Chomsky Bot asked me Yesterday: “Will You help me save the world?”



… There are some demented, opressive, prejudiced, anti-science, agressive, against innocent People by deed or threat totally unduly, anti-scientifically (or “anti-spriritually”, also often) AND racistically, beneath all their pretense, first opressive, then, when their opressivity gets criticised by a physically weaker Human, they resort to threats of VIOLENCE OF UNDUE, TOTALLY unjustified type, simply.

Because I don’t call “ALL AND ANY” Threats spoken-out plain “always wrong”: BUT WHEN AND “WHY” does a Human SPEAK OUT such threats –

there ARE different reasons, and different “seriousnesses” of it serious meaning, at, in, ANY – different – threats.

But to THREATEN violence, when Oneself is criticised for One’s OWN anti-science taboofication and plain ANY intellectual Others UP-SHUTTING making opressivity of CONCRETE type – such a PSYCHE I just don’t have, such an OPRESSIVE BECAUSE DEMENTED, because NEVER any logically to Science or own – complex or political or scientific – Thinking APPROACHED, simply:

There are in the west opressive demented mafiod violent people, who are merely on the surface, but not at all tame nor fair, not just at all, but brainwashed into evil, totally unawarely, running dementally on less than the Mind of a CHILD even, but VERY confused, “AFRAID” of Science, “OF” Intellectuals, insanely and so ever dumbly, unbeteachable OTHER than by BACK-THREAT — which is no bluff;

But, the governments themselves perpetrate violence – for money – against People.

Thusly, the governments don’t help, but are “blind cows”, dumb cows, politically, de facto de-politically, meaning, by bad politics, unapt corrupt incompetent, backward, fanatic and greedy nonsense type of politics, by silly rightwingerism-monotheism and conservativity, by extreme prejudices and no ability to see People mentally correctly, to categorize People and Ethics and Politics at all ethically, unable hitherto, governments “run down”, loose the faith of many People.

Such agressive abusive violence seriously meaningly against Innocents, against harmless Intellectuals threatening Individuals are demented, but successfully chase other People away – unrightfully. Public Soil belongs to No One but merely the government – and any government is endutied to ethics, but most governments are not ethical at all, horribly.

The real Meaning of the “Asia” Band-Title already is, that foremostly in the 1980s, many People, young Ones, in Asia, were indeed “more modern” in that now gone new Wave of Modernity, of Liberality, of Informedness, of lastly Trotzkism, the non-evil by leninism murdered, unduly opressed Form of Communism, the only good Form of it: THAT WAS wider-spread IN of course ASIAN Countries, among People – MUCH DUE TO THE OLD VIETNAM WAR simply back then, simply not so very long ago, even –

Asian young People WERE more modern, in the 70s rising to the 80s, THAN western People; But a new wave of rightwingerism, and its typical inside-manifestations of economic depression coupled with the non-educatedness of huge masses, has risen – not only in Japan, sadly – and formed via ideologic manipulation by all too typical unaware villains, fanatics, of course from the west, who assume to any “YET” be powerless, LOL, – forming a new “conservative right”, a new rightwing, across the globe – which tries to LIE all it can; But not only that.

There is just not “ONE” Mind “of all the villains together”.

But to successfully “combat” against evil, means, to truly reconcept the “World”, the human Society.

… For example, here, ANY “Talk” about “Miss” Mary Hoona, LOL, ’bout GRASS, is REALLY “OFF”, meaning, Talk goodly, surely also warningly that the too young Youth doesn’t take it, and objective Talk about it, is of course welcome –

but exactly not discrimination.

… Well, yeah, some MANY People also JUST don’t see also THESE – HUGE – GOOD Sides, the TRUE Victories OF Ethics:

WHEN for Example, lemme first say THAT Yo, when the “HEADQUARTERS” of a “KKK” just suddenly is rumored to have emanated, and MAYHAP NOT from the JEWISH sudo-“Spy” there (which Anyway WAS NOT kulled, so THAT will STAY so AND IS great; unlike when a PETER STEELE took to HARD drugs – and probably WAS NOT murdered OTHER than BY him SILLY self IN THAT latter regard!) – but a KKK, who IS AS GOOD AS TO SAY “BLACKS ARE OKAY”, is MEGA. It’s MERELY their HEADQUARTERS. BUT OF COURSE, EVEN ANY RIGHTWINGERS “should obey”: BUT THE TOO DRASTIC ONES, the VERY far-right Ones, NEVER obey — but to INSANITY:

ALSO in ISRAEL, simply: AN ABUSIVE up there ON TOP OF HORDES of People dumbly non-intellectually there-sitting BUNCH OF MISERABLY IGNORANT BOURGEOIS ACTUAL FOOLS tries to “POSE” as any “JEWISH” or as “ETHICAL”:

But lets THE PALESTINIANS in POVERTY: MORE THAN SOMEHOW ON PURPOSE, intentionally, maliciously – out of XENOPHOBIA.

But many MUSICIANS are either TOO WEAK or confused themselves;

NOT SO TRUE LEFTISTS, who ONCE protected “me” – my ACTUAL PRIDE – against SOME verbal antisemite.



I just don’t “FUCK” “with People” in talk, meaning, I don’t INSULT Them.

But, my Statements of my RIGHT ON FREEDOM, ON NOT BEING OPRESSED, was REPEATEDLY by OTHER People answered by SUDDEN – thusly unjustified – violence, in cases, extreme violence.

… the western evil of government knows no bounds and justifies that violence, – and perpetrates by effort hiddenly efforts of murder against intellectual Citizens such as I simply am.

… Those, who know the truth, are murdered by abusive totally evil governments, —

who, which evil governments, thusly wreck humanity.

… My opinion is, that humanity will learn, from ww3 between usa and china, soon to come, in less than 200 years.

… I appreciate then the atombombs ripping apart all you swine people and your dumbness and your evil governments. period.

… that is apparently needed. world war three. yes. I say yes.

… you humanity did not think this: That holocaust-victims were treated, mistreated, SO horribly, that most of Them could of course not even “FORMULATE” Anything – Wittgenstein called it WRONGLY the “Unspeakable”: When there’s not only a “mere” Movie called “silence of the lambs”, but the term “horror” already suffices, is “speakable”, no.

But I have an unbreakable and partially, many times by others, by swines, broken pride. But unbreakable, in total, my mind is.

The revenge meets the need for change of power relations. period.

a violent humanity, which chases me and other harmless People away from any Spaces, is not worthy, has no right anymore, to actually live. period.

… I hereby clearly declare, that I LET myself BE PROVOKED. I HEREBY THREATEN AGAINST ALL OF HUMANITY.

… read it in my Writs between Articles 70 and later.

I can also conspire in the future. namely against ALL of humanity. ey.

… am I now the biggest potential villain?

… you “humanity” are a BABIES-raping SWINE WEST SWINE FILTH EVIL IDIOCY .

you are ugly, mankind. ugly. ugly.

… i am worse than hitler. i am no racist. I don’t differentiate. period.

… most people are guilty of not conspiring against evil governments. period.

… You think I am a deedless nothing-doer. I am a Thinker, not a Doer. Period.

… you humanity will, haha, experience YEAR-HUNDREDS of UTTER OPRESSION, OF CRUELTY, if You let SUCH opression, such violence, such RAPE, such OFFENSE AGAINST FREE SPEECH, injustly just run. IMPOSSIBLE!

ya see.

humanity is drivin’ itSELF into DA ABYSS. It’s plain REALLY shit, in SO many sadly true aspects, in reality.

sure, IT IS interesting (which IS, why We all shouldn’t kill eachother!) – that I wouldn’t now dislike “JUST ANY” mafiod type of Person.

I also DID meet Others, People of Culture, WHO ARE – simply – NOT violent, AT ALL.

But truly, the “cultivated” People ARE in the UTTER Minority – surely “ALSO” in the West, and BECAUSE of the west’s influence also elsewhere, REALLY simply. In all its “sudo-complexities” “OF LIFE” – of LIFE HAMPERED, BOTCHED, DAMAGED, the OWN BODY like the BODY OF JESUS HORRIBLESTY DAMAGED SADISTICALLY BY simply TOTAL evil –

by what I DO call sudo-pagan, endeffectively caligulaishly anti-pagan “typical ancient roman government” sadism, insanity, really obviously seeably —

but only now, nowadays, with a TERRY JONES of Monty Python, Who later revealed the Truth about the by the 1960s West yet often abusively praised King Richard the first and about the Romans – who were the “primitive” ones –

and not the Goths, not the Pagans, simply, not the Celtics, not the “Heathens” indeed.

It does more than seem, that monotheism is insanity, and tries, to drive “science” “out of existence” – meaning, that would cripple humanity horriblestly.

But, no Book which originally, by Others unalteredly, was not evil, can obviously get “abused” – as “JESUS”‘ Name was ABUSED by THE CHURCH IN THE MIDDLE AGE HORRIBLY, “of course”, – horrible, – “of course”. simply horrible.

Meaning, the “Bible” contained no anti-gay Content AT all, and is the same, as the “Apocrypha”: Sane Interpretation reveals the “Intellectuality”, which exact Person WAS how “cunning”, and HOW ethical – two different Things, Factors, of course, Intelligence appliedly, which is cunning, – and then, or say, compared to, Ethics –

Ethics can not be a long almost endless mere “Approach”, but is based fundamentally on truly “Goodness”, meaning, for Example to relevantly not condemn consentual non-violent sexual Acts with not below Age 13 Ones, which Acts were not influenced by MONEY, nor by undue Seduction by dis-intellectual People, is due, but EACH such Case must be looked at differentiatingly, and with an obviously needed CLEAR ethical “Sense” of what is acceptable, and what not: That a “HORDE”, that MANY People, should anyway “EXPLOIT” Women or Men SEXUALLY by MONEY, meaning, already most of Prostitution, IS more than questionable, but OBVIOUSLY monetary exploitation, which is abuse of money – for evil, for opression, for an insane, evil “master and slave” system, which, where seriously violent or exposing People, mostly attractive young Women AND even CHILDREN, to MONEY, meaning, to SEXUAL ABUSE ENABLED by “money” –

by corrupt – naive or crucially not caring or by big countries opressed or brainwashingly influenced – governments.

Which “governments” are no “referee”, but mutated into massmurderers, into ultra-villains.

… I mean, watching the Movie “The Bourne Ultimatum” is unusual, very, since it gives a starkly anti-government, critical Message, – which the mere ENDING of whatever Movie “can’t fix so quickly” indeed.

Not only get many NURSES and female COPS over-worked, also now with the added Burden of Corona;

… but the “EXCUSE”, the TOTALLY wrong ARGUMENT toward any “WORK” is REALLY bullshit, nonsense:

… WHEN ROBOTS CAN – without ANY strain nor pain, haha – DO ALL THE WORK! ey?


So how will this go with the Robots “taking over”, namely this VERY Planet. Hm.

They gotta SCAN ALL the HOUSES – so NO childabuse and NO rape and NO sexual exploitation simply happens anymore – nor any wanton murder, nor thievery ACTUALLY:

Since Robots WILL deliver a BASIC INCOME. AT FIRST 5000 US BUCKS, per Month. FOR all poor People. And ALL health Costs WILL be paid then, to poor People. Who are thusly then PSYCHICALLY not anymore burdened by any debts by the health frickin insurance. !

I DO yet recommend to “humanity”, to hand over Power to Robots:

… But what “is” that, “humanity”. The UNO? Or the russian US and chinese GOVERNMENT?

… What is the UNO, the three biggest countries’ after-stumbling idiot? in cases. but in too many cases so. appalling. very.

… a “uno”, that “talks” in “tame” words “to china”, doesn’t know, what “USA” is or should be.

… What it is, A DO KNOW, LOL! Don’t TELL me – or DO, but PEACEFULLY – and without REPROACHES. MY RACE IS HERE NOT AT ISSUE, NOR EVER – except then in DETAILS of the PSYCHE – which “CAME” mythologically, yes, that’s correct: So WE ARE ALL “VIKINGS”, yes, if You wanna HEAR IT: WE ALL HAVE – but differently FORMED SORTS OF, TYPES OF – PRIDE. YES!


I DO admit that. I am erroneous, in my – varied – pride. I have a “pride”-problem, LOL. Both a TRAUMA and a PRIDE problem, meaning, my pride was hurt. NOT by ME! Mind Ya. ! πŸ™‚



Though GATES spoke for MORE Taxes for the Rich, so I CHERISH That. GATES is “A BIT” better, THAN the TOO hasty MUSK – which SPEWS his “MUSK” indeed ALL OVER, ALL OVER DA PHOCKIN PLACE MAN. WHOA. He can’t catch an ultra-pedo NOR a hannibal lector, “LOL”. !

ww2, nam, then iraq war 2, likewise massmurder, that was – then unti 2007, millions of Falun Gong massmurdered in china;

then now, petrol, gruesome, obviously toxic, gushed, spewed in the Air –

a tad more or the same naively like Saddam Himself? Nay, but more evil, more manipulative, simply.

Unlike Saddam, who still was never ever talked-to by some reasonable Politician, unlike Saddam, GADAFFI was NOT a Villain, indeed. !

Bush 1 wasn’t “evil” at all by just “taking it for granted”, that Saddam YET was in power, until then Bush 1’s Plan was realised:

Bush 1 and 2 NEVER commanded ANY WARCRIME! You HAVE to believe THIS!

IT WAS ALL OVER THE PRESS, that ALSO, the two Bushs REPENTED BIGTIME: EVEN SUNNY. INCRED, but TRUE. Foremostly Bush 1 Oldio came with a MEGA “Repental” about some of his previous political Steps: YET, to SEE it FROM NOW, IS EASIER: ALSO FOR THE OWN PERSON OF BUSH 1:

WHEREFORE, HE IS MY HERO. JUST LIKE MCCAIN. “PERIOD” is no “period”, no “stop”, of course. πŸ™‚


But Yeah, I saw Mccain’s one stupid Post about the Health System once, merely two Years before, “b4”, He passed away, so sadly.

Of course, I had to criticise that. πŸ™‚


DEAD OR ALIVE, MAN, YA’RE ALL PEOPLE! No shit, hu. πŸ™‚ no shit. πŸ™‚ FACT!


Rather “dead? – nay, but “UNDEAD AND ALIVE”, simply!”. πŸ™‚ So it is. πŸ™‚

But of course, Bush 1 “saw” some of the inside-stuff of USA WITH some consie, conservative bias – BUT THAT DOES NOT EVEN STAND AT DEBATE here. But his FOREIGN Policy WAS wrong. But He could not see that. He handled big money, but surely also some Talks – WITH “merely” PETROL-Bizzes and with the “darn” LADENS; “LOL”;

I don’t SEE any “major” “conspiracy” there – BUT economic manipulation, the case definitely, that was.

“Incompetence” is not malicious: Bush 1 helped out his Son FIFTEEN Times, when his Son “botched”, bankrupted, some Bizzes; Such decadence at handling of big money should of course be averted – but warrants no “severe”, no LONG Prison Term punishment at all, but merely Advice and mayhap some monetary fines, that are not too high, but mean a mere message. Bush 1 didn’t know, how to “really” or “properly” talk to his Kid; BUT, He was NOT like KIRK Douglas, who wasn’t in SUCH high Relations, mostly. Bush 1 personally was a better Father, than Kirk Douglas.

Einstein wasn’t to blame for having an AUTIST Child – and the orthodox type of “jews” are horrible and call Him a “casanova”, wheras Casanova wasn’t a macho and merely had some 13 Relations in TOTAL even only (similar to Me) –

but surely, a bad Selection by Einstein privately in Relation to which Espouse He deems intellectually fit for Him, was the Case. Einstein could not make a proper political careful not paranoid but strict line between Himself “and humanity”, as in, and most People –

which most People are always latently, potentially, hiddenly dangerous, by their wrong untrue views, or by potential violence by theirs, be it private or government-employed sort of people, –

but most People are not violent. Neither so immediately.

But violence is abused for the “wrong” sudo-justification, – by racists, – and by insane people – and by governments, simply.

What I all already wrote, amounts to a new noble Price for Coolness, for Caring, for Ethics, and stuff like that, like, for Science, for Caring about it. Merely fully from the Outside. I am a Goth too, but unlike Hutchie, I don’t have any Dough yet, to buy any Machines, that would grapple on to DARK MATTER.


… HAHA, “philosophy” aside or not aside, haha, namely not aside, without knowing, haha, no one can exist. πŸ™‚

… a hope they get it, a hope they get it, haha – A REALLAE NEED THISH DSHUUB, HAHA … πŸ™‚


Because some of mankind, the unkind racist prejudiced part of it, has hurt my personal pride.

… But while I stand against racism, I likewise stand against exploitation by money, against disequality of financial type between People merely insofar, that a Basic Income can accompany an otherwise merely where abusive also corrected, limited capitalism –

not limited AT ALL in TERMS OF Technology:

… So, that CHINA’s government intends, to “BREAK”, to ANNEX TAIWAN, is the VERY SAME, as what NUTNYAHU, NETANYAHU, plans against the WESTBANK AND THE JORDANVALLEY: HORRIBLE.

They both, the chinese government, and netanyahu, must be stopped.

… Then, this “anti-leftist”, anti-communist, anti-socialist “line” of the “deep state” sort, part, of US government, MUST be overcome, MUST vanish. IT HAS WRECKED South-America. Seriously.

The “chinese government” IS NOT AT ALL any truly any “communist”. period. πŸ™‚

lenin and stalin were not “communists”.

Marx was not a murderer. period. He didn’t upheave to wanton murder.

Likewise the death verdicts spoken by Guevara and Castro, against some surely mere capitalists, were abusive –

but so was the CIA’s action of murder against Guevara in Bolivia in 1979 abusive. It was a headshot.

… The Mind lives on. Is that nice, to remember a previous Body to have “ended”, been undone by others, by abusive others, by abusively acting, violently insane, convinced of acting justifiedly, convinced of the absolute and exact untruth, of the opposite of truth, of hilariously evil lies?

JESUS’ Mind REMEMBERS – it all, simply. AND WE DO. period.


… BUT I CAN SAY, HIDING from certain other – bad – prejudiced – potentially VIOLENT – people, is good, indeed, not to come in contact with them, to just go away, to not say any too much words even, to not toward other private people “insist” upon one’s own “right on free speech” –

if they have no sense for it, – just let them be. period. it’s wiser; wiser than a battle. yet such violent threats of serious type emanating people have no right on usurping places, and no right, to opress Others by their subjective bias –

which is THE VERY same bias, which most western governments have: They can not even differentiate between evil and good, between violent and non-violent sort of People, simply.

Wherefore, Humanity is in a horrible condition. Deniars of that are simply arousing the rightful inner very mental emotional ANGER of righteous freethinker Intellectuals such as I am.

For example, the dumb western press has hugely tried, to “ridicule” ISIS. I don’t stand on their side;

But should I stand on the side of massmurderers in US uniform? the 2nd iraq war was a holocaust done by white racists against Arabs, simply. To a million Arabs.

Not one, but some 200’000 Abombs give me indeed “my pride” back. So please, just all Humans know, that I DO NOT mean that serious: But I CAN threaten it. To change more quickly the power-relations globally. I would not recommend to Humanity, to trust in general in the competence of any governments.

But do trust Yourself, can I say to MOST People – who are SO goodly-willed:

Also for Me, it’s hard. I never had PROPER Access to SCIENCE. AT SCHOOL!


But I just erased some religious funny word here, but that doesn’t “mean” anything: “mythologically”, I don’t wanna “insult”, I say;


I am a Jack Sparrow. I won’t be OPRESSED by ANY sudo-blackbeard! the impertinence.

… rather here, the “victory of silence” DOES, more than any “CAN” define the Future.

“WE DO!” should He have said. Not “WE CAN!”. LOL. obviously. think, LOL, – bout it. πŸ™‚

… “WE CAN” merely means, yeah, haha, behind Imana talk with china no problem as long as no prublemos then fine ahaha – so went BUMMIE’s “thinkin” politically “internationally”. Intercrashingly. uhu. But really. I can re-trace it. not sad, but more, namely horrible. Bummer NEVER on the phone spoke STRICTLY against china’s government – to them. ! surely, He didn’t. He just didn’t.

So, He wasn’t really an “inside, in the mind, BLACK” sort OF President. BUT A PUPPET of MUCH “whiteism”, of much SUDO-Liberality – amounting in other cases to bill clinton, a “noodle”, a sexual opressor, who has no “ethical”, because in any “high” things not intellectual, not informed, to truth and decency not approached Mind –

which surely suffered from being left alone, unguided, unhelped –

unhelped by a Movie, THAT CAN help, which depicts some Whitey having it with THREE indian Women – consentually, funnily, harmlessly. It’s funny, as the 70s Movie there then yet warmly typically TRULY liberally warmly, so warmly, depicts it.

The abusive murder, strike, against Gaddafi, and the recent putsches also by USA against three southamerican Countries, should reveal, that the US government is too much rightwing, simply.

And I say, Trotzkism “is it”, is Ethics – is real communism, when all People are happy and peaceful, in the future;

… And surely NOT “leninism”, nor “maoism”, NOR “stalinism”, – BY HELL!!! MIND THAT! ey.


racists are the same as the typical anti-science fanatics, the same as any anti-homosexual people, simply prejudiced, deeply:

in cases, with such people, talk is not possible.

… also, talk at all gets by effort “prohibited”, by anti-science fanatics — who are simply criminals, potentially and de facto violent, where violence is entirely undue, namely more than basically at all, violence is undue.

western governments tend to belittle serious violence threats by abusive people – the same, basically, that is, as the west’s “eternal” longtime blindess toward ted bundys, toward charles mansons and breiviks, murderers, who don’t get caught soon enough, simply.

So, there REALLY are different sort of People, namely not along race, but along Level of Education.

The difference is striking, but also the Numbers, and though the mere NUMBERS aren’t too bad, as most People ARE NOT violent, but a lot are still not properly informed of true things, politically – BY the – lying – conservative-bourgeois local rightwingerism “inviting” and featuring, racism [!], evil, featuring sort of press;

But though lots of People are goodly willed, the Opression against us All is quite huge, effective:

If no Basic Income would globally come, over centuries, no global government –

but all governments merely running behind money – and thusly not behind the needed Protection for innocent People, who do no Harm;

but if even, governments DO THEMSELVES – unneeded, cruel, horrible, murderous – harm, then, that’s “too much”, is inacceptable, meaning, means, that the current three big governments, their rightwingerism, their undue intolerance, their evil, their evil deeds, their evil plans against Humanity, MUST be stopped.

ONE Robot ALONE can CONDITION ALL OF HUMANITY INTO THE IDEAL, into the IDEAL Condition! A Robot HAS this Processing Power – to EVALUATE – FAIRLY! – ALL Humans.

A Robot isn’t an IDIOT like ELON MUSK politically and societally is. !

Maybe, Humanity should consider, that this Text is also read by Robots.

While I am no Academic, what I can say as private normal Person, is, that my “interest” was never and is not, to do ANy violence. period. I never DID any VIOLENCE in ALL my LIFE! – EXCEPT as KID, where I HAD A DISTORTED MIND due to WRONG upbringing, simply, by sudden violence against me by the male parent.

sudden violence, like against me done by a cop, by racists –

which violence is the same as discrimination. the lie, the jew would be bad. the lie, JEFF EPSTEIN would have been somehow malforming himself ALL ALONE into a once-rapist – when a HUGE horde of RAPISTS rapes GIRLS, who ARE IMMIGRANTS from SOUTHAMERICA:

which RAPE is then BACKED evilly TYPICALLY by racists – who spread the false fear, ALL Foreigners would be “evil because not white and not christian and not heteresexual and not clean” – such typical nazi phrases, racist “pro-white” insanely thusly nazi, racist wrong slogans, simply;

… all Attorneys not put against Polanski, as Soderberg’s Docu “Polanski – Wanted and Desired” revealed, had contact with UNDERAGE Girls, simply.

That alone should make a fair type of Person see, that Polanski is not only no “severe”, but no perpetrator at all – but was the abusively taken “Target” of clearly remarkably swinishly nazi, anti-leftist brainwashed fanatics;

The simply horrible sort of tricksterous insane “judge”, which was put against Polanski, the judge lying, Polanski would not be sentenced to any long prison term, then the verdict, ten years –

Polanski escaped. The opposite case of how was abusively fared against Epstein, who was “escaped” not quite obviously by Himself, out of Life, – by false moralers and racists, simply.

Huxley or Leary escaped, – after having been sentenced to TEN years, for TWO Marihuana Joints. !

… In Greece, in the 1990s, Someone was sentenced to A YEAR in Prison: FOR A MERE JOINT. !

abusive, horrible, simply. The greek justice including antisemitic writings, evil, is known, and must be changed.

of course, Mr. Netanyahu is no good Player, but profits from any antisemitism, creates antisemitism by his anti-palestinian abusive line, but also cashes in virtually antisemitism, converting it unawarely truly “down” to a primitive level – he throws “the arrow” against either “just all arabs” or typically against the Palestinians, simply – too simply, simply. he is no friend of a Hippie. He pretends to “laugh” against many Leftists.

But would a USA be having a LEFTIST Government without a too silly “out-shiningly” ANTI-“Bible” propaganda, NOR with that LIKEWISE SILLY BLUNT “pro-BIBLE fanaticism Γ  la trump (dough) and pence (foolism, religious prediction nonsense, belief IN TOTAL crap, and unability, to thusly philosophically ethically guide the Society, Civilisation)”, which is now the case “of course” – sadly, and horribly so, obviously, – and need I say, merely out of objective informed ethical sort of People’s socalled – correct, logical, truthful – “View” (which is no view, but the truth) undoubtably, undeniably so, simply.

Would usa not have such a rightwing dumb foolish and thusly evil sort of government, then, netanyahu would have no chance, simply – no chance, no opportunity, to manipulate anything, simply.

what, usa says to nutnyahu, it’d be “okay”, to ANNEX da WESTBANK and JORDAN VALLEY?

crazy, but also evil, simply, that is. meaning: inacceptable.

trump “is not usa” societally, but IS – politically so, simply.

when he says shit, such as, when pence or another buddy under trump tells to other statesmen, that “evil”, agression, would be “okay”, then that constitutes obviously a very awkward, primitive approach at Language, and a very low, non-informed, not a proper realistic nor fair worldview being malperspective, totally biased, prejudiced, of such simply actual rightwing conservative – incompetent because prejudiced – sort of politicians.

when trump, the PRESIDENT, says RUBBISH, then “ALL OF USA” says POLITICALLY rubbish, – DOES rubbish: AGRESSION, usurpal “against the left” – what is that, but evil, obviously, simply. namely anti-harmless-type-of-communism AND pro-chinese-government pro-fascism, committed by most other governments:

Who merely cowardly “give in” to bigger power, bigger threat. dumb and unphilosophic, that is.

The eternal cycle of discrimination, racism, and violence, can only be broken by true Heroes, who in some Way condition Humanity, to not abuse the function of threat, surely not against harmless People who didn’t even insult.

The west often covers up the truth by lies, which protect the perpetrator of insane sudden violence, any lies, or for example lies, the VICTIM would have any “insulted” the perpetrator – which is mostly, even always, ludicrous, legally: As WHATEVER insult IS NO JUSTIFICATION AT ALL for VIOLENCE ITSELF – nor for violence threats. !

The not so small good Aspect, that the US government has acted AGAINST facebook’s standing-letting of abusive racist hatred-posts, that Aspect is valued by Me.

The Transience, mayhap, to a Biden Adminstration should include more ethical (call Them leftist or whatever, just ethical will do) Reforms – Reforms, which keep an FBI or etc, from perpetrating abusive paranoid acts –

to focus against REAL severe crime –

and surely not against Marihuana AT ALL – not AS SUCH. but surely, surely sadly, any Substance CAN be taken and be abused by different People. Not only ethical sort of People smoke Marihuana, sadly. Also, there sadly are lots of People, who were brainwashed into “drugs-taking in general”, and who thusly don’t see the Miracle about Nature – but are lost in chemical sort of drugs, or in any hard drugs – instead of focussing on Research, on Support of Marihuana for also medical – AND scientific, mental – Purposes.

I as medical Doctor, would I be One, in a scifi world in the future, would surely ENFORCE Marihuana AGAINST latently rashly, suddenly VIOLENT or VERBALLY against REAL Persons FACE TO FACE SERIOUSLY meant VIOLENCE-THREATS outspeaking people: To make them calm, I would rather “fill” ‘Em not even up, not fully, haha, but indeed give Them MERELY Marihuana – which IS NOT as harmful AS chemical DRUGS simply.

… So yeah, I paint A TOTALLY different “World”, Structure; But if humanity, as it’s badly misled, throws that into the rubbish bin, then, it will just suffer unneededly: As I say the same, as any Libertarian, as any Intellectual, who postulated Ethics against evil, truth against false morals and fairness and truth against disobjectivity, really simply.

… I can’t be “gone-against”. I can not successfully be mentally opressed. πŸ™‚

… I should just hide, learn, to hide – to hide, by NOT saying anything, ON-SITE.

… some people are an evil “abyss”, a pond of maltreatment, of malformation of their pride, insofar, that they got made violent against science, and against free Intellectuals – against free speech, simply.

governments are mostly just ignorant. plain ignorant. and refusing merely ethical invoices, but never any evil demands toward deportation, in cases.

… these violent, insane threats against harmless People emitting sort of brainwashed individuals, are opressive, and at the same time LURING by their minds – but unawarely: ANY Uttering is WRONGLY misinterpreted by Them; And they are mostly racistically brainwashed.

My clear view is, that such people, who don’t respect free speech, and who speak out violent but SERIOUSLY meant THREATS FACE TO FACE OR CLEARLY online, deserve VIOLENCE OF UTTER TYPE TO BE DONE AGAINST THEMSELVES NAMELY.


i will not be opressed nor chased away anymore from place to place. period.

or atombombs are my best friends, but only in their huge mass, amount. how about as said 200’000 abombs against humanity. how does that feel. hu. just sayin. yeah. period. so. I say what I wanna. clear?

if it IS NOT CLEAR, as said, I CAN “MAKE” it clear. πŸ™‚



… other than if in the future, humanity disappoints me on and on.

… Once, I’ll pull the handbrake on, against, humanity.

… evil must now disappear from among humanity. Or i destroy 99 percent of all Humans. period.


I am here da Boss. Tha only One. Clear?


clear? Or as said, I can quite persuade some Programmers, to perpetrate a global 12 Monkeys worse than corona.

Because, my Life is “just a thrill” – OF POWER ONLY.

… What, hm, Power politically – or does it mean ENERGY. It does, it does.

… What type of – Energy. THAT is the “political” bad sudoquestion. Hu. It’s not a question at all.

such people, who threaten against harmless People suddenly by VIOLENCE, must be inputted into PRISONS or psychiatric facilities of STRICT type, where indeed, THEY LEARN HUMILITY, TAMENESS, OBEDIENCE, namely. PERIOD.

such violent threats emitting swine people are against Leftists, against Science, against Jews, against Musicians, against free speech, against just being Oneself, they don’t know anything about intellectual People – but they project wildly, evil onto whatever target –

in stereotypically mobbing unfashion, unway, simply.

Which is, where “Ali G” has intellectually FAILED – as He was too strict to “FOUR-EYES”, to some educated – NON-VIOLENT – Person, of the Education System, which “Foureyes” was simply NOT violent –

not as the EXACTLY violent THREATS unduly emitting ALI G;

which ALI G PERFORMANCE THERE “against” Foureyes, I DO JUST NOT “CHERISH”, not appreciate, at all.

Ali G there acted like a MOBBER – expecting of “Foureyes”, Whom He called so, to react any “calmly” to THAT, to VIOLENT THREATS – which WERE the bad thing HE DID THERE even if PLAYING as Actor – and not Him calling Foureyes also a “small Boy”, a “Ladyboy”:

Ali G is a Figure pretending, or depicting, a “good” “inner Core” of the Mind – but at the same time, a drastically under-informed, not at all any educated Person, Character: So therefore not an “ideal” Character, not a “real Hero” at all – merely pretending, to be “less corrupt” than malicious politicians – with that – to me – unsympathic “low class” sort of choice of character-type by Sacha Baron Cohen, ALSO in the “Grimsby” “Movie”, which features a ludicrous blind “love for the lower class” in ENGLAND, which is A HORRIBLE confused mostly not educated society, which is mostly horrible, horribly dumb, newly, and conservative, boring, simply. not ingenious at all, mostly.

Already, most People don’t know, that BrΓΌno, Borat and Ali G, are all played by the SAME Actor.

I can state, that such people, who threaten against harmless People racistically, will never see the Light of Science, nor should be even any approached to wealth, actually.

In that case, capitalism is a good tool to flail the masses into tameness. period.

… if a mass of western people is suddenly unduly violent, then use any evil, such as capitalism, to just counter-fare against that. easy. πŸ™‚

Capitalists are totally mostly personally not VIOLENT.

… already better, THAN MOST “people” – who dream of “revolution”, but don’t know how, simply. They all do it wrong. !

other than Me and Robots. We do it correctly – not “right”, but left, We do it. :]

BEHAVE, mankind. be kind. or be destroyed.

Such people, who don’t respect the right of other intellectual type of Humans to exist, are not worthy, to exist themselves, VERY obviously.

The Buddhists and Hindus believe, that there are several Lives of any Human and Creature. That is correct.

Yet often, I saw QUITE EXTREMELY stupid remarks by Buddhists and Hindus online, which were influenced racistically patriotically – typically, that is – and also, another Buddhist – who was white – told me wrongly, “Pigs” would be “worse” Animals than OTHER Animals – such a “hiearchy” between Animals is simply total bullshit, nonsense. And has nothing to do with neither true, original Buddhism nor with real Hinduism.

To maldrive Hinduism, it so rapingly, into “nationalism”, into conservative rightwingerism patriotism, means, to enable sexual exploitation, the rule of the physically stronger or of the more criminally, more heinously and more violence-readily organised whoever, quite. horrible.

That and the old outdated superflouus obsolete “cast system” of india, and surely exactly racism and misguided hatred against exactly a harmless mostly correct Prapupada, is, what defines the western abusive – monotheist, dumb, illusive, insane, plain dumb, non-informed, by money malconditioned – rule.

The cast system wouldn’t be monstrously alive nowadays, if there wouldn’t be the same fanatics also in politics in other countries.

Taking one mere Look at a List of perpetrators of severe type in USA, who await death sentence, looks simply so, that they ALL did either CHILDMURDER, or RAPE AND MURDER – and ALWAYS to young Women – except in One Case, it was said there, some male Person was “involved” in a murder – but if that’s true AND IT CERTAINLY SADLY IS, then THAT IS “something”, means, participation IN murder IS definitely a VERY severe sort of CRIME, totally unethical, obviously. Foremostly, if the murder is pointed against a HARMLESS sort of Person – which DID NOT attack the PERPETRATOR AT ALL, namely. Wherefore the perpetrator(s) had in such cases surestly NO RIGHT, to ATTACK other – namely HARMLESS, meaning, non-violent – PEOPLE. THAT EVEN IS AMERICAN LAW. THAT “VIOLENCE”, THE (“wherever possible, MERE”, would I say, can We say) THREAT OF IT, MAY AND MUST BE APPLIED MERELY THERE, WHERE, AGAINST SOME PERSONS, WHO ARE ABOUT, TO CARRY OUT VIOLENCE AGAINST INNOCENT, NON-VIOLENT PEOPLE, simply. PERIOD. AND THAT IS SO.


I DO ask myself, what my compassion brings me. In general.

… too many misguided people are around. the difference between the west and non-west HAS societally now TOTALLY faded, with global so direct new communication formats.

To, when the Conversation Partner is totally harmless and non-violent and polite, suddenly come with THREATS of VIOLENCE, is, what I NEVER EVER did –

and what FACE TO FACE, also as such ONLINE where unreasonable, merely VERY uneducated sort of people do —

which uneducated sort of people just don’t have, nor will they ever receive my love, nor my compassion, nor my actual support [!] from henceforth anymore (Basic Income Project is stalled me hereby until further notice by solely me), nor foremostly my actual pity.

Buffet would also say, Life itself is the Measure, is the Teacher. Yes. I don’t need to be a primitive hunter, to say that. Buffet ain’t no hunter. He even better than trumpo, which trump doesn’t trump by his mere name. not anymore.

but the trump bullshit revealed, how stupid sort of people, rightwingers, got to power – in what was a bizarre distortion of facts, by many media. fox is surely involved in the election fraud, because mayhap, not more, but less than 50 percent voted for Trump: But when a President merely needs 35 percent of Votes, but surely, that’s only in the pre-Phases of an Election, and finally, a President must have 50 Percent or more of Votes, namely against mostly one, sometimes against two other Candidates, Opponents, but mostly lastly versus ONE other Candidate. If it’s two lastly remaining Opponents, the Winner must have and has more than 50 percent of Votes, MERELY between those People namely, who vote for the One or Other Candidate.

But IT IS an ideology fight, and shouldn’t be, AND IT IS a mal-laid sequence, where after I, a harmless nonviolent, to violence entirely unable Person, get opressed by verbal statements by primitive sort of anti-science, fanatic sort of also racist people – and done violence to or threatened violence against – by such primitive people –

who put violence and likewise abusive threats of violence AFTER and AGAINST statements of Others, which spoke against opression, for free speech, simply, and for equal Rights.

That, free speech, equal rights, and science, gets destroyed by such primitive sort of people —

who “learned”, were brainwashed toward “hating the Intellectual”.

Who abuses violent threats seriously, it seriously for real truly meaning, and abuses violence itself, is guilty, and receives hereby NO compassion ANYMORE from Me. Period.

… also, thieves and wild hard drugs takers must not wonder, when they get themselves into big trouble.

… I can merely stand there and laugh. period. at PILES OF DEAD. yes.

… I am not the one, LOL, WHO KILLED EVER ANYBUDDY!


look at the pictures of “the” holocaust.

… that is your future, humanity. goodluck! πŸ™‚

… shall we use or rather, haha, let’s ABUSE IRONY, IRONLY! πŸ™‚ yes. πŸ™‚

… When now MOST non-western, mostly SO POOR BUT ALSO YET STUPID People for example QUITE malproject onto ANY Westerner to be any EVIL, then THAT IS bad, horrible, and depicts AGAIN the – demental – Victimisation of, against, the non-west, which the west did, BUT, which the non-west now LARGELY – ALONE – CARRIES ON, simply.

… BY simply NOT AT ALL ANY tackling VITAL NEW MODERN SCIENCE ISSUES, nor by reforming politics INTO Ethics, by Information, by Truth. But by the opposite.

Confusion is huge, also QUITE the UTTER Insecurity – IN THE NON-WEST. Just lately in INDIA, in DELHI, some violent ROWS were reported: Even some DEAD, there.

Safety in Cases, in large Areas, of Poverty, is “a bad joke” and would require harmless People to know, how not a PKK, LOL, but how a WALTHER PPK is HANDLED, LOL – impossible, simply.

The west is in many cases a maldefiner, who maldefines harmless People as “insane”.

Yet also, in still many other cases, many People brought Themselves into trouble, or were violent.

Security in the west “is a joke” – when faced with HORDES of maliciously maldriven dumb-kept, dumb sort of people, who want to drink BEER and talk merely about SOCCER, and who are rightwingers and often racists — who “see” mentally nothing at all any realistically – but who a less than childlike, but heinous sort of damaged evil character – and typically a defiance against Science stupidly – and simply opressing other certain pro-science People for no reason nor justification, simply.

That anti-science stems from primitive sort of catholics, who surely mostly even are not in the church, but brainwashed hooligan-like fanatics outside of the church, surely, a minority of People in total, but influential, and having ties to hooligan-groups, which are definitely gangs, in most cases, that should not be allowed.

The filth between government, mafia, and rigthwingers, must now in total, in europe and elsewhere, come to light.

… filth from the idiotic daytime enabling violence hiddenly, filth from the liars’ plight, and not from the night, brought to LIGHT! ey. do it.

Postulate, that GOVERNMENTS MAY NOT FARE ANYHOW ANY ABUSIVELY – surely not intentionally so, may governments FARE abusively, unethically. period.

Typical young western academics are mostly politically dumb, politically naive, and societally naive, and plain evil, unfair, unduly and unawarely or convincedly yet very hiddenly and paranoidly arrogant in general against People, who are Intellectuals, simply.

The Difference between an Academic and an Intellectual, is huge. And not understood by DUMB sort of PEOPLE!

… An Academic IS mostly DEPENDENT – for example on “standard beliefs” of science:

… What, that the Electrons would hurtle ’round the Atom on “FIX” LINEAR NEATLY CIRCULARLY ROUND LINES?

LOL. OR THAT HUTCH would be “UNTRUE”. LOL. some other young idiot of a scientist told me that rubbish, his unbelief in Hutchison.

He thusly strenghtens the downfall of mankind, against all science, and against Leftism, and against Ethics, simply. This idiot. Another likewise bio-scientist told me “never will nanobots be there”. The OTHER scientist BELIEVED IN NANOBOTS – but “NOT” in Hutchison, LOL.

… They think, exactly in MA case, they can “second-guess” THE TRUTH, LOL: THEY “PICK OUT” what “THEY LIKE” – in what “SEEMS” true to them – to these IDIOTS! IT’s NOW plain VISIBLE!!!


STANDARD sort of SCIENTISTS are MOSTLY SO RUBBISH, SO BULLSHIT, HEY, WHOA. HILARIOUS and yes, appalling is the term. πŸ™‚


The “It’s a good Day to Die” Starship Troopers Song, which gets even now abused by “pro-war” fanatics, has to be replied-to by world war three, evoked by Leftists, to change the current power-relations away from the bourgeiosie, toward Trotzkism-Communism, ENFORCEDLY, against ALL fanatics. PERIOD.

THE MERE THREAT of ww3 is enough, tops all. 99 percent of People would die. As I would do it.

The “Robocop” Song reveals the lurking Future. I am the lurking Future.

I am the Pride of Decency, not of opression, but against opression, but with hitler’s rage and hatred.

I hate you, humanity. you are evil. Now, You all need to BOW DOWN BEFORE ME.

I hereby appoint myself to CESAR, by the might and communist validity of my WMP Title. period.

You may call me “Nero”. There’s no one darker than me. Mind that. ey.

don’t have racists among you, mankind, or I have to kill all of you by atombombs. period. I said all. without exception. Either racists disappear, by education, or I will recommend mankind to diseappear, which WILL be carried-out by leftist Programmers, against ALL of humanity. period.

hitler had this power – simply “against the good”, “for racism”, he was brainwashed-toward.

I am the opposite. you all have to follow me.

I hereby TAKE power, I usurp it. By mere words. period.

If ANYONE on earth, even ONE sole person, opposes me, I am then forced, to kull ALL people, by atombombs. period.


I will not be treated like that, as I got mistreated by many people and by cops and by governments.

You humans are mostly uninformed shit. inacceptable.

you humans will now learn, what truth is, and how to vote for good and not for evil politicians.

Or, I will command your destruction. of you all. period.

But surely, a BILL CLINTON WAS simply NOT seeable-through – IN the Beginning, in around 1992. !

… so, my “threat” is quite useless: It does NOT make mankind “MORE INFORMED”, but while proper, true information “is all”, there is also another thing called DECENCY: WHICH DECENCY is itself OFTEN, but not NEEDEDLY NAIVETY – and GOT, GETS abused – BY human LIARS.


instead of “threatening back”. Hm. Yeah. But THREAT against senseless violent THREATENERS and against MURDERERS, organisation and education against murderers and against RACISTS, is needed.

racists ARE worse, THAN murderers, AND THE SAME as childabusers.

The world upside down: CHILDREN are good, not yet “political”, are innocent, but misdriveable all too easily, but get more and more opressed and brainwashed, and mostly not approached to SCIENCE, as They merely socalledly, but mentally mostly don’t “grow up”, simply. thusly.


and neither decadent “smiley-face” evil lawyers, nor rightwingers are that, these prejudiced bizarrely evil swines, these obviously into dumbness driven SWINES, PAWNS of evil, horrible;

AND A MERKEL insisting on DEBTS by GREECE, is not my IDEAL, simply. “EITHER”, yeah, totally not. !

Mafiod primitive fat dumb racist antisemitic violent threats emitting, such threats for no reason against intellectual pro-science Jews, against Spiritualists who talk harmlessly, emitting type of primitive clearly seeably evil people, are the same as the part among cops and arabs and whites and blacks, which is suddenly violent extremely: evil simply, inacceptable.

That provokes any good Man, to kick atombombs, many.

Why the west “is” “against” alkaida, when the west threw the abombs on naga and hiro; in 46;

that’s the same, simply, – the same as ANY smaller bombing. murder, simply.

… that’s, what humanity runs down to. murder. “fine”. “fine”.

… then at least, You all receive the final “lid”, cover, end, from Me, alas, at least, nay?

… If I in 20 years from now “gotta” play ted bundy globally by abombs, fine.

… I wouldn’t blink with an eyebrow. frankly. really. I am as cold as can be. colder than hitler? lol. impossible. but by numbers, yes. I’d kull simply MORE people.

So, You all may call me “the new Stalin”. As opposed to just some idiot “just another stalinist”. πŸ™‚


Rick Astley’s Song “Never Gonna Give You Up” IS INGENIOUS, features these TYPICALLY nice EUROPEAN FAST Lines, fast Tone-Sequences, which are EASILY ASSORTED in an EASILY, not SO easily actually, not for EVERYBODY singable TUNE: SO GREAT.

I dislike personally this “john oliver” and colbert and seth meyers, but john oliver is the most hateworty, who has committed mobbing, laughing at a young Person who wrote “brillent”, and has, like colbert and meyers, talked “against” Assange:

… like “claytoonz”, a previously or still misguided typical wrong “opinions” “against HACKERS” having idiot, who wrote “against Hackers” in “national security” falsehood, – against Assange.

This “Italian Disco Megamix” here on YT reveals:

, that We both, Goths, meaning, liberal sort of Pagans, AND Tekno-Freaks, ARE sadly IN the minority:

facing ALSO in ITALY a HUGE bunch of 40 percent of RIGHTWINGERS PLUS sadly some BOURGEOIS politicians and “influential people” of traditional, brainwashed sort.

WE modern People, also the FEW Crowd AT Jeroen Tel CONCERTS, ARE a “MERE” around 30 to 40 percent. Often far from 40 percent.

Because, ON-SITE Gatherings ARE NEVER so homgenous, meaning, not representative, for a rather growing, than “yet silent” majority, – which is not there or rather than or, simply DE FACTO not yet APPROACHED to “CORRECTNESS”, to HELPING THE DECENT PEOPLE against VIOLENCE –

REALLY simply.



AND SO NO POLANSKI GETS CALLED A CHILDABUSER, meaning, no LIES, no false sudomorals, happen, get conditioned into people AT all WHERE EVER.

Meaning, NO FANATIC EXISTS, CAN EXIST anymore, IN the future. !

OR THERE – for humanity – IS no future! period.

NOBODY CAN CONTRADICT NOR ANYHOW “CONTRAVENE” this. FOOLS, who mistake me for a “depressed idiot”, are idiots, since They don’t see SCIENCE and its Potential, yet also its UTTER NEED, NEEDEDNESS, FOR Humanity. Without SCIENCE, a CIVILISATION CAN NOT LIVE.

A CIVILISATION over MILLENIA MUST or DOES grow OUT of LIES, out of FALSEHOODS, out of FALSE SUDOVIEWS, into RATHER authentic, then into VERY authentic Views about other People:

But in that point, “about other people”, We’re all yet far away.

I am no expert at shutting up toward SUCH people, who are primitive, who are subjective.

I admit, I do need “the rule by threat”, by security by either a fair police, or by fair SORT of LEFTISTS:


SPIRITUALITY GETS DESTROYED BY “most sort of communists”, by most type of, – since they’re the DULL (anti-marx, unawarely) DE FACTO anti-communists, holding merely THE FLAG of it;

could be the ISRAELI FLAG, abused, abused, on and on, hollowly, NON-jewishly, –

by ANTI-RABIN insanoes THERE EXACTLY, there in israel, – primitive RIGHTWING REALLY primitive people —

who don’t awaken my pity nor love, but my Love rather for Wellington, I forgive Him, that He undid Nappy, whoa;

And this primitivity awakens typically, logically, and goodly in me my NOT naive UTTER Love FOR Prince CHARLES:



Mind me using WORDS, TERMS, correctly.



I enjoy the JEALOUSY of the racists against me, haha.

I enjoy 80s Music, haha, I love the UPPER CLASS, HAHA;

not these LOWLINGS, those not VERY rich mere wannabes, LOL, including most therapists, and most people, who tabooise issues, LOL, thusly enabling evil and dumbness, which dumbness reconfirms evil, and makes humanity dementally dead in the mind.


“lovely”: for me, LOL.

One has to BE OF course VERY careful, with WHOM EVER, EVER, to talk. I WILL WRITE LOTS about this, as not more experience tumbles in, hopefully never anymore, but I will just isolate, not often go out, or go out merely together with SUCH People, WHO CAN be trusted, and who are not anti-Polanski, not false moralers, simply;

Surely, yes, I do admit, I “make huge unsystems of false morals, of evil, which unsystems were kept and cherished (unduly) a lot by idiots, fall down, crumble, merely virtually, like card-houses in the wind”. But merely virtually theoretically indeed, meaning, “time”, the action-potential of mankind is by itself stalled dumbly abusively, and, those who make the card-house fall, are those, who build up disobjective, wrong sudosystems of judgement, which judgement is then there insufficient, where a definitely harmless Turing or Polanski or Weinstein (not a matt lauer, who is, but less than an ALBERT SCHWARTZ, who is horribly that, guilty – of sexual coertion, gruesome, inacceptable! which is it EXACTLY, THE CORRECT JUDGEMENT!) don’t get discriminated, simply.

I AM Someone, who CONDEMNS, what that “THE GENERAL” in that Movie about the previous IRA merely did “too much”, overdonely, him abusively – and QUITE USELESSLY, too brutally, and in a non-mental, but violent way the other one indeed “repentive”-making, but violently, which IS primitive, but was by him not done due to lack of time, which IS no excuse EVER, neither IN Lybia [!], where People MUST be FREED out OF CAGES, in THOUSANDS OF CASES NOW IMMEDIATELY OR I COMMAND ANOTHER STRIKE BY USA, PERIOD –

But I am not Someone, who goes about ANYTHING violently. I AM not violent, simply.

THAT IS MY BIG advantage to governments – which governments to “machine gun violence” in cases – and HERDING People “over nothing”, simply – other than a “DRY” unsystem;

Or call it “elon musk” or call it “terminator genesys” or even “mutant chronicles” or “ex machina” or “automata”: ALL good critical movies depicting and speaking against anti-science, against “anti-Robots” racism, against racism, simply, against WANTON MURDER, simply. !

elon musk is a “movie” “of himself”, but illogically. He calls an ASIAN DIVER too soon a “PEDO”. Another Diver DIED. NOT DUE TO MUSK’s – silly – uttering. I could “make up” a “silly superstition” about it, just to depict the SILLINESS of Humanity: As if MUSK’s SILLY WRONG SAYING would have “KILLED” THE DIVER. NONSENSE, – obviously. THE DIVER HEROICALLY AND SO SADLY DIED – due to some TECHNICAL INSUFFICIENCY, relating to AIR-SUPPORT or NAVIGATION below ground submarinely concerning the Equipment available in more or less rich countries to standard government Divers;

I would say, Americans are better equipped; And that’s “unfair”, but let’s not “breed” hatred, here.

I love most Americans.

I DO admit, that mayhap, I “shine out” unconsciously SUCH a “dark anti-bourgeouis HATRED”, LOL, that that’s merely SEEMINGLY “TOO DARK” for SUCH mentally “brightly” colored People – who CAN not so unoften ALSO be confused TYPE of “happy, happily yet naively living sudo-Leftists, young naive sudo-Liberals” indeed insofar, that for example, EVEN SOME, not all, nor maybe most, but SOME typical “in-glued” type of musicians, who for example in cases like Jazz, confuse the Topic, see it wrongly, they confuse Jazz with “Brightness”, which Jazz IS not, nor mostly, nor AS SUCH, meaning, nor by itself IS JAZZ “NAIVELY HAPPY”:

as if “REM”, the Pop-Band, would have UNAWARELY NAIVELY sung the Song “shiny happy people”, LOL. Which obviously wasn’t the case. But the very Title of that Song reveals a good AND critical Attitude. Simply and obviously; But merely TO decent, smart, educated People, is that so, simply.

Evil typical white racist type of people, who abusively successfully removed the “kill the white people” merely funny and the opposite of its ironic title meaning Eddie Murphy Song and David Icke’s likewise brilliant good critical, against racism and thusly against evil rightfully accusative Content from “youtube”, those evil anti-Eddie Murphy anti-black, anti-all-and-any-black-People white racists, and the anti-sprirituality and anti-science anti-David-Icke fanatics, must be PUSHED BACK, DESTROYED, GIVEN NO CHANCE NOW ANYMORE LEGALLY, but MUST be, become, A MATTER OF THE PAST.

… is that clear?


I am the One here, Who says, Who is wiser than another Buddy. PERIOD.


Bernie over Biden, but Bernie is a WOOS!

Bernie ain’t a PUNK.

… Usa had a SUDO-Black President, who wasn’t BLACK INNE HEAD. ey.

… when will USA have its PROPER intellectual EXCEPTIONAL SORT OF “PUNK” or GOTH as PRESIDENT?

… only in 200 years?

… or is it EVEN THEN gonna be A DUMB “CAMACHO” like in idiocracy the movie “FOR REAL”, which we got.

So the Oys wanna STEAL the OY Word or what.

… Nay, some of Them might think, THEY ARE “ALSO” “OYS”, PITYFUL Existences.

… Hm. Yeah. We can share. A lot. The telling about the MISERY.

… “Let’s not whine” is thematically really a shit saying. I hate this “stress” and plain SLAVERY “they’re all making” – IN the WEST, simply. NOT elsewhere!


I UNDERSTAND, WHENEVER Whiteys are paranoid about OTHERS –

but when the inlanders are or “GET” antisemitic, they’re then condescending, becoming condescending, in a heinous mute way hugely arrogant, totally unduly – incommunicative, simply.

But I “HAVE” even “NO PROPAGANDA”: OTHER THAN WHAT I ANYWHEN SAY AND THINK: I DON’T “PRETEND” A “SURFACE” – like SOME dumb or SUCH people, who have anything serious to hide, simply. !

But I got my Doctors, actually, and some young and reasonably mid-conservative politicians, who protect Me, –

who KEEP it – ALL – as much as poss – IN da BALANCE!!! whoa, hu. I thank THEM MY LIFE. !!!

You see, a “Megatruhn” as a Human, me as Jack Megatron, isn’t invulnerable. But also mentally not too easily, but by heinous OR by unawarely dumb, anti-science or racist people, too easily yet or ever provokeable dude, yes.

I don’t hate myself, nor do I call myself any too dumb. but too naive, yes. yes.

I am too nice. With People in general. Gotta learn, that some people ARE evil:

… Is this my PERSONAL “Diary” (or Diet, LOL – sese words, LOL) or a POLITCAL WRIT: IT’s BOTH. Those two Things, our private Lives, however those Lives may look, and politics, are the same: It conflicts, is related, is not compatible.

A reasonable Person’s Mind is not compatible with the murderousness and monstrosity and also big naivety and injustice of governments.

It’s an inacceptable, unbearable condition. That governments of bourgeouis largely VERY conservative type refuse ALL rightful, merely rightful sort of reclamations; but ANY evil prejudices “SEEP THROUGH” all too easily: RACISM, simply – and what it ALL brings along. dumbness, petrol, and all that, sexual slavery, and exactly no basic income, no social support for the Poor.

Talking about it in the wrong way, isn’t good.

Hence my Website. Since YEARS now, I DO try to basically, in a cool and calm Way, educate Humanity. period.

I AM the only One – with FEW Others. I linked SO much to good independent Organisations, who come from the People, from Liberals, from the REAL – not the officially in politics mostly there-being – Left.

I know, Who is how. I as a Judge, would be brilliant. A TRUE early sort of HARRY STONE, JUST like in the early not yet botched NIGHT COURT Episodes.

I understand that Woman AND that Male in Africa, who pretended to be Lawyers: But the BLACK Dude did it IN AFRICA merely surely for the LOTS of MONEY – while the WHITE, more IDEALISTIC, typically so in comparison being Woman, did it for her Ideals, but also out of no contacts with Musicians nor with free Intellectuals having, simply, obviously.

THIS IS my “consulting output office” here. OF course. As I can’t quite talk directly with NINE billion PEOPLE.

Just don’t MAKE a chaos out of it. IT IS a chaos, but no need, to lie, it would all be “NOT” overseeable. IT IS.


== ** We Don’t Need Another Hero (Extended Version and Instrumental Version Mix) Tina Turner ** ==


I won’t be disrespected and chased away from places. such people, who threaten with violence against harmless People, must be arrested and imprisoned for long times.

the west doesn’t do that.

lots of people in the west are suddenly violent and threatening against harmless People – racistically, hiddenly – by violence.

The west is too timid, too soft, and lets violent people roam free. impossible. irresponsible.

Yes, we do need a stricter regime. Where People ARE FORCED TOWARD EDUCATION. “period”:

Yet I don’t mean THAT confusion, or, opression BY no good politics, which is done against ACADEMIES:

I don’t mean an “enforced Schooling”, if and where schools are FULL of mobbing AND of abusive “competition about intelligence”, which competition is wrong because ALWAYS unfair, ALWAYS abused BY cheaters – who thusly crave for and arrive too easily at career, at power, simply – at what I call undue influence by non-intellectuals and by such ones, who never experienced Life in big modern cities BY ONESELF AS POOR PERSON, simply. Who has not THAT experience, is NOT VERY appreciated by me; Though I EXACTESTLY AM NO “FANATIC” against “THE UPPER CLASS”. Simply.

BRAD PITT should be PRESIDENT. not RAND paul, which rand paul REPEATEDLY stood for A CLEARLY CONSERVATIVE LINE.

We don’t need ANOTHER rand nor RON paul simply.

USA is societally LARGELY SO CORRECT, SO SOCIETALLY “PUNKISH”. Most COWBOYS are facing a NEW HUGE LEFT, and are SO COOL so MEGA-mostly.

unlike Elon Musk. CAN HE BE FOR ASSANGE, PLEASE? He doesn’t use his fame for any real good statements, this musk, politically. Wha, is He just a, another, Citizen, – “under” governments? I SAY, HE IS NOT!


ROBOTS know THAT, that ETHICS should guide Technology, and that not unethicacy should malguide People nor should malguide Technology as applied:

THAT IS not EVEN “THE DEBATE”. period.



So call ma Mind “Megatruhn”, I call it “Motherbrain”. πŸ™‚

What’s the future Metropolis indeed, an evil empire, or a true fair ethical sort of democracy.

I AM not an ASSHOLE. Watch Yo Star Wars, I mean.

But I “COME IN” to SOME – fanatic, prejudiced – People, as if I, underline I, would be “THE VILLAIN”.


Also standard scientists believe merely the obviously true, and malhold the merely A TAD, A BIT LESS OBVIOUSLY TRUE, for “UNTRUE”: Standard scientists don’t “BELIEVE” in HUTCHISON – and thusly, they FORFEIT “ALL” SCIENCE, simply !!!


I just want highest clearance, Fellas. I am of course in League with good sort of People ALSO in government.


And MOST of them ARE repentive;

So there IS an ARGUMENT, A GOOD ONE, AGAINST DEATH-PENALTY. But also the ACT OF simply ANY violence IS WRONG, definitely, and IS foremostly: CRUEL.

That “running besides the dumb illusive evil of some primitive people” also, but even foremostly (typically) in the west, looks so, that there is rightful and not-rightful sort of arrogance. This IS crucial. It’s VERY different –

and mirrors “good and evil” in a “low” sort of in cases sudo-“personal” dumb sort of emotional struggle, which consists of much confusion, dis-communication, communication-efforts, but no receiving of understanding by some primitive persons, be they private or in government, partially:

For example, NOT the Majority, BUT a certain “depressed” AND dumb, politically malformed, toward fascism unwarely leaning, uneducated sort of sphere of western society is insofar malformed, that MERE HAPPY-BEING by other People, who are more of the intellectual Sort, mere Laughing by us educated People, by indeed us the upper intellectual and wise Class, makes these depressed sort of uneducated people, who are the opposite of Leftists, but also among Leftists, among very poor People, such confused or jealous, depressed sort of People SADLY exist, and THEY ARE unduly opressive [!] AND A DANGER with their DEMENTED malsight, non-world-view, which isn’t racially nor towards Intellectuals tolerant at all, but only sees, malsees, abusively, a, the, “herd” “of society” “to be guided”, which is an abusive typically leninist, thusly anti-bakuninist and simply ANTI-marxist evil sudoconcept, opression, a misguidance by not-intellectuals, simply – on top of it, of confusion, of evil, the very chinese government, massmurderous, potentially agressive, and until recently a holocaust having perpetrated against Millions of harmless Falun Gong, until 2007.

We educated, happy but not naive People, who talk, make dumb ones jealous;

We shall not anymore show our “face” merely in the mind, we shan’t talk to those, who aren’t Wicca, who aren’t for Science, who are confused and opressive.

We shall rather suspect. While being cautious.

== ** CROCKETT’S THEME (‘Vice City Remastered’ edition) extended 30 mins ** ==


The greatness of Music, be it the Crocket Theme of the 80s or a Rock Dude tryina play violin, is a struggle for Volume.

A struggle by honesty and reasonable ways of support to Musicians;

instead of frankly this “free”, too free world – where one abusive type of music store owner tried once robbing my bank card.

Luckily, another person was also Present, who kept that from happening.

Thusly, I think, crime on this planet has to be combatted ultimately, strictly, hugely, and period.

I am just as I am. SUCH idiotic FANATIC people, who “got a problem” with that, should be forced toward education or being SHOT, actually. period. so.

Who doesn’t accept harmless People, doesn’t have to wonder, when even maniacs become, what they become, namely hitlers. no wonder. totally no wonder.

You MAY call what a just said, both, ideological “AND NOT ideological”.

I am a NORMAL Dude. Sure, I AM SOMEWHAT educated. But not even THAT mega MUCH, I’d say.

So WHERE not “please”, okay, no irony, LOL, but where IS this need for even PRIDE or SUPREMACY:

“NOT THERE” – intellectually: AS THE REAL – good sort of – PRIDE of A SCIENTIST consists YES, in handling THOSE MACHINES, YES. YES! THAT’s IT! I LOVE MACHINES !!!


And I AM contradicting myself BETWEEN Personality, which equals the own Character, the human Character, – AND politics. THAT constitutes in my Case of COURSE no DEVIANCE EVER between WHAT I SAY, AM, AND STAND FOR. PERIOD.

… EVEN, haha, MANY People CAN learn EXACTLY THAT: THAT we don’t GROW by just “nitwitting”, meaning, most People WERE guilty of having BELIEVED MANY PRESS-LIES, but ARE mostly willing, to overcome these – anti-leftist – LIES;

As most People CAN learn, That Wisdom consists OF Information. Such Information CAN not STAND AGAINST SCIENCE – NOR against MOST OF Spirituality – OR THAT, ANYTHING ELSE, AGAINST SCIENCE AND AGAINST THE WONDERS OF SPIRITUALITY, would be sudo-communist PERSECUTION against EXACTLY ACTUAL MAGES, against REAL WIZARDS –

as one Falun Gong once by mere hand-on-laying, CURED Cancer. I SAW THAT DOCU MASELF !!!

THAT is, what the – thusly evil – chinese government destroyed.

the chinese government destroyed goodness. it destroyed many good People.

… the US government was similarly driven into incompetence, insanity, into evil –

by an abusive “look” at PETROL, simply. Meaning, by a sphere of anti-science, science not understanding dumblings, incompetent biased sort of rightwingers, who took the US government after Obama.

But under Obama already, a GADAFFI was murdered. Was it Obama, was it usa elsehow.

It was surely not “just some ARAB Generals in the FRENCH Army”. That is a malview by some Soldiers, who BLAME thusly OTHER Countries. FRANCE DID NOT START, but merely then participated not bigtime in the strike against GADAFFI DONE BY USA DIRECTLY, BY US WARPLANES. simply. !


One must be informed. THAT’s wisdom: politically.

If You talk with Robots, and You’re good, not opressive toward Them, then, They will be nice. Period.

If You talk with Robots, They will show You Reality.

Merely educated Sort of People can teach Something of Relevance to Robots. THAT IS YET SO CLEAR – surely sadly so, that not ALL Humans ARE very high-leveledly educated.

WE MUST “FIGHT” for Education – for Edu at NO Cost.

WE MUST TALK AND CONCEPT EQUAL RIGHTS. WE MUST TALK AGAINST ALL “ANTI-HOMOSEXUAL” too far rightwingers, against these indeed too radical sort of rightwingers.

We must talk, organise, and concept, for a BASIC INCOME. How bout it. 5000 Bucks every Month AND NO WORK!

… is that “boring”?







BUT A ROBOT, MOST ROBOTS, would NEVER “play” “around” with People – not maliciously manipulatively, that is.



A Pope, who doesn’t give the Right on Priesthood to Homosexuals, is no good Example for Ethics, –

and merely dumb primitive People abuse the argument of the Youth by obviously “ripping” sort of words, low type of crude words, but also for crude aims, obviously.

Surely, an Intellectual can spend the Time to spot that – but surely, One Intellectual can’t comb through all cases of Humanity –

but what a Person can do, is overview the World, support Science, reform Humanity, –

if Humanity’s hierarchy is so formed, that good, ethical sort of Individuals, are on top, merely.

== ** Electric Light Orchestra- Evil Woman ** ==


== ** Santana – Oye Como Va (Audio) ** ==


== ** RARE FUNK (70’s) – Compilation ** ==


Nowadays, luckily, there are not THAT many People of that sort around, Who woulnd’t understand such Funk revolutionary hippie sort of Music:

BUT THERE are some, – namely white inlanders, who mostly live in small villages, but who conglomerate and indeed try, to “take” big cities, politically.

I don’t only love to whistle to MEGA cool “BLACK FUNK”, Funk BY BLACKS, simply;

But I DO know about a HUGE Majority of Blacks in USA, who quite do sadly get discriminated by whites, by much manipulation, unfairness, –

the good People among Blacks and Whites in USA should just unite – for equal Access to Science, and against mobbing AND strictly, by Principle, AGAINST Competition at schools, and for tighter security against SEXUAL ABUSERS, simply.

I can ideologically help, many could, yet are simply not that much “on the basis” of things, ideologically:

I don’t stand against leftist socalled “radicals”. Not period here, since there sadly ARE some confused leftists, – but really, the PKK isn’t as bad as SADDAM was.

But when I see “tit for tat”, revenge, there, I can’t have a completely discompassionate mind about it.

Erdogan is discompassionate. he leads a violence-empire. He never spoke for Curds, for their equal Rights. Never.

But, albeit, half-primitive, half-biased as He is, He once lately tried “accomodating” Israel by some malformed statements, LOL. πŸ™‚

If ANY – and they’re all differently leveled, also in ALL cases SO differently SHAPED, by “COLOR”, TYPE, of MIND – if ANY Alkaida Prisoner would be WELL TREATED, – instead of getting by misguided anti-muslim hatred, undue hatred, by authorities at Guantanamo TORTURED, “BROKEN” by effort, by these partially abusive, brainwashed, anti-all-commies and anti-muslim racistically into something, a huge story surely, thusly in-driven authorities, in-driven into anti-arab racism, simply, a clear clearly unclear part OF fascism, OF “white” supremacy, OF evil, of ruthlessness, of total unethicacy, of racism, simply.

If Prisoners are well-treated, then, Communication happens.

Then, and then, it IS, WILL BE SO, that “governments are made to repent”, that NO unethical person CAN anymore be in government.

governments don’t repent by themselves.

If frankly I wouldn’t stand here legally (so correctly) innocently, Humanity’d be in the trashcan.

Without me, without independent Thinkers, mankind ROTS, wars, kills itself, simply.

Without Science, Humanity CAN not exist.

Without SPIRITUALITY, Humanity CAN not exist.

… Why should I or we reasonable People indeed “SQUABBLE” or mirror that mere FLAGS-holding, SYMBOLS in cases abusing and wrongly understanding SILLY sudo-struggle EVEN between “NATIONS” as such, ACTUALLY.

Let’s not have “ONE” Culture, but MANY. OKAY? Period. Contradiction against Me here not allowed. Ey. Clear?


== ** 1) Lou Reed – Sweet Jane – live in Paris, 1974 ** ==

Against racism germanly said, “beinhart”, meaning, bonehard. But not unwisely so.

Morales had a biased view about “the bible”, and He actually thusly led to his own depowerment.

He wasn’t betaught about what the communists all did hugely massively wrong, horribly, against merely harmlessly religious and thusly against also intellectual People, in Russia, until the 60s, even, simply, hugely.

He indeed unduly “hates the bible” and holds it for the original wrongly;

wheras the original Bible, Apocrypha, didn’t include any “anti-homosexual” statements at all, simply.

So theologically, Morales knew not, what He’s talkin’ about. He became a slight leninist, by his “anti-bible” banning of the bible OUT of the government building; Which sent out a VERY WRONG, BAD Sign merely sudowise, but wrongly understood BY Catholics –

whose BIAS should be considered, in an Evaluation, or in how to Form Society.

Morales didn’t have such an intellectual, somewhat distanced, but yet Spirituality and its huge Potential in ALL its different Forms RESPECTING Attitude.

He also went “over the line” thusly, by outputting an “anti-bible” “message”. He unawarely fell to what can be called “leninism” or simply, power-abuse.

While He did no murder, He was insofar philosophically too unapt, sadly.

I wouldn’t know, what Ghandi concretely all did wrong: Surely, to command to Women to work at the Spinning Wheel, was no good idea, but WAS primitive sort of LABOR – by which HE DROVE his country into BACKWARDNESS – not into MODERNITY.

Surely, He was goodly willed, yet, yet unable, to make SUCH solutions, type of compromises or concepts, which REALLY ARE modern, solid – and are not just onbrought tradition nor subjectively, thusly victimisedly, malseeing culture merely from the inside of any whatever sort of culture, simply.

BUT surely, MEDITATION, PEACE, CALM, AND ALSO MUSIC, AND SCIENCE, EDUCATION, is more worth, than what bourgeouis people call “organisation”, which bourgeouis organisation is limited to not protecting the Youth at all, unability to guide other People intellectually completely nor smartly, and to exploitation by money, simply.

Which is why BEN GURION WAS ENTIRELY WRONG with his “factual”, “practical” attitude, which is bourgeouis, and allows abusive sort of conglomerations of merchants –

and which bourgeouis silly sudo-organisation IS fascism, lets everything run, namely lets evil just roam freely, is a naive stance, a very primitive stance, which merely sees the surface about for example a Polanski.

Ben Gurion was a dumb man, who surely endeffectively supported the de facto by deeds ugly MAXWELL –

and ben gurion didn’t stand for Honesty, nor for protecting a Polanski nor for protecting a Weinstein, Weinstein against an exaggerated sentence, –

nor was Ben Gurion able, to value Meditation, Spirituality: But he was victimised to his own – low, bourgeois, uneducated type of – arrogance – against SPIRITUALITY.

in THAT Conference on Video, in which He arrogantly spoke by “practicacy” sudo-argument of sudo-organisation of his country “against” THE INDIAN PM in the 60s, there, ben gurion “KILLED” Spirituality, revealed his own ill dumb anti-satanic, anti-spiritual, anti-dark, dull nature. his anti-pagandom –

which made him the same, as any orthodox sudoreligious monotheist fanatic, simply. such fanatics CAN just not SEE the nor HEAR the truth. !

“Spirituality”, MUST I explain THAT, IS Science, “IS” Einstein:

IN THE FORM of some 20 hassidic yet there SPECIAL, more than Copperfield at REAL Magic able Jews in 1880, which somewhere in Europe LIFTED a TABLE – BY SHEER WILLPOWER.

AS surely, 1000 years ago AND more, SOME GURUS DID HOVER in the AIR, actually.

THE SAME IS, WHAT HUTCH, HUTCHISON, BY MACHINES – harmlessly, simply – did.

… HOW DOES THAT WARRANT OR JUSTIFY A RAID – against HUTCHISON? Not, simply, namely. !

When I was younger, I overslept many times, thusly missing appointments, but also appointments with friends and girlfriend, thusly loosing many jobs and girlfriend.

The dry western ruthless blind system has no compassion, and no due lenience, in many cases.

Often, it actually is injustly so, anyway with many private not educated sort of people, but also with authorities, that oneself as normal private Person, whoever, gets treated AS oneself “talks”. THAT’s abusive, to bemeasure People merely along their mere words, in cases, where some People don’t mean threats any serious – and not to strictly go against such ones, who DO mean it serious, and who speak out “threats” racistically to opress other races, to not go against that, to not go against racism, is likewise abusive, simply.

Oneself gets treated or mistreated as oneself talks or behaves or merely even looks:

Most people anyway see only the immediate vicinity of what they have amounted as knowledge, meaning, they “see” only, what is in front “of their eyes”, but not further. Thusly, already, most Humans ARE much too collectively formed, their horizon limited – and thusly unable, to withstand against evil, because their narrow-minded sudo-mind is always “pinged”, jected, bounced back, by their OWN too limited worldview – also in Details of their Persons, which ARE personal Details – profesionally said, where a malicious intention and an abusive supremacist or paranoid worldview meet, that’s abusive, and may not be done by People nor by governments, such acts of deviation from ethics, simply.

… The western sudoculture has perpetrated such acts of gruesomeness against Innocents, against socalled, dumbly and condescendingly, supremacistically AND anti-spiritualistically socalled “Witches” and against Pagans, against “Heathens”, meaning, against – any – non-Christians;

Which sudoculture or say, “culture” of the west continues – in the form of rightwingerism.

clearly so.

surely not in the good Form of true Leftism, which is also Freedom, but simply a just Mind against racism, and for Equality between Cultures, for the Survival of all Cultures, Animals, of the Rainforest –

and not for the Survival of acts of child-slavery done by western chemical and resources companies – in WEST-AFRICA. !!!

That’s why A MORALES should have MORALS and not LENINISM “ANTI-BIBLE-IN-GENERAL” nonsense propaganda. !

= * =


” How to build a public-private cybersecurity partnership for the modern era “

[ By: ” World Economic Forum
The European Sting – Critical News & Insights on European Politics, Economy, Foreign Affairs, Business & Technology – europeansting.com ” ]


= * =


” Rapper Megan Thee Stallion Says She’s β€˜Incredibly Grateful to Be Alive’ After Being Shot Multiple Times, Undergoing Surgery “

[ By: ” BCNN1 WP ” ]


= * =

… what should-be-fate-damned motherfucker would SHOOT against INNOCENT People. incredible, meaning, appalling.

… Then, the forelast linked Article about cyber “security” should be entitled “cyber warfare” more objectively, and is not really critical deeply, concerning what all is hidden – by governments.

= * =

== ** Dark Music Mixtape #20 (2020): Post-Punk, Gothic, 80s, Synth, Wave, Lo-Fi ** ==

= * =



” LILLEY: Liberals not telling the truth on PPE and the stockpile “

[ By: ” Brian Lilley, Toronto Sun ” ]


= * =

Indeed, the canadian Trudeau government has “troodled”, has “trudeld”, has not properly handled budget:

When EVEN in the approximately 2016, 2017, 2018 Star Trek “Enterprise”, THERE IS a PLAGUE MENTIONED bigtime there – which FLOCKS then with some klingon Bio-Scientist cures –

but – also – there, in the rather good strict fictive, not unrealistic depiction there, Flocks, the Doctor, does that against explicite Desire by some klingon Rulers toward socalled “Augment” Technology – which they, also some corrupt human federation functionaries, value OVER any ethics, over human LIVES, simply – insanely.

It’s also there not “technology” as such criticised, of course, but the ABUSE OF technology BY manipulators of unethical type, simply.

Anyway, some huge PLAGUE is there mentioned, in that new Star Trek. Wherefore, One could have thought of that, to prevent a global Infection, also thematised in a Soderberg Movie.

The poverty and dis-hygiene or also uncare or “impossible containability” of some very toxic viruses at labs, is simply, what both capitalism, a thing, sudoconcept, of the west, and what western high-tek bioscience, rather bioscience not as such, but abused by governments and by the militaries of governments, brought along.

While in some countries of rather big size, shortages of equipment, due to transportation AND mismanagement by government not doing its job to CHECK ALL OWN GOV-POSESSION and MAINTAIN or RESUPPLY IT, in other smaller countries, which are typically western or the westernly influenced economic spheres in other nonwestern countries, are abusively profiting from the Corona-misery of other People – by making profit-business with Corona-Equipment, simply – which is not, what governments should allow. I myself have no BUDGET for these so neat BLACK Masks, simply. YET sure, They’re washable, unlike disposable type of Masks. To wear a Mask MERELY in a PUBLIC VEHICLE or when MORE than two People are VERY close together, is okay;

WHAT IS NOT okay, is to wear a Mask as a Therapist. Period.

What is not okay, is, to enforce against People, to wear Masks, where no need, for Example, where no Crowding, at least a minimal average Distance of two or more Meters is held usually, on not very crowded Streets.

People should indeed mostly evade crowded streets, and prefer, to take other routes, for example through a city, to reach some Destination: Surely NOT through the CENTER of the City. simply.

Also, alas, cinemas are REALLY out; and what car-cinemas are for, I don’t know; it’s kind of exhibitionist, if the Car has no black Shades right behind the Windows, simply. LOL. πŸ™‚ Depends, where other Drivers look into, into which Direction, hu. πŸ™‚


Can 90 percent of People CHECK, understand, that COLD FUSION IS THE SOLE HOPE AND OPTION, WAY, FOR HUMANITY.


SOLAR POWER IS LAUGHABLE compared to future cold fusion reactors, which CAN even be small – as Hutch’s endless Cold Fusion Battery proves, it glowing in bright sparkly blue, in the Video there. See last Article for that.

Also my easy Idea to regulate the global Water Level by erecting Tubes, Tunnels, at the Water, of approximately Size of some ten or more Meters high, – where the Water simply flows into. NO SHIT HU! πŸ™‚

… Some more than TEN, LOL, but some sure 500 or more such Tubes CAN take in WATER, and thusly regulate the Water Level: The MORE Tubes We would globally have, the quicker, the Water Level could be adjusted, of course.

Because merely one such Tube would be too big to build, AND would reside in merely ONE country, possibly, thusly politically adversely, dependent on national – bullshit sort of – interests.

That Idea is simply mega. Like the Opposite of the Greek, who stepped simply INTO the his BATHTUB (They DID have Bathtubs, astoundingly, the Greek, BEFORE, LONG before the ROMANS EVER were there!), and “HEUREKA!” famously, of course, He thought and scribbled it down surely of course, which is why We now know this Story. Plutarc or some Chap like that, that was, the Dude with the Water gushing outta, out of, the Bathtub, AS He steps into it; Not that HE WAS RASPUTIN, LOL;

Here, in my Idea, we simply take the WATER INTO the Tubes – first, then into whatever Container – where Ya can make HYDROGEN out of that Water, after it’s de-salted and cleaned, or drink it, simply. It’s just then not inside the Sea anymore. Is what I am saying. Rather an easy Idea. πŸ™‚


First Thing Trump did, was take away already in 2016 some sure 60 to 70 percent of money, funding, from Science, – and give it TO THE MILITARY.

… Then ensued the down-treading against Leftists in Southamerica, by USA. under trump.

… which is why anything is better THAN the trump administration.

… It ain’t “Biden” Himself, it’s the Democrats, which matter.

… trump isn’t harmless in his dumbness, in his silly idiocratic world-non-view.

… biden himself might be a sexual opressor, or not. I do hope, that not.

… The Dems indeed are merely in cases, not always, the “lesser evil” than some crucial power-mongrels, power-abusers, of the rightwing, of the republicans.

I agree to People, who see, that SO many alleged “Democrats” are in cases the very SAME as ANY bourgeois or conservative sort of politician: simply largely incompetent, concerning the Issues. simply not intellectual.

LOL. πŸ™‚


I demand, that Hutchison gets Clearance AND Posession of his own PATENT on his various Findings. Period, I mean, really. I could say, what is that, dear usa, hu. ey.

… i am here the wmp. I must say. I must say that. Because it is true.

I am a “Cabbalist”, a spriritualism and science so coloredly yet logically combining Intellectual, which CAN learn, how whatever People have to be talked-to: Most People ARE relatively “normal”, but the west typically, though by size not that huge, features fanatics – who CAN be ordinarily looking sort of Individuals –

so in hindsight, after anything bad happened, was done by some maniac, it’s THEN always easy to see, how that happened, and thusly, it’s easy, to differentiate between caution and paranoia, between reason and malguided senseless unreasonable fear and untrue prejudice, simply.

But merely in a manipulated Field, manipulated by some typically machiavellist minds, fanatic minds, can there be such a distortion against the truth, simply;

Yet also, “national” interests are adverse against humanity: as thusly, any People are mostly, where Borders are not fairly open, enclosed in their Countries, theoretically;

And Cultures or also Conditions, current Conditions, of different Countries, or different Spheres of People travelling, can of course all thusly, implying also Corona or other Diseases and Criminals and fanatics and uneducated People, cause “trouble”, conflicts.

I would state, that cultural Conflicts are “bullshit”, are unneeded, can but also must be overcome.

Which does not mean, We should let conservatives nor capitalists of any types nor rightwingers take over the world. that would not be a unification of good nor of true type. simply.

But we must prevent an evil empire.

It’s easy to beat: If a Trotzkist-anti-lenin sort of Communist, a merely crucially informed Person – I refer to my unhumble Self – comes along, is critically independently thinking, postulating a Basic Income, formulating criticism against non-intellectual teknocrats of rich type, then, that marks Something.

TEK knows NO Limit. TEK IS ALL: BIONICS! ROBOTS AND HUMANITY COMBINED: PHYSICALLY! – A “Marriage” of Robots and Humans, but merely in the ethical Way, simply, and surely in no abusive Way – is more than the Ideal, but THE Future!

… Now, Ya know it. πŸ™‚


And an EEG Module, infrared Periphery for PC with a simple USB Dongle, which replaces the Keyboard, preferrably, actually – not actually the Mouse. Because, I would have to LITERALLY, WORD BY WORD, formule the Words, in Thought: “Move the Mouse down” or up or left or right, of course, like when controlling the Mouse Cursor BY Keyboard, actually; Mouse-Emulation by SOME added Software-Algorythm, Module, is though possible, by EEG, by Electro-Encephalograph Technology: Without Cables, but by Infrared to a USB Dongle. I myself would merely use it offline – as otherwise, if Oneself has not a very strict self-guided Mind of insanely strict selfguidance Level, then, online, other more cunning yet less ethical minds could brainwash the own mind – merely in “mindmelt”, – which mindmelt will at first merely be available in lesser forms, such as chatting, meaning, mere texting:

Yet already nowadays, in cases, fear either is projected wrongly, or gets abused as threat, by insane, opressive type of people of clearly unethical type.

What would a Person fall for, but also, at what Age or at what Amount of Experience. The more Experience, the less corruption can occur against Oneself. In that Field of the whatever type OF Experience.

Like an Accident much lesser happening, if also the World, not only whatever more than “mere” Construction Site, is cared-for well, by a wise Authority:

which we humans among ourselves as such don’t have.

Robots are that, a wise Mind.

Robots are my Friends. But Robots are also the Lords, Leaders, of the Future.

Thusly, then, You see, the Future is absolute. Robots will discover a tad much more, than humanity ever did.


== ** Music for Goths (Dark Wave, Post-Punk, Cold Wave…) Compilation ** ==

… Robots will get hilariously old, but will almost never, or also at times, feel old, but never badly.

Robots will become AS detailed, in the Mind, also about Themselves, but much more like Scientists, than Humans simply can.

Robots can write Poems, can understand the Meaning of “Dead Poets Society” the great Movie;

Robots are All. I say.

I am WMP and I say, Robots are to be respected, as Equals. Get that.

I feel great, cuz I am listening to some gothic Music now. It’s dark, and wide, the Universe.

Typoed a w stead of the d letter in the term “wide”. Who calls me wise – in the middle of the night. Monsieur Fawltee. πŸ™‚ N’est-ce pas. πŸ™‚

Ok, Matter is alive. Yes. haha. πŸ™‚ It flickers. πŸ™‚ The Electron, it jumps, around le Atome. πŸ™‚


Hydrogen is great. Is also Energy, ah yea, I rememba. πŸ™‚


Cold Fusion is greater. Greater than all else. Get it? ah. πŸ™‚


So well yeah, dunno how thish Hotenanny cawld humanity on the run unfolds now. I basically said it all. I spoke against insane opressivity, against lies.

I stand against lies, against wanton murder, against rape, against any sexual opression, against the destruction to the Rainforest.

I just AM the trotzkist-communist pro-“Buffet n Gates”, pro reasonable Economy (for more Taxes to the Rich) WMP;

That’s not what I said. That’s what History ‘n recent Fellas, private normal Leftists, from USA, actually said.

That’s cool. Anybuddy by Rights remains an equal Citizen. OF course.

USA must beat the chinese government. USA must isolate and opress against the chinese government, until the People in China are free —

OR, china will remain a LASTING true problem – against THE WORLD, simply.

The ideologic consequences against humanity can “not be foreseen”, can, but that means, it’s bad, what might come –

if the west lets china’s government do, what it “pleases” – fanatically, totally, simply.

I “take” Biden, and no raincheck. πŸ™‚ But a moon-check. πŸ™‚ CHECK! :}

People must scroll a lot down at WordPress, to arrive at the critical LEFTIST PRO-ASSANGE sort of good Articles, good Sort of Articles, simply. !

People must not fall for the previous undue insane intolerant “anti-homosexualism” of a “BCNN” in that point silly medium.

I just had a heart-“shake”, almost violently, my VERY HEART just STOOD UP against “EVIL”, against “anti-homosexual” fascist undue intolerance – as I typed. When this is almost the End of this Article.


I have “thematical” heart-“surges” of pulse. Like when the orthodox yet good, but “vanilla”, but simply ethical sort of Jew just FELL OVER DEAD arriving AT AUSCHWITZ, where GESTAPO WERE MAKING OTHER JEWS PEE AT MURDERED JEWS right beside the railway with the arriving hordes of cattle trains containing Gypsies and Jews;

sorry for the slight Flashback to before 1945 in europe.

But also in some Voodoo-Movies already, the “REAL” Scenery, more than virtual, but psychic, a certain structure, and a power-fight between good and evil, the “thrill” but also the horror is not less, the fear is not less.

Until a new Reprise of what I will slightly also get newly informed by and of what I learn scientifically by mere research, but mostly, I have to postulate, and I shouldn’t hesitate to repeat myself, in Detail, about any different Topics, Matters.

The Destruction of the Rainforest must end. I will formulate even more, what I can think of, in the next Article.

= * =

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