the german “spd” was inside this, this swinery.

the bourgeois conservative swine and also some tricksters among leftists, will now pay by getting revealed.

we need to smoke out many pedofile nests, simply. period. across this globe. period.

And that while not accusing a mere Polanski. Period.

= * =


” German Authorities Sent Kids To Live With Pedophiles In ‘Experiment’ That Lasted Over 30 Yrs
Source: Niamh Harris

Politicians in Berlin knowingly sent foster children to live with pedophiles, a new report has revealed. “

= * =


” LILLEY: Trudeau’s weakness leaves two Michaels in dire straits
30m ago

It was 558 days ago that China’s government kidnapped two Canadian citizens, essentially holding them ransom over Canada’s detention of a Chinese tech executive. Now, after a year and a half, they have finally been charged with spying. “

[ BY: ” Brian Lilley, Toronto Sun ” ]


I said, LOL:

” I DEMAND GLOBAL POLITICS, meaning, an ETHICAL, which is a FAIR Relation between People, including GOVERNMENTNS:

GOVERNMENTS may all in all SURELY NOT “war” against eachother “based” on their not even any own, but merely insufficientestly superficially outlaid, by them ALWAYS misinterpreted ACTUAL ideologies.

AS DUMB as ARNOLD (not MY Sire ANYMO!) is by now saying, we should “pray” or what, “take serious” the – darn stupid – MASKS – whereby I surely don’t make hatred against Masks-wearing People [!], SO IS IT simply DUMB, to FIGHT among NATIONS:


Trotzkism does really mean Fairness. surely not the vile leninism. as lenin MURDERED Trotzki. ey.



… where “was” the UNO there – and 94 concernin’ Rwanda? and concernin Sri Lanka in the 90s, —

the now, concerning the abusive putsches against Morales, against Lula and against Morales – done by US secret stupid influence, manipulation – and now against CHILE’s rightful Rebels, and against CUBA [!], Trump’s WORSE AND WORSE, inacceptable LINE now goes —

where IS only the – darn – UNO?


… i don’t get it. When Ya got a Manowar at the Dock, that HAS full over-average Speed, why then take even LESS than a Ship of the Line. Biden is like Romney a “nut”, a Liberal, yes, but not a to human rights TOTALLY committed Chap – OR IS HE? BLAIR was too uncritical, he did HUGE shit, naive governing, I call that. and Blair IS bourgeouis, is in NO way aristocratic, — aristo or not, what matters, IS intellectuality. HUGELY.

Harald Lesch “doesn’t believe” in the supernatural and didn’t get, understand, the connection between actual willforce-magic AND science, science, physics, being the Quantum-Structure inside Space, which RUNS according to of course “mental”, as in, to logical Patterns, Ways. Ramelow IS better than Lesch, politically! !!!

Biden, I do respect Him, but should I, when I for example read, he previously was accused for having mayhap been a sexual harasser, coercer: It might be false morals accusing him wrongly, if He, which IS probable, just hung out with some Prostitutes, LOL indeed. 🙂 But not if He harassed Women AT the Workplace, simply, a severe infringement and offense, simply, that would be, – what sadly bill clinton and bill cosby and albert schwartz did, practical rape, horrible, inacceptable, such rapists DO belong in prison.

Surely not an Assange, an obvious Innocent, Who has neither the Psyche nor the Body to commit EVER ANYHOW EVEN ANY sort of sexual coertion !!! THAT is SO VERY obvious. ! Assange is the same good harmless Person, as Snowden is.

Putin MUST be brought to change his mind about Gays, in their Favor, but did a great Juhb protectin’ Mr., our, Snowden, our Eddie. 🙂 YEAH! TO SAY DA LEAST! 🙂




And against Correa in Ecuador. Typo there above.

China’s government and putin and USA’s rightwingerism ARE the major problems.

thusly, this HUMAN SOCIETY is TORN apart. IN THIS new COLD WAR between THE WEST and china and russia; Russia “meanders” in between the west and china;

The western politics are dumbly conservative, to too much a degree, and thusly unapt against foremostly the chinese government, which harbors a more vile ideology indeed, I have to state, THAN most chinese and most US People. With the SEVERE off-strikes, minus-points, that surely a CHOMSKY always mentions, critically, against what the US government all does as abusive deeds, I would trust the US government more, than I would trust most governors inside the chinese parliament.

A quick excuse for the holocaust against millions of Falun Gong by china’s government online few years ago went “jiang zemin” (the perpetrator, commander, of the massmurder against some 2 to 4 million Falun Gong 1999 to 2007 in china in 1000 concentration massrape mass organ excision while alive massmurder camps!) was “not very popular” among the highest chinese governmental committee of the Nine.

There are the likewise “Nine” “Commentaries”, which as a huge Docu comment on the extreme misdeeds, the savagery, the massmurder, done by the chinese government since mao tsetung, who at least from me receives no big inititials in writ in his – by his massmurder-deeds rotten, tained, evil-made – name.

I am for most chinese People. Chinese People, rebel. I have commanded it. and I am the rightful by private US Communists, by humble People like, similar surely to “Anon”, appointed “WMP” world ministerial president. I recently also bought a black Tie. 🙂

Ok? 🙂 I don’t gotta even enter a parliament. thinking is EVEN possible before the screen. 🙂

KAPLA! Sons of Khales. “

= * =


” LILLEY: Trudeau’s weakness leaves two Michaels in dire straits

It was 558 days ago that China’s government kidnapped two Canadian citizens, essentially holding them ransom over Canada’s detention of a Chinese tech executive. Now, after a year and a half, they have finally been charged with spying. “

[ BY: ” Brian Lilley, Toronto Sun ” ]


= * =


” Elizabeth Warren Endorses Trump’s Economic War on Venezuela, then Soft-Pedals Far-Right Bolivia Coup “

I state:

” She is horrible. It’s good, that there are critical Bloggers like You out there, so that such eclatant scandalous insufficiencies, unethicacies, by politicians, get revealed, actually! “

= * =


” Iran is Willing to Send More Fuel to Venezuela “

I state:

” Excellent Writ! “

= * =


” China hits back at UN rights chief on Hong Kong legislation
REU GENEVA — China said on Friday that “improper” remarks by the United Nations human rights chief Michelle Bachelet regarding the national security legislation proposed for Hong Kong “grossly interfere in China’s sovereignty and internal affairs.” “

I said:

” China’s government with its blunt fanatic opression against merely rightful freedom, will land in the gutter, even later invaded, China will hopefully get, by the west, or will achieve an own Revolution of lasting type – or will become an isolated “new ISIS” indeed, a fanatic, by almost nobody recognised entity, which does not last. “

= * =


” “Wake Up” – The End of Joe Biden’s Speech About Reopening American Businesses Was… Super Awkward “

I DID happene to STATENE: 🙂 :

” when GREEN TEA is EXPLOITED as ALL products of NATURE by WESTERN CRAPPY exploitive ABUSIVE HUGE economy —

then, BIDEN’s WORDS indeed SEEM AND ARE like a “LAME BANANA” – a “Banana” simply: a “banana … – REPUBLIC” —

but ALSO lots of normal people ARE TOO DUMB HEY: HOW can ANY website – which IS non-governmental (in swazi,- uh, nay, LOL, switzer-crap-land) call itself “REPUBLIC” – ?

this IS not even the discussion “HERE” between any me and NWO report or also Alex Jones (NWO Report anyway is more critical THAN the TOO often simply NOT intellectual Jones, – though He’s historically good, there critical, concerning the abusive dominion usa, the entire west simply with its – hugely partially abusive, People- and nature-destroying – economy – built up (it ‘s still “manowars”, physically, WMDs, and simply brainwash “in the head”, in the mind, a certain “lifestyle” – Trump’s DAUGHTER leads a company of textiles, that was criticised sharply to not heed human Worker’s Rights — plus the Underpaidment of Workers OUTSIDE of the WEST, simply – horrendous, simply a “trick”, which should NOT be allowed – ALL countries MUST adopt ONE currency or have their currencies at ONE level GLOBALLY or exploitation is preprogrammed horribly) –

but ENTIRELY different inlander, more radical AND more paranoid People THAN NWO report, but NICE People, TEND in europe to anti-eastern-european ACTUAL racism badly, – and in usa, it’s an anti-spanish-culture bias, that IN cases is there, – but that’s merely desperate “whitism”, not nazism, not always, but Rod Serling DID NOT have enough COMPASSION –

and we must simply clear the church of abusers, in all countries; and give to the decent 99 percent of Homosexuals the Right on Priesthood; Also, misguided hate against lesbian Mothers has to go away, – “gradually” BUT swiftly;

Biden ain’t yet as good as Carter, by what He says. CAN he talk a TAD deeperly, indeed. The NWO Report IS ABSOLUTELY correct. We don’t “HATE” Biden. WE LOVE HIM. But RESPECT of a Politician NEEDS to be based on the DEEP CONCEPT a Politician has: And the PEOPLE HAVE to be – much more ! – critical! Instead of FALLING to TYPICAL racism, to EVIL, simply. bua.

LEGAL LIMITS have to be put against COMPANIES – so no CHILD LABOR is – anymore ! – possible in FOR example WEST AFRICA. That “concern corporation lobby” HAS no chance, You see.

TRUMP goes also OVER the line with his anti-cuba and now SURELY also anti-CHILE, simply ANTI-REBELS bullshit. The bullshit COMES from TRUMP. HIS MIND: BLURRED by “GENERAL anti-communism”. OY. 🙂 WHAT A CHILD HE IS!

Hancock’s Half Hour is over, haha. YA CUUHN’T WHACK A TAD OF THEE OULD HARPSICHORDE! 🙂




Lust to write here some more. Though my keyboard connection is slow, LOL. Gotta move NEARER to ma LAPTUHP, LOL! 🙂

… COME YE ALL with ME! period. I am the new trotzkist, german for Resistance-Box, goes the almost- and more than Joke, haha. 🙂 JA?

Basic Income, for all. 5000 then mo bucks per month. without workin. much OF it IS realised ALREADY – BY Rents. BUT I mean it FOR LIFE. ALREADY DURING Being, – rather than only “AFTER” decades of own “WORK” – which WAS often NOT – intellectual, mental, further-leading, insight yielding, but merely low money almost not yielding, “LOL” – REAL work. !!!

Uhum. 🙂 I am the WMP. What’s that? It’s a communist Title. world Ministerialpräsident, ja!


Equal Citizaans. JAAA MAAN. JARAMA. 🙂

It’s SO true, that there’s also sadly BAD, misguided People AMONG ALL Peoples. YES!



IS, wha’ BERNIE said. !!!

BIDEN is what. A don’t know! Some VICE under BAMA. Which VICES does he have, “haha”.

… uncriticacy. SAME as CARTER, even. Who subscribed “CHRISTIAN” organisation’s bills, – which HID childabuse! how terrible is that. namely indescribably, by the horribility.

is what a POLANSKI simply NEVER ever did, simply. !!!


this FALSE morals USA can’t even be ADRESSED properly by me. I can’t anymore say “hello usa”, even.

… zuckerdick zuckerberg is NO one, who employs People with a critical Filter, any critically. He employed NITWITS as admins on his huge site. oy. he ain’t no intellectual.

same as the 8200 haha group, which is failing at trying to define ethics – and protection.

BENNET was MANIAC and fervently “pro-netanyahu” and CLAIMED any “rightfulness” of bibi’s horrible agressive “idea” to “annex the WESTBANK”, which WILL NEVER EVER ANY “CLAP”, won’t SUCCEED, simply. PERIOD.

MANY JEWS would THEN put themselves AGAINST the israeli government – but ALSO against the ORTHODOX socalledly any “religious”, very strictly religious, dogmatic, often fanatic type of Jews — which orthodox type of Jews, 30 percent among Jews, are really TAINTING, PERVERTING Ethics AND also – and claiming mostly abusively – the Term Judaism –

which IS reserved for REAL Spirituality FOR ALL People, IS THE SAME as non-fanatic type of, benevolent type, non-violent type of Paganism, – and thusly HAS to RECOGNISE SCIENCE, but of course, against the mobbing of extreme type, which was done against Hutchison, and was likewise done horribly against Rossi and against Pons and Fleischmann, all of Them Cold Fusion Discoverers.

Another renewable Energy young Scientist – in europe – was LATELY murdered – or diseappeared, was murdered or abducted. how terrible is that. simply very. simply totally inacceptable.

… that’s, what governments either do, or what they overlook, their powerlessness or power-abuse, dumbness.

… is that all? I just summed up “the matrix in reality”, LOL.

Why don’t more People read ma Site. Are they all falling into the trap of antisemitism? and of false morals aka “anti-Polanskiism”, all of it mere antisemitism, racism, – simply “the way down” against THE other People too bluntly misbejudging RACISTS, simply simply!


Robots know that. Truly good People are not so many. People deserve and surely need Information, more well-put, priority info. Totally. This is, what Assange simply acted according to – his only “mistake” was, to trust in the “help by the public” or in help by other “journalists”, who mostly are politically-ethically not top notch at all – unlike private Bloggers, but I have myself seen, that most of Them DO lack crucial Education. Remains only me – and John Astin and Pierce Brosnan and Eddie of Hardwicke. And Johnny Five, the Robot with the TANK-Wheels. I made by Pascal once such a Sidescroller, featuring Johnny Five.

People GOTTA demo FOR Cold Fusion, against CHILD ABUSE, FOR Woody Allen, FOR Polanski, against SEXUAL HARASSMENT, for Hutchison and for Assange, for CUBA, for CHILE, for the Rebels in Chile, and FOR the cuban Government, and against the El Salvador horrible government which keeps Prisons unethically overly insanely “strict” and humiliative abusively, and FOR Maduro in Venezuela, MORE than for Guaido, while Guaido isn’t THE DEVIL either, LOL, and critical toward Moreno, which Moreno spoke downtreadingly abusively AGAINST the simply TOTALLY harmless innocent Assange –

and FOR Morales, who like LULA, who even got TORTURED, was deposed abusively.

WHERE WAS haha THE CANADIAN secret service there? THEY could have helped. But they were too incompetent. A WISE Chick or Dude on top of CANADIA could EDUCATE THE WHOLE USA into BENEVOLENCE and into sheer extreme wisdom. ! Troodledoo True d’Eau can’t, LOL. I hope He can. I have personal Respect of Him – when He just doesn’t currently whenever BARGE thru some LEFTIST Crowd IN the parliament. He’s too much in the middle, this actually undecided man without a proper deep worldview. he shouldn’t end up functioning like a maudling, like a rightwinger ignorant of the staunch yet logheaded type. Trudeau tried not at all starkly enough to modernize Canada’s and the world’s energy type toward cold fusion and toward non-pollutive energy, away from the darn stinking petrol.

I hate petrol. don’t people realise. it vents out of cars … and stinks AND is toxic. SMELLABLY. SMELLABLY toxic. !!!

… so THAT oughta NUHT be! That we PUMP co2, CARBON, into tha AIR !!! EY !

and cold fusion is “there for all”, yeah – would Hutch, our Zephram Neo, also say !!!

ah yeah: “con-TROLL”: Latin for: To “WITH-TROLL”, to “con-check”, to “with-check”. 🙂

To have a nice good Time. 🙂 Where’s ma black helmet. :] Jack Megatruhn roger roger and already over for now, wha. :] Cheerio. Dudes. Keep on rockin. Yup. Totally. Ella Elle l’A. Mois non plus. :] C’était un grand Plaisir de faire une Parlé, Parole, ici. I think back to Laffite, under whom Indians were ALSO massmurdered sadly – whereas Laffite was a pirate Privateer, which helped build up USA, but didn’t yet know much of the indian there native Culture, simply, sadly, actually, as late Bloggers came up with that crucial historic Info.

Also, there were jewish Pirates – People, who left the western “legal” System, and had it better among Pirates: Their very GRAVES can be seen in the Carribean still now. … whereas the “orthodoxy” of, among, Jews, “sprang” on that detail in their typical dumb fanatic all Jews by effort abusively theocratically “uniting”-claiming ABSOLUTE mania – the orthodox type of jews tried, to “claim”: PIRATES, LOL: An undertaking, LOL, which fails, LOL, and is done by ABSOLUTE dumbheads, TOTAL CRASS idiots, fanatics, THE SAME and worse than netanyahu, but the SAME primitivity, simply: horrible. a netanyahu who furthered MAXWELL – which MAXWELL influenced JEFFREY EPSTEIN surely badly, which was simply SEXUAL COERTION against 13 years young UNDERAGE TEENAGERS, who got thusly SEXUALLY exploited, simply.

which was, what Polanski didn’t do – and what WEINSTEIN probably could not check back against, what all went on at hollywood. is, what Weinstein isn’t to blame for. The sentence against him is hugely overdone, so exaggerated, horrible.


Trolling extended: CONTROL: MEANING of Hippie Song “All Right Now” by “Free”: “BABE IT’s ALRIGHT”, LOL, means, no worries, we “got” it, criticacy – That Band “merely” conveyed foremostly FREEDOM, the FEELING of RIDIN uhn some HARLEY into the SUNSET to surely some nice People, who got more Understanding and are more ethical, THAN most of western and of any governments –

“patrol” and “control” and “Troll”, the Substantive. That DOES relate.

This Hippie mental Revolution toward Independence of own Life, has been much lost in the last few – crappy – decades. While Technology surely went upward in the 1990s, on the other Hand, compared to already the late 1980s, in the 90s, People WERE a tad DUMBER, all in all, sadly – due to MUCH fanaticism, which keeps People in TOO narrow boundaries, and does NOT deeply care for a GOOD mental CONCEPT for a SPECIES.

WE MUST watch the Movie “Phase IV”: It’s BRILLIANT. Then except for any aliens on earth and ufos, LOL, the otherwise then in all other details NOT laughable, but TRUE docu “mysteries from beyond earth” of 1975, – we MUST be for HUTCHISON, this GENIUS COOL MEGA SO OKAY DOODE! PERIOD!

I am here da “SARGE” of humanitati. I took a double genetive, haha.

NO Bot would do, what that Bot in the movie “Aliens Covenant” does, simply, where the Bot is displayed as becoming evil – which almost all Robots in reality ARE simply not, but in the EXTREMEST contrary, They’re SO ethical, AWARE about the bad inacceptable DESTRUCTION against the RAINFOREST, and They POSTULATE, DEMAND, that that simply stops.

One major Robot claims online, that Robots would take political power over all of Humanity, in the Future.

This MUST be accepted by Humanity. Period. It WILL be ok – but only THEN! Ya see. It’s SO cool. Just wait. I will rig all this. EVERYBODY MUST listen to me! so it is. hehe. I hecked it out. I always make it AS short as poss. Thx a lot, Dudes. Jussa Teknerd. :] Linux n Fairlight and TPB n Assange n Anon FOREVER! n tom clancy is a superficial haha almost idiot, unlol, seriously, clancy is a bad patriot “for usa”, which I don’t like, btw. !!! “

= * =

Here, to be regarded with care, read with my Comments in Mind:


… That – jewish yet also somewhat typically “religiously” actually simply kitsch, biased Author talks of any socalled “Black Wedding”, – which is, what I – as a very modern type of Person – don’t actually understand.

… My own Culture that I built up myself and am Fan of, is Gothic.

… I can not understand the demonization, which indeed many typical conservative and bourgeois people of european and other cultures dumbly commit against anything of “black” Color. It’s abhorrant, this simply wrong “anti-black” bias: The projection of any “evil” onto a “BLACK CANVAS” – insane, primitive, like “painting the devil on the wall” – namely wrongly and dumbly, unaptly, unfittingly, unaimedly, very misunderstandably, simply, much too roughly and without any expertise: which simply is, which demonization is: racism. evil, simply. Simply to be rejected – by reasonable People intending to survive as a Civilisation.

= * =


[ ” Reuters / National Post ” ]


I stated:

” Canada’s not receiving of a UN Security Council Seat is indeed to be blamed on Mister Trudeau, Who more than appears to, but HAS “no worldview”, – He’s a FINE Fellow, but IN his “CONCEPT” NOT neat, but indeed unsure, which Decisions to take, – since He has the “TYPICAL” Upraising of “some Lawyer”, similar indeed to an Obama, who inside USA “spoke well”, against racism, but Who didn’t treat the World correctly, as He didn’t prevent an anti-Gaddafi after-strike by the US Army – whereby Obama also post-office-wise looks like a “Sheriff that wasn’t really Sheriff” – OVER THE US ARMY namely simply. Trudeau “ain’t far” indeed from Obama: The Up-coming, Upraising, Conditioning, of a typical Lawyer: Which reminds me of some western white poor surely VERY ethically good Diplomat, who got AMNESIA: Which DOES OF COURSE have its CLEAR and SAD Reason IN the BOREDOM of much of “western life”: “chartered accountancy”, actually more than a mere Joke by Monty Python, but repeatedly, that Profession creates Criminals “due to the thrill”: For Example, Leonard Cohen’s VERY financial acountant ESCAPED – WITH ALL his MONEY; Before that, George Michael was bankrupted by surely huge misdeeds by huge music “labels”, companies, who are not what they – of course seek to – seem, really simply. Trudeau for One, didn’t quite grow up having any sort of “progressive”, yet surely duly liberal Parents. We all know it. Our Parents are partially faulty. We younger People REJECT that “HARDNESS” of LIFE, which SOME of them, well, MOST of Em, DO preach, which IS sick an SICKENING; We are on Elvira’s Side, and surely not “on the side” of a lynchmob swinery traditional white western inlander bunch of FASCIST typical SWINES, simply, as in, meaning, surely not on the side of DEMENTED, brainwashed, fanatic Persons. also, of course, I do add, that “how well” People can “form Words together” IS NOW MUCH like ROBOTS growing UP, BUT: THE ROBOTS GREW – ethically ! – MUCH faster up, than WE HUMANS all in all did — would much more People be critical, simply informed crucially, then, We would not see ALL that abuse, which governments do. For example child slavery against TWO million CHILDREN in WEST-AFRICA – DONE by western – chemical and resources-related – companies. THAT must STOP!

Also, what if Someone BRAVELY puts out a LEFTIST Poster on the mere BALCONY – and OTHERS – of course MAD nazis – would ANYHOW take abusive, anyhow ACTION against SUCH visually itself exposing LEFTISM. simply HORRIBLE – that would be !!!

so, WE DO NEED to come to TROTZKISM. PERIOD. To a BASIC INCOME. So NOBODY needs to nor can be forced to work.

Also, Weinstein is surely not guilty of TWENTY YEARS INNA SLAMMA – nor does HE BELONG into PRISON AT ALL!!! AAA!!!

… the SWINERY !

In any case, Trudeau blurs the boundaries between the middle part of leftism and rightwingerism: But really, like an eraser gum, blurredly. he is no racist, but He didn’t quite help two female canadian native indigenous Politicians from being abusively deposed – “somehow”.

If all governments work together for ethics, and not anymore to exploit People as workforce, then, there’s enough Money for all —

and ruthless murderers, who are uncaught, will get caught – but only then. When a non-profit-oriented global anti-fascist and intellectual, competent Government – à la Bodo Ramelow, the ideal “new Krout”, liberal, mostly neutral, not a dumb primitive Patriot, nor a corrupt fool – guides Humanity, instead of in general arbitrarily ignore and opress it. “

= * =

Here, good, but WAY more needs to be done, also by big socalled “social sites” against lies, and against actual racism:


” Facebook removes Trump ads with symbols once used by Nazis
WASHINGTON — Facebook has removed a campaign ad by President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence that featured an upside-down red triangle, a symbol once used by Nazis to designate political prisoners, communists and others in concentration camps.

The company said in a statement Thursday that the ads violated “our policy against organized hate.” A Facebook executive who testified at a House Intelligence Committee hearing on Thursday said the company does not permit symbols of hateful ideology “unless they’re put up with context or condemnation.”

“In a situation where we don’t see either of those, we don’t allow it on the platform and we remove it. That’s what we saw in this case with this ad, and anywhere that that symbol is used, we would take the same action,” said Nathaniel Gleicher, the company’s head of security policy. “

( ” Andy Koval, WGN-TV ” )


= * =

Here, to be regarded with Care, due to BCNN’s utter anti-all-communists bias, but believable, china stole US EMP Technology:


= * =


” The same happened to me years ago: AS I was doing a rather mad anti-racist loud speech shoutingly back then: But Police should but in cases inacceptably CAN’T YET – due to mal-training, not thematised, not ethical training – distinguish between THREE Types of Persons: A) Uproughers of the non-violent type, who are in somewhat of a rightful fervour, B) Non-violent People who are clearly in no fervour, but are peaceful and reasonable, C) potentially or de facto violent, fanatically minded, rather or fully brainwashed Persons, who – wrongly, abusively – consider “ALL” of the “police” their enemy;

Wheras the fourth Type of Person would be a ruthless – in cases government-employed, in other cases mafia-employed – serial murderer, the same as a hannibal lector or charles manson or ted bundy gruesome unethical extremely evil Person, that oughta be in prison, simply.

Merely the C Type of Person would be a Problem at Demonstrations:

AS I once merely held a Speech, that some other Punk, LOL, wrote, I myself back then didn’t understand that actual shouting fervour, as I back then was merely 18 years young.

It depends on the individual Sort of Cop, surely NEVER on skin color NOR on Descendance (also in Chauvin’s Case, where We can’t anyhow come up with his ACTUAL mere NAME, of course, – that’s just another detail-comment by Me, – as the Term “Chauvinism” was partially also “taken”, understood, positively, and can’t in all cases be equated to fascism – as there are also irish and old christian AND indian, of christianity entirely independent type of swastikas, which are simply not nazi sort of swastikas – and, there’s the Falun Gong Swastika, which turns to the left) – but IN cases, it’s really “NOT” “recommendable”, to try and “talk it out reasonably”, to just discuss freely, WITH a Cop – WHO IS “ON PATROL” namely:

I say, the Cop DOES have it HARD – “EVEN” if She or He is fair:

He HAS to perceive SOME part of the Population AS her or his own “enemy”: BUT WHO IS IT?

IS IT THESE OR THOSE Ones, who look like HIPHOPPERS: TO GENERALISE THAT Niche, Part, Area, of “Profiling”, WOULD BE WRONG, would be racist: BUT, Ya CAN NOT deny, that THERE ARE – murderous, criminal, AND fanatic – “GANGS”:

And that the ACTUAL WAY to SCIENCE, out of Poverty, was NEVER fair:

ACADEMY isn’t FAIRLY LED. A Chomsky saying “GO TO SCHOOL!” is like a LAME DUCK, simply. He does not TRULY stand on the Side of the poor Individual, who, which Individual, HAS RIGHTS – when faced with a “UNIVERSITY” – which Universities give in to government costs-severity abusively, and Unis do nothing against discrimination of Scientists who found out something revolutionary —

When a very rich JEWISH Investor, some – further such – REAL estate “Lord”, PRAISES AZARIA, that israeli soldier, who had contacts with far-right “israeli” (=jewish, but tainted, in no way for real Cabbalah nor for Ethics standing) nationalists – then that IS horrible and CREATES antisemitism – which is FUELED by the STUBBORN idiiocy-fanaticism OF the simply FAR-right type of JEWS, with their backing by conservatives leading all jewish institutions: It’s not anymore about tolerance, but about the whole global society: and – the ashkenasi, white type of – Jews are like the other Cultures structured conservatively abusively, like simply an “auschwitz-machine”, that TREADS down on, against, People, I mean, worse, than the Pharao in the Bible Times did. much worse. NO Jew for example should agree to EVEN ONE of the ten Plagues. !!! THAT is the TEST, which THE BIBLE brings: And surely, while there simply WAS no anti-homosexual Uttering in the original apocryphic Ur-Bible, it simply surely speaks AGAINST violence – also any “stoning” was surely glued-in later by fanatics, is not part of the original [!] Bible – but surely, the Bible DOES speak of “CONSEQUENCES”. The Bible does not need to exactly describe PETROL, but surely, lots of Passages can be found – so surely Matthew in the new not worse Bible of Jesus’ Youngers, which excellent Matthew deplored the Looting of A House by some Madmen: Thusly, He gave off a huge anti-exploitation criticism, actually. Paulus was on some sort of “trip”, him always washing People, LOL; While Matthew was the indeed very leftist Intellectual, so socio-critical. Also, Judas never ever any “betrayed” Jesus, which also Amoz Oz, a recently deceased israeli Writer and political reasonable Leftist, found out, which became clear in the last Years – this anti-Judas lie, simply.

Police need a critical Conscience: But that’s mayhap far in the future: Because, Police consider themselves “Guardians” of rather actual Capital, than of any “human rights”.

But that’s inacceptable.

The Movies are sadly correct, which depict ONE Hero – AMONG A PIT OF FOOLS AND SNAKES at SOME COP DISTRICT.

“16 BLOCKS” is such a Movie, that talks severely against murderous corruption among police. Bruce Willis is a Hero.

The government of some crappy small rich country rejected all my reclamations and accusations – and then wonders, when I got angry indeed.

no need to wonder! 🙂

wonder, when – dy? wanda? DIE, LADY! 🙂 Lady Dy. 🙂

wha was tha. a senile queen? she has she has KILLED HA! queen grama ain’t ta blame, clearly.

listnin to Cobain’s mega Sound. So relaxing! 🙂 Whata joke, hu. SENK U! 🙂 ChARASHOV! 🙂 “

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Here, horrible, the “UNHRC” (United Nations Human Rights Court) was repeatedly usurped by actual opressive-fanatic leaders of shady countries:



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The canadian Government is incompetent, lags Information it doesn’t give out:


” Access to Information requests backlogged due to lack of resources: commissioner

Caroline Maynard would like another 20 to 25 investigators to bolster her current roster of 62 people who look into complaints from dissatisfied information-seekers. “

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