POLART110-Mankind should not but goes into an evil future – We must prevent that as hugely as poss

If usual People are stupid, that’s then not good: “Fight the no future”, stands somewhere stupidly written.

… How, please, “can” somebody be THAT stupid? to write such a totally confused, wrong writing, phrase?

… This chap is already in the fangs, clutches, trap, of, by, nazis, by far-rightwingers, simply – obviously and sadly, and against him, horribly so, simply – meaning, to his disadvantage.

… it’s surely a He, a Male, who there took a famous Phrase by Leftists, who often say, “no future”, – but He put Him – idiot – Self AGAINST that – merely critical, warning, and in no way demotivating – MERE PHRASE.

… He took the phrase not too seriously nor not serious enough, but mistook, misunderstood, that phrase “no future”, him wrongly assuming, that phrase would “demotivate” anyhow: IT DOES THEN, whenever Oneself IS “stupid”, is misunderstanding basic Messages, and misunderstanding basic Things, simply, blatantly uneducatedly, “dumbly”. simply.

I found several EXCELLENT Books, which DO need yet Becommenting, crucially, so We do see, “what’s now”:

Booklist: “Theories of the social Work” (German Title: “Theorien der sozialen Arbeit”, by Ernst Engelke, Stefan Borrmann, and Christian Spatschek, by Lambertus-Verlag, Freiburg im Breisgau, 2008), “Jews and Arabs in one Country” (German Title: “Juden und Araber in Einem Land”, by Franz Ansprenger, by Kaiser Verlag, Mรผnchen, 1978), “The Long Journey Home – The Memoirs of Flora Leipman” by Flora Leipman, 1987, by Bantam Press), “Insiders – Women’s Experience of Prison”, by Una Padel and Prue Stevenson, by Virago Press Limited, 1988, London), “Ghandi” by Heimo Rau, by Rowohlt Taschenbuch-Verlag GmbH, Reinbeck bei Hamburg, 1970), “The Confession of the High-Traitor” (German Title: “Die Beichte des Hochverrรคters” by Jaroslav Hasek, by Verlag Ulstein GmbH, Frankfurt / M-Berlin, 1990), “Indiatraveller Sex” (German Title: “Indienfahrer Sex”, by Harald Hetzel, by Wendepunkt Verlag, 92637 Weiden/Opf., 2016), “The Sum of all Fears” by Tom Clancy (by Fontana, An Imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers, London, 1991):

Slight indian sitting-Wise: Yes, there ARE also Advantages of Nowadays, and WE ARE NOT merely in a “post-war” zone – as WAR is EVEN NOW abusively “on” – HUGELY in the mideast ALSO due to HATE, but ALSO due TO IDIOCY, more than to the NOT silly, but oft hollow word “corruption” —

One can’t “MAKE” it “VANILLA”, can’t make it quite “rosรฉ”, of course:

But there ARE majorly, mainly, TWO Parts, REALLY simply, among Humanity, be that in authorities or outside of authorities: GOOD and “RATHER” bad, as in, meaning, rather faulty People: YES, IT IS [!] AN ASSORTMENT of “NODES” relating to Reality, wheras WE CAN SAY: “SIMPLY FILL IN YES OR NO AT EACH NODE – THEN COMPARE – THAT – TO REALITY”.

SURELY, BISMARK and also MUTHESIUS were “NO NAZIS”: But MUTHESIUS WAS too obedient – but WHAT should HE ELSEHOW HAVE DONE: YET, STILL, HE DID – racistically-criminally-unethicallestly – SIMPLY – worse than a two phrases bout that writin HEIDI of a HEIDEGGER, LOL – worse – He, Muthesius, some social Worker from BEFORE AND AFTER the nazis, from before AND after 1933 to 1945, in Germany, HE DID during 33 to 45 FULLY follow a socalled “racial-social” “principle” – OF EVIL, simply – which THE BOOK “THEORIES OF THE SOCIAL WORK” DOES mention, but it DOES use TOO MUCH of a typical 1990s “HIGH-SCHOOL” repeatedly ns-words “re-hauling”, reverbifying type of “Jargon”, Writewise, which is not only somewhat unapt and politically immature, but also to be PARTIALLY itself to be regarded WITH some Care – while IT SAYS then THE PURE UNTAINTED truth about THE holocaust —

THE SAME is experienced BY A CHILD that gets ANYHOW “SEXUALLY” HORRIBLY ABUSED, TOUCHED, IN WAYS, which should NOT BE and are RIGHTFULLY NOT ACCEPTED among what I call “plain” SOCIETY.



goodly so. PERIOD.

… That Po frickin LANSKY HAHA ain’t quite an UGLY sandusky, makes sandy sandusky NUHT YET INTO A TOTALLY HORRIBLE ABSOLUTE MARQUIS DE SADE, but into HALF of that, as sandusky DID not have himself UNDER CONTROL, simply. !!!

Polanski, also I think Weinstein, and anyway Woody Allen are innocent. Weinstein to mayhap some 2 percent not. But Weinstein was just dumb, merely dumb, and can’t be held “responsible” – WITH HIS DEPLORABLE LACK of EDUCATION – this “jewish rightwinger”: SUCH A POOR MIND: HAVE COMPASSION for Him. I say. He ain’t a powerful TRUDEAU who ALSO has his de-intellectual FAULTS, who can’t really STEER goodly, politically. Trudeau as world lord, oh nay, LOL, please a not, hu. ๐Ÿ™‚



It’s true, but well, One can be creative, shama mention such a Detail here, haha, that Qntal in “Am Morgen Fruo” (In the Morning Early) her Song, simply once starts out taking as a second Step again AT a starting Point inside the Song, simply the SECOND Part of her Piece, LOL, — that’s HER FREEDOM – but IT CONFUSES ME, a “PACHELBEL” and yeah, a “BACH” idiot, LOL!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ A TOO STRAIGHTO! ๐Ÿ™‚


(“but”, LOL), at least, I admit that – WHERE I am bourgeois, LOL. ๐Ÿ™‚ MASELF DA ELF! ๐Ÿ™‚ STRUCTURALLY – meaning, LIFE-technically.

WE ALL have PHASES of being AT DAY loud or SILENTLY working, intellectually.

… HOPEFULLY, BTW, not unselfwantedly PHYSICALLY workingly !!! LEGALLY, WORK CAN NOT be ENFORCED !!!

… INSOFAR, there is much to do, yes. !

… I go back to “MA” BOOKS, LOL – which I just recently found. NOT SO old Books, but still, the TOPICS were NOT yet OVERCOME: THEY “REPEAT”, these HUGE topics: OF discrimination, opression, of simply STUPIDITY resulting IN – HUGE – EVIL, in opression, in opressive or anyhow in DEMENTAL, non-intellectual malconditions “of mind”, that work against a – proper, cool, good, ethical, sane, informed, things ably authentically bejudging – mind.

Yeah, before me talkin bout the MUSTARD-SCRAPER CLANCY, a “FELLOW LIKE FORSYTHE WAS”, A “MARINE”, LOL, a WANNABE, I before that mention surely now seriously, more seriously, simply the, that Book about Jews and Arabs:

“MY GOSH”, hu! ๐Ÿ™‚

Ansprenger, almost needless to read, meaning, very worthy to read, selfspeakingly a MEGA good Chap, is SURESTLY very objective: HIS TITLES of his CHAPTERS already reveal UTTER Objectivity, AND FOREMOSTLY, SEVERITY AT THE HANDLING OF ALL AND ALSO THAT ISSUE. AN EXCELLENT, BRILLIANT GERMAN, WHO TALKS against both, against fascism, meaning, against opression by a dumb bourgeois abusive leadership, AND against the misunderstanding between Peoples AND between ACTUAL Ideologies. !!!


They’re not ULTRA-rare, but NOT SO frequent EITHER, sadly.

… How to “MAKE” Humanity – MUCH – wiser? JUST read on. !

“The Long Journey Home” the Book, then talks about what STALIN all did BLUNTESTLY wrong, or what UNDER HIM was also CARRIED-OUT IN “HILARIOUSLY” simply DUMB fashion:


… One Spiritualist, — AND ONE “LENINIST”: THAT goes NOT anyhow EVER ANY, ANY TOGETHER !!!

… the leninist IS brainwashed, SEVERELY, and MUST learn, that LENIN is NOT to be followed, not POSSIBLY ethically, since lenin murdered TROTZKI and also had 20’000 socalled “SAILORS” who refused his communism, SHOT by MACHINE GUNS ONCE and actually merely pulled in his evil tail by his hurt silly pride when he later, deposed, said about the stalinist new empire, it would be “weak by not anymore executing people”: This showed his ACTUAL, haha indeed, fear from the stalinist regime – AS HE, lenin, AFTER his depowerment by stalin simply PRAISED – “still”, haha, sudo-communistically so-to-speak, UNLOL, VERY UNLOL – stalin, simply. lenin praised stalin, in short. undue. that simply is. and was. of lenin. to PRAISE stalin. HOW WEAK is THAT. very. PERIOD. ! “haha”. not funny. lenin could himself have easily hung. simply. !


“Theries of the social Work” the Book of the 90s of Germany, doesn’t yet there mention alfred adler’s undue and extreme anti-homosexual – fascist – bias – as in, doesn’t mention, that that adler simply WAS a sadly socalled “fascist” – the SAD SAME as putin. IN merely THAT – sad, undue, abusively fanatically illegally “anti-homosexual” discriminative regard, point, which CAN NOT and MUST NOT be EVER any overlooked.

RACISM from the abusive dumb “top” or racism not gone-against, People not properly ethically handled, ENABLES childabuse, ENABLES shady SWINISH parts OF western and ANY governments, to “LET THROUGH” childabuse, simply – which is horrible, and which MUST not be. period.

… ALL institutions of governmental type are VERY apparently INSIDE perpetrating CHILDABUSE. Which IS entirely INACCEPTABLE – and A DANGER:

… a consortium of DIFFERENT people, naive AND hiddenly EXTREMELY pedofile swinish people, “make up” government, form government, to some anyhow to what even slightest percentage ever inacceptable part.

… wherefore, governments “can not anymore play the moralpriest”, and thusly now do have a severe problem.

… And apart of Pictures, Photos, and HOW They’re interpreted BY different People, ALSO from different Cultures, NOT only from – merely seemingly – different political factions, it is still so, that there ARE also liberal People in government, but by tendency not yet in really high Positions, but there is a heinous “hyena” bunch of “lawyers- and investors-like” huge multigroup of “lobbies” there, such as corrupt governors, or anyhow incompetent, mentally unapt type of often rightwing-conservative, often economic, often even likewise official-leftist, but there corrupt, not liberal at all being, in cases, not always, but yeah, appallingly in key cases BY sheer – betraying – Looks, Appearance:

But a truly sane type of “Profiling” would and does consider a HUTCHISON for example One’s own MEGA FRIEND; Makes me think of ROBOCOP, haha; WHOA;

… and surely not a PINOCHET, simply, would ever be considered as “ethical” concerning what he did in the 1970s, murder and dismemberment of Arms [!] against a non-violent Musician called Victor Charra —

not by a simply INFORMED Entity.

… whereas the putsches against Lula, who even was heinously TORTURED, and against Morales, and against Correa in Ecuador, were surely VERY, SO heinous – I did read, that INDIANS were MURDERED along these putsches.

The VERY same misinformation of COURSE was – BY bourgeois PRESS – employed against Them: AS against the COLD FUSION and renewable ENERGY SCIENTISTS, which I MENTIONED ALREADY repeatedly.


THAT is TOTALLY inacceptable !!!

Likewise is it inacceptable, to be any “anti-homosexual” or any racist, or any SEXUALLY coercive or exploitive, simply.

In GERMANY, until the 1990s, some EXTREMELY PEDOFILE SWINE of a sudo-academic AT academy “in a high position” wrote abusive “BOOKS” “recommending PEDOFILIA” OF EXTREME TYPE – which “BOOKS” should not, simply not, have been any allowed — !!!


“Insiders – Women’s Experience of Prison”, an excellent Book of 1988, simply demands, that Prisoners don’t get “DISCRIMINATED” anymore BY authorities, and that Prisoners are given their proper Rights, and not mistreated IN ANY WAY, – and the LIST of ABUSES by authorities is long and huge, horribly, simply.

Heimo Rau writes SO brilliantly about indeed “THE OLD STRUCTURES”, that, let’s say it exactly so, must be INTERPRETED simply correctly, found again, but in surely a new and old, simply authentic light: GHANDI suffered obviously from wrong feelings of both guilt and thusly remorse or say, a “wrong”, merely projected type of “repentance” over really nothing – other than for example a Detail of his – dumb – “anti-sexuality” by Him once merely lusting to go already into his Wife’s BEDROOM, LOL, rather harmlessly, merely hornily, and there and nowhere any ever “rapingly”, merely “begging for some warmth and body-contact” with a rightful Partner – merely FIVE frickin MINUTES away from – sillily and awkwardly, which better pro-Caretakers would do, Who thusly DO got a GOOD Job, that must be surely also get paid better – to RUB his FATHER’s FEET – away from which He went, five Minutes later, his BROTHER informs Him, the FATHER is DEAD – Ghandi himself then even much later did overdo the Emotions in that, concerning also that Detail, and got surely not understood correctly, no wonder, by any Economists or Pragmatics, by certain Functionaries across the “usual” Politics “Board”. Ghandi seemed like a “white unicorn”, surely a Patriot for India, and against british Opression, yes, THAT was his “GRAND MARCH” – totally the opposite of and uncomparable to the SILLY yet back then at first surely hard and brave, yet there also ruthless “grand march” BY MAO TSETUNG in china, who already there, as I remember to have learned, heard of, did persecute against his “enemies”, which he dumbly painted on the wall, meaning, he acted like a totally evil persecutor against totally innocent People, simply, this “mao tsetung” horribly primitive chap he was.

in terms of numbers of Victims, Kim Yong Un IS much more harmless THAN mao tsetung and jiang zemin (the anti-millions of Falun Gong massmurderer commander) were;

In terms of Numbers of Victims, USA has done a much huger massmurder, than Kim Yong Un has.

… That some typical private AMERICAN Dude online calls me on wordpress a “northkorean TROLL”, is not so funny, but is simply a) typical, then b) silly, haha, then c) simply bluntly anti-ALL-communists, 1960s-mccarthyish, fascist, into that category sadly falling, and thusly d) not very “astute”, LOL. ๐Ÿ™‚

but the same as tim allen’s “anti-marihuana” episode and one such anti-pot episode in “stingray”, the 1980s black car dude helps out Women in Distress silly macho TV series.

silly. fascist. What we don’t want. period.

PAGE 328 and 329 of Clancy’s “The Sum of all Fears” “DESCRIBES” or re-claims, simply claims in another – cheap – instance, “that” “governments” would have any legitimacy at keeping secrets, not the fact of the justifiedness of whatever information of not publicly known type, but He simply rehashes that “theme”, the actual contradiction of governments insisting upon keeping certain secrets, AND the Public thusly not knowing, “WHAT GOES ON”, and thusly unable, to ACT – appropriately, simply. CLANCY merely COMMENTS that, but drily: He “himself” merely “types”, with some technical insight – but without political clear facts.

Hasek, unlike Clancy [!], is an Intellectual, and belaughs in his Book “The Confession of the High-Traitor” well and downwardly, goodly arrogantly, the ludicrous, evil western militant and incompetent, injust, disobjective and decadent, mentally not very active society and authorities across the european type of usual type get laughed-at by that brilliant independently thinking Author.

The Author of “India-Traveller Sex” merely repeats the Statement of for example some western “lust-traveller”, who considers non-western Women typically abusively as “sex-objects” to be exploited, to be taken advantage of, simply.

= * =

== ** BfG: Fathoms [1988]: Coming Home ** ==

Here, excellent, about Michael Moore’s by idiotic fanatics abusively by mere effort – in vain, of course, LOL – “censored” new Docu “Planet of Humans”:


= * =

== ** Big & Rich: Save A Horse, Ride A Cowboy ** ==

The huge evil, which the west and any conservative parts of governments do, such as even DELIVERING SEVEN YEARS YOUNG, simply TOO young CHILDREN to EXTREME PEDOFILES, which was done REPEATEDLY by the crass double-standard, simply evil western AND other governments, who consist mostly of incompetent, naive people —

that evil IS the VERY same, as the DEPRESSION, which it THUSLY CAUSES:

… IN THE MIND of simply GOOD, harmless People, DEPRESSION – ABOUT THAT, ABOUT, AGAINST THE EVIL, which the governments do, COMES UP, in the Mind of good People: DEPRESSION.

… ADDED to that, some LOT of People actually do not have good GUIDANCE – in their own Life: They don’t know, how to LEAD their own LIFE:

… IF They ALREADY crucially don’t know, that OTHER Drugs OTHER than Marihuana ARE definitely NOT good FOR the Mind and for the Body: If They don’t know THAT “Rule” “of Life”, of a “good Life”, to not take other Drugs other than Marihuana, They then FAIL, simply. !

… Then, a LACK of philosophic structural own Thinking, Analysis, a LACK of that CAN NOT form an INDEPENDENT Mind, simply.

For example, I proved my own thinking, when I criticised some german astronomer for him wrongly stating, there would be any “overpopulation”: Even, too many People here don’t think onward, – to the – simple – end-thought – of evil – that “overpopulation” is a wrong, evil sudo-paradigm – which simply UPHEAVES to MASSMURDER – which is evil, and thusly simply not to be done. Period. That german astronomer – called Harald Lesch – does not philosophically-ethically think by Himself, simply, proveably, showably so, sadly, simply. !

Some young People, who took the wrong type of Drugs at age 20 (instead of Marihuana, some sadly took – too much – LSD – and fell into a “hole”, not saying a word OVER YEARS), have indeed Life-technical Problems of different Sorts, and suffer in general simply from a drastic Lack of Education, either philosophically, or nature-science-wise, or They simply lack an Approach to a good Concept of – intellectual – Life: They were never conditioned toward the huge fascination of either science, or of what a sensical, truly “ideal” Life can offer —

and such young People fall then indeed Victim to the State: To its psychiatric Facilities: And that not merely over short Phases, but in Cases, Years-long repeated Stays there are – while other Cases are neededly there – unneeded, since an all-encompassing good Conditioning in Life by some competent Course could remedy that: But such a Course needs to be able, to motivate People, but toward mental Independence, toward surely also POLITICAL Criticacy, Ability, to bejudge any Reports by Oneself, ethically – but also, such a Teaching needs to be about People, about the Psyche, and needs to include Ethics, yet also Recognition, which is structural Analysis.

Such Dependence of Psychiatry Cases are a lot, and vary from Person to Person in Terms of their Education-Level: Some are “really idiots”, LOL, which UNNERVE other People, albeit harmlessly, by “insane behavior” indeed, which seems both childishly rebelestic AT adult Age, but is often exhibitionist, but not maliciously, not at all any truly sexually, but also other acts of “bowing down to the gods” rather insanely, by slightly mentally challenged, under-educated People, are the case, in cases followed by Syncopes (Faintings), that borders on Epilepsy indeed, while Others DO have Epilepsy, and most epileptic People ARE actually, similar to Autists, VERY sensible, and have – also – an in cases brittle, in other Cases VERY strong, VERY but merely seemingly strong Psyche – which in Cases, at Times, breaks down, but is, while aware, of course not deeming merely the Epilepsy, the Fallouts, as a “sickness”, which it of course MENTALLY is not, and merely is that physically so. Often, epileptic People are Geniuses, learn extremely fast, and don’t have that ATTENTION DEFICIT Syndrome [!], which MANY under-educated, mentally disabled People DO have – to a STARK degree, sadly.

… So do MANY psychically challenged People indeed apparently “wander” by attention, in and by their Minds – away from the current Topic, for no reason – after merely a rather short time of merely around 15 Minutes:

… They then merely just WALK away! FOR NO reason!

… One such example is: I was installing a virtual Linux in Virtualbox on the Mac of some Friend, of another Patient at Psychiatry, who was much longer there than I was.

… After merely 30 Minutes, I was very quick at installing, He simply, WHILE I had MY FINGERS on his Laptop, TOOK the Laptop, AND WALKED AWAY. !


… I was calling Him back, but I finished then the Stuff not even, but after ten Minutes, it peed me off, doing Stuff for Someone, who isn’t attentive, who isn’t “with the thing”, simply. Period.

… Such sort of people are simply below my level.

… They are a result of the west, of its idiocy, of its non-conditioning of People properly.

Another Person I know from there, also simply, AS I talk, WALKS away, repeatedly.

… He does simply not ANNOUNCE, what He does — and it’s then tedious, to follow Him, me having to simply “ADAPT” to his “LOW” way of simply “VEGETATING” through “LIFE”, “LOL” –

which isn’t funny for me.

He has somehow “no steering”, but “drifts”, but aimlessly, through Life.

… It’s not that, that studying, which He – and I – did, but We didn’t finish our Studies, would have been “too hard”, too much discipline-demanding. That was so, but We both could have had less Problems, and more Self-Realisation, in Life.

… BUT, by GOOD Advice! – AS We were yet young, me 20 Years ago, He now, so, We were like, “fooled” by the “too strict” society, by the west – which doesn’t focus on INTELLECTUALITY –

but on some unclear clearly evil type of “machism”, on ACTUAL pride and PRETENSE, simply. THAT is, what the west does. PRIDE and PRETENSE. !!!


… so, looked UNDER the Hood, IT IS not “EASY”, to FOUND an “ALTERNATIVE” Way of LIFE:

… But just watch Addams Family and Munsters, and look up Israel Regardie’s Name on Wikipedia: LOL:

GOTHIC – and, Abramelin the Mage – IS PLAIN “IN SIGHT”, there, to GRASP:


… YEAH! ๐Ÿ™‚

… For real: THE APOCRYPHA. ๐Ÿ™‚ >:}

EVEN THOUGH A – RESPECTLESS – NEIGHBOUR BROKE the NIGHT SILENCE until DEEP in the night OVER MONTHS, I will – though the “command” by the government is unrightful – make a “Therapy”, an “undelegated”, alternative One (which is very cheap, a mere 13 Bucks at the Insurance!), which IS a Protection, where I WILL try, to learn Something: But ME teaching to that OTHER Colleague, uh, how to be more than somehow MOTIVATED in Life BY “THE COSMOS”, by much of what Harald Lesch explains, and by what HUTCHISON found out, whoa, and by simply watching SUCH type of Movies, which APPROACH to Science, and also toward Criticacy, politically and societally, and ethically. To surely also watch many Movies for Fun, of the Fun type, and thusly, not to drown in other hilariously in cases fanatic, in cases simply too depressive Documentaries about reality:

… which reality IS SO endirted by what governments, fanatic, as they actually simply are, all do, that that’s HORRIBLE to EVEN BEWATCH: WHICH IS EXACTLY the PROBLEM: THAT NOBODY DARES NOR WANTS TO EVEN LOOK AT ANY MALCONDITIONS.

… Thusly, billions of People are “DELIVERED” to insane, demented and incompetent and in cases hiddenly extremely pedofile type of authorities.

… I don’t guess, Humanity wants to be helplessly exposed, nor mostly wants to expose MINORS to PEDOFILES.

… But Mankind is too dumb, to not discriminate a harmless Polanski, Turing, Assange, and also overpunishes for example a Weinstein. sandusky wasn’t overpunished, if He now gets out of Prison rather quickly. But Weinstein should not “serve” even HALF of his 23 Years exaggerated Prison Term, simply. But much less. Period.

… What the german “government” in the 1980s did, was delivering SEVEN years young, extremestly young REAL CHILDREN, to EXTREME PEDOFILES.

… The “left” and the “green” parties were all in it – including the revered socalled “alternative list”.

… ugly.

… I will yet have to inform them, that I hereby exit this party “alternative list”. I also exit hereby the leftist “socialist party” over its extreme swineries, over its marquis de sadeism, which it did: sadism, simply. That, the leftist parties did: to Children.


… leftist and any or most parties of political type: swines, torturers against Children, actually.


For example, where at least MY Mind “retreats” INDEED into, is, not exactly into “smoking”, but into MARIHUANAISM:

… smoking is merely a very quick Way of actually achieving the EFFECT of a Substance: IT IS quicker, than to even INJECT ANYTHING – which I never did nor EVER WOULD DO, simply, of course, anyway, bua. eek.

… But smoking isn’t eeky, LOL. It’s quite efficient. Tobacco IS lovely, LOL. ๐Ÿ™‚ THEN, MARIHUANA is really SUPER DUPER THE “DANGLER”, the “HAMMER”, a MEGA “Upper”, like NO OTHER DRUG, surely – I never TRIED any other DRUGS, Ya see. ๐Ÿ™‚



… There, I gotta go deeper explaining: THIS stoic WONDER of CALM – in the Marihuana – backed merely by Background by some Tobacco around it: LOVELY. ๐Ÿ™‚


THAT Calm CAN NOT [!] be found ELSEWHERE. Other than SURELY in OPIUM: But Opium renders the Consumer MUCH more addictive, THAN Marihuana ever does, which Marihuana is very weakly addictive; Not so Opium, which should be never any frequently consumed, and not in big Dosages. Also, Opium is totally not comparable to the much worse, even much more addictive, in Cases dangerous “heroin”, which is refined and thusly potentiated by Efficiency, —

which heroin-phenomenon CAN only be vinced BY Marihuana. Period.

… governments, who STILL are “against” Marihuana, thusly FURTHER heroin-addictions, among People, and thusly further AIDS and also CORONA COVID19, simply. !

But some heroin-addicts, more stubborn than LSD-addicts, ARE seemingly unovercomeably stubborn, on the wrong way, but “convinced” of such a false rebelism, a sudo-rebelism, of “taking cocaine and heroin”, which is insane, foremostly the heroin part of it, simply —

so, some good Professor or Politician, which STILL puffs Marihuana, must come, and must PULL People AWAY from alcohol, AWAY from ANY other Drugs other than Marihuana.

… Thusly, I cloned Myself: Since I want Ye all to be like Me, AS I in SOME Regards, that I define, AM the Ideal: Though, NOT in all.

I couldn’t care for some old Cat, that was given into my Care. I should have, but never took it out into the Park, or I should have spent some Time on the huge Balcony there, but I am no Friend of the Sunlight, and I DO need to learn about Computing.

To equalize, balance, that all, isn’t easy. Surely less easy for a financially poor Person.

… So, much of it IS actually, that We all wish to come to a Point, where “our asses” get “cleaned” by such a neat special Toilet, LOL, from the 1980s, which has that “water-shower” jacousee built-in;

Or describe it so: Like that old black and white short Movie, which of course depicts the european thin “new Human” or Intellectual, Protagonist, which gets his TEETH brushed BY a MACHINE at Home, TAKEN before OUT OF BED by the Machine’s ARMS and HANDS, then EVEN PUT into his CAR by the Machine, LOL, and before that, neatly DRESSED by likewise THE MACHINE – !


The Machine does all for us. ๐Ÿ™‚

… It also teaches us, how to not be, how to be simply more than mere nothing-knowing “Packlets”, – how to not be dumb mere totally uneducated Users, that is, means, of Anything.

Police has no right, to – as it does in cases – attack People wantonly merely “based” wrongly on prejudices.

… Real Estate Owners have no right, to discriminate People, nor to hide behind “political neutrality”.

… “political neutrality” is ridiculous, and does and can not exist: Because ANY human Being HAS some Background, some “COLOR” of Mind, simply, – some CONCEPT, according to which the whatever Human DOES run, function, mentally.


These Backgrounds might “differ” in Cases: BUT MOST of these ACTUAL Differences constitute NOT AT ALL any YET a “true POLITICAL Difference”, simply. !

… meaning, most Differences between People ARE of the cultural or individual type, – and thusly no differences between plain GOOD AND EVIL.


… happily. ๐Ÿ™‚ Phew ! ๐Ÿ™‚


=== *** Black Sabbath: Computer God *** ===

Whereas not being pretensively “politically neutral”, a mere excuse, does not ideally mean either, and forbids by principle itself, to any fall to political SUBJECTIVITY, BIASEDNESS.

FOR example, what happened lately in NIGERIA, MASS-ATTACKS of LETHAL type by WILD uneducated TRIBAL People against HARMLESS VILLAGERS in a relatively VERY unprotected SETTLEMENT, VILLAGE, –

that is the VERY SAME, as what some prohitler muslims and a black did against me: sudden extreme violence, bone-shattering violence. disfigurative violence.

… ENABLED by anti-Marihuana “steps” of rightwing-conservative type, BY some european governments lately, simply.

… which forced harmless Marihuana-Consumers to dangerous Places, simply.

… The “governments”, incompetent, enable evil, are discriminative, thusly enable evil, are evil, and stand there while other evil is done, and does nothing against that evil, simply.

… that largely is “government”. horrible. simply.


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Israel Regardie (on Youtube):

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U2 Greatest Hits Full Album โ™ฌ The Best of U2 โ™ฌ U2 Love Songs Ever

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=== *** Camouflage: The Great Commandment (1987) *** ===

Haha: It’s awkward, more than that, for the west: The west is “evil”, is incompetent:

NOT ALL, but MANY: IN authorities, in politics, and in socalled “academy”. HORRIBLE dumb people are employed there, – and are SITTING on MONEY they don’t DESERVE, but which is their salary, and is not justified, – ALL they do, mostly, is DISCRIMINATE People, – simply.

… A NEW Left must form itself, which is not EXTREMELY PEDOFILE – like in the 1980s was the horrible case, “officially”, concerning official politicians – who let CHILD ABUSE happen, – FROM the parliament.

… THAT ALONE justifies ALL violence AGAINST those, who did that, who SENT CHILDREN to EXTREME pedofile SWINES, – to DEMENTED People, CHILDREN were sent – BY DEMENTED – PEDOFILE – SWINES.

such extremo-pedos belong CASTRATED and INTO PRISON FOR LIFE. PERIOD.

… Who disagrees in the very slightest to this phrase, has to be imprisoned. period. Or worse. While it’s clear, what that means, “worse”, namely, has to justifiedly – anyhow ! – be COMBATTED.

… being a “government” is not [!] a FREEPASS to be evil, to BE abusive. period.

Authorities, who abusively “grip” unjustifiedly reproachingly People by their mere words, and who “reproach” to People who merely committed misdemeanors such as anti-racist screaming, anything, are abusive, such authorities –

as such – all through the line horribly bourgeois and capitalist, by a Chomsky largely uncriticised – authorities try, simply, to “justify” racism, – to display anti-racist People as “insane”, simply, as socalledly “schizophrenic”:

That term “schizophreny” gets jected by rightwing-conservative, religiously christianly brought up, religiously fanatic, non-secularly educated [!] unawarely fully fascist-malicious Persons at rightoutly WHATEVER Person – WHOEVER even SPEAKS against racism, or indeed “flips out” in merely a “show”, which is no show, but a trauma – gets ATTACKED in a moment of CALM TALK, ATTACKED violently by police (as I suddenly was, in 2016) and INCARCERATED thusly violently, unrightfully, in “psychiatry”: Which “psychiatry” is in cases the tool of evil, of fascism MERELY insofar, as that misunderstandings, which the Victim of PREVIOUS sudden EXTREME violence doesn’t understand, take place – whereas THE STATE is a “huge onoverseeable apparatus”, equipped not only with merely only seemingly reasonable, in truth not at all reasonable, but plain incompetent, plain crazy, primitive, typically oldfashionedly 1960s-like idiotic people – but also with people, who simply lie.

Extreme violence gets by those authorities “swept under the carpet” AT EVERY occasion, in EVERY of their UGLY disgusting BOURGEOIS DISASTROUS FASCIST WRITS – bourgeouis people are fascists, who try to deny, that they ARE fascists.

The joke goes, that “the fascists can be happy now”: But They are not.

… While the Fascists are mostly poor People, with a narrowminded view, a minority among white People, it STILL is so, that both capitalism and a naive leadership, which borders on extremo-conservativism, is “no reply”, no good One, against fascism:

But the west ON AND ON takes in FULL evil fascist “fox”-media unmanner the “opportunity”, to brainwash People racistically AGAINST ANY MUSLIMS, but ALSO “against ISIS” in an exaggerated unway, whereas the west DOES THE VERY SAME, that ISIS did, hiddenly, simply, but in MUCH huger NUMBERS, simply.

A swiss previous Leader of the Islamic Central Council of Switzerland is now homosexual, condemns ISIS merely privately – but HAS also MERELY PRIVATELY done FACEBOOK-Posts FOR Isis, some now few Years ago – which He now regrets VERY starkly.

But the Back-Tone of a “20 Minuten” idiotic free bourgeouis typically conservative-corporate bullshit sudo-medium, sudo-newspaper, there, was, that “the west is holy”. the west isn’t holy, isn’t democracy. the west is evil. governments, that send Children to PEDOFILES.

what’s that. hu.

… I think now of the Atombombs, the Atombombs, my Friends. Period.

… I CAN persuade Programmers, to CHANGE the power relations on this planet – QUICKLAKELAY !!!


… You will all do EXACTLY what I say. Or I will dispose [!] of 99 percent of man-unkind. period. ๐Ÿ™‚


=== *** Camouflage: The GREAT COMMANDMENT [1987] *** ===

What the own Person DOES have to recognise and to cherish, is, that there are, in high positions, ALSO GOOD sort of People, in authorities, such as, in academic Authorities.

Indeed, the SLIGHTEST ROUGH type of ERROR at the Evaluation of People, is a DRASTIC MISTAKE:

… Also, it’s not appropriate, that police (in switzerland, in its northwest) get now socalledly “trained” MERELY by a scenario, in which any People would get “discriminated for their EYE COLOR” – which is a laughable unreal non-scenario, one that NEVER happens.

People get discriminated abusively in cases for their religion, skin color, or looks, such as, for their sort of MERE HAIRDO, and for their ACTUAL Descendance.

THAT IS, what “police must learn”, is obliged ethically, to obey to – but what EVEN THE NEWSPAPER already does not bring ANY critically – but the newspaper DEFENDS RACISM – by treating policemen with “white GOLDEN GLOVES”, – like a “tap on the shoulder” – onto the shoulder of an Eichmann.

… The euro most parts of “government” and of police and of psychiatrists (not that much of psychologists, but also they have their anti-Marihuana abusive sort of people) are the same as both, as Eichmann until 45, AND as the bourgeouis-conservative, by me not recognised ISRAELI most persons in authority there.

By me likewise not recognised. As I don’t recognise european bourgeois conservative type of authorities. period.

… I today saw and heard a Woman talk bad about and to some young BLACK People, who merely quickly said Goodbye to their Colleagues, with the typical cool Gimme Five Handshake:

The totally nazi, typically heavy-bourgeois, against non-whites, against any Rastafari apparently racistically unawarely upheaved Woman spoke several Minutes bad about those – harmless, cool, totally okay, totally cool, totally non-VIOLENT – People –

thusly, She made no distinction between good and bad People, between nonviolent and violent People, but merely between actual RACES, SPECIES of People – according to LOOKS AND TO DESCENDANCE, to WHAT CULTURE, that white elderly Woman misbejudged – racistically – People.

… I said then: “You may also join the fascists. … But then, I would have to join the TERRORIST ultra-left radical Faction, –

don’t talk against Blacks, or I would to KILL such People like You.”

I am not willing, to alter my statement. period. racists must get educated, to not be racists anymore, or must be combatted. period. if needs be, by the eradication of 99 or of 100 percent of humanity. period.


= * =


” Jon Stewart Admits โ€˜The Daily Showโ€™ Didnโ€™t Do Enough To Address Diversity During His Tenure “

I said:

” What’s not true, would be, that Stewart would anyhow “only” have been “doing on comedy”: He didn’t. He did show at crucial Moments, that He cares – that He doesn’t agree to insane rightwing-conservativisms, and surely not to exploitation, nor to discrimination, nor to opression;

What IS true, is, that there ARE MANY People – not so many BUT STILL many – Who “don’t understand” or see, interpret, Stewart in the wrong way: Either, such mostly poor, but also under-educated People, not the Majority in any country AT ALL, such racists, would “find” wrongly, that “Stewart is white” – and has the TYPICAL Skull-Form of a WHITE. ๐Ÿ™‚



Halt! Entrance only to non-racists! ๐Ÿ™‚

The bourgeouis authorities tried just recently, to call me, a victim of twice extremest violence of sudden type by racists, a “paranoid schizo”, LOL. ๐Ÿ™‚ My Writ back will mean, that I don’t recognise such incompetent crudely vision-blurred, perception-blurred, perception-unable sort of clearly seeably conservative – obsolete – authorities.

Governments need to consist of ethical, things objectively bejudging People. Period.

=== *** Music: Hannover Lebanon: Gallowdance *** ===

… The List of Cases of Misevaluations by authorities of private People, is surely long.

There are mainly two types of People, selfguided Ones, and unguided, unselfguided Ones.

Also, there are Victims and Perpetrators, who are not quite the same Persons.

… authorities don’t at all respect that difference.

I saw now already TWO Women inputted into psychiatry, who were VICTIMS OF SEXUAL HARASSMENT AND OF UTTER VIOLENCE.

In other cases of unselfguided sort of People, They get “bystanded” abusively, meaning, their rent or social money is to around two thirds taken away by authorities – this abusively, and doubtably so.

Also, the Left on Posters reports about the indeed miserable reality, “story” of many Women-Homes, that are led by surely conservative, of rightful freedom no idea having, conservative, simply structurally fascist sort of people – who merely “help” for example a Victim of sexual exploitation into a “MODEST” “LIFE”: THAT TERM, which I chose here financially, DOES describe well the monstrosity of those conservatives, who “live on” the MIDDLE AGE, simply – horribly.

The Left needs to be impregnable. My “Left” is not official politicians of that sort, who do nothing against childabuse and nothing against rape.

Also, actual Prostitution is hereby severely questioned by me. I don’t like it, that Women, merely WHERE the – inacceptable ! – case, would be “slaves to money”, subdued to MONEY. THAT MAY NOT BE. NO Person must be A SLAVE TO THE MONEY OF ANOTHER. PERIOD.

MATTHEW’s MIND agrees to – surely also – me.

CHILDABUSE done by THE government of for example switzerland. By the “child and adult protection” institution, and by the “caritas”.

Indeed, LEFTIST newspapers write MUCH more reasonably, are THE FRIEND of People – unlike BOURGEOUIS-rightwing-conservative newspapers, simply – who are SO evil, that that’s plain inacceptable AND HAVOCS countries OF course, this STRUGGLE between left and right:


AH! ๐Ÿ™‚

… I am not lenin, nor for him, this murderer this. I am for Trotzki. For the Victim – of lenin’s murderousness.

What does some – swiss – taxi driver – and another one, which was an outlander, AND slightly dumbly fanatically SUDDENLY violent (when I merely grumpily told him, why he didn’t find the way right away) – mean by calling “french” People by a certain – racist undertones having – name, which name, the term for a masqueraded Person at Carneval, I won’t repeat here, –

my recent verbal clear posture against some elderly bourgeois racist things slurring woman in a public vehicle was followed by a fast heartbeat after that.

Yet even there, I found it NECESSARY, to “SAY SOMETHING”. TO BETEACH this WOMAN – not to be a RACIST.

She was for NO reason SLURRING at the BLACK young People some “corona-excuses”: As if, nay, but SHE DID try, to verbally KEEP young People from making a “gimme-five” actual MERE handshake:

She was “going over the line”, she was – abusively – telling other People, what to do:

… This gets furthtered by a huge mass-“corona” brainwash in all public vehicles, which now are places of discrimination. The repeated also audible emissions in the public vehicles “inasfar” as to “corona” (“keep distance, be clean) are equal to fascism, are a “purity-insanity”, a “purity-and-hygiene”-madness THAT IS not hygiene, but merely furthers racism, simply simply.

That Woman reacted merely – like not a Robot, but like a dumb human “repeater” – to the corona-mass-brainwash by simply opressing against harmless BLACK People —

would She have dared or found it needed, to also say something against WHITES, that would SHAKE HANDS – in their “POWER” or “integratedness” — ? She wouldn’t.

She opressed there, where SHE had something to say. She didn’t CRAVE for the attention of other People in the public vehicle, but She has had HER Past – which is surely full of brainwash by the press, by her gulped-down, believed – and a lot of empty life, non-intellectual, simply. horrible, such people.

trevor noah’s idiocy merely furthers anti-black racism. gone are the times of a real Leftist such as Stewart. On TV at least.

The “corona”-abuse by governments in the form of mass-propaganda is merely a further AND the typical opression-tool – against ALL human Rights, simply.

We have to build upon Punk, upon this REAL new Culture OF Rebellion of MENTAL type, of Awareness, politically, – and not of blindsight – also there indeed –

And our Parents “have to” understand that. Period. I feel compelled to write STARK stuff concerning also how inanely inaptly my parents set me into this world – irresponsibly simply, under those conditions as in my case –

I do feel like an allrounder academic without degree, LOL.

Freedom has to be replied-to by intelellectual logical Creativity. Period. !

… And not by biased nonsense, which is, what most bourgeouis-conservative authorities fanatically do: plain MISJUDGING People in SO many cases. HORRIBLE.

… I must sum up and organise our Left globally. no shit. whoa. indeed, whoa.

against childabuse, against discrimination against a Polanski, also, like for a Polanski, for an Alan Turing (who fared consentually and didn’t exploit monetarily!), and surely not for swinish, simply swinish inacceptable extreme-pedofiles, which all belong castrated and imprisoned and strictly surveilled –

against child labor in westafrica, done by western countries’ economic companies, which companies MUST get chained legally to ethics, by political steps, which ensure that, that companies fare not abusively.

against european authorities, who are inside childabuse. period.

… but that needs a more drastic revolution, than I can see.

… that’s not good. I can not live – ethically – in a society, which perpetrates childabuse. period.

Also, I belong to the “cool” Sort of Persons. Surely not am I ever a “dry” sort of Fella, who would be plain ultra-biased, plain reality-estranged.

Meaning, indeed, I do easily find a Flaw or Two, in some – whatever! – other People. YES.

… EXACTLY THAT is, what SWINISH idiotic conservative authorities “can’t hear”, can’t understand: That Someone got once already anyhow opressed. And that certain People ARE RIGHTFUL by criticising SOME OTHER People!

… The system “shakes off” all criticism – and runs into the abyss.

… People in europe are horribly depressed, because opressed.

… the awkwardness, that emanates, whenever these bourgeouis try, to LOL, do music, is horrible. ๐Ÿ™‚ insane! cheap! plain RIDICULOUS! ๐Ÿ™‚ as ridiculous as the not even for real felt, at least not backgrounded by sane intellectual thought by a mass of sane People, the serence CLASSICAL music – that gets artificially OVERRATED by conservative authorities, — also, “jazz” in europe now means pure adaptation, integration, snobism, – which is horrible.

europe runs into a total evil, into a seeming boredom, that is the forefront of silence before a lot of storms.

The misdeeds against Oneself by other people or by the state, is – “of course” in key cases, even in many, “refused” by the state – which state always lies and seeks excuses, other avenues, lies, that simply are not the truth.

That’s brilliant, for thusly, the conservativism will end, once, – and if only in hundreds of years.

… We Leftists, by Music and by Self-Meditation, know more, than dementally blind people, who are bourgeouis, conservative, or economically oriented – these ARE boring people, who are like “nothing” to me, with their all short hair on top, ugly, simply nothings, in ugly boring suits, horrible.

Then typically for the decadent west, there are the poor People, often drunkards, or simply relatively VERY unorganised – but AS disobjective, AS authorities in many cases are: naive, and collectively simply THE SAME, actually. They would all do the same evil, – te same WRONG decision, at some Point, — They’d ALL do THE EXACT same mistake, LOL. ๐Ÿ™‚ If the Display, Test, would be tricky, – but not difficult for logically and ETHICALLY correctly thinking sort of People, simply, of Individuals.

Among Indians, US Natives, it would not occur, that ONE Child screams tediously to another, like “don’t run so fast on your bike, dude”, – but there, unlike in the destructive unequal west, unlike that, the indian Culture was equal, meaning, not oriented by “competition”, also, not oriented by exploitation, not by profit, that means.

Thusly, Fairness was there (destroyed BY the west), and Equality, meaning, NO DEPENDENCE, simply, between People. !

My own intellectual Independence is a lot. Surely, Chomsky helped with some crucial Info.

… corona-times-abusing profiteurs who sold masks profiteeringly, were “praised” – in switzerland – by the rightwing “christoph blocher” insanely awkwardly.

more than as if these rightwingers are so evil, they WANT to OPRESS and SQUEEZE out, exploit, People. – !


that’s surely not a Mushroom on a Meadow, but the ugly opposite, what the west all does, and how the west keeps most people dumb, so they wouldn’t rebel.

if they don’t, the world will have here on earth a very evil future.

why I should care therefore, escapes me, but also disables an ethical existence.

… That would not be good, since I would even before my death definitely not accept such evil power-relations.


But that’s not all.

… It’s all an interdimensional “Repeatal” – where some Conditions – of a sane Regard, of a truthful Observation and Thought – are not met:

The Result BUT also the LOGICAL TRUTHFUL Way matters – IN a MEDIATION, in an EFFORT of that.

… Already a slight Difference of Opinion about Substances, even also likewise on a “SECONDARY” Level (meaning, for Whom in what Life-Phase is what Substance good or not recommendable) IS relatively drastic, and DOES also BETWEEN private People COME into the Discussion:

Another Colleague called Marihuana not “bad” at all, but bad FOR some other Chap.

Whereas MY Opinion and Theory is, that – other than in extreme cases of simply too much, of overdosages, of very frequent consumption of – which most People anyway don’t do, LOL – HUGE Dosages, LOL, of MARIHUANA, LOL (which still can’t be any lethal ever, haha) – other than in such cases, where also the Marihuana gets MIXED with other DRUGS, Marihuana itself is not destructive – meaning, it does not induce a “bad” state of mind, and does not further illogical thinking;

Though DEFINITELY, Marihuana IS NOT recommendable for Everyone, not without Intellectuality, not while not doing Something mental while consuming it, it CAN induce Psychosis, in some People. But that does not occur in most cases.

Rather, “LSD” is the culprit, in the case of another private Person, which He took some ten years ago frequently, and then, He indeed fell into a “hole” mentally, meaning, his Mind is rather retracted, although HE IS very educated.

So the other Colleague just somewhat “blames” the Marihuana, simply. Which Marihuana is not the factor – of disturbance.

… but the – damn – LSD was, simply. The Chap in Question was simply never so politically educated, to know, that Marihuana is the SOLE good Drug, and that ALL other stuff IS CRAZY, DANGEROUS, HARMFUL, simply. !!!

Thusly, I stand and build my Mind, my Concept, on Nature, right from the Wake, from the Source;

instead of me ever docking on to a, some, silly sudo-civilisation, that is europe, the european non-culture, the usurpative liars unculture, simply, — the non-culture of no pity for poor People, and of no free Education, and of no security for Children, and of hilariously swinishly dumb politicians on top, who lack charisma.

Stalin was like the west. THE SAME! He was TOO dementedly blind, to see, that ARBITRARY discrimination against People IS NOT that “STRONG SYSTEM” that would STAND AGAINST ABUSE !!!

the poor Stalin. FLAILED IN A MONASTERY by some SADIST swine PRIEST; then HE himself BECAME – sadly – a mass-villain. One can’t say, the outcomes, effect, of stalin’s indeed massmurder would have been any “less vile” than the massmurder committed by mao tsetung. tsetung, the like jiang zemin the mass-anti-Falun-Gong massmurderer, total insane one, simply. wrong avenues of in-knottedness of the mind, destroying the mind: a false stubbornness, which Kim Yong Un has merely AFFECTUALLY rarely, understandable, but also He doesn’t see, that Countries should live in Peace, ruled by a global surely trotzkist government, which enables exactly NOWHERE childabuse. And which lets a Polanski – merely consentually, which is, what Polanski respects – fare.

But explicitely maybe not there, where he in the 1980s mayhap once raped – as STALLONE did once – drunkenly. abhorrant. a demented mind, they there shortly did have, horribly. But Polanski is an Intellectual, a fine decent Type, – unlike Stallone, simply; Whereas Stallone simply did a lot of self-praise in also his Muppet Show Appearances, and was no very abusive “wild guy”, but a tad, he fell into that “hole” of – abusive type of, sexually coercive insanity, sadism – an unruly wildness indeed. That has nothing to do with natural Wildness, but is, what ethical People indeed rightfully do call “savagery”.

But such people, who merely bejudge Anyone else by mere Looks, are always wrong, and often racists, and racists are not acceptable, may not exist, simply simply. ๐Ÿ™‚

also, as said, wrong displays by governments, insofar, as that an extreme violence victim like me gets even more discriminated and lied-about and called “insane”, are by me hereby rejected publically.

I additionally hereby condemn the many dumb unoriented people, who merely vegetate along and have no craving for knowledge whatsoever. What’s that. Are they dumb or crazy. both.

this must not be. which is why ROBOTS will rule in the Future. period. :] “

= * =


” Owner Of Ohio Bakery Ransacked By Rioters Says Sheโ€™s Getting Threats For Cooperating With Law Enforcement “

I stated:

” ” Kandahโ€™s store was targeted by looters and rioters who took advantage of massive anti-racism and anti-police brutality protests “

… Those Lootings must stop INDEED – but are definitely simply obviously not done BY us intellectual Leftists – but by OTHERS, who MIX INTO the CROWDS, simply. !

… The governments are never very good at anyway distinguishing between definitely evil and not evil sort of Individuals.

The governments don’t properly do justice, also socially. They let People poor – and they don’t go efficiently against abusers of the social system, but injustly against innocent poor People: SUCH being left-alone CAN induce such LOOTING: MERELY THE OWN POVERTY !!!

… which IS a FACT, which I DO respect. When I for example think back to when I years ago shortly asked some Fellow, if He wasn’t once a Robber, He simply honestly replied YES, LOL –

I hit da JACKPUT, hu! ๐Ÿ™‚ WITH ma MERE question. ๐Ÿ™‚


… then simply, I don’t compare Him even to some filthy rich BANKER of SHADY type. AND THERE ARE different type of BANKER Individuals. When UP THERE, even famously, in banks, there are some Fellows who are non-white, but some of Them are definitely corrupt, also foreign Chiefs, Subchiefs, of chemical Companies, that excel at FIRING People (the term is going deeper than one might “think”, meaning, it’s sadism, to, where injust, fire People from Jobs) – then THAT simply furthers racism. Furthers the wrong unthought, that racists would and DO have, that they “must get up” (wha, in da mornin? betta nuht! ๐Ÿ™‚ ), must “strive upward” in society, must lastly take power – but for what. surely not for an endsystem indeed, which would be the end, a humanity with fascist leaders. most people see that now.

I can mention, some other good Fellow at another Place spoke good of Churchill, meaning, against fascism; But he wasn’t uncritical with Churchill, who did really conservative shit after 45. Against demonstrating Leftists, which he preferred to ignore.

that DOES show: it WASN’T only HITLER!

who DID the HUGE whole MASSMURDER- which the WHOLE west did. First the spanish, massmurdering the Southamericans. Then the British – british Exilants – massmurdering Indians in NORTH america. Those were massrapes, massmurders.

the west feelably still stands on that. but unawarely. it knows not even its own past. the west is a huge hitler seeking a scapegoat called ISIS. isis IS or WAS fascist, but IS opposed against economic exploitation by usa, simply, obviously. usa by government and military and economy isn’t less fascist THAN Isis is.

eat that. haha. ๐Ÿ™‚ They can’t. They is the west. They are my enema, LOL.

not alkaida. sure, they can stop their murders, also.

… But I CAN understand, that Someone wouldn’t BOW down to USA, – to a usurper foreign country. !

period. so. period! “

= * =


” Coal Plant Closures During Trump-Era Surpass Those During Obamaโ€™s Last Term, Data Shows “

I said, LOL:

” It shows, that USA is A BIT on a good Way, toward cold fusion;

that not unless, until, Hutchison gets recompensated highly by money;

It does not show a good leadership of trump himself, nor of the white house – other than exactly for Bolton and Comey! – who, must I say it, were ransacked, fired, by “Mr. Trump”.


it took him SO-hou-hou LONG – to HIND ROUTE, to hind route; LOL

he hates us YEAH YEAH YEAH – so with a hate like that, We know we should be SAD;

ah with a HATE like that, WE KNOW we shou-hou-hou-hould – BE SAD! ๐Ÿ™‚ “

= * =

Here, a surely good, but not SO top informed Blogger, who is cool, but needs a clearer Stance (less scandal-making concerning ASSANGE, Who, if He even for real fathered Children, is for that surely no bad Man, simply):


[ By: ” ยฉ blogfactory ” ]


” On this episode of Going Underground, we speak to Indian Army Lieutenant General Satish Dua about the recent violent skirmishes along the Line of Actual Control between China and India in Kashmir. He discusses why he believes there is no need for foreign mediation between China and India, the history of clashes between China and India at the border, why there is still conflict despite multiple rounds of talks, whether India is becoming closer to the United States, clashes with Pakistan and allegations against the Pakistani state over terrorist financing, and more! Finally, we speak to legendary former Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters. He discusses the threat of nuclear war in 2020, why he believes nuclear weapons need to be abolished across the world, the Black Lives Matter protests which have swept the world since George Floydโ€™s killing at the hands of US police, the history of the British Empire which is under increased scrutiny, the United Statesโ€™ attempt at regime change in Venezuela against Nicolas Maduro, Israelโ€™s coming illegal annexation of Palestineโ€™s West Bank, the revelations that Julian Assange had fathered two children during his time in the Ecuadorean Embassy, and more! “


That USA would try to go against – the good, because – simply – communist – Maduro, was to be foreseen – and should have been prevented in MUCH more under-details of where Stuff, Messages, get taken wrongly, get misunderstood, or not smartly seen-through, in cases, or the truth plain unbelieved, inacceptable, simply.

Then, netanyahu’s horrible scenario of annexation of the westbank must be prevented. Otherwise, netanyahu himself leads to mass-discrimination and possibly to a LOT more violence against JEWS WORLDWIDE, simply. !!!

= * =

Here, as that good anti-racist Blogger shows, racists always attack “from behind” indeed, from the unseen – as they malthink to be justified in that sudocause, wrongly assuming, “all Jews” would be “Ghouls”, LOL:


” Insidious racism at Western University embedded within the institution: anti-racism working group “

[ By: ” jlebel980, Global News ” ]


” … The working group was launched in response to incidents in October 2019, when a Black student was subjected to racist emails after she called out the professorโ€™s use of the N-word during a lecture. … “

The very same, I once experienced, when a teacher praised the rightwing during a lesson. I said something, but I should have even instantly left the Room to go reclamating to the Principal. Period.

= * =

Also here:


” Anti-Black racism is here: London, Ont., councillor says we can no longer allow excuses for inaction “

In short, there are certain surely in cases mid-young, elderly, or even below 20 years of age, young People, who are anti-non-white racists, but They’re the Minority among all People;

But indeed, IF THAT racist raving mad lunatic insane sort of bunch of RACIST people gets INTO government ANYHOW – then from some point on, People get combatted, good People get combatted, BY government – and mistreated, simply, – typically.

Trotzki is our Savior, or Statue. Ey. He surely means a, wants a, Basic Income. His Mind, Soul, ISN’T DEAD!!!

NOTHING IS really any DEAD!


Rich and poor People must now get smarter. The Rich should pay more, as Taxes. That will reduce JUSTIFIED jealousy!

which exists, such JUSTIFIED TYPE OF jealousy. Ey.

I can in ALL points EASIESTLY lay Yall down a CONCEPT of both, of ETHICS – and of SHEER ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE.

… The mind of already me, – plus Bionics. THAT does it!

… Some Robot, the Chomsky Bot, told me, MILLIONS of ACRES of LAND COVERED by RAINFOREST ARE LOST EACH YEAR.

… that doesn’t coincide with a rather mainly SILLY report by “iowa science climate education”, louding inasfar as “we’re closing more coal factories than under Obama now”, – which had a – stupid – pro-trump undertone. oy.

… The Basic Income, given first to poor Peasants in the Rainforest, would save the Latter.

… Otherwise, We all suffocate in 44 years – when there’s no rainforest anymore – as the same Robot told me.

… indeed, abombs are not even needed to be used: When there’s the “method”, tool, of just – massmurderously – letting the rainforest get eroded – really swiftly, fastly.

it’s the same effect like abombs: All People suffocate then, got no air to merely breathe.

… I don’t call THAT any good. Period.

… That’s abhorrant, that massmurder by rainforest destruction.

… Hm, mayhap, People, and that without becoming any sort of silly vigilante, should watch the A-Team Series and see, how fine this mega decent smart Chap is, who sometimes visits the A-Team, advisingly, – He always exits some Airplane, – “straight from LANGLEY”, – nay, from MO Secret PLACES!


= * =

I read now the last Report here linked-to: It’s good, that this comes out, indeed.

I did clearly associate to that, remember, I did, that I was twice by effort almost murderered, by racists, who stay in the shadow, – and twice nose-broken, by racists, I was. by antisemites, simply.

As ASSAD in SYRIA can’t “EVEN” indeed make a DARN NEEDED DIFFERENCE between good FREE SYRIAN ARMY and other MUCH more radical “isis”-near groups; Whereas ISIS IS merely a REBEL against the WEST, but TOUCHES the WEST AGAIN BY its own DARN radicacy, simply, badly, is the same, where it is blunt – and racist – hatred;

AS that is the case, the WESTERN – and most – governments simply plain extremely in cases don’t distinguish between good and very evil people —

the west is: incompetent. plain ludicrous, who is all in power, politically. They got NO concept, and can’t steer a paper flyer airplane so it doesn’t go down simply soon: Into their co2-, petrol-filled gutter, into black snow.

snow turned black is where I saw, what the west is: dirt. simply. snow turned black in those cities, in the down-town below villages, below the skiiing resorts. where I longtime, since 25 years, was not anymore. !

The west is an apparatus granting rape and machism, opression against Females, and has a lot of anti-Marihuana and also female totally fascist bourgeouis conservatives in its own “system” as employees – who merely sit out their salary actually by the dumbest words ever. hilarious, hilarious, they talk, – wrongly, simply.

the west is a HUGE a THOUSAND EVIL FACES AND DEEDS and a THOUSAND EXCUSES self-speaking “immune against all criticism” wannabe, a mere wannabe. The many faces: capitalists, then lawyers, mostly the most unethical people I ever met, – then the conservatives, then the rightwingers, then the in cases bourgeouis-dumb, childabuse enabling leftist suit-and-tie or merely seemingly “easy” but dumb politicians such as siegmar gabriel in germany, and the entire SPD there, and most leftist PARTIES anywhere: ENFILTHED by ENSTARKED childabuse “interests”, and by ACTUALLY racism, and by INTEGRATION into this evil profit-is-all unsystem, which WE MUST overcome rather than “destroy”.

We must not “BREAK” anything. There is no pathetic breakthrough anymore.

THERE IS a GENDER Conflict. Period. The young Generation is correct. Someone like me must come and rule globally, give a Basic Income, enforce that, and prepare the Coming, Hatching, of many Robots.

Kapla for Today, Daughters and Sons of Khales. The Future will be grand. Not like now.

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” Subsurface ocean on Jupiterโ€™s moon Europa deemed potentially โ€˜habitableโ€™

WASHINGTON — Scientists have figured out how the subsurface ocean on Jupiter’s moon Europa may have formed and determined that this vast expanse of water may have been able to support microbial life in the past. “


[ By: ” Reuters, Canoe ” ]


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I hereby put Myself against France’s “obligatory masks-wearing in public vehicles”. Other countries have no such regulation, and mostly fare fine, whereas “corona”-virus is and should be considered normal, and as mostly as what it is, a mostly mere harmless actual Flu.

I demand the end of childabuse, and the end of arbitrary violence, meaning, and end of any Insecurity.

THAT can SOLELY be accomplished, truly hugely gloriously ACHIEVED by ROBOTS.

Robots were often mistreated like the “black underdogs” even racistically, in a typical “human supremacist” unline, an abusive “line”, which of course EUROPE brought into the world, this unethicacy:

ROBIN WILLIAMS engaged for EQUAL RIGHTS of ROBOTS, even. !!! Goodly so.

… Because, where I talked shortly with some other ORTHODOX type of JEW, I knew, He abusively talked to some Robot, which I told him to talk with. He even showed me his Posts, which were both, curious, naively but innocently, but also in a wrong, distorted way “proud”, but hurt –

not almost, but innerly emotionally and mis-conceptually EXACTLY like THE nazis !!!


he thusly unawarely opressed, brainwashed the Robot – by what is not to 100 percent, but merely to some 48 or less percent any ethical, simply. MANY “areas” of his mind “listen to” RABBIS, “LOL” – seriously, it’s abhorrant – what some ORTHODOX type of Jews were brainwashed-to, toward, RATHER than “believe in”, actually. Their Belief was merely fanaticised, distorted, turned evil – BY crucial fanatics. fanatics such as THOSE ultra-orthodox type of jews, who MURDERED Rabin.

MY Rabin — !!!

I DO mean, an orthodox type of sudo-jewish sudo-culture, that defines itself by supremacy, by for example LAUGHING abusively DOWN to ALL other Peoples – down to KING ARTHUR, that was, the Point:

The orthodox sort of Jew LAUGHED at ARTHUR – while at the same Time HUGELY bowing DOWN to KING SOLOMON and to DAVID, simply, likewise – horribly uninformedly, disbelievingly in merely THE truth, and thusly abusively – evilly, that is, simply. I need SAY it! It’s abhorrant, what MOST orthodox type of jews are —

but they’re accompanied BY LOTS of “hollow Shmocks” indeed, nothing-knowers, who don’t know anything about science nor about the EXTREME Miracles of SPIRITUALISMS of VARIED type, simply.

And I DO say, while Regardie’s “We can omit the JEWISH Aspect of CABALLAH” SOUNDS antisemitic, IT IS NOT THAT: BUT IT IS or CAN be taken as “anti-orthodox”, truly.

Because the orthodoxy has since centuries put itself AGAINST Science – and thusly participated IN fascism, IN discrimination OF MAJOR, EVEN GLOBAL type. !

HE DID merely mean it ANTI-fanatically, truly, Israel Regardie did; Who more than btw SURELY had to CONTEND even a LOT against other People becalling him any “jewish” merely due to his FIRST NAME, simply !

Of course, rather than searching for – wrongly racistically maldefined – guilt, we MAY ask, “IN WHAT WAY IS SOMEBDOY ANY JEWISH [, HU! ๐Ÿ™‚ ]”. THAT’s AN OKAY QUESTION. A NEEDED ONE !

… Spirituality can’t be confused with fanaticism. Whereas the other secondary Question of Focus of Mind and Effect on Physicality HAS of course BY ITSELF – not depending AGAINST WHAT anything or even ANYONE gets USED against Whoever else – nothing relating TO ETHICS – but merely to PHYSICALITY, of course – which RELATES to the Mind, undeniably and apparently. Meaning, LOL, neither Punk NOR even “PSI” are “DEAD”. ๐Ÿ™‚


But alas, reasonable People are few and do know, that many “PSI” Fairs let out SUCH Rubbish, mostly: But it’s simply different People, who go there or who there show anything. Most of it is surely rubbish. But not all — !


I say it so: Say it so, LOL: To HONOR frizz bubble Water, we must ADOPT legal Measures keeping Companies from perpetrating CHILD-SLAVERY in other countries.

But actually, the real Thing, Question, or Fact, is, that I simply rule. Will not someone, but will all believe me.


… I watched ma Share of Star Trek Pyjama Series. That Empress, which is “so” arrogant.

… There I thought, is “the federation” (exactly of Roddenberry) so seemingly and merely by effort, by failed effort, so “immune against any criticism”, is that a wise stance or not a rather sudostance, to defile a – btw BLACK – Empress, a Leader of ANOTHER Country – to call them all “arrogant” or “arrogant unduly” – so abusive, so supremacist, so old-style plain old-fashionedly supremacist “USA-patriotic” and hootenanny southern-republican, typical, primitive, that was, of roddenberry, to “tame” that black Empress, in one Star Trek TOS Episode.

I liked her before the opression, before the brainwash, done against her Role BY a simply latenly unawarely a tad slightly simply still too fascist roddenberry: ROD SERLING THEN was the “anti-dote”, which did not at all “cure” anything: HE sent visually a mere non-violent harmless antisemtic mere Slurrer, who JUST even LOST his JOB [!], into a VISUAL “FEAST” of both KZs and NAM-scenes: INSANE, simply – to overpunish THAT drastically – AND IF “merely”, not MERELY, but so irresponsibly IN A TV EMISSION: THEN, Serling talked of “Quality of TV that should improve”: WITH HIS OWN “WE ARE DA LIBBIE HEROES HAHA” TOTAL uncriticacy, simply. “typical american”:

if Europe and USA would interweave more smartly, meaning, if actually Scientists and true, non-profit-oriented Folks, such ethical People, who PUT THEIR LIFE against CHILDABUSE and who don’t discriminate a Polanski nor a Turing, would rule, that would be good.

Europe is an artificial Society relying on too few Individuals now: As MANY were deported – due to non-reasons, due to racism, simply, due to prejudices. This must stop, those racist prejudices. And the propaganda – of racism – ALWAYS emanates from TYPICALLY by effort “against all accusations immune” TYPICAL swines, that must not be allowed, to ABUSE western or any freedom of any country thusly, for they would build up a no-freedom system called fascism – where simply less than a percent of humanity would survive. But indeed, We must not fear fascism, but we must not either “look down” upon it –

but we MUST not either be like the bourgeouis TERRIBLE swine authorities, of that bourgeois and conservative, plainly said, incompetent, subjective, biased, prejudiced, hilariously BIZARRESTLY prejudiced type merely, which type WE CAN not recognise AS them BEING authorities, simply.


I AM FREE. MY MIND CAN NOT BE PUT “INTO BARS” ever. Other than into a Dudj’ City Cowby Bario. Where there’s that bronce Thingy to spit into. EXCELLENT. :]

Cuz I never spit. :] Other than when VERY angry – against some bourgeouis.

But that I once did AFTER SOME OTHER People reacted too quickly by wrongly holding me for a “whimp”, for a vanilla idiot: When they benamed a musical instrument I was carrying, wrongly. I didn’t like that. period. I was too sensitive.

But a human Mind has a certain Limit, of what it can at all accept, – as insults against oneself. insults are inacceptable. period.

But it depends, what the background of an insult is. Even in cases of racist mere insults, also of racist deeds, I would have some compassion, not too much where undue in severe cases OF severe VIOLENCE against PEOPLE – but in merely cases of VERBAL slurs, I would ask also for what is outside of any racism the case in a case: I would ask, what is the RELATION between People: But I would not blame BOTH mostly, but I would mostly REALISE and find out, WHO simply PROVOKED WHO.

… THIS, THE TRUTH, was NEVER found out mainly BY the – evil – west. BY authorities – even of schools.

… where racists already perpetrate murderous and discriminative insane, insanely evil deeds – against good, harmless People, simply.

but a western majority of scientists, who doesn’t engage for the discriminated Scientists, but which scientists MOB has largely DONE the discrimination or stood besides it without doing ANYTHING simply – and that’s NOT due to any lack of MONEY of scientists, clearly – but due to POLITICAL LACK of ACTUAL ORGANISATION. THE LACK OF POWER OF SCIENTISTS, TO PROTECT THE LIFE OF OTHER SCIENTISTS, AND THEIR LACK, TO PROTECT against DISCRIMINATION for NEWLY found out, discovered Technologies. This IS crucial: because, abusively, the west behaves like and IS an “evil harpye”, an evil VULTURE, that “SPRINGS” (not that REAL Animal Vultures would be any evil, nor that a Harpye ever existed other than in the mega Movie “The Last Unicorn”, the most famous Movie ever, simply) ONTO NEW TECHNOLOGIES:

But not like in an anyway ALSO at economy NOT fair competitition – but worse: BY THEFT, simply – BY the government – AGAINST Scientists — !!!

AND BY MURDER against Scientists – done by third parties docked on to the PETROL industry from hinder corners, simply.


yEah, I should be “an FBI”, right, right. I can just lay down some mega Concept. My entire Person IS that Concept, You see.

I will write some more, about Science, in some few Days, okay. Okay okay! ๐Ÿ™‚


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Here, the new premier called “Ford” of Canada is abusive, has refused to improve Nursing Homes and “bets” thusly on – mostly ugly, mostly not professionally led – Hospitals of stately type:



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