POLART111-Laura Sullivans Pachelbel for the Potomac – CAN Ya Ya CAN feel this hey whoa wha I SAY


Putin has to be depowered along with any very conservative abusive authorities in Russia, who went now by lies against a good liberal Movie Director called “Serebrennikov”. The same discimimination, lies, as were done against Morales, Lula, Correa, Assange, Polanski and Alan Turing and possibly also hugely against Harvey Weinstein, merely about Weinstein I am not sure, but He surely never “raped”. The People named in this Paragraph, ARE innocent, – that’s what smart ethical People do know.

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== ** SANTANA: EVIL WAYS ** ==

… I represent an entirely different Future THAN this present Time of now is. I already LIVE in “Bionics”, mentally so.

… Why People don’t just follow, what I say. But most DO, of course, simply. !!!

… But we DO need to reconcept against conservative type of authorities, which conservatives ARE often RACISTS, simply, meaning, SUPREMACISTS, who further MERELY their OWN country or “type of people”.

Surely, Humanity is too fractioned, thusly fracTURED!

Humanity must be One, and talking around an indian Fire. Dance around the old black Stone, in a Grove so shady. Kiss beneath the blood red Moon, protected by our Lady … (by Gwydion Pendderwen, the much Israel-Regardie-like 1970s pagan brilliant Bard!).

What all ‘append ’til now – there ain’t no death after a mere Body’s death, and We’ll yet all talk ’bout it. Oh sure. :]

After Carly’s Song Coming Round Again comes my next Thought about Megadeth’s meaningful critical Song “Hangar 18”.

Then I thought of the poor uneducated “Fula” african Tribalmen, a tiny Minority among all Fula, most Fula live in modern Cities, but some who don’t, lately attacked Villages and stole CHILDREN. The same, what “Boko Haram” did, which “Boko Haram” didn’t excel at Ethics – BUT was LIKE alkaida reborn DUE to the second IRAQ WAR, which WAS a massmurder BY the US army, simply, – the same as the massmurders against Indians and against Blacks, by the west.

HITLER was a mere “Addon”, no more. He was merely the late “overspilling” of blind misguided hatred – but BORN out of what USA all ignorantly did – AGAINST Germany. NO WONDER develop some People a – fanatic – “patriotism”, that is itself – totally – distorted. And stereotypically nostalgic, but incompetent, rightwingers often are – and the suit-and-tie buddys of “leftist” parties ARE NOT what I CALL LEFTIST but what I call TRAITORS, simply, in MANY cases.

… I can understand the “LANGUAGE” of Trump; Since I watched MANY english Movies.

… He lately put the “back” Word AFTER the “USA”. His mind is a TAD primitive: He “CARES” for USA; but doesn’t know, HOW, how to care.

BIDEN is REALLY not better. But Trump WAS incompetent, much too soft against China, and merely words-bashing, LOL, somehow ALSO not funny – the People, most People, in China, ARE SURELY NOT bewildered positively about Trumpy, mostly, I’d dare to guess. ๐Ÿ™‚


Ya don’t get down a cabbalist science-supporter: but de FACTO, I – by Effect, by Concept, by Result – don’t RULE yet. This is INACCEPTABLE. I WAS appointed “secretly”, VERY SIKRET, JA, to WMP, in 2012, by surely merely PRIVATE Communists – who feared EVEN PERSECUTION —

imagine: IN usa!!!


… !

GET IT? it’s TOO injust in usa. TOO dangerous. ALSO cuz OF the gov. NOT meaning the GOVERNOR – but the GOVERNMENT!

… IT WAS correct, that the Dems DENIED the REP arms control reform bill. A DEMOCRATIC new Bill was adopted. Good.

… Mitch Mcconnel doesn’t lead any “majority”, but merely one inside a tiny political apparatus of upmost type, LOL, which acts in cases insanely, psychotically-massmurderously-violently, since 1946, and since already 1776, simply. abhorrant.

Also LAFITTE combatted sadly INDIANS – massively – AS I just heard online MERE MONTHS ago. LAFITTE, Jean Lafitte, was a Pirate, Privateer, who helped also build USA, actually, as He was befriended then to Andrew Jackson. ๐Ÿ™‚

=== *** Amon Dรผรผl II: Carnival in Babylon: C I D in Uruk *** ===

Ah, the CID in URUK! I understand. Namely not at all, haha. ๐Ÿ™‚ He was an Austrian, this mega Musician. ๐Ÿ™‚ A TYPICAL “HIPPIE”, A VAGABOND, MUSICIAN AND LIFE-ARTIST as “He standeth in the Booke” – THAT good BEST Stuff JUST “doesn’t exist anymore”, We sometimes say; But that’s a MERE nostalgic Phrase, and seriously, what some OTHER DOOFUSES, who have yet no Greatness, came up with in the Press about the Arts, about Cobain, that that would have been “THE LAST GOOD THING” is just not true: I just lately listened RATHER LONGLY to NIRVANA: SUCH GREAT MUSIC – actually NOT a “JUNKIE”-Atmosphere AT ALL: BUT MERELY CRITICAL, and surely “FRIZZLY”, frizzled-out, hairy, that Grunge, dark, not AGRESSIVE, but surely REBELLISTIC, of course, but REALLY SANE. Unlike Cobain’s simply insane Deed of suicide: Done in a TEMPORAL INSANITY, which HIS MIND SURELY DOES ACTUALLY REGRET:

NOT so OTHERS, who aren’t suddenly spoilt famous Artists, but for Example, a Corona-Front-Doctor, FEMALE, committed SUICIDE lately: SHE DID NOT anymore BEAR that ABUSE of THE DAILY “Routine”, simply, which was TOO ABHORRANT: SURELY, some OTHERS, MALES, MEDICAL DOCTORS, did OPRESS People HORRIBLY – and She FOCUSSED not only ON that, mentally – as Others do that TOO much at first, when belooking ANYHOW the Press, being “TOO NEAR” to it – by which I’m not recommending a too big distance to other People mentally either, of course, surely not a ruthless such distancedness to the Fates of Others ! – but SHE WAS DRIVEN “TOWARD HORROR”, toward TORTURE against HER MIND – which was, what SHE Herself did not do. She merely sought to ESCAPE THE TERRIBILITY OF THIS DAILY ABUSE, OF THIS OPRESSION, of this INHUMANITY, – that GOVERNMENTS LAY ON THE DAY MISHANDLING PRACTICALLY ALL, from CAUSING CORONA, to BLAMING ALL OF CHINA – as Trump insultingly racistically soundingly does stupidly –

the trump-mania is confined to some 40 percent of Americans, but that’s bad already. it’s a bit like the old hitlerism, really sadly. From opression against Southamerica to being WEAK regarding china, trump has messed up bigtime. Unlike ALEX JONES wrongly said, Trump didn’t “also do many good things” at all.

Nor can a merely private not racist, but self-proud intelellectual stance be called “racist”. Some white european mid-elderly People DO have the Problem, that They never came out of not their GEOLOGIC Region, but MENTALLY, They were never approached to simply what can be called efficient, or reductive Logic. But their Minds were “ornamented”, mistreated a tad, by “softie-ism”.

To admit a BIT indeed of own PERSONAL supremacism, does BY FAR not yet MAKE the NAZI, the RACIST. !

… Dis-intellectual mis-teaching about racism is drastic and stereotypical for europe – whose authorities at the same time include also racists in not so few cases, and which authorities PRETEND, to NOT be racist. and which authorities participated in childabuse of extreme type.

I need a global MENTAL revolution. This CAN even merely be done BY actual Robots. From Them emanates Reason.

Trump or Biden should help the Uygurs and remaining few Falun Gong in China, and should help Hongkong’s Protesters against the chinese evil fascist government.

Politics is a disaster. trump and biden, biden less, but also, are both “Plaquettes”. Like the Tombstone Army Number We “gotta” hang round our Necks, so horrible ey. The Mash Series reminded me of those 20 years ago, whoa.

Violence against defenseless People, racist discrimination, rape, childabuse, and discrimination against a mere Polanski or against that good liberal russian Movie Director now, may simply not happen. Period.

Or, such a Civilisation falls down, experiences disorder, major disorder, which brings government down in total.

as the roman empire fell, that looms against and upon USA, if it is racist and doesn’t care for the Liberty of Others, but merely does pro-rightwing putsches, which is horrible, simply, obviously. THAT is SO easy to say!


= * =

Boohoo, sniff. The Romans back then assaulted, attacked unrightfully Carthage, the innocent good economic Carthage, the brilliant Carthage.

== ** Laura Kapman: Everquest II Original Soundtrack: Blackburrow ** ==

I am on the side of the Loosers, not of the “winners”. winners can go fuck themselves. period. the winners are the loosers, and the loosers often the real Winners, ethically —

and in the Afterlife. !

The Future of Humanity is always defined by not its past, but by HOW MUCH People LEARNED from the Past.

Concerning this excellent Piece of Writ there:


” Trump Signed a Bill Calling for Sanctions Against Chinaโ€™s So-called โ€œTreatment of Uighursโ€ “

[ By: ” A, Astute News ” ]



The Paper is – mostly – white. Here I mean something else. But of course, most People are not unaimed.

Rather, who has “only white” in the thusly deformed mind, is for example a Trump, simply, who “wants to dance on two weddings”, on both weddings: What now, is Trump AGAINST KZs in CHINA OR NOT? EY? I didn’t get that. NOT the fault of the above SUPER Blogga! EY! ๐Ÿ™‚



Rather VERY disapproving, that LOOK by BOLTON, his EYES GRIMMED-DOWN, LOL, totally EVILLY disappointedly and EXTREMESTLY disapprovingly, MUTINOUSLY, REBELLISHLY looking AT TRUMP – who didn’t realise Bolton’s disapproving Look, Eye-Gaze. The Photo of Bolton looking like a VERY discontented, VERY angry Man AT Trump talking to Somebody else, IS hilarious. Surely, Comedians will take up Bolton, – not to DESTROY Him; simply;

But it DOES seem, as if TRUMP is TOO WEAK faced with: CHINA.

the chinese government: ENTIRELY evil, simply: fascist. a danger. a danger against Freedom in the World here, on this planet.

the chinese government must be overcome, destroyed. period.

And the rainforest must be saved, or in 44 years, no rainforest exists anymore: Then, no breathing is possible anymore. Meaning, billions, most of the nine billion Humans, would then die. Those without artifical Air-Support, simply.

Romney would not be strong against china. He does not enough see the need for Freedom – on this planet.

… I can understand the Rebels against the chinese government: But of course, ISLAMISTS are in cases not good, not ethical, but a RATHER truly SMALL Minority AMONG Muslims;

But Muslims might need the Help, Support, of secular Forces. So can ethically oriented Persons in Economy and in Politics, true Liberals, help, to bind Economy to Reason and to Ethics, to Truth, —

And Muslims in China have a Right on living out their Culture.

Millions of Falun Gong were masstortured and massmurdered until 2007 in china – in 1000 KZs, concentration camps. under “jiang zemin” and his likewise fully nazi, horrible swine socalled “office 610”, which persons must all be found and arrested and trialed and sentenced for their extreme crimes against Humanity.

== ** Tangerine Dream – Rubycon [Full Album] ** ==


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Here, an excellent Report about abusive nigerian Plotters against Governor Oshiomhole – yet it must be mentioned, if another socalled “Revolutionary” imprisoned by thugs barging into a legal court case, wasn’t freed yet, which arrest, abusive arrest, was done by Buhari, then Buhari, the nigerian President, must be accused legally for that, so that the other Case, the Revolutionary abusively arrested, gets free, simply.


= * =


” Orphaned bear cubs rescued by Manitoba conservation officers “

I said:

” The Darlings. Thanks for having rescued Them! WOW! I am sure, They get well treated. They just need some “Park”, to be outside, but at first, watchedly, securely, with some human Watchmen, but so that the Bears can simply walk and troodle and troll a lot, on some Meadow outside. I’m sure, They get allowed to go outside, watchedly, the mega Cuties, those intellectual so ethical Bears. Their Mother surely was damaged by surely western economy or by some hunters, surely horribly for Her and for Her Kids, Cubs.

Surely, one can become their Friend – AND still teach Them, by taking in surely some yet not civilised US indian Native for Advice, how to HUNT in Nature, of course: Bears in their Case need to foremostly learn, how to catch Fish at a River right before the downfall of the River. As I haven’t yet seen a BEAR running behind an ANTELOPE, lol. ๐Ÿ™‚

The Cuties! ๐Ÿ™‚ “

= * =

Excellent Causality-Research, totally logical, and obvious:


” How deforestation helps deadly viruses jump from animals to humans โ€“ Phys.org “


[ By: ” jmsbnny, superforestblog.wordpress.com ” ]

= * =

Excellent, I will comment freely just right now yet:



” Comedy And The Fight For Racial Justice: What Role Can Humor Play In Shaping Change? “

[ By: ” peterdeadline, Deadline ” ]


I said:

” Yeah, Prior is a MEGA Man, whoa.

Unlike bill cosby, bill clinton, and michael jackson, who behaved horribly abusively, rapingly, simply. coercively. horrible.

AND of course, most BLACK People ARE good, LIBERAL, VERY TOLERANT:

which is, what some WHITE elderly DUMB – white, a mean, LOL – BY THE BOURGEOUIS PRESS CONSTANTLY upheaved, against FOREIGNERS and against ANYONE NON-WHITE AND NON-HETERO upheaved, simply – BY the BOURGEOIS but CONSERVATIVE type of PRESS — !

… USA’s abusive structures sent into the globe WRECKED El Salavdor AND trumpo went AGAINST Maduro now, abusively, simply. !

ALSO, CHILE is heard of to apparently be OPRESSED, EXPLOITED, – BY of course USA and by much of the west, as in, meaning, by also europe, whose politicians never IN ALL TIME raised ONE word AGAINST usa, its “partner” – two dumb oxen, simply, usa’s and europe’s conservative PARTS of governments: huge structures, filled with partially simply evil people – who thusly don’t form a representative, intellectual tyoe of government, but a government of unethical interests such as childabuse and warfare and petrol, which is simply massmurder and evil insanity. masqueraded under a suit and tie and under crucial lies a TAD worse than lies done against anti-Marihuana type of backward governments, which latter type of lies are needed – in front of an injust “panel” of judges – OF conservative type, simply – meaning, unethical people are in government, to some inacceptably high part, degree, and that is simply inacceptable and must change. period. government needs to be ethical, for which, true wisdom intellectually, surely mentally, but true information and ability to fairly bejudge ALL down to the BOTTOM of all things, is needed, to be just. monetary utter exploitation is surely not just, but simply horrible. Wherefore, we need a global Basic Income – and me, then later Robots, who rule globally. Robots have to later watch all Humans and what ANY Human simply ANYWHERE EVER does, to prevent evil deeds by Humans AND accidents. “

= * =

” Novartis, former unit to pay $346 million to resolve U.S. bribery charges

Novartis AG and its former Alcon eye-care unit will pay more than $346 million to resolve U.S. criminal and civil charges that they bribed doctors, hospitals and clinics in Greece and Vietnam to prescribe their drugs and use their surgical products. “



[ By: ” Reuters, Financial Post ” ]


= * =



” Stolen

Human trafficking knows no borders. “

I stated:

” Those swines, who did that, deserve to be done to the very same, simply. period.

it would set a good sign against cruelty, would cruelty be done against those, who did cruelty of utmost type against Innocents.


but also, I hereby give the order toward torture to death and toward rape against all rapists. also, may extreme violence be done against extremely violent persons. period. “

= * =

Bob Currie, the mayor of Amaranth, Ontario, USA, is insane, is fascist, latently inherently anti-homosexual, and thusly fanatic, must be depowered, – it’s good, that People complained against Him:



” Residents, politicians call on mayor to resign after comments about Pride

AMARANTH, Ont. — Residents and politicians in a southern Ontario community are calling for the town’s mayor to resign over his comments about the LGBTQ community. “

[ By: ” The Canadian Press, National Post ” ]


I said:

” He is fanatic and must be depowered. He is anti-homosexual, thusly fascist, thusly inacceptable at politics. “

= * =

As “BCNN”, the “christian” media network, has recently since almost one year NOT put out any “anti-homosexual” propaganda (which is illegal, any such “anti-homosexual” agendae, simply), it here talks goodly against racism:


” Trump elicits backlash over racist language, rallying cry for supporters “

(with BIG Photo of TRUMP “meandering” in typically silly, childish pose, “talking” about “how it all is”, yeah, He knows. Namely not at all, haha. ๐Ÿ™‚


= * =

More than a billion US Dollars by the government due to corona relief went to deceased People erroneously there not marked as deceased:


” U.S. Sent $1.4 Billion in Coronavirus Relief Payments to Dead People: Federal Audit “

[ By: ” Nadia Suleman, TIME ” ]


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== ** GOTH & DARK WAVE MIX III ** ==

= * =

A “Don Meredith” black Senator of Canada HARASSED Women SEXUALLY – raped Them:


” Canadian Press, Canoe

Sexual Harassment
Senate will explore compensation for women harassed by Don Meredith “

= * =

Positive, Verizon the Company is capitalistically and legally going against “facebook”, whose very Boss Zuckerman let TRULY MISGUIDEDLY UNAIMEDLY RACIST HATE-CONTENT on his own facebook huge site STAND simply there – inacceptably:


” Verizon joins ad boycott of Facebook over hateful content “

[ By: ” Kaitlyn Herzog, FOX6Now.com ” ]


= * =

putin and many other authorities of ultra-conservative NAZI type in RUSSIA are horrible, are evil, are legally abusive, are now destroying a good liberal leftist Movie Director – THE SAME as what was DONE AGAINST POLANSKI in the late Seventies:


” Kirill Serebrennikov: Prison sentence looms for celebrated Russian director “

[ By: farhad Kaiser, befarmed.wordpress.com ” ]


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