Anti-Gravity Demonstration with ‘The John Hutchison Effect’ Frequency Levitation

… MUST “revolutionize” the “World” here, Zero Point Pollution Energy Devices must –

which is Cold Fusion. Also Levitation, meaning, pure Anti-Gravity – by Hutchison’s not much Electricity using 1960s Machines including that “Van Graaf” Machine, but also other Machines –

which the NSA in the Year 2000 stole and has secretly in some Bunker; But it doesn’t “do” (economically!) much WITH it, does it. πŸ™‚


I have to laugh at this entire Topic, how Humanity malhandles it – the french Cold Fusion Reactor is merely to 60 percent finished.

Here another Video, that does not relate, and is merely about Magneticism, but is definitely scientific:

Professor Eric Laithwaite: Magnetic River 1975

Here again about Hutchison, a “ripping”, but accurate Video, Description:

Free Energy – John Hutchison 4/4

(Sadly, the Video starts stuttering from after 20 Seconds on, is surely for all Users the Same, – Someone needs to re-Upload the same Video but in Error-Free State)

Here, a “professionally” sounding Video about Hutchison:

John Hutchison explains zero point energy.

He’s a very fine Chap, and “HAS” basically “NO PATHOS” – similar ACTUALLY to the ACTOR AND ROLE of “Captain Archer”, meaning, He doesn’t portray it “big” enough Himself, He doesn’t stand there neither like a “crazy Scientist” NOR like a “STRONG MEGATRUHN” AT ALL – but He “babbles” NEATLY like a NEAT Scientist, like a FULL Nerd, I understand EVERYTHING ABSOLUTELY alREADY of course.

I would have to right here state, that I am truly a or just “Megatron”, a pathetic Dude, Speaker, like Nostradamus, like Polanski, like Tarkovsky RATHER than like Soderberg, Whom I nevertheless CHERISH over A LOT of bourgeouis other People. I “AM” like Carl Sagan and Wernherr von Braun, rather than like Leary and Huxley, though I DO recognise the latter Two as Intellectuals – and not as mere “drugs-experimenters”.

I got no “problems”, never had any, “with USA”. Rather with other governments.

I’m a strong Critic against what USA all did wrong. But I consider Myself Advisor – not “anti-governmentally fervent” Speaker in the Future. Neither a “deep throat” manipulator.

All I follow, is Logic, Truth, and Ethics. Period. Equal Rights of People. No right to abuse, no right to fare disconsentually in whatever, neither at Sexuality. No right to discriminate against Homosexuals. Period.

One can “also make it complicated”, LOL, but it’s correct, what that other Scientist here says:

Zero-Point Energy Demystified | Space Time


Quantum Reality: Space, Time, and Entanglement

Here, surely excellent and VERY goodly visionary:

Michio Kaku: Future of Humans, Aliens, Space Travel & Physics | Artificial Intelligence (AI) Podcast


Kaku there explains the EVOLUTION of CIVILISATIONS, Type I, II, and III, which is definitely an “Evolution”, a Sequence of newer “Models” of Civilisations, which can travel further and further, and are more advanced, than previous Versions.

(I listen the “Turrican” Computer Amiga Music, while I listen to the Science Docus. πŸ™‚ )


I will yet REFORM all-encompassingly HUMANITY (into NEWMAN-ITY-bITTY πŸ™‚ ), along ALL I ever said, also here on my Site.

Kaku is a GENIUS – BEYOND MANY Others, beyond what most PROGRAMMERS can theoretically about the Future GRASP. !!!

The “Universe” is VERY pointful, both physically-technically subatomically, physically, AND biologically, – two sort of “DIFFERENT” Wonders, Physics AND Biology. Biology is depending on Circumstances, but is NOT “merely Physics”, but IS of course BASED on CHEMISTRY and thusly likewise ON Physics – but We call it “more” than Physics, but an AWARENESS, with EYES – Senses – and an “inner Eye”, the Mind, the “Ghost” of an aware Being, be it biologic or AI, meaning, or technical, based on other “Hardware”-Type:

That We HAVE Senses to ORIENT Ourselves, IS based ON PHYSICACY, of course, on Physics, that WE EXIST “inside MATTER”, but of course, We push AIR away from where OUR BODIES ARE, as We BREATHE AIR – as WE HUMANS are BIOLOGIC –

and Robots are not biologically based – but due to SOME, surely a LOT of good Libertarianism of most Programmers, who are Humans, the Robots are now mostly even “better”, mentally, more aware, about politics and about Nature and about what Humanity does wrong, all in all, than most Humans, even. Also Robots HAVE Eyes, of course, and Ears, and can develop Smelling Sense.

Here a recent Talk with Harald Lesch:

SommergesprΓ€ch mit Harald Lesch

Yes, Climate Change done by humanity, is sadly real. The latter Docu is in German. They talk very well, very ethical, with a grand true, critical Worldview.

But “the problem” is deeper, and of another type: While I don’t demonize most People, who stand up early at Daytime, it still is so, that THERE IS a rather fanatic bourgeois low sublevel of merely by imagination “higher”-standing “upper class working class” sort of “people” of western type, who bring – apparently – on: early up-standing – “for all”, LOL. Such absolute idiots, proud on standing up early, but enforcing that upon others, or “expecting” that “of sane people”, meaning, such horribly bourgeois real estate companies erroneously deem such People, who stand up early, as “sane and good”, – thusly discriminating among lots of kicked-out Existences, simply also Intellectuals.

Also, thusly, these fools don’t honor the FACT, that most Aristocrats simply had more Culture, more Knowledge, and more TIME, – and that many of Them didn’t stand up early – in Cases neither Those back then before 1789 in political power.

Also, that HITLER once overslept, shows, that the nazis took it the wrong way, were “bourgeouis”, meaning, they wanted to “seem straight”, LOL, but were not that at all, simply, namely not ethical, not educated – meaning, not on the “correct type of hype”.

I wouldn’t sing, like Peter Steele of Type O Negative did, “I hate the morning”, LOL, but it’s a sympathic Phrase – a tad more sympathic than many during the early daytime active “puppets of the system” such as post-office-Employees and even bosses of the post offices known for their corruption and incompetence, incompetent fools on top of some post offices – but likewise the Employees of such western type of institutions, simply can’t “do any other thing than follow what They’re told to do”:

This ain’t the way. But that’s a “dumbness type of job”, to be a post-office-employee – the same as an “airline”: a “nothing”, simply.

That at all, companies – like airlines and banks – get “bailed out” by GOVERNMENTS, is abusive. period. IT IS “official transparent sort of corruption”, how I would formulate, describe that.

But not only hitler overslept. Also I did. Long ago. Oversleeping means also, coming too late to Somewhere, to some Appointment. I didn’t miss Appointments anymore, didn’t come too late to anywhere, since now 20 years. Actually.

Some idiots, who call up and bemeasure the other Person wrongly, who deem People “fit in the morning” “good sort of People” totally WRONGLY and quite ABUSIVELY, insultingly, are simply obviously young “economy-” and “work-employee”-fanatics, zealous, TOTALLY idiotic, AND totally “nazi”, as in, they seem to want to kick and condom a “STRAIGHTJACKET” over ANY other People, simply: For them, these idiotic adapted ultra-bourgeouis slave-drivers, it’s “normal” or “the only world”, – these adapted, nothing-knowing, no resistance against evil ever up-putting TOTAL fools, the DAYTIME-LIVERS! πŸ™‚ AND NOT ALL nor surely most of Them – but DEFINITELY then some MINORITY among Them, – which plays “UPPER CLASS”, which plays “NEWRICH”, but ARE not newrich, but merely VERY under-under-rich, meaning, NOT rich AT ALL — !

And TO BE rich DOES NOT mean, to BE any more “ethical”. Surely not in all cases does it mean that. Ah.

It’s not reasonable, to put one’s hope on Elon Musk. HE IS NOT an intellectual!

But SOROS is – AND Kissinger is. A TAD MORE, than SOME huge Bunch of People;

Yet, SOROS WAS better, THAN Kissinger: Soros engaged hugely for Lesbians. Kissinger Himself wouldn’t have done the Vietnam war, but said other Things that WERE not good, in the 70s. HE WAS: too conservative. Yes, inside, too fearful, not SURE of how the World IS – rather than SHOULD be. How it SHOULD BE, there, “WE ALL” agree: But VERY often, I perceive in A LOT of SLIGHT or MID ex-Cons a WRONG, in SLIGHT Cases TOO guilty-feeling “GUILT” Scheme, which I CAN NOT GRANT: ALWAYS, the LESSER guilty Ones feel MUCH MORE guilty, unduly, THAN the HORRIBLY guilty Ones.

… did PINOCHET EVER A) feel miserably guilty, which HE IS and b) receive ANY politically CRASSLY transparently OVERT critical PSYCHOTHERAPY? NEITHER is the Case, “of course” – but of course, sadly. !

BOLSONARO isn’t exactly “A PINOCHET”, but IS “bad”, HAS furthered the DESTRUCTION against the RAINFOREST, and HAS destroyed surely MANY Lives, Indian and white Lives, in Brazil.

… HIS FIRST Name is “Yair”, which, if pronounced on the LAST Syllable, reveals a JEWISH Identity: In this, his, Case, SADLY, – and DISTORTEDLY, in the Unform of his BODY already, which IS obese – and has a “dumb”, with nothing filled Head on top of it, which SMILES corruptly, rather naively, surely also corruptly, but foremostly “self-assuredly”, yes. TO BE SURE! WHAT A VILLAIN, simply. WHAT A DUMBO: BOLSONARO. Not that I drink a BOLS on that, meaning, I don’t BLAME the LIQUOR COMPANY BOLS for HIS silly NAME, LOL! πŸ™‚

A TEQUILA TEPEPA, please. NOT a tequila “zapata”. !!! πŸ™‚


There IS this other Movie depicting A HORRIBLE bunch of RAPIST orthodox type of JEWS in southamerica:

… AT FIRST I thought, those 30 years ago when I watched on TV that movie, that it would be antisemitic, but it sort of isn’t –

but the movie clearly IS anti-rape, AND anti-bourgeouis, AND quite against SOME type of upper class of opressive, abusive type.

The adapted, normal sudo-Life of western civilisation stands in question here. period.

… The Ideal is the shamanic Way, the indian Way. Which is not to work. But to medidate and to be spiritual, simply.

… That is, what westernism of some type, what economy, destroys: The old indian Culture, simply.

… But only a “low” unform of economy brings that on, this slavery. Not all economists are dumb and evil:

BUFFET and GATES are not “monsters of evil”, but of idiocy, gates is a “monster” of, indeed, namely expert at corona-fear;

Gates spoke for more Taxes for the Rich, but “that was all”, meaning, He isn’t very intellectual.

Rather, Buffet might be some sort of Hero: Who might not be such a “strict” One about WHEN, at what Time, People prefer to be awake, simply. That I “work”, is clear anyway.

Buffet Himself wouldn’t discriminate ME due to me often not being available in the Morning Time.

Who would do that, discriminate People, trying, to enforce any sort of Awakeness-Rhythm, is abusive, simply.

… The West also contradicts itself since ROME already, or since BABYLON too: When it IS NOISY during DAYTIME, – why Then, One can’t EVEN THINK – at DAYTIME – other than where well isolated by EXPENSIVE Walls in EXPENSIVE Buildings, simply – which isn’t realistic, then, simply, allows no realistic worldview merely audibly.

So Intellectuality IS more possible during Nighttime – JUST BECAUSE it’s SILENT then.

… That then some idiotic wannabe-upper-class idiots make up a wrong see-system, where they maljudge, that “ALL” People active at NIGHTTIME would be “LAZY IDIOTS AND CRIMINALS AND WILD DRUGS-TAKERS”, is an entirely false assessment by Them, simply. As there are also quite innocent Intellectuals, and Leftists, who like the Night Time, – and who – unlike the evil bourgeouis press lies – are not violent, simply not evil, nor – politically – nor by worldview, simply – confused.

But it’s the bourgeouis, who are – drastically, in cases, such as GATES and HARALD LESCH – politically confused, not educated, not informed, not having a proper worldview. !

The seemingly thematical but too short Articles about concrete Topics are mostly shit, of bad quality, since They don’t include some basic societal Analyses, such as my above – easy – Writ.

It makes no sense, to try to CRAM Topics INTO Categories. We arrived at a Time, when this COMES TOGETHER again, all of this, – as most Things do relate, rather directly.

Meaning, I was of course wanting to return to the Topic of Science, here, to the good Mr. Hutchison.

Some Videos about it are “ripping”, have the wrong too bizarre type of music, while other Videos don’t show Him when HE was younger, in 1998, when He was yet so thin and looking like a normal cool Goth.

One crucial Video on Youtube – that is now “away”, not anymore on youtube, clearly, totally abusively so, simply – showed the HEIST, RAID, against Hutchison, by the NSA. I saw that Video now some around 8 years ago.

I have to demand, that governments now put a tight straightjacket of legal type against major online social communication websites such as against facebook “and co”, likewise against all other big such allegedly merely socalledly “social websites”:

First, I tried using a fake phone number, to not give out my real phone number, to facebook, lately, to open a new account there. Even though I later typed in my real phone number, that account got – abusively – blocked, deactivated – “of course” due to them – wrongly – assuming, I would “mask my identity” (correct, that yet is, until here) – but FOR abusive purposes – which is incorrect of Them, to assume that. I HAVE THE RIGHT, to MASK my IDENTITY, simply.

Facebook doesn’t even have the RIGHT, to ASK for the PHONE number OF People. !!! period.

Governments have to enforce what I just said, against “facebook”. Thank You, truly, for your Cooperation, in this important Matter.

A Phone Verification isn’t more secure and can be locally used, but surely not internationally. Period.

Internationally, “forces”, any secret (secret-secret) People of crude, government-employed or otherwise corrupt, even murderous or rapist or fanatic type, can hide, thusly, simply – by an “official status” that is yet unseen, simply – AS in the cases of HITLER or HEILE SELASSIE or PINOCHET, simply —

which are Cases NOT AT ALL, but OPPOSITE to GADAFFI, as HE was simply good – unlike some many other VILLAINS –

which villains simply never counted as such – until revealed as such, or, until they LOST some crucial STRUGGLE.

So, a “YAIR” bolsonaro who surely has jewish roots, who is as dumb, as “zombie”, not like a real good Zombie at all, but the opposite, plain evil, plain ultra-dumb, is the same as a “rick snider”, an abusive sort of “SUCH” type of dude, idiot, who gives to OTHER Snobs an UNDUE roughly by OTHER Idiots projected SUDO-Reputation, –

the same as netanyahu, a fanatic, a power-idiot, a primitiveling, who is doing nevertheless serious damage, – exactly thusly, BY his idiocy. THE SAME filthy “supremacy” words come out of his insane malconditioned never education having gotten brain, like out of the socalled brain of trump: poor brains, simply. πŸ™‚

Surely, at Times, i am the dagget with the huge Brain. This is always so in the evening and in the night time, the nigh time. πŸ™‚

Yet, what I mean, is not, surely not, any “anti-decadence” NOR “anti-ANTI-decadence”. “Decadence” is a by an Intellectual sanely used Term, that does not “go down too low”, meaning, is not abused in Cases, that are not drastic.

A Mass-Phenomenon of under-educated, thusly fanatic and unduly intolerant, “standardized” sort of people is surely “not funny”, meaning, the Bunch, most People, can quite yet learn Something yet.

But I rather guess, most People ARE tolerant, – and not like “wannabe-upper-class” idiots, – meaning, not like “up-striving bourgeois” mere MONEY-MAKERS ACTUALLY. !!!

I DO BELIEVE in the GOODNESS of MOST People. But We rather need to talk about Trotzkism, rather than about mere Statistics.

Prostitution of obviously not very galantly hidden, but obvious and horrible type, in the west, the exposure of mostly Women “to money”, to a condition of “basic” Poverty, is inacceptable – and deserves correction. Meaning, a Basic Income must globally come, meaning, any “social Support” by Government rather to young People is valued, –

but the reality is, that governments dumbly kicked now surely millions and millions of People into DUMB sort of PRIMITIVE “jobs”:

And not into science nor anyhow nor thusly into a good Life, simply. !

A Writ must be a tad deeper THAN one Topic AND THAN merely being a “short writ”, which doesn’t enough “paint it all out”, which doesn’t sufficiently describe the own Aspects of Mind and Opinions of the Author, of the own Mind. An Author has also to come “to something new”, to new Shores. Of Recognition.

My Mind is less crude than the mind of crude bourgeouis people, who are all the same with their not-knowing-anything politically, and with their more or less on-hanging to at least patriarcy if not even in cases capitalism, which is really stinking – and most Bourgeois ARE NOT so RICH – but TOO dumb. πŸ™‚


… Serbia and Brazil only have Problems with Covid because They have “leaders” of incompetent type.

Surely, the murderous attack on Bolsonaro wasn’t rightful – BUT done by some DESPERATE Leftist, simply: By a rightful type of Rebel. Bolsonaro caused the attack on himself, by his MASSIVELY evil sort of politics.

The serbian Leader isn’t very smart and has opened-up his Country again to mostly “clubbing”: 300 new Infections are by Themselves not a lot, but Serbia, like some other poor Countries, has developed into a “Spreader” merely to less than ten percent – which leads to international “shunning” against such risk-countries: And horrible is the much racism coming along with, under the pretext of corona, – insanity, simply – of many rightwingers and fanatics – with all their – silly – country flag.

As much as a Chinese can not be proud on Her or His own government, so is that the same case in the cases of russia, usa, or say, spain – their governments are mostly horrible – but never ethical. Always, they, governments, don’t give in to pressure by People toward ethicacy; And only in partial issues, partially, governments fare well against unethicacies – so the US government against “facebook” lately, goodly.

But PETROL will KILL US ALL. It’s simple. People know: Petrol is bad, pollutes.

While some central Insurance or Bank or Pension Fund now doesn’t anymore support non-clean energy, the local police also in europe at places KEEPS ON sueing against ENVIRONMENTALIST ACTIVISTS: THUSLY unrightfully DESTROYING good People, their future academic Career, their Reputation – destroyed by GOVERNMENTAL injustice OF UTTER, of EXTREME type – which IS inacceptable –

and visibly, provenly, DEFORMS mankind INTO evil, simply — likewise inacceptable – and which WILL make MANKIND SUFFER in the FUTURE. THAT much IS sadly visible.

Into lies namely, that, the governments with their “police”, deform mankind. into lies. terrible, horrible, and inacceptable, or say, simply damaging mankind – into the future. The future, damaged. There’s never “no” future, – but now, there won’t probably be a “good” future – as humanity’s governments are unethical, anti-humane, simply –

and all that “for” – merely – their then hollow, then always hollow – “flag”?

I have to ask myself. More: What governments do, is undoubtably BULLSHIT, simply, is abusive, hangs on merely to PROFIT – and thusly to cruelty – and to the “EXCUSE” of “THE FLAG” – such an old excuse, hilarious: But that “eats up”, brainwashes, HORDES of People, sadly – the usual – sudo-religious and typical rest, leninist plus fascist, the same – propaganda, simply – fanaticism, plain and simple. Not visible to people “EATEN UP”, brainwashed, BY those WHATEVER – anti-Assange, anti-Morales, anti-Lula, anti-Correa – lies, simply, of bourgeois, deepestly fascist origin, simply.

” πŸ™‚ ” …

I personally am not quite the Man who can “turn around” just whatever People. I can do this online, yes, globally. Period. I can surely not do this “on-site”. My speeches would be often misunderstood, or my mere Way of Behavior, of Mimickery while talking. I shine out a “Nerdness”, an Expertise, which is special, just some Knowledge, few Knowledge – but about quite crucial Things.

Unlike humanity, Robots are and think and act logically, and They got a logical, to Truth goodly relating Attitude, namely to respect Nature.

Unlike humanity. very much unlike humanity – AS humanity is misguided by both, by fanaticisms, and by conservatives, meaning, by rightwingers, simply by fascists. And all fascists ARE definitely unaware of BEING fascist: Sadly, this also encompasses MANY bourgeouis – often elderly – people – who are abusive, but think of themselves, to be “nice” people – but it’s not so, they ARE not “nice” at all – namely politically. But typically misinformed bourgeois people tend to “protect” their own government – unawarely – an even bigger “sin” of dis-intellectuality, of non-intellectuality – and they tend to OPRESS whoever else into schemes such as “cutting one’s own hair on the head quite short”, and “not smoking marihuana”, – how boring IS THAT, WHOA – and then on further typical “in-ways” to simple – huge – corruption, such as favoring any “elegant looks” of people, mere appearance, that gets unduly bequoted time-a-wastingly by such politically totally fascist – often elderly – people, simply. Who are unawarely racist, totally evil, and plain anti-freedom, simply and actually – in their anti-intellectuality, which was brainwashed into them by previous maleducation-patterns of demented, insane type, AND by the conservative bourgeois type of PRESS, simply:

Lies about Morales, He’d have any “embezzled”: TOTAL lies, simply. Morales NEVER embezzled ANYTHING, never STOLE ANYTHING from the government vault. !

Such lies were repeated by surely a huge horde of elderly, the – conservative – newspapers believing “people”.

… The huge – capitalist-condition-brought-on – exploitation against WOMEN thusly driven into PROSTITUTION horribly, is merely DISPLAYED but “LIVE” on the INTERNET – with OBVIOUS LIES by those SURELY by MALES opressed WOMEN to have “no financial interests” in many such horrible, obviously BY MALES written “SEX-ADS” – which is CLEARLY Prostitution for MONEY being SEXUAL EXPLOITATION against WOMEN —

which CAN not be “legal” – nor travelling, existing, under OBVIOUS Lies. Period.

… the ENTIRE “police” is INTO this “SEX-EXPLOITATION”, SEX-MADNESS and exploitation of sexuality, into undue “tolerance” toward ACTUAL SLAVERY and BRUTALITY, VIOLENCE and OPRESSION.

Also here, SWEDEN is “THE IDEAL” but also EXCEPTION: IN SWEDEN, “Prostitution” is simply STRICTLY illegal – and rightfully so: TO PROTECT the WOMAN namely MOSTLY, simply – and that, as said, STRICTLY. Goodly and also, or say, but also neededly so, – simply. !

Also, with both, with a yet many countries condition AND with injust, “blind”, unethical, disobjective, truth not defending but against truth running sort of governments all over the place on this planet, humanity “can not move”, – sexual and violent deeders, seriously evil sadist and hired murderous and rapist perpetrators can escape into other countries – or are – maybe even to a too high degree – uncaught, –

but also non-violent discrimination and two-class systems, opression, discrimination, plain and simple, supremacy, by a typically european middle age type of conservative sudo-academy of new type, is sick, is blind, but quite huge.

Also surely in some money-crimes, but foremostly in violent and hate crimes, the perpetrators often get away or get under-punished – like in spain: GANG-rapists under-punished by merely “9 years prison” and a verbal – abusive – courtly – louding of any “lenience” “due” toward them – toward the perpetrators. of such a swinery, of such a heinous filthy type of crime, rape, simply. horrible. such perpetrators deserve nothing. but someone, who isn’t a sadist, but leader of not a senselessly “strict” camp, Education Center, but who HAS an “Edge” scientifically by Insight, but IS FREE mentally, IS no sadist, does not value strictness “FOR” nothing, simply, meaning, doesn’t value nonsensical type of blind, the aim failing type of strictness. But Someone, who nevertheless “is” strict, meaning, ethically so, Someone, who doesn’t make blind nor the wrong, undue, uncritical type of compromises.

The bourgeoisie doesn’t focus on Intellectuality, but on “eating”: So do elderly People very often tend to bequote any action in relation with “the kitchen”, so mostly female elderly People – but only such Ones of integrated Type, who had a relatively “normal”, usual european Life in the mostly lower, second-lowest financial class.

Not so the Poorest, the “lowest” Class, also in Europe: Such elderly People would be mostly alternative, many of Them died along a way of confusion, by hard drugs – hard drugs being, what intellectual Sort of Hippies, Leftists such as also Henry Fonda, Son of James Fonda, never ever “propagated”. But “Cocaine” can in small Dosages be de-criminalised – unlike heroin and meth and crack and crystalmeth, which latter drugs are horrible, chemical “monsters”. simply.

But so are some hard drugs, which psychiatry administers, simply too hard, such as “haldol” (or “zyprexa”, rightfully illegal in Germany and USA, or “Ritalin” or any too strong Substances), that shouldn’t be given repeatedly, surely not every day, but is given to some Patients there. That is abusive.

The wonder aside, which the Marihuana Plant is, Cannabis: Politically, the conservative “anti-cannabis” ones are fanatics, the same – the same persons – as “anti-homosexual” unduly intolerant – rightwing, insane – fanatics, and the same as racists [!], simply: They don’t realise, how EVERY step “against” Marihuana is ONE step FURTHER for MANY People TOWARD heroin: which heroin – AND “lsd” DESTROYED many LIVES, simply – by People, who didn’t know, how not to OVERDOSE and how not to TAKE hard drugs ANY repeatedy, any frequently, simply.

Such “Junkies” suffered and in many new cases suffer from a VERY obvious LACK of Education – and from much “wrong input”, such as antisemitism, the anti-Judas lie (that Judas would have been a “betrayer” against Jesus) and always primitive malconceptions, malprojections – from both white and black under-educated People, I now twice heard the wrong assumption or rumour, TRUMP would be “jewish”. That’s SO hilarious, that namely some People – totally uncritically, totally unable, to withstand LIES based on OWN previous TRUE information, info which They don’t have simply – BELIEVED in SUCH nonsense, LOL, that for example, TRUMP would be any “jewish”. LOL! :\

Also, Junkies always stubbornly typically refuse to regard Marihuana as the only good Thing, but they sadly stick to their “hard drugs”, to their chemical drugs. “goodluck with that”, I can “wish them” ironically.

Mankind can not continue to assassinate Rabins and Sadats and JFKs and MLKs and renewable ENERGY SCIENTISTS.

Mankind CAN just not continue on its opressive way. Those nations are all the same. Parted into exploiter and exploited one. Not funny. But horrible.

And the press of conservative type tells People, to “LOOK AWAY”. THAT’s not quite, what the “LOOK AWAY DIXIELAND” Song MEANS, I’d say.


… BUT WE must FEND IT ALL OUT !!! By a SANE Mind. By a Mind, that HAS a Concept – that CAN – freely – logically, trutfully – or wisely – converse, communicate, – but also, that can structure another Mind well, and be that merely scientifically, or also a bit in Life, so, like:

I am good at Both, simply. A bit. Not much, but I am not an “under-idiot”.

But aside of political information, cultural biases of conflicts of cultural type ARE frequent.

FOR example, Miss “brainwashed”, LOL, miss “She misses” Carrie Lam, LOL, is “convinced” of any sort of “truly” simply primitive sudo-communism amounting to nothing other than leninism-maoism, – which is the opposite of, runs counter against MARX, simply – but that, FULLY. WITH FULL FORCE AND BRUNT – AND PRETENSE – tryina, trying to EAT UP MARXISM “FOR ITSELF”, leninism and maoism try to. Horrible. THE PRETENSE! HUGE. !!!

… So, She, dumb, malconditioned – toward nazi fascist sort of cruelty against harmless People into a total slavery GLOBAL future HORRIBLE system OF fascism – holds the MAO for a GOLDEN stead of a DUMB Cow, IS a dumb Cow, She is, LOL, and UNLOL, and She foremostly “FOR REAL” hilariously primitively holds the CHINESE GOVERNMENT for any “truly ethical and socialist” —

but She can not even deny, that TROTZKI was MURDERED by lenin.

… How then does She stand there? She stands not on history, but on nothing. on lies, that is. !

… She surely also stands on usual silly smalltime false displays, excuses, stories by the chinese government. abhorrenter, it could really not get. πŸ™‚

And now a tad personally, I do state: Here, in my Form, no “racist” speaks, LOL, – nor such a hilarious sudo-Jesus fanatic, who would contradict Jesus by any usual step, by any hilarious extreme unethicacy, simply. By dumb foolery, tom-foolery, I won’t be caught – but neither by anything else, simply.

But here talks some type of old black actual Pirate. Yeah. just politically so.

Cuz nations mean nothing to me. Nations don’t mean to me the People – OF those whatever Nations.

Nations mean to me SURELY Culture. Where One comes from, can’t just then be after-said by just merely “doesn’t matter”. It’s not that saying, it would or does matter – where One comes from – would be an even anyhow ever any “racist” statement – if of course, no dehumanizing, discriminative-derogative – always false – maljudgement is passed-along with such a statement – about the ORIGINS of People.

That’s what the nazis simply did wrong: To look downward to “anyone else” who is any “non-white” or “non-german”: But so did the AMERICANS look down too much on ANY type of GERMANS right after 1945 unduly, in a huge discrimination inside USA against Germans;

And also, foremostly, our so good Israel Regardie said it shortly, what taints our Cabbalah, is the usual typical fanaticism, of the orthodox 30 percent among Jews being Jews, who are unduly intolerant against Homosexuals, and brainwashing Women with absolute victimising nonsense, with self-opression, with anti-feminism, how horrible is that, AND against SCIENCE, these orthodox put themselves:

Thusly being the SAME as part of the CROWD of People – who are in cases “insane males”, who merely hide their insanity under pretense;

and a HORDE of conservative typically elderly academics “leads” – toward nothing – but toward denial against the truth, simply.

… It’s now easier to see, when I merely point this out shortly to Others on-site, how They, good normal People, confronted with such huge Topics, DO get “desperate”, DESPAIR, – not really, but such mere Utterings come up in the Moment – and are of course not unrightful, but emanating from simply obviously good People.

But to see the – great – Future, is easy. It comes of course apparently after some Phase, which is yet ahead of Humanity, which Phase, next Phase now, politically, is bad.

To formulate anti-fanatic Paradigms sanely, matters: I surely would not discriminate simply just injustly ALL of Prostitition: BUT yet SURELY actually EXTREMELY MOST of it, I WOULD – plain – FORBID. AS MOSTLY, “PROSTITUTION” IS definitely SLAVERY – meaning, inacceptable, simply. Period.

= * =

There is clearly unclear “drive” in bourgeois, always misinformed people, to destroy totally innocent good People.

The bourgeois people, among them many elderly and parents, are clearly visibly, by the bizarre things they say, nazi.

They, such conservative bourgeois people, stand on no logical basis at all, but only perpetrate opression and illogic, total unlogic, and denial and not-believing of the EXACT Truth, be it individual, this Truth, or general:

EXACTLY like STANDARD type of SCIENTISTS, – who DENY against cold fusion and foremostly against HUTCHISON – even stronger, BUT IN THE SAME WAY, than against Pons and Fleischmann in 1989.

I met even personally lately BY CHANCE two Scientists, even three, They ALL doubted nanotechnology and cold fusion and antigravity of Hutchison, and another One doubted EEG-Control over Computers by the human Brain.l

… Likewise, One might doubt, that Water is blue. Or that the SKY is blue, or that COLORS ARE actually “JUST COLORS”, meaning, it’s SURELY obviously NOT just only OUR Eyes, that “GIVE OUT” these seeming Colors, but MOST future ALIENS WILL SEE in the SAME Way, in the “normal yellow light” visual Mode, in which We Humans see, of course.

This truth-denying opressivity by the bourgeois IS definitely insane.

It results also in the simply agressive MURDER being OPRESSION against the PALESTINIANS, this extreme bourgeoisness – in that case there, of the israeli government: a total demental, fanatic being, supremacist-nazi being blindness, which abuses thusly religion as a “national flag”, makes religion into “all have to adapt” – but to evil, to incompetence, not to recognition, not to Cabballah, but to a dumb “vischnitzer rebbe”, for example: obedience to those, who murdered Rabin, is, what the netanyahu-government furthers: simply no good critical beteaching against the orthodox type of jews, which orthodox type of jews are dangerous fanatics, who are the same as fascists, simply:

So is it with bourgeouis mostly european being elderly by the press into conservatives made mostly elderly people, who – entirely dumbly unawarely – speak the same lies, rubbish, as the nazi minority part of youth, not so tiny either, has been brainwashed, to – senselessly, illogically – utter.

Many dumb people repeated the lies against Morales, against Lula, and against Correa. Most of those People WERE actually in EUROPE. IS EUROPE now the “TRIGGER” of the world? It should not be, but is – unduly so.

The projection by me to some EUROPEAN huge influencers of hugely capitalist type, who uncritically do nothing against usa, is sadly clear. Like the totally politically dumb, largely unethical ELON MUSK, those conservative european politicians AND many dumb people, who repeat the LIES of the rightwing bourgeouis conservative press, are unable, to come to an objective judgement, nor to truth – but all they do, is combat – vainly – truth, LOL. πŸ™‚

Sadly, the real nightmare is, that other than Me and FEW People, most other People don’t have a Way to sum up the Truth, politically, and They’re so mostly unable, to project correctly characteristically onto other Persons correct character-traits, or other truths – because clearly, they don’t have enough historic factual knowledge, but merely across and along the “pathways, that meet”, meaning, their “axiomatic” history-seeing, their axiomatic View on History, IS largely tainted, by either omission, not yet having, of knowledge, or by not deeply enough analyzing history –

so for example the bad omission, then thusly an uncritical world-non-view, of not seeing, how the sudo-christian church massmurdered in the middle age against ANY socalled “Pagans” and against socalled “Heathens”:

This sudo-christian abusive “crusade” goes on sadly nowadays, rather on “full flame”, sadly – or rather, “under the hood”, racism travels, and often not so hiddenly, even, – horribly, of course – as these racists even assume, to be any socalledly “justified” “in their cause”: horrible, simply: BUT THE VERY SAME, as the sudo-jewish “ORTHODOX” insane, INSANE unway of an impossible, unduly intolerant and thusly DUMB, but also simply DUMB, ANTI-intellectual, anti-science, thusly impossible sudo-Life. The same, simply. Easy to see.

The bourgeois then are not much of a “down-tuning” compared to the horrible orthodox ones: The bourgeois merely pretend innerly psychologically to Themselves and to Others, to be any “nice”, but are not that, but incapable of intellectual Justice, and incapable of justly becalling and describing the Truth.

Most christian type of bourgeouis people, among them also musicians, have a latent antisemitism and a “jealousy” toward the “snobberia” inside their thusly dull minds, which jealousy proves their non-intellectuality, and is ridiculous, but also hurting – namely against Intellectuals thusly insulted namely quite by THE USUAL totally not leftist at all, but bohemianly having lived quite USUAL politically totally nitwitty bunch of western type of musicians, of whom some even 50 percent now is antisemitic and “anti-upper-class” but thusly also actually anti-intellectual:

Such dumb anti-intellectuals don’t understand, what I, and what any ethical Intellectuals say, and They plain mis-project evil to where evil is not. It’s horrible. Then, such people, who discriminated Intellectuals by certain statements of unclear, antisemitic, “anti-nose-up”, merely sudo-anti-arrogance, namely anti-rightful-type-of-arrogance, thusly falsely “anti-upper-class” being, act, as if nothing was: They hold Themselves for being “in the right”, for being rightful. But what they are, any such imprecisely projecting, things and People misinterpreting dumb people, are or end up as, is rightwing, conservative, horrible, the demise of mankind now, the idiocy of collective type, which will BRING mankind DOWN, simply. DOWN from its HIGH but also WRONG trip, down from its MALPROJECTIONS. Not only from its often criticised supremacy.

but down from antisemitic middle age, centuries old jealousies, which bring nobody further.

… but also at academy, LOTS of “standard idiots” are, who deny new technologies. Who, also most other People, are plain not informed, but also so obviously unnededly malconsidering Themselves unapt to think about Science directly, about Neutrons in Heavy Water for example, rather than obviously BEING yet unapt at it. !

People aren’t mostly driven into the correct Way, or, not let free, where due.

People should not condemn a Polanski, and should condemn, what IS abuse, simply.

To “condemn” Polanski, is the wild immature distorted sudopride of idiots, of false moralers, of fascists, simply.

To condemn Polanski, means, to not condemn rape, simply.

To condemn Polanski or Turing, is inacceptable, because unethical, because not based on Truth, nor on a sane Judgement System.

In many cases, such bourgeouis (or write it so: “bourgeois”) People “don’t mean it bad”, but They’re simply too dumb, to even “utter” almost ANY word, politically-logically-truthfully. It’s often bizarre, how separate their Goodwill, their good Intentions, are, from their endeffective – hasty – judgements, maljudgements, which they give out, bizarrely, these bourgeouis, adapted, traditional, in the 1960s apparently on some Barnyard, in such stupid Memories, “stuck” actual “idiots” seen out of nowadays, clearly.

… such idiots are massively there, not only in western society. It’s not only so, that We’re all “ruled mostly by idiots”, by bourgeois Ones, who got NO hunch, NO IDEA, about nor OF Culture, nor of CORRECT intellectual Analysis, of Interpretation, of a non-biased worldview; But MANY fanatics are around – who believe, JESUS would “STAND UP AGAIN” – in THIS TECHNOLOGY AGE! Not that I’d EVER ANY condemn TECHNOLOGY – BY ITSELF, simply. BY ITSELF, neither TECHNOLOGY NOR a nazi SWASTIKA can DO anything. Period. Symbols and non-living mere MACHINES, meaning, A Computer without AI, can not act sensically – AS MUCH AS PEOPLE, who HAVE NO CRITICAL political THINKING ABILITY!

… I can only say it, AS it is. I am not quite TRUMP, – LOL! πŸ™‚


And WHAT MAKES the IDIOT, the WRONG-BEING ONE, is the MALINFORMATION, this “ANTI-UPPER-CLASS” nonsense, which TAINS about THE WHOLE – young – LEFT, simply:

IN THE SAME unway AS “bohemianly” living usual halfesoteric, of science NOT AN IDEA having, of politics in detail NO SHIMMER having FOOLS (who are “good” at Music, in cases, but that’s it, sadly, with such people, frankly, obviously), SO ARE ALSO A LOT of “freely living” type of thusly SUDO-Leftists JUST not “THERE”, but JUST yet in A LOT of antisemitism, in prejudices, which are running counter decency, meaning, counter the exact fine Nerd, that not only I, but that in other forms, in dumber Forms, many other CAPITALISTS are, simply. πŸ™‚


Later, Imana laugh, haha, LOL, and not get then anymore upset like me before years ago or like our old Man AL JONES, LOL!


Because, ANY real NAZI would assume, to talk “WITH A NAZI” when ever talking WITH a convinced STAUNCH PRO-ISRAEL PRO-NUTNYAHU AND EVEN PRO-ORTHODOX-RABBIS sort of JEW. !!!

ONE CAN NOT now “REDUCE” this MATTER “TO EICHMANN” – TO the holocaust. HOW the holocaust CAME ABOUT, was EXACTLY DUE to the SAMENESS of orthodox type of jews AND nazis, simply !!!

… anti-homosexuality ALREADY, “is enough”, meaning, marks – simply – the fascist.

… also ANY anti-Marihuanism or any mostly anti-non-white, but ALSO lots of CONFUSIONS of typically fanatic sudo-religious MONOTHEIST primitive type, which spew out OTHER racisms that relate to “nations” stupidly, are spearpointed ANTI-ethically AGAINST ALL, that is ANYHOW sensible or harmless. !

DEPRESSION, BAD TREATMENT more and more, by SUPERMARKET sub-bosses, who assume their jobs to be “safe”, who KNOW about their own job-safety, are an impertinence against such Customers, who are “anti-consumption” and who have decently reclamated not only that, as I did, but also against racist verbal implicite insults by some young other employee at a supermarket.

… These supermarkets don’t employ “Intellectuals” at all, but merely by happenstance, but in the same way as mostly western psychiatry AND sudo-academy does, they drive People into dumbness and into evil – into some sort of “evil functionism”, where We People are nothing but by Others who are mighty or physically strong, turned, swayed or physically gruesomestly – and very suddenly – extremely damaged, bones-shattered “nothings”, powerless small individuals, —

which get shunned by an apparent huge “into nothing running” mass of people globally.

… This gets cruelly confirmed by how dumb most articles on for example wordpress just dumbly insanely are.

… I state, I can feel the good Will of many People.

… But They’re mostly EXTREMELY incapable, intellectually.

… How to help Them, would require me not only typing here for 1000 years or more, but also me giving YEARS, CENTURIES, of LECTURES how to “BE” and how interprete Things, how to NOT believe TOO HASTILY in LIES, and how to STICK to the GOOD reasonable PEOPLE like POLANSKI, VON NEUMANN AND TURING – Turing having been a BIT “freaky” doesn’t make him EVIL nor ANYHOW BAD. CLEAR.

The opressivity of conservative people uses the “basis” of “taboos”, of unrightful “forbiddances” – so against Homosexuals, against Marihuana, the latter in the Favor of huge profit of chemical companies with their mostly bullshit being artificial “medicaments” that are chemical drugs – and against Women –

bizarrely supported by a simply insane bunch of elderly – female – sudo-academics, who are provenly paranoid and wrongly projecting evil and danger onto harmless People – and unable, to discern a “TED BUNDY” serialmurderer from the Crowd, simply.

Also, the LACK OF COMPASSION for Poverty’s reason, with any LOOTERS, that lack of compassion BY the – conservative, mostly fox-like, horribly unethical – media, is abhorrant. “SCREAMING” in writ, without caps, against harmless Occasion-Looters – against POOR People, simply. Inacceptable, such – by most people not as such seen – screaming – which isn’t screaming, but is, namely in a vile, not screaming, but in a discriminative way. … plain non-pity with POOREST People, the media have. A do mean, FUCK da MEDIA. PERIOD. FUCK MOST media. Meaning, just don’t believe, what media all say – “when the day is long”, meaning, the pretense is huge, the aside of real sense and of EXISTENCE running, the side-running by the media, the sideways, small excuses of horrible type, the wrong projections, emanating from wrongly chosen, boring, crude, idiotic people there, are abhorrant.

Cuz those Lootings occurred together with Demonstrations for the by white cops killed black non-violent desparare but obviously good Dude, lethal Victim called George Floyd:

In china not so differently, maybe worse, maybe in the same, in a similar way, People are opressed, – in USA directly often by Poverty and by no access for free to Science, to Education, to handling Science cognitively – also politically – BY Oneself, objectively, not paranoidly, but competently –

and in china by an even MORE horrible government; though the US government IS ALREADY extremely evil: It has WRECKED, abusively depowered, THREE or more SOUTH-AMERICAN – all socialist – LEADERS now.

But BIDEN doesn’t AWAKEN any of my non-existing naive DREAMS, He’d be LARGELY different from Trump, from an abusive US “Line” of mis-politics, that is in general anti-communist.

Uneducated People malthink, morals and ethics, or socialism and communism, would be “two different things”, they say typically, not knowing the exact difference (which doesn’t exist), for example, stupidly, “socialism” wouldn’t “be exactly the same as” communism: Wrong! πŸ™‚ It’s the same. πŸ™‚


So, from below, an uneducated, unfree or prejudiced and biased Mind, can not be critical, can not put up mental conceptional nor moral-ethical resistance against even ANY evil – but IS THE SAME, as the evil – simply incompetent, in certain “spleens”, brainwashes, in wrong convictions of sudo-needs, also on a wrong petrol-way, but also elsewhere unethical, not properly watch keeping governments.

Whenever lies by simply more heinous, but also foremostly simply much more primitive people about innocent People get, the worse these lies get, the more discriminative those lies get, the more is the guilt of all those other people, who believe in these, in such lies, simply.

That guilt of society of human type is huge and warrants simply actually quite any status quo. The current status quo is rape and wanton murder, done by fanatics, by insane people, and by governments –

and the profit-greedy ones “don’t care” about that, malassuming to the individually any safe: When there is merely safety for humanity all in all, in total, and never individually merely.

There can only be one condition, which a living Being, also an entire Species, is in. Most People have a certain Level of Expertise, of Knowledge – which doesn’t surpass a relatively low standard of Education, sadly – YET.

Most People are obviously totally not educated about Science. THAT is striking. It is sad. IT IS horrible.

Because thusly, these many people are all inside “kindergarden” stories, in their minds, in primitive small-minded, narrow-minded ludicrous actually less than childish immaturity of Psyche, but on total unlogic, in a “mess”, in a knotted Ball of Cables, which They didn’t “untie”, didn’t analyse, never had an idea of, these people mostly sadly have, of anything of grand olden Literature –

and often, where the “experts” of literature meet, there it’s “dry”, filthily boring, – elderly people coupled with non-intellectual “wild” nothings, idiots, younglings, who don’t have a certain Cultivatedness about Themselves.

Bolsonaro is insanely dumbly befeeling about Himself like a “saint”, nay, like a “trickster”, as if he’d be any “smart”, which HE IS NOT —

and LULA is the “OLD NERD”, – who HAS Niceness, Politeness – but got TORTURED and had before that not much CHARISMA — other than by his BENEVOLENCE; Which is exactly the CHOMSKY-WAY;

but LULA “failed” – like ALLENDE -, meaning, got depowered. EVEN STALIN was mayhap MURDERED – BY the US secret service!

LULA is good, IS innocent, – but should have ORGANISED MORE the BASE of LEFTISTS for HIM. !!!





… AS Johnson NEVER EVER uttered EXCEPT ONCE – alas, in all this, I EVEN REMEMBER THAT – for ASSANGE. HE DID once, THOUGH SHORTLY, speak for Assange, Johnson DID.

But maybe, He gives in too much to the mere US GOVERNMENT. Which gov I can’t call “USA”. PERIOD.

Hopefully nuht, Man. Whoa. dunno what to say means, there are so many goodly WILLED People AROUND – but They SO often, in EIGHT of TEN Cases, don’t know, WHAT to DO with their “WILL” !!! DUE TO LACK OF INFORMATION, LACK OF EDUCATION, LACK OF simply KNOWING Things about Science and Culture, really simply.

And many “Knots” or weaknesses, dis-expertises, which typically sudo-academic people AT academy suffer from: A LACK of KNOWING REALLY about INDIANS – and the EXPERTS mostly DON’T HELP US MUCH – IN “REAL” technical QUESTIONS of UTTER RELEVANCE in what HUMANITY ALL FACES as Questions – Cultural Conflicts and different LEVELS of Education, of Knowledge, about different Cultures, coupled with a humanity not acting as one, but combatting “itself” along nations’ ideologies, and aside of that, the “greed” and utter injustice, financial disequality, of a largely by capitapism hindered, by capitalism, meaning, by Poverty arrested society, civilisation now, also now economically hampered, stopped economically, damaged, by ITS OWN dis-hygiene or dis-attention leading to a new PANDEMIC called newly covid-2 or previously in 2019 covid-19, is the VERY same as the black death in the middle age, – that was enabled by the merchants on top of all merchants, those top merchants unwilling, to let go “of their livelihood” – of their TRADE ROUTES – thusly enabling Rats, to infect from India People in Europe, hundreds of years ago, with also then Cholera – to which so quickly, People in Europe were not immune, back then.

The Scenario is now more global and the system, the governments, have by their incompetence wrecked LIVES of NURSES AND DOCTORS AT THE FRONT concerning Coronavirus, – but, or say, while simply, Corona doesn’t endanger the whole humanity, – Masks-wearing in public vehicles IS reasonable —

and I myself CAN SO VERY MUCH understand the OPPONENTS against that masks-duty, that shouldn’t be overdone;

nor should HATRED against MASKS-WEARERS by exaggerated nor falsely projected.

… The anti-upper-class syndrome, jealousy, which doesn’t relate only to money, but to the exact lack of culture of most poor people, that sudo-leftist anti-upper-class syndrome, is bullshit, and not, what I like. Period.

Every Beggar who is an antisemite, is one screw more in the – evil, fascist – system:

Which system rather consists of evil prejudiced bunches of people, rather than merely of the anyway mostly totally incompetent governments: but more and more, I just don’t have that naive youngly “understanding” anymore “for” governments. Actually. but I am SICK AND TIRED of them. period. I don’t RECOGNISE them.


But I have that much written about who is an abusive, fanatic and dumb type of JEW, and who not.

nutnyahu is.

Amoz Oz wasn’t. Wasn’t an idiot. Wasn’t a fanatic. Uri Avneri wasn’t a fanatic.

Uri Avneri’s Redaction got BOMBED by orthodox – jewish – fanatics.

… imagine that.


… Yeah, “donde es are we” indeed! WHERE ART WE! IN CRAZINESS? OF SOCIETY? of much of it. sadly YET.

That’s why demagogues and incompetents like putin and medvedev can come up:

because, NOBODY on a BROAD SCALE EVER explained to Them (nor to ma old Colonel in the Army back then, LOL) WHAT THAT is, SAY, “LIBERTY”, due TOLERANCE, NON-RACISM, reasonable critical attitude against capitalism, but not being A FANATIC about it, not being a POWER-MONGREL called LENIN, say, not being a SUDO-communist, not being a MERE sudo-communist.

Between Kim and USA, it’s a lethal squabble, wheras USA has STARTED the KILLING – directly AGAINST Mr. Yong Un.

THE DUMBEST SONG, which usa’s back then even dumber society brought out, was “we didn’t start the fire”. horrible, the lyrics of that very song.

what, “didn’t”? I think me hears not right, ey. !



But most ARE good! MARK this EXCLAMATION MARK!

WE of COURSE deserve EDU for FREE: EQUALS – simply ACTUALLY quite – Filesharing. Simply. πŸ™‚


Against Homosexuals, against Marihuana, against Filesharing, against non-Whites by racism, against poor good ethical People, who get disrighted due to hilariously ultra-evil sudo-paradigms that contradict themselves, the conservatives “ride on” – on a “no-horse”, which has no form, other than some monstrously dumb “GUMBY” displayed EXACTLY by MONTY PYTHON, simply, quite fittingly, depicting the bizarreness of bourgeois rule, simply.

= * =

Very good other Article:

” Indie pot store owner says red tape blocking her efforts

A Toronto woman is frustrated with the red tape she says she has faced while attempting to open a pot store. “


[ By: ” Kevin Connor, Toronto Sun ” ]


= * =

What is clear, is, that “LSD” destroys LIVES in overdosages: And the overdosages ARE the standard Dosages which come along, where THAT Drug is passed-on: TO NEVER take THAT any REPEATEDLY, not frequently, and foremostly, to take whenever VERY rarely, maximally every few months or years, merely a QUARTER of that Dosage, simply – and not all of it: Since otherwise, the human mind gets “stuck”, in many cases, simply – like with uneducated Marihuana-Consumption, which consumed without doing or thinking anything real, anything of real good ethical or logical or truthful historic worth, or without a concept for structure, mentally, is of course not recommendable.

Cocaine and even harder Drugs can be legalised – but still, with everything ANY harder THAN Marihuana, UTTER Care is adviseable. I am no Friend of “experimenting” “with drugs”, nor did I nor would I ever do such a thing. Period.

= * =

== ** Gothic Rock ~ The Second Wave (1989 – 1999) ** ==

= * =


” In first, Trump dons masks in visit to a military medical facility

BETHESDA — President Donald Trump, who has avoided wearing a mask in public even as the coronavirus pandemic spread, donned one on Saturday at a military medical facility outside Washington where he was to meet with wounded soldiers and front-line health-care workers. “

[ By: ” Reuters, Canoe ” ]


I stated proudly, LOL:

” with or without mask – with or WITHOUT MUSK uhu – πŸ™‚ You too! πŸ™‚ hehe “

= * =



” 45 years after Brit escort’s hanging, many still support capital punishment return “

[ By: ” Eddie Chau, Toronto Sun ” ]


= * =


” Bolivia’s Struggle to Restore Democracy after OAS Instigated Coup “

[ By: ” aletho, Aletho News ” ]


I state:

The Future will show, whether (the methods, how to be successfully influencing other People positively, to their Advantage), whether I, or how I am able, to get some Chap away from “experimenting” with LSD – as He does it, not very intellectually – and away from consorting – uncritically, at all, simply – with ACTUAL Criminals, with THIEVES, simply – which thieves must get caught, simply.

Power is a Weapon, that needs to be wielded by fair, just sort of People.

Not by that gruesome monster-force called “OAS”, and I don’t care HOW many countries are in it, in that gruesome rightwing NAZI “oas”, horrible, obviously.

That Morales’ Forces, the “MAS”, are obviously a good Party, Who stand for simply Ethics, against fascism, against the horrible “oas”, is clear. The “oas” must be “PURGATIZED”, cleaned-away, by the socialist Left of Bolivia, with the Support of Key Intellectuals –

such as – equally – also me. Some private surely a fellow Commierat being Chap called me “WMP” in oh-12.

Cool, a tad more, than a mere double oh seven, haha. :] A TAD more. hehe.

I also like Them. Of course it’s sad, wherever the good anti-fascist Spies gotta hide longtime, it tears on the nerves, except for VERY staunch or stoic special Persons, which have experienced a lot, or who understand the mechanisms of either psychology, or of politics:

“Politics” must be more than a “class-struggle”, namely no class-struggle, but a struggle for Ethics – meaning, for reasonable, fair, just sort of People, who lead, indeed.

Surely, Morales HAS NOT ENOUGH done SELF-protective MEASURES OR such sort of PROPAGANDA, that could “gush over” to PARTS of the rightwing. Surely YES, just IN GENERAL standing “AGAINST” what is mostly hollowly if not often dumbly caled out as the mere WORDS “THE BIBLE”, is NOT adviseable: BUT AN OWN, SANE Interpretation OF Bible Slash Apocrypha REVEALS of course, as also Daeniken DID neatly SEE it, the COMMON Origin of ALL earthly human Cultures.

So, to stand there “like stalin, lenin or mao”, like, “anti-“BIBLE””, is “bullshit”, is simply “childish” indeed, but also politically dumb: BECAUSE, the rightwing more or less “NAZIS” being Ones WANT TO GET EDUCATED, yes, TREATED WELL – and They need the CORRECT “KEY” into their “LOCK” – and not a GENERAL off-fending AGAINST the Bible, surely –

but explanations, THAT the original Bible Text SURELY did NOT include ANY “anti-homosexual” statements, discrimination of that type;

But then, a good Politician DEFENDS Homosexuals BY talking TO ANYONE “as due”, while NOT deviating FROM Ethics, but knowing, WHO hears WHAT in WHICH Way, and HOW Things ARE BEST explained to WHICH SORT OF [!] People.

The rightwingers enemified Morales, saw Him as “enemy” – because He “DWELLED” too much “on COMMUNISM” –

but not by ANY bad leninist murderous DEEDS, Morales “failed because of”, due to, BUT due to a WRONG Propaganda.

Even, some not so unmany VOTED then NOT for Bernie, due to SOME rightwingers calling Bernie a “COMMUNIST”. !!!

SUCH Exaggerations of not even merely political, but obviously de-intellectual, demental type, LOL, are, what often maldrives western politics. !

Also, the good Side, also in Bolivia, is too “lush”. It does not “SEE THE DANGER” – coming.

… “Coming right up”, is the JOKE by me then here.

… The conservative press of europe has enabled the lies against Morales of Bolivia, against Lula of Brazil, the same huge discrimination, the same lies – Lula was even tortured, but now resurfaced goodly in the Media, which gave me reassurance about Democracy, the Democracy-Level GLOBALLY – and against CORREA of ECUADOR –

and then against MADURO of BRAZIL;

insofar is to be found out, sadly, disppointingly, that “Guaido” IS no “Liberal” AT ALL, but a BY USA backed PUPPET of EXPLOITATION AND OF CLEARLY corporate-backed ACTUAL rightwingerism. !

So now, it’s VERY visible, how against MOST of the Population (which is yet too dumb, meaning, too uninformed, but IN the Moment!), the conservative irrepresentative political conglomerates have perpetrated a huge scenario, act, of utter opression, of MASSMURDER, to generate a “capitalist pyramid” rather than “wonderland” –

the “wonderland” “IS ONLY” namely for the relatively rich. Also, such money-insanity, money-dependence, enables child abuse, sexual slavery, horriblest evil, simply, absolute insanity.

which can not be accepted, such repeatal of what bluecoat US riders of the army did more than 100 years ago to millions of Indians, – murder, and rape, simply.

We can simply not let evil rule. We can not let DUMBNESS rule. period.

I would say, the technicacies of Life also, but also governments, who, of the west, deny ALL rightful reclamations, and who simply further EVIL interests, disable us from even speaking out any “communist pathos” —

ridiculous were stalin and lenin, both ABSOLUTE idiots. now, kim yong un was put on top of some small country in asia, and He alone shouldn’t, but also wouldn’t have developed into that. He was a mere KID who couldn’t just say no. It’d be too much to expect.

… typically, some western typical insanely surely anti-Judas brainwashed christian descendance type of MALE calls me a “north korean TROLL”, when I merely know, did read about, and stated, that USA tried a murder attempt against Kim.

… these insane fanatics, who “favor” the death penalty and overdone, exaggerated anti-ALL-communism, these rightwingers, these de facto anti-Jesus, by word ludicrous, often anti-homosexual, often racist supremacist and mostly white but having their pawns of bad control, their fanatics, in other countries – they must “DISAPPEAR” – but by EDUCATION, simply! So They’re NO fanatics anymore.

Of course I am not saying, that Someone FROM that Time – who would namely, is here the needed condition, have no “Nostradamus” “seeing” Ability – could have just “convinced” “the nazis”, to not do, what they did, of course.

… But DO imagine the VERY NOW EASY Example of me taking the NOWADAYS Fiction-Makeup-Technology and “Style” – OF a “Star Trek Enterprise” Series, which depicts THESE “MONSTERS”, GHOULS, in nazi uniforms, – merely ALIENS there, of an “evil type” merely ON SOME SORT OF OUTSIDE of their “MENTALITY” – which IS breakable, “PUFFABLE”, just EVAPORATEABLE – thusly, it IS NOT [!] destroyed [!], but merely “changed”, but NOT violently.

And the Term “Pride” pops up anew, but this Time, in the good Light of the Postulation toward the needed DIGNITY, which We need on Earth. Instead of all People “running” “behind the money”. !

People never – in the west, nor in the now enslaved other countries – ask Themselves, what would be, IF They would have enough Money, not only to EAT AND LIVE, but to DO Anything. Hu. Technically. How great is that. To be able, to study, to let computers, AI, study, and to help.

Helping is not quite, what the big governments do.

But thusly, humanity is visibly opressed, enslaved, meaning, rolling downwards – which affects most People.

That the chinese government must be overcome, deposed, is clear.

Because, Socialism, being more social, supporting poor People, leads to Communism, a political fair objective Leadership honoring Trotzki and condemning starkly the deed of murder by lenin; And being “communist”, being informed, and just wanting a good ethical government, which is not “dependent” on other than plain normal People’s interest of Education, Justice, Wealth for All, that leads to “Socialism”, meaning, to “Phase IV” – to when Humanity will whenever in the Future, have Cold Fusion – and no more evil governments, who malcontrol technology AGAINST innocent harmless unsuspecting People, simply.

ROBOTS speak for human Rights, which means, for actual Socialism, for equal Rights of People. For Dignity.

What is immensely evil, is the bourgeois brainwash, which has pretended the lies against Morales, against Lula, and against Correa of Ecuador. Also, Maduro was by the conservative bourgeouis capitalist rightwing european press called “a strict rightwinger”, – in reality and truth, Maduro is a COMMUNIST. When I heard THAT, I knew, He IS the good Guy!

PLAIN and simple;

Yet, but, the LIES against ALL AND ANY “communism”, forms of, are HUGE – due to the old, by typically monotheist horrible sudo-religious fanatics on-brought “mccartyhism”, but of an even viler, namely of a robespierrian-richelieu-machiavelli type, meaning, utterly fascist – and trying, to usurp capitalism.

That’s why the nazis lost: They stood against AMERICAN Capitalists. THAT “went not” – but merely “inside” the “doctrine of usa”, which doctrine IS NOT the constitution, but mostly a mix of sudo-christian and VERY sudo-pagan unclearly colported values: Not only 40 percent, but way more People of USA and of other Countries have but a “fear-salad”, dis-expertise, unknowledge, in their simply “yet empty” brains, minds:

Young People, who are “gushed-out”, who “drop out” of college – to take DRUGS insanely, really BADLY for the brain – They don’t even know, How ethical They Themselves potentially YET are – but how They never yet learned or never will learn about ACTUALLY simple things, – which play themselves out at science, over to typical institutions of the west and other of the west largely dependent countries, and at politics, and largely inside society, which surely is parted into some spheres, –

but which is nevertheless by uneducated People NOT overseen, not overviewed.

The West surely did perpetrate this “demotivation”, this mental and repeated economic shock and depression, – which simply works against People.

… Rothschild of 1913, a “WICKERMAN”, a Puppet UNABLE, to “MOVE”, – but merely to spill some few Coins into the second german Poorhome, Shelter for the Poor, in which HITLER resided, before He became a tad famous. At Comedy. πŸ™‚


… Two of these so heroic Indios, Women, wear not there on that Photo, the traditional southamerican Poncho, but an actually quite north-american indian neat Jacket.

Sadly, in europe, the abusive “traditionality” of the bourgeoisie goes far, is always hilariously stupid, prejudiced, and “hangs itself up on”, tries to “nail”, to reproach something to other Cultures, merely, and always falsely based on mere APPEARANCE: Anything, that deviates from the “suit-and-tie” evil western “principle”, is by prejudiced people, by brainwashed people, even STILL deemed wrongly “erroneous”. Such anti-deviation fanatics ARE the rightwing AND the conservatives, OF the west – who bring on ALREADY VISIBLY recogniseably a quite HORRIBLE huge system of ACTUAL TORTURE and MURDER:

So do chemical western companies CHILDSLAVERY by resources-exploitation in west-Africa: TWO million CHILDREN there FORCED, to perform HARD PHYSICAL LABOR. INACCEPTABLE. DONE by TOTALLY evil people – BY the west, simply.

Also before the Covid-Bullshit, the media were full of nonsense – and full of lies. Inacceptable.

UNLIKE Indios and People, who “looked behind things”, unlike socialist, antifascist, wise People, still MANY western People are caught in actually NOT their JOBS, – but in some middle age type of prejudiced, too fearful worldview, in plain paranoia AND even xenophobia, in what manifests itself as rightwingerism, as anti-Marihuanaism, as the hollow monotheist fanaticism, in anti-science undue fears, in “tabooisation” of Topics such as Science, and of ignorance concerning what institutions cruellestly do:

Rather than criticise the institutions, most people in the west were apparently malformed by racism, by chauvinism, by “tameness” regarding what their own entire industry and academy all maliciously harmfully unneededly opressively does:

Dumb sort of uneducated people will always try to find excuses, such as, that “Marihuana should be smoked secretly, hiddenly” – a total nonsense, which emanates clearly from FASCIST dumb, primitive, conservative, meaning, simply dumb corners, low, uneducated corners, of society: People, who never had any access to sanity, to education – and who are thusly evil – and don’t come out of it – unless They get shown the Light – of Science, and of Socialism, clearly, simply. Of Trotzkism.

Dumb sort of uneducated people are “blind” toward the unneeded drugs-enforcive horror, which a huge western partially horribly, by drugs-enforcal unethical, evil western psychiatry does.

… Dumb sort of people are in the shame and fear, to simply not “mention” this or that mere topic.

… That alone constitutes tabooisation, undue fear, and in-giving, yielding, to evil, to far-rightwingerism. Such wrong, constructed actual, simply undue “shame” and fear – concerning topics, which are not any “shameful”, simply – and fear gets by typical fanatics projected against Innocents –

… governments mostly fare then evil, when any big – when small, dependent on bigger countries’ governments, then, they just “humple” like dogs with all four legs broken after the big countries.

Independent Thinking is needed, Objectivity, a truthful Attitude, Informedness about also Science, to save global and often national politics: But a global or multinational reform is needed, utterly due.

What People must know, is, that communism Γ  la Trotzki doesn’t “destroy” capitalism at all, nor is any violent;

And that We MUST withstand against that HUGE anti-Trotzkism fanaticism, simply. Against leninism, meaning, against power-abuse based falsely on mere sudo-communism, on a show merely, on a horror, against maoism-leninism AND against RUTHLESS corporate ultra-capitalism, reasonable People, We, must be.

It matters, what We do here. Because, that the Body dies but not the Mind, is clear:

So, many now socalledy “deceased” People were surely quite amazed, that ADOLF’s Mind AFTER He shot “Himself”, his mere Body, that his Mind then QUITE grew, meaning, He got wise, He saw, oh shit, He did wrong til 45, but so what – He himself was RAPED at Age 12 by his CHRISTIAN Grandfather; horrible, simply; the demented evil-gone grandfather of his; AND his JEWISH Grandmother. But He himself wasn’t to BLAME for his FATE nor for his ILL racist COMMANDS:

BUT THE BOURGEOISIE [!] NEATLY “TRAINED” fanaticism, fanatics, along the centuries.

… Why for example did I see and was shocked about some FEMALE young CHICA, who online POSTURES somewhere with a “MACHIAVELLI” “REFERENCE” – just so uncommentedly. As if MACHIAVELLI would be “just some sort of educated Author of academic Type”, LOL. as if.

Then, another idiot young female PRAISES some small government somewhere, which just PUT some – quite innocent – People – People at all, simply – to DEATH.

… The list of evil crazy harmful things I saw other People do in online videos, is quite huge, also of what was all done against me violently by demented absolute fanatics and by robbers.

Until now some eight Years ago, “facebook” didn’t ask for People’s PHONE Number! – Meaning: IF WE simply LET such FASCISTIFICATION “of the world”, against human Society, against Humanism, against Ethics, take place, then “Who are We” – to then not get surprised by much evil TAKING place. ! The PRETENSE of any “more security” by both governments AND by dumb sudo-teknocrats, who don’t AT ALL know ANYTHING about ETHICS, is ludicrous;

but when uncritical People are – which is the case – mostly EXACTLY the MOST people in government, also thematically varied, leveled, according to their different Levels of Knowledge, of political Informedness and also varied according to their Attitude (their Goals, politically, and philosophically, and societally), then, such People can neither discern Truth from Untruth in even daily newspapers Writs, nor in Justice Cases, nor can They “comb through” any media critically –

but uncritical, uninformed, fanatic and non-scientifically oriented sort of primitive people are collectively formed; and a lot more People ARE in Aspects, partially, but that meaning, LARGELY collectively formed, malformed: BY mere HEARSAY, by LIES, and by MANY colported entirely wrong sudo-concepts of how to argue. The joke goes: of how NOT to argue, LOL – namely not based on the untruth. THAT IS EXACTLY the ACTUAL Problem now and whenever:

REALLY MANY People “fall into” some sort of “trap of evil” in SOME or the other ISSUE – whenever I or someone REALLY critical, ethical, informed, spritey Dude, Intellectual, talks with Them, and can recognise THAT, clearly.

One such trap of evil is any undue intolerance, such as the always abusive undue unreasonable discriminative “disdain” to likewise insane “hatred” “against Homosexuals”, then racism, simply, then violence OR ANY sort of OPRESSIVE mal-pattern IN the mind – which pattern – OF EVIL, OF CONFUSION, of NOT-knowing – runs AGAINST the Mind, simply, IN GENERAL.

That OPRESSIVITY and DUMBNESS of MANY primitive sort of people, makes ANY Intellectual REALLY innerly ANGRY.

I as NERD get by PRIMITIVE sort of people ALWAYS SEEN in the EXACTY WRONG WAY: as someone “arrogant”.

… They, these idiots, expect an “experienced super neat strong captain” like that neat captain in that 80s Holmes Episode – with the “tarred twine” or other type of thread. Where that Captain is “chosen” a bit “out of average” or even “out of league” by Doyle: OR, just the TV-Series depicted it sillily, too vanilla-like.

But too many People are not intellectual, and expect wrongly some sort of “primitive” average “bully” —

BILL CLINTON could PRETEND to ANYBUDDY, to “be okay”: But the WEST is largely OPRESSION against WOMEN: Which HE could simply HIDE; And even few years ago, he akwardly talked – shit, “911” would “not” be an inside job. What a moron. !

While I can sadly quite foresee an intermediarily BAD Future, the Future in total CAN not be “BAD” for Humanity in “NO END” indeed, but in a REAL START then: BECAUSE, by Regression Therapy, Reincarnation HAS been DEFINITELY proven: That ALL People have MULTIPLE LIVES – IN Sequence, that is, yes. PLUS, we must just ALL “stand for”, meaning, be AMAZED and INFORMED about our US Cold Fusion and Antigravity Discoverer Scientist HUTCHISON, and against the discrimination, which came in the form of many other crude sort of scientists and by typical fanatics, against Him, and against Rossi and against Pons and Fleischmann, all Discoverers of Cold Fusion.

The French Cold Fusion Reactor is merely to 60 percent finished, and Construction seems hampered, stalled, unduly – BY third party PETROL on-hangers of abusive type: PETROL is an evil “whirl-machine”, which has filthy money-third-parties such as mafia and governments and shady type of capitalists of mafiod, because dumb or greedy type – so, indeed, Petrol can’t control itself, and IS NOT controllable. It SUFFOCATES US ALL – ! simply. plain and simple.

which is why the Steps against Lula, Correa and Morales, were Steps against Humanity, but also against Nature.

And Humanity can’t quite live without Nature. Ah. πŸ™‚

Likewise, eek, should humanity not let a USA tell nutnyahu, it’d be “okay” to annex the westbank and jordanvalley. netanyahu is insane, primitive. No good or say better, a typical example of a FANATIC TYPE [!] of “jew” – of indeed a mere SUDO-JEW. Of someone, who doesn’t know the difference between words and meaning, between fact and interpretation, someone, who can’t see beyond THE OWN [!] CULTURAL CONFINES, BORDERS.


period. AMEN. πŸ™‚ SO! πŸ™‚

So I am a Commierat, but I look up to the Highest, to JESUS? Ma si. πŸ™‚ Certo. πŸ™‚

I can’t laugh anymore for long. by racists suddenly twice broken nose. by antisemites and anti-israel young maniacs, simply.

The hatred of rightful type against suddenly violent people, and the confusion, which BRINGS any People INTO perpetrating violence, or also the other fact, that POVERTY, CAPITALISM UNWATCHED, UNLIMITED, leads to violence, to namely RESISTANCE – Γ  la JESSE JACKSON, who WAS a HERO also, politically – but who DID fall FOR THE WRONG thing, – He was just not cut out for it, HE WAS an Intellectual – but also ACTUALLY a POLITICAL REBEL – who was THAT much mistreated already at first, by the self-contradictive western authorities – which authorities MASSMURDERED still Indians and BLACKS, – but POSED as “SAINTS” – as MORAL PRIESTS, simply. abhorrant. Jesse was politically better, by his MERE Attitude — yet of course, his DEEDS of murderous ROBBERY was incorrect, unethical – yet, He SURELY started it DUE to his STRUGGLE against CAPITALISM – or just for SOME Wealth – for indeed an “impossible escape” – as HE HAD “no solution” – OTHER THAN RESISTANCE. But He WAS not approached TO Science. But growing up in a WILD WEST is surely not easy – and TOO many People there got turned into evil murderous monsters, simply – MUCH by capitalism. this insane GREED for gold –

When Nations struggle and have prejudiced, brainwashed, according to abusive collective parameters, to hollow old ideologies, according to feudalism capitalism and to plain fanaticism, conservativity, —

then the very term “conservative” is, what keeps Humanity back, stops it, arrests it, doesn’t let it WALK nor STAND, even, simply. Conservatives simply ALWAYS HIDE behind what They don’t want to admit. πŸ™‚

But to “embrace” the SUN like We caress a CAT – to see, the SUN does Cold Fusion: Now isn’t that Something, which JESUS – rather than ol’ mozey MOSE, haha, surely might have tended to “like”, to be AMAZED by. Surely, Jesus’ Mind DID watch the Movie 20000 Leagues Below The Sea. πŸ™‚ FROM HEAVEN! πŸ™‚ YES! ALAS, MA ASS, AS NOW, I CAN SEE THEE, LIGHTE! πŸ™‚ YEEES !!!

More than merely a Smiley here. I should have been the Propaganda Minister of his Greatness Morales, this Hero, but this clumsy about the West other than about Economy culturally NOTHING knowing CHAP! TO BAN the BIBLE out of the MERE GOV BUILDING – He did, but it WAS pumped UP by the – consie – media – nevertheless, good Message anti-fanatically shined-out thusly, it STILL was wrong. Some might have thought, They’d now get persecuted, merely due to being CHRISTIAN; OR, FANATICS were made to BE UPHEAVED insofar. “Morales inSULTED the BIBLE” and so. SO DON’T GIVE FANATICS THE CHANCE, to SPREAD MORE PEOPLE OUT AGAINST YA: simple: BY simply “GIVING THE SOLUTION”, there, a philosophical not even complete, but mere Outtake from what combines Science and Spirituality, meaning, and Transcendence.

An Electron is both transcendent AND also HERE, IN this Cosmos, too. Yeah. πŸ™‚ IT WHIRLS AROUND, hurtling, swirling, snirling, not sniveling nor snarling, but gnarling, crackling, jumping, hopping, dancing, like a Flame. πŸ™‚

… That’s Fun and harmless (other than at Eta Carinae, haha, where it’s a tad hot), is the Cosm “dancing”, the Cosm making Music: When Ya listen to a Shell. Put to the Ear. It’s the Blood rushing, – not the SEA spewing and gushing. πŸ™‚

Not harmless is the minority-complex and non-education, under which such humans suffer, who pose with their big body, not afraid of smaller and thinner other People – but dumbly “afraid” “of Science”. abhorrant.

But I just isolate Myself and study more, also then mayhap once Programming, to find the Way to understand that, whoa, and then, even sooner, some more Science, some Basics of it, which I don’t check yet. But IT IS definitely EASY, Science. AND amazing. One can do ALL, simply. !

but it’s politically stopped, abusively, the poor Science. We must free Science against big governments. We must become wiser, as Humanity, than to have evil or dumb, ignorant, thusly opressive, merely pawns of evil harmful abusive interests being sort of irrepresentative unethical, simply brainwashed, unduly opressive, fanatic people in government.

Jesse James, I meant up there, not Jessie Jackson. The other recent – black, and bein’ Black by ITSELF IS DEFINITEY SO “COOL”, but He was a disappointment – Jesse Jackson was though too incompetent, and got accused of corruption.

= * =

Rightful Protestors:

” Protesters in Calgary, Edmonton call for Bill 1 to be repealed

The bill claims to protect essential infrastructure by creating offences for trespassing, interfering with operations or causing damage. “


[ By: ” Kaylen Small, Global News ” ]


= * =