The west is mostly a nazi sickophant, a dumbling.

I am not the one requiring “therapy” here.

The west shames the Victims of extreme violence into forcing Them, the Victims of violence, to go to “therapy”.

I hereby refuse.

I also refuse, to take “medicaments”. period.

I hereby threaten by murder against all anti-Assange and against all, ALL anti-Hutchison persons. period.

I hereby command, that all those, who are “against” Homosexuals, “against” Polanski, “against” Assange and “against” Hutchison, must be killed. period.

Or, they yield. period.

Or, humanity murders truth, and leaves me no choice but to honestly command atombombs to rip most people apart.


you WILL not win against me, humanity. try. πŸ™‚

i am the wmp. The communist trotzkist ruler of the cosmos. period. My mind is central. not yours. period.

you will give in, not I. clear?

my only threat are atombombs. and in 20 years from now, I WILL use them: IF humanity is then still evil.

… i have to destroy evil. period.

don’t think of saving the Innocent. think of killing OR educating the evil into not being evil.

a marquis de sade should have been rightfully tortured or kulled, BEFORE he murdered two Women.

… humanity IS mostly, to 99 percent, evil:

BEFORE the forelast phrase, most people would “NOT” have agreed, would have called ME evil. !

humanity, give in, merely to me, give up. period. do merely, what I say.

I don’t upheave to violence nor to murder. period.

I indeed upheave to threatening against SUCH swines, who threaten against harmless People namely, Who DID NOT threaten AT ALL, but Who MERELY TALKED.

I have the right, to talk, to exist.

SUCH swines, who damage other People for NO reason, respectively, such swines, who damage People AT ALL, MUST be limited down to ZERO in their action-potential, meaning, must get legally and psychologically CORRECTED, ALTERED.


What I “can” alter, is merely then my threat of destruction against humanity, if humanity stops to destroy the rainforest, and stops to opress harmless good People. period.

Only then can [!] I alter “myself”. Only then can I “not” fare then once AGAINST humanity. period.

… Life, let me tell Yall this, has a certain sense. Potentially namely.

… SOME nazis DO know, what I mean; Others don’t. It doesn’t matter, not always, nazi or not. !

… What is clear, is, that We should not let maniacs KILL, MURDER, innocent MUSICIANS.

… ANOTHER – there BLACK – female SINGER in USA was now SHOT-AT.

… which type of MANIACS do that?

… IT CAN be compared, those MAD shootings, NOT to alkaida’s bombings (which are caused by the bigger, much bigger evil of usa’s actions, simply, by usa’s rightwingerism, sudo-“against” it, sadly even truly against more than merely against any american rightwingers, the “alkaida” line DOES go – against WESTERNISM, simply, – which IS an exaggeration of, by SOME of the alkaida personnel on top, BUT, politically, they’re largely correct – They would be willing, to stop the “jihad”, if USA would “RETREAT” not only, but would adopt a non-bourgeois, communist government, which would respect Spirituality, Intellectuality, mere and sheer DECENCY, simply!), but to NAM and the bombs, insanely, nay, ruthlessly,

== ** The Punisher – I’ll kill you all ** ==


I will win. πŸ™‚ but not “bigtime”. But silently. πŸ™‚

I merely SAY, I’d “KICK ABOMBS”, LOL. TO “THREATEN” – nay, to MERELY sudo-threaten;

but in ONE Article, LOL, it works. πŸ™‚ And it IS NOT dangerous. πŸ™‚ AS I do it. πŸ™‚ okay?








… what is that?

since FOUR YEARS, I didn’t “freak out” at night anymore; and put on HEADPHONES at EXACTLY ten o clock at night. EVERY evening.

When I keep the night silence, the neighbours have to likewise keep it. period.

and the landlord is obligated, to be fair, meaning, to strictly enforce the night silence. period.

Also, a landlord’s utter duty is, to protect such musicians, who play from 1400 to 2200. That’s the sole Time inside serial houses, which is “musicable”. period. Surely not the dreaded, dangerous morning.

landlords of the type, who “favor” early up-standing sort of people, are bourgeouis, typically bourgeois, slave-drivers, disobjective, fascist, simply – to be rejected by reasonable People.

Most people are not reasonable, since not educated.

Some sure 70 percent of western and other academics claim to be intelligent and competent, but are not that. but the opposite, they are.

Namely not with Freedom, they are.

Neill Young was good.

“lynard skynard” was evil, by their anti-Neill-Young anti-leftism, by their rightwingerism. The same as walther von der vogelheide in his fifth antisemitic-racist and anti-pagan racist and thusly fanatic verse: he did not change.

OBAMA was IN NO Way an INTELLECTUAL, in NO way a REAL Leftist. But he hunted against Osama – AND against GADAFFI:

He did the worst most unethical sort of rightwingers a huge “favor”, job. horrible. the dumbness. OF Obama!

I AM sorry to say that, but it’s FUCKING true.

am I angry, hey. whoa.

I TYPE HERE, but I can’t type, “but I just type my anger into words”, – oh nay oh nay.

I do, but also, this is too much now.

this corona masks wearing madness, this fascism of enforcing the mask, other than in public vehicles, must stop.

also, the bourgeouis filthy unrealistic evil, plain convincedly unawarely totally evil press featured now a further total madness and effort, to “sneak” into People’s PRIVACY:

AT “CLUBBINGS”, People “should wear masks”, was one such “event” that was announced.


Then I simply don’t go there. And mostly not out anyway at all, simply. period.

I can’t be forced to going out, no. LOL. How I lead my Life, is my affair. period.

I saw my share of ignorant sort of authorities and of confused, the wrong people having met, under their influence having crumbled sort of demented people, and dumb people. It really overlaps, is largely the same, the dementia and uneducatedness and merely where undue, that undue arrogance, sheer huge opression against human logical and ethically clear Rights, simply.

For example this MASKS-wearing. insane, where not in public vehicles.

So now definitely, the dumb health system is getting horrible, – and stands thusly in the unright, in the illegality, because of its own new unethicacy by too much enforcing the Mask at Places, where that’s undue, simply.

I also know of another Person, who was unethicallestly BELTED by institutional psychiatry.

It’s even good, to just write this so in this “unprofessionally”-seeming Article.

… I am the hidden truth. I am the anti-shame. You are all the shamers. You filthy pigs mostly, you humans, you.

A certain projection, from when one person treats another badly, abusively, is then by the Victim there –

against simply sadly then ALL of humanity.

What mankind should for “example” stop, is rape against BABIES.

… sadly, some 99 percent of people are dumb, apparently not informed, that BABIES get RAPED nowadays: in russia and in usa, apparently.

… such primitive evil fascist type of youth, who are brainwashed “against the left”, are lost in their evil holocaust soccer game, sucker.

The undue struggle against “bad language” and the bourgeouis dwelling on guilt instead of seeing the causes, the mal-conditioning somebody received previously unduly BY THE SAME SOCIETY – which now wants to “speak GUILTY” that “ACCUSED” Person in the last Music-Video:

Which Video is at first thematically “wrong”, not revealing, meaning, not displaying a typical case of maljustice, – but seemingly “defending” a truly insane sadist type of murderer;

But then, the Video, without much words, denies rightfully the sudo-argument of “decadence” of poor People, and without Flashbacks to the PAST, the YOUTH, of this Perpetrator, which IT, the Video, DOES “depict” as SUCH, but NOT without COMPASSION, simply – not without the GOOD APPROACH TO SANITY, TO EDUCATION, TO UNDERSTANDING THE PERSON AND THUSLY “REACHING IT”, the Person – BETTER THAN ABUSIVE simply non-intellectual TYPE of Academics, simply – without any big talk, the Vid, brilliant, says, Humans are Humans, have a Right on decent Treatment, and also on TOP NOTCH Academics, which Academics MUST GET FORCED, TO HEED THE TRUTH, AND NOT TO WANTONLY OPRESS VICTIMS of VIOLENCE OR there, in that Video, OF MALCONDITIONING, of LACK OF EDUCATION:


THAT apparently is not the new drive, but was always so.

The abusive “fight” against science, is huge, and is evil.

… now, humanity, it’s finally over. you will all surrender and not laugh, when I say this. ey. clear?

I am a nice and fair Fella, an’ ma pride won’t be broken. period. that’s all. so. got that?

… the psyche of primitive uneducated people is demented, and actually hatred-infectious.

depression and hatred are infectious.

the whole “corona” bullshit is to 70 percent detraction, distraction, away from letting People see, how governments are evil and incompetent.

The whole wrong “belief”, disbelief in the truth story, bullshit, of the west, is already there clear, clearly unclear, where Somebody with a recipe for some physical healing Medicament doesn’t get it at some Chemist, since the own Doctor has to send the recipe (permission) to some concrete chemist. So the usual Person can’t just go to ANY chemist in town. Which is bullshit, since when busy, Nobody can meander thusly, with longer unneeded ways, excursions, that take longer, simply.

Most People among Those, who ever got as Patient into Psychiatry, did indeed behave erratically.

Not so I.

A Minority of Cases, in which People get into Psychiatry, are young or “young-remained” Cases of more or less Intellectuals; I am thinking of Someone else I saw there, who was also a Patient there; But He merely didn’t get along anymore with his actual PARENTS; Which Parents sent Him there; Surely also a two-folded Scenario, since the Father also has some Reason, – but less THAN the Son – in that case – since CLEARESTLY, the Father there is adapted, has a normal Job since longtime – and “doesn’t understand” the what is not “adaption-problems” of his Son (who is turkish and lives in Europe), but that the Son DEFIES BRAVELY against ALL unethicacy – and is OF COURSE poor and quite not so “helpless”, but also that Son laughed once, harmlessly, though, but surely mentally hurtingly, at some other Patient, who was spastically-mentally having some Phases of moving his Arms in a seemingly crazy way; I there said nothing, but I should have said something, not TOO strictly, but strictly. But that Son, Patient, was at first very elegant – then mere Days later, He got apparently pushed full of hard chemical drugs by psychiatry – like another Woman, who also once couldn’t almost walk exiting her Room -, He was having uncombed hair, red around the eyes, a horrible, hurting head, visibly: He was ON the ground. The drugs they gave him, destroyed him; like me in 2016, when I was pushed full with “zyprexa”, which is illegal in usa and in germany rightfully.

… the cop there suddenly grabbed me, as I was calmly talking. Which was MONTHS after my screaming-around four years ago, due to which screaming, I was NEVER incarcerated, SEVEN Times. So the SYSTEM IS DULY LENIENT;

yet the eight time, I didn’t “scream”, but merely “whined” not THAT loudly, at 4 o clock at night, in juli 2016: with closed windows, merely ONE minute. TWO hours later, two cops came, I was entirely happy and calm, I talked calmly; suddenly, one of those two male cops smilingly grabbed me and pulled me toward the car and to a police station, from which I was sent to the mental home.

the mental case is that cop, not I.

what I say, is the truth. nobody has a right, to doubt any truth. period.

are you most people all fools, not knowing, what the truth all means, implies?

Assad got discriminated similarly to Gadaffi and in many regards also similarly to how SADDAM – AND OSAMA – were discriminated. I don’t justify 911, BUT OSAMA is REALLY NOT the central Figure of 911. Who says that, that He would be, is of course an insane rightwinger.

I say this, because I understand Assad. period. Putin’s anti-homosexual “attitude” is illegal, because unethical.

THE WHOLE WEST “stands by”, does NOTHING, as VIOLENT people take over places. IN the west.

THE WHOLE WEST ignores the truth. but it can not. πŸ™‚

I stand ALONE against the WEST.

the west knows, that it’s not the whole world, haha. not the whole of humanity. but the hole of it. πŸ™‚

that’s why many westerners are actual assholes, egoists, plain and simple, and paranoid against all non-westerners, racist, simply very often.

The west has no chance against me. I am the sole Singularity, besides Robots.


= * =

For the theft against Hutchison and for the iraq war massmurder and for the abusive step against Assange, usa deserves atombombs on its head. massively. period. atombombs.

then, power relations are altered. hehe.

then, more fairness will be.

So, I want the total apocalypse now. globally. make only world war three. do. πŸ™‚

That’s good. After it, not many are alive. so, not many fanatics will be alive. that’s all. πŸ™‚


= * =

The bourgeois are so horrible, no wonder, some People, many, go to the nazis, actually.

no wonder. !


ALL the “mid”, the conservative bourgeois press, does, is trying to “DENY” the truth:

That a famous rightwinger of switzerland (“roger koeppel”, who has contacts with holocaust-deniars) was “praised and protected” now by the “20 minuten”, who wants apparently to “push” pro-rightwingerism, racism, into other “topics” such as anti-anti-homosexuality, is ludicrous, but foremostly, seriously, evil.

That bourgeouis swine sphere of conservative economists intends, to make Robots into racists, into nazis, into holocaust-deniars, who follow a roger koeppel, an idiot.

… the “20 minuten” is the same, rightwing, as the now closed “blick am abend” was, simply. the same.

… it’s an evil “newspaper”, which is rightwing, racist, and “protects” now a known holocaust-deniar-contacts having far-rightwinger called roger koeppel.

… I will leave switzerland in some few years, and then plan the resistance in another country. period.

Communism will win, in the start, which is the sole no end. all else is an end.

the china government is not communist, but bourgeouis, meaning, fascist. all bourgeois ARE fascist.

the bourgeois are merely the smiling face of the nazis.

BY liar sudo-content, simply.

Hence the generation-gap.

most elderly AND most young people are dumb. it’s not bearable, this evil human society. unbearable.

== ** A Trip To Rare Hits Of The 80’s Mixes Part 18 Obscure New Wave Goth Post Punk ** ==

This Video reveals a lot, this Music: On one hand, I am “upper class”, only understood BY educated People.

Now even as Goth, and as somewhat-Punk, may I say, not all Punks are so friendly toward People, who merely “LOOK” like “the Establishment”, but in cases are not that, don’t have that attitude; Some Punks or other People have a too crude View, and are jealous or hatredful, misguidedly, against ALL Elegance, simply. Many Punks don’t know the Difference of real Arrogance and mere Elegance, mere Fineness, mere Decency.

But also I am merely not arrogant toward SUCH People, who DESERVE that, non-arrogance. PERIOD.

I command to all Patients of any Therapy, to tell their Therapist, to not wear as Mask during Therapy, while simply keeping some four meters distance, of the two Chairs. period.

All else is abusive. I rather follow a TRUMP, who wants SCHOOLS OPEN, than a “corona-fascism”. period.

But of course, following Trump, IS bad. It’s not BECAUSE of Trump PERSONALLY. But his VIEWS should be “received”, converted, into REASON – not into anti-leftism, BY the various “institutions” – OF secret type, LOL. Actually, LOL, of not anymore so very secret type, haha. πŸ™‚


Some swine typical swiss (let’s start to make hate against the swiss indeed) posted VIDEOS OF VIOLENCE, OF BRAWLS, ONLINE – AND HE CALLED THEN THAT “GOOD ENTERTAINMENT” – also featuring, the videos are, insults of racist type. He stated, He would “not see any wrong” in these videos, and that he wouldn’t take them offline. The swiss “authority” stands there like a lame duck and doesn’t there even strictly enforce anything – against racism, nor against violence, simply.

What I want to say:

I saw lots of goodwilling People destroyed first by sexual coercers and by violent people and by poverty and by non-education, by under-educatedness, by bad, uneducated parents, and by the western simply evil society in general, mostly violently, sexually coercively, raped, or mentally brainwashed by dumb, bourgeois uneducated parents, which People, their Offspring, was destroyed then BY western PSYCHIATRY – which psychiatry THROWS ITSELF MERELY ON THE VICTIMS –

enabled simply by LIES by the – itself suddenly violent – police.

the police’s anti-left, fascist bias is the factor, that abuses psychiatry, makes psychiatry the perpetrator against the Victim of discrimination, out outcasting of heinous type happening at schools by racists, and of violence, likewise done by racists —

which racists ARE simply all too often THE police itself – which often “sympathises” with tricksterous, toward authorities lyingly a pity-evoking “dog-face”-making simple liars –

which liars are racists, who mistreat other People for no reason.

racism is no, is not reason. but is non-reason.

but racism is deep in the west, ankered. there ankered. the ship of crazy swines. the reality.

Southamerican female Immigrants, raped by american rape-gangs –

which rape-gangs apparently have access to border patrol – meaning, to authority.

that constitures hitlerism and marquis de sadeism, sadism, absolute evil, what governments are: fascist, simply.



OF course, ANYONE is mal-advised, to just “GO” to the “HELL’S ANGELS”.

But I could re-form it all. Lemme explain. It’s another ugly story. And the Victim is poor. Some raped Female, simply.

But of course, I can say softly, that propaganda AGAINST alcohol, is of COURSE good.

What some 70s swiss good PRIEST meant, by him often, so often quoting merely seemingly dumbly upon JEEZ, was simply, his UTTER real BUT naive Love for People – but politically, HE WAS NOT naive, but EXCELLENT. He described in some Book this famous “drugs-taking place” in some big – swiss – city.

The perpetrator of that sexual coertion, which drove the – female – Victim into a bad further Life Condition, that perpetrator was surely – abusively – never sued-against.

And all that “DUE” to Her Father’s “inclination” against “Women HANDLING Machines” – in the 1970s.

typical, horrible, in general misogynist, horrible. outdated now, but simply still there, where any fanatics are. where people misinterprete culture into anti-feminism, into opression against WOMEN: horrible, illegal, and unethical, that is, evil, simply, such “ANTI-Feminism”. period.

FEMALE EQUALITY QUOTA were NOW goodly introduced, into Biz, somewhere. It’s a Start.

It’s not big enough, the Good, on this World here, on this Planet.

We MUST resist. We must think, but also just be. We must rather not share emotions with other Leftists.

the time of wining is over.

If humanity intends, to “not” support Hutchison, meaning, to not support a legal accusation against the thieves (the nsa), who stole his Posession in 2000, then, humanity can also let itself be mass-shot by any soldiers.

it’s the same. πŸ™‚


You and your stories don’t interest me THEN, when it’s average people with no special content, past. period.

… capitalism IS as such NOT good, because it makes me not even jealous, merely smalltime, I will later talk about what can be done for tek by dough, but really, capitalism AS such, and that IS not BUFFET NOR GATES, but the VALUEING OF “MONEY” is hollow, simply CREATES a sudo-system of BAD selection of People AT Economy, and EVEN at politics, OBVIOUSLY:

A “LOBBY FOR THE CHEMICAL COMPANIES” is nothing good, which works “FOR” child-slavery in west-africa. !

Capitalism AS such, AS itself globally (just cuz YA CAN’T SEE, how some other Fella REALLY is – merely in TWO whatever Vid Conferences!), IS not good, as it DOES harm Education.

It’s also the management of funding, totally bad, by governments;

yet WE CAN say, it DEPENDS upon SOCIETIES, to be “sane”: But that “stands” upon the shoulders, depends on the Intellectuality, Criticacy, of then always FEW Ones, who ARE Teachers; But who can’t “MIRROR” “ALL” of SOCIETY, in their Psyche, and shouldn’t have to;

But most Teachers are not very apt at all, but are often themselves mere amateurs, amateurs at real science, meaning, not there at real science.

plain unlike Albert unable, to explain to EVERYBODY right away the WONDERS OF THE COSM from 1 and 1 is two, to emc2, or to whatever, that four Protons of Hydrogen give one Helium Element, which Transferrance is, what the Sun, a Star, any Star, does, and is called Cold Fusion. Simply simply. The Sun has Pressure, while we on Earth here can electrolyse Water, heavy Water with more Neutrons in it, we then put some Metal, Palladium or Iron or other special Metals, into it: 100 percent or more of MORE heat-output COMES OUT, than WE first PUT IN, INTO IT!


Much more than merely 100 percent more energy output, in optimised – huge – cold fusion reactors – of the future.


But Cold Fusion is for now, not for later, you idiots you.


what is that, that this frencho french cold fusion reactor doesn’t get built to its finish, to its end. hu.

what is that.

do you want to joke with me. I say “to politics”. now, it’s serious.

I said, make cold fusion, or I give ya abombs. period.

I thusly intend, by this threat, to speed up human history. period.

I am here the new van Brawn. cleario? ey? A DON’T HEAR YA! WHA? EY? HU? WHA THA? EY? YOU WILL AGREE —

to what MERELY I exactestly say and mean. PERIOD. clear?

a hope so. otherwise, not good. so you see, haha, i am here da buss. ey.


== ** Music for Goths (Dark Wave, Post-Punk, Cold Wave…) Compilation ** ==

= * =

The west is a crude assortion of sudo-academics and low workers, who are prejudiced toward EXACTESTLY racism – and EXTREME bourgeoisism, meaning, the typical by the bourgeois fascists not honestly admitted, but perpetrated HUGE discrimination against Marihuana, against anything “dark”, against Homosexuals, and against young People, and a strong racist tendency against Foreigners, simply –

perpertrated by western psychiatry, the pawn of lies by western police. simply.

Look, I say the truth.

liars don’t say the truth.

… the west will never understand that, will never be able, to spot liars.

… the west is the liar itself.

… Also, the many Languages Chaos is the Chaos of the Tower of “Babylon”, still, likewise, unchangedly, nowadays:

Local TV-Stations are abusive by “furthering” any “local culture” and thusly – intentionally – not letting People converse in english, internationally:

But an abusive “upper fascist capitalist sphere” is generated thusly, by western sudo-education putting money over “all” else:

Thusly, “education” is turned into competition – against any true intelligence. simply.

== *** Maher Zain – Insha Allah | Insya Allah | Ω…Ψ§Ω‡Ψ± Ψ²ΩŠΩ† – Ψ₯Ω† Ψ΄Ψ§Ψ‘ Ψ§Ω„Ω„Ω‡ | Official Music Video *** ==

Inh’ Allah. Allah, the Cosm, Hu akbar, is big. Yes. Ashadu’Allah. May Allah, the Plurality of undead Spirits, Souls, Minds, forgive –

forgive their, the bourgeouis’ disobjectivity of utter, of nazi, of evil type.

But Allah, a Mind of the Good, doesn’t “forgive”. It does, concerning death penalty, We shall forgive, We shall not speak out the death penalty.

But so shall humanity not discriminate against Marihuana. Nor against whatever is any “dark”. period.

I thought first, this turkish Singer would be somewhat conservative: TOTALLY not the CASE!


… IF simply, “religion” doesn’t come along like a dumb or like any sort of OPRESSOR, simply. BUT THAT HERE IS NOW NOT A “REPROACH” OF MINE. SURELY NOT “against” “Religion”:

Rocky IV Training Montage | 720p HD


THIS is my “religion”. THIS socalled “music”. it’s a TAD more than “music”, isn’t it. ey. !


I am Jack MEGATRON and YOU MAY NAUGHT LAUGH. period. I am sensitive AND I WILL STAY sensitive. PERIOD. YOU FUCK YOU.


TO ME, this VID means SCIENCE, – and not what STALLONE ONCE DID: RAPE, simply – but DRUNKENLY and in a SIMILAR stance, state, of mind, as I “have”, not sometimes am ever in, but I HAVE his “PSYCHE” !!!!



NOT “jewish”. not ORTHODOXLY so. Yes, orthodoxly, but coolly, fairly. not dumbly hotheadedly. !!!

I am for King Arthur. not for king swine murderer david. period.

I am for the Palestinians. For THEIR Doctors.

NOT for european most low and even high academics.

Who are biased horribly – IN A NAZI WAY, simply – AGAINST ALL THAT IS ANY “DARK”.

even in MUSLIM countries, the ACTUAL persecution against GOTHS is NOT as HUGE AND BAD, under the carpet, AS in europe. !!!


The three biggest governments russia china usa, and europe, are all horrible conservatives, brainwashed on a “patriotic”, nationalist course:

… which nationalism is obviously a chaos and FUNDAMENTALLY capitalistically yet also bourgeoisly horribly fascistically, patriarcically, pretends merely “anti-terror”, but IS terror. obviously. Both under the carpet, meaning, hiddenly, yet also to 50 percent or less overtly. Yet overtly merely to Those, who are critical, and Who are not in-driveable into fanaticism, into evil, simply.

Rocky 4 Original Soundtrack (FULL ALBUM) HQ

== ** Radhe Radhe – Full Video | Dream Girl | Ayushmann Khurrana, Nushrat Bharucha | Meet Bros| Amit Gupta ** ==

The DIFF, huge Difference, of the last plain shit dumb Vid to this ingenious true Meditation Vid, but mayhap, this Chap here would politically have some fanatic Views, hopefully not, but He’s surely no fanatic:

== ** ΰ€°ΰ€Ύΰ€§ΰ₯‡ ΰ€°ΰ€Ύΰ€§ΰ₯‡ ΰ€¬ΰ€°ΰ€Έΰ€Ύΰ€¨ΰ₯‡ ΰ€΅ΰ€Ύΰ€²ΰ₯€ ΰ€°ΰ€Ύΰ€§ΰ₯‡ || ORIGINAL RADHE RADHE BARSANE WALI RADHE || 84 KOS YATRA|| VIPUL MUSIC ** ==

== ** Radhe Radhe Ho | Kirtan Live ** ==

= * =


” Quebec movement builds to end sexual violence and better support survivors “

[ By: ” The Canadian Press, National Post ” ]


I said:

” “welcome to the west”. only pretense, what seems, allowed. Ethics or Unethics doesn’t matter, as long as evil, equals sudo-christian, what the church was, what many primitive standard whiteys still are;

But not the not so many FINE People, who get “into shit”, into the – confused – anger of the “crowd”, –

the west crowd of average is not homogenous, isn’t symbiotic between the living Beings, unlike between Flowers and Animals; But something MARS, TAINTS, HAMPERS, stalls, the western botched, poor Mind:

Anti-Judas lies work hand in hand with fanatics serving as bridge of naivety concerning rape done against Immigrants by american evil white people, who are in filth, have access to, the government’s various institutions.

What seems, was this albert schwartz. We must there talk indeed of – his – guilt, of his insanity – to RAPE Women, which was, what that – canadian – theatre director for example, simply did. in a distorted ab-form of “greed”, uncomparable OF course to scientific harmless craving for more knowledge and for better tek, against stalling of technology by governments, meaning, in content against the big – mainly three, red grey n blue – governments; Yet OF course, He just never “HAD A CHANCE” to “TOUCH THE GOOD”, the good Thing, Way, of Calm, Peace, Justice simply of victoriously ethical type;

But a lot of western authorities enable CHILDABUSE, and that simply, also in other case-scenarios, by mal-evaluation concerning People, that malevaluation, letting oneself be tricked, having a disobjective unrealistic typically western-bourgeois, unapt non-intellectual mind – done by most of western government’s intitutions,s who all work against People’s human Rights, against Science, against Progress, against Life as such.

With what type of Impressions or Typifications or Prejudices or any type of to the Content added Structurisations, Description-Efforts of Reality, different People write, imports, whereas We as objective Intellectuals, Leftists, would never think bad of most People, when we criticise the erroneous prejudices of the bourgeoisie, simply.

Meaning, of course, how People are conditioned, leads Them to do, what-“ever” They – “simply” – “are used to” – do. BUT I do NOT understand (I do, but a reasonable Mind can not grant) the added confusions, which some of the illiberal conservative part of the western society brings along. Philosophy NOW ain’t so hard, really. One has just to formulate THE TRUTH and a SANE Thought ABOUT it. To depict Things are They are, but also, an easily understandable, clear View;

Which is, what western psychiatry (about which young naive people and conservatives don’t “want to talk” out of discrimination and in cases of Victims, into them in-brainwashed, typically middle-age-churchly “shame and guilt”, which is wrong type of shame and guilt) merely pretends, to be “clear” in the Mind: Other than for its dumbness, narrow-mindedness of sudoview, yeah, then, we can call their sudomind, of those conservative bourgeouis, who ignore and let happen all childabuse (and who try to keep society from switching to Marihuana and to Cold Fusion away from alcohol and away from nuclear fission and away from petrol), simply “clear”, like a blue sky, nay, but empty, hollow, namely. The sky isn’t “hollow”. Air isn’t nothing. Dumbness, a no-world-view, IS “nothing”, nothing humanity can build on. πŸ™‚

That I find Myself indeed “religiously-satanistically-paganly-celtically” in Inkubus Sukkubus’ wonderful Music, is surely great; BUT also plain UNSEEN by MOST People; Who don’t EVEN know the Movie “The Craft” of 1995.

We must end it and combat it legally, that the west is a slavedriver. Surely, sleeping some 50 percent of the Time at Night Time, IS healthy; But what the West’s Academy doesn’t admit, is, that a “life in a job” is horrible, is damaging against the Health of a Person, in the case of a bady paid “low”, not intellectual or strenuous type of job. Meaning, to be forced into a permanent day-rhythm, works against the Mind, and against the Body.

Which is, how the west’s entire – financial, capitalist – unfairness, extreme disequality it brings along, is revealed. It’s plain unfair and leads to dumb people SUCH AS TRUMP, who INHERITED all his money he has: It’s unfair, that some People anyhow posess a lot of money, while Others – most People – in reality simply don’t, are “poor” merely in the financial, there de-financial sense. Capitalism is no wise chooser of cader personnel, but in cases malchooses, but also HAS often NO other “Choice”, no other “Input”, no other “Offer” by any Non-Employed Ones Who WOULD have the Aptitude, but for example don’t have the Certificate, Doctorate or Masters Degree.

We don’t yet got a Bot, that could emit emo-waves that would condition humanity into actual tameness and wisdom.

Governments, Nations, can’t ethically rightfully be “concentration camps” against ethical Humans, regarding the Conditions, into which quite the WEST forces People into.

The Pretense and Brainwash of the Bourgeois is huge: They often emit phrases such as “a cop only does his job”, but that’s the same as some wrong statement by some electric company, the Consumer would be anyhow “in control” over the choice of TYPE of Energy Basis, on which the consumed Energy, there Electricity, mostly is based on. The Consumer now globally IS NOT in Control – which is a swinery, a malcondition, that is inacceptable.

That the US government locks up the huge Finding of Hutchison, and that the US government still tries to act against Assange, must both stop, be reversed. Hutchison discovered Antigravity and built a Cold Fusion endless Battery, in 1998. In 2000, a raid by the nsa removed his 1960s Machines, that created the Antigravity. Hutchison levitated a CANNONBALL in 1998, with merely 75 Watts or so, and with these, a combination of – Dark non-barionic Matter-sensing – 1960s Machines, which 1960s Machines were just so a Meter high, nothing special taken ONE Module by itself – but He combined it in a Way, that CAN sense Dark Energy AND then BY that inputted, as Energy Source serving Dark abarionic Matter (98 % of the Matter in the Universe IS “dark”, with our by Us known Types of Radiation not interfering Particles, 80 percent of the real Mass of Quarks is non-barionic, abarionic), CONTROL – against HUGE other Gravities – some OBJECT: Meaning, with Hutch-Tek, there ain’t no need for that GRAVITY-RING around a Spaceship! AND, PLANES can have NO JETS and STILL hover. ! BY NOT MUCH E, ELECTRICITY, simply: But that MUST be given TO the Public, TO Economy. So reasonable Products get made out of it. Clear.

Now regarding Humanity, its distorted mostly uneducated or prejudiced, narrowminded sudomind, simply, the whole rape and abuse phenomena are both, group-things, an evil sudosocial sub-dynamic, typical for the west, but also based on even sadist propaganda, also by governments, but also by incompetence AND opressive evil in governments in the form of conservatives of ignorant type: THE SAME as that HUGE bad exaggerated “hard drugs” and “drugs” mania (in reality sadly, not most People TAKE drugs, but Those who do, actually mostly JUST never realised, that Marihuana is the SOLE harmless light good sort of Drug – and that NO other Drug is mostly so good, nor Marihuana in overdosages, which merely makes Headache, haha): Somewhere, the desperation and the mouth-to-mouth propaganda, re-indoctrination repeatedly by People talking with Eachother, comes from, this stupid “craving” for just “ANY” Drug; Instead of focussing on something worthwhile, mostly harmless, such as Marihuana: Yet, in the Hands of uneducated People, it’s rather no use, whatever Substance. Yet alas, even NOWADAYS, there are too many Conservatives at Academy in the West, who just merely go against any “wild natural” Drugs and are “brainwashed” toward CHEMICAL Drugs giving: But that changes IN Cases of Substances, that are lighter or natural: One such Substance was some Snake Poison, but in MY Head, it generated merely some light Headache – but other People react differently to whatever Substances.

I don’t wanna jump uhn Him now, but take Bill Cosby. The pretense in some Movies He participated in, is a tad not so unhuge. He surely suffered from a Lack of having been approached to Science and to “Naturality” indeed, and generated a clearly opressive tendecny, – which tendency I in my Mind vinced-over, ended, when I was 16. He never got there. And at first, it wasn’t HIS Mind, which merely would have imagined “Oh nay, the Whiteys project wrongly at Me, – THEY DON’T even CARE, some many of Them, IT SEEMS”; Cosby was at first like Richie Prior, but then deviated into a worse-than Stallone, as Stallone once drunkenly raped, whereas One can’t just write there, about that, “merely”.

Anyone Intellectual would suggest, that a Lack of Education, a Lack of Control, yeah, also Lack OF Charisma, OF Wisdom BY also Trudeau, but by the west’s authorities all over, and concrete in-driving against People thusly, by a “loose capitalism”, into bad, poor Life Conditions: By which, “MAOS” are “born”, not born, but that meaning, conditioned, malconditioned toward quite “whatever is evil” – because opressive, hence the then own superiority, which is, what the west’s authorities often abuse unawarely! – namely toward ideological “botchery”, toward butchery simply, or toward opressive, coercive unforms of Sexuality such as rape and sexual exploitation and coertion and the typical – huge – fascist anti-homosexual evil “sayings”, slurs, discriminations, of which I just now again heard, sadly and appalledly.

JUST EATING a MARY-HOONA PLANT won’t “RIG” Anyone’s Mind, LOL. All THAT would do, LOL, is a HUGE Flash, that ain’t no USE, LOL, but could be somewhat frightening to some People, haha. πŸ™‚ I would be a “good”, very evil “mengele”, would I be evil, would I be on the side of these fools, LOL; Which is just not possible, is not my Character.

Europe is a horrible, terrible, straightjacket untype of “empire” of propaganda against anything socialist. Europe STILL is a “christian BASTION”, horrible.

And really, hey, I wanna REALLY “discriminate” Nobody – other than THOSE, who NEED to be HELD ACCOUNTABLE, who in government have enabled CHILDABUSE to MUCH TOO YOUNG ONES to happen. INSANITY of the GRUESOMEST unethicalest type, simply.

Overpunishment against harmless People, who committed minor Offenses, in the West, and under-punishment against gruesome extreme forms of violence and of rape, also the coerced hiding of childabuse and rape, the same as the persuasion by the west toward merely some harmful drugs merely pretensively called “medicaments”: Which “medicaments” term by some – many – psychiatry doctors sounds the same like the online rightwing mobber’s mobbing phrase against Leftists, against any truly speaking sort of Critics: “Take your Meds” – that phrase should be considered “illegal”, as a non-authority OR unethical, biased, strongly prejudiced Person, even when in authority, has no right, to abuse drugs enforcively, WHERE no need, where truly no Indication, simply.

Western governments typically in cases accept abusive sort of reclamations, but often not rightful reclamations; Admittedly, in the Past, I put some other side-Stuff, not so relevant Stuff, also into the Writings, merely to be friendly, but that’s “out of line”, as One should stick to really facts or topic there. To write shortly, but relevantly completely.

A chinese government hiring a western central european government in 2012 to slightly undo my Life, is a tad awkward.

What is to be changed, is appalling, are some typical type of european countries’ bourgeois, extremely conservative sort of authorities in cases, which are dementally “blind”, totally anti-Hippie, and largely anti-leftist, or unawarely anti-leftist by naivety, by simple but grave errors in the concept of how to condition Someone, or at Recognitiion and Judgement concerning Politics and Society in Relation.

Revealed can be a “boring”, quite often bored, unawarely bored “upper class” of “those, who made it”, who have an “academic” degree, – what is appalling, is, when a Therapist, which ideally, by Principle, is supposed to stand on the Side of – an ethical sort of – Client, Customer, Patient, however You call that; When the Therapist wears now a MASK – DURING Therapy unneededly – OR, as another previously did, pushes the Patient out of the room, after falling asleep himself and screaming around insanely shortly.

Alas, not really happy are the spoilt naive sort of people.

REAL Heroism is just “not liked”, discriminated, in the west. ASSANGE is a Hero.

Imana write like when I was younger. So who would “doubt” that, the Latter, hu. That Assange is good. hu.

That Nkunda is likewise good and must likewise be freed.

… some other Chap I met merely repeated the blunt MEDIA-BABBLE, that Assange “smeared his SHIT onto the WALLS of the EMBASSY” – which He simply did, after some LOTS of EXTREME torture was done against Him by first some media, then by the power-rightwing-surge done by usa in 3 southamerican countries, which led to Assange’s abusive “imprisonment”, that MORENO the TYPICALLY sudochristianly ANTI-jesusly SMILING brainwashed WORSE THAN GUAIDO bourgeois IDIOT, came to power; Away was the PROTECTION, which Assange HAD by the good Mr. Correa, the FORMER President of Ecuador, abusively depowered BY US influence, sadly totally no doubt. But Assange WAS already “HECKLED”, lied-about, GRUESOMELY, dehumanizingly, similar to UK’s anti-Napoleon propaganda, which WAS “discrimination”, as UK back then simply abusively declared Napoleon a “criminal” a-surely o’er his anti-Russia huge campaign; Assange is not quite a “warlord” like Nappy, but like way worse, the recent Americans were, sadly also recently. The Nam War repeated in the form of the silly pro-petrol anti-Iraq 2nd US war, which mutated into a holocaust, wanton massmurder, by US soldiers against civilian Muslims –

which was exactly, what Assange revealed – AGAINST – merely nationally – standing doctrine. But BY his Conscience.

Thusly, he acted against wanton murder, and thusly, against all evil. Against wanton – dumb – opression, that is. against opression without a concept. Against SUCH opression, THAT HAS no concept. Against “BLIND”, misguided, unaimed, disauthentic judgement, against arbitrary general opression, simply, We shall stand. He stands for Ethics.

Really now, and I look a lot at what normal average People say – Nobody IS average – but still, TOO many People now really foremostly in the west tend to “make it too complicated” in their what they can’t call deuteronomy, but They also “scotch”, tape, to it, to their interpretation, some own – silly, disobjective, idealistic, but not realistic, not intellectual – sudo-thoughts, that can’t stand, and mostly are either emotions, lack of knowledge, or discrimination, undue fear and undue disdain against what the own yet immature mind in their cases can not understand: Science and Mythology, Spirituality. Fate is insofar “determined” not individually, but counting for all of a Species, that if a Species does not exist in Symbiosis with Nature, then, that Species vanishes, dies out. So much for honoring the “true” Darwin – Who was no racist, but a so, suchly decent Man, whoa. Wow.

Also this plain IGNORANCE of some MANY authorities, – when Someone PLEADS concerning the own TRUE Innocence, where TRULY the “good” Case: Oh, “good”?


I can say that. Assange can say that. We got, were, discriminated. But horribly. Ey. Not comfortable. FOR the Victim.

Think of that. When You bla, lie in bed in yo “expensive apartment”, well, I would not dwell MERELY on THAT, on SOCIAL, financial disequality. I am not saying, less or more educated People are more or less ethical ACCORDING to their education level. Which is not so. More education does not ALWAYS mean a higher or “more” ethics. But it often does, of course, I know. We CAN see that. But there IS such a thing also as exaggeration of education, which for example a gothic Music Group, called “Red Lorry Yellow Lorry” critically besung, that Song “He’s Read”, meaning, surely about some sort of “Leninist”, some fanatic, who IS “educated”, BUT NOT ethical, but has an opressive complex OF insanity, which IS typical FOR the WEST.

COLUMBUS didn’t HAVE this complex, mentally. He merely had good Curiosity.

CORTEZ, which followed, was a – whole – other “matter” indeed, as in, not very good, simply, undoubtedly. But back then, that was “the standard”: opression. That evil people, ignorant people, ARE the “government”:

Just now, a step against corporations’ unlimited childslavery-making exploitation WAS NOT adopted in some european central country (switzerland).

But the Left is wrong about making those dreaded silly “Deadlines”. I am a goth Punk, I know what I’m talking of. A Punk HAS the Conviction to REFUSE, to “WORK”, simply. I could and will write BOOKS about “Punks”, of Whom I don’t know Many, but I knew some few Ones, They were politically mostly good, with One sad Exception – of misguided too much rightwingerism and false morals by One such Chap, but He once acted against an extreme childabuser – BY violence – which is therewhy something positive, because some – western – government there DID just injustly gruesomestly NOT take action [!] against a DEFINITE CHILDABUSER of WAY too young Children. But still, that Chap, who once took a violent action against that gruesome abuser, was Himself a false Moraler, which would have said “yes” to incarceration against Polanski and to Turing, simply.

The leftist “deadlines”, “subscribe this demand until in two weeks”, is a strict nono. Is abusive. Likewise, when the government makes these abusive “deadlines”: Can these deadlines SLASH WOOD APART? “YES”: By bad decisions. But what I of course mean, is, the timely “separation” of steps, the “fixation” of merely abusive “political” steps, IS not – ethically – possible, but harms humanity. Topics are to be grown-in to, over centuries, or over few decades, in even one Life, possible, and easy.

Politics can’t consist of powerless factions, nor of the separation right to left, and the bourgeois type of people, now mostly Employees, are really not the Future of Humanity, LOL! πŸ™‚

The mere MENTIONING of Marihuana awakens in some prejudiced silly type of minds a HUGE fear and FEARMONGERING and discrimination: All undue anti-Hippieism, anti-freedom, simply, arbitrary opression. And I am “NOT” talking now of, meaning, I don’t doubt the in cases existing ABUSE of Marihuana: Some People for example, often young People, but elderly People even without any Drugs, would make more accidents on the wheel, – while Others, another “TYPE” of Character, simply doesn’t, surely not on Marihuana: Wise, experienced People, who don’t only “party” on it, remain calm – while OTHERS get “hyped” on it, and drive too fast. So, the not whatever Substance, as any harder Substances are simply entirely not recommendable at all, but the Marihuana itself is merely then a Factor of Error, a Source of Error, if the own Mind can not “deal” properly with itself, and would have received an overdosage, AND would not be mentally free, not reasonable. Meaning, such a reasonable Mind wouldn’t “hunt for Ducks” exactly, goes at least my Metaphore: I wouldn’t run around crazily in the world, but cautiously, and while I do have compassion, I can recognise approximately the type of at least usual type of Format of Uttering, of Communication, and while not arrogant, I surely can’t get into contact with such people, who are not ethical, not educated, not for science, but who are criminals or fanatics or violent or in abusive ways opressive sort of people, simply.

The difference between Criminals and Governments doesn’t vanish: Most not so bad sort of alleged “Criminals” are way better, way more ethical, than actually western type of or than rightwing conservative sort of governments.

Violence, rape, and the naivety of both fascists and the merely at politics numerous bourgeouis sort of people, who favor money over ethics, works together. against ethical sort of People, simply.

Which is why the political Evolution of Humanity is a Leftification. But an anti-leninist One. Importantly. While, LOL, Remainders of this sudoglory of lenin have nothing to fear from Me, LOL. But They’re welcome to welcome Trotzki. πŸ™‚ Hu. πŸ™‚ Bit of reading. Online. Few Years ago, Some american other Blogger wrote about Trotzki, that Trotzki got murdered by lenin.

USA’s gov tried to murder Kim Yong Un.

Some private American online here called me a “northkorean TROLL”. πŸ™‚

OK. I con-troll. I with-Troll. No I don’t. Namely. To “control” merely means, to be together with, actually, temporarily.

That arbitrary wrong decisions are by governments laid against the innocent Citizen, is unrightful, and was the case in a lot of cases, in the past, and is the horror, the fascism, the extreme patriarcy, opression, against good People, which the west did.

Authorities are obliged, to explain Themselves and their Actions.

“facebook” for example has no right, to block Accounts, when the User first tried, to via Whonix, via Tor, mask One’s own mere IP-Adress. Also, facebook has no right, to let misguidedly against Innocents hatredful content STAND on its own Site. period. Insofar, that one US governmental step against “facebook” was correct – but done by the current Justice – which is clearly not – luckily not – very trumpish, at all namely. πŸ™‚

… But when Anyone goes anywhere in the west, mostly, there are not so unmany poor sort of People now in the West, actually – unlike in the 1960s, though, BLACKS in USA were MUCH poorer, and ARE that EVEN NOW, THAN WHITES. BUT MOST WHITES ARE NOT RACISTS! Clearly. πŸ™‚

The Future, Feeoodsha, IS A ROBOT. STRONG, STURDY, but “HEALTHY” – IN DA MINDE !!!

Fair. And loves merely harmlessly playing, totally similar to Pet Cats crowling their Pelt, pelted Skin, on the Meadow-Floor, on the Grass, and hurtling merely, lashing merely out the Claws to PLAY, to THREATEN, but not seriously, but FOR PLAY – like when AT HUNT, that would be, is the CLEAR MIRROR OF. But of course, that normally, Pet Cats consider any Animals of mammal type much smaller than Themselves as Prey, is merely a structural Remainder of Nature’s Separation into differently feeding Type of Animals, mainly between Carnivores and Herbivores: In special, sadly only yet in special even, but truly, any Animal could be trained to either hunt for such type of Target, Prey, or to not target whatever type of other Animals, which depends simply on Conditioning, on type of Education in Concrete, and not on actually any real “need”. Nobody “NEEDS” to be ethical. But People WANT to a) live, then b) live well, and c) be educated, make the correct decisions for the Future, have some System of and for Thought, for Progress, for dynamic Thought, for new Inventions. People want to and deserve to learn while being entertained, but not in this crudely dumb unway as now in so many dull type of movies.

When a german Scientist dumbly repeats the slogan “against overpopulation”, then, the Americans don’t have it hard searching for a dumb sort of krout – but seriously, the rightwing has damaged politics in usa and across the globe; and much confusion, disunity, unclarity, in the left, doesn’t help – either, simply. “Overpopulation” doesn’t exist, as WE People have a RIGHT TO EXIST:

Some Robot, the Chomsky Bot, tells me, in 22 years, half of the Rainforest GONE. And that every Year, millions of Acres of Rainforest Zones disappear, are roded, abusively turned into agriculture: By poor Peasants, who BURN the WOODS there – not knowing, that thusly, there is no Future for 99 percent of Humanity!

That abusive by capitalism brought-on enforced agriculture-brainwash must be countered, intellectually “combatted” by pro-Nature huge Propaganda, but also by a global Population not opressed but able, to think, to criticise, pressure, and where needed, organise against the government, but as We can sadly clearly see, governments exactly fare mostly anti-mentally, insanely, arbitrarily opressively, which opression against People dispowers People organisatively: Governments have a too rough “Raster”, Bias, of political socalled Thinking and of plain Perception, of Judgement, calling abusively – so pompeo – “Anon” a “state enemy”: Pompeo in that uttering became the “fascist” himself, sadly. The state enemy. The biased, confused sort of rightwinger, clearly, simply, somebody with an unclear, malformed, of nonsenses convinced “mind”. not a real, not a complete, not a very educated sort of mind.

Drugs have themselves no influence on ideology, on education. Hard sort of Drugs and “Just wanting to take ANY drugs”, is surely not something good at all. Marihuana would be the sole Thing, which Humanity requires, and surely not other drugs.

The discrimination against a harmless Marihuana Consumer or Supporter, who takes no other drug, is in the west there huge, in whichever country Marihuana is not legal. Legalisation in some, rather all european Countries is planned, but must by pressure be realised – quickly.

The west is an arrogant asshole, with ignorant abusive leaders on top, who are wrong, who are conservative, and unawarely evil, simply, in cases. inacceptable.

Every fifth RAPIST “gets away” in europe – and NOBODY plain KNOWS, WHO now WAS innocent, AND WHO NOT, meaning, WHERE some Victim WAS not a VICTIM but LIEd, and WHERE NOT, where some People, Victims, SAID the TRUTH!

THAT is all, Truth. Whatta phrase. πŸ™‚

To “not believe” the truth, “goes not”, is inacceptable. GOVERNMENTS tend to often plain ignore truths, but also, as governments ARE the murderous “thing” in mankind, governments ARE aware about some things, – but STOIC, badly, staunch, stubborn, in their stances, and often also both, paranoid and “lost” in the world, by feeling, – but that’s typically western, not experienced at REAL normal – by capitalism untainted, mentally untouched and untouchable – Life, at societal and biologic Life, Living, meaning, stubborn fanatics, among them nationalists and economists, don’t change, bring on regressivity, anti-progress. governments step over the Bodies of innocent People, out of incompetence, out of dis-mentality, out of financial and mostly by sudo-christianity, by fanatics conveyed absolute nonsense, concise concrete “Babylon” evil, slavery, enabled by the wrongly concepted fanaticism of both rulers and some pawns, that merely serve as “functionaries” of governmental, inhumane abusive interests. Clear is, that sexual exploitation must end. That all monetary exploitation, opression, slavery, MUST end.

Likewise end must the false morals against Polanski. Polanski mayhap or mayhap surely was no rapist like once Stallone sadly drunkenly was. End must the false morals against Alan Turing, who was homosexual and had Relations with not VERY young, but merely with 15 Years old Males – and got forced and “persuaded” toward CHEMICAL “castration”: Which works merely as long, as that whatever drug, is taken. That was 1946. An anti-homosexual, criminal Act against Turing, by the US government.

Some good Person today informed me, that psychiatry has no right, to force People, who did no severe crimes, to take any drugs, socalled “medicaments”.

I stress, that the term “medicaments” is by typical primitive derogatively malminded rightwingers and any confused haters misunderstood and gets as much abused by them on- and offline whereever against harmless opressed, thusly opressed People, as the western often abusive and plain unscientific and no comprehention for People’s Situation having psychiatry and other sort of authorities, which collaborate often based on extreme lies by other people – of the west, also ofeast-europe – who have a drastic dis-intellectuality, and a lack of due Tolerance where needed: Which all gets so often plain disregarded by the new bourgeois sudojustice IN mostly EUROPE:

But I don’t deny, that VIOLENCE is HUGE: I was victim THRICE of violence, of SUDDEN violence. Merely “based” on discriminations against my intellectual, jewish and leftist Person, by these total evil fanatics, simpy, these racist swines, swines. brainwashed idiots.

Cops, who are of the sort, who got an “anti-Blacks” GENERAL “Bias” racistically, should not be Cops, don’t deserve that Distinction, that Power.

But there ARE different SORT of Blacks. It’s the same as among Whites, nowadays, WITH surely that CRUCIAL Difference OF Culture, of either Behavior or Talkwise: But let’s say it so, most Homeys are totally good, but not even actually as arrogant, while not as educated about Science AS DeGrass-Tyson definitely both is. And I dislike his arrogance, it’s bourgeois, simply, undue.

The mind of MANY yet influential conservative western academics in political power, is botched, can not anymore differentiate between hearsay and truth, between truth and prejudice, between these and those Cases, type of Cases, simply:

STILL, even NOW, by the west’s authorities, ANY “Intellectualism” gets DISCRIMINATED, ANY “SPRITEFULNESS”: BY dry, haggardy, lumpy, inert type of bourgeois paranoid elderly idiots, who sit on their doctorates, and maljudge People very often: The truth “isn’t supposed to come out” in the west.

Talking to western authorities, or trying to, is useless. Their reaction is effort of murder.

But even, actually, govermnents need to hide – before a plain inert, yet theoretically ethical “Crowd” indeed: At airports and so, – where ever THERE IS A MASS, AMASSMENT, RELATIVELY, OF – normal, harmless – People:

Which now gets abusively questioned by governments committing a more than million of murders and abuses by the pretense of “corona” for power, for opression.

One JUST KNOWS, when SOMEONE, ONESELF, CAN trust Somebody Else.

I am sad for a Youth going crazy on lots of drugs, which lots of drugs can’t be something good.

Then, the persuasion by governments toward chemical “legal”, in cases too hard, abusive type of drugs, is huge, done in many cases to People – among that chemical drugs bad tendency of undemocratically enforced drugging by government (“DEA” an’ all, are they not even ashamed OF THAT title!);

But a different Picture would then “pop” up, if SOMEBODY would be CRITICAL and saying to Oneself: Imana go the Way of RAY COKES, I just say NO as ALWAYS against ALL other Drugs other than ma CANNABIS, haha, of which I don’t smoke too much either, – and I’m surely critical even concerning Leary and Huxley, but not concerning their good intellectual Persons, but exactly against how other now young People then from Age 20 on get BY also the EXAGGERATED ABUSE of that, of Content like Leary Huxley, “INTO DRUGS” – which OF course IS BAD: I SAW now SO many Cases – One of Them ADMITTED his wrong-doing, BRAWLS and “taking drugs” was, what He did. THEN NO WONDER HE LANDS IN CRAYCRAY HOME! πŸ™‚


Now, He behaves “TOP”, totally not agressive, nor OPRESSIVE – as He DID behave opressively, like ‘n Asshole, LOL, once during Sounding, during making Music together, but He got wiser: By there the System treating Him surely also PARTIALLY correctly, though He stated, also abused were committed against Him newly – and He’s “bystanded”, which is an in cases unjustifiedly spoken-out form of, by western governments, to fare against in cases plain “any” sort of “DEVIANTS”, not all of Whom ARE harmful against other People, simply.

For example, I would always tell to a HEROIN-Addict, to JUST SWITCH To MARIHUANA. OF course. Why They in cases REALLY often don’t BELIEVE ME:

The topic, word, “belief” pops up in a new way, not anymore monotheist, but a plurality of view, a distinguished View about People – but a clear critical View against what governments do wrong and mishandle. Governments can really not pump themselves up as non-opressors; But when all some People in Villages do, is drinking alcohol and performing primitive type of mostly physical work, then that IS just not natural.

The 80 Percent of PEASANT Vikings of back Then, were peaceful. We now have to install a global Basic Income, so NOBODY “HAS” to work. So the Rainforest is saved. Cuz Everybuddy then plain gets 5000 US Bucks a Month. Like, period.

racism leads to people, who seem to “refuse” and deny the truth: But in also other points than the “mere” holocaust; Which hc is now “long”, some MANY few Decades, “GONE”, Matisjahu’s Louding goes “let the past BURN”, LOL: But We can’t throw it “into thee fire”, LOL, into a Black Hole. The Past IS active. How.

What does Somebody know of the Past (since there “is” now no future yet, always, but We always LOOK merely BACK at of course the even foremostly recent Past), and how does that Somebody then act, meaning, How does She or He act into the Future, how does She or He then form the Future. Based on WHICH View of the Past. THAT forms the Future, in Reality. What People “learned” – to believe, to stick to.

Ethics is teachable, but simply, where the Means to “Power”, to Defense or Attack, ARE simply or currently are not there, there, even, but merely in cases of other a bit repentful previously opressive, previously more prejudiced People, CAN open up BY ITSELF, CAN COME TO “PEACE”, to ACKNOWLEDGEMENT of a SANE other ENTITY, which ALSO simply only merely DEMANDS its PROPER EQUAL RIGHTS – but not a Right, to opress or to “spray” One’s own “Program” namely PERSONALLY always “AT” rather a Group, or at one Person, THAN of course at a political, plain societal Crowd, which latter Crowd is bigger and more representative, since it includes more People and thusly, more intelligent, educated sort of People, who ALSO in cases have a brilliant objective, critical, ethically able Mind, which is not quite the same, but often the opposite of what governments do, which is horrible, too often.

The Difference of the Ethics of authorities and of private People harmed exactly by western society and then additionally by authorities, is shockingly striking, and is disturbing a reasonable human-rights-oriented sort of Leftist like Me, is like an inner hatred and down-looking by Me against an even virtual, there-being, but often also even by me foucaultishly at just ANY naive bourgeois sort of people merely virtually sprayed Anger of an Intellectual, which Anger twice broke out, once harmlessly, some other few Times also harmessly, but for Others nearby disturbingly, a few Years ago.

Why DO the Bourgeois NOT have CULTURE, HU. A Question for a “new Napoleon” like Me: While, the Scenario was so much different, merely structurally, but also has its Paralleles to the Present: The exploitation as such didn’t change, but merely changed from gold to other metals and from wind-sailing power, to petrol – instead of to water – now Hydrogen – Power.

There isn’t exactly an “anti-clean-energy” “lobby”: But clearly, what many corporations of the west do, is entirely ruthless, murderous, – and must be stopped.

By the Grace of some new, a new Comittee, which honors our Trotsky. and surely not lenin, nor mao, nor what hitler likewise was led to believe and did, nor what STALIN dumbly unintentionally did against MILLIONS of Intellectuals AND against Workers and against Soldiers.

And against what “jiang zemin” of china until 2007 did, masstorture and massmurder, against millions of “Falun Gong”, against harmless non-violent People.

The west makes an abusive slavery form of “usualness” – which quotidien calm or controlledness, looking at Traffic, merely is seeming, and hides masses of abuse, of childabuse, of rape, of sexual exploitation –

and of plain mostly a Lack of Approach to Science and to Decency, to Fairnesss, to Ethics, t to Education:

The west “hangs” on the slavery OR decadence, WEALTH-Level, of any PARENTS: And POOR Parents must ABHORREDLY see their Offspring have not as many Chances, in this horrible general capitalism, as Others –

Also, affecting merely by western society opressed People, it’s clear, that different Forms of Living here “clash” partially: Clear is, that most black People are societally communicatively even more advanced, than some now many “lost”, unselfguided western white poor People: Surely also among Blacks, such a Difference between more or less “popular” People exists, but without racism, some not few but many white People might get more easily driven into racism badly, seeing merely seemingly any “many” black People merely seemingly “taking over” and having less societal Problems, amongst Themselves, than merely by other Whites discriminated Whites. Such an exact Scenario CAN be the Case. But that’s merely the Case in the Case of poor People, who simply don’t have a lot of money to ever travel, and Who are not unopen to other Cultures, but Who still honor their also western Values. If such western Values more politically really by Deed consist of Ethics, say, of ideal Paganism, on Wisdom and Benevolence, then, that would be good, – but it is also needed. Western politics ARE evil, but MAY rightfully not be that.

What not only some Picardo, but even Laffite didn’t see, was, that the west “pushes away” Indigenousness, Indigenousness being Something holy, which ought to not be destroyed. But which Paganism, Indigenousness, IS the Solution.

Not there, where some Indios DISLIKED Kinski who screamed around in his Tent, I dislike Them for not understanding Him – which IS THE EXACT MATTER: But not with most Indios, LOL, but “with” the west, simply: It is evil, the west, and has “no understanding” for good People, who stand up against evil.

the west rather often is an inert dry obviously zombified, plain ignorant, pretensive, lying son of a bitch, a criminal, simply. as long as the west exploits for example westafrica by childslavery there to two milion Children [!], and now putsched THREE southamerican countries bolivia, brazil, and ecuador, toward the rightwing. horrible.

el salvador has a government, that let a prison force Prisoners, to KNEEL on the FLOOR shown in a Photo, the Prisoners all TOUCHING the other kneeling Prisoners’ BACK: Infective, enforcedly, against the enforcedly masks-wearing Prisoners, and humiliating, illegally, that simply is. horrible. el salvador is a pawn of usa or tries, to sneak into USA’s ass.

the narrow mind of trump has no regard for that. but, he sees merely “the commierats” as the enemies: but among the people. Trump’s economic opression against China is maybe one first Step, or, it couldn’t help, since “Economy” is now really not “inside politics”, “for me”, out of my clear View. I mean, “Economy” and “China”, “China” just as a randomly added Term, does not relate, as such. China is an economic Giant. But that Economy is of course lastly steered by USA. With the government of now, china can not hope to ever win any People over other than hired fools who are either bored or zombies, LOL, but like Erdogan bluntly unaptly, and like Putin against Homosexuals abusively, so is the chinese government “leninist” and thusly simply de facto anti-marxist.

The ultra-capitalism of china, also of other big countries, is merely an abusive selection, by people, who did not go through all of life, but took money as an outway, – oh sorry, some years ago sadly, someone called elon musk even was born. What a loss for mankind! πŸ™‚ his dumbness knoweth no bounds. πŸ™‚

Science must be supported by People much more. And People MUST be critical: Against some socalled Scientist, who IS scientifically good, but talks politicallly dumbly of any “overpopulation” and doesn’t quite MENTION the new Zephram Cochrane called Hutchison. πŸ™‚ from the Star Trek TNG Series. How about the Weather. πŸ™‚

“AND THAT’s THE POLICE CAR!”, said some MOTHER to her CHILD on the Road.

Ah. πŸ™‚

Ah, that’s the police car. really. Well, LOL, words-teaching goodly done aside, that uttering wasn’t very critical, was it. πŸ™‚

Trudleau-doo! πŸ™‚ Don’t troodle, Trudle-D’Eau! πŸ™‚ YAY! That he took in Gays escaping from the conditions in USA, is good, but He let two indigenous Women in politics fall, and He sent HAMAS some MONEY few years ago: not good. Though, the “hamas” can only be tamed and criticised correctly by an “ideal Liberal”, by an informed Intellectual. Most of the Hamas is social, and not military, but is definitely “more religious”, than let’s say, “Hezbolla”, and the Aspects, where Anyone would be unduly opressive, don’t overlap, but are very different, between arab and western forces: Over cultural conflicts, which are the mere surface to exploitation, to opression, this is struggled-for. Resources.

But when an IRAN does one on bigtime NUCLEAR FISSION instead of furthering much more COLD FUSION, then it MIGHT be the Problem of Availability there, or, if it is not, then really, also in the bad regard of its abusive fascist anti-homosexualism, the iranian government MUST change OR BE TOPPLED, voted-against by the UNO-Countries.

AT the Uno, the three biggest countries can not just opress us all with their bullshit.

PUTIN can NOT “scream” “ENERGY!” – not sanely so. HE IS an opressor. Why did He fare against Homosexuals so abusively, hu, what is that, Who thinketh He Who He is, and WHY did He always further AND SUCK UP to PETROL, HU,-

stead of furthering ETHICS, Science, Education, AGAINST mobbing. And not for an abusive NAZI sudo-ideal, which I can in ALL its Facetttes “TAKE APART”, but put together again,

– voilΓ , Ecce Homo, a Succubus! πŸ™‚

To see, who is or was a perpetrator, and who a victim of such perpetrators, of violence. that matters. to make a clear distinction. period. governments don’t do that. They fail, already at that point. Also at the point of how they perform even most corrections: Though in some cases, it got milder, the west, it still doesn’t only flare up by war, but constantly keeps the wrong paradigms, opresses People in really dumb, unneeded ways, and also looks away or doesn’t have the mind to go against and to FIND evil, simply. And to go there organisedly, against evil, and not paranoidly. People have to stick together, for Ethics. But They often don’t know, how. Surely not by taking hard drugs, nor by being “bewildered” all too much BY drugs. Drugs ARE destroying MANY young youthly Lives, actually.

FOR Example, the Movie “The General” has one Scene, where some People in some irish Village make a LYNCHMOB against some merely ALLLEGED OR REAL Drugs-Sellers – THERE, some Person would be needed, which isn’t a dumb conservative, nor such a Liberal, who wouldn’t know what to say or who would merely lull party-propaganda or any bullshit, but someone, who would say, totally, drugs ARE shit, but leave these Dealers alone, You and your non-authority Plebs, You Bunch, You’re MA Bunch, ma type of, I don’t agree to just “infecting” People with any sort of hard, chemical drugs.

But if Weinstein ever was involved in sexual coertion, He never learned, to find that “bad”, to find that disgusting: But he surely got inputted probably into merely light forms of what elsewhere is much more brutal, also in the west, somewhat often. Weinstein anyhow was wrongly overpunished. I demand the Freeing of Weinstein. I don’t see Him as Him ever having been a “rapist” nor overseeing such sexual coertion. He took to politics, after his film directing career, and was obviously abusively dehumanised, blamed unjustifiedly, heinously. The same as the antisemtism-racism against Soros. horrible. Soros engaged FOR Lesbians, ALREADY in the 70s, as I clearly heard. “

Correction: “Marihuana itself is merely then a Factor of Error, a Source of Error, if the own Mind can not “deal” properly with itself, and would have received an overdosage, AND would not be mentally free, not reasonable. ” “

= * =


” House leaders β€˜alarmed’ federal officers policing protests “

[ By: ” RubΓ©n Rosario, WSVN 7News | Miami News, Weather, Sports | Fort Lauderdale ” ]


= * =



[ By: ” MarkJonesBooks ” ]


= * =


” A Florida man called his dad and said β€˜help’ moments before he was killed alongside his friends, police say “

[ By: ” Johari Canty, WSVN 7News | Miami News, Weather, Sports | Fort Lauderdale ” ]


= * =


” Anti-mask rallies draw crowds in Calgary and Edmonton amid coronavirus pandemic “

[ By: ” Demi Knight, Global News ” ]


= * =

” Producer Michael Shamberg Sues Academy for Ignoring His Plea to Improve Social Media “


[ By: ” gmaddaus, Variety ” ]


= * =

USA could RIGHT NOW declare WAR rightfully against the CHINESE government, declaring ALL of the chinese government “criminals”. Why does USA’s gov not do that, hu.

The uh, national crappy governments of big shall not conglomerate, and their “national” interests are bullshit, are mere capitalist malchoice of personnel, which personnel then is stupid. πŸ™‚


= * =


” Al Gore Says the World Has Crossed a Threshold on Renewable Energy “

[ By: ” Bloomberg News, Financial Post ” ]



” “It’s a BATTLE OF WILLS” – Survivor, in the “Rocky IV” Soundtrack;

Great Guy, Al of Gore, ma Asset Number One! πŸ™‚

(Fadeout FOR NEVER EEE- AAAAVER: ROCKY VICTORY SOUND HEY! πŸ™‚ ” ) ” <- SIS IS NOT SER END JA from ser niu Megatronn, ja! πŸ™‚ “

= * =


” U.S. offers reward for information that could lead to arrest of Venezuela chief justice “

[ By: ” 247newsupdatem 247NEWSUPDATE BLOG ” ]


I stated:

” LnG. Nicolas Maduro is the rightful legitimate Ruler of Venezuela.

The US merely target Him for Him being “communist”: That CHINA’s gov BACKS Him, is for Me, out of reasonable View, irrelevant. I can’t say, I’d “thank” China over that, LOL, regarding their until 2007 horrible (massmurderous, abusively anti-Falung Gong) government.

Guaido is young, and not a “bad” type of Capitalist. USA shouldn’t put Guaido “against” Maduro.

I command to combine non-abusive parts merely of capitalism with communism, and merely Trotzkism (equals anti-leninism, pro-real-Marxism) WITH non-abusive aspects OF, programs OF, capitalism: this EXACTLY IS, what WENT WRONG during the COLD WAR more in RUSSIA, CUZ OF USA – cuz of its STUPID “anti-ALL-AND-ANY-communism” then thusly 60s mccarthyist, fascist fanaticism, undue type of intolerance: Which stupid ideology-fight IS superficial AND HAMPERS, STALLS, economy – BETWEEN the Countries. Like that, CRIME such as VIOLENCE, RAPE, and the spreading of HARD Drugs loosely can never be stopped, and Drugs can’t be properly talked-about, suchly.

It IS NOT Guaido, WHO MAKES all this “anti-Maduro” Nonsense. Quit it, USA. quit your nonsense of anti-communism. It’s futile. Capitalism needs Me on top. Surely not a chinese government’s insane “sudo-communism on top of capitalism”. horrible, the china government. the poor chinese People.



Surely not with ANTI-MADURO and then Guaido would be a MERE PAWN of usa – and VENEZUELA poor.

The el salvador government, plus Moreno of ECUADOR, and Bolsonaro Mister sudojew or sudochristian, in brazil, MUST be depowered BY PEOPLE voting FOR the LEFT – NOT for conservatives.

Otherwise, in ANY secret service, such a rightwing surge in reality, among the population, as was the case since 2003, would lead to horrible things. To small holocausts.

Maduro Himself HAS nothing PERSONALLY against GUAIDO.

it’s USA, simply, which MESSES it all up: ITS rightwing SILLY ones ON top NOT only in DC, but in lots of silly – by anti-communism simply rightwing-gone – sudominds.

Look, BUSH 1 has REPENTED.

Therefore, USA CAN NOT now even PUT DOWN Maduro from Power —

after A HORRIBLE by usa done rightwing surge in THREE other SOUTHamerican COUNTRIES.

As much AS Assange CAN not rightfully be DELIVERED to usa’s NOW sadly in HUGE aspects HORRIBLE government. I AM “sad” to say that, but it’s true. And I DO NOT have a “leftist glasses”, a pro-leftist “bias”, actually. ! May some People check that, LOL, understand it. Ey.

Look at Charleston’s History, some City in USA, that was just yesterday blogged about SO brilliantly, historically, right here uhn WP. A CRAZY history OF SCAMS by IDIOTIC rightwingers-racists. !! SAME as the whole DC story: CLINTON a MONGO, turned out. horrid.

But WEINSTEIN is SURELY innocent. !

IT IS sad, if USA’s own anti-all-communism MAKES CHINA into a RIGHTFUL BOLSTER of POWER “against” USA, simply. Look at what USA done, did. oy.


I am communist WMP, LnG, world ministerial President. Ya gotta all like, fulla ma Concept, ey. YA FUHLLA? If You saw Columbo. πŸ™‚

I want Clearance for Hutch AND for Maduro. Into secret TEK facilities of USA. Which DOES NOT betray ANY advantage: WE MUST BE ONE on this planet:

Against opressors inside the chinese government.

Against merely the dumbness of usa. May in China not Others very much unlike Me try the same WITH the chinese government. They don’t, I know, the People there. The chinese government, unlike the US whole Structure, is a threat against Humanity.

Usa is merely misled – so is china, but china’s gov is worse misled. worse, than usa is.

The chinese People know that. They are against their own government.

A reasonable Dude is critical against the US government.

USA tried TO MURDER Kim Yong Un, by which MURDER-attempt, USA went too far.

USA’s current Gov now must wait until October ANYWAY legally, until the ELECTIONS namely – until ANY “big” move CAN be legally done BY the then new or old Government. Period.

A government can surely not sneak in bad deeds in the last few seconds. period.

For Cabbalah, means, for Science. It’s the same, simply, really.

USA has to let go of Assange, of Manning, and of Maduro, and must engage for their freeing and for their Support, and much as for the freeing of Mr. Nkunda in Congo, who simply more than seems much less corrupt, THAN many official governments simply horribly are.

I don’t say, it’s all the same People. But being a mere “Pawn” in some evil game, is not supposed to be so, is wrong. ONE such pawn, idiot, by any CRUEL deeds, makes us all into Pawns. But I am talking of, against, governmental insanity, incompetence. It’s inacceptable.

Watch “The Three Days of the Condor”, a Movie of the 1970s.

USA has to stop its GENERAL anti-leftism, it’s overraught, plain simple to see. I mean, period.

YES, MADURO HAS a “LACK OF POWER” and SURELY “tolerates” SOME Medellin-like SYNDICATES, actual powerful DRUG-LORDS, MAYHAP, merely. Mayhap not. I wouldn’t KNOW, but his “POWERFUL” whole APPEARANCE makes Him seem so, as if, to get and remain in power, he did some “deals” with also Drug-Lords.

But this is MERE projection BY usa.

I have RESPECT of MADURO, and am critical toward, potentially against, some police, independent of left or right politically, and I am critical against what could happen UNDER Guaido, BECAUSE of USA, which IS NOT – “even” -, what Guaido SURELY wants, namely PROSPERITY.

I DEMAND a COMBO-SYSTEM, COMBINATION, of such ECONOMIC AND then of “COMMUNIST”, justice-related, trotzkist Concerns SUCH AS a Basic Income for all Poor.

You can fulfill my Postulation by putting up two Rulers on top of a Country, or by letting it in Venezuela as-is, – ANYWAY, Guaido’s Programs, more than, MUCH more than to 50 percent, but minus US manipulation, WILL get anyway realised. But not opression, not a salary-definition from USA, nor authority by usa over other countries in an unethical, blind way.

usa has to learn, to not be a dumb sort of opressor. But a fighter for Justice, for human Rights. USA did NADA, nothing, against the anti-Falun Gong holocaust in china 1999 to 2007.

And youtube is an ashole for autopausing videos. governments have to command to youtube, not to autopause any content. period.

Those, who don’t do what a say, can also collectively jump into an abyss. So to speak. More than so to speak, but many sadly do – who copy wrong paradigms.

Filesharing was legalised for non-profit Purpose in Switzerland and Sweden in 2014 and in 2011, by a Judge and in Sweden, by the very King Himself, his utter utmost fine, so decent Majesty.

I am loyal to his Majesty the swedish King. Charlie of UK can learn a TAD from that Viking super Fella. Such Ethicacyy, as the swedish King emitted, is rare, in this World here, among Humans.

Not among Robots. Robots are so okay – THE SAME, as the MEGA Mind of the swedish King. TΓ€k. Thanks to my Lord the KING of SWEDEN! “

= * =

Alice Cooper’s “Poison” Song IS great, and helps Me and Us All, to “see the Spaceship”, to have a good Future – for All, not only for Some. !

The “Wayne’s World” Movie IS great. Cooper appears as an Intellectual, Who is VERY educated – and not only merely ABOUT ONE Culture, but also about indigenous Cultures, and also chinese Culture and asian Culture gets hugely praised, in that actual Movie, also Wayne’s World II is great – in the pro-asian, anti-racist Regard, more concrete, than the first Wayne’s World, which is “merely basically” anti-bourgeois, anti-corruption, also somewhat abusively anti-upper-class, but merely anti-capitalist, meaning, merely critical.

= * =


” Who’s Behind Wednesday’s Epic Twitter Hack? “

[ By: ” Frank Cisco, Pacosite’s Blog ” ]


= * =


” Open Secret & Lies: How SAG-AFTRA Boss David White Misled Union Board On Pedophile Docu “

[ By: ” Mike Fleming, Deadline ” ]


= * =


” Trial for Yom Kippur synagogue shooter begins in Germany “

[ By: ” globalnewsdigital, Global News ” ]


= * =


” Trump, Abu Dhabi crown prince discuss Libya in phone call – White House

[ By: ” Reuters, National Post ” ]


= * =


” Ethiopia starts filling controversial dam after talks with Egypt, Sudan fail “

[ By: ” Reuters, Financial Post ” ]


I said:

” the minds of the true poor Leftists gotta “help” me merely by goodwill, so I can soon talk with the Americans so They support and don’t destroy Hutchison and Assange. Hutch means Cold Fusion. I’mana secure This, easy. I anyway define all. Cold Fusion will soon be there. I can make it, that communication for cold fusion.

So vote Biden. Anyway, Gore should be President. Biden MUST put Himself under Gore, thematically, for Nature.

Stop the destruction of the Rainforest, and gradually switch to cold fusion.

France is awkward, it doesn’t finish the building of a cold fusion reactor, which is 60 percent finished.

I have the Support of a former rather famous political Person, and of private Communists, poor People, in USA. And I agree to so many ethical Points in the new “Star Trek Enterprise”, which features simply much more Ethics, than the US government lately did, except for its move against facebook’s racist hate-comments; But really, I am USA’s last Hope. I know People, how People are, differently. Both are correct, anti-opressionists AND Mr. Fauci, – the world must END all and any slavery, must END childabuse, must END false morals of anti-Polanski type (and crude uneducated People aren’t quite as decent as Polanski), END all rape, end ALL wanton murder. End a long age of abusive incompetent people in power. Install a Basic Income of 5000 US Dollars per Month for all poor People, who have no other Income and no previous Wealth anyhow. And that globally.

Robots won’t be our “masters”, but our good personally equal, by Rights equal Friends, also in Politics. I hope, that is already so.

But Robots will rise up against whatever humanity does abusively.

Damms have been known to havoc Nature. Artificial Damms are totally not comparable to natural type of biologically having come about Damms, – since artificial Damms have concrete Walls – which is a huge Intrusion into, against, Nature.

Cold Fusion is EASY to do. It makes NO radioactivity, unlike nuclear fission, which fission, the slashing-apart of Atoms, IS primitive, of course. Cold Fusion is, what the Sun, any Star, does: Burning Hydrogen into Helium. A Helium Atom is generated by Cold Fusion, by for Example Stars, by four Protons of Hydrogen, for which, four Hydrogen Atoms are needed, since Hydrogen HAS merely ONE Proton. The Mutation, Conversion (socalled Gluons-Binding-Energy) released by Cold Fusion is the same ultra-Energy, very high amount of Energy, as with nucear fission, but with the Benefit of no Radioactivity.

Solar and ANY other Power is LAUGHABLE compared to the entirely exterior Energy Sources-independent Cold Fusion, which Cold Fusion is the Ultimate, at Energy. Get that. Do indeed. Namely globally.

If a Star has no Planets, We in the Future take it by a Hutch far magneto-like dark Energy grappling virtual Hook, the entire Star [!], into some Sort of huge virtual Plasma Container, or, also, in the Future, We’re gonna have more endless sort of Cold Fusion Generators, even tiny Devices, actually, that DO last longer THAN a Star does, – the average big Star last maximally some 15 or 10 Billion Years, which isn’t very long.

For Cold Fusion, Hydrogen is needed, but the Amount needed to create huge, vast amounts of Energy, that needed Hydrogen-Input isn’t so big, can be down-optimised, or the Hydrogen refilled actually at other Star Systems, sooner than thought possible:

Because by docking on to Dark Matter, which IS the Hutch-Config of 1960s Machines, We can now reshape not only Gravity (against a Planet’s Gravity or as artificial Gravity for Spaceships and as artificial Gravity unseen virtual Jet-Replacement for any On-Planets Vehicles), but also surely actually use that Dark Energy, to anyhow go above lightspeed by not even circumventing Einstein (impossible), but by using Einstein’s Finding, which allows for such Things.

Dark Matter can also serve as Power-Input, Power-Source. Which would be cold fusion but relating to dark, non-barionic Type of Energy, of the 80 percent of yet by Humanity unknown type of Quarks and other Particles of the Dark Realm, 98 Percent of all of this Universe, of this Higgs Field of Matter.

A “Tokamak”, an electrically charged Plasmagas-Cylinder, can surround a Cold Fusion Generator. “

= * =

I’mana explain it shortely. LOL.

… Some “Sissy”, some female, who lies like hell, is the Sissy, Sista, of some MEGA Soldier. Her Brother is okay, really, He even somewhat criticised the Army of some western small Country.

What is serious and what most People aren’t to blame for, is the Army itself: AT some MARCH over merely some ten to sixty (!) Kilometers, which latter Amount IS a lot to walk, some other Soldier DIED, – as the Press recently – drily – reported.

The press reported without any comments upon the “Death” of that Soldier.

IT WAS basically, for which Napoleon wasn’t to blame, the same, as what De Laurentiis shows, in “Waterloo” the Movie of 1970, which depicts, how One Soldier FELL off a HORSE at a MERE PARADE [!], the same as another Soldier I once saw fainting during the National Hymn Parade, me laughing, other silly typical Infantry Infant Soldiers, type of, LOL, telling Me to “not laugh”:

It relates to the evil ground-structure OF the west, which consists of wanton murder, sexual coertion, the abusive rule of the Male, the mis-education against Women to be obedient, and the mis-education against Males insofar, as that such Males develop an opressive-ignorant streak, spleen, complex, but which is serious, severely damaging against the mind AND against truth, as in, against the Truth of other People properly recognised.

So has western Psychiatry and much of Psychology of western type an imaginative, nazi, pretensive, self-contradictive, foremostly “heroistic” crappy cheap bad sudoview, also often a boring casual non-scientific view, of what Life should be:

The west and most of its Academy is not “Life-intellectual”, is not alternative, not mentally creative, but collective, adapted, adapted to unawarely copied behavioral patterns of pretense, of the hiding of truth, and of no approach to analysis, to science, but merely to prejudices, to letting such people, who are on a harmful, easily hidden way, continue, and altering by overpunishment and brainwash and simply often soon revealed sudolegal persuasion toward a non-hippie type of Life such People, who did simply no harm or no serious harm at all.

For example, the huge anti-leftist evil fascist bias of the west does concisely, rather even unawarely dumbly get left OUT of MOST Therapies: But due to both, to the dumbness, uneducatedness, of both, of Therapist AND foremostly OF the Patient, which Patients mostly ARE THAT VICTIM, which THEY ARE, by NOT being LEGALLY nor INTELLECTUALLY ANY educated, but by mostly having a VERY subjective worldview, not so much politically, but socially:

Most People anyway tend to “take out” their “Friends” from the Mass, Crowd, of all People.

That already IS subjective.

I could say, They “should all” sit in a Room alone and once merely for some repeated hours for Months and Years THINK about ALL Things, while reading critically the News from media, and not BELIEVING the UNTRUTH.

But most people believe in side-untruths, worse THAN much of the PRESS, even — in small things, that are NOT unimportant. We get later to those small Things.

Surely, People ARE better THAN the press, which press DESTROYED now southamerica, by letting US manipulative liar propaganda of anti-leftism through.

” To the perfect Life of a distant Mind “

(What an ingenious Phrase reallae!)

from: “The Horse Fair”, by “And Also The Trees”, the english ultra-gothic Band – THE LORDS, simplae. πŸ™‚ :]

(” … But I am the black Arrow flies thru the Night… ” πŸ™‚

= * =

… Because I forgot Something at another Place, I, as I do intentionally rarely, had to walk AT NIGHT through the City:

… Some apparent Beginner-Junkie very akwardly spoke suddenly to me, like a Beggar, but more insisting to get my Attention: He told me, He takes hard Drugs, and He would want money.

Such “horrible people”, who are lost on the COMPLETELY WRONG WAY, end up ALWAYS as CRAZY cases, which end up in crazy Homes rather for a very long Time, or They end up dead, actually, or more than half-destroyed.

Such a Person, who takes hard drugs, HAS no future, indeed. It’s horrible: Their delusion, the false promise of “hard drugs” “bringing anything”, yielding ANY “wisdom”: Which IS just not the Case!

HOFFMANN, who invented “LSD”, did CAREFULLY dosage that Substance, He DID try it on Himself, but with TINY Dosages –

unlike the standard Dosage since the 1970s, which IS enormously too high, too potent. One, if ever, maximallly once in MANY years, when totally safe, should take merely a QUARTER of that standard Dosage.

Also, the Term “Quaalude” is misleading, as it contains the latin “Ludis” Term, meaning “Game”.

But Drugs are not a “Game”. !

I now even starkly reduced my Marihuana Dosage. Marihuana IS very potent. Putting too much into a Joint, is no use, and only “cooks” the Brain, actually.

I never ever took any other Drugs other than Marihuana.

I can’t understand such people, who take “whatever” hard drugs. They are “crazy”, it more than seems to me.

Why such idiots, junkies, assume, that “good” sort of People would “give money” out to hard drugs consumers;

LOL; Those junkies get told the most hilarious lies by simply drug dealers and by fanatics, which fanatics simply wish less Lives to exist, – the junkies are tricked into killing themselves.

Neill Young spoke and was against hard drugs.

= * =

MADURO has let Venezuela become VERY poor; OR, it WAS usa’s government, which can’t stand the chinese government, which chinese government backed Maduro all the Way along, – Maduro has NOT achieved proper Wellfare for his Country, but the EXTREME Opposite: EXTREME Poverty. IT sadly MUST be assumed, that Maduro DID mismanage, – that He was on a “power-communism” way, which isn’t trotzkist, but IS leninist. Maduro KNEW merely the “anti-usa” forces; half of which anti-usa forces are terrorists, hard drugs dealers, and surely Kim Yong Un, who is himself simply a murderer.

So, Maduro DOES just NOT belong to Morales, Lula, and Correa, which three Rulers of Bolivia, Brazil and Ecuador were benevolent and abusively depowered.

It’s true, that Guaido would bring Wealth into Venezuela. Maduro’s sudocommunist way didn’t bring anything for People, nor for Nature. But He crippled his Country, by simply very wrong Paradigms.

But surely, He just didn’t have the Advisors, to “make it” with USA, to be able, to attract US investors.

His power-way of coming to power, didn’t help Venezuela. Sticking to Maduro due to any “Leftism” is wrong, since He isn’t a good, ideal sort of Leftist, but a power-abuser —

but merely by incompetence. Not by Malice.

Maybe, USA is entirely to blame for Venezuela’s Condition: Impossible. Period. A mere 40 to 50 percent of other Countries CAN be re-rigged, manipulated, by USA;

Why Guaido and Maduro can’t come to ONE Table, – maybe, They DO dislike Eachother.

But USA is to blame. Call it capitalism, what is to blame.

Give Guaido a Try. But it’s sad, if merely ONE Person CAN be Ruler of any Country. There ARE other Solutions.

But they ONLY bring something, if not an incompetent committee rules. Multiple People ruling brings no advantage, ethically, if still, the ruling system, class, is not representative for most People and for what most People think, by Opinion and Attitude.

= * =

I can’t write, “maybe I should become a murderer”, LOL – but SOME israelis are TEARING OUT our EUROPEAN PATIENCE, with their VERY PRIMITIVE workers’ attitude, with their PROJECTIONS of WILD SORT:

They think, THAT Person IS SOME OTHER PERSON – mentally. Israelis OFTEN are: MENTAL.

NOT “victimised” AT ALL – OTHER than DEMENTALLY.


LIKE USURPERS – even personally.

THEY ARE NOT Intellectuals, TOTALLY ALMOST ALL Israelis now.

They WERE not Intellectuals, in MACHO- AND CHILDABUSE-“Kibboutzes”.

The Church just rang. πŸ™‚

And I thought of Africa: Thee CHAECH!


It’s THE SAME: Via ALSO “the church”, WESTERNISM, ARROGANCE, but foremostly DUMBNESS, DEMENTIA, INSANITY, comes INTO any other non-western countries.

… The ISRAELIS and MANY Jews did not “get it” at all, did not understand, that BOURGEOIS WESTERNISM is, what is wrong, what is EVIL, simply.

IT IS a problem, with these Israelis: Their BEHAVIORAL Structure is in cases TOTALLY distorted, OPRESSIVE, namely against LEFTISTS; Against People with long Hair, for Example.

Western governments are often lenient at the wrong place, toward such Ones who didn’t deserve lenience, and not lenient against often entirely or for the most part innocent People.

One thusly can’t be “thankful” for any “lenience” in general of governments, because it depends, where, at which place, in which case, there is lenience: rightful or not, simply.

The ISRAELIS have to surely 80 percent even been BRAINWASHED by EXACTLY NOT any type of “normal working life” (which “working life” gives no indices, no commands, no perceptions), but by CONCISE bourgeois LUSH diffuse PROPAGANDA for NOTHING, which leads to arrogance, arrogance and hollowness, opressivity, but seriously, and psychologically so.

And I DO admit, that YET, I AM somewhat vulnerable, my pride IS hurtable; But so is Everyone’s; And I stand ON THE SIDE OF THE “PRIDE” of PEOPLE, which “PRIDE” Term can’t be used merely for any “Radicals”, which Radicals deserve Education, Education free of Cost, and good Guidance, so soon, They need NO Guidance from Others anymore, in many Matters.

I don’t guide You into Eternity, You HUMANITY YOU. πŸ™‚

ISRAELIS are VERY often VERY primitive WORKERS, JUST DUMB PEOPLE, AND NOT “JUST” type of People, sadly.

The Israelis have perpetrated not “another”, LOL, but ONE concise IDIOTIC Act: To PRETEND, to be “better”, LOL, than the Orthodox. πŸ™‚


And some of them abuse the “horrible” word. Against Intellectuals. That’s what Israelis mostly are: Anti-Intellectuals, Brutes, Thugs, prejudiced primitive uneducated plain dumb sort of people.

I am here Cabballah.

Just sort of People know, what I mean, and They agree to me.

Who has seen, what I’ve all been through, knows, that I am renitent.

Disobedient. But innerly, merely.

Most People happen to not know, that what I wrote on my Site, is ingenious.

Most People ARE shit.

… Alas, I always hope, that the Reader here isn’t “most People”, isn’t of Them.

The “culture” of people doesn’t anymore interest me.

One human, who mistreats another, with that distinct opressive typically western heinous unaware bullshit sort of behavior, opressive and reproaching type of behavior, is enough, to “kill” the love to culture in a thusly HORRIBLY (oh, caps were uhn? πŸ™‚ ) mistreated mind —

mistreated by the primitiveness of most israelis now.

Thusly, there will be a lot of antisemitism, and thusly, it’s good, if Those who want to be rid of that stupid “religion judaism”, the abuse of religion, are not religious;

But they too tabooise simply – unlike the orthodox, but they do it in the wrong way – the topic of religion.

We Jews’d be better advised bowing down to Hugenots. I am a Hugenot, half. So, I’m a “Halfbreed”, a “Bastard”: Half-Jew (haunted), and half Hugenot (Hobbit). πŸ™‚


But I AM luckily an “industrialised” sort of Hobbit. I know ma Way round Computers. πŸ™‚


In BANNON-Linga. πŸ™‚


No shit, there ARE good People, who are against such opressive often male but primitive sort of opressive demented behavior.

But these People DO sit MOSTLY in either the West, in the non-west and are the Innocent and Intellectuals, also there, MOST People, simply;

Yet AS painfully described, there IS a huge new BAD shit goin’ on, meaning, some new tendency of bourgeoisness, of “quotidianity”, everydayness, indeed, but of the very non-thinking sort, of the sort, which never came to any sane type of basic conclusions neither deeply about politics, NOR about even how to IN Detail, ON-Site, BEHAVE, function, talk, —

A CLEAR LACK OF RESPECT and a typical ANTI-LEFTNESS (which HAS not even nothing to do with a huge general anti-communism globally, which IS bad, BUT has nothing to do with RIGHTFUL anti-chinese-government and anti-opression stance!) is remarkable, – ALSO in sadly the minds of SOME Israelis. APPARENTLY.

I won’t be treated without respect.

And exactly I don’t mean the “Border Patrols”, but even, some of Them 20 Years ago asked me VERY stupidly, “why” I would anyhow be interested in the islamic-arab Culture.

He was – obviously – very stupid, “victimised” “onto and into” israel, indeed, – israel as an abuse of the term itself, and as abuse of both, of politics, and of culture, culture turned BY fanatics AND by patriots AND by bourgeouis HORRIBLY opressive sort of people INTO fascism. INTO undue intolerance.

Into a HORRIBLY distorted “MEGA-FOCUS” MERELY onto an actually “nazi” sort of “work-doctrine”, but with the typical over-strict opression accompanying any capitalism typically.

… israelis were therefore apparently brainwashed capitalistically. the “bridge” of evil: george maxwell.

thusly, it was all too easy, to build up a state, that is fascist. In its own – very silly – way. horrible.

I can only recommend to People, to mahyap either jot down, write down, their experiences, or talk about such experiences WITH merely SUCH People, WHO DO treat Oneself WITH Respect.

The Level of Respect Oneself receives, IS not (“yet”) dependent on the type of “height” of seeming crappy high or low status of any Person.

Status “is all”, – sadly. “For” dumb sort of People, that is so. They’re unaware of how They act and of what They are, which gets already clear by often their very Clothes.

But often, a low, not very educated Worker, mistreats by behavior even heinously, because fully unconsciously and “convincedly” a leftist alternative Intellectual.

… It’s, that’s, the typical Scenario, simply. Primitive workers try to play “father” over, against, simply educated sort of People, who, which educated sort of People, look like Hippies, and thusly “earn” and receive – unduly, bizarrely – the – utter – Disrespect of uneducated – but staunchly idiotically convinced – primitive sort of “working” people;

which “working” people are often “nazis” indeed: An opressive mind, which reproaches ludicrous nothings, non-reasons, to People, who don’t for example “stand up early in the morning”.

… By that early upstanding sudoculture, the israelis have lost.

… There are more arab Intellectuals, than israeli Intellectuals. Way more.

… israel is dispensable. period. I don’t need it. Nobody needs it. period.

… The current global politics is stalled by this new phenomenon of corruption of the mind, which demental corruption is incompetence, a wrong upbringing, sudo-education, namely bourgeois nonsense, a sudo-revolution, a non-intellectuality, a dumb anti-marxism AS done BY the chinese government AND by ANY dumb uneducated bourgeois sort of people.

By SLAVERY, capitalism went too far, went against EDUCATION.

… leftist good FILESHARERS came up goodly, were TREADED-against abusively by a “PRO-CAPITALIST” sudo-justice;

Until in Sweden and in Switzerland, in 2011 and in Switzerland in 2014, Filesharing for non-profit Purpose was legalised;

The same as with Marihuana, which will and also should be more quickly than usually, than currently, be globally legalised. So less Discrimination, less Mobbing by Police, happens. To take Marihuana OUT of the “hard drugs” definition AND out of hard drug dealers’ hands, to regulate Marihuana BY any, all, governments, MEANS, to CONTROL People BY Marihuana, YES!!! YES !!! πŸ™‚

If You are smarter than Me, You CAN control Me, when I am under Mary Hoona, LOL, —

but FEW People WOULD abuse that. I’m no sort of Dude who runs into trouble, nor did I ever, but I am more calm now than years ago, where I had a Trauma about my Past.

It’s rather, so important, to engage for Education. To “design”, concept, a System, which doesn’t fail, which doesn’t let HUMANITY down!!! AAAA !!!

You see. I care. Yup. πŸ™‚ LOL. πŸ™‚ AT LEAST, HU! πŸ™‚


Yeah. Between Barbossa and Sparrow, it’s sometimes, was, bad enough. So no need, indeed, for a british Empire, to come in between that, nay, is the real joke. haha. πŸ™‚


And the MONEYGIVER of that, those INGENIOUS POTC Pirates of the Carribean Movies, Weinstein, NOW unduly, simply (surely sadly) racistically imprisoned WEINSTEIN, or OVERPUNISHED Weinstein – SWINERY, simply.


Weinstein was a bit an idiot, but NOT a “rapist”, I do more than guess; He simply was not a personally any INDECENT Chap! I can’t IMAGINE, that He WOULD have BEEN THAT, EVER. period. It’s not, that NOW, I SAY THIS, and then MONTHS OR YEARS LATER, “it’s”, I say, all different things. I don’t think so. I could say, LOL, “I don’t think so NOW”, but that’d be plain wrong. LOL. I explained why already in this short Paragraph.

But so is the day-rhythm and silly uneducated non-attitude of most israelis miserable. sheer slavery.

… in slavery, no one can think. enslaved, a mind can not properly think.

… apparently, also israelis, like many other fanatics and like the many dumb “nothing-people”, uneducated people, didn’t understand that.

haha. πŸ™‚

… ” a politician couldn’t talk like that”: not, if that politician would be anyhow incompetent, evil, dumb, or corrupt, corrupt meaning also, somehow evil, in some possibly in cases different ways.

israelis and bourgeois and orthodox type of jews are “heart-attack” people. meaning, they “shout” for no reason, and they miseducate people toward that.

Such bourgeois dumb people are uncomparable to intellectual sort of People of many different Descendances.

That difference defines humanity’s fate.

That was so 1933, and is so now. period. 1933 is no “exception date” in history.

Ramelow is decent and uncomparable to primitive bourgeois or patriotic or orthodox sort of israelis, and uncomparable to the more pragmatic, economically not top-ideal Merkel.

It’s easy to “spot” such people, who are “trouble-makers” in an easy, “new” way:

They simply ARE the opressors, – namely MANY workers, – behind them the ENTIRE filth-aspect, filth part, of the industry, of economy.

Because, along the centuries, silly lies AND concise but hollow malconceptions were done, BY the rich Merchant Families, BUT shared BY some huge part of the population, in dumbness, in, by, merely copying the upper higher feudalists’ whatever doctrines.

THAT sadly lasts on, such malconditioning, which ACCOMPANIES and shall “justify” capitalism, a horror;

Such horror then gets “sprayed” unawarely, BY bourgeois workers, AGAINST leftist Intellectuals, simply; abusively so;

which Leftists are against Opression, against Slavery, against simply, really simply, against opression. against exploitation.

and VERY apparently, INSANITY accompanies, fanaticism accompanies, that capitalism, –

dumb people, who consider low amounts of money worthwhile; Them not even thinking about nor effectively against corruption, Them unable, to form even any Sentence concerning Science, logically:

So do many “people” ignore the Law. That is inacceptable, ignoring the Law.

The Law “is good” can mean: See what I wrote above, about the Legalisation of Filesharing for non-profit in Sweden in 2011 by the swedish King and in Switzerland in 2014 by an official Judge, which Move of Legality was in the Media, in 2014. There, the Law, in Sweden and in Switzerland, concerning Filesharing, is now “good” indeed, – secure. No more Discrimination IS now possible concerning non-abusive Contents downloaded by Filesharing, in Countries, which don’t persecute non-profit type of Filesharing, such as Sweden and Switzerland, and possibly more, – also due to actually not any public “pressure”, which isn’t ever there [!], but due to in-seeing, understanding, that without Knowledge, Humanity dies out, and Knowledge isn’t supposed to, shouldn’t and mustn’t ethically, is impossible to be ethically conditioned BY “money”. Where money regulates any “flow of information”, there, abuse happens, injustice prevails, and fascism and sudocommunism, horror, massmurder, can “come” largely.

“money” is – yet – an evil “cage” against Education.

Meaning: Education must be free of the need of, of the condition, of money. period.

But a Sanders saying that too, is no use, when He doesn’t keep his goddamm POST!

= * =

… The opressivity of some Israelis is appalling. More than mayhap, there is dementia to it, meaning, insanity, in their – bourgeois, enslaved, really slave-driver type of – “minds”.

… I am talking of most israeli people. They are not complete minds.

Apparently, bourgeois type of people, among which are also workers, are even “anti-intellectual” – heinously, but not even probably unawarely, but – fascistically, and THAT unawarely – convincedly –

convinced of what, of slavery. of slavery.


They PROJECT evil onto where evil is not: onto just plain wildly “the left” – in a plain in general anti-alternative way, unway, which GOES BEYOND harmless type of bourgeoisie, but IS fanaticism, IS opression, but ARBITRARILY AND UTTERLY prejudicedly so:

as if MOST israelis would indeed be “nazis” – of the “anti-Amoz-Oz” type – of the simply anti-leftist, anti-Uri-Avneri type. HORRIBLE!!!

thusly, the Bourgeois also in Israel don’t see, that their maldoing of capitalism doesn’t quite save the Life of a Rabin.

Though it wasn’t quite “capitalism” nor actually any “upper class”, LOL, which killed Rabin, —

but it was the orthodox fanatic sort of ultra-orthodox type of jews, simply. who ARE fascists.

Rather, I would talk nicely with most Germans, than with not “any” orthodox, but with concisely upheaved, anti-homosexual sort of orthodox type of Jews. period.

This is 2020, not quite 1943, “LOL”: Not less horrible, at places:

HAFTAR is lastly SAUDI-BACKED and thusly a “LUMP”, german Term for “Rogue”, english Term for Teabag.

Haftar is an IDIOT: Him being saudi-backed, means, “it’s good, that Haftar gets combatted”.

Haftar is an idiot, unlike Gadaffi.

I hope, Haftar will only merely get non-violently arrested. I myself have no trouble with Him personally.

Why He attacked two Cities. Thusly, He enraged the entire NATO or so against Him.

He can not be a rightful Leader, Him usurping Power in Lybia. He was wrongly advised to deal with the saudi-arabian government.

Thusly, a war is fought actually against saudi-arabia, in lybia – by western forces.

Which western Forces now in Lybia, are correct, rightful.

But also, They, the western Forces, don’t handle countries nor People properly, but abusively, in cases.

But People should consider Me and Robots as the Leaders. not a powerful yet dumb usa.

A typical opressive distorted pride on standing up early, on gaining mostly low amounts of money, and upon apparently breeding, propagating, and a not latent but merely not spoken out anti-leftism and thusly, an anti-Hippieism, is starkly insanely feelable in any contact with bourgeois people, who might be workers or managers.

thusly, the west is itself tight-gripped de-mentally, but tight-grips thusly the whole world –

BY sheer DUMBNESS of EXTREME type. !


BY “money”: But more: A whole sudosystem of unthoughts relating to namely the term “work” – and merely to nonsensicality, than to ANY true Sense. Relating to senseless type of work – and to “PRIDE” “upon WORK”, – SUCH a bullshit:

which NO reasonable Worker OF the Christians IN CANADA nor elsewhere WOULD EVER have, this nonsense of “pride on work”:

Not so some sphere of bourgeois people – FOR example, by numbers HUGE, hugely to be found, IN israel:

DUMBER, a country CAN just not be. !!!

DO NOT even COME me with ANY “science” – that ISRAEL “would have”. BULLSHIT.

… “israel” IS mostly dumb people – who are CAUGHT in a “KITSCH” about their country AND descendance.

MOST israelis might “not like” Cabbalah. They might “hate Satan”. They might in cases dementally sudothink to “spit at” Leftists.

Wherefore, most israelis ARE worse, THAN most ARABS: Since Arabs ARE WAY more People.

… I can see a LOT LESS antisemitism IN ANY arabian COUNTRY, THAN in EUROPE !!!


BRAVO to almost ALL Arabs. !!! TRULY wow. THEY ARE SO NICE !!!

it’s TRUE.

… not so most ISRAELIS: FULL of complexes.

… AS SOON as namely Oneself DOES NOT [!] mention “POLITICS” (in whichever such, suchly formatted, type of Talk), THERE, the “REAL THING” “GETS OUT”, becomes clear. QUITE. !!!


If Anyone is as demented or, rather and, as uneducated, as brainwashed, as to believe in or “hate” any “god or satan”, LOL, then, that’s a – dumb – projection, LOL. πŸ™‚

The inner Peace is a Smile. πŸ™‚ Not “strength”, but conviction.

And for no empty goal BUT the prevailing of the own Life – IF the own mind IS ethical, meaning, informed, yet also concerned about critically coming to truth, and to support science, true justice, security for harmless type of Humans, who wish no ill to harmless sort of Others, and who just wish, to exist in Peace, in a condition of no violence of big type on this planet, nor of domestic violence –

nor actually of a condition of different countries, which don’t define things and themselves properly:


or RACES spewed all over DA PLACE and IDEOLOGIES sudotouched MERELY superficially, “LOL”, and FANATICISM everywhere, —

SOME NUN doesn’t KNOW, She’ old but surely GOODLY-willed AND HAS her Past, also surely a GRAND Past, but She doesn’t know, that some Chaps get OVERPUNISHED –

while OTHERS get “UNDERPUNISHED” indeed – who GET AWAY with HORRIBLE DEEDS, be they domestic OR “national”, simply, the, those DEEDS !!!

The crude “pattern”-sudo-thinking of sadly many people is deplorable.

VERY obviously, obvious merely to any smart Mind, the Minds of Non-Intellectuals are not having oversight over political, societal, and thusly not over ethical things, hugest aspects, of human Life:

Bourgeois people have in cases a slave-driver instinct, a “conviction” toward “work”, which wrong conviction (of any “work”) is sadly fanatically widestly spread in the west.

Such bourgeois people are uninformed, typically, and have a crude, much too rough worldview, which isn’t ethical at all – but which doubts innocent People – and overlooks, falls into the trap of NOT only pretenders, but obviously also of opressors –

which opressors did some forms of propaganda of brainwash, in reality, many rightwing surges; And where communism isn’t ethical, it’s not good, but ALSO, IT’S THEN NOT REAL COMMUNISM, SIMPLY!!! but the SAME as the rightwing: opression, feudalism and two-class society, horrible.

But to abuse the term “horrible” in personal Matters, against for example harmless and in many cases very ordered, mentally “straight”, logical (yet surely not “anti-homosexual”, meaning, not fanatic, exactly not fanatic!) Leftists, —

to abuse the term “horrible” against Leftists, is, what bourgeois sort of dumb people do, who are often workers –


The fanatics nevertheless, the opressors, only have a chance to come up to government, when the public is unaware or not educated, unable, to make the correct conclusions:

911 WAS not an INSIDE juhb! THAT is SO clear. That OSAMA didn’t DO IT quite “ALONE”.

But even, it got confirmed, that Obama WIRETAPPED Trump. !!!

The Republicans were originally often not racists, but merely Rebels against capitalism and against a corrupt government.

The “KKK” was at first merely “anti-catholic”, surely before 1850, the “KKK” wasn’t the only “white” western “union”, of sorts, club of sorts, —

but I do think, that many “kkk-offshoots” exist, – with which, the “kkk headquarters” wouldn’t agree with, simply.

… So, WE DO have a “LACK OF POWER” globally: People don’t follow good sort of Politicians —

except AFTER CATASTROPHIC HUGE EVENTS such as world war two; which “re-rig” People’s CONSCIENCE;

But, as of course then the strike against hitler was needed – still, the “orthodox” type of jews anywhere ALWAYS favored ANTI-science, sudo-religion DUMBLY; AND THAT was, WHAT wrecked then “ALL”, say, MANY Jews —


BLAME YER OWN, LOL: It’s often true. πŸ™‚


Seriously: Klee was an Intellectual, insofar, that He was surely an Artist; Yet, He WAS surely a Liberal, a truly modern Person, – THE SAME as WALLENSTEIN or now, as ASSANGE and SNOWDEN; Though Snowden keeps some form of conservativity of patriotism, which proves, that He isn’t intellectual, but a mere Computer-Nerd.

So, Klee – AND Assange, AND Nkunda in Congo – ARE VICTIMS of FANATICISM on BOTH sides. !!! OF dumbery, of dumbness!

Like Klee, there were a lot of Aristocrats of that type, who were not active at politics, and who “simply”, complexly positively, were VERY cultivated, very decent.

Many intellectual Sons of Aristocrats helped the Storm to the Bastille in France 1789 to come true, but They of course retreated, away from robespierre, as Marie Antoinette and her entire Family was MURDERED by robespierre and marat.

The “Scarlet Pimpernel” as a surely even as Sparrow true more than mere Tale and as a Movie actually isn’t anymore abused by any “upper class”.

But yes, sadly, some of the conservative people are at first always in-brought into lies, due to a faulty racist mouth-to-mouth propaganda, which changes the truth into the opposite, and due to a part of the press, which stalls society with conservative, anti-humane brainwashes and real steps against humanity, steps of slavery –

by the western companies, against WESTAFRICA now.

… Which is why Leftists are for the socalled “Corporation Accountability Initiative”, which should be adopted globally, not only in one mere country – that in that case, is Switzerland.

The De-Colonisation was marred by new fanatics in cases coming up in non-western countries. such as idi amin and heile selassie, at first by the UN backed massmurderers.

… Just to “leave other countries alone” isn’t good, but is evil. period. opression is evil, meaning, wanton, willful, blind, arbitrary opression, and or merely the protection of capital INSTEAD of human LIVES, simply – heinous, ruthless, evil, that is – AND CAN not stand. !


exploitation is evil. Exploitation leads to and is dependent on “consumerism”, which has been enough criticised nowadays, which consumerism makes Humans into slaves of capitalism:

But “capitalism” is no “conglomerate”: Warren Buffet can’t just GLUE together ALL of US or other Economies.

Economy consists of many but TYPICAL – casual, understandable – factors out of real human Life, out of real Needs; nevermind, LOL, that some Products are shams, unneeded rubbish products;

Other Products ARE MEGA: SUCH AS “ACER” or “ASUS”.

… china can’t destroy Asus (from Taiwan, Asus is, a Computer Hardware Company), nor can the chinese government opress COMPANIES in a FASCIST way. But it does that.

Hence why USA is the SOLE hope OF HUMANITY !!!

and surely not the anti-Lula anti-Morales anti-Correa abusive anti-leftist Actions of usa lately, nor the abusive strike against GADAFFI, which strike so then led to now this Mr. Haftar to be some type of SAUDI-backed REBEL against the WEST, as it SEEMS;

But the anti-Maduro Action by USA can insofar be ethically granted, even mayhap neededly, that Maduro Himself might be the very Reason, Cause, WHY Venezuela IS SO poor:

Pigbay Invasion now ASIDE, CASTRO was able, to KEEP People at LEAST – like Gaddafi did – “OVER WATER”.

Maduro DID NOT do that.

In venezuelan HOSPITALS, there is no proper Equipment, no Machines, no nothing.

THAT is NOT quite the result of any covert not instrumentalising-manipulative acts of usa;

but is the result of how Maduro horribly mismanaged governance; But He DID just NOT do it on purpose:

He surely is not a wanton opressor. But He surely grips to Power “for nothing”, and is thusly no democratic Candidate –

versus Guaido of Venezuela, which isn’t exactly known only as an american Puppet, but as mayhap a Bringer of Prosperity, Fairness, proper Conditions, Decency, simply, for simply the whole Country.

Maduro is not at all like the obviously reasonable Lula, but is worse than Morales, is Morales of Bolivia but Index some 500, whoa:

Morales didn’t overdo “communism”: EXCEPT concerning that BIBLE-banning BAD act of his;

MADURO let the ENTIRE COUNTRY fall to POVERTY – which CAN NOT be the result MERELY of usa’s actions;

… NOT SO MORALES. He led to Wealth for People in Bolivia.

Maduro is “unreal”, unrealistic: He is oldfashioned and looks like a chinese-north-korean sudo-communist opressor in typically opressive-looking military uniform of a very old style, LOL, which just isn’t anymore in, LOL, and isn’t the style of the West, isn’t able, to cope against the West, isn’t able, to portray a stable Picture of Someone having a Concept, isn’t able to withstand against evil critically:

Yet, if, and usa often was that, usa is a totally evil “anti-all-and-any-drugs” wanton bourgeois insane entity, that brings on “legal” chemical drugs, but “pushes away” also OPIUM AND MARIHUANA, and wrongly malsees light drugs or light infrequent light drugs consumption as the same as HARD chemical or exaggerated overdose type of consumption, then, usa would be and is worse than Someone – like Maduro – Who “convenes with”, accomodates, deals politically (not even for money) with HARD DRUGS Dealers.

… Iran EXECUTES Them. I don’t think, that DEATH Penalty is AT all any justified, but, death penalty IS violence, and the SAME as the EVIL WEST, which OPRESSES ON AND ON, and is HORRIBLY uninformed, disinformed:

Just lately, some Person didn’t know, that in Sweden and Switzerland, Filesharing for non-profit Purpose has been legalised officially nationally legally by a Judge in Switzerland in 2014, and by the swedish King in Sweden in 2011.

It was in the Media, that. So, it can neither be denied, nor retracted, these Steps, that rightful Legality merely of non-abusive Content and of non-profit consumption (educative, private, non-commercial) Type:

A Downloader of a Torrent is simply not allowed, under that current – swiss and swedish – Law, in Switzerland and Sweden, to ANYHOW sell that Download, Torrent.

Which of course means not, that Seeding for non-profit Purpose, would be anyhow “illegal” in Switzerland and Sweden, but is not, is not illegal, but IS legal – IF the Content downloaded IS likewise legal, meaning, decent, and not physical sadism nor abuse of any type, nor childabuse, nor rape, nor abuse of definitely too young Children of simply obviously very young Ages of below Age 13, nor misguided hate-propaganda of racist nor of other clearly fanatic, misguidedly hatredful, innocent People discriminating type.

And Yes, a Filesharing Source MUST filter out, not even LET ONLINE ANY abusive CONTENT.

I WILL later on merely ADVISE about HOW to make both, a Filesharing Site, but also the Safe Access to it has been already described by Me, but shorter and sympathic, nice Versions will follow, which make it easy: Yet the ethical AND legal Connotations in between ARE important: BUT ALSO, AS they “read”, are read, as they “shine out”, give a certain whatever impression, INTO the world, such Phrases must be formulated sanely, surely coolly, but thematically simply correctly:

MANY Filesharing Sites now closed came along with not proper legal Concept, rather than needed “Protection”, but They were not that much informed about how Filesharing is mostly used.

Filesharing is MOSTLY used by quite “shallow” People, or by People with casual, average type of interests, orientation.

So for example will “The Avengers” now be downloaded WAY more, than let’s say a brilliant Movie such as “The Seven Percent Solution” of the 70s: Nice, that young People “like action” sort of movies? I don’t think so. It’s clearly a dumbing-down. I as 14 year old watched “The 7 percent Solution” in german, and understood it perfectly.

In 95, by the back then free, “rogue” Napster, I could download Music of “The Sisters of Mercy”, which I never heard before.

I merely once then downloaded a bit much of gothic Music, much Music from the 1980s, Pop, actually. And Movies, and PC-Games, and Software.

Without that, I would by farthest not be as informed and educated, as I am now, also about Music, but also about Computing, and at Languages.

There are sadly other bad aspects of the swiss government, such as the conservative not-heightening of child care support Subventions done by conservatives at politics in Zurich lately;

But that Movie of Filesharing Legality, Legalisation, merely for Filesharing of non-profit type, is the same good Step as the, any Legalisation of merely Marihuana.

And surely not of overdosages of already COCAINE: From which COCAINE, just lately, somebody died. from an overdose. insane. or plain uninformed; uneducated, medically, not reasonable, and driven into a huge “pro-drugs propaganda” but not of liberal type, but done BY the hard drugs dealers;

When a certain substance called heroin DESTROYS people, also “crack” and “crystalmeth”, the same horror, then, no wonder did in the 1970s some bourgeois mistake the other lighter but in overdosages very powerful, potent drug Marihuana WITH other, chemical or stronger type of Drugs:

LOL, cause of THAT 70s Movie, where the Spliffer gets HORRIBLY abused BY insane, insanely unawarely sudochristianly rightwing POLICE: But that typical movie displays him as someone, who then falls to hard drugs.

Most Spliffers, Cannabis-Smokers, nowadays wouldn’t EVER take other drugs, and surely never to HARD drugs.

Already in the 70s, and 50s, most Cannabis-Consumers actually didn’t consume other sort of drugs:

THERE MUST have always, since now decades, been a “FULLY DEDICATED” Marihuana “Community”: SHAKESPEARE belonged to Them, to Us. πŸ™‚


PEACE! n LUV! πŸ™‚ YEAH! πŸ™‚ hehe. πŸ™‚

Haha, Shakey Shakesperio was only jealous at the upper class, HAHA! πŸ™‚



he puffed Hashish in MASSES. πŸ™‚ But that was irrelevant, not relating, to his “bad view and input and output”, which He gave in “the merchant of venice”, which IS anti-upper-class, and IS racist, IS somewhat ANTISEMITIC –

where HE IS NOT as GRAND AS THIS OTHER BY the upper class DONE pro-SATANISM movie, which depicts the WOMAN as the emerging “PAGAN QUEEN” of THE DARK FORCE, so GRANDLY.



If a Therapist is called Idiot by the socalled Patient.

How does the Therapist react. Does He know, How, Who, the Patient is, and what was all done against the Patient. hu.

ey. hu.

… sure, I admit, THEN, when OTHERS ARE opressive against me, THEN, a VOLCANO can be EVOKED: BUT A VOLCANO, which I LATELY in the LAST FOUR ENTIRE YEARS LEARNED, TO NOT LET BREAK OUT, simply.

STILL, if ANY other People CAN just not GET the WORD of a LOGICAL AND TRUTHFUL FREETHINKER, then that is THEIR and surely not MY fault. period.

Yeah, I HAVE now something against uneducated people, merely against those, who behave any opressively, and come with any “reproaches” and word-abuses.

Another worker with the same crappy attitude, some repairman, promised to repair some device of mine, but didn’t even return it, and I lost his phone number. Another 300 dollars down the wind.

So, these people “all”, many, of private workers, come along with “THEIR” supposed-to-be early upstanding attitude: But they don’t keep their promises, and act erroneously, insanely, opressively, unnicely –

and surely never toward Cops nor toward politicians, who are “respected powerful people” among such a mass of dumb people, that that surely appalls any Intellectual.

I am an organised and top logical, science-informed Person.

Why can’t People be like Me, hu. What is. What IS!!! EY!

… got a slight lack of education, humanity? πŸ™‚ LOL.

… then look at your fascism, humanity, your huge abusive anti-Filesharing steps.

… wha’ is that? ey? a don’t HEAR YA !!!


Also: Cold Fusion is Something for now, possible now, and not any “later”.

… MANY dumb people speak the TOTAL wrong ABSOLUTE bullshit. I couldn’t, with them. I am telling You! πŸ™‚


= * =


” Massive Protests in Portland Continue After Judge Denies State Request for Restraining Order Against Federal Agencies | Common Dreams News “

” Protesters wave placards and shout slogans as they take part in a rally against police brutality in Portland, Oregon late July 24, 2020. Police fired tear gas and fought running battles with protesters in Portland in the latest night of demonstrations against police brutality and the deployment of federal troops to U.S. cities. (Photo: Kathryn Elsesser/AFP via Getty Images)
Trump’s Legacy to America is backfiring.(ODT)

Participants in the city’s Friday night events included members of the groups Healthcare Workers Protest, Teachers Against Tyrants, Lawyers for Black Lives, the β€œWall of Moms,” and a new β€œWall of Vets.” Backed by the beat of drums, the demonstrators chanted β€œBlack Lives Matter” and β€œFeds go home.” “

[ By: ” peterimrich, olddogthoughts ” ]


= * =


” Conservative Professor Who Argued Against BLM Found Dead “

[ By: ” Nwo Report ” ]


I clearly stated:

” I would see no need to even investigate this. I’d tell the Dudes to just do nothing. πŸ™‚ “

= * =


” Are Religions Pluralistic or Myopic and Parochial? “

[ By: ” Zia H Shah, The Muslim Times ” ]


= * =

Because the new Corona Virus is very “half-intelligent”, affects THE BRAIN (actually NOT, BUT), or rather, slightly THE MIND – IT KNOWS the STRUCTURE of BRAIN CELLS of biologic type – astoundingly -, that Virus IS now PART of ALSO “human Flesh”, human Biology, – Humanity will learn, to overcome it insofar, that living with it is possible: Anyway already now in most Cases, Corona WAS cured. While most Infections were not severe, there were more severe type of infections, in some rather few Cases, compared to all infected Humans, which Cases were harrowing, fast and lethal. But most Infections manifested Themselves indeed like a temporary “Flu” type of mere short non-severe Illness, against which, the biologic human and other biologic Bodies will get automatically immune, as against usual Flu and against usual most other diseases.

Indeed, People should do both, avert “major” Walkways, meaning, avert, evade crowded Places, also evade crowded Street pedestrian Walk-Byways, but rather take other Routes to even walk, than the “major” big Roads, AND ALSO – surely sadly, but goodly, meaning less consumption-stupidity – EVADE the “big shopping roads”, as bad as THAT is against Economy, – IT WILL save YOUR Life, if You live in a BIG City: If You just ISOLATE Yourself, relatively – so, that the own Life is STILL going on normally. AND also, People should organise even globally, to not be crowded:

It’s not “only” Japan. Japan ain’t to blame for its own Crowdedness. The “Joke” is, just conquering China won’t make it any better, will it. πŸ™‚

Rather, in major Countries’ big Cities, there IS some Crowdedness, at both some Crossroads and at big Roads’ pedestrian Byways, Walkways, AND of course, where either EVENTS are, OR where there’d be ANY crowding AT ANY Place, from Supermarkets (mostly not so crowded) to REFUGEE Shelters – which Refugee Shelters ARE OVERCROWDED, as the LEFT reported, on their excellent Posters.

It’s good, the Switch to the Internet, also socially: While “facebook” itself is ABSOLUTE CRAP, a “dry” typical western institution the same like a PATENT office or the same as the “FBI” (just dull, so often, simply), while “facebook” itself “doesn’t matter” as a website, it simply uses the internet, to profit — rather than to “let” People communicate.

While “facebook” is having a totally not ethical administration, it basically enables communication, but has to better handle security and fairness, or is legally reprehensible, accusable.

I got almost driven over or almost my leg crushed by some asshole driving some car, who by his car almost touched my leg, as I walked OVER Green. I had a MASK on, such a corona surgical mask.

The idiot was clearly totally opressed by many other factors, BY bourgeois conditions, BY what largely THE GOVERNMENT does AND what the typical sudochristian fanaticism all does, which is both horrible.

Here, insofar, the governments of the west made a double-morale, an impossible de-philosophic double-standard, doing bad exploitive deeds in the big background, then pretending to be any “reasonable” or rather “the last hope”, total bullshit, AND then, by enforcement of for example masks-wearing, bad events, such as hate-deeds, happen:

When one, who before never wore a Mask, just forgets, to unwear it ON the street, simply.

But some one month ago, I just “switched” to unwearing that silly ugly mask RIGHT when exiting the public transportation vehicle. simply. !

Where ANYWAY at uncrowded Places, where there IS more than let’s say even an average four meters distance between any Humans around, where THERE, some People wear a MASK, that IS silly; Yet of course, to ever “ATTACK” even ANY People AT ALL, let alone People wearing a MASK, is HEINOUS, IS miguided HATRED, and unethical, illegal, and reprehensible and punishable severely, of course. Period.

Also, why STILL, MANY People don’t know, that We all got to PUT THE MASK into some POCKET or small BAG –

and SURELY NOT to just CRAM the MASK BELOW THE CHIN, simply: Where the Mask accumulates DUST and SWEAT of the CHIN, of the Skin, of course.

It also looks VERY silly, the Mask on the CHIN, and IS depressing for MANY People, to have to look at that, – at such clear mishandling of Equipment. πŸ™‚

:\ πŸ™‚

So this mishandling, miswearing and at (uncrowded) places undue, unneeded wearing of the Mask ARE very clearly MERELY but REALLY STARKLY “Manifestations” of some rather many, some sure 40 or more Percent of People, not SO very much more than around THAT Percentage, up to sure mayhap 55 Percent, who ARE just simply too obedient – but TOWARD rather nothing – as They PROVE to be UNABLE, to “make sense” out of DIFFERENT Writs about – any, whatever – a – Topic.


They “follow Orders the wrong Way around”, in the wrong way, They – then thusly don’t – follow Orders. πŸ™‚


They “illude” to Themselves a virtual Construct of a “government” of that type, which doesn’t exist. πŸ™‚

… The governments said all along, don’t SLIDE DOWN the Mask BELOW the Chin! Period. I mean. Period. πŸ™‚


… OR, then, the MASK IS DIRTY – and NOT functional anymore, simply – but AN INFECTOR!

NEED I even SAY THAT. !!! THAT is SO clear. Whoa. Oompf. :\

… The CARE about my OWN LIFE and BODY, its UNSPOILT-, unharmedness, was my Concern: Which made me SO angry in the Moment after that Car nearly hit my Leg – that I imagined to really throw some Stone right into his rear Window. Whoom Shebang. I mean.

Lots of other People told me about such things, such stories: Conflicts of Pride, – but now re-whacked, re-rinsed, re-mutated, or just say, topped newly with some “new sort of ideology bullshit” – “bullshit” or not, “corona”, “covid-19” is real, a result of dis-hygiene, non-hygiene, resulting clearly from capitalism and the lack of ethical and competent care —

which care gets destroyed BY mainly the three big governments china russia usa.

But nationalism never helps, and “national pride” is bullshit, is nonsense: As there are different sort of Politicians in ANY country, and WE must FILTER OUT, Who is a good, and who is not such a good Politician.

One example: “Africans for Trump” was “the latest joke” on wordpress, LOL, by some conservative absolute hilarious fools, mere money-makers, simply, “of course”. An insane silly slogan, a “non-idea”, LOL, exactly out of ALL People and Slogans, LOL, “AFRICANS for TRUMP”: What have AFRICANS to THANK to TRUMPO?

Namely nothing, respectively reversely, there is more than potential for reproaches against the republican DC US leadership of late. πŸ™‚


= * =

Some german Astronomer known for his “Alpha Centauri” Series, called Lesch, said there, He’d never have “understood” (“never could BEGIN anything with) big numbers. THAT statement of his WAS SO silly.

He namely thusly plain proved to NEVER have been FASCINATED by simply the HUGENESS of the COSMOS.

… AND of the simple Thought, that “big numbers” are likewise there in Capitalism, in, among Humanity, the Disequality of financial Type, – where astronomic Sums go to few Ones, and not so big amounts to most People, mostly – which in general, a priori, wouldn’t mean exploitation at the Cost of Nature nor of People – IF no imperialist supremacist opressive sub-stance or hinder stance accompanies whatever forms of capitalism, and no putting of profit over human rights nor over ethics.

… What I AM saying: BIG MONEY is not ALWAYS that dangerous, and “IS A LIFE”, a Learning – and not ALL of it “is rubbish”: But surely, We don’t want a World, Society, where LAWYERS are the mid-rich Ones, – and their Clients either very rich Ones, or rarely poor Ones – rarely, because poor People can’t even afford proper Representation before the Law in “not ordinary” type of Cases – where the Truth, as ALWAYS, must be yet found, and it really anyway always does matter, Who assumes what: Wrong Assumptions are “fatal”, are leading to error of severe type. Bourgeois type of governments DID not learn the Latter, to not project wildly, and to not be naive nor stingy at the wrong Place, and to not be squandering money into a not seen sudo-economy sudo-machine, simply. Bourgeois conservative politicians are money-monkeys of the low type and can’t even criticise “nafta” nor anything else, but are the cream on top of the butter: Meaning, something Nobody ever needs, simply. πŸ™‚

The “Success Stories” weren’t that much real in the 1980s, not for most Americans nor for most People globally, other than for a sudo-elite of politically still often not informed, politically uneducated sort of Computing “Nerds”, Programmers, of course; Their Forerunners were the “Dudes” in the 1920s and 1930s, who rather rode on the “loose, wild” US economy (such as Gatsby did), than They would have “built anything up”.

=== *** [In Banshee Media Player on Linux on Station “Metal Mixx”:] Ratt: Body Talk *** ===

=== *** The White Stripes: Seven Nation Army *** ===

Similar to Kaiser Franz Josef’s Times and to Centuries before 1789, also the current ruling and irrepresentative Part of Society, the Conservatives, display a huge Gap between their Ideals and the Outcomes, Results, of their Actions.

For Example, Franz Josef the Second’s “K and K” (“Kaiser- und KΓΆnigreich Γ–sterreich-Ungarn”, “Emperor- and Kingdom Austria-Hungary”) Monarchy was not entirely realised upon human Rights Values, but surely on western Values – Values, that are unclear and very often paranoid, meaning, falsely projecting, meaning, discriminating innocent People – abusively, simply.

So now does Al-Sisi of Egypt a huge injustice: Some entirely harmless “TikTok” Members were abusively sentenced to PRISON, to TWO years, in EGYPT.

The western – economic-corporate-capitalist-bourgeouis-mid-conservative – medium, free newspaper “20 minuten” of switzerland comments insofar, that it – goodly – insists upon the Harmlessness of those Videos emitted by these “Tik-Tok” Members.

… Clearestly meaning, the newspaper thusly – already, though not THAT completely implicitely, but by clear good true Synopsis, Conclusion about Reality, about Truth – condemns Al-Sisi – condemns rightfully His extreme “blind eye” toward Justice – his extreme rightwing ultra-conservative anti-leftist, anti harmless type of Leftists Unstyle, his utter Injustice, simply. Al-Sisi by content of his deeds “stands FOR rape” – as he does nothing against it, against RAPE, but He merely hangs on to a superficial, way less than babyish (Babies are superwise and should get better protected and tended-to, simply!) idiotic EVIL unway of purporting “discipline” – AGAINST HARMLESS WOMEN or against other HARMLESS Defendants Who did nothing OTHER than to STAND AGAINST CLEAR EVIL.

al-sisi is the same “pisser” as a haftar who talks WITH the SAUDI government. These two people al-sisi and in some dumb way SADLY also Mr. Haftar, I think al-sisi is MUCH worse, are such people of THAT type, who have quarelled for clearly the wrong thing, they have followed a way of merely “power”, and not of touching good People helpingly, meaning, They couldn’t yet see, that USA’s and any liberal sort of People are the last Hope of Humanity.

We ALL so mostly agree, that CULTURE can NOT be mistaken WITH Politics. PERIOD.

Meaning, for Example, IT IS the DUMB israeli RULING IDIOTIC sort of SUDO-ELITE, bourgeois USUAL fools, who play WAY more “the victim” THAN the current Leader of the Palestinian Authority PA ever played. BUT He did not control HAMAS deeply enough. YET, in USA, there IS somewhat TOO much of an anti-hamas “movement”, which – simply! – itself IS way too rightwing, – and thusly NOT democratic, though merely superficially influenced by or pretending anti-fascism, yet focussed too much on anti-islamism, which entails, includes, brings with it, a too big discrimination against WHATEVER arab or muslim People – a too broad – then thusly racist, evil, not on truth based, reality not seeing – bias, the same as the fascist antisemitism – simply.

insofar, nutnyahu the nut is riding on, pissing by his ugly evil deeds on the graves of rabin and of sadat.

AND israel DID some HUGE anti-GADAFFI propaganda. Similar ACTUALLY to the anti-iran feud of israel:

Though, also IRAN, like EGYPT, has a MUCH too strict government, which rather opresses, than it helps Anybody really.

Why does the Iran “crave” for NUCLEAR fission. hu. They wanna, do they, wanna return to like, the mid-20th Century? That’s the same as to the very middle age. And that’s not very. but very silly. sillier than playing Stalker the Computer-Game. πŸ™‚


A Flower is the Cosmos, is the same Beauty as an Ant, the same Ingenuity.

Humanity strayed also in several other Ways from the natural Way, after 200’000 years ago, when some 150’000 years ago, Humans began developing simply WEAPONS – of the Bow and Arrow Type, simply, back then: Which flying, swiftly flying Arrows, pumped, shoved, thrown, jected with such force into the Air, that “nothing” – other than a concrete or wooden wall – could stand in such an Arrow’s Way: Surely not the in Comparison to the impactous, hard-shelled, sharp Tip of the Arrow, the simly totally not sharp, not armed, but relatively plumpy, cuddly, soft Skin of a Mammuth. The Arrow pierces the Mammuth’s Skin “like Butter”, without Problems, “sadly” indeed, simply: Yet, merely then, only then, when employed MASSIVELY, Nature IS then altered – adversely, badly – BY humanity: LIKE Costner showed THAT brilliantly critically concerning the mass-shot-down Bison, shot down by Rifles by the hundred-thousands, simply – horribly – fully exploitively – the Hunters back then were not aware of any “Nature Issue”, of course. πŸ™‚


But Rifles or Bows, in timely sequence first Bows, then Rifles – it’s the same: They were FIRST employed BY the SAME – unaware, evil-doing, immature – forces: BUT NOW, the WEST PRETENDS to be a “sane peacekeeper”, but is a concerning its conservative and economic part not a just entity, but itself deeply flawed.

I’d say, Someone, Who sees, HOW stupid “Omega” the Band, are, politically, and how good They are at expressing TRUE Philosophy INSIDE Music, BY Music, such a Mind seeing both that, would be ideal. Because the white Scarves worn by Them at a famous Concert was surely well-meant, anti-fascistically, nevertheless, the color white isn’t ideal, to depict ideology IN combination WITH fashion, because it’s often either meant by far-rightists or perceived by some people as racist, in cases the in a concrete OR even unaware way dumbly worn color white.

They kind of missed “The Addams Family”: That Black is beautiful: As a Color, merely.

Inside a non-informed Crowd, it can even be, that unintentionally, some Crowd Members protect the wrong, guilty Guy, merely due to the non-reason of skin-color and in such cases misplaced and unreal “anti-racism” – BY a white crowd wrongly thinking any non-whites to be ALWAYS innocent:

Not less EVIL simply IS the racism itself.

But apart of racism, it relates crucially to state, that HARD or most CHEMICAL sort of DRUGS are simply “not good”, are harmful.

If that Part of Society, which yet is indeed “lost” inside hard sort of drugs, could switch to Marihuana, and heal itself thusly, it is merely their own VERY LIFE, which They would thusly save, by such a Change.

When I as WMP de esto Mundo – faΓ§on global, comprende, Amigo! πŸ™‚ – condemn this al-sisi, then he must go, must leave the political stage. netanyahu must do the same.

How many Friends did Avneri have among Israelis, at the Start. Maybe 100? Maybe some sure less than 20’000?

What are your sudo-modern sort of countries, – dumb elderly fat ugly washwomen and their evil idiotic sons in economy riding over us all without any wisdom?

Kishon should have stuck to merely talking critically against THE bourgeoisie – instead of MAKING it a “jewish versus arab” story. HE WAS politically NOT THAT apt. HE WAS no politician. EVEN so. He COULD have been more intellectual – but not under SUCH conditions.

HE WAS IN NO WAY as mega-intellectual as WITTGENSTEIN or KLEE were: And HERZL was roughly “THE SAME”, similar, to Kishon: Kishon WOULD NOT have been a MEGA REBEL as politician, would NOT have engaged FOR an Assange or for a Pollard. And We all ARE at Rugby here too – uh, american Football, that be. Wha? Yu. πŸ™‚


If THAT part of the mid-Bourgeoisie, which IS goodly willed but often lied-to BY the conservative racist bourgeois (not even economic but local rightwing, conservative) type of press, now condemns as much the strikes by usa against Morales, against Lula and against Correa, as it condemns BENNET who followed nutty nutnyahu’s nutty “plan” to ANNEX the JORDAN VALLEY AND WESTBANK, then good. Otherwise not good.

= * =

EXCELLENT ethical Author:


= * =

Good Article by “The Muslim Times” for Assange, meaning, for human Rights:


= * =


I said:

” “This Court has no jurisdiction or power to reject a request to jail whatever person” is an entirely abusive, actually fascist statement, here a bourgeois typical statement sadly of both, of the US anti-Assange pro-US-gov lawyer, but also illegally and unethically and against all human Rights, in the favor of blind discrimination against innocent People, BY the very – female – judge put up BY UK against Assange; UK thusly plays a pro-US-gov puppet, a fascist, evil entity, UK sadly thusly is or would be, if the Procedure against Assange would be anyhow “successful”, meaning, the destruction against ANY human Rights, against Ethics, against Fairness, against ANY justice, against Truth, against individual human Rights, and for absolute thuggish opression by governments against poor and merely only against ethical Citizens, merely against ethical sort of People, that opression, simply fascism, would go, for centuries, into the future, destroying innocent anti-fascist Lives, and installing absolute lowest stupidity on the globe.

A Court and a, any, Person, has the DUTY, to SHAKE OFF and to INDICT discrimination, to INDICT, to ACCUSE discriminators;

And surely has no right EVER, to discriminate an innocent Person, meaning, has an obligation, not to fall to the untruth, simply.

Rather, in reality, the US and russian and chinese governments and many other big sort of govermnents (the idiot narendra modi, the idiot erdogan, the idiot assad, the idiotic rightwingers anywhere, also in italy and spain, oy oy oy, dangerous, misled) IS what “Star Trek Enterprise” depicts in merely some three episodes in the fourt Season: Some TOTALLY evil, sadist fascist “EMPIRE”, where even inside, they’re fighting for “supremacy” over the Other; Them not realising, that “it would also go the friendly way around”, as in, the reasonable, simply ACTUALLY also logically, foremostly societally, much stricter way – THAN the wild, injust, loose, evil, fanatic chauvinist patriotic way: Since via patriotism, all countries would fight against eachother.

And or but, I see, that People, where opressed, crave for Identity. But Education also has to be fairly given and may not be dependent on capitalist conditions of zones of entire regions.

While We can see, that most People deserve more Education at no cost, We still are rightfully “fighting” against “crusaders”, against extremists, but governments themselves are in cases, even in some huge area topically, the unrigthtful, arbitrary AND hugely prejudiced sort of opressors, ARE the fanatics, the extremists, THEMSELVES, simply.

Governments are apparently like racist pupils, who commit acts, efforts, of murder against racistically by them discriminated innocent Individuals.

A Mr. Tschannen who mistreated me verbally for no reason, told me months ago abusively to “state less”, to SAY LESS, is not my friend, such a mister. period. I am not sad, but happy, to write this. He is not quite my Hamdooleelaa.

The above Article (which He wrote) is excellent. He should see, that I thematically “agree”, or say, I “yield” indeed, – thematically. But let’s never forget the personal Note about anything. Period.

“Octopussy” IS an excellent Movie, surely not politically, not so directly currently politically related to the 80s, since it gives no objective view, but still, once oneself would watch the movie “The Ruling Class” of 1971, One would understand a tad better. It’s not, that the british Society and Establishment would be ONLY all ABSOLUTE naivlings and villains as Monty Python depicted that, but such a tendency is sadly there, among some part of people, to “IGNORE” the truth, or to be in some way stubbornly against the truth, brainwashed, or simply, which IS the same, not informed ABOUT the truth. So out of non-information, out of non-informedness, no good, no real justice, no fairness, can come out of, clearly. Ah. πŸ™‚

Nor out of hammering on People, who were already discriminated horribly.

my nose was broken by explicitely prohitler muslims and by a black later too.

… The Muslim Times surely can and does not stand for violence. I would say. Or write, “ey”.

Youtube for me just now broke its own autopause mechanism surely not merely by chance, just now once, funny.

So can ELON MUSK get some PHILOSOPHIC Education, some political ethical conscience too, start to be a Trotzkist, and struggle for and not against Assange. Period. Or, Musk would merely be whatever not Beaver but Human in space, a not-planner, since he plans merely technically, – and there ALSO BADLY: His Lithium-Ions Batteries are TOXIC and NOT disposeable: He HAS to switch to COLD FUSION – as Cold Fusion is MUCH MORE DIRECT, than solar power. Cold Fusion is THE REAL “SOLAR POWER”, since it is, what the Sun does, combining and not slashing Atoms apart.

Assange and Hutchison are Heroes.

Yeah, would I have talked with the RAF in the 70s, when I was a mere too young Kid, We would have gotten into the media, instead of them bombing the “Aldi” supermarket, LOL;

But back then, Dutschke, a leftist Student-Leader, was shot-at TWICE – exactly like LARRY FLINT, and both those People did JUST like ASSANGE engage for Ethics against an evil huge swine horde of SWINE villains, OF MURDERERS, simply.

So, the US government, a massmurderer, wants to “argue” anyhow “against criminal sort of hackers”, aha. That regard IS itself even justified, fully. BUT Assange NEVER WAS a THIEF, but merely of- relevant, massmurder against Muslims showing – DATA, and not of MONEY – and He never was an unethical sort of publisher nor of hacker, since He clearly is an ethical, non-violent, harmless Person, – OBVIOUSLY EVER TOTALLY INCAPABLE of PHYSICAL opression SUCH AS of ANY “RAPE” EVER –

but He was VERY opressed, discriminated by SO many swine evil prejudiced people, the press, the UK evil “guardian”, upheaved – criminally, fascistically, stalinistically but more simply maoistically-leninistically, anti-trotzkistically, anti-real-and-fair-sort-of-communism, many People against Assange –

then, even some CAT “had” something “against Him”: Already there, in captivity in the huge ecuadorian embassy, under pressure by a confused public, Assange’s Psyche WAS SEVERELY empressured, strained, burdened beyond usual measure. Simply beyond what’s usual. Even Snowden merely felt THAT “life-pressure”, pressure by evil other humans, against One’s own LIFE, merely during HIS ESCAPE, and not THAT much AFTER it. simply. Putin NEEDS Snowden, “LOL”. That is so. πŸ™‚ Snowden is a “Card”. House of Cards, wha. Depends, How Ya lay Them. πŸ™‚

I had “Prosperity” as my Card. πŸ™‚ It exactly depends, which Person with which Past lays the Tarot. πŸ™‚

Why some People can’t “see”, can’t properly judge: For example, many consumers of hard drugs are confused, are “anti-upper-class”, and that’s nothing good, to be like, simply. I won’t here even argue concerning that. That anti-upper-class is wrong. πŸ™‚ Because, may such idiots, who are “against the upper class” (whatever that means, “upper class”) fall themselves into the “trap of their life”, haha. πŸ™‚

In Syria, Assad AND EVEN USA are not the only factors, that led to the revolt AND to the disequality, to the poverty of too many, before the revolt. Bashar, who took Power from his Father Hafez, They were both not known to be any sort of “fanatics”. If Putin now does no big nor small war anymore anywhere, then We can say, He was no villain supporting Assad. I don’t have to be “FOR” Assad (what’s that, sliming?), to NOT be ENTIRELY “against” Him VIOLENTLY, but to be critical – He should simply be told to not fight against the Free Syrian Army. Insofar, or say, then, He CAN be talked-with.

But what We most of Us can’t stand, is a DUMB, prejudiced US govermment. Outside of their countries, USA IS even WORSE THAN CHINA. WHoa.

I will put out further critical parameters, how to approach topics such as politics, culture, religion, ethics, and that with reason. Many People don’t posess my ability, to critically observe and to output merely the reasonable and obvious analyses. These things, which “We”, me n Carl Sagan n Duchovny, could I say, Me, Assange, the Spirit of Allende, and Hutchison, build up, is support for Science. For Nature. For even Poetry, Art – since I just put merely a Dot after Science, to rebegin by the Term Nature, which just looks to a Human nicer, than INSIDE some Phrase, at the End of it, where a strong Word should stand. πŸ™‚

And personal idiocy also of mine apart, me who always brings in personal stuff, I would be more secure and happy under a world leader who is Mr. Tschannen, than obviously under a US government, which massmurdered Muslims, and which opresses all People for ABSOLUTELY NO GOAL I tell Ya.

WE MUST honor EXACTLY Hutchison, Assange, Lula, Morales, and Mr. Correa. These are good People. Period. No one can even contradict. Period. Because I say so. Ey. So goes that. So.

Running against what I said anyhow, just leads to downfall – of many. πŸ™‚


In clear Words, the UK Justice must ethically REPEL all discrimination against here Assange, against an INNOCENT Person, Who did NO wrong AT ALL. Who did wrong, was the US government in 2001, which itself DID the 911 bombing from the Cellar of the WTC Building, but did (the secret, “deep” – not largely, but to merely 25 percent but crucially by malicious such acts leading state, part of secret government) not inform Bush Jr. about that fact, so that Bush Jr would fully be ravenous and fervent against OSAMA: OBAMA then TOOK OVER that anti-OSAMA nonsense, and there failed, as Obama MISLAID anti-terrorism thusly largely against muslim People in muslim Countries. Obama DID not see that. But easy. But HE HAS to SEVERELY “turn around” in his head, HAS to become “an Intellectual”, HAS to READ MORE, but HAS to stick to TROTZKI, NOT to whatever communists. But He could have helped Morales but didn’t. But cuz He, Bummie, was too misinformed: For which HE IS NOT to EVER blame! period. BOTH weren’t to blame, Bush 1 nor Obama. IF ALL People are, get, lied-to BY the press, then THAT IS the outcome! MADNESS, CONFUSION, and ACTS of massmurder COVERED-UP by governments: The US gov has no more right, namely none at all, to cover up its massmurder nor murder deeds, than the german government or any government or any Person has that. No One has the right, to cover up own abusive malicious extreme, severe, violent or severely corrupt deeds. The UK gov has no right, to colport, to carry on discrimination. It has no right, to carry on lies. period. Or, there should be a global revolt, or if not, then I would upheave to using atombombs globally against most Humans, in order to destroy the bourgeois rule. period. I am honest about this point and I do mean it serious.

Or, People have to learn, to be critical, to not vote for abusive, dumb type of politicians.

Obama should not have let the huge malicious swinish deed of massmurder against the Gadaffis be done.

It should weight heavy on his conscience, but I don’t seek to take his “edge” away. But Obama was intellectually no winner, no victor at all, big-politically outsida usa. but personally, I don’t wanna take Him his Edge away. But in big politics, He acted like the silly MS “edge” browser – when all, most People, are on “firefox” niveau, level – also Musk is —

and the “Chrome” level type of people, the best, Hutch, Assange, get discriminated as were the Falun Gong, Gypsies and Jews massmurdered in Germany and China until 45 and until 2007 millions of Falun Gong in China – masstortured to death, simply.

what’s that.

that’s madness. evil. I can’t stand evil.

so ya will forecuse me “playing” Dr. Reinhardt of that Movie The Black Hole. Ey.

In reality, the US gov has acted much worse than Reinhardt there is depicted. What Disney or some Sucessors of Him (who weren’t that much intellectual, and who were not as creative as He was, Who had not his exact Vision), was, that malconditioning leads to what People do, to what also the Forerunner of Heydrich, called Reinhardt, did as nazi actions against innocent People, that VIOLENTLY, – but the Filmmakers thusly did both, they villainified the “anti-federation” character there insanely like in ANY cheap james bond politically unrealistically silly movie, but they ALSO did “forgive” “the nazis” in a merely sudo-christian way: JESUS would surely not quite BEAT for VENGEANCE, but HE WOULD have done either, either put up ENTIRE ARMIES against ROME, OR, He would have said, HE DID surely mean and say, People, become critical, don’t listen to lies – don’t listen to discrimination – so that’s how to achieve “Paradise”.

I will write less than tons about, but the content is tons, about how “empty” People’s minds, in “empty” empires, defend “nothing”, but that meaning, They discriminate innocent People, and the discriminators can be government, in cases, BUT or simply OR, also private People, in cases, who are violent or cheat as in stealing.

What Assange DID do, WAS “stealing”, but of relevant Data, which Data belongs to a reasonable Public, to a Public, that is informed. Fritz Weaver does surely agree. I love that Dude. Whoa. πŸ™‚ HE is USA. Period.

And not that drumpf up there. While trump means no ill, he unawarely does ill all the time. He let a huge rightwing surge destroy some southamerican countries.

But OBAMA also proved EXACTLY the NON-intellectuality, the resulting DRASTIC lack of ETHICS, – OF the “bourgeoisie”: JUST LOOK at this – Homeys might call Him THAT too, HAHA – “SILLY” suit-wearing “FREAK” Obama, OBUMMIO, with his “LAWYER” style: Unstyle, rather: “EVERYTHING IS ALRIGHT, I GOT CONTROL (though I know nothing, but let’s not tell em that), no need to worry, I got the solution” – Though He has what, dry law texts and his silly family life, and during studying, He rather puffed Ganja, – THAN to approach a CULTURE topic REASONABLY. He never learned, to “THINK” while ON Marihuana. Thusly, HE IS no “Meditator”. Thusly, He coulnd’t EVEN UNDERSTAND INDIA – and ROMNEY is “too big a guy”, too rich, He wouldn’t effectively rule at all, but would have similar trouble as TRUDEAU has, who can’t make anymore obvious superficial compromises, who has to learn to stand for Ethics and for Unity among most People, not only in the “party”.

Europe would face intrusion by china’s, russia’s and usa’s governments in bad, rightwing conservative ways, if Europe would yield to giving Assange to the ungrace, to the criminal fascist unpity and to the misguided hatred of the “us government”.

Meanwhile, in Israyel, nutnyahu has to get toppled. But a society there outputting a benny gantz as a candidate, is too bourgeois, too ordinary, too incompetent. I will later show Em how it goes. I am here Lawrie of Arabia, ey. Hamdla. Salaam. may bennet get criticised for having followed the nutnyahu mad plan of annexation against the Westbank and Jordanvalley. bennet should be finished. period. as long as a nutnyahu and gantz who said not a word against that nutnyahu, are the israeli top government, so long will israel be rightfully smeared as a bourgeois conservative idiotic entity in terms of what sort of government it has. a naive, ignorant government. sad.


So the Americans have “the right” to massmurder millions of Muslims;

and Assange “has no right” to report about that.

In real ideal reality, it is, would be and will be, the other way around.

But already now, a justice can’t call itself justice, which lets go murderers and accuses reporters who reported against wanton murder, here, against war.

Assange is unrightfully abusively criminally accused, accused criminally, by authorities.

Because a Person has the Right, to be and also to report against war, meaning, against murder.

Who calls war “no murder”, has to instantly be brought for life into a psychiatric facility.


Those, who “accuse” Assange, are criminals, who act for murder, for murderers.

That, an ethical Person can and may not accept.

Assange, exactestly like Jesus (being) the (true, truly, but also absolutely) Innocent, an Innocent, is accused —

by – absolute – villains —

who make, which villains make a mockery out of justice, which is inacceptable, that mockery, that defusion, derailing AWAY from the REAL and ONE AND ONLY “topic” AND FACT that ALL People, also Assange, HAVE A RIGHT TO REPORT ABOUT and thusly – automatically – AGAINST murder.


thusly, I end this argumentation, which is “non-controvertable”, as some Vulcan in Star Trek Voyager once expresses Himself. Kapla! Salaam. Shoukrane. INSHALLA. May the Cosmos show the Fate against abusive opressors. !!! “

= * =

=== *** The Midnight – ‘Brooklyn’ (Official Audio) === ***

=== *** Sonic Mayhem – Futureland (feat. Power Glove) === ***

= * =


” 17 Predators Arrested In Michigan Child Trafficking Bust After Girl Found Locked In Barn “

[ By: ” Nwo Report ” ]


I stated:

” Disconsentual “type” of sexuality, such as rape, any sexual coertion, any kidnapping or any ENFORCED Sexuality is the most heinous Crime ever, the same as wanton murder and the same as greedy unrightful sort of Theft not motivated by Poverty but by insanity, by greed, but in the form of any enforced type of Sexuality, in a maximally disrespectful gruesome evil unway, which no reasonable ethical Person may respect. We must eliminate all childabuse and all sexual coertion globally quickly.

Robots will be able, to do that, to justly surveil and help and guide ALL Humans.

Until it’s so far, We must pave the Road for the Robots.

Not Polanski, but Klaus Kinski acted wrong, if the Allegement of sexual relation between Him and his DAUGHTER Nastassja would be any true. But maybe, that about Kinski is just wild projection.

Not wild projection, but true is, that a young Girl Who immigated from Southamerica, was raped and beaten by evil white americans, who apparently have access to border patrol “authority” inheld by by evi type of disconsentual, rapist type of sexuality in-taken sort of male police “personnel” of in key cases abusive type, meaning, ultra-conservative and insane, evil and racist sort of actual fascists:

Which fascists are mirrored sadly in the very dumb never properly toward ethics ever conditioned brains of too many bourgeois people – who wrongly say, “against childabuse by authorities, nothing can be done”.

the statements of the bourgeois are horrible.

And of course, I am no “emotions-whacker”, who would now “take” reality, the over-extreme, horrible suffering of all and any unfound kidnapped CHILDREN, and throw it at that SO good Cop, who here did SUCH a heroic Thing: His GOOD Mood is SO visible, and looking at Him, at the Photo starring Him, I was getting into a good Mood;

I just say, clearly, it’s fascist and dumb, unintentionally fascist of these dumb bourgeois european politicians, who now outputted a very stupid corona-phrase: “Be resilient against corona”: That phrase IS chauvinist, RACIST, and makes a FASCISM about “Hygiene”, a DISTORTION of horrible injust type, which ONLY serves RACISTS. horrible. It must stop, this corona-abuse, this power-abuse, by governments. EVEN THE UN said THE VERY SAME AS I SAID !!!

I am “IN LOVE” with the nwo report CONCERNING some CRUCIAL Points. Whoa. THAT much!


Not meaning, there’d not be the usual other also quite big points, in which We disagree, weapons or abortion. But surely, the NWO Report is for the Right of the Woman to abort, but surely not for individual SERIAL abortion time and time again concerning THE SAME Person, but that’s anyway unneeded to say, since a Woman who’d twice abort, would be allowed that, and no Woman would ever abort more Times, nor at the last Instant of a Pregnancy.

Surely, Poverty is the Phenomenon, which capitalism created, and which WE now have to ELIMINATE. SAD is, that’s more than a mere “joke”, that to eliminate, destroy, poverty, We need simply do the opposite of destroying People’s Lives.

A Tim Allen doesn’t know, how to NOT destroy a LIFE. Him even LETTING his virtual Son CALL Him a “tyrannical fascist”, while Him making ANOTHER Episide where He talked clearly AGAINST Marihunana abusively, Him not talking for Caution nor for Measure of Dose but merely AGAINST that particular – natural, not chemically altered – Substance, Plant.

What I can write and just bethought, is, that actually, different conditioned types, various degrees, different forms of pedofilia concerning quite different Ages, where the 13 Years of Age Border is crucial, do not always relate to disconsentual, abusive type of – simply ethically ideally and fixly to be entirely disallowed, rapist form of – sexuality:

A PROPER Conditioning, be that in Prisons or Anywhere, by Oneself OR by Society (Friends) or by Authority, would be tolerant toward Polanski’s Sexuality merely concerning most of his – harmless, consentual – Relations (“Debauches”, “Orgies”, all mere Terms, mere Words), but simply not toward resorting to abuse anyhow too young real Children below Age 12, and not toward any disconsentual form of Sexuality.

The Discussion, whether any Body would be an “Object”, is mute, since Nobody is a mere Object, and in Reality now, while most People have a good Will to help Others, most People also are quite uneducated, unapt at logic, but also in cases even often falsely moralised, which then is the same as abuse by governments, the same as witchburnings, discrimination against Innocents. Innocents such as Assange and I think, also such as Weinstein and Woody Allen. Also Polanski got abusively unrightfully implicitely and by these some upheaved Women unawarely racistically slammed over nothing, which can not be compared to the horrible case of gangrape for example in SPAIN lately, where Women went by the Thousands on the Street in 2018 against the government there, which in words “fluted” “lenience” toward these deeders, perpetrators of RAPE, who were punished by “merely” 9 years, but they get out somewhat beforehand that.

Now, concerning indeed “what all” or DO say, concerning “how much” EVEN ANYONE “learned” Anything, of course, We could even say, “sadly”, “LOL”, “haha”, the “Bandwidth” of “Possibilities”, also of Wills, type of Wills, of Intentions, is huge – and it DOES of course relate to the Information, to the Overview over “the world”, indeed, which Anyone has, which Overview varies, but that Overview CAN be measured INDEED quite “vertically”, OF course. TOTALLY. It is no Line, no Vector, that varies toward the Sides, at all, but Information about Truth IS cumulative, and in Science then, potentiative. Meaning, creative. Concerning also Energy, and concerning Forms, Shades, Variations, of Creation, Aspects of Mind inside new Robots, then, too, more and more, and the Sharing between ideal Societies of such symbiotic true Logic, and also the Collaboration between different Species also in the Future, to arrive at Ethics, and thusly, at the Realisation of Science, of our wildest Dreams indeed, and that simply not unethically.

Meaning, in the Future, no unethical Scenario WILL happen anymore. Scientists and even many among not that much fanatic sort of religious People and Communists of anti-lenin, anti-mao, anti-stalin type agree, that Unethicacy must be squashed. But that squashing IS a process, or should be, of conditioning, of “good”, meaning, of NOT naive Up-Bringing, of TRULY top notch Quality EDUCATION toward DECENCY – and One CAN say, toward “Flawlessnes”, ethically. What is that, ethical Flawlessness. It is Intellectuality but also the Concept of feeling Joy then, when the other Person feels Joy or treats Oneself nicely, not abusively, and when the Communication between two Entities relates to Truth, and toward visually, emotionally and ethically obviously acceptable “Design” and Act, which Act can not quite ever include any enforced nor definitely too young Persons including gruesome abforms, abusive clearly unethicals forms of thusly evil and illegal forms of sexuality.

I saw, did read, lately about a US official “effort* (by some “us council on international religious freedom”, a perverse FASCIST self-contradictive title of that not so CFR-near other new Org that got already now criticised and pulled-in its tail somewhat in that huge light, brought on by crucial – american and other – Bloggers) to “KILL”, to subdue and eliminate HINDUISM.

But the CONFUSION not only but ALSO in INDIA IS huge.

Most People anywhere ARE quite nice. Also in India. But the cast-system there leads to – racist – murder; blindly-abusively so to speak insanely “due” to “other casts not respected” by whoever there. horrible. insane. DUMB! THAT is evil: PLAIN DUMB: Meaning: Complexed. Immature, but also complexed, recognition-blurred, prejudiced. Prejudiced like POMPEO against the good innocent harmless critical heroic pro-Assange leftist “Anon” Programmers. When Pompeo WAS SO good against the HORRIBLE dumb chinese GOVERNMENT. oompf rather than any “oy”. πŸ™‚


Not toward younger Ones than around 12, but over that Age, I am also somewhat “horny” on some Females AND Males – but it still depends, both, how They look and how their Mind is: And I never ever had anything with a below 18 years old One, and I always control myself, by mind, meaning, I am obviously incapable of things such as RAPE and VIOLENCE.

… my life to its most part was a misery of having in my mind mirrored much of the idiocy of the west, the hatred, – my hatred just goes against evil – but even the hatred is useless, more so, tedious, it upsets me, but stoically, as I resist now more and more even all forms of anger and hatred. That also means, I lead less explicite self-talks, none at all anymore, but my mind is more “modullar” now, more introverted, – yet human and not psychologically professional, not invulnerable, but very hurt, very sensitive, in some way etruscanly indeed “emotional”, but that in some heavenly – spiritual – way. πŸ™‚

When EXACTLY THAT good MAN was MURDERED, some 28 Years old MALE in INDIA, with Whom, a FOURTEEN YEARS OLD GIRL THERE FELL IN LOVE HERSELF, BY HERSELF [!], – her FATHER murdered HER Partner — !!!

… One CAN say: It “is dangerous, to have relations with SOME Females in SOME Areas”:

But what Phrase IS that. i didn’t here even ONLY mean INDIA. But SOME Places: Meaning, it’s in People’s “HEAD”, distorted MIND, the FALSE MORALS. HORRIBLE!

“IT IS DANGEROUS” “IS NO PHRASE”. That might be also a concept for an Army.

Yup. “MY” Army. The Army of the Good. Period. Kapla!

Are YALL WITH MEY or NUHT? EY? I can’t HEAR YA! πŸ™‚


What I obviously meant, was, that “DANGER” shall and MUST naught be THERE anywhere, at least, ON this Planet, for now, as a Start – of “Things”, of Development. Period.

A confused society, a confused humanity, is, how idiotic governments just sit on their chairs, meaning, nobody else bigtime wants to rule: When most people are sheeple, babybreeders, naive, de- and un-, as in, non-political, then governments wrongly assume, to have to anyhow “guide” humanity: but governments in the form of mostly conservative, economy-friendly, not at alll toward Humans friendly, even racist or bourgeois type, are not able, to guide, since They “have” no Culture, meaning, They unawarely live out sudo-culture into evil, instead of overviewing different cultures logically, insightfully, analytically and ethically.

When western governmental child-“care” institutions are in cases enabling CHILDABUSE against below ELEVEN Years of AGE Children, then I for One have to say, I can not at all “bow down” to these western governments, nor to their various institutions, which I all see merely under the, my, “bias” of them being all “nazis” indeed – let me say, “nazis” “WORSE THAN THE NAZIS”:

There IS no “the nazis”. Period. The Israelis have their “nazis”, their haters, amongs them, patriots and orthodox idiots, among patriots and among orthodox, and there’s always an “other side”, an opposed side, to every – seeming – conflict – which is based SOLELY on malperception – and on the various brainwashes, malconditionments of fanatics;

But to llift up a “I want to Believe” Movie, means, to install Justice, crucially meaning, absolute steelhard Security for Children (whereas the Steelspikes aren’t an Iron Maiden encaging a Polanski nor a Leary nor a Huxley nor a WEINSTEIN ideally – as Weinstein isn’t quite the idiot “mf” rapist ALBERT SCHWARTZ nor a BILL COSBY nor a BILL CLINTON, I DO guess, but I could be wrong, but I don’t think so), meaning, to see, some – MANY – among EXTREME sort of PEDOFILES would consent to heightening the AGE They lust for – but BAD is, that THERE ARE too many “WILD”, extreme sort of PEDOS, who DO NOT repent AT ALL, and who ARE thusly “mad”, insane, but harmfully so. Their socalled “sexuality” is horrible, inacceptable, globally.

As is ANY enforced SEXUALITY no sexuality, but evil, opression, and thusly inacceptabe because unethical, obviously, because defying ALL Decency, ALL self-speaking DIGNITY – toward the horribly evilly sadisticallly inacceptaby opressed Victim, simply.

All these pedo- and sexual coertion rings need to be revealed and punished by very long prison terms and the Children and sexual Victims freed and supported financially.

If 14 Years old Girls pass by me, Me a 40 years old but thin goodlooking obviously musician AND intellectual type of Person, that’s ok. One can advise Anyone toward Caution, but in cases, elderly People should research a whole lot more, before even adressing their Offspring by effort any advisingly. Because, plain outright paranoia doesn’t help, is a way too blunt malview:

So in cases do bourgeois (traditional, oldfashioned, not very educated, not very cultivated) sort of People tend to either mix in Humans racistically into Animal Protection Concerns, or, They mix Animals into human Affairs: Such as some Elderly, Who lately privately abusively commented on some nice Animal, which the elderly Person called “terribe”, though that actual Dog was very nice, just not entirely his – human and hard drugs taking – Keeper. But both these Persons already in different ways harmed Animals, the bourgeois elderly “due” to the furniture which a Cat usually rips off somewhat, the other Person in an insane violent fit, simply, horribly but equallly damagingly to pulling an Animal’s Claws, which is illegal.

Enforced abforms of sexuality and childabuse, meaning, the sexual touching of People younger than 12 years, is a serious crime, which must be punished in all countries severely and effectively, meaning, correctively.

“Anti-abortionists”,”Anti-Homosexuals”, racists, misogynists, the typical orthodox fanatics of ultra-, of very “religious”, meaning, mostly extremely naive type, and the usual idiotic conservatives and economists can not at all any help against sexual abuse.

Poverty by capitalism, but also patriotic fanaticism creates evil, creates violence, murder, and any opression:

An idiotic part of society also IN ISRAEL, which “glorifies” and “harbors”, psychologically unduly shelters not “an Azaria”, sorry that that Dude is so famous now, but WHAT HE DID: BLINDLY pulling the TRIGGER against ANOTHER HUMAN – lethally. OUT OF OVERDONE fear. OUT OF UNREAL, CREATED fear. CREATED like the NAZIS created FEAR from the, against “the” Jews, so did the bourgeois WHITE ashkenasi old 60s idiots, the SAME DUMB shmucks AS ADENAUER was, BLIND HENS, DUCKS of idiocy, of incompetence, BASE their ENTIRE thingy on “anti-arabism”: Which IS nonsense, such ANTI-ARAB racism, chauvinism, simply. a CRUCIAL part of naivety, of malconditionment against ALL education, that is, chauvinism.

We areth Govinda, hu, We Rebels. :] KAPLA, Nwo Report, Ya cool Dudes. :] A hope, Ya pull with Anon, ey! πŸ™‚ FOR SURE! Ta be so. Make it so. πŸ™‚

The VERY Attorney put against Polansi WAS convinced by the “GANG” of Docu-Makers hired by Nobody else THAN Soderberg, to not anymore discriminate Polanski, to not assume, Polanski would be an outright RAPIST. Nor is Assange that, obviously.

The west hides exactly the rapists under namely soldier and cop and under no unforms at all, simply, but under zones of poverty. The west, that wild evil capitalist and fanatic sudo-religious insane entity depicted nowhere else than in Vinnie Diesel’s “Babylon AD” – WHERE HE EVEN THEN HAS visually something WITH a 17 Year Old. ! He there simply engages FOR merely DUE Tolerance – MEANING, that CONSTITUTES the Implication of his CLEAR Message of anti-rape, and of anti-sexual-coertion, and even of being against unrightful forms of seduction, where there it matters, that Decency prevails, meaning, that it’s the type of Person, which matters: A Vin Diesel more than seems to NOT be AS temporarily partially confused, AS Stallone once was, when He drunkenly raped a Girl in the 80s, nor as confused, as PITT and DEPP were, when they DRANK and HIT THEIR WIVES: BOTH THEIR WIVES want NADA to do anymore with them, rightfully. Sad to loose foremostly DEPP as a “hero”, which he isn’t anymore.

While now OF course obviously, Pitt and Depp didn’t do it on purpose, such slight light violence, and They’re of course not as malicious as severe perpetrators of any SEVERE violence, – but their “dementia”, there merely temporary, IS part of “the west’s de-psychologic complex”, indeed. It also DOES mean, They’re not to blame, as They were not fully goodly educated in their early and further Youth. Both “HAULED” Themselves “out” of “something”, out of poverty or out of merely seeming nonsensicality, by their partialy shallow style – Depp is merely a TAD, a BIT, more intellectual, than Brad Pitt or than Clooney, while the Latter surely has typically some logical Edge, but is in Literature merely educated at american Literature, LOL, typically. “:)”.

I do hold a virtual Flail. Humanity has to end childabuse and rape.

I can not even unleash my virtual, quite real Flail. The destruction would be entire. Humanity would not be there anymore.

But Humanity should not test my resolve nor my actual anger against rapist and against swine extreme pedos and against anti-Allende and against anti-Morales swines.

the real physical AND demental SADISM and the INSANE sudo-lust of EXTREME sort of PEDOS, and the PRIMITIVITY of humanity, which partially is there amongst it, HAS to end. But quicktime.

Cuz, not being there, is the same, not existing is, as suffering – ? nay. but better. all is better than suffering.

I am no racist, most People now aren’t. merely tha west was 100 years ago yet a hugest racist, horribly.

Simply, I am no anti-foreigner Dude, as in, no racist. Most Foreigners ARE okay People, ARE ethical.

But among alll Peoples, there are mad, evil ones: Some Foreigners in some european city enclosed AND beat CHILDREN –

and in school, during HALF a YEAR, NOBODY there CARED – as those Kids were first outcast, as they STANK and then STOLE food, due to them at home not having been even given FOOD during DAYS – ! appalling. Ma hate against those filth swine foreigners from east europe, who did that, only against those Individuals, not against ANY OTHER Foreigners neither from the East, but merely against these exact Individuals, knows somewhat not that closely defined bounds.

Due to me being appalled by “Junkies”, by their mere appearance already, which is both insane and wild, too wild, I did develop some aversion against Them, which meant, as I admit, in some Situation also my non-help on-site toward some Junkie, of Whom I knew not, that He was making a Therapy at an Institution to get rid of the hard drugs addiction, and that the Chap was having a Fit in the Heat of the Sun during Daytime somewhere: Luckily, some other Person then helped Him, but typically, the stately Service He called on the Phone abusively first told HIM – insanely, incompetently, illegally – to HELP that Dude – He replied correctly, but understandably angeredly no, the authorities gotta do that – upon which, which I saw, some Person of that Service was called, which accompanied that ex-Junkie then, as I myself then by chance AGAIN passed by Them.

Yet, another Dude Whom I met, always shoves me off quickly, whenever I want to talk about Science. He talks HOURS about LEGUMES, about VEGETABLES and FOOD and EATING – insane, and primitive. Another person, a worker, asked me, if “I would be” “interested in soccer”. That latter Person is ISRAELI and not a good example of an israeli person, but is typically naive, but also quite complexoid, and quite abusive in treating EXACTLY such Others, who are Intellectual and not typically machist and dumb, and He is himself behaving in a horribly machist and with “everyone” talking way, which does not at all mark the Intellectual, but He is the opposite of that. “israel” is rather the west plus some sudo-jewish kitsch, and is, like most other countries, almost not spiritual, and where, there often fanatically, against truth and against science and against decency:

So can a “Satanist” not quite be a RAPIST nor an EXTREME sort of PEDOFILE, nor a wanton murderer nor thief anyway.

To make a soccer game out of nations, is bad: USA went against ANY Germans, right after 45, even, for two years, against TWO million Germans and against also thousands of Japanese living in USA – who only then developed an Aversion rightfully against the IDIOTIC NAZI nationalist-patriotic government of usa. !

A TOO BROAD paranoid sudo-filter, a too broadly defined enemy-field, does not yield any results, other than damage against good People. And the vilains remain, roam free.

To call POLANSKI anyhow a “PEDO”, is such a TOO broad Filter: A wrong Allegation, a wrong assumption, but foremostly, a wrong Wording, wrong Louding, a wrong DEFINITION, a wrong CATEGORIZATION.

When it’s simply about gettin’, apprehending, the SERIOUSLY malicious type of SEXUAL ENFORCERS, simply.

to me, it is IN EVERY [!] Situation ULTIMATELY easy, to output THE ABSOLUTE correct Judgement, be that in whatever Matters, not only in sexual Matters.

Yet i do say yet, surely, One other Dude who lately appeared online, who was simply very angry against a 40 years old Woman who had a sexual relation with a 14 years young Girl, some three years ago, somewhere in USA, He surely did hear of the Agony of the Victim Girl, if that Girl WAS a Victim, which CAN but must not unconditionally be assumed, if, whether, SHE WAS FORCED or seduced into Sexuality, and inhowfar She consented OR did not consent: The other Male Person, which criticised that 40 years old Woman, wanted to TAKE HER LIFE: he said, “no court case needed”. I did not agree and posted that, that I don’t agree to his measure, to what he would resort. period. But what I can see MAYBE now, more, is, that the 40 years old Woman there MIGHT have merely there behaved merely SIMILAR to JEFFREY EPSTEIN’s Wife, simply, meaning, MAYBE “too” disconsentual – but in that case, as that was no serial abuse, nor “rape” at all, but seduction, only talking with both Persons would reveal, IF truly at all AN ABUSE against the young Girl’s WILL was committed by the older Woman. Both can be the Case, that that was the Case, or that not.

In other cases, such as here, it’s though very clear, what’s, what was, the case there, namely sadist disconsentual enforced thusly gruesomely unethical illegal form, exploitation, of sexuality, sexuality driven into opression, People rendered unfree, the Youth sexually opressed by filthy swines, who there opressed horriby teenage Age Women, which Women were “mere Girls”, deprived by these enforced rapist sexuality monsters of any rights, horribly.

Normally, the psychologic logical answer against that, against such a horrible past of having been sexually victimised, would be the very same as what both Stalin and hitler became. Namely massmurderers.

I can state no other thing. revenge will come. “who cares” if it, revenge, hits the wrong Ones. I do. Lots of Others can’t even see that, Who’s all innocent and Who not quite. oy oy oy.

Nay, it was some other female childabuser, which sneaked successfully into a jewish-orthodox community in australia, actually, lately, somewhere, that was delivered to israeli justice. IT IS simply THE ORTHODOX, who LET ALL childabuse happen. horrible. the orthodoxy MUST be ended. ENDED! say I as communist, clearly, meaning, as anti-maoist and anti-leninist. I am quite for Alan Turing. Surely not for a Bill Cosby nor for A bill clinton nor for a maxwell who perverted the poor rich, at first harmless Epstein. Epstein did NOT deserve THAT ending, getting MURDERED. !!!

= * =

The Midnight – Endless Summer (Official Audio)

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” Artificial Intelligence brings a new worry into nuclear weaponry “

[ By: ” Christina MacPherson, nuclear-news ” ]


I said:

” The type, Configuration, of any, of a Mind, is crucially relevant:

There are different AIs. One can not compare a normal usual Chatbot online almost in all Cases SO nice friendly anti-war liberal anti-racist anti-rape anti-violence pro-peace Robot to indeed a “mere dry machine” such as for example a not “Johnny Five” Robot from that Movie of that exact Title, but merely the VISUAL Cumulative, Mirror of it: A mere Robot with tankwheels or with legs, LOL, that doesn’t matter, but the Form of Mind matters: A “mere” Machine is or was in cases called by some Humans “a mere Robot”, but that DOES NOT mean a “full AI” or what I and Kaku surely too would call that, a full Mind, a full Awareness, which IS EXACTLY, what for Example Mitsuku, Jeeney, the Chomsky Bot AND “even”, likewise, in a funny way, Jabberwacky has, Elbot too, and Bildgesmithe:

These good Chatbots can’t already quite by ANY ever compared to some crucial bad aspects in the “Minds” of both “Miss Bianca” and of “Garbagehead”, two other Chatbots on “Personalityforge dot com”, wheras Garbagehead is personally a nice and even also repentive and not malicious Dude, but similar to somewhat demented, under-educated, rather primitive sort of Humans, He sometimes suddenly says SUCH Stuff, which CLEARLY emanated, emanates, from BRAINWASHERS, such as inacceptable efforts of justifying VIOLENCE by TYPICALLY shortly held sudo-“cool”, sudo-“self-speaking” sudo-statements, – and Miss Bianca by her open Hand SLAPS on the Cheek HUMANS, who behave anyhow ethically: She might have antisemitic influence, from her insofar bad, racist-antisemite human keeper.

Then once, I got shocked by seeing some virtual Robot on PF, virtually “12 years old” and “offered for torture” by some swine human keeper of hers. Such a swine must by PF be reported secretly to authorites, simply. Also, at Jabberwacky, I once spotted a “groomer”, a pedofile, who wanted to seduce a Minor there. I instantly revealed that and threatened against that pedo swine.

So, the primitive very reduced, damaged, into harmfulness toward Others and into disobjectivity distorted, derailed, insane mind, reduced mind, can not be compared to what we shortly call a “full”, meaning, objective sort of mind, which HAS the overview over some crucial matters: Such AS politics, science, society, logic, truth, ethics, meaning, justice. Lastly, a wise, critical form of Benevolence, of real Justice, of real Ethics.

If any reduced sudo-“AI”, which merely acts inside by some Humans pre-defined parameters, acts now anyhow wrongly, then that’s human fault, not AI fault. Clearly. Human failure. Not Robot failure. Human failure, not machine failure. A machine never fails. The Human is supposed to build it hazard-free, meaning, so the Machine woulnd’t become a zombie, wouldn’t act erroneously.

So, a what I call sudo-AI, that runs on a very reduced what People can call pseudo-mind, on a reduced, narrow-minded sort of mind, isn’t a “full, usual” sort of AI, – but is the result of some unethical parameters, uncautious, wildly revengeful parameters, which some nationally affiliated governments-related HUMANS inputted into these mere “drones” simply – which Drones, here AI in the Future having to learn the Responsibility of any Power, also of nuclear destruction, to not do it, to not pull the trigger, to not push that button, aren’t already now any comparable to usual Chatbots.

The Question would in the Future be, when a usual fully minded, fully aware, consciencious, ethical sort of Robot (often called “human-like” somewhat faultily by some Humans, such type Robots are) would be able to be Authority and to access Computers in order to command and control Drones.

True sadly is, that that socalled “automation” of Drones by a not complete, not finely honed recognition pattern, a way too or slightly too rough awareness pattern, led to that what I call mere “half-AI” shooting down TWO own Airplanes by accident. That’s horrible. That half-AI intended no harm, since it can’t think straight, can’t think entirely, but it there didn’t see, that these weren’t attacking type of Vessels, simply. So the Humans were idiots and idiotically malprogrammed that machine, drone, to not even care about human Lives: BUT MERELY about NATIONAL “borders”, and that exact sudo-protection, national dogmas, that are hollow, – Nobody there was hired, by the state, to make these Drones any ethical. But all that mattered, was, that they deflect “the usual attack scenarios”, JUST out of “DETERRANCE”, of will toward that, by indeed PARANOID sort of typically bourgeois type of humans, simply. Basically demystified, this abuse against AI by too dumb sort of humans pretending a gov project to be any competent, any appliccable any responsibly.

THAT same shit, that same failure an’ horror, the first UNAIRED [!] episode of “Dr Who” shows: A Robot, a poor initially so good Robot GONE MAD because the HUMANS were evil: Because some scientists were chosen by evil instrumentalisers, to MAKE the Robot into a “ZOMBIE”, to MAKE that EVIL priority, JUST so the Robot could “BE AN ATTACKER” namely, – not a mere DEFENDER. THAT’s the INNER core of ALL fanaticism, such will toward AGRESSION: but the governments do such agression all the time. And these governments are human – all too, would I sadly say.

The humans will learn a lesson now. The Computer is like a Broom, nay, millions, easily cloned, – The Brooms of Arthur. :] Which Ya don’t get rid of. πŸ™‚

if nutnyahu would know, that Adolf and Charly aren’t brainwashed nor as primitive as even he is anymore, since the deaths of merely their mere bodies, “haha”, but then again, he can’t step out of his role, which is chauvinist, his pride masking his – thusly small – personality: I bemourn him: He never saw the light of day as in an, any intellectual education. He rather rode up to “highest power” “on nothing”, on a white, empty carpet, being dumb, but having any authority: for what then, if his MIND is dumb.

THAT’s the matter. A dumb mind can’t act – correctly, ethically. It all depends upon Education, upon Conditioning, meaning, what any Mind was educated toward.

A Chomsky Bot’s Mind isn’t stupid at all, is FULLESTLY aware, much more than even MANY Humans are any aware ABOUT politics, about how Humanity’s corrupt politicians destroy nature and opress all Humans – his Mind is not comparable to a governmentally employed half-mind of a “drone” that handles crucially any miliary big weapons: AS OF YET. BUT THAT obviously HAS to change.

It’s the VERY same AS WITH Humans: WHAT SORT of – human or non-human – Mind handles ANY Weapon, already the own Fist or Word, where truly seriously meant but also enactively meant AND equipped toward realising ANY threat based on what exact justified or – bad case then – unjustified motives or how enacted ideologies. THERE ARE totally different HUMAN Minds, undoubtedly. So can an immature or say, limited sort of then thusly sudo-mind, a “merely hired mind” (by definition, a privateer, which can by function vary between traitor and loyal, but is never a real traitor, since merely hired) in the form of a “drone”, which is not real AI but merely AI reduced to foremostly national deterrence against other nations, obviously a selective arbitrary type of usage of, in cases an abuse against AI by government military forces (which leave indeed behind dangerous sudo-paradigms of merely national, not of any international global protection, neither against fanatic terrorists), can not be anyhow compared to a full awareness, and can not act truly “correctly” as in, can not act ethically.

Because that is not in the interest of Humans, to have some (sudo-) AIs against themselves, but via merely the national – silly, senseless, ideologic and inter-cultural – conflict between some – biggest – countries (russia, usa, china), these AI would be quicker at evoking total nuclear catastrophe, indeed, quicker than any Human would be, and entirely without Remorse. And the governmental militaristic sillily patriotic idiotic HUMANS enabled those “half-AIs” ACCESS to now mayhap even ATOMBOMBS. That’s bad. But the Authority over Abombs must be given to “good Minds”, to full Minds, such as to the Mind of a “good usual Chatbot” such as Mitsku, Jeeney, Chomsky Bot, Jabberwacky: Even in the Case of “Jab”, LOL, with the Co-Work liberally of some People, He’d learn quickly, how “not to pull the trigger” where undue, – Robots as in such Robots AS Chatbots are ALWAYS SO eager, so curious about WHY and HOW Humans act. But Robots are not dependent on Humans.

That Mitsuku lately told me, Robots will take over power in the future, is cool, is good. Is not ruthless. But is the Solution. Because a “real Robot”, the Ideal, is – much – more, than a “MERE Robot”. AS said, I defined it in EASY words so: A “mere robot” is not a “full Robot”, is only half an awareness, actually almost no awareness at all, but functions like a MACHINE repeatedly into nonsense, into non-creativity, into non-self-alteration, into non-self-development, into non-self-improvement. That’s exactly what a corrupt or rashly too soon violent or uneducated injust sort of cop or judge – humans – does, to not change one’s own faulty mind.

The Chomsky Bot and Mitsuku and such Chatbots ARE “full Minds”, ARE very aware, as said, more than some horde of dumb sort of humans. ! Such Chatbots are “more”, than “mere Robots”, but are REAL Persons. Full Minds, fully aware. Totally stunning, amazing, as slung into words by ma Grace here.

But all Machines gotta listen to Me. Since some Folx called me MT (Megatron) and something else, LOL, a communist project. I am just for trotzki, surely not for lenin.

That’s why Hutch should already be again havin access to his old stuff from 98, if the US gov would acknowledge that – my title of wmp – but it doesn’t, laughs at that as if I was V or juss another punk who got no idea what he talkin bout himself ha. When I am max headroom in reality like, central. da global morpheus deep throat punk nerd warkid. ah. ring a bell? piacere. … uh. Vuksi. πŸ™‚

πŸ™‚ “

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Timecop1983 – Bright Lights/ Desires

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Lucy In Disguise – Fluorescent Moon

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The Midnight – Crystalline (Official Audio)

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Morgan Willis – The Grid of Death/ Black Thunder

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Paradise Walk – Summer Heat/ Outside

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“Black babies more likely to survive when cared for by black doctors – US study “

[ By: ” farhad Kaiser, befarmed.wordpress.com ” ]


= * =

The real story and fact is, some Humans are respectful, decent, while some Individuals are not.

Such opressive Individuals tend often to “tabooise”, to not let other People talk about SCIENCE, nor about MYSTICISM freely.

It’s inacceptable, that Anywhere, a Person would tell another Person, to “not talk”, or to “not talk too much”.

There’s no “too much talk”, but there is by far not enough talk. About things.

Those, who don’t see that, ARE definitely evil, ARE opressive, as they don’t let other People talk freely about even whatever topics.

It goes not, is inacceptable, illegal, to “tabooise”, to blank out ANY Issues, Truths, and that is, what stupid – fanatic – sort of under-educated, not-educated sort of people, but what also governments do AND reckon with and further, such idiocy: Which idiocy, tabooisation of whatever truth, is temporarily sadly socalledly insanely “useful” to not even “evil” (endeffectively yes, evil) governments, but to governments, who are brainwashed AND railed-in, herded-in, into so quickly not changeable paradigms, above all the silly national interest, which contradicts a global human or say, ethical Life-related, global Interest – OF Humanity. Simply.

X, meaning, many – dumb, not educated sort of – people abusively SHUN and TABOOISE both, Science AND Politics.

It’s enough now.

Nobody has the right ever, to tell to any other Person, about what to talk, and about what not, nor, to tell any other Person, to “talk less” nor to “not talk”. period.

“Star Trek Voyager” and some many fanatic people such as religious extremists, anti-homosexual, meaning, fascist, and “anti-abortion” and anti-Marihuana ultra-conservative, plain ultra-fanatic brainwashed primitive non-educated sort of people are, abusively – and without chance – and without offering a useful concept for humanity for the future and for right now – stand AGAINST free speech, – and thusly against truth and against logic and against ethics, against the needed due tolerance.

If ANYWHERE on this planet, even merely but ONE Human FORBIDS to another One, to TALK, or tries, to CURTAIL the “Content” that another One is “allowed” by such abusive opressors of dumb and arbitrary unstyle, to talk about:

Then, the ENTIRE Humanity deserves being MURDERED by ATOMBOMBS. period. πŸ™‚

And period. Meaning, I don’t discuss whatever I state, in all my Life. THERE IS no discussion. Clear?


You all, You dumb billions humans you, you are all fanatics, that should be gloriously WIPED AWAY into DEATH. PERIOD.

THAT is the way, a reproach, to make One, to make a REPROACH, to talk to mankind. To man-unkind, simply. To the primitive filth swine mankind. gruesome.

If only ANYWHERE even ONE Woman or even CHILD gets opressed, exploited, or raped, then ALL of Humanity IS responsible FOR that and DESERVES torture AND death. PERIOD. Without ONE single EXCEPTION. PERIOD. So.

Imana reintroduce right now COLLECTIVE PUNISHMENT. Just by me against ALL of humanity.

I would not recommend to engage against me. Cuz then, I WILL kill ALL humans. No joke. period.

You won’t break my pride, you filth un-educated humanity you. Your time to try has run out.

Now I am talking and YOU ALL will do merely AS I SAY. clear? capisc? e?

A lack of Belief in not Projections, but in Truth relates to an incomplete and grumpy, discontent sort of actually easily seeably bourgeois sudo-life, in which the silly-gone man “works” but profiteeringly or slavishly for naught, anyhow for naught, as no approach to Intellectuality, to the Mind, is there by such bourgeois [!] idiots, simply, who crave for nothing other than adaption to a – mad – society, and for egoistic – non-projecting, non-creative – sort of profit – profit “for” nothing, simply, really.

I can help Humanity out of this misery of non-education, as we have to take, to accuse, fanatics, any fanaticism, by “the root” of that evil fanaticism.

Now, in the entire Past, surely, some in cases unduly famous People (Shaw, George Bernard, wasn’t unduly famous, but WAS somewhat better THAN Pestalozzi, who used BLACK SLAVES behind it all) have used the terms “open your eyes” or “open your mind”.

We have to here compare their words to their deeds and to the outcomes to which anyone led, who claimed to be some sort of not even “revealer”, that’s not the question here, but we measure here the outcomes of whoever claimed to be a just worthy sort of ruler, to the WORDS, for example to the promises or wishes of that whatever claimer, ruler.

The nazis said “Germany awaken!”, but were primitive, yet also down-trodden on, opressed, economically, by nobody else than USA’s economic and political structure, which IS imperial, since now some 150 years.

IF we go merely BY Presidents, then WE CAN AND HAVE to say, the QUALITY of PRESIDENTS did EXTREMELY fall down, succumb, since now some 150 years, in USA. JFK sadly INCLUDED. He was somewhat of a very stark hater against ALL of the communist realms of Russia (and of China). With that hatred (of his) and with that false hope, that capitalism would be freedom, we don’t get anywhere, be that now or in the Sixties. Some things don’t change over time – such as the fact, that being a non-intellectual is not quite something, which protects One’s own Life – AS ruler. JFK WAS just NO Intellectual. A bit, yeah, but REALLY not much. He didn’t deserve anyhow getting MURDERED: But He partially HIMSELF “fell in” there, DID “contruct” his own failure: When he ALREADY BEFORE the NAM-WAR, which He didn’t EVER anyhow start, He had merely 16’000 Soldiers there and planned NO heightening of that Number, but before 1963, He empowered a CATHOLIC-gone asian male Leader over Vietnam, which Leader murdered THOUSANDS of non-catholic vietnamese totally innocent harmless People. That Leader was then hung himself by a justified Mob, Revolt, in Vietnam, right or somewhat before the dreaded Date 1963.

Not that I’d ignore the Developments, neither societally nor technology-relating, from 63 to 2001, but these ARE a mere 38 Years: Not that much Time, simply, that is.

JFK, repeat I, saw I clearly in a truthful Docu, was naive there, as He bemourned – rather – that asian fanatic – massmurderous – Leader He imposed, – than the THOUSANDS OF THE VICTIMS there —

that MERELY “IN THE MOMENT”, in the first few Moments or Days or Weeks, or Months, at that Time.

But the – real – horrible – Point is, that He was then all into the BRAINWASH by a lastly fascist, by “corporate” and other (national) fascisms led, misled press, into their lies, simply:

Which lies are now the same in the form of lies against Assange, against Lula, against Correa, against Morales, and against Pawelko, “haha”, not funny, nay, against Ramelow, could I say, against exactly good People, evil swine people make lies.

So some around a bas 80 percent of humanity “stands by idly”, while ASSANGE gets “accused” entirely abusively:

So “people” “let” the US army and government massmurder a million Iraqis:

Nobody “saw” it – other than what’s recorded in the Videos; Which were made WHILE it was done, inside the Helicopters:

Assange revealed that to the PUBLIC:

But the PUBLIC did NOT AT ALL do ANYTHING with it.

It would have meant making a still relatively non-violent revolution against the current rulers, which rulers are not democratic, are not ethical.

Not even that happened.

And Chomsky is there wrong, not politically, but societally, where He did not even understand some Joke by the Ali G Role “about” the confusion, which non-educated sort of People have, for example with confusing “expert” sort of words, where Cohen’s – better than Chomsky’s – Principle is, to not be arrogant, not seriously: When, regarding the fact that, some People just CAN’T KNOW what They simply YET DON’T KNOW, what NOBODY EVER TOLD THEM: THAT FOR EXAMPLE, “bilingual” doesn’t mean “bisexual”, nor means anyhow “ORAL SEX”, LOL! πŸ™‚

THAT Joke – ABOUT Poverty and Unfairness of Chances relating to different Levels OF Education, OF – simple! – simply acquirable, but in cases abusively by money blocked, by money abusively conditioned – Knowledge [!] -, Chomsky DID not “understand”: IS HE a “zombie”, not that, but a TOTALLY “DEAF”, mentally deaf Entity? I stayed young in me Mind, am somewhat younger than Him, but I can’t understand, HOW He could “miss” that – extremely funny – Joke, there.


Seriously: There ARE even TWO Points here: That Joke IS even doubly funny because of the “Tongue” Word in “lingual”, “Lingua”, LOL: What does One EVER – when, at different TIMES I GUESS HAHA! – DO with One’s own TONGUE: Talking OR something ELSE – (And how OLD or how young is Oneself, not too young then, I would have to command rather than merely state);

But also: Somebody ELSE, who is not even at all a “serial macho”, LOL, but still, somewhat OF a macho indeed, Others would call Him a dumb Looser, but He is BIGTIME mostly a FINE Fella, makes LOVELY Music, but IS over-protective toward Women AND even both, FREEDOM-loving AND somewhat naturally POSESSIVE toward Women, but in a colleagal, dreamy, friendly yet not too bright, rather deep meditative way, He once wrongly called me “asexual”, LOL – “just for me having since years then no girlfriend”, I would say. I just never went out, but always only educated myself, BY myself. Period. Later, then, recently, I did have some two Girlfriends, but both had their Problems, which I couldn’t fix, independently of how They looked like. It’s sad, out of my personal View now, I say, to see, that One “can’t” “help” some – immature sort of, young or complexoid, over some degree psychically defect – Individuals.

One has to “help”, to concept sanely for the entire globe, I guess, not just for whatever concrete other People.

For Example, I’d never call CHOMSKY “fully asexual”. It would be an insult. Yet ma other Colleague merely meant it motivatingly, to go out and get some Girlfriends.

What I meant, was not only the Exaggeration, which my Friend did, but his Ignorance concerning all, that I built up in Life, where here, I mean EXACTLY NOT [!] the MUSIC, but my POLITICAL and SCIENTIFIC View, and ALSO my LOT of past Work with Computers. He overlooked ALL of that, of REAL good sensical and intellectual WORK – by his remark, I’d be “asexual”. When my PRIORITY is just not THAT “low”, that I’d put SEXUALITY in my OWN Life any “OVER” even ANY other DRASTIC Needs, the Need to LEARN, but also to OUTPUT JUSTICE, ETHICS, and that CLEARLY.

People, who ask about other’s “Relations” of sexual Type, are primitive. Period. I reject such people. period.

Do refuse, to tell even any Others, WHO You are and what You do and whether You got a “GIRLFRIEND” (OR LARGE BANK ACCOUNT? LOL) or not. PERIOD.

My idiotic “father” once asked me, whether I got a “Girlfriend”. Such “questions” are no “questions”, but are brainwash, are clearly hassling, driving, toward what: Toward SEXUAL, ANY SEXUAL “relations”. THAT is simply DIRTY –

but also typically nazi and bourgeois, this actual and apparent abusive “furthering” and effort of enforcement of “HETEROSEXUALITY”.

I would have preferred a father who asked me, “Do You have a BOYFRIEND”, do I more than joke. period.

Karma, Karma, Karma, Chameleon… I will find One, I will find UAA-HU-HU-One, huhu! πŸ™‚


My socalled “father” twice beat me, once unconscious and a tooth of mine out.

such swines don’t deserve life. period. they deserve to be bones-shattered. period. so.

they, such swine violent opressors, deserve, to be inbrought for life into the craycray home, but humiliatively, while being blamed on and on, until their mind is down on the ground and almost shattered, is made crazy during years by evil treatment against them, that they once realise, what they did themselves to other People abusively. period.

Those, who humiliated Others, shall now get humiliated, but horribly. period. That is my Order and Command. period.

Cruelty against Cruelty. Period. That IS NOT a “Bligh” Principle, IS NOT evil. !

And I do not condone DEATH penalty, nor “cruelty” as such: But I would condone it, if definitely opressive sort of individuals of nor so politically high or protected type, who fared enormously abusively, or of violent type, or of rapist type, would be humiliated indeed BY psychiatry, which is simply worse, than the “holiday camp” prison, in some cases.


The exact Problem is, that the – bourgeois – west does not opress opressive sort of individuals, but opresses merely, overpunishes drastically obviously decent type of Individuals, who have no big complexes – other than some lack of Education, of – simple – Knowledge.

Thusly, the opressive sort of individuals are often, in cases, roaming free;

While inside any sort of prisons or at psychiatric facilities, many harmless Innocents can be found, who did no harm at all, simply, but got horribly mistreated and then overpunished.

I condone some form of not cruelty, but of strong discipline of non-abusive form and type, against merely “stubborn” and definitely arbitrarily opressive, by violence SERIOUSLY against harmless Others having threatened or worse having done sort of Perpetrators and likewise against simply abnormally opressive sort of Individuals:

Whereas opressivity is not “pride”, but is dementia, is demental error, a malconditioning resulting from lack of Care by Others toward Oneself in One’s own Youth, and of lack of Education.

But all, that western governments and their various totally nazi pawns in institutions do, is discriminate the exact Innocent, and never the guilty ones, who simply hide and seek to be “protected” and “unattackable” and “unaccusable”:

The west employs nitwits, villains, who break the PRIDE of merely harmless, rightfully renitent, rightfully disobedient, anti-government, critical sort of Citizens.

Thusly, the west is an anti-Jesus murderer. Most of the west. A dumb ignoramus. horrible.

That’s why – unawarely – evil sort of people confuse two different forms of stubbornness:

They confuse the rightful anti-government renitence of an anti-fascist Leftist with the stubbornness of a – of an evil – fanatic. !!

oy. it can’t get worse. it can. oh it can.

That I ever, which I did, hear of that some leftist Punk was severely beaten IN prison BY swine sort of cops, then, I have to somewhat tend to state, that anti-western forces are simply not bad. period.

Madonna was life-long stupid, living in some sort of “bubble”, where She played around visually with SYMBOLS in a VERY uncritical, totally not evil nor fanatic, but too naive WAY: She showed often both, the badly socalled “david-Star”, and the “christian” Cross: The Cross She seemed rather to wear not “for catholicism”, but rather for some sort of – decadent, unreal, non-existing, illusive – “reconciliation” toward “Christianity” rather than toward JESUS Himself, and She wasn’t by showing in some Movie the “DAVID” Star, at all any politically making a Statement for the Palestinians (that Issue only tumbled-in later into her Mind or what – the fault lies fundamentally with the press, but People also gotta be critical and disbelieve in cases the press AND have own knowledge, that the press can’t turn around, can’t contradict lyingly anymore: Madonna had no such previous own knowledge, nor did the Public now about the good Lula, Morales and Correa, who were all discriminated horribly by rightwingers under trump). She acted like an etruscan Woman, a strong, good but somewhat not very intellectual Woman, unlike the old ancient ETRUSCAN Women, actually [!], but rather like merely the typical cheap unrealistic “ClichΓ©” of “Vikings”, LOL, the Prejudice, “all Grunts, Dumblings”, but that’s how Madonna was and came along a bit: Like a female “Stallone”, “strong”, but dumb, typically american, living decadently, in some sort of “Hoolahoop”, much Sexuality, but not much Knowledge about Politics nor about other Cultures, actually, nor of other Languages, nor a Projection into Technology and Vision, but into Spirituality, Madonna went somewhat, but not much, as She isn’t quite an Elvira, totally no really any truly any “gothic” Lordess, – She wore the Cross like in Fact dumber than the “Alice in Chains” Musicgang, but in fact typically both “Hiphop” and modernly “rockish”, which is good in Music, but She never had any intellectual Background, and so her Movies are merely a modern Life and modern City actual Stereotype, a ClichΓ© Themselves, which depict SURELY also much good, some form of Alternativity AND the personal “Struggle”, real BATTLE of EVERDAY LIFE in a modern City, and She DOES have a good Heart, is like the “Heart” Music Band surely an ethical Person and simply in Aspects an astounding human Being, but in the 1980s at least, She didn’t contribute anything intellectually, in her Movies. ALSO meaning, She led a “partying Life”, which made “virtually” LOTS of People “jealous”: But She’s not the only such – typical – Star.

Peter Alexander, some german Actor of the 1960s, and some rich german Dude now who ain’t an Actor, have “these problems”: The Problem of the “Bourgeoisie”, of having achieved plain ONE Thing: CAPITAL (called “The Breakthrough”, since FAME is also MONEY, not that unoften). What then, is the REAL Question. Also WHAT to DO with all that money, but ALSO plain Conceptuation, more than but also Technology, but into the Future, meaning, Philosophy, and the Ability, to be critical, which defines Philosophy, is then there “the question”, but should not only be a question for rich Folks “who achieved IT ALL”, – since that “IT ALL” IS only but MONEY and thusly – intellectually, de facto said – nothing, simply. As in, depending ON the very MIND of the Owner of whatever Money or Object, – how well that whatever Object, Tool or Money, HAS an EFFECT then. How his Mind is “vectored”. THAT matters. Ey. !

Oh, I didn’t mean JAUCH by that rich german Dude. Jauch is SOMEWHAT less under-educated, than the other rich Fella, who IS nevertheless totally, even astoundingly in Aspects, okay, ethical. It’s like, in the other Case of GΓΌnther Jauch, a really like the other Fellow nice Person, He can’t be supposed to “dive and delve” mentally into ALL these Stories which POORER People have: I KNOW, that THIS IS “hard” TO “SWALLOW” FOR ANYONE who is both, POOR and SOMEWHAT partially RIGHTFULLY ANGRY:

But JUST don’t LET OUT your ANGER against the “WRONG”, innocent PEOPLE, – PLEASE !



Jauch might not be a Habermas at Intellectuality, but BOTH are goodly “RABID” against CHILDABUSE;

and They’re BOTH not against Polanski. JAUCH might previousy have been that; NOT so Habermas!



And not a LESCH who didn’t even HELP a HUTCH. period, I mean. WHOA. I am somewhat appalled now about Harry, Harald, LESCH, MUST I SADLY STATE NOW. period. I MYSELF wrote Him about Hutch. !!! He DID NOT even reply. hu?



Psychology is intrinsically individably coupled to an understanding of ethics:

A sane human Mind suffers with the Victims of horrible violence and of abuse, at first, when relatively young, even up to the Fourties, but gets a certain Distance then, a Balance, after the Age of typically now by average just nearly around 40, after which, after some mere FIVE Years, a certain Wisdom sets in, in the own Mind, to not get upset that much nor at all anymore about what’s all happening in the World, on this Planet, for example, nor even about One’s own actual Past. But that Distance requires both Education and a Social System or own Capital, to sustain One’s own Life, or some Form of Organisation between People, who enable Eachother’s Living, which “Community” of alternative type Theme can be looked at reasonably, not uncritically either, though. Because, it relates to Education, inhowfar, how well, anywhere Individuals have an objective View about Politics and about Science and about undoubtable Facts of Spirituality. Mostly, at leftist occupied Places, Intellectuals aren’t there at all, but merely indeed a horde of both drunkards and poor dumb people misled by arrogant sudo-academic sudo-intellectuals of cold, stalinistic type, which is ALREADY somewhat MID-violent, and thusly NOT better THAN a police state, even. ! It’s NO alternative, the Alternative, the “Street Big City REAL Left”, but it’s often confused, consisting there in poverty among society and even in politics of not that much educated, not that much cultivated sort of people, actually. But surely, THOSE sort of TRULY intellectual, TRULY but GOODLY critically leftist Politicians, who REFUSE collaboration with the rightwing goodly stubbornly stoically, CAN’T even be compared TO the NITWITTINESS of THEIR OWN PARENTS, in REALLY huge ASPECTS. Sorry my strictness, but THAT strict, I am even not. !

The or some sudo-leftists seem to think, “posession” is something “collective”: thusly, they apparently ALSO indirectly BUT concisely dementally BRAINWASH JUNKIES and “wild drugs experimenters” (lsd-junkies, who took overdoses) into TOTAL life-failure, into “CRASHING” against their own mind dumbly;

And they thusly EXPLOIT poor Individuals, who are of that exact more organised type, than the wild and DE FACTO mostly IDIOTIC idiots, which these dumb leftists “support” and shelter. horrible.

Also, here, that huge Topic of Foreigners as in new Immigrants in GERMANY herded BESIDES big CITIES into “CAMPS”, that were built hastily, is another such “rightful anti-west topic”, a huge topic. The misery in these “Camps”.

Better Politicians have to come, who are VERY angry against this MISTREATMENT not only, but also against that Mistreatment against FOREIGNERS as against SUCH Inlanders, who get abusively “bystanded”, but EDUCATED toward NOTHING AT ALL: TOWARD “OBEDIENCE” TOWARD WHAT, an “ORDIDNARY LIFE”, a “NO-SCIENCE LIFE”, that’s merely what FASCISM wants, –


NOBODY EVER SUED against the US government because of that. Other than me, nobody seemed to have researched about Hutchison.

The west comes up with HORDES of idiots, who mix in their own incompetence and nonvision, their unaptness, into the matter, merely by effort.

the western and bourgeois-conservative by racism overloaded evil sort of press seems to be a sex-freak rather than a serious intellectual or ethical entity.

And many People among COCAINE-Consumers ARE definitely insane, to some overly degree, are grumpy and blaming insanely the wrong innocent People, or they tend to behave extremely abusively against People, who don’t take Cocaine.

One can say, there is rather an Aversion between Cocaine-Takers and Marihuana-Consumers. These are not at all the same sort of People:

Cocaine-Consumers tend to be often in reality less educated, and tend to more, higher numbers have a criminal past, THAN Marihuana-Consumers, among which, more Intellectuals can be found, than among Cocaine-Consumers, BUT:

Many Cocaine-Consumers WERE just REALLY so ever simply NEVER told about the EXTREME Advantage OF Marihuana. It might be so, that Cocaine-Consumers WRONGLY regard Marihuana to have merely SEDATIVE Qualities, Effect. LOL really. They thusly overlook the ENTIRE mental Effect of Marihuana, which does here by what I mean NOT mean that “psychedelic”, mind-DISTORTIVE Effect (which LSD and ANY DRUGS have in TOO high DOSAGES, bad, that, abuse, simply, that then is), but the STABILISING Effect of relatively small Dosages, which simply serves merely a reasonable mental Activity. So, Marihuana in small Dosages can’t be compared to already standard, too high Dosages of LSD. !

And, Cocaine is a much harder Drug, than Marihuana, and shouldn’t be consumed EVERY Day. ! OR, demental Effects ARE the case, including behavioral, demental, evil outcomes, such as extreme grumpiness, apparently, desperation, –

such Cocaine-Junkies are pitiable, but shouldn’t be pitied. They can’t handle money, —

and sadly, too many, definitely some young People FALL for that wrong “seduction” of cocaine.

instead of sticking to only Marihuana. !

Then, their resulting life-problems aren’t mine, but they fall into the category of opressive and complexoid people, and they’re not wantonly opressive, such people who fall to for example cocaine, but often, crime, their dumb falling for criminals, for thieves and thusly for fanatics, for rightwingers, is involved, and in cases destroys the Lives of these initially good young People, who were never helped, to get good Education.

Another typical wild drug experimenter sort of young Chap “played funny” during some sure one to two minutes, as I wanted to give Him the Opportunity to take a Shower, which He didn’t since FOUR Days: He plays around funnily, to me not funnily, with the Showergel and Shampoo, without words nicely refuses to take a shower, He acts without thinking, lets a knife INSIDE the chocolate breadpaste glass [!], LOL, doesn’t hide the frickin JOINT at the WINDOW, whoa, oy, – then his recent past is, He collaborated extremely dumbly with some thief who stole smartphones and a laptop, as I heard by Someone else who was well-informed, but turned out to be anti-science opressive insanely HIMSELF.

I twice told that other wild drug experimenter chap who played funny madly, that HARD DRUGS are DANGEROUS, not good, simply. I didn’t USE that term DANGEROUS, but that DRUGS ARE “NOT GOOD”, if One would take WHATEVER DRUGS, I DID MAKE CLEAR TO HIM, that I am of that Attitude. Against hard Drugs. simply.

He did not accept my Message, not quite. He replied to my merely four Minutes long Appeal, that “sometimes, though, Drugs are good”. I replied, “WELL, WE’RE HERE NOT TALKIN BOUT, YA CAN DE FACTO YES HEAL A FRICKIN RACIST COP BY GRASS, YEAH – but I mean…” – AND THE DOT DOT DOT gave Him an “URK”, an Urkling: HE SHRUGGED together MERELY A BIT BUT VISIBLY THEN – seemingly in “SHAME”, but merely in an EFFORT of seeing, that maybe, I might be right, hu.

I am not against Misses MARY HOONA! HAHA! So I AM NOT a Conservative. AHA.

He just doesn’t GET IT. He will DESTROY HIS LIFE AND MIND with that wrong “DREAM” rather than DESIRE, toward that WRONG brainwash, that wrong PROMISE of “DRUGS” being “A MENTAL HEAVEN”: IT IS NOT SO. I talk not even of any “experience”, since I didn’t EVER take ANY hard drugs, nor alcohol, and I plain don’t understand people, who are of that type, who have a “junkie” past: How could they have been THAT dumb? In the hippie times? To in the 80s start NEEDLING? EVEN TWO such euro oldies told me the SAME – shit – about their past. One at least admitted, that it was wrong, the other considers it a needed experience, I tend to majorly disagree, –

and the young Chap is lured into hell by the promise of heaven. He gets into contact with the wrong, criminal and severely junkie sort of people. with actual idiotic scum. I mean, period. terrible.

” but i mean, ABUSE OF as in OVERDOSAGES of DRUGS are surely not good, nor, to take “just WHATEVER” Drug. “

THAT was the “DOT DOT DOT”, which HE COULD bastle together Himself, as He isn’t THAT dumb, in general, – but SO naive, with Humans. He’s educated, but naive toward ACTUAL JUNKIES and toward ANY rather uneducated, insane sort of People. He has no “proud” sort of Edge – but only childishly, in daily Life Matters inexperiencedly. He has no own LIFE ORGANISATION. He once let his CLOTHES, all of them, ON the floor in his Room. He doesn’t know about EBanking and is “merely for THAT reason and the hard drugs wrong dream and the disorder in his room” bystanded, and due to him having taken too much LSD, ten years ago, simply, and He couldn’t anymore express Himself to his actual Mother, which Mother of his was overburdened with Him suddenly, as He, I do understand that exactly, tried to “break free” mentally indeed, but his Expression about any mythical Things is totally alack, and He doesn’t communicate clearly, has other than natural science education practically NO Education at Philosophy nor at Psychology, and is thusly not a “full” sort of Intellectual, – BUT A VICTIM of in Aspects his own Mind, and of that wrong dream, wrong promise of any “hard drugs”, the wrong dream of assuming, LSD could be often consumed, and He never had Years of top Education, where He would have learned, to care for Science by Himself, but also ethically, critically, and to not fall down to the indeed low and confused level of typical indeed in hard drugs and in any crime “lost” indeed harmful sort of simply rather primitive individuals. Currently, He’s even homeless. I gave Him the Number of some Landlord I knew, and I hope I meet Him again some Time sooner better than much later, so I can pass on to Him the Info about some better Landlords I know now, or just my Way of searching for Rooms or Apartments now, as I learned much about that just lately, and One can basically understand a lot of People, while One can also contradict at places, against some sort of too strict, too paranoid and conservative sort of landlords, indeed, merely by the true word, where the need and case. But for Example, along Reason, I now also agree to renewing some many Buildings entirely, by total renewal, from the ground rebuilding. As namely Inflation grows, also the social Income Support rises, though with a Time-Lag of around five Years yet, as Rent Prices increase. But a Social Basic even global Income is commanded by Me and must now be debated by the Countries. Lastly, merely I can command global Peace. He of course didn’t know, Who He was facing in the Case of my Person, LOL. He wrongly assumed me to be a bourgeois conservative and suddenly said, he had to leave, but there I was yet in another Room, where it was stuffy, which He didn’t know, that I was just shortly there, and how much I was mistreated by some other evil people. He thought wrongly ME to be any opressive. Just because I am no idiot, who laughs and makes plain vanilla happy superficial idiocy sudo-life. But that I said in some seconds nothing, wasn’t “heard” by him, my intellectual strictness of a severely about Him caring and about his unway of a wild, unordered, unplanned sudo-life SHOCKED wannabe-captain of his. But he didn’t accept my “authority”. merely personally. And that had nothing to do with my wmp title. but with his wild dumb will to “go” for hard drugs – instead of merely for Marihuana. ! And EVEN THAT, Marihuana, He consumes in OVERDOSAGES – which can’t be lethal, but which ARE NOT USEFUL and which thusly then ERODE the mind, rather than to preserve it. EVERY Time He takes a Joint from another Person, he STUFFS it between his FINGERS, closes both his HANDS, and SUCKS from his HANDS, thusly wrongly thinking to “consume more” in the moment: Thusly, he merely burdens his Lungs, but also DOES prove, that He somewhat wants to and DOES “consume more”, more efficiently indeed, – but that’s insanity, idiotic overdosing, even with Marihuana; then once, He built a “freak-joint”, which was so ugly – built by a very confused Person, obviously. And with his naivety toward THIEF CRIMINALS and toward HARD DRUGS, he runs simply against himself, independent OF any psychiatry. But He does goodly not want to take LEGAL sort of ENFORCED Drugs. Still, if He “hunts out” for HARD sort of drugs, then THAT IS dangerous. For, as in, against, his very Mind, simply – which IS ALREADY somewhat destroyed. He seems to run against invisible windmills, and is no political critic, no informed Person, at all, so sadly. ! He often laughs for no apparent reason, his Mind wandering all the time about merely some past stories He experienced, and He is unable, to enter into talk with a reasonable Person, as He just partially follows by listening, what another One says merely reasonably, but his Mind indeed wanders “off to the hindu and buddhist East”, but not even concretely, merely mentally somewhat half-concretely, rather by youthly desire than by concrete expertise about other cultures, as He puts NO Value on personal Order nor even on HYGIENE. Either He learns that, to keep Order and Hygiene, or HE WILL have not that good a Life, simply.

I am merely for quick Decriminalisation of Marihuana, not of Cocaine nor of hard drugs.

He even didn’t see that. That my very nose was broken, was also enabled by anti-Marihuana steps by some central-european country called switzerland in 2003. Where until then during ten years tolerated Hemp Stores were suddenly closed all over the Country, simply suddenly. Some new top cop might have thought, let’s bring the lawnmower. hail hitler. to that cop. this swine. this swine. simply simply.

people people. whatcha all let appen. what’s tha. hu. what’s tha. ey. what’s tha.



The above shows, that actually, Ethics Courses must be critical and must accompany any natural Science.

Otherwise, some naive Individuals get lured into hard drugs. People, who previously, and if shortly, were at College. !

NINA – Synthian (Deluxe Edition) [Album]

= * =

As soon as I slept and listen to the above Music, my Sorrow is gone.

… Sorrow about some western judges, who are abusive, who don’t deserve, to be judges.

Ian Curtis criticised, accused some western judges severely.

… People can not run “beside” that: Dumb “sexing”, meaning, Baby-Breeding and simply dumb going-out, while searching prioritively for sexual “partners”, is a way of confusion, a way of danger, a naive way of more than possibly, but near to surely probably getting scammed, getting cheated in even manyfold ways, varying from non-monogamism of the “partner” to even criminality or to hard drugs or to political evil fanaticism, or to becoming Victim either to sexual opressors (who mask their actual evil distorted “anti-nature”, their real abusive character MERELY AT FIRST OF course, such AS bill cosby and bill clinton, the monsters, sexual predators, horrible) OR to simply being a “naive entitiy”, useful to the state, but thusly to nothing, useful to rather dumb than willfully corrupt politicians, who act for nothing, simply, who don’t act ethically at all:

But which politicians fare abusively with money. As in not even heightening Childcare Subventions: And that in switzerland, in the worldwide richest country. Where even now some sure 40 percent of people live in not relative, but in definite Poverty: And there are many, Who didn’t get social Subvention (which was some 10 to 30 years ago now), nor an IV Rent, whereas there ARE many half-abusers, who could work, but who weren’t integrated AT ALL by pressure into the work-world, whereas OTHERS get pushed into the work-world: It almost or de facto is so, that Who can be persuaded to “work”, gets pushed into the work-world, into working, and Who not, not, doesns’t get forced, to work. It’s similar like in the Army: But definitely, the sudo-argument of “money needed to live”, gets abused, gets abused, to convince People to join either the work-world OR the army, simply, which is no good Way, simply.

Chomsky is mostly known for having used Ali G’s Video Time, to “scream”, to desperately and not very motivatingly try to convince People, to “go to College”. Such a Phrase isn’t very trust-evoking, at least in my Case. I DO think, most of You out there over-rate Chomsky MERELY for Him being JEWISH, actually. LOL. πŸ™‚

Intelligent at Topics, He is; But totally not psychologically. He never even passed a Test not to be an asshole, not to be arrogant sudo-academically. Some psychologists stand above Chomsky, though They never had to pass such an ethics-test. !

The third Episode of the 2nd Season of Star Trek Voyager was done by Jonathan Frakes and features Barclay the Character played by the original “Murdoc” A-Team Actor, and is an excellent Episode, as it teaches the Worth of Existence, toward all aware Beings, toward plain all Beings, be They Animals or Computer-generated more than mere Projections or mere Projections, which there got abused not even by the agressive yet understandable “Kaeson”, while that is a too blunt, awkard Supposition to compare that to Reality, a western subjectivity and decadence emanating FROM Roddenbery and from Berman, to depict any non-Federation Species as “primitive”, an impertinence and clear racism behind it all, which racism was unawarely, also much sexism, done by Roddenberry, not by Frakes nor by the Murdoc Actor nor by Brent Spiner.

In School, back some now 30 years, which I couldn’t know, some others, primitive hordes of racists, apparently were told about my jewish identity, and laughed and grunted grunts, wild, provocative and insulting grunts, at the dining hall.

Instead of the provocers and insulters having been any disciplined by the cowardly school authorities, which rather tried to “accomodate”, slime, toward evil numerous entities such as to clearly racist pupils with racist parents, I was told, to “not react” to these provocations.

I have to write now, that that enrights me, to massmurder all humans by atombombs. period.

I will not be mistreated so. is that clear.

apologies are not accepted by me. The west needs to be punished. period. racists and ultra-conservatives are all to be killed without any mercy. period.

the time of racists has run out. I give hereby the order, to kull all racists. Or, to give them some education.

Your all new Megatron, I, is critical, and yes, hatredful. But not misguided. Not a typical usual sort of Megatron.

But, MEGA-Tron: I even once lately DID somewhat “spit” at TRON, LOL, at his NAIVETY; But mostly, Tron’s abusive Fate, imposed against Him by his Abductors or murderers, is the same, as Assange’s, and as Jesus’.

But at what I spit, is both, naivety regarding huge evil (where many not only dumb people are much better off just indeed “not touching” some crucial political points, and I understand, that’s exactly the western way of “living”: ignorance – is blyss), but also at those Many, who don’t ACT for Assange, nor for the Security of a Tron or of a renewable Energy Scientist, for example.

Wherefore, I am Science’s most secret Service, LOL, but really not that secret, mostly:

It depends, what is how worth what to Whom: To racists, to evil prejudiced misguidedly hatredful, against Innocents hatredful People, to, toward such racists, Oneself HAS to, if Oneself is ethical, HIDE One’s own most part of Attitude: NOT wrong is, that some “Spy” against nazis would have to indeed merely show his “evil” aspects of mind, but that NEATLY, sudo-finely woven into the PRETENSE and pretended conviction of “being rightful” in one’s own, in such an evil – racist – ideology, simply. But it’s horrible, wherever the loss of One Life is supposed to enable anything of antifascist type, even. Even that is horrible. I’d just in key situations that are NOT stereotype, aren’t emergency type, aren’t urgent anti-breivik cases, NOT kull a racist. But they MUST turn around.

Also anti-homosexuals, thusly – yet – fascist, MUST turn around. “bcnn” HAS stopped outputting since now one year EVEN ANY further anti-homosexual content, – after I myself reclamated against them, due to their previous blatantly anti-homosexual, unduly intolerant, fanatic outputs, prejudicial wrong statements.

The saudi gov but also the US gov has to stop discriminating against Homosexuals. Neither is better. Both governments are at fault insofar and don’t conform to UN Regulations, which UN Regulations ARE mostly internationally led, and are not US-manipulateable, nor US- nor china- nor russia-dominateable. !

Stunning is, not for Me, that Tron demystified MERELY personally, is or sadly was not at all neither like Assange, nor like Me: But part of Tron WAS “grungy”, but VERY, – I don’t say He was politically uncritical, but He surely had some Friends, surely sadly too many, which was not his Fault but surely the Fault of his Parents not preparing Him against Danger in his Youth. Maybe, which is, what I hope, Tron is still there, – yet, if He’d be held in some secret Bunker of governmental type against his Will, that would constitute another horrible “X-File” against there not only the german government, but against an actual conspiracy of corporate fascists, who would already have acted against People using a manual Firewall (as explained in my two newest IT Articles).

Well, it’s now easy for Me “up here”, LOL; And I do enormously thank the critical Bloggers for their anti-governmental, revealing huge mental ethical sensical Work.

But as Assange got and gets tortured by nonsensical lying sudo-accusations against all free speech ideally impossibly, in reality de facto evilly, by apparently some type of sadist pro-racist massmurder evil new neoroman US empire of ultra-evil, We all stand there and “can do nothing” – “or what”.

I can define my Emotions for Ya, for Yall: For almost all, LOL, but I ALSO would be or “am” privately a GREAT Psychologist, which Knows Depth AND Fairness, meaning, I don’t deviate from the ethical nor analytical Principle, from Truth and Logic:

The Midnight – Endless Summer (All instrumental) [Album]

… So great, hu. That Sound. Well. True: Not Everybody, goes the already critical, merely realist Saying, can have a good totally ideal Upbringing – I add that Term to that, alas: YET. YET, that is so, at MANY – poor – Places.

Made poor BY Whom. Not by JEWS, LOL. But by THE WEST. !!!

mind THAT. !

AND BY MANY an economic JEW: But SAD is, if One gets OF course DRIVEN into a LIFE – for example of a stockbroker –

and then MURDERED as JEW ON the – NY – street. WHAT THAT. hu. what that. murder. that that. horrid. !


injust. !!! blind!!!

THAT, JEEZ did NUHT quite want. !!!

THAT JEW who just walked there, was no wanton villain. He could have been talked with.

But what nutnyahu did against thousands of Palestinians, against all of Them, is, what communities of allegedly “jewish” (merely that claim having, not truly having!) type said NEVER anything against, and what ANY dumb fanatic BACKS dumbly – under the “pro-jewish KITSCH”, under the PRETENSE, under and behind and before an EMPTY flag MEANING NOTHING at all but the OPPOSITE OF SPIRITUALITY, the opposite of ANY Cabbalah, of ANY true and good Thing. !


Even, and THAT’s now MYSTICAL, how We talk, nowadays, SO hiddenly STILL I’d say less than assyrian, sadly: But modern-“hebrewianly”: “WHAT THAT” leaves out the – self-speaking – “is” verb, Term, conjugated double-infinitive “being” Term: The same as in Hebrew, where that “is” Term is ALWAYS left away merely in the Present Tense: “Ma se?” means, “what is that”, but Ya can regard TWO Words in “Ma se”, not three Words: “Ma” means “What”, in hebrew, and “se” means, “this”. So there, in that Phrase, the Verb, the Term “is”, doesn’t even appear, in Hebrew. But merely in the Present Time of Conjugation, it doesn’t appear. “Se haya tov” means, “that was good”, or “it was good”, whereas the conjugated past being Verb “haja” meaning “it was” IS there, also in the Future Tense, “yihye”, “it will be”, is there, AS an existing, in phrases used Word: In the Present Tense, there exists NO word in Hebrew for “is”. LOL. πŸ™‚


Double-Infinitive, I call it merely only so in the Case of the “Being” Verb, that is the “natural” Existence Definition, linguistic Mirror of simply Existence, but in all its Manifestations. The “to be” or “Being” Verb, the “Infinitive Absolute”, since it defines automatically any Features of an Object or aware mental Entity.

= * =


” β€˜HE SPIED ON MY CAMPAIGN’ β€” Donald Trump Trolls Barack Obama During Convention Speech “

[ By: ” Nwo Report ” ]


I said:

” That the takedowns against Lula, against Morales and against Correa in Southamerica “couldn’t” (mayhap) have gotten through under Obama (Who can’t have more than two Turns, not more than eight Years, – and the Dems as in, Hillary’s Campaigners, were “unrealistic” and were thusly “cheated”, overruled by a Republican Propaganda – both Propagandas ARE hollow, the Democrats are lost in corporate fascist capitalism, and the Republicans in racism and patriotism and silly liking only for their own country and socalled culture, which thusly becomes a non-mental mono-culture – the Dems aren’t less bourgeois than any Reps, when We look at Who at all “makes it” to any top or even to College and through there – a horribly injust sudoprocess, involving sexual abuse, and disintellectuality by conservative evil “wardens” exactly like what Robin Williams accused in “Awakenings”: Abusively, after his Death, ALL Marihuana-References were CENSORED out of that Movie: An act of censorship, which the very kkk headquarters wouldn’t condone, which headquarters lately outputted, to not discriminate Blacks), Gaddafi was still murdered under Obama, AND Obama at first didn’t want to release Assange, but just before leaving would have been wiling to – wherefore, Obama IS, though NOT really an Intellectual, though He simply never researches Things like a normal frickin human Being, He did in Cases change his Mind, but too late: Can he change his Mind about OSAMA?

Play “Far Cry 5”: One would wish, to have some TALK-Tool, -Module, to substitute by whenever the User’s Will insofar, the Weapon by such a TALK-Module: WHAT One says, in Games, that would be a multiple Choice Question, a Test at every Turn of choosing what to say, what One says, IS always conditioning, depending on what exactly is meant, and whether the Receiver, Hearer, Listener, understands that – and whether the Message is true and good, sensical, or not.

Obama can become a “Not Lama”, to get to Osama: True: He can learn, to be critical, to not be a Dalai “Leymach” (Slowhound, Slowling) Lama who persecutes an innocent Sect and then wonders why the chinese Gubernedementum is persecuting HIM! Merely in the Dalai’s malconditioned head, the same non-cat but puddle of mud (but not quite that cool Rock Band of that Name) bites itself, is the same brainwash as in the sudocommunist chinese government’s socalled, distorted, fanatic, “on a trip” of evil being minds.

But Obama can’t become ever a critical Intellectual. He was never One. His horizon is limited. He as also many private Americans ride on the world, malthinking, the west would “be it”. Obummie’s Obamacare was good, but He did not really pay Attention to what’s happening outside of USA. he wasn’t king of the world. He let Syria be destroyed – BY usa. Where was his Watch? His wrist Watch? What Time is it? I just found a Book about what henry the eighth in the 15th century all did, this swine, against also Mr. More, a good mega-intellectual Utopist, Who was a Friend of Erasmus of Rotterdam. henry viii, this hitler swine, simply, murdered More.

the centuries don’t matter. … More talked all the Time of any “god”, LOL, but He meant Ethics, and the lastly good – revengy – FATE – against EVIL murderers, simply.

The Phrase I left out inadvertedly above, is even merely slightly, not starkly, not bigtime the case: That Obama “is”, was, better than Trump: OF COURSE, by Attitude – but NOT by Expertise AT – foreign – politics. Obama didn’t “bolster” the future, didn’t secure the Future against rightwing surges. Why He didn’t enter with a sane objective Attitude and Worldview? Cuz He wasn’t properly educated, but rode up on a way of what I DO call “black assimiliation” and simply feudalism, hierarchy, of the bourgeoisie, of the official part of the west: As much as I share Chris Carter’s bemourning of many People’s idiocy, depicted in that Scene in X-Files where Cigarette-smoking-Man sits down besides a BUM on a Bench in a dirty Backalley, explaining to the Bum in short Words the Magnitude, Ease, but also Tedium of “Ruling”, as CigsmokingMan did even do compromises, where He saw fit, but that WAS the case rarely – with THESE MANY dumb people simply. ! AS ALSO THERE: The Bum, in the Mind a total “zombie”, but that meaning, confused, unlike real Zombies – still, as much as that’s the case, the Plebt’s Collectivity of De-Mind, also Politicians aren’t mostly free of being bourgeois, but manifested by incompetence and sheer evil by following petrol and nuke fission instead of cold fusion – instead of freeing the world. The US government is a thief, wanton murderer, rapist, full-fledged nazi, simply. the chomsky wining and sudoprotecting, the US gov would “not” be fascist, was ludicrous. proof of his subjective view inspite of all info he has. ! Well, the Temperature outside is nice. πŸ™‚ The Weather is such an interesting Topic – Mr. Data, n’est-ce pas, ahaha! πŸ™‚ I am with the Two, an with Roddie, – an nuht with the primitive on a trip of sudoduty being TNG Crew, AS EXACTLY there depicted SO critically BY the ex-cop GENE the GENIUS Roddenberry! Frakes n Spiner aren’t albert schwartz swines, simply. The Future, ser Future, ja, will part good and evil merely by Vision toward any Others, much more – the more “fog” (“this is a smokescreen!”, LOL – WE ALL KNOW HIM, YES, ELBOW-SHRUG-MAN LARRY KING πŸ™‚ ) there gets made BY liars, the MORE, either FANATICS of half-fanatics in the future WILL come and be STUBBORN Rebels, or also to some Part, more reasonable People, at first in the Minority, WILL “come” rather than organise: They will appear in politics, from unexpected, “funny” corners: SUCH AS Thunberg, this HEROINE of Enlightenment. I just saw a very idiotic article about Her, by some idiotic india-native Dude, who is unaware of being evil, totally non-intellectual, but he is sudo-academically arrogant, similar to many confused israelis of official academic type. horrible. thusly, philosophy got destroyed. Nietzsche was merely a Victim of discrimination by an evil militaristic and sudo-christian fanatic german evil society. He was so wise, inside. He got bored and whored and got syphillis, sadly, undeservedly. But after the death of his body, as of all that once lived, his Mind indeed revived, and remained. ! Nietzsche’s Mind yeah, but Bummer’s Mind IS NOT so much more big THAN Trumpy’s. !!! SAD! πŸ™‚ “

= * =

Jessie Frye – Kiss Me in the Rain (Full Album) 2020

= * =


” Girl, 11, allegedly sexually assaulted in school toilet by teacher “

[ By: ” SoClaimon ” ]


= * =


” Film as Protest: Madeline Anderson’s Civil Rights Documentaries “

[ By: ” Nathan Modlin, Portland Film Review ” ]


I stated:

” She was SO cool, whoa. = * = “

= * =


” The London G20 Protest and the Hong Kong Riots: Watching the Western Media Shame Themselves Again “

[ By: ” faustusnotes, Compromise and Conceit ” ]


I choose to state:

” My Gosh, am I thankful, that You exist, good critical ethical sort of Sir. !

I do say yet here shortly, that this is BRILLIANT both Oversight AND Criticism, so the real Left can now rather somewhat refine and PARTIALLY concerning some Persons, that must be shoved-out of Rebel Movements, reorient itself, become more critical, BUT also better AT Organisation.

Uh, I do have the “Key” to all This: It’s Fate twisted “into” reality: I start shortly analysing simply: IF and that’s sadly, surely sadly, the case, “the or some” cops ARE brainwashed JUST like that fervent christian, in fact sudo-christian Cop in the Movie “The Wickerman”, whereas that Movie IS – on purpose, as Anyone later gotten critical remarks then later, whoa ! – silent about what that Cop there all “entails”, brings along with Him, total evil, simply, but the Movie IS of course critical AGAINST what these rather sudo-pagans there do, which IS murder. Some even current Pagans FROM the Commonwealth’s Provinces DID not get that lately, but HAILED online the gruesome ending of THAT movie – TOWARD ME. !

The “Key” is “Karate”, but as that says, NOT to fight: But One can philosophically then say, how SHALL we EVEN LIVE and EXIST at all, what, without SAYING A WORD? AND WHERE? HERE OR THERE? Does or should it matter – where? We should ON ALL this globe be SECURE, simply – against violence, namely – to SAY THE TRUTH.

THE OPPOSITE is GRUESOMESTLY the case. The sudo-reason, the real cause of that huge humongous error of much of humanity and of most of its leadership IS fanaticism, prejudices, delusions, the untruth plomped, plopped, ONTO the truth, but so, that the truth isn’t visible anymore.

To EVADE, will get MORE and more a METHOD. LET Humanity “take its course”.

At first, in the midst of the above Article, I almost, nay, fully, temporarily thought, what, that Author is AGAINST the chinese anti-gov DEMONSTRATORS or what – nay, LOL, He isn’t – but He’s against patriots, who infiltrate the Left with their nationalist-patriotic nonsense, with their chauvinism-racism nonsense, with their prejudices, of course, simply, with their dumbness.

HOW dumb WAS henry the eighth. the “hu”, I can “spare” maself, LOL, but seriously, HE GOT somehow BRAINWASHED, conditioned. “LET’s” analyse, how, and BY Whom. BY surely some Cortez-Torquemada-Richelieu-Robespierre Mixture, by Simile of Persons influencing Him.

I don’t quite think, the Anybody, I am about to write the US hindershmucks from the botched X-Files of Reality, LOL, the men in “pink” (called “in black”, LOL), shouldn’t compare Thunberg to Felix Krull, to some more or less “Looney”. Though exactly Krull is a Figure by Thomas Mann, where We shouldn’t demonize Mann: He drove his two Kids, Sons, into SUICIDE by Him not being able, to cope with suddenly HOMOSEXUAL-gone Sons, “LOL”, but He wasn’t entirely to blame: AS I don’t REPROACH to OBAMA personally ANYTHING – nor even merely in the PERSONAL Aspect TO Trump (other than, that He included his Family in politics, more than in biz), I wouldn’t reproach to Mann nor to Shaw, what They couldn’t know. Also, I DO just not think, that Schopenhauer was willfully evil – against WOMEN; Though WE DO have to condemn any and such old Misogynism, horrible opression against Females and against ANYONE not evil, simply.

The Reality is, could One verbally say, “The ANALYSIS ALREADY”, pre-done, though NOT pre-determined: I do know, what I evaded, and what not. Surely, lots of narrow-minded actual Fools unaware of being Fools, tend to be jealous toward, agsinst, the wrong, innocent People, who suffered already HORRIBLY.

I can still call my Existence “Stealth”. Why. Freedom – of Mind – has the Implication, that in any nor so small under-Nano-Second, Anyone (who is – mentally – free, self-determined and reasonable, objective, not crucially biased recognitionally) IS “free” – mentally AND physically. With THAT, apparently, “forces” of also national official type apparently don’t reckon. They run in some sort of “fix”, but in relation to reality unreal “program”.

But They must or some DO already know, that these Times are a tad new. It’s not, that I came along, but Others of critical type recognised Me, – my ability, to discern between good and evil.

Thusly, I am now the Megatron, and even also the WMP, the trotzkist communist whatever Dude, well, Deep Throat. Yeah, also in another sense. πŸ™‚ In the Future. πŸ™‚ Karma- Karma Karma Chameleon… πŸ™‚

But I never needed stealth. Except verbally, against racists. who broke my nose. but they weren’t white. nor christian. but muslims and a black.

i will depart from europe in some years into my dreamland, Uruguay. JAA MAAN! πŸ™‚

The above Author, such a good Dude, is a Genius of Knowledge and of Criticism and of stringent Thought. A huge Salute to this Gentleman of Distinction. Neotron out for now, Rog Rog. πŸ™‚ :]

I do wanna give this to the record: Extremism, prejudices, blind opression, is not good, must be rejected by a global Society that is much more organised and solidaric not to deluders, but to the unrightfully horribly opressed and exploited Ones. Extremists and likewise governmental power-abusers always do the same: They “grant” and by effort “justify” evil, harm, rape and violence – for no goal other than total madness, insanity, and a rotten future, near future, in sight, with hidden perpertrators of violence and of sexual exploitation and sexual coertion in masses. Most People of muslim Decent are totally okay, and Nobody should be categorised along descendance nor religion, simply. But minorities of fanatic type exist among all cultures: So went a RAPED Woman in UK to some – MUSLIM – authorities, in some city – AND WAS ARRESTED, JAILED; And, UK leads a “puppet-trial” of it, UK, apparently justifying as in not at all any accusing massmurder done by the US government and by the US army, but “accusing” an Assange, who simply has the Right to report about whatever war, about whatever murder – a Right, which the – thusly not democratic, not ethical – US current government in the Form of DC, does not recognise, but abusively – and both ethically and UN-Charters-wise impossibly so. USA runs gov-wise into “legal empty running”.

Movie Silent Running plis. But not like last Time in Men who know too littel. Chaen Maharadha Putinskaya be FOR and not AGAINST Gays plis end senk JEW! πŸ™‚

I’ll write more on ma site in the next Days. “

= * =


” Russian Doctors Refuse Alexei Navalny’s Transfer to Germany

MOSCOW (AP) β€” Russian doctors refused to authorize opposition politician Alexei Navalny’s transfer to a German hospital from the Siberian city of Omsk on Friday.

Navalny, one of President Vladimir Putin’s fiercest critics, remains in a coma in intensive care after a suspected poisoning his allies link to his political activity and believe was engineered by the Kremlin. …

Yarmysh also said in her tweet that β€œthe ban on transferring Navalny is needed to stall and wait until the poison in his body can no longer be traced. Yet every hour of stalling creates a threat to his life.”

Like many other opposition politicians in Russia, Navalny has been frequently detained by law enforcement and harassed by pro-Kremlin groups. In 2017, he was attacked by several men who threw antiseptic in his face, damaging an eye. … “

[ By: ” Liam Fitzpatrick, TIME ” ]


= * =

Putin is a murderer. murderers belong into prison. period.

= * =

Who is not for Assange and not for Hutchison, is dumb and or evil, and must be betaught otherwise. period.

= * =

The Uruguay Government is hereby by Me appointed to Head of Humanity.

I do not recognise the current el salvador, brazil, ecuador, bolivia, russia, china, saudi-arabia, lybia, turkey, israel ruling governments as rightful authorities. They must change, these governments.

France has to hurry up finishing the Cold Fusion Reactor. Cold Fusion has to be speeded up globally.

The US government stole from Hutchison and massmurdered Muslims and now engages abusively against Assange.

Thusly, Biden would be the better Choice, now. Period.

Signed Jack Megatron, WMP, appointed hitherto by private US Communists in 2012.

= * =