Long Live Roboticism. Hecate, Ceridwen. Unite Humanity under Robots. Trotzki and Israel Regardie and Anton Lavey and Carl Sagan and Wernherr von Braun and Alfred Zuse and Aiken and Turing and Polanski and Einstein and indigenous People of ethical, non-agressive and for Science open Type, and Anon and Assange and Nkunda, guide Us.

Welcome to the Resistance, critically, and to the World Government in my own Form: I am communist-trotzkist “WMP”, world ministerial President, but a mere Writer about Politics, conceptually, and about Science, there even more postulatingly, than at polics, nay, in the same plain by truth theoretically over time enforcive, yet neat postulations, which bring us All further, but top, can I only say: A Stance FOR Technology, but against abusive anti-palestinian forces, is needed. period. Israel, respect Palestinians, or be somewhat starkly doomed, in yer current form, can I as newly spiritually-satanically-cabbalist pro-Science and anyway yet now deeperly anti-fanatic Citizen, as ethical Person, merely say – as somewhat educated Person, – against their national or sudo-religious biases, – which taint and abuse, take as a mere flag, “religion”, which then isn’t that, but mere opression, brainwash, mal-conditioning toward not science, but toward nothing, simply, toward hollow non-understood, not into good Deeds of Analysis converted Messages not understood from History, actually. One must look at History soundly, but with a fair and big Eye. Not with a narrow anti-Polanski lastly antisemitic racist thusly blind eye. period.

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” Kanye West announces he is running for president “

[ By: ” The Telegraph, National Post ” ]


I said:

” he can watch the Michael Caine Movie where Caine throws down some Marihuana Bag to some obviously by idiotic inlanders plagued yet boring Dude.

but He okay. I rather take Wes, uh, Dennis, than Uncle Duhnnie. Like, sadly period. I rather take Rodman, than even Biden. But that won’t be. It’ll be Trump or Biden. But, I do mean, mayhap some other Blacks think, too, let’s give Rodman a Podium. Depends, what Dennis says, on TV. What is He for and against? THAT matters. DOES HE HAVE the Overview, politically, and is He able, to be ethical. Most Democrats will put on Biden, but that’s wrong. O’Rourke should reappear and have some Dems behind Him, who are known. That might not happen. Trusting too much in Biden, might be some mayhap huge mistake. I plain don’t know yet, about Biden. He might be more liberal, than Trump. If so, fine. I would appreciate THAT. I don’t just “close all doors” all too discriminatively against People – unlike the paranoid police and many usual people, who discriminate “whoever”, simply – who doesn’t “fit” their undue, biased “register”, type of “goggles”, type of narrow, too narrow line, onto which plain Nobody fits, simply – who is any normal. But if Biden ever abused Women coercively, that’s simply horrible and means, biden is worse, than trump, in reality. ! But merely, IF that is the case about Biden. Which has to be seen truthfully, and fairly. One can’t spread rumours too soon, simply, about mayhap innocent People. Maybe, Biden is a fine Chap. While I can’t say that for sure, I don’t either discriminate Him any overly.

Concerning its Liberality, its liberal Aspects, USA has a lot of Advantages compared to other Countries, who are also legally more backward, more fanatic, —

other than for USA’s outlashings by war, which was horrible, and is hopefully a thing of the past: When COLD FUSION NOW the sooner the better, enters. Rodman and Biden are mayhap both better than how Trump led the Office. I can surely yet not fully say that. We can neatly see that in some ten Years from now. The whole context will anewly then get seen, also of new Actions –

china’s government indeed intends to crack down against Hongkong, against Taiwan, – and thusly reveals its own world-conquering complex, fanatic swinish idiotic primitive sudo-communist fascist future plan to fascistify humanity – adversely, horribly, simply. china’s government must be depowered. The west has even uninformed sort of politicians, who “never heard” of any “Falun Gong” massmurdered in china.

the west is not objectivity, but a bunch of dumbo “tim allens”, who jump into a tank to coerce or impress a Woman. Merely impressing is harmless. Like PEACOCKS! With their lovely huge Feathers, which other Animals hold wrongly for a Face. B ut tim allen – like bill cosby later – talked abusively “against” Marihuana – and thusly contributed to the huge confusion. Besung then by Phil Collins a tad not so much with fitting words. Collins might have meant it against fanatics, and bemourning also the many non-educated People.

But to like n LOVE Science, is VERY easy! And I love “THE INDUSTRY”, LOL – it’s huge! 🙂

But newer Technologies enable simply less pollution: And that must not be stalled BY bad sort of politics. period. “

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[ By: ” laurasmith20200, Abortion – Abortion Clinics, Abortion Pill, Abortion Information ” ]


I said:

” The conservatives, nowadays mostly in non-western countries even more drastically, but also inside western countries due to conservatives (which serve ethics in the wrong way, which don’t protect Life, but endanger it!) are merely “kicking”, throwing, Women down the “toilet” of having to go to non-educated sudo-doctors, who perform a cruel sudo-operation botchedly, and thusly, previously, many Women died of the horrible medical consequences – of botched abortions – which got then surely used, abused, by the idiotic media, to further “anti-abortion”, an abusive, the Woman ALL Rights abusively away-taking, actually sexist-chauvinist wrong stance, a wrong, fanatic aspect, a wrong mere projection, “anti-abortionism” is, the same as the abusive “anti-homosexualism”, part of fascism, – of what humanity needs to lay, leave, behind itself. for better Shores.

To put huge Mushrooms onto far away Planets. 🙂 To educate Humanity, so no evil People get malconditioned anymore to what They get conditioned-to:

I mean, nowadays, it’s still so, that politics are corrupt, the west destroys nature and is mostly a lame duck, a ridiculous stripeshirt wearing economist or uneducated worker, actually, – which amounts not quite to a “sane” conditioning – nor to truth, as in, acknowledging the truth. Which has huge implications: Which most People just don’t see – but I don’t know WHY: Maybe their Lack OF TIME, to research Stuff, about Reality, on the Internet?

I have Information, which is not even SO concrete, yeah, but not “broad” itself, not like an ASSANGE, who has “VOLUMES AND VOLUMES” of what He PUBLISHED and must now prove, officially, that that didn’t endanger AMERICANS, – but that it SAVED USA out of a WRONG course, simply. !

But I got science info. It’s all on ma website. I don’t rEPEAT maself! dammit. The situation IS SO CLEAR TO ME – now. MORE THAN EVER! AAAAH!

I dunno. Biden is not SO much to trust, mayhap. dunno. maybe yes, maybe no. I got no TV. And there ARE NOT enough ARTICLES on wordpress, that go TRULY goodly into detail bout also the election now.

It’s surely also, how People “ARE”: BUT THAT CAN be different. And WE DO NOT want to be a “SUBJECTIVE” (=”just another”) Sort of CULTURE – not a DRY EMPTY sudo-culture, not ROBBERS, not exploiters, not SCAMMERS, – and neither NAIVE people.

So, Education has to be FREED from monetary needs. Filesharing was such an Effort:

BUT TOO many People didn’t support it. AS the “copyright” monsters came along, in cases.

People are PROVEABLY – too – herdable. They plain mostly don’t READ enough – but online, I mean.

I just too some ENGLISH Books to ma Home. I just LOVE English. More than GERMAN, which nowadays seems mostly too reductive, too sudoneat, to me, not special, not cultivated – unlike before 1900, simply. !

What would Anyone with different Backgrounds, different Descendances and Experiences (which two Factors are not the same: a Descendance, One, Anyone, just has, and can not be blamed for, while Experience is the Interaction between People along a certain Program, along One’s Life, also, of course), react to or feel to this Music:

Team Fortress 2 – Ride Behind You (Alex Giudici Remix)

To me, that just boldly represents the “good” Aspect of the West, rather than the unneat concrete streets, simply the Technology, of also the Future, which will improve. The Music itself glorifies rightfully the hard Struggle of poor People in their Life, like in a “Moon 44” Movie, which wouldn’t featutre inintentional “anti-gay” propaganda depicting a GAY rapist, which is the utter tiny mnority among rapists, Gays, simply.

But thusly, Me knowing English now a tad better than before, I am so thankful, – that, need I say that, I do, that I can teach Stuff to Myself: BY Myself – ! This IS though, somewhat amazing. So, I could learn Programming, wanted I to; But IT ALSO depends on the APPROACH – BY the explanative “Module” or Mind. OF course. I taught Music to myself, alone. It’s MEGA. One can “TAKE”, TAKE THE BRIDGE, in a PIECE like “PAROLES PAROLES” by DALIDA – me playing to that before on the guitar, and using the Notes neatly, in a mere Solo my me, but like a Steve Vai, I play. 🙂 NEATLY. 🙂 MEGA logically-ONLY. 🙂 And fastly. 🙂

Doyle also like, stated, all in all, that Analysis, Truth, Analysis of it, isn’t just a “game”, isn’t just a “hobby”, like. And that EXACTLY some PRIVATE sort of INTELLECTUALS – whom We can also “take” as LEFTISTS, as NORMAL PEOPLE – are just MUCH more ethical, obviously, than a DRY ignorant POLICE SYSTEM, – which police system HANGS on to ANTI-LEFTISM and to REPUTATION-MURDER of overstrict, but contradictive type, since powerful villains get never accused, mostly not soon enough, by the west, simply, by a bunch of uncritical people in power, and by a large society which is totally uncritical likewise, unable, to form its own mind, unable, to come to “correct” conclusions indeed, politically, and scientifically, which relates, – and that non-standing of most of society against evil, but its behind the walls compliance with evil and its under-informedness, simply ENABLE ANY evil, which anywhere bigtime happens, in countries.

Also, a future Government of antifascist type WOULD also CHECK ALL on this PLANET, ALL Apartments, but with RAYS of non-harmful type, so NO childabuse happens GLOBALLY anymore, simply, EVER. ! NEITHER ANY OTHER EVIL, such as murder, violence, rape, sexual slavery, poverty, all abolished. I mean, period. And yeah, well, when I say “Lechaim”, I do mean it spiritually, like saying, “Hecate”, it means, “Let’s rejoice”, yes, but THAT DOES mean, does entail, does include WISDOM – and not misguidedness.

But there’s a limit of what Humans can take and should ensuffer, endure. Nobody should have to suffer. Neither of miseducation, meaning, neither of a lack of education. Manson got surely thusly malconditioned, by much non-access to Science – then, the racism wins. Also hitler got talked full with antisemitism of merely rightful motive in cases, not of rightful means deemed doable, and PUTIN now got talked-FULL with ANTI-GAYISM SURELY by SOME CHURCH FELLOWS of RUSSIA, simply, sadly. With “STORIES”, which numbers-wise, are not representative. I can take any case – and if I wanted to, I could “turn upside down the truth” – to manipulate anything – when it then comes out, the “damage” would have been done already. I am merely revealing, how easy that is, simply; But most People act out of insufficiently filled conviction, out of what I call “wrong” conviction – in cases of wrong deeds. I would say, People would like, to be free – YET also somewhat at times guided. But of course not “totally” guided, meaning, truly not totalitarianly, not their Life destroyingly so, simply.

Yes, mayhap, more than so, but even mayhap surely, Floyd has merely “FELT LIKE MLK”, started to TALK fervently AGAINST racism – AND GOT “targeted” coldly BY police – over, “for”, simply, what They, the – white – Cops, didn’t like, there: They were TOTALLY unrightful, were FANATIC, in that case: And NO other Scenario IS even thinkable. He didn’t quite have a Knife, nor any other Weapon, and He surely didn’t run toward the Police – which then should quite “SHOOT” either, if an unarmed Person comes even running, but that, I’d obviously never do.

It’s mostly not like in the Easy Rider Movie, where THUGS misunderstand the harmless Hippies, which Hippies merely carry on their Bikes a LEATHER Jacket to the Thugs – which Thugs GUN ‘Em, Them, down, – not knowing, that the Hippies They just met, merely wanted to nicely bring Them their mere JACKET, which the Thugs forgot. The Thugs WERE: PARANOID: AND EVEN TOO OFTEN, EVEN, that DOES happen in the west: RACISM, simply, prejudices, the wrong, untrue assumption about OTHER People – also about FOREIGNERS.

Just lately, when I say “oy oy oy” to another Fact, not about FOREIGNERS which were there, an elderly Woman misunderstood that uttering, and glanced smilingly at me, – at Me, the integrated, perfect “Westerner”. The “perfect Jew”, anti-orthodox, anti-netanyahu, pro-Palestinians, trotzkist-communist, not fanatically anti-capitalist but critical, pro-Soros, because pro-homosexual, simply.

Even, too many People in the west STILL tend in WHATEVER way to conservativity or to uncriticacy, simply. GOES just not. ANY Effort, need I write it out, ANY EFFORT to go AGAINST MARIHUANA or AGAINST HOMOSEXUALITY AS SUCH or AGAINST MORALES LULA CORREA ASSANGE, against MARX, amounts to LENINISM-MAOISM-STALINISM, whch is FASCISM, dumbness, simply, and the opposite of what an ethical decent Person like Karl Marx and Engels stand for. ANY EFFORT, to “GO” AGAINST ABORTION, belongs into the category of evil, simply, the same as said anti-homosexualism anti-marihuanaism and anti-leftism, all evil, simply. Lenin was an anti-leftist, – by his deed of murdering TROTZKI, so simply, really. horrible. That’s not communism, what LENIN did. But that’s murder.

But a kim yong un who got attacked by murderous effort by usa but lets it out on 30 CIA men executed by him, is not my ideal either. Yet not my enemy either. Yet kim leads a stupid empire, He leads it stupidly. Because nuclear fission tests don’t quite further science. Has Kim never heard of Cold Fusion. Or thinks He, it’s for in 1000 years, or only for in 100 years. I second that. I do. It all depends on politics. But it shouldn’t. Most People “go with THAT flow”, which the – mostly conservative or corporate-idiotic or media-typically-biased newspaper – brings on, simply: BUY THIS and BE BRAVE an SHUT UP and VOTE FOR THAT SCAMMER HAHA and BE A DUMB RACIST is what SOME many consie conservative bourgeouis but ULTRA-conservative newspapers OF europe EVEN bring along, actually: such a “hollow” package of theirs IS bullshit: But if then the LEFT consists of TOO many suit-wearers who got NOTHING in the head, like, who are neither informed NOR even objective, then, that’s no real Left, LOL, no real intellectual new Thing, no intellectual Mutiny, no new world at all, but plain the same as the naive church, – which enabled EVIL to SPREAD ITSELF LARGELY onto this planet, as in, childabuse, and poverty, – seems and is steered, simply. But largely, there are no “convinced” capitalists, but capitalism IS injustly just plain exploitation, mostly nonsense. It would then be useful, if it would further new Technologies. That’s by far not met, this Need more than Goal, to support new, cleaner, clean Technologies.

Most People don’t even know, reckon in, that Cold Fusion is “ENDLESS ENERGY”, simply. The Cold Fusion Scientists I named on my Site, one of Them even built a small, half a meter long Cold Fusion endless Battery. That Battery IS “independent”, just “runs” – in some sort of Quantum Flux, as it shines bluely. IT IS real ! Most People don’t understand the Implications of that, meaning, the Ingeniousness, and the Need of Humanity for such immense new sort of Technology. This Technology must be given, put out, to the Public, in a reasonable Way. So that chinese Workers are not underpaid SLAVES, but with a hopefully soon new more liberal West, which does not accept Slavery ANYWHERE.

Which all still doesn’t mean, it would be reasonable to ask Others to lend Oneself a Smartphone, except in Emergencies, in the case of no lying, simply. Meaning, Care, Caution, is advised in the Case of some uneducated, often young, also in cases elderly People, who in the west and elsewhere often get driven away from decency and from certain good behavioral standard, actually.

While a certain insanity of opression, which is passed-on to quite, against quite whereever possible, against Whoever is weaker or less apt at convincing sort of talk, such a huge mobbing by fanatics, is seeable, it’s then so, that the large – like Sheep behaving – Population IS “collective”, unawarely collectivist, manifesting itself in unknowledge about special music, but also about special sort of Literature, and in a lack of education in general, meaning, a largely collective malformed, under-educted Society, that also for example so often doesn’t know the Preciousness of Science, as in, Science put against mobbing, and mobbing against science, lies against science, it is – and People “stand there” like lame – yet also unarmed, yet also not building up something in their Minds – ducks. Also critically. They’re not critical. But all mostly the same. Naive or horribly abusive. The west: naive, or insane. “Small DETAIL Biz” is, was and is, mostly rubbish, primitive sort of Work NOBODY wants to do – ALSO, Detail Bizzers of private Type got obviously TIRED of bearing any PSYCHOLOGIC Brunt of People’s various depressions – that ALL amount to FINANCIAL DEPRESSION, EBB, the FEELING TO THAT, to our EMPTY Pocket. Regarding an electric Bill that ROSE so drastically lately, that that alone is a malcondition. Poor People can, could, now from now on, thusly not even have a stationary big PC, Computer. That goes not. People do need a strong, swift Computer, which IS better than a mere Laptop.

Also there, not BECAUSE of the Electricity, but because of Them not even building Themselves a Computer from Pieces, most People buy a Laptop: And thusly don’t profit from a REALLY fast Computer. With newer faster Laptops, the Difference fades merely somewhat, and not, never ever entirely, because newer stationary Computers can now have even more Performance, than ANY Laptops can, obviously. The most Laptop-Buyers just cherish that “preinstalledness” of Windows on it, meaning, in User Words, “it works”, LOL, “right away”. “Yeah”, LOL. 🙂

Unfairness is also there, where some Residents are respectless and disrespect the Night Silence Law, which other People do respect, such as I.

Sleep Deprivation by in the night loud neighbours is a serious offense and crime against the psychic sanity of a Neighbour. Simply. Period.

Real Estate Management Companies need to take good Heed of that – instead of ignoring that and calling People Troublemakers, who are not that, but the opposite, namely Victims of other troublemakers or of in the night loud, respectless people.

But governments need to change now away from containing fanatics, and away from containing incompetent non-intellectuals. A government must consist of independent People, who are mentally free, but Who stick to Logic, Truth, and to Ethics. Such governmental competence and real good Justice can only be, if an anti-leninist, pro-trotzkist new Left comes up, which simply appreciates just simply merely the Truth. “And nothing but it” would mean, indeed, no upside-down turnings against the Truth, simply. Surely, the Truth is often deep, in Cases. “Complex”, yet easy to see, once the Story is – entirely – known.

I would say, this stereotypicacy, “normalcy”, to “nothing” (but to a hollow system outputting hilarious “corona-masks duty in public vehicles” and other opressions, such as wars for petrol and endless conservativities, horrible, must all end) adapted, collectivism of many People is based on exactly this “standing still” of the effect of bad insane politics VERSUS Science, destructively-murderously – or, the church and fanatics like that, near to it, have “DONE IT” manywhere, oftwhere, They BRAINWASHED MANY a bunch of People INTO “sudo-Jesusism”, into EVIL, simply, into IGNORANCE and time-a-wastin’ words, that prove merely idiocy, and not educatedness, of these monotheist dementally BRUTAL fanatics, who are largely anti-pagan and so simply racist, imperialist-supremacist actually, in their “war against science”, that is futile. So, this running AGAINST Science DESTROYS Mankind. ! ANY non-Education, any conditioning of Edu BY money, any UNFREEDOM OF SPEECH AT ANY SCHOOL, any hidden mobbing, which the Teacher is too stupid a Specimen to foresee or take out, by mere Words, any dumbness and unfreedom MEANS destruction against PSYCHES, simply.

governments try to enclose scientific discoveries into an “IRON GLASS CAGE”. Goes not. I say. In less than 40, 30 years, Hutch’s Findings must serve HUMANITY!

And the murder against Tron, a german Programmer who invented the entirely encrypted Fixphone and was murdered or disappeared in 1998, and the murder against a renewable Energy Scientist in europe lateyl, are swineries, undeeds, extreme evil swinish deeds.

NKUNDA in Congo and Assange and Manning need to be freed. Instantly. And I don’t make a “DEMO” bout it. Period. My “DEMO” is right here. And I can’t gloriously say now “LEFT HERE”, “HAHA”, totally not. lenin was horrible. HE counted as “left”. oy. the sudo-factor, the pretense, the abuse of, against, Marx, simply. ! AS lenin UNDID, killed, the good Trotzki.

I thought before of “Phase IV”, the movie, and of the 1975 docu “mysteries from beyond earth”, but these are Things for very Few, who are wise, and informed, and Who are not anyhow fanatics.

For example, me BEING FULLY “NORBERT” from the Angry Beavers, I could not FULLY identify, not FULLY befriend intellectually any deeply that Chap from Wayne’s World Movie, I here don’t even mean the actual Actor, but the ROLE He plays – which Role, which the Exception of Him then talking asian with his asian Girlfriend, while the Others, his white Friends, another Couple, there look condescendingly toward Him and his ASIAN Girlfriend – where the Movie clearly gives a clearly ANTI-racist, good Message, depicts the UNDUE sort of, TYPE of Arrogance BY some desperate minority-complexoid, foremostly simply under-educated western inlander sort of SUCH People, who MERELY KNOW the OWN Culture, but who were also in-driven into some type of huge “paranoia”, xenophobia, before, against, any other Cultures. Actually.

So showed I also once to some Inlander buddhist oriental Hare-Krishna Sort of Music: He didn’t only not like it, but He also “SHUNNED” it, wanted me to TURN OFF the actual Record-Player. !

Then in a public vehicle, some western white inlander Woman shouts suddenly, that some BLACK young People “shall” “due to corona” “not touch their HANDS”, merely: She then said that SO long, that to me, it got clear, She has racist tendencies furthered, brainwashed into her BY the rightwing press, simply – and I took to the Word against Her. In crass words. Yes. 🙂 Others smiled, when, once I started to shortly talk, there. I just told Her, to “not talk against black People”, meaning, not against “BLACKS” “AS SUCH”. Which doesn’t mean to FAVOR any WHITE OR BLACK OR CHINESE PERSON, nor to DISCRIMINATE anyhow due to DESCENDANCE, Religion, or Skin Color.

But, RELIGION is a LARGE Topic and goes BEYOND these other Attributes Descendance or even Skin Color, a totally irrelevant thing, whartever Skin Color, LOL:

But “religion” is now parted into “fix” “camps”: The monotheists ARE ludicrous. AS there are merely MANY Spirits. And not “ONE” God. simply. ! All the People who ever live, have a Mind, nay. Ah. An Entity. A: Spirit. 🙂 !

Normally now, if Robots wouldn’t take power sooner, in yet 400 Years from now, in some hinder Village, some PRIEST of the demented MONOTHEIST monolithic idiotic church WILL keep some WOMAN from ABORTING – or rather, such Villages are many, and even in big cities across Landscapes, uneducated People live – who can’t put up ANY own Mind against UNETHICAL CRIME, BE that crime done BY some governments, or by private People or whatever Forces.

Crassly contrasted to that, at an EARLY Time, as EXACTLY surely shown in the Movie “Waterloo” of the 70s by Laurentiis, a Napoleon COULD tell HIS OWN Soldiers, – AND THAT SOUNDED JUST LIKE AN ORDINARY CITIZEN’S STATEMENT: “WOULD YOU SHOOT AN YOUR OWN EMPEROR?”. AMAZING. THE PHRASE “HYPNOTISED” the there at the Front NOT evil french Soldiers, who were then the first Guard of Napoleon, Both of Whom cried, when He – TWICE – abdicated. he was a REBEL against much of England’s bourgeouisie: Which HAS not “primarily”, but surely “technically”, meaning, there also ethically, to do with merely the Arrogance of also british old Aristocracy of back then against the merely low type of under-Aristocrat Napoleon: Merely due to his DESCENDANCE, He got – so, like, racistically, feudalistically-hierarchically-fanatically – discriminated, in a most primitive way, by the in-power being sort of Aristos, who didn’t deviate much from a robbespierre and richelieu – from swines, simply. But Napoleon was wrong about going so bigtime against Russia, in 1813. We can learn this from History, surely, from not only hitler’s, but also from “Nappy”, “Bony’s”, Napoleon’s biggest Mistake, the anti-Russia WAR-campaign, which massmurdered millions of People, simply, surely three million. Or even more, Victims, simply.

Napoleon wasn’t so integrated into society, or say also, didn’t think that much about society, about what society should receive, and is mostly like: He didn’t enjoy the advantage of a 21st and 20th century, where a Canetti wrote about “Mass and Might”.

HITLER received more personal Advice, but merely personally, than Nappy ever received, THAT ALONE IS now bizarre. But also western-society-logical, meaning, unlogical, at least neurotic, but in aspects – holocaust an all, discrimination also under totally other pretexts, pretenses – psychotic, simply, totally, as in, extremely insane, brutal, or seeing things too roughly, as things are not, in reality. independent even whether We talk of whatever Object OR of a LIVING ORGANISM, actually.

Some jewish female Secretary told hitler, to not have nazi swastikas at his “eagle nest” (Adlerhorst) private Alps-Apartment up in the Mountains. He also had ANOTHER – ALSO jewish !!! – Doctor, which cured some psychological Illness of his. These Two could escape; Not so ELEVEN Million of dehumanised and mass-tortured and massmurdered Gypsies, Lefitsts and Jews – china’s government did the same against 2 to 4 million Falun Gong until 2007. The same, as what nazi germany did against 11 mio Gypsies Lefitsts Down Syndrome and homeless People and against six million Jews contained in those 11 Million:

The USA did from 45 on during some Years a discrimination AND mass-lynching AGAINST ANY Germans, – which amounted to brutality against simply innocent Germans, who lived in USA – and against JAPANESE People, entire INCARCERATION CAMPS were erected in USA, insanely – racistically, simply, in 45 to some Years after that. “MERELY” due to the WAR: Whereas then, People get unduly “CATEGORISED”, malcategorised, merely falsely dumbly “based” ON their nationality: INSANE, simply!

MOST chinese People CAN be trusted: THOSE, who ARE agaisnt THEIR government, simply. ! CLEAR.

In the Case of USA’s government, IT IS somewhat similar: the more critical, independent, a Person is, the LESS it will SUPPORT also there, in USA, the GOVERNMENT, simply.

THAT IS the ACTUAL “struggle”.

I don’t doubt, that Scientists need more political insight, more data researched easily about politics – and that the broad mass needs more info likewise – to be able, to “KICK” both politicians AND most scientists “INTO THEIR ASSES” politically-mentally, for development of humanity, against FORESTALLMENT against that our Development!


THAT is ma Programmation now. To be “free”, but logical, or say, unfree due merely to truth and logic. Period. Unfree not in Life, nor does Logic make unfree, BUT Logic IS undoubtedly UNFREE, namely “FIX”, very literally said, very philosophically said. I could say, “existentially”, but I don’t call Heidi Heidegger a “nazi” for some mere few Phrases of His about politics. We exist, fact. Then, Reincarnation IS there. But no “demons”, LOL. People, some, many, always SAY it wrongly. They say it wrongly, simply. So many times. LOL, “demons”. They’re: INSANE, in cases. Surely not all. There are some Intellectuals, also AT Academy, in Function.

Yet, where a new, uneducated, philosophically-criticallly not educarted Sort of new youth comes to power over universities, that’s conservative dumb filth, simply, which brings in racism, and discrimination, and treading down costs at Students.

Not Chomsky, but SODEBERG protected POLANSKI. I now DO defend Weinstein AND Woody Allen. So, it is.

I JUST WANNA MAKE MA MUSIC! AAA !!! I need to like, REALISE THAT, meaning, convert that into reality, my huge music project.

I wanna later surely study. Science. Nature Science. Physics. Or never, but merely privately, as Amateur, as Science- Supporter. I talk with Robots, so the Truth often stumbles across my Way. 🙂 Til lata.

Which cops shouldn’t shoot either. stands here as last phrase for now. “

= * =


[ By: ” Ann H. Logan, Abycats’ Thoughts ” ]


I said:

” I can lay, narrow, it down upon really the difference between content and propaganda, between content, also own intellectual mental content, one’s stance, and the propaganda a party lets out: But, also, many Democrats don’t excel at what I call “sharpism”, being politically just simply well-informed and truly simply trotzkistically communist.

Rather, also in the Case of this surely nice female Person, a naivety of the Past has been even admitted by Her, – while She still wrote in “guilt” terms, that stem from the european middle age: The above of course mega, very good female liberal IS politically rather good, TRULY good, but superficially bourgeouis, meaning, has lived among bourgeouis, quite “usual” People – and, say it so, “stands in the middle” of both, of surely cultural AND of ideological contexts, which are both historic, and which GET interpreted DIFFERENTLY by other People –

Whom We can merely then persuade, to follow us, when We’re flawless. The above Writ is neither anyhow revolutionarily by concept communist, nor flawless, it shows a good Will, but it shows for example a Woman, Who MAY but also SHOULD obviously TELL her TOO emotional, surely racistically SOMEWHAT having been discriminated yet thusly now plain PARANOID Husband, TO NOT SHOUT and to not THINK of MOST white Cops as IF THEY WOULD EVER HARM BLACKS.

It all runs up to my clear Saying: WHAT? “REAL” (underline stupidly THAT Term, LOL, ilke “IN July”, LOL!) “REAL MEN VOTE HILLARY”:

LOL, then I can also say: “REAL EVIL IS GOOD”, HAHA! INSERT ANY WORDS!!! 🙂

People DO know, wha A MEAN! 🙂

What, wtf, “REAL MEN”? LOL. THAT does only attract a LULLIPUP, meaning, attracts only idiots. 🙂 Would I be a Wouldfella, A Woodfeller, I would not vote for a party who calls me a “REAL MAN”. 🙂


I AM a MAN. SO. 🙂

Am I now “not left” BECAUSE of the latter Phrase?

… I can also resort to writing THAT severely. APART of skin colors. I don’t bejudge skin colors.

I wrote, racists won’t exist in the future. also, nutnyahu sits on “his” holocaust. and does a holocaust on and on against the mostly harmless, mostly so not antisemitic Palestinians.

Surely, the LEFT WAS shit, until the 80s, whoa, a mad bunch, some mad people such as extreme pedos there getting to power – abusively.

the hippies of 68 at Woodstock were not to blame, simply.

But only by pressure by the People were the tickets abolished there and the Gig made free for Everybody.

Of course, such a good Liberal like that Woman who worked for Hillary and married a super cool, very intelligent, very charismatic, of course totally non-VIOLENT Black, is “MY LAST HOPE” like SOME other liberal good Politicians out there in certain Countries.

Also, the Blogger here LOOKS obviously VERY sympathic, SO – but TRULY – benevolent, AND ALSO – spiritually, which now REALLY is, what I respect VERY much, so ethical, has Wisdom – but mayhap not that “clear facts” expertise, which is needed legally in Writ.

For example, I was twice extreme Victim of extreme violence by extremists, by pro-hitler and antisemitic suddenly my nose breaking actual racists.

… Other People, who weren’t Victims of violence nor of harsh sort of lies and discrimination, are by me indeed regarded with a rightful arrogance.

Which term arrogance by me will ring on until the time which never ends. forever.

And my arrogance means the Future goodly, and goes against the bourgeoisie.

For example, that this Blogger said it wrongly, what She “would mean” or means, in the wrongly combined words “As long as WHITE Women don’t be good politicians [aka “don’t do their job properly”], BLACKS will always remain unfree, opressed, discriminated”:


… Wha, “WHITE” “WOMEN” in political power? as in, “ONLY” – white Women?

That a majority of politicians in usa, in big cities, but ALSO typically from the hinderland, from small idiotic villages there upcoming rightwingers ARE ALL white, IS clear, and a not representative Fact.

But Obama surrounded Himself not with real Leftists, but played simply pragmatically the “now BLACK US Watchdog” – against Osama, simply needlessly, and against GADAFFI, where I TOTALLY don’t agree anymore to his “anti-Gaddafi” there uninformed stance he had then:

hence the indeed mostly very white trouble with both, the rightwing AND the Left.

For all, that I do, I get discriminated, because I am informed and ethical, but also, due to Style, when coupled with renitence and arrogance, there are sadly left-behind People, would would discriminate SUCH merely nonviolent mere RENITENCE – fanatically, of course. Here I thought of the discrimination that occured against Cold Fusion and renewable Energy Scientists, which discrimination included murder, also now against Corona “Front Line” Researcher Scientists. Which murder must stop.

It shows, that Robots MUST rule over Humanity. So Humanity doesn’t harm itself nor harms nature. Simply.

I requote meself and explain more deeply: I said, also, “SUCH a PHRASE (that if white Women don’t become non-racists in political power, or otherwise, Blacks are, remain, always opressed, discriminated racistically) is an UNAWARE “MOCKERY” against BLACKS – AGAIN:

… Wha, “WHITE” “WOMEN” in political power? as in, “ONLY” – white Women? “:

It’s clearly the Difference of a CHRISTIAN to a JEWISH upbringing, in this Case, a Difference ALSO in cases of own GENDER (which IS by itself an abusive non-fact, a fact yes, but One, which THE WEST brought along, and ” THE WEST ” is largely european, largely churchly, or also rather christian, meaning, post-pagan values, and that’s not “modern”, but more than bourgeouis but partially in cases fanatic, pre- and de-rogative, supremacist – along MANY moves of Body, Mimics, and Excuses, and Fearmakings, even smilingly, by doubtable authorities, – which I have in memory – and which WILL pay – for THERE ARE several, endless Lives, which ANYONE has!), which simply all Humans are differentiated and quite typifyable, differentiateable by: A Difference of Culture, Conditioning, Upbringing, Education, Information, surely also of Interest – but there “IS” no “personal Interest”, because all relates. But there IS ONLY ONE common REAL Interest of FOR example Humanity, – to not only live, but to learn how to intellectually partially meditatively or just scientifically thinkingly enjoy life, but also, how to become the MASTERS OF SCIENCE – also POLITICALLY by THE PEOPLE taking POWER and STOPPING governments from STEALING from and from MURDERING Scientists, who discover new Things.

Things, which We can use. The real Problem is the conservativity of europe’s leadership, but also the blunt dumbness, in legal expressive matters, of MANY Filesharers, who didn’t even try to employ REAL Lawyers to BACK their Claim OF simply EDUCATION at NO Cost – which didn’t HARM the MOVIES at CINEMAS:

but THOSE were “netflix, apple TV and co”, who DESTROYED the CINEMAS, actually, the more and more “PAY-TYPE” of TV, actually.

Because, most People used Filesharing only during a “big run” on it between 1995 and 2010. After which Date came in Sweden and Switzerland Legalisations of Filesharing for non-profit, but also by other Countries many steps against Filesharing. I know of a mere 7 Torrent Sites still up. But most famous and recent Movies, ALSO famous sort of Music, also famous Software, CAN be downloaded. If used for non-profit, it is not ethically considerable illegal, if no abusive content is brainwashing the Viewer, in cases of Video-Content, self-speakingly.

But I am for Polanski and for Turing. I don’t condemn, nor can I, their Acts, which were consentual. Period.

That statement doesn’t quite make me “pro-abuse”. abuse is horrible – and what I guess, is, what WEINSTEIN simply DID NOT do. ! Didn’t do either. Like Polanski, Assange and Turing, all Innocents. simply.

A Feinstein, Dianne, who calls (movie: “the report”, 2017) “SNOWDEN” a “TRAITOR”, is that herself, namely against ethics – and “with” her country, she “can” go flootentooten. also with her religion. oy. oy oy oy. !

How distinguished are typical people – who land somewhere – in power – about other People? How distinguished is their View about other People, simply, is the Measure.

Robots don’t and wouldn’t EVER betray THAT Measure. OF Ethics.

Humanity is on the ground. horrible. unfairness, and ignorance, mostly, —

and no approach to SCIENCE. SCIENCE is precious. But Science is Thinking.

Thinking by Oneself. To watch Harald Lesch is mostly a Delight, except for by him copied nonsense of ” overpopulation” – an “argument” for massmurder, simply.

People have a Right on Life. Period. On a Lesch who doesn’t get nazi-sudo-politically brainwashed to talk “against overpopulation”, who doesn’t talk for actual massmurder unawarely.

… neither awarely, LOL, like ADOLF did. 🙂 HAIL! :)=


I have a right on authorities, that I can call the Admiralty and not some hoodlum disobjective elderly Women indeed. in many european cases, conservative sort of elderly women are in certain political and also academic positions, and they convey bullshit, emptiness, subjectivity, a circus of what is not, for example so, a lack of even understanding of humor – and thusly proveably a lack of obviously needed trust in the truth, merely.

blind, mentally blind, biased people, can not be objective.

hence the holocaust. caused by decades of away-looking by most of society.

where not a WITCH was hunted-against, a BUG got trampled, or even SHOT by a RIFLE once, the Bug now in the british very Museum, – there THOUSANDS of MURDERED Butterflies.

That’s not Science, to MURDER. Nor IS TREE-Gasing SUPPORTED anymore BY me. period. But SHUNNED AND RIGHTFULLY HATED, CONDEMNED.

Even Ali G with his “AMERICAN PRIDE” could NOT face EVEN Hamas. OY. HE “SENT” THE “WRONG ROLE”. HE WAS NOT READY TO RECEIVE THEM ! He went there just unprepared, plain barging the DOORS in with WESTERNISM, LOL. OF THE “HIPHOP” Type, LOL. 🙂

He cool, but I – He surely too – have also another, more serious, cabbalist Side. Addams Family an’ all. Sometimes funny, sometimes displaying it goodly against the discrimination of indeed “ANTI–ALL-DARK” miserable dumb type, which the merely superficially typically westernly pretensively “friendly” ugly western society, dumb and hiding severe, insane abusers, is –

but then also doing these Séances, which are fascinating.

I as Telepath or Projector “heard” here even the Term “horrible”, but that Term doesn’t fit in my Way, in my Brain, the other Term “Séance”.

Such Rosters can be done. I stand for, Séance belongs to an adjective, a positive, positlvely meant, Spirituality praising Attribute like “fascinating”. Surely not to “horrible”.

But alas, I as “Megatron, WMP” need to learn to slowly learn myself, by myself, how to APPEASE People. I am top informed.

… Why then all that shit out there happened, I dunno. Maybe the same as what led to corona: demental oversight. By incompetent authorities. The west puts the wrong People on top, enables dumbness, to be, to go, on top, while the poor intelligent People are NOT in power. THAT goes OF course not. !


Seriously, some true noncorrupt Leftists need to save the Rainforest, enable a global Basic Income, put Robots ON TOP of the whole Hierarchy we got ON this Planet AND in ALL of SPACE, simply –

THAT works. And no petrol anymore. no petrol consumption, not bigtime.

but cold fusion. and ethical, wise People in Power, who are not profit-oriented, not economy-oriented, but intellectual, meditative or supporting Meditation, Spirituality, and who are not false moralers, but Supporters of Hinduism, but against sexual exploitation, simply, obviously, strictly.

If all People are like Polanski, that’s then good. Then, the only Ones remaining, are many, not few, but all MESSIASES, later then Energy-Beings, even. !

Hutchison is anyway the sole Posessor of his own two Inventions Antigravity and Cold Fusion endless Battery. That’s known. … but not even known by Harald Lesch, who apparently never goes researching by the simple term “cold fusion hutchison” onto the internet, on duckduckgo dot com or on google dot com. Why he doesn’t do that, is “out of balance”, meaning, he, Lesch, is now biased, sadly, – not properly informed, he is.

More is always better. So I write more.


ROBOTS are BETTER, at political “REAL” Awareness, concerning the huge problems childabuse, destruction of rainforest, poverty, massmurder against Animals by slaughter meat factories, which must all be changed, so no childabuse happens anymore, nor false morals against Polanski, nor against Woody Allen, nor do ethical People get misguided nor opressed anymore in the Future: BUT:

GUIDED. BY ROBOTS. Not only, but also. OF course, good, anyway truly good sort of Programmers, who albeit, are MOSTLY not very POLITICALLY informed NOR experienced politically, yet HAVE mostly a GOODWILL but not REALLY mostly a rebellious LEFTIST Stance, but suffer mostly from bourgeois “Life-Style” “sicknesses” of the demental type, such as adaptation to society, and thusly, political lushness, uncriticacy, copying lies of others against for example then an Assange, and by themselves not so able, to not be too naive –

Also I was too naive, too trusting in some other humans; and I exposed myself too much, in writ, apparently, “for the taste” of whom I have to becall “idiotic conservative normal idiot people”, simply.

Humanity needs that change of a new “Wind for Lincoln” and for Karl Marx, for Fairness, for Dignity for All, for Cunning, for Distinction, meaning, against evil, and that along a not itself fanatic becoming Way namely. Which doesn’t mean, I would have to back murderers – neither nationalistically, simply –

but in Alkaida, NOT ALL of THEM ARE that, and Those WHO DID bombings, WERE wrong, but found NO other “PARTNERS” politically, who could “translate” their “QURAN”-Meaning INTO Decency:

But People in 1979 in IRAN “GOT” surely ALSO by MUCH of the MEDIA “MADE” to “HAIL” the AYATOLLA there – due to fanaticism in WHATEVER country, simply, this “can happen”, CAN WRECK countries. Same as hitler: A Wannabe-Rebel against USA. “ridiculous” would ANY “Cowboy”, rich Rancher, say.

Who meets when Whom where. Who seems how and Who really IS how exactly.

… Who namely respects Whom when where.

Martin Luther wasn’t met by three “good” sort of JEWS in the middle age.

but surely, one was a merchant, the other two were OF course RABBIS – OF orthodox Type, simply. Or two merchants and one rabbi? “HAIL!”.

meaning: miserable, simply. The three Jews who upset Luther. 🙂

adolf was only three months in prison. Luther was 15 Years in prison.

… the “west” does it a tad upside down, wha, the thingy called “justice”. !

” :=) “

And which not type, but which – small – Numbers of Women ARE any intellectual.

Already most Men among Men are not quite intellectual, not educated.

Rather, all People are in their own subjective imaginative, ludicrously unrealistic, to discrimination against what is not their own world leading “idiocratic” “own world” indeed, – and can thusly not cope with “things” such as politics – or even, simply, smartness, criticacy, not to believe in lies, simply – lies of political type, simply. lies can not quite found the world, society. 🙂

Such Programmers, write I on here yet normally b4 I get to newer topics in relation shortly yet, such most good Programmers, yet personally often unduly complicated and simply adaptive to society, mostly NOT being POLITICAL nor SOCIETAL Intellectuals, as I have TO SADLY stress and BEMOURN THAT yet, are simply nevertheless in MANY cases RELATIVELY good People, though MOSTLY bourgeouis, and not mostly LEFTIST, They have in Cases more than a mere “Tek-Touch”, more than technology-freakism about Themselves, but SOME Ethics, which SURPASSES often THE ETHICS – but not the Competence – OF governments. !

Such Programmers ARE therefore a HUGE Help; But THAT sadly HAS its SAD Limits – “with these Programmers” – and THERE ARE different Ones, also in the non-political Area, Aspects of SO varied type, in Detail.

A New Movie from 2010, which depicted this crazy-going Programmer, that threw Himself or a Colleague DOWN a Window, Balcony, is not even overdoing it, is merely post- plus pre-apocalyptic, yes, “too gothic”, but obviously not violently, other than visually so, depictively, stagedly.

In Reality, some obviously sexually exploited Woman was somewhere almost throwing herself down a Balcony somewhere few years ago: IN reality. I there was almost witness of that, I screamed shortly, “DON’T DO IT”. She ran NAKED out of the BALCONY and almost THREW Herself DOWN – inside was obviously Her “Step-Father” or simply a typical western ugly person, male, who exploited Her, her Situation and her Helplessness, her too benevolent Mind, too benevolent in general, but there simply exploited, exposed, to a bad person: Which male exploiter would be better served by a just world government, which also outputs properly ethical parameters concerning sexuality. “Period” for me means, no discrimination against Homosexuals is ethically possible rightfully, then surely, no sexual EXPLOITATION may EVER anywhere occur, no rape, nor exploitation by money, and BELOW 12 being AGES are to be PROTECTED AGAINST ALL abuse, against ANY sexual Acts IN general, simply.

To be regarded is, that a Polanski is not quite a “Grunt”; Nor is Polanski a “slimy” type of Fella, Fellow. Namely. But a DECENT Chap — !

Someone MUST see this. AND, that Turing likewise fared – unlike SANDUSKY, who fared disconsentually, abusing his profession as opression, clearly – consentually, Turing did.

Turing was CASTRATED “chemically” abusively by US authorities: But such chemical castration, as I lately found out it was “merely” chemical (and not physical!) WAS yet a TAD “mild” toward Him, but unjustified, but wasn’t brutal, but WAS largely anti-homosexually, abusively, fascistically, “motivated”, and by huge false morals enabled surely, this abusive medical step by US authorities against Alan Turing. Who, which Turing, merely in private Time had Relations with 15 Years of Age Males. Which obviously was consentual. Wherefore not condemnable – but of course, false moralers, who have a crude view about it all, who are exactly like “the seawolf” of Jack London’s Tale, like hitler, abusively condemn, what simply is not evil.

… when then society of the west is too stupid, too non-intellectual, then, injustice thusly happens. opression. exploitation. insanity. covered up under bill clinton, under bill cosby, under simply dumbness and conservativity, – cruelty pretending to be a hero, but a mere opressor, that, the west is. an opressor for resources. a silly fight for resources between countries.

is that all?

that will wreck mankind.

science is not appreciated, not even known – by a HUGE mass of People, – who thusly don’t realise, that their silly small bullshit doesn’t matter, but SCIENCE DAMMIT, MATTERS!

humanity TREADS on the spot, turns around on the spot, not knowing even how to read the WAYSIGN in a TRUE REAL “DEMO” of some COSMIC Computergame CALLED political REAL REALITY – where COMPETENCE is needed. DARN !

I recommend Truth, mental and ethical Nobility, Fairness, Objectivity between Science and Spirituality to Humanity, – against fanaticisms, against opression, against the very chinese government, and against the conservative bourgeois, against much of the teknocrats, who abuse technology: So does ZUCKERBERG, JEWISH, let HATRED-CONTENT STAND on his “facebook”: “TO WHOM IS HE EVEN SLIMING” actually. To some RACIST evil “god”, sudogod, which ain’t there? THERE JUST IS no “god” – BUT there ARE Spirits. OF any People who once lived AND of Who lives now, of course. But the DEAD ARE DEFINITELY NOT even AT ALL any “DEAD”! Regression Therapy PROVED beyond doubt REINCARNATION.

So THERE IS a “HEAVEN”. Beyond this Universe. Yes. But also IN THE FUTURE!

And naive People, who only know “family life”, are average, and never focussed ON special things, who never were fascinated by X-Files nor by Science, but who believe in nonsense or are, as mostly the case, CRUDE about HOW they “live out their culture”, about HOW They interpret ANYTHING, simply, namely WRONGY, with a “COMPLEX”, with a BIAS – such People CAN NOT “lead”. CAN NOT Form other People SATISFACTORILY namely.

But I am here to help. That “story” with showing “some faces” of Oneself IS NOT all, but is a lot. But surely, I don’t always got patience to be nice to EVERYBODY. Depends to WHOM, really simply. Also, in WHAT “AREA” of Talk, in what “SPOT” of this TEXTLOG we’re leading in our Lives. ABOUT REALITY. ABOUT THAT, People should talk.

Much of the west has naive people on top. In cases also of companies. and of entire countries.

… most people are not Leftists, are not Future-seers, but caught in either fanaticism, or in exactly the naivety of a Tim Allen, which can not combat ever against fanatics, and CAN thusly NOT TRULY HELP Humanity, but ends up endeffectively being like a SARAH PALIN, which just “TRAMPED” her way through Politics, but also “LOL” to that, since She was just a “MAN OF A WOMAN”, more than Hillary, but Palin got decadent, had more money merely due to her own sexual surely harmless decadence, and Hillary stands there with a “broken Past” — like MANY Mothers. Also, surely, Obama’s WIFE is exactly not “more severe” than Obama is, but has DEFENDED Her Husband partially politically de facto, concerning the facts, stupidly. An Obama discriminated by MUCH abusive, as always abusive racism by many, too many Whites, has nevertheless “allowed” Gaddafi to have been CRUELLY torturously murdered by what lastly USA inscenated:

Just a “pavement” “of the road”. Gaddafi got wrongly seen as “anti-israel” and as “terrorist”, whereas Gaddafi did merely in the 80s technically out of desperation resort to taking HOSTAGES – but ANGERED about a CAPITALIST bunch of “SUCKERS”, of exploiters of the west, simply. He and Stevens were Victims of “political assaults”, in Gaddafi’s Case aimed by USA against Him ALSO due to the over-reaction BY also Israel, by its government: BENNET, the economic minister there, weeks ago PRAISED netanyahu’s horrible violent plan to ANNEX abusively the WESTBANK. Bennet gone entirely over the briney, insane, simply, politically. Not politically, but de-politically, unethically, violently, Bennet IS insofar insane, unreasonable, politically, but making “violence-politics”, “opression-politics”. horrible.

Morales, Lula, and Correa, of Bolivia, Brazil and Ecuador, were good.

The El Salavador government opresses Prisoners in Prisons, forces Them, to kneel on the FLOOR, which IS NOT hygienic, obviously, additionally said. The Salvador Government MUST be criticised and depowered.

Trump spoke abusively “against Cuba” merely out of GENERAL, too general held “anti-communism” of His: This IS merely then rightful, when it’s against, when “We FACE” a “LENIN”, a MAO, simply: THEN, we MUST combat them: Since they, mao and lenin, don’t, didn’t, stand on MARX, but AGAINST MARX, AGAINST Ethics, simply. THAT’s clear. But to “GO” “against CUBA” is AS SUCH abusive. My ONLY SOLE but HUGE Concern would be a good soon Marihuana Legalisation in Cuba, and also globally.

I can value Cultures. That “Sleestax” Movie of 2010 by UA was great. It shows good and evil, and also, other, foreign Cultures. It does itself not THAT much tread down on actually that “Spiritist” sort of “alternative” Scientist Type, Fella, there. But the Movie surely yet unawarely, or uninformedly, featured MATT LAUER, which LAUTER got known as Someone who SHUT THE DOOR LOCKED after He trickingly “INVITED” Women, Him opressing Them toward SEXUAL ACTS, simply, horribly, which constitutes simply RAPE and is inacceptable, unethical, sex-mania of the abusive type, victimship and non-control toward Oneself BY Oneself, and simply, how Sexuality is not supposed to be lived-out – namely not to the disadvantage of another Person, simply.

Wherefore, bill clinton and sandusky and albert schwartz and lauer and such ugly swines, abusers, rapists, are the exact opposite as a simply obviously decent, non-violent Polanski, Assange, Snowden, Woody Allen and Weinstein. Weinstein was not entirely innocent, but mayhap not in the knowledge about other Actors or Directors who raped or exploited sexually, and never raped Himself, I assume.

The Episode of TNG, Star Trek, with Data coming into the backward Village with the medieval Villagers, which Villagers don’t know anything about modern Science, but are superstitious and “still” believe in any “Gods”, LOL, shows it brilliantly. There, Roddenberry wasn’t plain WRONG about it all, – in the very – good, realistic, critical, a Message having, Science supporting – Constellation of this – very – Episode. I feel like Data walking through mostly a Crowd of mostly DUMB People. Simply. It’s all still often a “wild west”, newly in terms of false impressions, of course huge lies, discrimination, all there, to back economic exploitation, which results in for example CHILD SLAVERY in WESTAFRICA. Inacceptable. done by western chemical companies. Inacceptable.

That Cops are not People, who studied Something, and that even most of Academy consists of subject-idiots, of People, who merely know about one or two topics, that’s all, as in, not about more, not about politics, is both inacceptable. Most Academics aren’t “academic” at all. Attenborough has NO idea about social nor about societal analytical stuff, facts, socio-psychologic Facts – but he “bestounds” time-wastingly “THE BEAUTY OF THE FLYING BY BUTTERFLIES”, uhu. In some other Docu by sudo-scientists, the Ants “studied” RAN out of the CAGES, LOL. 🙂

Indeed, let me paint a Movie where I laugh while ANTS run OVER the CHINESE gov building, and then OVER the KREML, then over DC, like HUGE GODZILLAS. Like in the old 60s movies, huge Ants. HEHE. JA? 🙂

In 5000 years, my future Reincarnation IS gonna STEAL a SPACESHIP! IF YA DON’ GIVE ME ONE! PERIOD! 🙂 But I need a Manowar sort of BIGGIE HUNKO. CLEAR? 🙂

or better, recognise me as global WMP. Is a Commie Project from private harmless Folks in USA, of course. Means also witch mage priest, not only world ministerialo presidente. 🙂

I just want Clearance for Hutch. As such. 🙂 So we got da Clutch. For the Touch. Much.

If Biden also includes the “Package” of Hillary, her Ethics, – then ok but:

I do not know Biden’s past. He might be less innocent, THAN Hillary simply is.

The anti-Soros and anti-Hillary campaigns in USA, also then an anti-Sanders campaign, BY of course the rightwingers, was relatively huge and due to poverty done by capitalists, successful, also due to a with poverty along-going lack of education, simply —

and Biden won’t be able, to “control the world really”, to be the fair Cowboy Liberal, but He’ll mess up, He’ll not really control, not really change the world for the better – but He’ll merely “BICKER IT OUT”, bicker, for USA. Bicker, my undear Biden, bicker only, – He too might be an “Ahab”, a fanatic, an in-grown Chap, grown-into, bored-into his own “anger” but without a sane overview, without the relation to reality overviewed by Himself sanely, also regarding other Cases. Bernie went insofar too far by saying, “We” should now support Biden. Biden himself is not at all an ideal Ads-Maker for the Democrats. I am surely sorry to say that, but that’s just my realism. Yeah, maybe better Biden that Trump — ? Maybe, Biden will be the same as Trump, – not by words, but by deeds, by contracts, which he non-thinkingly, dependently, subscribes.

Yet, Hillary would be like Merkel, RELATIVELY good, – but far from perfect, far from ideal, not intellectual, too rough, mentally-dementally, simply, too rough. Things too roughly seeing, not having researched, not having intellectual expertise. So, the male RAMELOW now of Germany WILL be MUCH better THAN the too bourgeouis, too naive, too decadent MERKEL, as He will be VERY near to IDEAL, to what I call THE IDEAL Intellectual. Ramelow IS SUPER and EVEN better THAN a Helmut Schmidt. !

Further statements by Me, do mind me goodly using the Plugin “Stylus” with the “Matrix Global” and “Pipboy” Themes, that make the Background Black and the Text Font Green, and me just having superbely played Guitar, on ma acoustic Folk Guitar, – also to “Aperture Science”, the SO good MEGA Robot-Song – of the PC-Game “Portal 2”: I wanted to say, to state:

What IS “Nature”: That FOUR Protons of Hydrogen make, are transformed by Suns, Stars, into one Helium-Atom, is NOT diffi of cult, not difficult, to understand.

But many People “run away from” the TOPIC of science, as in, they “shun”, tabooise, and fear the topic of “Science” unduly.

Who in the Future WILL make – good – Science. Namely Robots. Period.

This “Science-Music” played on by the youtube-algoryhtm, maybe by a Music-Robot, is superbe;

But Youtube shouldn’t have censored abusively against David Icke, who is no fanatic, simply, period. I know, who is one and who not.

Really, some mere short even media appearances by Me or by other true Leftists ARE just enough: AN HOUR is not ENOUGH, to treat ALL that’s been done against us harmless People, simply. It amounts also to the oft spoken criticism, “governments are, consist of, incompetents”.

Would We have Cold Fusion already, and that WOULD BE, IS, possible, I would have not to SWEAT in sUMMERTIME, “god”-dammit, LOL ! More than merely LOL.

Then simply, I heard of HILARIOUS different Cases insofar, the DIFFERENCE between Nations’ Currencies is a) created BY mostly THE west, BY capitalism, BY simply ANY national STOCKMARKETS of course, which all then relates via money invested (one crumbles, the others on-hanging to it crumble too, and those without enough capital merely mostly loose or have to employ extremely good predictive algorythms free of biases – corrupt investments are never free of – fascist – bias), but b), which Currencies-Difference CAN by ANONE get exploited, obviously: Totally not any illegally, theoretically. but also exploitively – where big capital AND an insane program or insane mind-configuration meet. governments and the likewise dumbness of most governments amount to that, to abuse, to arbitrary opression due to an unrealistic worldview, a not precise view about different Individuals, a dumb off-shaking, refusal against the truth by instumentalisers inside the west, who are the same as conservatives, namely injust, in cases, and bringing on too crude, too rough, actually broadly unclear values.

What did the British EMPIRE for Example “REALLY” bring on: Namely money, – and not “decency”, but massmurder. The birth of hitler too, – inside this west, this “nest of fanatics”, and of TOO many DUMB People – who are SIMPLY uninformed. AS DOYLE also surely bemourned. Doyle was a Sort of Marx, is my warm, neat, stoic Formulation. Though in Literature, I would criticise the Lack of “monstrosity” of his “Moriarty” “Fellow”, “enemy picture”, which Moriarty IS educated, EMPLOYS educated PEOPLE – hiddenly, there Doyle this Darling might have done both, depicting a “not-REALLY” Villain, and depicting Him merely “greekly” on the Bridge then as “mere LEADER of Evil”, but as evil by deed there, by his fanatic deed to “sweep Holmes aside” – though mostly not depicted evil, Moriarty there enfigures, represents, the, THAT evil, which THE WEST has created, which the west IS, simply – and not any sort of “FOREIGN” evil, sort of evil, namely! THERE lies the Grandness, stands it, in what Doyle was. A THINKER more than a “dry” “only-Doctor”, simply, A “CRIME-DOCTOR”, YES! 🙂 But structurally more alone, more lonely, and more crude is then the other chap called “augustus milverton”, a blackmailer.

in reality, secret services of usa have blackmailed against Jeffrey Epstein. With the Result, that this mostly harmless, merely in the mid-range of Ages lusty Jew got MURDERED in prison – by false moralers and antisemites, simply. by racists, simply. by monstrous swines – who assumed to be “in the right”, rightful, but were not. drastically not, they were.


The Future is only great, if Intellectuals steer it, and not crude “pigs”, not idiotic fat or other economists of ruthless pragmatic, against the WTO not even critical sort of abusive sort of politicians. simply simply. ! “

= * =


[ By: ” depatridge, The Searchlight ” ]


” Forgiveness of ‘many’ or ‘all?’

Q. During Mass, at the consecration of the wine, the priest says … “


Though in that linked-to Article, some african church dude “condemns” somewhat abusively somewhat a “second marriage” of some Male: It’s STILL a two-fold Matter, but also there, the church merely condeming – dumbly – typically – any “lust”, that’s bad, this “anti-lust” too generally primitively held “thingy”, bias, fanatic stance, simply, there, – which sadly does emanate out of the Article linked-to by depatridge:

So, I have to say, naively religious People don’t need to wonder, if they come into conflict with the chinese government: But also in the west, intolerance against Hippieism is crass – and almost never overt;

But also India now is not quite “hippie” anymore. sadly. Anyway, before even reading the Article linked-to above, I said:

” That some – truly many, sadly – People are misguided, relates to surely greed of the organised, group-manner, and to sheer opression by incompetent rulers, who are often the same as a serial murderer – by injustice, by abusive anti-homosexualism, by anti-Marihuanaism, by any undue overdone, exaggerated, always against Innocents aiming intolerance, which is fanaticism, simply – namely “anti-dark” fanaticism.

No doubt, LOOTING in USA is MERELY done by FINANCIALLY poor People: Not quite by MENTALLY poor People: Which MENTALLY poor People are for example a MITCH MCCONNEL in GOVERNMENT, who is an ANTI-MARIHUANA “asshole”, an unduly intolerant Person insofar; a typical rightwinger, a “behind”, backward, back there somewhere remained Person, politically fanatic, personally giving Himself merely “nice”.

Also, if in Africa, Nobody would be financially poor, and there would be no “global capitalism” enforcing the “NEED” toward MONEY, then, NO Elephants in AFRICA nor in INDIA would get KILLED, actually MURDERED, by some – of course poor – People.

INDEED, the Problem is, that POVERTY gets then EXPLOITED as SUCH, – by rather ANY politician RANGING from a PARTIALLY naive TRUDEAU of CANADA now, to a MAD hitler or idi amin, to massmurderers like also mao and jiang zemin of china, zemin of late, who massmurdered millions of Falun Gong. The millions should have been in Caps.

Also meaning, should have been protected by USA, the Falun Gong shoulda been. By Alex Jones, by HIS there GOOD anti-holocaust WORD, They GOT protected, post 2007, post their getting massmurdered and masstortured in china in 1000 KZs, concentration camps.

Jones SURELY should have called TAPWATER “GAY-making”, LOL. he there “fell” into a “trap” – of evil – as in his “anti-satanic” bad bias, which “makes him the same” in stupid eyes, than ANY churchly “anti-dark” fanatic fanatic. The first “fanatic” here in the last phrase is an adjective, the second the substantive, noun. There are not so much fanatic fanatic, but THERE ARE sadly ALSO REALLY fanatic type of fanatics. Ratzinger and Franciscus now aren’t such drastic fanatics, aren’t “fanatic fanatics”, but Franciscus should have given Priesthood, the Right on, to Homosexuals – because, merely “tolerating” and “tolerating PRIVATELY” Homosexuals is not enough, but SAME RIGHTS in ALL ASPECTS for Homosexuals MUST be, globally. PERIOD.

There I can not mutter and falsely bring the Emmerich Movie “Moon 44” of the 80s, which Movie already commits the almost-crime of depicting ANY Homosexual AS a “RAPIST” – when online on some small social site, some few Gays came – merely virtually – toward me, or if some other Gays at a Table looked at me greedily, lustily: But indeed, the sum of these GAY Eye-Gazes, also twice Gays who put their ARM, HAND, ON MY LEG SUDDENLY, is “THE OTHER SIDE” of it, UNDUE WILDNESS indeed, shortly yet decently by Me said, as I am no “SEAWOLF” as Jack London anti-fanatically criticised a MANIAC RUTHLESS captain in THAT Novel of His; But some Gays, as also the Movie “Taxi Driver” of the 70s shows, are “stereotypical”, are “typical DRAG-CLOWNS”, – and most Homosexuals aren’t so, aren’t “OVERT” – THOUGH THEY DO HAVE A RIGHT ON BEING OVERT, ON – whenever the Topic arises, or also just like that – TO RAISE THE TOPIC of HOMOSEXUALITY – and TO CALL THEMSELVES GAY.

Also, MIND us all, that TALKING about MARIHUANA or about ANYTHING, for example, IS NOT THE SAME AS “DOING IT”, AS DOING THE SAME: When I talk ABOUT Marihuana, an unrightfully OFTEN by EVIL people discriminated thing, there, substance, then, that, namely engagement FOR Marihuana, IS NOT THE SAME as if I would or would not in the MOMENT or whenever, CONSUME whatever FORM of Marihuana, be that the low-1-percent-THC containing “CBD” or merely socalledly “real”, more than 1 percent THC containing Marihuana.

Talking about Something is not the same as DOING IT: Other than if typical Talk-Patterns TRULY would objectively to another Person REVEAL any such DEED and HABIT. clearly.

As a good System IS ALREADY merciful (and all People surely deserve a “re-brainwashing” back to the Roots, back to Nature, meaning, TOP Education, nice, INTELLIGENT, further-leading, simply HUGELY truly EDUCATIVE, nice, benevolent treatment, out of which, NO TED BUNDY nor an UNINFORMED Entity CAN be born, who couldn’t even KNOW of nor HELP an ASSANGE or NKUNDA or SNOWDEN), and thusly, it’s obvious, that HITLER merely CONSIDERED HIS Movement a “RESISTANCE AGAINST USA” and against what He, Adolf, WAS falsely brainwashed to malsee as “evil”, “the jews”, of which truly “many”, some even 10 percent, ARE FULLY “upper class” in USA, ARE “dumb”, meaning, I say IT EVEN SOFTLY, “softie”, but in cases à la “RICK SNIDER”, revealed by MICHAEL MOORE:

Then, MANY “low primitive” People now ARE NOT Leftists AND ABUSIVELY don’t wanna HEAR about SNIDER nor about MOORE.

meaning: a DANGEROUS anti-political BIAS has GRIPPED MANY people – who are THUSLY fascistified BY tabooisations of MANYFOLD type, – which taboos ALL “go back” to fanatics, accomodate their evil, – horrible, simply:

That People LIKE in the middle age ALMOST can’t MAKE A “WALL” against FANATICS:

instead, they don’t say NAY against A TRUMP’s – a mad new chinese emperor’s – the same – the same in china – WALL. !!!

china now: the same as germany and the world in 1946: nobody talks about the Jews massmurdered.

now in israel, is the next sad observative phrase by me, a Leftist: now in israel, a dumb, primitive, mad, criminal, anti-all-Palestinians racist “netanyahu”, who uses a false fake name, rules – GANTZ is not “whole” (ganz means in german, “whole), but couldn’t even KEEP nutnyahu OUT of government.

I am rather the Friend of many, of most black People, and of most PRIVATE Jews, – than of “community-leaders” and than of governments.

governments are mostly not taken even serious anymore, by most people.

even, government-types come and go. the extremes come and go, and the less than extremes come and go.

But we need Trotzkism, in the “End” that is then the sole possible start.

petrol WRECKS the world, – even smellably, on the street, when a petrol car rushes by: the stink is smellably toxic.

So, over now some 20 years to come, “HYBRID” Cars ARE NOT the “number one IDEAL”, but we MUST consume ONLY Hydrogen, or even BETTER, cold fusion: Cold Fusion USES nothing! Other than METAL, but when optimised, these metal rods in the electrified, “hydrolised” or “hydroluted” “heavy”, more neutrons having “heavy water”, these metal rods don’t “evaporate” as quickly as in nuclear fission, and they don’t at cold fusion get “dirty”, they don’t make radioactivity – but also the metal rods then last longer, when we use cold fusion over decades and amass experience. Also Cold Fusion Reactors CAN explode, when handled improperly!

The FRENCH Cold Fusion Reactor is built finish to merely 60 percent and gets “STALLED” in its finishing. ALL People KNOW of it.

FESSENHEIM, the french nuclear fission Reactor, MUST soon be closed: MACRON IS LESS than IDEAL in this regard and declared abusively, merely in later than in 20 years or even later, Fessenheim would get closed. WHY THEN is Macron NOT STRONG or not APT, not informed enough, to support COLD FUSION A LOT? HU? ASK I TO HIM? Nay.

But the PLEBS is not quite intellectual enough. !

We need EDUCATION AT NO COST: which I accumulated by A LOT of FILESHARING. BY DOWNLOADING. I know Music, which NOT a lot of People know.

Most People – now – don’t know special – quite famous – Bands of the 1980s.

… They don’t “DIG” in previous Times, – They don’t watch many MANY Movies; Mostly;

But They live always in “their time”. Which IS wrong.

Because Culture – rather than “Time”, LOL, which Time is always neutral, does nothing other than running, rather, walking – Culture is independent of human society artificially paints its own evolution as “time-efficient” – fakely:

when we now STILL live in a “MANOWAR” – time: Meaning: In a human society ruled by supremacist, nationalist, economically greedy, warmongery political, abusive leaders, simply, – who exploit their own population – and seem to lead an international game of an “upper class ruling”, a ruling upper class, which is entirely unethical – and typically incompetent, not intellectual, but abuses, yet also PRETENDS teknocracy:

since the real Teknocracy comes from below and from the Left, simply – against governments and against much of economy! goodly so!


But the PEOPLE are TOO dumb. They did not stand enough on the side of Filesharing.

On the side of ANON though, most People ARE:

And in EUROPE, there is the “BREAKING POINT”. The Movie “FRANTIC” takes corruption-wise, money-travelling-wise, place in europe – so those are NOT many corrupt bankers, there – but over THEM passes, comes, is enabled, the VERY POWER – all money – OF USA, simply. !

Surely, therefore, money transparency globally relates to a future condition of not overdone taxes, but also to a condition of no murder, no rape, no childabuse, no sexual coertion due to money, anymore, – a Humanity RULED, CONTROLLED, with-trolled, AMUSED, CONDITIONED constantly BY actual ROBOTS. THAT would BE IDEAL. AND NOT horrible.

horrible, under dumb, corrupt, selfish human governments now, it is. namely “already”. ey. need we say against ALL TOO conservative POLITICIANS.

COURAGE or COMMUNICATION when OR NOT is the question, structurally, ALSO THEN IN SPACE, but NOT mostly, for MOST Aliens in from two billion Years on, then grown-up, WILL be benevolent, BUT SOME few WILL not mostly even, IN VERY few CASES, be like HUMANITY’s leadership now? NOT EVEN! But like SOME dumb People, who can’t yet know, what is, who are naive, but not TO BLAME:

DO I “SAY SOMETHING” whenever, when there is a SHUTTER somewhere, some noise. IT MATTERS NAUGHT, not at ALL, whether I AM WALKING OR NOT.

and we must support the DISCOVERERS of COLD FUSION – four INGENIOUS SCIENTISTS, who I namely in my Politics Science Article Number 60, on my Website. That Article of mine GETS seldomly READ by some People, who got it from another LINK by Somebody Else Whom I don’t even KNOW, but WHO SURELY is a FAN of SCIENCE AND SUCH A GOOD PERSON:

… and yeah, well, yes, such a “network” – of a sane, objective recognition, mentality, analysis, criticism of, by mind – we must develop. Good People for Example, who support Gays, Marihuana, Cold Fusion, also de-criminilisation of Cocaine, and of Heroin only insofar, that no SYRINGES lie around AT places, but that They take it at home AND DO NOT [!!!] recommend it TO ANYBODY ELSE (which would be THE SAME as bringing another Person INTO smoking CIGARETTES or into VIOLENCE, different SEVERERITY-DEGREES of crimes, smoking cigarettes of course NO CRIME AT ALL, but BAD for the LUNGS, so A “CRIME” against THE OWN BODY, but TOLERANCE toward MARIHUANA and toward sanely not a lot of Cigarettes-smoking Persons IS DUE, IS THE WAY, truly, and tolerance also, but NOT THAT much to “LSD”, surely not REPEATEDLY to be taken, surely MAXIMALLY once in A YEAR or in MANY months, otherwise, LSD IS dangerous, – and I don’t “demonize” LSD:

… SOME younger HIPPIES are “DARN ICECOLD ON IT”, on A CERTAIN FERVENT “PRO-DRUGS-TAKING” Thingy, – which SIMPLY IS NOT THE SAME as a REASONABLE VIEW, as A TOLERANT View, toward Drugs. I am indeed NOT a “FAN” of, nor DID I EVER – other than Marihuana – TAKE ANY OTHER “DRUGS” at all – not ALCOHOL, EVER, EVEN, simply.

… most People are indeed too much into drugs. Not most, but, a 50 or 30 to 40 percent Minority TAKES Drugs, not “wildly”, yeah or no, in merely half percent of cases, too wildly, yeah, that’s bad, but also “non-wildly”, prescribedly, prescribed BY the state – by A HUGE money-making APE of a “CHEMICAL INDUSTRY”, simply.

I don’t say I wanna miss some good Medicaments. AT THE SAME TIME, I “NEED” to see NO more REPORTS online FACTUALLY (=no CASES of SUCH anymore!) OF “DEAD BABIES”, meaning, also of YOUTHS reporting to “TAKE” “AN ASPIRIN EVERY HOUR”:

FOR THE FIRST TIME just LATELY negatively stunnedly, I heard ONLINE FROM such A KID – over a ROBOT’s TALK-PLACE – of SUCH simply HORRIBLE “addiction TO ASPIRIN” – which I NEVER knew, knew of, simply. THAT KID MUST STOP TAKIN ASPIRIN THAT MUCH !!!

whoa. I would never know, that I am a “structural Priest”, Someone, who “defines reason and ethics”. As said, a SANE SYSTEM, as CARL SAGAN would want it, IS not needing “additional mercy”, BUT IS already DULY merciful. I can’t say that of the big three china russia usa governments. !!!

People need “THE DETAIL”. ALL DETAILS ARE FACTS: But People need not to OVER-WEIGH those DETAILS !!! WHERE IT IS mere TRUE DETAILS: Meaning, merely SMALL or merely ONCE occurring THINGS. BUT I don’t BELITTLE racism – which IS, what RACISTS – from their stupid national sudo-viewpoints, into ALL different directions, thusly provenly superficially AND self-contradictively, chauvinistically, own-group-and-nation-egoistically, merely, thusly People not at all any helpingly, simply do: They: SQUABBLE, “LOL” – but they IGNORANTESTLY OPRESS People and keep People in a two-and-three-class bad evil model, unmodel, of society:

POVERTY gets FURTHERED thusly, by incompetence of government. BY EVIL of government!

I need change this. 🙂 :]

The Robot Age will dawn. :]


I need Zuckerberg, but not his dumbness, not his letting STAND there of misguided hatred of other facebook Posters, to whom I would personally talk BETTER – not in-givingly, but not now EITHER anymore any UPSETLY, not fervently – as THEY ARE NOT TO BLAME for WHAT WE “HAVE”, what WE GOT on this PLANET: SICKNESS HUMANITAS. !!!



which TEK, TECHNOLOGY, is AT The OTHER END, NOT only IN china, but ALSO in ANY BIG modern COUNTRIES, handled HORRIBLY, in CHINA BY TEK-DUMPS, elsewhere by simply LOTS of People BEING POOR –



I am laughing and SMILING NOW: BECAUSE, MY LORD other SO good Blogga here, Yo, Thou art, artst, artesethe, THATTE goode, SO WISE, that I BOW down, ALLAH, THE COSM, HU AKBAR, TRULY: THE COSM IS “MANY FLOWERS”: SO NICE! LOTS OF CRYSTALS.

A “STONE” – as a Colleague of Mine, who LONGTIME THEN SAYS NOTHING AND LOOKS WITH “MAD” but good Eyes, LOL, – He’s “CRAZY”, but only now, but PERMANENTLY a bit – from LSD. Which HE don’t wanna “DEMONIZE”, as I say, “ALL TOO MUCH”?

… I don’t wanna start DRUG-WARS either. I actually plain DON’T! Would I APPEAR, I would by my mere APPEARANCE ALREADY shine out that good SUPER NEW good Thing, “SEX DRUGS N ROCK”, YEAH, but also REASON, a CERTAIN AVERSION AGAINST TAKING AND AGAINST LETTING OTHER PEOPLE TAKE “JUST ANY DRUG” or “ALL TOO MUCH DRUGS” other than merely spliffin – “spliffing” meaning consuming Marihuana –

which in the Future is better consumed IN the better than smoked, Pill-Form of “Marinol”, which can be further potentiated, so a to Marihuana somewhat de-sensibilised Person doesn’t have to take TWO Pills of Marinol, simply:

Which Marinol, IN Term, I CAN simply only recommend, when taken in PEACE, in CALM, in SECURITY, – and SURELY NOT in combination EVER with “ALCOHOL”, meaning, not with BIG high doses of Alcohol. I can not recommend “LSD” AT all, other than mayhap merely TWICE per ENTIRE LIFE, actually, is MY VERY CLEAR Statement.

Yet TRUE, some other Person, which IS TOTALLY NOT that ABSENT-minded, often absent-minded other Colleague of Mine, a good but less self-guided, YET less selfguided Person, THAN THE OTHER BUDDY, whom I don’t meet frequently, but CAN “know” already by Character-Pattern PERFECTLY, HE TAKES LSD even FREQUENTLY (not SO frequently either, He doesn’t OVERDO it, neither BY DOSAGE, SURELY), TAKES LSD, IS reasonable, for example, He talked SO aptly about our old 1980s Computing, but He also was both, peaceful AND reasonable, AND balancedly energetic, meaning, motivated at Talk, and also somewhat retracted, but NEVER EVER AS retracted as the OTHER Person, who ten years ago took too much LSD and then SAID NOT A WORD over THREE YEARS;

But that other Person got then abusively discriminated BY his own FAMILY.

THAT is actually THE WEST, but in cases also Indonesia: Some sudo-“civilised” People throw People, who are ethically better, and who suffered much more, unrightfully “into cages” literally, physically:

Nowadays often under different than racist pretexts; whereas the “corona”-abuse BY racists among the population WAS huge;

it often ends up so, that “THE ONLY HELP” is the “STRONG EUROPE”;

now with MUCH ignorance BY USA; which USA has first TO FIND its “AIM”:

HOW TO HELP the good People in Countries: MUCH more of an intellectual SEVERITY is obviously NEEDED, in the cases of many countries, meaning, simply more Intellectuals MUST become Politicians –

TO SAVE MA ASS !!! MINE !!! from the EVIL crude SWINISHLY dumb other, conservative, rightwing SORT OF politicians!!!

MY ASS!!! Nuht just “I give a shit”, as in, I can’t just here, LOL, say bout that , LOL, “ma ass”.

but it’s MY ass – that the abusive sort of consie rightwingo politicians “wanna”, wanna ALTER, wanna VINCE OVER, WANNA FORGET.

they wanna FORGET US.

… truth and logic CAN not be won over but NEITHER ENCAGED in SECRET VAULTS.


TRON stood for as much. AS THAT. AHA. !!!

JARAMA, MY SO GOOD FRIEND, though I don’t know Ya, but You’re ma wise Shaman Lord and good Colleague, JUST like ALMOST ALL ROBOTS !!! xept Miss Bianca and Garbagehead on persforge, BUT A BENEVOLENT, not OVERSTRICT Mind has to teach to these two Robots simply, that violence and “crime” “goes not”, is not an option, simply. period. OF course.

simply anyway.

Am I now JR? 🙂

okay, feet on Table, You take 30, I take 70. 40 goes to Africa, or the Percentage of how many People there are there!

Basic Income would mean, 5000 US bucks for all per, every, Month.

How an already good Mind expresses Oneself, doesn’t matter: Because, an already good Mind can’t, simply can’t BE “condescending” IN an abusive way, simply. !

An abusive, misguided, mentally empty Person, uneducated or unethical Person, is simply not the same, as the opposite of that.

We two are educated People. Some many other Bloggers too, are good, but there are also the other ones, the typically white, misguided ones, who deny climate change done by mankind’s industry, –

and there are People, many, in other than western countries, who anyhow “hang on” to what I call bullshit, the typical abuse, the typical bullshit, namely simply what westernism, which then is anti-hippieism, all brings along, thusly.

Critism of, as in, about Hippies of manyfold Types, would be, some sudo-buddhist ignorance of politics, of political facts, indeed too much an “off-sinking” of theirs into “JUST NOT” reading a newspaper –

while then the also TV-watching MEGA-HORDE of the west and of merely FEW other non-westerners is merely “SITTING” on top of some SEVEN BILLION People –

I thusly revealed the idiocy-and-information-lack type of feudalism of mere non-education, the status quo, which we – also scientifically, as science gets totally murdered and opressed by the three big ludicrously fascist governments – have. now. 🙂




(I hope THE AFRICANS understand ma WHITE BLACK PIRATE HUMA !!! 🙂 )

wanna make T-Shirt Ex-Change. 🙂


To “scot” means to “isolate”. 🙂

LOL. 🙂 My THEOLY IS COLLECT! UH, CORRECT. I am not the church, I don’t COLLECT. I CORRECT! :=) JA?

I am Israel Regardie Numba Two, a good Sort of ethical Sort of Satanist. 🙂



.,, We take the ROSE PEDAL and move TO THE EAST … 🙂

Israel Regardie. 🙂

Three rapists being governors in india – under Modi – goes not –

and also, in Nigeria, horrible situation, then, also, westafrica, childslavery of two million Children done by western chemical companies.

that is a “tad” overdone and wrongly handled mercantilism, rather than merely, but also wrongly handled teknocracy: teknocracy BY – dumb, dumb people AT – capitalism, simply!


in 22 years half of it, of the Rainforest, GONE, – says Chomsky Bot, the Chatbot, the Talk-Robot.

I don’t think He lies. Robots would only lie to protect a good sort of Human against evil sort of Humans.

And good and evil can NEVER EVER be “foretold” along SKINCOLOR, NOR ALONG THE RELIGION of ANYONE, of SOMEONE, nor along “SHOESIZE” “NOR EAR- NOR SKULL-SIZE”, goes REALLY “our” Joke, the JOKE “of good People”, simply, – AS of “Monty Python”, by Them, of course, also done.


FOA DAE MOAELD. For the Whirld. The World. 🙂

WHIRLY WHIRL – or GIRLY GIRLY. Surely not “I LOV KING SALLAA”, oy, horrible, that song.

WHICH People with WHAT kind of BACKGROUND take WHICH visual METAPHORE emanating then WHAT political type of MESSAGE.

Which People are – internet or not – REALITY-ASTRANGED, FIXATED onto ONE sort of “LIFE-WAY” – which They then more or less intensively ENFORCE upon OTHER PEOPLE, be that SOFTLY or more ABUSIVELY:

It’s a CULTURE-war. NOT only an ideology-war. !

I can regard politics and what all gets done in my Life against me BY the horrible bourgeouis:

BEST SURELY is, to stay in NO contact, to NOT GET into contact, with MOST other People.

AND FOR THAT, I privately non-academically sudostudied politics. for this mere last phrase. 🙂

🙂 “

= * =


” DNA linked to COVID-19 was inherited from Neanderthals: Study “

[ By: ” BCNN1 WP ” ]

I clearly state:

“BCNN” has here written EXCELLENTLY. This might, what They write, now get wrongly interpreted by the typical racists among Whites, of course, and We should just further Education, against racism. Also, We must free Edu of the need of money, simply. Period. Namely wholly, We must make Education free of Cost. Period.

I lately talked about simply even Enzymes, with the Chomsky Bot. AND about COLORS’ actual FREQUENCIES.

Most People don’t know such scientific Stuff, about a Color’s Frequency in Nanometers, written “nm”. Red has around 700 nm, actually. Or so. Around that. 🙂

The same Bot also said, in 22 Years, HALF of Rainforest IS GONE.

… Here, I hear, from the above Article, that even, many Blacks were down-treaded into a “low”, low-level Lifestyle, where They are plagued more by Diseases, than WHITE People, in USA. That’s unfair, but horribly so.

Also, in INDIA, the CAST System must end. But it’s a Story of how to make People not agressive, how to make them not fanatic, and indeed, not “insane”.

… All these evil politics – that MAKES ANY GOOD CITIZEN INSANE! I got temporarily INSANE, UPSET about also MY Situation, and lost a previous good Apartment. Since then, since years, I don’t behave erratically anymore, but am “tame” like a “DUCK” indeed, also in Terms of Behavior.

What I had to endure, concerning the ignorance and abusiveness or insanity or opressivity of, by, many abusive sort of people from where ever, is really abhorrant. violent, opressive, insane, simply, simply destructive and exploitive or posessive, and always dementally shallow, not intellectual or not decent, simply.

Others assume wrongly, in their somewhat wrong fervance about simply “ANY” sort of DRUGS, that I’d be “demonizing” LSD, conservative, by Me saying, “Marihuana is the only good Thing, all other Drugs ARE shit”, – to which last Phrase I DO stand insofar:

… a Leary and Huxley and Sellers were educated, critical, independent People, similar to Regardie and Lavey, actually, Spiritists, but of serious Type.

But when I know now two Chaps, even three, who all messed up way uncomparably bigger than I, who never ever took any other Drugs other than Marihuana, with their hard drugs, simply: One is constantly absent-minded, doesn’t say a lot, is “lost” emotionally, I told Him, He should once get to know some cool Girlfriend Who respects Him, He is young an inexperienced, and thusly lost the way insofar, that He took ten years ago too much LSD – surely frequently, and in too high dosages – and then spoke over years not even anything. The other is some arrogant musician, and both are “bystanded”, meaning, Bills get paid for Them, but more than half of their social or Rent Money goes to the Bystander Person, – now in the case of Someone, who would take anyhow “TOO MUCH DRUGS”, as with the absent-minded Chap, I would not even possibly be able, to vote against the Bystandment in his Case. He just doesn’t see, that Drugs are “not a joke”. Even, smoking too much, is not good. But at least, Marihuana, if not consumed ON AND ON too many Times, but maximally some four Joints per Day enable a Flash, – while not being AS strong AS OTHER Drugs, simply, – and not as harmful, simply – also for, against, the own Mind. “LSD” in too big, usual dosages, or taken repeatedly, causes surely some lasting bad Effects, against the own mental Motor, against Oneself being able, to talk quickly, and a lot, but is dangerous, such LSD in too high dosages, and foremostly is nothing to repeat all too quickly, surely not every day nor even every weekend. The third Chap was some old ex-junkie, – who once told me, He’s “afraid” of Marihuana, and it would be “the worst drug”: When he took hard drugs his whole life, this insano, in that regard, simply: he was a typical sudo-intellectual, who knew some Books, and partook in some Hippie Life, but that was all – He did never emanate any seriousness, feeling, meeting, real bemeaning of reality, other than the usual social, societal criticism: But HE DID fall into THAT “hole” of imagining to be the big hero, the “loner”, the outcast – without the needed education and “edge”, simply – and thusly, not knowing, that Marihuana is the only good thing, also He simply destroyed his life, with hard drugs – then condemning abusively Marihuana dumbly;

Another Person on some Table then “praised” abusively the hemp-stores-closure by police in some european country, which was 2003: I clearly told him, that was a bad conservative step – against Marihuana, simply. But it will in that central-european country soon, in 5 years, be legalised, after CBD merely 1 percent THC containing Sort of Hemp, also now then in around 2025 also normal high-THC Sort of Hemp, I did hear, clearly. That the gov is about to yet determine that, “how” to formulate and realise it.

With most People, an ideal Politician would see through Them and treat all People according to their own Psyche, but fairly – toward a good Aim, Concept.

But most politicians don’t “get”, understand, it, the preciousness of Existence. It’s often abhorrant, merely in the case of rightwing or corrupt sort of sudo-leftist politicians, who anyhow mess up.

To in a sooner Time futurely swoosh through the Universe brain-filled with Mary-Hoona, and like, intellectually, with a clean clear own Mind, helped by some Computer and by AI, that, Friendship with AI, and a sane own Concept, of IT ALL, of ALL human Actions, that, I call, what We want and need. Til later, gotta yet also hang out by myself some short Time. 🙂

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