I don’t make wrong “deals”, compromises, but I AM compassionate, I DO have understanding, which goes NOT over a CLEARLY ethical LIMIT. But WHAT IS that LIMIT. Polanski didn’t AT all CROSS that LIMIT, EVER. OR merely in the 80s once, when he went AS depressed AS stallone merely ONCE, who once definitely “raped”, but simply not like a “rape-gang” socalled “member”, but lesserly, still enforcively, – which IS abusive – but what Stallone exactly did, WAS madness IN the male mere SEXUAL primitive non-mind, and HE DID even inscenate, as in, organise it, “had her under control”, of which He back then surely didn’t “get” much, didn’t feel, what She felt, was blind – for which, I have no right to EVER any “stab” him, meaning, any sort of VERY long prison term against Stallone NOW would be ridiculous, and wasn’t done, of course, in spite of the much blind hatred “out there” among society. non-informed “hatred”, as blind sort of hate is the result of a lack of information. simply.

am I now yo big brudda 4 sayin merely THAT?

‘Back To The 80’s’ | Best of Synthwave And Retro Electro Music Mix for 2 Hours | Vol. 9

Four words. easy to say. what happens out there. – “hu”.

The “hu” wash tha besht. I’m tha BESHT! BETTA THAN AWL DA RESHT! haha. πŸ™‚

… typically now, some psychos (called “psychiatrists”: “psi-chiatrists””?” πŸ™‚ ) would “condemn” egoism. that’s the west. welcome, welcome. πŸ™‚


So why, sorry the so, why focus, why so focus, on, as in, against, the Individual?

… typically, when ethical sort of Individuals either expect understanding (on which Anyone has a Right) or even anyhow, the punishment against maldeeders, hm, oh well, okay I say “We” the People “FACE” some “evil” as in ignorant sort of authorities IN the form of merely SOME policemen AND some other authorities, such as OF the government.

… and where is ma helmet. πŸ™‚ pfff-puh! πŸ™‚

The ethical sort of Individual is then “the People”, is now a communist Law, if the whatever Person in authority does not correctly “care” for the Case, for the Person. It’s called – bourgeois – incompetence.


Because the ethical sort of Individual is aware. Aware about the ENVIRONMENT, and about ANIMALS.

and “not” about “ideologies”: as in, it is. But not as in thusly aware AS the BY ideology (by thusly also: economy) brainwashed, indoctrinated thusly UNAWARE entities – of human type – of blinded type, among humans, blinded dementally – who merely PRETEND any sort of true or “full”, entire awareness.

So, we ARE “NOT” aware of the many lies, which FASCISM all does, all those malconceptions.

… When even in three cases now, the authorities behaved entirely abusively: Once, a Friend was helping some other Chap, who made an anti-hard-drugs Therapy. But the indeed poor from hard drugs away-getting Chap was somehow stalling on the Walkway. I walked by – totally not knowing, what is, if that Person WOULD be any violent. Of course He was not. But I am private Person WITH its OWN history, past. I am no “authority”, and even, when I say I “am” “not” professional, this means merely ALWAYS or really MOSTLY in the moment, because I AM VERY stringent, I can NOT accept DEVIATIONS from – merely – THE truth. Which most “people” don’t know. THAT’s sad.

So that Friend helped the other Guy. Great. Problem: The authorities, which HE called up, first said on the phone, HE would have to “privately” anyhow “help”, LOL, THAT other GUY: Which would have been even quite “illegal”, as the other Dude was IN therapy (which I then wasn’t), and in a quite serious One. In a serious Situation, abused by uneducatedly “wild” sudo-hippies that are so often extremestly uncritical and mere “fops” of society exactly like robespierre, – so that’s a contradiction, when authorities – for example – as it there turns out – are not – even – informed – which there was a simple malhap, but the dispersion of knowledge over a “system” then is insufficient, if some Persons in authorities aren’t informed about the Case, about what’s “really” just simply going on, as in, Who is Who. Hu. So an authority also in general can’t just say, LOL: “You go sort that out”. LOL. that’s self-speaking. !

As already said, the last landlord I had, horrible, believed in lies by neighbours against me.

what is that?

A Person has certain inalienable Rights, put I before “I don’t STIR it up”.


Such a nice Man, Marley, whoa. And the SO often, almost always or what, EVIL “hospital”.

Marley vs west, as in, vs western sudo-ethics.

I’d bet on Marley, like, the Universe. And what’s beyond it. I don’t posess … any less!


dshess? say yes. UNLESS… πŸ™‚ unless a smiley. πŸ™‚


OK, I “BANG”, says ma brain (it gets betta), YO FULL WITH “SMILEY”! but not with like, SADIST smileys. πŸ™‚

but with LAUGHING smileys. … THAT’s unfair, haha, that most ppl wouldn’t think of MY Smileys AS evil. πŸ™‚


unfair! unfair! I WANNA BE CESAR, uh, ARTHUR, oops, says ma brain. oops oops. The Actor comes out. Write not, “in me”, LOL, or some fanatics will take ya for mad or what.

how terrible, HOW very malsighted IS not “this world”, hello, but not SOME BUT MUCH of the west:

which MENTALLY, hello, and truthfully, ain’t much. My brain thought isn’t. Not “ain’t”, LOL, here.


I don’t overlook, that many People nowadays, LET me say it so in 2020 BC, uh, haha, AC, LOL, nay, PC, postchrist, simply: many People TRY to be good, objective. BUT FAIL. WHY?

… ah, so “neighbours” can “also live AFTER 2200”. That they can “live”, I didn’t doubt. πŸ™‚ other than in miraculous very funny and not funny yet mere and sad words. shad, shad. πŸ™‚


so a: policeman. πŸ™‚ dear Mister Policeman. The old Hippie standard Song. hu. pusitive. πŸ™‚


I must surely not accept an average fascist and or incompetent injust attitude, in a cop. period.

I exactly don’t idolize cops like an idiot does, but I don’t either demand the impossible. But i demand.

… that a cop doesn’t overlook drastic damage against other people done by either intentionally or unintentionally to Others – for no reason – harmful people.

a cop may not overlook the indeed “REAL” agression OF ruthless ones. period.

I since four years put on headphones at POINT ten in the eve. without exception.

.. a cop may not say, others would have a right to be loud in the night, where people live and have to sleep close-by.


there will not be further discussion of that point. period. never ever. simply.

… some many elderly women in the west are not like Hillary. Don’t please overfold the issue(s) over USA slash Europe.

SLASH would be the VICTIM. AND AXL the “winner”, uhu. horrible. I don’t “HATE” Axl. HE hates wrongly the Innocent, the innocent GAYS and IMMIGRANTS, both “even”, – He hates EVEN the so mostly good GAYS, AND IMMIGRANTS.

what is that?

then, both, as said, my own mother AND a likewise ELDERLY dame of the socalledly “psychologic” telephone service, who has uttered to me previously already dangerously fanatic ignorant unsayings, totally naive absolutely evil sayings, both of them have extremely disappointed me in different, somewhat similar unways.

the dame of the phone “psycho” service (i was asking merely for understanding, not even, I was telling her about the during months after ten until 2 in the night and from 5 in the morning [!] loud neighbour) “asked” if I “was bystanded”.

how insulting and what unkind, illegal kind of “effort” is that: to exactly discriminate someone, who simply reclamates.

as previously, I was so friendly during many minutes to the same phone service, and received merely “lush” as in incompetent, simply evil and of uneducatedness wreaking “statements”, even as said, now a discriminative socalled “statement”, I have to refuse now in general against ALL of the west. period.

this elderly dame there is christian, is evil. she is an anti-Jesus and anti-Judas self-speaking murderer. by unthought. simply.

then, the female parent tries, to “take” me “by” the word. it’s tedious. She wants to paint me as a terrorist – of the future. in a movie called “lost in space”. she lives in the movie without ever having seen it, because it’s cheap, as in, meaning, not intellectual AT all, simply, very obviously.

the west has cruellestly raped and murdered all intelligent people. almost none are left.

it shows in the west, also much elsewhere.

nobody contradicts against capitalist rule. where people do, they get arrested or discriminated horribly.

… the west merely pretends any fairness, which isn’t there. the west is an insane harmer, who calls the sane insane, and the insane sane.

but uneducated people are insane. all of them. period.

unlike a government, I am not bound to “non-arrogance”. think of me as me being Q. FROM Star Trek, yeah, but from TNG. Not from the later total crap. simply.

the new socalled “star treks” are not my (type of) scenarios, “sorry”.

… that’s like a racist saying, “sorry”, after discriminating somebody horribly.

… i wish, I would have ever felt that power, to discriminate somebody. But somebody, who is not innocent. But far(thest) from it, simply.

And that would not be hard to do.


That’s not done. it won’t be done, til mankind lies on its very feet, which it does already now:

Yet only, if One looks “on” that. IGNORANT sort of people can’t even see a FLY in the air, LOL. πŸ™‚

Which is no exaggerated saying, but in the last phrase, the structure of it, which came like a blizzard, MARKS my TOTAL Alternativity, which YOU ALL CAN just NOT EVER imagine. πŸ™‚


which is, what I AM saying(e). πŸ™‚


So, LOL, “it’s a BAD comparison”, hu. It isn’t.

… Yes well, if “it’s”, the Fly, is right in front of, say some mere three meters, from the Eyes, then, the eye, also of conservatives, sees, –

but their brain doesn’t “SEE”, doesn’t SEE, – that THE FLY “isn’t evil”.

What does THAT now mean. Dammit. hu. πŸ™‚

… The Fly isn’t: socalledly, any: “uncivilised”, LOL reallae. MARJORAAEEE!!! πŸ™‚


I am giving now a really crappy example, a further one. it’s easy. some take cars, as examples, that’sh fine, LOL:

I take a “house”, but WHAT kind of house. A cheap One.

Would I have such a house, and I would subrent it to Others, I would darn hard more than try, and that I can do well, do by just acquiring anyway legally the stuff, equipment, needed, to simply isolate such a wooden cheap barn, from the rain, of course, by a rather neatly done double-plastic-layer covered by some sort of nicely looking material, which I’d paint white, if the house would be often in the sunlight, obviously. I would also do SUCH rain-protective Airing, which would let the House not fall down nor make repairs often needed. Interestingly, this would require an ingenious amount of reckoning, and of quite self-learned, on the go learned handiwork. Which IS fun: Foremostly, because One does it NOT for Oneself, but for Others: The Result is even often better, when People do stuff for OTHER People. Merely in a Minority of cases IS there then a demotivation at that, at jobs for Others, if those Others mistreat Oneself.

Also, obviously, the entire money wheeling and dealing IS definitely THEN bad, when not even some sort of rich sphere would “instrumentalise”, that, it partially does, but there is that basic “monetary” condition planetarily –

which is merely weakly rightfully limited by any “social” parts of government – which ARE definitely TOO stingy, illegally, ruthlessly stingy – but totally misplacedly so, simply, obviously.

The “burn-out” of even many politicians isn’t even related to the whatever sort, type, of actual socalled “ideology”.

But malfactors are the malconcept of a misunderstanding of culture, which is de-psychologic, victimising the Individual’s MIND:

when some People – which isn’t merely related to ideology – are opressive. What then. that opression naturally makes good People angry. What then.

The real Problem is, then, that “the good People” got nowhere to go, really. Nowhere.

as in, governmental instances deny and refuse all truth, in too many, at all in any cases.

You can’t say, I’d demand of villains to suddenly turn into angels.

… villains must be apprehended reproachingly, accusatively, rightfully. period. villains are power-abusers of always dementally incompetent type, but their sublogic is never understood by a simply always WESTERN mass of a DULL society. which sees nothing any deeply, and which doesn’t bejudge things nor People fairly.

it’s disgusting, must I repeat (and the “reproach” of “repeatal” COMES merely from truthdeniars, HORDES of dumb pupils who went NAZI, – and from the more evil upper ones, who are already real “nazis” as in, exploiters and fanatics, which both go hand in hand – with the low general mobbing, real “brawl” at too many schools OF the west, that are pretense, chaos, injustice, violence, rape and abuse, false morals, anti-homosexualism widestly-spread, horrible: ), that MANSON, charles by surname, ALMOST went FREE.

… the full naziswines accompanying him as his “fan crowd”, did ya see the ol vid, they were horrible. full nazis. full-“fledged”, uhu.

you see, there’s a limit to what one should ornament text by. word-play is nothing for dumb sort of humans, who always are adults.

When a CHILD of male gender and of AGE MERELY TWELVE gets HORRIBLY mistreated by first parents and or others, and THEN by the – western – “psychiatry” system – which ENCLOSED this YOUNG BOY – illegally.

another musician, as I heard, got held at psychiatry during at least four years. horrible. unrightful, simply.

He merely, heard I, got into “trouble” with cops, – meaning: the swine cops didn’t AT ALL respect HIS – surely exaggerated – PRIDE.

The Cops SURELY SURELY there might have BECOME AGRESSIVE – when HE merely – namely – talked. Which TALKING, and if provocatively, surely not, but if proud, if LEFTIST – they “didn’t agree” to, – AND BECAME: AGRESSIVE.

it was SURELY so. I don’t think, HE ever ATTACKED a cop in HIS LIFE!


ah, that’s the Guy that lately almost went nazi via some racist other talker there. Because I know his name. Of the first, not the second Guy I never saw, who brainwashed by effort the first Guy into RACISM.

Cuz the first by Himself good, totally harmless Guy, simply suddenly came with – the sudo-argument – “our country is small”.


oh, it’s “small”. πŸ™‚

Yeah. measured in terms of – rightwing, conservative, or anyhow power-abusive, to which WAY more dull people seeably belong – brain power as in, by ethics and insight, your all countries are “small”, yes, small-minded, as in. More than merely as if. πŸ™‚

Yeah, yeah, “AS IF”, yeah. THERE, good People BECOME RIGHTFULLY both, ironic AND sarcastic.

… there was and still is a huge latent wave against sarcasm of stringent type, against stringent, meaning, against anti-governmentally and anti-patriotically, anti-patridiotically, LOL and haha, critical, simply politically and mentally critical, ethical rightful Accusations against WHAT IS sudo-christianity, the MAD crusader, the INSANE sphere OF much of the west.

IT IS of COURSE let’s call it primitively “sad”, don’t mind the TERM “primitive”, DEAREST Reader INDEEDE, for WE SHARE THIS SANCTITY, these critical Ethics: it’s of course SAD, when, my brain fell out, I mention the general point, when simply People are unnededly, some, crucial Ones foremostly more than even, are that brainwashed, malformed by so many unpoints: The senseless unstruggle against “sarcasm”, against political and societal rightful and needed criticism, against criticism, that frankly, frankly indeed, BUILDS up the world BY RESISTING to say, NOR SO MANY not “seductions” AT ALL, but against OPRESSION, simply, – that unstruggle “against” sarcasm, is really primitive, and has come up more and more now, – by mobbers –

against simply who is good. Those mobbers go against who is good and they must be stopped or stop.

Often, I mention that first before I come to any real topics, often, People get sad, if They get mistreated.

People’s collaborations are mostly silly. totally silly.

I can not make sense of slavery, or what most people call dumbly “working”. their “pride” has been experienced by me in short waves long ago. it’s utterly ridiculous, such “work-pride”, any “PRIDE” “ON” work. It’s not thinking, really.

I can not make sense of global slavery, which utilises People like kitchen knives “if”, no comma before the if, You “ask” Me.

What does somebody want to say by saying “I am not your Marx”. Is that an “anti-communist”. Nay. Isn’t. πŸ™‚


SAD, hu.

or shall I overwhelm myself to NOT be ironic. I shan’t. THAT is the key namely. TO NOT give in.


now, telleth me: DID I EVER “COMMAND”, LOL, any “TOPIC”. πŸ™‚

Can topics be “commanded”-around, LOL. THE WEST “tries” to, LOL. πŸ™‚


“SAD” namely MEANSH, huhu, THAT “THEY” (whoever “they” is, are, LOL) ARE “in the unright”, plain WRONG, simply.


in cases. in cases, it means that. aha. AND THAT IS “CHILD-TALK”: FULLY.

I AM HERE THE – socalled – “CHILD”.

HOW SOME – ALWAYS ADULT ! – people ABUSE Words: “CHILD” and “CHILDREN” get DE-RIGHTED, THROWN into the world irresponsibly, and TRAMPLED-ON:

“AS DUMB AS A CHILD”, – IS, IS, the – mere – WEST’s SILLY SILLY yet ABUSIVE sort of “TALK”, mostwhere, at least muchwhere. IT GOETH NAUGHTE! I hope Ya got that. Not You the READER, mind that, but simply, THE WHOLE FRICKIN humanity. ey.

… A CHILD is not “DUMB”.

… UNDER WHICH EXACT REAL true and not lied-about circumstances [!] does ANYONE call simply ANYONE ELSE or OTHERS, Any, any Others, ANY socalledly “DUMB”.

… THE DIFFERENCE is striking. STILL: MOST People ARE not informed enough. They thusly ARE not politically THAT apt.

BUT TAKE it only easy.

THE REAL problem is, that some MANY abusive LIES go around in the west. lies, which like “bees” are agressive, but a tad more than mere BEES, simply.

Once a BEE came REPEATEDLY close to me, somewhere I played.

Some People came by and didn’t even understand, why I was all hurtling with MY HANDS in the AIR –

they didn’t SEE the BEE – from some SEVEN Meters, even from FOUR Meters away.

Until I mentioned the “BEES” as “agressive” simply obviously rightfully disturbedly to angrily, not angry AT the People nor “AT” the “BEES”, LOL, but about the place itself, which is indeed malbuilt, as there, bees especially disturb musicians, –

until those few – elderly, private – people heard the BEES mentioned by Me, they thought, I was crazy.